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Blog Break Alert! See You April 20th.

With Passover approaching, it's time for my annual Blog Break.

Happy Passover and Happy Easter!

See you on Monday, April 20th. 

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Five Feet of Draidlebaum

Blazing Catfur


Small Dead Animals

"How Does Susan Rice Still Have a Job?"

Seemingly good question IF we were living in a normal world, with a normal, patriotic President.



I'm dying. 

I pretty much spit out my coffee at the conclusion.

Totally inappropriate, ballsy and wildly politically incorrect.

I love that Jew toboggan (inside joke). 

Be Very Worried About Iran

That's not just my feeling, it's also the feeling of someone who knows much more about the situation than little old me.

Good grief. Even the French are worried about Iran becoming America's proxy in the Middle East.

If the French are worried about this and are now "hawks" on Iran, my best advice at this point is HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!!!! 

Hey Jews! Please Leave France. Now.

You're welcome.

Actions Have Consequences

I like this story.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Obama's Message to the World: Aggression is Rewarded

The existential threat posed by Obama to Israel and the Jews via his proxy, Iran is real and imminent.

I never thought that I would ever utter the words "Iran is America's proxy", but here we are.

As Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu summarizes: 

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says “the deal taking shape in Lausanne sends a message that there is no price to pay for aggression, even the opposite – Iran’s aggression will be rewarded. The moderate and responsible countries in the region, with Israel at the helm but also many other countries, will be the first to be hurt by such an agreement.”

“It is incomprehensible how forces supported by Iran continue to conquer more and more land and in Lausanne they close their eyes to this aggression,” Netanyahu adds.

It's not "incomprehensible", it's very comprehensible and it's quite heartbreaking that Obama has turned Israel and the Jews into an enemy of America, and turned a bloodthirsty, radical, terrorist country like Iran that produly shouts "Death to America" into an ally and friend: a veritable proxy.

It's chilling. 

He creates world chaos ("transforming"), and calls it peace. 

Putting the screws to the friend, and sucking up to the enemy.

Even the Arab nations are united against Iran, which means that the Arab nations and Israel are on the same side-against Obama's America!

This is not "just" about the Jews. It's never "just" about the Jews.

All kinds of Official and liberal Jews are probably having a spat of the vapours, gasping at their pearls and readying their fainting couches and schmattahs. 

People! Appeals to Obama, trying to 'explain' what is right, like the one that silly Rabbi Boteach published are useless and not worth the effort, time or money. We are dealing with EVIL. And evil cannot be reasoned with. 

This is further confirmation to me that Boteach is just a publicity hound or a simpleton. Both are bad for a Rabbi.

My friends, these are very dangerous days, indeed. 

"Anti-Depression Video"

A friend shared this on Facebook.

It's old but definitely worth a minute of your time.

Bill Maher Rails Against Political Correctness (NSFW)

Hoo boy.

Totally NSFW unless with earphones.



Hopefully, The Traitor Bergdahl Will Indeed Spend the Rest of His Days Rotting in a Dank Cell

My first choice, of course would be the death penalty, but if not, this rotten, evil human should at least the rest of his days in an isolated cell.

Watch the story of  the members of the 48th Infantry Brigade, who risked their lives searching for Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan and particularly, Master Sgt. Mark Allen of Loganville, GA who was permanently disabled in Afghanistan during a rescue mission in 2009.

There needs to be a heavy price paid for this treasonous, despicable behaviour-and even more so since that thug was so celebrated and rescued by the evil Obama administration.

As Mark Steyn says: if Obama was on the enemy side, what would he be doing any differently?

Israel to Get Its Own "Fox News"?

Actually, Israel needs its own Rush, Levin, Beck.

A "Fox News" would be a good addition to the Israeli media. 

Breaking the leftist monopoly in the Israeli media is an excellent plan and could be very profitable.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Why Does Wichita East High in Kansas Hate Kids With Down Syndrome?


What the hell?


What total jerks. 

I just don't understand why, when given a choice, someone would choose to make a difficult life even more difficult, rather than better.


Cool: Technion Students Create Freaky Interpretation of Seder

So cute:

Women Are Crazy

Especially "poets" and "artists". 


You and your period are JUST NOT INTERESTING, LADY.

The Rot Within "Higher Education" in the West

Universities used to be places where you could, you know, learn something.

Now there are so many bogus disciplines that are basically just political activism disguised as "studies".

And it's a veritable industry.

Some thoughts on the matter:

From Rex Murphy. 

From Guilio Meotti. 

From Dr. Mordechai Keidar.

The rot is very deep.

And remember, what starts with antipathy and aggression against the Jews is never "just" about the Jews, and never ends there.

Obama Administration Enables A Nuclear Iran: UPDATE: Kerry Asked If Deal Can Be Reached, Answers "Inshallah"

Thoughts from the Israeli media about the imminent "deal". 

This is the biggest, most dangerous and reckless white flag in American, Israeli and world history.

"“In Basel, Switzerland in 1897, the Zionist vision was formed. In Lausanne, not far away from there, 118 years later, the vision of a nuclear Iran is being formed, which endangers that which was created then in Basel… After nearly 12 years of discussions, the world is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. In Israel, by contrast, they see just darkness. A nuclear weapon in the hands of the ayatollahs? Surreal? Impossible? Frightening? From this Tuesday, it will be a fact on the ground. Totally insane,” he writes."

Via Blazing Cat Fur:

The Imam John Kerry is asked by a reporter if a deal can be reached.

He answers, saying "Inshallah".

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Obama's Greatest Unintended Consequence: Making BFFs Out of the Arabs and Israel

This is very interesting.

"On every issue in Arab politics, the Saudi regime is aligned with Israel."

 Via the great AnneElisabeth Moutet.

Insane: "Racist" Cupcakes Banned From French Bakery


"A bakery in the French Riviera has been banned from displaying cupcakes of a naked man and woman made out of dark chocolate - because they were inciting 'racial hatred'."

"The 'God' and Goddess' cakes, which topped with the chocolate figures of a naked, plump man and woman with pink lips and protruding genitalia, were deemed offensive by a French court after a complaint by a shocked resident."

"A judge concluded that treats - sold in a 'boulangerie' in the town of Grasse, NIce - showed 'two people of colour in grotesque and obscene attitudes', adding they violate 'human dignity, especially that of the African people or people of African descent."

'Racist': A patisserie in the south of France has been banned from displaying the cakes in the shop window after a court found they violated 'human dignity, especially that of the African people or people of African descent'

Look, they are a bit weird, but this is totally out of control.  

I'd say, bon appetite and chill out, mes amis.

Illinois National Guardsman and Cousin, Both Converts to Islam Plotted to Murder 100 US Servicemen

Has this been anywhere in the news? 

First I have heard of it.

"According to the 33-page criminal complaint, the FBI began investigating Hasan Edmonds late last year when agents discovered that he and Jonas Edmonds allegedly had devised a plan for Hasan to travel overseas and use his military training to fight for Islamic State, also known as ISIS.
In several online exchanges, Hasan Edmonds said that if he was unable to get to Syria he would stay in the U.S. and "fight and die here in the name of Allah," according to the charges.

"In a message Jan. 30, he told the undercover agent that the best way to beat the U.S. and its Army was to "break their will," according to the complaint."

