Friday, June 29, 2012

"Nothing U.S Government Can't Tax"

This is probably the clearest explanation about the Supreme Court decision that I have read so far. I'm trying to limit what I read about it because the thought of 1/6th of the American economy being controlled by the government is just too horrific to contemplate at the moment.

This is by Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital: 

"The Supreme Court decision is devastating for the economy and individual liberty."

"Apart from creating an all-powerful federal government, changing substantially what it means to be an American, the law will send health care costs soaring, further undermining our economy. It will destroy jobs, impoverish millions, and lead to much higher inflation and lower living standards."

"It will give Romney a club to use against Obama during the election."

(This is the only good thing I can think of within the entire mess...)

"Obama will have a lot of explaining to do as he strongly stated during the debate to pass the bill that the individual mandate is not a tax.The Supreme Court just said it was."

"Based on this ruling, here are examples of what the government can now do: Tax you for going to church. Tax you for not going to church. Tax you for protesting. Tax you for not protesting. Tax you for expressing a controversial opinion. Tax you for joining or not joining a particular organization. Tax you for writing something controversial. Tax you for speaking or writing critically of government."

"Basically, there is nothing the government can't do, so long as it does it as a tax."

The same Americans who content that health care is "unaffordable" have now "found" the money to support a health bureaucracy that equals 1/6 of the American economy. This is insanity. 

Alice Walker: Jew Hater

This is an excellent piece about the Alice "Don't Translate My Book into Jew" Walker (hat tip: Barbara Kay).

Read the whole thing, but the best nugget, the one that explains the whole non-troversy is here:

 "...this is not about Walker’s concern for the Palestinians; it is about her attitude to the Jews."


"The real issue, therefore, is not Alice Walker, but us. Anti-Semites come and go. Walker is not the first, nor will she be the last."

"There is nothing we can do about that. But there is something we can do about our own reactions. Can we learn to stop coddling cultural geniuses, even though we revere their craft and talent, when they cross certain lines? "

A Great American Man

I was having lunch yesterday with this notorious hater and this one too-so of course, the topic of books came up.

Scaramouche recommended a new book on George Washington that she's reading-and then lo and behold I saw this article on City Journal: Washingtonianism by Myron Magnet.

I'm definitely interested in reading more about Washington, and more about American history in general-that's one of my summer reading goals.

Compare and contrast this great American to the utterly classless Barack Hussein Obama-who tweeted this from his official account.

This thug continues to disgrace the office of POTUS on a daily basis.

The President of the United States has completely disgraced himself.

I would say it's unbelievable, but the lack of class within this fellow is sadly not surprising anymore.

More really classy stuff from David Axelrod:

"Hey, my daughter has bad seizures...FUND US!"

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Article For BLOOM Magazine

This piece is based on an earlier blog post about the word "retarded". It has been edited a little bit and Louise Kinross helped me crystalize some of my thoughts into more coherent and slightly less abrasive nuggets.

So here it is: "A Different Take on the "R" Word".

And yes, that's me with my son.

Great News!

Barbara Hall and the Ontario Human Rights Comission are "capacity building".

What could possibly go wrong?

It Now Falls to Congress

Can the American Congress actually fix this mess?

Reading List, Listening List

I've read some great books in the past few months, "Demonic" by Ann Coulter was amazing, and I've just finished John Derbyshire's conservative doom-porn book on conservative pessimism.

I'm working my way through Thomas Sowell's "Basic Economics" and also am reading "The New Antisemitism" by Phyllis Chesler. Lots of good reads for me to catch up on in the summer months and if you have any recommendations please drop me a line (no fiction though, I really don't have time for fiction).

I have to admit that I am struggling through Robert Kagan's "The World America Made". I find his prose a little clunky and boring, but I'm determined to finish it and I may post some thoughts on it at a later point in time. It's certainly not wowing me and I'm almost done.

And a little bird gave me a musical gift, so I'm taking a small break from talk radio in the car and listening to this CD set-AWESOME!

Hot stuff!
Everyone with Etta is like OH YAH "AT LAST" I LIKE "AT LAST".... ZZZZZ

I have to say that song is 99% wrecked for me because Beyonce sang it at the inauguration gala of Barack Obama. Blech. Double blech.  

Have I ever mentioned that the 12 bar blues are one of the most amazing musical inventions of all time? There is just NO END to what you can do with the 12 bar blues. It just makes sense, always. It always resolves the right way (unlike life sometimes).

Listen to this, I love this song. I love the horn section and how the song just rolls because of the emphasis on beat 2 and 4.

This is more like it....Enjoy!


Sowell: The Mysticism of "Social Justice"

I love this man, love his books. This is good stuff: 

"Making a distinction between cosmic justice and social justice is more than just a semantic fine point. Once we recognize that there are innumerable causes of innumerable disparities, we can no longer blithely assume that either the cause or the cure can be found in the government of a particular society."

Arabs Must Enlist in the IDF

Says Israeli Arab mom.


Read it all!

Grow Up: Life Has Trade Offs

It certainly does: 

"Most mothers....freely affirm that we want to be there for the first words, the first independent ride on a two-wheeler, the Little League games, the school plays, the violin lessons, and the thousand little private jokes, shared confidences, and other intimacies that are some of the sweetest parts of life."

Motherhood and fatherhood: BEST GIG EVER.

Justice Served: Good News

Finally, a verdict I can get behind.

Remember Adam Gour?

The man who made his living by using images of sick and dying children to raise money in their local communities-and then kept 95% of the funds "for the children"? 

Guilty of fraud, and his "despicable" behaviour will also be prompting legislative changes.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Reunion

What a story-your feel good story of the day.

All of this happened so fast, I feel like crying,” said Simmonds. “The Lord blessed me. Of all the bad things that have happened to me -- something good had to happen. I saved a child and I got a job.I was worried about getting a job, now I'm like 'wow'.”

Oh Dear!

Remember: I only report the news.

"Argentine Bishop quits over 'amourous' ties and bikini photos..."

Celibacy: man made, man flub.

He must have missed that "don't get photographed hugging women in bikinis" class at priest school.

Most Unfortunate Headline Ever? But EVAH EVAH?

"Unsatisfied gays demand more from Obama."

(OK, fine...I took out the comma after "unsatisfied" but it's still wickedly funny...)

The Wussification of Men

Two words:

"Beard lube".


(And this dude in the photo doesn't look bearded, or "dude"-ish either...)

From the comments:

"I just bathe in the rain and shave with a small ax against my raw face."

! ! ! ! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things Germany Probably Shouldn't Be Banning

Hello Germany-have ya learned nothing?

