Sunday, April 23, 2017

"My Mother Pushed Me Out of the Line and Said Go To Work"

"To Nina, My Sister, Who Was Taken From Me By Animals"

"It Was A Long Time Ago, As if It Happened Yesterday"

Sephardic stories of the Shoah.

Just think: the Jews thought they were safe in Muslim countries, and then fled to "safety" in France. Now they are hunted down in France by the Muslims they escaped.

Where to now? Israel is one choice.

But there are really very few places in the world where Jews can live with any degree of safety, and that list gets shorter with every brainless, liberal government that takes power in the Western world.

Trump Should Raze the UN and Build Condos

No I'm not joking. 

Absolutely Hysterical: What Happens When Race Faker Supremo Goes to Africa

I'm dying!

Apparently "trans-black" did not play out so well in Africa. Imagine that.


"Tel Aviv Stabber Was In Israel on 'Peace Visit" With Group That Aims to Improve Ties

You just can't make this stuff up.

My idiot people. 

Free Speech Under Assault in America

Here's a clip of Ann Coulter discussing her "The Show Must Go On" position on speaking at Berzerkley.

What's interesting is that there are a few principled leftists who are coming to her defence.

I was absolutely shocked to see Bernie Sanders among them! So, I must give a shout out to that crusty old Jewish commie!

I never thought I would ever hear myself say "kudos, Bernie", but these are strange times.

I'm not surprised that Bill Maher is defending her, he is also principled on this issue in partciular and many more-like Islam for example. I don't agree with him on a lot, but I certainly appreciate his willingness to discuss issues with people he completely disagrees with, and defend the right to do so. He is also absolutely right about this kind of violent, crybaby tyranny being akin to book-burning.

It will be very interesting to see what happens on campus on April 27 especially given how much we now know about Berkeley's mayor on these issues.

Delicious: Vanity Fair Begs Chelsea Clinton to Go Away Forever

This is too delicious for words.

Read the whole thing. 

Germany Can Seriously Bite Me

It's not like they have anything else to worry about, right?

Disgusting, preening fart faces. 

Welcome To Americastahn: Female Genital Mutilation Edition

Nothing to see here, all cultures are equal and stuff. 

This Pope Sucks

Sorry, but he does.

He's a very flawed communist human making a lot of mistakes and consistently showing a lack of Judeo-Christian based leadership and lots of morally invert thinking.

Here's the latest example-great timing.

On Holocaust Memorial Day the Pope talks about concentration camps. 


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday Night Live! With Me! Lucky You!

Shabbat is over late nowadays, but fortunately for you all, I HAD A NAP.

And you know how the old saying goes: if you love someone let them go nap.

(Thanks, family!)

Therefore, I am still up at this extremely late hour and can post a bunch of links for your enjoyment depression.

Et voila: 


Remembering the Holocaust in Ladino, with this message: “Never let anyone insult you because you are a Jew.”

Endorsed: Blow Up The Memorials to Dead Jews

(I mean it-blow 'em up. I am so tired of the fetishization of dead Jews. Everyone loves dead Jews. Live ones, not so much.)


In Favor of American Nationalism (must read)

A week of terror and diversity in Europe-must read.

The New Civil War by Daniel Greenfield (SO GOOD MUST READ)

Winning the Civil War of Two Americas (ALSO SO GOOD)

The Left’s Persecution of Real Refugees From Islam and Communism


Here is my deepest sentiment for Europe: it can go screw itself and the Jews should all get out while they can. How's that? And when I say I am serious, I really mean it. 

Here's a prime example of why:

Fuck Sweden

I honestly don’t care about this disgusting Third World, Jew-hating, preening, self-destructive, terrorphilic sh&hole of a country and I spit at the disgusting, craven and sinister Europeans and any other earth-based human who is willing to sacrifice their children to the death cult.

So screw every single word of this statement and this disgusting, excremental excuse of a human as well:

“Fredrik Reinfeldts thoughts are with the dead, the injured and their relatives. In particular, he thinks of eleven year old Ebba Ã…kerlund - the youngest of the victims: I think everyone embraces this eleven year old girl's death. It is among the most difficult thing you can experience, to an innocent child gets killed. It shows the price for the open society…”

No it doesn't, it shows the price of unfettered immigration and a leftist-Marxist, anti-Western civilizational suicide wish/demand. 