"With the U.S., no matter how many you kill they will keep coming unless the soldiers and the American public no longer have the will to fight," Edmonds wrote, according to the complaint.

"If we can break their spirits we will win."

"On Feb. 2, Hasan Edmonds contacted the undercover agent again and said his cousin was willing to carry out the attack on U.S. soil."

"Honestly we would love to do something like the brother in Paris did," Hasan Edmonds allegedly wrote in a reference to the January terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo magazine's headquarters in France in which 16 people were slain."

Leftist Teacher in Tel Aviv Wishes Rapes in Synagogues and Death By Terrorism Upon Right-Wing Voters


Your moral and intellectual superiors! 

Here is the tolerant left in action: 

"I wish that you get brutally raped in synagogues that were built for the soul of the Maran (a reference to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef - ed.) and dance at the weddings of those who attack you, those same ones who won't receive punishment or (sic) just service work in kindergartens," she continued."

"I wish this to you all with my whole heart," she wrote."

"Because I don't want to take revenge on Bibi (Binyamin Netanyahu - ed.). I want to take revenge on you. Every one of you, power-hungry murderers with blood on your hands."

"Concluding her post, she wrote "my soul is scorched because of you all. And I won't sit in a square and explain the pain of the bereaved families. I won't include your fear in the name of tolerance. I won't eat any more ashes. Now it's your turn."

Mark Steyn: "Free Speech Shouldn't Need "Defending". It's The Shut-Uppers Who Should Be On The Defensive" (UPDATED!)

Three years on, because of a 270 word blog post, and still no "justice".

This "case"is an utter disgrace and perverse happening in America, the alleged land of the free.

Steyn: Just the Facts, Mann. 


You just know it's going to be a great day when you start it off being cited by Mark Steyn.




"I said some time last year that, when you're in a legal battle, it always helps to have something bigger at stake. When the Canadian Islamic Congress attempted to use the "human rights" commissions to impose a de facto lifetime publication ban on me in my own country, the larger issue became freedom of speech. And, in a narrow sense, we won - in that the Canadian Parliament eventually repealed the law under which the Islamic enforcers brought their suit."

"But, as Laura Rosen Cohen says today, "I'm so bored of 'defending' free speech." I agree. Free speech shouldn't need "defending". It's the shut-uppers who should be on the defensive, who should be made to explain why only their side of the argument can be heard."

Shut uppers, beware: We're onto you and we will win.


Mark Steyn on Hugh Hewitt yesterday. 


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Obama Administration Raises Massive White Flag to Iran

Let's just get this surrender over with, shall we? 

That's part one of the American approach.

First surrender, then watch Israel squirm under existential threat.

Great deal!

I'm more of a John Bolton kind of gal. 

Celebrate Diversity In the UK

What a lovely family.

Wish I Had Written This First: A Passover Message for Obama

My only quibble:

His left-wing Jewish fart-catchers will screw up the meaning of Passover, but that's my only critique.

Read the whole thing. 

Well done. 

NY Teen Charged With Assault: Beat Up Israeli Rabbi in NYC For Cancer Treatment


I'm So Bored of "Defending" Free Speech

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is getting tired of "defending" free speech. I'm having an evolution of sorts on the issue, frankly. I'm getting really tired and bored of reading 'stirring defenses'

I thought about this earlier when I saw this Tweet from Daniel Hannan.

And yet another 'stirring defense' of free speech on campuses. 

I thought about it when I read that Lars Vilks has been told that for his protection, he can never, ever go home again.

I thought it when I read that political correctness, like other similarly totalitarian movements, may be devouring itself.

I am not going to "defend" it any more.

I'm going to stick with offending. Frankly, I want the totalitarians on the defense.

I think we need a re-think of the language surrounding free speech.

People who believe in freedom and free speech should not buy into the notion that they have anything to "defend". Protect, yes.

Freedom of speech and freedom of thought are our natural born rights, not to be given by any man, or taken away by any man.

The way to protect free speech is by inspiring more of it, creating more of it and not retreating into hoary and tired 'stirring defenses'. ,

The way to protect our treasure from assault is not a weapon called 'stirring defense'.

The ultimate defense of free speech is incessant, relentless, offensive speech and making it impossible for anyone to shut you up.

This is a small thing that is a big thing because censorship and censors have a voracious, insatiable appetite and it never stops with speech.

If more people would simply speak their mind without fear, we would need far fewer 'stirring defenses'.

Musical Interlude: Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud

I rather like Ed Sheeran, his music is fun and catchy and this song is very pretty. I love this video-the choreography is just beautiful.

It's Official: Obama Wanted "Revenge" On Netanyahu And Israel (And, Duh-Jews)

Revenge looks like this. 

And like this. 

Nobody need faint over the release of the nuclear document.

Everybody knows Israel has nukes. The "shoe factory" in Dimona is one of the best Jewish jokes in Jewish history. So everyone calm down.

Read this paragraph again and relax:

"The report commends that the Israelis found “ingeniously clever” solutions to solve its problems in advancing the nuclear program, largely due to the “ingenious Israeli inventions” at a “key research and development laboratory in Israel.”

Believe me, the same ingeniously clever Israelis withe their ingenious Israeli inventions are a few steps ahead of Obama, and they always will be because of the existential nature of threats like him and his like minded enemies of freedom and Jews. 

Behold: The Obama Administration's Spokesmoron on Israel and Iran.

Seriously painful to watch. 


Another Obama foreign policy success. 

World in flames = "success". 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Way Fun in NYC: Table Magazine Has a Kvetch About Obama or Bibi Night

This is really cute.

Mark Levin Slams FNC "Neophytes" Rooting For Jeb and Dissing Cruz

I like Cruz. Cruz, Cruz, Cruz.

Jesus America, if you are going to have a rookie politician with a strange birth certificate/what crazy damned country does he really come from story MAKE IT CRUZ.

Learn from your mistakes.

Listen to Levin. 

Why does anyone want Jeb Bush? Feh.

And Jews, and conservatives, kindly remember that James "F&ck The Jews" Baker is on Jeb's team.

Baker is a Jew-hater.

Jeb already has to eat some massive crap sandwiches because of him. 

Important: Angelina Jolie's Most Stunning Red Carpet Looks

Last night, I was watching an item on the news about Angelina Jolie's hysterectomy and I have to say-she really moved me. She was talking about how the reason she is doing all of this 'preventative' surgery is because she really wants to be alive and around for her kids.

Normally, I'm against 'raising awareness' campaigns, but for some reason this resonated with me. I think on the mom level.  

My husband looked at me while we were watching and said, with all that money and fame and celebrity, people still have big issues that they grapple with. Your health is your wealth.

And I have to agree with the late Joan Rivers, z"l that Jolie really is one of the most glamourous and gorgeous actresses in Hollywood. She does have an old-style glamour about her. Despite her crazy, wild past, she seems to be sort of solid. Anyone who has six kids is already in my good books, frankly.

Here's an item from the NY Post about her 'best' red carpet looks. She is truly a knockout. Glam, glam, glam.

In Which I Find New Respect for Harvey Weinstein

Kick antisemites in the ass!?!?!?

Be as organized as the mafia about it?!?!


