Monday, June 29, 2015

The UK Is Screwed: Belfast Pastor Faces Prison for Insulting Islam

I'm so angry about this that I can't speak. 

We just celebrated the anniversary of the Magna Carta for chrissssssake.

Yet, United Kingdom taxpayers are funding their own, homegrown, local, dhimmi Mutawa. 

Shameful. Absolutely shameful.

When religious figures are arrested for "insulting" Islam, it is Islamic blasphemy laws and not British common laws that are being enforced. 


This makes me sick to my stomach.

Mark Steyn: That Flagging Feeling

Otherwise known as "when life imitates a Mark Steyn essay".

You must read all of Mark Steyn, PBUH's, essay on the faggy flaggy situation.

"This weekend, the gate-delay channel CNN had an "exclusive" revealing that the black flag of ISIS had been spotted at London's Gay Pride parade, and so they quickly rustled up Peter Berger and other crack [Ed. note: I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, MARK STEYN...] national-security analysts to provide insight on this unexpected convergence of the jihad and the gayhad."

"Unfortunately for CNN, the black flag of ISIS turned out to be a black flag showing various sex aids."

"The CNN reporter had assumed that the attractive arrangements of, er, dildos and, um, butt plugs was, in fact, Arabic script - an easy mistake to make, no doubt, but not one you'd want to have to explain to the Cultural Sensitivity Disciplinary Committee."

"Still, at least we now have a flag to fly for our end of the clash of civilizations: Hoist the Jolly Roger!"

"Incidentally, I see from my OED that an inability to distinguish between "Allahu Akbar" and a butt plug is in fact the dictionary definition of "celebrate diversity".

I thought "Allahu Akbar" was Arabic for "celebrate diversity".

Or was that "celebrate diversity, infidel swine"?

Can't recall...


Steyn asks:

"So we lose a superb Nobel scientist but keep a third-rate lying mediocrity. My problem with all this is that, increasingly, key levers of society are being ceded to the irredeemably stupid and mendacious, who seem to be the only ones capable of navigating the rocks and rapids of political correctness. One has the uneasy feeling that similar scenarios are playing out every day around the western world. "

"How long before the planes start dropping out of the sky?"


The planes will start dropping out of the sky before the bridges collapse and definitely before one burns to death in a fire because the firewoman can't haul you out, and the female "Ranger" can't save you or her comrades from a war zone.

But the main thing, of course, is that everyone feels included, it's all totally diverse and stuff, and everyone feels good about themselves.

Noah Pollak Wins the Internet Today


To which I can only add, while trying to report on "deal" with genocidal regime promising to fulfill a second, nuclear Holocaust on the Jews by destroying Israel.

Meanwhile in Israel...

New best friends! 


Must watch, in case you didn't see it the first time I posted it. 

Surprise: Documents Show Benghazi Night Call Between Clinton and Obama Withheld

The good news is that I don't need the document to tell you what went down.

My unofficial transcript: 

"We're fucked! Fire up the lie generator and get Blumenthal on the phone, STAT!!!"

"There is No Rule of Law, There is Only Power, The Men Who Have It And the Things They Do With It"

A good one indeed from Kevin Williamson at NRO: 

"I am in favor of arranging the laws to permit gay couples to arrange their domestic affairs in whatever way they see fit, and to have those affairs blessed by whatever authorities are inclined to bless them: Episcopalian church, Sam’s Club, Taylor Swift, Grand Mystic Royal Order of the Nobles of the Ali Baba Temple of the Shrine — it’s a free country, Sunshine.

"Unlike Barack Obama, I did not arrive at my views on same-sex affairs recently and at a moment of political convenience. But, that being said, the idea that lurking in the penumbras of our 18th-century Constitution is a fundamental national right to gay marriage is simply preposterous. It is not there. It is a fiction, and, just like the Harry Potter novels, the fact that it is very, very popular does not mean that it is not fiction."

"Jewish Europeans Seek Safe Haven in Montreal" UPDATED!

French Jews are choosing to leave with suitcases, rather than in coffins.

"I get at least two or three calls a week from French clients asking me to help their friends and family who are planning to leave France soon,” said Brittney Rozenblat, real estate broker with Rozenblat Realty Group. “I know Jewish organizations here have also seen a significant increase in inquiries from French Jews wanting to immigrate and establish a new life in Montreal.”

"Rozenblat started noticing this trend in 2012 after the attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse that killed four people, including three children, but says it has definitely increased following the Charlie Hebdo killings and the hostage-taking and shootings in a Jewish neighbourhood in Paris in January."