Not all of us are buying what you are selling, Satan. 



“For leftists born into a Jewish family, anti-Semitism is not about people who hate Jews. It’s about people that the Jewish leftists hate, notably President Trump and, guilt by association, his advisers.”


Endorsed: There is No Such Thing As “Hate Speech”

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday Evening Links!

Hi all, it has been really busy (again), but I gotta get these links out to you.



And when I say "enjoy", you know that what I actually mean is that you ought to have the barf bags and/or the whiskey ready.


A very sweet, Jewish tale from Hollywood, within The Goldene Mediyneh.

The Moment When The Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, Mentions You On Fox News With Tucker Carlson



OK so I finished my grocery shopping and put everything away and decided I was FINALLY going to make chocolate babka for Shabbat. Finally I was gonna get that (f&cking) yeast dough right. FINALLY.

I was puttering with the yeast and the dough when all of the sudden my phone starts to PING PING PING PING. I take a look and see that The Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, ULULULULULU has mentioned me on Twitter, but it's just preview, and my hands are full of babka dough so I can't see the whole thing.

Then a reader friend e-mails me and I hear an e-mail ping and she says something about Steyn as well. I wash my hands and PING PING PING PING PING. I clue into what is happening!

It's the moment when Mark Steyn mentions you on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, in the middle of making Shabbos Babka!!!!!

(My daughter asked if Tucker made THE CONFUSED AND BEMUSED FACE and I said I don't know, haven't seen it yet, but now I have seen it so yes, yes he did..)

YUUUUUUUUUGE thanks to Mark Steyn for the shout out.

I've only watched this twice eighty or so times . Enjoy! Made my evening.

(The babka rocks also, just sayin...)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mark Steyn Talks About Hitting Something Clear, Hard and Swift

And I can't seem to remember the rest. 


Why must people always think the worst of me?!?!?


As It Happens, Being A Rabid, Pathological Jew-Hater Does Not Give You Immunity From Palestinian Terrorism


Is it really worth getting your Scout Badge in Jew-Hatred?

Apparently, some people really think it is.

They think that if they trot about Gaza City with their shiny I HATE JEWS button and their fashionable keffiyehs Nazi Schmattah around their preening infidel necks that they will be immune from being slaughtered.

Alas, it just doesn't work that way as this Italian fellow just found out....

Allahu Akbar is Arabic For Motive Unknown And May Never Be Known

Another point of order:

Allahu Akbar doesn't mean "God Is Great".

It means Allah Is (the) Greatest. Meaning, Allah is greatest because Allah enables the murder of these infidels. There's a big difference.

So don't spread Fake News or Fake Translations.

I Had To Cross My Legs When I Read This

OH mah gawwwwwd. 

How To Not Make Infidel Friends and Influence People In Australia

Japan Hasn't Read Mark Steyn


The Alpha Male Gays Take on Islamic Terrorism and Barbarism

You know it's really very gutsy of these guys to be speaking out loud about this, because none of their compadres on the left wants to talk about it. 

The left wants you to take a very big, supersized cup of SHUT UP about Islam and the gay thing...and when I say the gay thing, I mean the throwing gays off buildings thing, the gunning down gay people in American nightclub thing, and the putting gays LITERALLY into concentration camps in a Muslim country thing, and the hanging gays in Iran thing. 

So good for the alpha male homosexuals who clearly have some of THE BIGGEST STONES on the planet.

Gays used to be the pets of the left, but Islam trumps everything else now and the gays with survival instincts understand this very clearly. The left is finished with gays-they are completely, 100% expendable to the political left.

Awww, They Blow Up So Fast....

Just a heads up off on the latest tales of barbarism and savagery from ISIS.

Yeah, let's make peace with these people. 

This is Not A Small Thing

It's a very, very short walk indeed from clamping down on speech to clamping down on hairdos and then on all other personal liberties.

Nobody comes between me and my hairdresser. You'll have to pry the highlights out of her and my cold, dead hands.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Passover (Again)

The last day(s) of Passover are also holy days so I'll be off line for a bit. It's been quite a week-lotsa matzah and other things going on...

It has been very busy in my real life, with cleaning and cooking and preparations etc.

At this time, I'd also like to wish my Christian readers a very Happy Easter.

