Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"We Leave Nobody Behind"

Unless they were in Benghazi, of course.

The Way Things Were

A lovely set of black and white photographs of Hollywood stars in regular settings. 

The photograph of Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman is outstanding.

That's a picture of a woman's love and admiration and the complete and total masculinity of her man. His knowing grin is amazing.

The Hustler: Jane Woodward watches her husband Paul Newman shave in 1963

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era.

Toronto Magazine: Hey, Yanks-You Deserved That Storm

"A divine slap on the face of US arrogance."

Who might have said that?

Click me!

Victor Davis Hanson WINS the internet today

This pretty much sums up the liberal mind in one fantastic article. 

There are so many zingers in here, it's almost impossible to pick my favourite bit. But, I think I have to highlight this part:

"Liberals believe that abstract caring allows them seclusion and cocooning in the real, material world...Liberalism is an elite person’s psychological investment in enjoying a guilt-free affluence."

Is it wrong to be in love with a couple of well-written sentences?

Bravo Professor VDH!!!

Read the whole thing!

(Like now...)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Steyn: The Name's Fleming....

This essay is best read shaken, not stirred.

I mean seriously!

Mark Steyn on James Bond?!?! 

We knew he was a fan previously, but this piece is a gem. 

(Is it wrong that this is one of my current favourites now along with the stuff on the Palestinians and antisemitism?? Should I be considering Gestalt? A drumming circle? Something?)

I must confess that it has been terribly disappointing to think that climate change might not go on trial, now that Michael Mann has done such a totally awesome, bang-up job at destroying his very own reputation. 

However, the good news is that this essay has clearly contributed to global warming so there is lots of oh, I don't know...umm...WHATEVER to research now.

That is to say...IS IT HOT IN HERE?

Because I'm practically shvitzing glowing....

Read it all. 


Those of you in the greater Toronto area may want to check out the Designing 007: 50 Years of Bond Style show at the Bell TIFF Lightbox which is in town until January of 2013. Can't wait to check it out!

Details here.

Nice article about it here.

My Kind of Rabbi!

You gotta read this-this is a truly Rockin Righteous Rebbe!

Real Leaders Don't Promote Dependency. 


"We Americans were not placed on this earth to be dependents controlled by a ruling class.  Those accused of "not caring" are more likely to be guided, actually, by the spirit of Genesis, which says that a human reaches his majesty not by finding reasons to shirk responsibility, but in overcoming his challenges and rising to his moral potential through work and sacrifice."

"A sense of entitlement too often leads to ingratitude: why be grateful for that which one has been told is rightfully his?  Entitlement-societies seem to have little compassion for those who work hard and follow the rules, and see fairness as something due those claiming victimhood but not those who are straight-laced and buttoned down."

"It corrupts moral language by imputing greed to those wanting to retain the fruit of their labor for family while whitewashing the actual greed of those who demand what belongs to others.

It's a must read.


I love this piece.

Go Rabbi Spero, go!

Speech Police Terrorize Professor Emeritus an

The totalitarian impulse is very, very strong in this story from Queen's University. 

Hat tip: Blazing Cat Fur

I'm so bored of Safe Space Cultists and the members of the Church of the Perpetually Aggrieved and Offended!

"Michael Mason’s 50-year teaching career ended on a sour note. Last fall, his history classes at Queen’s University were abruptly cancelled after he was accused of making racist and sexist comments in the classroom. He had used the terms “rag head,” “towel head,” “japs” and “little yellow sons of bitches.” A student complained that his “borderline racist comments” made her “very uncomfortable."

"The complaint about the “mistresses” remark, he says, came from a female graduate student in gender studies who had been appointed his TA."

Fatal mistake:  Agreeing to have a Gender Studies moron as your TA.

Here's the part that is most upsetting:

"The department chair sent him a letter of reprimand, saying he had contravened the university’s equity policy. He was summoned to a meeting, where he was told he had failed to create a “safe space” for students."

You know what? I've had it UP TO HERE with that imbicilic phrase "safe space".

Screw that idiotic, bone-headed, soft-totalitarian, wimped up, limp d&cked, sucky, whiny, pathetic concept up and down and sideways.