However, I am against the Museum of Tolerance zzzzz boring sleepy useless ZZZZZZ.

More kicking in ass, less blah blah tolerance please. Thank you.

The Cheapness of Jewish Life in Europe

What she says (which sounds pretty much like what I say:

"Jewish life in Europe has become very cheap -- not that it was ever held very dear. Somehow, this seems less strange than it should on a continent that prefers erecting memorials to dead Jews over properly ensuring a safe future for the rapidly declining living ones."

Hey Switzerland!

F&ck you.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Obama's War Against Israel Escalates

Troubling, disturbing sign of the times. 

More from Brett Stephens on the Orwellian Obama presidency. 

"There is an upside-down quality to this president’s world view. His administration is now on better terms with Iran—whose Houthi proxies, with the slogan “God is great, death to America, death to Israel, damn the Jews, power to Islam,” just deposed Yemen’s legitimate president—than it is with Israel. He claims we are winning the war against Islamic State even as the group continues to extend its reach into Libya, Yemen and Nigeria."


"Here is my advice to the Israeli government, along with every other country being treated disdainfully by this crass administration: Repay contempt with contempt. Mr. Obama plays to classic bully type. He is abusive and surly only toward those he feels are either too weak, or too polite, to hit back."

For Real and Not For Joking: NYPD Throws Pizza Parties For Gangbangers

From Rudy "Broken Windows" Giuliani to THIS?!!??!

Hugs for thugs?

This is absolutely insane.

Maybe Obama should try this with ISIS now! It might be even more effective than a hashtag campaign.

"NYPD bosses have been throwing pizza parties for some of the city’s most hardened gang members — telling them they are loved and respected, in an effort to steer them from violence.
Criminals from rival crews, such as the Wave, the Very Crispy Gangsters and the Rock Stars, were assembled for two get-togethers hosted by police brass, with one attended by Chief of Department James O’Neill."

Everybody here cares about you. Everybody here respects you,” the men were told, according to David Kennedy, a criminologist at John Jay College of Criminal Justice who came up with the idea.

Why are New York's finest telling gangbangers that they are loved and respected? 

Because a white male, liberal academic with long hair says it makes them feeeeeel good. 

What are his credentials:

"David Kennedy is not a cop, or an academically trained criminologist, and his lack of formal schooling in either the practice or the theory of crime control may be his strongest qualification for his job. In the bifurcated world of criminology, Kennedy is able to speak to both cops and academics."

Ahh! Perfect.

Until these programs address the break up of the nuclear family, there will be precious little progress, except in the minds of lofty Social Justice Warriors, with or without academic credentials. 

Residents of Israel's South Hear Digging, Again.

“Today, I sat on the couch in my living room, and felt everything shaking underneath me,” said a resident of one of the Kibbutzim bordering Gaza."

American Democrat Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) Not Too Crazy About Orthodox Jews


Obama's Harvest of Violence

Just an assortment of vomit-inducing updates about the Obama administration.

First-this is a must read from a very brave Lebanese writer, Hanin Ghadar via the wonderful Tablet magazine.

"Democracy, freedom, self-determination, human and individual rights are values that Arab liberals like myself thought we shared with the United States. That’s what you told us. For years, we’ve received training and attended workshops on democracy and freedom of expression sponsored by international NGOs and NGOs funded by the United States and the Europeans. We’ve been preached to by visiting American diplomats and think-tankers and journalists about the virtues of citizenship and democracy. We took plenty of notes. We’ve been told that if we speak out to defend our rights, we will be supported by America. And now we’ve been betrayed."

This is heartbreaking, because for this woman, and for me, and for so many individuals living under iron curtains, America was the beacon of freedom and liberty-that is no longer the case thanks to President Obama's transformative policies.

Here's yet another Arab writer, who puts it in more plain language: Obama Declares War on Israel. 

"Obama's anti-Israel stance is the best gift the Americans could have given to Islamist terrorists and radical Arabs. For the first time ever, the Obama Administration has created hope among Israel's enemies that the U.S. will at last give them his wholehearted support, just as he has been doing with Iran."

Basam Tawil further notes: 

"The sharp crisis between the Obama Administration and Israel has been taking place at a time when the U.S. is losing most of its Arab and Muslim friends, especially in Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, as well as other countries. It is also taking place at a time when Iran is capturing one Arab country after the other, and has now surrounded all the oilfields in the Persian Gulf, as well as having quietly for years infiltrated South America."

"Thanks to Obama's policies, the Iranians and their friends are now in control of Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon, and much of Bahrain, and have surrounded the oilfields of the Persian Gulf. Meanwhile, the U.S. has been forced to close down its embassies in three Arab countries -- Syria, Libya and Yemen."

"Instead of facing the dangers of the Iranian drive to export the Islamic revolution to as many Arab and Islamic countries as possible -- with the help of an accelerating operation to acquire nuclear weapons -- Obama has turned Israel in general, and Netanyahu in particular, into the main threat to world peace and stability."

And "Israel" means the entire Western world, by the way. 

It's never "just" about the Jews or "just" about Israel. 

Everything that happens to the Jews and to Israel will happen to the rest of the civilized world-and it's happening now. When it was "just" Jews, a lot of people, especially in Europe, were prepared to shed a few crocodile tears, attend a few memorials and carry on with their appeasement policies.

Obama's sinister, anti-Western and antisemitic ideology has turned America's friends into enemies and enemies into friends. 

He is paving the road to the implosion of the Western world. Brick by 'transformative', "hope and change" brick.

This is most certainly one of the reason why Binyamin Netanyahu won in Israel, and won big. 

It's good that Obama's malignant, Alinsky hooligans found out that Israel is not Chicago. 

But that is just a drop in the bucket. 

Israel needs to be worried, and so does every right-thinking person in the Western world. You, we-we are all being sold out by President Obama. 

Israel, beware of Obama indeed. 

The West must be aware and beware as well, and freedom lovers must double down on their efforts to fight back with every ounce of strength on all levels: political, ideological, spiritual, religious, intellectual and financial among many others.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Jeb Bush: Hypocrite

So this happened.

So of course, because I have no filter, I had to respond. It had to be said:

So Nice: Alberta Woman Battles Brain Cancer and Infertility And Now Is Pregnant

Totally verklempt. 

And the take away:

"“When you go through hard things in life, God won’t give you anything you can’t handle.”

Contrast the emotion in this video and story-the absolutely humbling happiness of both families at the news of creation of life, to the "punished with a baby" line of thinking of Obama and his ilk. What an astonishing difference.

You can really feel the reverence for life in this story. 

Gil Troy: The Last Sane Liberal

Interesting essay. 

He speaks, of course, of Daniel Patrick Moynihan and his prescient warnings about moral decline in America.

"Every day the media burlesque spotlights an American with too much binge-drinking, drug abuse, sexual violence, family breakdown, celebrity worship, and psychic pain. America’s soul hurts partially because we lack moral anchors in our new, ultra-liberal and libertine Republic of Nothing."

"Modern liberalism remains too entwined with media-fueled, and now Internet-operated, nihilism."

"Millions of us, and some of our leading thinkers, may have started rediscovering the value of tradition, but have yet to embrace the traditional values that anchored and guided our parents and grandparents—or a valuable new tradition."

