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The Wussification of Men

Anyone think this is just a wee bit, well-how shall I put this....ummmm...


OMG Laugh of the Day

Was just reading Mark Steyn's interview with Hugh Hewitt and I just about spewed my coffee out.

I know that's not very ladylike, but that's what happened. And I'm still laughing.

Read the whole thing, but here's the Extra Soooooper Dooooper Fabulous paragraph:

"Well, I’m always interested, I’m increasingly interested as I travel around America and the rest of the West, and what’s holding the joint up, because I think there’s what I think statisticians, and in fact, I think doctors, too, call the normality bias, that the way things are, and that people have a tendency to believe that the way things are now is the way they’re always going to be. And I’m basically going to say no, wait a minute, you can be like some French bon vivant of the 1890s strolling around all dapper and debonair, and inside, you’re all rotted away from tertiary syphilis, and you don’t even know it, yet. So I’m going to be doing a bit of the old apocalyptic doom mongering on that."

So, in summary-Mark Steyn has masterfully managed to insult both the French and the Western 'la la la not listening' (a.k.a "normality biased") masses in one sentence.Well worth your time!!!

And remember: COME ONE AND ALL TO STEYNAMITE - April 24 in downtown Toronto.

To all you Americans out there-it is just a 90 minute drive from Buffalo to Toronto, and about 4 hours by car from Detroit. If you live a little further afield, say Chicago (Midway), or Washington D.C (Dulles) there are great deals on Porter Airlines to come into our fair city. Porter Airlines absolutely rocks-you will seriously not want to ever fly another airline again once you fly Porter.

I suggested to Kathy earlier that we should have a Steynamite Tailgate Party. However, on second thought, I am a bit more of a pampered princess.

If people are up for it, we could think of organizing a Toronto Vast Right Wing Conspiracy dinner before the event.

Hell Hath No Fury

Like a despicable, influential, communist agitator who happened to have been born a Jew. 

Read "Still the Alinksy Playbook". 

Spring, Freedom, Passover

OK, I am totally verklempt right now.

This is a very moving clip of Gilad Shalit and his family visiting Bibi Netanyahu to say thank you. 

Passover is also known as the holiday of freedom. It starts next week.

Even with all the darkness that surrounds us, and the "choiceless choices", the darkness that surrounded the deal to release Shalit, we have to celebrate freedom.

Jews remember our Exodus from Egypt not just at Passover, but every single Friday night when we say Kiddush, when we bless the wine.

We celebrate our freedom every week, and we need to feel it running through our veins, and animating every breath we take.

I am so glad his disgusting father kept his mouth shut during this very touching visit.

Jews: Sometimes Our Own Worst Enemies

I can’t count the number of times that non-Jews have asked me why Jews remain liberals, why they vote Liberal (or further left) in Canada, and Democrat in America. 

My answer is always the same. 

There are Jews for whom liberalism is their primary identity, the “church” so to speak, in which they worship. They are liberals first-and Jews second or third, if at all. 

Liberal beliefs are what animate them, more so than any other understanding of, or commitment to Jewish principles and ideas. They happened to have been born Jewish, that's all.

I was reminded of this yet again when I read some articles that started circulating this week. 

Here is a press release from Official Canadian Jewry celebrating the election of the new leader of our furthest left party, the “New Democratic Party”.   

Did they not notice that one of his first actions was to have Libby Davis as a number two in the party? Doesn’t that mean anything to them? Such short memories.
I’m not the only person thinking that establishment Jewry is somewhat obtuse

In fact, I see very little evidence that any conservative or right-of-centre positions are incorporated into any official stances and programming.  

Who are these Jewish PR mavens that keep getting it wrong? And how much are they getting paid? 

There is an old story about the Jew who got stranded on a desert island. Finally, after many years, he gets rescued. His rescuers note that for one Jew, on one island, there are two synagogues-lovingly hand-built by the same castaway Jew. 

“Why do you have two synagogues for one Jew,” they ask. 

“Eh,” he says, pointing to one synagogue. 


“That’s the shul I will never set foot in!”

Jews have strong convictions-we are “stiff-necked” and actually proud of it.  We can be stubborn.  That’s not always bad. It really bothers the Jew-haters of the world that after the Holocaust, we were stubborn enough to found our own state, so that a second Holocaust couldn't ever happen again. 

We are stubborn enough to have weapons now and nukes, and an army! We are stubborn enough to not surrender our national security to the fetid putrid United Nations. We are so uppity and stubborn that we continue to refuse to just die, or enjoy being killed! The nerve!

Jews are supposed to nurture many opinions and question our faith and decisions. Jews are supposed to wrestle with G-d (see Jacob-Israel) and wrestle with text (Talmud) and philosophy.

 How did we get to the point where there is no diversity of opinion within Jewish officialdom, where dissent is considered troublesome at best and ignorant at worst? 

Why is there an absolute dearth of debate? What are people afraid of?
How is it that Stephen Harper, our incredible Prime Minister and Jason Kenney, his official badass dude are more publicly, and apologetically Zionist than our own “leadership”? 

Are we lacking brains? 


Or is that our lay leadership is being led by a tired, increasingly annoying and repetitious cadre of elite, liberal “mavens” who are simply unable to place facts as community priorities above their own liberal convictions?

