Monday, May 25, 2015

Dear "Hundreds of People Paying Tribute" to Dead Jews

Please, just don't. 

If you cared as much about live Jews, then I would care about your "tribute".

But you don't, so spare me the flowers and the crocodile tears.

The Jewish community is slowly, slowly realizing that it's getting too late. It's suitcases or coffins time. 

"What happened here was a real shock to the Jewish community," said Serge Rozen, who organised the tribute as head of the Coordination Committee of Belgian Jewish Organisations."


"I think probably for the first time they realized that even with security measures already in place for a long time in Belgium, you could be killed here in Brussels or Belgium because you are a Jew or presumed Jew," Rozen told AFP before giving a brief speech."
"He said many in Belgium's estimated 40,000-strong Jewish community were starting to wonder whether they had a future in the country."

Hey, I'll help you out with that. Jews: you don't have a future in Europe.

Here's what the Mayor said in his "tribute" to the slaughtered:

"Brussels is Jewish because all Jews have their place in Brussels," Mayeur said from a makeshift podium in the closed-off street guarded by four Belgian soldiers and at least a dozen police officers."

If you have to have four Belgian soldiers and "at least" a dozen police officers in a closed-off street, in order to "pay tribute" to murdered Jews, guess what?  Jews have no place in Brussels. 

On second thought-maybe they do have a place.

It's called the airport and they have a lot of planes there, some of which fly to Israel. That's your "place".

It's either that place or another place, called the cemetery. 

When I put the Mayor's rather pathetic, statement through my translator from "dhimmi weasel" to English, here's what I get.

"We know that radical Islam is a murderous force on the continent, but with Jews here, you can be the sacrificial lambs. So please don't leave us here because despite our supine capitulation, we don't want to die just yet."

Just some friendly reminders about Belgium and Jews:

Antisemites no longer hiding. 

Jew-hatred reaching new heights. 

Public schools are Jew-free zones. 

Jews fleeing Belgium. 

Out of the shadows...

Muslim antisemitism in Belgium.

No Jews allowed.

Murders "came as no surprise".

Belgium is jihad's European "Mecca".

Belgian "youth" turning to jihad "in droves'".

From Belgium to ISIS.

The jihadist danger within.

The Belgian jihadist networks. 

All your fault. 

Just die already.

The Jew stands alone.

Important: The Hottest Looks From the Cannes Red Carpet

Nobody can be all jihad, doom and gloom about societal collapse 24/7!

So, take a break from that stuff once and a while and look at beautiful dresses!

So, some of these are magnificent: LUPITA I'M LOOKING AT YOU (number 23).

She is just so gorgeous and whoever her stylist is needs to be paid exceptionally well, and her make-up artist ditto. Is it just me who notices that she rarely ventures toward patterns, and tends to keep things solid coloured? Loving that. She has excellent taste, I mean LOOK AT THAT DRESS. The colour, the movement, so exquisite!!

These are my other faves: 

5, 10, 15, 16, 20, 24, 26 and 30.



Truth and leftists: always stranger than fiction.

Tim Blair: Snow White and the Seven Heteronormative Trigger Warnings 

More batsh&t crazy feminist stuff from Robert Stacy McCain who reads all of it so you don't have to.

Har! Obama Longs For Past Groovy White, Communist Israel.


The UK Is Screwed

Nothing to see here.

Why Do Progressive Jews Continue to Support Obama?

Because they are liberals first, and were merely born Jews.

Their religion is liberalism. 


Example: Alan Dershowitz, liberal moron. 

Why does anyone care what he has to say?

He is a liberal first. His religion is liberalism, not Judaism.

Evelyn Gordon asks, will US Jews join the world wide Jewish trend to conservatism? 

My prediction: a big fat no. 

When Crying "Racism" is Fatal

This is a terrible story.

Because of social media, and because of the number of social media vigilantes who have nothing better to do with their life than harass people on line, on-line "bullying" is a thing. It's a stupid thing, but it's a thing.

Racist is apparently the worst thing in the entire world, bad enough to drive a civil servant to suicide. 

There's something seriously wrong with people who are on-line social justice warriors on a full time basis. Crazy never sleeps. However, there is also something seriously wrong (or pre-existing) with someone who ends their own life because of something that someone says about them on line. 

