Friday, May 29, 2015

Online Web Site "Exposes" Pro-Palestinian Activists Pre-Job Search

Liberals and assorted pro-Palestinian activists OUTRAGED!


Boy, these lefties can sure dish it out, but they cannot take it.


Nothing to See Here...

RCMP releases 18 seconds of withheld footage from Ottawa terrorist's cell phone "manifesto".

Motive pretty clear!

Even the Toronto Star figured it out judging by their headline ("Ottawa Attacker Praises Allah..."). 

Sometimes I Get All Choked Up

In the course of some research that I am doing, I came upon a trove of files regarding Jewish Canadians who were killed during the Second World War.

Jews played a disproportionately large role in the Canadian army. I guess disproportionate to their numbers, but certainly not disproportionate to their love of freedom.

Many of these fine young men (and women) had just landed in Canada! They promptly enlisted as service men and women and went back to Hitler's Europe to fight evil, wearing Canadian uniforms.

I am absolutely humbled by these stories.

I wanted to share one here, the story of Julius Bendit, and I urge you to read the two-page letter send to Julius' sister, Rose, by his commanding officer. 

I've read it about half a dozen times already and it takes my breath away each time.

I can't read it without getting teary. It's simply a magnificent tribute to a very brave soul, and the same can certainly be said of so many of those young men and women who gave their lives for our freedom.

They understood what was at stake, and gave their lives for our freedom, and now, just a few decades later, almost all has been forgotten. I think that's why I get most upset reading and re-reading these stories.

Lefty Jewish Jerusalem Post Editor Attacked At "Hug and Coexist" Event

Things did not go according to plan.

This event was light on the hugs, heavy on the slugs. 

By the way, what the heck is an "anti-normalization youth". That's a mouthful of dogsqueeze!

"Arguments broke out and those with cameras were threatened by the Arab anti-normalization youths to delete film of them harassing the participants."

When I put that through my "Leftist to English" translation machine it comes out as "Jew-hating mini terrorists".


Also note the video is characterized as "comedy" on You Tube, not by me, but I think that's wickedly awesome. Har!

Bernie Farber Calls Canadians Nazis, Again

ZZZZZ soooooooo sleepy, Nazi blah blah blah boogah boogah!

Have I Mentioned Lately That I Adore Mark Steyn?

Do read this whole piece.

Particularly hysterical is this bit, with an uniquely refined and eloquent comment from the evil, seeeeeekrit Joooooo Kathy Draidlebaum:

(It's like really funny and smart and stuff, but I must note that Mark Steyn talks about bathhouses and KY and snapping towels-presumable on one's bottom, AND WHOA HEY IS IT GETTING HOT IN HERE OR SOMETHING???!?!? SORRY WHERE WERE WE? HMM OK RIGHT RIGHT HMMMM...SILLY ME...)


*composes one self*

"Several folks have asked me to comment on the decline of National Review as represented by their 5,500-word cover story in support of gay marriage, which, with their usual impeccable timing, they published the day before the launch of their spring fundraiser asking loyal readers to pony up to keep this bastion of principled conservatism standing athwart history."

"I generally don't comment on publications to which I used to contribute, because it's best just to move on. But I confess I did get a mordant chuckle out of Kathy Shaidle's take. As she likes to say, we're gonna need more KY for that slippery slope."

I did force myself to read the whole "essay". I mean, seriously, why try to fit your stupid idea clearly into 800 words when you can schlepp it out to 7,000 and STILL not convince anyone of anything? This is some of the thickest, most turgid prose I have ever read. On the plus side, the next time I have insomnia, I'll make a grab for it....

My own contribution to the conversation can be found here:

Steyn also notes:

"The entire western world has chosen to commit immigration-assisted suicide as some kind of civilizational penance for imperialism, or racism, or just being so culturally insensitive as to build the parts of the planet that function. In Europe and Canada, they're ceding their turf to Islam. In the United States, they've chosen Latin America. So fewer clitoridectomies."


The Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, right again. 

PS: Shame on those dhimmi girls and their educators. It's really upsetting that they thought they were doing the "right" thing, when really, they haven't been given a sufficiently solid Judeo-Christian education to know that they were in fact, capitulation and submitting rather than being magnanimous and sporting.

More from Mark Steyn with Hugh Hewitt here. 

Arabs Turn Youth Soccer Game Into Pogrom

"Why does this always happen with Arabs?" 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Must Watch Video: Pamela Geller on CNN With Squishy, Dumber Than a Bag of Hammers Chris Cuomo

I thought she wiped the floor with him.

What about you?

Hi America, These Are the People Who Now Own Your Bodies Via the Affordable Care Act

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Trigger Warning!!! Sensible Article in Here!!


Dalrymple on "pre-traumatic stress disorder". 

 We saw this phenomenon, just a reminder with the Fort Hood Jihadi, "workplace violence", if you recall: 

"Major Hasan is a Virginia-born army psychiatrist and a recipient of the Pentagon’s Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, which seems fair enough, since he certainly served in it, albeit for the other side. Most Americans think he’s nuts. He thinks Americans are nuts. It’s a closer call than you’d think. In the immediate aftermath of his attack, the U.S. media, following their iron-clad rule that “Allahu akbar” is Arabic for “Nothing to see here,” did their best to pass off Major Hasan as the first known victim of pre-Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. “It comes at a time when the stress of combat has affected so many soldiers,” fretted Andrew Bast in a report the now defunct Newsweek headlined, “A Symptom of a Military on the Brink.”

From Dalrymple:

"What is most interesting from the cultural point of view about the preposterous nonsense of trigger warnings for Victorian books is the obvious thirst or desire for victimization that they express. Victims are the heroes of the politically correct; their victimhood confers unique moral authority upon them ex officio. And since many would like to be a unique moral authority, it follows that they would like to be a victim. The fact soon follows the wish, at least in their own estimation; and this, of course, provides much work and justifies much power for the self-proclaimed protectors of victims. University teachers become the curators of figurines of the finest porcelain, which only they are allowed to touch"
"This is a case in which caricature is the best way of capturing truth."

I don't think mocking really does anything to change things, but it's certainly a step up from not doing anything. If you mock something then you're not afraid of it, so that's a positive step. 

Tim Blair: "Heading Home"

News from Australia where suicide via immigration jihad is set to ruin another formerly sane, Western commonwealth nation.

"The family that slays together, doesn't stay together." 

Khaled Sharrouf and his sons on social media.

Yes. That kid. That family.

Khaled Sharrouf's son, believed to be aged seven, had to use both hands to hoist the decapitated head up as he posed for a chilling photo in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa
The Daily Mail for some reason is blocking out the image.

Israeli Leftist Admits: Our Elitism Brought Lost Us the Election

This is an interesting article because it contains some seemingly clear and honest reflections by an Israeli leftist about the Israeli left.

Clearly, Shelly Yechimovich is a little smarter than the rest of her motley crew of lefties in Israel. 

Read the whole thing.

Israeli MK Proposes Mandatory Arabic Classes From First Grade

Excellent idea.

Hope this goes through.

Modern Barbarians

At the site of glorious ancient ruins, blood runs again.

