Friday, November 30, 2012

Bubala Please Hanukah

OK, this is completely hilarious. I snorted out loud when I watched it.

*Language alert x ELEVENTY BAZILLION!* 

Not for the muthuhf&king faint of heart!

Happy Chanukah, b*tiches!

Too funny-first candle of Chanukah is Saturday December 8th after sundown.


Bubbaleh-you don't need to cry when you cut onions!

Here is an Ancient Hungarian Jewish Secret for cutting onions without crying.

Take a match, put it between your teeth with the sulphur side OUT.

Now cut the onions. For some reason, it cuts the teary vapors in the onion or whatever.

(Dammit Jim, I'm a suburban Jewish Mom and writer not a scientist...)

Anyway-I didn't believe it till I did it, and it works-every time.

This was shared with me by a feisty Hungarian Jew, rest her soul, in Israel at a gorgeous kibbutz in the south. Try it-it works!

Is Canada the New America?

Certainly seems so to me.

John Baird: "Canada will not let the Jews or Israel stand alone."

It was not that long ago that such sentiments would have come from American presidents.

How time flies.

Finally Nads Spotted in Britain

Good on you, Jack.

Here's Something I Never Thought I Would Say-And I Mean Never EVAH EVAH

Yoko Ono should have stuck to singing. 

Because her fashion design ability sucks even worse than her "singing".

Behold: The Yoko Ono Collection

Yoko Ono

Disgusting: Feds Shut Down 100 Year Old American Company

Lives and livelihoods destroyed. No biggie.

Nothing to see here.

Stevie Wonder Cancels Friends of IDF Concert

On the recommendation of the United Nations. 

Big surprise.

Best Movember Story EVER EVAH EVAH EVAH

So pathetic! OMG. 

" increasing number of men in Middle Eastern countries are seeking innovative ways of achieving a hairier upper lip, with a boom in moustache implants. The innovative treatment is proving popular with men from in the Arab world, where moustaches are seen to convey wisdom and maturity."


This gives me a nice segue to talk about men's facial hair: 

Please, for the love of Middle Eastern moustaches-get rid of the goatees. The 80s called-they want those goatees back. Goatees are ridiculous. So are "love patches". 

Stubble is masculine. Beards are nice, but not when they get to ZZ Top length. Please keep them trimmed. Moustaches are also alright on certain guys.

Men shaved so close that it looks pretty close to female or pubescent skin looks sort of gay (not that there's anything wrong with that, etc..)-it just does. 

You're welcome!

Ivy League Degrees

Morally and intellectually and now-sexually your superiors!

Err...your masters? Slaves?

Anyway, I'm sure that legions of parents will be delighted that for $40K or so a year, their kids will have entry to such exclusive clubs at Haaaaaahvaahd.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Problem With Socialism

Is that eventually you run out of other people's money.

The Imperial President

The President will be taking a $4 million dollar vacation in Hawaii as America edges ever closer to the edge of the financial cliff.

With government spending in the trillions, one can understand how a piddly $4 million vacation would be considered chump change.

The Abuse of the Disabled

Special needs students in padded isolation rooms.

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Why Did the Judge Use the "Nuclear Option" on Rob Ford

A very, very interesting piece by Christie Blatchford in the National Post today. She was sent a lengthy analysis of the judgment by a lawyer who prefers to remain anonymous. 

I have to say-the only people that are gloating about this incidious judgement-and the activism behind it-are the extreme lefties. The "normal" left, I think understands that this could open up a Pandora's box that actually could be used against them in the future as well.

The non-radicals understand that the people of Toronto spoke, through the ballot box.  They cannot claim that democracy did not "work". There were elections.

I think that public opinion is against the judgement, and certainly against the municipal law that yields this much power.

I am a fan of Rob Ford. And as a fan, I would urge him to seriously consider the advice being given to him about not giving ammunition to his ideological foes. They want to destroy you, Mr. Ford-why give them any ammunition at all. Starve them of that pleasure, I say.

Sick and Disabled Babies in the UK Murdered to Save Money

So disturbing I can barely type. 

Dying of thirst and hunger, pity the poor babies, G-d rest their souls.

What ever happened to 'first do no harm'?

The Pathway to Death for Innocent Babies is paved by doctors and nurses.

Shame on them all.

Shame on us for not stopping it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nothing to see here.

Two-thirds of millionaires have left Britain.  

Oddly enough-this happened after more punitive income tax rates were introduced. I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

Good luck with this plan, America.

Taking Back the Academy

I certainly think that the left has done a tremendous job in taking over public education, the media, the arts and the mass media. And because they are leftists, they never had to say please or thank you. They barreled their way in, pushing, shoving and whining.It started in the late 20s and 30s with the WWI pacifists, and the takeover is complete. 

There are few bastions of non-leftist thought in popular culture. 

