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Hysterical: Liberate Our Pizzas!

This is wildly funny and GOOD ON the guy who tracked down the Mayor at 6:00 p.m. 

The comments are truly amazing.

Good Stuff: The "Chickenshit Who Recognizes a Lame Duck"

This is really a good one.

Read the whole thing.

Kid Rock, Well...He Rocks

Happy Birthday!

No More "Purple Penguins"


Must Read: Britain's Heart of Darkness

From Jonathan Foreman at Commentary: 

"Indeed, the dominant emotion of those who failed to do their jobs here was fear—fear of being accused of social evils and  fear of criminal disorder that might follow the revelations of uncomfortable truths about minority populations defended by well-funded and aggressive public-interest organizations. And it was mirrored by the deep ideological discomfort of the mainstream media in Britain with telling the truth about what has been going on."

"A handful of brave investigators had been trying to expose the sexual grooming of children for many years. But such was the pressure to ignore or keep quiet about it that those fighting to reveal the truth often found themselves with odd bedfellows. The first journalist to break the Rotherham story was the left-wing lesbian feminist writer Julie Bindel—and she did it, of all places, in Standpoint, the conservative English monthly."
"In a 2010 article called “Girls, Gangs and Grooming: The Truth,” Bindel laid bare not only the practice of targeting and seducing vulnerable young girls and then “breaking them in” as prostitutes, but also the extreme reluctance of charities, social services, and law-enforcement authorities to admit that the perpetrators came from a particular ethnic and religious background."

"Bindel was compelled to publish the piece in Standpoint because “progressive” outlets such as the Guardian would not touch the issue. After writing about “Asian” grooming for another paper in 2007, she had been deemed a “racist” and her name was included on a website called “Islamophobia Watch: Documenting anti-Muslim Bigotry.” Similarly aggressive denunciations had greeted the Labor Party politician Ann Cryer, who had gone public with complaints from constituents whose daughters had been victimized."

"At times, the informal system of media censorship has been very sinister indeed."

Free Speech Victories in America

Within the Ivory Tower of all places.

This is as it should be.

Oh Lordy, Lordy: Mark Steyn Covers Ted Nugent!

Where do I get my copy of the The Dinesh D'Souza Songbook?

And apparently, I am the last woman in North America to find out that Mark Steyn takes requests?!??!


*sobs uncontrollably into keyboard*

Kathy Draidlebaum has a few suggestions for other covers for Steyn...

And I have a few ideas, too. You know, we need to put together a local Vast Right Wing Conspiracy band, I say. We could have the Imam Andrew Lawton on keyboards, I'll play bass and sing. Drums out there? Guitar? Definitely something to consider...

So without further delay, here are a few songs for consideration for the next CD:

(There's) Always Something There to Remind Me (lovely)
Lyrics-Hal David, Music by Burt Bacharach

My Baby Just Cares for Me (groovy)
Lyrics-Gus Kahn, Music by Walter Donaldson

Missing You
(This is a beautiful, highly underrated song.)
Worlds and Music by John Waits, Charles Sanford and Mark Leonard 

Tears on My Pillow (I'm a sucker for the oldies)
Words and Music by Sylvester Bradford and Al Lewis
 (Look at the outfits! Hey, umm....he sort of has the Steynian Jew-fro going on...what's THAT all about??)

Just When You Thought the Israeli Left Could Not Go Lower....

They do!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Bear Is Restless: RAF Jets Scrambled to Intercept Bombers Over the North Sea

Nothing to worry about.

My "Un-Review" of Mark Steyn's [UnDocumented]

Upon serious consideration and contemplation, I decided this morning that I can't really call my thoughts about Mark Steyn's new book a "review". I mean, I have certainly been reviewing every single essay and highlighting many parts, and alternating between laughing and gasping as I flip through the pages ('flip' being entirely figurative because I'm reading it on my phone-way cool) and think about Steyn's prescience on matters of local, national and international importance.

I just can't bring myself to calling my thoughts a 'review' at this point-I mean, who am I to 'review'?

What I can say is that in my view, this book should be considered not just a 'greatest hits' anthology, but a book of political philosophy to actually be seriously studied by anyone with a concern about the future of the Western world.

I said in my Amazon review that it's also a part-blueprint for conservatives and I stand by that.

Actually, I said specifically that it is part self-help, part blueprint, part Conservative Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and that "The [Un]documented Mark Steyn" is a joy to read and a spirited defense of Western culture from the unbeatable, unbowed, and unapologetic Happy Warrior himself.

But moreover, I must stress that Mark Steyn simply has a majestic control of the English language.

His ability to paint and elucidate ideas with words is, I believe, unmatched by any other English language writer alive today.

I have laughed out loud at many points, but more tellingly, I have been moved to tears by several of the essays.

Steyn is a dazzling, and frankly spellbinding weaver of ideas.

While the reader may gasp at the breathtaking way in which his words emote, one never gets the sense of the remarkable effort that inevitably goes into the creation of such 'effortless' prose.

Steyn doesn't just command the English language, he pretty much owns it.

Do buy your own copy, which will not just spread his message and wisdom further afield, but also help him fight yet another round of totalitarianism on all of our behalves.

"This is What Happens When the Academic Left Runs the Country"

This is an outstanding essay from David French at NRO.

Read the whole thing. 

"It should go without saying that this is no way to govern a great nation."

"So far the Obama administration’s legacy is one of bruised friendships and empowered enemies."

"The Islamic State rampages, Hamas restocks (with the help of American humanitarian aid), Boko Haram kidnaps, the Taliban advance, Russia owns new/old ground in Europe. And amidst the ruin of their foreign policy, the intellectual and emotional infants in the Obama administration hashtag away, mustering up their anger and fury to sling schoolyard insults at a close ally. All while doing their best to defer the hardest fighting against emerging enemies to the Oval Office’s next occupant."

"Obama's Assault on Israel is A Moral Outrage"


"Yet the anonymous administration official quoted by Goldberg boasted that Netanyahu was essentially suckered by Obama into holding off on an attack that could have prevented Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

“It’s too late for him to do anything,” the official said."

Two, three years ago, this was a possibility. But ultimately he couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger. It was a combination of our pressure and his own unwillingness to do anything dramatic. Now it’s too late.”

"This statement has reverberations that go far beyond Israel."

"The administration is signaling to allies, from the Middle East to Eastern Europe and beyond, that they cannot trust U.S. security guarantees. The message being sent is that if allies take Obama at his word and follow his advice, Obama will not only betray them, but they will be mocked and humiliated for actually believing him."

"The policy of trashing a staunch democratic ally committed to fighting Islamic extremism, while fostering closer ties to Iran, a leading state sponsor of terrorism, is a moral outrage."

"If Iran obtains a nuclear weapon, it will hold the entire region at the mercy of its radical agenda, expand its terrorism operations, continue to abuse human rights with impunity and threaten millions of Jews in Israel with annihilation. But even if one puts morality aside and discards idealistic notions about defending U.S. values abroad — even, in other words, from the perspective of realpolitik — it is hard to see Obama’s Middle East strategy as anything but an abysmal failure."

The UK Is Screwed

Behold, the future and decline of Britain in one photo-the "poppy hijab". 

Ella Abubaker Farooq, 24 (left), Rukea Azougaye, 25 and Taslima Chowdhury, 21 (right) from London show off the new 'Poppy Hijab' in several styles 

The Intifadah of Jerusalem

There is a regular side of Jerusalem, and I know, because I have lived there. It's the side where people just get up, go to work, go shopping, come home, make dinner, go out, go to movies, etc..

Then there is the mystical, religious, tourist, ephemeral side. Sometimes they meet, but most of the time they are separate.

Last night, a well known Rabbi who is an activist for Jewish prayer rights at the Temple Mount, was shot at point blank range by a Palestinian who was employed at the Begin Heritage Centre.