The CBC And It's Disgusting Taxpayer-Funded Beatification of A Jihadist Murderer

Imagine if we had a conservative majority government that could do something about de-funding this revolting cesspool of terrorist worshippers? 

Oh wait...

A smiling terrorist on my dime.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Where There's a Will...

There's a way there's relatives.

President Obama: Take the Deal, Take the Deal!!

A besotted Kenyan lawyer is offering fifty cows, seventy sheep, and thirty goats for President Obama's daughter Sushi, sorry, no Malaria (those names, if I recall, were coined by the great Mark Steyn, PBUH but I can't find the linky...)!

Anyhoo, this seems like a fabulous deal to me.

Chameleon Hilary Goes Southern!

Oh Dear: Charity Slogan FAIL

Umm, really?!?!??!!

"Seize the Day"??

You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!?!?!?!

Boston University Professor Designs Pro-Hamas Course on Israeli-Arab Conflict

According to Professor Carl Hobert, "Likud = Hamas".

What could possibly be wrong with that? 

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Big Fat Weapons Deals


Jean Vanier: Prophet for Our Times

I adore this man. 

My favourite Catholic ever, ever, ever, ever.

Must Read Steven Plaut: Tel Aviv University Sexual Predator Gets a Slap on the Wrist

This is a beauty. 

"In recent years Israel has seen a whole spat of far-leftist professors, many of them sociologists, who got caught with their pants down while harassing their female students."

"The most notorious was no doubt Eyal Ben Ari, a far-leftist sociologist at Hebrew University, who was accused of raping a student. Ben Ari was eventually fired."

"Before that he had been the thesis supervisor for that now-notorious MA thesis in which it was claimed that the fact that Israeli soldiers do not rape Arab women proves how racist the Jews are. As I say, the thesis supervisor was later himself involved in raping and harassing a student."

"Maybe he just did not want to be considered to be a racist."

"Anyhow, now along comes Comrade Ronen Shamir and he gets indicted before a Tel Aviv University ethics committee for sexually harassing one of his own students, an Arab woman."

"I guess he REALLY wanted to prove he was not racist."

The Moment When His Disabled Son Signed "I Love You"

This resonates with me.

A Keeper: How the Trans Agenda Seeks to Change Everything

It's all about control.

Holocaust Survivor Warns of Tyranny

"Right now, America doesn't show enough strength." 


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

That Slut!

I can see her hands!!!

From the "There Is No Fun in Islam" File....

Islamic preacher says that masturbation causes men's hands to get pregnant, and then they will have to (GASP!!) take care of their masturbation hand spawn in the afterlife!!


(No, I'm not making this up.)

Bottom line: "resist Satan's temptations".

And you thought going blind was bad...

This Little Girl Has It Absolutely Right

If my stupid idiot liberal wanker parents forced me to attend a "seder" with the most antisemitic POTUS in American history, my response would be EXACTLY the same. 

Educators: Your Moral, Intellectual and Truancy Superiors.

This calls to mind Ezra Levant's famous crie du coeur about the "Human Rights" mandarins:


"A Georgia mother was arrested after her son was accused of having too many unexcused absences at school."

"Julie Giles of Sylvania was shocked when she received a certified letter the day before Mother's Day informing her there was a warrant for her arrest after the Screven County school district said her 10-year-old son Sam had 12 unexcused absences, six more than is allowed by the school."

"Even more shocking is that Giles occasionally works at the school as a substitute teacher."


"Screven County Schools Superintendent, William Bland, stands by this decision, and said the policy was important to make sure children are attending school."

"He also revealed that several parents have already been convicted under this policy, with the punishment ranging from a monetary fine to actual time behind bars."

Barbarian Update!

ISIS burns woman alive for refusing to perform sex act. 

Hamas Infrastructure Update!

Egypt destroys 521 tunnels on Gaza border.

Ho hum!

Nothing to see here.

Imagine My Surprise: The Imam John Kerry, Worst Secretary of State in Fifty Years

Only fifty?

Not "ever"?

Cruelty and Perversity: Postprandial Reflections on the PEN Protestors

A very interesting read, with the following heartbreaking and appallingly correct observation: 

"The American writers’ protest against Charlie Hebdo has been remarkable on one additional count, and that is its dosage of personal cruelty."

It is the biggest cowards and the most cravenly supine liberals that are the ones who consistently hurl the most revolting invective.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Dear "Hundreds of People Paying Tribute" to Dead Jews

Please, just don't. 

If you cared as much about live Jews, then I would care about your "tribute".

But you don't, so spare me the flowers and the crocodile tears.

The Jewish community is slowly, slowly realizing that it's getting too late. It's suitcases or coffins time. 

"What happened here was a real shock to the Jewish community," said Serge Rozen, who organised the tribute as head of the Coordination Committee of Belgian Jewish Organisations."


"I think probably for the first time they realized that even with security measures already in place for a long time in Belgium, you could be killed here in Brussels or Belgium because you are a Jew or presumed Jew," Rozen told AFP before giving a brief speech."
"He said many in Belgium's estimated 40,000-strong Jewish community were starting to wonder whether they had a future in the country."

Hey, I'll help you out with that. Jews: you don't have a future in Europe.

Here's what the Mayor said in his "tribute" to the slaughtered:

"Brussels is Jewish because all Jews have their place in Brussels," Mayeur said from a makeshift podium in the closed-off street guarded by four Belgian soldiers and at least a dozen police officers."

If you have to have four Belgian soldiers and "at least" a dozen police officers in a closed-off street, in order to "pay tribute" to murdered Jews, guess what?  Jews have no place in Brussels. 

On second thought-maybe they do have a place.

It's called the airport and they have a lot of planes there, some of which fly to Israel. That's your "place".

It's either that place or another place, called the cemetery. 

When I put the Mayor's rather pathetic, statement through my translator from "dhimmi weasel" to English, here's what I get.

"We know that radical Islam is a murderous force on the continent, but with Jews here, you can be the sacrificial lambs. So please don't leave us here because despite our supine capitulation, we don't want to die just yet."

Just some friendly reminders about Belgium and Jews:

Antisemites no longer hiding. 

Jew-hatred reaching new heights. 

Public schools are Jew-free zones. 

Jews fleeing Belgium. 

Out of the shadows...

Muslim antisemitism in Belgium.

No Jews allowed.

Murders "came as no surprise".

Belgium is jihad's European "Mecca".

Belgian "youth" turning to jihad "in droves'".

From Belgium to ISIS.

The jihadist danger within.

The Belgian jihadist networks. 

All your fault. 

Just die already.

The Jew stands alone.

Important: The Hottest Looks From the Cannes Red Carpet

Nobody can be all jihad, doom and gloom about societal collapse 24/7!

So, take a break from that stuff once and a while and look at beautiful dresses!

So, some of these are magnificent: LUPITA I'M LOOKING AT YOU (number 23).

She is just so gorgeous and whoever her stylist is needs to be paid exceptionally well, and her make-up artist ditto. Is it just me who notices that she rarely ventures toward patterns, and tends to keep things solid coloured? Loving that. She has excellent taste, I mean LOOK AT THAT DRESS. The colour, the movement, so exquisite!!