By that, I mean identifying actual existential threats (terrorism) versus imaginary ones (white, Christian, with magic markers or black spray paint) to our communities and to Israel-and by extension- to the entire Western world. 

How can it be that there is not a singular forum to discuss these issues publicly, to debate the merits of the official Canadian Jewish opinions on any given issue? 

For example, there was never a forum to discuss the merits of the Canadian Jewish Congress’ stance on Section 13 and the entire approach to “hate” speech and censorship. And although the CJC has morphed another kind of relatively ineffectual kind of wishy-washy advocacy organization (see NDP official Mazel Tov message), there is still a need for debate.  

Three Jews, four opinions or more-isn’t that the way it used to be? 

Isn’t that the way it ought to be? 

Is anybody listening? 

Care to debate? 


Loathsome Social Service Psychopaths in the UK

These folks happily wreck many lives, at princely salaries. 

There are always more disgusting stories of the ruin.

And of course, there is never any remorse or insight on the part of the massive social welfare industry-and believe me-it's an industry.

Celebrate "Asian" Culture in Britain

Diversity! It's a beautiful thing. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nothing to See Here!


Best "nothing to see here" story of the day? 



American Airport Security Kabuki


Feel safer now?

Charles Adler Show Spot, 2:00 p.m EST!

I'll be on the Charles Adler Show today talking about this story at 2:00 p.m EST.

Horrendous.  It's Nanny Bastards Gone Wild! The UK is screwed!

Not surprising of course.

My advice to anyone involved with any element of officialdom is: MAKE THEM GO AWAY.

Even if you have to eat a small sized, or super sized crap sandwich to make it all go away, it is best to do so.

Once a meddling bureaucrat gets a whiff of weakness or vulnerability, they tend to latch on with death-grip on your family.

Blaming the victim is standard, and the potential for trouble is endless.

Listen live on the Adler show at 2:00 p.m!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is Islam a Scapegoat For the Problems of Immigration?

This is Ed West's suggestion.

Do you think that immigration is the problem, or is it that certain kinds of immigrants are the problem?

Mass immigration can be of benefit to a society. I think it depends on the type of immigrant-and there are many factors that need to be included in the discussion, not excluding religion.

But I am more troubled by something else.

West contents that he is Mark Steyn's biggest fan "in the whole wide world, complete with a wall covered with pictures of him and a tattoo of his face on my chest".

At the moment, I can't decide if I am moderately disturbed or aroused.

My Idiot People

Jews can be very smart. When they are dumb, they can be dumber than a bag of hammers. 

When they are ultra-liberals (first), a lot of the obtuseness is understandable, but no less reprehensible.   

I saw this article about professor Noah Feldman blathering on about broccoli and thought to myself-Feldman, Noah Feldman, where have I heard this name before?  

Oh-now I remember! 

He is the one who got his Harvard knickers in a knot because he thought his Orthodox Yeshiva had an issue with his Korean wife. Imagine that!

They airbrushed him! It would have been easier, he claimed, if they had excommunicated him like Baruch Spinoza (quite the comparison-no ego issue there). 

There were many responses at the time, so I’ll just share one for now

Personally, I have no problem with an Orthodox Jewish institution, or individual not celebrating intermarriage.  That’s what makes Orthodox Jews Orthodox. They believe that intermarriage should not be celebrated-but countered and opposed. 

A lot of people who marry outside the faith want to bully other Jews into celebrating their intermarriage. There are those who will not go along with that charade, and I salute them. 

It appears though that Feldman has moved from whining about Photoshop and his non-Jewish bride, and non-Jewish child and whatnot in the New York Times to weighing in on the Obama care plan, which hopefully, with any luck, will soon experience an acute case of rigor mortis at the hands of the Supreme Court judges of America. 

This is his assessment: 

“...when it comes to the strange and unusual case of health insurance, inaction causes the whole market to break down. By not buying health insurance, the healthiest person is depriving everyone of a public good. By sitting on their hands -- and acting rationally -- people who do not purchase insurance are unintentionally causing the market to fail.”

In other words, the success or failure of the entire health care market is dependent on the people who rationally do not purchase a particular product in America! They harm the public good because they do not wish to purchase a certain good/product.  And the government will make this better how? 

Therefore, going by this logic, the public good will is served by forcing Americans to purchase a product against their own better (“rational”) judgement.  They should be forced to buy something that is irrational in order to make a marketplace “succeed”.

That is absolutely ridiculous.  The only success that could result is the massive winfall for the federal government. Their ownership of healthcare effectively nationalizes one of the biggest industries in the country (perhaps the biggest). 

There is a market for absolutely everything in America-even less than optimum health care plans. There are companies and entrepreneurs itching for even a small percentage of that market.

The market has a mind of its own, and the less government interferes in any markets, the better. 

I suppose Professor Noah Feldman is too busy to look a little bit north to Canada, where socialized medicine has been in place ever since a perky young eugenics enthusiast named Tommy Douglas brought it to our fair country. 

We have a “Medicare Bubble”.   

Ontario is a province in such dire financial straits for many reasons, too numerous to list here.

