Tuesday, February 28, 2017


K.P.O is Churchillian short form for Keep Plodding On. 

In his inimitable fashion, Mark Steyn ploddeth on! 

In the words of my esteemed colleague Andrew Lawton, the show is on! 


So despite the rather strange and troubling case of programmus interupticus, you can still get your fix of Mark Steyn at Steyn On Line (where else).

Do check out this lovely, poignant tribute to the late Alan Colmes in this Steyn Post. 

Tomorrow, he will be on Varney & Co. on Fox Business at 11:45am Eastern Time/ 8:45am Pacific and then on the John Oakley Show on Wednesday evening.

And in case you missed it, here's are his Muckophobic Musings in an interview with Brian Lilley of The Rebel. 

Best nuggets (pay close attention) are about pulling the centre to you as a leader, and not being dragged to your opponent's position.

Great stuff. 

Watch the whole thing. 

Long Day, Lotsa Links

Kellyanne Conway sits on a couch. Media freaks out.  This is pretty funny though. 

Amazing scientific breakthrough on gene-therapy cancer treatments. Truly astonishing. Bless the healers, G-d works through their hands. Wow. 

This is the right thing to do. What a change a few months makes. 


There should be no more Clintons ever in public life in America again. If you thought that the Bush family, the Clinton family and the Obama family got the message after The Donald obliterated three political dynasties in one election, then you'd be wrong.

This is a MUST READ STORY OF COURAGE: I married him so I could get away from that life. 

Hope you enjoy this evening's collection of yarns and tales.

I'm zonked. Must sleep. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Inside Your Haunted Head

Read the whole thing. 

"Your Masters Are Those You Can't Mock"

Truer words have never been spoken.

Line from Sarah Hoyt, on Instapundit. 

Your Betters in Higher Education

Good grief. 

These people are mental. 

The Mysterious Origins of Jazz


History Geek Out: Enigma's "Forgotten" Spymaster

Don't really think he's been forgotten, but more people certainly should know about him and Bletchley Park and OVERLORD, etc...

Eurabia is Doomed

HUBBA HUBBA, it's Zvi Yechezkeli from Israel.

Seriously, is he not adorbs? Ladies-don't get too excited he's a married father, etc...and has become very devout over the past few years (personally, I think this adds to his charm).

Anyway, in addition to being not at all too hard on the eyes, he's very smart. He speaks fluent Arabic (if I recall he is of Iraqi Jewish descent) and I believe he has an MA in Middle Eastern studies. Anyhoo, watch this whole thing. He did a series about Islam in Europe and actually I remember that the one from Belgium kept me up with anxiety for several hours. I'm really glad this got translated into English.

This episode is about Swedanistahn. Watch the whole thing.


"Europe's Man Problem"

Ummm, I think they spelled "Islam" wrong, but WHATEVER, right? 

"The recent surge of migration into Europe has been unprecedented in scope, with an estimated 1 million migrants from the Middle East and North Africa this past year alone, making for a massive humanitarian crisis, as well as a political and moral dilemma for European governments. But one crucial dimension of this crisis has gone little-noticed: sex or, more technically, sex ratios."

"According to official counts, a disproportionate number of these migrants are young, unmarried, unaccompanied males. In fact, the sex ratios among migrants are so one-sided — we’re talking worse than those in China, in some cases — that they could radically change the gender balance in European countries in certain age cohorts."

Gendercide in China has worked out so well, hasn't it? 

And now, European elites, in all their leftist wisdom, decide to import over one million randy, single, not-exactly-rocket-scientist Muslim men to a) virtue signal their moral greatness and b) just to see how wonderfully things turn out. 

Seriously, what could possibly go wrong? 

(And the stupid Germans, instead of looking at the real problem i.e the Islam problem, they blame Trump.)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


People seem to like my stuff. It appears I may be able to channel the words of the immortal Sally Fields: "you like me, you really like me". So bully for me, etc...

Thanks for all the nice notes. I really do appreciate the feedback. 

So, without further ado:

JOOOOO STUFF: (And remember it's never "just" about the Joooooz.) 

Most antisemitism coming from the left, not right.

Lefties only care about antisemitism from the right. MUST READ.

“What my cabbie in Israel taught me.” This is absolutely beautiful. Read the whole thing. Very Jewish, very Israeli, very touching.

Pastafarian pre-school teacher removed from American class after calling for the murder of Jews. Did I say Pastafarian? WHOOPS.

