Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blog Break Announcement: See You April 8th

Everyone needs a break now and then!

Mine starts tomorrow.

I'll have extremely limited access to Da Interwebzzz, so regular posting will resume on Monday, April 8  for sure-but from time to time if possible.

Dennis Prager Actually Gets Me to Read Something About Gay Marriage Without Falling Asleep!

Blah blah blah gay marriage....zzzzz....so sleeeeepy...

BUT-Prager has written a great piece here. 

I think the title sort of killed it, because it should have been called "A Change of Heart, Not A Change of Mind".

Because that's really what this boils down to!

But for not putting me to sleep with an article about gay marriage...zzzz...getting so tired...eyes heavy...would rather talk about ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WHOLE WORLD... Dennis Prager wins the internet today!

TSA Security Enuchs Humiliate Marine

Security kabuki theatre jerkoffs humiliate actual warrior. 

For shame. And shame on Americans for tolerating this.

Ezra Takes One For the Team

Last night I read Ezra's apology for "collective judgement" or some such nonsense.

It was quite excruciating to read, and I imagine even more so to write, and then get it lawyered up. Ugh.

Here are my thoughts about the matter.

I think that Ezra's track record is pretty incredible so far. He's taken a lot of hits and unfortunately, this time-probably for many reasons-he has to eat a massive sh&t sandwich on this one.

Oh well!

Can anyone among us say that we haven't had to sample that kind of gourmet cuisine at some point in our lives?

At every job, in every marriage, in every friendship and in every relationship there are ups and downs and compromises. We just can't have it our way all the time.

So before anyone dares condemn Ezra, or express disappointment or whatnot, they ought to damn well examine how many battles they have fought and tally up their own wins and losses for various causes.

This apology was craptacular, but this too, shall pass.

To me, the whole kerfuffle is more a reflection on the fact that we really and truly do not have free speech in Canada.

And before the Canadian left gloats too heartily, I would remind them-and anyone else reading that just because someone is forced to do something by the state, or by an employer-that doesn't make it right or moral and it certainly doesn't guarantee that public opinion is on that side.

If Ezra Levant had to swallow his pride and a massive crap sammich, in order to perhaps stay gainfully employed, or to keep SUN TV on the air-then in my view, that's a reasonable thing to do. There isn't a single person amongst us who hasn't stiffed a comment in their belly, or held off from telling someone to piss off because they had the bigger picture in mind.

So, lefty can gloat about this battle-but this is just a momentary and temporary blip and it certainly ain't the war.

Conservatives and us Bully Bloggers are still plodding on, and this one distasteful-and in my opinion-completely necessary and ridiculous apology-will not make a huge amount of difference in the long run or in our efforts on behalf of free speech and liberty.

And that's a promise!

Sweden: State Raises Children-Cradle to Grave

Why bother having children? 


Government as Old-Age Home

This is an outstanding article for those who wish to live in reality, instead of tax and spend la la land.

Read the whole thing: 

"What frustrates constructive debate is muddled public opinion. Americans hate deficits but desire more spending and reject higher taxes. In a Pew poll, 87 percent of respondents favored present or greater Social Security spending; only 10 percent backed cuts."
"Only the occupant of the bully pulpit can yank public opinion back to reality. This requires acknowledging that an aging America needs a new social compact: one recognizing that longer life expectancies justify gradual increases in Social Security's and Medicare's eligibility ages; one accepting that sizable numbers of well-off retirees can afford to pay more for their benefits or receive less; one that improves generational fairness by concentrating help for the elderly more on the needy and poor to lighten the burdens -- in higher taxes and fewer public services -- on workers; and one that limits health costs."
"Little is possible while public opinion remains frozen in contradiction. The mistake lies in thinking that the apparent paralysis isn't policy. It is. Government is being slowly transformed into a vast old-age home, with everything else devalued and degraded."
If people don't pay attention, Cyprus will happen here in North America. 
You're an idiot if you don't think it's possible in other countries.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Blah Blah Satan as Obama ZZZZZZ

This stunt has generated more free PR than they could have ever been able to purchase. 

Just sayin....

To Speak of the Woe that Is Teen Pregnancy

An excellent read from Heather MacDonald from City Journal. 

I remember a few years ago when Bill Cosby gave some very common sense advice to teenagers. It was so sensible that people started screeching racism and I think he had to go underground for a while.

Basically, all he said was: finish high school. Don't get pregnant during high school, but if you do get pregnant, finish high school. If you get pregnant, marry the father and finish high school.

MacDonald's piece is very well written, but this particular nugget struck me as the essence of the issue-and not just with respect to teen pregnancy. She identifies a feature of modern life-the lack of shame amongst our populations, and the fact that shaming is no longer socially acceptable. People have no shame.

She talks about what happened when Michael Bloomberg tried to take on the issue of teenage pregnancy-the results, "predictable", even for someone with as much liberal nanny-state street cred as Bloomberg.