I'm sure this ban does not apply to clitorectomy clinics.

Banning religious circumcision in Germany.

What could possibly go wrong?

Inspiration of the Day

Meet Ben Parkison:

Why Do British People Hate Dentists?

Good Lord.


Heartwarming mother-daughter story, too.


Food Stamp President Runs Ads To Get More Americans on Food Stamps

What could possibly be wrong with that?

"More than one in seven Americans are on food stamps, but the federal government wants even more people to sign up for the safety net program."

Shock: Another Female Reporter Sexually Assaulted in Egypt

"The men outside remained thirsty for blood; their prey had been cruelly snatched from their grasp. They peered in, so I had to duck down and hide. They attempted to attack the tent, and those inside began making a barricade out of chairs. They wanted my blood."

"Women were crying and telling me “this is not Egypt! This is not Islam! Please, please do not think this is what Egypt is!”

"I reassured her that I knew that was the case, that I loved Egypt and its culture and people, and the innate peacefulness of moderate Islam. She appeared stunned. But I’m not really a vengeful person and I could see through the situation. This vicious act was not representative of the place I had come to know and love."


"I am determined to return to this wonderful country and city that I love, and meet its people once again. I am determined to challenge the stereotypes and preconceptions that people have of Arab women back in the UK and the US. I have so much to say, and I will say it, in time."

This is the worst part:

"Don’t let bad experiences ruin your life and determine your future."

She could have let Lara Logan's "bad experience" determine her travel plans, but she decided to ignore it.

Two blonde, naive, infidel women-two vicious, blood thirsty sexual assaults, with very narrow escapes from death.


Logan's Non-Run: 

"Within minutes of Mubarak's resignation, the CBS reporter Lara Logan, covering events in Tahrir Square, was set upon by a 200-strong mob who stripped her, punched her, beat her with flagpoles, and subjected her to a half-hour sexual assault by multiple participants while shouting "Jew! Jew!" She's not a Jew, and she doesn't look the least bit like the hook-nosed stereotypes to which Arab cartoonists are so partial. But then, if you're the kind of Egyptian who thinks Mubarak is a "Zionist" and that the Mossad are putting GPS on sharks and sending them to terrorize sunbathers at Sharm el-Sheikh, she's close enough."

"What's striking about this story is not so much that her own employer, CBS News, chose not to run it until over three days later - on the following Monday - but that in the intervening period they pumped out the same sappy drivel as everybody else - "Egypt's New Age Revolution" (60 Minutes), "Egypt Proved Change Is Possible, Sexy And Cool!" (CBS Sunday Morning) - even as they knew there was another side to the story, and that their own correspondent was lying in the hospital traumatised because of it."

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Not So Gay Divorcee

First gay marriage results in first gay divorce.

I only report the news.

BBC to the Public:

Hey, yes-our reporting on the "Arab Spring" really did suck after all.

Just Lovely

Meet a "white widow".


Children's Aid Societies: Out of Control

Last week, I was on the Charles Adler radio show discussing the story of the ‘obese’ father whose children have been taken away from him apparently because a judge-in concert with the local Children’s Aid Society-felt that he was too fat to father his children. 

Since that time, I have tried to interest media in the story because I think all Canadian parents should be concerned about the implications of this case. The various Children’s Aid Societies of Canada have become bureaucratic behemoths-and their workers have an ability to destroy lives, and yield power that seems to me to be the complete inverse of their collective intelligence and to their moral decision-making capabilities. They do a lot of harm.

If it is truly the case that this father’s obesity is the main factor in the state kidnapping of his children, then we are all in very dire straits. For today it could be obesity, and tomorrow because of excessive television viewing, too much "Angry Birds" on Facebook, or because of any number of make-work projects or faux outrage or politically incorrect attitudes. 

These whimsical witch hunts, based on ideology that festers in most social work programs are not in any way, shape or form, the equivalent of actual child abuse.  

The other horrifying part of these pursuits is that they are often based on "future crimes". On a likelihood (meaning a guess, or suspicion), and not always on evidence.

I wrote a blog post about it a few months ago after yet another child died, while a “client” of theCAS. There are quite a number of forums on the web where parents discuss the horrors that the CAS puts them through. Read some of those stories.

Maybe there should be a new caseload designation like "D.W.C": "Dead While Client". 

A lot of people have asked me why I care, so I’ll tell you why. It is because I have had a lot of experience dealing with bureaucracies for issues relating to my special needs child. I am pretty much able to navigate the labyrinths mostly because I speak native English, have some media savvy and because my son is clearly thriving and my husband and I are a formidable team with respect to our children. But even I feel at times that there is a very tight rope that special needs parents have to walk-between asking for the programs and services your child deserves, and being branded a parent ‘in crisis’ or ‘in need of help’ or in need of various types of intervention services. 

I don’t have any answers. But I’ve read enough articles about abused children (many of whom end up dead) to know that in many cases, all it takes is one social worker, ‘child and youth’ worker or CAS worker to stir up a lot of trouble and destroy families. 

And often, that is because certain children are left alone despite the children's pleas (see: the Shafia case) while certain children are not on record as wanting to escape their parents, but the CAS workers will not leave a parent alone (see fat, white guy).

Why are the CAS people never identified when their cases completely blow up, and children end up dead? 

Shouldn’t we know if they were allowed to keep their jobs?

Why is there no professional oversight? This is BIG BUSINESS. A racket I would say.

There is no disciplinary or regulatory body that demands any accountability of these “professionals”.

The CAS’s are a massive business in Canada. I would estimate it's a multi-billion dollar industry.

After the Adler show, an Ontario lawyer e-mailed the following to me and gave me permission to post it on condition of anonymity: 

“The courts are supposed to exercise control over the Children’s Aid Societies, but the truth is that the people who work in the “child protection” field develop cozy little relationships with one another after years of interaction.  The judges see the same CAS workers and CAS lawyers day in and day out, and human beings can’t help but be influenced by their personal relationships.  The judge and the CAS lawyer may have gone to law school together, or they may even have worked at the same law firm at some time in the past.  They probably see each other at the local Law Association parties or other social events.  It’s easy to be influenced by the opinion of someone you like and trust.  Most people (even judges) find it more comfortable to ingratiate themselves with their colleagues than to thwart them.  It’s easier to ignore the fat guy, whom you’ll never see again, than to set yourself in conflict with the opinions of the CAS lawyer, the CAS workers, the psychologist who does the assessments, etc.--all of whom you will have to face again next week, and every week until the end of your career."

