Friday, February 27, 2015

British Editor Poses Question on Free Speech. Mark Steyn Answers.

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre: 

" we need to rethink liberal assumptions about free speech that have been the basis of so much of our culture for so long?"
Mark Steyn replies: 

"Paul Dacre, the editor of The Daily Mail, was my boss at its sister paper The Evening Standard many years ago, and is without question a brilliant and ingenious editor. But that disgusting sentence is almost enough to have me reaching for the scimitar. This is what a supposedly robust, fearless, "conservative" newspaper thinks is the solution - to trade core English liberties for a quiet life."

"No, you dummy."

"You use your free-speech rights to argue fearlessly against the monsters Britain has incubated in its midst, and you insist on unbounded freedom of expression in order to have the widest, most open and honest conversation about what to do..."

Horror: "He Was A Free Thinker"

And the punishment for that, alas, is death.

The Dog Un-Ate My Homework

Imagine that.

"Republican" is American For Squishy, Lying Weasels Defying The Voters Who Elected Them

See, when I put this through my American to English translator, that's exactly what I got!

Meotti's Haunting, Accurate and Devastating Eulogy For Judeo-Christian Europe

"Post-Holocaust Europe is a dead tree and Jewish life is possible only in Eretz Yisrael."

"Only in Israel every Jewish man, woman and child can live in freedom with dignity, respect and pride."
"Yesterday, a friend told me that about 400 Italian Jews have already left for Israel and hundreds are preparing the necessary documents. My first reaction was one of sadness and loss."

"Then I looked at the soldiers who have just been deployed in front of my newspaper's offices."

"First they adopted bulletproof vests. Then they began to patrol with machine guns."

"I understood that the writing is on the wall. For the Jews - and for me."

I seriously think Meotti has to convert already and live in Israel. He would be welcomed with open arms. 

"Rock, Paper, Scissors: A Guide to the New Victim Policies."

Interesting read from Tablet. 

I thought the "infographic" below  was hysterical.

Whoever did this up is really funny and very smart:

Muslim > gay, black > female, and everybody > the Jews

Read the whole thing: 

"As a gay, Jewish man (consider privilege duly checked), I am not unfamiliar with, or unsympathetic to, the idea of highlighting the problems faced by victimized minorities. Earlier this month, for example, I came across a story that made me want to mount the barricades in righteous indignation. Images circulated by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights showed a group of Islamic State thugs in the city of Tal Abyad shoving an elderly, blindfolded man from a plastic chair from the heights of a seven-story building. Nothing special in the land of the Islamic State, except for the “crime” that the man was accused of committing: homosexuality."

"According to the Observatory, the man survived the fall (one photo depicts Islamic State members huddling around their victim, sitting upright on the ground, checking to see if he was still alive). But he was soon put out of his misery when the crowd that had gathered to watch this macabre scene stoned him to death."

"Here is an instance when identity politics, put into practice, could be eminently useful. Islamists kill homosexuals for something they cannot change: their sexuality. It’s the same reason they kill Jews, by the way, and the motive is quite clarifying, or it at least should be. Indeed, the recent spate of attacks against Jews qua Jews in Western Europe ought be a wake-up call to that segment of the global left that insists there exists some sort of quasi-moral license for Arabs who kill Israeli civilians because of the existence of settlements. Those who obsess over identity politics—who believe that every political and social question can be reduced to somebody’s skin pigmentation or what’s between their legs—ought to realize that there is no truck with people who kill people precisely because of their immutable traits. When it comes to fighting violent Islamist supremacy—theocratic, sexist, genocidal, homicidally anti-gay—the identity politics brigade should put warmongering neocons to shame."

"Yet just at the moment when we need our identity-politics warriors to be most outraged, they are notably silent. Why?"

In Which I Must Agree With Madonna

Smells like 1939 indeed.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Oy: Lupita's Stunning Oscar Dress Was Stolen!

Who could possibly wear it now?

And who could possibly wear it better?


Meanwhile In Europe...

A British University will be hosting a conference questioning Israel's right to exist. 

From his happy home in Israel, a Scottish Jew explains why he left Western Europe. 

It's an outstanding essay, I urge you to read the whole thing.

"Meanwhile the atmosphere at work got worse. Being someone who openly went on holiday to Israel was not OK. I had fabricated allegations of racism levelled against me and investigations about my conduct became routine. One morning, after the news had reported that Israel had released hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in the latest peace negotiations, my boss said to me: ‘isn’t that great news?’"

‘But they’re murderers.’ I wanted to reply. ‘They are in jail for planting bombs on busses, for breaking into homes and stabbing children in the dark. For doing everything they can to bring terror to ordinary people, just because they are Jews.’ But I couldn’t say that, only someone who believes that Israel should exist would understand.

"At a party one evening, a left wing friend of a friend confronted me about Israel. We had a debate that lasted all night. He fundamentally believed Zionism was both racist and evil. That was the night I came out as a Zionist."

Well Done: Sarah Hoyt "It's Not Easy to Be Me"

A perfect essay for my current mood.

"It looks like the rest of humanity knows where they belong and what they’re doing and you’re odd man out.  Hence the lament “It’s not easy being me.”

"Suddenly you realize it’s not easy being you, but oh, my heavens, it’s much harder to be everyone else."

"And you grow a bit more and realize your dad gave up his dream of becoming an artist for a career that he didn’t like because he had a family to support.  And you realize how well your mom does what she does considering what she battles every day."

"And you start seeing all the times they didn’t tell you they were too tight on money, but gave you the price of a movie, because they wanted you to be happy.  And all the times they went without something near-essential so you could have something nice."

"And then, somewhere along the line, you realize that all the grace and favors received come with an obligation.  That it’s up to you to do something nice for THEM, to bring unexpected joy to their lives, because they work so hard and they love you.  And the same with your friends."

Meanwhile In Germany...

Jews in hiding.


"A Beautiful Man"

"Extremely kind, extremely gentle and the most humble young person that I ever knew."

 Guess who?

Israeli Doctors Try To Save Christian, Refugee Baby. Where Is the Rest of the World?

Serious question.

Where is everyone? 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Gotta Agree With The Donald

Can't argue with this. 

"This guy is the worst thing that ever happened to Israel. And if you’re living in Israel, believe me, you believe that."

The United Kingdom is Dead

Totally dead and gone.

I didn't know that blasphemy charges were the legacy of the Magna Carta and that Her Majesty's constabulary has morphed into a home-grown Mutawa.

Now for The Truly Important Stuff: A Cuban Twist on Rugelach

You're welcome.

Ezra Levant's New Venture: The Rebel Media

I gotta hand it to Ezra Levant for his nimble, never-at-rest, entrepreneurial mind.

Sun News was down for about 5 minutes...wait did I say minutes? I meant nanoseconds, and then The Rebel Media was born.

If you are interested in this new internet-based enterprise, read more about it here. 

It looks like the crowdfunding is actually going really well, and I have no doubt that this will be a very interesting and unique new contribution to the Canadian and international media landscape.

Awesome: Meet Three Bionic Men

Absolutely amazing.

The Death of Free Speech in the UK

Interesting read.

Dear France...

Good luck with this. 

Also, good luck to you, Austria. 

People Who Burn Books Will Burn People

Don't say you weren't warned.

Did You Hear That Sound?

That's the sound of narrative implosion.

America is in Great Hands

Good grief.

Cool: 11 Google Apps You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Really neat.

Check them out.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

State of the World Update

Mark Steyn asked a good question last week.

If Obama was on the side of the free world's enemies, what exactly would he be doing differently? 

Not much, I'm afraid. 

That's why I'm not terribly optimistic that President Obama will take Ayaan Hirsi Ali's advice.