"The backlash illustrates two defining features of contemporary poverty discourse. First is the stigma against stigma. Accusing someone of being stigmatizing is almost as powerful a means of silencing him as calling him a racist. For millennia, humans relied on social disapproval to reduce behavior that produced disproportionate costs to individuals and the community."

"Now, however, one cannot point out the bad consequences of actions that generate multigenerational poverty, because that would be “judgmental.” Even abstract statements of fact, like those in the Bloomberg ad campaign, are now reviled as insensitive, even when not directed at any particular individual."

Me Tarzan, You Jane-Part Eleventy Bazillion

Men should be men, women should be women. DUH!

That's really the lesson of this hopelessly clueless British woman, who fell "in lust" (clearly, they love each other-and there was good chemistry, all good) with a Frenchman.

She is trying to pull of the self-mocking bit, but it's really not working because her life prior to the Frenchman was pretty pathetic, and pretty typical of women nowadays.

Because basically the story is, lonely woman with history of flops (perhaps including beta males) meets alpha male heterosexual Frenchman who clearly likes women, hunts own meat, etc... Man makes pass, pursues her, woman gets all tingly. Man and woman live happily ever after. That type of thing.

She's all delicate here:

"The more Miriam told me about my French admirer, however, the more I wondered if we had anything in common. Pascal loves motorbikes and the rock band ZZ Top: I detest both. I’m a vegetarian: Pascal’s a hunter who kills animals."

She's the delicate vegetarian! How lovely-how cultured

"We accepted an invitation to dinner at his home. And during the evening, when we were briefly alone, he took me without warning into his arms. Pascal may be big and gruff, but his kisses were soft and light. Nestled in his arms, I realised I was utterly smitten."

Please see "Me Tarzan, You Jane" above. 

He asked her to cook one night: 

"For the first time ever, I was charged with gutting and cooking a chicken for lunch. Problem: after years in the expense-account world of TV, I knew how to reserve a sought-after table at The Wolseley, but, somewhere along the way, I’d forgotten to learn to cook."

Memo to career womyn folk: most men would really, really, really prefer that you know how to make a meal, not a reservation


Her conclusion (not mine, although I heartily agree): suppress "militant inner feminist", end up married and happy. 

Her book is called "Head Over Heels in France" but looks like it should be subtitled "Heels Over Head in France" also. 

(Did I just write that?? Yes I did-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Men and women have emotional and physical needs that are very well served by tradition-despite what moron, lefty, angry, morose, unhappy, leftist social engineers would have you believe. 




Free Speech Under Threat in Britain

Melanie Phillips helpfully explains what it's all about:

"The real agenda of these campaigners is not their specious aim of ‘accountability’."
"It is rather, as Professor Luckhurst writes, a toxic mix of their desire to control the Press; their elitist contempt for popular newspapers on the grounds that these are fundamentally so trivial that people shouldn’t read them; and, most lethal of all, their certainty that there is an unbridgeable chasm between the public interest and what the public is interested in. To which one might add that they alone claim the power to determine the former, while aiming to suppress the latter altogether."
"The Press is caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea. For even if this compromise Royal Charter is not enshrined in statute, what is being proposed will still tie the Press up in knots. And this will sound the death knell for a free society"

DUDE!! Littlest Hero of America!

Absolutely amazing!

A 9 year old boy and his friend saved a little baby in America-what a little dude!

"I had him in my arms and still screaming over and over.  Then I ran outside. I saw two boys playing across the street and I yelled, 'go ask your parents to call 911,'" said Susanna.

Ethan Wilson and Rocky Hurt were tossing a football in a front yard.

"I was thinking we better go out there to help and actually call 911 instead of getting scared," said Wilson.

Rocky then ran over to help.

"He came in and I had my hand on my baby's chest just screaming and the little boys said, 'put two fingers on his stomach,'" said Susanna.  "He said, ‘press down five times,' so I did five compressions, and then he said, ‘breathe in his mouth.'"

"After a few minutes little Isaiah belted out a loud cry. An ambulance arrived moments later".


Do you hear that sound?

That's the sound of the poverty industry weeping.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Lifetime American anti-American and Jew-hating Jewish douchebag to speak at memorial for other fake Palestinian Jew-hating, dead douchebag.

"Lunch with the FT: Noam Chomsky."

At the end:

Professor Noam Chomsky will be delivering the 2013 Edward W Said London Lecture, programmed by AM Qattan Foundation/The Mosaic Rooms, on March 18 at 7pm; www.mosaicrooms.org

Lovely foundation!

Kapo Alert!

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. 

Imperial Presidency Alert

The first sentence is a knock-out:

"Once, only nobles were granted an audience with the King."

The rest is very good-do read it all. 
"In America, we've prided ourselves on abandoning those privileges of class some 237 years ago, following that little uprising in the 13 colonies."

