Thursday, February 22, 2018

OK These Are Pretty Funny

They were absolutely outstanding.


But the Tweets are really funny. 

History Geek Out: New Colourized Pictures of the Heroes of D-Day

You're welcome. 

Clifford Orwin: What Would John Stuart Mill Think About Today's Campus Free Speech Debates?

Good piece by my former professor with some thoughts about free speech in general and the Lindsay Shepherd inquisition in particular

"This rejection of adverse opinions as "unsafe" would have driven Mill up the highest wall in Westminster. He argued the opposite: that we are safe only for so long as we are exposed to opinions contrary to our own – safe from our unfortunate proclivities to sloth, narrowness and prejudice, safe from forever riding in triumph over the corpses of straw men. He thought that there was no surer sign of a bad argument than its holder's insistence on its immunity to challenge. He also held that once any group claimed for itself the pious right to police unwholesome views, woe to any that differed from its own. Mill thought this the clear lesson of history – and he was right."

Who Are the Rich, White Men At the Helm of the Transgender Ideology?


As always, follow the money.

"Fear Is Not In My Vocabulary"


The Israeli Deep State's War on Binyamin Netanyahu

Super smart Jew Daniel Greenfield hits it right out of the park: 

As in America, leftists reject the democratic will of the people when the people decide not to vote left. They do not accept the peaceful transfer of power as final. They reject it and then start working to delegitimize the non-leftist leader. 

And, as Mark Steyn often points out, in America, the government may change, but change isn't really possible when the bureaucracy is permanent (and leftist). The same is true in Israel. 

"Labor’s deep state still runs much of Israel the way it did when Ben-Gurion was still alive. It doesn’t just have the media and academia, the non-profits and the elites, the way most national ‘lefts’ do. It also controls the old machinery of government that it spent generations running and robbing.

"Ben-Gurion’s tenancy may be a factoid to most, but it’s a sore insult to Labor. And its deep state is working overtime to force Netanyahu out of office using fake scandals, fake news and fake police."

"Labor failed to stop Netanyahu at the voting booth despite Obama’s experts working for them. And Obama isn’t around to restrain Netanyahu. A deep state coup against democracy is its last option."

"The people won in America and Israel. But that just means that the deep state in both countries is becoming more ruthless in its efforts to defeat the voices, hopes and dreams of Americans and Israelis."

Things That Make Jew-Haters Sad

Hotovely: "10 More Countries in Talks To Move Embassies to Jerusalem."

Thursday, February 15, 2018

From My Duh File: #MeToo Is Killing Seduction


Seduction is a lost art.

Seduction is using your brain as and for foreplay. 

It's penetration, but not physical. It's penetration of the other person's brain and thus their essence and spirit before any physical consummation of a physical relationship.

That's why it's so powerful. It's the brain, stupid!!!

Have I mentioned lately that this is one of my most favourite topics ever ever EVER EVER EVAHHHHHH, along with chemistry?????

More food for thought via Kate: 

Being Beautiful is Hard Work. Ugly is for lazy, yucky people.

Leftists are ugly and yucky and angry. And most of the chicks are fat.

And my latest schoolgirl crush, Prof. Peterson:

This is really, really, really good stuff.

You can watch the video or listen to the pod cast (download from iTunes).

Coin Finally Drops For German Babe

Thanks for coming out, Fräulein. 

Can We Nuke Sweden Yet?

I think it may be time. 


Oh just some little examples here and here. 

PS: Or maybe France? 

Sweden, France and Germany are the worst in Europe (so far) on every measurable level.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

We Need More Than Just A Cute Gerber Baby

Welcome to my life: 

"Lucas is cute but what happens when he isn't cute any more? What happens when, like Ms. Robins's 14-year-old son, Aaron, he is a gangly, moody teenager and, when he is an adult, looking for real work and meaningful relationships?"

What happens is that things get hard. 

Very hard. 

Sometimes to the point of heartache. 

And heartbreak. 

Thank you André Picard for writing this. 


Excactly! For Israelis, It's Not Just "Salat", It's "Salatim"

OK so the Hebrew word for salad is "salat".

But nobody offers up just "salat" on their table. If you did that, you'd seriously be dragged off to the funny farm. There is no such thing as just putting one salad on the table.