(I have other thoughts on employing young Palestinians with confirmed criminal/nationalistic crime records...)

Anyway, the world is snoring of course, but do read this piece from Linda Olmert and pray for Rabbi Glick's recovery.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Breaking: Nobody Is Madder Than Obama About #ChickenShit Comments, And He Heard About It From The News, Just Like You

He's really, totally, like SOOO mad about this because it's like soooo inappropriate, you know, between friends. 

But, he's not sorry. Just kind of bummed out or something. 

I can't imagine the difficulty President Obama is having finding out who made those comments!

It's just impossible to imagine who could have said such a thing about PM Netanyahu?!?!

Things had been going so well!!!

Anyway, I hope the Jews who voted for Obama are really (f&cking) happy with themselves!

A Little Music for the End of the Day

Lots of memories come to life when I listen to this, but I still love every note. Played a few of these in high school with a beautiful friend on flute (me on bass). My friend passed away from cancer in her early twenties. Always remembered as a joy to be around, so full of life and beautiful, always with a new joke to tell. Rest in peace, Holly.

Dear Malala...

Pity you don't live in Gaza now.

Obviously, one round of bullets in your body via your co-religionists was not enough to create any sense in your brain or make you think any more clearly. 

Insanity-doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

So go screw yourself.

"Live From New Hampshire, It's Mark Steyn in the Secret CBC Bondage Dungeon...."

"Our safe word is 'David Suzuki''. 


At 105 "British Schindler" Honoured in Prague

Lovely, G-d bless him.

But this truly magnificent bit is missing from the JTA story, and I saw it on the BBC (of all places) via Pat Condell.

"I knew better than most, and certainly better than the politicians, what was going on in Germany," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme ahead of his visit to Prague"

"We had staying with us people who were refugees from Germany at that time. Some who knew they were in danger of their lives."

"But he said he was not afraid to help: "There was no personal fear involved."

As I have said before the main thing ("haikar" in Hebrew), the main thing is not to be afraid.

So many of our battles could be won if people just stopped being so afraid.

Remember, Rabbi Nachman: 

The world is a very narrow bridge. 

The main thing is not to be afraid. 

Another Beheading in America

Man of no particular name, religion, motivation or origin BEHEADS a woman, now known to be his mother, in New York. 


The Shame of Great Britain, Or Rather Formerly "Great" Britain

From the land of the Magna Carta, Churchill and Thatcher to the land where young girls are blamed for being victims of sexual crimes-just like in sharia lands. 

I would say 'for shame' but you can't shame the shameless. 

"Police in Rotherham dismissed child abuse victims as 'lovesick teenagers' and 'silly girls', shocking new evidence reveals."

"Council officials from the South Yorkshire town resigned earlier this year after a damning report found at least 1,400 children were abused over a 16 year period."

"Further details have now emerged of how police turned a blind eye to the horrific crimes and even blamed the young victims."

"A report by a police family support worker to a girl abused aged just 13, stated: 'Police have told [her]... if we see you in Rotherham with them we'll just think it's that little tart back again."

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Antisemitism of the American Administration Under Obama and Kerry

You have to read this whole article in order to believe it. 

While Binyamin Netanyahu was a paratrooper, Obama was sucking back on his bong in the Choom gang. And Kerry? The bravest thing he ever did was marry money.

And seriously, Jeffrey Goldberg-is there not another single, living Jew you could approach for comment other than that squishy, has been "official Jew" Abe Foxman who is incapable of identifying the actual existential threats to Jews in the world today?


Must Read David Solway: We Have Met the Enemy

Depressing on a Steynmaggedon scale but a must read. 

"With few exceptions, one cannot open a newspaper or watch a television newscast or talk show or go to a Hollywood movie or attend a university humanities class without coming across instances of pure apocrypha....we are being indoctrinated to embrace manifest lies, evasions and grotesqueries that render us prey to a destructive ideology of guilt, fear, and self-contempt. We are denizens of a postmodern era in which the distinction between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and falsehood, noble and ignoble has been generally annulled—or selectively manipulated, chiefly by the left, in the interests of an ideological program."

"To put it bluntly, we in the West are now living in a cognitive pseudo-world of contrafactual beliefs and specious assertions of Orwellian dimensions, prompted by ignorance, the denaturing of language and the marasmus of mind — a world in which everyone is regarded as equal but some are less equal than others. Truth-tellers are less equal than professional liars, white people are less equal than colored people, men are less equal than women, Christians and Jews are less equal than Muslims, capitalists are less equal than socialists, nationals are less equal than immigrants, in particular Muslim immigrants — the list goes on. What is happening is truly astonishing and almost impossible to believe, for what we are experiencing is a cultural pathology on a global scale, a spreading and apparently unstoppable plague of sociopolitical ebola willingly contracted."

The Left Eats Its Own (UPDATED-Not a Student, Works for CAIR!)

"Not safe" is the new shut up.

The 'safe space' p&ssies really piss me off.

Even at my gym, there are proclamations about it being a 'safe space'. I just want to go for a run and a schvitz, OK? I've seen "safe space" signs at libraries also. When I go to the library, I want to study, research or take a book out-I don't need any preening proclamations about "safe" space.

At schools, they should teach.

At gyms, you should sweat.

Oddly enough, schools that need (actual) "safe" places are in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the Gaza Strip and Afghanistan for example, where it's actually not "safe" to be a living, breathing human female and want to learn at the same time.

The Canadian soldiers who were murdered last week though they were in a "safe" space-Canada. So did our Prime Minister and Members of Parliament. A majority of Canadians probably think they are "safe" as well.

The baby who was murdered, in her carriage, in Jerusalem, in front of her parents, by a vehicular Palestinian jihadist - her parents thought she was safe. She had 9 "safe" months in her mother's womb, 3 short "safe" months out of the womb and then was mowed down by a barbarian in a car, prowling for Jews to murder. 

So, in a nutshell, all the 'safe space' cretins can bite me.

Hey, look at this update: 

Not a student, works for CAIR. 


From My Mailbox: A New Zealand Reader Writes In

I received a lovely e-mail from a reader in New Zealand this morning who encouraged me to keep writing and called my blog "essential reading", just like Mark Steyn's web site (!!!!!) and that there is something about us Canadians. I'm honoured, really.

My correspondent asked that I not reply directly, so I shall just post a general note here that I appreciate every single set of eyes that reads my work.

Thank you very much for your support and encouragement. The e-mails mean a great deal to me.

I write primarily because I have to, and because I need to have an answer for my kids, my grandchildren and my Maker when I am asked "what did you do about it".

Natural Republicans!

Another shout out to the Republican "illegal, Catholic immigrants are a 'natural' fit' Party.

Natural Republicans!

I Hope All the Jews Who Voted For Obama Are Really Happy

This is an overtly antisemitic administration.

Completely and overtly antisemitic.

Ex CBS Reporter: The Government Bugged My Computer

Imagine Big Brother reading every key stroke, listening to every Skype call, looking at every Google chat.

It's real. 

The question is-what will free people do about it?

Probably just hit the liberty snooze button.

Ottawa Terrorist: Acting in the Name of Allah Because of Canadian Foreign Policy

"In the video, Zehaf Bibeau says he will act in the name of Allah in response to Canada’s foreign policy, a source close to the investigation told The Canadian Press."

Make sure to read Kathy Draidlebaum's article "You Want a Fight" right here at TAKI Magazine. 

“It’s been a tough week for Canadian Muslims.”

"I sincerely wish I were pulling your leg, but that’s really how the National Post began the somberly italicized deck it stuck on top of what was clearly a hastily arranged interview with career apologist for Islam Karen Armstrong."
"Because after two Canadian soldiers have been murdered by Muslims in 48 hours, who better than Armstrong to help out with the “nothing to see here” whitewash? Hey, her name even starts with an A. No need to dig much deeper into that old contact list."