America the beautiful-is going back in time with the "Forward" president.

How tragic. 


Palestinians "unenthusiastic" about upcoming Landing of Messiah in Israel.


Hair Raising!! American Idiocy!

These people really, actually, truly cannot afford to pay for their own haircuts? 

Or is this just symbolic of the absolute la-la land that is Washington, D.C?

I just don't get this.

Pay for your own bloody hair cuts, and make your own lunches for your kids at school.


New Pope Thoughts

I could not help but get sucked in to a little bit of the drama of the new Pope stuff.

For a really great overview of the importance of the Church to Catholics and the timelessness of this institution, check out Mark Steyn's beautiful reflections on Pope John Paul II. It's lovely  and has been updated with some thoughts on today's Pope.

"The root of the Pope's thinking – that there are eternal truths no-one can change even if he wanted to – is completely incomprehensible to the progressivist mindset. There are no absolute truths, everything's in play, and by "consensus" all we're really arguing is the rate of concession to the inevitable: abortion's here to stay, gay marriage will be here any day now – it's all gonna happen anyway, man, so why be the last squaresville daddy-o on the block? We live in a present-tense culture where novelty is its own virtue."

And furthermore:

"Among liberal "Catholics" in Manhattan and Boston, the pontiff may be a reactionary misogynist homophobe condom-banner but, beyond those stunted horizons, he was a man fully engaged with the modern world and shrewder at reconciling it with the splendor of the eternal truth than most politicians. Western liberals claim the Pope's condom hang-ups have had tragic consequences in Aids-riddled Africa."

(The Lubavticher Rabbi was also someone like this, in my opinion-he was very well educated in the secular world and embraced technology-every form-to get the word out.) 

"The Dark Continent gets darker every year: millions are dying, male life expectancy is collapsing, and such civil infrastructure as there is seems likely to follow. But the most effective weapon against the disease has not been the Aids lobby's 20-year promotion of condom culture in Africa but Uganda's campaign to change behaviour and to emphasise abstinence and fidelity – ie, the Pope's position. You don't have to be a Catholic or a "homophobe" to think that the spread of Aids is telling us something basic – that nature is not sympathetic to sexual promiscuity. If it weren't Aids, it would be something else, as it has been for most of human history."

Anyway, I'm not too involved in the topic, but I did think that this was a very positive gesture:

Pope Francis reaches out to Jews. 

So far, so good!

Egyptian Democracy!


Egypt may begin allowing citizen's arrests against tourists for blasphemy!

Awesome! (Hat tip: Blazing Cat Fur)

I have the perfect antidote.

Don't go to Egypt. Don't spend your hard-earned dollars in any place that is not a democracy. You are waaaay less likely to get arrested that way. British people who go to Dubai are also morons.

Arab spring! It's a beautiful thing. 

Admiring Ann: 5 Coulterisms For Counter Culture Conservatives

First tip: be a smart, leggy, blonde with a wicked sense of humour!


Read this whole thing. 

Love it!

We're Here From the Government

And we're here to help you  drain your bank account.

If you don't think this can happen elsewhere, you're nuts.

(Looking at you, America...)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Obama's Israeli Classmates From Columbia Have No Memory of Him

Another weird thing about Obama. 

There are 25 Columbia graduates from his year living in Israel.

None of them has a single memory of him being there.

Jeffrey Goldberg is trying to say it is a non-story.

I disagree.

It's very weird that nobody remembers this guy except his imaginary, composite girlfriends in his composite autobiographies in his composite life.

Why they would want to meet with him is another mystery.


Incredible: Auschwitz Survivor Searches for His Twin-Using Facebook

What an amazing story. 

Read it and pass it along! I am sure that given the power of social media and the internet-the mystery will be solved quickly. Do you know any Gottesmans?

When Jews were numbered: 

A-7733, Gottesmann, Elias, 4
A-7734, Gottesmann, Jeno, 4

Menachem Bodner then and now (previously Gottesman)

Just Rocks? Just Stones?


Good Lord.

Prayers have been requested for this little girl. 

G-d bless her and keep her.

So a Canadian, A Jewish Israeli and an Arab Israeli Walk into an Operating Theatre

What an outstanding story. 

Kudos to all involved.

Culture of life.

Blessed are the healers and the selfless people who donated from their own bodies to save the lives of others.


Sequester Nation-Clinton Edition

So glad that the Clinton family has not bee too badly hit by the sequestration of the nation. 

Lovely that a young couple can afford a home in America. Guess that awesome journalism gig pays really well.

Or-the husband comes from money?

Or-the Clinton parents have enriched themselves entirely through civil service?

Sowell: The Dogma of Multiculturalism

Also outstanding. 

I love Thomas Sowell.

Read the whole thing!

Beautiful nugget:

"...intellectuals see themselves as friends, allies, and defenders of racial minorities, even as they paint them into a corner of cultural stagnation. This allows the intelligentsia to flatter themselves that they are on the side of the angels against the forces of evil that are conspiring to keep minorities down."

