Monday, March 30, 2015

Obama's Message to the World: Aggression is Rewarded

The existential threat posed by Obama to Israel and the Jews via his proxy, Iran is real and imminent.

I never thought that I would ever utter the words "Iran is America's proxy", but here we are.

As Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu summarizes: 

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says “the deal taking shape in Lausanne sends a message that there is no price to pay for aggression, even the opposite – Iran’s aggression will be rewarded. The moderate and responsible countries in the region, with Israel at the helm but also many other countries, will be the first to be hurt by such an agreement.”

“It is incomprehensible how forces supported by Iran continue to conquer more and more land and in Lausanne they close their eyes to this aggression,” Netanyahu adds.

It's not "incomprehensible", it's very comprehensible and it's quite heartbreaking that Obama has turned Israel and the Jews into an enemy of America, and turned a bloodthirsty, radical, terrorist country like Iran that produly shouts "Death to America" into an ally and friend: a veritable proxy.

It's chilling. 

He creates world chaos ("transforming"), and calls it peace. 

Putting the screws to the friend, and sucking up to the enemy.

Even the Arab nations are united against Iran, which means that the Arab nations and Israel are on the same side-against Obama's America!

This is not "just" about the Jews. It's never "just" about the Jews.

All kinds of Official and liberal Jews are probably having a spat of the vapours, gasping at their pearls and readying their fainting couches and schmattahs. 

People! Appeals to Obama, trying to 'explain' what is right, like the one that silly Rabbi Boteach published are useless and not worth the effort, time or money. We are dealing with EVIL. And evil cannot be reasoned with. 

This is further confirmation to me that Boteach is just a publicity hound or a simpleton. Both are bad for a Rabbi.

My friends, these are very dangerous days, indeed. 

"Anti-Depression Video"

A friend shared this on Facebook.

It's old but definitely worth a minute of your time.

Bill Maher Rails Against Political Correctness (NSFW)

Hoo boy.

Totally NSFW unless with earphones.



Hopefully, The Traitor Bergdahl Will Indeed Spend the Rest of His Days Rotting in a Dank Cell

My first choice, of course would be the death penalty, but if not, this rotten, evil human should at least the rest of his days in an isolated cell.

Watch the story of  the members of the 48th Infantry Brigade, who risked their lives searching for Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan and particularly, Master Sgt. Mark Allen of Loganville, GA who was permanently disabled in Afghanistan during a rescue mission in 2009.

There needs to be a heavy price paid for this treasonous, despicable behaviour-and even more so since that thug was so celebrated and rescued by the evil Obama administration.

As Mark Steyn says: if Obama was on the enemy side, what would he be doing any differently?

Israel to Get Its Own "Fox News"?

Actually, Israel needs its own Rush, Levin, Beck.

A "Fox News" would be a good addition to the Israeli media. 

Breaking the leftist monopoly in the Israeli media is an excellent plan and could be very profitable.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Why Does Wichita East High in Kansas Hate Kids With Down Syndrome?


What the hell?


What total jerks. 

I just don't understand why, when given a choice, someone would choose to make a difficult life even more difficult, rather than better.


Cool: Technion Students Create Freaky Interpretation of Seder

So cute:

Women Are Crazy

Especially "poets" and "artists". 


You and your period are JUST NOT INTERESTING, LADY.

The Rot Within "Higher Education" in the West

Universities used to be places where you could, you know, learn something.

Now there are so many bogus disciplines that are basically just political activism disguised as "studies".

And it's a veritable industry.

Some thoughts on the matter:

From Rex Murphy. 

From Guilio Meotti. 

From Dr. Mordechai Keidar.

The rot is very deep.

And remember, what starts with antipathy and aggression against the Jews is never "just" about the Jews, and never ends there.

Obama Administration Enables A Nuclear Iran: UPDATE: Kerry Asked If Deal Can Be Reached, Answers "Inshallah"

Thoughts from the Israeli media about the imminent "deal". 

This is the biggest, most dangerous and reckless white flag in American, Israeli and world history.

"“In Basel, Switzerland in 1897, the Zionist vision was formed. In Lausanne, not far away from there, 118 years later, the vision of a nuclear Iran is being formed, which endangers that which was created then in Basel… After nearly 12 years of discussions, the world is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. In Israel, by contrast, they see just darkness. A nuclear weapon in the hands of the ayatollahs? Surreal? Impossible? Frightening? From this Tuesday, it will be a fact on the ground. Totally insane,” he writes."

Via Blazing Cat Fur:

The Imam John Kerry is asked by a reporter if a deal can be reached.

He answers, saying "Inshallah".

What could possibly be wrong with that?