This lawyer told me that the first thing that should be found out is whether or not the father has launched an appeal.  An appeal should be the first step

There are other questions, of course, such as whether or not he had legal representation at all. This lawyer noted that this particular father was absolutely not at the ‘bottom of the barrel’ in terms of parents.

From my watching of the interview of him which was aired on SUN TV, it seemed to me that he was completely lucid and justifiably angry about his children essentially being kidnapped. Is he perfect? Hell no. But will his special needs children be better off with total strangers? I suspect not.

How long will Canadians tolerate the gross abuses of parental rights that occur here in Canada at the hands of the Children’s Aid Societies? How many lives need to be wrecked or extinguished before we say “enough”? 

I’m saying “enough” but my reach is fairly limited. 

Here’s a related story that comes to us from North Carolina, where survivors of state-sponsored eugenics programs have now been denied “compensation” (is there really such a thing-can one truly be compensated for being forcefully sterilized by the state). 

“I am just overwhelmed that their mentality is still the same as the politicians who supported eugenics in the first place,” said Elaine Riddick, who was sterilized at 14 after having a baby fathered by a neighbor. “You have done messed up people for life, and this is what you do?”

“The state said that Ms. Riddick was “feebleminded” and potentially promiscuous. So her grandmother, who was illiterate and who feared Ms. Riddick would be sent to an orphanage, signed the consent form with an X."

Does that sound familiar? 

How about this:

“North Carolina began sterilizing men and women in 1929 after social workers, county health departments and eventually a state board deemed them too poor, mentally disabled or otherwise unfit to raise children. The 7,600 victims of the program, which was dissolved in 1977, were largely women and disproportionately members of minorities.”

As far as I know, there is no other “property” that the state can seize from private individuals, claiming that "someone else" knows how to deal with it better.

I cannot walk into my neighbour’s house, take his dog and tell him that I would be a better master for the dog. Nobody can take someone’s computer or TV, or even THEIR PLANTS and claim to know better.

But for some reason, and for generations, we have been lulled into accepting the fact that absolute nobodies, people who may not have any relevant experience or credentials or compassion know better than us how to raise our own children. They take children away from their parents.

Isn’t this state-sanctioned kidnapping? 

These people have no qualms, no hesitation and state backing to remove children from the parents that want them, and love them and place them into foster and/or adoptive situations (fostering by the way, can be very profitable, because as the lawyer told me-foster income is TAX FREE, did you know that), where children are statistically more often abused than when they are with their biological parents (no matter how fat/crappy/stupid they are). 

This is a disgusting story, and I smell a very serious anti-male element in it.

Clearly it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Regardless of whether or not this man’s obesity ought to be the deciding factor in determining custody of his children (obviously, it should not) we have a system of Children’s Aid Societies that is unchecked and radically out of control.

If you care about it, do something.

If not, you really have no right to be surprised if someone complains about you, or someone you love and all of the sudden a case is opened against you or a family member or friend or co-worker and you find out how quickly your children, or their children become the newest involuntary and irrevocable “clients” on some CAS worker’s case load.

UPDATE: Here is the second interview in the series.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Letters From Pat


All teary-eyed right now and have to sleep.

Read with tissue.

Rest in Peace, Pat Tilman.

America-Say it Isn't So

OK, fabulous.  I just posted on America the great-but this is America the ugly.

Grieving mother asked to pay $50 to clean up son's blood after drunk driving accident caused by illegal Mexican alien??!?!?!??

Welcome to Socialized Medicine

Dateline: The UK.

"Baby at risk of brain damage has crucial operation cancelled because of doctor's strike."

America the Beautiful

America, the good and generous fights many battles against barbarians. Long may America prosper.

A new start for a tormented young woman.

Britain: Wimpiest Firemen EVAH, BUT EVAH??


Cat got your tongue?

In June 2012, So Much Hate Exploded in Canada That the Entire World Blew Up

Yes-in June, 2012 all the Jews of Canada were suddenly D-E-A-D. An incredible TSUNAMI of HATE washed upon the shores of Canada, and it was all the fault of the eeeeevil Stephen Harper and his eeeevil henchmen: The Mean Yucky Bloggers who cheered him on as his hateful MP stuck a nail into the coffin of Section 13.

The reaction was swift. Hate started spilling over into every aspect of Canadian life. Synagogues were closed, Jewish schools shut down, Jews were afraid to go to work. They got fired, and people spat at them on the street. And nasty conservative writers like Mark Steyn and TV bullies like Ezra Levant walked around in sacks and put ashes on their heads, and wore sandwich boards saying: Bernie, You Were Right After All.


Section 13 is dead: SO WHAT?

Get a load of this article by Bernie Farber, and see who his hero is. At least Bernie can't speak officially on behalf of the entire Jewish community anymore. Now, he's just a lone, extreme left Jewish "human rights" activist, trying to keep his name in the public consciousness before he gets appointed (or in order to make the case that he is the right person for the job) Ontario Human Rights Tsar when Barbara Hall's term ends.

BTW: Here's some hate speech that Bernie re-posted (ha!). The irony meter goes off the scales:

So, I'm quoting it, too. Just for fun:

“kill anyone who is not white because god says so.”
“god says rise up and kill all whites who date blacks.”
“i saw a film clip on the holohoax were (sic) a kid and his mother were separated in the camps! imagine how more worse the world would be if hitler hadnt (sic) fried all those jews! i wish i could have been in charge of the gas chambers!”


I can't believe I am still alive today!

Someone wrote crappy "hate speech" on the internet, and HERE I AM.

I hate fat, sweaty chicks who wear too much perfume on hot days, thinking they can cover up their disgusting, porcine fat smell by bathing in "Charlie" or a fragrance by a slut-of-the-day singer. They don't need to be fried, but they need to be sent to fat camp. So sue me!

I hate auto-tune on pop music. It really, really sucks!!

I think it's pretty funny that people think that Jews control the media. So, people think we control the media.

Big deal. Whoop-de-doo.

I hate when people-Jewish "human rights" activists especially, bury their whiny liberal heads in the sand like ostriches, ignoring current threats to the Jewish people, and project all of their Holocaust insecurities on a bunch of pathetic internet comments. I hate it when Jews like that give the majority of Canadian Jews a bad name, and make us look like a bunch of whining bullies and crybabies who haven't got a thick enough skin to brush off a insult without crying for state protection.

In fact, the more I think about it-in this case, it appears to me less about a state security blanket, but rather a strategy of a deplorable, self-appointed anointed Jewish elitist to shut people up and penalize them for not believing in the utopian fantasy of ridding the world of "hate".

What a disgrace.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Obama Narrative: Impossible to Keep the Story Straight

This is an interesting article. 