"Safe space" is for p&ssies.

Kudos to the Canadian Association of University Teachers for siding with Professor Mason.  

Most Horrible Anti-Islam People in the Entire World Bulldoze Holy Sites



OMG!!! These horrible people are destroying Islamic history!!!!

They are trying to ERASE the Islamic history in the Middle East!!

Someone call the United Nations!!!

It is the Islamophobic Bulldozers of Hate and Dooooooom!

This is clearly Islamophobic!!!

Stop the hate!!!


Never, Ever, Ever, Ever, But EVAH EVAH get sick or old in the United Kingdom

The "pathway" to premature death (can we call it murder yet) in the United Kingdom is paved with arrogant health care "professionals" and cost-saving bureaucratic euphemisms for murder.

There is a good comment below the article: "Who invented this "pathway?"

Who approves such a barbaric thing?

Of course, every person has their time, but why hasten the deaths of individuals who actually do have a chance for a few more peaceful and relatively healthy years with their loved ones?

Dammit-what if someone actually doesn't want to die?

If someone doesn't want to die, and that person's death is hastened by external means-that is murder.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Benghazi: Where Is the Order?

So, apparently, there was a Presidential order to do "whatever we need to do".

Bing West is asking-where is the order? 

"Surely it is in the president’s best interests to release a copy of his order, which the military would have sent to hundreds in the chain of command. And if the president did not direct the NSC “to do whatever we need to do,” then who was in charge? When the American ambassador is attacked and remains out of American hands for over seven hours as a battle rages — and our military sends no aid — either the crisis-response system inside the White House is incompetent, or top officials are covering up."

What do you think of this photo?

It's a picture from the President's situation room on-no not Benghazi, about Hurricane Sandy.

Do you think a picture exists from the situation room from the night when four Americans were brutally murdered? There was real time video apparently-maybe there is a photo from that gathering of wise men and women as well?

So, just to review-situation room cheesy photo from Hurricane Sandy situation room-yes.

Situation photo from Hurricane Sharia-no. 

Majorly Dumb Policy on Foreign Journalists at State

This is obviously not a very well thought out policy, and in the interest of public transparency and democracy-should be changed.

Foreign populations who are held captive by their governments should not be further enabled by the State Department. Nor should information-starved citizens be forced by America, of all things, to have their news conditional on the approval of their autocratic regimes.

"In order for foreign journalists to get State Department credentials, the journalists must not only have a letter in hand from the organization for which they work, but they also need a cover letter from the press attaché from their country’s embassy in Washington....There is no waiver for journalists from such countries who would use their residence in the United States to report critically about their home countries"

This seems to me a non-partisan issue that would free up information in a very positive way to millions of people potentially. I'm not sure what the Canadian policy is, but it's certainly an interesting question and I will look it up.

Read more at Commentary here.

The Last Poet of Lodz

Stumbled upon this really touching essay at Tablet magazine. They usually have a bunch of interesting, cheeky, Jewish-themed articles throughout the site.

This essay on The Great Epic Poem of the Holocaust caught my eye. November is coming-remembrance is a big theme in November.

Here in Canada, the Remembrance Day poppies are usually on sale by now. I haven't seen a single veteran in the subway stations yet. In November, our local Jewish community also puts on a very extensive series of Holocaust education programs.

If you have never heard a Holocaust survivor speak, I would urge you to do so, before they are all gone.

If you have time, this essay is really worth a read. 

"Shayevitch’s wife Miriam had just given birth to a baby boy. His daughter, Blimele, had spent the previous day of the Sperre hidden in the wardrobe whose mirror her father had described in his farewell song to her. Her little brother, not yet named, was hidden in a drawer. Miriam was in bed, unable to get up. The Jewish police failed to search the room that day. So, the next morning Shayevitch hid his children in the same places."

"There was no food in the house. The Germans and their helpers had not yet arrived in the yard. Shayevitch heard from a neighbor that there would be a distribution of bread and potatoes at the nearest distribution outlet. So, he locked his family in the hut and ran out to join the queue for food. When he returned to the yard, he realized that the selection had already taken place. The door of his hut stood open. The room was empty. Miriam and the children were gone."