Actually, droves of people have found a new tradition, and it's religion.

I think a lot of people drift from nihilism to certain extreme forms of religion (one could call it another form of nihilism) precisely because the human spirit requires an anchor, just as the human body requires oxygen.

Narrative Implosion: Netanyahu Did Pretty Nicely With Arab Voters

Interesting stuff.

If You Are Not on the Bone Marrow Registry...

Please consider getting swabbed.  

Not Even the Dead Jews Can Rest

Stones shattered, human remains scattered in Jewish graveyard in Hungary.


Meanwhile in Australia, a theater has refused to book space to a (living) Jewish student group because PALESTINE. 

Ted Cruz Announces Presidential Candidacy on Twitter!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Yemen: Worshippers Were Cursing The Jews When This Happened....


Yemen: A former Obama "success story". 

Ed Rogers: Why Don't Republicans Get More Jewish Votes?

Hi, Ed Rogers of the very fancy sounding BGI Group.

I am happy to explain this to you for free.

I imagine you get paid lots of $$$$ for "consulting" but I saw this and I'm in a charitable mood, so for you-this one's a freebie!

You ask: why aren't Jews voting for Republicans?

There are two main reasons:

1) Liberals Jews vote left because they are liberals first, and then only nominally Jewish. Their religion is leftism. Jews who are more traditional, and/or Orthodox will not be voting left. This is what happened in Israel if you care to analyze it further. As the great Rush Limbaugh put it last week, liberals are liberals first and everything else second (Jewish liberals, black liberals, etc...liberals FIRST, everything else pffffffft....)

2) This is a problem for conservative Jews. Having James "F&ck the Jews" Baker on your team is a problem. Get the Jew-hating cretins off your team. More Palin, Cruz, Rubio, less Baker et al = more Jews and Jewish friends of Israel.

More from Mark Levin here:


P.S If you would like more advice, have your people call my people.

No more freebies, though.

Question: "Time For Swedish Jews to Leave?"



She was ridiculed by Sweden's Official Jews because she dared describe reality.

Now, reality is biting the remnants of the entire Jewish community right on the tuchus.

This is what happens to perfectly sensible logical Jews (like myself) who are sounding the alarm, all over the world, and find themselves at logger heads with the Official Jews of whatever country they live in.

We try to explain the reality, but the squishes will have none of it. They want their invitations to the White House seder (*puke*) and the Special Parliamentary Session on Antisemitism, so they bury their heads in the sand.

As my Swedish friend explains, she tried to get a recognition of reality. No more, and no less. She got no such acknowledgement.

Furthermore, she explains: 

"Nor did my action garner any significant support within the official Jewish community itself; to the contrary, I was not spared ridicule for my alleged hyperbole and fear-mongering."

"Now that there are policemen with automatic rifles outside our children’s schools, guards outside our synagogues, and no go-zones in our cities, the community has at last awakened to the harsh truth. This is no longer a matter of fighting a ban on kosher slaughter, or of retaining the right to circumcise our sons; at risk is the security of each and every Jew in the country, whether affiliated with the community or not, whether religiously observant or not, whether politically left, right, center, or none of the above."

"As more and more people, including communal leaders, are voicing their anxiety and alarm, and attracting the notice of the media, the sheer intractability of the problem is also emerging, sometimes with startling nakedness."

And just remember, what starts with the Jews, never ends with the Jews.

The suicidal trend of ignoring reality and facts bodes very poorly for all of Europe, not "just" its remaining Jews.  

While The Obama Administration Swoons Over Iran...

Kerry calls it progress as Khameni calls for...wait for it....


(Note to Obama: this includes you and John Kerry.)

Antisemitic Mob Attacks Jews in Synagogue in England

Behold: the formerly "Great" Britain. 

Jews in Europe need to seriously consider the suitcases or coffins paradigm.


Israeli counter-terrorism bureau issues warning to Jews in Europe and around the world. 


Antisemitic conference held at British university. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Starbuck's Executive Team: Fifty Shades of White

Just sayin...

Israel's Leftist Losers


If you want to understand the Israeli political landscape, you must read this. It's a fantastic summary:

"Since the left lost control of Israel, it has been hell-bent on destroying it. The PLO deal was one step in a process meant to destroy Israel and return to the bi-national state that Ahdut HaAvodah, the ancestor of the Labor Party, and Ben Gurion had been flirting with in the twenties and thirties."

"The Two-State Solution was always meant to end in a One-State Solution."

"The Israeli left has despaired of turning the country into the utopia that it wanted. There are still plenty of bureaucrats and union monopolies, but children are raised by their parents and most of them are born to the types of Jews that they hate."

Clint Eastwood's Advice to His Son

"Be a man."

(I think he's got that covered-HUBBA HUBBA!!!)

How To Screw Up Your Insurance Brand, And Hopefully Forever

Deny a paralyzed toddler a wheelchair. 

Hello, Anthem Blue Cross of California.


Friday, March 20, 2015

The Proper Response to This Is...

Nuts to you!!

I mean it. 

"A top U.S. Forest Service executive told his employees to probe their own “unconscious bias” on everything from race and sexuality to the disabled and fat people, asking them to use an unproven assessment tool to explore their feelings."

Your thoughts are actually NONE OF ANYONE'S BUSINESS. 

This must be the Re-Education Gulag ("camps") that Hilary was talking about.

I'm with Iowahawk. We need busy bodies out of our brains, and just serving that crappy coffee.

I do not want to be anyone's sociology project.

New York Magazine: Bibi = Arafat

Nothing to see here.

And certainly nothing to see here.

Certainly, one of the most grotesque anti-Jewish (yet so very popular) memes of our times is comparing Jews to Nazis.

It just doesn't get any more pathologically sickening and revolting than that. 

To say such a thing reduces the utterer to his or her most basic essence: a despicable, Jew-hating, seething and reality-challenged sociopath.

In Paris, A Special Event Commemorating the Toulouse Terrorism

Plus ca change...

The Jewish Left's War on Israel


"The vast majority of Americans rightly believe American policy should punish those who threaten the Jewish state not the people of Israel. Part of the reason for that is that they respect the right of Israelis to decide their own fate just as we prefer to decide ours. Those who seek to wage war on Israel’s re-elected leader reveal themselves to be not only out of touch with the realities of the Middle East but as foes of the principle of democratic rule."


Krauthammer-"No peace in our time." 

"The fundamental reality remains: This generation of Palestinian leadership — from Yasser Arafat to Mahmoud Abbas — has never and will never sign its name to a final peace settlement dividing the land with a Jewish state. And without that, no Israeli government of any kind will agree to a Palestinian state."

"Peace awaits three things. Eventual Palestinian acceptance of a Jewish state. A Palestinian leader willing to sign a deal based on that premise. A modicum of regional stability that allows Israel to risk the potentially fatal withdrawals such a deal would entail."

Actually, I would suggest that "peace", as we define it today actually  awaits a religious reformation. 

"He Totally Thinks I Congratulated Him..."

But I have totally screwed over Israel. HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

Mark Steyn: The Obama Administration Has "Anti-Jewish Animus"

This is a fabulous, fabulous interview. 

The stuff about Israel, Obama and DA JOOOOOOOOOS is amazing.


Steyn is SO BORED of racial blather.