And speaking of apocalyptic religious movements, more exceptionally brave reporting from Palestinian journalist Khaled Abu Toameh.

Read the whole thing. 

Sad: Morality Police Detain Young Men For Dancing and Being Happy


Steyn on Climax Change: The Science May Be Settled But His Pants Aren't

Sorry, did I say climax? 


I can't imagine how I made that fantasy error.

Must of been all that talk about those "warmographic novels", Fifty Shades of Green, etc...


"I'm an old Fleet Streeter, and I know the rule: it takes three to make a trend. But in the last six months we've had two multiplex blockbusters that cock a snook at the Big Climate crowd."

And a Big Climate enforcer snooking his...oh nevermind. 

Today in European Judenhass: An Ongoing Series

It used to be that "lad" magazines had to be delivered and/or displayed in dark brown, opaque paper because there was some shame involved in making a purchase of said "reading" materials.

Today in Germany, it is Jewish publications that have to cover their Jewishness up, because guessed it "security". 

So, that's where we are. In 2015 one cannot have a Jewishly identified publication delivered to one's home because of "security".  And I think we all know what "security" means.

A spokesman for the newspaper explains it thus:

"We made the decision despite the high additional costs in order to minimize the possibility that anyone of our 100,000 customers in the community will feel any hostility,".

That is simply atrocious. Never Again, blah blah blah, whateverzzzz. How can Jews think of living in a place where they can't even have a Jewish magazine delivered to them without fear of "hostility"?

Meanwhile in France, coexistence is not working out that well.

Francois Hollande made this pathetic declaration at a Jewish event. Now, I'm sure this is exactly what the Jewish crowd wanted to hear, but it rings rather hollow:

Jews are at home in France, it’s the anti-Semites who have no place in the Republic,” Hollande said in a speech Monday at a prestigious annual dinner of the country’s main Jewish organization.

But there will be no efforts will actually be expended to making France less hospitable to antisemites. I think we are beyond the point, demographically, where that is at all possible.

As we can see by M. Hollande's next statement of moral equivalence:

"Hollande noted that acts against Muslims are also on the rise in France. About 10,000 soldiers and police forces are protecting synagogues, but also mosques, schools and cultural centers, Hollande said. They will stay mobilized “as long as necessary,” he said."

Meanwhile, Her Majesty's Official Representative in Jerusalem, the Consul General Dr Alastair McPhail CMG OBE  makes a sporting sartorial choice. 

And it's not "just" a European thing. Europe is the testing ground. As Mark Steyn said to me in my  recent interview, we are about a decade behind Europe

Things really are starting to look familiar on this side of the Atlantic, either. 


In Which My Rudy Buzz Gets Harshed

Blood money.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Best Oscar Dresses!

All politics and no play makes one a very boring, intense person zzzzzz so without further ado:

Let's move to Hollywood glamour!

Nice gallery of photos here.


I agree that Emma Stone's dress is gorgeous. She is a total knock-out.

But can we seriously now talk about Lupita?!?! I mean SHUT UP. She is absolutely stunning. And, she has fabulous taste. Her dresses are usually solid colours, no loud prints. She is just incredible.

Scarlett Johansson looked amazing in green. I love the choker necklace. LOVE.

I like Cate Blanchett's dress and necklace but I find her so irritating with all her different baby daddy's that it just wrecks it. Just saying.

America Ferrera-lovely. Just lovely. Tasteful, classy.

And, Rene Russo looks absolutely hot for pushing 60. I mean SERIOUSLY?!?!

Palestinian Rock Throwing and the Humanity of A Jewish Child

All true. 

I remember Adele Biton, Z"L.

Will you?

"The rocks thrown by Palestinians are neither acts of peaceful disobedience or a plea for Israel to withdraw to the June 1967 lines. To the contrary, like the rockets launched by Hamas, they are a visceral expression of the Palestinian belief that any Jew living anywhere in the country, whether in the West Bank or pre-1967 Israel are fair game for murder. Those who throw them may be depicted as kids just engaging in youthful pranks or conducting a protest against Israeli policies. But the truth is that they are part of a process by which Palestinian youths are desensitized to the humanity of their Jewish neighbors."

"The death of this child wasn’t mourned, let alone mentioned in the Western press. Israel’s critics don’t care about her because she was a “settler” and therefore worthy of being singled out for murder."

"But, like the Palestinian children who are used as human shields by Hamas terrorists, she was a human being whose right to life deserved to be respected. May her memory be for a blessing and may those responsible for her death and the many other Israelis who have been injured and terrorized in this fashion be punished for their crimes."

Must Read: The New Hero of the Middle East

This is a really interesting essay, and I urge you to read the whole thing. 

This is getting very little attention in the mainstream media, mostly likely because it is so at odds with President Obama's Middle Eastern policies.

Extremely courageous, under reported, under-examined and under-examined by the mainstream, so you know it's VERY important.

"Sheikh Dr. Ahmed al-Tayyeb, the Grand Imam of Cairo's Al-Azhar University, the seat of Sunni Islam, yesterday delivered a courageous, historic speech in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, urging reform in religious education to curb extremism in Islam. Al-Tayyeb's address was the result of an even more courageous and historic speech, delivered a few weeks ago by Egypt's devoutly Muslim President, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, at Al-Azhar University."

"El-Sisi's monumental statement, truly worthy of a Nobel Prize, is having a seismic result. Al-Sisi directed his remarks, about the ills of Islam to Islamic clerics in Egypt and around the world. It was enormously brave of him. He did not single out radical Islam, but he did call on all Muslims to examine themselves, carry out a religious revolution and renew their faith."

"El-Sisi, a man of monumental courage, urged Muslims not to behave according to the ancient, destructive interpretations of the Qur'an and Islam that make the rest of the world hate them, destroy Islam's reputation and put Muslim immigrants to Western countries in the position of having to fight their hosts. He claimed that it is illogical for over a billion Muslims to aspire to conquer and subdue six billion non-Muslims."

I Endorse This Oscar Award Winner's Message

“Don’t text, don’t email. Call them on the phone! Tell them you love them and thank them and listen to them for as long as they want to talk to you!”

Sweden is Full of Crazy People Who Are Obsessed With Make Work First-World Problems

Sweden is full of crazy people:

Racist Bird Names Edition 

What a bunch of marooooons. 

I Don't Think They Make Smores At This Camp

Welcome to Camp Caliphate.

This Young Lad For President of The United States of America

My goodness!

Nicely done. 

The Blessing of Augmentive Communication: "My Dear Lorraine"

Such sweet words amidst such a dire diagnosis.

"My dear Lorraine..."

Rudy Super Chuffed About Hitting A Nerve

He wears this well.

Real War on Women and Girls

Pity the children.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Yeah, About That Human Chain Around Syngagoge Snooozeraroo Fest

"People are wetting themselves" over this thing.

The "peace ring" organizer is alas, not terrifically peaceful. 

Now, for what I wanted to say EXACTLY.

This next one is really well done.

In fact, it's so good that I think it deserves some kind of Jewish award. Of course, it won't get one, because it's too honest and too clear. But it is absolutely excellent.

This guy is my intellectual and philosophical twin on this issue.



"I don't care that Muslims are standing in front of a synagogue." 

"What I would prefer is to see the Muslim community take active measures to curb the extremism in their own mosques, schools and institutions. This isn’t just what the Jews need, it’s what everyone needs."

"Perhaps they could work on countering Islamic extremism instead of attacking the Prime Minister of Israel for telling Jews to make aliyah. Of course I wouldn’t expect European politicians to be anything other than outraged by calls from the Israeli Prime Minister for Jews to turn their backs on Europe and move to Israel. Such calls serve as a reminder of the European failure when it comes to accepting Jewry as an integrated part of Europe."