But when a government spends .46 cents out of every single dollar it has on health care, it is a slight problem.  There is even an official web site about “Wait Times”. 

There are “wait times” because the system is overloaded, therefore care and resources are rationalized. 

I dearly hope Obama care is overturned. 

Repeatedly explaining to people why getting all this “free” stuff is just not working is frankly exhausting.  

It’s bad enough here in Ontario, but the United Kingdom’s NHS provides an even more accurate picture of socialized medicine. 

The American scale is much greater, and and therefore the potential scale of destruction is far more ominous. 

The attempt by the utopian Obama administration to aggressively attempt to nationalize American bodies and souls must be fought vigorously.

The stakes are dangerously high, and there is little chance a hostile takeover such as this could possibly be reversed once the course has been set in judicial stone. 

Related thoughts on the Tyranny of Obama Care here, from Michelle Bachman. 

The Horror

Rest in peace.

What a tragic event, compounded by the fact that her husband has since been acquitted. Just terrible.

The husband got what he wanted. I can't imagine a woman so beautiful trying to live her life trapped with the face of a monster.

Acid attacks on women are another Pakistani cultural export.

Nothing to See Here

From the "Hey, Jews Have It Really Great" in France file:

A 12 year old Jewish boy in Paris was beaten by antisemitic thugs-of no particular name, religion or origin.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trending in Gaza

What never goes out of style in the Gaza strip?

Click me!

Gender Bender

Kathy has an excellent piece up today at Taki, called Death by Diva?

She brings up a lot of great points, and I think there is a lot of bullying going on today. There simply should not not be any subject that is off limits in a civilized society. There should be no speech that is criminalized-other than threats of imminent injury or death. 

Bad ideas are naturally silenced by the intelligent consensus of a civilized majority.

When "bad" ideas, or distasteful ideas are legislated out of popular discourse, or banned, they just go underground-they never disappear.

Speaking of bad ideas-I just ran across this story.

When, exactly, in the history of public education did human sexuality become a "necessary" topic for primary school children?

When did parents lose this battle?

Why can't teachers stick to the rudimentary basics of learning: math, reading, writing, languages and literature and why can't they be refrained from introducing age-inappropriate topics into primary and nursery school curricula?

The joy ride on the road to Western civilizational doom has a significant pit stop in the public educational system.

How Neurotic Mothers Get Book Deals

By starving and humiliating their seven year old daughters. 

What could possibly be wrong with that?

I can just hear the legions of NYC shrinks salivating over this one.

Jackpot case! Lifetime commitment! Ka-ching!

Oedipus, Schmoedipus

As long as he loves his mother....

It's Going Down, Baby

"A  train wreck."

! ! ! ! ! ! !

Criminal Speech in Britain

This is a very dangerous precedent. Watch for more of this.

Although distasteful, there should be nothing illegal about saying that someone is dead and laughing (LOL) about it.

This is the state's intrusion into your brain.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Nothing to See Here

Carry on....

American Military Justice

Sometimes moves slowly. Sometimes moves quickly.

Has blood money been paid to those gunned down in the US?

Compare and contrast.

Lots of information out there. Some of it processed, and some ignored.

The New Woody Allen?

Come hither, my darling daughter!

The Happiest Man in Britain

"He is really enjoying his new home and so are his family. The inside is very modern and has been done up more nicely, it has more bedrooms and a larger garden. ‘It is better for the family. They are all very happy in the larger house."

"My brother cannot work so the British government fund his family to live there. The new house is costing more but he does not have to pay it because there is no way he can earn money."

Bonus endorsement for the BBC! 
"He told me he is very unhappy with what has been written about him in the Daily Mail. He is far more pleased with the BBC which has been much more favourable about him in its coverage. That’s what he likes to see."

The "Infinite Pleasure"

Of slaughter. 

The joy of the true perpetrators.

Of the reconnaissance.

The world, trying to wash its hands, but the stains won't go away.

The utopians.

The whitewash. 

Higher Education

Learn, study, explore...

Kathy quips: "To boldly go...where no university has gone before".

Apparently, McGill university's pursuit of excellence includes vaginal fisting workshops. 

What could possibly be wrong with that? It was run by experts!

It was run by a sex blogger and kink historian. A what?

Now, I have a history degree, but I don't recall being offered a course in kink. That was strictly extracurricular for those that chose.

The workshop Zanin gave at McGill included a live demonstration. I wonder how William Shatner feels about his namesake building being used for this purpose?

QM [Queer McGill] Social Coordinator Lindsey Clark said that the week was scheduled to occur in campus buildings due to increased accessibility for booking event space, and to make it easier for students to attend those events.

“It was a mixture of consciousness and also just ease of event,” she said.

“It partly was conscious that we were having it within the school environment because we feel it is an educational series, that it is important that that be a part of the ‘McGill education,’ but I think it was never fully a conscious choice.”

I'm sure parents and alumni and donors are delighted!

Not unrelated:

"Just like any other business."

There is nothing sacred anymore. Nothing.

How to Get Freelance Work in Toronto

Bonk the boss.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Arab Spring, Etc...

Democracy, etc..

Nothing to see here.

From Afghanistan to Canada

This is a very interesting piece from the Toronto Star, about a teenaged girl who was sponsored to come to Canada to go to school.