Listen to the whole thing. So good!

With extra delicious burn of Republican eunuchs at the end. Bwahahaha!

Transcript here.


"Is the Obama administration 'anti-Israel' or antisemitic?"


Marco Rubio!

That is all.

The Tenth Year Anniversary of Terri Schiavo's Death

Or should we say, death sentence.

Jeremy Bird: Total Loser

Better luck next time.

Pretty Ballsy Danish Move: Danish Editor Given National Award

"The Danish editor who commissioned the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed that sparked international protests was awarded a prize by Denmark's national press club, AFP reported late Thursday."

"Flemming Rose was the culture editor of daily Jyllands-Posten in 2005 when he published 12 satirical cartoons of the Islamic prophet, triggering deadly protests in some Muslim countries.
The cartoons were also published in French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdowhere Islamist gunmen killed 12 people in January."

"For me, the debate I was drawn into almost 10 years ago by chance... is about tolerance and freedom," Rose said in a speech at the awards ceremony."

"Rose, 57, still lives under police protection because of death threats made against him."

Imagine ten years living in "protection" in your own country, among your own people because your government has betrayed you, and made it a death sentence to freely speak your mind and draw what you like and publish what you like. Imagine the thought of living that way until you die, in an artificial "security" bubble, where your life is in the hands of others, all the time. It's life, but a living nightmare. 

Haaretz: We Must Replace Those Stupid Israelis Who Voted For Bibi

BDS: Bibi Derangement Syndrome in full bloom, in Israel.

My Idiot People

Why fund your own suicide? 

Serious question for Israel.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Obama "Congratulates" Bibi

"Nice state ya got there."

"Would be a real shame if anything happened to it..."

Hey British Readers: Can You #GiveBenAJob?

This is great. 

Please spread the word.

Cute: Duchess Has A Giggle Fit During Formal Photo Op

Don't you wonder what the joke was?

Or did someone burp? Fart?

(Yes, I know I am immature, you don't have to tell me...)

The picture is very cute. 

I really like Will and Catherine. Seem to be a very solid, lovely couple.

Eurabian And North American Judenhass Update

Guess what time it is?

Time to talk about how bad things are for Jews in Europe-again and throw in a sprinkle of North America and Israel while I'm at it.

Let's start in Paris.

My friends, we need to talk about Paris.

The Kosher grocery store re-opened. So there was a bit of solidarity shown publicly, with some whomever minister from the office of the whatever in France, talking about blah blah solidarity, blah blah, make France safe for all citizens, etc.. I like some elements of the idea of showing solidarity, but it bothers me that the re-opening of the store is somehow considered 'defiant' or a demonstration of solidarity with "life" (and that's what Jews are about-l'chaim means 'to life', that's our toast and that's the way we roll).

"Life is stronger than barbarity" seems trite in some ways especially coming from a French official, doesn't it? To me it seems like barbarity is winning in a lot of places. It's showing a lot more muscle and resolve than the "life" side right now.

The other thing that is really unsettling is that Jews just wanting to live and breathe isn't 'defiant'. How did we get from there to here?

If you live in a place where it's considered defiant, or uppity, for Jews to live, then you need to think about where you are living because it's not just about the Jews. It starts with us, but as history shows us, it never ends with us. Not ever.

So, let's review some other happenings in Europe, shall we?

Still in France: ISIS child executioner identified by classmates from France. This is very "French", non? 

Actually, this is more idiotically French.

Who cares what people SAY? It's what they do. This is shameful. Let him say whatever the hell he wants about Jews. If he threatens Jews, or hurts them, then do something about it. Liberal Jews, of course, will celebrate this as a great victory over antisemitism ("fighting antisemitism"), but it's stupid and tyrannical and is "proof" to already suspicious Jew-haters that Jews control the media/country/world.

Why put gas on that flame? Why not just starve it of oxygen instead?

In Sweden, mourning Jews harassed at Jewish cemetery.

Demands for Jewish guards at European Jewish sites skyrockets after France and Denmark attacks. 

The pathetic "conservative" David Cameron provides band-aid to Jewish community. 

In Poland, more memorials relating to dead Jews.

In Germany: Jews advised to stop looking so Jewy, especially in Muslim neighbourhoods.

Jews in Britain also try not to look so Jewy, so as not to be seen looking for trouble.

Jews in the Baltics not faring much better. 

Jew attacked wearing Star of David, in Austria. 

And Europeans, instead of actually, you know-dealing with the "root cause", prepare to bury the problem in bureaucracy. 

But the worst, worst, worst of them all right now, is the "Danes form human ring around synagogue" story.

Screw this. 

I am so sick of seeing people get all weepy about this all over social media.  It makes me puke.  Seriously, I puke on you.

("So beautiful/hopeful/lovely/wonderful..." zzzzzzz...)

This is post-facto, photo-op/selfie selfish, moral preening disguised and packaged as 'concern'.

This "concern" is a one-time photo op about a DEAD Jew.

There is nothing in here that respects either the dead, or the living Jews.

So please, unless you are concerned about living Jews, please do not "circle around" any synagogues. Feh. Seriously. I will respect you if you do stuff for the living ones, and on our behalves.

I will award no Jew points for any slacktivism on behalf of dead Jews. Save that sh&t for Facebook and stuff.

Have your people call my people if you are interested in us living ones.

Meanwhile, in North America:

Obama official to address Jew-Hating Jew Group. 

Most hate crimes in Toronto target Jews. 

Official Jews pissed that Justin Trudeau calls Muslims the new Jews. And if that's the case, according to Trudeaupian logic, who are the new Nazis? Why is nobody asking that? Too painful?

Nothing to see here, either.

Interestingly, and perhaps insanely, my optimism about Israel and the Jews remains eternal.

It was a good week for the free world, a bad week for the Israeli left and Israel haters, and this is a remarkably interesting development as well.

A while back, I read an article that discussed the Har Nof terrorist massacre. Responding to this image, a lot of religious Jews called for a doubling up of wearing Tefilin (phylacteries, pictured here on the arm) to honour the dead (and other good deeds and mitzvot).

That's a good plan.

But the complimentary plan, my plan and theory, is that in response to seeing a blood soaked, hacked off Jewish arm, we need strong, smart, effective weapons-and lots of them-in the hands of Jewish soldiers, security professionals and leaders (both spiritual and political).

A confirmation of that need and the embrace by Israelis of my theory can be found in the results of this week's Israeli elections. 

Starbucks Becomes The Brand That Personifies The Road to Hell

Paved with "good intentions".

Starbuck's is doubling down on their moronic race preening initiative, instead of, you know-making and serving terrible, expensive, truly shitty-tasting coffee sugar with a few drops of coffee in cups with pretentious-sounding fake-Italian names.

"Schultz defended the campaign on the stage, saying it’s not a marketing exercise."

“There will be some in the media that criticize Starbucks for having an agenda,” he said.

Our intentions are pure.”

If I want a lecture on something excruciatingly painful, emotionally tormenting and exhausting I HAVE A MOTHER FOR THAT.

Israel's Left Lives in A Bubble

The same, of course can be said about other countries.