"The Post went on to scold its readers: “[A] predictable backlash has emerged,” you see. “On Friday, for example, a mosque in Cold Lake, Alta., was vandalized, its windows smashed, its front defaced by graffiti calling for members to ‘go home.’”

"And, well, that was about it, actually. For a “backlash,” it was less Kristallnacht than Kristal-Not."

I Love You America, But Your Police Are Out of Control

Totally and utterly out of control.

Via Small Dead Animals. 

Nothing to See Here: Polish Troops Move East

Carry on, nothing to worry about...


"Fitness is better than any medicine out there."

AMEN, Sgt. Noah Galloway! What an inspiration, and does he get about a gazillion, bazillion eleventy million degrees hotter with that southern accent? I mean FOR REAL!?!?

Also on that the theme of "fitness is better than any medicine out there" (love that, gonna totally steal that..)

"Outrunning depression: Exploring the link between body and mind."

Let's put it this way-body and mind are one unit, you cannot abuse one without abusing the other.

If you are depressed, HIT THE GYM. Hit the sidewalk, move your body.

Take control of your life and move your body to improve your mind. 

The Last Time German Lefties Used Democracy to Enable Totalitarianism It Worked Out Really Well

As per Einstein-"crazy" is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Afghan Mullah Who Raped a 10 Year Old Girl: "She Seduced Me"

If you would like to know about the evil we are up against read these words: 

"The girl, whose name is being withheld for her safety outside her village, sat about six feet away and covered her face entirely with her veil so she would not have to see Mullah Amin, who did not once look at her."

(Safety outside her village of course, because she could get murdered for being abused and raped.) 

"She wept uncontrollably as the prosecutor, Mujahid Raidan, read the mullah’s earlier, detailed confession and the investigative report detailing her horrific injuries. But when the mullah spoke in his own defense and claimed she had seduced him, the girl stopped sobbing and pulled aside her veil enough to speak directly to him

“Hey liar, hey liar,” she said. 

“God hate you, you are dirt, you are dirt, you are a vampire.”

She is perhaps one of the bravest 10 year old girls on the planet in one of the most disgusting countries on earth. 

Shame on everyone who is complicit with this evil. 

America Is In the Very Best of Hands Under Obama and Kerry: Buzkashi Edition

So, while American taxpayers have forked over hundreds of millions of dollars to keep a corrupt, sharia, thug regime in power in Afghanistan, the story just gets even better...


Hi, how you?

Here's what your government has been up to lately...IT IS UP TO THE WAZOO IN GOAT CARCASSES AT YOUR EXPENSE.

"Buzkashi, the national sport of Afghanistan, is a fascinating game that's sort of like a cross between polo and rugby, except that instead of a ball you play with a headless goat carcass. I recommend you watch it sometime, and apparently, the State Department does, too."

"The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) John Sopko suspects something is "seriously wrong" and wants to know what the hell is going on. Earlier this month he sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry asking about a bizarre boondoggle in which the State Department paid millions to film the sport:
The contract originally specified five trucks at a cost of $6 million (three satellite/microwave television broadcast trucks at the unit price of $1,786,779, two Ford ES350 trucks at a unit price of $157,300 and various communications equipment). The primary use of the vehicles was for "live sporting events, such as Buzkashi, Soccer, Cricket and other sports."2 On September 16, 2013, the contract was amended to require only 3 trucks, at a cost of $3.6 million (one satellite/microwave television broadcast truck at the unit price of $1,589,557 and two Ford ES350 trucks at a unit price of $568,062).3 SIGAR has been told that the contractor received unspecified compensation for costs incurred under the original contract."

So really, just how much bungling, how much waste, how much appeasement, how many episodes of TSA Kabuki Theatre, how many episodes of "workplace violence", just how many goat carcasses must be purchased by the dhimmified West before we just say "enough"?

How many headless goat carcasses will you tolerate?

How many headless citizens?

The answer, of course, should be zero.

And if you had to hesitate at all, even for a moment, if you are OK with even one single solitary taxpayer-funded goat carcass, or even one solitary headless citizen with blood running down your allegedly free street, in your allegedly free country then you're part of the problem. 

Catching Up On SteynLinks...

Although I generally am of the mind that there can never be too much of a good thing, I can't keep up with the volume of STEYNLINKS. The SteynStuff, it just keeps coming!!

There is video, audio, there are blog's a veritable Steynian Symphony-so cheers to the conductor of all this Undocumented Mayhem and, of course-the maestro himself.

In case you missed it:

Mark Steyn on the Dennis Miller Show-REALLY GOOD. I really, really like Dennis Miller and this is a fantastic conversation. Ballsy and candid, forthright and emotionally and intellectually honest. Do listen to the whole thing.

Here's Steyn on Townhall's Weekend Journal.

Lastly, please have a read of Steyn's two conversations with radio host Hugh Hewitt.

This one is the preliminary conversation about the new book, The [Un]Documented Mark Steyn, and it is really a very good read. 

The first transcript has the bit of business about the Saudi Wahabi that Steyn had a very hysterically funny and unusual bromance with-yeah, I went there-I called it a bromance. I actually think that the "relationship" with the late Saudi is possibly one of the funniest things to do with Mark Steyn, ever-EVER EVER EVAH EVAH (and, as you may suspect, I am familiar with much of his writing...). The dedication in the books alone makes me laugh every single time I read it, think about it or hear about it. 

Also, this candid bit about loyalty is really lovely:

"Well, I’ve always been grateful. I worked in Fleet Street, and if you know anything about those slimy, duplicitous Englishmen, particularly the ones who infest the media, you will know that after you spend a couple of years among them, you’re grateful for loyalty. Conrad Black was loyal to me when I needed it, and I’m loyal to him not for any, I’m a sort of semi-reclusive guy, so when Conrad fell afoul of the U.S. Department of Justice and wound up going to jail for three and a half years or whatever it was in some terrible federal prison in Miami, where I went to visit him, because under some bizarre quirk of American law, Canadians are not eligible for minimum security prisons."

"So the guy wound up going to a prison full of, although he’d committed a sort of so-called white collar crime largely invented by the government, he wound up going to jail with a bunch of murderers and rapists and drug dealers. And it was very odd-like sitting in the visiting room surrounded by all these menacing people you’d normally cross the street to avoid. But Conrad, you know, he was loyal to me. I’m always grateful to you. I wasn’t really known in the United States when you asked me to appear on your show, and there’s certainly no reason why you should have some obscure foreigner telling your listeners everything that’s wrong with the world every week, but you were kind enough to me at a time when hardly anybody knew who I was in this country. And that’s always the most important thing, that the first break you get in a certain market, whether it’s America, Australia or whatever, I don’t forget that. And I’m very grateful for it."

The second one is here, and also, well worth your time. 

"I don’t want us to change to deal with the fact that we have lunatics who have got this kind of ideological Ebola in their bloodstream, and who want to pump bullets into a corporal from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, because he’s standing in front of the Canadian War Memorial, and they want to destroy all that that represents. The price we’re being asked to pay is too high. I want to kill that ideology. It is an ideological Ebola, and we have got to eradicate it. And I’m not interested in more detectors and more rules and taking my shoes off and taking my underwear off and taking everything off and shuffling like a zombie through ever-longer security lines because we don’t have the guts to deal with it."

And this absolute gem, I mean, seriously SHUT UP!!! 

(And when I say "shut up" I really mean NEVER EVER STOP WRITING, NOT EVER, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE...)

" know, I love writing about songs, but you have to earn small pleasures…even the smallest pleasure, even a 32 bar song. The right to sing that requires a certain amount of vigilance. That small pleasure is not universal. The Taliban banned music. They criminalized music."

