Monday, September 22, 2014

Hillary Clinton: Radical, Alinsky Devotee

Must read. 

Great scoop. 

More from NRO's Stanley Kurtz on Why the Letters Matter. 

Why Is Nobody Talking About This Terrorist Attack In Israel?

A Jewish construction worker's safety lines were slashed by his Arab colleagues on site and he fell to his death. 

The Arabs were laughing about it, and the Israeli police are saying that they are really not sure if the murder was 'nationalistically' motivated, and wanted to slap a gag order on the case.

Meanwhile, another Jewish widow and more Jewish orphans.

American Priorities: John Kerry-Climate Change Will Be Front and Centre in All Diplomatic Efforts

Do you hear that sound?

That's the sound of Vlad Putin pissing in his pants laughing at America. 

America the Impotent.



US, Canadian jets intercept 8 Russian aircraft.

News About Jews You Can Use: "Shofar, Sho Good" Edition

Just saw this at Chabad, nice video.

Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year) starts Wednesday evening and lasts till Friday evening, which blends right into the Sabbath.

In other words, its a three day Rosh Hashanapalooza!!

Lots of prep going on now in Jewish households all over the world.

This also means I'll be off line from Wednesday night till Saturday night.

Visit Jewish.TV for more Jewish videos.

A Miracle: Mother Who Refused Abortion Gives Birth to "Miracle" Baby

Just beautiful. 


News You Can Use: The Science of Sexual Attraction

I find this subject absolutely fascinating.

Why is one person attractive to a certain individual, and to others not?

What is that all about? 

Why can you look at someone and your brain kind of goes crazy, and that person does nothing pfffffft, for someone else?

It makes no sense. It's so crazily interesting. LOVE this topic.

"But beauty is not by itself what attracts us. There is something much more vibrant, meaningful and effective that brings people together whether it is for romantic, social or professional needs. Beauty and attraction are very distinct entities. While beauty is raw, primitive attraction is dynamic and advanced.   And beauty is just one parcel of what makes a person attractive. From hair to smell to posture, expression, voice and more – attractiveness is a composite that goes way beyond the surface."

A Mother, Her Son With Down Syndrome And A Love Like No Other-Outstanding, Do Listen

A nice podcast from Tablet. 

It's an hour long, but well worth it.

Just an amazing family. So blessed, so giving.

May they all live long healthy lives, and have a wonderful New Year.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Rabbi Sacks on Parashat Nitzavim-Defeating Death

This is an extraordinary essay on the Torah portion of Nitzavim. 

It's really beautiful, and I urge you to read the whole thing.

It explains a lot about Judaism, about life and about immortality.

I really loved it and will be discussing it at my Shabbat table.

"Life is good, death is bad. Life is a blessing, death is a curse. These are truisms for us. Why even mention them? Because they were not common ideas in the ancient world. They were revolutionary."

"They still are."

"How then do you defeat death? Yes there is an afterlife. Yes there is techiyat hametim, resurrection. But Moses does not focus on these obvious ideas. He tells us something different altogether. You achieve immortality by being part of a covenant – a covenant with eternity itself, that is to say, a covenant with God."

"When you live your life within a covenant something extraordinary happens. Your parents and grandparents live on in you. You live on in your children and grandchildren. They are part of your life. You are part of theirs."

"It is precisely because Judaism focuses on this world, not the next, that it is the most child-centred of all the great religions. They are our immortality. "

"To be a leader, you don’t need a crown or robes of office."

"All you need to do is to write your chapter in the story, do deeds that heal some of the pain of this world, and act so that others become a little better for having known you."

"Live so that through you our ancient covenant with God is renewed in the only way that matters: in life. Moses’ last testament to us at the very end of his days, when his mind might so easily have turned to death, was: Choose life."

Gazans Speak Out on Hamas

Interesting essay from Gatestone. 

Palestinian "culture" is the death cult. Martyrdom is celebrated and death is revered. Life is shunned.

However, it is beyond belief that the only time Palestinian lives are considered worth protesting is when a Jew is involved in the episode.  What does that tell you?

What He Says: Gavin McInnes on American Martyrs

OMG thank you. 


Why is Gavin McInnes the only Western writer, other than Ann Coulter asking why the hell people are trotting off to Ebola Land and JihadiLand VOLUNTARILY?


"Er, no offense to people being beheaded in the Middle East but, uh, what are you doing there?"

I don't care about the jihad "story". I know the story already: kill the infidels. I get it. I don't need more stories and "explanations".

And as for Ebola-it is STUPID to go to places where that disease is spreading. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

As Ann Coulter pointed out in her recent column-there is plenty of charity work to be done in America. Plenty. 

There is a big difference between walking into jihad land and getting killed than being randomly killed by a terrorist.

Here's more from McInnes on SunTV.

I'm with Gavin. Make martyrs, don't be one. 

Meotti: The Men Who Enjoy Killing Jews

I love this guy. 

"Eichmann was not interested in luxury. His greed was for the numbers of the dead. Eichmann controlled the accounts of his victims and could have taken advantage of it, as did many other Nazi leaders. He never did."

“To be honest, I regret nothing”, Eichmann confessed in the Argentinian audio recordings made before his capture."

I will leap into my grave laughing because the feeling that I have five million human beings on my conscience is for me a source of extraordinary satisfaction”.

"Eichmann’ story shows that anti-Semitism charms and seduces; that it can be a form of “idealism”; that good can be banal, but evil never; that there are men who enjoy killing Jews."

"That they still are among us."

"They don't wear glasses, they don't read Goethe, they have a swarthier complexion. But they are just like Adolf Eichmann."

Mark Steyn: Descent Into Barberism

Mark Steyn is the reigning King of the English Language.

Long live The King of Prose. 


"Descent Into Barberism". 

I mean, seriously: GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!

(Not you, Mark, ha ha! You can hang out if you like...)

I like this essay because of its incredible header, but more importantly because Steyn cites some random, strange, right-wing, Zionist Jewish mother SteynFrau from Toronto!


Thus without further ado-and when I say ado, I mean a hairdo: 

Steyn on American Bureaucratic Barberism (OK, I don't just like this, I rather love it) and "Hair Team Six" (soooo butch):

"If a constable does not instinctively understand that there is something wrong - and, indeed, profoundly wicked - about a "license inspection" that involves handcuffing the barber, he's unlikely to be unduly disturbed by the possibility of a judicial slapdown four years hence, assuming that the rubes he's cuffing are savvy enough to take it that far. For a sense of the esprit of the Florida regulatory environment, consider the words of one officer to barber Reginald Trammon:
When Trammon argued to one of the officers that he had done nothing wrong, the officer responded, " It's a pretty big book, I'm pretty sure I can find something in here to take you to jail for."
Indeed. As Laura Rosen Cohen comments:
Let's recap a few basics.
The police are YOUR employees.
Your employees are pointing loaded guns at you and raiding your homes in military style.
That's a problem.

Starting your day being quoted by Mark Steyn is kind of like getting your coffee just right, you know, that nice Italian Lavazza and the crema foams perfectly and it smells so nice, and the foamy milk comes out all soft and silky, and then you sprinkle a little cinnamon on top, and you take a sip and sigh slightly, and...oh..wait a minute...GOT DISTRACTED... SORRY WHERE WERE WE?


Read the whole thing!