"When they cannot come up with hard evidence in any particular case to support this theory, that just proves to the intelligentsia how fiendishly clever and covert these pervasive efforts to hold down minorities are."

"Why people with high levels of mental skills and rhetorical talents would tie themselves into knots with such reasoning is a mystery. Perhaps it is just that they cannot give up a social vision that is so flattering to themselves, despite how detrimental it may be to the people they claim to be helping."



VDH: The New Affirmative Action

Excellent piece by VDH. 

Love this phrase, which is so sensible that leftists will be unable to understand it:

"Making diversity the goal of preferences doesn’t eliminate bias."

Can I get an AMEN CHORUS on that?


Common sense! Not so common!

War on Women

You better believe that giving human rights to women would destroy Islamist society. 


Remember-It's All For the Children

All about the children. 

Disgusting case inflation noted at Children's Aid Society.

Everyone yawns.

The Death of Free Speech in Canada

"Man" in pink vagina costume, and vulgar women using the "c" word find opposing views "unacceptable" and shut down lecture as campus police stand and watch.

This is what happened on a Canadian university campus. How disgraceful. 

“In the name of every c—, we stand here today refusing to let you further devalue the anatomical jewel, and moreover refusing to let you keep talking about removing it,” the woman in red said. “We are the defenders of the c—. You are threatening the freedom of all c—s while disseminating anti-c— misinformation in institutions that require academic integrity.”

The ringleader-his parents must be so proud: 

"Ethan Jackson, 21, an art student at nearby Wilfrid Laurier University, said he calls his pink costume Vulveta, and that Stephen Woodworth’s talk about the universality of human rights came from an oppressive western discourse that ignores the rights of indigenous people."

Got that logic? 

Juvenile, disgusting, rude behaviour is epidemic on campus. All because of "feelings"-how an opposing feeling makes them feel!

But the real question is why have police at events like this at all, if they cannot (will not) keep the peace and remove disruptive protesters from scheduled events? That is what "keeping the peace" really means, remove the disruptions-not remove the speaker. 

What is the point of this "safety" facade? 

This is the possibly the most grating issue in the article: 

From the administration itself: 

Ms. Ellen Rethore (the associate vice-president of communications and public affairs) said police were at the event Wednesday to guard the safety of everyone, not enforce rules of academic debate.


Safety is the new wimp catch-all for "we cannot deal with this and we are going to surrender". 

"Safety" = the death of liberty and freedom by small, "safe" steps. It's safety kabuki theatre! 

Liberty was not safe and preserved nor was freedom of expression or speech. 

Utterly reprehensible. A black mark on Canadian institutes of higher education. Shame on all that encourage and tolerate this behaviour. 

As Kate says: what's the opposite of diversity? University. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Markham teacher joins "mutiny" against teacher's union. 

I'm liking this teacher!

More like this, please!!

Most Excellent Read on Tyranny

"Escaping the puritans is a task that is never finished."

Rocking conclusion-sorry to have given it all away, but it's too awesome not to quote. 

So true! It is a constant, constant battle!

Read this whole article, it's fantastic. 

The lede is also fabulous:

"The first law of thermodynamics says that energy can't be created and can't be destroyed -- it can only be changed from one form into another. The same holds true of the puritanical impulse."

Must read! 

Most Transparent Administration Ever!

"Biden's office said Thursday it has apologized to Jeremy Barr, a master's candidate. Barr, a student reporter for the school's Capital News Service, was covering a Biden appearance Wednesday in Rockville, Md., when he said he was asked to delete about 25 photos he had taken."


North American Politicians are Clueless

Unless they actually WANT their home and native lands to be overwhelmed by illegal immigrants.

Then it's a different story.

America: Welcome to the Hotel Maternity-fornia

Canada: Have Your Baby in Canada web sites.

The Sexualization of Childhood

Here's an article I read a while back, but haven't had a chance to post.

It's about how magazines like Seventeen sexualize young girls at ever earlier ages. 

Now, "girls" in their teenage years are really young women. Their bodies are developed, they are more mature than the boys their age-for sure. It seems to me though that the age of sexualization keeps being pushed downward, to younger and younger children.

The horrible child beauty porn-geants are part of it of course, and then there are the pole-dancing for kids lessons, etc...

What really bothers me is the stunning hypocrisy of the left on the issue of the sexual abuse and grooming of children.

When a child is sexually groomed or abused in Hollywood, it's not supposed to be a big deal-just part of the industry. When a child is abused by a clergy member-the left goes into full kilter. Why are people at all surprised that there is sexual interest in children, when sexuality is being introduced to children at younger and younger ages under the guise of "sexual education"?

Am I the only one who sees the frightful correlation?

Normal people are not interested in discussing sexual issues with pre-schoolers, or grade-school children.

