Monday, April 30, 2018

When The Jews, Led By Bibi Say "Never Again"....

We mean it. 

Thank G-d for Israel, for the IDF and for the thousands upon thousands of anonymous and covert members of the security forces who pull of magnificent intelligence coups such as these and all of Israel's allies, and sources. They are the often unsung heroes of our survival.

On the German Import of Virulent Antisemitism...

As if they didn't have enough already.

This is the point I've tried to make many times, but not as clearly as it comes out here: 

"...Merkel’s decision to allow the mass influx of Syrian refugees was widely seen as “a grand gesture of atonement for the worst crimes of German history.” Jews were the primary victims of these crimes. Now, they are the primary victims of the “atonement.”

"Chivalry Is Dead Because Women Killed It"


Friday, April 27, 2018

Rush Limbaugh: The Leftist Ministry Of Truth Goes Into Full Destroy Mode

This is so good and so smart. 

This is one of the best summaries of the current political-cultural battlefield ever, EVAH EVAH.

The tactic certainly is seek and destroy, and the left is very coordinated and dedicated to their various missions. They show no mercy, take no prisoners-just identify target, seek and destroy.

I urge you to read the whole thing.

This is really, good stuff.


Is the "groupthink" of the left now broken? 

Generation Snowflake

Behold: The Crying Closets 

Feh, Meh, Shmeh: Being Disdainful In Yiddish is Just the Best

OK I love this article. 

I say 'feh" a lot.

And I've personally stolen liberated the joke at the end at least a hundred times.

Piss Off, Belgium.

This is a pathetic PR strategy. 

It's going on a lot in Europe nowadays. A few "sad" pronouncements about Jew-hate being bad or sad or something and then importing more and more Jew-haters to Europe.

It is also disgusting that Israelis collaborate with this ridiculously transparent pandering. Slap on a kippah, put a few flowers or stones at Yad Vashem, shed a few crocodile tears at Yad Vashem and then rush over to the American Colony Hotel for a few drinks with PA terrorists and Guardianista journalists.

This Holocaust Remembrance Kabuki Theatre is trying my patience.

I'm sick of the European reverence for dead Jews. They love their dead Jews. It's a real fetish, and that precise fetish is what is destroying Europe now as well. So they love their dead Jews, but live Jews? Like living, breathing, Jewish Jews? Not so much.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

On A Lighter Note

What a knockout.

For real, that dress is gorgeous and Melania is a knockout with excellent taste. 

Europe Is A Terribly Evil Place

Germany: Where Jewish ghosts linger as tea is served. 

Where Jews fear to tread. Again. Not Never Again. But again. Always. 

Sweden: Where female activists on behalf of migrants are raped by migrants. 

Where children are sacrificed. 

The Democrats and Their Jewish Question

This is going to get worse before it gets better (if it ever does).

"American Jews Need to Wake Up"


That's not gonna happen. 

Really Good: "What's With The Jews"

This is a really good little documentary. 

I really enjoyed it. Lots of great insights and I particularly liked the parts with Charles Murray and Dr. Ruth. Really good stuff. I'd take a pass on the Shimon Peres stuff but that's just me.

It's a little over an hour and well worth your time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Buried By The Times


"Correction: April 23, 2018
An earlier version of this article erroneously included a reference to Palestinian actions as an example of the sort of far-right conspiracy stories that have plagued Facebook. In fact, Palestinian officials have acknowledged providing payments to the families of Palestinians killed while carrying out attacks on Israelis or convicted of terrorist acts and imprisoned in Israel; that is not a conspiracy theory."

Background here and here and here. 

Socialist Medicine: When Your Betters in Government Own Your Body and Your Children

Ghoulish death cult bastards. 

Raised Well: Sorority Grants the Final Wish of a Dying WW2 Veteran

This is what us old fogies call good breeding.

How lovely and kind. 

Lady Who Brought Hundreds of Thousands of Jew Haters to Germany After Original Nazis Mostly Dead Sighs About Antisemitism

Because GERMANY. 