There are a lot of things that the mainstream media has been trying to keep under wraps-unsuccessfully.

The problem with telling so many lies is that it becomes impossible to keep the stories straight.

That is what is happening right now with the Obama life story. It's pathetic.

Celebrate "Asian" Culture in the UK

"Behind their "apparent normality of daily life", Khan, an unemployed car valeter, and his wife, a hairdresser, planned to carry out 'jihad at home'...."

Ho hum!

Carry on! Nothing to see here...

The Starving Greeks

I read this article yesterday but forgot to post it. 

I think that giving stuff out for "free" tends to make people less inclined to procure the same goods at their own expense, or as a result of the fruits of their own labour.

And anyway: nothing is free. Everything has a cost, everything costs money to produce.

But the one thing that really struck me as highly symptomatic of the Greek mentality was this:

"Among the people lining up was Panayiota Sidera, 31, from Athens. She said she has been unemployed for two-and-a-half years and her husband is also out of a job. The couple is living on a (euro) 250 monthly disability pension and rent from an apartment they own, and has a (euro) 540-a-month loan installment to pay."
She says:

"That's my predicament, she said, adding that the food handout ‘is helping people, and I'm grateful."
"The government should have been doing this years ago."

Now, the nature of the disability is not clear, nor is it clear who has the disability, but it does seem very odd that at least one half of a married couple could not find a single job in the entire city of Athens for two and a half years. 

The people in the line up also look relatively able bodied, young, pretty healthy and certainly not emaciated or starving. 

This is going to get much worse before it gets any better.

Dr. Lastname-One of the Smartest People on Da Interwebzzz


If you want good advice, you need to have this site on your list of favourites.

Dr. Lastname needs a radio show and a book-actually several books. Plus a pod cast.

The advice here is outstanding, full of common sense and his writing partner is an excellent writer as well.

Here is a little bit of wisdom regarding relatives who are screw ups: 

"It’s normal to believe that most of the undisciplined, close-relative fuckups you know could have been helped by a good swift kick in the pants while they were growing up."

"It’s also normal to retain this belief regardless of evidence to the contrary, such as said relative’s remaining a fuckup despite lots of expertly-placed kicks in the ass by well-meaning, if probably irritated, friends, teachers, relatives, therapists, etc"

"In other words, we want to believe that fuck-ups are fuck-ups because they make bad choices, rather than because they’re fucked up. False hope springs eternal, except on this site, where it finds an eternal resting place."

This is a magnificent paragraph:

"Ask yourself what your goal is if it turns out that she’s an incurable fuck-up who sees herself as mistreated by a mean family that punishes her for her bad luck and makes her feel guilty when she tries to grab a little happiness."

(This is applicable to friends as well as relatives, of course.)

"Some people blame themselves for bad luck (see above); fuck-ups blame everybody else for their own bad habits. You can see then why a come-to-Jesus talk about growing up and being less self-centered would probably stiffen her victim-identity and create conflict that would do no good for her child. You can also see why your goal had better include lots of restraint. "


Dr. Lastname WINS the internet today!

Your prize is a set of Ginsu knives, a K-Tel Disco Hits album and an Obama car bobblehead!

America in Decline

When we speak of  America's decline, we primarily speak of the economic decline.

But the moral and spiritual decline is rotting America's soul perhaps at an even more rapid rate.

This is a terrible tale from America, a story that illustrates how certain American youth have no value for human life. 

Their callousness and self-centered behaviour knows no bounds.

Did anyone read about this story before today? This is the first I have heard of it.

If what is alleged about these young men is proven in court, these faces will be recognized as contemporary portraits of evil:

"After placing an order with China King, Smith said, Friend and Haugabook, each armed with a handgun, confronted the 60-year-old man at 13th and Queen streets. Smith said Friend shot Liu in the foot and then Haugabook shot him in the face, killing him. The two returned to a nearby house and shared the food with the others."

"After eating, the group, "came back to view the body and go through the car," said Smith."

"Police say all that was missing when Liu's body was found later that night was the order of chicken wings and shrimp fried rice and $48 in cash."

A hardworking man, doing his job was murdered for chicken wings, shrimp fried rice and $48-. 

What more is there to say? 

More Great News From The Toronto District School Board

Getting paid to have coffee, make out and hang out!


In other news, federal civil servants have a sick day issue as well.

A Story of Two Chinese Women

One survives an abortion and goes travels the galaxy. 

One is tied down, restrained and has her baby murdered by the state. [WARNING-EXTREMELY GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING]

China is full of barbarians.

"The famous Chinese maxim has it that women hold up half the sky." 

They can make it to the sky, and hold half of it up only if they make it to birth.

Most Chinese women make it to the heavens because they are murdered while in the womb.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


"That family that you refered to..."

Nanny Bastards

Better than video games for sure, but now banned.

This is insane. Totally insane.


Feel Good Story of the Day

Very, very sweet.

Toronto Holocaust survivors finally get to go to the prom!

Oy-I'm all verklempt.

And the yellow rose boutonnieres were a very nice touch.

Kudos to whoever organized this and to Sun TV for reporting it.

Am Yisrael Chai!

Why Yes!

The Obama biography lies actually do constitute a pattern!

Imagine that!

Toronto District School Board Keeps Giving the Stupid

This used to be called "segregation". 


"The Leonard Braithwaite program will welcome students of all color and background, although its focus is meant to engage black students in particular, who drop out in higher numbers partly because some find the curriculum does not seem relevant."

What a load of hooey.

Read the description of the courses, also.

What exactly, will these graduates be able to do?

What kind of vocation can they possibly expect to attain?

How will they earn a living with these credentials-or is that exactly the point? What kind of a market is there for this stuff?

Jason Kenney-Conservative Government Badass!

"We'll send you packing.."

Love it!

On the John Oakley show this morning, Kenny talked about this proposed bill and another one that rightly seeks to cut dental and vision care benefits that are given to refugees-benefits that regular Canadian citizens either do not have, or that they have to pay for out-of-pocket.

There is no reason for refugee claimants to receive medical and paramedical services that are better than those that Canadian citizens receive.

Kenney said that landed immigrants will still have 'their day in court' but that it has been very frustrating for Canadians to witness chronic abuses of the appeal process by landed immigrants and/or refugees-particularly when they are given sentences that are "two years less a day".

Me thinks the liberal, activist judiciary has really met its match with this bill-and it's really a wonderful thing to see.

Here's a good backgrounder from Maclean's written by Michael Friscolanti-a top notch feature and news reporter who was at the National Post but was wooed to Maclean's by Kenneth Whyte. 