This is deviant behaviour.

Don't say you weren't warned.

TDSB Sends in Toronto Police to Investigate Sarcastic Blog Comment

How comforting to know that the TDSB seems to have its own Special Investigations Unit. 

How much does it cost to send not one, but two detectives on a visit such as this? Seriously-I'd be interested to know.

The TDSB is just pissed that their radical leftist, Marxist and hypersexualized approach to children (grooming) is constantly exposed to sunlight by bloggers like Arnie.

Read the whole thing. 

Actually, the comments under the Sun article are absolutely hilarious.

My favourites (so far):

"I will buy the kerosene." (That's a JOKE by the way, someone attempting to be funny! Just clarifying for the joke-challenged TDSB.)

And this is totally awesome-someone got offended when Saint Che got described as a psychopath:

"Che Guevara a "psychopath"? Well you're right. Why would one say something about such a hero just 'cause he got an errection everytime he murdered someone."


Anyway, read the whole thing, and read Arnie's posts on the TDSB and then you decide. 

I hope this investigation attempted intimidation gets lots of attention and completely blows up in their faces (joke, joke for the TDSB's sensitivity police). 



Steyn links-thanks Mark! 

Amazing post from Steyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyn. 

"It seems a wee bit over-sensitive for a school board that promotes murderous goons like Che Guevara and cop-killers like the Black Panthers as role models to its young charges to get its knickers in a twist over a blog post. But, of course, for leftie social engineers, the glamor of the revolutionary aesthetic is mostly a useful cover for inculcating a bovine, unquestioning statist compliance from which no deviation is permitted."

Gotta love Mark Steyn. Hahahahahahaha. 

And by "gotta love Mark Steyn" I mean that figuratively, you bone-headed, bovine, unquestioning statist freaks from the TDSB and from the Department of Homeland Security. Seriously! Over 16 different ISPs from Homeland Security in America are regular visitors to my blog! Americans-do you feel more secure now? 



Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sequester Nation!

Sequester nation and the caligraphy industry!

This is awesome. 

"The White House did not respond to our request for comment.."


Free the Bully Bloggers!

Great post about the Bully Bloggers from Eye on a Crazy World. 

Read the whole thing!


"These so-called Bully Bloggers are characterized, in certain cases incorrectly, as "right-wing." What they do share is a belief that there are hypocritical, dishonest public figures in politics, unions and the media who are trying to shape opinion and influence culture and legislation, while attempting to suppress the free expression of ideas that dissent from theirs."

"Bully Bloggers get called names and worse, but they can take it. Anyone seeking to shape public policy should be able to handle a few insults, and if they can't, they have no place in the public sphere. But in the end, assuming thoughts and beliefs and most importantly, genuine facts can be expressed freely, then we should have faith that the best ideas and people will prevail."

"When they do, you might take time to consider the Bully Bloggers out there doing hard, often thankless groundwork for those victories. And unlike being a Human Rights Commissioner, the work Bully Bloggers do actually requires backbone."

Duty-An Extraordinary Post From An American Soldier

Wise words on Afghanistan from an American soldier. 

This summarizes things much better than any politician has.

Huge thank you to Jay Nordlinger for publishing this post. It's very moving. 

Afghanistan is a hopeless cesspool of barbarians-and nobody there is worth the sacrifice of life that has been made up to this point. As this fine soldier writes:

"What does it even mean to win here? I sure as hell don’t know. By some measures we’ve already won. By others we could never hope to win. We’ve pretty much done what is achievable. Did we win then?"

"On my good days I focus on what’s right in front of me. Doing the best I can, helping whoever I can, killing as many bad guys as I can, and taking care of my guys. On my bad days I just want to cut our losses and end this thing (I work with the Afghans directly and see that many of them, they care less than we do)."

"If pressed, I say that I feel like we need to fight on, if only to honor the sacrifices we’ve already made. Then Karzai says something stupid, or our “partners” attack us, or our own leaders refuse to step up — and it’s back to the dark thoughts."

A stunningly honest admission.

Let them have a Taliban government again for all I care. Afghanistan is an insufferable cesspool of barbarians that cannot be cured, "fixed" or democratized not pulled, kicking and screaming "Allahu Akbar" into the twenty first century. 

Jewish Poland: Dead Jews, Tourist Attractions

Tattered cemeteries and reconstructions.

In Europe, there are tears for dead Jews and reconstructions of once thriving Jewish life. 

But live Jews are, as usual-not as celebrated.

Everything Wrong and Crazy in the UK and With Modern Sexual Freaks in One Article

"Transgendered boy engaged to marry Mom's best friend." 





Actual Bullying

A disabled black girl from Brooklyn was shoved out of a school bus by her tormentor-right onto the path of oncoming traffic.

Where are all the anti-bullying p&ssy activists now?

Hello? Anyone home?

This is why bullies get away with it:

"Education officials said that they are looking to put the boy who attacked Amore-Virginia on another route."