Rather than be inspired by it, it made me upset, thinking about the seemingly incidental things that we enjoy here in Canada that are beyond the hope of women in Afghanistan. In her first two months here, she has experienced more freedom than a woman in Afghanistan can expect to experience in a lifetime. The picture there does not look particularly hopeful.

So what are we fighting for? For women to still live in a place where they are attacked for wanting to learn, for wanting not to be illiterate? Where cars are rare, but women drivers are non-existent. For the existence of a place where the burqa is still donned and where girls can be firebombed or acid-attacked on their way to school?

For the right to live in a place where a corrupt tribal, kleptocrat, wearing ugly scarves, spits on Western soldiers and exists solely through the largess of the Western troops that are positioned in Afghanistan?

There were at least a dozen things in this article that made me hope she is never sent back, and that we cut our losses in Afghanistan-let them rot there. Their culture and their treatment of women is despicable and, at this juncture, I am not at all convinced it is reformable or redeemable.

The Abuse of the Disabled

Yes it's disgusting and no I am not surprised. 

So angry I can barely type.

Most Awesome Way to Start the Week?

Oh, I don't know-perhaps with Mark Steyn being all French and stuff?!?!

*waves back to Mark*

*falls over*

*motions for the youngsters to wave the smelling salts*

New York City: Your Tax Dollars at Work

Squatting 101.

Good grief.

This is the cure for homelessness?

Would You Care For Some Freshly Ground Pepper, or Parmesean Cheese....

On your placenta?

Memo to self: never eat at January Jones' house.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

You. Go. Girl.

"The parents I've seen who've gotten the farthest with their kids are the parents whose voices are the absolute loudest"

Yes. Amen to that. 

How smart do you have to be to insist that a child with cerebral palsy has her walker taken away "for safety reasons" because it collapsed one time in a playground?

How wonderful and impressive your credentials must be, to be a Special Education Director and advise that a crippled child has their mobility equipment taken from them-for their own safety!

Mind numbing stupidity here. Unfortunately, it's epidemic.

Supersize My Danish!

Who is this adorable, hilarious Dane?

And what could be more delightful than a montage to a president with so many strong allies, who constantly punches above his weight?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Steynamite Reminder!

Just a reminder that if you are in Toronto, southern Ontario or even the northern end of the United States, you should come to Steynamite. 

I have two Gold tickets, apparently this assures me some kind of water boarding spa treatment or some such other infidelicious activity and whatnot.

I'm so excited. Excited because seeing Mark in person can include any of the following ingredients:

Laughs (many of these actually).
Songs (truly memorable).
A dominatrix (mercifully usually just one).
A singing Imam (or facsimile thereof).
Razor-sharp political commentary (lots of this).
Sartorial savoir-faire!
(France sucks, but French is swell...) 
Intellectual stimulation!

Oh and stimulation! Some types of stimulation!

Did I mention that already?

Hmmm. Yes, I think I did.

Sorry-what were we talking about? 


And I Thought Having the Jehovas At the Door Was Disturbing

"Death at Your Door" definitely beats the Jehovas-hands down.  I'd rather see the Avon Lady than Jehovas Witnesses. But rather Jehovas Witnesses than the Grim Reaper.

Europeans are hot for death: 

"When Petra de Jong first killed a person, she didn't know what she was doing. The doctor was working as a lung specialist at a Dutch hospital, and her patient was suffering from cancer. It was a hopeless case, she says."

"Today, 20 years later, de Jong plays an influential role in the world of physician-assisted suicide."

Progress! Better drugs, more expert euthanasia experience! Awesome. 

Extra Super Duper Creepy:

"The Levenseindekliniek physicians first have to review the medical files of the patients who wish to die. Then they are required to contact the patients' primary care providers to find out why they declined to perform the euthanasia procedure themselves."

Major Creepy:

"Six teams are currently working at the clinic. All participating doctors have previous experience in performing active euthanasia. They will work one day a week in the clinic and the remaining days at their own medical practices. Likewise, they will be allowed to perform euthanasia at most once a month."

Final Nugget:

"NVVE staff members don't try to talk any of them out of killing themselves. "It's not our job," de Jong says. "It would be paternalistic."

Their job is killing, stupid. DUH!!!

Ho Hum!

Nothing to see here.

It's. On!

Apparently, I am way off about the recent murder of Jews in Toulouse.

Matt Gurney, from the National Post thinks that the French did a bang-up job with the most recent terrorist episode in France.

What’s the problem?

The problem is that that is not the problem. 

One terrorist has been eliminated-great. But the problem is much greater than this one episode. It’s another French band-aid solution, like banning face veils

It’s a cosmetic quick fix, for public consumption, rather than a serious philosophical examination of the issues. 

France does not have a glorious history as far as anti-Semitism goes and it’s not getting any better.
Dreyfuss. Vichy. Al-Dura.  Traffic jams

Cars torched in Paris by the thousands. Ilan Halimi z”l.
Jewish life in Paris, even at the quasi-official memorial /restaurant to terrorist victims at a 1980s bombing-kaput.  The place where Jews were targeted, but innocent Frenchmen were killed!

There are also those quaint little enclaves known as Des Zones Urbaines Sensibles, the “Sensitive Urban Zones” .

