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Kathy Draidle: Adam Carolla is a Total Dude and This Kindler Fellow Sucks Dog Balls And Whatnot


You must read this.


"For about 10 years or so, as colleges have been spitting out more brainwashed beta male fruitcakes and their perpetually pre-menstrual female enablers, something called “alternative” comedy has been spreading like a rash."
"It’s politically correct, it’s all about “community” and — here’s the “alternative” part — it’s not really funny. Get it?"

Carolla is a total dude, and think Jews are TEH AWESOME. 

And he's tall, funny, rich, happily married and has kids. 

This article is awesome. 

Kathy Draidle is awesome. 

Adam Carolla is also. 


Norway Mass Killer Applies to University

What could possibly be wrong with that? 

Babies Are Dying, But At Least Celebrities Look Good In Their Photo Shoots

And that's the main thing, right?

Is John McCain Senile or Just Old, Stupid and Desperate to Be Popular?

I'm leaning more toward senile, or that his brain is actually decaying, like a tumor or something.

Hilary Clinton is a "rock star". 


Steyn: The Shrinking of the National Security Right

Mark Steyn has an excellent post up on The Corner. 

He notes that "the national-security right is a shrinking club because America has proven an ineffectual intervenor."

"In Afghanistan, the Taliban support a bigoted, misogynist sharia state run by theocrats with ties to global terrorism, whereas America and its allies support a bigoted, misogynist sharia state run by duplicitous kleptocrats with ties to druglords and pederasts."

"That’s not a distinction worth twelve years of blood and treasure, and it has discredited the broader cause and its impositions on the home front. The Taliban will soon enough be back in Kabul, but Americans will be shuffling shoeless through the airports of Cleveland and Des Moines unto the end of time."

("Don't Tread On Me, RIP.") 

Speaking of which: here's a nice little piece about your security superiors from the TSA. 

The Frenchman and the North American Lady

I didn't even have to pull out my notebook to record the slow motion seduction that I just witnessed. It is seared into my mind's eye camera.

It was really something. In broad daylight!


Now, I am not crazy about France and its supine position vis a vis Islam, but there are some things that the French know better than anyone. Those things are wine, cheese, sexiness and seduction and of course French and French accents!

So, let me tell you about the couple who sat beside me. 

The woman at the table next to me was North American woman-perhaps an academic, not sure about that. She appeared to be about 38 or maybe 40. Pretty nice looking, but wearing no make-up. Glasses, but quite a nice face, dark, long hair. She was wearing a sort of hippy skirt but a more fitted top. The look was clearly that kind of 'oh I don't wear make-up' statement that some feminists run with-Lord help them.

She was clearly completely unaware that her dining companion was actively trying to seduce her. She just was clueless. Like totally clueless. I honestly felt like shaking her, or stopping her in mid-stupid sentence to say HE IS TOTALLY INTO YOU, LADY!!!

Her companion was French (not from Quebec, from France-I could hear the conversation), and just by his body language and the way he was talking, I could feel the vibes in the air. So I tried not to peek to many times, but it was just fabulously entertaining, and I needed to get a good mental snapshot of the players.

He was relatively ordinary looking, but quite bright-it sounded like he was a scientist actually just by some of the discussions. Sort of even nerdy looking, but not fat, about six feet tall-so all in all a perfectly acceptable package.

He didn't take his eyes off the target the entire time they were sitting together. He had his eyes on the prize, my friends.

She was behaving in almost an asexual manner. She had no flirt in her. Just nothing. She looked like she was completely out of practice with men. This lady needed to get laid like tile and he was picking up on that completely-even though she was clueless about his intentions.

He proposed going for coffee and sharing a piece of cheesecake-which he teasingly said was not an "American" invention at all. It was so amusing as a throwaway line-delivered perfectly in his cute French accent and again, she just was not picking up on the clues.

This is the kind of woman who would be completely thrown off guard when he makes his actual move. He was putting a lot of hints out. Like 'oh, I've not been to a museum yet in Toronto'.

I mean DUH. DUH. DUH.

Sharing a single piece of cheesecake is actually a pretty intimate invitation if you think about it and could be wildly seductive!

I hope for this lady's sake that he makes his move sooner rather than later. She's primed and he's clearly no novice.

Wildly entertaining human theatre and banter for an otherwise quiet mid week break.

I'm very concerned though about how clueless and unfeminine so many women are in general.

Women need to get their girly girl on and men need to charm it up.  Run with it, people!

That was delightful.

Bravo, my French friend, bravo!!

European Culture of Death Update

Europe choosing death at every opportunity. 

No wonder they hate Jews.

You cannot love life and hate Jews.

You can only love death when you hate Jews.

Bashar al-Assad: Murderer, Jew-Hater, Terrorist and Now Instagram Fan!

Social media PR boon for Instagram!

I bet they are DELIGHTED with their latest fan!

Israeli Beaten Unconscious By Eritrean Infiltrators In Front of Wife and Kids

Get them out of Israel as fast as humanly possible.

How Elitist, Liberal Jewish Groups Harm Israel and the Jewish People

Well said. 

All of this is easy to understand if you just follow Rosen's Rule: these organizations are run by radical liberals-very devout and fanatic liberals who just happened to have been born Jewish.

Liberal first, peripherally and incidentally Jewish. 


Terrorist Chic in France

Celebrating terrorism and turning mass murder into high art. 

Welcome to France.

Jewish Life in Sweden Ends

Forced out by belligerent Muslims having survived the Nazis. 

Europe is screwed.

Sweden sucks.

Let them enjoy their Judenhass country.

Who's Afraid of Free Speech?

Awesome stuff in here.

Never give an inch.


Douglas Murray: "Islamophobia is a Crock"

At least SOMEBODY in Europe has got the goods. Douglas Murray really, really gets it.

He's definitely one of my favourite Brits.

Love this guy.

Read it all. 

And who ever the Jewish "leader" was who told him that we MUST combat "Islamophobia" before/during or after antisemitism-that person is a nutcase liberal who just happened to have been born a Jew.

Mystery solved.

And a Douglas Murray double play:

Freeing terrorists for "peace". 

This guy is so smart and sensitive to what this is really about.

"As some corrective, readers might be interested in this piece by Adi Moses. The victim – at the age of 8 – of a Palestinian terrorist attack, the severely wounded Adi saw her mother burn to death in the attack and her 5 year old brother die of wounds shortly afterwards. The perpetrator of this attack is one of those slated for release. The superb Tom Gross has made Adi Moses’s open letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu (published in Hebrew last week) available in English here. Might I urge people to read it?"