 “The principal is reaching out and setting up meetings with all parents whose children were involved,” said spokeswoman Margie Feinberg. "

"Officials from the Brooklyn Children's Center refused to comment, but Feinberg said that the boy faces disciplinary action there."


Why Having Tens of Thousands of Single, Male, African Muslim Infiltrators in Israel is a Bad Thing

Part eleventy bazillion and one. 

By the way, Yad Eliyahu is a poor, working class Sephardic area. Not a fancy WASP (white Ashkenazi secular prince/princess) area.


Oh-the good news!

Dad is a karate master, and the perp is in the hospital, on a respirator. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

American Kapo


“Your Honor . . . as you know, I’m not wild about having Jews on the jury in this case,”

Hat tip: Blazing Cat Fur 

Instapundit: Public School Insanity

Well said-as usual. 

This is perhaps the last word on Pop Tart Hysteria.

I think I am IN LOVE with this paragraph.

"When schools and teachers react hysterically to such non-threats, they're telling us one of two things: Either that they lack the ability to respond realistically to events or that they recognize that there's not any sort of threat, but deliberately overreact in order to stigmatize even the idea of guns. The first is educational malpractice; the second is educational malpractice mixed with abuse of power. Neither inspires confidence in the educational system in which they appear."

"Happily, my kid is past the public-school stage. But if I were the parent of a young child, I'd think twice before enrolling him or her in public schools today. When innocent behavior can get a kid hauled off by the police, and subjected to God-knows-what sort of pyschiatric interventions, the dubious reward isn't worth the risk."

The solution to dreadful public school education is a) tearing down the entire system and building it from scratch (worked wonderfully when Imperial Japan was nuked and Nazi Germany finally had the shit kicked out of it), b) homeschooling or c) private schools

Possibly The Dumbest Broads on a University Campus Ever, EVAH EVAH

You cannot make this stuff up.

Feminists at UNC screw up concept of affirmative action bake-sale. 



Here's me on the Charles Adler Show yesterday talking about another broad-that Facebook chick who is talking about 'leaning in'. 

And by that she does not mean, lean your chest in towards dudes. 

Six Months Later-Where Are the Benghazi Survivors?

Very Soviet-like disappearance in my opinion.

A good question indeed-where are they and why is their identity, the extent of their injuries and everything about them a state secret?

Awesome: 46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might Be Freaking Out

Can't believe I missed this in December. 

Really cute.

"His sock is on wrong.
His shirt has a tag on it.
The car seat is weird.
A balloon he got six months ago is missing.
Things take too long to cook."

da Vinci Was Right!

Very cool article from The Telegraph, showing how amazingly accurate da Vinci was about anatomy. Almost as thought he had x-ray vision.

Check it out.

SDA: Tradeoffs and Decisions

An excellent post from Small Dead Animals about fiscal priorities in the United States.

I found another great savings idea here: next time, skip the lesbian fatso study and there will be money for schoolchildren to visit the White House. 


Monday, March 11, 2013

The Exodus of Jews From France

This is an excellent article that summarizes the wise exodus of Jews from France to pretty much anywhere else they can get to. 

New York remains a pretty Jewish-friendly environment. So, if not America, I'd say Canada, Israel and Australia (less so because it is so isolated and they have some issues with their belligerent, antisemitic Lebanese immigrants) are the only countries where I would want to be a Jew. Lots of French Jews in Netanya and Ashdod in particular, in Israel. Lots in Eilat also. 

“The symptoms of Muslim intolerance against us began before 2002- adds Daniel, a French bank worker in Manhattan- but the second Intifada made the atmosphere asphyxiating”. 

“The killing of Ilan Halimi, 23, in February 2006 was the first shock. Then others followed suit,” explains David, father of two, from the Parisian suburb of Las Lilas."

“When I was a school boy, 20% of the residents were Jewish, now there’s almost none of them still there.”

Plus-a refreshingly honest assessment of the situation: 

"David's sister was attacked in Nice by some Arabs."

 "Episodes that occur continuously in the streets or in the subway - adds Aharon, a designer in a start-up - they force you to walk with your head down, put a hat on to conceal the kippah. The response from the police is to "often classify the attacks as anti-Semitism but not as robberies or violence" which conceals the true extent of the phenomenon."

Read the whole thing.  


"Arab Spring" Update From....Arab!

"In my opinion, there can be no reformation or enlightenment in Sunni or Shiite Islam, because there is no church to be reformed. In Islam, we are subject to the power of a sacred book and the instructions it gives. Identity and understanding of self come from the Koran. If Muslims could use their reason without the instructions of a book which is recognized as the Word of God, then we could talk about enlightenment. But today most Muslims are against the ideas of the Western Enlightenment."

So there's that! 

Heartache From Saudi Arabia


Is this the most awesome lede EVER, BUT EVAH EVAH???

