Monday, November 30, 2015

Ezra Levant: Perhaps A Pause on Immigration From Certain Countries?

Thanks "Conservatives". 

Did Obama's South African Translator Photo Bomb Netanyahu and Abbas?

Lights Out, Eurabia: The Exodus of Belgian Jews Begins...

In countries where Jews cannot live safely, or live at all, there will be rapid decline.

Where Jews live well and thrive, civility and liberty thrive. 

Lights out, Belgium. 

“It is a painful thing. I am a real Belgian – my country, my culture and my friends are here,” said Mrs Dan. She plans to take her daughter, Brigitte, and grandson, Daniel, to join her son in Tel Aviv."

“My daughter never, never, never thought to leave. Now, she says of her little boy, what is his future here? We don’t feel safe.”

"Community leaders now speak with alarm of a rising tide of anti-Semitism in a country that has been home to Jews since Roman times, and who number just 45,000 out of a population of 11 million. Some claim the hostility emanates almost exclusively from young men of Arabic descent."

Vignettes from the disgusting, Jew-hating land of Eurabia:

"Rabbi Avi Tawil, the director of the European Jewish Community Centre, recalls how, shortly after moving to Brussels 10 years ago, an admiring stranger asked the age of his baby son in his pram."
Allah willing, he will be dead soon,” the man remarked."
"He reveals he is regularly sworn at and threatened when walking with his four children, and he has withdrawn his daughters from a swimming club following a threat to kidnap them."
Now read this next paragraph very slowly. 
See if you can the implications of every sentence, and what it says about the state of affairs in Europe. 
"“I grew up in Argentina and experienced some anti-Semitism, but compared to what my children go through in Europe in 2015, it is incomparable,” he said, speaking from his office in an unmarked building near the European Council’s headquarters, guarded since the Charlie Hebdo massacre by Belgian infantrymen."

He grew up in Argentina-a place not safe for Jews not just because of the Nazis that were imported there from Germany after WW2 and sheltered there, but because of the massive influx of Hizballah-supporting terrorists and Iranian agents among other Muslim populations emigrating to South America. 

"What my children go through in Europe in 2015." 

Then: "speaking from his office in an unmarked building", "guarded since the Charlie Hedbo massacre by Belgian infantrymen". 

That single paragraph has all the ingredients, all the foreshadowing necessary to say to Jews in Europe: get out alive while you still can. 

If, as a Jew, you cannot send your children to swimming lessons, if you are told that hopefully your children will be dead, if you cannot read a Jewish publication in public, if you cannot wear a yarmulke in public, if you can not attend synagogue, if you must be guarded by armed soldiers only to work in an unmarked building because you are a Jew, it's time to leave. 

"Another man said he had reflected at length on the dilemmas faced by the Jews in the 1930s, and found himself drawing parallels to his own family's future. "

I used to think, they hated you, they wanted to kill you, why didn’t you just run away. But of course no one could have imagined what was to follow.”

Obama's Most Dangerous Year

Victor Davis Hanson simply skewers that disgusting, preening, malignant narcissist in this depressingly accurate essay. I cannot even listen to Obama's voice any more without feeling like I am going to hurl.

Read the whole thing. 

"An Obama press conference is now a summation of all his old damn-you clichés — the fantasy strawman arguments; the caricatures of the evil Republican bogeymen; the demagogic litany of the sick, the innocent, and the old at the mercy of his callous opponents; the affected accentuation (e.g., Talîban; Pakîstan, Îslám, Latînos, etc.) that so many autodidacts parade in lieu of learning foreign languages; the make-no-mistake-about-it and let-me-be-clear empty emphatics; the flashing temper tantrums; the mangled sports metaphors; the factual gaffes; and the monotonous I, me, my, and mine first-person-pronoun exhaustion. What Obama cannot do in fact, he believes he can still accomplish through invective and derision."
And more worrisome:

"A lot of ambitious and dangerous powers are watching Obama assume a fetal position, and may well as a consequence act foolishly and recklessly this next year. Not only Russia, China, and North Korea, but also Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, ISIS, and assorted rogue states may take chances in the next 14 months that they would otherwise never have entertained (given that America is innately strong and they are mostly in comparison far weaker) — on the premise that such adventurism offers tangible advantages without likely negative consequences and that the chance for such opportunities will not present itself again for decades to come."

How the Left Survives

From the great Thomas Sowell: 

"The academic world is the natural habitat of half-baked ideas, except for those fields in which there are decisive tests, such as science, mathematics, engineering, medicine;and athletics. In all these fields, in their differing ways, there comes a time when you must either put up or shut up. It should not be surprising that all of these fields are notable exceptions to the complete domination by the left on campuses across the country."

