Friday, December 19, 2014

Mark Steyn Chanukah Update!

OK ha ha.

When I say Chanukah update, I don't mean Steyn's got a whole Chanukah update (still waiting for that Chanukah track...ahem...)

I just mean: here's MY fabulous, sweeping update ON Steyn which is occurring DURING Chanukah.

And the funny thing is, this Chanukah, I, the big major Jew on campus, just did the most goyische thing I have ever done.

Wait for it...I went curling! 

For real! 

Yes, I have the photo evidence and yes, I fell flat on my tuchus (documented) the first time I swooshed down the "sheet", but then, believe it or not-I scored a point, with the "stone". See, I'm an expert now. I also confess that I thought it was a really silly, even stupid sport, but I learned it takes quite a bit of coordination and stamina to play. Was great fun.

ANYWAY, back to Mark Steyn...

"It's Kim's World, We Just Live in It"

Do listen to both the audio clips in the post.

The Oakley interview was great, John Oakley really is a very skilled and engaging interviewer and of course, he lets Mark Steyn speak...IMPORTANT!

I especially liked the free speech bits on the Schnurmacher show (which included some excellent sound bites and a most excellent dig at "Official Jews", seriously outstanding).

The transcript from the weekly Hewitt spot is here.

Here is Steyn talking to Brian Lilley with an update about his musical career, and while I can't see him giving up the day job just yet, I actually could picture him filling up a small or even not so small club in say, TORONTO or Montreal for an evening of song. 

Now that would be a blast.

Actually, come to think of it, that would probably make a wickedly fun fundraising evening for the lawsuit-just thinking out loud here. I for one, would certainly pay quite a few shekels to see Mark Steyn Live-The Musical or Mark Steyn Live-The Jazz Sessions. 

The possibilities are endless! Dizzying! 

Please note also that Steyn indicates that covers of The Who and the Sex Pistols are forthcoming...

Can't wait for those tracks!

Sartorial P.S: 

Loving the vest action. 

Layers...good strategy for Montreal. 

George Clooney Wins the Internet Today: "We cannot be told we can’t see something by Kim Jong-un, of all f—king people.”


New found respect!!


Unlikely free speecher.


Catholic University of Notre Dame Offers "White Privilege Seminar"

Hey, Notre Dame, you suck dog balls. 


Why do any parents waste their money on this?

Latest ISIS Business Model: Selling Human Organs

Let's make peace with these people.

Morning Smile

More Thoughts on Australia-UPDATED

As I wrote earlier this week, when I first saw the preening, sneering hashtag #IllRideWithYou, my very first thought was f&ck you. And I meant it. Seems like my instincts were correct.

My position is unchanged: Fuck you, "I'll Ride With You" people.

Ben Shaprio has a post up about the suicidal hashtags of the West. 

The "I'll ride with you" narrative and accompanying hashtag was offensive enough as truth, that people actually unleashed and believed in their own narcissistic social media masturbatory rhetoric while hostages were still being held.

What can possibly be said about it now that we know that it was a complete lie? 

Read the whole update from Andrew Bolt.

Lastly-read this piece, a refreshingly honest essay about who the terrorist was, and what needs to be done to stop repeat events. 

It's excellent.

My utmost respect to Mr. Alan M.R Jones, a former Howard government official for his clarity and forthright position.

A sample:

"If we can stop the boats and the drownings, we can stop the undeserved free lunches, as well as the lawfare waged on civil society and our safety. More than that, we can stop heeding the excuses and rationalisations on behalf of those who would harm innocents and coarsen our civil soul. If we have the will, if the collective outrage of right now declines to flag, we can say loudly that we refuse to live any longer in the rotten edifice of a social-experiment freak-out ginned up at a bong party in the sociology department common room."

"We must first overcome the absurd protests that Monis’ villainy was a one-off, an isolated case, which had nothing to do with his sinister religious beliefs. Likewise, we must recognise the dysfunctional welfare-industrial complex for what it is — a support scheme available to help manifest and advance social pathologies. Have we not recognised that Monis was a walking Venn diagram of victim handouts, subsidised weirdness and extremist hatred? To be the quintessential welfare queen and a psychopathic, parasitic criminal and a terrorist are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, in this case they were symbiotic.”


How it all started. Charming.