Thank G-d. Trump dumping transbathroom mishegas

The Decadent West Is Committing Suicide With Nary a Shot Fired From the Enemy

Otherwise known as Mark Steyn and The Two Bullets story. 


So let me lay this out for you. 

A very smart man relayed a story to yours truly not long ago and if memory serves correctly just recently on his amazing new television show (subscribe here) (see "Je Suis Hitler" SteynPost) about how he was told by a Hungarian Holocaust survivor that the Nazis and their local collaborators were so evil and had dehumanized the Jews to such a degree that they didn't want to "waste" precious bullets killing Jews.

Things were getting tough at that point during the war, war materiel was scarce, so they devised a way to get a lot of "bang" (read: murder) for their buck and figured out how to commit mass murder of Jews using only two precious bullets. Bully for them! Such innovative savages.

Here's what they did:

They made a line of Jews and tied them all together.

Then they positioned them by the river.

Then they used two precious bullets and shot the Jews at each end of the line.

The weight of the two Jews at each end was sufficient to pull the rest of the Jews into the river and as they were all tied together, they all drowned together.

Only two bullets, and not a single push by a human hand.


The West continues to kill itself without even two damned bullets being fired. 

Don't say you weren't warned. 

If you want to hear more from The Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, you can take in the live show at the upcoming Manning Centre Conference in Ottawa, Ontario this weekend. 

Ottawa is a bit of a snoozeroo, but I have full confidence that Mark Steyn will perk up and shake things things up a bit perhaps even in both official languages!

I assume that he will be allowed back in Canada, but this is really the Deranged Dominion and we are so seriously screwed so who knows!


Hmm. And I'm thinking...If Steyn Incorporated needs a bodyguard squad primarily made up of suburban, Zionist Jewish mothers, HEY YA KNOW JUST HOLLER COZ I KNOW THE PERVERTED WHOOPS SILLY ME, I MEAN PERFECT CANDIDATE!



What was I talking about?

Funny, can't recall.

Oh well...back to the grind...

Hey, Nothing to See Here! Nobody's Perfect!

Doesn't EVERYBODY want to buy 9 year old , virgin sex slaves?!?!

I mean seriously, if you're gonna get that 9 year old sex slave, you certainly don't want a used one, right? You want top quality, virginal 9 year olds when you make that purchase, otherwise what's the point????

Australian Imam Totally Hip to Wife Beating

But just gently, so we're all good. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Hahahaha. Just kidding. There's nothing good! It's all disgusting!

This is a disgusting piece of moral equivalence. It says “Share” so I am going to share my thoughts: UNICEF, you are a noxious blight on the earth. The Muslims from Syria are not the “new” Jews. The comparisons are revolting and pathetic. Try as you may, the Muslims will never be the “new” Jews. If anything, the Jew-hating populations of the Muslim middle east resemble more of the ideological mindset of the Nazis in word and deed. So screw you, UNICEF and also screw you, Times of Israel for promoting this utter crap.

Up yours. BIGLY. 



“Leading Rabbis” in Europe say synagogues are no longer safe for Jews. Gee, thanks geniuses for pointing that out. Very helpful. You know this statement is really imbecilic:

“The Jewish community finds itself targeted from a number of directions: from the extreme right, the extreme left and Islamic terrorism.” Trying to split the blame is really pathetic and cowardly. Europe is not safe for Jews because of the Muslim invasion, and Europe deserves its fate and certainly does not deserve Jews, not even the stiff-necked ones who INSIST that they (like their predecessors before them) that they are true French/Germans/Austrians etc..and that nothing untoward will ever happen to them because they are so loyal and true.


OK, then there is this stuff brewing in Canada.

This is bad.  Protesting peacefully is perfectly legal or so I thought. 

Well, look at that.

Apparently, protesting is NOT OK in Canada. 

Only one teeny, tiny small problem. The hate inside the mosque turned out to be worse than the alleged hate outside the mosque. OOPSIE. 

So when the sunlight shone upon that part of the story, all of the sudden, there was no interest in looking into hate speech outside the mosque. POOF. Story vanishes. 

And now, everyone is TOTALLY ALL BUTCH on the vandalism of Jewish doors. Everyone is talking about the mezuzahs and the doors! Mosque calls for annihilation of the Jews, not so much. All our local politicians, the Mayor of Toronto, and various sundry Members of Provincial Parliament are ALL ABOUT THE JEW DOORS. 

Spare me. Oh and GAG ME also. 



Dear Bristol University of the United Kingdom: UP YOURS

“Privileging” the Holocaust is one of the most fetid, antisemitic, disgusting phrases that I have seen in a long time. Screw you and your Jew-hating faculty member.