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Israeli Air Force Independence Day Show!

Britain tagged along, good on them.

This makes me happy. The last few minutes are mesmerizing.

Thank G-d for the IDF and for the best army and best airforce in the entire world.



Thursday, April 19, 2018

Anne Marie Waters on European Antisemitism

She also hopes the Jews will wake up.

I somehow doubt that will happen.

I remember reading a few months ago that Ms. Waters is a racist, xenophobe, hatey hater, etc...However, I haven't actually seen any evidence of that in print (in her own words) or in her videos.

If I am wrong, I'll happily correct the record. I think she's clear, forthright and brave.

In the meantime, watch the whole thing because she is precisely correct.

"The Holiday Village Run By Spies"

Is there nothing the Jews can't do? 

This is a tremendous chapter in the incredible story of the rescue of Ethiopian Jewry.

"Arous on the Red Sea, a wonderful world apart," the glossy brochure says, pronouncing it "the diving and desert recreation centre of Sudan".

"Illustrated with pictures of putty-coloured chalets on a Sun-drenched beach, a smiling couple in scuba gear, and varieties of exotic fish, the advertisement boasts of "some of the best, clearest water in the world". As night falls - "after the landscape colours have paled" - there are, it says, "breathtaking views of the heavens, aflame with millions of stars".

"Arous Village, on the fringe of spectacular coral reefs and the odd shipwreck, appears to be a diving enthusiast's dream. The pamphlets were printed in their thousands and distributed in specialist travel agents across Europe. Reservations were booked through an office in Geneva. And over time hundreds of guests went on holiday there."

"The Sudanese International Tourist Corporation was also happy. It had leased the site to a group of people introducing themselves as European entrepreneurs, whose venture brought some of the first foreign tourists to the country.

"The only thing was, unbeknown to the guests or the authorities, the Red Sea diving resort was entirely fake."

"It was a front, set up and run for more than four years in the early 1980s by operatives from the Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency."
I read another story about Mossad escapades not long ago in which the authors mentioned that the only thing that, in hindsight, tipped locals off about the spies in their midst was the way they prepared their salad-classic Israeli style with very finely chopped cucumber and tomato!

"Why Should Prosecutors Be Able To Read Sean Hannity's Correspondence With Michael Cohen?"


They shouldn't. 

Great explanation from Prof. Jacobson. 

"How to Reign In Student Mobs"




Go back to sleep, oh almighty wokey woke ones.

Way to Go Michael Steinhardt!!!!

A picture-and in this case, a finger, paints a thousand words. 

"The Jewish Community of Iraq is No More"

The real "nakba". 

I say this a lot but I'll say it again, the biblical verse where G-d explains very plainly and simply that I will bless those who bless you (the Jews) and curse those who curse you is The Truth.

Take a look at any society in human history since the founding of Judaism. Cultures and countries that have treated "their" Jews well have thrived and prospered.

Those that have murdered "their" Jews, or invited enough neo-Nazis to their shores after the original German Nazis have keeled over and died, end up in the suicidal dustbin of history (yes, looking at you Germany, but most of Europe falls in this category as well).

Muslim countries that recognize this will prosper or fail as well.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Canada Is Being Run By Imbeciles

Example one. 

Example two. 

Look what we tolerate in the name of tolerance. 

Your Betters In Higher Education

"Disrupting free speech is free speech." 

No. This is called the heckler's veto.


No, Apparently We Cannot All Just Live and Let Live

Coexist, etc...

The UK Is Dead To Me


"It's Good to Live For Our Country"

"But our memorial days have never been a veneration of the dead. This isn’t a culture of martyrs. We will always favor, appreciate and celebrate life over death. It is good to live for our country, it is good to live. It is good to raise the price of life."

"When we gather, with respect and yearning, around the names and faces we knew, it’s not an addiction to pain. It’s not a macabre day of mourning. It’s a day of renewing the commitment, of reviving the alliance."

Italy Surrenders

What a shameful story. 