He later wrote: 

Ch’geher nisht keynem, keynem, keynem.
Bloyz ayer der goof, nor nisht di neshome.

I belong to no one, no one, no one.
Yours is only my body, but not my soul.

The Toronto District School Board Does the Right Thing

I'm a big mouth when things go wrong-especially where disabled children are concerned. It behooves me to be equally loud when people do the right thing.

I hereby salute the Toronto District School Board for doing right by Jacob Trosser, and enabling him to attend Elkhorn Public School in Toronto, where he is being embraced by his teachers and classmates with a lot of love and understanding. This is an integration success story that needs to be celebrated.

A huge shout out to David Menzies, Michael Coren and Farzana Hassan of Sun TV and the Toronto Sun newspaper, and Jeff MacArthur of the Corus Radio Network for shedding light on this story.

Thank you for making a difference in the life of a very special child and making a very tough life a little easier for this little guy.

"President Obama Needs Bengahzi to Go Away"

Don't let it happen. 

He sold you all a bridge in Brooklyn-cheap. 

"He therefore needs for the world to look calm. Anything that undercuts that narrative undercuts his campaign. This is the most important problem Benghazi creates for him: it suggests a genuinely poisonous alternative narrative that the President in his naive eagerness to spread democracy and build bridges to moderates opened the door to radicals and then failed to deal with the threat they posed."

Beware the Al Qaeda Burkha Bombers of Dooooooom!


I can see their eyeballs. 

Back in the bag, babe!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Welcome to Socialized Medicine

Where the government owns your body, and bureaucrats decide ultimately if your life is worth living or not.

"Sharia Killed Ambassador Chris Stevens"

This is a good summary of the Benghazi murders. 

There are some mainstream media outlets that are actually publicizing the details of the attack.

However, most are so deeply entrenched in the Obama camp, that they are trying to get away with not writing anything more about it.

People are dead, it was a silly little event-no big deal! Move on, cast your vote!

There is a virtual mainstream media blackout on this subject. 

It is a big deal. A really big deal.

President Clinton was impeached for his sexual misadventures, various lies and story-telling, strange definitions of sexual relations and his odd affection for a somewhat hapless, zaftig Jewish intern who so enthusiastically serviced him in the White House.

Disgusting, however nobody died.

The second 9/11 and the cover is far worse, and far more chilling.

Is the timing just wrong for impeachment proceedings just because of the upcoming election? I don't know enough about American election procedures to make a statement about this. I am curious though about it.

If President Obama is re-elected, that should be the first order of business by the Republicans with any spine. If he is not elected, there are still plenty of complicit officials who will no doubt, be retaining their positions and should be thoroughly investigated.

There is a moral obligation to the families of the victims to get to the truth, and to fully expose the scope of the betrayal of their children by their own President and his cohorts and closest advisors. 

"This is a simple tool to change behaviour."

I was reading an article about garbage collection yesterday in my local newspaper. I know-I lead a crazy, exciting life...

I should preface by saying that in my area, we have garbage collection once every two weeks. We have pick up of green bins (for biodegradable waste) every week, and pick up of blue boxes (for glass, metal, paper and other recyclables) every week as well.

In other words, I already deal with three different types of garbage and sort things dutifully, if not somewhat resentfully.

Here's what I read about the garbage plan for a neighbouring area: 

They want everyone in the area to use clear garbage bags. Ostensibly, it is a public safety issue for the garbage collectors. However, there is more: 

"Clear bags also allow operators to refuse pickup if there are banned items or recyclables in the bag. A notice can be placed on the resident’s door as well as recycling education material from the city. In extreme cases, a fine can be issued if the problem persists."

"But some councillors fear that could send a negative message that the city is looking and judging you by your garbage."

“It’s time to see what’s in the bag,” Ms Marsales said. “This is a simple tool to change behaviour.

"Privacy is also an issue. Through the new program, residents would be allowed one opaque privacy bag. Also, residents have the option to put the clear bag into a garbage bin."

No one is going to scrape through your leftover spaghetti to get to your personal information,” she said.

