Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ezra Levant on the Anti-Jewish, Anti-Israel Assaults in Calgary

Watch the whole thing.

I believe that Calgary's mayor still has not commented on this-please correct me if I'm wrong.

California Highway Patrol Seizes Medical Records of Woman Allegedly Beaten by Officer

And what could possibly be wrong with that? 

Via Instapundit: 

"California Highway Patrol investigators have seized the medical records of a woman seen on video being repeatedly punched by one of its officers on the side of a Los Angeles freeway."

"Chris Arevalo, executive administrator for psychiatric services at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, confirmed that the CHP served the search warrant Tuesday for Marlene Pinnock's records."


"Moving on from this larger wrongness, I'd like to take a little time to point to the complicity of the Associated Press in the low-level whitewashing of this latest development by using that famous law enforcement standby, the passive voice."

"My first notification came to me via, whose headline read:
CHP Seizes Medical Records of Woman Seen Punched
"Seen punched?" Punched by whom? By the CHP, of course, not that this headline indicates that. As far as this headline goes, it may have just been a random mugging. A more accurate headline would be "CHP Seizes Medical Records of Woman They Were Seen Punching." Clumsy, but more honest."

"The AP buries the lede and other media sites run the feed without even altering it. Of course, Police One took the AP's weak title and made it even worse.
CHP seizes medical records of woman in scuffle with cop
"Not only does it side more with the CHP, but it also makes it appear as though the CHP seized her records during the "scuffle."

"We expect this use of the passive voice from police officers. The media doesn't really need to assist law enforcement spokespeople in their blame-deflection efforts. When misconduct allegations arise, they're always followed by details of "weapons discharging" and innocent bystanders "receiving gunshot wounds" and officers never striking anybody but always "responding" to actions, movements or words from some person whose personal safety was ensured by hospitalization."

Canadians for Israel: Sunday, July 27th at Queen's Park, North Side

Tweet of the Day

"Why must I shake hands with this asshole????"

Brotherly Love: Little Dudes of the Day

"He's perfect."

Blowhard Celebrity "Rabbi" Shmuley Boteach, Heal Thyself


All you need to know about this megalomaniac is in this essay.

He does have some good insights periodically into human behaviour, but unfortunately his massive ego and hunger for celebrity casts a dark shadow over all of his various enterprises.

Differential diagnosis: Headline-seeking, vain, insatiable narcissist with "do you know who I am" syndrome.

Read the whole thing.

American "Socialism": Michael Moore and His Nine Houses

Do as I say, not as I do. 

Caroline Glick: Obama To the Rescue-Of Hamas

Obama is a Jew-hater.  Period.

A sitting American president is rooting for Hamas against the Jews.

Caroline Glick spells out the current situation: 

"In an interview with Channel 2 Monday evening, Minister Naftali Bennett spoke of a mother at Kibbutz Netiv Ha’asara who told him that her children wake her in the middle of the night and tell her that they hear digging beneath their beds."

"As Bennett said, this state of affairs simply cannot continue. People cannot live in fear that there are terrorists burrowing beneath their homes, digging tunnels to murder or kidnap them."

"These tunnels must be found and destroyed not merely because they constitute a physical danger to thousands of Israelis. They must be located and destroyed, and Hamas’s capacity to rebuild them must be eliminated because the very idea that they exist makes a normal life impossible for those immediately threatened."

"Israel is making good progress. But it hasn’t completed its missions. It needs several more days of hard fighting. Recognizing this, Israel’s newfound Muslim allies have not been pushing for a cease-fire.  In contrast, the Obama administration is insisting on concluding a cease-fire immediately."

"As former ambassador to the US Michael Oren told the media, it is clear that neither Israel nor Egypt invited Kerry to come over. Their avoidance of Kerry signals clearly that the US’s two most important allies in the Middle East do not trust US President Barack Obama’s intentions."

"And their distrust is entirely reasonable."

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"My Secret Lust for Right Wing Women"

Sent to me with a note that said "Why the British press is superior."