Thank you to Douglas Murray for linking to these pieces, and to Tom Gross for helping tell these stories. 


The Jew Hate that Unites Europe

Excellent piece from Guy Millière at Gatestone. 

When he says Israel-we can just say "Jews". Because that's what it is.

Passionate, unrepentant, Judenhaas.

He says, rightly that the Palestinian cause is "sacred" to Europe. That is exactly right. As Bat Ye'or called it- Palestinianism is a religion with messianic passion and fervor.

He says:

"Today, hatred of Israel is one of the most shared and prominent feelings in Europe. Using anti-Semitic terms to criticize Israel is common, normal and "politically correct." Fighting for the "Palestinian cause" in the name of "peace" is the only fight that can bring together politicians from the left and the right. Any terrorist attack against Israel is almost unanimously described as a fruit of the "cycle of violence" and of "Israeli intransigence," never mind that it is actually the Palestinians who historically have been intransigent. An Israeli response to a terrorist attack is immediately criticized by European diplomats as "disproportionate." A Palestinian attack is never criticized at all."

I'd go further. 

I'd say that Palestinian attacks on Jews are celebrated and enjoyed by the Jew-haters. They feel that Israeli lives and Jewish lives are worthless and that they OUGHT to be extinguished. There will be no tears shed ever for dead Jews no matter how gruesome the slaughter. 

He concludes: 

"European governments and the EU have never been friends of Israel. Now, they are less friends of Israel than ever. The likelihood that they will adopt a more positive attitude toward Israel is nil.
They speak as enemies of Israel. They behave as enemies of Israel. They take decisions only enemies of Israel would take."

"They are at war with Israel. They do not wage war directly: they engage battle through other channels, hypocritically, viciously, and cowardly."

"In the 1940s, Europe was the continent of Auschwitz. Today, Europe is a continent where politicians and technocrats support what Abba Eban called the "Auschwitz borders". There is no doubt they hope for results similar to those obtained in Auschwitz, just by other means."


Israeli Zealot Tries to Get Woman to Move to the Back of the Bus

No YOU move to the back of the bus, you fanatic. 

These bullies have gotten away with a lot in Israel over the years.

Every act of intimidation and violence should be met with a very strong hand.

Yeah, About that McDonald's "Study"

What would we do without error-filled undergraduate research?!?!

Total McBullshit!

Behold: The Slutbag

Ladies-meet the slutbag.

(language alert-NSFW)

Via Instapundit, who wrote an excellent column on the slugs of the Democratic party and their war on women.


The College Degree Scam in America

Same goes for Canada. 

It is true. It has become racist, or mean, or hurtful to suggest that not everyone go on to higher education.

But it's reality. What it means is that it is possible to make a very good life without one-not that the people who shouldn't or can't go on to higher education are not capable or intelligent.

We have the most over "educated" population on the planet. But that doesn't equal "productive".

In fact, the academic class is one of the least productive and protected in human history.

Penn State Officials to Stand Trial in Sandusky Scandal

Not a great day for this once glorious university. 

America the Entitled

Many "disability" recipients admit they could and should work. 

But they don't.

Because they don't have to.

Hope N' Change working out very well for America.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Why Therapy is Crap and You Should Just Get Off Your Butt and Go For A Run

This is a great video.

Let's discuss. Your "therapist" might not have any credentials, you might not really need outside advice, you might just be a lazy and only moderately depressed person who needs those endorphins on your side, your "therapist" might be batshit crazy and you are contributing to THEIR financial well-being ("co-dependent") and could end up in Therapy For Life.

So, take a step back before you decide to support the $10 BILLION dollar therapy industry in America. And it is an industry.

A fool and his money are soon parted. Especially on the therapy couch. 

Celebrate Diversity in New York City's Fire Department!

Most "diverse" and geriatric rookie firefighters ever!

What's not to like about that?

I mean, what could possibly go wrong? 

I know if my house was burning, I would certainly want the oldest firemen in the squad, and the MOST DIVERSE coming with the big hose.

"A 2007 discrimination lawsuit filed against the Fire Department by the feds gave new life to minority applicants who took the fire exam in 1999, 2000 and beyond but weren’t hired for a variety of reasons."

(Like what??)

"While they normally would have been looking for jobs in other professions after hitting the age of 30, they were allowed — thanks to the settlement — to retake the city’s written and physical exams, passed and were hired."

“This new class of probationary firefighters is a testament to the outstanding work by the department to meet our long-standing goal of diversifying our ranks and better representing the city we serve,” Cassano said, without mentioning the federal lawsuit. "

Funny, I would have thought the goals of a fire department would be, you know-having the best people possible (i.e: strongest and bravest and smartest) to fight fires. But then again, I'm not that bright.

The main thing is that minorities and diverse groups of people feel good about themselves, right?!?! 

Dennis Prager: Liberalism Makes It Easier to Be Bad

This is SO GREAT. 

Prager is right on the money. You must read the whole thing.

He has tremendous insight into human behaviour in general, but this piece in particular shows an incisive analytic acumen that is quite rare and delightful.

Like this-on campus radicals:

"My sense was that the radicals' commitment to "humanity," to "peace," and to "love" gave them license to feel good about themselves without having to lead a good life. Their vocal opposition to war and to racism provided them with all the moral self-esteem they wanted."

Exactly. Talk the talk and behave abominably.

"In addition to knowing that liberal positions provide moral cover for immoral personal behavior, liberals know that their immoral behavior will be given more of pass than exactly the same behavior would if done by a conservative. "

For liberals, ideology trumps facts, reason and logic. 

This is why liberal women tolerate misogyny from "liberal" men, who are often some of the biggest chauvinist pigs on the planet. They say the correct things that feminists want to hear, they vote the way feminists want  and therefore, that leftist ideology enables them to behave in a disgusting manner and always be forgiven. It's a sick thing, but that's the reality.

Barry Rubin: No Good Reason to Release Bloodthirsty, Barbarian Palestinian Terrorists

Not a single good reason. 

Shame on Binyamin Netanyahu.

Bereaved Jewish Mother in Israel: I'm Glad My Son's Murderers Have Not Been Found

"I’m glad that my son’s murderers have not been found. And I am. I wouldn’t be able to bear their release."

Read the whole thing. 

This is what it's about. 

