Monday, September 18, 2017

Housecleaning At The Wailing Wall For Rosh Hashana

Hey people, it's almost the Jewish New Year.

This year, Jews will be particularly stressed about the upcoming festivities one, because they are "early" i.e in September this year and not October.

Remember: Jewish holidays are either "early" or "late" but never on time.


This year it's a three day marathon for us Hebrews.

Wednesday night is the start of Rosh Hashana, which lasts for two days (and always, Jewish holidays go from night to night), and then just as Rosh Hashana ends on Friday night, the Sabbath begins. So basically if you go grocery shopping in the next day or so and there are Jews where you live, you may see us running around frantically grabbing all the necessary food items for this festive, lengthy celebration.

I'll write more about Rosh Hashana if I have time.

Yesterday I was already in prep mode and have my apple cake  (this is my standby crowd pleaser and the best "pareve" dessert I make) and a chocolate chip loaf cake frozen and ready to go.

Apples and honey are particularly symbolically important as are other blessings and items. 

(Yes I'm Ashkenazi but in Jewish marriages, one follows the cultural traditions of the husband-therefore we go by Sephardi...)

There's lots more work to be done, but we'll get there.

Anyway, I loved this story. 

Housekeeping at the Kotel before Rosh Hashana.

Here's what I like about it. I like that people's prayers are treated so respectfully. What other nation would treat people's little notes to G-d with such respect? This is such a beautiful, humble and gracious way of treating the intimate wishes and prayers of people from all over the world no matter what their background or religion or creed. I like that the Chief Rabbi himself is cleaning them out.

Well played, Jews! Well played. 

And for those of you who scoff at the idea of writing "notes to G-d" well, in a few words: don't be such a smarmy smart ass.

Even if you don't believe in G-d, there is something very beneficial and very clarifying about writing down your deepest wishes and fears and hopes. And very humbling as well. It's not the same as merely having the thought.

So scoff not and have some respect.

Don't be a jerk. Talk to G-d.

You're welcome.

So I Don't Really Care About Denmark

Just a reminder.

Denmark is a festering pit of Jew-hate.

Looks like their spiritual bankruptcy, jihadophilia and soul-corrupting antimitism is once again yielding tangible and bloody results.

A Most Incredible Spy: The Story of 4"11 Jewish WW2 Spy, Marthe Cohn, Now 97 Years Old


An amazing story of courage, purpose and memory.

Never forget.

Never forgive.

I personally don't agree with the filmmaker who sees "hope" in her story, that one person can change the world, etc..That's the absolute wrong takeaway in my view. Yes, one person can change the world, but no-there's nothing hopeful about this story.

I see in this woman a warning tale.

For me, it is more like a particularly Jewish story and warning but at the same time, universal for our world today.

Societies That Sacrifice Their Children Are Not Long For This World


Barbarians and historical antecedents for this utter depravity. 

The Great Douglas Murray: Europe Is In Big, Big, Big Trouble

So, he doesn't say "Eurabia Is Doomed" like I do, but comes pretty close: 

"It is now seven years since Chancellor Merkel told her country in a speech in Potsdam that “multiculturalism has utterly failed.” 

"It had been a mistake, she admitted, to think that the guest workers invited into the country since WWII would leave. They did not leave. They stayed. Since then, thanks to growing immigration from the developing world, parallel societies have formed in Germany. All of which was a damning, unprecedented admission by the chancellor."

"But then in 2015 she did something even more unprecedented and with far more damning consequences. Having admitted that mass immigration into her country had been a disaster when it had been at a relative low point, she opened up her country’s borders to bring in a historically unprecedented number of migrants."

What Dr. Gorka Says

The permanent, ruling bureaucracy is a danger to democracy.

It leans left, is only interested in self-preservation and is not inclined to shift its work to fit the political vision of the Commander In Chief unless there is a left-leaning Commander In Chief.

As the Great Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, Sartorial Blessings Be Upon Him, has noted in the past, it doesn't matter if there is a change in president or government if there is a permanent bureaucratic class that actually rules the country.

What He Says

Amazing: Final Surviving Crewman From Operation Magic Carpet Talks About The Rescue of Yemenite Jewry

An amazing, amazing chapter in Jewish history.

What a remarkable privilege to be a part of this. 