And this:

"You win by destroying the enemy’s will." 

Ummm HELLO!?!??!?!?  You know what??!?!

This Steyn fellow should write a book or something... 

(They also talk about the Barbie in A Burqa essay from Maclean's, which is where yours truly is mentioned...)

I do enjoy listening to Steyn, but I find that I can just as easily 'hear' his voice through his writing and that often the act of reading, as opposed to listening, makes me think of the subjects in a different way, and I like that I can go back and read the conversation a couple of times to make sure I haven't missed any really choice nuggets.

I've highlighted a few bits that should stiffen your resolve and spine, but do read each of them and listen to the interview with Dennis Miller and the Townhall piece for yourselves.

American "Higher Education" Is Finished

Mark Steyn often refers to the "battle" for gender neutral, "trans-safe" bathrooms as the singular make work, decadent, pathetic issue that defines the decline of Western society in a nutshell. Or in a bathroom stall, as it were.

When the prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH speaks about such matters, he knows of what he speaks.

Behold: San Diego State University hold "Sh&t In" to "raise awareness" about the limited number of gender neutral bathrooms on campus. 

Did you hear that sound? 

That is the sound of Western culture and civilization being flushed down the toilet.

I wish I could say I was sh&tting you...

"As students walked through the main thoroughfare at San Diego State University on Tuesday they were greeted by students with their pants down sitting atop a row of toilets."

"Such an appearance in the middle of a college quad is sure to raise questions, and that was the hope of the Transgender Action Advocacy Student Coalition with their “Shit In” protest."

"Five toilets – sometimes adorned with students – set along Campanille Walkway had newspapers with the words “Gender Neutral Bathrooms Now” written in bold letters. Students were encouraged to sit on a toilet and take selfies with the hashtag #SDSUShitIn."

"The protest aimed to raise awareness about what some deem is the limited number of gender neutral bathrooms on campus."

As I have said before, the only place where there should EVER be "gender neutral" bathrooms is in private homes. And as you'll notice, oddly enough, the more money people have the more bathrooms, and the more private bathrooms they invest in!

"I love sharing my bathroom with my [insert person/relationship here] and I would never want my own bathroom," said nobody EVER. 

In a civilized society, there is running water, flushing toilets and there are always sex-separated bathrooms.  The entrance card to a bathroom in a civilized society must be based on one's own personal plumbing, period. Political correctness and pathetic first-world coddling of lavatory neurosis be dammed, I say.  

In closing, here is a helpful guide to bathrooms and who should be using them. 

If you have a (real) penis =>Men's room.
If you have a (real) vagina =>Ladies' room.


Ottawa: An "Ideological and Political Attack" With No Actual Name or Description

From the Daily Mail: 

"A gunman who shot and killed a soldier at Canada's national war memorial and then stormed Parliament before he was gunned down had prepared a video recording of himself that reveals his ideological and political motives, police claim.

"The footage of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, which is yet to be released, is said to confirm investigators' fears that this was a meticulously planned terrorist attack."

"Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commissioner Bob Paulson said in a statement they have 'persuasive evidence that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's attack was driven by ideological and political motives."

What kind of ideology?

What politics? What motive?

This is exactly the conversation that needs to take place but a climate of fear and political correctness has gripped our allegedly free society to the point where we cannot even discuss the issues.

The answers to questions such as what ideology, what politics, and what motive with respect to this attack in particular and other terrorist attacks in general, need to be made public.

"Lone wolves" are never really alone, are they?

"Lone wolves" are part of an internet pack. In today's day and age of digital communication, there really is no "alone". Even the most benign human rarely, if ever, ever can act and live in a complete vacuum, bereft of contact with others. Conversely, the most sinister humans amongst us will always need some kind of human collaboration, companionship, fellowship, encouragement and support.

Please note that at the very least, law enforcement forces are saying that this was a "meticulously planned terrorist attack". Not spontaneous or random: meticulous.

That word alone needs to serve as a very serious warning to us all. 

Who is taking this seriously? 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Middle East Apartheid!! Bring Down That Apartheid Wall!




Oh, not that wall, silly....

America and Its Thin Skinned President and Sec. State, The Imam John Kerry Continue to Punish the Uppity Jews

No meetings for you! 

Pigs Head Put in Kosher Section of Grocery Because These People Are Not Antisemites

They just don't like those nasty Israelis, you get it? 

Must Read Rex Murphy: In the Shadow of A Young Corporal's Death, Canada's Greatness Shines Through

This is a beautiful column by one of Canada's most thoughtful and eloquent thinkers and writers.

There was a lot of goodness and bravery on that dark day. I think it's really important to remember though that for the immediate family, there is no 'getting over' this catastrophe. There is only 'getting through' a very sad, new life without a loved one.

And as much as the picture of Corporal Cirrilo's dogs was heartbreaking, we must remember all the pictures we will not see of his young son.

Murphy writes:

"Everyone has seen that image, the huddle of people bent over him, and, as we have learned from news stories, even to his last breath assuring him that “he was loved.” It was very much the parable of the Good Samaritan in real and present time, only in Ottawa Wednesday morning, it wasn’t one Samaritan. There were at least four."

"Such loving attention, at a time when the scene was still in chaos and it was unknown how many shooters there might be, said so much more than the thousands of words we have heard. Even in the shadow of the young corporal’s death, it is not too much to say that this was a very gratifying moment — a tragic moment, but one worth honouring. All Canadians immediately recognized the actions of the corporal’s final companions as an example of how people should act at such a time, how we would wish to have acted. And how, heaven forbid, we may wish to be treated if it was us laying on that sacred ground, breathing our last breaths."

Do read the whole thing. 

Regarding the National Post: 

I am still tempted to cancel my Saturday subscription to the National Post because page A2 featured that disgusting apologist for terrorism, Karen Armstrong-who has the nerve to claim that those goofy guys in Syria, those silly ISIS folks just don't understand Islam. You see-she does but they don't. 

Who picked that cretin to "explain" away terrorism in the National Post-really a loathsome choice, indicating a pathetic bias. 

Iranian Barbarians Hang Woman For Killing Man Who Tried to Rape Her

Sharia justice.

Ain't it grand?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Steyn: Crying "Lone Wolf" (With Extra Bonus Agreement With Strange, Jewish Mother From Canada...)

"The guy who took a hatchet to a New York policeman was apparently a "lone wolf", just like the guy who took a double-barreled shotgun to a Canadian soldier was a "lone-wolf". Earlier today, I swung by Varney & Co on Fox Business to discuss the umpteenth member of Local 473 of the Amalgamated Union of Lone Wolves:"

 "This term 'lone wolf' is a cop-out…the idea that they somehow have to have a membership card in Islamic State or in al Qaeda for it to be official, fully-credentialed terror, like getting a hairdresser's license in New York State is completely preposterous" he stated."

"Steyn added that the rhetoric of "lone wolf" terrorists allows those who do not want to admit that radical Islam is a problem to brush off terror as isolated incidents, saying "all jihad is local. That actually suits them, to say, 'oh no this is just some mentally ill guy in Ottawa and this is another guy who's a bit goofy in New York and there's no connection between the two.' Because otherwise you have to treat it like your other big story. You have to treat it like ideological Ebola and you have to stop the infection..."


"One other thought on events in Ottawa and St Jean this week, courtesy of Laura Rosen Cohen:

I was listening to a popular morning radio show this morning and the discussion focused on several themes. One was how to support Canada's military in the wake of the terrorist attacks this week. This is a particularly important topic given that Canada's soldiers were instructed not to wear their uniforms in public.

This of course, is the absolutely wrong way of dealing with terrorism. The terrorists targeted our soldiers and killed our soldiers.

Traditionally, in human history, when hostile forces plot and murder your soldiers-that is called war.