I'll be blogging again later this week.

The Christian Exodus From the Middle East

The only place in the Middle East where the Christian population is growing is in Israel.

So there's that. 

Morally Reprehensible Ontario Liberals And The Culture of Death


Absolutely disgusting.

Rest in Peace, Rabbi

Just awful. 

May his memory be a blessing.

American Leftists Are the Ultimate Sucky, Wussy Puritans

What kind of "liberals" want to police your sex life, casual conversation and relationships? And set up a special Rat Fink Line and Rat Fink Reporting System to do so?

This is actually tyranny. The tyranny of the left. 

This is insanity, and WE are even more insane for tolerating this crap.

Generation Big Sucky Babies

If my kid did this, I would whop them upside the head. 

"The Future of Europe Is At Stake"

I'm not sure this situation is reversible. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Where Is the Left on This?

To their credit, I did see an LGBT organization here in Canada Tweet to PM Hairdo about this, but so far-for the left, this is no big deal, once again proving that gay is out-Muslim is at the top of the protected class hierarchy.

This is An Ad, But I Got Sucked In

Basically, the secret to being a hot woman at any age is to be French!

Kurtz: It's Now Or Never For Free Speech on Campus

In other words it's time to sh&t or get off the pot. 

It's very easy to lose liberties and rights.

It's very hard, and often impossible to get them back.

America Is Screwed: "American" FGM Edition

Someone please remind me why it's important and good to bring these types of folks and these types of quaint traditions to America. I guess I forgot. 

An Anti-Semitic Murder in A French No-Go Zone

This is a must read. 

This is the story of Jews being hunted down and moving from country to country, packing up and leaving everything for safer pastures only to be hunted down like prey by savage barbarians at every turn.

This is the tale of Europe. It's an old-new story.

Rest in eternal peace Sarah Lucy Halimi. I will never forget, nor will I forgive.

As Daniel Greenfield says, we cannot let them win.

Friday, April 14, 2017


Pakistan is truly a barbarous place. 

Don't think that mob violence against alleged blasphemers cannot and will not happen in the West.

Baby steps in this direction have already been taken all over the Western world.

Sweden Deserves to Die

The culture of death has no tolerance for the culture of life.

Therefore, in Sweden, you must kill babies or lose your job as a midwife. 

This story really represents Sweden in a nutshell.

It's quite sinister actually.

The UN Should Be Dismantled

Not just because it's a fetid cesspool of anti-Western, anti-Jewish arseholes and corrupt non-democracies (that's good enough for me of course).

It also seems to be a magnet for child abusers. 

My advice: dismantle and build some nice condos on that prime real estate, and ship all the diplomatics home.

Mrs. Assad Is Having A Very Happy Day!

Dead babies?

What dead babies? 

The P*ssification of America is Complete

Sandwiches make these snowflakes feel unsafe. 

I. Can't. Even.

Europe Deserves To Die

There may well be no hope for these stupid people. 

Daughter of NYC Cop Murdered on 9/11 Joins NYPD

Good stuff. 

When You Dig Deep Into Anti-Jewish Activity And You Find a Jew

Leftist Jews are leftists first, that is their religion.

They were merely born Jewish. 


The proper response to this is: SHOVE IT. 

It was a dumb comment, like REALLY DUMB. He apologized and everyone should move on.

I wish American leftists were only 1% as concerned about this remark as they were about their messiah Obama enabling nuclear Holocaust capability for his BFF Iran.

So the ADL can seriously stick their Holocaustianity lessons up their wazoozies.

The Tyranny of Pink

Do not dress or think pink. 

Really Dumb

How dumb is dumb?

This dumb. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

And I'm Baaaaaaaaaack!

Did ya miss me??

But never mind YOU, let's get back to me!


Oh boy did I miss venting my spleen! Do you know what it feels like to have all this snark and editorial comment building up inside of you and you have NOWHERE TO PUT IT????? GAHHHHHH!!!!

I got my beloved little computer back yesterday and serious kudos to my handy dandy repairman. It was not cheap, but it was certainly cheaper than getting a new computer so I am very grateful.


First of all, yes-Passover seder was lovely thankyouverymuch. The food was great, the table was lovely and the cut flowers fresh and pretty. The story is magnificent, and the singing was glorious and I just love Passover. I am more profoundly moved by the words and the songs every year. I really do try to live each day as if today was the day I was released from slavery. I am so happy not to be in Egypt figuratively and literally.