Conservatives have books and think tanks, a few great web sites and talk radio, but little else in our arsenal at the moment that can influence the education of our young or popular culture. Though I am pessimistic about a turnaround, or any kind of "taking back", he makes a point that I know a lot of fellow travelers will recognize. 

Not that we are seek kudos, most of us write and blog just because we feel we have to try and make a difference: 

"At a dinner with a rare fellow conservative academic, my friend told me, "The hardest thing about being in this field is that we have to fight the human need for love and affirmation." 

"Rightists get lots of boos and little applause.  It is hard to report to work and not feel envious of the constant awards, blurbs, promos, kudos, endorsements, grants, sabbaticals, acknowledgements, ribbons, and gold stars that leftists give to each other for half-baked, lazy ideas.  Luckily, religious traditions have given us many tips on overcoming envy, one of the deadliest deadly sins.

"Unfortunately, the decline in didacticism corresponds with an unraveling family structure.  As American youth are getting fewer moral tips at home, they are also being force-fed loopy open-mindedness at school, which often backfires when they become adults and realize that Jesus's warnings about carnal temptations apply not only to the next world.  Alcoholics, selfish pleasure-seekers, drug addicts, lonely promiscuous people, and partygoers with shallow friends are bound to be fairly unhappy in this world, too. 

"As American youth are getting fewer moral tips at home, they are also being force-fed loopy open-mindedness at school, which often backfires when they become adults and realize that Jesus's warnings about carnal temptations apply not only to the next world.  Alcoholics, selfish pleasure-seekers, drug addicts, lonely promiscuous people, and partygoers with shallow friends are bound to be fairly unhappy in this world, too."

Food for thought.

Who Says There is No Fun in Islam?

The bad news: No Muslim Joke books or jokes have been unearthed since then.

There are real shin-slappers in here, and all kinds of helpful advice, too:

"Don't fraternize," he replied, "but if you can't avoid it, pick someone who won't pester you. Don't go for greens, gorge on chicken skin, stuff yourself with goat kidneys, gulp bird gizzards, snatch fish innards, or concern yourself with the eyeballs if a head is served. And pay no attention to skinny poultry." 

Words to live by!  

The British researcher assures us that Baghdad back then was a swinging Bohemian rockin town-not the backwater sand dumpster full of primitives that we hatemongers might assume!

So there!

Stunningly Beautiful: Best Article on Slate Ever

Loving a Child on the Fringe

Thanks to John Podhoretz for Tweeting it and letting people know about it.

Just beautiful.

"Wherever she goes, she brings people together—imperiously gesturing to cantankerous couples to sit down together and lifting their palms onto each others’ thighs, reconciling warring classmates by joining their hands, and charming child-leery adults with flirty smiles and studious imitations of their idiosyncrasies. Her gifts are the opposite of my own: Where I am shy, she is bold; where I am good with (known) words, she is good with drama, dance, and music; where I am frightened of groups, she loves them, and the children in her preschool compete hard to sit by her side at lunchtime as the nurses in her hospital petitioned to be assigned to her room."

"Am I “cheerily generalizing” as Solomon says of other Down syndrome parents, “from a few accomplishments” of my child? Perhaps I am....Each of us has the ability to give only a little bit of joy to those around us. I would wager Eurydice gives as much as any person alive."

"There are reasons to think the future could be harder—not easier—than the present. But while certain experts (repeatedly quoted by Solomon) have suggested that this leads to “chronic sadness” in parents of children with Down syndrome, I find it leads to “chronic carpe diem”—a chronic desire to seize the day and wring the best possible from every moment—and from myself."

G-d bless you Cristina Nehring and your beautiful daughter Eurydice.

May you both live long, happy, healthy lives.

Carpe Diem indeed. 

"We don't fund NGOs for Life"

This is probably the most encouraging thing I've read coming out of Fantino's mouth in a very, very long time.

He was a complete screw up on Caledonia-will never forget or forgive that.

However, de-funding bloated poverty industry NGOs would be a wonderful first step if he wants to redeem himself.

Jews, Please Get Out of Europe

Everything old is new again.

Hungarian law maker calls for lists of Jews to be created.

Where have I ever heard that before? 

Save a Life-Be A Bone Marrow Donor

I've written about these stories before to encourage everyone who reads this to consider being a bone marrow donor.

It is really, really easy to get on the registry and there is a chance that you can save a life-just because of your own amazing genetic constitution.

I was once called to go for a second round of testing, after my banked sample information showed that I was a possible match for someone. I did the second round and unfortunately, was not a six point match for the sick person. I cannot express how grateful I was just to even get the call, that I might have the opportunity to save someone's life. I'll never forget it.

A young boy in the US needs a transplant. 

You could be his match. Please consider getting swabbed. It is such a good cause.