These are my other faves: 

5, 10, 15, 16, 20, 24, 26 and 30.



Truth and leftists: always stranger than fiction.

Tim Blair: Snow White and the Seven Heteronormative Trigger Warnings 

More batsh&t crazy feminist stuff from Robert Stacy McCain who reads all of it so you don't have to.

Har! Obama Longs For Past Groovy White, Communist Israel.


The UK Is Screwed

Nothing to see here.

Why Do Progressive Jews Continue to Support Obama?

Because they are liberals first, and were merely born Jews.

Their religion is liberalism. 


Example: Alan Dershowitz, liberal moron. 

Why does anyone care what he has to say?

He is a liberal first. His religion is liberalism, not Judaism.

Evelyn Gordon asks, will US Jews join the world wide Jewish trend to conservatism? 

My prediction: a big fat no. 

When Crying "Racism" is Fatal

This is a terrible story.

Because of social media, and because of the number of social media vigilantes who have nothing better to do with their life than harass people on line, on-line "bullying" is a thing. It's a stupid thing, but it's a thing.

Racist is apparently the worst thing in the entire world, bad enough to drive a civil servant to suicide. 

There's something seriously wrong with people who are on-line social justice warriors on a full time basis. Crazy never sleeps. However, there is also something seriously wrong (or pre-existing) with someone who ends their own life because of something that someone says about them on line. 

Fortunately, there is a solution to on-line "bullying".

Shut your f&cking computer and phone off and ignore all the morons.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach

Off for a few days for the Jewish  holiday of Shavuot. 

I love everything about Shavuot, especially the Book of Ruth and cheese cake. 

More about Shavuot here.

Please visit the usual suspects in my absence, thanks.

Hilary Clinton Did Not Know Murdered Ambassador's Name

As Mark Steyn pointed out a long time ago, that wretched woman stood over coffins and told lie after lie after lie.

Now we find out that the liar didn't even really know Ambassador Chris Stevens' name. 

So much for "Chris" this, "Chris" that.

Mr. President, Masada Will Not Fall Again

It takes a really special kind of Jew-hating arrogance to go into a synagogue on the eve of a Jewish holiday, put on a little Jewish beanie and proclaim that despite the clear evidence that you are the first openly antisemitic President in American history, that you have done more for the Jews and Israel's security than any other administration.

Shame on the synagogue that enabled this disgusting Jew-hater to use a bimah as a platform to spout such Orwellian garbage. Shame on the Jews that sat in rapture listening to the most arrogant, Jew-hating POTUS in American history obscenely bring up the Palestinians in the obtusely disgusting fashion that he is so very good at. His moral equivalence knows no bounds.

Obama is apparently more Jewish than the Jews! He knows Jewish values better than anyone else.

And real, true, Jewish values mean, in Obama land, national suicide!

Ben Shaprio puts it nicely here.

America, as we already know from the blowjobby, epic beta liberal wanker , Jew-in-Name-Only and Obama worshipper Jeffrey Goldberg (who I am proud to say, blocked me on Twitter), reports that as a true friend MUST criticize Israel!

The article has a quote from the Jew-Hater in Chief that the "deal" with Iran "has my name on it".

Let's be clear: 

The "deal" is Israel's death certificate. 

You can read some other excellent commentary here from Susan L. M Goldberg, and from Bridget Johnson here. 

At times like this I miss George Bush. 

I thank G-d for the IDF, and thank G-d that we, the Jewish people, have a state of our own so we don't need the "protection" and "friendship" of America under Obama.

So to this appallingly antisemitic administration, I say, on behalf of my people-the Jews last committed mass suicide at Masada, and Masada will not happen again, nor will it fall again.

That's a promise.

New Emojis Coming!

I had no idea there was such a vast emoji infrastructure! 

Anyway, just in case you felt misunderstood on social media, there are new, shiny emojis on the way!

I'm looking forward to 'lying on the floor laughing', but suspect the bacon one will be subject to a mega fatwa soon....

Col. Richard Kemp: Warrior and Mensch

If you don't follow Col. Kemp on Twitter, you should. He always posts great stuff and he is fearless on the battlefield and on the moral field. He's another one of these philosemitic gentile giants that I adore. 

I'm delighted that he has been honoured by Bar Ilan University-just wonderful.

Do read the whole thing.

Kemp notes: 

"...over the past thirty years the morality and values of the West have been undermined beyond recognition; and that this inevitably leads to anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiments."

 "The target is Western values themselves, and Israel has become a proxy for the targeted West. This is reinforced by a pervasive and increasing wave of anti-Semitism which intensifies the obsession with Israel, along with the desire to appease violent Islam."

"This can only work of course if the media and these global organizations are willing to be subverted by the terrorist message, willing to see terrorists as victims and Israel as demons. And they are, alas, very willing. The terrorist strategy is executed through a conspiracy with a compliant and complicit media." 

And his advice: 

"Fret not. Hate yourselves not. Israel isn't perfect, but you're not the problem. It's the immoral way that others are thinking and are judging you. It's their loss of values. "


Teen Meets American Soldier Who Saved Her From Saddam Hussein


Golani Commander Treats Tearful Little Girl's Splinter

Is this a picture of tenderness or what? 

A warrior strong enough to command the Golani battalion (first Druze commander, BTW) and watch over the people of Israel, and sensitive enough to do this.

I'm totally verklempt.

Just a reminder that this guy, well HOW DOES HE WALK?!?!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ted. Cruz. Rocks.

This is how you deal with a belligerent, obsessive media.

You shut them right up. 

I love this.

State of the World Update! The World According to Me! You're Welcome!

Here is a major link dump because I am very, very busy.

Why is Pamella Geller hated? From the great Dennis Prager.

US Jews must wake up to infiltration by leftist traitors (fat chance).

This is your city on socialism, New York.

From our "fire them all" file: NY teacher charged with allowing middle school students to have sex in classroom.

From our bulging "DUH" file: Germany "allows" Jews on antisemitism panel (for real, this is not a joke).

Israeli ambassador's surrogate baby dies in Nepal.  They just "have to" go to Nepal for surrogates, you see?!??! Have to. Must.

America is screwed: Canada's hate tribunals a portent for the future of America.

From the great Daniel Greenfield, a must read: Obama to Israel-If Israel Doesn't Commit Suicide, I Can't Protect It 

From the GO AUSTRALIA GO file, finally some common sense. "Homegrown" terrorists will be shipped back to their parents' country of origin. Citizenship revoked. BUH BYE.

And finally a comprehensive and utterly depressing compendium of thoughts on free speech and the First Amendment, and the difference between the two concepts.

In short: HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!!!


With Corpse of Late Night Show Still Warm, CBS Throws Letterman Set in Dumpster

This is a good reminder that nobody is indispensable.

You work at a job and get paid. When you are no longer needed or wanted, you put your stuff in a shoebox or milk crate or put the sign in the dumpster and that's all folks.

Nobody is irreplaceable at any job so don't confuse your job with your life.

As per the stagehand:

“It’s all junk now.”