Here are a bunch of links that I have been saving up for you all.

I'll be posting and writing more as my schedule permits.


A Jew-hating murder in a no-go-zone in Paris. Apparently, the terrorist was screaming Allahu Akbar as he shoved a Jewish grandmother to her death, but the motive is still a mystery. 

Eurabia is Doomed, Europe Goes Full Steynian Demographic Doom O' Rama:

No babies, no life. 


The hipster guide to Israel. You're welcome.


Apparently, wife beating is a good thing. 


Don't get smug America, there is some clitoral splicing and dicing going on in Michiganistan. 

This is GOOD and should be recognized, especially by Jews. Jewish blood and the blood of friends of Jews is not cheap, dammit. So please, do tell me how Trump is antisemitic. Next on the list, the savage murderer and mastermind of the Sbarro bombing who is being sheltered in Jordan.

Three cheers for Dave Chappelle. OK, make that ELEVENTY MILLION GAZILLION BAZILLION.

Jooooooooo Stuff: 

This is schmaltzy but so good. Honestly, when I close my eyes and concentrate I can both smell and taste my Bubbie's food in my mind's eye. What a gift I had, knowing all my grandparents. What a gift my children have.

The Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto


Free on-line classes!

As I Always Say....

Security is the new Shut Up. 

(For a helpful recap, see the Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, here.)

Mark Steyn: "If You Have Nothing To Die For, You Have Nothing to Live For"

Have I mentioned recently that I adore Mark Steyn?

Mr. Steyn is releasing TONS of wonderful material from The Mark Steyn Show on his web site, so if you haven't watched them then you should.

I was very moved by this latest Steyn Post "The War That Made the World We Live In", but there is one line that was particularly haunting right towards the end. Steyn rightly points out that individuals and societies that have nothing to die for have nothing to live for. How much wisdom is it possible to pack into one phrase? A great deal as it turns out.

Do watch the whole Steyn Post here, and do notice the lovely sartorial combination-really nice suit and shirt with signature pocket square!





SORRY what were we talking about?

Steyn, suits, war, civilizational collapse...

Right, right-watch the whole thing here and for real and not for joking, tell me if that zinger I cited above does not just kick you in the kishkes. 

And then, if you are not depressed enough, please read this post: The Incoming Roar 

As Mark often points out, the stories are all different but they are all the same.

If you don't want to be a story, speak up and live free. 

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

I refuse to live life afraid.

There is risk inherent in this approach but there is more risk in choosing to "live" or more accurately sleepwalk through life with your head down, trying not to attract attention, not understanding that though you are not interested in this war, this war is very interested in you and yours.

As Mark says: if you have nothing to die for, then you clearly have nothing to live for.

Monday, April 3, 2017

A Veritable Steynalanche!

I've swiped liberated borrowed one of my progeny's devices for a few moments just to encourage you to read Mark Steyn's latest: The Big Shut Up. 

It's so good, and he's sooooooo smart of course, and very brave and just so free speechy and all that, which is just divine of course because without free speech there actually is no speech.

Free speech is the whole enchilada, the gantze megillah, the be all and end all. 

And, for your information, one of the very best parts of this outstanding essay is when he gives a shout out to a very strange, suburban Jewish Zionist mother from Canada that you may or may not have some familiarity with.


Hardware Update: My computer is being examined now by a very jovial fellow with lots of Mac experience and I'm just hoping I didn't burn out the motherf&cking whoops, I mean motherboard but it looks like that may be the case.



It's just a "thing" obviously and not life and death so hopefully I'll be up to speed soon-ish.

In the meantime, I've been doing 'real life' stuff. Passover cleaning is almost done and Passover shopping is on the dance card this week.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hardware Disaster Alert

I have tons of links and great stuff and snark to share, but I have a hardware glitch:

I spilled about half a glass of water on my MacBook Air and it's completely fritzed out. I can't even explain how angry I am at myself. I have to take it either to Apple for an assessment and/or to a repair guy that a friend recommended. I'm beside myself! Bah.

So, I'm doing this post on a borrowed computer and blogging will be pretty much zilch until my poor computer gets fixed.

I'm hoping it's just a fix and not a write-off.