Sunday, November 30, 2014

Journalists: Your Moral and Intellectual and Too Scared To Read Comments Superiors

When I read this article yesterday I did a MASSIVE EYE ROLL. 

Like  ****EYE ROLL*****

The good stuff is always in the comments.

If you can't handle being called a name, Anne Applebaum, or a whatever, then you are in the wrong line of work.

I for one, relish the comments on all the stuff that I write. Bad, good, antisemitic.

The days of columnists and preening opinion journals being totally and hermetically sealed off from criticism are OVER.


Given that many friends of mine have been sued for blog comments, I don't allow comments here, but I'm an e-mail away and most of the articles that I have published in the mainstream media have allowed comments. Some pretty awful, some pretty supportive.

The comment section is even more free than the letters to the editor section, and that's why journalists and politicians fear it. Letters are accepted or not, edited down-it's not always a pure reflection of the writer's opinion.

Comments on mainstream media sites have levelled the playing field.

Now, anyone with access to the Internet can be heard and published.

There is no more (mostly left-wing) media monopoly on opinion.

And that's a very, very good thing.

So if you can't handle being called a name, or fear more intelligent comments on your piece than you could have ever come up with, or idiots BACK AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER WITH YOUR HANDS UP.

Same with "cyber bullying".

Shut your damned computer off if you can't handle it, whatever "it" is.

You're welcome. 

Great Story: Canadian High School Football Coach Offers Hope and Is Father Figure to South Side Chicago High School Students

Really nice story, again showing how one person can make a difference in a lot of lives. 

Beautifully written also, by Joe O'Connor, who is certainly one of the best feature writers in Canada.

He touches lightly on the absent father theme in the article. That's important because one of the biggest problems facing black America, in my opinion is the utter decimation of the black family (largely thanks to Democratic policies).

Do read the whole thing.

Rogue Administration in America: White House Secretly Planned to "Test" Limits of Legal Immigration

What can I say?

Every time I think I hear the most disgusting story about this disgusting administration and how it is ruining America, there is a new low. 

Why is this not an impeachable POTUS?

Why the silence?

"Months before President Obama took executive action last week to reshape the nation’s immigration system, Jeh C. Johnson, the secretary of Homeland Security, quietly convened a small group of advisers to explore the legal limits of the president’s powers."

"Working in secrecy, Mr. Johnson’s team huddled for hours daily under orders to use “our legal authorities to the fullest extent” on a new deportations policy, a senior administration official said."

"In five White House meetings over the summer, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Obama, both lawyers, pored over proposed changes, eventually concluding that the president had the authority to enact changes that could affect millions of people and significantly alter the way immigration laws are president had the authority to enact changes that could affect millions of people and significantly alter the way immigration laws are enforced."

President It's All About ME ME ME ME I AM SO AWESOME ME ME ME

Narcissist In Chief

Naftali Bennett to Israeli Left: Calm Down, and We Won't Be Silent Anymore

This is good stuff. 

This is how it's done:

"What was not here is this dangerous incitement of the Left, which tries to keep its mouth shut over democratic moves," he thundered."

"Gone are the days where incitement against the Right was met with silence. We will not be silent anymore."

"We are not ashamed to be right-wing, and we're not going to stop promoting what we believe in," he declared."

"On the contrary: the rules do not change because of incitement against us in the streets."

Friday, November 28, 2014

In Which Scaramouche Practically Begs Mark Steyn to Sue

Love all this. 


OMG This is Hysterical: "Pardoned White House Turkey Defects to ISIS"

I'm dying!

Via Instapundit.

"WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senior U.S. officials are literally calling “fowl” after the Thanksgiving turkey pardoned by President Obama publicly defected to the Middle Eastern terrorist group ISIS."

" Popcorn the Turkey, now calling himself Babakurn al-Turki, was pardoned from the dinner table only yesterday by President Obama in a public ceremony at the White House. Normally the pardoned bird is sent along with its competitor to live out its remaining days at Morven Park’s Turkey Hill in Leesburg, Virginia."

"However, U.S. officials have now admitted that al-Turki instead hijacked an Osprey out of Andrews Air Force Base in nearby Maryland and flew like a bat out of hell to Syria."

"A group of senior intelligence officials and ornithologists with birds-eye surveillance of the war-torn country have suggested he is nesting in Raqqah or across the northern border in another neighboring country."

Ezra Levant Loses Defamation Case, Plans to Appeal

Pretty bad news.

Ezra is on the hook now for $80,000 but is planning to appeal. 

"Free Speech is Sooooo Last Century"

As I've often said, if you disagree with the ruling class about something it's off to Diversity Gulag with you.

But, who needs Diversity Gulag when institutes of "higher education" serve that purpose already, shaping the minds of young adults into mush before they are mature adults, saving time and effort...

What a bunch of totalitarian wretches.

Again it's not about "safety" or "mental health" or "comfort". 

That's always the sappy, saccarine excuse that makes sort of normal people feel 'guilty' or that there is a grain of truth...


"I was attacked by a swarm of Stepford students this week. On Tuesday, I was supposed to take part in a debate about abortion at Christ Church, Oxford."

"I was invited by the Oxford Students for Life to put the pro-choice argument against the journalist Timothy Stanley, who is pro-life. But apparently it is forbidden for men to talk about abortion. A mob of furious feministic Oxford students, all robotically uttering the same stuff about feeling offended, set up a Facebook page littered with expletives and demands for the debate to be called off."

"They said it was outrageous that two human beings ‘who do not have uteruses’ should get to hold forth on abortion — identity politics at its most basely biological — and claimed the debate would threaten the ‘mental safety’ of Oxford students."

If someone's opinion threatens your mental safety, you are a basically a pussy and your opinion doesn't count.

But because it's not really about the 'mental safety' and it's about the SHUT UP, you should fight back and offend at every opportunity.

Brave: Iranian Woman Breakdances on Teheran Subway

Gawd that takes courage. 


If you want to "like" these brave women, their Facebook page is here. 

More from The Independent here. 

Pray for this woman.

Her face is blurred in the video, but I am sure she is being hunted now.

American Moral and Spiritual Decline in One Photo

Any chance their children or spouses are hugged in this same, passionate, gripping manner?

Don't answer! 


Great News For American "Transformation": Illegals To Be Eligible for Medicare and Social Security

America, you are screwed: 

"Illegal immigrants who apply for work permits in the U.S. under President Obama’s new executive actions will be eligible for Social Security and Medicare, the White House says."

"Under the sweeping actions, immigrants who are spared deportation could obtain work permits and a Social Security number, which would allow them to pay into the Social Security system through payroll taxes."

"No such "lawfully present" immigrant, however, would be immediately entitled to the benefits because like all Social Security and Medicare recipients they would have to work 10 years to become eligible for retirement payments and health care"

These are not merely "sweeping actions", they are the blueprints for "transforming" America into a Third World sh&thole.

Rabbi Sacks on Parashat Vayetzei: Love is where God lives

This is another lovely essay on this week's Torah portion from Rabbi Sacks. 

"Love unites but it also divides. It leaves the unloved, even the less-loved, feeling rejected, abandoned, forsaken, alone. That is why you cannot build a society, a community or even a family on love alone. There must be justice-as-fairness also."

"If we look at the eleven times the word “love,” ahavah, is mentioned in the book of Genesis we make an extraordinary discovery. Every time love is mentioned, it generates conflict. Isaac loved Esau but Rebekah loved Jacob. Jacob loved Joseph, Rachel’s firstborn, more than his other sons. From this came two of the most fateful sibling rivalries in Jewish history."

"We are accidents of matter, the result of blind chance and natural selection. Judaism’s approach is the most beautiful I know. We are here because God created us in love and forgiveness asking us to love and forgive others. Love, God’s love, is implicit in our very being."