Imagine playing a role in the in-gathering of the exiles!


(Kudos to writer Cathryn J. Prince for a beautifully written piece. Really lovely style.)

"Before he launched his decades long investigation into the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, but well after he’d flown over 100 US Navy combat missions during World War II, Ret. Cpt. Elgen M. Long was saving lives in the skies over Yemen."

"Now 91, Long is the last surviving Alaska Airlines crewmember who participated in “On Eagle’s Wings,” part of Operation Magic Carpet, the airlift that brought 50,000 Yemenite Jews to Israel between 1948 and 1950."


“They had no luggage. Most of them didn’t even have shoes. They walked from wherever they lived to get there [the base]. They walked barefoot through the desert to get here. Some came from Sana’a, [235] miles away,” Long said.

"They stood before the plane. Their hesitation and trepidation palpable."

Many had never seen a plane before. Then their rabbi told them: ‘This is your eagle that is going to take you on your Aliyah,’” Long said, referring to the a the passage from Exodus 19:4 “I bear you on eagles’ wings and brought you unto myself.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Always Remember Her Victims: Convicted Terrorist Finally To Be Deported From America

Good riddance. 

About time.

Baruch Hashem.

Canadian You Tuber Hits the Big Time

I like this: 

"It started out as a hobby, but Thunder Bay-born Aaron Bidochka has turned his love of remote-controlled vehicles into a full-time job."

"Bidochka — who has a background in music and film production — initially got into RC vehicles, and making videos of them, as a hobby while he worked in information technology in the oil and gas industry. However, he was laid off in 2008, Bidochka told CBC."

"So, he started making videos of RC vehicles and uploading them to YouTube for fun, but around the same time, he discovered YouTube's partner program. That allows content creators like Bidochka to earn a percentage of the revenue generated by ads that run with their videos."

"Bidochka signed up, and while earnings were slow at first, he was making a thousands a month within a couple of years, and turned it into a full-time job in 2011."

"Now, his channel has more than 1.5 million subscribers, and only about 1,000 other channels have reached the one-billion-views mark, Bidochka said."

"The one message I want to leave everybody is you don't have to do a job you don't want to do anymore," he said. "These days, there are so many things you can do to make your life better, and to really reach that passion that you have inside of you."

How The War In Syria Signals the Death of Europe

Hard to argue with this. 

"The intensification of economic, social, and security problems in Europe and North America resulting from increased immigration will further augment the rise of the right and the extreme right, which in turn will exacerbate the West’s social and political tensions. Members of parliament whose only desire is to be reelected will attune their parliamentary activity – and particularly the laws they promote – to the expectations of electoral districts that are turning Muslim, sacrificing their people’s interests on the altar of their political careers. Many Europeans who are aware of their politicians’ treachery will lose hope and emigrate from countries that are in social and economic decline, and this flight will further accelerate Europe’s transformation into another Islamic region."

"Thus, without the world understanding what is happening, the arrangements Russia and Iran are now imposing on Syria will spark a chain reaction entailing a larger influx of refugees and Europe’s irreversible descent."

"The Atlantic Ocean is not wide enough to protect North America from this calamity. Thus do Iran’s ayatollahs plan to destroy the infidel, permissive, drunk, materialist West: by banishing additional millions of wretched Syrians to the lands of heresy, the nemeses of the ayatollahs. On the soil of Syria, Tehran has defeated both Europe and America."

"I Had No Idea Till That Fateful Night"-The Last Survivor of the Great Escape Celebrates His 100th Birthday

"The plan for the Great Escape took shape in the spring of 1943 when Squadron Leader Roger Bushell RAF, who had been a lawyer in his civilian life, hatched a strategy for a major breakout.

Bushell, who came to be known by the codename Big X, created an Escape Committee and inspired the camp's Allied prisoners in an attempt to get in excess of 200 out.

Some 600 men helped dig three tunnels, which were referred to as Tom, Dick and Harry, with the hope that one would succeed.

Tunnel Tom started in a darkened corner of one of the building's halls, while Dick's entrance was hidden in a washroom drain sump and Harry's was under a stove.

The plan was for the escapees to come out the other end with civilian clothes, forged papers and escape equipment.

On the night of March 24 to 25 March 1944, 76 men took advantage of a moonless night to attempt get away through tunnel Harry."