Thank you.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Cure for Hate Speech is More and Better Speech

I have been thinking about this story for a few days now. 

A Quebec broadcaster let someone on his show and "Maria" proceeded to call Israelis dogs, and talk about how the Holocaust was the best thing to have ever happened, and say all kinds of other things about Jews.

The host warned her that one must be careful about saying things about Jews because the conversation can easily get shut down, that's it's a sensitive topic.

And then the Official Jews got involved.

“Generally speaking, we’re satisfied with the quick and thoughtful response of the station,” Rabbi Reuben Poupko, board member of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, said. Steven Slimovitch, national legal counsel for B’nai Brith, called the punishment “incredibly severe.”

"But both men were disappointed by the written apology Mr. Fabi released through his employer, Cogeco Diffusion."

Here are my feelings on the subject.

Someone hates Jews and was given a platform to spout off about Jews, on the radio.


Both official Jews are "disappointed" that the broadcaster didn't sufficiently grovel after having been punished in an "incredibly severe" manner (their words, not mine).


As Kathy points out, if Jews do not want to be accused of controlling the media, maybe they should actually stop trying to control the media? 

Seriously, who cares what one antisemitic Quebec woman says about the Holocaust? The broadcaster's employer is a private company that can decide if they want him on board or not. They decided to punish him-and they can fire him if they want.

If it was a public broadcaster, funded by taxpayers, then public outrage would be more warranted. Canadians would not want public funds to be used as a platform for airing antisemitic views. That is what civilized people would choose. 
Once again, thin-skinned Jews are perpetuating terrible stereotypes and the official Jews are making it seem like we are the most easily offended group in Canada. It also makes it seem like we have nothing better to talk about, worry about, or spend community dollars on.

Unfortunately, the CIJA establishment is full of not-so-smart Jews who push well intentioned Jews into saying and publishing the kind of nincompoop tripe that only Official Jews are capable of vomiting up

And as usual, the true lede of the story is buried at the end of the well-intentioned article written by Graeme Hamilton of the National Post.

Here's the real point, and why being wolf-crying, sky-is-falling Jews is ultimately self-defeating and completely unnecessary in Canada today:

"More encouraging is the public denunciation he has faced in the province where he had been something of a radio institution. Such fellow broadcasters as Jeff Fillion and Dominic Maurais were quick to rip into him, and columnists in La Presse and Le Journal de Montréal have been equally harsh."


Mainstream Quebec publications took care of this make-work problem on their own. 

No Jewish thought police were necessary for regular people to understand that the language used was offensive, that it was not welcome in the everyday public discourse of Quebec media and not reflective of the average person. 

Who cares that some anonymous crumb-bum woman in Quebec hates Jews? She can seriously KMZT: kiss my Zionist tuches. Who cares if some "King of the Night" in Quebec finds Jews annoying? I find Quebec annoying, what's the big deal?

I'm more worried about Hamas re-arming, than about Maria of Quebec.

But what do I know?

"Israel is Paying the Price for the West's Self-Hatred"

Well crafted phrase, and another good read from Gatestone. 

"...facts are hardly known in Europe, where Israel-bashing remains one of the favorite pastimes of the media. A 2010 study showed that for every two stories reflecting negatively on the Palestinians, the BBC published 51 stories reflecting negatively on Israel. What is constantly missing in the coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the context in which events take place."

"The media simply do not tell the truth. If they were to do so, ordinary Europeans would have a more balanced view on the conflict. Which is why Fiamma Nirenstein has a point when she called last week's demonstration in Rome a demonstration for the truth as well as for Israel."

Bravest Jewish Mother of the Year

Israeli mom takes down armed terrorist with Krav Maga.


Memo to Self

Never get Russian makeover. 

That is all.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Must Watch-Ezra Levant on the Ousting of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

A terrible day for democracy in Canada.

A handful of angry leftists with deep pockets have managed to do in court, what they could not achieve with the ballot.

Absolutely disgusting.

Rob Ford 2013!!!!

Watch Ezra walk you through the whole story.

Irony, the Cruelest Mistress...

Apparently, a six year old child wrote a letter to Hasbro complaining about a "gender imbalance" in a game. 

I have the game at home and not once has any of my kids been even remotely disturbed by the number of female to male character choices. There are male, female, old, young, bearded, mustachioed, white skinned and brown skinned characters.

Thank goodness only the male characters have beards any mustaches! But I digress. 

First of all, I find it very hard to believe that a six year old child, no matter how precocious, did this without significant ghostwriting and prompting. It's a game-who cares? Get. A. Life.

The other noteworthy item is that this story has been brought to you by the "Community Team" at CBC.

Ooh, let's play Guess Who at the Community Team!

Two boys, two girls, but I'm noticing a little lack of diversity here....Meet the team, team Lilly White.

 Community Team

To summarize-"Guess Who" is more diverse than the "Community Team".