Monday, August 31, 2015

Obama, The Jews and the Iran Deal

Kenneth Levin asks: 

"In the face of all the facts that point to the deal further enabling a genocidal regime, why would Jews in Congress or the clergy close their eyes to the threat and allow other considerations to sway their support?"

The short answer is: leftism. 

Those Jews (in name only) supporting Obama and this capitulation, at the risk of Israel's existence, are religious leftists. They were merely born Jewish. Their religion is leftism.

By the way, The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege is excellent. I highly recommend it.

Perhaps One of the Biggest Whoppers Ever Told By Obama

"There's not a smidgen of evidence" that he's antisemitic. 

This rivals "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan".

Obama is a Jew-hating, despicable, socialist cretin.

Mark Steyn's "Outstanding and Important" New Book Drops Tomorrow!

You gotta read it! 

In this post, Steyn Mannsplains a little bit about why he wrote the book:

(Featuring VERY STRANGE Jewish mother from Canada with her unique endorsement of said book, which is Steyn's "personal favorite quote on the book so far". He calls it the money quote, baby!!!)





"I wrote the book because climate mullah Michael E Mann attempted to sue me into silence, and it's necessary to let like-minded bullies know that that doesn't work. So my personal favorite quote on the book so far comes from Laura Rosen Cohen at Canada's Rebel Media in a piece on how fighting back works:

"So, let's get to Episode 3 of my trend - Mark Steyn's new book: A Disgrace to the Profession:The World's Scientists - In Their Own Words - OnMichael E Mann, His Hockey Stick And Their Damage To Science, Volume One.

"This is a must-read for many reasons."

"First of all, it is an entire book of pushback. An entire book."

It's not punching back twice as hard, or even thrice as hard."

It's punching back something like eleventy bazillion gazillion times as hard.

"It's probably the longest, funniest, most savvily organized and meticulous "screw you" in the history of Western literature. It's probably a new genre. I don't know of any precedent for a literary vehicle of this kind."

"Instead of waiting for the opportunity to flush more of his hard-earned money down the toilet, waiting for the sclerotic US justice system and Michael Mann to crush him into pulp, using their process as punishment, Steyn has gone on the offensive."

"It would have been easy to write a book in which I gleefully insult Michael E Mann's hockey stick and the rest of his science for 300 pages. But, given that his entire case rests on an appeal to authority (including false appeals to authority, like his fraudulent claim to be a Nobel Laureate), I decided to take him at his word and find out what other authorities - other scientists, bigshots with letters after their names, like PhD and FRS and whatnot - thought of his act."


"So, just to clarify that money quote, it's not just me saying "Screw you!" to Mann, but lots of other people, too."

A Mother's Love

Absolutely remarkable: 

"“Feeling him against my cheek was the most wonderful feeling ever."

Sweden totally sucks, but good on you, Sweden for this.

Dear Poland, FOR REAL?!?!


"They Pray Before Raping"

An interesting essay about ISIS, from Paul Berman. 

Dutch Authorities Tell Rabbi Not To Look So Damned Jewish For His Own "Security"

Honestly, it's just so tiring to have to deal with this antisemitic crap so early in the morning. I'm sick and tired of Jews being hunted.

Eurabia is doomed. 

Jews better get out of Europe while they can, with suitcases, and not in coffins.

"Dutch authorities advised Dutch Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs to avoid traveling in international trains last year."

"Jacobs made the revelation on Sunday during a speech near the eastern city of Arnhem, days after an armed Islamist attempted to kill passengers aboard the Thalys train, which connects Paris to Amsterdam."

“The events illustrate the threat is real not only for Jews, but for all in Europe because we are in the same boat,” Jacobs told JTA ahead of the event, where 500 people convened to note the 40th anniversary of his years in service of Dutch Jewish communities.

"The police advice was due to Jacobs’ official function, for which he often appears on television, making him easily identifiable, he said."

Listen to the good Rabbi, because what he is saying is what I always say-what seems to be about the Jews is never "just" about the Jews. And what starts with the Jews, never ends with the Jews. 

We Jews are merely the canaries in the coal mine. 

"We are in the same boat." 

Anyone who doesn't understand this is already living in the Dar-Al-Islam intellectually and philosophically, and it's just a short time before it envelopes them physically, too.

PS: Looks good on you, Germany. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Raised Right: Boy Saves Little Girl From Drowning, Uses Reward Money to Buy Her a Present

A good soul, raised right. 

This is good breeding.

Wonderful story.

Famous Jewish Liberal Lawyer Who Voted For Obama Twice Now Supporting Hillary

But hey, let's give him some $$$$$$ for his Iran book.


Manliness: An Unsung Trait of the Train Heroes

A wonderful essay from Mona Charen.

