Sunday, June 25, 2017

Must Watch! Two Dapper Dudes Discuss Doom!

So, I love these guys.

I have the YUGEST crush on Douglas Murray, and Mark Steyn is just super peachy keen as well!

So do watch them have an amazing conversation about the impending collapse of Europe by suicide. 

A jolly good time will not be had by all, but at least it's fun listening to them with their fancy accents discuss how doomed we are, and they are both very well dressed! And those are the main things, right?

Remember, whatever you are "not supposed to talk about" is exactly what you should be talking about.

Whatever the SHUT UP is demanding is exactly what you need to be discussing.

Listen to these brave, smart men have a serious adult conversation about the issues of the day.

More Good Links

Murder by Social Media:

Please read the whole thing.


French terror cell members sentenced.


I’m not crazy about “BHL” but this is an interesting interview.

Food for thought: 


New traditions at the White House. 

Jews Make People Feel "Unsafe"

So much for "we're not anti-Jewish, we're just anti-Zionist'".

This Will Not End Well

This was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday:

And here is Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau today:

This is not going to end well. The "can't we all just get along" (Theo Van Gough reference is intentional) is just a temporary illusion.

The political left has a romance right now with the LGBT and the Muslim community, but never the twain shall meet, and the political left will soon be scorned-at the expense of the entire West.

The UK Is Screwed

This is a disgrace. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The UK Is Screwed

This is disgusting. 

And the police were bragging about this appalling and revolting act on Twitter. 

What Lord Black Says!

I love this guy: 

"An economic boycott of Israel is an evil and stupid enterprise, and those otherwise respectable people who promote it, such as the United Church of Canada and Kaplan, should be ashamed of themselves, and eventually will be."

(Dunno, you can't shame the shameless...)

Curiouser and Curiouser...

This is insanely interesting. 

Dude of the Day: Sir Tim Rice

Apparently there is some wacky stuff in the water in New Zealand.

But Sir Tim Rice will have none of it. 

"Put the Jews back in, or else..."

That's the basic idea, and I LOVE IT.

So great.

Must Listen! The James Delingpole Podcast With Sir Roger Scruton.

If you didn't listen already, listen now. 

Truly engaging conversation. I may have to listen to it again.

Thursday Links!

Please lefty Jews: tell me about how antisemitic this administration is.

That was the FIRST thing he did. That is real Hope & Change, my friends.


No jail time for Imam who married off a 14 year old child in Australia.

Middle East:

Egyptian TV commenter, brave soul

Now I don’t know if he includes the Joooooz in the innocent victims group but he’s so hot, I’ll forgive him this time.

OK now make sure to read this whole, entire thing because Daniel Greenfield has a real gift. 
“Defending Israel And Fighting Antisemitism”
It is just magnificent.

Made me smile and cry and get all broken up. Don't miss a single word.