One of the most notorious cases, of course, is the ongoing case and appeals circus with respect to this charming fellow.

He still calls himself a "freedom fighter". 

Perhaps he has now met his match in the Harper government?

Let's hope so.

The Fast and Furious Primer

This is a great summary of the Fast and Furious scandal, that has been all over the conservative blogosphere, but is now only trickling onto the radar of the mainstream media because of how damaging it is to the Obama administration.

Invoking Executive Privilege is a big, big deal. This is a disgusting scandal that enabled murder.

Read a concise summary here. 

For a view from the extreme, perpetually aggrieved, leftist, race-hustling perspective see Al Sharpton's view here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mark Steyn's Free Speech Marksterpiece

Eeeeeeeeeeetzz Aliiiiiiiive!!

STEYN:  "I hate to say I told you so. Actually, I don't.  I love it." 

Warning: This publication contains right-wing titillation.

Of course, you have to read the entire thing!

Agree with Kathy of course...Differential Diagnosis: EPIC.

It's much more than just an obituary for Section 13, it's...get ready.....wait for's.....

Moderately arousing! 

I sure hope Maclean's servers are ready for the avalanche.

The number of hits will no doubt make a very compelling business case for a (ahem, cough, cough, hint, hint) return of Steyn to Maclean's.

Read Kathy's piece too, for devastating "attic humour".



You know, Jews wouldn't have needed anyone's attics if they had noticed earlier that the state was their enemy, not their friend.

The state was not protecting Jews with laws controlling speech, speech was just one major pillar of control.

See Mark Steyn here in The Corner.

Controls on speech, and systematic stripping of the civil liberties of Jews paved the way to more extreme race-based laws. "If" Jews had guns is a big theoretical argument that can't be proven.

The real lesson of the Holocaust is that Jews need weapons to protect themselves: not laws against 'hateful' speech and promises of state protection.

It's "illegal" in a lot of places to say bad (mean) things about Jews. But when an armed terrorist barges into a Jewish school or a synagogue, you can be damned sure I'd rather there be someone there with a loaded gun than an emasculated Jew frantically waving about a copy of a hate speech law ("Didn't you get the memo about hate speech???? Can't we all get along???")

Fortunately, Jews do have guns now. Lots in fact. We do have a lot of morons also-but that's a whole other conversation.

However, we also have nukes, which makes the likelihood of another Holocaust much, much lower.

It's not that the desire to annihilate the Jewish people has dissipated, it is just going to be much harder to make a really good dent again in our numbers.

"Most of Obama's Biograpy is Fiction"

Lies upon lies. 

"Literature" but not "memoir".

The Big Chill

An American military instructor has been suspended because he had the wrong position on Islam.

"General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, ordered the review of the course on Islam and military education in general after a soldier complained about the content of the course entitled "Perspectives on Islam and Islamite Radicalism" at the Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia."

"Navy Captain John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman, said in April that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was deeply concerned about some of the materials being taught in the course, such as the slide suggesting the United States was at war with Islam."

"That's not at all what we believe to be the case. We're at war against terrorism, specifically al Qaeda, who [sic] has a warped view of the Islamic faith," Kirby said.

The Ride of Your Life!!

Remember: I only report the news.

"Octopus hitches ride on dolphin's genitals..."

Zaftig, Diverse, Grade 11 Females Apparently Too Dumb To Make Toast

Blazing Cat Fur has the scoop. 

I'll have some toast with my hookah, please.
It's really just like Auschwitz!!

*rolls eyes*

France: Nothing to See Here

Death threats to Rabbis.

Lone wolves! Many, many lone wolves!

Perhaps more apt to characterize it as "Open Season on Jews".

Meanwhile, on the Israel-Egypt border, plus ca change....

Plus ca change...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"The President Is Not the King"

Thus says a liberal California newspaper op-ed.

The bubble is bursting.

Don't Ever, And I Mean Ever

Ever, ever EVAH be old in the UK!

Got it?


Taliban: Why Yes, We Do Prefer Polio to Your Infidel Vaccines

Says who?

The New York Times??!??!!

At least they didn't use a previous excuse about how the Jews use polio vaccines to shrivel up their cucumbers and whatnot-I guess this is an improvement?

Nauseating and Excruciating Canadian Human Rights Propaganda-Ugh!

Scaramouche has all the details.

Glenn Beck: Mensch

Here's Joanne Hill in the Jewish Tribune on Glenn Beck's recent appearance in Toronto. 

A lovely piece. And as I mentioned to Joanne, although I don't believe that Rabbi Schneerson was the messiah-as some adherents of Chabad do, Chabad and Lubavitch philosophy is life-affirming and sanctifies the holiness of life. I am always very moved by the writings of Chabad Rabbis on the meaning of life and also, on living a meaningful life.

Chabad has a lot of very important and enriching life lessons-not just for Jews, but for non-Jews as well.

The entire movement and its spirit of giving, and its elevation of the holiness of the human individual is the antithesis of the narcissistic, self-absorbed mainstream culture of today. I'd advise everyone reading this to take a peek at Chabad's web site now and again for very inspiring and sustaining wisdom that never fails to intellectually and philosophically challenge.

VDH: The New American Helots

Very astute article by historian Victor Davis Hanson, looking at the new American class of "helots". 

It's about the entire generation of young Americans (Canadians, too) who have fluffy degrees but can't do much of anything.

"Overpriced colleges are rarely truthful about the new Helotage."

"For example, often they offer incoming students Club Med–like gym privileges: rock-climbing walls, aerobics and yoga classes, and hip weight rooms. Such glitzy distractions fool students into thinking that they are already part of the privileged classes — without awareness that upon graduation, few of the newly indebted will make enough to enjoy commensurate perks at private clubs on their own dime."

"Strip away the fancy degrees, the trendy fluff classes, the internships with prestigious employers, and the personal gadgets, and a new generation of indebted and jobless students has about as much opportunity as the ancient indentured Helots."

The bubble is going to burst, as will the helot bubble around President Obama. It's just a question of when. 

Are Liberals the New Squares?

Asks Roger L. Simon. 

No, they aren't.

They are just the new/old totalitarians and bullies.

Three Words That Describe America's Decline

Fraudulent Penis Pumps!


Monday, June 18, 2012

School For Infant "Transgendered" Kids in the UK

Hey what  could possibly be wrong with that?

Remember: Grooming.


Whisper Those Words in My Ear

The ones that get me all excited, you know the ones...

"Panic sets in at the White House."

Moderately arousing!

Good News!

Gaza residents totally chuffed about Muslim Brotherhood victory in Egypt. 

What could possibly be wrong with that?