Presented without comment: 

"I recently had sex with a woman who writes for the Guardian and in the heat of the moment I said, ‘I love you — you filthy slut!’ I meant it as a compliment! Honest! She stopped the proceedings and gave me a long lecture about how the ‘verbal demeaning of women’ was totally unacceptable. I had a similar experience with a woman of the right. (I won’t repeat what I said because it’s too embarrassing.) But she just laughed and said, ‘Oh, you do say the sweetest things to a girl!’


"What is the appeal of right-wing women to men like me? After all, left-wing men are not supposed to sleep with such women. (We’re meant to find their political convictions too repulsive for that sort of thing.) But politics is rooted in tribalism and dark emotions, as much as reason. To lefty men of my persuasion, right-wing women are the Other; alluring because they are so exotic; exciting because they’re so forbidden."

I Think the IDF Just Totally Dissed President Obama: Tweet of the Day

Unlike President Obama and America under Obama, Israeli leaders, especially in the IDF (and amazingly, the first Druze commander of Golani), lead from the front.

Not from behind.

The Writing on the Wall is in French-Paris Authorizes Further Anti-Jewish Pogroms/Intifadah

Daniel read the writing on the wall.

Now it's in French.

John Kerry and Obama Administration Give $47 Million in Jizyah To Rebuild Gaza Tunnels To Help Murder Jews

Americans-this is how your tax dollars are being spent. 

Steyn: Fields of Blood

Of course there is little need to comment on this touching, brilliant essay by Mark Steyn, but I do think it's worth emphasizing the point that Israel-that is we the Jews, will never let "it" happen here (I refer, of course, to Israel).

Never, ever, ever will our murderers and their supporters walk through Israel and say "remember those Jews".

Not ever.

So as heartbreaking as this all is, and despite how utterly stupid some Jews, in power in Israel are for desperately, and pathetically wanting some kind of stupid, prize for saving barbarians at the expense of our sons and daughters (for shame, for shame), we will outlive and outlast.

"Unimaginable restraint" is stupid, reckless and means Jews are helping get Jewish soldiers killed. 

This ambassador should be recalled for his stupidity and vapid, hollow mental deficiencies.

This is shameful and stupid, evil complicity in our own murders. 

Shame also on the people who applauded him bragging about suicidal stupid-Jew misplaced pity for "innocent" civilians who elected Hamas.

“Israel did not have to send its soldiers into many of the places they are fighting today. We could have given people time to evacuate these areas — which we did anyway — and then bombed from the air all the buildings that were being used by fighters to store and fire weapons. But we didn’t. As we have done time after time, we are sending our soldiers into this hornet’s nest of Palestinian terror that is booby-trapped with mines and riddled with subterranean tunnels.”

Fuck the Nobel Peace Prize, and the Jews whose mental capacity is so limited and so pathetic that they are concerned with pandering to a 'world conscience' that loathes the Jews, and to "saving" the "innocent civilians" who celebrate the spilling of our blood and ululate while ripping the bodies of our children to pieces just as the Nazis did only a short "Never Again" time ago.


 "There are cities like Lviv or Chernivtsi all over the world, where within living memory the streets were full of Jews - people went to school with Jews, lived next door to Jews, accompanied their mothers as they shopped from Jews. And now there are no Jews."

"In his what-if? novel Fatherland, Robert Harris captures very well the silence that settles in such communities: no one ever asks, "Do you remember the such-and-such family across the street?" - or what happened to them. Just as, a few years hence, everyone in Sarcelles will agree not to ask "Whatever happened to that pharmacy?"

"Which brings us to the tiny Jewish state built in a sliver of a minority of the total land of the British Mandate of Palestine. Israel is dedicated to the proposition that there should be one place on earth where what happened to the Jews in Lviv and Chernivtsi and Baghdad (once the second largest Jewish city in the world) and Tripoli (which was once 40 per cent Jewish) and all over the map will not happen here."

"Hamas, by contrast, is committed to the proposition that what happened to the Jews of Lviv should happen here, too."

The only time I get pessimistic is when I hear statements like Dermer's that articulate this kind of atypically vapid, utopian, stupid-Jew blockheadedness, and question the degree to which this is official Israeli/IDF doctrine and why. 

Enabling the death of your own troops, and bragging about it is not noble, nor Jewish.