Now this:

Say what you will about Le Pen, but she clearly has bigger stones than any man in France right now. THIS is how it’s done.

North America:

MUST READ: Glenn Reynolds-Trump and the Crisis of the Meritocracy (really good)

New Jersey: Moms raise concerns about Islam being taught in public schools (and are dutifully blown off by dhimmi superintendents)

HELLO CONSERVATIVES: Twitter is not your friend. Go find another play date.


Why we should teach cursive writing to all kids (AGREE)


Monday, February 20, 2017

If You Are Fat...

Go on the socialism diet!

Works every time. Was very effective in the Ukraine as well.

Solway: "First the Fire Alarm, Then the Fire"

Do read the whole thing. 

The UK Is Screwed

London, in the formerly Great Britain, evolves (devolves actually) into one of the world epicentres of epic dhimmitude and craven, supine stupidity. 

Trump Is Right to Talk About Sweden

Because through immigration, it has turned into a massive, stinking, antisemitic sh&t hole of a country. 

It's a perfect bedroom for the torrid love affair between radical leftism (is there any other kind) and radical Islam.

Here's a look back at Sweden from Legal Insurrection.

Sweden deserves its fate, and it certainly does not deserve Jews.

As I Always Say....

"Security" is the new "shut up". 

And it's an extremely effective version of SHUT UP.

See for yourself.

Australian Senator Threatened With Beheading Because Celebrate Diversity

So, a guy named Moishey Goldstein just threatened an Australian senator and said that if she didn't convert to Judaism she would be BEHEADED.

Whoops-sorry. Got the details mixed up!

What I meant was that an Amish guy named Nathaniel McDonald said that if she didn't stop using electricity, he would BEHEAD HER.

Oh-geez. Wrong again. Fart. I am just getting really sloppy here on the details.


What I meant was this lady, a ferocious, savage Buddhist said that if she didn't see the light in Buddha, she would be BEHEADED.

Wait! OK, now I have the details right: oddly enough, it's someone threatening that if she doesn't adopt sharia and become a Muslim, OFF WITH HER HEAD.

But Jacqui Lambie is NOT BACKING DOWN. 

Punching Back Harder: Making the Left Lives By Their Very Own Alinsky Rules

This is so great. 


Paris is Burning: HO HUM

Nothing to see here. 

France is SCREWED. 

Piers Morgan Wimps Out

The proper response is actually 'up yours, snowflakes'. 

Barbarians: An AP Report on "Honour" Murders in Pakistan

Watch and weep.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Fun Day Links!

North America

We are supposed to respect this as "equal" to Western medicine. 

This is too old and too irresponsible. Shame on the doctors. 

Imagine my surprise: transgendered bathroom laws leading to epic voyeurism. 

The Culture Wars: Bake My Cake and Cupcakes Edition 

In Trump the Media Bulls Have Met Their Matador 

The Trump press conference was PEAK TRUMP 

Why the media's Trump Life Machine is failing BIGLY

Dumb dumb dhimmis 

The left always eats itself alive and has no sense of humour. OMG THIS IS SO HYSTERICAL.  The grovelling! The worst part is the grovelling. It always makes it worse. HAHAHAHA. The proper response to this is "up yours, it's a joke".

BIG STONES SPOTTED IN HIGHER EDUCATION. Perhaps this is Professor Jordan Peterson's bruthah from anothuh mothuh?


Nothing to see here. 


Ho hum, nothing to see here. 


We have a BIG problem with language and the fantasy totalitarian thugs of the left. (Really good.)

Thursday, February 16, 2017


I'm pretty much falling asleep on the couch here, and yes-I realize it's pathetic that it's not even 9:00 p.m. However, if you knew what I did in a day, you'd wonder how I even make it to 9:00 p.m.

Another busy day, and some Shabbat preparations as well. So far the carrot cake and hummus are made, the challah is rising and will be baked tomorrow, the main courses will be made tomorrow.

Some readers have asked about the whole Shabbat thing, so I'll try to do a Shabbat 101 type of thing in the near-ish future. The basic idea is that it not "just" a "day of rest", it's a day of cessation of work, and actually, according to the actual blessing we make on Friday night, it's a reinvention, a reinvigoration of the soul.

The Hebrew words from the blessing are "shavat v'henafash", which means a cessation and the Hebrew word for soul or spirit is N/F/SH, so when it is made into a reflexive verb "lehinafash", that means it's a time for the soul to be renewed and refreshed. Also, every Shabbat we remember the Exodus. Every. Single. Week.