Do you feel reassured now?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Ann Coulter's "Retard" Tweet

So far, I haven't been terribly impressed by Ann Coulter's critics.

That's mostly because I don't think most of her current critics-on this particular issue-had the same vociferous reaction when Trig Palin was being mocked.

I believe this is a language policing issue. Ann Coulter is right not to apologize.

CNN actually said that President Obama was given more time because he "speaks lower". In other words, that his speech was retarded, slowed down. But nobody seems to be having a hissy fit that CNN called the President retarded.

I have a mentally handicapped child. A retarded child. One of his issues is mental retardation. That means he intellectually slow, slower than other children his age. I don't really care what anyone calls him.

I've written about this before. 

I care about how he is treated, I care if he has a meaningful life. I care about his life being the best it can be. I object to "retard" being used as an insult, it's what some people are, but it is a colloquialism that a lot of people still use, and SO WHAT?

The words that are used to describe mentally disabled people are not the issue. The issue is how they are treated and how much respect their is for their lives. Do all the holier than thous respect these individual lives, or are they just putting on a show.

It's sort of like empathy kabuki theatre.

What it really is, is a token platitude covering up a general discomfort with disability.

The other thing is, I wonder how most of these people, who are so exquisitely offended by the term "retard"-when used by Ann Coulter, feel about mentally retarded people in general. Have they ever met any?

I think a large number of them take the position that individuals with disabilities are better off not born. I think the majority of them find retarded people repellant and disgusting. And that is what troubles me much more than the word "retarded".

The left loathes disabled people. Read up on Margaret Sanger and Peter Singer-just to name a few. Read what the National SOCIALISTS did to their own disabled flesh and blood. They perfected their murder techniques on their own disabled children, before refining mechanized murder against the Jews.

Are these same individuals in favour of "allowing" Down Syndrome individuals the privilege of being born?

The Benghazi Fiasco

Utterly reprehensible. 

"The father of Tyrone Woods, the ex-Navy SEAL who died while trying to defend Ambassador Chris Stevens in the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, made the rounds of some radio shows yesterday, and the tale he told of his meetings with top administration officials doesn’t put any of them in a flattering light."

So, not only does it appear that an American ambassador was essentially sent on a suicide mission into Libya, we now, as each day passes, learn more and more about the despicable behaviour of senior administration officials in their limited and perversely inappropriate dealings with bereaved parents. 

From one bereaved father, we learn that the President could not look him in the eye and that he sensed no sense of remorse or sorrow from the country's leader.

We learn that the Vice President made a joke about his murdered sons' testicles and that Hilary Clinton vowed to jail the person who made the idiotic video that has been the scapegoat for the the second 9/11.

As I have said before, just when you think this administration has shown the most disgusting behaviour, and that it has sent a new moral low, lo and behold-new "accomplishments" are made.

This is a pitiful display once again from an administration that has no shame.


President Obama should resign, or be impeached. 

 "Fox News has learned that there were two military surveillance drones redirected to Benghazi shortly after the attack on the consulate began. They were already in the vicinity. The second surveillance craft was sent to relieve the first drone, perhaps due to fuel issues. Both were capable of sending real time visuals back to U.S. officials in Washington, D.C. Any U.S. official or agency with the proper clearance, including the White House Situation Room, State Department, CIA, Pentagon and others, could call up that video in real time on their computers."

This means that drones were sent in, in order to watch everything-but help was not.

I think that the reason why this is really doesn't have the appropriate amount of attention in the American media and in the general American conscioun is because the idea is almost too painful to fathom. That an American administration could watch its people die and not offer help is almost incomprehensible. It's easier to look away than to think about this.

Surveying the Mannscape

Mark Steyn has some "cheap ad hominem cracks" about the upcoming climate change-hockey stick law suit. 

I'm rather looking forward to the entire concept of "climate change" being put on trial.

Nothing on the Penn State home page about this.

I thought this was sort of freaky, buried at the bottom of the home page. One third of 119 recommendations implemented, replete with flowcharts, etc...

I really cannot imagine the talk around the faculty lounge water cooler cappuccino maker or the media office.

Penn State is just barely, barely "recovering" from the Sandusky affair.