"If you want to live well, love. If you seek to be close to God, love. If you want your home to be filled with the light of the Divine presence, love

"Love is where God lives."

I Like This Pope

I really do.

Now, I'm not crazy about the idea of having a 'dialogue' with ISIS-that's a bunch of hooey. It needs to be destroyed, of course.

But what I really like about this Pope is his embrace of the disabled and the disfigured, and certainly his humility. He may not have any divisions (as per Stalin) but he's got a lot of grace.

This is very clear and wonderful as well:

"We must make it absolutely clear that anti-Semitism is a sin. One of the reasons I'm here is to remind the Christian world that our roots are in Judaism. In every Christian, there is a Jew; and you can't be a true Christian if you don't recognize your Jewish roots. I don't mean Judaism in the ethnic, origin, sense, but from the religious aspect. And I think interfaith dialogue must place an emphasis on the inseparable connection between the religions, on the fact that Christianity grew from within Judaism. That is our challenge."

"Pope Francis, as is his custom, conveys this message through a story. In conversations with other religious figures, he likes to tell a tale about a group of anti-Semitic priests who were sitting together in a room and badmouthing the Jews, with a picture of Jesus and Mary hanging on the wall above their heads. "

"And then, suddenly," Pope Francis says, "Jesus steps out of the picture and says, 'Mom, let's go, they don’t like us here either."

Thursday, November 27, 2014

John Cleese: Political Correctness is "Condescending"

Plus bonus highly theoretical question: what happens when you make jokes about Muslims?

(Because he is not actually making any jokes about them, merely mentioning the subject.)

Cleese's answer: they kill you. 

Stinky, stupid, totalitarian theories don't work in practice. Ever.

"John Cleese has argued that political correctness is 'condescending' as it only allows jokes to be made about certain groups while implying others need to be protected."

(Actually it's less about protection, that's merely the ruse, another Big Lie, and more about censorship, policing and criminalizing legitimate human thoughts and emotions.)

"Speaking to Bill Maher on HBO, the legendary comedian said he used to make race jokes about nationalities such as the French and Australians - but if he mentioned Mexicans it was deemed unacceptable."

'It's so awful isn't it? he said. 'It starts out as a halfway decent idea, and then it goes completely wrong.”

I think he's totally wrong about political correctness starting out being a " halfway decent idea".

It's not.

It sucked from the get go. It's like the people who say that communism is a really nice idea but it doesn't work in practice, or "THIS TIME" we'll make it work.

Totalitarian ideas are never any good at all.

Nothing about them works in practice-not ever. So screw them.

"The British comedian then goes on to say suggest that the reason you can't make jokes about Muslims is because 'they'll kill you'."

"Who are the people you can't make jokes about?' he asks Maher who instantly responds: 'Muslims'"

"Try that,' he adds. 'See what your Twitter feed says."

"A laughing Cleese responds: 'That's not saying that you can't, it just means that they'll kill you."

"Theoretically you could."

"The comedian added:

"The problem is if you make jokes about people who are going to kill you, there is a sort of tendency to hold back a little isn't there?"

Ya think?

Interesting: Bret Stephens Talks About A Return to Sound Foreign Policy

Good article, he's a smart guy. 

This part was particularly insightful:

"Main Street America walks around with Samsung phones in their pockets, built in a country that we’ve defended for the past 60 years that went from being one of the most backwards countries in the world to being one of our greatest trading partners. That’s part of American prosperity, so we have to understand that we will never be prosperous at home unless we are also secure and also securing friends from Estonia to Israel to Taiwan."

This is good stuff, and I certainly had used the two terms somewhat interchangeably-but there is a significant semantic and conceptual gap between the two. I would argue though that decline does include personal and societal choice. It's not just the big picture 'beyond the reach of ordinary politics' stuff-as Stephens puts it below.

"I really do not believe for one second that America is in decline, although I do notice that a lot of people like to say that it is in decline because they favor a policy of retreat. The difference between decline and retreat, I would say, is this: decline is a product of broad cultural and even civilizational forces that are beyond the reach of ordinary politics. For example: How would a Russian leader, even Putin with all his power, get Russians to have more babies? Very hard to do. Russia has this massive demographic problem because Russian couples aren’t having children."

"How do you get the Japanese to accept that, given their demographic realities, they have to start taking in many more immigrants, bringing into question the whole concept, ethnically, of “Japanese-ness”?"

"So these are countries that are in decline on account of these large, supra-political forces. On the other hand, retreat is just a policy choice. Retreat is what happens when you get Barack Obama in office talking about nation-building at home and acting defensively, or indifferently, or reactively to foreign policy crises. Its’ a choice that he made, and it’s a choice that we can undo. American retreat is about choices that were made and what we can do about them."

I disgree that decline is 'supra-political'.

I think decline is a personal and societal policy choice, but this article is quite interesting nonetheless. 

Must Read: Remnants of Jewish Life In Poland Hiding in Plain View

This is exactly the type of thing I experienced in Poland. 

This is the kind of thing that makes me sad and happy at the same time, I don't think I need to explain why.

And this little bit moved me tremendously:

"They recently got a call from a man who said he had a strange-looking stone on his property in the shape of a tree stump. He dug some dirt out from under it and saw there was Hebrew writing on it.
Daniels set out to visit the man and saw that indeed it was a unique Jewish tombstone."

An old Polish Jewish tradition was that when a child died, the tombstone was made in the shape of a tree trunk. It was symbolic of a life being cut down early,” Daniels explained.

Names,are important. The letters are representatives of lives. Our children's names are important, our family names the same. Who are you? What is in a name?

The only thing we leave in this world is a good name, and it’s our name,

Jonny Daniels, executive director of From the Depths points out Jewish tombstone fragments used to build a wall. (Photo courtesy: From the Depths)

Strange, Jewish Mother Makes Twitchy

Are you smarter than a Jerusalem-based New York Times bureau chief? 

Today in European Judenhass: Deja Vu Boycott of Jew Stuff

Boycotting Jewish stuff...wherever have I heard that before?

Hey, Leicester city council:


"The resolution calling for a ban on Israeli goods was proposed by Councilor Mohammed Dawood and was passed by the city council on November 13."

"The motion’s preamble said that Leicester was “renowned for its tolerance, diversity, unity and its strong stance against all forms of discrimination,” which it stated “enables different communities to live together.”

"Justifying the motion, Dawood added that was important that “when there is oppression and injustices, that Leicester City Council takes up a position to support communities experiencing such inequalities and in this instance it is the plight of the Palestinian people.”

Imperial America: "I Just Took An Action to Change The Law"

Buh bye, republic. 

Don't let the door hit your democratic *ss on the way out.

Great News: Blue Christmas For New York Times


"The ax will probably swing for about two dozen journalists at the New York Times in late December, insiders said, as a voluntary buyout program looks like it will fall short of its goal of 100 newsroom people."

I really hope to live to see "RIP Grey Lady" written on a virtual tombstone. 

Actually more like Rest in Hell, but whatever....

The Massive Splurge of Public Funds Spent on HRH Hilary Rodham Clinton's Visit to UCLA

I thought Americans fought and killed to dump royalty.

Nice backtracking.

"Top university officials discussed at length the style and color of the executive armchairs Clinton and moderator Lynn Vavreck would sit in as they carried on a question-and-answer session, as well as the kind of pillows to be situated on each chair..."

"Other controversy surrounded Clinton’s visit. When an online survey asked the public what questions should be posed during a 40-minute question-and-answer session, university officials noted in e-mails that the majority of the suggestions were about the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya."

But hey, at this point, what difference does it make? 

Happy Thanksgiving to My American Friends

There is so much to be thankful for.


Holocaust Survivor and Rescuer Reunited

I love these stories.

