Monday, August 31, 2015

Obama, The Jews and the Iran Deal

Kenneth Levin asks: 

"In the face of all the facts that point to the deal further enabling a genocidal regime, why would Jews in Congress or the clergy close their eyes to the threat and allow other considerations to sway their support?"

The short answer is: leftism. 

Those Jews (in name only) supporting Obama and this capitulation, at the risk of Israel's existence, are religious leftists. They were merely born Jewish. Their religion is leftism.

By the way, The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege is excellent. I highly recommend it.

Perhaps One of the Biggest Whoppers Ever Told By Obama

"There's not a smidgen of evidence" that he's antisemitic. 

This rivals "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan".

Obama is a Jew-hating, despicable, socialist cretin.

Mark Steyn's "Outstanding and Important" New Book Drops Tomorrow!

You gotta read it! 

In this post, Steyn Mannsplains a little bit about why he wrote the book:

(Featuring VERY STRANGE Jewish mother from Canada with her unique endorsement of said book, which is Steyn's "personal favorite quote on the book so far". He calls it the money quote, baby!!!)





"I wrote the book because climate mullah Michael E Mann attempted to sue me into silence, and it's necessary to let like-minded bullies know that that doesn't work. So my personal favorite quote on the book so far comes from Laura Rosen Cohen at Canada's Rebel Media in a piece on how fighting back works:

"So, let's get to Episode 3 of my trend - Mark Steyn's new book: A Disgrace to the Profession:The World's Scientists - In Their Own Words - OnMichael E Mann, His Hockey Stick And Their Damage To Science, Volume One.

"This is a must-read for many reasons."

"First of all, it is an entire book of pushback. An entire book."

It's not punching back twice as hard, or even thrice as hard."

It's punching back something like eleventy bazillion gazillion times as hard.

"It's probably the longest, funniest, most savvily organized and meticulous "screw you" in the history of Western literature. It's probably a new genre. I don't know of any precedent for a literary vehicle of this kind."

"Instead of waiting for the opportunity to flush more of his hard-earned money down the toilet, waiting for the sclerotic US justice system and Michael Mann to crush him into pulp, using their process as punishment, Steyn has gone on the offensive."

"It would have been easy to write a book in which I gleefully insult Michael E Mann's hockey stick and the rest of his science for 300 pages. But, given that his entire case rests on an appeal to authority (including false appeals to authority, like his fraudulent claim to be a Nobel Laureate), I decided to take him at his word and find out what other authorities - other scientists, bigshots with letters after their names, like PhD and FRS and whatnot - thought of his act."


"So, just to clarify that money quote, it's not just me saying "Screw you!" to Mann, but lots of other people, too."

A Mother's Love

Absolutely remarkable: 

"“Feeling him against my cheek was the most wonderful feeling ever."

Sweden totally sucks, but good on you, Sweden for this.

Dear Poland, FOR REAL?!?!


"They Pray Before Raping"

An interesting essay about ISIS, from Paul Berman. 

Dutch Authorities Tell Rabbi Not To Look So Damned Jewish For His Own "Security"

Honestly, it's just so tiring to have to deal with this antisemitic crap so early in the morning. I'm sick and tired of Jews being hunted.

Eurabia is doomed. 

Jews better get out of Europe while they can, with suitcases, and not in coffins.

"Dutch authorities advised Dutch Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs to avoid traveling in international trains last year."

"Jacobs made the revelation on Sunday during a speech near the eastern city of Arnhem, days after an armed Islamist attempted to kill passengers aboard the Thalys train, which connects Paris to Amsterdam."

“The events illustrate the threat is real not only for Jews, but for all in Europe because we are in the same boat,” Jacobs told JTA ahead of the event, where 500 people convened to note the 40th anniversary of his years in service of Dutch Jewish communities.

"The police advice was due to Jacobs’ official function, for which he often appears on television, making him easily identifiable, he said."

Listen to the good Rabbi, because what he is saying is what I always say-what seems to be about the Jews is never "just" about the Jews. And what starts with the Jews, never ends with the Jews. 

We Jews are merely the canaries in the coal mine. 

"We are in the same boat." 

Anyone who doesn't understand this is already living in the Dar-Al-Islam intellectually and philosophically, and it's just a short time before it envelopes them physically, too.

PS: Looks good on you, Germany. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Raised Right: Boy Saves Little Girl From Drowning, Uses Reward Money to Buy Her a Present

A good soul, raised right. 

This is good breeding.

Wonderful story.

Famous Jewish Liberal Lawyer Who Voted For Obama Twice Now Supporting Hillary

But hey, let's give him some $$$$$$ for his Iran book.


Manliness: An Unsung Trait of the Train Heroes

A wonderful essay from Mona Charen.

The virtuous men amongst us should be celebrated .

"There is more to say about the three Americans. They were childhood friends who met at a Christian middle school. They are of different races, but despite the impression you'd get from the current tone of national politics, that was irrelevant to their friendship. They also seem to have been rambunctious boys — a trait that tends to be pathologized in modern America."

"There's one more thing to be said of the heroes on the train. They were men. So-called "traditional masculinity" is a major target of feminists on college campuses and elsewhere. That, they teach, is what creates the "rape culture." The Obama administration has joined in (naturally). A government website urges that colleges "promote an understanding of the ways in which traditional masculinity contributes to sexual assault and other forms of men's violence against women."

"In Aurora, Colo., in 2012, when a crazed gunman opened fire on a crowded movie theater, no fewer than three young men covered their girlfriends with their own bodies and lost their lives in the process. That, and not the loutish behavior of some frat boys, is true "traditional masculinity" — or better, manliness."

"Men have been defamed and devalued in our society for decades. Their high spirits are punished in schools. Their natural protectiveness has been scorned as sexism."

"The passengers on that French train are surely grateful that some manliness remains indomitable."

Real War on Women

"Indian sister sentenced to be paraded around naked and then raped because their brother ran off with a married woman." 

Western feminists were unavailable UNINTERESTED in commenting at press time.

"Jewish History is Buried in the Vistula"


Having seen it myself, I thank G-d that I am a Jew NOT living in those times.

When I tuck my kids in at night, in my warm, safe house, and the wind is howling outside, especially in the winter, I cannot help but think specifically of Poland, and how there but for the grace of G-d go I.

My ancestors were hunted like animals.

They were gassed, their blood soaks the European continent. Even in death, they were disturbed and desecrated. The Jew-hunters, the Jew-murderers wore Nazi uniforms then.

Jews are still being hunted as prey, and nowadays, by the "neo" Nazis, Islamic jihadist terrorists of all denominations. Now they wear keffiyehs over their faces, and brandish knives, relishing in bloodletting, thriving on murdering with their own hands, and by using every single possible item on earth that they can weaponize, from vehicles to bombs, to planes, to musical instruments, to sacrificing their very own children, their own flesh and blood in order to murder as many Jews as possible. Barbarians.

Here's a story I found while doing some research. It's a wire story, the front page of the Calgary Herald from 1943. If you read closely, you'll see the tiny little story that I almost missed. Read it, and tell me how the Islamic Nazis are not the "neo" Nazis.

"Thirty one children sacrificed for 'show'."

They murdered their own children as well. Little coffins. Parents burying children then, as it is now.

Shame on those Jewish and non-Jewish who are unwilling to admit the similarities that are so obvious, that they knock you in the face.

Thankfully now, we Jews have a country and an army of our own.

Our enemies will still try to hunt us, but their barbarity does not go unchallenged anymore.

Thank G-d for Israel and for the IDF.

