Monday, August 29, 2016

Brilliant: Radicals and Moderates

"Subversive organizations operate through incremental radicalization. The average American liberal of twenty years ago would not have supported half of what he vocally advocates for today. Even Obama and Hillary were against gay marriage when they ran for office. In a few years they moved from opposing a policy to threatening to prosecute those opposed to it."

Must Read: Exposing the Palestinian Culture of Death

This is an excellent article. 

I think that all of the believers in the Church of Palestinianism do understand exactly what they are swimming in: the nihilistic, anti-Jewish, anti-Western cult of death.

However, there is likely a small number of individuals who have bought into the narrative out of 'good intentions' and a profound lack of historical or political knowledge. It is certainly worth trying to reach this group.

As Liebler says:

"Ironically, the weakness of our position lies in the fact that, until recently, in order to appease our allies and “protect” Israelis from being confronted with the stark reality, we deliberately held back from telling the truth and failed to highlight the barbaric and criminal nature of our purported peace partner."

"Had we mounted campaigns at the outset, exposing the horrors perpetrated by our neighbors, it may not have influenced anti-Semites and the delusional Left but it would have made a significant impact on the open-minded."


The primary thing that I feel that Jews and Israel are inferior at, is actually being better at exposing alternatives to the death cult than death cultists are at brainwashing their own brethren (and assorted useful idiots and fans). I'm not convinced that every single young person in the Middle East wishes to be a part of the death cult and that every single one has Jew-hatred running through their veins. Quite the contrary. There are likely many wishing to be free. But they have no support in the Western world right now. And I believe that the Western world has further failed civilization because it lacks the will to be stronger, to be confident about being better, and has lost the will to identify and crush evil.

We don't need "hasbara" i.e explaining how good we are. And we don't need redundant spokespeople talking about how bad "they" are. We need only to show how we are better and stronger, we need only to believe that once again. We once had that will, that spirit only a few short decades ago.

We have lost that skill right now. We have lost our way.

Our civilization is so precious and so fragile.

I worry about the future. 

Canada is Screwed

Eurabia Is Doomed, Especially France.


TSA Security Kabuki: Fire. Them. All.

A nine-year old with a pacemaker is on the TSA sh&t list.

Fire. Them. All. 

"One of the TSA agents told me they'd prevented terrorist attacks using nine-year-old boys with pacemakers and children before, so I laughed and said, 'Oh when?'

"At that point, the TSA agent became very quiet and said, 'Oh we're not at liberty to discuss this.''
 What a massive, steamy pile of dog squeeze. 

Liberals and the Embrace of American Values

The whole article is interesting and well-said, but this is for me the main point when people try to compare other waves of immigration to the current migrant tidal wave in Europe and, to a lesser degree in North America and other parts of the Western world:

"Hasidic Jews do not bring down buildings. When we act like twenty-first-century Islamic immigration is tantamount to Catholic and Jewish immigration of the early twentieth century, we are doing reality and history a disservice."

Stabby Stabber Stabs Not One, But Two Orthodox Jews But Motive Remains Unclear

Nothing to see here!

VDH: A Convention of the Absurd (The Dems)

"Progressivism is a euphemism for a grievance-based agenda with mandated equality of result."