"It’s much easier to celebrate the irrelevant actions of a couple of Muslim activists or to attack Bibi Netanyahu or even to post armed guards to synagogues than it is to change the underlying problems in European society that ensure thousands of young European Muslims are running off to fight and die in the Islamic State."

"It’s this European need to pretend everything’s fine which has led to the narrative we see all around us."

Big Ones: Jerusalem Mayor Takes Down Knife-Weilding Terrorist


Prayers for a speedy recovery to the stabbing victim.

Imagine My Surprise: David Axelrod's Dad Was a Registered Communist


And just because he was born Jewish, there are Jewish organizations that pay him to speak.


Gotta Love Rudy

Rudy got on my all star favourite list after he told the Saudis to shove their blood money up their Wahabi tuchuses after 9/11.

This is so great.

If you haven't seen it, you must. Watch both parts.

Part one:

Part two:

"Maybe the Liberal Media Should Point Out That Biden Is A Moron?"

Yeah, like that's gonna happen!

Still a good one. 

"The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word “bias” thus: “Prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.” The Giuliani v. Biden hijinks this week is the pluperfect example of media bias."

"On the one hand, three days of severely critical coverage of a remark by a Republican long out of office with demands that his fellow Republicans disavow what he said."

"And on the other, a kind of shrugging and even gently amused acceptance of the inexcusable conduct of the man one heartbeat away from the Oval Office — who happens to be a Democrat. And who, of course, would practically have been run out of office for the very same behavior had he been a Republican."

The Great Caroline Glick: Netanyahu's True Electoral Rival

Hard to argue with this. 


"Obama’s foreign policy in the region has been an elaborate exercise in trying to draw up new maps for a caliphate. The inclusion of terrorist groups in this program isn’t a mistake. It’s not naiveté or blindness. It’s the whole point of the exercise which was to transform terrorist groups into governments."

Shame on the Badatz Eda Haredit of Jerusalem

This is a chillul Hashem. 


Absolutely digusting.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Steyn on America: O Beautiful For Specious Guys

Mark Steyn on Obama and his "love" for America:

"If he were working for the other side, what exactly would he be doing differently?"

Spoiler alert: NOTHING!


The Result of China's One-Child Family Policy

Girls being handcuffed to their fathers to protect them from kidnapping. 

You know how many lonely men there are going to be in China? 

Brave: MP in Britain Takes on "Femicide"

A problem in certain 'ethnic communities'.

Who Has to Adjust in the Name of Tolerance?

Good question. 

I think we all know the answer:

"Challenging the "tolerant" West to accommodate an intolerant Islam is the tried-and-true Islamist method of hoisting the West by its own petard. Sophisticated Islamists are trying to use post-Enlightenment laws to achieve the right to practice pre-medieval and barbaric customs. Western political leaders and the intelligentsia are flirting with cultural suicide and siding with barbarism over civilization."

I'm Terribly Bored by the "Norway's Muslims Form Human Ring Around Synagogue" Story

Big. Effing. Deal.

If it were about protecting Jews, then they wouldn't be chanting about Islamophobia.

It's always about them.

Even a gesture that is supposed to be protective and selfless ends up being selfish and useless. 

Tony Blair: Moron

Dear Tony, no we're not.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

State of the World Round Up

I remain very preoccupied with a number of real life things and events.

So, in lieu of long, deep thoughts, here's a snapshot of where things are at in the world.

A Swedish journalist, in conversation with the Israeli ambassador, asked if Jews were not responsible for antisemitism. A full apology was issued, but the total reveal is irreversible.  We cannot unlearn the honesty, and the wish to blame the Jews for antisemitism.

Basam Tawil on the real threats to Europe: "The late Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, predicted that Islam would conquer Europe without even firing a shot."

Child "marriage" (why is it called that anyway, isn't it just child abuse) authorized by Swedish tax authorities.

Copenhagen attacks 'renew integration debate'-how's that for a euphemism?

Swedish police guarding synagogues directed to carry automatic weapons.

The ISIS executioner of Christians may be "American". 

State Department royally screws up Yemeni embassy evacuation. 

Obama figures out how to fight 'extremism'.

Meanwhile in D.C antisemitic, pro-ISIS graffiti proliferates around town. 

Why? Perhaps because antisemitism is now 'fashionable" in America. 

Lastly, I find myself in the awkward position of agreeing with the behaviour of the Iranian nuclear negotiator.

Iranian nuke negotiator instructed to stop yelling at John Kerry.

Another Mark Steyn Masterpiece: Living History

So, I love this essay and not only because Mark Steyn graciously mentions my thoughts on European Jewry.

Full disclosure: Starting off the day with Mark Steyn saying you are right is a pretty good way to start the day-even if you are right about the most depressing things facing civilization.


(*congratulates self, regains composure, makes second cup of coffee, reaches for smelling salts before passing out on fainting couch*)

I love it because it has all the hallmarks of Steynism.

The searing wit ("Obammyboppers", journalists as "metrosexual eunuch trustiefundies", government "nuancy boys") the brutally honest descriptions ("As worse and worser as they got, however, it was not in-your-face genocidal, with regular global broadcasts of mass beheadings and live immolations. In that sense, the salient difference between Lebanon then and ISIS now is the mainstreaming of depravity. Which is why the analogies don't apply. We are moving into a world of horrors beyond analogy.)

Then, of course, he weaves together seemingly unrelated threads, and personal anecdotes, which paint a verbal picture of what so many of us are feeling and thinking.

Though he takes breaks from doom, jihad and and doom via music, I can't help but read his work nowadays as anything but a series, or perhaps chapters in a sad book of eulogies for Western civilization.

Mark adds rich, soulful depth to my comment on Jewish "life" in Europe.

Can we call it life at all?

I think not.

"Laura Rosen Cohen is forceful and impassioned about those Europeans who object to Netanyahu's call for Continental Jews to leave for Israel. In the most basic sense, she is right: Jews have no future in Europe - because the actions necessary to restore normality to Jewish community life on the Continent will never be taken by its ruling elites."

"But incremental evil is not as instantly clarifying as ISIS riding into Benghazi and running their black flag up the pole outside City Hall. Jews cannot safely ride the Paris metro with identifying marks of their faith, or walk the streets of Amsterdam, or send their children to school in Toulouse, or attend a bat mitzvah in Copenhagen. As much as those Nigerians and Libyans and Yemenis and Ukrainians, Europe's Jews are living history rather than reading it."

"They are living through a strange, freakish coda to the final solution that, quietly and remorselessly, is finishing the job: the total extinction of Jewish life in Europe - and not at the hands of baying nationalist Aryans but a malign alliance of post-national Eutopians and Islamic imperialists. Sure, it'd be nice to read a book - maybe Obama could recommend one on the Crusades. But you've got to be careful: in France, in 2015, you can be beaten up for being seen with the wrong kind of book on public transportation. As Max Fisher says, we could all stand to read a little history, and the Jewish Museum in Brussels has a pretty good bookstore, but, if you swing by, try not to pick one of the days when they're shooting visitors."

If you read history as Mark does, and as I do, and if you've lived it-as his grandparents and my grandparents did, if you've "lost" a loved one-oh sorry, let's make that if you've had a friend or family member brutally murdered by terrorists as my family has, then you can close your eyes and without any difficulty whatsoever, "read" the present as the self-inflicted, tortured, nihilistic and bloody denouement of humanity's great, young experiment with democracy.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

America, I Love You But Your Police Are Out of Control

Good grief, America. 

I totally, like forever and ever love you and stuff, but you're making it so hard to love you...

"A 90-year old’s home was destroyed by police conducting a raid but it appears they got the wrong house."

"Riviera Beach Police said the search warrant was executed at the correct address and while the resident may not have had any knowledge of drugs being sold from her home, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen."

She's lucky she didn't end up dead. 