They should be ashamed of this supine position but you can't shame the shameless.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Sultan Knish: The Betrayal of the Holocaust

This essay is so good, and has so much truth in it that I find it hard to explain how much I love it. 

It is probably one of my favourite essays on this topic, and believe me-I've read a lot about the Holocaust and memory.

Read every single word. I've read it several times.

"I don't remember the Holocaust because of a museum. I remember because of my grandparents. I remember because my Jewishness doesn't come from a memorial, it's always been a part of me....
The Holocaust told us a harsh truth about the world and human nature. Its commemorations soften the edges. But we need those harsh truths to know what lies behind the comfortable curtain."

"Death is the harshest truth. The next harshest truth is betrayal. And the Jews have most often been betrayed by Jews escaping their Jewishness."

"The Holocaust doesn't need hundred million dollar museums. To commemorate it, we must pay attention. And we must never let the propaganda of the killers blind us to their crimes. That's easy to say about the Nazis, it's a lot harder when it comes to the PLO, Iran and Hamas.

"It's easy to feel good about disavowing a discredited and fallen ideology. There's no act of courage there. But try disavowing the Two State Solution and the Iran Deal. That's a commemoration."

Mark Steyn: Typhoid And Tambourines

Sage commentary from the great Mark Steyn, PBUH, including a very good bit from the reluctant free speech warrior, novelist Lionel Schriver. 

This is the important part: 

Miss Shriver observes:
I'm not a natural activist, and I'm reluctant to embrace this role, but I am also dismayed by how few writers with any serious reputation are willing to put themselves on the line for free speech. I'm very unhappy that writers and editors are exercising self-censorship, especially with regard to group membership, to [writing about groups to which they do not themselves belong such as] gender, race, ethnicity, disability. If we follow this through, it will be the end of story and someone has to push back against that.

That's exactly it. Someone has to do it. And that someone is you-the burden must be shared.

Anyway, I thought it was particularly rich for a Swedish publisher to ditch Ms. Shriver.

Sweden is a hellhole.

Check out the cutline on this story: 

Crime is a sensitive topic. I BET!!

As I quipped here: Abba Hu Akbar, baby. 

"Russian Reporter Mysteriously Found Dead"


Germany Is Irredeemable

How can anything healthy grow on this blood soaked earth? 

"Always Look at Who You're Sitting With"

Super lovely human grace in action. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Fulford: The Next British PM Might Be An Antisemite


I think there's a good chance that he might be PM. 

I think there's an excellent and irrefutable case to be made that he is an antisemite.

Anyway this is the main point:

"Britain’s next prime minister might well be an anti-Semite.” Theodore Dalrymple, an English psychiatrist and distinguished author, began a recent article with that striking speculation. He wasn’t kidding. He was discussing what some in U.K. politics call “the Labour Party’s Jewish problem,” embodied in the person of Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader and, conceivably, the next prime minister.

"As Dalrymple explained, we can’t say whether Corbyn’s anti-Semitism is a sincerely held prejudice or merely a matter of electoral calculation — there are far more Muslims than Jews in Britain."

"The Enemy Next Door"

The "enemy" next door.

Hey, I resemble that remark! 

This is a pretty revealing piece.

It reveals how intolerant liberals are, in general and how disdainful they are of conservatives and religious people.

Try to make it through the whole thing (it's a tough slog, but you should really know what we're up against).

The funniest part for me was THE STRUGGLE to find conservative people in Canada! It took phone calls! Activating all connections!! SOS!!! Where can these creatures be?!?!?

"...finding Trump supporters in Canada proved to be difficult, because I live in a bubble. As a feminist and a socialist who supports the welfare state, I feel at home in downtown Montreal. I am vocal in my support of lgbtq, Indigenous, and immigrant rights, and in my circles, this is pretty much the norm. My friends are other liberal artists, activists, and members of the media, and my job, teaching at a college, has me surrounded with like-minded humanities professors. It took weeks of outreach, plus an online call for volunteers made by The Walrus, before I was able to connect with a Canadian fan of Trump willing to participate. And, one cross-country flight later, that’s how Curtis Stone came to be on my couch."