The virtuous men amongst us should be celebrated .

"There is more to say about the three Americans. They were childhood friends who met at a Christian middle school. They are of different races, but despite the impression you'd get from the current tone of national politics, that was irrelevant to their friendship. They also seem to have been rambunctious boys — a trait that tends to be pathologized in modern America."

"There's one more thing to be said of the heroes on the train. They were men. So-called "traditional masculinity" is a major target of feminists on college campuses and elsewhere. That, they teach, is what creates the "rape culture." The Obama administration has joined in (naturally). A government website urges that colleges "promote an understanding of the ways in which traditional masculinity contributes to sexual assault and other forms of men's violence against women."

"In Aurora, Colo., in 2012, when a crazed gunman opened fire on a crowded movie theater, no fewer than three young men covered their girlfriends with their own bodies and lost their lives in the process. That, and not the loutish behavior of some frat boys, is true "traditional masculinity" — or better, manliness."

"Men have been defamed and devalued in our society for decades. Their high spirits are punished in schools. Their natural protectiveness has been scorned as sexism."

"The passengers on that French train are surely grateful that some manliness remains indomitable."

Real War on Women

"Indian sister sentenced to be paraded around naked and then raped because their brother ran off with a married woman." 

Western feminists were unavailable UNINTERESTED in commenting at press time.

"Jewish History is Buried in the Vistula"


Having seen it myself, I thank G-d that I am a Jew NOT living in those times.

When I tuck my kids in at night, in my warm, safe house, and the wind is howling outside, especially in the winter, I cannot help but think specifically of Poland, and how there but for the grace of G-d go I.

My ancestors were hunted like animals.

They were gassed, their blood soaks the European continent. Even in death, they were disturbed and desecrated. The Jew-hunters, the Jew-murderers wore Nazi uniforms then.

Jews are still being hunted as prey, and nowadays, by the "neo" Nazis, Islamic jihadist terrorists of all denominations. Now they wear keffiyehs over their faces, and brandish knives, relishing in bloodletting, thriving on murdering with their own hands, and by using every single possible item on earth that they can weaponize, from vehicles to bombs, to planes, to musical instruments, to sacrificing their very own children, their own flesh and blood in order to murder as many Jews as possible. Barbarians.

Here's a story I found while doing some research. It's a wire story, the front page of the Calgary Herald from 1943. If you read closely, you'll see the tiny little story that I almost missed. Read it, and tell me how the Islamic Nazis are not the "neo" Nazis.

"Thirty one children sacrificed for 'show'."

They murdered their own children as well. Little coffins. Parents burying children then, as it is now.

Shame on those Jewish and non-Jewish who are unwilling to admit the similarities that are so obvious, that they knock you in the face.

Thankfully now, we Jews have a country and an army of our own.

Our enemies will still try to hunt us, but their barbarity does not go unchallenged anymore.

Thank G-d for Israel and for the IDF.

And screw all of our enemies who would prefer we stay hunted, and only mildly tolerate suffering, losing or dead Jews.

Our very existence is an affront to our enemies. So, too bad for them.

Am Yisrael Chai! 

Us Crazy Right Wingers Tried To Warn You, But You're So Much Smarter Than Us

Gay "marriage" leads to polygamy. 


Next stage: breaking the incest taboo, then onto children.

Don't say you weren't warned.

The groundwork is being laid right now, with the "sex education" i.e sexual grooming curriculum and all the trans activism.

Not that the lefties care. Their goal is chaos and abhorrent behaviour, the destruction of Judeo-Christian values and traditional families and the sexualization of children.

Never Forget, Never Forgive

Justice shall be pursued. 

Steyn: The Fall of Mann

Featuring a very strange, suburban Jewish mother from Canada!

Get ready for the Official Launch of Mark Steyn's new 'screw you' epistle book!


"A Disgrace to the Profession" is about the most famous science graph of the 21st century and its inventor - Michael E Mann, the Big Climate enforcer and self-conferred Nobel Laureate who decided to sue me three years ago. Usually in these situations, the defendant is supposed to fall silent for the half-decade or more it takes the dysfunctional court system to get around to hearing the case. But I decided to go a different route. I liked this line on the book from Laura Rosen Cohen in a post called "Fighting Back Works":

"It's probably the longest, funniest, most savvily organized and meticulous "screw you" in the history of Western literature. It's probably a new genre. I don't know of any precedent for a literary vehicle of this kind.

Instead of waiting for the opportunity to flush more of his hard-earned money down the toilet, waiting for the sclerotic US justice system and Michael Mann to crush him into pulp, using their process as punishment, Steyn has gone on the offensive.

And it's a delightfully offensive book."