Thursday, January 19, 2017

OMG Just Leave Already, Leave, Leave Leave

Only a few more hours left, still many minutes to do more damage.

And who was the last official phone call made to?


"And Now The Left's War On Normal Americans Truly Begins"

Read the whole thing. 

Every. Word.


Where civilization reached new heights, the barbarians stoop to new lows. 

Western Campuses Are "Safe Spaces" For Fascists


Read the whole thing. 

Mazel Tov On Your Bar Mitzvah: 69 Years Late

So, this article is in Hebrew, but it made me cry, so I'm sharing it. 

This man just celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in Israel, 69 years late because of the Holocaust ripping away his life and family.

The video made me cry. He says that he just is so grateful to G-d for this day, for his blessings. It's really beautiful.

I think you can still feel the feelings, and "understand" what he's saying even if you can't speak Hebrew. Hopefully this will be translated into English and if I see it, I'll post it.

Hope and Change!