Most conservatives/Canadian Trump supporters would not want to participate because they usually get completely railroaded by liberal journalists, and are made to look foolish.

Anyway, read the whole thing.

I think it says a lot more about the "Bubble Dwellers" than about conservatives or Trump Supporters.

Burn It Down

Exhibit one. 

The great Caroline Glick further elucidates. 

This is one of her very best essays, read the whole thing.

"He's Here, Little Simon is Here"

Grab the Kleenex.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Shame On Abraham Foxman, Total and Utter Moral Coward

Abraham Foxman is a loathsome creature. 

This is definitely one of his most disgusting pieces, crowning a career of finding antisemitism in everything on the planet but never in Islam. This is a guy who finds antisemitism in white bread sandwiches but fails to mention Muslim antisemitism and cannot articulate the word "jihad".

There is so much moral obtuseness in this piece, and so much cowardice, it's hard to know where to start.

How about this:

"Today, we have to fight not only Holocaust denial and Holocaust distortion, but also Holocaust trivialization. Elie Wiesel once that that he worried more about trivializing the Holocaust than denying it. Denial, he said, is so stark, and trivialization is so subtle."

So subtle! I have subtlety for you, Mr. Foxman:

He talks about Charlottesville but is morally mute, and cannot pinpoint other cities or countries that have slightly worse Jew-hating issues:

How about Malmo?  Anything? 

You are willfully blind to the real problems.

Shame on you. 



Seriously, look at Germany! Is there something about Germany that worships antisemitism? Do you see anything wrong with this, Mr. Foxman?


Anything about France? 


Anything about Mr. Corbyn in London? 

British Jews live in fear-why?

Why is a life-long Jewish, Labour-supporting actress turning Tory? 

He says, among other things:

"Almost all Jewish institutions in Europe are armed fortresses, and I worry that our American Jewish institutions will go in that direction too."

Why is that, Mr. Foxman, you pathetic coward.

You are choosing to be blind to the real existential threat to the Jewish people. 

Mr. Foxman: you are the swamp of denial, the swamp of delusional and terrified Jews, you are the embodiment of the weak Jew "fighting" the war that was already won. You refuse to see the truth, refuse to name and identify the murderers, the true existential threat to the Jews and the Western world.

You conveniently try to shift the focus from the war we won, to the war we will lose because people like you have no resolve and have lost the moral courage and fortitude required to live in reality. 

You make me sick.

My prayer this Holocaust Remembrance Day is that I never again see your vomit-inducing, feeble Jew prose ever in print again, amen. 

"I'm Here For My Grandmother"

Amen. Amen. Amen.

May her memory be a blessing and her murder avenged. 

No comment from Abe Foxman at press time.

The Abuse of Anne Frank

Thank you for this. 

As my readers know, I'm in favour of burning the Anne Frank House down and incinerating the tree samplings as well.

Too many disgusting Jew-haters are profiting off and dancing on Jewish blood via Anne Frank.

A pox on all their houses.

"The Two Friends Who Escaped Auschwitz"

Have read a lot about this in the past.

Read the whole thing.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Survivor Speaks

"Avenge My Death"


Furthermore, the "lesson" of the Holocaust is that Jews need their own state, the best weapons ever and the best brains and brawn to use them.

That is the only way the Jews will not be human prey. 

Yad Vashem Torchlighters for 2018

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

"Targeting Trump's Lawyer Should Worry Us All"

Yes of course. 

Normal people would see it that way because it symbolizes not just the end of client-lawyer privilege but is a rejection of the rule of law and exemplafies once again that there two kinds of people in America: those that break the law and the rules with impunity and never get punished because they are in a protected class and then everyone else. 

And if you are a conservative, you'll generally be much more severely punished, even crucified for "crimes" that wouldn't warrant a punishment of ten lashes with a wet noodle on a liberal.

France: Soon With No Jews?


VDH: The Ideology of Illegal Immigration

Very interesting piece.

It's more than an ideology.

It's pretty much a religion now. 