Imagine, living out ninety glorious years on this earth and having your life almost ended by a mistake made by an over zealous militarized police force. Good Lord. 

A Real Bromance: Rudy "Hearts" Netanyahu

Good stuff in here.

Victor Davis Hanson: The Reckoning

"Where Does the Center Hold?"

"For bewildered and increasingly quietist Americans, the center holds mostly in family, religion, a few friends, the avoidance of the cinema and nightly news, the rote of navigating to work and coming home, trying to stay off the dole and taking responsibility for one’s own disasters — as the world grows ever more chaotic in our midst."

"All sorts of escapism from the madness is now epidemic. Home-schooling. Gun ownership. A second home in the mountains. A trunk of freeze-dried food. Kids living in the basement. A generator. Some gold coins. A move to Wyoming. An avoidance of the old big cities. A tough choice between death and going to the nearby emergency room (at least your relatives are safe as you pass away at home). A careful and narrow selection of channels on cable TV. A safe room or escape plan. And on and on."

"There is a strange new and dangerous sentiment brooding below the spoken surface that whatever is going on in the world and in America today cannot go on much longer — although as the sages say, there is a lot of rot in the West to enjoy for some time yet."

"How Does One Eulogize a Four Year Old Child?"


Who will remember, or care about Adele Biton z"l?

There is a picture of her father, weeping over her little body. She suffered for two years and now is gone. Her parents have hole in their heart that will never mend. May she be embraced with G-d's love. 

May G-d avenge her murder.

Nothing to See Here!

Italy deploys 4,800 soldiers to guard "sensitive" spots. 

Disabled British Teen Gets His Voice: Speaks For the First Time With Augmentive Device


There is a fundraiser underway.

It's not clear what type of machine it is, and there aren't details about why the software can't be loaded onto an iPad, but at any rate, if you can help, please spread the word and check it out.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"The Jewish World Is Contracting Toward Israel and the United States"

Interesting article, thanks to Instapundit for posting.

I have a few minor quibbles with it, but my biggest problem is the characterization of the Nazis as being on the political right. They were not. They were national SOCIALISTS. This bears repeating over and over and over. The Nazis came from the political left. I disagree with the conclusion that the end of the Jewish diaspora is a bad thing. It's tough patooties for the countries that rejected, created inhospitable climates and/or murdered "their" Jews. It is, however, a harbinger of what those same countries can expect. In a word: decline.

"Seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz, Jewish communities throughout Europe are again on the decline. This time, the pressure mainly comes not from the traditional anti-Semitic Right but from Islamic fundamentalists, which include many European citizens."

Here's the part that demonstrates the canary in the coal mine stuff, and that is another reminder that when the Jews in any given country are murdered or forced to flee, things go downhill pretty quickly for the remaining citizens.

Let's take a look:

"Argentina and France aren’t the only nations with formerly large, now-shrinking Jewish communities. In 1948, Iran was home to 100,000 Jews; now it’s a tenth of that number. In South Africa, the population reached 119,000 at the end of apartheid but since has dropped by roughly half. The largest numerical losses were in the former Soviet Union, where, in 1980, there were some 1.7 million Jews; now, as few as 250,000 remain. Most have resettled in Israel or the United States.

"These outflows follow earlier migrations triggered by Israel’s independence, from often-ancient Jewish communities throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Creation of the Jewish state largely ended the long Jewish presence in lands from Morocco and Egypt to Iraq."

Every single one of these countries are failed states. 

Personally, I feel that the only countries where Jews can live relatively safely are Australia (but not if Australia doesn't deal with their own home grown jihadists and immigration problems), Canada (same issues as Australia), Israel (obvious security issues) and the United States (same home grown and immigration related terror issues as Australia and Canada). 

Remember I said: relatively safe. The Obama administration demonstrates a consistent, aggressive and unrelenting antipathy toward Israel and the Jews and must be seen as the most antisemitic administration in American history. I'm not suggesting a mass aliyah from America to Israel will be taking place any time soon, but you can bet your bippy that many American Jews with brains and brawn are keeping that option quite open.

In short, the Jews will always be hunted and antisemitism will never be eradicated.

We can't "fight" antisemitism, we can only fight our enemies and fight we must.

My First Piece for Kveller: How We Gave Our Non-Verbal Son A Joyous Bar Mitzvah

This essay is one of a series of articles for Kveller, on disability in the Jewish community. It's pretty personal, but I felt it was important to share our experience planning a simcha for a special needs child. I hope it will inspire other families to really celebrate their children's Bar or Bat Mitzvah in a manner that is joyful and meaningful.

My working title was a little more in-your-face ("Yes, You Should Have a Bar Mitzvah For Your Special Needs Child"), but the headlines are never the writer's decision.

An excerpt: 

"As we neared the time when Eitan would become bar mitzvah age, my husband Avi happened to have read a Hebrew article written by an Israeli rabbi about special needs rite-of-passage ceremonies. This article suggested that the bar or bat mitzvah of a special needs child should be celebrated with as much passion and enthusiasm as a wedding–because often, the disabled in our community either can’t, or just don’t make it to the chuppah. We had always planned to make this an important time in Eitan’s life, but something about that reasoning really resonated with both of us, and it struck a particular chord with my husband. And so, as Eitan’s 13th birthday approached, we began planning this day together with boundless enthusiasm and love."

Security is the New "Shut Up": Jewish Community Radio Station in Copenhagen Shuts In Wake of Terror Attack

The victims continue to be punished for merely wanting to live and breathe as Jews. 

"Security" is the new shut up and shut down. 

How anyone can look at the situation and not feel the ghosts of the Holocaust in their bones is beyond me. The Jews who stay in Europe are not 'defiant', but rather unfortunately, tempting fate. That's upsetting, but it's the reality. 

The Rabbi from London, quoted below, has a grip on reality. He sees the truth. He also knows that what is starting with Jews, will never end with the Jews. It's bigger, more sinister and so few people are willing to understand just how young, fragile and vulnerable our democracies are. Thus he notes that these attacks are not "just" about Jews, but rather:

"There is an attack on western European democracy and its values."

From Copenhagen, this report: 

 "For the first time in the station’s history, Radio Shalom did not broadcast its usual blend of programs about Jewish culture, music and history on Monday evening."

In Europe of 2015, Jews cannot even broadcast a radio show from a crappy basement studio, or send their children to Jewish school. These are the facts. Jews are being instructed to stay indoors, for their own good, for their 'security'. 
"The control board located in a basement in Nørrebro was silenced for what host Abraham Kopenhagen called "security reasons"."

"The radio station was not the only Jewish institution in Copenhagen that chose to shut its doors following the weekend's attacks, which included the fatal shooting of 37-year-old Dan Uzan, a guard standing in front of the synagogue on Krystalgade by Omar Abdel El-Hussein. The Jewish school Carolineskolen was also closed yesterday."

There is much fear; people are afraid to go to synagogue,” Rabbi Menachem Margolin from the organisation European Jewish Community told DR Nyheder."

"Rabbi Barry Marcus from London Central Synagogue called the weekend’s attacks “very uncomfortable, very disturbing and extremely troubling”.

"Rabbi Marcus said that simply beefing up security is not enough."

For us it is very clear what is happening in Europe,” he said.

“There is an attack on western European democracy and its values.”

My prediction is that the attacks on Israeli PM Netanyahu will grow louder and louder, the calls for European Jews to stay put will grow more visceral and pathetic as more details are told, and the sordid reality of European Jewish "life", if we can even call it that, start reluctantly bubbling up to the surface of the general media consciousness.

Via Tim Blair: City Doomed-A Floral Tribute (To the Killers) 

As per Mark Steyn: Don't say you weren't warned.