"In the humanities, for example, the test of deconstructionism is not whether it can produce any tangible results but whether it remains in vogue. So long as it does, professors skilled in its verbal sleight-of-hand can expect to continue to receive six-figure salaries."

"...endowed and insulated institutions, often full of contempt for the values of American society and Western civilization, are not the only bastions of the left counter-culture. Why are leftists able to crowd out other kinds of people from these places? Because those who are willing to subject themselves to the test of reality, whether as a businessman in the marketplace or as a surgeon in an operating room, have many other places in which to work and live. They do not need special sheltered niches in which to hide and to cherish their precious notions."

British Labor Party Totally Chill With Sharia

Behold: the left-Islamic convergence in the "free" world, in the formerly "Great" Britain.

With extra WHOPPER from the scumbag, pandering left.

"Labour has denied that people were forced to sit separately based on gender - even though photographs from the event show that the groups were clearly segregated."

So who are you going to believe? 

The lying leftists of the Labor party or your own lying eyes?

When I Find the Rat Fink Jew Who Blabbed...POW! Right in the Kisser!!!

Someone ratted us out to Hamas, again!!!

Never mind Passover, what am I supposed to do about getting some good, juvenile, gentile blood for my Chanukah latkes?

Any volunteers or anyone who is really, really, sick of their "loved one" or hey-how about that mother-in-law, and wants a discrete solution-please send me an e-mail, it's

(That's my dummy corporation, to fake out the haters-clever, right?)


This is serious business, people.

I'm calling an emergency meeting of the Elders of Zion to put the fear of G-d back into people. This is totally unacceptable.

I bet it was one of those shift-shaping Jews again. 

I mean I am devious, but the shift-shaping ones are really, freaking deadly Jooooooooooz. 

Anyone got bail money?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Migrants Bring All Kinds of Charming Delights to Europe

Like HIV. 

Says who? 

Says the anti-Migrant, Islamophobic, WHO. 

How To Make Perfect Latkes


Great video via The Nosher.

Top with sour cream, sugar, apple sauce or any combination thereof.

Best served greasy and right out of the pan.

If I Go Anywhere in Europe, It Will Be to Ásotthalom, Hungary to Congratulate Mayor László Toroczkai.


Fighting back works!

Have you seen this?

Fences work (see Israel-DUH!).

Balls spotted in Europe!

I've got Magyar Mania, baby!
He says:

“Almost 100,000 migrants, more than 80 per cent of whom were young men. The leaders of the European Union did nothing to protect their border, and that’s why we had to start taking action of our own."

“In the past months we managed to stop the invasion. Now Ásotthalom is once again a land of peace and order, one of the safest towns in Europe”.

The first message from Mr. Tough Mayor is posted below. I think it's rather effective, don't you?

I particularly like the action music and the strapping, young lads on horseback!  Moderately arousing!

Look, it would be remiss not to note that the Hungarians treated my people VERY badly.

I'm not "over" that, just to be clear. They were savages to the Jews. However, I must commend their response to the invasion. They are one of the few European countries that has not grotesquely invited Jew-haters to replace the dead Jews. That's a pathetically low bar, I know, but it is a higher bar than the rest of blood-soaked Europe.

Hungary is clearly in New Europe. 

Fighting Back Works

This is an excellent story.

It shows that if you fight back against the left, you can win. 

You do not have to accept that your children "must" be brainwashed by hyper-sexualized and perverted individuals or institutions. 

An idiot "educator" decided that he was going to indoctrinate the young children in his school with a propaganda book about the "transgendered" because of one precious snowflake in the system with mental issues ("Jazz").

"Last week, the principal of Mount Horeb Primary Center sent a letter to parents saying the book would be read and discussed because the school has a student who identifies as a girl but was born with male anatomy."

Note: This is a nice way of saying a boy, with a penis, dresses like a girl at school. 

"We believe all students deserve respect and support regardless of their gender identity and expression, and the best way to foster that respect and support is through educating students about the issue of being transgender," the letter said."

Well, guess what? The parents didn't like that and they threatened to sue. 

As a result: 

"The Mount Horeb Area School District released a statement Wednesday saying it will not proceed with its planned reading of the book "I am Jazz," the Capital Times reported ( ). The district said it would give the Board of Education the opportunity to address a situation, for which the district has no current policy."

Because one kid with mental issues (and no doubt, a crazy, aggressive, belligerent single mother and no father in the home) all the children of the school were expected to tag along and be peacefully brainwashed. 

Good on these parents. 

Fighting back works.  


Women's Studies: The New Jew Haters

Women's Studies are a joke anyway.

All "studies" are political activism (left exclusively) and brainwashing wrapped up in a cheesy, fake and totally bogus academic veneer. 

I don't take Women's Studies majors seriously though, unless they screw up my coffee order.