How delighted do you think the senior administration and governing bodies are at the prospect of another massive headline-grabbing, world-class lawsuit taking place?

I'm thinking: not so much but then again, I'm not terribly bright.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Only In America

Lord help us.

This story is for real-not a joke.

Moderately Arousing!

Going the way of Newsweek, Inshallah.

Wow-Just Wow

I hope Bernie Farber is happy now. 

Toronto Police are investigating Ezra Levant on "hate speech" issues.

We really do not have free speech in Canada.

This is pathetic and disturbing.

Gina Csányi-Robah is no friend of Jews, not here and not in Israel. 

Here is the cached page of a recent speaking tour she did. 

Does this look like a friend of the Jewish community?

These are her friends.

More Americans Murdered By Afghan Jihadists

But the politically correct will continue to sanitize these terrorist episodes as 'green on blue' attacks or some such nonesense. 

This is horrendous, and will continue until such time as we all collectively admit, that Afghanistan is a crap hole that has no redeeming features.

"It was the latest in a string of attacks from inside the Afghan Army and police force that are threatening to undermine both the partnership with international troops -- which have been the target of many attacks -- and the morale of Afghan forces, who have suffered equally heavy casualties from such strikes."

What a load of dog squeeze. 


Italian Courts-Chock Full of Morons

If you haven't read about this, you really should.

The Italian judiciary is crucifying scientists for not having sufficiently calibrated crystal balls.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

CIA Hosts Training by the Muslim Brotherhood

Hey-what could possibly be wrong with that? 

Nothing to worry about!

Mazel Tov! Holocaust Survivors Celebrate Belated Bar Mitzvahs

This is the Jewish spirit. This is the spirit of survival, of gratitude, of the Jewish reverence for life. 

Mazel tov to these amazing survivors. What a beautiful story.

"Twenty Holocaust survivors belatedly celebrated their coming-of-age Monday in a moving Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the Western Wall (Kotel). The men had all turned 13 during the genocide of Europe’s Jews and were hard-pressed to survive, let alone celebrate."

Holocaust survivors celebrate bar mitzvah
(Photo credit-Western Wall Heritage Foundation.

"Many of the elderly survivors were brought to tears by the event. They all agreed that they felt that the celebration was not for them alone, but also for the one and a half million Jewish children murdered by the Nazis."

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Adoration Bubble

From Rich Lowry at NRO, a piece that pretty much BBQs Obama and the cult of admirers surrounding him.

Fun stuff:

"The laughter is testament less to Obama’s actual wit than the overriding belief among his listeners that he is witty. When his supporters arrive at an event, they expect to be entertained and dazzled. For them, he is the most interesting president in the world. He exists in a bubble of adoration almost as impenetrable as the security bubble created by the Secret Service.|

"This is why he can show up for the most important event of his reelection campaign, the first debate, and expect his usual talking points to be considered devastatingly dispositive."

"The absence of cries of “We love you!” must have been disorienting."

My Idiot People

Roger Cohen totally digs Obama's BFF-ship with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Really-what could possibly be wrong with that?

Holy Schtick!


Mark Steyn versus Gaia!

This is gonna be good....

Oldest Known Auschwitz Survivor Passes Away

RIP Antoni Dobrowolski


France Sucks

Dear France,

If they are in your country, it's already too late.

You're welcome.

President Obama's Remarkable Holocaust Cheap Shot


So, Obama went to Yad Vashem. 

Big deal. 

"A president who attends a fundraiser in Las Vegas  the day after four Americans are killed in Libya probably shouldn’t be throwing elbows on this issue. No, Romney didn’t visit Yad Vashem in 2008, but he did unequivocally call Jerusalem the capital of Israel in 2012. One of these things is deeply meaningful to Barack Obama; the other is meaningful to Israel."

The mandatory wreath-laying visits to Yad Vashem actually make me cringe. 

They are terrible, and most Israelis couldn't care less about these meaningless photo-ops. And laying wreaths frankly is not even a Jewish thing to do

We Jews don't do wreaths. If anything is left at a grave, it is a stone. A simple stone, picked up from the side of the road. Not garish flowers that the dead can't smell. It is a pity that Israel has adapted this distinctly non-Jewish tradition for PR purposes.