From "our friends the Saudis"!

It's absolutely stunning how the decrepit New York Times has made a fluffy, sharia-sentimental sob story out of these barbarians.

"After centuries of public beheadings, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considering firing squads as an alternative means of execution."

Alternate headline for this story:

"Skilled labour shortage hits Saudi Arabian sharia beheading industry: executioners hardest hit."

Main issues:
  • There is a scarcity of qualified labour!
  • The few officially authorized swordsmen were so busy traveling between different regions to conduct executions that they sometimes arrived late! 

Celebrate "Asian" Culture in the UK

Nothing to see here...carry on...

If You Need a Rodent for "Emotional Support"

Then you damned well should not be going to university. 

What an amazing load of crap.

Eurabia is Doomed

France will probably be the first European nation to become Muslim. It will for sure have sharia enclaves-but the only other country that may beat France to this status is Sweden.

Anyway-here's a delightful item from Paris. 

France sucks.

Friday, March 8, 2013

When Social Workers Attack

Dateline: United Kingdom.


Random Observations of Human Nature

I've said before, the best thing about having my own blog is that I can publish whatever I want.

My blog! Mine, mine, mine!

There aren't that many brilliant news stories today floating along the interwebzzz so I thought I would tell two random stories about people that I don't know.

I like to observe and think about humans! Humans are such funny creatures!

Story Number 1: The Cookie Drops

I was at a library recently and there is a really neat coffee shop in the foyer. I bought a coffee for me and a colleague and then we sat at the window and were watching people go by for a minute or two. It was really crappy out and we needed to warm up-having schlepped a bunch of stuff in the slush and snow for a work-related thing.

This woman was walking toward us with her coffee and a big cookie on a plate-and like a movie, I watched as the cookie started to slide off the plate and she couldn't catch it in time. It dropped on the floor, but it didn't smash, but she looked completely bummed out. She said something like 'oh well, I guess I wasn't meant to have it'. Personally, it was on the floor for less than three seconds-it really was still good-but some people are such germ freaks. So, I turned to her and said-just go and ask for another one, I'm sure they will give you another one.

She looked really uncomfortable, and her English wasn't great. She was clearly embarrassed by the teeny, tiny "scene" she had made. So I said-what's the worst that could happen? They won't give you a fresh one. It took a few minutes, but I convinced her and then-I'm totally embarrassed to say "you go girl" slipped out of my mouth.

She went to the counter and (duh) they gave her a new cookie. Now, they certainly didn't have to give her a new cookie-even though there is probably a reasonable chance that the cookies are marked up at least 100%, so they could absorb the odd replacement one. But they do not have to-it was her fault the cookie slipped.

But it was such an easy gesture-she was clearly so disappointed when it fell and you should have seen her face when she walked back to her still-hot coffee with the new cookie. She didn't say much, she just smiled and I think it was a really nice lesson in customer service, and for a new immigrant-to show that people are usually really decent if approached politely. She looked so happy.

What an easy fix all around.

Story Number  2: Wussified Men

I was at an event (I rarely get out at night). It was pretty fancy! At this event, the women were really nice looking, and totally decked out. Dresses, their hair was done, the nails, the nice little clutch bags, killer sexy high heels! Then there were some very decent looking guys-mostly slim, in suits and very well-groomed.

Plus-there was a massive amount of alcohol circulating and music.

Now-the music, I have to admit was CRAPTACULAR. Not the volume-it was really loud, but that's to be expected, and as I get older-I am more sensitive to volume. However, it was the selections that were just dreadful, the volume was loud but tolerable.

My husband got sick of me kvetching about the DJ, but you know-I do a lot of events and I know good from bad (for good-Bounce here in Toronto is excellent). The music last night (in my opinion) was just not appropriate for the crowd. It was too "house"/electronic, too contrived and was 100% not conducive to people starting to dance. I tried my best-even grabbed a couple of girls that looked like they wanted to dance also-but I couldn't get it started.

So, let's review: very nice looking women-all dolled up. Nice looking gentlemen, copious amounts of booze and good food, and music. And finger food-lots of cute little mini-thingy foods!

To my dismay-there were pockets of girls together and little pockets of men together. The women were tottering around on their heels, drinking wine looking all around. The men standing in small groups, joking about, getting watered but never the twain did meet!!!



WTF is wrong with people? I wanted to run around the room introducing people that I didn't know.

Don't these dudes have ANY game in them???? The women were really waiting for the men to approach. They did not appear to be cold and bitchy in the least. Very few had that ice-queen, sh&t testing look. 

Some were even clearly sending out signals that they were-ahem-VERY approachable.

And by that, I mean that their dresses barely covered their bums and might need to be cut off with scissors. 

I told my husband that if I was a guy and saw one of those gals, or even better-one of those gals, with a tattoo, I'd know that I wouldn't really have to work too bloody hard to get lucky. Meaning a small investment in chit chat would probably pay big dividends.