And screw all of our enemies who would prefer we stay hunted, and only mildly tolerate suffering, losing or dead Jews.

Our very existence is an affront to our enemies. So, too bad for them.

Am Yisrael Chai! 

Us Crazy Right Wingers Tried To Warn You, But You're So Much Smarter Than Us

Gay "marriage" leads to polygamy. 


Next stage: breaking the incest taboo, then onto children.

Don't say you weren't warned.

The groundwork is being laid right now, with the "sex education" i.e sexual grooming curriculum and all the trans activism.

Not that the lefties care. Their goal is chaos and abhorrent behaviour, the destruction of Judeo-Christian values and traditional families and the sexualization of children.

Never Forget, Never Forgive

Justice shall be pursued. 

Steyn: The Fall of Mann

Featuring a very strange, suburban Jewish mother from Canada!

Get ready for the Official Launch of Mark Steyn's new 'screw you' epistle book!


"A Disgrace to the Profession" is about the most famous science graph of the 21st century and its inventor - Michael E Mann, the Big Climate enforcer and self-conferred Nobel Laureate who decided to sue me three years ago. Usually in these situations, the defendant is supposed to fall silent for the half-decade or more it takes the dysfunctional court system to get around to hearing the case. But I decided to go a different route. I liked this line on the book from Laura Rosen Cohen in a post called "Fighting Back Works":

"It's probably the longest, funniest, most savvily organized and meticulous "screw you" in the history of Western literature. It's probably a new genre. I don't know of any precedent for a literary vehicle of this kind.

Instead of waiting for the opportunity to flush more of his hard-earned money down the toilet, waiting for the sclerotic US justice system and Michael Mann to crush him into pulp, using their process as punishment, Steyn has gone on the offensive.

And it's a delightfully offensive book."

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Death March in the Hills of Jerusalem

The story of savage barbarians, and the woman who survived. 

"The women follow his instructions. He then tells Kay to put her hands behind her back. Kay pleads for her life in Hebrew, Kristine in English."

We good,” the man says, hand on his heart. “We don’t kill.”

"Barefoot, hands tied behind their backs, gagged with pieces of Kristine’s fleece jacket, and led nearer to the brow of the hill by the two men who sit them down in the thorny thicket, delusions of reprieve consume the women."

"The man takes Kay’s sunglasses and Star of David, separating her from Kristine."

"Then a knife plunges through Kay’s side and rips through her organs, insides on fire."

“Shema Yisrael…” she says. He grinds the machete into her bones and raises his arm, the silhouette of the blade blocking out the sun’s rays."

"Peanut yelps as they stab her also. Kristine is drowning in her own blood, letting out the kind of groan one can only make once in their life.The men are leaning on her thigh and stabbing her in the back, sound of bones crunching, ripping flesh."

"Kay is stabbed repeatedly, ribs broken, her lungs and diaphragm punctured, no longer feeling her now-dislocated shoulder, nor her shoulder blade, nor her broken sternum."

"She looks at the knife going inside her, next to her heart. She rolls over with her eyes open, as if she’s already gone. The men look to the women in the dirt who they see are now dead. Then they retreat back into the forest."

When Jews Cheapen Jewish Blood

My idiot, complicit people. 

"The Palestinian who stabbed and lightly wounded an Israeli border policeman in Jerusalem’s Old City Wednesday evening is the convicted killer of an Israel Prize winning professor."

"Muammar Ata Mahmoud, 56 of Hebron, was released in 2013 as part of an ultimately unsuccessful round of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Ynet news reported."

"Mahmoud, along with Salah Khalil Ahmad Ibrahim (also released in 2013) was convicted of murdering Menahem Stern, a history professor at Hebrew University. Stern was stabbed to death while walking to work at the university’s Givat Ram campus on June 22, 1989. In addition, the two murdered a Palestinian suspected of collaborating with Israel, Hassin Zaid."

Today's Lesson in Victim Hierarchy

Aggrieved, belligerent, crazy, black, gay and leftwing Obama-worshipping murders trump white. 

Muslim trumps everything else, including disabled. 

Ontario's bullsh&t "Human Rights" code only works for certain pet groups.

Muslims will always win.

Basically, my feeling about this issue is that if you don't want "government" to interfere with your pet project, pet organization or cause, then don't take government tax receipts or grants. If you open yourself up to the tax receipt/charitable organization game, then tough luck. Your cause likely has a lot of potential donors that won't want or need your tax receipt. If you're good enough at what you do, people will trust you with their money (so don't eff up).

Similarly, if your pet housing project takes taxpayer's money, then it should be open to all. If you want to tell "the government", i.e us taxpayers to screw off, then do it on your own dime.

There are Jewish groups that take provincial taxpayers' funds for their programs. They are therefore required to open up said programs (housing, for the disabled, etc.) to the entire community. Reena for example is one such organization that I am familiar with.

So, why are some groups allowed to discriminate, and others not?

By the way, this is going to get worse, and not better as Canadian demographics change due to immigration, and a larger, more "diverse" sampling of ethnic and religious groups get into the sucking-taxpayer-teat as profession gam.e

Thanks, "Conservative" government!


Via Ezra Levant: "No Infidels Allowed" 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

NDP Candidate Doesn't Exactly Dig Jews or Israel


Straight Outta Brooklyn Via Vermont: The Bernie Sanders Story

Oy to the Vey. 

Diehard Jewish commies.


The Great Meotti: Only Israel Will Survive

"Barack Obama only cares about LGBT causes and is closing his eyes and big mouth on the killing of Christians and other minorities (he has already abandoned the Israeli Jews under the Iranian atomic umbrella). Europe is living as if it is the last generation there ever will be, inspired only by hedonism, science and a horrible cult of the present. A few days ago, Le Figaro, a French newspaper, published an interview between Alain Finkielkraut and Michel Houellebecq, the most important philosopher and writer in France. It is an amazing piece, shedding light on our tragic times."

"Finkielkraut says: "God is gone, and getting Him back is beyond our control. 'Where there was God, is today's melancholy' said Gershom Sholem."

"Answers Houellebecq: "On that, Alain, I totally disagree with you. Only those who believe in eternal life survive. Religion always wins in the end - if only for demographic reasons".

"They are both right, Finkielkraut and Houellebecq, and they both explain why only Israel and its people, not the West, are the ultimate hope of civilization. Only Israel still uses war and military force for good reasons, and only in Israel you have that mix of vibrant modernity and ancient spirit which give reasons for survival. "

I found the link to the original from Le Figaro here. 

(Subscribers only-sorry. Maybe they will unlock it and/or do an English translation.) 

"It's An Avocado! Thanks!"

Raised well.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fighting Back Works

This has been a pretty good month for pushing back.

I don't know if there is something in the water, or if it's as simple as goodness and bravery inspiring other goodness and bravery but there are interesting things going on, so I thought I would take a few minutes to riff on that theme.

Earlier this month, the disgusting Jew-haters who cloak themselves in the veneer of "anti-Israel" BDS activism (some of their BEST friends are apparently Jews/Israeli, etc...) really blew their cover in Spain when it came time for the Matisyahu concert.

To catch you up, Matisyahu is a Jewish American (formerly religious) singer who is NOT Israeli.

He's "just" a Jew. But he was dropped from the line up of a Spanish concert because of pressure from the BDS Jew-hating masses for not endorsing a Palestinian state. 

Not Israeli. "Just" a Jew.