BTW: Did you like that line from Bibi and Trump's press conference about 'why are Jews called Jews'? Because they come from Judea! Yessssssss. Was good stuff. Just Jewlicious.


I haven't been looking at my web stats that closely lately, and as I say, I'm really busy but I do always wonder who is out there reading this stuff and if I should bother keeping this blog going. It does take a considerable amount of time to read and put up links, and it's more like a labour of love than a profitable venture. My occasional appeals for Hermès scarves aside, the blog is not a money-maker and time is certainly money.

If you're so inclined, I'd love to hear where you are reading from, and a little bit about yourself if you haven't already introduced yourself (thank you if you have). Lord knows I've blathered on about myself long enough after all these years! My e-mail is on the side bar.


Teen with cancer fires back at accusations of ‘cultural appropriation’.

When lefties eat each other up for breakfast.

Actual brave women, not “women’s march” women

More bomb threats to Jewish Community Centres in America

Bomb threat to Israeli consulate in Miami


“How can this be?” Mom’s heartbreak at softball ‘punishment’ for migrant who sexually assaulted her 6 year old daughter.

Syrian refugee woman raped in front of toddler son for not wearing head covering indoors.

British father under threat for leaving Islam

Nothing to see here


Uber driver found guilty of rape of passenger

My Idiot People:

Sucky, loser, lefty, Obama court Jews totally butthurt about proud Trump Jew getting ambassadorship to Israel

More Jew stuff:

How Our Family Escaped the Nazis

How I Found Judaism and Experienced Miracles

This is gorgeous. Watch the whole thing.  (ignore the blather about Trump/immigrants/blah blah)


Japan is in big trouble. No sex or babies. Not good.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Total History Geek Out From Israel



Virtue signalling is the new white flag of surrender. 

Feh: Full Fashion Dhimmitude

I puke in your general direction, supine slobs. 


Truly savages. 

How A Pro-Palestinian American Journalist Turned Pro-Israel

Facts matter. 

Narrative matters.

Truth matters.

Anyone who roots for the Culture of Death is a seriously deranged and damaged human.

"How I Found Judaism and Experienced Miracles"

This is a truly glorious piece. 


Shout out to Chabad from deep within my heart. This story made me cry-when I got to the words pintele yid I just lost it.

Saved From the Holocaust: "He Loved Me And Wanted to Keep Me"


Read the whole thing. 

Today Was YUGE!

Today was a great day for the Western world and in particular for Israel and America.

I watched the whole Bibi-Trump press conference. OK, I watched it twice it was so nice.

First President ever to specifically call out Palestinian genocidal indoctrination. Trump also BLEW AWAY the "two-state" solution mantra in one breath. It was a glorious thing. What a difference. Israel's PM went in through the front door and was greeted with respect, like an ally, LIKE A BOSS.

Very instructive session on alpha maleness. VERY.

Personally, I thought it was YUGE. Just YUGE.

I'm very happy about that.


Watch the whole thing.

I am so grateful that the Jew-hater Obama is out of the White House.

There's gonna be "a lot of love" shown to Israel. Love this.

Wednesday Link Extravaganza!

Feast your eyes on these!!! Get barf bags ready, etc...


Demographics are destiny, German edition

Happy New Year, migrants in Germany style

Gang rapists say ‘women should just listen and not complain’

The torrid love affair between radical Islam and radical leftism meets RIGHT HERE

Absolutely disgusting.

Same thing here in Ontario.

Europe getting even more rapey: peeing in diapers rather than go to washroom edition

Happy Anniversary!

Hahahaha: pro-refugee writer goes mute quite suddenly

Two thirds of Germans want Merkel out. 

The other third is likely made up of young, single, healthy, randy, Muslim males-Merkel’s “babies” and they are pretty happy to be there thankyouverymuchMammaMerkel.

German girls will soon not be able to swim in public. (I think that’s already happening. It’s sharia swimming, de facto.)


Listen to me! I'm going to say this loud and clear: 

Swimming pools are ground zero for the Rape Jihad. GROUND EFFING ZERO. These disgusting barbarians will continue to rape and sexually assault children and women happily, and without punishment until the dhimmis in power decide to voluntarily submit completely to sharia swimming rules, and this will only happen after many, many more of their children and wives are sexually assaulted, actually sacrificed on the cult of Multiculturalism a.k.a Refugees Welcome. Civilizations that sacrifice their children and women do not do very well in the long run. 