Tim Blair: When Conservatives Attack

I'm dying!!!!

Tim Blair is a wickedly funny man.

"Conservatives Attack!"

Behold: The Dumbest Most Sinister and Anti-American President in American History

America is being led by an imbecilic, evil socialist who wants to cripple America and destroy the Western world. 

It's hard to imagine a more blindingly stupid speech to American warriors than this.

I feel like throwing up. 

Everything is Rape

This is a story about rape. 

This is not. 

If you get "blindsided" by a heckler then you're probably in the wrong line of work. Comedy is a devastating and brutal calling. 

"He made me cry", said no successful comedian ever.

That is all.

Mark Steyn: "One by One, Our Freedom Does Get Murdered".

A must read from Mark Steyn on freedom of speech and the disgraceful, quiet capitulation of allegedly free peoples to totalitarianism.

(Featuring yours truly in a cameo role...)

He observes:

"In Dante's day (circa 1315) and Weinman's day (1935), Muslims who disliked depictions of Mohammed did not generally slaughter artists, writers and publishers. That changed with the Danish cartoons. "

Then, the perfect and magnificent Steynian answer to this madness: 

"Once they started killing people for drawing Mohammed it became necessary for everyone to draw Mohammed - to show that there are too many to kill, and thus to teach Islam that, whatever its own proscriptions, they do not and will never apply to non-believers. Once you make drawing Mohammed a capital crime, it is necessary to make drawing Mohammed so universal that it's no crime at all. If you claim the right to kill because you're offended, then it is necessary to offend you all the time - until you accept the messy norms of pluralistic societies."

Read that paragraph over and over again, send it to your "leaders".

Repeat it out loud. 

Live it, if you want to be free. 

The alternatives are clearly much worse. 

And when there's no infidels around, they start killing each other, of course.

And the barbarians are all around us.

More impassioned and eloquent fighting words from Geert Wilders here. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Eurabia Is Doomed: Jews Must Leave

This article sums up nicely what I have been saying for years.

The war against the Jews is never "just" about Jews. 

Here, an official Jew has an insight worth sharing which confirms my thought.

The war is not only about the Jews. The jihadists, he notes "are in the process of testing democracy".

Unfortunately, democracy is failing for the most part.

Then there is this, and read it very carefully:

"Viviane Teitelbaum, a Belgian politician, said she has also been the target of insults and intimidation."

"Many Jews have started to raise questions, especially about the future of their children," Teitelbaum told AFP."

"It's sad when families leave because they no longer feel safe in the country that welcomed their parents," she added.

It's not sad. It was stupid to go back to the blood-soaked earth Europe, and even more ridiculous to stay and try to "re-build" a semblance of Jewish "life" there. 

Therefore, for Jews to stay in Europe is not "sad" but rather suicide.

Jews must decide now: suitcases or coffins.

Instant Steyn Classic: "Are You Dumber Than a Box of Rocks?"

Cannot WAIT for that game show to become a reality. 

Steyn says that Hilary Clinton is banking on the fact that the American electorate is, in fact, dumber than a box of rocks. 

But remember-they elected Barack Hussein Obama not once but twice, so there's that....

They also talk about the media complicity in Project Dumb As A Box of Rocks. The American mainstream media is simply the fart-catching, PR wing of the Democratic party, and anyone who thinks otherwise really is dumber than a rock.

For Hebrew speakers-this is an excruciating article from Israel and there was also an extensive documentary on Channel 10 which I watched, that basically showed what a loser Isaac Herzog was throughout the entire campaign in Israel. 

It's a pity that this is not (yet) available in English, because it's a textbook case of the attempted leftist, media manipulation of the electorate. It's a blueprint of what happened not just in Israel, but in Britain as well. 

The Israeli documentary shows the remarkable extent to which he was propped up by the Israeli media, that among other things, cropped their shots, and furiously puffed him up and kept lame, pathetic loser appearances from the public, and did everything possible to make him look like he had supporters and especially, leadership gravitas.

It was THEIR fantasy, their wet dream to have one of THEIR OWN in the Prime Minister's Office.

I have mentioned that the Israeli media coverage of the election broadcasted from Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. Could there be any more telling a location? Not the Jerusalem City Hall ("Kikar Tzahal" or "IDF Square", which is right by the old border between east and west Jerusalem, right by the Old no-they broadcasted from Rabin Square in Tel Aviv.

Reality gave fantasy a bloody nose that night and it was absolutely schadenfruedelicious to watch.

These slobbering leftist media pinheads have no idea how transparent they are, nor to they care. They can't be shamed because you can't shame the shameless. All that matters to them is getting new knee pads every year to service their masters. Kathy calls this "blowjobby" behaviour and I quite agree.

One can only hope and pray for a repeat performance in America next year, but for now, two out of three civilized countries voting the right way ain't bad.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Unsafe Spaces: Jews Hunted on American and European Campuses

First this, in case you missed it:

Ruth Wisse: Anti-Semitism Goes to School 

"At any rate, the basic truth is this: Israel and the United States, unlovingly paired by their Islamist enemies as the Little Satan and the Big Satan, are prime targets of the same antagonists. It remains to be seen, then, whether the rise of anti-Semitism in America—itself an extension of the Arab- and Muslim-led war against Israel and the Jewish people—will fatally penetrate America’s thick constitutional culture, in which some of us still place our trust."
"Universities are the obvious place to begin investigating that question."

"When the current enemies of the Jews first chose the universities as a primary battleground in America, they met little or no opposition from liberal administrators or faculty, including Jewish faculty. Anti-Semitism, after all, is just an idea—is it not?—and ideas, which is what universities traffic in, can be the springboard for the best of human endeavors. Indeed they can; but they are also the springboard for the worst, and not even God can help those who fail to distinguish between the two. Anti-Semitism, among the very worst of human inventions, has by now thoroughly corroded Arab societies and with great force and determination is making its way back into Europe. Can America prove exceptional by recognizing the threat and fighting it off?"

(Not under Obama, that's for sure.)

Then this, the great Douglas Murray: Unsafe Spaces

"I am also reminded of how important it is to raise the bar of what pro-Israel figures think of as a “win.” Wisse refers to a couple of examples but we all know of a thousand more."

"Winning the argument involves going heads-up against the hardest and knottiest parts of the issue. Success in stopping a whole new generation from being brought up on lies involves individuals and groups relentlessly turning the anti-Israel movement around like a carriage-clock, opening up its back and displaying its wretched workings for all the world to see."

(Murray is expert at this, by the way.)

American Traitors And The UK Is Screwed

Via Small Dead Animals: 

What can individual citizens do when their Commander In Chief and Secretary of State are, themselves, corrupt traitors? 

What can be done or said about these wretched "leaders" who lead their fellow citizens to a bloody death, and then lie with a straight face about how and why they died and who knew what.

And of course, the situation in Europe, in Britain in particular is no better.

Douglas Murray asks 'what has happened to the rule of law'?

What has happened to the UK in general? THIS.

Barack Obma's Yalta

Some thoughts on the President's latest foreign policy "success". 