My Idiot People: Bibi Netanyahu Edition

Benjamin Netanyahu-not so tough on terrorism?

This is a disgusting tale. 

May Malki's memory be a blessing, for those of you who have never heard of it-there is Keren Malki and in order to honour Malki's memory, her parents set up a foundation that helps families of severely disabled children in Israel (of all religions) keep their kids at home by funding paramedical home therapies and respite care.

Frimet Roth writes for the Jerusalem Post as well, and Arnold Roth used to be a commenter on that blog that many of us used to hang out at before it went crazy left...Somehow she musters the strength to continue to write and expose the despicable obtuseness we find in our leaders, and what can only be seen as a  soft-tolerance for terrorism found in Israel amongst certain politicians.

We Jews can be our own worst enemies.

When we don't value the lives of our own people, and our own children why should anyone else?

More Taxpayer Millions for Obama Cronies

"A solar installation research company based in Oakland, California called Solar Mosaic has just received $2 million in grant monies from the Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative program. Mosaic pulled in 4 times more money than the other eight companies that made the cut. Why did the California company fare so well? 

"Simple. Obama's former green jobs czar buddy, Anthony K. "Van" Jones is listed as an adviser while two radical organizations he co-founded are cited as "members of the Solar Mosaic family." 

Trip down memory lane: 

"In the White House no more. Why? He's gone for one reason and one reason only. You can't sign a petition demanding not one but four investigations of the charge that the Bush administration deliberately allowed Sept. 11, 2001 -- i.e., collaborated in the worst massacre ever perpetrated on American soil -- and be permitted in polite society, let alone have a high-level job in the White House."
But you can get federal money to live a really cushy life from the Obama administration-no problem....

Oh Mah Gawd!!

Civilization ends in six words.

Believe me when I say these could be six of the most frightening words in the English language:

International Organization of Professional Birth Photographers.

Umm. Hmm. Where to start? Where to start with this one?

I suppose I am just totally square for not thinking that having a picture of a baby head being squeezed out of one's nether-parts is one for the family album.

Could there be anything more mental than thinking this is a good, normal thing?

Birth is a miraculous thing, but in my ancient fuddy-duddy view, only the woman's mom (not Dad) and the father of the baby should be in the room at any time. And even then, grandma needs to leave when things get rough. No photos during for heaven's sake.

I hate this idea almost as much as I hate 1) Facebook pictures of people with one stupid arm stretched out, taking a picture of themselves in vanity poses that they are too embarrassed to ask their friends to set up and shoot and 2) the equally obnoxious and tired pictures of people taking pictures of themselves in the mirror


People (alas, mostly chicks) who pose and post their "arm-stretchy", "flashbulb-in-the-mirror or their "watch me squeeze out this baby" birth photos need to be shot.

Obama Campaign Celebrates Diversity

Fifty Shades of White!

Or as Kate so wickedly (and by "wickedly" I mean good and not bad) put it:

"If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon, but if I had a campaign staff they'd look like my white grandmother..."

Some possible names for the range of diversity represented by the photo (also some for Elizabeth Warren in here).

Swiss Coffee
Oxford White (Harvard White?!?!?)
Navajo (*snort*)
Poncho Pocahontas White
Betsey’s Linen (!)
And my absolute favourite: Picket Fence White (raaaaaaaaaaacist)


Celebrate diversity in the FLOTUS family?

Everything That is Wrong With the UK In A Few Simple Phrases

"Vajazzling queen frolics with (very gay looking, hairless, "manscaped") cousin, who has the pleasure of applying sunscreen on her body, while she tries very hard to keep her toned and enviable body away from sharp objects..."


Breaking News From Germany (Not)

"Neo-Nazis" (white, right-wing) helped neo-Nazis (Palestinian terrorists) murder Israeli Olympic athletes.

Imagine that!

"The men who were arrested in the Munich house of former Waffen-SS member Charles Jochheim [Ed note: hey, nice touch...] late on Oct. 27, 1972 were armed like soldiers on their way to the front. In one suitcase, police found three Kalashnikov automatic rifles, six magazines, 174 rounds of ammunition, two pistols, a revolver and six Belgian-made hand grenades."

"The two men who were arrested were also carrying other weapons. Wolfgang Abramowski had weapons hidden in his waistband, while his accomplice, Willi Pohl, was carrying two pistols and a hand grenade, according to a Munich police investigative report."

Read the whole article here. 

Pohl apparently escaped to Beirut.

Exit question: Do you think this is the same Wolfgang Abramowski? 

How many Wolfgang Abramowski's could there be in Germany?

The demographic seems to fit, and let's say it wouldn't surprise me that he was in higher education in Germany.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Welcome to Socialized Medicine

How much is a life worth? 

How much is a meaningful life worth?

The comments are both a comfort and a horror.


Your moral and intellectual superiors. 

Behold: the roasting of the cult of diversity narcissism within higher education.

"University administrators have become addicted to courses in identity and diversity, courses that invite students to look inward. University catalogues fill up with invitations to study “Ethnicity, identity and community” and “Gender, race and class” and “Sexuality studies.” The effect, so far as I’ve been able to glimpse it, is to intensify the raging narcissism that society already encourages in adolescents."


"In this atmosphere, unabashed egomania seems acceptable, possibly mandatory. Then students find themselves in university courses where they’re expected to ask not only “Who am I?” but also “How well am I treated?” and “Are my rights respected?” and “Why is this happening to me?” At the root of all this is a shift in the emphasis of universities from traditional subjects to academic brooding. Students contemplate their feelings in the belief that they are being educated."

Israel Deports Migrants

And guess what?

Less of them try to sneak in. 

I heard on Israeli news that these Sudanese blokes have been given their plane ticket home, plus one thousand euro for going back home voluntarily.

I'm glad Israel is finally dealing with this problem.

America can take a lesson from Israel on the illegal migrant file (minus the payment-that is DUMB). 


Irony is a big, big, big bitch.

President raised by father who abandoned ship completely oversees this federal web site. 

But I guess for all the unwed mothers in America, "daddy" is the government-that's clearly a message that this administration is sending.

The Myth of the Good Conservative

Read this piece by Jonah Goldberg in the morning and he certainly has a good point. Liberals are nostalgic for the conservatives that are somehow, well-not in existence anymore...or who were total losers (electorally speaking).

"Again and again, the line is the same: I like conservatives, just not these conservatives.
As far as I can tell, there are competing, or at least overlapping, motives for this liberal nostalgia for the conservatives and Republicans of yesteryear. Some liberals like to romanticize and glorify conservatives from eras when they were least effective but most entertaining. Some like to cherry-pick positions from a completely different era so as to prove that holding that position today is centrist."