“Many young families that are coming from France do not want to expose their children to the anti-Semitism they have faced there,” she added.

“They definitely fear for the safety of their children.”

It's Canada or Israel. 

Montreal  in particular and Canada in general is relatively safe for Jews for now.

However, Canada's stupidly generous immigration and refugee policy vis a vis countries that are governed by sharia and not exactly Jew-friendly (thanks "Conservative" majority government!!) do not really bode well for the future.

"Just this week, my 10-year-old daughter asked me if the soldiers guarding her Jewish school were necessary," Gabay, a former head of the Jewish community in Grenoble, said."

"I told her yes. And what happened Friday confirmed this."

Unfortunately, French perfidy remains at full strength:

"France is still coming to terms with attacks by Islamist gunmen who killed 17 people in January at a satirical weekly newspaper and a Jewish food store."

"The latest attack occurred on the same day that a gunman killed at least 37 people at a Tunisian beachside hotel and an Islamic State suicide bomber killed two dozen and wounded more than 200 at a mosque in Kuwait."

"There is no other link other than to say that terrorism is our common enemy," said President Fran├žois Hollande, returning to Paris from an EU summit in Brussels.


There is no common link except for craven, supine dhimmitude and cowardice in the face of existential threats from the jihad.


The Glories of Socialism


Finally running out of other people's money. 

"Requium For the Nuclear Family"

A very insightful piece from a clever Rabbi. 

"What is the Judeo-Christian concept which it appears that Tocqueville, Washington and Eisenhower saw as the bedrock upon which American democracy stands? The Jewish Conservative columnist Dennis Prager, defines it this way:"

"“The concept of Judeo-Christian values does not rest on a claim that the two religions are identical. It promotes the concept there is a shared intersection of values based on the Hebrew Bible (“Torah”), brought into our culture by the founding generations of Biblically oriented Protestants, that is fundamental to American history, cultural identity, and institutions. That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. Genesis 2:24, is one of the first values stated in the Bible. It is this Biblical prescription which is the foundational building block of our American society – the nuclear family. As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary: “A family group that consists only of father, mother, and children.”

"Raised without this stabilizing factor in their lives, young people, are bereft of the parameters taught by the Judeo-Christian ethic – discipline, moral principle, the work ethic, respect and responsibility for one’s fellow human being, to enumerate but a few. The result is a chaotic life without direction and purpose, providing little of lasting meaning, joy and even mundane success for the individual and society as a whole. Of particular concern is the phenomenon of the absentee father so much a part of this issue."

Of course "the government" could have instituted some kind of civil union law, but that was never the point. The point has always been the destruction of the nuclear family and wreaking chaos on young lives forever.

Destroyed Forty Times, But We Will Keep Building

In loving memory of my brother-in-law David Cohen, may Hashem avenge his death. 

More Jewish response to terror: 

Keep living. Keep being Jewish.  Write a Torah. 

What other people dances with their holy scripture, with music, celebrating their nation, praising G-d, even after brutal murders? Is there another people that remains so focused on life, on goodness, on living, on celebrating, despite the attempts to extinguish it? 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Da Shoes Are Taking Over the World: Penis Edition

Ha ha. 

Don't make a mountain out of a mohel-hill. 

Walmart OK With ISIS Cake

So, let me see if I can follow this.

(Liberal logic...)

It's ok to force Christian bakers to make gay wedding cakes but Muslim bakers should not have to make gay wedding cakes.

It's not OK to order Confederate flag cakes, but it is OK to make ISIS cakes.

The only rule nowadays is that extremist liberals get to make all the rules and you have to SHUT UP, always.

Related: CNN genius spots "ISIS" flag at LGBT parade. The only problem-it was dildos, not ISIS. 

Your moral superiors!


You Will Celebrate Diversity

You have no other choice.

Heretics will be burned. 

Son of Lynched Soldiers Vows to Protect Israelis

G-d bless him and keep him. 

"Gender Equality" Trumps Nobel Prize Winning Science

Heretics must be burned. 

Disgusting: Obama's Amazing Disgrace of a Eulogy

I guess it's better than Hilary lying over the coffins of the Benghazi victims?!?!

This jerk is a supreme narcissist.

Obama: G-d's grace is agreeing with me and liberal principles. 

Culture Trumps Politics and Religion

There will, of course, be no mosques sued for not performing gay "marriages".

But churches and synagogues will be sued like there's no tomorrow BECAUSE EQUALITY.

All Greek to Me


The 5 Phases of D-Day In An Infographic

This is pretty cool, but it actually should have contained a little more of a hint about the history of the deceit campaign.

Read about Operation Garbo if you don't know about it already.