The answer to a declaration of war is not taking off your uniform.
It's wearing it prouder. It's more uniforms, more soldiers, more direct engagement, and being more resolute and more public about your national pride and security."

"She's right."

(I loooooove the sound of that. I mean, I love being right, and being on the right and I love Mark Steyn saying "she's right" when referring to has a very nice ring to it, you know what I mean? Of course you do!) 


*Regains composure*

*Slinks back, reluctantly to regular, suburban life*

And lastly, getting even more Steyny with it:

"If we have to have dress codes on the streets of free societies, I'd rather see more men like Corporal Cirillo in the uniform of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders ...and fewer women in head-to-toe black body bags. As I've said umpteen times on radio and TV these last two days, I'm tired of being told that we have to change to accommodate them."

AMEN, Mr. Steyn.

A final note-also on the show this morning, a former military man called in and said many people had asked why the guards at the memorial weren't armed. I haven't checked this yet, but the caller said that it is illegal for members of the armed forces to carry ammunition in their weapons when they are off base unless they are military police.

That is certainly something I think the government should change.

In Israel, for example, all soldiers have weapons and so do many civilians and there are no mass shootings-which are generally related to mental illness rather than actual possession of a weapon-contrary to the popular narrative.

As the brave Sergeant At Arms in Ottawa demonstrated, and as so many civilians and police officers and soldiers in Israel have demonstrated, it takes one good shot to prevent a massacre and neutralize a terrorist. 

Of course the shrill left will protest any changes that would enable Canadians to have anything close to an open carry law. Still I think it is an important conversation to have here in Canada.

Krauthammer: "Barack Obama, Bewildered Bystander"

Good essay from Krauthammer but I still believe that the "chaos" is intentional and sinister, not accidental.

He may not have managed anything in the past, but he is certainly competent at managing the complete deterioration of America. As I say, I'm inclined more and more to believe it is by design and not by 'incompetence'.

"The president is upset. Very upset. Frustrated and angry. Seething about the government’s handling of Ebola, said the front-page headline in the New York Times last Saturday."

"There’s only one problem with this pose, so obligingly transcribed for him by the Times. It’s his government. He’s president. Has been for six years. Yet Barack Obama reflexively insists on playing the shocked outsider when something goes wrong within his own administration."


"When it then turns out that vast, faceless bureaucracies tend to be incapable, inadequate, hopelessly inefficient and often corrupt, Obama resorts to expressions of angry surprise."

"He must. He’s not simply protecting his own political fortunes. He’s trying to protect faith in the entitlement state by portraying its repeated failures as shocking anomalies."

"Unfortunately, the pretense has the opposite effect. It produces not reassurance but anxiety. Obama’s determined detachment conveys the feeling that nobody’s home. No one leading. Not even from behind."

Feeling Good About Ourselves and Our Small Battles While Losing the War

I was listening to a popular morning radio show this morning and the discussion focused on several themes. One was how to support Canada's military in the wake of the terrorist attacks this week. This is a particularly important topic given that Canada's soldiers were instructed not to wear their uniforms in public. 

This of course, is the absolutely wrong way of dealing with terrorism. The terrorists targeted our soldiers and killed our soldiers.

Traditionally, in human history, when hostile forces plot and murder your soldiers-that is called war. 

The answer to a declaration of war is not taking off your uniform. 

It's wearing it prouder. It's more uniforms, more soldiers, more direct engagement, and being more resolute and more public about your national pride and security.

Clearly, there are many Canadians troubled by the idea of soldiers being asked, essentially, to hide themselves in public "for security" reasons. It is unacceptable that hiding your warrior identity is the new "security" in Canada, or anywhere else in the civilized world for that matter.

So the callers to the radio show and the host talked about having camouflage style armbands, or caps-proceeds of which could go to the family of the murdered solider (another bad idea in my view, what could possibly go wrong with money being raised for a good cause...). Perhaps pins? Perhaps an early distribution of Remembrance Day poppy pins? 

The problem is that these are all big picture, band-aid and feel good solutions for individuals who have good intentions about showing strength, solidarity or resolution.  These are fleeting and momentary, narcotic-like fixes, and little self-contained "battles" when we are already losing the war.

Losing the war? How so?

In allegedly free societies, we have already surrendered so much of our personal liberty that we have essentially lost a big part of the war against the evil barbarians.

We live in a society now where our hard-won fight to speak freely, and think freely have all but disintegrated in front of our passive eyes. When you live in an allegedly "free" society that polices jokes, regulates speech and criminalizes speech or thoughts, you have already lost.

When people are too afraid to discuss their legitimate concerns about immigration, about integration and about the religious nature of terrorist attacks, you have already lost. And make no mistake about it, these loses of personal freedom are big victories for the terrorists.

While they Tweet freely, mock our losses of life, make Facebook pages and death cult snuff videos, behead people in free countries on public roads in broad daylight, kill babies in carriages and lure teenage girls to serve as sex slaves in Syria, the same people who might somberly wear a poppy, lay a wreath and even donate money to good causes, are afraid to freely speak their mind in public about contentious issues.

The general result of having a 'controversial' opinion about the various "science-is-settled" topics of our day ensures a kind of supine and craven, punitive professional, political and social suicide for those who dare question contemporary narratives i.e have a different opinion-their own opinion about any number of subjects.

Is this what our forefathers fought for?

If you wear a poppy, but can't tell a joke, how free are you?

If you donate to the child of the murdered soldier, but are afraid to talk about religion, or politics in public, how free are you? 

If your soldiers are murdered, in cold blood while in uniform, and you tell them to take off their uniform, how safe are you personally or nationally? The instruction-the capitulation- to take off the uniform is, in many ways just as damning to a society in the long run than the "lone wolf" or even the "non-lone wolf" attacking our civilians and soldiers.

If everyone would start taking the war on freedom and our way of life seriously, and make no mistake about it-it is a real war, there would not only be fewer attacks, but there would also be fewer Pyrrhic victories in small battles. 

The forces of evil are emboldened not just by their own sense of invincibility, but by our pathetic acquiescence to codes of silence and behaviour and accommodation that we have imposed upon ourselves.

Culturcide is not just a terribly painful thing to watch. It is actually a profoundly evil thing for free people to participate in.

OMG: Yummy, Joan Nathan Makes Sephardic, Stuffed, Old Jerusalem Veggies

I am definitely going to make these. I love stuffed veggies. Personally, I think the oven would be easier for me rather than the plate in pot, check liquid, etc...and I would nix the allspice (can't stand allspice or nutmeg-ugh), but the basic idea is awesome.  I might also use corriander on top rather than parsley. But whatever!

What can I say, Sephardic food rules. I am an Ashkenazi with Sephardic food taste...

I made Nathan's Roman Jewish tomatoes over the High Holidays and they were easy and delicious and my youngest said they were the best tomatoes he has ever eaten!

Anyway, this looks fantastic. Great video!

These People Should Have to Pay A Fine

Anyone who causes an inconvenience of this sort deserves a hefty fine.

Life is co-educational, and this kind of primitive, extremist behaviour needs to be discouraged. 

There are plenty of mitzvot that take precedent over the irrational fear of sitting next to a woman on a flight and inconveniencing hundreds of people.

American Homeland Security Kabuki: Kansas Lingerie Raid Edition

You know what kind of federal government "raids" a panty store?

A government full of p*ssies. 

Here is what the federal government is doing to men who ostensibly signed up to you know, defend their country:

"These two tall, strong undercover officers had to stand there and count the panties," she giggled.

"They didn't not seem to want to carry out their appointed task that day."

But they were just following the rules, just a routine day in the life of a DHS bureaucrat! 

"U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spokesman Shawn Neudauer confirmed the incident to, describing the raid by ICE's Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents as "routine law enforcement."

"He said the agents learned about the panties through social media."