You know what this reminds me of?


C'mon you can guess....


I will tell you. 

This reminds me of the kind of Jews that most of Europe, (but also most of the political left) like the most. The Jews that are-oh-how shall I put it?? Hmmm, well-this is rather delicate, but-you know the ones who are...rather...err...


DEAD as doorknobs. 

Yes-live Jews are not particularly popular in these circles. 

As a general rule of thumb: dead ones are revered and socially acceptable and should be celebrated or noted. Thus the many weepy European Holocaust memorials, and the cannonization and universalizing of various dead Jews. 

(Remember: cut down Anne Frank's house and burn down the tree!) 

Live Jews-meh! 



Live Jews are celebrated, and Israel is understood and celebrated by the political right and I don't see that changing for a looooong time. 

Ukraine: The "Secret" Shame

Dumping your disabled children-like garbage-into orphanages, forgetting you ever had that life growing in you.

Unforgivable and despicable.

Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the incredible Dads out there, including my own (*waves* HI DAD) and my husband-a fine man and a wonderful father.

A very busy day-and only now, time to blog.

So bear with me while I catch up on today's most interesting, disgusting and appalling stories.

My day was really great-I hope yours was, too. Mine started out with assorted unglamorous domestic tasks like laundry, progressed to a karate birthday party (not mine-are you NUTS???), and included being given the leftover home-made cake, some retail therapy, time with the kids, time with my Dad, time with my husband, and then a family BBQ-well, I really can't complain.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Steyn Returns to Maclean's-The Free Speech Marksterpiece!

Just read the very good news article on the demise of Section 13 in this week's issue of Maclean's. 

However, the newsie piece is just an appetizer for the piece, deliciously titled "I HATE TO SAY I TOLD YOU SO. ACTUALLY, I DON'T. I LOVE IT."

Now, I'm using ALL CAPS because they did in the Maclean's header. But not even ALL CAPS, which is the internet equivalent OF YELLING FROM A ROOFTOP REALLY REALLY LOUDLY, can express  my joy and satisfaction about this piece.

It's not on line yet-I promise it is worth a few toonies and loonies to pick it up from the newsstand. There are so many favourite bits-it's hard to pick just one, and I don't want to give away the whole gantze megillah, but here are a few nuggets:

-A very generous and apt shout out to my friend Kathy "you're too stupid to tell me what to think" Shaidle.
-A pithy, hilarious, devastatingly accurate and stinging roast of all of the (white, liberal) Canadian seamen on the Good Ship Stupid (ACK!)
-The most epic, most-smackdowns-in-a-single-paragraph, summary of the pathetically dhimmified, wussified, liberal Jews of Canada (and indeed-North America) that I've ever seen.

(For some recent, absolutely pathetic "On Behalf of the Jews" tripe, please see here. Lefty Jews in Canada have their knickers in a complete pretzel knot about the Scary Harper Conservatives again. All this "Tikkun Olam" crap is giving me a headache. Apparently Tikkun Olam Syndrome is contagious-even Justin Trudeau has the Tikkun Olam Fe-Vah!)

Forgive me Maclean's and Mark Steyn, but I gotta type out the good stuff right now!!!

"There is a tragic quality to the obtuseness of what Ezra Levant calls Canada's "official Jews". Europe is awash in explicit Jew-hatred on a scale unseen since the Second World War: synagogues are burned, schools are attacked, children are murdered, and even on quieter days, Jews are enjoined to walk around Toulouse and Amsterdam and Malmo without ay identifying marks of their faith."

"In Calgary, demonstrators of a certain, ahem, religio-cultural background march under placards proclaiming "Death to the Jews!" In Toronto, their comrades stand on sidewalks and express enthusiasm for a new Holocaust. But, as long as there's one last penniless loser neo-Nazi getting his swastika tramp-stamp touched up at the tattoo parlor in Redneck Junction, Bernie knows his priorities. Canada's "human rights" regime is less than useless against real threats to social tranquility, but it does enable cardboard crusaders to enjoy cosy sinecures pursuing phantom enemies."

Less than useless.

Indeed. Harmful.

Deleterious to Jewish, and Western survival in fact.

Where the Jews go-or are sent-due to a lack of proper and fitting resistance, so will the West unless freedom warriors step up, as Mark Steyn has.

Thank you Mark Steyn, Maclean's, and Ezra Levant for spearheading an incredible defense of liberty and freedom, and to Brian Storseth (Conservative MP for Westlock-St. Paul) and the Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and a special shout out to the Prime Minister's resident, inspiring bad ass Jason Kenney, for putting the long-overdue, proverbial nail in Section 13's coffin.

The death of Canadian censorship-it's a beautiful thing.

Now stick that in yer Tikkun Olam hookah and smoke it! 

Oh Mah Gawd!


Love your family-just no pre-marital incest. 

That would be wrong.

(! ! ! ! ! )


There is something pretty amusing about the celebrities for Obama. 

This is the latest-dog fashion wear for Obama.

I "bark" for Obama.

I'd be worried about being satayed and served on rice if I were that little Fido....

Obama's Media Cheerleaders

Chris "Tingles" Matthews-good grief.

This clip shows an attempt at least, to re-position the discussion at the proper point: Obama versus Romney-not Obama versus Bush. 

Now, is it just me, or does it look like Matthews slurped up a little drool even at the mention of Dear Leader?

Feel Good Story of the Day

He said he was going to walk across that stage, and he did it. 

(Get some Kleenex ready!)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Mealy Mouthed Media on the Middle East

BBC News: Gaza water too contaminated to drink.

The actual story: Hamas prefers feces and sewage (actually) contaminated water to (pathological hatred and potential for Jew-contaminated) clean water.



Your moral superiors. With superior judgement!

Graphic oral and anal sex descriptions for grade five students-hey, what could possibly be wrong with that. From the principal of the school!

This is actually called: GROOMING.

"The Pannkuk and Gilliland families said they knew something was wrong when the daughters came home from school. They were quiet and withdrawn."

“You could tell she was embarrassed,” Jean Pannkuk told Fox News Radio. “She didn’t want to have to repeat what had been said. It was really sad to see her struggle with feeling like she was responsible.”

"Pannkuk and her husband sat their daughter down and asked her explain what she was taught in the class.
“You take a man’s penis and you put it in your mouth – that’s what the girls do to the boys,” their daughter told the couple. “The boys spread the girls legs apart and put their mouths down on the vaginas.”

"Pannkuk said he became enraged as his 11-year-old daughter recounted what the principal had told the classroom."