He was too Jewy, so much Jewy Jewish blood, that the Spaniards, who annihilated their own Jewish population, who pioneered identifying Jews by their clothes, who pioneered bloodline eugenic theories about Jews that the Nazis emulated AND who have not a small amount of AHEM Dar-Al-Islam trouble with their own Andalusia Is Ours Forever crowd IF YOU GET MY MEANING, went along with this disgusting antisemitic episode. (By the way f&ck you, Spain.)

Unfortunately for Spain, the blowback was swift and painful and Spain and the festival were forced to eat a massive, KOSHER SH&T sandwich. A Jewy sandwich, like a Reuben on rye with mustard and a sour dill, or a falalfel. Yeah, that JEWY.

And Matisyahu for his part, gave the Jew-haters a massive f&ck you at the concert, singing "If I Forget You, Jerusalem" as they waved their crappy, Jew-hating, terrorist-loving Palestinian flags in his face.

You know what? In YOUR face, Jew-haters. 

As the great Caroline Glick put it, in this marvellous essay: when Jews stand up to antisemitism, the antisemites back down.

They lose! Look at the damage a few Jews with only a few guns did in the Warsaw ghetto! This is why we fight. Courage my friends, courage!

So that's Episode 1 and in the news business, remember "three's a trend".

Now we come to Episode 2, and Glenn Reynolds described it better than anyone, so this is a must read. When the jihadist terrorist was tackled, and beaten unconscious by a few brave unarmed Americans, a Brit and a Frenchman, he wrote "Fear is contagious. So is courage."

Amen to that.


And I wrote earlier this week that "Let's Go" is the new "Let's Roll". It certainly is.

Instapundit always talks about punching back harder. Twice as hard.

Now Steyn is taking it up a notch and promoting punching back thrice as hard.

And that's precisely what we need.

So, let's get to Episode 3 of my trend-Mark Steyn's new book: Disgrace to the Profession:The World's Scientists - In Their Own Words - OnMichael E Mann, His Hockey Stick And Their Damage To Science, Volume One. 

This is a must-read for many reasons.

First of all, it is an entire book of pushback. An entire book. 

It's not punching back twice as hard, or even thrice as hard.

It's punching back something like eleventy bazillion gazillion times as hard.

It's probably the longest, funniest, most savvily organized and meticulous "screw you" in the history of Western literature.  It's probably a new genre. I don't know of any precedent for a literary vehicle of this kind.

Instead of waiting for the opportunity to flush more of his hard-earned money down the toilet, waiting for the sclerotic US justice system and Michael Mann to crush him into pulp, using their process as punishment, Steyn has gone on the offensive.

And it's a delightfully offensive book. 

I bet his lawyers are simultaneously happy and sad.

Happy that they have such a crushing and meticulous compilation of evidence at their fingertips, but devastated perhaps that they can't charge that research back to Steyn at $1000 per hour or whatever they charge.

The book is educational as well.

One cannot read it and not come out very highly informed, beyond the shadow of a doubt about the massive stink of corruption and tyranny surrounding Big Climate. Steyn follows the 'show' not 'tell' method of writing. He shows readers the words of world-famous scientists discussing the depth of the rot, from painstakingly collated e-mails, videos and articles.  The organization of this book is clever and devastating. It's hypnotizing.

The scope of this book, by someone currently embroiled in litigation of this nature is, I believe,   unprecedented. The approach is uniquely Steynian. I don't know of any other writer, or individual, who, when sued for defamation, decides to publish an entire book, compiling what other "peers" have said about the litigant.

But then again, the scope of the utter tyranny that Big Climate can impose upon hapless taxpayers in the Western world is also probably unprecedented. I was trying to think of a government program or international program, in the history of the West that has the same scope and the closest I could think of was perhaps the New Deal (which was national), or perhaps the financial toll on allied forces in either of the world wars. I haven't run the numbers of course, I am just thinking about the degree to which "climate" can be used as a tool of tyranny by the left against the rest of us.

The world wars would have cost countries lots of money, but the limitless potential for interference in every day life is unique to "big clime" as Steyn calls it.

I would urge you to pick up a copy, and get the facts.

If nothing else, you will certainly come away wondering, as I do, how these scientific "reconstructions" and this whole warming/Kyoto/ circus can be considered anything but guesswork, and really not even "educated" guesses at best. At the worst, and this comes through in the book, we could be trying to fight against political conclusions upon which theories were built around. That's a devastating possibility.

And this brings me to why Donald Trump is surging in the American polls.

He's pushing back, showing signs of leadership instead of fatigue or dreaded malaise. He is showing signs of patriotism instead of retreat.

Ronald Reagan was an actor who brought down communism.

Trump, a business leader, (who cares about the 'conservative' or not label right now) cannot be any worse than 8 years of Obama and his Marxist, American-hating, hope and change decline.

I believe that Americans see him as a leader, indeed intent on making America great again and not, as Mark Steyn pointed out earlier today on the Rush Limbaugh program, "gracefully managing the nation's decline" as other GOP "leaders" are content to do.

Fighting back works.

"Fear is contagious, so is courage."

Courage, my friends.



This is Very Gutsy, And I Salute Guidy Mamman

Well done.

This is brilliant. 


This is funny. 

Lighten up, Frances. 

The UK Is Screwed

Meet the likely new leader of the British Labour party: 

"...[Corbyn] hosted the show Comment, on Press TV, the [official television] channel of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In 2009, Corbyn welcomed Dyab Abou Jahjah to the UK’s parliament. Jahjah is a political activist and publisher who became known for publishing, in 2006, a series of cartoons poking fun at the Holocaust. As late as 2013, Corbyn attended events organized by Paul Eisen, at that time known as an outspoken Holocaust denier. In 2012, he hosted the hate preacher Raed Salah at the House of Commons. In a sermon two years later, Salah—whom Corbyn had called a “very honored citizen” and invited for tea—expressed hope that Jerusalem would soon become “the capital of the global caliphate.“

"Corbyn also came publicly to the defense of Stephen Sizer, an Anglican vicar who, as he put it, “dared to speak out against Zionism". 

And what could possibly be wrong with that? 

Class Act: Melissa Rivers Still Paying Joan Rivers' Staff


Surprise (NOT)! Lefty Commie Lefties in Israel Do Not Want "Infiltrators" In Their Kibbutzim

I'm shocked! 

Shocked I tell ya!

"Activists in leftist “human rights” organizations have attempted, in recent days, to locate kibbutz communities that would be willing to temporarily house illegal infiltrators who are being freed from the Holot detention facility – but to no avail."

"According to Haaretz, none of the kibbutz communities that were contacted has responded favorably thus far."

"The circumstance is ironic, since the infiltrators owe their freedom to unflagging efforts on their behalf by leftist organizations, whereas the kibbutzim – which were founded on the basis of a socialist ideology of agricultural communalism – are bastions of leftism."

Monday, August 24, 2015

"Better To Live Like A Lion, Than Die Like A Sheep"

Father of one of the American heroes from the French train goes vocal, proudly on political correctness:

“It’s better to die like a lion that be slaughtered like sheep. And this terrorist coward deserved what he got, and the PC crowd needs to recognize terrorism for what it is. And I thank you very much for having me on,” the father said.

Real War on Women: Feminist "Sisters" Actually Totally Abandon Women and Girls Who Need Them

"Vocal feminists continue to fume about trivial or imagined offences, such as sexist air conditioning, gendered toys, prime ministerial winks and menstruation stigmas, and all but ignore the predicament of truly oppressed women."

"For reasons I’ll never understand, the mistreatment of the most disempowered women in the world doesn’t seem to inspire much concern from privileged progressives. While women in Iraq and Syria are subjected to the most sadistic treatment imaginable, we have “the sisterhood” agitating about mindless nonsense."