Excellent! What could possibly be wrong with that, spending long hours, crouching over a computer, sipping coffee after coffee and searching for bad, bad, illegal, contraband women's panties?

I'm glad there are no other big issues for the DHS to deal with in America. 

Ezra Levant Interviews Mark Steyn

Grab a coffee and have a look.

Remember, it was not that long ago that many, many man-hours (YES "MAN" hours, OK, so sue me) and taxpayers' dollars were being spent punishing these two free speech heroes with the "human rights" process on a hate speech witch hunt.

Imagine if those dollars and hours had been spent, you know-on real problems, like terrorism...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The West Is Screwed: "No Connection Between Attacks" Edition

Joining the lexicon of "broad strata" and "no common denominator",  "workplace violence" and "lone wolf",  I now present you with the "no connection between attacks" theory.

Whether this is the pronouncement of the Associated Press or an actual assessment of the police, it shows how rotten and fetid the problem is.

Absolutely disgraceful.

If there is "no connection", we, as a society can have no possible hope of winning.

By the way, this is my "broad strata" photograph that I sent to LGF many years ago. 

Ted Cruz Has Got the Stuff

Mark my words. 

This is the guy who can get it done. 

“The attacks in Ottawa and Jerusalem yesterday are stark reminders that while radical Islamic terrorism may have originated in the Middle East, it is not confined to that region.  Our great and good friends in Canada and Israel were targeted because both countries share the same core principles of tolerance and freedom that we in America hold so dear—and which are hated by the vicious terrorists whose ultimate goal is to destroy us all."

"My Heart Just Broke"

This is definitely one of the most poignant editorial cartoons I have ever seen. 

The Supine Morons of Quebec: A Canadian Disgrace

Pro tip: 

Dealing with radicals when they are in your midst is too late

When "they" are amongst "us", there is no prevention, there can, unfortunately, only be containment.

Prevention is the only cure. 


Public School Teachers in Canada: Most Spoiled, At Our Expense of Course .

Teaching-a "lifestyle" choice. 

"There are teachers who work hard, and others who do not work hard but are nevertheless good teachers. But if you are looking for a career that permits you to work few hours, take three months off a year, have job security despite your performance and retire at age 55 with a great pension, public school teaching is the only game in town."

"That makes it inevitable that many people enter teaching largely for the lifestyle at the expense of our youth and, ultimately, this country’s educational needs."

The Canadian Parliament Honours It's Heroic Sergeant At Arms

"My Brother Had Down Syndrome, Lived 61 Years and Loved Every Minute of It"


Defer to life.

"On the day of discharge the doctor gave my dad a list of facilities and addresses. When Dad asked, “What’s this?” the  doctor told him these were places that Dad could take Eddie to to live. My dad replied, “He is our son, and we will take him home and raise him!

"And raise him they did"
"They taught him what they could. It took him longer than most kids to learn to crawl, to learn to walk – but he did! They taught him like any other child – good manners, how to wash his hands, his boundaries outside, and how to cut his food, which, by the way he was not too pleased about at first! And the list goes on and on. But what we never expected was what Ed would continue to teach us."

Mark Steyn: "It's Not 'Senseless' Violence

Do watch Mark Steyn comment on the terrorist attack in Ottawa yesterday, where he is states unequivocally that "senseless" is not the right word to describe a terrorist attack of this nature.

It's an attack on the heart of the state, the heart of democracy and calling it "senseless" is indeed, a big part of the problem.

Then, he got angrier as the day went on-as so many of us did.

Do watch the whole interview with Brian Lilley of Sun TV here.

"Shame on the Toronto Police for helping Islam play the victim here, because they are not the victim."

And...the "Lone Wolf" Theory Emerges-at Fox News of All Places


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Some Days Are Full of Heartache

The situation in Ottawa is still fluid.

The situation in Jerusalem has been contained and a baby is dead, many others are injured. The dead, once again, their only crime was being living and breathing Jews in Israel especially, but througout the world-which is punishable only by death according to the death cult.

What we do know in Ottawa is a terrorist murdered a Canadian soldier in cold blood, rest his soul in peace. We know that civilians tried to help him. We know this is the second incident in about 48 hours whereby a Canadian solder was murdered by a terrorist on Canadian soil.

We know that a brave man, the Sargent at Arms shot and killed one terrorist who managed to enter the Canadian parliament building. We know that many brave men and women in uniform ran towards the danger, ran toward the live gun fire.

We know that this might be the first, but not the last attack of this kind.

We know that a family in Jerusalem has had their precious baby murdered and a family in Canada with a brave soldier son is mourning also.

These are, to paraphrase Rumsfeld, some of the known knowns.

Here's what I know.

I know that I will never stop being grateful for being alive and I will hug and protect my children with all my might. I know that I will never let the evil stop me from loving life and loving our way of life. Not ever. I know that if you stop being free, and start being afraid all the time, the evil does win. Evil can't win when you fight back however you can. By speaking your mind, by walking proud, by not being afraid, by fighting back, by raising moral and good children who are equally prepared to fight.

I know that humans are not inherently good. 

Many, and many systems of belief are inherently bad and many are evil.

And those who refuse to identify evil are evil in and of themselves and part of the problem.

So what can you do?

Don't be afraid.

Don't let them live in your head and stop you from living freely.

Those are not small victories, they are big victories and you must celebrate every moment of life and freedom and support those who actually fight with their bodies, and be thankful and grateful for the brave men and women all over the free world, and those in enemy territories who give of themselves, body and soul day in and day out for our freedom and make the ultimate sacrifice for us.

You must continue to revere life, or death and its cultural, religious and political henchmen will snuff yours out with a whimper or a bang and never look back with a second of regret or remorse. 

That is what I know.

That is what you can do. 

The Buckley Program At Yale: Ayaan Hirsi Ali Lecture

Mark Steyn Again Gives Literal Blue Print to Republicans Who May Want To You Know, Win An Election

To paraphrase the great Margaret Thatcher who told George Bush that now is not the time to go "wobbly", the great Mark Steyn, PBUH, says don't fold to the left and it's hostile takeover of culture, drag the [conservative] culture to you.

And who can do that? Yes, my current favourite American politician Ted Cruz. I've said before, I think he has the stuff.


American Federal Government Ordering 34 Million Immigration ID Cards

Nothing to see here.

Dead Canadian Soldier Victim of Cultural Outreach

Scaramouche has the goods. 

When I heard that this fellow was "known to police" I thought it was very strange. Now it appears that he was pretty much sacrificed on the alter of exquisitely deferential dhimmitude.

("Please, sir, do reconsider your extremist views! We Canadians are actual such nice people!") 

As Mark Steyn says in his new book (see the "How Unclean Is My Valley" essay) "diversity is where cultures go to die".

Apparently, it's also where they commit suicide by self-inflicted jihad, enabled by security forces as well.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Harrowing: A Young Yazidi Woman Describes Her Kidnapping by the Islamic State

Nine days can indeed, be longer than an entire lifetime. 

Read the whole thing. 

"Nine days can be longer than an entire lifetime, says Nadia, but she can remember every second of those nine days."

"Sometimes they were given nothing to eat, other times just a putrid egg for six young women. For two long days, they received no water. It was extremely hot and their captors had given them a single glass of tea. They passed around the glass -- two tiny sips for each woman. If you convert to Islam, the men said, you'll be given as much fresh water as you want."

"We remained steadfast," says Nadia."

"On another occasion, they were deprived of drinking water once again, only this time their captors put down a bucket of used bathwater. It tasted like soap and reeked of urine, but they had nothing else."

"Their captors beat them, sometimes several times in a single day, for no apparent reason. There was a man with a beard who used an electric cable, while two others preferred wooden switches."

"Sometimes they were also punched and kicked, and they were repeatedly sexually abused."