I remarked to hubby that this kind of spectacle would never happen in Israel. Like NEVER EVAH EVAH EVAH.

He said, yup-the guys would be making beelines to the gals. There would be no guy NOT engaged in chatting up a girl. NONE. Like ZERO.

Even if the chit chat was just friendly, and just to talk, without a romantic angle or pursuit-there would be conversation. 

These young professionals were painfully single. But no guts, no glory!

I really wanted to walk up to the guys and ask them why on earth they were not making more of an effort to engage the ladies who were so clearly there to meet men!??!??!


That was How Not to Get Laid 101.

It was How Not To Even Get a Business Card 101!

How Not To Even Smile And Get A Smile Back.

Have I mentioned: GAH!!!???!?!??!?

I talk to strangers all the time. 

Sometimes it's a blast. Sometimes I fall flat on my face. But I love people. All kinds of people. I like having stories to tell.

People!!! No guts, no glory.

Terribly upsetting stuff.

Those are my random people stories for today. I hope you have enjoyed them but if not-too bad.

(For more information on the "Too Bad" policy, pleas see: the 'my blog, I can publish whatever I want' policy at the top of this post!)

Seekrit Jooooo Kathy Draidle on Her Otherkin Headmate

Alright. I don't know how I missed this one, but I laughed out loud.

You have to read this, but not while drinking coffee because you will either spew it out or snort it up your nose.

Kathy Draidle: My Otherkin Headmate is a Two-Spirited Starseed!

I'm dying!

Finally, the definitive explanation of all the maladies afflicting civilization:

Says Draidle: “...social justice activists” are simply narcissistic, delusional, sex-obsessed fruitcakes."


Kathy wins the internet today! 

American Jizyah

Great news!

Jizyah to Palestinians spared sequester cutbacks.

Ahh, the glories of North American public school education.

Truly glorious!

"Nearly 80 percent of New York City high school graduates need to relearn basic skills before they can enter the City University’s community college system."

"It reminded me of the horrible events they organized at my school after Brezhnev died."

Blogwrath had a jolly old time at a local memorial to the dead thug Chavez.

Happy Birthday Evil Empire Speech!

Definitely a good thing to celebrate. Wow-thirty years!!

G-d bless Ronald Reagan's soul.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Da Jooooooos!

Apparently, the State Department is putting Ms. Egyptian I-Love-Hitler's award on hold. 

She claims she was hacked!

But Da Joooooos say she is lying! Big fat, pyramid sized whoppers! 

We need some expert opinion on being hacked-maybe from Anthony Wiener?

Yes-get a Jewish wiener into that gal, STAT!!!

I mean-to that girl.

American Priorities

I guess all of the financial woes of the United States are totally over if they have the time and money to deal with this. 

French Boy Sent to School With "I am a bomb/jihad" T-shirt

Hey-what could possibly be wrong with that?

Ivy League Students

Your moral, intellectual and antisemitic superiors.

Jews being evicted from universities-where have I heard that before?

Celebrate "Asian" Culture in the UK

"Depressingly familiar."

Guess what?


Kufar chicks are hallal for grooming and rape. Just sayin...


I Hope All the Jews Who Voted For, And Support Obama Are Very Happy

Dear Jews who support Obama and voted for him:

I hope you are really happy that Michelle Obama and John Kerry are giving out an award to someone who describes Jews (YOU INCLUDED) as dirty (even dirtier than the al-Saud family of Saudi Arabia--awesome) and seems to be a fan of Hitler.

Shame on you all.  


Mark Steyn's take on the affair:

Virgin on the Ridiculous

Must read!

Nanny Bastards

Absolutely insane.

A primary school in the UK has banned the playing of Cops & Robbers because imaginary weapons can cause the whole world to explode, or something.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

History Geek O Rama Post-Ian Fleming Nazi Hunter Edition

Great story from the BBC!

Justin Rowlatt:

30AU posing with a captured German flag

"...my grandfather, Lieutenant Theo "Rusty" Ionides, had been handpicked by none other than Ian Fleming to be part of the Bond creator's top secret crack team of commandos. He'd been trained in all the tricks of intelligence gathering, ready to be sent into battle ahead of the advancing troops at D-Day"

"The story of 30 Assault Unit, as the commandos were known, is a tale of audacious derring-do. 30AU was Commander Ian Fleming's greatest single contribution to the war effort and became the real-life inspiration for his most famous creation, James Bond."

The history: 

"Then, Room 39 was packed with men, all smoking like chimneys. These were the cream of naval intelligence, tasked with using their guile and imagination to come up with novel ways of confounding the Germans."

"And back at the start of the war, the main preoccupation of his team was how to address a key British weakness - the fact that the Germans led the Allies in all sorts of technologies - encryption, rockets, submarines, torpedoes, mines and much more."

"In 1942, Fleming proposed a simple solution - steal it."