Wonderful Instapundit: "Fear Is Contagious, So Is Courage"

YES. Must read.


"Let's go" is the new "let's roll".

And this time with heroic results, and no deaths of innocents.

Remarkable courage.

Just remarkable.

Eurabia is Doomed

Belgian officials arm police with....wait for it.....paintball guns. 

Lefty Media Bails on Hillary and Goes For Kerry's Jugular: "Shameful", "Pathetic"

Must watch. 


Islamic Barbarians Destroy Palmyra

The Temple of Baalshamin razed to the ground by barbarians. 

And it was not a random choice, of course:

"Palmyra’s symbolism is powerful, and not lost on IS. At its height the city was the centre of an empire that covered, among other territories, all of modern Syria and Israel and parts of Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It is still one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the Middle East, with a small theatre, temples, monumental gateways, a long colonnaded street, a crossroads monument known as a tetrapylon, and, at the city limits, extensive necropolises with Roman-era tombs. Approaching visitors see a mirage in the distance, the salt pans of the oasis with its feathery palms, and then the luminous ruins slowly taking physical shape out of the plain. They are, an early traveller wrote: “The most glorious structures in the world.”

Europe Kills Jews: Entire Israeli Youth Soccer Team Hospitalized in Bulgaria, Intentional Poisoning Suspected

Absolutely harrowing. 

Jews Get Out Of Eurabia

Dutch man offers money on Facebook for someone to kill his "devilish Jewish neighbour". 

Police are investigating.


Friday, August 21, 2015

Must Read; The NDP's Anti-Israel Grassroots

Via my Dad, an excellent article from the National Post. 

Now, we all understand that "anti-Israel" is antisemite, but that's not what I want to emphasize here.

The point here is to showcase a well-written, irrefutable, clear article about scratching political lefties and finding the Jew-haters.

Well done, Pat Johnson.

Do You Hear That Sound?

That's the sound of the Lone Wolf Story Generator being fired up-STAT!!!!

"Man of North African origin (with no name or national identity or religion presumably) opens fire on European train. Too early to determine if terrorism is motive."

Well, glad that is solved.

Thank G-d for the US Marines who brought him down and prevented a bloodbath.

The Answer to French Antisemitism

Is this:

"French Jews make aliyah, in response to antisemitism and join the IDF."

The answer to antisemitism is Jews having their own country, and a smarter, stronger, better army than anyone else in the world.

Am Yisrael Chai!

It's Not "Free": The Cost of Canadian's "Free" Healthcare

It's expensive and restrictive, and means a bureaucrat owns your body and those of your loved ones. 

From Our "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" File...

Marxist professor at Wisconsin university earns $170K per year. 

And what could possibly be wrong with that?

Clinton's E-Mail Server Firm Doing Some Serious Scrubbing

Wipe out!

British Dhimmi Suck Ups Breathlessly Rush To Open New Embassy in Iran


Thursday, August 20, 2015

I Like the Cut of Her Jib

Trolling level: NINJA. 

Hi Scotland Yard, Have You Heard of This Now?

The UK is screwed.

East London Jewish memorial defaced with raw meat. 

"Vandals have desecrated a Jewish memorial statue with raw meat in an apparent anti-Semitic attack in London."

"A drinking fountain, paid for by local Jewish residents to honour Edward VII in the early 20th century, in Whitechapel, east London, was seen covered in chicken and slabs of red meat on Thursday morning."

"The inscription on the sculpture, designed by William Silver Frith, says: “In grateful and loyal memory of Edward VII, Rex et Imperator, Erected by subscriptions raised by Jewish inhabitants of East London, 1911.”

"Moderate" Iran Accuses Israelis of Raping and Killing Women and Children


"Sex Ed" Is Grooming

American psychiatrist confirms that Ontario's radical "sex ed" i.e grooming curriculum is indoctrination, not "education". 

"She criticized the curriculum for introducing biological details at inappropriate ages, noting that in her professional opinion, teaching the names of body parts in Grade 1 is “not necessary.” Six-year-olds are “very little and they’re innocent,” she said. “A child’s innocence and modesty comes naturally and should be protected.”

“What’s really going on in this curriculum is an attempt to de-sensitize children,” she said, pointing out that it “confuses sensitivity and modesty with shame and negative self-image.”

"It is sufficient, in order to protect children against sexual predators, to teach them “that we all have private parts, those that are covered by a bathing suit,” and that “anyone who wants to see or touch you there, that’s a bad person” and “you scream and tell your parents.”

"Grossman added that the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry advises that in talking to their kids about sex, “parents should respond to the needs and curiosity level of their individual child, offering no more or less information than their child is asking for and is able to understand.”


NDP and Liberal leaders promise to revisit world's most pressing problem. 

Yiddish is Just Freaking Awesome

This is a wonderful article (thanks, Dad).

My mom is a fluent Yiddish speaker. Her parents spoke to each other in Yiddish, so she's native in that language along with English. My grandmother refused to speak Polish ever again once she was in Canada, but she was also fluent in Polish.

My dad just told me that he only realized recently that his parents were fluent in Yiddish (!!!). They spoke to each other exclusively in English and only peppered their conversations with Yiddish words.

So, I grew up knowing a lot of these terms, although I don't speak Yiddish it's certainly on my bucket list. I don't think many people of my vintage know a lot of Yiddish, other than in ultra-Orthodox circles, where they learn it in school and it is the lingua franca among religious Ashkenazi Jews.

This article has a wonderful audio clip that goes along with it.

The funny thing is the author mentions that she doesn't know anyone else who uses the term "ongepatchke". I use that ALL THE TIME but it's more like too much puttering-like I won't use a recipe that is too ongepatchke. Too much futzing around.

I even use "oiskemutcheh", which is basically like pestering . Like how siblings oiskemutche each other.

I think she's also wrong about nebbish. It's more like nerdy loser, beta.

I use "feh" a lot.

And "ballaboosta" comes from the Hebrew ba'alat habayit, the home owner, the lady of the house. If you are 'ballabatish", you are a lady of the house, a mensch, a hostess with the mostess.

Fressing is how animals eat-not humans. So, if you say a human is fressing, they are eating like a pig.   My grandparents improved on that. They called it (and I have NO IDEA the roots of this), "PUCKING" it in. This still lives on amongst my cousins. "Pucking" in the food is considered very uncouth and ghastly.

"Schvitz" is literally sweat, so it's also used for the sauna. Nothing I like better than a good workout and a schvitz. 

Wonderful stuff.

Israel's First Special Needs Settlement Gets the Green Light

This is a wonderful initiative. 

"The strength of a nation is not measured by the number of its weapons in its possession, but rather in its ability to assist a weak population during day-to-day life...”

That's a silly platitude, a state's strength is certainly measured in weapons and its army, and Israel does just fine in that department. 

What she may be referring to is the strength of a nation, meaning the people. The nation of Israel-the Jews.

So, therefore, it's more that the humanity of a nation is measured by how it treats its most vulnerable.

"In an idyllic mountainous region in the Galilee, a veritable Garden of Eden for special needs integration may soon crop up on the landscape: Last month, Israel’s top building committee approved land for a community called Shibolet, a town designed for a mixed population of Israeli families and high-functioning special needs adults, clearing a major hurdle in its development."

"The vision, years in the making, would bring in its first stages some 50 families – most of whom have no immediate family members with special needs – and dozens of special needs adults, selected by the Welfare Ministry and the National Insurance Institute. The community will employ the special needs adults alongside its workers in the local services, and in agricultural tourism."