"Nadia doesn't give a literal account of these rapes. It is virtually impossible for her to talk about them, and it contravenes the conventions of her culture. She merely says: "We were taken individually to another room, to one of the men." Then she lowers her head, in silence, awash with shame."

"What else could we do?" she says after a while, now speaking very quietly."

"She says the men were merciless. Some women threw themselves at their tormentors' feet, kissed their knees and hands, and -- eyes filled with tears -- pleaded for mercy. It was no use. The men remained unmoved. It only entertained them."

Nadia is a portrait of true courage.

This line moved me tremendously:

"I will find this man one day, and I will cut off his finger, and I will take back my ring."

I Agree With Scaramouche! Free Mark Steyn!



And do read this whole Steyntastic excerpt from the new book in the Post today.


Robert Stacy McCain: The Externalization of Responsibility, Monica Lewinsky's Personal Shame

This is a great essay from McCain. 

I was thinking yesterday that it really is a pity that at the time where she seems to have (finally) gotten her life together, she still is not taking responsibility for the real reasons her life was destroyed: personal choices and the War on Women waged by the Clintons.

Democrat/Liberal/lefty woman-haters and abusers get a pass as long as they spew platitudes about women's rights and vote for the right (i.e LEFT) party.

Instead of blaming "cyberbullying" (how about shutting the damned computer off for a few hours...) it would have been so much more productive to say-hey I made mistakes, but I still have the rest of my life to live.

She clearly looks healthier, but time has, unfortunately not really provided her with much more moral clarity. What a waste of a life.

I think the public could (and should) be forgiving of a young woman who made such dreadful choices under the influence of such a charming, manipulative man who was the President of the United States at the time of their affair. But that really gets tired when the woman is 41, and still hasn't exorcised the ghosts of the past.

Women with far more trying backgrounds (torture, politically, economically, physically) have risen above their challenges and gone on to rich, rewearding and good lives as wives and mothers-yes, less public perhaps but infinitely more rewarding. But again-personal choices...

Pity. A wasted life.

Geert!!!! Six Questions With Geert!!

This man has balls of steel.

Do read the whole thing.

Canadian Soldier Killed By "Radicalized" Convert (UPDATED)

Motives still "unknown" and "puzzling".

Yet, apparently, he was "known to police".

That's helpful. 

This is being called a hit and run, instead of you know-a terrorist attack, or act of jihad.

From reports: 

"On a social media site for Muslims, Ummaland, Mr. Couture-Rouleau appears to have identified himself as “Ahmad the convert.” (The posted birth date, March 1, is consistent with what sources say is his birthday.)

"A Facebook page started in the name “Ahmad Rouleau” in 2013 shows a bilingual man who was obsessed with Islam and politics.  In one posting, he circulates a quote “military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”  The Facebook posts stopped six months ago until  singular posting appeared on Oct. 17 – showing  two open doorways, one leading to heaven and the other to hellfire."

Nothing to see here...carry on....


Silence in the face of jihad in New Jersey.

Vegetarian Men Have Much Lower Sperm Counts



Men, eat your meat!!!

(Refer to 'Me Tarzan, You Jane...etc...for more information...)

Cutest Halloween Costume Ever?

Very sweet.

Amazing! Rare Roman Monument to Hadrian Found in Jerusalem: Confirming Date of City Rebuilt and Bar Kochba Rebellion

Absolutely, positively cool!

Total Jewish history geek out!!!

Glick: Obama Not Incompetent-Has Complete Mastery of Federal Bureaucracy Coupled With a Loathing of Israel

When one individual has "complete mastery" of a federal government, that's not a president, but rather a King, or Chairman for Life. 

When that Chairman for Life loathes Jews and Israel it bodes very poorly indeed for America and the entire Western world.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Most Undignified, Classless, Crass American Administration Ever: Obama Tells Americans to "Stick It" to "Climate Deniers"

Is it actually humanly possible for America to have a more tacky, classless, juvenile leader? I'm so glad that the Ebola and ISIS crises are all cleared up, so we can deal with more serious world challenges like the weather.

Mark Steyn's New Book "The [Un]documented Mark Steyn" Launches Today! (UPDATED)

He's undocumented and loving it, baby.

You can keep an eye on all of Steyn's upcoming media appearances here.

Here is a small taste of the new book that appeared this weekend in the New York Post. 


Steyn in a nutshell:

"Culture trumps politics — which is why, once the question’s been settled culturally, conservatives are reduced to playing catch-up, twisting themselves into pretzels to explain why gay marriage is really conservative after all, or why 30 million unskilled immigrants with a majority of births out of wedlock are “natural allies” of the Republican Party."

(Is anyone in the American Republican party listening to, speaking to or reading Mark Steyn? I mean "culture trumps politics" is like the Republican Idiots Guide to Winning an Election in three words, and, you know, how shall I put this, could help them, you know WIN an upcoming election...")

Furthermore, he reminds conservatives-it's not just about election day. 

If you really want to win, "you have to do the hard work of shifting the culture every day, seven days a week, in the four-and-a-half years between elections".

"Culture is the long view; politics is the here and now."

(This could be Chapter 2 of the Republican Idiots Guide to Winning an Election.) 

This little nugget on TSA Kabuki Security Theatre and the dismally disturbing American submission to Big Government made me laugh out loud.

(And when I say laugh out loud, I mean that kind of unladylike little snort, you know, where the coffee kind of goes up the nose, SNORT, realizing that we, as a free society are really dying when this sort of thing happens all the time and Mark Steyn may well be the only red-blooded, liberty-loving, undocumented bloke on the continent, or even in the Western world to spell it out so consistently, and with such irrefutable clarity.)


"I saw a fellow in a “Don’t Tread on Me” T-shirt the other day."

"He was at La Guardia, being trod all over by the overgropinfuhrers of the TSA, who had decided to subject him to one of their enhanced pat-downs. There are few sights more dismal than that of a law-abiding citizen having his genitalia pawed by state commissars, but having them pawed while wearing a “Don’t Tread on Me” T-shirt is certainly one of them."

(OK, moderately arousing and spelling the death knell of Western civilization at the same time-what could possibly be wrong with that?!?? Absolutely nothing! Steyn Akbar!)

So, seriously!

Get your copy today. 

Be like me, this morning and wake up with Mark Steyn!

Jealous yet?!??!


OK, so, I didn't EXACTLY, you know-wake up "with" Steyn.

It's just I got my electronic Amazon copy delivered right to my phone this morning, but it's like TOTALLY THE SAME THING, RIGHT?!?!?

*Sulks back to phone, grudgingly accepting it's not exactly the same thing, and not even close but still fun to hypothesize fantasize that it is moderately related...*


I can die happily-yours truly is cited in Mr. Steyn's new book (hint-it's about Barbie).


Why Is the Obama Administration Sacrificing American Soldiers in Africa?

Why indeed?

Paralysed Dad "Walks" His Daughter Down the Aisle at Her Wedding

"Feeling at eye level once again." 

NY Met Opera Spits on Jewish, American Terror Victim and Murders Him Again and Again

This "opera" is a disgusting spectacle, a vile piece of antisemitic spew couched in artistic licence.

Read this piece from Leon Klinghoffer's daughters. 

And people should stop even referring to "Klinghoffer".

He was a man, a father, a husband and a Jew, not some random last name without a soul. 

"On Oct. 8, 1985, our 69-year-old wheelchair-bound father, Leon Klinghoffer, was shot in the head by Palestinian hijackers on the Achille Lauro cruise ship. The terrorists brutally and unceremoniously threw his body and wheelchair overboard into the Mediterranean. His body washed up on the Syrian shore a few days later"

"We have always been strong supporters of the arts, and believe they can play an important role in examining and understanding significant world events. “Klinghoffer” does no such thing. It presents false moral equivalencies without context and offers no real insight into the historical reality and the senseless murder of an American Jew. The opera rationalizes, romanticizes and legitimizes the terrorist murder of our father."