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Link Festival! Infidelicious Links, Hot Off The Presses!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dirty, spawn of pigs and monkeys infidel friends.

Hope it’s a really happy luvvy duvvy day for you all. Valentine's is totally haram, so it's important to celebrate...

I’ve saved up a TON of links for you all, but as I’ve previously iterated, things are pretty busy all round. And there’s good news and bad news...which do you want first? Good choice, the bad news first:

Bad news: I don’t have a lot of time for extended, uppity Jew commentary on the links.

Good news: Most of the links speak for themselves.

So be sure to check them out. I spend agonizing hours pouring over the most interesting, fascinating, heartwarming, disgusting, vomit-inducing, stupefying and revolting stuff on the internet JUST FOR YOU. These are specially selected by your favourite Canadian suburban, Jewish, Zionist, infidel mom, yours truly.


As always, thank you notes are really not necessary, but if you really insist on expressing your gratitude, think Hermès scarves.

North America

The Grim (i.e disgusting) Heritage of Identity Politics

Instapundit: Conspiring to stifle free speech is a crime.

Schlichter: The Left hates you, act accordingly MUST READ!!

Also excellent Schlichter: Shoving Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Right Back Up the Left’s Wazoo

Your betters in higher education: UC Berkeley Rioter a faculty member

Former classmate of Keith Ellison: Yeah, he ranted a lot about DA JOOOOOOOOOOOZ

(Please Democrats, please elect him and by doing so, give Trump another term. PLEASE!)

Canada is screwed: Canada thinks immigration is solution to demographic doom. What could possibly go wrong?

Grateful sheriffs gush over Trump, had been previously begging Obama for help

Yarn store owner will not back down, yarn is the new BAKE MY CAKE!!!


The New French Inquisition

Swedish cop punished for telling truth about migrant violence and crime

Second Swedish cop verifies, goes public

Weird article: “Why live in Paris?”, in which the writer suggests living in the banlieues. UMMM HELLO it’s basically Gaza City there, so whatevz…...

True love in Swedanistahn! Not one, not two but THREE Gambian husbands for overweight, disabled, septuagenarian Swedish woman. They say three’s the charm….


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Must Read: "I'm A Gay New Yorker-And I'm Coming Out As A Conservative"

This was a very interesting and touching article with a lot of great insights. 

I found the bits about his relationship with his father particularly poignant.

I predict that the writer's life is going to get much better every day. He's going to have a better life as a conservative. That's my prediction.

How fortuitous that he took the assignment to write about Milo.  But are there really any coincidences in life?

Very well done.

Welcome to the dark side, Chadwick Moore!

I'm going to check out his Twitter now.

Pure Evil: Pizza And Time Off, Prizes for Abortion Quotas at Planned Parenthood

This is appalling and pure evil. 

The value of a human life in America today is apparently no more than a pizza, or a few hours off (truly evil and barbaric) "work".

Canada Is Screwed

Pass this, or else. 

Every Painting, Every Property, Every Item, Every, Every Everything

Small, microscopic doses of "justice".

Swedish Peace School Turns Into War Zone

And I can't say I'm too broken up about it. 

Bon Voyage!

Don't the door hit your bottoms on the way out, etc...

France Is Screwed

They're building a wall. 

And France is paying for it.

Boy, are they ever paying for it.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Conspiring to Stifle Free Speech Is A Crime


My Idiot People

Dumb, stupid naive Jews. 

Thanks For Coming Out "BHL"

There's nothing more useless than an effete, secular Jewish "philosopher" finally, sloooooooowly recognizing what antisemitism is about. 

I have no time for this over-rated idiot.

Also, this is a disgusting interview that starts of with visuals of white people waving their cooky flags and not fully body bagged women shrieking about Zionists, or kaffiyeh-wrapped hysterics ululating about dead Jews.

I would say 'shame on CNN' but you can't shame the shameless.

See If You Can Keep Up With This Story

"Paris Green, who was born a man, had been allowed to serve her sentence at HMP Edinburgh’s female wing."

"But authorities sent the 23-year-old back to a male institute after it was alleged she had been intimate with other prisoners."

"The women want sex and Paris is the only person who can give it to them,’ a source told Daily Star Sunday."

"Green, who was previously known as Peter Laing, had been accused of ‘inappropriate behaviour’ with inmates before."

Right, nothing to see here. JUST CARRY ON....