Why Do White People Seek Black Privilege?

Good question, and the obvious answer is provided by Ben Shaprio: 

"There’s a reason that people like Dolezal, and now allegedly King, masquerade as black. It’s an advantage in the academic, media, and political arena – and that’s true on both sides of the political aisle, where Barack Obama would not have been elected or re-elected without being black, and whereDr. Ben Carson would be approximately as well-known asDr. Milton Wolf were he white."

"The question isn’t why King reportedly tried to pass as black. The question is why America keeps pretending that blackness is an unbreakable barrier, when in fact, it can be a tremendous asset."

First Ever Haredi Woman Accepted Into El Al's Pilot Course

Very cool.

Mazel tov!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Real War on Women: MEMRI Report on ISIS Sex Slavery

Western feminists were unavailable uninterested at press time.

Is "Black" Activist Whiter Than White?

BLINDED by the light white.

So delicious.

Always DA JOOOOOOOZ! Hamas Captures Seeekrit Mossad Dolphin!!!

I will kill the rat fink Mossad Jew camel, or horse, or goldfish who blabbed about this!! 


NJ Woman's Obit: "In Lieu of Flowers, Please Do Not Vote For Hillary Clinton"


Hope and Change in America! Thirld World Diplomats Say More Homeless in NYC Than Home

This is what Obama, and the commie mayor of New York mean by "transformation".

Ann Coulter is right.

This is your city on socialism.

Better Now Than Never: Holocaust Survivors Make Aliyah

Alternate headline: F&ck you, Hitler!

Americans: What Are the Palestinians Doing With Your Money?

First of all, using it to kill Jews-duh!

But they are also using it to crush their own people. 

And what could possibly be wrong with that?

Palestinian journalist Khaled Abu Toameh reports:

"Until 2007, the Palestinians had only one corrupt and undemocratic regime, called the Palestinian Authority. Since then, the Palestinians have earned another regime that is even more ruthless and repressive: Hamas."

"So if $4.5 billion brought the Palestinians two corrupt and undemocratic regimes, what would have happened had the U.S. and Europe invested a few more billion dollars in promoting Palestinian democracy? The Palestinians would most likely have seen the emergence of a few more dictatorships in the West Bank and Gaza Strip."

"Of course, the Palestinian Authority prime minister did not tell the visiting U.S. Congressmen that the $4.5 billion the Americans invested in promoting Palestinian democracy went down the drain or ended up in secret Swiss bank accounts."

Nazi Barbarian Murders in America

Culture of Death. 

Heaven help us.

Steyn: The Party of Why Nothing Can Be Done

As Hannity says, Steyn is in full fighting form in this interview.

Many Americans, and indeed, many Western citizens are fed up with shrugged shoulders and the permanent bureaucratic class screwing up our respective countries through their unfettered, fiat-style, authorizations of multicult invasions of uncivilized persons and customs.

Do watch the whole thing.

Then I have LOTS of other good stuff to post today, so keep checking back.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Man Playing G-d In California

"Choosing" your baby's sex, for money.

Woe unto us.

Trust This Woman With Your National Secrets!

Hillary's e-mails were in the toilet.


Mandela Grandson Accused of Rape

What a lovely family.

A "new" scandal for this charming family.

Stay Classy, Republican Consultant Class!

This is disgusting.

Trump Owns Social Media

Hi Republican Establishment types!

Have you heard of this thing called "the internet"? 

Apparently, Donald Trump knows about it.

Justin Trudeau's Liberal Candidate Wishes Israel Supporter Would Have Been Aborted With Coat Hanger

Celebrate diversity!

It's a beautiful thing!

She also talks about people being "a waste of sperm".

But what do you expect from an "anti-bullying" activist?

Like I Always Say "Security" Is the New Shut Up

UK "Draw Mohammad" exhibit cancelled because of "security".

"Sharia Watch director and former UKIP candidate Anne Marie Waters has announced today that a forthcoming exhibition of Mohammed cartoons to be shown in London has been cancelled after discussions with counter-terror police."

"Writing for Breitbart London, Waters revealed the security services believed the event would be attacked, leading to a “very real possibility that people could be hurt or killed – before, during, and after the event”."

"The organisers of the event had approached over 200 galleries with requests to host the exhibition and were turned down by almost all of them. After the final gallery, which had initially agreed had a change of heart the Draw Mohammad exhibition was left homeless."

"Waters regrets that the lack of a single gallery space in the country willing to stand up for the Mohammed cartoons and the pressure from counter terror police to cancel event confirmed her suspicions that Britain had become a “frightened nation”.

Actually, most of Europe is not "just" frightened, it has completely surrendered:

Belfast pastor on trial for offending Islam. 

UK courts are now sharia enforcers.

This is the Blasphemy Mutawa in action.

"An evangelical Christian pastor in Northern Ireland has made his first court appearance after he was charged with making "grossly offensive" remarks about Islam."

"James McConnell, 78, appeared at Laganside Magistrates Court in Belfast on August 6, after local Muslims complained that he delivered a sermon in which he described Islam as "heathen" and "satanic."

"According to Northern Ireland's Public Prosecution Service (PPS), McConnell — whose sermon was streamed live on the Internet — violated the 2003 Communications Act by "sending, or causing to be sent, by means of a public electronic communications network, a message or other matter that was grossly offensive."

"Pastor McConnell's prosecution is one of a growing number of examples in which British authorities — who routinely ignore incendiary speech by Muslim extremists — are using hate speech laws to silence Christians."

Actually, they are being used to silence all infidels and this is just the beginning. 

Watch: The Egyptian Valedictorian of Tel Aviv University Gives His Speech

Very interesting.

A small, little nugget of "hope and change".

The "Dual Loyalty" Antisemitic Blood Libel

Happening now in America, and in Italy: 

”Dual loyalty” is an antisemitic term applied to Diaspora Jews whose support for Israel is unwavering ‎to the point of not being critical enough to satisfy detractors."

"The The Obama administration is now insinuating charges of dual loyalty against any Jewish Americans who oppose the nuclear deal — as though Israel’s endangerment is the ‎only hitch in the otherwise acceptable agreement, and the sole cause of a potential congressional ‎rejection of it.‎"

Raised Right: Toronto Boy's Apology Letter to Library Goes Viral

So sweet. 

library apology letter

Monday, August 17, 2015

Steyn: The Trumping of Party

A very good post from Mark Steyn, who notes:

" every functioning society understood until two generations ago, immigration has to benefit the people who are already here. Government owes a duty to its own citizens before those of the rest of the planet - no matter how cuddly and loveable they might be. The fact that it is necessary to state the obvious and that no "viable" "mainstream" candidate from either party is willing to state it is testament to how deformed contemporary western politics is. Trump may not be a "real" Republican or a "real" conservative, but most of his rivals are not "real" - period, as Carly Fiorina would say."

I am obviously interested in the American elections, but America is not my country, I just have a longstanding love affair with it, with the whole idea of America, the American dream, the whole thing. I love American ingenuity, patriotism, how everything is BIG, making it BIG-the works. I love American redemption stories, war stories, success stories. I love the idea. I love America's founding documents and founders. So it really has been, and continues to be personally heartbreaking to watch the decline.

But the one thing I wonder, while I watch the various Republican weenies  establishment people battle it out with Trump supporters on Twitter and on various media is really, how bad could he be as President? It's a serious question. Do these people actually think that Trump would be worse for America and the world than Hilary Clinton? Is Trump worse than Obama has been for America?