Righteous behaviour and it is certainly righteous to recognize these incredibly, exceptionally brave individuals and their families. 

The stories are so important to tell and share because time is running out on this generation.

It's the way of the world.

G-d bless them all.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mann Versus Steyn: A Report From the Great Toilet of Justice

Nice report from the Washington Free Beacon on Mann versus Steyn. 

“For every sharp elbowed blow hard loon like me there’s 999,999 people who decide they don’t want five years in the hell of the D.C. court system and would rather just go silent on it.”

As usual, Steyn points out the real issue-and it ain't climate, baby.

It's basically about "To shut up or not to shut up?"-that is the question.

It's about this:

“Eventually what will happen is that you will just have what my counsel calls the chilling effect, which is right, where people self-censor,” he said.'

“People do not discuss topics honestly and do not discuss them on the Internet or in newspapers or on radio or television because they’re afraid that some litigious dweeb like Dr. Mann will drag them into court.”

“That’s the danger for every—what did they call it today? ‘Sharp-elbowed pundits,’” Steyn added.'

“For every sharp elbowed blow hard loon like me there’s 999,999 people who decide they don’t want five years in the hell of the D.C. court system and would rather just go silent on it.”

Don't be the 999,999! Don't be those guys and gals.

It's a terrible awful, no good way to live.

Don't be afraid. 

Be the really nifty Steynian, sharp elbowed blow hard loon!





(Oooh-hahaha moderately arousing so very inspiring, ahhahaha sorry WHERE WERE WE?!?!? Is it hot in here?!?!)


Go on, just do it.

Don't be scared. 

You'll feel free.

More importantly, you'll be free.

Let 'er rip. 

Student Mugged On Campus, Says He Deserved It

This is your brain on extreme liberalism. 

Shhhhhh: Major Obama Bundler Charged With Sexual Abuse of Minor Child

First rule of Democratic sex abuse scandals is don't talk about Democratic sex abuse scandals.

Mann Versus Steyn: Most Exquisitely Offended Special Snowflake Scientist Ever A No Show In D.C Court


The Real "Neo Nazis": "They Even Cut The Throats of Babies"

The real new Nazis are not the "white supremacists" living in their mother's basements cruising the internet and spewing 'hate speech' in Bumfook, Nowhwereland.

Meet the real neo Nazis, same as the old Nazis. 

The Bureaucratic "Bungling" That Could Have Saved British Soldier Lee Rigby

This is what bureaucracies excel at: screwing up and covering up and ultimately-enabling jihad.

And the cost in human life never matters and is never punished.

Therefore, there is no deterrent. So don't say you weren't warned. 


"Security officials made a string of blunders in tracking the fanatics who butchered Lee Rigby, an official report said yesterday."

"Agents dismissed Michael Adebolajo as a drug dealer who was not a threat to national security weeks before the merciless killing outside Woolwich barracks in London in May 2013."

"By that time, Adebolajo and his accomplice Michael Adebowale had featured in seven MI5 investigations. In the case of Adebowale, he first came to the attention of MI5 in August 2011 after studying hate-filled extremist material on the internet. However, it took eight months for officials to start investigating him – three months to find his name, followed by five months of ‘inaction’.

"There were similar delays in mounting more detailed surveillance after the security services received intelligence in March 2013 that Adebowale was handing out extremist material."

In other words, this savage barbarian was telling the British people and the British secret service in plain English, exactly who he was and what he liked, what he believed and what he was going to do-not dissimilar to the way in which Major Hassan telegraphed his entire jihadist plot via Power Point to a castrated US Military audience. 

And what did the establishment, the politicians, and the security apparatus do?

Paperwork, of course.

Beheading by Bureaucracy. Welcome to the formerly Great Britain.

"It took more than a month to complete the paperwork, which was sent backwards and forwards between MI5 lawyers and staff – only being completed one day before the killing.

"Theresa May, the Home Secretary, was finally able to sign the warrant as an ‘urgent application’ only in the hours after Fusilier Rigby had been butchered."

Screw you, Theresa May. 

A Good Start: Wife Of Jerusalem Terrorist To Be Expelled

A drop in the bucket, but a good start.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Irony, the Cruelest Mistress: Israeli Thinking About Moving To Berlin Gets Assaulted Leaving Berlin Synagogue

Maybe moving "back" to Berlin is NOT SO SMART FOR JEWS?

Just sayin.

Cracks in the Newton Massacre "Homeschooled" Narrative: Public Schools, Odd Mother, Very Unsettling Young Man

Never "home schooled".

Ho hum, nothing to see here: 

"Newtown district officials did not meet (school districts have no such obligations regarding homeschooled children). Lanza’s mother evidently worked with a community psychiatrist to provide continuing medical justification for his status. According to the report, she refused all of the district’s offers of special-education support and tutoring for her son. Why she refused, and why the district allowed her to refuse, is not clear."

Furthermore-we're from the government and we're here to help you:

“On a number of levels and on numerous occasions,” the report declares, “the district did not follow appropriate procedures, monitor [Lanza’s] IEP progress for goals and objectives, or document attempts to follow up with providers or the family regarding psychiatric or pediatric care.” As far back as fifth grade, Lanza had written and illustrated an “extremely disturbing” spiral-bound book featuring “images and narrative relating child murder, cannibalism, and taxidermy.Though school officials were aware of the book—an administrator spoke to Lanza’s mother about his attempts to sell copies of it to his peers—no action was taken."


Allen West: "Yes, We Have a Problem"

Good stuff. 

Thanks to Tony for sending this in.

I looooooooove Allen West. G-d bless Allen West. 

"Yes, we do have a problem in America and it is with raising our young black men to be respectful and responsible — there is a reason why we have a Ray Rice or an Adrian Peterson — it starts early."

"We have a problem with media sensationalism and truth. We have a problem with the respect of the rule of law. We have a problem with regard for our law enforcement officers. We have a problem with victimization and the politics of race and the advancement of a “by any means necessary” skewed vision of justice."

"Officer Darren Wilson was “innocent until proven guilty” and too many forgot what that meant. He has been exonerated of any wrongdoing as he was attacked. We must ask ourselves, would we feel better as a nation is we had buried Wilson? Would there have been incessant media coverage and protests? Sadly, we all know the answer to that question."

Must Read-When The "Science" Was Also "Settled": Dr. Alois Alzheimer And the Medical Denialists

Remember, when people tell you the science is "settled", they are telling you to shut up. 

So, carry on!

"On April 8, 1906, after nearly five years of progressive mental and physical decline, Auguste died. The official cause of death was blood poisoning due to bedsores. Dr. Alzheimer suspected that behind her mental illness was a strange disease, and that perhaps examining her brain would offer some clues. When he examined the brain sections under the microscope, his suspicion was confirmed. Dr. Alzheimer described changes in the neurofibrils - the protein filaments found in brain cells. He also saw peculiar deposits that he referred to a “millet seed-sized lesions.” These pathologic findings - now known as neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid deposits - characterize the brains of Alzheimer's Disease patients."

"Dr. Alzheimer's discovery was not immediately well received. In fact, the first time he presented Auguste's case and autopsy findings during a German Psychiatry conference in 1906, the reception from the audience was rather cold."

"This was the time when psychoanalysis and the Freudian views on the relationship between childhood trauma and mental illness were, in today's parlance, the “trending” topics in psychiatry."

"Correlating mental or neurologic disorders with histopathologic findings was not yet firmly established nor accepted. Ninety years later, in 1998, researchers re-examined Auguste's original brain sections and confirmed the presence of neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid plaques."
"On April 8, 1906, after nearly five years of progressive mental and physical decline, Auguste died. The official cause of death was blood poisoning due to bedsores. Dr. Alzheimer suspected that behind her mental illness was a strange disease, and that perhaps examining her brain would offer some clues. When he examined the brain sections under the microscope, his suspicion was confirmed. Dr. Alzheimer described changes in the neurofibrils - the protein filaments found in brain cells. He also saw peculiar deposits that he referred to a “millet seed-sized lesions.” These pathologic findings - now known as neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid deposits - characterize the brains of Alzheimer's Disease patients."