It’s not just me who thinks that the Jews should get out of France. Apparently, French Jews have identified their existence in France as a problem as well.
Just don’t talk about it! One terrorist is dead-everything is cool now! Don't talk about it.

Don’t listen to what European Jews say about it, either (read the comments). 

Just have a moment of silence and remember....the terrorist because he had a hard life! (To their credit, many students walked out and parents were outraged...)

Exit questions (and just bear with me because I'm not very bright):

If I am so wrong-so waaaaaay off, why should anyone care what I think?  

Why does the National Post care? I'm a very minor player. It's a small blog. It's gorgeous, I know, but just a One Jewish "Conservative" Broad operation.

If the National Post cares what I think-at least enough that I inspire op-ed content with one little blog post-maybe they should let me respond in the same shiny, sparkly space in the op-ed section-I'm rather fond of that little slice of real estate in the paper.

And if Matt Gurney is right, why not allow comments on that particular post?

PS: Matt-you're totally wrong. 

PPS: France totally sucks and Jews with any sense would do well to leave that festering cesspool of antisemitism while they still can-that is to say, while they are still alive. 

PPS: The same goes for Europe in general. France is the suckiest, but Sweden is number 2 on the list of Worst Places in Europe For Jews That Insist on Living There (thanks for the heads up, my Blazing, Furry Friend)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gendercide in the UK

Will the "crackdown" make any difference at all?

I doubt it.

Ultrasound technology-quite like the life of these unborn children-is cheap.

Nanny Bastards

Someone desperately needs a hug!
Best friends have been banned in England-so as not to make kids feel bad about...whatever or something.

Now a hug ban in America.

What's next?

Don't answer that!

Print More Money-STAT!

Something's gotta give.

This is just not going to turn out well...

Mark Steyn: Lather, Rinse, and Repeat

Read Mark Steyn's updated comment on the murders in Toulouse:

Among other observations, he notes that "apparently the really bad thing about actual dead Jews is that it might lead to dead non-Jews".

Read the whole thing. 

I'll Be On the Charles Adler Radio Show This Afternoon

You can tune in at 2:30 EST for a segment on the Toulouse murders.

Listen live here.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The End is Nigh

In which I express amazement at the hotness of this lesbian. 

(In comparison to her previous incarnation of course...)

Click! Be not afraid!


The Grand Poobah of Socialized Medicine in Canada

Tommy Douglas, young eugenicist.

I May Have to Kill Myself!

Kate just turned schadenfruede into a verb. 


Why. Did. I. Not. Think. Of. That. Before?

Is there an AWESOMENESS prize out there on the Internet?

Oh Mah Gawd! I will never look at that word the same way again.

It's OVER between me and schadenfruede the noun.

Some Thoughts About Toulouse

Some thoughts and some images make it hard to get through the day. 

While the recent slaughter of Jews in France is not my personal tragedy, it is still painful. I purposely avoid the news some days. I don’t want to hear the details about children being abused and murdered and dying.  And I wish I hadn’t seen the picture of those little bodies wrapped in talitot (prayer shawls) because I can’t get it out of my head and I know I never will. Nor should any of us.

Although not my personal heartache, although I have no right to feel pain over this, I felt totally overwhelmed with emotion today lifting my youngest out of bed in the morning, feeling his warm cheeks-still flushed from peaceful sleep, smelling his head and thinking about the horror of a mother, in France having to hold a cold, dead, child in her arms. 

Of course, plus ca change - as the French say. 

I couldn’t help thinking about the completely mundane, every day action of dropping your children off at school leading to the most unimaginable pain that a parent can experience. 

Jews were hunted yesterday. Like animals, by a predator who no doubt, delighted in his sadism and every small part of the action, the planning, the scouting, the weapon, the terror, the blood. Jews were murdered yesterday by a Muslim terrorist because they made the mistake of an unforgiveable crime-breathing while Jewish. 

Much hope was expressed by the leftist, continental, Western, European in-denial masses that the perpetrator was a white, Christian “neo-Nazi”. How much easier it would be on their consciences if only the shooter was a white, Christian male, spewing about Jesus as he mowed down his Jewish prey. 

If only. 

If only we took no prisoners. 

But when we have to take prisoners, if only we took prisoners and held them.

As I remarked to Kathy earlier today, what we are seeing of course is “Neo” Nazism. This is indisputably the same gleeful spirit of slaughter and sadism, and the same blood lust that has been documented countless times against Jews throughout history-most recently of course in WWII Europe. 

So the leftists, the "in-denial" masses, eager to blame these murders on "Neo" Nazis were actually right. 

In fact, a "Neo" Nazi murdered Jews in cold blood, in France yesterday.

Mark Steyn notes in his Moral Equivalence Watch that the best defence against Judenhaas-motivated, cold-blooded murder is a “good” offence. The moral equivalence doesn’t surprise me anymore. It does not take my breath away. 

He pointed out years ago that Jewish life takes place only behind increasingly heavy security-guards, security walls, nondescript buildings and no identifiably Jewish clothing or outerwear. 
Jewish “life”? Not exactly.

The question: What kind of a Jewish “life” is this?  