I think all of the know it all folks in the mainstream "conservative" media should be asked that question.

How would, how could Trump be worse for America than Obama or Hilary? Who would you trust more with a billion, or a trillion of your dollars? I don't have real skin in the game except where America's relationship with Israel is concerned, but I'd be very curious to hear the answer to those questions. How could he be worse?

But hey, what do I know? I'm not very bright.

Security Threats Are the New Shut Up

I usually say that "security is the new shut up", more here and here.

It's the way that mealy mouthed administrators on university and college campuses, and venue-owners and local police become the compliant, tyrannical Free Speech Mutawa of the Western world, and shut down lectures and speeches by various 'politically incorrect' (read: non-leftist) speakers.

Apparently though, we've moved a little beyond "security is the new shut up" to "bomb threats are the new shut up".

Hard to keep up with how the Shut Up morphs!

Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery (yeah, whatever, not so sure about that, we used to call that "copying" when I was a kid, or "plagiarism", but whatevs, right...), but apparently, bomb threats are the greatest compliment of all, and the newest shut up. 

"But bomb threats have become commonplace to those of us who are critics of the intersectional third-wave feminist hierarchy. Despite being branded violent misogynistic manbaby shitlords, it’s only ever us who get our events disrupted by furious harpies panicking that someone might tell the empress she’s wearing no clothes. And then ask her to please, for the love of God, put some on."

"Honestly, though, bomb threats are a blast because they show how utterly the other side has lost the argument. All that’s left for them is violence. Those of us on the side of common sense skip the impossibly gauche step of leveraging threats for sympathy and to demand money from useful idiots, but in the game of social status it’s all fair game, darling."

The thing is, though, it doesn't matter that the other side has "lost" the argument. 

They still own the space, because they own the magical leftist Shut Up Scepter.
The left takes the Shut Up very seriously. 

If you control the flow of information, and the language, and the physical space where debate ought to happen, but doesn't, then you control the narrative and the argument and therefore, in time, the prevailing public opinion.

I think these episodes prove Mark Steyn's Rule of Politicians (which could just as equally be applied to university administrators): you cannot expect them to do the right thing. You have to make it consistently and unrelentingly difficult, if not bloody well impossible for them to do the wrong thing

It has to be very painful to do the wrong thing. 

There have to be excruciating consequences for doing the wrong thing. 

That's the only strategy that will keep any sort of equilibrium between us and the dark forces of the Shut Up, and I don't say 'victory' firstly because they never rest and secondly because we have so very much catching up to do.  


BDS Jew Hatred At Work

American Jewish singer banned from festival 'because of BDS'.

He's not Israeli.

He's "just" a Jew. 

So how is the BDS movement NOT antisemitic?

The Ghetto Jew And Israel

This is a biting, accurate portrait of the left-wing liberal extremists who just happen to have been born Jewish and/or Israeli.

Well put:

"The Ghetto Jew views Jews through a funhouse mirror that magnifies each flaw and offense. He is constantly seeing Jews as he imagines others see them and the sight makes him anxious. He battles the anti-Semite living in his head by rushing to apologize for things he never did and mounting overarching defenses against attacks that most others would shrug off."

"He is other-directed. He cares little what Jews think of Jews. What interests him is what everyone else thinks of Jews. He will enthusiastically fight for the causes of others, rather than for his own, to avoid any accusations of selfishness. He will generously build hospitals and engage in feats of philanthropy. In doing so he thinks that he is helping Jews, because to him the Jews can only be helped by changing how others see them. His Jews don't have a separate existence or identity."

"For all his sophistication, erudition and education, he is an empty house with no one living inside."

Friday, August 14, 2015

Mark Steyn's New Book: "A Disgrace To the Profession"

Cannot wait to read this one...

This is possibly the first time I might agree that the pen is mightier than sword.

(Because really, it's not. I believe in superior firepower. Leave the pens to the nancy boys with the man buns, with their lumberjack beards and/or tight pants. You know, the ones who order soy lattes, and can't change a tire...)


The pen is mightier than the sword only when we are talking about the Steyn-pen being mightier than the Mann-sword. 

I mean, for real, and not for joking, how delicious is this?

Don't get mad, get even published, baby! 

More Steyn-thoughts from his weekly interview with Hugh Hewitt here. 

DTTP front med.jpg

And if you want to hear EVEN MORE from Steyn this weekend, my friend Andrew Lawton will be chatting with Steyn tomorrow on the Roy Green Show, at 4pm Eastern Time/ 1pm Pacific.

In the meantime, "don't wake the snake", and "rock and rollah, Ayatollah"!

A Must Read From the Great Victor Davis Hanson: Israel Stands Alone

From Victor Davis Hanson, a look at Israel's reality in the wake of the Obama capitulation on Iran:

"Obama and his negotiators seem surprised that Israelis take quite seriously Iranian leaders’ taunts over the past 35 years that they would like to liquidate the Jewish state and everyone in it."

"The Israelis, for some reason, remember that well before Hitler came to power, he had bragged about the idea of killing Jews en masse in his sloppily composed autobiographical Mein Kampf.

" Few in Germany or abroad had taken the raving young Hitler too seriously. Even in the late 1930s, when German Jews were being rounded up and haphazardly killed on German streets by state-sanctioned thugs, most observers considered such activities merely periodic excesses or outbursts from non-governmental Black- and Brownshirts."

"The Israelis have taken to heart lots of lessons over the last 70 years. They have concluded that often the world quietly wants Israel to deal with existential threats emanating from the Middle East while loudly damning it when it does. They have learned from the experience of the Holocaust that, for good or evil, Jews are on their own and can never again trust in the world’s professed humanity to prevent another Holocaust. And they are convinced that they can also never again err on the side of the probability that national leaders, with deadly weapons in their grasp, do not really mean all the unhinged things they shout and scream about killing Jews."

"Given all that, we should conclude that any deal that leads, now or in the near future, to an Iranian bomb is unacceptable to Israel — a nation that will likely soon have no choice but to consider the unthinkable in order to prevent the unimaginable."

Instapundit Gets Contacted By A Journalists Who Wished To Remain Anonymous

The header is:


Well, guess what Mr. or Ms. No Balls anonymity-requesting journalist. 

If you really cared, you would be the one publishing your very own points, and under your own damned name.

You're welcome.

As Per Ann Coulter: The Best And Brightest (Not) Arriving in America...

Build your wall, America.

America Is Being Run By Complete Imbeciles

But every time you think this administration has hit its "low", you realize there is no low. 

The UK Is Screwed

"Doe, from Mitcham, who is employed by the Metropolitan Police Uniform Services and is a vocal campaigner for gender diversity, was found not guilty yesterday at Kingston crown court of  attempted murder on July 5 last year."

"Doe’s case was that she was suffering “non-insane automatism” — involuntary movements she was not responsible for —  and medical experts backed her up."


Nothing to see here. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Please Remind Me Exactly Why Sweden Needs Eritrean Refugees

Cause I cannot figure it out. 

But, to demonstrate how truly and royally f&cked up the Swedes are, how very determined they are to commit suicide via immigration, and how utterly morally inverse their police force is, one must-simply must-take a gander at this piece from the BBC.

In a normal democratic society that wishes to remain democratic, after a stabbing by African asylum-seekers, policy-makers might question their immigration policies. One might even think that security forces would take extra measures to protect citizens.

HAHAHAHAHAHAH right fat chance. If one thought that, one would be TOTALLY WRONG, SUCKAAAAAHS.