Fortunately, there is a solution to on-line "bullying".

Shut your f&cking computer and phone off and ignore all the morons.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach

Off for a few days for the Jewish  holiday of Shavuot. 

I love everything about Shavuot, especially the Book of Ruth and cheese cake. 

More about Shavuot here.

Please visit the usual suspects in my absence, thanks.

Hilary Clinton Did Not Know Murdered Ambassador's Name

As Mark Steyn pointed out a long time ago, that wretched woman stood over coffins and told lie after lie after lie.

Now we find out that the liar didn't even really know Ambassador Chris Stevens' name. 

So much for "Chris" this, "Chris" that.

Mr. President, Masada Will Not Fall Again

It takes a really special kind of Jew-hating arrogance to go into a synagogue on the eve of a Jewish holiday, put on a little Jewish beanie and proclaim that despite the clear evidence that you are the first openly antisemitic President in American history, that you have done more for the Jews and Israel's security than any other administration.

Shame on the synagogue that enabled this disgusting Jew-hater to use a bimah as a platform to spout such Orwellian garbage. Shame on the Jews that sat in rapture listening to the most arrogant, Jew-hating POTUS in American history obscenely bring up the Palestinians in the obtusely disgusting fashion that he is so very good at. His moral equivalence knows no bounds.

Obama is apparently more Jewish than the Jews! He knows Jewish values better than anyone else.

And real, true, Jewish values mean, in Obama land, national suicide!

Ben Shaprio puts it nicely here.

America, as we already know from the blowjobby, epic beta liberal wanker , Jew-in-Name-Only and Obama worshipper Jeffrey Goldberg (who I am proud to say, blocked me on Twitter), reports that as a true friend MUST criticize Israel!

The article has a quote from the Jew-Hater in Chief that the "deal" with Iran "has my name on it".

Let's be clear: 

The "deal" is Israel's death certificate. 

You can read some other excellent commentary here from Susan L. M Goldberg, and from Bridget Johnson here. 

At times like this I miss George Bush. 

I thank G-d for the IDF, and thank G-d that we, the Jewish people, have a state of our own so we don't need the "protection" and "friendship" of America under Obama.

So to this appallingly antisemitic administration, I say, on behalf of my people-the Jews last committed mass suicide at Masada, and Masada will not happen again, nor will it fall again.

That's a promise.

New Emojis Coming!

I had no idea there was such a vast emoji infrastructure! 

Anyway, just in case you felt misunderstood on social media, there are new, shiny emojis on the way!

I'm looking forward to 'lying on the floor laughing', but suspect the bacon one will be subject to a mega fatwa soon....

Col. Richard Kemp: Warrior and Mensch

If you don't follow Col. Kemp on Twitter, you should. He always posts great stuff and he is fearless on the battlefield and on the moral field. He's another one of these philosemitic gentile giants that I adore. 

I'm delighted that he has been honoured by Bar Ilan University-just wonderful.

Do read the whole thing.

Kemp notes: 

"...over the past thirty years the morality and values of the West have been undermined beyond recognition; and that this inevitably leads to anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiments."

 "The target is Western values themselves, and Israel has become a proxy for the targeted West. This is reinforced by a pervasive and increasing wave of anti-Semitism which intensifies the obsession with Israel, along with the desire to appease violent Islam."

"This can only work of course if the media and these global organizations are willing to be subverted by the terrorist message, willing to see terrorists as victims and Israel as demons. And they are, alas, very willing. The terrorist strategy is executed through a conspiracy with a compliant and complicit media." 

And his advice: 

"Fret not. Hate yourselves not. Israel isn't perfect, but you're not the problem. It's the immoral way that others are thinking and are judging you. It's their loss of values. "


Teen Meets American Soldier Who Saved Her From Saddam Hussein


Golani Commander Treats Tearful Little Girl's Splinter

Is this a picture of tenderness or what? 

A warrior strong enough to command the Golani battalion (first Druze commander, BTW) and watch over the people of Israel, and sensitive enough to do this.

I'm totally verklempt.

Just a reminder that this guy, well HOW DOES HE WALK?!?!