As Women Across The Globe Cross Their Legs and Wince in Empathy and Terror



Almost 14 pound baby + natural birth = HOLY CRAP I CANNOT POSSIBLY IMAGINE. 

Is there some kind of Vajayjay Sympathy Hallmark Card?

("Congratulations-sorry to hear about your vagina!")

("Dear Your Vagina-Nice Knowing You, Bon Voyage!") 

We REALLY NEED ONE for this situation.

Too Good to Check: Gitmo Terrorists Prefer 50 Shades of Grey to Koran


Synagogues in South Tel Aviv Empty Because of "Infiltrator" Violence

So, Jews in South Tel Aviv-the first Hebrew city-can't go to shul because of the violence of African infiltrators.


Night Owls More Self Centred

All hail morning people!!!

So Sweet: Disabled Puppy Learns To Walk

<iframe src="" height="480" width="640" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"></iframe>

From the Comments "Send Them To Us In Texas, We'll Take Care of Them"

I quite agree.

To borrow a SteynPhrase-"excitable lads" douse mother of twins with acid for kicks-speed off in BMW.

"It is thought Yannick Ntesa, 25, sprayed the acid and made his getaway in a red BMW with  Abdul Motin, 28, and 31-year-old Ahad Miah."

These chaps sound very British, right? 

Very British. Tea and crumpets, Union Jack, 

Abbas: Not One Single, Dirty, Kufar, Jew in All of Palestine

These are outstanding peace partners, yes? 

Monday, July 29, 2013

California's Dark History of Eugenics

A tough read, but impossible to ignore. 

"In the past, sterilization of vulnerable populations in the name of “human betterment” was carried out with legal authority and the backing of political elites. What current and past practices share is the assumption that some women by virtue of their class position, sexual behavior, or ethnic identity are socially unfit to reproduce."

"California was the most zealous sterilizer, carrying out one-third of the approximately 60,000 operations performed in the thirty-two states that passed eugenic sterilization laws from 1907 to 1937. Furthermore, unlike many other states, where sterilization laws were challenged in the courts, in California the sterilization law remained on the books for seventy years."

"Although it was scaled back in the early 1950s, the law was not repealed until 1979, in the context of another chapter of sterilization abuse. This time, about 140 women, mainly of Mexican origin, were sterilized without consent at USC/Los Angeles County hospital."

"From the late 1960s to the early 1970s, the leading obstetrician at this hospital maintained strong convictions about the need for population control, which he applied to women during and immediately after labor by coercing them into tubal ligations."

"Sometimes women signed a consent form under duress, other times they were not offered any consent form, or falsely told that their husbands had already signed the form."

(These population control nuts never start with themselves...) 

There was also likely a significant financial element to the story that should be told as well. It was no doubt, quite lucrative to perform these extensive surgeries, with the government paying the tab-the sky was the limit.

Hubba Hubba (For the Ladies) Royal Marines Training Camp!

Get your muscular, sweaty marines right here!

Professor Ruth Weiss-The Arab War Against the Jews

I'd say it's a Muslim war against the Jews-the conflict is religious and not real-estate based.

Watch on TorahCafé.com!

Did Trayvon Martin Also Summer in Martha's Vineyard?

Remember-Obama could have TOTALLY been Trayvon!

Court Yid To Be Named By Clueless Kerry As Mid East Peace Envoy

What a load of dogsqueeze.

With Jews like Indyk, we REALLY don't need enemies. 


Daniel Pipes on Israel's Prisoner Release

Here's what it is.

Shame on Netanyahu. 

He has cheapened Jewish blood with this disgraceful action. 

Pipes says this is a perfect example of "lunacy, but also immorality. The exchange betrays the families of victims and it betrays Israel's allies. It is a repugnant action."

Could This Have Also Been Barack Obama 35 Years Ago?

Chicago shooting.

Father survives 6 gunshots shielding toddler daughter. 

Nobody will know his name.

Good thing there is gun control in Chicago.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

What America Really Needs is More Rah-Rah for America

This is so upsetting. 

Social Media Helps Heirs of Property Stolen (Not "Lost") in Holocaust Get Property Back

Don't get me started on the scumbags at the Claims Conference.

This is a a good initiative to help individuals, and families get their property back-not grubby organizations.

My Heritage web site here. 

Claims Conference list of names here. 

This makes me seriously consider trying to get back my Bubbie's land in Poland. I saw the actual property that was ours. There is a new house on the lot, but I saw what was ours. I walked on the street. I stood in front of the little house where my great-grandfather had a little shul, a little shteibl.

He was a Rabbi.

That was ours.

It was taken, not "lost".

This Jack Lew Fellow Appears to Be A Lying, Scumbag

He should take the kippah off his head-pronto.


Obama Administration Forced Israel to Release Terrorist Who Burned a Pregnant Mother to Death

You have to wonder why this administration hates Jews so much.

I hope every single Jew who voted for Obama is really happy with themselves. 

Ouch-That's Gotta Hurt: Maureen Dawd, Huma's Sexting Freakazoid Probably Better Than Dudes in Saudi Arabia

Nicely played!

That HAS to have hurt. 

Love it.

The creepy couple has OUT CLINTONED THE CLINTONS!!!

Dr. Laura's prescription: American politics needs a CLINTONECTOMY-STAT!!!

"Americans keep moving the marker of acceptable behavior, partly as a reflection of the coarsening of society and partly as a public acknowledgment that many pols with complicated personal lives have been good public servants."
"Now, defining deviancy downward, Señor and Señora Danger are using the Clinton playbook."
"The difference is, there’s nothing in Weiner’s public life that is redeeming."

Where Girls Don't Stand a Chance


An 11 year old girl is raped and strangled to death. 

Multiculturalism in Sweden is Grand

Muslim teen stabs his abused sister 107 to "restore honour", gets 8 years in prison. 

Diana West: Why Won't the Media Cover Huma Abedin's Ties to the Global Jihad Movement

West explains it all here.

Read the whole thing. 

African Infiltrators Not So Thrilled About Being Deported From Israel

Tough patooties.

Having thousands of single, male, Muslim Africans in Israel has not been such a brilliant situation.

Harvard University: Your Moral, Intellectual and Hip Hop Studies Superiors

What. A. Joke.

Best Summary of the Appeasement of Radical Lefties By Allegedly Normal Humans

The particular issue is the trangendered bathrooms NON-ISSUE.

The standard golden rule should simply be, you pee according to your plumbing. Period.