Instead of protecting native-born citizens from knife-weilding asylum seekers, Swedish police (see "they're royally f&cked" above) have increased security at...wait for it....asylum centres!

"Police increased security at refugee accommodation centres in the region this week after confirming they had arrested two Eritrean asylum seekers over the murders."

"Local officials feared a backlash from "dark forces" who wanted to exploit the case, police chief Per Agren said."


But seriously, "dark forces" is Soooper Seeekrit Political Correct Talk for "normal people who are not inclined to have their country turn into a third-world sh&thole". 

Seems that Sweden is charging ahead with Project Total Malmöization at warp speed. 

It's terribly hard to feel sorry for Sweden. 


American Genocide

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, it does.

Planned Parenthood harvested and sold baby parts without the consent of the patient-otherwise known as "the mother" in antiquated circles. 

Truly evil. Truly heartbreaking.

Hug your children very tight.

Clinton E-Mails Go Missing! The Hitler Era Version.

This is pretty funny.

Spengler: A Thoughtless Age

Elegy for a culture indeed. 

"Western culture has become inaccessible to the general public because we have lost the ability to see the world through the eyes of those who created it."

"A generation ago, the literary critic Harold Bloom complained in The Western Canon that it no longer was possible to teach English literature to undergraduates because they lacked the cultural references to make sense of it: imagine reading Moby Dick without knowing who Ishmael and Ahab were in the Bible, or Joyce’s Ulysses without knowing that someone named Homer had written an epic about a certain Odysseus"

"The last place where literature is read closely by a non-specialist public might be the Orthodox Synagogue, where the Hebrew Bible is examined through the eyes of ancient as well as medieval and modern commentators. It is read not as literature but as family history, and its readers have an existential interest in the result. The Hebrew Bible, to be sure, is not all of literature, but it is the best of it (nothing in Greek or Latin compares to the grandeur of Isaiah). Most of all, it is the continuing concern of a living community which has read it together for thousands of years."

Obama To Jewish "Leaders": Nice Community Ya Got There...

Would be a real shame if anything happened to it....

Real War on Women and Humanity, Real Rape Culture

Apologies for linking to the New York Times, the disgusting rag that buried the Holocaust and never met an anti-Western or anti-Israel story or writer that it didn't like.

This is too important to skip.

"ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape"

Western feminists and Social Justice Warriors were unavailable for comment at press time.

"Qadiya, Iraq — In the moments before he raped the 12-year-old girl, the Islamic State fighter took the time to explain that what he was about to do was not a sin. Because the preteen girl practiced a religion other than Islam, the Quran not only gave him the right to rape her — it condoned and encouraged it, he insisted."

"He bound her hands and gagged her. Then he knelt beside the bed and prostrated himself in prayer before getting on top of her."

"When it was over, he knelt to pray again, bookending the rape with acts of religious devotion."

“I kept telling him it hurts — please stop,” said the girl, whose body is so small an adult could circle her waist with two hands."

“He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God,” she said in an interview alongside her family in a refugee camp here, to which she escaped after 11 months of captivity."

These are the real "neo" Nazis of our times. 

"A growing body of internal policy memos and theological discussions has established guidelines for slavery, including a lengthy how-to manual issued by the Islamic State Research and Fatwa Department just last month. Repeatedly, the ISIS leadership has emphasized a narrow and selective reading of the Quran and other religious rulings to not only justify violence, but also to elevate and celebrate each sexual assault as spiritually beneficial, even virtuous."

You understand? 

The modern caliphate has a whole department that generates literature to elevate and celebrate sexual assault as spiritually beneficial and virtuous. 

This is not what us "haters" or "right wingers" or "Islamophobic" persons are saying about them. 

This is what they are saying this about themselves. And when people tell you about themselves, and tell you what they do, and believe, and what they are going to do to you, you better damned well believe them.

Jews, Christians and especially children are fair game. 

"The Islamic State recently made it clear that sex with Christian and Jewish women captured in battle is also permissible, according to a new 34-page manual issued this summer by the terror group’s Research and Fatwa Department."

"Just about the only prohibition is having sex with a pregnant slave, and the manual describes how an owner must wait for a female captive to have her menstruating cycle, in order to “make sure there is nothing in her womb,” before having intercourse with her. Of the 21 women and girls interviewed for this article, among the only ones who had not been raped were the women who were already pregnant at the moment of their capture, as well as those who were past menopause."

"Beyond that, there appears to be no bounds to what is sexually permissible. Child rape is explicitly condoned: “It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty, if she is fit for intercourse,” according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute of a pamphlet published on Twitter last December."

This is another element of sexual depravity that the Islamic jihad has in common with the Western left.  Funny that. 

This is barbarity on a Nazi scale. 

These are the real neo-Nazis.  

This is Real Rape Culture. 

This is the Real War on Women and Humanity. 


This is why we fight.



When the Prime Ministers Took Down the Hijackers

Good story of the warrior Jews. 

Those guys are not this guy.

Obama Stands With Terrorists

"I'm 12 years old and I'm going to die."

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Crack Myself Up Sometimes...


Norway: Jew Hatred And BDS More Important Than Film About Disabled Children

Hey Norway? You there? 

Fuck you. 

I mean it.

Seriously, fuck you.

Norway will only show Israeli film of a certain kind:

“I’m sorry but we can’t show this film,” a letter from the organizers to Zafrani said."

We support the academic and cultural boycott of Israel so unless the films are about the illegal occupation, or deals with the occupation or the blockade of Gaza, or otherwise about the discrimination of Palestinians, we can’t show them.”

OH MAH GAWD Milos Yiannpoulos is Hysterical

This is an excellent comment on the sucky, wussy, totalitarian Canadian response to "Roosh".

(Of course, Kathy Draidlebaum's essay is great, and she even quoted me in it, but this pull quote from Yiannpoulos is Da Bomb. You know, I like Kathy's 'dark meat' quote too, and I plead guilty-I do like Teh Swarthy in general. Full disclosure: the husband is Persian. I dig Persians. Actually I dig the entire range of swarthy Jews from Middle Eastern countries, but exceptions can, and are made occasionally for the whiter, red-headed end of the spectrum...*waves at Mark Steyn* )


I nearly fell off my chair: 

"Disclosure: I had lunch with Roosh in London last month. We had fish and chips. We didn’t agree on everything, but I liked him and found him smart and intellectually engaging. He did not try to rape me. Even after I insisted. "

I'm dying!!!

Actually, I thought I was FINITO when I read this comment, but the next one was also a beauty.


"...this failed feminist fox hunt is a good excuse to remind those retarded pseudo-French losers what freedom of speech is, and how avoiding and banning speech we dislike is a really, really bad idea, like almost as bad as Avril Lavigne, Rufus Wainwright, Michael Cera, Nia Vardalos or for the love of fucking Christ Shania Twain."

And finally:


Nice looking men (and you don't have to be gorgeous, just presentable and well-groomed because women are VERY forgiving) who are non-obese, functional (ie: gainfully employed) who aren't getting laid, or even getting dates or phone numbers and (rightly) feel as though their balls have been sliced off by the general culture of angry, man-hating feminists really could do a lot worse than to listen to a good looking (Iranian??) American give them tips on growing back a solid pair in lieu of the jelly beans that most of them are fiddling with nowadays.

I'm delighted that the attempts at muzzling "Roosh" completely backfired.

The publicity that he is getting translates into money, and exposure, the exact opposite of what the SJW's had planned. 