Mitt Romney has made public policy commitments to living Jews in Israel. Obama's policies endanger Jews. 

No comparison. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Nightmare

This is an article that I wrote a few weeks ago and pitched to a couple of Canadian newspapers.

Two major newspapers passed on it, but the beauty of having my own blog is that I can publish it anyway. In the future, I'll publish essays such as this on my blog first and then pitch elsewhere. Blogs are always being mined for ideas, mostly without credit.

It can sometimes be a very short drive from "inspiration" to "plagiarism"-but that's life in the electronic age.

So, here is an essay I wrote about The Nightmare of caring for a disabled or infirm relative in Ontario, with the dates updated to reflect the couple of weeks that have passed since I put it together.
In August this year Sarnia, Ontario mother Colleen Cunningham made a threat that she probably never thought she would ever utter. The double-lung transplant recipient, who suffers from arthritis threatened not to pick up her severely disabled 21-year old son Nathan from respite care on August 28, 2012.

Also in late September, 84 year old Doris Landry had the fortune, orperhaps gross misfortune to live past the 90 day grace period forgovernment-funded “Home First” palliative care in her home-she just didn’t die within the allocated time. So Landry is now allowed to keep her medical equipment, but has outlived her allocation of 8 hours of care from a personal support worker per day.

These are the choiceless choices that families in Ontario are forced to make as a direct result of gross inefficiencies and waste within the public health system. It is now time for citizens to demand greater accountability and more innovative solutions for long-term and palliative care for able bodied and disabled citizens. 

Unless they can privately fund their relative’s care (on top of paying into the public system), families are forced to use monopolistic government “solutions”. At the very least, the government might deign to consider alternative suggestions made by humble citizens who live the daily, recurrent nightmare of not being physically able to care for their ailing, dying or disabled relatives.

We are constantly being told that there is not enough money in the system for long-term care placements in the province of Ontario.

Becky Boersma, a senior director with Community Living, was quoted recently saying that one-to-one care for someone like Nathan Cunningham would cost upwards of $250,000. That figure is astonishing. How much of that money goes to overhead? How much of that money goes to the actual for the direct, personal care of the disabled?

Figures from the Ontario Ministry of Health indicate that home care costs $31.87 per hour, that long-term care costs $52,841 per year and that acute inpatient and newborn care costs an astronomical $363,555 per year. A chronic inpatient costs $224, 142 per year.

These figures are not fiscally responsible or sustainable. And it almost goes without saying that institutional care is not always the best “solution”. 

For less than the $250,000 that it allegedly costs to take care of someone like Nathan Cunningham 24 hours a day, three (or more) teams of caregivers could be employed in the home. Canada offers a very generous and attractive live-in caregiver program.

Could the live-in caregiver program not be incentivized, and perhaps include basic first aid training? Could such a program not be implemented in homes for average Canadians who would actually prefer to keep their loved ones at home?

There are large numbers of trained medical and para-medical professionals around the world who desire to come to Canada. Even those with strong caregiving skills and no official credentials can be trained to care for a disabled or terminally ill individual in the home.

A live-in caregiver program designed specifically for home care could not possibly cost our public system more than the current behemoth-like structure we have today. The overhead could not possibly exceed the status quo.

It’s hard to think of anything more painful than parents wanting their disabled children, but not being able to physically care for them. It’s hard to imagine how in a country as great and prosperous as Canada, we tell 84 year old citizens with cancer that that they have lived passed their 90 grace period and are therefore not “entitled” to any more of our help. 

It’s an untenable and un-Canadian.

The money is in the system, but wasted in layer upon layer of inefficient and indifferent bureaucracy. 

If there is political will, there can be a political solution.

Canadians deserve better value and more humanity from the system that we are required to use.

"First, Aid the Living"

This is a devastating article by Bing West in NRO on how the Obama administration watched the terrorist attack in Libya in real time without raising a finger to help the living, struggling, dying Americans at the consulate.