The answer: This is not Jewish “life”, this is Jewish subsistence. Europe has no Jewish life.  There is only, and can only be Jewish death in Europe. 

For those willing to see it, we can see that Jews have reached a fork in the road of our existence as a people.  Unfortunately, both of these European roads lead to Jewish death. 

One road is the Death, or the Murder of Community.  

This is Jewish death by drips and drabs, by security fences and lynchings; by the slow death of a Rabbi here or there, the beating of a few Jewish kids, the closing of businesses, the expulsion from schools, and the expulsion from cities.   

It is the slow erosion of Jewish rights, the majority of the people in any given town or city silently ignoring incrementally egregious attacks, hoping to be the last, or only ones not victimized. 

It is the placement of “scare quotes” on “radical views”, or "radical influences", subtly and incidiously suggesting that there is nothing particularly radical about wanting to murder Jews in cold blood. How radical is that?

(See Globe & Mail screen shot from earlier today, posted below.) 

The second is Instant Death. This is by terrorism and while less frequent, more “random” and more shocking, it still leading to the same place. 

There is no Jewish “life” in Europe. 

There is only blood-soaked Earth, ghosts, mass graves, confiscated property and artwork, unclaimed insurance policies, Judaica in museums. There are sad photo-ops at Holocaust Memorial Day "celebrations". There are tours of Anne Frank's House, the Anne Frank House Gift Shop, the worshiping of her tree, tours of Auschwitz-Birkenau and Polish towns where gentiles play klezmer music in Hebrew-lettered cafes. 

There are, in Europe, Jews desperately clinging to the idea that Europeans have changed, that Jewish life is “renewed” and that Europe-for the Jews-is redeemable.   

This is the picture of naive Jews refusing to see that the demographics of Europe, with France leading the way, has sealed the future of Jewish “life” in Europe. 
Those who can leave, should. 

Those who have any fight in them, must. 

Those that pursue us will never win.  We will outlive and bury you. 

Those souls murdered in cold blood will be avenged. 

Those lives matter. 

Am Yisrael Chai. 

Screen Shot-Note "Scare Quotes"

Why America is No Longer the Land of the Free

Here's one reason.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Formerly Nazi Country Warns Jews Not To Take Action to Prevent New Holocaust

And what could possibly be wrong with that?

Germans-redefining chutzpah!

Irony is like sooo ironic sometimes.

Most Audacious Plan Ever, But EVAH EVAH???


Let's think back about 500 years...hmmm....

Let us all be history sluts for a moment.

That means bigger than the Ottomans versus the Austrian Empire (laughs).

More audacious than Waterloo (laughs harder).

Bigger and more audacious than nuking Imperial Japan (rolls over, gasping for breath).

Bigger and more audacious than defeating the Nazis and D-Day (seriously dying now)?

Bigger than the Napoleonic Wars, the American Civil War and if we are loose with dates-as history sluts sometimes are-that could include the Spanish Inquisition also (out of control giggling).

You decide for yourselves. 

Kathy Shaidle: Turning Cads Into Klansmen

I remember when Kathy posted about this a couple of weeks ago, and now she has expanded on the theme.

It's a great piece.

I do read stuff from the "Manosphere" a lot. Sometimes it's funny, and sometimes it's breathtaking (not in a good way), but it always sheds a little light onto human nature. And there are all kinds of humans out there.

I also think Roissy a.ka. "Heartiste" is best at the 'how women's brains work' and 'how men's brains work' posts. Some of the posts get a little clunky when they start talking White Power and how the JOOOOOOOS control the world. But it remains a guilty pleasure.

Certainly, I have argued many of the same things myself about women being picky, about grossly overweight women being picky and how that leads to sexlessness. There are a lot of good insights there on how men can improve their game with women. A lot about confidence and approach and how feminism has ruined many generations of women.

But basically, I'm with my friend Barbara who says "Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Get the fuck over it."


OK. I am officially done feeling any emotion whatsoever for the woman who was hit with the shopping cart while buying Halloween candy for underprivileged kids. 

She is clinically dead for seven minutes (doesn't that count at least for attempted murder?), loses vision in one eye, has not received any apology or expression of remorse and yet, still feels sorry for her attackers, and still "doesn't think" her son would do the same thing. Seriously?

The only person making any sense is the victim's father who says: “What have these young thugs learned from their experience? That they can be thugs and get away with it."

Embrace The Weird

Gotta love Mark Steyn!

(I mean love him like a Happy Warrior Musical Evil Twin Civilization Warrior Anglican British-Canadian Philosemite With A Jewish-Sounding Name kind of brother. Or cousin-yes. Yes...cousin! Like those quaint Pashtun cousin set ups, you know where the family sticks together, marry one another and hang out with each other-those kind of cousins...OH BUT I DIGRESS...NEVERMIND.)

Here's his new Happy Warrior column about "Weird Politics".

"Let's take it as read that Rick Santorum is weird. After all, he believes in the sanctity of life, the primacy of the family, the traditional socio-religious understanding of a transcendent purpose to human existence. Once upon a time, back in the mists of, ooh, the mid–20th century, all these things were, if not entirely universal, sufficiently mainstream as to be barely worthy of discussion. Now they're not. Isn't the fact that conventional morality is now "weird" itself deeply weird? The instant weirdification of ideas taken for granted for millennia is surely mega-weird — unless you think that our generation is possessed of wisdom unique to human history. In which case, why are we broke?"