Cindy Crawford Remains Gorgeous

She's still beautiful, still happily married, has kids-a good life. 

Squishy UK PM David Cameron: Liar

"Jews are safe here, and I'll keep it that way." 

Good grief. How can he lie so outrageously and sleep at night?

Just remember: Europeans calling for Jews to stay in place in Europe merely want them to continue to be sitting Jewish ducks, absorb the blows and just get killed quietly without putting up a fuss-a combination first/last line of defense as it were.

Therefore, according to this logic, it is those uppity Jews who want to actually live, breathe and thrive that are the problem! Thus, the outrageous outrage directed toward Israeli PM Netanyahu.

Must Read: "We Palestinians Hold the Key to A Better Future"

I must admit, though his is a rare voice in the published wilderness about the Middle East, this article gives me hope. 

You know, an editor once told me that the reason why so many people are addicted to the Letters to the Editor page is because for every letter  published, there are large numbers of people out there, nodding their heads, relieved and sometimes overjoyed that someone who shares their opinion got the word out-they are not alone in their opinion.

Depending on the publication, the letter can represent a hundred, a thousand or even tens of thousands of other readers. It's also how a community of readers is built, and how loyalty to a publication or columnist develops. Publications will never tell you exactly what they think the ratio is (published and/or submitted letters to readers), but it's certainly something that they discuss.

I think the same goes for opinion articles, and I really hope that this essay represents the opinion of large numbers of Palestinians who have been silenced by their own autocratic, unelected leaders.

This is a very interesting piece, and I urge you to read the whole thing.

"We Don't Want You To Buy Our Bread Because You Feel Sorry For Us"

Inspiring and beautiful. 

We don’t want you to buy our bread because you feel sorry for us, we want you to buy our bread because it is the best bread in Toronto." 

Just the thing you need for a cold, winter morning. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Could All the Europeans Who Want Jews To Die in Place Please Just Shut Up?

I mean it. 

It's bad enough that Europeans have voluntarily made their countries inhabitable to Jews, even as patriotic Jews attempted to rebuild the shards of their communities after the Holocaust on the blood-soaked, scorched earth.

Europe is all about weeping for dead Jews. No rooting for the live ones.

We are not 'all in this together' Piers Morgan, you imbecile.  

This article is one of the most pathetic ones I've ever seen in the Daily Mail. Spare me your faux concern for world Jewry, Mr. Morgan.

The real strength of Israel, the country and the nation, is in Jewish numbers. More Jews, more Jewish brains, more Jewish might, more Jewish soldiers, more Jewish pilots, more Jewish nuclear scientists. That's exactly what the Jew haters wish to prevent. They want to terrify and murder Jews everywhere and scare Jews away from visiting, or living in Israel in particular. 

So, please Europeans-stop telling me that Europe just won't be Europe without the Jews, or that France won't be France, and that Austria won't be Austria without Jews. Your pathetic countries are already unrecognizable as Western countries, and inhospitable to Jews.

Europe simply doesn't deserve Jews. 

The Europeans who want Jews to stay in place essentially want them to meekly stand down and become target practice.

It's clear that Europeans want more dead Jews to weep for (not). They want more memorials, which free them for any breath of sympathy or empathy for the living ones, in Israel or elsewhere.

European logic must be this-if the Jews stay, then maybe they will remain the main targets of the violence. I think many European Jews are beginning to sense this. Or perhaps its the dread of realizing that the end of Jewish life in their countries signals the death of their nations. Jews stand for life. A country without Jews simply has less life in it-both figuratively and literally. Less esprit, less joy.

The good news is that we Jews have a Jewish state now. We don't need the favours of host countries that render their countries inhabitable by Jews.

Perhaps the "leaders" who are pleading with Jews not to leave, and spewing venom at the leader of the Jewish state, are doing as a rather pathetic cry for help for their dying countries.

They realize now that they are  unable to stop the oncoming destruction.

The trains of murder and ruin once led the Jews from their villages to the death camps.

Now there are now trains of nihilistic, and relentlessly aggressive anti-Western forces, running full speed into the heart of every democracy in Europe.

There is no conductor in Europe powerful enough to pull the brakes. This is the panic that you hear in the leaders voices as they plea: Jews don't leave us.

There is no Promised Land for Europeans.

The collision course is inevitable. Jews, hunted since time immemorial, will still be safer in Israel than any other place, relying only on ourselves for safety. 

Cartoonist Lars Vilks Now In Hiding

Message sent, message received. 


A Little Jewish Light in the Midst of Dark Days For Jews

G-d bless Chabad.

Kolel Chabad sponors Bat Mitzvah for 36 orphans in Israel.

About That "Outrage" For PM Netanyahu's Call For Mass Aliyah From Europe

There are three groups of people who are "outraged" by the call made by Israeli PM Netanyahu for the Jews of Europe to make aliyah. 

One: The Europeans who would prefer that Jews retain their dhimmi, second-class citizen status in Europe, and continue to cobble together a life of harassment, assault and death by terrorism.

Two: The Jews of Europe who are too stiff-necked to understand that they have no future in Europe, no matter how desperately they tried to build lives on the blood soaked earth of their forefathers.

Three: Jewish leftists who are wrong about everything, especially nihilistic antisemitism, and want to stick it to Netanyahu and the Israeli right.

Nothing Random Here

From Tom Gross via Instapundit.

"Nothing random here." 

"There are not so many Jews in Denmark and not many bat mitzvahs -- it seems the terrorist had done his research carefully."

Women Get High Talking About Themselves

What would we do without research?

I'm convinced that for some people (well, many) talking about themselves provides a narcotic effect.

Some people are only interested in themselves.


Anyway, my advice to men would be to completely blow off the women who need this drug fix of ME ME ME ME ME. It's a bad sign.

AND, while you're at it-check out Rosen's Rule of Selfies:

There is a direct correlation between the number of selfies that a woman has on social media to how crazy and selfish she is.

Watch: Walking in Paris As A Jew

Can we actually say that this is a French city?

Watch this Israeli journalist walk in Paris, clearly identifying as a Jew.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

"Dan Stopped the Terrorist With His Body"

This is what's known in Jewish tradition as dying for Kiddush Hashem, sanctifying G-d's name.

"We were dancing and rejoicing when suddenly the second Jewish guard entered and told us to turn off the music," recalled Mita."

"We didn't know there were shots fired outside. Afterwards he entered again and yelled: 'Everybody down.' We quickly ran to the secured room downstairs, which is the bathroom, and sat there for two hours until the Danish officers came to our rescue."

"The mother said they were downstairs with 15 children who were without their parents: "I was responsible for them." Her husband received a walkie-talkie from the Jewish guard and was notified of Uzan's death."

There is a time for stoicism and to say 'they won't scare us away', but there is also a point at which you must cut your losses and realize that you are risking your family's life. If you are a Jew living somewhere, where you need armed guards to watch over you as you pray or celebrate, then it damned well might as well be Israel. 

"Mita is an Israeli citizen who made aliyah in the 90's and later returned to Denmark."

 "Because we have our parents and our family in Denmark we chose to stay here, because life is good in here and we are also Danes. We are very proud of that," she said." 

This is simply a delusional statement.

Sorry, lady but you are Jews first-then anything else. You may think you are Danish Jews, but in the end, for the terrorists, you are Jews. Just Jews. Not that the terrorists are "Danes" either, by the way. For them it's just a passport and/or a welfare cheque, and not much more.

"This is our home and no one has the right to say that this is not my home. Denmark is my country. My family has lived here for a 100 years. The terrorists will not scare us away just like they won't scare you from Israel. I say thank you very much, Bibi, I love Israel – but Denmark is my home."

This is terribly naive and stubborn. This is not a demonstration of strength and resolve, but rather an expression of being block-headed, near-sighted and unwisely tempting fate as Europe declines further and terrorist attacks become ever more frequent. 