However, I liked this summary. This is what it is about:

We are seeing a trend here nationally where we have individuals who are psychologically unhealthy who are always getting with they want..."

Correct, complete indulgence of the psychologically and emotionally unwell by at least SOME people who should know better. This is an international trend by the way. 

However, in ten or twenty years, when the lawsuits and the wave of suicides start, and the tales of abuse come out, there will be the cries from the left "how could we have possibly known"? 

Detroit: The Fantasy Continues

A new half billion dollar hockey arena is going to be built in Detroit. 

What could possibly be wrong with that plan?


Administration With No Ethics Focuses "Ethics" Witch Hunt on Bachmann

Behghazi, IRS, NSA, Ft. Hood, Zimmerman.

This administration is full of thugs.

No wonder they are out to get Bachmann. 

Especially now that Huma's dirty laundry is getting aired again.

Terrorists Should Be Killed, Not Released

Thank you Naftali Bennett. 

Shame on Bibi Netanyahu.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

"The Truth About the Romanian Beggars of Park Lane"

There are people who think that these are excellent potential immigrants to Canada.

Robert Fulford: Islam's Violent Present

An excellent essay. 

Fulford is in great form in this piece.

I think he's come pretty close to the best definition of "Islamophobia" that I have seen so far. 

"A reader accused me of having “a penchant for Islamophobia.” 

"That’s among the ugliest and most deceptive terms produced by this historic period. Apparently that word, once used, never calls for an explanation. Certainly I’ve never seen anyone try to define it. It must mean something like “criticism of the nature of Islam.” 

"But that sounds too tame, like a normal expression of opinion. So some propaganda genius tacked on “phobia,” making intelligent skepticism sound like an anxiety disorder."

Frimet Roth: Will More Freed Murderers Bring Peace?

A must read. 

Frimet and Arnold Roth's daughter Malki z"l was murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem. 

As she has written here, nothing will bring her daughter back. Israelis could at least choose not to make it more painful. Shame on the Israeli government for releasing murderers. Shame on the officials who make the pain of the bereaved families deeper. 


Ft. Hood Jihadist Not Exactly Confessing to "Workplace Violence"

Funny, the Obama administration is calling it "workplace violence".

I guess they didn't get Nidal Hassan's memo. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

America is Screwed

Can't believe I missed this.

Did you hear about the university class in Trayvon Martin? 

Neither had I.

Wonder what textbooks could possibly be used for such a course. 

What a joke. 

I guess the next step is a full major, or degree program in Trayvon Studies?

Not A Joke "Huma Abedin's Red Lipstick Takes Her Through Tough Times"


Probably one of the most lame articles on Huma, or about any woman ever.

I can't believe this is not a joke. And I take lipstick VERY seriously.


What Would We Do Without Research?


Most people turned off by obesity. 

PS: "Curvy" = fat.

You're welcome.

Bbbbbut Israel Apartheid?!?! Zionazis?!?!?

From Israel Hayom (do visit them regularly, they are a great source of non-lefty news from Israel):

"Increasing numbers of Israeli Arab youth are doing military and national service despite boycotts and denouncements by Arab public figures • Even some Muslim youth are interested."

Very cool story, read the whole thing. Especially this: 

"I am an Arab Muslim and a proud Israeli," Haskia wrote. I am a daughter of the state of Israel, I was born here, I grew up here and I have no other land. As a social activist for the full integration of Israeli Arabs into the state of Israel and with an understanding that the state's Arabs are also its citizens, it is clear that serving in the IDF and serving in national-civic service is a basic component of the Israeli melting pot." 

"My children get equal treatment in the army and they have not encountered racism or discrimination," Haskia told Israel Hayom. 

"When my eldest son was drafted, I spent many nights worrying and unable to sleep, but I felt good. When he came home on his first furlough in uniform, I cried. This is true integration into society, in the only country in the Middle East that provides genuine human and civil rights. These feelings returned when my daughter and other son were drafted."

"According to Haskia, drafting Arabs into the army or national service, as well providing incentives with laws like the "contributor's law" and the benefits derived for those who carry the country's military and civil burden, provide a golden opportunity to change the reality and to bring about total equality between all populations."

"Arab Knesset members are misleading Arab society and do not serve the main goal, which is to advance and integrate Israeli Arabs," Haskia says."

The Economist: Detroit's Future is America's Future

The Economist takes note of Detroit. 

The problem is that the current administration isn't bothered by this massive bankruptcy. For the Democrats, it's just a blip, they will just print more money, or borrow more from China to keep up the facade.

However, municipal can lead to state, and state(s) lead to the feds.

"How could we have ever known?"

That may well be the excuse when America goes bust. 

"WHEN Greece ran into financial trouble three years ago, the problem soon spread. Many observers were mystified. How could such a little country set off a continental crisis? The Greeks were stereotyped as a nation of tax-dodgers who had been living high on borrowed money for years. The Portuguese, Italians and Spanish insisted that their finances were fundamentally sound. The Germans wondered what it had to do with them at all. But the contagion was powerful, and Europe’s economy has yet to recover."

Sometimes I Crack Myself Up

Reporters Claiming to Work For Al Jazeerah Secretly Record CUFI Conference, Tossle With D.C Police

What could possibly be wrong with that?

No biggie!

Thought Crime and Future Crime in America

Wearing a tea party t-shirt deemed sufficiently threating to the President of the United States of America that wearers were denied admittance to a POTUS speech, despite the fact that they held tickets.

This is perhaps one of the scariest articles I have read today-and I've already read about Egypt. 


Because one expects the barbarians in Egypt to clamp down on even the most moderate freedoms that might be enjoyed in that area of the world. We hard-nosed conservatives were sufficiently pessimistic about the "Arab Spring" (a left wing wet dream) and therefore cannot be terribly surprised by the coup after coup and the bloodshed.

That is why it scares me more that a student in America could be denied admission to hear the President based on assumptions of a future crime. It is a thought crime tsimply to have an attitude or opinion about the President that may or may not be reflected in one's garment. The student was assessed, judged and sentenced on the basis of an assumption about a t-shirt.

That's disgraceful.

Excellent: Roger L. Simon on the Democratic Party's War on Women

A great read.

All roads lead to Hilary.

Awww. Mazel Tov on 77 Years Together


The magic word!

Finding New Ways to Hate Women

The glory of the pregnant belly, is, alas:


Rest in Peace Sgt. Dominick Licari

At last brought home from the South Pacific theatre in WWII. 