Personally, I'll take a super-sized version of that kind of weird.

Or alternately, I'm hip with being square ("weird"). 

Jews Are Being Hunted

That's really the message right now.

As they have always been hunted, so they are hunted today.

To me, it doesn't matter right now who the hunter was. The information is convoluted and murky.

Jew hatred can be motivated by many ideologies-left, right, religious, secular, theological. That doesn't matter either.

What matters is that Jews are being hunted.

Monday, March 19, 2012

"I'll Have What She's Having"


I have noticed a lot more women at the gym lately....

Toto, We Ain't in Cairo Anymore


I thought coming out as a conservative was hard.

Try coming out as a gay, Jewish Egyptian. 

(He's actually very hot! A nice, swarthy Jewish boy-just the kind I like, but this one bats for the other team!)

American Justice

Is anyone else out there troubled by this story?

Let's face it-video taping your roommate doing the deed with a man or a woman is nasty stuff. It's pretty douchey. But I'm really wondering about the charges here.

The roommate was charged with bias intimidation and invasion of privacy.

What the hell is that supposed to mean? Bias intimidation? That sounds like something that would come out of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, rather than the American justice system.

Are peeping Tom heterosexuals ever charged with this in America?

I also think it is reasonable to ask what information college students have about their roommates-and if they are given the opportunity to indicate any kind of preference about them? Is it just a raffle? Random?

Most colleges are basically petri dishes for sexually transmitted diseases and promiscuity. 

Are you allowed to ask if you are being placed with a smoker or non-smoker?

Vegan versus carnivore?

Someone who is a morning person versus a night owl? A quiet person versus a party animal?

These are more innocuous than issues of sexuality, but even these could create a lot of friction between people living in the same, small space.

Colleges are now asking about sexual orientation. But it's to create "safe" space and support services.

I suspect that most (if not all) college students have no choices in this matter, and that students are not able to discuss any kind of discomfort about anything to do with their roommates because they could get harassed, or even prosecuted under anti-hate proceedings.

Is it reasonable to allow students who do have a level of discomfort with different sexual orientations a discreet way of expressing that before rooming assignments are done? 

Like I said-filming someone in an intimate situation is reprehensible (and really stupid even if it's consensual).

But killing yourself over it is a permanent "fix" for a short-term problem.

This is a much bigger issue than this particular story.

May I Take Your Order?

Will that be a Grande Panda Poopy English Breakfast Blend, a Low Fat Diarrhea Chai Latte or a Extra Foofy Feces Decaf Half Caf Earl Grey? 

Make sure you get your Poopy Points Card, too.

What a craptacular idea.

Touching Yourself for Charity

Jim Goad is hilarious.

I can barely get through his stuff without laughing out loud.

Today, he has a masterpiece up on Taki Magazine.

"If I had known that public masturbation can cure dehydration, I never would have guzzled all those Diet Cokes".

Read the whole thing. 
The internet and social media is not only making people dumber, but making it easier to reach thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people (while sitting on your rear end in the comfort of your living room) and show them in real time, what a stupid moron you are.

My current pet peeve is (and maybe I'll do a series) is the Lament of the Middle Aged Sex Symbol. How boring and simultaneously disgusting is it for formerly hot actresses to lament the erosion of their hotness, and whine to various tabloids about how they actually still think they are that hot, or taking to posing in outfits and poses from the Fellatio Impressionism Period of art. 
They so desperately want to demonstrate that THEY HAVE STILL GOT IT?!??! 

They have some of it, but not all of it-that's just the way of the world.

I mean-Madonna and the gloves. Come on!

Demi and Ashton? Ugh. 

Elle MacPherson has lately jumped on this bandwagon. It's bloody awful. Cindy Crawford and Brooke Shields, too.

Most of these formerly hot women would be much hotter if they admited that time ticks on. They can still be sexy and dignified, but time stands still for no hottie. 
When these broads die, they will need to be tossed into the recycling box instead of buried due to environmental regulations concerning the disposal of plastics. (Not hot.)

Nobody has ever loved the process of aging, but at least-up until now there was no internet for women to constantly moan about it online.

America: Rebel Against the TSA

Americans who acquiesce to this are part of the problem.

Apparently, a little boy in a wheelchair is the biggest threat to air travel since 9/11. 

Yes, we all know that 19 little boys with Cerebral Palsy brought down those Twin Towers with nothing more than their Elmo videos and their wheelchair remote controls.

What a disgusting spectacle. A disabled child is physically accosted, swabbed and treated as suspicious by some moron, who is part of an entire conspiracy of Airport Security Kabuki Theatre.

Any politician with any balls at all would demand this "screener's" ass on a platter and a complete dismantling of the most p*ssified air traffic "security" system in the Western world.

This makes me sick to my stomach.

Will anyone take the lead on this?

Anyone at all? 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Behold The Sound of A Presidential Ass Whooping

Much has been said about this masterpiece by Mark Steyn. 

This piece, if you haven't read it already (and if not WHY FOR THE LOVE OF HEAVEN WHY) then you must read it now.