"The leftists enhance each other in conversations at cafés and restaurants, in the Tel Aviv salons, in cinematheques and different cultural clubs. The people living outside Tel Aviv and the Jerusalem Cinematheque, outside the academia and the newspaper and television's news desks have completely different views. "

"The left likes to withdraw into itself, to hold internal discussions, to engage in internal quarrels, and shows contempt and disregard towards the voice of "Masuda from Sderot." [Ed.note: a typically Sephardic name from a working class, peripheral town bordering Gaza.]

"But the thing is that in one day of elections, the vote of Masuda from Sderot equals the vote of the president of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. It's the same opportunity, it's the same envelop – only the vote is different."  


Election scapegoat located. 


Netanyahu's Win, Obama's Loss

"Many Americans are disturbed by the Netanyahu–Obama animosity, and for good reason. In part, it is because they worry what it portends for Israel, which needs allies. But it also reminds them that they lack a leader who has a clear-eyed view of evil and understands peace through strength. Israel reelected a man like that; we will have to wait a little longer to elect our own."

Steyn: The James Taylor Doctrine

Now this is allegedly a Steyn essay about jihad, Islam, America becoming treacherous, etc...blah blah zzzzzzz so tired of 24/7 war, tyranny here and all that jihad stuff "at the other end of the ummah" (HAHAHAHAHAHAA).

But, because of SEEKRIT JOOOISH MINDWAVE POWER TOOLZ, it's actually about Jews! I know, right? Steyn and Jews-can you imagine?!?

I just about fell off my chair at this anecdote: 

"Well, each to his own, but I would doubt either Michael Carr or Jimmy Kennedy had ever knowingly heard a mariachi band at the time they wrote "South Of The Border". I'm minded to modify Jerome Kern's line to Oscar Hammerstein when they were adapting Donn Byrne's life of Marco Polo for Broadway."

"Here's a story laid in China about an Italian and told by an Irishman," said Hammerstein."

"What kind of music are you going to write?"

"Don't worry," replied Kern.

"It'll be good Jewish music."


Also, I have to say that I hate Steyn for putting that Rupert the Bear ear worm song into my brain this morning. I guess it's like reverse SEEKRIT JOOO MINDWAVE POWERZZ. But when I say 'I hate Steyn', what I really mean is-I love him err...rather IT.


Funny stuff!!! 

Exit question:

Why has Rupert the Bear bought into the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" meme?

Even the Washington Post says it's B.S. 


Let's Make Peace With These Folks

Reason number eleventy gazillion, trazillion, million why there cannot be peace at this time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Harrowing: Life Under ISIS and Why I Deserted

A first person story.

Not for the faint of heart.

The Death of Free Speech on College Campuses

The First Amendment is on life support on American campuses.

Hey Men! Now You Can Totally, Really Say You Read Playboy For the Articles

This article!

Just Sayin...

Must Read: "Peace, the Grand Delusion"

This is quite a magnificent essay by the very brave, very smart American activist Chloe Valdary who I respect and admire.

Read the whole thing: 

"In 2015, the Jewish community is at a crossroads. Jews are being mowed down in the streets of Europe. Students are being intimidated on college campuses. Jewish-owned businesses and homes are being vandalized. The indigenous status of Jews in their homeland is either callously trivialized or completely denied by prominent voices in the media and elsewhere, including in academia and the United Nations. The 21st century is beginning to feel all too much like the torment of the 1930s and ’40s."

"Yet, we pledged to ourselves, “Never again.”

"This is not merely an adage—it is a demand. The time has come to ensure that the demand is met.
We must draw on our courage and have the audacity to force those who humiliate and threaten us to pay a price. Peace—if it means that we must lie down and be denigrated and even slaughtered while our enemies cheer, is not only wrong—it is evil."

"How many more supermarkets will be attacked before we rise? How many more synagogues, schools, and homes will be assailed? How many more innocent Jews will be slaughtered while praying, or pelted with rocks while driving home?"

"Will we silently submit to these injustices unfolding around us? Will we be satisfied with telling ourselves that we have a higher moral claim because we want “peace?”

Memo to Self: Never Play Poker With Bibi

He gambled, and won. 

That article is a pretty nice summary from John Podhoretz which includes the following concise summary paragraphs:

"The Zionist Union won something like 24 seats, an improvement for its core Labor Party from 15 seats just two years ago. But the thing is, Israel’s left doesn’t have any answers to the nation’s pressing problems either — and is seen as too ready to capitulate on hard-core defense and security issues."

"So, in the final days of the election, trapped in his own backfield, the Zionist Union coming hard upon him as Obama and his minions cheered from the skyboxes, Bibi eluded its grasp and made his move. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Bibi pulled off a pretty spectacular piece of footwork in the most exciting election finish I can remember."

I have some other thoughts. 

So inasmuch as this is a victory for the Israeli right and for Netanyahu, it is also a stinging rebuttal to President Obama directly from the people of Israel. 

Something else that hasn't been discussed that much in the English media is the extent to wish the Israeli leftist media monopoly collaborated in the efforts to have "anyone but Netanyahu". The Israeli media, that is to say all of the major Hebrew newspapers and television news shows fed the Israeli public a disgusting and incessant diet of virulent anti-Netanyahu and anti-conservative propaganda 24/7.  They were utterly deranged about it.

Their efforts backfired-yet they clung to their fairy tale exit numbers. 

It was absolutely delightful to watch their faces get completely messed up and watching them lose their composure entirely when the reality started to sink in-live. I just cannot remember enjoying anything on television more in recent years.

The other thing about the Israeli elections that I noted to my husband this morning is that Meretz, the radical left party also went up in flames. And to me, that is a clear indicator that a small, vocal, aggressive minority makes up the far left in Israel. That aggressive, power-hungry minority though-like in other Western countries, yields power that is extraordinarily disproportionate to its numbers.

In Israel, as elsewhere (Canada, America, Australia, etc..),  the extreme left commands the judiciary, the arts, the media, the academy, the higher echelons of the civil service and the public education system.  That's where they most effectively shove their influence down all of our throats. They do that because they can.

But...and it's a big but...when it comes time for actual democratic decisions to be made-like this Israeli election, which was basically a referendum on Israel's security and the existential threat from Iran, the left lost big time. Their monopoly on our lives, their tyranny over our personal liberties can only be sustained through processes that generally entirely bereft of transparency, real choice and honesty.  Now, not everyone chooses liberty over tyranny when it comes down to a vote-but many do, consistently choosing to believe their own lying eyes rather than the stories they are being told to believe.

You know, even Obama sending American taxpayer dollars to Israel to fight Netanyahu through V-15 was a total bust. What will they do with all those t-shirts?

As Mark Steyn pointed out this morning on the John Oakley show, one of the most exquisite parts of this Israeli election story is that Obama's belligerent, relentless, Alinsky intervention is likely to have been a major factor contributing to Netanyahu's stunning victory. How's that for a Mazel Tov?!?!

 It doesn't get much more delicious than that. Pity there isn't a Hebrew word for "butthurt", though yesterday, someone on Twitter suggested that the Hebrew word for "schadenfreude" is "Axelrod".

I have to tell you, I would pay many, many shekels for a photo of Obama (and frankly, Valerie Jarrett and John Kerry) as the Israeli election results started to come in. So glorious!  Just the thought of it makes me giddy.