"Dr. Alzheimer's discovery was not immediately well received. In fact, the first time he presented Auguste's case and autopsy findings during a German Psychiatry conference in 1906, the reception from the audience was rather cold."

"This was the time when psychoanalysis and the Freudian views on the relationship between childhood trauma and mental illness were, in today's parlance, the “trending” topics in psychiatry."

"Correlating mental or neurologic disorders with histopathologic findings was not yet firmly established nor accepted. Ninety years later, in 1998, researchers re-examined Auguste's original brain sections and confirmed the presence of neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid plaques."

"Al Sharpton Could Not Be Reached For Comment"


Send business her way if you can.

More at Hot Air here. 

Facebook page here. 

New York Times More Pro-Palestinian Than the Imam John Kerry

I'm not surprised, but disgusted nonetheless...

"The New York Times edited out all mentions of a statement made by secretary of state John Kerry that condemned Palestinian leaders for calling for “days of rage” against Israel and called the synagogue attack “an act of pure terror and senseless brutality and murder.”

"An analysis of the New York Times in the Times of Israel shows that parts of this statement that initially appeared in stories regarding the terrorist attack were scrubbed from the stories before the paper went to print."

Truth Stranger Than Fiction: "Friends of Dead Transgendered Woman Horrified When She's Presented As A Man At Funeral"

You really can't make this stuff up.

Ultimate wisdom from the comments:

"Funerals are not for the dead, but for the living. His family obviously wanted him remembered as their cherished son. It's nobody else's business."

"Rudy Got It Right"

He sure did. 

No wonder race hustlers are clutching their pearls and reaching for the smelling salts.

Rudy's finest moments were certainly as NYC Mayor and especially telling these a-holes to take their cheque and shove it up their Wahabi tuchuses is one of my favourite political moments of the modern age. 

Be In Court Today With Mark Steyn-NOW!

Hey, this is amazing.

Show your support for Mark Steyn by listening in LIVE to the proceedings in Washington, D.C

Sunlight, people-this case needs a lot of sunlight.

Best wishes to Mark Steyn and his entire team as they meet the Mann today in court. 

Good News: Cruz Woos Joooooooooooooos!


(But why is that yucky Boteach there? Blech.)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Yossi Klein Halevi: "Thank You Chabad"

Very nice article, ringing with warmth and love of Judaism and Jews.

This struck me as particularly sage: 

"I’ve been feeling especially close to Chabad and to the Rebbe these days. Partly it’s because I’ve been reading Joseph Telushkin’s wonderful biography of the Rebbe – simply titled “Rebbe.” But also because, in the wake of the synagogue massacre in Jerusalem last week, I feel a special closeness to the mitzvah of tefilin. When a hand bound in tefilin is literally severed, a worthy Jewish response, it seems to me, is to bind ourselves in tefilin with greater devotion."

OMG Tim Blair Is Hysterical (For Real, I'm Dying!)

I thought I was clever when people asked me what I collected and I answered "people", which is seriously true.

I hate STUFF and I love PEOPLE.

So, for basically a nobody, I have a lot of somebody's in my "Rolodex".

Of course, I don't have a Rolodex, that is just more old crappy STUFF that I totally I hate,  I mean it figuratively of course. OK fine, in my "contacts"...WHATEVS!!!

I like putting people together, making contacts, schmoozing. I thought my collection was the best thing ever...until I read this post by Tim Blair.

I think I need to copy his hobby and collect stupid stuff said by the left as well. 

Best collectibles ever, ever EVAH EVAH BUT EVAH!?!?!?!!

A Miracle: Lois Lerner Lost/Destroyed/Dog Ate Them E-Mails Found!

Lies upon lies upon lies. 

Don't bother reading them.

The IRS after a lengthy review will be exonerated for everything. They will be judged cleaner than green energy and shiner than Kim Kardashian's greasy oiled butt.

Mistakes will have been made and lessons learned, blahbbbedy blahb blahblahblah. 

I just hope Lorne Michaels is ready for his audit!

Mark Steyn Reveals Real Motive For Fighting Dr. Mann

Free speech, blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, yah right-had us all fooled there for a good while...

All is now revealed. 

He's actually just doing this to score some points with the Denialist Lady Crowd.

"I shall be in court (in my amicus capacity) at 9.30am at the DC Court of Appeals tomorrow for oral arguments between Big Climate's serial litigant Michael E Mann and my co-defendants National Review, Rand Simberg and the Competitive Enterprise Institute. I'm not a hotshot lawyer or anything, so it's unclear to me, if Dr Mann loses, whether he gets banged up in the big house or is merely out on probation with an electronic bracelet. Evidently, he's already worrying about it. So I'm sure he's heartened to know that an environmental activist can still pull chicks behind bars. Maybe Jessica Alba can be his penpal."

"On the other hand, if it all goes south for me, the chances of a denialist getting any babes on California's Denialist Row seems pretty slim."

Pro tip: Dude-there are way, way cheaper and less all-consuming ways of scoring! Not that I would know anything about that, but I totally, only recently heard it from a friend. A reliable one. Really. Anyway-sorry what were we talking about? Lawsuits, lawyers, jail, oh whatevs!!!

All joking aside, Steyn analyzes Imperial President Barack Obama's latest moves and of course, it's all an utterly depressing scene.

"Last Thursday Obama didn't just proclaim himself king, he proclaimed the rest of you guys peasants. That's why it was necessary to do it a few days after the election - just to rub it in."

"I made a point to Hugh Hewitt the other day that in the end all governing systems in civilized countries depend on gentlemen honoring the codes and conventions. Obama says screw that - and, at home and abroad, is governed only by what he can get away with."

"But hey, what's one more US ally to add to the mountain of the disaffected?"

As my people say: Oy to the Vey, but do read the whole thing. 

The Gutless, Pathetic, Dhimmi Decline of the United Kingdom Explained in One Article

Theresa May should resign.

This is an appalling article from the Daily Mail. How much cowardice and defeatist attitude can be packed into one statement, one article-indeed one paragraph?

This much: 

"Britain is facing an ‘almost inevitable’ attack by fanatics who have been ‘militarised’ by Islamic State, according to police and security officials."

"In speeches today, Theresa May and senior police will warn that the ‘diverse’ terrorist threat posed by jihadis returning from Syria and Iraq is one of the greatest this country has ever faced."

"Potential attacks could range from a ‘lone wolf’ beheading in a crowded shopping centre or street, to a bomb plot using fertiliser stolen from British farms. One Whitehall official told the Mail: ‘It is almost inevitable that something is going to happen in the next few months."

Let's analyze:

There is NOTHING inevitable about terrorist attacks.

When police and security officials say it's "inevitable", they have given up-they have already surrendered.

These are disgraceful statements to be making in public, on or off the record.

Strength needs to be projected, no matter what.  When the police and security officials take this kind of wussified, pathetic surrender stand, the terrorists are emboldened, and the public is further terrrorized. For shame.

Next: Imagine my horror, the utter irony of the threat being "diverse". How perverted is that?

A country such as England, like so many in the Western world, that for decades has imported non-liberal, non-democratic thinking immigrants to swell it's liberal-left voting ranks, and to increase the Third World values within Judeo-Christian, Magna Carta-based societies, elites-our betters that have quite literally shoved "celebrating diversity" down our throats and every bodily orifice including our brains and souls-now recognize the "diverse" terror threat?

Well, isn't that special? 

Celebrate diversity until death.

This is otherwise know as Death by Diversity.