White House spin here.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Search for Order

As it turns out, and you can imagine my surprise, the Boston Marathon jihadist has a super charmer of a mom.  Here she is, giving us a little sneak peek into her loving mind:

“They think that they are killing us and they celebrate this, but we are the ones who will rejoice when Allah grants us the chance to behold them in the flames of an eternal and terrifying fire, an otherworldly flame,” Zubeidat Tsarnaeva wrote Sunday in a WhatsApp message to Zarina Kasenova, a friend and supporter.

And really, what could possibly be wrong with that?

You know, it's especially grating to think of these parasitic "immigrants" using first world technology for their 9th century barbarism.

But then again, it's most upsetting to think of the pathetic, morally declining societies that voluntarily invite, host and fund its murderers.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks says  (in the absolutely superb book "A Letter in the Scroll: Understanding Our Jewish Identity and Exploring the Legacy of the World's Oldest Religion) that I am reading that decline always follows licence. We see this now in America and elsewhere in the West.

He also says this (p.65):

"A value, a moral idea or a social institution needs to be practiced constantly or it ceases to be. It can be reclaimed, but only painfully and at great cost. If freedom is not lived, it is lost, and it takes great efforts to restore it. If a society lets its family structure disintegrate, it may need little short of a revolution to bring it back again."

Furthermore: (p.113):

"The oldest and most tragic phenomenon in history is that empires which flourish eventually decline."

"Freedom becomes license, license becomes chaos, chaos becomes the search for order, and the search for oder becomes a new tyranny imposing its will by the use of force. That has been the trajectory of virtually ever civilization known to man. It begins by taking freedom lightly, assuming that once gained it will continue of its own accord, forgetting that it exists and is sustained only by constant vigilance and repeated acts of self-restraint."

This the heartbreaking trajectory of America right now. Islam is perfectly willing to fill the vacuum.

Perfectly willing and able. 

It waits to put us under the veil. 

Who will fight from within? 

Who will say "not in our countries"?

Who will say: traitor and strip them of citizenship?

Who will stop the slow suicide, the slow and voluntary culturecide? 

Who will fight the tyranny that makes the blood-soaked earth of Europe once again, ever again and simply not "Never Again", inhospitable to Jews?

Stay with us, they cry to the Jews: stay "dear" Jews, and continue to absorb the bullets-we beg you.

Please stay in Europe and die for us, die instead of us. 

"Freedom becomes license, license becomes chaos, chaos becomes the search for order, and the search for oder becomes a new tyranny imposing its will by the use of force.

I'll leave you with that.

The Reality of Boko Haram: Rape and the Real War on Christians and Women

Michelle Obama's hashtag was not available at press time. 

Heads Up!

Help wanted in Saudi Arabia!

Have I got a job for you!

Are you a true believer in sharia justice?

Are you not squeamish at the site of blood?

Want to get ahead in life?

Maybe you want to get a few heads instead? 

It's our friends the Saudis!

And they are not just busy with executions!

They have lots of big plans. 


Because Obama has turned the United States of America into a lame duck, and has burned America's friends and turned enemies into friends.

The Saudis and Israel have this in common: a mutual distrust of America, a mutual interest in keeping Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, and an additional, mutual existential threat from the Muslim Brotherhood as well.

Thus, they are strange, new friends. And this is probably the strangest policy "accomplishment" of the disgusting Obama regime.

As Caroline Glick puts it, this is: "a clear vote of no-confidence in US President Barack Obama’s leadership".

Not that this bothers Obama, he is a narcissist and feels that he makes no mistakes, ever. So even the Saudis blowing him off and wanting to purchase Pakistani nukes will make no difference whatsoever to  President Obama's core mission of American, Israeli and Western implosion.

The Dark, Sunshine Deprived Life of Women Under the Niqab

Where the sun doesn't shine on your face.

Where you are a prisoner, a live human "living" in a body bag meant for cadavers. 

Where you "live" a death like life.

Welcome to life as seen from behind a niqab.

Anyone who insists on defending this insidious practice is a misogynist, full stop.

Look for more darkness to spread across continental Europe and North America and don't say you weren't warned.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

What's the Definition of a Nanosecond?

It's the time it takes for a liberal to go from 'good intentions' and "what could possibly go wrong", to "how could we have possibly have known".

Example here-George Jonas on the late Alan Borovy Z"L. 

"It always puzzled me why Alan, a civil libertarian by vocation as well as avocation, would burn the midnight oil to set up laws and institutions designed to reduce the very liberties he was safeguarding and promoting by day. The answer, it seemed, was that he never imagined human rights commissions, a progeny of the progressive left, could be a threat to free expression. In my column a few days ago I wrote: “It never occurred to [Alan] that civil liberties can be threatened from the left.”

"Initially, Alan, like many left-liberal social activists, believed he and his comrades could regulate conduct without affecting expression or conscience. After all, how could prohibiting discrimination in employment and housing turn into censorship in the media?"

"Unfettered by the illusions of the left, conservative civil libertarians could see it easily. Deny liberty to conduct; it’ll soon be denied to speech, or vice versa. Freedom is indivisible. Cutting it in half means killing it. King Solomon understood this in relation to babies; civil libertarians like Alan didn’t think it applied to civil liberties."

The Future of Europe in One Neat and Tidy Headline

"In Italy, A Church Becomes A Mosque"

Read it and weep.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Tim Blair: Sit at the Back


Thoughts About the Clinton "Foundation"

The Clinton "Foundation" is a family business. 

The word "Foundation" should always be put in scare quotes going forward.

That's my first thought.

My other thoughts on the "Foundation" are as follows:

The Clinton "Foundation" Corporation seems to have had a few main areas of operation:

1) Providing a seemingly unending and incredibly lucrative source of inter-generational family income.
2) Facilitating the purchase of American governmental services, influence, preferred treatment and access.
3) Acting as "protection", based on fee for service, something akin to mafia protection. Nice [whatever] you got there, would be a real shame if anything happened to it.

It cost ABC George upwards of $50K, which is chump change for the Clintons. 

Nice [cushy journalism gig you got there], would be a real shame if anything happened to it.

Nice [business you got running here], would be a real shame if anything happened to it.

Nice [government/private sector/union/non-profit/teaching job] you got there, would be a real shame if anything happened to it.

You can probably think of examples of all of these yourselves.

Gotta Love Prince Harry

Talk about a thousand words....

This picture of Prince Harry on his knees, so that he could be at eye level to a disabled person is one for the record books.  Kudos to him. This is eminently classy and noble.

This is noblesse oblige personified.

I really like Prince Harry. 

Prince Harry knelt on the ground as he spoke to spinal injury patient Malala Ganono at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland's south on Friday

"Mr. Sinatra Adored Israel and Israel Adored Him Back"

Here is a magnificent article on Frank Sinatra's philosemitism via Tablet Magazine. 

Just lovely.

This part gave me chills:

"Sinatra and George Jacobs joined Ben Gurion and Dayan on the reviewing stand and were able to pass through Jerusalem’s Mandelbaum Gate border-crossing with Jordan and visit the Christian Holy Sites. Sinatra, brought up in the Catholic Church, was eager to visit the sites associated with the life of Jesus. And it was this same impulse that drew him to visit Nazareth a number of times and led him to fund the building of a Catholic church there that would bear his name."