(Interestingly, the Wiki page apparently "needs clean up".)

Mucho amazingo:

"Considering that he is (in the words of historian Michael Beschloss) "the smartest guy ever to become president," the entire passage sounded as if it was plucked straight from one of those "Top Twenty Useful Quotes for Forward-Looking Inspirational Speakers" websites. And whaddayaknow? Rutherford B. Hayes, the TV flash in the pan, the horse is here to stay – they're all at the Wikiquote page on "Incorrect Predictions." Fancy that! You can also find his selected examples at the web page "Some Really Really Bad Predictions About the Future" and a bazillion others."


"So let's see. The president sneers at the ignorance of 15th century Spaniards when, in fact, he is the one entirely ignorant of them. A man who has enjoyed a million dollars of elite education yet has never created a dime of wealth in his life sneers at a crippled farm boy with an eighth-grade schooling who establishes a successful business and introduces electrical distribution across Michigan all the way up to Sault Ste Marie. A man sneers at one of the pioneering women in broadcasting, a lady who brought the voices of T.S. Eliot, G.K. Chesterton and others into the farthest-flung classrooms and would surely have rejected Obama's own dismal speech as being too obviously reliant on "Half-A-Dozen Surefire Cheap Cracks For Lazy Public Speakers." A man whose own budget officials predict the collapse of the entire U.S. economy by 2027 sneers at a solvent predecessor for being insufficiently "forward-looking."

Twisted, baby-I'm telling ya, it's Twisted!!!

Irony, It's Like Soooooo Ironic Sometimes

The National Post is apparently concerned with censorship.


Why the UK Is screwed

For a lot of reasons, clearly. But this article explains how democracies are essentially run by civil servants/public servants/bureaucrats-who wish to impose their ideas on a captive citizenry. This is the case in North America, in much of Europe and somewhat in other English-speaking Commonwealth countries. In "The Civil Servants Are the Masters Nowadays", it is very well put: 

"How is it, then, that a government is frustrated by the very people it appoints? Here we come to the huge problem nowadays of our permanent official and semi-official classes. So weak is Parliament, and so nervous is government of looking over-political, that these classes fill the gap left by “here today, gone tomorrow” politicians."

"If you look, for example, at the public appointments rules introduced in the name of procedural correctness, or of “diversity” (which, by an Orwellian effect, really means uniformity), you will see that they are run by civil servants. Naturally, they choose people appealing to the civil servant’s cast of mind. Everywhere – in the appointment of peers or quangocrats, in IPSA, the body which decides on MPs’ expenses, or on the Committee for Standards in Public Life – unelected people lay down the moral law for the elected. They welcome the opinions of interest groups, and exclude those of the public and the people the public elect."

Nanny Bastards

Is there anything that the Nanny State does not want to ban?

Can these Nanny Statists get any more stupid, controlling and arrogant?

Apparently not.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

my idiot people

“After the assault it took me three long days to understand what had happened to me, and find a name for it. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it, because I couldn’t understand how someone who spoke with me using the language of opposition to oppression could breach my walls.”

What a maroon. Read all about my idiot people here.

Apparently, the sexual assaults took place in Sheikh Jarrah and Kfar a-Dik. 

Double Plus Delicious

I am still laughing my head off.

Welcome to my life.

The University of Chicago writing program has graciously provided everyone in the whole world to become an academic-just for a few moments.

Take it for a test drive. 

I could actually do this blindfolded, typing with two fingers while listening to Dee-Lite, or some other inspired 80s or 90s music and blow drying my hair.....HOWEVER, this automatic generator is a hoot.

My Favourite Living Italian

I swear this guy has Fallaci blood running through his veins. I just love him.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Great Tune

Thanks pbird for the tip.

Look at those moves. This is smooooooooooooth.

Nothing like some groovy music to settle your pulse rate down after dealing with your six hundred and eleventy bazillionth idiotic item of the day. 

"young adults"-otherwise known as Why the West is Screwed

What the heck is a "young adult"?

This is a terribly depressing article.

Permanent teenagers, mooching off their parents forever, going to expensive schools to study useless things. And then they decide to take graduate programs for more useless garbage, being thirty, or forty-year old students taking Navel Gazing Studies and subsequently whining about how there are no good jobs in that field (mind you-I think Facebook is hiring).

"Of those living at home, some 78 percent say they’re upbeat about their living arrangements.."

I guess so, when you are a freeloader, sponging off your parents forever and you get free rent, meals made, laundry done and lots of time to fart your life away on social media, life is good. Why wouldn't you be upbeat?

Another revealing nugget (and frankly, the fact that these overgrown narcissistic "young adults" are not embarrassed to be in this article says a lot):

"In fact, as many as 3 in 10 young adults postponed marriage, starting a family, or both, due to the economy, according to the Pew report. Another third have returned to school and untold numbers have settled for a job simply to make ends meet."

That's actually breathtaking.

I got news for people. Life ain't a dress rehearsal. It goes by fast. You have to prioritize. Blaming "the economy" for anything is pathetic.

"Settling" for a job? Is that what people now mean when they ought to be thinking "earning my keep".

This is the hell child of the self-esteem doula.

A terrible waste.