You need to put "salatim", it's always in the plural. 

In Israel and even outside of Israel when one entertains, the "salatim" skills are always under scrutiny-especially when you have Sephardic relatives!!

Ashkenazis are just not as good at "salatim", sorry that's just the truth.

I guess mezze or tapas is sort of the equivalent, in other cultures but it's not really the same.

When you go to a restaurant in Israel, as soon as you sit down, you get about a dozen little "salatim" and fresh pita or laffa on the table. They are usually made with the vegetables that are most in abundance in Israel, some are fresh and some are cooked salads.

They are all yummy and have varying degrees of spicy, so you have to make sure to ask what is spicy and also to pace yourself so you don't get full before the main course arrives.

Great article! Well done!

A Dinner From Hell With Profoundly Wicked Individuals

This is my idea of a dinner in hell. 

"I Fixed A Butterfly's Broken Wing To Remember My Mother"

'Don't you worry. Any time you see a butterfly, know that I am always there and that I love you very much.'"

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Jordan Peterson Phenomenon

Really good.

Read the whole thing. 

"The Peterson phenomenon, then, testifies to the deep sense of spiritual emptiness in our culture. Confronting the abyss, he argues that nobility is possible despite the recognition that life inescapably involves suffering, evil and death, and contends that male vigor, fortitude and resilience are essential to cultural survival. In a culture obsessed with group rights, Peterson points out that absent its necessary counterpart, individual responsibility, social collapse is inevitable."

"Peterson’s message is not new to anyone who has read and pondered his sources; yet it is new in the sense that he has performed an act of synthesis for a largely illiterate, politically indoctrinated and under-educated generation. As John Dale Dunn writes in American Thinker, Peterson’s “great accomplishment is teaching, counseling, and coaching people to urge them to live the good life, the virtuous life … The only way he might be ambushed is [by being targeted] by the destroyers of the left with their name calling and politics of personal destruction,” deploying tactics straight out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals."

The Real Victims of the Paris Terrorist Attacks...

The perpetrators! 

Seems nice. 

Eurapia: Will the BBC Go Back to Ignoring Grooming Gangs in the UK?

Prediction: yes!

Have We Hit Peak Germany Yet?

Answer: NO. 


Thursday, February 1, 2018

British Babes With Big Boobs Verses Dour Feminist: Must Watch

I forgot to post it yesterday (saw it via Spiked), and I could not stop laughing.

So apparently, in the UK, one of the very few vestiges of normalcy in that crappy, formerly "Great" nation is that heterosexual men still like looking at hot babes with good bodies, heavy make up and nice racks.


I mean, I am shocked that they haven't gone Full Soy if you know what I mean. And these babes are totally haram, so there's quite a number of constituencies that would like to put these girls out of business or into Burkha Body Bags.

Another wonderful future collaboration project between the left and Islam in Britain...

So, feminist lady is VERY OFFENDED and insists that the babes must stop being babealicious as a career.

Really it's shocking that there's still waves of testosterone floating around the kingdom.

The next thing you know those Brits will be taking care of their teeth.

That would be a sign of the coming of the apocalypse.


Apparently, all over Britain, earnest feminists have decided that they must put all these"walk on" and "dart girls" out of their jobs BECAUSE SOCIAL JUSTICE.

But if you watch this video, it's just painfully clear that the babes are just having the best time with their careers, and the earnest, bloodless feminists are really is just dour wet blanket. And jealous much??? Uh, yeah.

Absolutely hysterical.

I think a lot of feminists, and especially the older, childless ones, devote their last remaining breaths on earth to making regular and attractive women's lives miserable, like trying to punish them for choosing traditional lives and for having children. Many of them let themselves go completely, and their only joy is destroying other women and finding excellent deals on bulk cat food.

Anyway, I love the way the babes are just smiling at this woman thinking GAWD YOU ARE SO DREADFUL LIGHTEN UP.

This video only has about 65,000 views right now but maybe that will change once I post it so do share!

These People Are Not Normal

Keep your kids away from this vile garbage. 

Starting Over: The Legacy of the Reitmans

Lovely story and kudos to my high school friend Jamie Shannon on the puppetry.