Your choice.

(Well, not really-you never did have a choice in the matter, silly peasants...)

Next: Why let any of these savage barbarians "return" to any civilized country?

No "diverse" terrorist attack is "inevitable" if the terrorist are not allowed to "return". Ever. Not after two years, you stupid woman and stupid government.

As for locking up the fertilizer and the inevitability of "lone wolf" attacks-I say bullocks. 

We have seen that there is nothing that these murderers will not use as weapons.

There is nothing on this glorious earth that they will not use to murder innocents, including the flesh and blood of their very own children. The moral evolution of human beings has thus been perverted, every motherly instinct in human history has been perverted by the savages who celebrate the blood sacrifice their own children in order to murder others.

Therefore, just like the world wide Security Kabuki Theatre focusing on stuff (liquids, shoes, soiled underware) the weapon is the wrong focus.

The vehicle is not the critical intelligence issue.

How misguided.

When one understands that anything can be weaponized, one can only come to the conclusion that the focus must go back to containment of threats within our midst already, prevention via deterrence and ruthless punishment of perpetrators and collaborators-as in take no prisoners.

This article is a shameful commentary on the surrender mentality of the West.

Being strong works. Fighting back works. 

"The Law Society has withdrawn controversial guidelines for solicitors on how to compile “Sharia compliant” wills amid complaints that they encouraged discrimination against women and non-Muslims."

"The guidelines advised High Street solicitors on how to write Islamic wills in a way that would be recognised by courts in England and Wales."

"They set out principles which meant that women could be denied an equal share of inheritances while unbelievers could be excluded altogether"
Screw you, Theresa May.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Great News: Gitmo Terrorist Released to Wahabi Overlords

And what could possibly be wrong with that?


They tried to make me to Whabab, but I said LA LA LA!!!

I Hate It When This Happens

Really hate it. 

Today in World Wide Judenhass

France's Jews have had enough. 

Death threats against Swedish Rabbi after Jerusalem massacre. 

Big brave Middle Eastern douchebag attacks 4 year old New Zealand Jewish boy. 

Jew attacked while waiting for Brooklyn subway. 

Jew stabbed in Belgium. 

But let's all focus on this.

That didn't make me very popular!

Or this!

This is what they really think. Isn't this special?

Nanny Bastards

So, an entire village of white young girls can be repeatedly raped and abused, THEIR parents threatened and so that no "Asian" feels bad about themselves, but a Dad goes to get a prescription filled and this happens. 

The UK is irredeemable.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hey Avi Benlolo: Instead of Being Scared to Say the Word "Islam" or "Jihad" How About Trying To Use Them Sometime?

What a gutless, preening piece of idiocy.

"Instead of hugging a terrorist, how about speaking out?"

This is by Avi Benlolo from the Simon Wisenthal Centre, someone who cannot seem to identify the 'root cause' of the slaughter of Jews because of fear, political correctness and moral blindness.

This is pathetically supine prose in the guise of speaking out against terror.

Hey official Jews: Instead of hugging politically sanitized language that endangers Jews in an existential way, how about embracing the truth?

"Obama Puts the Republic Out of Its Misery"

Probably the best header I've seen on the topic.

And the most depressing.

The UK Is Totally and Royally Screwed: Multicultural Ugly "Christmas" Sweater Edition

Behold: the ugliest and most idiotic, trite, politically correct and silly "Christmas" sweater ever, but EVAH EVAH EVAH EVAH. 

A British website is selling the Multicultural Christmas jumper for £40. The company wants to make season a time for celebration and togetherness

Gambia Really Not Too Hip to the Celebrate Sexual Diversity Program

Gambia signs "law for life imprisonment" for individuals convicted of being gay. 

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid was unavailable for comment.

When A 100 Year Old Woman Sees The Ocean For the First Time

This is a lovely story.

There are so many people who have never had a break from working, the people who work the land especially can never really get away.

Imagine, after 100 years on this glorious earth, finally dipping your toes in the ocean. 

"Ruby Holt spent most of her 100 years on a farm in rural Tennessee, picking cotton and raising four children. She never had the time or money to go to a beach."

"That finally changed this month, just a few weeks shy of Holt's 101st birthday."

"Thanks to a partnership between the assisted living center where Holt lives and an organization that grants wishes to the elderly, Holt got to see the ocean for the first time during an all-expenses-paid trip to the Gulf of Mexico."

First dip: Ruby Holt saw the ocean for the first time after being granted a birthday wish by a charity. The 100-year-old has never traveled to the beach, spending her life working on a Tennessee farm

A Request From Four of the Five Widows of the Jerusalem Terror Attack

A Shabbat request: 

Heartbreaking, yet their rock-steady faith is inspiring and defiant.

This is the Jewish way. 

"We turn to our brothers and sisters, everyone from the House of Israel, wherever they may be, to stay united so as to merit compassion and mercy from on High."

"We should take upon ourselves to increase love and brotherliness between man and his fellow man, between our various communities and among different sectors of society."

"Our request is that each and every person take upon himself or herself at the time of welcoming the Shabbat, that this Shabbat, Shabbat Parashat Toldot, will be one in which we express our love for one another, a day on which we refrain from speaking divisively or criticizing others."

"Doing so will be a great merit (zchut) for the souls of our husbands, slaughtered in sanctification of G-d's blessed Name."

"May G-d look down from Above, see our pain, and wipe away our tears. May He proclaim: "Enough suffering, enough grief",  and may we merit the coming of the Redemption speedily and in our days, amen, amen."

In Obama's America, The IRS is the Financial Strong Arm of the Democractic Party

Seriously, I can't believe that nobody has made the connection.

I mean, I know, I'm just a simpleton Jewish mother from the suburbs, but it would seem to me like there might be a connection here.

Nice business, ya got there, Mr. Wynn-would be a real shame if anything happened to it. 


October 1, 2014: 

Steve Wynn: 

"I am stunned at the immaturity of this administration...We elected a man as President who had no experience at anything." 

"I'm more scared about the United States than China."

Apparently, rightly so.


November 21, 2014

 "Dow Jones is reporting that Wynn Resorts is being investigated by the U.S. Attorney's office, the IRS and the DEA for possible money laundering. Insight into the investigation, with CNBC's Jane Wells."

"Wynn Resorts is under investigation for potential money-laundering law violations, according to a new report from Dow Jones."

"Quoting individuals familiar with the matter, Dow Jones reported that Manhattan and Las Vegas U.S. Attorney's offices are investigating the company in conjunction with the Internal Revenue Service and the Drug Enforcement Administration."

"The company, which is run by casino mogul Steve Wynn, saw stock dropped more than 2 percent after the story came out. "

Remember in 2009, President Obama joked about auditing his enemies.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Request From Israel: Please Post the Truth To Whomever You Can Reach, Personal Testimony From Jerusalem Terror Attack

"Please post the truth to whomever you can reach. Please please continue saying Tehillim for Shmuel Yerucham ben Baila and the other victims."

"Daven that Hashem give strength to the five new widows and 24 new orphans."

"Most of all thank Hashem that we are not like them, and treasure Hashem's Torah and His Land."


Best Story of the Day: Former NFL Player Turns Farmer, Feeds the Hungry, Delivers Own Baby

I can't even pick what my favourite part of the story is. 

-That he didn't get injured in the NFL and left the cult of the NFL?
-That he is happily married and has children?
-That he works the land to feed the hungry?
-That he learned farming FROM YOU TUBE?!?!
(I think that may be my favourite part actually!)
-That SuperDad delivered his own, fourth child?

Seriously-righteous dude, lovely family.

Mazel Tov!

Watch the video, it's lovely.

