Monday, October 20, 2014

Most Undignified, Classless, Crass American Administration Ever: Obama Tells Americans to "Stick It" to "Climate Deniers"

Is it actually humanly possible for America to have a more tacky, classless, juvenile leader? I'm so glad that the Ebola and ISIS crises are all cleared up, so we can deal with more serious world challenges like the weather.

Mark Steyn's New Book "The [Un]documented Mark Steyn" Launches Today! (UPDATED)

He's undocumented and loving it, baby.

You can keep an eye on all of Steyn's upcoming media appearances here.

Here is a small taste of the new book that appeared this weekend in the New York Post. 


Steyn in a nutshell:

"Culture trumps politics — which is why, once the question’s been settled culturally, conservatives are reduced to playing catch-up, twisting themselves into pretzels to explain why gay marriage is really conservative after all, or why 30 million unskilled immigrants with a majority of births out of wedlock are “natural allies” of the Republican Party."

(Is anyone in the American Republican party listening to, speaking to or reading Mark Steyn? I mean "culture trumps politics" is like the Republican Idiots Guide to Winning an Election in three words, and, you know, how shall I put this, could help them, you know WIN an upcoming election...")

Furthermore, he reminds conservatives-it's not just about election day. 

If you really want to win, "you have to do the hard work of shifting the culture every day, seven days a week, in the four-and-a-half years between elections".

"Culture is the long view; politics is the here and now."

(This could be Chapter 2 of the Republican Idiots Guide to Winning an Election.) 

This little nugget on TSA Kabuki Security Theatre and the dismally disturbing American submission to Big Government made me laugh out loud.

(And when I say laugh out loud, I mean that kind of unladylike little snort, you know, where the coffee kind of goes up the nose, SNORT, realizing that we, as a free society are really dying when this sort of thing happens all the time and Mark Steyn may well be the only red-blooded, liberty-loving, undocumented bloke on the continent, or even in the Western world to spell it out so consistently, and with such irrefutable clarity.)


"I saw a fellow in a “Don’t Tread on Me” T-shirt the other day."

"He was at La Guardia, being trod all over by the overgropinfuhrers of the TSA, who had decided to subject him to one of their enhanced pat-downs. There are few sights more dismal than that of a law-abiding citizen having his genitalia pawed by state commissars, but having them pawed while wearing a “Don’t Tread on Me” T-shirt is certainly one of them."

(OK, moderately arousing and spelling the death knell of Western civilization at the same time-what could possibly be wrong with that?!?? Absolutely nothing! Steyn Akbar!)

So, seriously!

Get your copy today. 

Be like me, this morning and wake up with Mark Steyn!

Jealous yet?!??!


OK, so, I didn't EXACTLY, you know-wake up "with" Steyn.

It's just I got my electronic Amazon copy delivered right to my phone this morning, but it's like TOTALLY THE SAME THING, RIGHT?!?!?

*Sulks back to phone, grudgingly accepting it's not exactly the same thing, and not even close but still fun to hypothesize fantasize that it is moderately related...*


I can die happily-yours truly is cited in Mr. Steyn's new book (hint-it's about Barbie).


Why Is the Obama Administration Sacrificing American Soldiers in Africa?

Why indeed?

Paralysed Dad "Walks" His Daughter Down the Aisle at Her Wedding

"Feeling at eye level once again." 

NY Met Opera Spits on Jewish, American Terror Victim and Murders Him Again and Again

This "opera" is a disgusting spectacle, a vile piece of antisemitic spew couched in artistic licence.

Read this piece from Leon Klinghoffer's daughters. 

And people should stop even referring to "Klinghoffer".

He was a man, a father, a husband and a Jew, not some random last name without a soul. 

"On Oct. 8, 1985, our 69-year-old wheelchair-bound father, Leon Klinghoffer, was shot in the head by Palestinian hijackers on the Achille Lauro cruise ship. The terrorists brutally and unceremoniously threw his body and wheelchair overboard into the Mediterranean. His body washed up on the Syrian shore a few days later"

"We have always been strong supporters of the arts, and believe they can play an important role in examining and understanding significant world events. “Klinghoffer” does no such thing. It presents false moral equivalencies without context and offers no real insight into the historical reality and the senseless murder of an American Jew. The opera rationalizes, romanticizes and legitimizes the terrorist murder of our father."

Friday, October 17, 2014

Must Read! Lawrence Solomon: Crippling Medical Research

Hat tip to my Dad for sending this one to me.

Think Big Climate, kids....

("The science is settled, etc...) 

You MUST read this whole thing. 

Kudos to Mr. Solomon for penning this extremely fine essay. I look forward to further installments.

"Over the last 30 years, spending on medical research and development soared more than five fold, but it didn’t produce five times as many research geniuses whose insights brought us five times the life-saving discoveries, not by a long shot. Instead of the extra billions finding their way to a new generation of ever better funded, ever more empowered intellects, the money went mostly to medical mediocrities spawned by the expanding government bureaucracies that sucked up the monies, and that, too often, helped squelch rather than advance knowledge."

"What hasn’t declined in the medical field is dogma, as best illustrated by the 2005 Nobel Prize for Medicine, awarded to Barry Marshall for an outside-the-box discovery more than two decades earlier. Marshall, a trainee in internal medicine in Australia, realized that ulcers — then a very serious ailment — were caused by an easily treated bacterial infection rather than by stress, as commonly believed. '

"Marshall was ridiculed, called a quack, dismissed when he presented his findings to an annual meeting of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, dismissed by the pharmaceutical companies, dismissed by funding bodies that held the purse strings to research grants, dismissed by important medical journals."

"Although he soon successfully cured his own patients without subjecting them to conventional treatments — like antidepressants to allay the patients’ presumed stress-induced gastric acids or surgical removal of their ulcerated stomachs — the medical world treated him as a fraud, asserting his results couldn’t be replicated and in any case couldn’t be true. Even after Marshall, in desperation, decided to prove that infections caused ulcers by infecting himself, and then curing the resulting ulcer with an antibiotic, he remained a charlatan to most for another decade."

"Why the dogma and the personal attacks on Marshall? How could so many for so long ignore the evidence that was so obvious and so easy to verify? An answer lies in the willful blindness of the vested interests that dominate the medical field. Money provides one vested interest. "

Must Read: England and Shame: The Hamas Vote

Sent to me by an American reader who writes:

"Even though, unlike the author, I'm not English by descent, he captures my own visceral feelings about the past greatness--and the present disgrace. Or is it beneath even disgrace."
"I'm still searching for a word, or words, that explain my own emotions."

England and Shame: The Hamas Vote 

"The recent vote, 274-12 by British MPs to recognize the Hamas regime in Palestine (with 450 or so spineless abstentions, including that of its mega-spineless Prime Minister) is different. It is a cause not only for disgust, but for unutterable shame. The closest I can come to describing it is that it is akin to the feeling that would be aroused if a loved and admired elder relative were to be publicly found out in some appalling crime involving obscenity and treason — for this is treason to everything that is fine and noble in the spirit of England."

"Make no mistake: for at least some of the movers of the resolution it was not about the rights of the Palestinians: it was about Jew-hatred."

I suggest that right-thinking people feel a certain degree of absolute heartache over this move, along with a dark, foreboding gut sense of what is in store for the Western world for the near future. 

Do read the whole thing.

America, I Love You, But Your Police and Your Hyper Regulated, Micro-Managed Lives Are Out of Control

American woman sent to jail for overgrown lawn. 


Now, this fine woman tried to take a stand, she is no shrinking violet, and look what happened:

"On Tuesday, Holloway turned herself in and made an appeal to city officials."

"But Holloway says she was stunned when Judge Terry Vann handed down a five-day jail sentence, before amending it Tuesday to six hours. She says she offered to do five days of community service instead of jail time, but Vann refused her offer, insisting that she serve the time behind bars — although Vann noted that she is not a criminal and that it is not a criminal case."

“It’s not right,” she said. “Why would you put me in jail with child molesters and people who have done real crimes because I haven’t maintained my yard up to the city’s standards?”

"Holloway said she feels like she’s “being bullied,” and claims she was not read her rights or told she could have a lawyer present."

America is currently being governed by imbeciles and Americans are currently being judged not by a jury of peers by any stretch of the imagination, but a judiciary that mocks and disdains individual rights, personal liberty and indeed, makes a mockery of the American constitution. 


Geez, I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said something nasty about me-I'd be rich. 

If you are even a moderately 'successful' public figure, you have to wear the insults like a gosh darned laurel, with much pride-especially when you figure out the common denominator amongst your critics. Then you can really have a good laugh.

(Best example remains the inscription made to Mark Steyn by the Saudi Ambassador to America.) 

Anyhoo, Mark Steyn talks about the exquisitely fragile temperament of this Mann fellow. 

There are some little updates about the case, blah blah, you know WHATEVERSVILLLE, toilet of justice, blah blah blah.

The real story is...wait for it....

Real men pushing harder!

"when the going gets tough, real men don't whine like a big ninny about one-star reviews on Amazon, they just push their Christmas disco CD even harder."







(It's very good, BTW, do order it, rest assured you can trust this Jew on Christmas music...we own the genre, baby...) 


So where were we? 

Right! Carry on with your day while I get a glass of cold water.


You Can't Make This Stuff Up: “Masculine-of-Center Genderqueer Person Named “Timothy” Edition" (UPDATED WITH DELICIOUS INSTAPUNDIT QUOTE)



This just in from the Instapundit. 

"Tip: When students go on about social justice, the proper response is to tell them you don’t care what they think, because they don’t know enough to have an intelligent opinion yet. If universities were run on this principle, the 3% of students responsible for 98% of the idiocy would no longer have their destructive impact. Also, it’s true: They don’t know enough to have an intelligent opinion, as demonstrated by the opinions they do have."


Nice: Elbert Guillory-Bear Killer

Looks promising indeed. 

His credentials are impeccable.

Good luck to him in this battle.

The UK Is Screwed: New "Cutting" Cases Edition

The first problem is calling it by its quaint little euphemism "cutting". 

It's Female Genital Mutilation, chaps. 

Calling it a 'little nick', ritual circumcision, or a 'cut' indicates that you are part of the cover up and part of the, cowering and supine problem. Words matter and whoever controls the language controls the argument.

"Never before published figures reveal the scale of female genital mutilation in England, with the number of women currently being treated by the NHS approaching 2,000."

This article also quaintly ignores the religion that most often practices 'cutting'.

Typical British cowards.

PS: Dotted lines in North Kensington.

"Of the Londoners known to have been caught up in the Syrian war, it is striking how many hail from the neighbourhoods around Ladbroke Grove and Westbourne Park. One counter-terrorism expert told the Standard earlier this year that he had noticed the clustering in North Kensington, and recent events have confirmed it."

"But no factor that links the names immediately suggests itself. Among them are young men from both Arab and North African families; some are said to come from devout households, others not; a handful attended the same fashionable state school but years before any problems emerged; some of them have been involved in political activism, others not at all."

"If anyone might understand the cluster, though, it is those who run the Al Manaar mosque, formally called the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre. It was purpose-built for the area’s sizeable Muslim community and opened by Prince Charles in 2001."

One Brit with balls, who happens to be a Jewish lady.

Melanie Phillips on the perfidy of recognizing "Palestine". 

Naftali Bennet on the Imam John Kerry...

"Even when a British Muslim beheads a British Christian, there will always be those who blame the Jews,"



"Bennett also said that Kerry, as well as the West, does not take ISIS seriously."

"I suggest they listen to and believe ISIS," he said. 

"These terrorists want to take over the Middle East, from Syria to Jordan and Lebanon, and to re-establish the [historic] Islamic caliphate." 

"We could either fight it or explain it away," he continued. 

"The choice is in the world's hands, and it will bear the consequences."

"If Only We Had More Gazillions of Your Dollars, We Could Have Found a Cure for Ebola"

When scientists cry. 


"The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has spent more than $39 million on obese lesbians, origami condoms, texting drunks, and dozens of other projects that could have been scrapped in favor of developing an Ebola vaccine."

“Frankly, if we had not gone through our 10-year slide in research support, we probably would have had a vaccine in time for this that would’ve gone through clinical trials and would have been ready,” said NIH Director Francis Collins, blaming budget cuts for his agency’s failure to develop a vaccine for the deadly virus."

"However, the Washington Free Beacon has uncovered $39,643,352 worth of NIH studies within the past several years that have gone to questionable research."

"For instance, the agency has spent $2,873,440 trying to figure out why lesbians are obese, and $466,642 on why fat girls have a tough time getting dates. Another $2,075,611 was spent encouraging old people to join choirs."

Read the rest here.