Monday, March 2, 2015

Best Story of the Day: Man Sees Wife For First Time in 10 Years With Bionic Eye


This is the beauty and power of the human mind at work and this is what love looks like. Just look at the way they hold hands. So lovely.

Australia Takes School Security Seriously

Ha ha.  

Just kidding. 

Thanks to my Australian correspondent for sending these in. 

What Australia is saying is that all schools can apply for extra security funding, which is another way of saying that there is no particular risk to any one community, we're all equals, etc...which is another way of making a painful and frankly, gutless moral equivalence.  

They are emphasizing 'taxpayer funded', as if parents should be so gushingly grateful for 'government' largesse. Why shouldn't the public be consulted about the very broad approach that their government is taking with their money? Is school security actually an equal threat to all communities? Are all children at risk? Or some more than others?

The Minister of Justice thus says:

“There are certain schools throughout Australia that have a slightly higher-risk profile,” he said."
This isn't a result to anything specific...There has been an increased threat in Australia in general.”

The funding breakdown, thus far:
  • 11 Government schools—$1,931,500
  • 17 Jewish schools—$7,569,100
  • 15 Islamic schools—$4,439,800
  • 11 Independent schools—$2,706,200
The Justice Minister of Australia is too gutless to say "Jewish children in Australia are at higher risk for jihadist terrorism".  How can the entire security of Australia be trusted to a man who cannot, or will not even articulate threats that are most certainly uneven, not "general", and not "random"? 

Answer-it cannot and should not.

For shame.

Meanwhile Elsewhere in the Middle East...

Our friends, the Saudis.

Atara Beck: The Silence of the Official Jews

Actually, her title is "Will American Jewry Again Fail to Confront Historic Threat?"

Of course the answer is YES. They will fail because they are failing.

They are cautious and timid and have no interest in truly comprehending the existential threats.

Do read the whole thing. 

This summary of Jewish politics is actually via Beck's late father, but it remains devastatingly accurate: 

"Jewish politics, as strong today as ever, has been dictated by the fear of the goy (non-Jew)..."

"What will the goy say if I fight in order to live?"

"Will I still be a ‘nice Jew ‘who will receive a greeting from the president on the Jewish New Year, stressing the historic contribution of the Jew to Judeo-Christian civilization?"

"Will the politicians still continue to put on yarmulkas at political meetings in order to impress the Jews that they recognize the so-called Hebrew contribution to their civilized society?"

John Kerry Jukebox Moves From "You've Got a Friend (France)" to "Give Peace in Our Time A Chance" (Israel, Or Else)

John Kerry:

"The Obama administration's diplomatic record with Iran entitles the U.S. to "the benefit of the doubt". 

What could possibly go wrong?

It's not like the current American administration wants Israel wiped off the face of the earth or anything.

Yet, the most important thing to the Thug In Chief is not to "disrespect" him

You just don't go dissing the POTUS!

"This Man Is Dangerous"


"Not only does Obama believe he can set immigration policy without legal authority from Congress. Now, he believes he is the only person, the Leader, who sets foreign and defense policy objectives and means. Yes, this clearly contradicts the Constitution, which places this duty and power in Congress, subject to the President’s execution of Congress’s law. But the Constitution is a scrap of paper to Mr. Obama. No more than a scrap of paper, as is anything that gets in his way."

As VDH says:

"The liberal left got what it wanted in 2009 with a supermajority in the Senate and large majority in the House, a subservient mainstream media, the good will of the American people, and the most liberal president in American history."

"It only took that the liberal hierarchy six years to erode the Democratic Party to levels that we have not seen since the 1920s. Almost every policy initiative we have seen — whether climate change, foreign policy, health care, or race relations — has imploded."

"The answer to these failures has not been introspection, humility, or reevaluation why the liberal agenda proved unpopular and unworkable, but in paranoid fashion to double-down on it, convinced that its exalted aims must allow any means necessary — however farcical —  to achieve them."

"This is Not Charity. It's Business."

A very interesting piece from Tavia Grant on profitable initiatives that integrate disabled individuals into the work force.

Despite Hysterical Pearl-Clutching, Bibi Is the Hottest Ticket In Town


"Support for Israel continues to be bipartisan, he stressed, and Democratic support for the Jewish state has not receded. "Really," he added, "the only conflict here is between the White House and Israel."

America Avoids DHS Shut Down


Seriously. Why?