Friday, October 17, 2014

Must Read! Lawrence Solomon: Crippling Medical Research

Hat tip to my Dad for sending this one to me.

Think Big Climate, kids....

("The science is settled, etc...) 

You MUST read this whole thing. 

Kudos to Mr. Solomon for penning this extremely fine essay. I look forward to further installments.

"Over the last 30 years, spending on medical research and development soared more than five fold, but it didn’t produce five times as many research geniuses whose insights brought us five times the life-saving discoveries, not by a long shot. Instead of the extra billions finding their way to a new generation of ever better funded, ever more empowered intellects, the money went mostly to medical mediocrities spawned by the expanding government bureaucracies that sucked up the monies, and that, too often, helped squelch rather than advance knowledge."

"What hasn’t declined in the medical field is dogma, as best illustrated by the 2005 Nobel Prize for Medicine, awarded to Barry Marshall for an outside-the-box discovery more than two decades earlier. Marshall, a trainee in internal medicine in Australia, realized that ulcers — then a very serious ailment — were caused by an easily treated bacterial infection rather than by stress, as commonly believed. '

"Marshall was ridiculed, called a quack, dismissed when he presented his findings to an annual meeting of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, dismissed by the pharmaceutical companies, dismissed by funding bodies that held the purse strings to research grants, dismissed by important medical journals."

"Although he soon successfully cured his own patients without subjecting them to conventional treatments — like antidepressants to allay the patients’ presumed stress-induced gastric acids or surgical removal of their ulcerated stomachs — the medical world treated him as a fraud, asserting his results couldn’t be replicated and in any case couldn’t be true. Even after Marshall, in desperation, decided to prove that infections caused ulcers by infecting himself, and then curing the resulting ulcer with an antibiotic, he remained a charlatan to most for another decade."

"Why the dogma and the personal attacks on Marshall? How could so many for so long ignore the evidence that was so obvious and so easy to verify? An answer lies in the willful blindness of the vested interests that dominate the medical field. Money provides one vested interest. "

Must Read: England and Shame: The Hamas Vote

Sent to me by an American reader who writes:

"Even though, unlike the author, I'm not English by descent, he captures my own visceral feelings about the past greatness--and the present disgrace. Or is it beneath even disgrace."
"I'm still searching for a word, or words, that explain my own emotions."

England and Shame: The Hamas Vote 

"The recent vote, 274-12 by British MPs to recognize the Hamas regime in Palestine (with 450 or so spineless abstentions, including that of its mega-spineless Prime Minister) is different. It is a cause not only for disgust, but for unutterable shame. The closest I can come to describing it is that it is akin to the feeling that would be aroused if a loved and admired elder relative were to be publicly found out in some appalling crime involving obscenity and treason — for this is treason to everything that is fine and noble in the spirit of England."

"Make no mistake: for at least some of the movers of the resolution it was not about the rights of the Palestinians: it was about Jew-hatred."

I suggest that right-thinking people feel a certain degree of absolute heartache over this move, along with a dark, foreboding gut sense of what is in store for the Western world for the near future. 

Do read the whole thing.

America, I Love You, But Your Police and Your Hyper Regulated, Micro-Managed Lives Are Out of Control

American woman sent to jail for overgrown lawn. 


Now, this fine woman tried to take a stand, she is no shrinking violet, and look what happened:

"On Tuesday, Holloway turned herself in and made an appeal to city officials."

"But Holloway says she was stunned when Judge Terry Vann handed down a five-day jail sentence, before amending it Tuesday to six hours. She says she offered to do five days of community service instead of jail time, but Vann refused her offer, insisting that she serve the time behind bars — although Vann noted that she is not a criminal and that it is not a criminal case."

“It’s not right,” she said. “Why would you put me in jail with child molesters and people who have done real crimes because I haven’t maintained my yard up to the city’s standards?”

"Holloway said she feels like she’s “being bullied,” and claims she was not read her rights or told she could have a lawyer present."

America is currently being governed by imbeciles and Americans are currently being judged not by a jury of peers by any stretch of the imagination, but a judiciary that mocks and disdains individual rights, personal liberty and indeed, makes a mockery of the American constitution. 


Geez, I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said something nasty about me-I'd be rich. 

If you are even a moderately 'successful' public figure, you have to wear the insults like a gosh darned laurel, with much pride-especially when you figure out the common denominator amongst your critics. Then you can really have a good laugh.

(Best example remains the inscription made to Mark Steyn by the Saudi Ambassador to America.) 

Anyhoo, Mark Steyn talks about the exquisitely fragile temperament of this Mann fellow. 

There are some little updates about the case, blah blah, you know WHATEVERSVILLLE, toilet of justice, blah blah blah.

The real story is...wait for it....

Real men pushing harder!

"when the going gets tough, real men don't whine like a big ninny about one-star reviews on Amazon, they just push their Christmas disco CD even harder."







(It's very good, BTW, do order it, rest assured you can trust this Jew on Christmas music...we own the genre, baby...) 


So where were we? 

Right! Carry on with your day while I get a glass of cold water.


You Can't Make This Stuff Up: “Masculine-of-Center Genderqueer Person Named “Timothy” Edition" (UPDATED WITH DELICIOUS INSTAPUNDIT QUOTE)



This just in from the Instapundit. 

"Tip: When students go on about social justice, the proper response is to tell them you don’t care what they think, because they don’t know enough to have an intelligent opinion yet. If universities were run on this principle, the 3% of students responsible for 98% of the idiocy would no longer have their destructive impact. Also, it’s true: They don’t know enough to have an intelligent opinion, as demonstrated by the opinions they do have."


Nice: Elbert Guillory-Bear Killer

Looks promising indeed. 

His credentials are impeccable.

Good luck to him in this battle.

The UK Is Screwed: New "Cutting" Cases Edition

The first problem is calling it by its quaint little euphemism "cutting". 

It's Female Genital Mutilation, chaps. 

Calling it a 'little nick', ritual circumcision, or a 'cut' indicates that you are part of the cover up and part of the, cowering and supine problem. Words matter and whoever controls the language controls the argument.

"Never before published figures reveal the scale of female genital mutilation in England, with the number of women currently being treated by the NHS approaching 2,000."

This article also quaintly ignores the religion that most often practices 'cutting'.

Typical British cowards.

PS: Dotted lines in North Kensington.

"Of the Londoners known to have been caught up in the Syrian war, it is striking how many hail from the neighbourhoods around Ladbroke Grove and Westbourne Park. One counter-terrorism expert told the Standard earlier this year that he had noticed the clustering in North Kensington, and recent events have confirmed it."

"But no factor that links the names immediately suggests itself. Among them are young men from both Arab and North African families; some are said to come from devout households, others not; a handful attended the same fashionable state school but years before any problems emerged; some of them have been involved in political activism, others not at all."

"If anyone might understand the cluster, though, it is those who run the Al Manaar mosque, formally called the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre. It was purpose-built for the area’s sizeable Muslim community and opened by Prince Charles in 2001."

One Brit with balls, who happens to be a Jewish lady.

Melanie Phillips on the perfidy of recognizing "Palestine". 

Naftali Bennet on the Imam John Kerry...

"Even when a British Muslim beheads a British Christian, there will always be those who blame the Jews,"



"Bennett also said that Kerry, as well as the West, does not take ISIS seriously."

"I suggest they listen to and believe ISIS," he said. 

"These terrorists want to take over the Middle East, from Syria to Jordan and Lebanon, and to re-establish the [historic] Islamic caliphate." 

"We could either fight it or explain it away," he continued. 

"The choice is in the world's hands, and it will bear the consequences."