"On September 11, at about 10 p.m. Libyan time (4 p.m. in Washington), Ambassador Chris Stevens and a small staff were inside our consulate in Benghazi when terrorists attacked. The consulate staff immediately contacted Washington and our embassy in Tripoli. The White House, the Pentagon, the State Department, and numerous military headquarters monitored the entire battle in real time via the phone calls from Benghazi and video from a drone overhead."

"Fighter jets could have been at Benghazi in an hour; the commandos inside three hours."

Mark Steyn weighs in: 

He calls it 9/11 Round Two.

"On 9/11/12, America had technological capability and military superiority, but no leadership. Instead, for eight hours, the most powerful men in Washington sat and watched but declined to act. And so in Benghazi as elsewhere in the Obama era, America is a spectator in its own fate."

"The failure of leadership on 9/11 Round Two is pathetic, and the subsequent cover-up contemptible."

Now read this: A Special Forces Family Wants to Know

"Benghazi is a port city.  Why did folks not call in the Navy or Air Force for air strikes, or drones, or... I could go on and on.  They just sat and watched while brave men died."

"You don't leave brave Americans to die and sit on your hands and do nothing. "

"You just don't."

"Now watching this debacle being covered up, just how safe do you, the average American feel, now that you have seen how this President cares for those he has taken an oath to serve and protect?"

The Usual Suspects Set to Protest Jason Kenney Haifa University Tribute Dinner

So, there is a protest being organized against Jason Kenney on the afternoon of the Haifa University tribute dinner. 

They have set up a Facebook page and it’s the usual crowd of Zion-loathers, commie freaks and Gays for Jihad Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.

I don't get what the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre has to do with this at all. That's weird stuff!

Here are the beautiful organizations that are going to be protesting:

Afghans for Peace,

Caregiver's Action Centre,
Centre for Social Justice,
Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA),
Common Cause Toronto,
Educators for Peace and Justice,
Faculty for Palestine (F4P),
Health for All,
Independent Jewish Voices - Canada,
Independent Jewish Voices – Toronto Chapter,
Indigenous Sovereignty and Solidarity Network,
International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN) Canada,
International Socialists,
Justice for Mahjoub Network,
Justice for Migrant Workers,
Maggie's: The Toronto Sex Workers Action Project,
Mining Injustice Solidarity Network,
Munk OUT of UofT,
New Socialist Group (NSG),
No One Is Illegal – Toronto,
Not In Our Name (NION): Jews Opposing Zionism,
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP),
OPIRG - York,
Protest Barrick,
The Public Health Social Justice Collective,
The Women's Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu,
Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA),
Queers for Social Justice (QFSJ),
Social Justice Committee of the United Jewish People’s Order (SJC-UJPO),
Socialist Project,
Toronto Haiti Action Committee,
Toronto Immigration Legal Committee,
Toronto Rape Crisis Centre,
Women in Solidarity with Palestine

I would like to note that the moron and Hypocrite Quotient (HQ) among this rag tag list is especially high. 

Haifa is home to the most ethnically and religiously diverse population in Israel. Israeli Arabs have full rights under Israeli law. That doesn't mean they have a perfect situation, but it's a heck of a lot better for them in Israel than in any other country in the region. And certainly women and minorities (Druze, Bedouin, Circassian, Christian) have much better lives in Israel-and in Haifa in particular-than they would anywhere else in the Middle East. 

The fact that a new Holocaust studies program is going to be set up in Haifa is a testament to the intellectual rigor of the university, and is a tribute to the actual diversity of both the university itself and the city of Haifa as well. It shows tolerance and demonstrates that the students of Haifa University are interested in exploring the history of the Jewish people-no matter what their ethnic, religious or national background. 

This is unlike-for example-the "PhD" that Mahmoud Abbas has in Holocaust denial. 

And, I don't know of any Jewish studies programs in Muslim countries that welcome students with diverse backgrounds. Hey, come to think of it, I don't know many that even want Jews there. 

(Hint: that is actual apartheid-like in Saudi Arabia.)

I know this is all irrelevant to the protestors, but it has to be said. 

Strangely-I don't see any Roma representation on this list. 

I wonder if they got a Speed Dating style PR lesson recently?