Hitler Finds Out About Brian Williams

Some pretty funny lines in here...

Why is anyone surprised when a guy who is A-OK ("a" for anus) with this for his daughter turns out to be a slimy, lying, corrupt schmuck.

Mark Steyn: The Morning After

First of all, thanks to Mark Steyn his moral fortitude in recognizing the threats facing the Jews and Western civilization, and for being a voice of sanity in a crazy, deteriorating world.

Please read Steyn's "The Morning After" for his non-random thoughts on the latest non-random murders in Eurabia.

Elsewhere, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu rightly calls for European Jewry to make aliyah to Israel as local Rabbis try to hush him up and in their idiocy-try to pretend there is a Jewish future in Europe, on the blood-soaked ground of that continent.

(Canada could, and should also be facilitating Jewish immigration.)

The suspect was a "known wolf", with a criminal record, who was likely "inspired by Paris" and does not sound Amish.

Meanwhile, back in France, hundreds of "random" graves were desecrated, randomly, in a Jewish cemetery.

And Middle Eastern Christians, of course, aren't faring any better.

It's very hard to discuss the Crusades, as President Obama would have us do, without Christian heads attached to necks.

Kurds also await their murders in cages.

Back in Londanistan, the artist who created the Poppy tribute installation, received a number of death threats. Nothing to see here.

My heart soars and breaks as it looks like little six year old Harry may be the only one in the UK with enough spirit to save the Queen.

G-d help and save the Queen, and G-d help us all.

America is of no use to the free world. America, under Obama, has turned friends into enemies and enemies into friends. He is a truly evil man. 

President Selfie Stick remains very busy either on the golf course, taking idiot pictures of his disgusting self, and of course, punishing Israel. Those damned, uppity Jews just want to live and breathe and gosh darn it-that must not continue to happen on his watch.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Just Some Random Reminders About Denmark

As I remarked earlier on Twitter, Europe was content to turn a blind eye to terrorism as long as it was "just" Jews that were being murdered.

Europeans are now, only ever so grudgingly discovering, that what starts with Jews never ends with Jews.

Here's some helpful reminders about the writing on the wall in Denmark:
As per Mark Steyn: "Don't say you weren't warned." 

Living with a target on your back.

Jewish school targeted in Copenhagen.

Something rotten in Denmark.

Hiding Judaism in Copenhagen.

Danish Jewry "dwindling" due to antisemitism.

Danes alarmed by rising antisemitism.

Danes respond to Muslim antisemitism by shutting down Israel peace demonstration.

"Yarmulke March" planned in response to rising antisemitism.

Denmark: No Jews at our schools, please.

Antisemitism drives Jews elsewhere.

Christians flee Muslim-dominated areas in Denmark.

Danish politician calls for limits on immigration.

Denmark's largest religious minority. 

Mosque doubles down on ISIS support. 

Trying the 'soft-handed' approach to returning jihadis.

Fantastic: 10 Things I've Learned From Having an Older Child With Disabilities

This is a wonderful article, and pretty much the whole thing resonated with me.

Do read the whole thing.

Fifty Shades: A Cry For Help From Women Betrayed By Feminism?

"Couldn’t it be that women who like the horribly written, emotionally stunted Fifty Shades business are simply throwing up their hands and admitting they wish men would just take charge again? They’re just as sick of the confusing labyrinth of dating rules and sexual manipulation as men are. They want to be lost in a relationship, completely submitting to a man who is dangerous enough to need rescue but loving enough to notice what makes them beautiful."

Italy's Demographic Death Spiral

No babies = no future.

Must Read, Dr. Mordechai Keidar: "Why Do They Convert?"

Some very, very interesting observations here about men and women and their reasons for conversion. 

This is a biggie for women:

"Young women are attracted to Islam because it offers them a society that espouses morals and modesty, something that is often non-existent in their former lives. They are sick of a life of permissiveness, promiscuity, hedonism, drugs and drink, all characteristics of the lives they led beforehand. Islam offers them a clean, sane, orderly and moral life, something they were missing. The rules of Islam mandate distance between the sexes and they like that, after years of sexual behavior that has no rules or limits. Young women who were victims of sexual abuse find comfort in Islam, along with honor and appreciation, in contrast to the humiliation they experienced before they converted."

More Gloom and Anti-Jewish Doom in Eurabia

In France, the Judenhass spreads and is nurtured by the state.

In the UK, 700 pussified, Jew-hating morons vow to boycott Israel instead of-oh, the murderers of cartoonists.

Another Day of Blood and Death in Eurabia

Today it's Copenhagen.

Just another random act of violence against a random bunch of people.

The level of pernicious, pure evil perpetrated by these barbarians is rivaled only by the evil perpetrated by the collaborators in its whitewash.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Could Be Fun: "Ask Jen" At the State Department

Let's help a hashtag go horribly WRONG!

Go on, go to it...


Cute: "Hot Dudes Reading Is Your New Favourite Instagram Account"

Hey-why not?

This is very cute.

"European Antisemitism Comes From the Top"

Very true. 

"In short, modern anti-Semitism can’t be fought without addressing a problem that too many members of Europe’s educated elites refuse to see: The propagators of today’s anti-Semitism come primarily from their own Israel-obsessed ranks, not from the far-right fringes."

Or as per Mark Steyn: 

So much for 'co-exist' and supporting the resistance...

Jew hatred leads is evil. And evil begets evil.

"...Miss Mueller was way beyond "Co-Exist". "Resistance flows from the minaret," she enthused. And a fat lot of good it did. In the end, she was no less an infidel than Rumsfeld or Cheney. And she is dead because her "idealism" prevented her from understanding that."

"Combo has a busted arm, Kayla Mueller is dead, yet another US embassy has been abandoned, and its Marines' weaponry is in the hands of the Houthi... For "Co-Exist", try "Submit" - or die.

"But don't worry: as the President says, it's all very "random".

Ben Shaprio Explains Sloooowly Why Jews Vote Left

Nicely done.

"The Torah is not a left-wing document."


VDH: The Snarker-In-Chief

This is perfect. 

VA Secretary Asks Iraq War Vet: "What Have You Done"

The disrespect shown to members of the American military by lawmakers and the civil servants who are supposed to be serving 'we the people'-is disgusting.

Absolutely disgusting. 

What nerve.

Child Murders in the Ivory Coast Suspected Ritual Killings

Good Lord. 

South African Council Seeks to Expel Jewish Students


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Oh Dear: Here's Why Singers Should Just Shut Up And Sing

If a conservative said something like this he or she would be crucified.

Random Kosher Restaurant With Random Jews in It Attacked in London "Deli"

It's Randomsemitism!

Way to Go, America.

"Yemen rebels seize U.S Embassy vehicles as diplomats flee."

I'm In Love With This Lede

As I continue to wade through some personal matters, this made me laugh out loud: 

"If you ever doubted for a moment that the Gray Lady has become a crack whore for the Obama administration, put your doubts aside:"

That's damned funny.

And sick, and true.

I love it. 

OMG Truly Good News: The Suit is "Back"

Good grooming, good breeding and good manners never go out of style, so they can't really come 'back'.

They never really go away, we're just always told about celebrating different grubby styles, and silly parenting ideas, etc...

P.S Ladies of the entire world: tights are not pants. 

So there. 

Do enjoy this piece. 

"Dressing smartly takes an effort. A bit of formality shows you’re taking your colleagues and your clients seriously."

"A business meeting isn’t just a drink down the pub. If you want it to feel different (and you should, if only to keep your social life special), it should also look different."

"There’s a second reason to wear a suit to the office – a good one is, without fail, the best looking piece of clothing in any man’s wardrobe."