"After their visit to the Jordanian side of the border Sinatra and Jacobs returned to Israeli West Jerusalem for a visit to Yad Vashem. Of this visit George Jacobs wrote:
Most moving for both Mr. S and me and was The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial on the Hill of Memory, where all the trees had been planted in memory of the victims. This was stunning and solemn place. The external beauty of the land of milk and honey contrasted with the horrors shown within, particularly the underground Children’s Museum, where each of the more than one million tiny lights represented the life of a child that had been snuffed out. Afterward Mr. S said the visit had made him feel rotten about not fighting in World War II and that Israel was “a wonderful country worth dying for.”
And remember, of course, to visit the similarly philosemitic, groovy, right-wing, hatemongering lounge lizard hizzzzself, Mark Steyn, as he does his Top 100 Sinatra song countdown.

Each one is a gem. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Syrian Musicians Ask To Share Music Via the Jewish Standard

This is pretty gutsy, and I found the music and the video mesmerizing.

This is the post from the Jewish Standard:

"A breathtakingly beautiful look at a part of Syria never seen on the news. One day there will be peace in Syria as well - "Jiyan" - meaning ''Because we deserve to live'' - explained the Damascus-based group of musicians when they approached us directly with a request to share this song with our readers - many of whom are their neighbors they can't yet meet."

Music by Ary Jan Sarhan , Khaled Rezek & Yahia Tello
Colorist : (Post house) Rauf Zaza
Camera assistant : Orwa Farran
Project manager : Fakhri Bradosti
Directed by Yazeed Al-Sayed

I'm delighted to share this video. I think overtures of this kind are very brave indeed. 

Enjoy, and ladies, the two lead musicians are very cute, hubba hubba! 

Why On Earth Would Anyone Send Their Kids to the University of Colorado-Boulder?

Do you think "go blow it out your ass" is sufficient to have a bias report written about me?

Because that's what I would say to anyone who tried to pull this kind of a stunt on me.


Hey Male Freedom of Speech "Defenders"....

Is it blasphemous to say Jesus F&cking Christ I'm getting pretty sick of seeing all your castratti articles about free speech qualified with "while I don't like Pamela Geller". 

(See Christians won't kill anyone for that...just sayin'...)

Anyway, what I would like to tell you all is you're all a bunch of exquisitely fragile, over-cautious weenies and she has more stones than the whole lot of you. 

"I really don't like Pam Geller BUT..."

Oh look, a spirited defense (SNORE) of free speech with added "I don't like Pamela Geller BUT" from "Ace of Spades", who remains anonymous!

How brave!

Piers Morgan: My word, that Pamela is disgusting and vile BUT she gets free speech.

Brad Thor got it right. There is no "oooh Pamela Geller is so icky" bit in here. But he is in the minority.

Ben Shapiro got it right.  

Megan Kelly got it right as did Eugene Volokh.

And of course, the great prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, got it right. 

(Insert obligatory Steyn Akbar, ULULULULULU,

For the most part, the anti-Geller commentary ranges from wrong to vile to bonkers, see "worse than ISIS" here.

But notice that most of the male commentary has been along the lines of 'oh of course I am for free speech but that woman is [whatever whatever whatever blah blah blah]. 

I think all these men are just plain jealous that she has more courage than them. 

They all want to make sure that they keep get invited to RINO cocktail parties. 

This must be a very humiliating episode for them.

A ballsy Jewish broad from New York is taking on the blasphemy and free speech project all by herself, facing down evil, defending free speech on behalf of the gutless, on behalf of the semi-gutless and on behalf of the people who don't have a clue what this is really about, and on behalf of the people whose speech she disagrees with (which is the whole point).

Well we can't have that now, can we?

We must slap her down a little while we "defend" our rights. 

A pox on all their eunuch houses.

Yale University Divinity Student and "Community Activist" Arrested For Forcing Their Way into American Synagogue Hosting IDF Event

Your moral and spiritual superiors!

"Police charged Gregory Williams and Daniel Fischer with first-degree criminal trespass and second-degree breach of peace for their protest at a luncheon at Temple Israel in Westport."

"Williams is a student at Yale Divinity School and Fischer is a community activist with the Middle East Crisis Committee and Capitalism vs. the Climate, according to the The Hour newspaper in Norwalk."

No comment from Yale University at this time...

At Toulouse Memorial, Israel's Chief Sephardic Rabbi Urges Mass Aliyah

The right speech.

The right time to get out is now, with suitcases and not in coffins.

Record Number of Amish and Pastafarians Arrested in Britain on Terror Charges



"Quebec School Officials Will No Longer Be Able To Strip Search Students"


"School officials in Quebec will no longer be permitted to strip search students as the provincial government moved to act on a report recommending that only police officers conduct such examinations."

Mark Steyn Thinks Austria's New Traffic Lights Are So Gay

Must read, classic Steyn on the gayhad with extra bonus strange Jewish mother citation:

"Laura Rosen Cohen calls this "a gradual process of castration": a sustained effort to harass and hector the last redoubts of masculine culture into getting with the program, from the campaign to replace Britain's "lad culture" with "good lads" - ie, the usual new-male eunuchs willing to stand in the street, glassy-eyed and smiling, while holding up approved slogans - "A Good Lad ...understands that feminism isn't a dirty word" - to the politically correct US Army ordering its men to "walk a mile in her shoes". Objections to the latter led to one of the great headlines of our time, from The Washington Post:
Army To Review Decision To Have Male Cadets Wear High Heels
That's an early frontrunner for this year's Epitaphs for the Republic competition."

A Round Up Of "Pope Recognizes Palestine" Lunacy

Via Instapundit. 

Could this Pope not have just stuck to charitable works and showing grace and love to the disabled?


Not crazy about this stuff.

Yair Rosenberg at Tablet has other thoughts.

America, I Love You But The Way You Treat Your Veterans Is Disgusting and Makes Me Sick

This VA system is revolting.

Americans should be ashamed and revolt against it. 

This is a sinister and pathetic way of "treating" the very men and women who stood on guard for your lives and fought for your freedom.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Passengers Allege Super Duper Crack Security Agents of Sexual Assault

Pro tip:

If the "security professional" is only checking your boobs, it's TSA Kabuki Theater with horny arseholes on the playbill.

"I"m A Florist But I Refused to Do Flowers For My Gay Friend's Wedding"

Read the whole, sordid tale here. 

Remember-she also thought they were friends so there is a personal betrayal here as well.

Freedom of speech is under relentless assault in America. It's agonizing to watch, and even more agonizing to live through as we see here.

"We’ve always heard that same-sex marriage would never affect anyone aside from the same-sex couples who wanted to be married. But a judge recently told me that my freedom to live and work according to my beliefs about marriage expired the day same-sex marriage became the law in my state."

"Our government is supposed to protect our First Amendment rights — freedom of religion and expression. But the government is telling me I can only be a faithful Christian within the four walls of my church. That’s impossible and it’s unjust. What would Rob and Curt say if the government told them they could only be who they are in their own homes?"