Mona Charen: The President Lives in An Alternate Reality

"President Obama’s insistence upon using his Islamic name reflects his continuing belief that by denying Islamic extremism, he can promote peace. “ISIL’s actions represent no faith,” he said, “least of all the Muslim faith which Abdul-Rahman adopted as his own.”

"When someone converts at the point of a sword, in hopes of saving his life, is that “adopting the Muslim faith as his own”?

"Whom is Mr. Obama respecting by using the Islamic name — Kassig, or his executioners?"

(I think we all know the answer to that...)

Transparent Tyranny: Don't the Republicans Understand Their Duty?

(Answer-obviously not.) 

"According to Obama, a president is entitled to ignore the separation of powers in the Constitution if Congress fails to enact his legislative preferences."

Yet the feckless, gutless party of castratti refuses to act: 

"The fear appears to be that voters will punish the GOP in two years for opposing Obama’s open tyranny. In other words, GOP leaders think the American people prefer unconstitutional government to a limited government shutdown aimed at stopping it. If that is true, American democracy is as degraded as Jonathan Gruber’s infamous remarks suggest."

As Mark Steyn says: The left is serious about power.

The GOP is clearly not and is willing to sacrifice the American Republic out of sheer cowardice and a preference for plodding along being elected instead of leading or being in power. Shame on them.

Pathetic eunuchs.

Real War On Women: Female Genital Mutilation in the West

"A woman is meant to suffer-little enough punishment for the crime of being born female."

"It does not matter that she will probably be in agony each time she urinates, has sexual intercourse or, given the massive scarring involved, gives birth to a child. It does not matter that she may develop a fistula and become incontinent, that she may also smell “bad” and for this reason, be shunned by her family. It does not seem to matter that she may later die from an infection."

"These are crimes against humanity."

The Destruction of Democracy in America

And nobody is doing a damned thing to stop it. 

That's the pathetic part.

Policeman Recounts Synagogue Terrorist Attack

Horror and bravery.

And defiance: 

"I'm expected to be angry, cry and seek revenge but I'm not in that place. That's what they want. For us to go crazy, but no. We will be strong."

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ezra Levant: It's About Killing Jews

The Imperial, Post-American, Rogue President Who Should Be Impeached

"Congress has few tools to discipline a truly rogue president. It can de-fund the government’s ability to process those who are included on Obama’s amnesty. He will veto any such measure. That sets up the possibility of a government shutdown, and even though the president will be to blame, the media will blame Republicans entirely. Obama is banking on that."

"Congress can impeach a rogue president. Obama himself, in his many statements on the illegality of his actions, has built up a decent rhetorical case for his own removal from office. But the Republicans are not interested in impeaching the nation’s first black president, and removing him does not solve the problem anyway. Vice President Joe Biden would rise to the presidency."

"Barack Obama, the former adjunct constitutional law professor, has found a weakness in the system of checks and balances. They require men and women of honor who will be bound by the law and their word, and who cherish our constitutional order. Barack Obama is bound by none of that. He is only bound by his self love and his ambition, both of which are considerable, and his desire to break a constitutional system that he clearly disdains."

"Obama’s hacking of the Constitution will continue for two more years, after which he hopes to have finished his fundamental transformation of America — away from a sound system that restrains would-be tyrants, toward a system that empowers and emboldens them."


I Swear This Is Persian Klezmer! Is There Nothing Jews Don't Control?!?!

So, I listened to this Iranian band from the link from Blazing Cat Fur.

Soulful Persians!

Then I thought I would check out the web site because hubby is Iranian Jewish and loves Persian music and well, I have a thing for Persians, and then I clicked to the web site to listen.

Is it just me or is this not totally klezmer?

I mean for real?!?! 

They might be singing Farsi but that is JEW SOUL music. Seriously, click the play button at the web site.

Facebook page here. 

I would "like" them, but I don't want to get them into trouble, you know giving them Joooooties or whatever. 

I mean-look what happened when people got "Happy" in Iran.

Trouble in Multicultural Paradise: Toronto Police Inadvertantly Admit the Burkha is "A Disguise"

The truth comes out. 

(It's not hateful or xenophobic when THEY say it...)

"Toronto police are asking for the public’s assistance identifying two men who robbed a jewelry store last month while wearing burkas."

"The two men robbed Mona-Clara Jewellers, in the York Mills-Leslie Street-area, on October 14 at gunpoint, Holdup squad Staff-Insp. Mike Earl told reporters Wednesday."

"The pair got away with about $500,000 in jewelry during the five-minute holdup, he said. One suspect was armed with a handgun and forced a female employee to lock up the store. The robbery took place at about 11 a.m., at a “busy” mall plaza"

“It’s the first jewelry store robbery I’ve seen where the individuals were wearing burkas,” Staff-Insp. Mike Earl said.

(Will not be the last, I can assure you...)

"There are other unsolved jewelry store heists this year and the robbery may be related, he added.
Staff-Insp. Earl said a burka would not stand out in October, while a ski mask would likely draw attention.

It’s another way of disguising yourself,” he said.

Mark Steyn: "Personally, I Like Hate"

Let's get that on a t-shirt, baby. 

(I know it's a throwaway line, a tiny little quip in a small blog post, but it's quite EXCELLENT, ya know?!?! I mean I really, really, like it. Not in love with it, but it's definitely a smile-maker...)

So, the Prophet of Free Speech, Mark Steyn, PBUH has a few choice words on the subject of the policing of speech and thought: 

"Personally, I like hate."

"I don't mean I hate Zach Traynor, although I do despise him - as the pampered beneficiary of a glorious inheritance too dim to understand what he's betraying.

Then, Steyn explains it even more slooooooooooowly for those who still refuse to get it:

"The freedom to hate is part of what makes us human, and what makes us free..."


Where individual's thoughts are repressed all the time, explosions are bound to occur.

All experimentation with human nature leads to toxic results.

When man central plans, human disasters occur.

Look at the one-child policy in China, starvation in the Soviet Union. Look how sexuality is repressed in the Muslim world, or how explosive antisemitism is the only permissible form of political expression in the Muslim world (hey-what could possibly be wrong with that?). Obviously these are but a few examples of the trend.

But facts are irrelevant to the planners, to the utopians, to the totalitarians.

Further down the post, Steyn brings us-in his inimitable way-back from the macro to the micro, and then to the macro again.

And believe me when I say: 

"Nobody does it better."

(Heh, see what I did there-if you don't get the reference nevermind.)


"I wouldn't necessarily want to argue that Jian Ghomeshi, the impeccably liberal, progressive CBC radio host of plonkingly correct attitudes Tweeting out his support for #EndViolenceAgainstWomenDay all year long while cheerfully punching their lights out in his apartment every night, is a testament to the strain of living under such a regime, but the strange, increasingly vicious urge to ban, silence, forbid, exile, obliterate even the mildest disagreeement that now characterizes "liberal" institutions such as the academy suggests that the formal proscription of "hate" only leads it to find other outlets."

"The world Traynor's generation is ushering in will be be bloodier than one of Mr Ghomeshi's dates."

(Ouch! OH MAH GAWD that must have hurt. Oh, silly, I'm not talking about the alleged Ghomeshi date "love taps", it's the insult, people, the insult!!! GAH! Good one!!) 

(Note: It is not BDSM to like when Mark Steyn hurts alleged perpetrators of assaults with his words. It's just a thing, and everyone has their thing, or things. And it's moderately arousing amusing, OK?  Just clarifying, now carry on...Where were we? Sorry, IS IT HOT IN HERE?!?!)


Related-a wonderful essay from Daniel Hannan, which is basically a love letter to (The) Magna Carta.  

(Right on, dude. I mean, if you were ever going to write a love letter to a document-this is the one. Righteous.)

Anyone in the Washington, D.C area who cares about free speech really should go to this this magnificent document.

OOOH, maybe Dr. Mann will go at the upcoming trial of the century?!?!  Ha ha. JUST KIDDING. JOKEY JOKEY.

Do read the whole piece which contains this fantastic little line:

"Magna Carta is the Torah of the English-speaking peoples".

I mean, how awesome is that line? How totally Jewlicious? Like for real!!!

He furthermore notes that it is "the text that sets us apart while at the same time speaking universal truths to the human race".

Hannan says because of this "We're luckier than we know".

(I would argue that the profound, chosen ignorance of so many, and the pathetic, utter intellecutal  laziness of the Western populace in consciously choosing not to understand the utter fragility of democracy or history is the problem-but what do I know?) 

Steyn talks of the young pantywaist scribe who is "the pampered beneficiary of a glorious inheritance too dim to understand what he's betraying".

These gentlemen get it.

Now, let's all force the dim to put the lights of liberty back on. 


America Is Screwed

What is the most disturbing part of this article? 

Hard to pick, but I could narrow it down to a few things that are really troubling:

1. Illegal immigrants hopping in and out of the country, especially ones who are either disease-laden, and who do not exactly have the same moral values as their host society (note to Republicans-these folks are not 'ideal' potential GOP voters-you're welcome).

2. Miranda.  Then, Miranda for illegals.  'Nuff said.

2. Parents who haven't got a single clue what their children are doing on line and have not instructed them at all on the dangers of communicating with strangers on the internet.

3. Schools that can't even be bothered to report that a student hasn't shown up.

Most Disgusting, Antisemitic Administration in American History

Via Kathy Shaidle. 

Obama responds to Jerusalem synagogue massacre: 'too many Palestinians have died'.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

There Will Never Be Peace

Not ever. 

The best we can hope for is to contain the evil and fight it all the time with all our might and all of our bodies and souls.

Not "make peace" with it. Not to pacify it, not make excuses for it, not try to pacify and make nice with it, not to reward it with a state, not to look away, not to coddle it, and not to stop living as Jews because of it.

The evil will never, ever rest, and never surrender. It needs to be forcefully and mercilessly dampened without any hesitation.

There are 24 Jewish orphans now on one street in Israel.

Terror attack scene in Jerusalem

These images are why there will never be peace. So don't kid yourselves.


Moderate Indonesia Tests Female Police Recruit's Virginity

And what could possibly be wrong with that? 

Just a little "two finger" prodding of the hymen...nothing to see here.  Moderate, moderate, moderate.

"Human Rights Watch said in a report that such tests were a longstanding practice in Indonesia, where patriarchal attitudes and practices in the security forces are common."

"The report was based on interviews with female police officers and police applicants in six Indonesian cities who had undergone the so called "two-finger" test to determine whether their hymens are intact."


So moderate! Moderate fingers! I wonder how one becomes a certified Hymenologist in Indonesia, what kind of credentials one must have?

The Indonesians, for their part, remain defiant, insisting this is quite a normal, ordinary requirement of a job in law enforcement.

"The requirement is even posted on the jobs website for Indonesia's national police. On Tuesday it read, "In addition to the medical and physical tests, women who want to be policewomen must also undergo virginity tests. So all women who want to become policewomen should keep their virginity."

Well, duh! 

However, one of the occupational hazzards of hymen poking is that, yes-you might...well-here is the money quote. By the way, it doesn't actually say if the testers are male or female. And these "tests" are notoriously inaccurate. Imagine that.

"In a video interview recorded by the group, a 24-year-old Indonesian woman said she was among 20 applicants who underwent the test."

"I feared that after they performed the test I would not be a virgin anymore," she told the group in a silhouetted video interview. 

"They inserted two fingers with gels ... it really hurt."

BBC: Host Demands Naftali Bennet Hide Photo Of Massacred Jews

"I will never stop."


Must Listen-Mark Levine: I Can't Abide the GOP "Chorus of Impotency" (Auto Play Audio Removed)

Chilling, absolutely chilling.

I sure hope more people are thinking like Mark Levin than not. 

Listen to the whole thing: this is the the thing, it's about the separation of powers-the critical issue that nobody is talking about.

"This is about defending the republic."

"This is an attack on the separation of powers."

He's pissed. 

"I cannot abide a despotic president damaging our republic this way and a republican party refusing to stand up to it. It's not that they don't have a tool, they do, it's called the constitution."

"Look at the Republicans on FOX News, each and every one, like a conga line..."

"The American revolution was fought against a centralized authority."

 Read about The Spirit of the Laws here.

"When the legislative and executive powers are united in the same person, or in the same body of magistrates, there can be no liberty; because apprehensions may anse, lest the same monarch or senate should enact tyrannical laws, to execute them in a tyrannical manner"
"Again, there is no liberty, if the power of judging be not separated from the legislative and executive powers. Were it joined with the legislative, the life and liberty of the subject would be exposed to arbitrary control, for the judge would then be the legislator. Were it joined to the executive power, the judge might behave with all the violence of an oppressor."

This is what I find so heartbreaking about what is happening in America. 

Barbarian Savages: Silence of Jewish Prayer in Jerusalem Shattered By Bloodbath

What more can be said? 

Welcome to the Hotel Intifadah

Such a lovely place.

Such a lovely place. 

I Really Like This Pope

Pope to meet with autistic children on visit to America. 

"Francis, who has shown great ease around children with special needs, will deliver a speech to the hundreds gathered in the Vatican audience hall. The session will be punctuated by music and movement for the children."

"Autism experts said parents of autistic children require particular pastoral care since they are at high risk of getting divorced due to the emotional and financial stress of dealing with their child's disorder.
The Vatican's top health official, Monsignor Zygmunt Zimowski, said his office chose to focus on autism for its conference this year to give families affected by autism hope and attention."


Man's Best Friend

What an uplifting story.

How wonderful of Dr. Savage to have taken a leadership role in this, and how generous of him to buy a vehicle for this wounded warrior.

Monday, November 17, 2014

"I Don't Think I've Seen You Here Before"

You would think that was a kind of pick up line, but if you thought that-you'd be wrong.

Well, wrong for the story I am about to tell you.

Without getting into the very navel-gazey kind of prose that is so rife on the internet today, I will just say that I often wonder if I'm the kind of person that invites perfect strangers to tell their tale-just by looking at me, or if perhaps everyone is a potential recipient of stories, but not everyone is up to the task, or even interested in interacting with strangers.

Yesterday, I was at a bingo afternoon for kids with serious medical problems and special needs.

When I first walked in, the room seemed terrifically multicultural, which was odd because it was meant to be a Jewish event. It turned out that the organizers got in touch with a couple of organizations that support kids, so there was the Jewish crowd and a whole bunch of kids affiliated with another organization. It was genuinely 'multicultural', not artificial or put on and it was quite energizing in a sense.

Now, I don't gamble ever, and I particularly cannot handle the stress of bingo, which some people obviously find thrilling. I find it excruciating! In fact, at the end of the day I was arguing with my eldest about whether or not bingo is gambling (which it certainly is, she said not). I do feel that all gambling is a math tax on stupid people. I hate gambling.

Anyway, I was sitting with one of my kids and a dad who was there with two of his kids looked at me and out of the blue said 'I don't think I've seen you here before'.

I said, perhaps not but we've been involved for a long time. He asked what my son's diagnosis was and I told him, and added that it's very rare, 1:350,000 and shared my standard line, that it's always rare unless it happens to you, or to someone you love.

He looked at me and smiled and said, that's quite right-because when it happens to you, it's 100%.

That's what happened to us, he said.

He introduced me to his kids, and said the youngest was at home with his mom, having a nap.

He had just gotten out of the hospital, after eight months of isolation. 

As soon as I heard 'hospital' and 'isolation' I knew this was going to be something very serious indeed.

He told me that about a year ago, his third child started to feel unwell, but as they were now three time parents, they weren't too worried-after all kids get sick. They eventually took the little one to the doctor, who sent them straight to the emergency room at a local hospital, and within 24 hours of the first doctor visit, the child was already getting his first treatment of chemotherapy for a very rare, extremely aggressive form of childhood cancer.

For them, it was 100%.

I could barely speak.

He continued.

Their only hope was to get the child into remission and find a bone marrow donor.

I know a little bit about this because a cousin of mine got cancer and then when a bone marrow donor was found the doctors could not get him back into remission and he died. Since that time, I have been on the registry and one time was called in for further testing on a potential match, but alas, was not a 6 point match.

They and their children were tested and miraculously, their oldest was a perfect match ("100% plus", he said) for bone marrow. It was particularly amazing, in the traditional sense of the word, because his wife was a convert to Judaism, meaning they had an entirely different genetic pool and background. (I understand that the genetics of matching is very complicated, and sometimes perfect matches come from very different genetic corners of the world, and often, sadly blood relatives are not matches.)

I noticed his accent and asked if he had family here. He said no, an aunt and a couple of cousins. I said and parents? He said no, his father died in 1999.

Again, I couldn't find many words to say, but it seemed to me that he wanted or perhaps needed more to talk.

He told me his oldest boy was named in honour of his father, and that his father passed away June 6, 1999.

Then he said, that the bone marrow transplant was held this year on June 6. He said the doctors told him they had never seen more robust marrow, ever.

I told him there are no coincidences and that they had surely received a miracle.

The middle child, he said, also wanted to donate to her brother, but was not a match. So instead, she made an IV bag full of decorations and stars and hearts, and they "dripped" it down to her brother, so that all her love would drip down to him. And he hugged her as he told me this part. For her part, she seemed puzzled at the attention, but I was mesmerized by the entire tale as I think only a fellow parent could be.

I was speechless as he told the story, and it's hitting me more today for some reason, probably because I have another little guy and his mom to visit in the hospital tomorrow on my break.

I'm sure I will see them again and I wish the whole family only good things and good health.

So, when someone says "I don't think I've seen you here before", it can mean a lot of things, depending on the context.

For me, on an otherwise loud, crazy, pizza-filled, prize-laden bingo afternoon, it was a soft-spoken prelude to being witness, or kind of a member of the club of sharing in a real, actual miracle.

You never know who you'll meet on any given day, the stories people may tell and their significance to you unless you listen.

I mean, really listen and learn.

Fresh Steyn: Mark Steyn on Louder With Crowder

I don't see any embed code, so you just have to click here and then scroll to the 1:00 mark.

It's a really good one. 

I was laughing my head off about the coffee talk. I am not a snob about people but I am a bit of a coffee snob, and I love (am in love?!?!) with my espresso maker and my stash of Lavazzo. I can't do the frothy milk art but I make a mean Café Au Lait.

(There is a long story behind me owning a coffee maker, but I'll try to make it short. I was nagging The Husband for years about getting an espresso maker, but he said, no we don't need one, and suggested that it would likely go the way of the pasta maker that was on our wedding registry, which we never opened and sold, in the original box to someone somewhere in Israel. Then for a while I was nagging him about WE SHOULD GET A BREADMAKER and he said 'we already have one', and I said what?!?! And he said, yah, it's called the bakery down the street, I pay $2 (then) and get a loaf of bread-that's our breadmaker.  But I really, really, really, really, really wanted the espresso maker because I love good coffee. So, finally we researched it and bought one (it's all about the number of bars of pressure) and guess what we use it every day. EVERY day. In fact, this is our machine number 2 (Cuisinart), and I still love it every day.)


I also have not had very good coffee in America. Actually, I should say that I have only had craptacular coffee in America. What's the deal with that?

(Best coffee: Italy, Israel, France, Poland.)

As Mark Steyn says in this interview (I'm paraphrasing slightly), how the heck to you get a coffee flavoured coffee with coffee in it, in America?!?!?


The other thing that made me laugh out loud was the "Zebra Mussel Machiatto".

Listen to the whole thing.

George Will: A Murderer's Warped Idealism

This is an outstanding turn of phrase and an excellent article: 

"The Holocaust is the dark sun into which humanity should stare, lest troubling lessons be lost through an intellectual shrug about “the unfathomable.” 

Read the whole thing.

Outstanding: Israeli Invents No Touch Smartphone For the Disabled

This is amazing, absolutely amazing.

Please share, I hope they get all the money together.


Ross Douthat: The Great Immigration Betrayal

"The election just past was not, of course, a formal referendum on the president’s proposed amnesty, but it was conducted with the promise of unilateral action in the background, and with immigration as one of the more hotly debated issues. The result was a devastating defeat for Obama and his party, and most polling on unilateral action is pretty terrible for the president."

"And make no mistake, the president is free to choose."

"No immediate crisis forces his hand; no doom awaits the country if he waits. He once campaigned on constitutionalism and executive restraint; he once abjured exactly this power. There is still time for him to respect the limits of his office, the lines of authority established by the Constitution, the outcome of the last election."

"Or he can choose the power grab, and the accompanying disgrace."

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Real, World Leadership

Good on you, Prime Minister Harper.

This is what real leadership looks like, and sounds like: 

“I’ll shake your hand, but I only have one thing to say to you: Get out of Ukraine.”

In Which I Agree With Draidlebaum


We really don't need any more web sites.

Technical infrastructure is needed, of course.

I think it's also necessary to have a serious audit of the vehicles that affect, and/or have effected the most profound cultural and philosophical change and then get to it.

Some of those include (and this is obviously not a comprehensive list):

Public education
Higher education
(Bloated, ever-expanding) government/civil service
The 'third' sector
The arts

Obama's Selective Condemnation of Terrorist Murders

This yes.

This no.

When you are Abdul Rachman the convert, yes.

When you are Chaya Zissel, the 3 month old Jewish American baby, no.

Today in European Judenhass: 16% of French Believe in World, Global Jewish Conspiracy

And what could possibly be wrong with that? 

I'm shocked!

Shocked that it's only 16% that is...

Amazing: 94 Year Old World War 2 Hero Dedicates Torah Scroll to IDF

I'm totally verklempt. 

So Nice He Snipped It Twice!

Israeli repeats circumcision at age 92. 


Making a mountain out of a mohel hill if you ask me...

Friday, November 14, 2014

Yoram Ettinger: "There Is No Such Thing As A Lone Wolf"

Do read the whole thing. 

Yoram Ettinger is very smart indeed. He also has debunked all of the 'Israel will get flooded and not be democratic blah blah blah' baloney. He really has crushed the demographic myths.

"The perpetrators of Arab/Muslim terrorism, and Palestinian terrorism in particular, are never lone wolves, as they are sometimes described. They are the byproducts of a centuries-old intolerant ideology, supported by educational and religious indoctrination and incitement, operating systematically in kindergartens, schools, universities, mosques and regime-controlled media."

"Arab/Muslim terrorists are not driven by social, economic and human rights grievances, but by an intense, fanatical worldview, which loathes civil liberties and considers freedoms of religion, press, association and movement, as well as women's rights, an abomination. In fact, oppressed groups in the non-Muslim world rarely resort to terrorism."


"The battle against Palestinian terrorism is undermined by the futile focus on the symptoms (individual terrorists) rather than the root cause (hate education). In other words, let us not chase individual mosquitoes; let us instead drain the swamp"
"Counterterrorism is further undermined by the immoral-moral equivalence applied to Palestinian perpetrators and their Israeli victims; by the knee-jerk pressure of Israel urging sweeping concessions and restraint, thereby emboldening terrorists; ignoring Abbas' terrorist/subversive track record in order to promote wishful-thinking; and extending counterproductive financial aid to the Palestinian Authority, which bankrolls hate education."