Seriously, a thousand camels to the first person who provides me of a photo of Barack Hussein Obama in real time for that moment....I want it even more than the Rashidi tape from the Los Angeles Times.

Obama, the ever petulant, decides "not to weigh in".


How gratifying it must be right now for Netanyahu to be vindicated and to be compared, and I think rightly so, to a modern Churchillian leader. 

In short, this election is a glorious victory for a great leader and, indeed, for the free world.

P.S: *Goy Alert*

Netanyahu is pronounced Neh (like the Yiddish "feh" but with an "n")-tun (rhyming with sun) yah-hoo.

It just gets mangled a lot so YOU'RE WELCOME.

Netanyahu: Moved By the Responsibility

This is leadership:

"I am moved from the weight of responsibility that the people of Israel placed on my shoulders.."

Israeli Left: TROUNCED

Just say it a few times.

It's more delicious every time you repeat it.

Trounced, trounced, trounced.

Do You Hear That?

It's the sound of a thousand mainstream media journalists paging their shrinks: STAT CALL STAT CALL.

It's the sound of a thousand pharmacies getting a call to renew and up medications.

It's the sound of seething in the White House. 


Just glorious.

More on the Israeli elections later.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

50 Shades of Obergropinfuhrer, Or When Life Imitates a Mark Steyn Column

Is it Happy Hour yet?

I could sure use a drink (make mine a nice dry, Kosher red wine from Italy, Israel or France, thankyouverymuch).

It's probably Happy Hour somewhere, right?

When life imitates a Steyn column, it's probably time to head for the hills.

Just Back Away From Da Twitterz With Yer Hands Up And Nobody Will Get Hurt

Starbuck's epic "race together" campaign.

This goes down as a textbook case of 'what not to do on Twitter'. 

This one hurts my brain.


First World Problems: Most Britons Do Not Know How To Make A (Proper) Cup of Tea

News you can use!

What would we do without research?!?!?

The Horror of China's One Child Policy: The Lost Generation

A man-made disaster with such terrible, heartbreaking costs to human life and happiness.

Absolutely terrible.

"Is it Time For the Jews to Leave Europe?"

Short answer: yes. 

Longer answer in this essay by Jeffrey Goldberg at The Atlantic.

The problem with this essay is that the answer "yes" is completely clear. Goldberg gets a bit muddled when he talks about the "why", but eventually comes to the correct conclusion. 

Although he does identify the current, most virulent streams of antisemitism, he wrongly places blame on "fascist" and "right wing" roots. He also claims that immigrant disenchantment, unemployment (in short, Marxist explanations) form the roots of the "new" antisemitism.

Here's what I mean:

"But what makes this new era of anti-Semitic violence in Europe different from previous ones is that traditional Western patterns of anti-Semitic thought have now merged with a potent strain of Muslim Judeophobia. Violence against Jews in Western Europe today, according to those who track it, appears to come mainly from Muslims, who in France, the epicenter of Europe’s Jewish crisis, outnumber Jews 10 to 1."

"That the chief propagators of contemporary European anti-Semitism may be found in the Continent’s large and disenfranchised Muslim immigrant communities—communities that are themselves harassed and assaulted by hooligans associated with Europe’s surging right—is flummoxing to, among others, Europe’s elites."

"Muslims in Europe are in many ways a powerless minority. The failure of Europe to integrate Muslim immigrants has contributed to their exploitation by anti-Semitic propagandists and by recruiters for such radical projects as the Islamic State, or ISIS."
"Yet the new anti-Semitism flourishing in corners of the European Muslim community would be impoverished without the incorporation of European fascist tropes."

He ultimately comes to the right conclusion with lots of first-hand evidence: there is no Jewish future in Europe. The essay is most disturbing and accurate and enraging when he speaks to real Jews, with real day-to-day experiences with virulent, physically menacing Jew-hate.

Try reading the anecdote about the Jewish physician without getting angry.

"Yardéni wanted me to meet a physician named Charles Bensemhoun, who would explain, she said, the collapsing relationship between Toulouse’s 18,000 or so Jews and its much larger Muslim population."

"Bensemhoun, who is in his mid-50s, is Sephardic, born in Morocco. Three-quarters of France’s Jews are Sephardim, chased from Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia in the 1950s and ’60s."

"Many of Bensemhoun’s patients are North African Muslims. “These are people like me, who were born there,” he told me outside the school’s synagogue."

“We speak the same language, literally”—he says he and his patients move easily between Arabic and French—“and we understand each other in very deep ways. They’re very comfortable with me as their doctor.”

"He went on, “But it’s changed in recent years. Now their children are telling them, ‘Don’t go to the Jew,’ ‘You can’t trust the Jew.’ They’ve become radicalized. It’s upsetting. The new generation is anti-Semitic in a way that we haven’t experienced.”

"Are these patients listening to their children? “Yes,” he said. “In some cases, yes.”

 Then, read about how Jews cannot travel safely to their school in 2015 France:

"Once we get here we’re safe,” one of the students told me."


“Getting here from home is the hard part.”

"Many of the students live in distant and equally perilous suburbs, including Sarcelles, the site of anti-Jewish riots this past summer; and Créteil, where Jews have suffered beatings and rapes by anti-Semitic gangs"

This essay also confirms my feeling that the Anne Frank house should be burned down and shut down. It's an industry, has been cynically "universalized", turned into a "brand" and is not particularly Jewish in any way, shape or form.

In conclusion, one can only concur that for Jews in Europe, as one of Goldberg's interlocutors points out, there is only a choice between le cercueil ou la valise—“the coffin or the suitcase.”

Monday, March 16, 2015

Michael Douglas: Finding Judaism and Antisemitism

This is a very forthcoming, reflective essay from actor Michael Douglas. 

I always find it interesting when people describe their experiences with real antisemitism.

Not third-party experiences or hearsay. The real deal.

For myself, I felt it in my bones when I was in Poland with my father-and probably not where you would think. Of course it's in the air in the Auschwitz grounds, but that's not where I felt it most acutely.

It happened in the little municipal records office of my grandmother's town (shtetl), when our taxi driver and translator was explaining to the clerk that we (my father and I) were looking to find the remains of the Jewish cemetery and if they could tell me where my great-grandfather's synagogue/house had been.

The clerk looked at me-if looks could kill-and spat out in Polish that if "she" wanted information "she" would have to go to Łomża. I felt my whole body go ice cold, because what she was really saying, and I could feel it was that Jew can go to hell. 

Another clerk, and our taxi driver were utterly aghast. 

In that instant I remember thinking to myself "that woman would have turned me over to the Nazis", and the second clerk would have hid me. 

That's the most acute antisemitism I have faced directly. I suppose that's lucky. 

Anyway, Douglas' essay is a worthwhile read.

When Saudi Arabia Talks About Nuclear Proliferation...

I'd be inclined to listen very carefully.

"Before I Go": A Stanford Neurologist's Parting Wisdom About Life and Time

This is beautiful and so sad.

It's heartbreaking and life-affirming. 

It made me cry.

"Most ambitions are either achieved or abandoned; either way, they belong to the past."

"The future, instead of the ladder toward the goals of life, flattens out into a perpetual present. Money, status, all the vanities the preacher of Ecclesiastes described, hold so little interest: a chasing after wind, indeed. Yet one thing cannot be robbed of her futurity: my daughter, Cady. I hope I’ll live long enough that she has some memory of me."