."...Superintendent Scott Fenter defended the principal’s action to local media and said that the lesson did not go too far."

Remember-this is sexual grooming:

More from Barbara Kay.

More from Texas-another way of dealing with sexual predators.


Mourning the loss of Section hoo!

Funny how no mention is made of the Sockpuppets demand of Maclean's magazine that their opinion be published in the magazine, with a cover story, if I recall correctly.

Boo hoo:

"With Section 13 gone, we are left with only the Criminal Code, which provides for up to two years in jail for spreading hate against identifiable groups"

That piece of the Criminal Code is stupid and archaic as well.

Why not hate?

I hate some things-so what? We are a society of overgrown babies if we send people to jail for hating other people and "spreading" hate. 

Like Kathy says: we need more hate. People are not honest about their feelings. It's human to like and dislike things, people, places, ideas, smells, foods. We're not robots.

I will fight any and all attempts to legislate my thoughts. I reserve the right to hate.

"This Sure Ain't the McCain Campaign"

Totally awesome.

Mitt's got some spunk it seems!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh Mah Gawd!!!

Chinga tu madre, baby!


Go Ezra Go!!!

Hubba Hubba!

Soooper seekrit undercover work!

Any dudes out there feel they are in the wrong line of work??

"Strike Their Vitals!!"

Awesome video from the IDF.

Something for the men (very cute female Krav Maga instructor).

And something for the ladies (very cute male Krav Maga instructor).

Hat tip: Jawa.

Math is Hard and Disappointing

Interesting stats posted at Jihad Watch-stats that totally deflate the myth of "Islamophobia" in Canada.

However, in my opinion, the real story is that in a country of almost 35,000,000 there are less than 200 episodes of 'religiously motivated hate crimes'.

Anyway, like I always say-what's the deal about "hate crimes"??

What about the "love" crimes?? Aren't all crimes "crimes" by default?

Crime is crime.

Why the Education Bubble Will Be Worse Than the Housing Bubble, And Bonus Europe is Screwed

Just read this on Instapundit-a great find that explains the impending implosion of the higher education bubble in America. 

(Don't get me started on all of the useless degrees that North Americans have nowadays..I can't handle the stress...)

Here is the part that explains it in the most succinct way possible:

"And the price of a college education soared—just as one would expect from a market flooded with cheap money. By law, lenders cannot even deny Stafford and Perkins loans (types of federal student loans) based on the borrower's credit or employment status. What other reason is there to deny a loan?"

"And just as home buyers took out loans to speculate on houses they could never hope to afford, students are taking out loans to cover educations they often cannot complete and which often do not hold value in the market even when completed."

"Government meddling has again separated profit from risk."

"Universities get to keep the tuition profits while taxpayers are forced to shoulder the risk of students not paying back their loans Once again government has created the conditions for wholesale failure, and failure is upon us."

"From 1976 to 2010, the prices of all commodities rose 280 percent. The price of homes rose 400 percent. Private education? A whopping 1,000 percent."

This is an absolute economic disaster for America-and when this baby burst-it's going to be even messier than the housing bubble mess.

I cannot understand how little attention this is getting in the American media, and even on the presidential campaign trail.

Facts and economic reality can only be ignored for so long.

Europe is the current example of brainless, ostrich-like financial ruin.

Money can actually run out. Look at Greece. 

Take a peek at Italy. 

Printing more money actually doesn't work.(Duh!)

More unbelievably obtuse plans from the EU.

Just turn your heads away...

Also: Here's How the Euro Will End

""The euro zone is in a crisis, in the correct sense of the word, a turning point from which it will either recover or enter a terminal phase. One important factor that may determine the outcome is the degree of leadership in Europe."

"By and large, political leaders in Europe are a feckless lot. There are exceptions, particularly in some of the Nordic countries (e.g., Estonia), but the absence of leadership may be the decisive factor leading to the euro's demise. In Spain and elsewhere, leaders have been willing to apply temporary fixes to their banking problems rather than to recognize the true size of the problem. The banks, not fiscal deficits, will be the undoing of the euro."

"In the end, I side with Milton Friedman. If Europe had made the political decision for a federal state, a single currency would have been a natural outcome. When 17 states decided to adopt the euro first without political union, they got it backward."

Lastly: Amazingly smart Canadian David Warren:

"The Terrible End of Europe's Nanny State"-read the whole thing.

"...two things are necessary, if we are to pull out of our “structural” death spiral. Both are unspeakably painful. One is to discover some sovereign bankruptcy mechanism, by which our grandchildren may disown their grandparents’ debts. And the other is to dismantle the Nanny State. It really doesn’t matter in which order these are done. And since neither can be done, I foresee terrible disorder."

Nothing to See Here

Jewish teenager "branded" in Norway. 

Official Swedish Twitter account: "What's the fuzz with Jews?"

Clearly, nothing to be worried about.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So Sleeeeeepy

If you are not falling asleep at the keyboard like I am, here is a good article for you to read about Dear Leader Obama.

I read the whole thing and it has some very interesting observations about the man and the many myths, and the moments of epiphany-like the "composite" friends and girlfriends that are pure fiction.

Wish I could stay up later, but I'm fading.

What Happens When A City Goes Bankrupt?

Detroit in ruins.

I've said before that I cannot imagine that there is enough money to rebuild the entire crumbling infrastructure of downtown Detroit. But even if there was-the American spirit (individual responsibility, liberty and self-determination) has been so crushed by the Democratic regime that it may make a "recovery" all but impossible.

Whisper Those Words In My Ear

The ones that make me all excited...


These ones:

"Obama's Jewish Support Drops 22 Points in New York.."


I Only Report The News

I spend quite a number of  hours on a weekly basis trying to keep the size of my butt, and the rest of my body at bay-exercising regularly, eating right. I don't want to look like a pear as I get older.

So, this kind of thing...well...what can I say???

People actually PAY money to make their butts massive and inject themselves with poison to look like this. 

Is it happy hour yet?

My head hurts.

Actually, I think I am feeling phantom pain in my butt just looking at these pictures of "Vanity Wonder".

Eugenics Watch

An "amazing opportunity"!

Frankenbabies whose organs can be harvested! Three parents!

For the children!!

What could possibly be wrong with that?

The Rot in Higher Education

Columbia University-pals around with Ahmedinejad and now, "special assistant" (young, hot, single) to Syrian slaughter chief Assad Jr. 


What's in the water in NY nowadays?

What's the deal with all the idiotic "minority studies" programs?

Why can people get an academic degree in navel gazing?

"Studies" = political activism cloaked by a veneer of shoddy faux 'scholarship'.