"So much of the discussion of illegal immigration is predicated not just on fantasy, but on Soviet-style censorship, and not just of speech, but of our very thoughts. Taboo are suggestions that illegal immigration could be a prime reason that California now has the highest basket of income, sales, and gas taxes in the nation; the highest number of welfare recipients (one of three in the United States), with a fifth of the state living below the poverty level; and now a fourth of all hospital admittances found to be suffering from diabetes or prediabetes; or that national rankings of infrastructure quality place the state nearly last in the country."

The Great Mark Steyn, PBUH: "The Grand Convergence"

OK I literally I nodded along solemnly at the first part but then I literally bust a gut at this: 

"The San Bruno attack also underlines a point I've been making for over a decade, ever since my troubles with Canada's "human rights" commissions: "Hate speech" doesn't lead to violence so much as restraints on so-called "hate speech" do - because, when you tell someone you can't say that, there's nothing left for him to do but open fire or plant his bomb. Restricting speech - or even being perceived to be restricting speech - incentivizes violence as the only alternative."

(Nodding solemnly at sage Prophet Steyn...)


"As you'll notice in YouTube comments, I'm often derided as a pansy fag loser by the likes of ShitlordWarrior473 for sitting around talking about immigration policy as opposed to getting out in the street and taking direct action. In a culture ever more inimical to freedom of expression, there'll be more of that: The less you're permitted to say, the more violence there will be."

(Nodding solemnly again, vociferously of course at the last two sentences though, just to clarify...)


The Great Mark Steyn PBUH: "The Shadow Over Our Heads"

Read the entire thing, of course. 

This excerpt and one specific sentence from Martin Sellner's speech actually haunts me:

"I'm going to tell you something nobody has told you before. It's the biggest, most obvious secret of our media our politicians and our powerholders: People of Britain, you are being replaced."

"There has always been immigration in your history. People coming in, assimilating."

"But what's happening today is different: You are being replaced by massive Muslim immigration."

"You see it everywhere: in London, in Manchester, but also already in the little countryside towns. A big replacement is going on."

You are being replaced. 

This, in fact, is the "Strange Death of Europe" perfectly and succinctly paraphrased. It's so devastatingly accurate and so full of truth, no wonder they threw him in jail. 

The Proper Response to This....

Is NUTS to you.

And go microaggress your own tuchuses. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Jeffrey Goldberg is A Wanker

He blocked me on Twitter, so I can't actually engage him in conversation anymore. Pity!

He's a very prickly, twerpy liberal extremist who was merely born Jewish.

That's about the nicest thing I can say except that he probably has the sturdiest pair of Obama knee pads on the planet.

Anyhoo-I thought Andrew Klaven summed up this Kevin Williamson episode quite nicely.  

"He is incisive, wickedly droll and a terrific writer. In fact, given his insistently deadpan sense of humor, I'm pretty sure he doesn't actually believe women who have abortions should be hanged, as he has occasionally said. But, of course, that's an old trick of the left, isn't it? Pretending to be outraged by conservative jokes so we learn to be careful what we say."

"Anyway, that was the crappy little ploy Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg used when, after hiring Kevin to bring some diversity of opinion to his magazine, he fired him two weeks later for bringing some diversity of opinion to his magazine."

Williamson (and I'm not really a huge fan) will be better off away from NRO and also from the effete, liberal Jewish soy boys at The Atlantic. Yuck. 

When The Political Left Tells You Exactly What It Thinks, You Better Listen

"Only one side can win." 

A French Poet's Tribute to A Murdered Jewish Woman

The French is more gut-wrenching and sadly lyrical.

But you'll get the point from the English as well.

Gutsy and apt. 

Thanks For the Invite, But I Have to Wash My Hair....

So great.


Really Good One: "Let Our Data Go"

"Mark Zuckerberg is Pharaoh." 

Read the whole thing.

Please Do This

I can't wait for Bibi's response. 

Please do it, oh International Court People. Please do it, please sue Israel. Making popcorn.

Please defend these people and show the world what you're made of: