Friday, August 29, 2014

The UK Is Screwed: Rotherham's Shame-and England's Shame

It is disgusting and shameful, but you can't shame the shameless. 

"This scale of criminality and victimhood is vast for a country that has traditionally regarded itself as law-abiding. Worse, the report concedes that the estimate of 1,400 victims is a conservative one. (It is the equivalent of about three girls’ schools.) Some of the girls were as young as eleven. And since other (more or less identical) cases of criminal exploitation of young Christian girls by Pakistani Muslim men have been uncovered in cities such as Oldham, Birmingham, and Oxford in the last decade, the total number of victims must be staggering."

"The motives of the exploiters, though vile, are not hard to understand. They plainly include both racism and sexism alongside the lust and cruelty enabled by their misogynistic culture."

"But what explains the silence, the acquiescence, even the cooperation of the authorities? Their motives seem to derive from the rich stew of progressive absurdities that constitute official attitudes in modern Britain. The first is the fear of being suspected of racism. Again and again the police and the social workers shrank from intervening or responding to complaints because to do so would invite the accusation that they were “racist.”

"...these girls were seen by officials not as children in need of protection but as powerless pieces of meat who scarcely deserved the rights of British citizens and who could be safely ignored to avoid embarrassment."

"Another element in official attitudes is hostility to the family and a hatred of the notion that families might instill traditional moral values in their children."

Rotherham: The Faces of Evil

Everything about this is disgusting and evil.

Must Read Steven Plaut: 40 Lessons From the Hamas War Against the Jews

Well said.

Read the whole list. 

I can barely, barely pick my "favourite".

The truth about this war sucks, and that's why so many people are in denial about it.

National Post: Converting To Islam Might Save Your Disgusting Infidel Heads But Hey Probably Not, Kufar

This is definitely the worst, most idiotic and insulting piece that the National Post has ever printed. 

Here's a few words of prayer and conversion that you should utter, you pathetic infidels, that may save your dhimmi selves.

What a load of garbage. 

"There is much in the Koran about “kafirs” (non-believers) and how Muslims should deal with them. (Spoiler: They shouldn’t always be killed.) From my personal experience, a conversation with a Muslim theologue always changes for the better once you show them you have some kind of knowledge of the Koran and Islam."

This is disgracefully dishonest.

There are plenty of kafirs who loved Muslim culture, learn Arabic and are expert in the Koran who but found themselves without their heads attached to their necks because when it comes down to it a kafir is a kafir is a kafir. 

Trying to convince a fanatic that you love the Koran or Muslim culture has simply NOT helped save anyone.

Appeasement never makes it better.

I would rather die than utter those words in a pathetic attempt to appease. 

Hey Ms. Qureshi, how about these words instead:

"'My father's Jewish, my mother's Jewish, I'm Jewish,'"

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oslo Joins Britain in a Very Illustrious Honour

Guess what they have in common now?


“It is very exciting.”

Obama Hates Jews, It's Pretty Easy To See

"It’s clear to me, and by now it should be to others, that there is something sinister in Barack Obama’s constant anger aimed at Israel."

"No previous American president has carried in his heart this degree of hostility for Israel. We can only hope that no future president ever does again. It is a shameful thing to watch this ugliness and irrationality play itself out."

Israel = Jews of course. 

Tim Blair: Haters Everywhere

Some hate is more equal than others.

Arab Spring Update

How Britain Made James Foley's Killer

Well done.

VDH Masterpiece: Obama's Hazy Sense of History

He doesn't come right out and say that Obama for all of his $1,000,000 education, this guy is a useless, Marxist ignoramus and narcissist, but it's pretty close:

"A Pollyannaish belief in historical predetermination seems to substitute for action."

 Read the whole thing. It's excellent.

Real War on Women: Palestinian Mother Forces Daughter to Clean House Before "Honour" Murdering Her

And all for an affair that never was.

Rotherham England, the "Asian" Gang Rapes and Groomings: Why Can't We Be Honest About It?

"It is difficult to overstate how awful these crimes were, nor how completely victims were failed by the authorities. One girl was doused in petrol and told she would be set on fire if she didn't comply. Others were forced to watch rapes and told they would be next if they spoke out."

"The police regarded these girls with as much contempt as the rapists. And in perhaps the most horrific paragraph in a report published yesterday, we learned that in two cases fathers had tracked down their daughters and tried to rescue them from houses in which they were being held, only to find themselves arrested by police, while the rapists walked free."

"How many council staff do you suppose are under investigation, or have been sacked? Yup, you guessed it: none."