(Also makes men more irresistible to women-DUH.)

"A decently cut and designed suit, far from being a symbol of production-line conformity, can be a thoroughly personalised statement."

"“Once everyone starts turning up for work looking cheap, in their undone shirt, scruffy jeans and shapeless jacket, there’s one obvious answer if you want to stand out,” he says.

 “Get a proper suit on.”

Good News: Girls Won't Need Virginity "Test" to Get High School Diploma in Indonesia

"Indonesian officials have dropped a plan to require female students to pass virginity tests in order to graduate from high school and apologized after sparking a public outcry, human-rights campaigners said on Wednesday."


How A Very Smart, Left Wing Activist Plays the Media

It's a blueprint, people.

Take notes.

From Satmar To the IDF


Kol Hakavod. 

Mark Steyn: No Jews To See Here

I hope the Jews that voted for Obama (twice) are really still delighted with themselves. 


"For over a decade, I have been writing about the metastasizing Jew-hate in Europe, and I have noted, aside from the physical attacks, the casual acceptance of anti-Jewish slurs at the highest levels in Continental society. But I find, say, the Holocaust gags favored by Gretta Duiseberg, the wife of the then head of the European Central Bank, far less disturbing than the absurd pretzel-twist logic deployed by the Obama Administration to deny reality. It is creepy and profoundly unsettling."

"Jewish social life in Europe now takes place behind razor-wire and security guards, and newspapers placidly report polls showing that 58 per cent of British Jews believe Jews have no future in Europe. It is utterly disgraceful that the government of one of the few western nations relatively untouched by the new mass Jew-hate should devote so much energy to insisting that there's nothing to see here.
But lies beget lies."

More about Random Jews from Kate. 

Three Triplets (One Disabled) in Uniform in the IDF

Really heartwarming. 

G-d bless all the soldiers guarding Israel, and Israel for including the disabled among their ranks. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In Which I Profess My Newfound Respect for Boris Johnson


"Writing in the Daily Telegraph in November 2007, when Mrs Clinton looked the favourite to win the 2008 presidential election, Mr Johnson mused about whether he could support her candidacy."

"She's got dyed blonde hair and pouty lips, and a steely blue stare, like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital," he noted."

State Department Doubles Down on "Random" Killing at "Deli"


Dennis Prager: President Obama And His Moral Idiocy

Read the whole thing.

Today in Eurabian Judenhass

Germany creating new commission on antisemitism-without Jews. 

German court rules firebombing of synagogue is a "protest".

Belgian teacher tells Jewish student: 'we should put you all on freight wagons'. 

European Jewish population continues to plummet.

British Vicar blames JOOOOOOOS for 9/11

Antisemitic attacks on the rise in the UK.

Anti-Jewish attacks in UK at highest levels ever recorded.

British star Maureen Lipman: I'm thinking of leaving for the US or Israel.  "(When the going gets tough, the Jews get packing..")

The 'creeping cultural acceptance' of Judenhaas in the (formerly) United Kingdom. 

Teacher quits French school citing antisemitism. 

Just a Bunch of Crazy Folks, Randomly Shooting in a Deli

It just gets worse and worse as he feels more embolden to be completely honest. 

“It is entirely legitimate for the American people to be deeply concerned when you’ve got a bunch of violent, vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.”

Not everyone is fooled.

The Children of Rotherham Were "Sacrificed" To "Save Labour"

The ends justify the means, of course.

Israeli Media Stars: Left, and Radical Left

No real surprise. 

Yonit Levy is particularly insidious, rude, intolerant and aggressive with non-leftists on the show.

More here from Yisrael Hayom on the attacks by the leftist Israeli media on PM Netanyahu.

John "The 'Stache" Bolton thinks that Obama is (rightly) afraid of Netanyahu and his forthright, honest manner (that Americans still love and respect).

Mark Steyn's Haunting Reflections on the Death of Free Speech in the West: The Sound of Silence (UPDATED)

Your must read of the day because MARK STEYN. 

Plus, a nice citation of that random Rosen Jew woman again!

What's up with that?!?!


Steyn sums it up, of course by noting that "the point of free speech is for the speech you hate. If you don't believe in free speech for those you hate, you don't believe in free speech at all".

Exactly. They don't believe in it at all.

And the inevitable conclusion is this:

"It turns out free speech isn't that "abstract". When you so hedge in free expression with political correctness, you make it impossible even to raise certain subjects, and thereby facilitate real, non-abstract evil. The loss of free speech brings other losses, too."

Our leaders are willing to "lose" this for us, in order to placate the intolerant masses and hasten the collapse of our glorious, young democracies.

As per Mark Steyn: "Don't say you weren't warned."


How sad and ironic-news that a 700 year old copy of Magna Carta was found in a scrapbook in a library in Kent, U.K. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Opposition to Netanyahu is Personal

Good piece from Hot Air. 

I agree, it's personal and visceral and well funded by leftist American Jews.

Fortunately, PM Netanyahu doesn't seem to be too bothered by it.

And I really like his new commercial about all the make-work scandals. The Israeli media is totally run by the political left, and it's great that Netanyahu and Bennett are pushing back.

Here's the hungry thirsty fish scandal....HAHAHA!

The Death of Free Speech in America Starts on the University Campus

This is absolutely reprehensible. 

"Dozens of posters plastered across the University of Michigan caution students not to say things that might hurt others’ feelings, part of a new “Inclusive Language Campaign” at the state’s flagship public university that cost $16,000 to implement."

"Words declared unacceptable through the campaign include “crazy,” “insane,” “retarded,” “gay,” “tranny,” “gypped,” “illegal alien,” “fag,” “ghetto” and “raghead.” Phrases such as “I want to die” and “that test raped me” are also verboten."

And these utter imbeciles don't realize that by publishing the 'verboten' words, they are making them more publicly known and read and republished.  

Good on You: Army Of Tradesmen Rebuild House for Family With Severely Disabled Child

When I see stories like this, I am hopeful for Britain.

ISIS: Your Digital and New Media Terror Overlords

You want to know who the bloody kings of social media are?

Look no further.

"What are you waiting for?"

Eurabia is Doomed: Dateline, Belgium

Nothing to see here either...

France: "Gunmen" With No Particular Names or Motives (Gangs?) Open Fire in Marseille

Nothing to see here!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

More Random, Gratuitous Advice...

Have dinner together. 

You're welcome.

France: "Coexist" Street Artist Has the Crap Kicked Out of Him

Irony, the cruelest mistress...

Dating Advice: "Just Say Hi"

Seriously people-all you really need to do in order to meet new people is smile and say hello. 

What's the worst that could happen? So you get shot down once, twice, a few dozen times...big deal.

Or as this wise New Yorker says: "“It’s weird that people would rather go on Tinder instead of saying hi".

It is WEIRD. And not normal.

You have to take some risks in life or you end up with a really boring life.

And believe me, I've been shot down for many, many things-dates (before I got married), business opportunities, jobs, and new friend possibilities.

And you know what-I don't really care. I have an incredible collection of friends and acquaintances and I love being a fixer. I collect people and that's my thing and I'm going to keep saying hi, because it's the only way I want to live.

Sky News: Sorry We Pretty Much Called Israelis Nazis-Just "Unfortunate" Images

Just an unfortunate choice of pictures-you know, nothing that deliberately reflects their seething, upper-class, genteel Judenhaas. 

(If you read my interview with Mark Steyn, you'll know that this is the interview that he is referring to when he says that he would have punched Adam Boulton's lights out, and pulled a William Buckley.)

This Boulton cretin blames Jews for antisemitism. How charming.

Seriously-the Rabbi should have flipped the table over or walked out. That would have been awesome.

David French: Brian Williams and the Tyranny of Ego

When a "titanic ego collided with reality, and reality lost".