"But whatever the state says and however they want to try to punish me, they can’t change my faith. What happens in my business or my life is in God’s hands. Having a clear conscience means much more to me than any amount of money or my business. Rob and Curt have their beliefs about marriage and aren’t being stopped by the state from living them out. I only ask for the same freedom."

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Addresses Antisemitism Conference

This is how a real world leader speaks.

Good stuff.

My own feeling is that one cannot "fight" antisemitism.

We can, and must fight our enemies.

Antisemitism cannot be fought. That's a waste of time.

We must fight antisemitic individuals and regimes until our dying breaths with every tool at our disposal. 

Full text here if you don't have time to watch.

"Campus Nags Want to Change How Male Students Think"

That's one way to look at it.

I see it as a gradual process of castration, and it starts with ritalin being shoved into the mouths of boys in grade school.

Israel Police to Pay Damages to Youth Arrested At Temple Mount

The capitulation of the Israeli police to political correctness is disgraceful.

Young Jews who want to pray at the Temple Mount are not the problem.

Yes, they should pay damages and the police got off easy. 


"Off With Their Heads"

Reality check.

Jewish "Life" In Australia: $500,000 Bomb-Proof Wall Edition

Not a good sign.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jews Get the Hell Out of Europe Before It's Too Late: Swedish Edition

European Jews have to make a decision about whether they would like to travel with suitcases or within coffins.

Here's a telling essay from a Swedish Jew with a long and robust record of (rather stupidly) defending Sweden, finally admitting that Jewish life in Sweden is unbearable. 

This means: get out with your life. 

 "A few weeks ago my son didn’t come home from school at four o’clock, as he always does. I tried his phone, with no answer. I would have tried his friends, but he’s been keeping to himself. The hours passed and just as I was about to call the police, he walks in, breaking down in tears before his bag even hits the floor."

"He tells me he had joined a few boys to play soccer after school, and everything had gone well until there was a dispute over the rules, and then the group had turned on him. The leader, a classmate of my son, had said, “This is why I don’t play with the cheating Jews.” My son had looked to the rest of them to protest, to stand by him in any way, but instead they had left him to make it back home alone."

To stay in such a putrid country after such a a revealing and threatening event is to endanger the lives of one's children.

This episode was a stark, vivid and terrifying warning.

Some Jews don't get any advance warning before they are murdered in cold blood.

Yet astonishingly,  some Jews in the post-Holocaust, post 9-11, post Paris, London, Copenhagen, post-too-many jihadist murders-to-possibly-mention-here, have the warning walk right into their home "breaking down in tears before his bag even hits the floor" and they still don't get it, and still haven't packed their bags!

This time the bag hit the floor, not the kid.


"As I was comforting him, my son asked me if we could just stop being Jews. It’s too hard, he said, and I just want it to go away. With those words, I felt as if I had fallen through a black hole into history. We have had this talk before, I have cried these tears before, the hatred may be wearing a different outfit now but the death we are dying is no less dark."

My advice would be to get the hell out before the darkness is permanent and irreversible and the child, and not the bag, hits the floor.

The Holocaust Torah and the Stories It Tells

This is simply a magnificent essay. A Jewish story that  elucidates the importance of memory, of respecting one's parents, of living and remembering Jewishly. No wonder antisemites hate us. They are jealous of all this goodness. And so they should be.

Read the whole thing. 

A taste:

"There were lots of things I knew about Mr. Friedman, and many I didn’t. One fact I thought I understood was that he’s always been a man of ordinary means. I’d seen his small apartment, and I’d asked him about his life once he moved to Chicago."

“I worked for a candle manufacturer,” he had told me. Once, when I’d asked him why he didn’t visit Lilly’s relatives in Israel, he explained that he couldn’t afford the trip."

"So when I first heard about the Holocaust Torah, I thought I’d misunderstood."

“Who’s sponsoring the Torah?” I asked."

"I had participated in many campaigns to raise money for new Torah scrolls. Torah scrolls are painstakingly hand-written by scribes, using special hand-made ink and parchment. It typically takes a scribe a year of full-time work to complete a Torah. The cost is very high. New Torah scrolls can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. It’s customary to invite everyone in a community to help contribute to the cost, and the fundraising to complete such a work can take years."

"Mr. Friedman had commissioned a Sefer Torah, our rabbi announced—an entire scroll—and had paid for the undertaking himself, in memory of his parents and his wife. When congregants asked to be allowed to contribute, he asked our rabbi to explain that this wasn’t possible. (In the end, a “deal” was struck: congregants were able to contribute towards purchasing a silver crown for the Torah, but the scroll itself was Mr. Friedman’s alone.) The next time I saw Mr. Friedman—tidy as ever, his white hair brushed neatly back, wearing what looked like an old, much-mended suit and a tie—I asked him about the Torah scroll."

“It’s in memory of my parents and my wife,” he explained, nodding."

"I glanced at his frayed cuffs, his old, much-polished shoes."

“However did you save enough to pay for it?” I asked."

"Mr. Friedman fixed me with a piercing stare and enunciated slowly: “I’ve been saving for this Torah all my life.”

Like! "Antisemitism Is Pissing on My Boots and Telling Me It's Anti-Zionism"

Well done!


"Novelist Howard Jacobson is willing to pierce the veil. "

“All the unsayable things, all the things they know they can’t say about Jews in a post-Holocaust liberal society, they can say again now. Israel has desacralized the subject. It’s a space in which everything is allowed again.”

Timely Reminder: Celebrating the Defeat of the Nazis, VE Day's 70th Anniversary

This is when a triumph over evil was celebrated by individuals in democracies. 

The same cannot be said today.

A new, pernicious form of totalitarianism is slowly eating away at our core.

And the abject passivity that greets it, troubles me greatly.

Evil is being welcomed, not banished.

Woman With Guide Dog Refused Service At Toronto Restaurant



Clinton Mafiosos Not Very Happy About Being on Charity Watchdog List

Too delicious.

Long may they spar!

Must Read Victor Davis Hanson The First and a Half Ammendment

This man is an intellectual giant.

Read every single word.

"The First Amendment to the Constitution instead was designed to protect the obnoxious, the provocative, the uncouth, and the creepy — on the principle that if the foulmouths can say or express what they wish and the public can put up with it, then everyone else is assured of free speech."

"Every time the West has forgotten that fact — from putting on trial cranky Socrates or incendiary Jesus to routinely burning books in the Third Reich — we have come to regret what followed. Censorship, of course, is never branded as extreme and dangerous, but rather as a moderate and helpful means to curb the hate speech of a bald, barefooted crank philosopher who pollutes young minds and introduces wacky and dangerous cults, or a hatemonger who whips innocent people in front of a temple in between his faked and hokey miracles, or traitorous Jews who scribble and call their first-grade art the equivalent of Rembrandt or their perverted sexual fantasies the stuff of Hegel."

"Banning free expression is never presented as provocative, but always the final act of an aggrieved and understandably provoked society."

"They Told Me Every Dead Baby Earned Them $313.29"


The price of a human life in America.

Monday, May 11, 2015

"I'm Offended That You Want to Kill Me"

Well done. 

