Monday, February 20, 2017

If You Are Fat...

Go on the socialism diet!

Works every time. Was very effective in the Ukraine as well.

Solway: "First the Fire Alarm, Then the Fire"

Do read the whole thing. 

The UK Is Screwed

London, in the formerly Great Britain, evolves (devolves actually) into one of the world epicentres of epic dhimmitude and craven, supine stupidity. 

Trump Is Right to Talk About Sweden

Because through immigration, it has turned into a massive, stinking, antisemitic sh&t hole of a country. 

It's a perfect bedroom for the torrid love affair between radical leftism (is there any other kind) and radical Islam.

Here's a look back at Sweden from Legal Insurrection.

Sweden deserves its fate, and it certainly does not deserve Jews.

As I Always Say....

"Security" is the new "shut up". 

And it's an extremely effective version of SHUT UP.

See for yourself.

Australian Senator Threatened With Beheading Because Celebrate Diversity

So, a guy named Moishey Goldstein just threatened an Australian senator and said that if she didn't convert to Judaism she would be BEHEADED.

Whoops-sorry. Got the details mixed up!

What I meant was that an Amish guy named Nathaniel McDonald said that if she didn't stop using electricity, he would BEHEAD HER.

Oh-geez. Wrong again. Fart. I am just getting really sloppy here on the details.


What I meant was this lady, a ferocious, savage Buddhist said that if she didn't see the light in Buddha, she would be BEHEADED.

Wait! OK, now I have the details right: oddly enough, it's someone threatening that if she doesn't adopt sharia and become a Muslim, OFF WITH HER HEAD.

But Jacqui Lambie is NOT BACKING DOWN. 

Punching Back Harder: Making the Left Lives By Their Very Own Alinsky Rules

This is so great. 


Paris is Burning: HO HUM

Nothing to see here. 

France is SCREWED. 

Piers Morgan Wimps Out

The proper response is actually 'up yours, snowflakes'. 

Barbarians: An AP Report on "Honour" Murders in Pakistan

Watch and weep.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Fun Day Links!

North America

We are supposed to respect this as "equal" to Western medicine. 

This is too old and too irresponsible. Shame on the doctors. 

Imagine my surprise: transgendered bathroom laws leading to epic voyeurism. 

The Culture Wars: Bake My Cake and Cupcakes Edition 

In Trump the Media Bulls Have Met Their Matador 

The Trump press conference was PEAK TRUMP 

Why the media's Trump Life Machine is failing BIGLY

Dumb dumb dhimmis 

The left always eats itself alive and has no sense of humour. OMG THIS IS SO HYSTERICAL.  The grovelling! The worst part is the grovelling. It always makes it worse. HAHAHAHA. The proper response to this is "up yours, it's a joke".

BIG STONES SPOTTED IN HIGHER EDUCATION. Perhaps this is Professor Jordan Peterson's bruthah from anothuh mothuh?


Nothing to see here. 


Ho hum, nothing to see here. 


We have a BIG problem with language and the fantasy totalitarian thugs of the left. (Really good.)