Alan Dershowitz, Who Voted For Obama Twice, Cashes in On New Israel Activism Career With Book About Iran Deal

Never let a good anti-Israel crisis go to waste!


He voted for Obama TWICE, but hey-let's listen to this guy and buy his book $$$$$. 

Disgusting loser. 

He is an extreme liberal, who just happened to have been born Jewish. 

The Death of Religious Freedom In America

Further proof that when lefties assure you of something and promise that you will not get hurt, your life will not be impacted, is all lies. 

Basically, this is not about equality, and it never has been about equality.

This is about power, and running your life the way the left sees fit.  The left is very serious about power, and it never rests. They are very, very good at the power game.  This is all about destroying "choice"-the choice to lead a religious life and punishing Christians and Jews.

But don't worry. You are entitled to their opinion of course. 

"In Ohio, the State Judicial Conduct Board has ruled that judges can't decline to marry only same-sex couples because of their personal religious beliefs. But the Judicial Conduct Board's ruling went much further than that:
In addition, judges who stop performing all marriages to avoid marrying same-sex couples may be interpreted as biased and could be disqualified from any case where sexual orientation is an issue, according to an opinion by the Ohio Supreme Court's Board of Professional Conduct issued Friday and made public Monday. ...
"For example, if a judge who has declined to perform same-sex marriages is later assigned to hear a misdemeanor domestic violence charge involving a same-sex couple, the judge's ability to follow the law and impartially apply the domestic violence laws could reasonably be questioned," the board said."

Toxic Sludge In Colorado: "We Were Very Careful".

"We're from the government, and we're here to help you."

DEFINITELY trust these people with your health care, and your personal financial information. And national security.

Hillary Clinton's Top Secret E-Mails Being Investigated in FBI Criminal Probe

Will this prevent the Clinton coronation? 

I don't see this on many (any?!?!) mainstream media web sites.

Barack Obama: Making Friends Out of Enemies, And Enemies Out of Friends

As Mark Steyn often says, if Obama was on the enemy's side, what would be different about his behaviour?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"I Don't Know If I'm Pro-Choice Anymore"

This is a pretty haunting essay. 

It's an essay full of words, but the words evoke in my mind a very acute mental picture. It's the coin dropping. Through the lines I can feel the mind changing.

I haven't read anything by this author previously, but I can really feel the self-doubt and horror emanating through the words.

I don't know how anyone could be "pro-choice" after those videos. (Even before, frankly.) And the whole language 'pro-choice' is so deceptive anyway, as is the 'incest-rape' thing. If you're pro-life then you are pro-life even when 'incest-rape'. I also don't know how a vociferously pro-life person could be married to a 'pro-choice' person. That seems to me to be a pretty unbridgeable gap.

Do read the whole thing.

Real War on Women

"A depraved Islamic State militant used an 11-year-old sex slave as a human shield by strapping her to the bonnet of his car while driving into battle. The terrified girl was left screaming for her life after being tied to the windscreen of a Humvee military vehicle to protect her captor from enemy gunfire."

"When she is not being paraded through war zones, the Yazidi child is repeatedly raped by the fanatic, activists have revealed."

"The girl is among 3,750 prisoners from the minority sect (I THINK THEY MISSPELLED CHRISTIAN HERE) who were captured during the terror group's brutal uprising through northern Iraq last year."

So but please, let's continue to listen to the Pope blather on about his crackpot Marxist theories about the economy and climate change, and chat some more about Megyn Kelly's period.


Oy to the Vey: American Taxpayers' Money Being Used to Teach Transgendered Males To Talk Like Chicks At a University

No, I'm not making this up. 

"The University of Connecticut, which received state and federal funding, has a program to teach men who want to be pretend to be women how to talk like girls.."

They have a CLINIC. At a UNIVERSITY for this hooey. 

This is the state of American "higher eduction". I guess by "higher" they just mean "higher" vocal, estrogen-laden tones?

"The majority of the transgender clients at the clinic are transitioning to female. Hormone therapy will naturally cause a lowering in the voice of someone transitioning to male, Chase said. Many "F to Ms," as they are sometimes called, need to learn the other subtleties."

(Doesn't that sound mildly strange "M to Fs"? Or is it just me?!?!) 

"The clinic also has served some people who are not transgender, such as men who wish to sound less effeminate - a topic explored in the new documentary "Do I Sound Gay?" And some clients, including people who are only considering a change in gender, want a voice that is more neutral, Chase said."

(Note to potential views of "Do I Sound Gay" movie: if you have to ask if you sound gay, then you do. You don't need the documentary. You're welcome.

"Literature [Ed. Note: OH MY F&CKING GAWD THEY ARE CALLING THIS DRECK LITERATURE] in the field dates back 50 years, but until the past 20 years only a handful of people were doing voice work with transgender people, and the work is still in its infancy, Chase said."

And don't think this is some kind of silly, first-world indulgence of mental illness or anything. 

This is a matter of LIFE AND DEATH. 

For real, and not for joking!

""For me, passing is important," she said. "But, in some cases it's a matter of survival. There are some places where you do not want to be read as being anything other than female. It's dangerous."

What the hell? Where is a dangerous place, where it is a matter of survival to be "read" as "anything other than female"? The Kardashian's bathroom now that Bruce is out of the house? A Tampax sale at Costco?  

This is totally nuts. These are the new Chia pets of the left.  A lot of lives are going to be destroyed before the left moves onto its next pet project. 

Kathy Shaidle: Same Vomit, Different Day


Another great column from evil, skeeeekrit Jew-toboggan, Kathy Draidlebaum. 

With a shout-out to yours truly! Thanks, Draidle. 

"Our left still prosecutes the occasional homegrown victim, but lately they’ve actually broadened their efforts, trying to keep their latest trumped-up “hate crime” villain from entering Canada in the first place—and often succeeding."

"And even when we push back and they stumble, they just walk it off and hoist up a new human piñata. This week, it’s notorious “pickup artist” Roosh V."

"Their first order of business: the obligatory petition, which asks “Mayor Bonnie Crombie of Mississauga, Mayor John Tory of Toronto, and Mayor Denis Corderre of Montreal to denounce ‘RooshV’ and to urge local businesses and organizations to deny him accommodation while in Canada.”

"The word hate pops up again and again in this petition (which, as I type this, has just under 40,000 signatures). Roosh’s “hate website” The Return of Kings is “hate-based,” as is Roosh himself, who holds “hateful misogynistic views” that are “likely to breach public peace.”


"I give these broads credit for one thing: Roosh (whose real name, they note, is Daryush Valizadeh) is quite possibly the brownest, most foreign-looking guy they’ve ever picked on."

"I’d also bet that many of this petition’s female signatories defended swarthy Canadian liberal heartthrob, secular Muslim, and accused serial woman-basher Jian Ghomeshi for day after embarrassing day, and that they swoon over even-swarthier Canadian liberal heartthrob, convicted Muslim terrorist, and documented woman-hater Omar Khadr."

(My friend Laura Rosen Cohen calls left-wing dames’ well-known taste for dark meat the “Ooo Ooo Mahmoud!” Syndrome.)

Israeli PM Netanyahu Meets With Israeli Special Olympics Delegates

Very nice, and how very unlike Obama.

Obama's Thug and Gangster Administration

You cannot make this stuff up. 

"A White House staffer coaxed her boyfriend into her home to have sex — but instead allegedly stole his gun and tried to shoot him because he was sleeping with another woman, according to a report."

Feel Good Story of the Day (So Far)

Anyone who makes life a little better or a little brighter for critically or terminally ill children is assured a place in heaven.