From the family:

"We prayed and held out hope he would be found, maybe injured," he said. "As the years went on, all we could hope for was he hadn't suffered."

"After the military declared Dominick dead in early 1946, the family kept a grave marker with his name on it at the family plot in Frankfort, where he'll be buried alongside his parents and other siblings."

"Now that will be complete," Mort said. 

"There won't be any hollow spots in that ground."

Heartache: Jihadi Fanatics Eat Each Other Alive in Egypt

Arab Spring!

Egyptian democracy, etc...

The Totally, Like Really, Totally Inconvenient Truth: "Global Warming" Stopped 16 Years Ago

So says the Met Office. 

Make of this as you wish.

Carry on!

Hat tip: Andrew

Thursday, July 25, 2013

You Can Pry the Sex, Politics and Religion Out of My Cold, Dead Keyboard


I didn't realize there would be a Steynalanche following my post about the whole climate change, hockey stick, law suit thingy. 

Thanks for all the nice e-mails!

Now I see that Steyn has filed a motion to dismiss.

I think that's actually a very charitable way of letting this Clinton-appointed judge off the hook, and letting her save face. Who says conservatives are meanies?


Again, I find the whole climate change weather discussion really boring, I'm only outraged by weather when the humidity makes my hair frizz-AM I RIGHT LADIES OR AM I RIGHT???

But seriously, what I am interested in is human behaviour.

Remember how your parents always told you never to talk about religion, sex or politics in polite company? You know-just STAY AWAY from those topics!


Those are the interesting things in the human experience. Those are the good nuggets-that little trinity of topics is the STUFF OF LIFE.

So, maybe some Americans can explain to me why they are not allowed to comment on the pedophilia sex scandal at an American university in the same blog post, or breath, or conversation or article as an academic who works at the same university? I thought free speech was-well-holy in America. But apparently not.

Sex, power, money, science, corruption, management, mismanagement. I want to hear about it all. I want to talk about it all, and read about it all.

Why can people sue each others' asses off in America and consider it a good thing to make the choice to enter into expensive, public litigation if they are offended by something-by some words or phrases? And why is offense only taken at some publications? What good could could possibly come of such public battles?

Americans-I love you, but that is just CRAZY CRAZY STUFF.

Anyway, I was doing a little back reading, and happened upon an article from The Chronicle of Higher Education. It was very interesting!

You should read the whole thing, it is called " A Culture of Evasion".

It was so explicit, and so well-written that I thought-WHAT THE HECK IS THIS DOING IN HERE?

It was ballsy and forthright. Nice style. Hmmmm. 

So I read a little more, and I liked what I saw. I Googled the author and lo and behold:

This guy has got some stones! WINNING!

He seems to piss a lot of people off! WINNING!

And then, when lots of Big Climate science people got pissed off this author for the Culture of Evasion article ("Chronic Soapbox for Smears Against Climate Scientists), the editor of the Chronicle basically said "piss off".

Here's what the editor said:

"Below is the reply sent by Chronicle President and Editor-in-Chief Philip Semas to these letters:

Thank you for your message. As we clearly state on every blog post, posting on a blog does imply any endorsement of these views by The Chronicle. We publish a wide range of views in a wide range of formats, from opinion articles in print to blog posts to comments from readers. We couldn’t possible agree with or endorse all of them.

We also offer ample opportunity for readers to respond to and criticize opinion articles and blog posts (and indeed almost anything we publish). Indeed, Peter Wood’s post has, at last count, drawn 71 comments, many of which are critical of what he said about Michael Mann. Some make many of the same points you make in your message.

In other words, I think your quarrel is with Mr. Wood, not The Chronicle.
Phil Semas

President & Editor in Chief
The Chronicle of Higher Education Inc."

And, as far as I know, the Chronicle of Higher Education was not sued and I don't think this VERY ballsy Peter Wood fellow was sued. It seems like the quarrel just disappeared. I would drill further into this except that I have to bake muffins tonight and such...

The proper response to hurtful or "hateful" speech is either "piss off", or generating sufficiently convincing and influential speech to counter the "hate" and not firing up the lawyers. Everyone loses when the lawyers win-except the lawyers. 

The world, and our beloved climate will be a better place to live in if we just argue it out, talk about things, debate them in person and in print, without fear of being litigated into silence. 

People with hurt feelings should pay for therapists, not lawyers. Seriously-I understand shrinks are much cheaper than lawyers. However, I tend to run for the hills at the sight of either, so don't quote me on that.

Big Climate might be happy to stifle debate at this juncture, and claim hurt feelings, but human interests are fickle. Research cash flows are also.

Today Big Climate is popular and is running the show, but that might not be the case in the future. Remember Acid Rain? The Crack Babies? The hole in the Ozone?  Fickle, fickle, fickle.

I also like to remind people that the toes they might step on on the way up the ladder are connected to the bodies and asses they might have to kiss on their way down. I know-nothing like a heaping serving of gratuitous advice from an exceptionally opinionated female, right -wing Jew blogger to make your day, etc...

Anyhow, this case is looking like it may go out with a whisper, not a bang and that might be the best thing for all parties.

But what do I know?

I'm clearly not that bright. 

"If You Want to Stay in Hilary's Good Books, You Answered the Call From Huma"

Politics made simple! 

Must Read: Black America's True Nemesis Is Liberalism, not White America

"Everyone knows that the black community is a mess."

"White folks ain't killin' us. We are killing each other."

"Over 70 and increasing percent of black kids grow up in fatherless homes. Researchers warn that we blacks are aborting ourselves into extinction. Black school dropout rates are at epidemic levels. Fatherless households and school dropouts fuel through the roof high black unemployment, gangs, and incarcerations."  

"You black avengers should be totally outraged that CNN's white liberal host Piers Morgan presented Rachel Jeantel's ignorant ghetto language as representative of how we speak in the black community.  Morgan called Jeantel "one smart cookie," and you knuckleheads probably consider Morgan and his condescending fellow white liberals our friends."

"Please forgive my use of "knuckleheads."  

"I just find it extremely frustrating that liberals continue to urinate on blacks and tell us it is the Republicans' fault...and we fall for it.  Liberal pandering has destroyed the black family and continues to wreak havoc in the black community -- and my fellow blacks cannot see it.  They continue to kiss white liberals' derrieres."

Read the whole thing.  

Rabbi Lau: Just So Everything is Clear-This is A Victory Over the Nazis

Most excellent. Indeed it is. 

The message to the Nazis-dead and living is, you tried to exterminate us, but we Jews are here, living and breathing, being born and building Israel and our capital Jerusalem.

You will never, ever extinguish the flame of Judaism. Not ever.

Chabad Rabbi Shot in Russia

"The incident took place in an area located on the border of Chechnya, which includes a large Muslim population, prompting local police to look into the option that the rabbi was attacked for being Jewish"

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why Do Liberal Women Support Male Douchebag Democratic Creeps?

Because ideology trumps reality. 

Or what he says:

"As long as Democrat men support a certain set of laws, they can do whatever they want, at home, in their offices, wherever, to whomever they want."

Could the Most Wanted Nazi War Criminal Be Living in Syria

Certainly would not surprise me in the slightest. 

It's Come to This: The Carlos Danger Automatic Sexting Nickname Generator



American Decadence

Behold: American "royalty" and their gold-plated toilets.

Nothing but the best for these folks. Keeping it classy.

Some people just do not understand that the Brinks truck never follows the hearse.

From Our Egyptian Allies: Christianity is Based on Penis Worship

"Not That There's Anything Wrong With That".

Best Video of the Day-Army Dad Surprises Kids During Ceremonial First Pitch

I yanked the embed code out, it was too annoying to have the video replay with the stupid commercial EVERY TIME my blog loaded. 

The video is great, you can watch it here. 

Probably the Only Postitive Thing Going on in Pakistan, Ever.

There is an organization that helps lost, stolen and kidnapped children re-unite with their families in Pakistan. 

Have I mentioned lately that Pakistan is a craptacular country?

The people who do this kind of work are the few saintly righteous in a sea of barbarism.

Taliban Price For Their Own Children: 91 cents


Weiner Wednesday!

It is Weiner Wednesday at my blog.

First, Mark Steyn talks about Anthony Weiner and sex and something about back and forth, and some kind of nekkid city,  and the upcoming New York erections elections and sorry did someone say something??? 


Strangely distracted...what was I talking about? Weather? Whatever!

OHHHHHH! Right, the Old-New Mentally Ill Weiner!

Talk about no self control.

Talk about hubris! 

Huma must want Gracie Manson REAL BAD. I guess she learned all about tolerating infidelity and idiocy from her beloved mentor, Hilary Clinton.

I wonder how the Muslim Brotherhood feels about all this.

Anyway, via the great Instapundit, a little review of the scandal with the late Andrew Breitbart, G-d rest his soul. The mainstream media is just stuffed with lying liars.

Winnipeg Fringe Festival Features Mayonaise Enemas and Oral Sex



Us primitive right wingers cannot understand high culture!

CBC calls this "controversial".

Money quote:

"What I saw were not one, not two, but three mayonnaise enemas," said Fringe Festival reviewer Michelle Palansky, who was in the audience Friday night."

"By the third time… I was like, you know, this is gratuitous. I do not need to see any more mayonnaise enemas for the rest of my lifetime."

PR person for the festival says it's "extreme" but totally cool. 

I bet all these sponsors are DELIGHTED.

I know I am delighted that my tax dollars have supported this disgrace through the Department of Canadian heritage!

News You Can Use: Singing Happy Birthday Makes Cake Taste Better

Actually, this is about the importance and positive power of ritual for humans.

(ie: PRAYER, not crazy OCD stuff...) 

When is a "Naqba" Not Really a Real "Naqba"?

When there are no JOOOOOOOOOOOOS involved.

The Inhumane and Idiot Jargon Used By "Normal" People With Special Needs Individuals

Thank you, and G-d bless Pat Condell for finding this article.

Thank you for publishing this, BBC.

People with special needs are not "CASES". They are humans. 

Apparently, IRS Executives Have Not Heard of the Internet

Nice work if you can get it!

Jonathan Tobin: Why Liberals Won't Ever Face the Facts on Detroit

Three of the most succinct paragraphs thus far written on Detroit. Three perfect paragraphs:

"A bailout of Detroit sets a precedent that can’t be repeated elsewhere because there just isn’t enough money to pay for every city that will eventually face similar problems."

"The wake up call that Detroit is sending Americans is one Krugman and other liberals would like us to ignore because they are confident that the federal leviathan, controlled by Democrats and fed by liberal assumptions, will always be able to squeeze enough cash out of productive citizens to pay for the left’s follies."

"They won’t face the truth about this because to do so would require Americans to do some hard thinking about a society where virtually everyone has their snouts in the collective trough of big government and thereby is a stakeholder in its survival in its current form."

Read the whole article from Commentary. 

Can the ADL and Abe Foxman Ever, But Ever, Ever Shut Up?

I'm surprised the ADL has reported a DROP in anti-semitic incidents. Down 14%!

Why? Because if there is no antisemitism, there can be no fundraising. No fundraising, no cushy Professional Jew Jobs.

But what they talk about in terms of "antisemitism" is so pathetic that it is laughable.

Now, remember-I'm just a suburban Jewish mother, so math isn't my real specialty.

However, here are the numbers:

"The ADL Audit reported a total of 927 anti-Semitic incidents across the US in 2012, including assaults, vandalism and harassment, marking a 14% decline from the 1,080 incidents reported in 2011."

So, let's see-927 "incidents" in a country of 350 or so MILLION people = (statistically speaking) total and utter bullshit. 

How's that for math???

But don't worry-they are still looking for business. And "on line hatred" is a perfect segue to CENSORSHIP. So keep your eyes on this: 

“While we cannot point to any single explanation for the fluctuations from year to year, the declines of the past several years occur within the context of the continued proliferation of hatred online,” said ADL National Chair Barry Curtiss-Lusher.

Just warning you-that's where the emphasis will be in the coming years. Because: 

“The danger, of course, is that these online expressions can inspire and fuel real-world violence.”

(This is the insane "Hateful and mean words caused the Holocaust" theory.)

Actual assaults and violence need to be taken very seriously. Signs and graffiti not so much.

Here's the thing-FREE ADVICE TO THE ADL.

People would take you much more seriously if you addressed Muslim antisemitism and jihadi violence in America against Jews and all other infidels. 

The ADL is basically mute on the most pernicious form of Jew hatred today so it's very hard to muster any sympathy for any of its activities. It has a left wing/social justice agenda-and they just happen to be Jews. 

Also, instead of just whining about the antisemitic climate on campuses-how about actually, you know DOING SOMETHING about it. Being there-on the ground with students. 

Very easy to bleat. Harder to act.

PS: This is ridiculous. From the "incidents".

"San Francisco, California: A middle school boy was harassed by classmates. Two classmates threw at him crumpled papers with swastikas and Stars of David drawn on them. (May)"


And this: 

  • Watkinsville, Georgia: An 11-year-old was bullied on his school bus ride by an older student who once told him “I’m German. We cook Jews in my family.” (August)

That's actually pretty funny! Can't kids just learn to either answer back ("bite my Kosher wiener") or just pulverize the bullies? 


Massachusetts Couple May Face Fine For Helping Injured Baby Seal

Apparently, in America one must call the US Coast Guard instead of helping a little baby seal. 

"Hodgdon said he brought the seal onto a raft to a better view of its injuries. Photos of the rescue attempt show the seal sticking out its neck out and kissing Hodgdon on the raft."

"The couple told that when a volunteer from the Boston-based New England Aquarium  arrived, they didn't want to touch the seal, which was placed back into the water.
Seals are protected under the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act, which makes it illegal to touch or harass the mammals. The couple said they may face a $5,000 fine."

"Aquarium officials told the station that even though the couple's intentions were good, anyone who thinks a seal is in distress should instead call the U.S. Coast Guard or emergency officials."

That little part of the sentence "even though the couple's intentions were good" is the REALLY IMPORTANT NUGGET. 

The officials in officialdom, the fat mandarins of the Federal Marine Mammal Protection SWAT Team realize and acknowledge that there were no bad intentions-TO HELL WITH THEM. Prosecute, prosecute, punish, punish. 

Really, really screwed up. 

America should punish people who help baby deer also. And stray puppies!! And lost children!! And wandering Alzheimers patients!!

What did people do BEFORE massive government? How did they EVER EVER survive? 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Obama Throws Begging Blacks A Race Bone With Trayvon Martin

This is one of the best articles I've read on the subject.

Read the whole thing. 

The Militarization of American Police

This story from Florida. 

Pretty freaky stuff. It's a miracle that someone didn't get killed.

This is the terrifying tale of a 59-year old nurse, having dinner with her boyfriend after work when suddenly her boyfriend, Craig Dorris — a manager for a security alarm company — heard her scream and saw her drop to the floor.

"Goldsberry, 59, said she had looked up from the sink to see a man “wearing a hunting vest.”
He was aiming a gun at her face, with a red light pinpointing her."

“I screamed and screamed,” she said."

"But she also scrambled across the floor to her bedroom and grabbed her gun, a five-shot .38-caliber revolver. Goldsberry has a concealed weapons permit and says the gun has made her feel safer living alone. But she felt anything but safe when she heard a man yelling to open the door."

So this is the story of a highly armed police force, and "a well-trained officer who knows how to go after a man assumed to be a dangerous felon, but isn't so good at understanding a frightened woman confronted with an aggressive armed stranger coming after her in her own home".

From the officer:

“I feel bad for her,” Wiggins conceded, finally. 

But at the same time, I had to reasonably believe the bad guy was in her house based on what they were doing.”

"(Louise) Goldsberry wasn't arrested or shot despite pointing a gun at a cop, so Wiggins said, “She sure shouldn't be going to the press.”


A "Very Special Fun Day" in Syria-Who Says Jihadis Don't Know How To Have A Good Time?

Sounds like a blast!

"While media coverage of Islamist faction Islamic State of Iraq and As-Sham in Syria has focused on that group’s military and political activities, a series of videos posted this week gives a glimpse into how the group is attempting to win over local hearts and minds."

"These videos show the group running a Ramadan event for children, apparently in Aleppo."

"The festivities include a speech by a foreign fighter who explains why he has come to Syria to fight against Bashar al-Assad, a Quran competition for girls, a friendly tug-of-war between the Islamic State of Iraq and Islamist faction Jabhat al-Nusra, and a competition for boys involving having them attempt to eat a bowl of what looks to be cream, without using their hands."

"The festivities are fully branded to the Islamic State of Iraq, with a table at the event displaying logo-ed Islamic State of Iraq products, including what seem to be posters or banners."

Afghani Women: Tell Mr. Obama Not to Leave Us Alone


They will be left alone, in their barbaric country with their barbaric, tribal customs, with little chance for any semblance of a good life.

"Most girls are doomed."

Pathetic Geraldo: I Was Drunk, Lonely But I Knew I Was Like, Totally Awesome For 70

Good grief this is loser behaviour. 

He should have called it quits after the Al Capone vault failure.

Former US Military Head: Duh, Of Course Benghazi Was a Terrorist Attack

But what difference, at this point, does it make? 

PS: Nakoula Basseley Nakoulais STILL BEHIND BARS.

Kathy Shaidle: Extreme Michael Moore Take Down

This line WINS THE INTERNET TODAY!! Read the whole thing!

The nativity gospel that underpins Moore’s entire personal mythology is like a gloss on that old Hellman/McCarthy feud:  Every word is a lie, including ‘working class’ and ‘Flint.’”

I'd say she tore him a new one, but even writing that unsettles my precious, dainty stomach. 

OK fine, I'll say it. 


Academics-Your Moral and Intellectual Superiors

"I got tenure. I can't get fired." 

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Watch the video here (sorry, no embed code offered).

Babies Are Being Aborted in the UK for Cleft Palate

The Culture of Death has had a great, long run in the UK. 

The Great Douglas Murray: Hey-About Those "Occupied Territories"

Great essay.

The EU decision says more about the EU than it could ever possibly say about Israel and the Jews. 

This is the pathetic nature of antisemitism. It always says more about the antisemite than the Jew.

Why Does the State of Florida Hate Disabled Children?


Monday, July 22, 2013

Free Speech Under Assault in America: Kentucky Advice Column Edition

Via Instapundit. 

Illegal Mexican Aliens Gang Rape 13 Year Old Girl in Texas

So remind me again why more of these people should be given legal status in America?

Hopefully, Texas justice for all of them. Bastards. 

President Obama to the Royal Family

Hey, too bad you've been punished with a baby. 

Ha ha. Just kidding.

Did you see this?

President "GET ME A BABY-STAT" Obama.

Always, but always, always and FOREVER about MEEEEEEEEEE!

Another Incredibly Stupid Column From Bernie Farber

Too obnoxious to ignore.

Farber is basically comparing the government of Stephen Harper-the most philosemitic Prime Minister Canada has EVER had, and the most pro-American, pro-Western Prime Minister we have ever had (Brian Mulroney is a close second) to the government of William Lyon Mackenzie "None Is Too Many" King.

What a despicable and odious comparison. 

Once again, is there anyone in the Canadian Jewish community, other than myself who has the guts to tell Bernie Farber to shut up?

Do any Official Jews think it is a good idea to antagonize and insult the Harper government and Jason Kenney in this way? 

What good can possibly become of this despicable and malignant piece?

This is particularly galling:

"Canada, known as a welcoming place for the stateless and those facing mortal discrimination, has become a place of refusal as a result of Mr. Kenney’s new stamp on refugee legislation. Not since the days immediately before the Second World War, when Canada became infamous for a refugee policy that purposely excluded Jews fleeing Eastern Europe, have we seen such a state of affairs."


It appears that Mr. Farber is stuck in the last war, fighting dead Nazis over and over again.

Most Canadians do not want waves of immigrants from Hungary and Romania or Mexico. But sadly, folks like this are impervious to facts.

However it is a fact that the Harper government has a majority, thereby representing the will of the majority of Canadian voters. The fact is that the Jewish community in particular has never had a better friend in the PMO.

I would say "shame on Bernie Farber" but one can't shame the shameless.

Pity that there doesn't seem to be another single Canadian Jewish "leader" who has the ability to see how much damage this hapless, naive, liberal extremist is doing to the reputation of the Jewish community and our relationship with our government.

Or they see it, but are too afraid to take it on as a project for whatever reason.

So shame on them, too.

Real War on Women and Girls-Bravest Girl in the Muslim World Escapes Child "Marriage"

Good heavens. 

Paging Jason Kenney, paging Jason Kenney, I know you're not at Citizenship and Immigration anymore but I bet you have contacts and THIS would be a deserving candidate also for immigration to Canada, with the uncle that saved her.

Prime Minister Harper-this is the face of a true refugee. 

This little 11 year old girl is one of the bravest people on the planet. May G-d protect her. Unbelievable poise and strength for a child her age. But look at the stakes!


America Versus Steyn and the NRO: What Are the Chances?

I'm not a scientist, but I'm a bunch of other things. I'm a mom, Jew, conservative, a writer, lover of life and a big fan of Mark Steyn's. I also don't believe in "climate change"- it's "weather".

So, I've been following Mark Steyn's issues with Professor Michael Mann and the "hockey stick" with some interest, though certainly not as comprehensive as other web sites with more passion for the climate change debate.

The "climate change" debate really bores me to tears. 

However, even as someone with little skin in the game, and just a general love of America, liberty and the truth, there are a few things about the recent decision by the Washington, D.C district court to allow Michael Mann's defamation suit to proceed against Steyn and the NRO that I find very disturbing.

It would appear that given the circumstances, Mark Steyn and the NRO could not have had any worse luck than to have had their motion to dismiss heard by Judge Natalia M. Combs Green.

I don't know what the process is for assigning cases to judges, but it would seem to me that having a judge who was appointed by former President Bill Clinton would already be a first strike against a conservative, and especially conservatives who are as well known as Mark Steyn and the NRO crew. 

What are the chances of that happening? Must have been dumb luck. 

Conservatives should breathe a sigh of relief that she is retiring in September. 

I read through the entire decision out of interest. I can only comment on it from the perspective of a writer, and one with a generalized interest in politics and a, well-rather specific interest in Mark Steyn (*waves*), but here are my general observations on this document.

It seemed to me not impartial and didn't flow coherently. There were also oddities such as this paragraph from p.14, and this is a direct quote:

"Defendants argue that the accusation that Plaintiff’s work is fraudulent may not necessarily be taken as based in fact because the writers for the publication are tasked with and posed to view work critically and interpose (brutally) honest commentary. In this case, however, the evidence before the Court, at this stage, demonstrates something more and different that honest or evenly brutally honest commentary and creases that line of reasoning (sic)"

So, we are to take seriously that a female judge, appointed by Bill Clinton, judging Mr.Steyn and the conservative NRO is expert at judging the nuanced difference between "honest" and "brutally honest commentary" and then her proclamation that this commentary "creases that line of reasoning"?   

I guess Washington, D.C is so broke because of the sequester that spell check has become unaffordable. 

What are the chances?

When you crease the line of reasoning, you are into very dangerous territory! 

The document reads incoherently to me in places, and seems to have some indications of not being fully impartial.

For example, on p.21, it would appear to me that the judge is suggesting that Steyn and the NRO are on a "witch hunt" against Mann. I suppose that's neither here nor there. It's just odd.

"The record demonstrates that the NR Defendants have criticized Plaintiff harshly for
years; some might say (note-my italics), the name calling, accusations and jeering have amounted to a witch hunt,(19)  particularly because the NR Defendants appear to take any opportunity to question Plaintiff’s integrity and the accuracy of his work despite the numerous findings that Plaintiff’s work is sound."

My question is: what is this, kindergarten? 

And the footnote itself is very odd:

(19) The Court does not, by this Order endorse or make any finding regarding this characterization of the type of dialogue engaged in by the NR Defendants.

Really? Sure looked like a judgement call to me.

To me, one of the actual tragedies of this case, and others like it is how thin skinned Americans have become in general. The Cult of the Exquisitely Offended Masses can never be fed enough by the willing court system. It's a bottomless pit.

The members of the Church of the Perpetually Aggrieved and Offended have suckled entire generations of children and permanent children who are brought up and raised to believe that they can be protected from insults, "name calling" and "accusations" and "jeering". This is a dangerous and foolish and expensive belief system. There is no limit to the number of Americans that can fall victim to this pernicious and vicious legal cycle.

It's actually happening all over the free world. "Human Rights" courts and commissions and real courts are used by soft totalitarians to crush free speech and freedom of expression.

Dissent and legitimate debate on major issues of public concern is silenced by litigation and the punishment of the process.

As a side note, I would add that there are also a number of places where, at first glance, it appears that the two groups of co-defendants have been confused by the judge. But really, what are the chances of that actually being the case?

What are the chances that there could be errors in fact in this document in addition to errors in spelling, awkward grammar and somewhat incoherent use of the English language? 

As I say, I'm not a lawyer and I'm not knee deep in this stuff, I only have a cursory interest in the issue, but just as a writer, I would suggest that this document be fact checked up the wazoo.

And yes, that's my professional opinion.