Another ballsy Jewish lady discovered!

A Swedish Jew, no less.

Yishar Koach! 

OH MAH GAWD! Oberlin College Choir Responds to Christina Sommers "Controversy" and It's Magnificent

Via Instapundit:

This is hysterical. I'm dying!!!


(Background information here.)

Where Do You Live?

A good friend of my brother's passed away last week. He was a relatively well known public personality, and my brother said one of the very strange and hard things about mourning his friend was the difference between the public "mourning" and the private mourning of a friend.

He has been dismayed by public sentiments published on various forms of social media, which tend to include sundry plugs for various personal causes or things within the sentiments of mourning. I told him that he just has to ignore the public displays of "sadness" and focus on accepting his loss and honouring his friend's life by continuing to enjoy the things they did and enjoyed together, and though he is not a believer, to also focus energy on wishing his friend peace wherever he is now.

My dad's best friend died a couple of weeks ago as well and it's a very sad thing. They were friends for more than seventy years. It's strange that he's gone.

The point of all this, and the point that I made to my brother is that bad things are all around us, they happen to people all the time. If a day goes by without sad, without loss, it is really a blessed day.

Nightmares happen in real life, too. And the realist, the honest student of human nature must admit that some things have no silver lining. Some things that humans go through are just sad, and shitty.

I live on planet reality. It's a choice.

The real world with it's pain, the real human condition.

The real exhaustion, the real exhilaration. 

I forbid myself from visiting planet utopia, where wishful thinking makes everything better or acts as an artificial, noxious sweetner to swallow bitter pills. I refuse to walk there. I refuse to socialize there. I won't take my children there.

Where do you live?

Do you live on planet reality with Mark Steyn?

Or do you live on planet fantasy, hoping that if you follow direction, keep your head down, keep quiet and plod along quietly as you submit, that everything will be OK? 

This essay is certainly one of his best and he brings up several of the most insidious forces that collude with evil to strip us of our hard-won freedoms and put us on a modern death march, step by step. Some seventy years after the end of the Second World War, it's not our flimsy shoes that are being shredded on a cadaver-creating winter death marches through the fields of Europe, it's not even our bodies, it's our souls.

Dennis Miller says Steyn is Yoda, which is well and fine, but he is most certainly visionary, with prophet-like vision.

Who are the residents of planet utopia?

The first major group, of course, is the mainstream media and their blaming-the-victim complicity.

Attacking Pamela Geller is shameful and embarrassing but these people are beyond shame.

They honestly believe that their pandering will save them and they have a visceral contempt for Judeo-Christian values. Thus, they are for mocking religion when there is no risk of death. They are for questioning authority when they are not in power.  They are "for the children" only when they can totally control the ones that have not been aborted through radicalized public education cirricula. They are for sex-for children of course, and every sort of non-procreative sex, but want to put puritan sex-control laws into play on college campuses because that's the wrong kind of sex, between consenting adult men and women. All these roads lead to evil.

Additionally, with respect to the media, lot of people were wondering last week how pollsters could have got it so wrong again-first in Israel and then in the UK.

How? It's the bubble. Journalism, like acting, self-selects individuals who are of a similar leftist, self-centered mindset. Before the age of the internet, these professions were largely monopolies as well. Nobody except a left-winger could get news out to the public. Nobody except a left-wing "artist" could get entertainment out to the public.

That is changing, rapidly but the gravitation of this type of human and their mindset has not evolved with the actual pace of technology.  Nor will it.

There is a gap. And these smarter-than-you, holier-than-you, anointed nincompoops have no interest and awareness of their utter ignorance.

That's why the pollsters "got it so wrong". Everything they think is wrong. Everything they wish for is wrong. They are the exception, not the majority. But through their unending quest for power, publicly funded by taxes, they force their will and their blindness to evil on a relatively captive audience, yet the truth seeps out!

That's why they hate democracy. 

Thus, more than "just" freedom of speech is under attack. It's our entire lifestyle. And that's why the attacks against defenders of freedom are so ferocious. The peddlers of evil understand exactly what is at stake. There are no accidents, no slips of the tongue. It's all about the power and the control.

And at the head of this hydra, much to my heartbreak is the current leader of America, once the bastion of freedom, President Obama.

There is no exception to freedom of speech. There cannot be. The speech keeps you free.

If you want to know who controls you, all you have to do is figure out who is telling you to shut up.

Remember that "security" is the new shut up.

It's also the new white flag tarted up like a cheap hooker in the guise of concern for safety.

Where do you live? In reality or fantasy land?

People like Irwin Cotler, mentioned in Steyn's essay, are a disgrace.

In fact, they have no right to mourn a single Holocaust victim because for all their "never again" blowhard uselessness, they are the ones who are giving the green light, or rather the green flag, to "again".

They are the ones who would have said "just keep your heads down" in the ghetto, and "you'll be OK". Don't get any guns! Don't speak back to those Nazis, just quietly do what they say...

Some people are strangely puzzled and even troubled by Michael Coren's newest incarnation as a squish, and for jumping the Catholic ship that was a pretty good cash cow for a while. I am not. 

I believe that individuals like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are probably most upset not about what they may see as a personal betrayal to 'the cause'-which it's actually not.

The real issue is that the risk is once again, no longer shared. 

As Mark Steyn says:

"In Copenhagen, in Paris, in Garland, what's more important than the cartoons and the attacks is the reaction of all the polite, respectable people in society, which for a decade now has told those who do not accept the messy, fractious liberties of free peoples that we don't really believe in them, either, and we're happy to give them up - quietly, furtively, incrementally, remorselessly - in hopes of a quiet life."

"Because a small Danish newspaper found itself abandoned and alone, Charlie Hebdo jumped in to support them. Because the Charlie Hebdo artists and writers died abandoned and alone, Pamela Geller jumped in to support them."

"By refusing to share the risk, we are increasing the risk. It's not Pamela Geller who emboldens Islamic fanatics, it's all the nice types - the ones Salman Rushdie calls the But Brigade. You've heard them a zillion times this last week: "Of course, I'm personally, passionately, absolutely committed to free speech. But..." And the minute you hear the "but", none of the build-up to it matters.

Everything before the "but" is a lie. A terribly evil lie.

Where do you live?

What do you risk?

Who is telling you to shut up?

Will you?


And until when?

There Is A Reason Why French Women Have Allure

Because of stuff like this: 

"A star is someone who must show themselves only a little and remain discreet. With the introduction of the digital age there is an intrusion of everything, everywhere, all the time," she said."

"We see a tremendous amount of people who are very famous, with millions of followers, and who have done absolutely nothing."

"Deneuve said she had a very "limited" relationship to technology."

"It's wonderful to be able to take photos (with your cellphone) but I detest selfies, photographing yourself all the time ... it makes everything banal," she told the newspaper."

"And this idea that we are looking at ourselves doing things, without actually experiencing them, is horrible."

Also note how absolutely gorgeous she looks.

I often flip through fashion magazines, and I'm always looking at people around me. When I see something in a store, or in a magazine one of my first thoughts is-would a French woman wear this? It's pretty much my litmus test for clothing.