Do read the whole thing.

Just Sayin....

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Jewish Mom Reads Three Alpha Male Books in a Row

LOL. How's that for a headline?

I have three books to recommend-all quick reads.


Me, Inc. by Gene Simmons

This is a really interesting book about Gene Simmons' rise to fame-his calculated, clever business acumen, and how he went from being a penniless refugee in Israel, with only his Holocaust-survivor Mom to lean on, to building a veritable empire. There is lots of common sense in the book and it should certainly inspire people to take concrete steps to create a successful life (read: money). I disagreed with a lot of the life advice though-about how many children to have, about when to get married, but I agree that women cannot "have it all".

The other thing that was food for thought, for me anyway, was his admission (via the reality show) that he really almost lost the things that truly mattered (his partner, now wife and his children) because of his philandering and narcissistic tendencies. So it just makes me wonder about the value of that kind of material success if you risk losing the important humans in your life-or risk not having any at all in your life.

He's very, very smart, with lots of great advice, and a very patriotic, charitable person. Worth your time.


President Me by Adam Carolla

Oh boy this one made me laugh. It's got lots of funny in it, and I snorted out loud on the subway reading the speech to the UN.

Again, lots of common sense in here and as I always say-common sense: not so common!

Last, but certainly not least: Love Life, by Rob Lowe.

I didn't know what to expect from this book, and I haven't read his first one (I will for sure now), but it's a really interesting part auto-biography, part philosophy book and it takes you through his meteoric acting career, the libidinous and alcohol-fueled years and then rehab and settling into the very best roles of his life as husband and father.

I won't spoil the book for you, but I will say that the passage about 'how things end' really was an exceptionally powerful and emotionally riveting part of the book. It was just lovely. I also learned not to trust Jewish redheads-but for that whole story (also very sweet and funny) you have to read the book as well.

The extra awesome thing about the Rob Lowe book, is that I tweeted that I really enjoyed it (I follow him on Twitter), and that the passage on loss, and how things end was  beautiful and poignant and he favourited the Tweet.

So, I had a total fan girl hysterical OMG OMG meltdown moment last night, while my kids totally laughed at me.

He's a very smart guy and quite a substantial writer. I was moved by quite a number of vignettes in the book.

Best Story of the Day: TOM, Developing Products in Israel, In A Three Day Marathon, With the Disabled For the Disabled

"Nothing for us without us." 


Making the world a better place indeed.

THIS is "tikkun olam". The real deal. 

G-d bless Steph Wertheimer and all of the individuals who came together for this.

This is truly amazing. Absolutely inspiring.

The Problem With the European Union

Is primarily that Greeks are living like Greeks, but the bill gets sent to Germany.

It's not realistic to think that all Europeans are the same, work the same, think the same and are inclined to the same levels of productivity and earning power.

Some people like to work and save and some people like to spend, especially when it's other people's money. 


The Brilliant David Solway: Let Us Count the Gulags

Utterly depressing in true conservative spirit.

(That's a compliment of course!) 

A must read.

John Kerry: US Will Have to Negotiate With Syria

What could possibly be wrong with that? 

Good thing he already has experience in this area.

Melanie Phillips: The End of Childhood

The currently en vogue trend of hypersexualizing children absolutely terrifies me.

It quite literally keeps me up at night.

"Even those charged with children’s protection have not regarded premature sexual activity as a problem. Children’s homes have regularly shrugged aside the fact that young girls in their care are too often ‘on the game’ outside their walls. You’d hardly think that we have an age of consent."

"Dishing out contraceptives to children is deemed essential by all governments. It’s obvious isn’t it (goes the thinking) that, well, children will inevitably get up to stuff? And so society must accept that they’ll be having sex at 12, 11, ten, whatever."

"All you can do is try to prevent bad outcomes that have an impact on the rest of us. That means babies. So, of course, you dish out condoms to young teenagers. Of course, you offer abortion services to children as young as 11 without informing their parents. And, of course, you give them sex education, telling even primary school children about oral sex and prostitution."

"So the idea that children having sex is always a form of child abuse is dismissed. The only people who could possibly object are by definition religious nuts and reactionaries, right?"

"Well, not so fast."

Friday, March 13, 2015

Pre-Sabbath Update on the State of the World

Otherwise known as the world according to me.

Really, this is just a summary of things that I have been thinking about over the past few days.

Real life remains very busy, but there is still lots to talk about.

I've collected a bunch of links over the week and when I look at them together, they form a pretty dismal picture. The world, like life, goes in waves. Up and down, wave after wave.

From the super doooooper extra special American envoy/Tsar on antisemitism, the admission that "security" for European Jews is just a band-aid "solution" and that many European Jewish communities simply are not viable.

A month after the terrorist attack at her Bat Mitzvah, the family celebrates in Israel-which is really where they should be thinking of putting down roots and not clinging to the fantasy of European Jewish life. It's really not 'living' anymore.

They are "bankrupted" by security costs. European Jewish communities are paying for their own perilous, fragile survival, and it's truly just a band-aid and nobody wants to deal with the fatal, gushing wound

In the UK, the great Douglas Murray surveys the epidemic Jew-hatred in British academia. It's a repulsive picture. Britain is, unfortunately, no longer great, no longer proud of its heritage.

Two Jewish teens are beaten to a pulp outside a Marseille synagogue.

ISIS has a new BFF.

Egypt's Sisi is facing growing pressures and threats, having been abandoned by America. 

Sisi and Israeli PM Netanyahu "talk a lot". Obama has, ironically, by abandoning Israel and Egypt to the wolves, created a warmer peace between the two countries than Sadat!

This is the law of unintended consequences in action!

Many Palestinians want democracy, but their democratic aspirations will fall on the deaf ears of Obama administration.

Iran laughs in all of our faces. 

Evil laughs in our face because the free world is suffering through the second agonizing term of the silliest, most juvenile, narcissistic, empty-suit, ignorant, classless, President in American history. 

America can no longer be called the leader of the free world-just what Obama wanted. Mission accomplished.

Meanwhile in South America-not so great for Jews in Argentina.

Not even the dead ones can rest in peace.

I'm not feeling terribly optimistic right now.

Even in Canada, Jewish blood is cheap. 

Where are the Official Jews on this?

Where is the "Conservative" Party? Where is Prime Minister Harper, where is Jason Kenney? Where is CIJA? Where is the Canadian Jewish News?

Do you hear that?

That's the deafening sound of silence in the face of real threats and violence against Jews and a disgraceful miscarriage of justice. And nobody "official" cares a whit. 

It's pathetic. 

Plus, I have a hunch that Israel is going to swing left in the upcoming elections. 

As usual, people write to me, frustrated and angry asking what to do.

So I will spell it out again.

Don't be afraid.  Fight back with the skills you have, fight what you can-not what you can't.

Love your children, raise them well.  Honour your parents who gave you life.

Love and respect your partner in life.

Give thanks. Smile. Compliment. Hold the door. Say hello. Sing. Dance. Host. Hum. Share. Give. Pray.

These are all essential victories.

Stay in it for the long run.

Live well and Carpe Diem.