Canada Is Screwed


Yes, Let's Make Peace With These People: Zionist Tea Bag Edition

If you can't even drink a cup of dirty Jew infidel TEA, then how is "peace" possible? 

(Answer: it's not.)

RCMP Basically Says Terror Is All Your Fault, Haters.

We're screwed. 

So Nice!

Evening smile. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday Links!

Get them while they're fresh and hot.

Completely "locked in" individuals can still communicate. In other words-yes they are human and living and not "vegetables" so don't freaking kill them because they are hard to take care of. You're welcome.

I find this obscene. Absolutely obscene. 

This is an incredible story out of Israel. A Brazilian doctor has taught an Israeli doctor how to do an intricate surgery on babies in-utero to fix a genetic defect that leads to Spina Bifida. This is absoutely amazing. Yes, it's in Hebrew, but you should still look at the news story video in this link because the pictures are actually real, not computer-generated. 

You should also look at it because the baby being operated upon is 5 months and you can see him reacting, and even pushing away the probe. Aren't five-month old babies (that's 20 weeks gestation) routinely murdered all over the allegedly civilized world BECAUSE WOMEN'S RIGHTS or something? 

This is pretty cute: "Jews love charity and they love dinner." Pretty good use of "kvell" also. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday "World According to Me" Post

Hello friends, Romans, countrymen (yah, I know, not inclusive but tough ta-tas, my blog, my lede, mine mine mine)!

As I have mentioned, things have been SOOOOPER ULTRA BUSY lately. It’s all good stuff, but blogging is kind of the last thing I can get to nowadays. But I still am saving lots of links for you all, and I’m figuring out a system whereby I can at least gather all my precious nuggets throughout the day and then do a major link dump at the end of the day. Hopefully, this will work. So bare with me while I try to keep all the balls in the air and endeavor to feed this blog on a relatively regular basis.

Here’s a collection of some links I’ve been saving. 

Unfortunately, my traditional obnoxious commentary is mostly limited to the titles that I have made for the stories, I just don’t have time for my usual amount of snark. And believe me, this hurts ME much more than it does YOU. 

It’s extremely difficult to keep all the snark bottled up. 

I’m like a veritable Zionist Snark Volcano. 

The struggle is REAL.

So, here’s some food for thought. 

Enjoy (or barf, whatever your preference).



Middle East:

Well, duh:

"The indictment concludes that the seeds of Shinawi’s hatred toward Jews were sown approximately 10 years ago, during the second Lebanon war."

"Over the years, the defendant's hatred toward Jews intensified due to intermittent incidents involving Jews experienced by himself and members of his family,” the indictment states."

His belief that Jews are infidels also increased, and were thus valid targets for physical harm," it continued. "In the last few months prior to the events described below, his hatred intensified even further in light of additional events he experienced, and the desire for revenge became stronger."

"During the interrogation, it was revealed that the impetus for carrying out the attack came when his girlfriend accused him of being a "Zionist Jew" and "Jew lover."

Iran Before the Revolution (with photos)

This makes me so happy. HAHAHAHA. 

United Arab Emirates: Yah, we’re cool with the Trump travel ban. 

Yah, let’s make peace with these people. Barbarians.


The Future of Eurabia (hint: there won’t be gay nightclubs, there won’t be nightclubs and there won’t be gays)

Celebrate World Hijab Day (NOT)

There is no “honour” in murder (it should not be just called domestic violence, that’s too general)

May prepares actual plans for Brexit

Norway is dead

Sweden is stupid and dead

How many rapes are “enough” in Europe?

Culture of Death in the UK: Disabled lawmaker-they want to exterminate people like me.


Trump Versus the Borderless Left

Must watch: Bereaved father, whose son was murdered by an illegal “who cares about Chuck Schumer’s tears”.

Higher Education Today: Women’s Studies professors fight over whether or not curriculum is too “vagina-centric” (Seriously, can there be too much of a good thing? Who knows.)

Trump is Major Ka-Ching $$$ Story for the ACLU

Robert Kraft: Trump called me every single week after my wife died

Magnificent PRO LIFE story.

This guy is awesome

“Let us in or we’ll kill you” is the least compelling immigration argument EVER.

Democrats don’t care that YOUR children are murdered and consider them expendable (MUST WATCH)

Get used to this: This is the new identity politics of the Democratic party: Islam trumps gay rights, bitches. This is the new hierarchy in America as it is already in Europe and it’s going to get much, much worse. Jews OUT. Blacks OUT. Gays OUT. Never mind “check your privilege”, it’s check your rung on the identity politics victimology pyramid.