Naftali Bennett Has A Plan...UPDATED

And I like it.


Naftali Bennett to lying lefties:

Stop lying about me, or I will sue your pansy asses off. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Exodus of British Jews Begins: "We're Leaving Britain, We're Not Safe Here"

In the words of the great Mark Steyn:

Don't say you weren't warned.

In Which Mark Steyn Makes Shishkebab Out of Brian Williams

Oh dear, this one's gotta hurt.

"The Life of Brian". 


"He is Just Absolutely The Wrong Human Being To Be Leading The West At This Point in History."

Could not have said it better myself.

Balls Spotted in the House of Windsor?

Interesting development from Prince Charles...

Natan Sharansky: Post Liberal Europe Is No Place For Jews

This is an excellent piece from the great Natan Sharansky on post-liberal Europe and its "Jewish problem".

Read the whole thing. 

"Of course, the most direct cause of European Jews’ growing sense of insecurity is the violence and terror perpetrated by extremist elements in the Muslim community. But at the root of even that phenomenon are changes within liberal Europe itself—specifically, the shift toward cultural relativism and away from a proud attachment to particular national identities, including the latter’s demand that newcomers adopt the norms and values of the majority culture."


Daniel Greenfield: The Ghosts of Auschwitz in the Middle East. 

Nothing to See Here....

Obama administration issues millions of work permits to illegal aliens.

No biggie.

The French Jewish Exodus Continues

Further to my interview below with Mark Steyn, and his observations about France-do read this article from the Washington Post about the exodus of the Jews from France. 

Jennifer Sebag's grandparents left North Africa to escape Islamic antisemitism, and settled in France.

Now, she must leave France with her young family for Israel because of Islamic antisemitism.

Note the story of the Jews, and their host countries-it's not "if" but "when" to leave.

That's the entire "why" of Israel.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Your Weekend Treat! My Exclusive Interview With Mark Steyn (Don't Say You Weren't Warned!)

Well, friends, have I got a treat for you.

Following his live appearance at Chapters Indigo in downtown Toronto, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the great Mark Steyn for an in-depth conversation on his new, best-selling book, antisemitism, the collapse of Western civilization, hate speech, Official Jews, and the possibility of being sent to the Middle East to sing groovy James Bond songs to soothe the savage ISIS beasts.

There is so much hot stuff in this interview, I'd be shocked if your computer was not smoking, as you read.

Please enjoy the transcript of our chat, painstakingly transcribed by yours truly with adoration intermittent hot flashes great affection and admiration.

 I hope you enjoy it.

Q: I definitely want to start with the new book, and then talk about something that are specific to Canada. The [Un]documented Mark Steyn-Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned. I was wondering if that feel like the story of your life at this point. Is that going to be inscribed on your tombstone? “I told you so, don’t say you weren’t warned-it’s all in my book”. How does it feel to try to explain in real time what’s going on in the world today?

“It does feel like that and that’s not a good feeling. Apart from the fact that ‘I told you so’ is generally not an attractive quality in a person but also because I find whatever happens in the news, you know you wake up on a Wednesday morning or Thursday morning and something’s happened in paris or brussels or wherever and a radio or tv station asks you to come in and comment about it you sigh wearily because you said exactly the same thing 8 or 9 years ago. At a certain point it becomes very tedious and actually faintly obnoxious to say ‘if you had listened to me in 2005 2002 you wouldn’t be in this mess.”

“And that’s one reason why I assembled this particular book, is because there are different specifics but a lot of the big points that I am more and more convinced of, I wrote about 10-15 years ago, you do it initially in the hope people will change course but if they don’t change course you might as well put a book together saying hey this is what I said in 2007 while you fellows were listening to people who were wrong about everything, people is, “hopelessly optimistic” and “pollyannish”, people who have lived in this sort of post 1950 bubble and can’t actually imagine a scenario in which all the certainties of your world are upended. That is what is objectionable about most commentary, it takes the assumptions of that post-1950 bubble and assumes they are eternal and can’t be overturned. That’s the reason I put that book together basically.

Q: And that people think it can’t be overturned when these forces are telling you exactly what they want to do, and exactly how they are going to implement it, it must sometimes be very frustrating, because they’re being very honest about it, and we in the West are not.

“No, that’s true. And there’s a broader point in that. You can say to people who were around in the 1930s, why didn’t you see what was happening, why didn’t you do something, and I think it’s true that when they say ‘we had no idea that the most advanced and civilized state in Europe would construct a vast bureaucratic apparatus simply for the purpose of killing millions of people, that was beyond our imagination, I think it’s valid. But that generation actually, I think had an advantage over us, in that they did understand that life can be going on and then suddenly the adjoining country’s troops come over the border and life is suddenly chaos, you lose all your possessions, your home is destroyed and you have to pick up, and start all over again, sometimes in a town on the other side of your country and sometimes on the other side of the world and you don’t even have to be in the game, really.”

“My grandparents were Belgian and figured that their country wasn’t particularly important and was of no consequence, but for the Germans, it was the express check-in to France. They got invaded and occupied and their lives were ruined just because they happened to be in the way.”

“And that generation, on all sides of Europe, doesn’t matter if you’re talking about Poland, it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about the Balkans, it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about Austria people had a sense then, that civilization is the exception to the rule, and that it’s fragile-and the forces of barbarism, everything can look very normal and you can be eating beautiful patisserie and sipping your coffee and watching the world go by but just over the horizon there are always dark forces menacing you.”

“I think we’ve lost that sense of it, so even to go back to the point I was making about the Holocaust in the 1930s, and it being unimaginable because there had always been anti semitism always been low-simmering Jew hatred, and that it would always be like that.

“We don’t even have that excuse, we have seen what it’s like when millions of people are killed and we have the explicit threats to do that again, we have actual murders, not on a large scale but we have a significant small scale of ongoing violence against Jews and we don’t have the excuse that our grandparents’ generation had that it’s unimaginable”. Because we don’t have to imagine it.”

“Every year as we’ve just seen and on significant anniversaries as we’ve just seen, all the big shots line up and congratulate themselves and say ‘Never Again’, again and again and again” and then we go on to letting the Iranians build nuclear bombs, Jewish shops and schools get firebombed, people killed in the Jewish museum in Brussels and kosher grocery store in Paris and “this is now the new normal”.

“Our generation will be treated far more brutally by history because these guys are all standing up there at the big ‘Never Again’ ceremony slapping each other on the back and saying what marvellous fellows they are, that’s on page 1, and on page 37 there’s the story of this weeks’ Kosher grocery bombing. It’s disgusting”.

Q: Was “Never Again” just a type of utopian security blanket, because as you say, we’ve hit the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and there isn’t a country in Europe where you can see that spirit-of barbaric anti-semitism being animated. And it’s also Argentina, where the prosecutor against the terrorism against Jews there faced ‘suicide by a bullet to the back of the head’. And the Italian Jews-the leader of the Rome Jewish community and his grandson were locked in Auschwitz at a ceremony, escaped climbing the walls and were interrogated by the Polish police. So, “Never Again”?

“I think they drew the wrong conclusion from “Never Again”. The Jews were sort of peripheral to the meaning of that. I think what ‘Never Again’’ means to a continental European is never again, as they saw it, nationalism led to war. So their response to 1939-1945 was to undermine their own nationalism. At the time of the European Constitution, so-called, a decade ago, you had these apparatchiks from the European Commission standing up and warning the Dutch and the French that if they didn’t sign on to this Euro Superstate that they would be on the path to Belsen and Auschwitz.”

“In other words, it’s one or the other. You’ve the European union or you’ve got ovens. That was the lesson they drew, that nationalism was bad that nation states were bad, that national identity was bad. And, as part of that, they imported the next generation of anti semites to Europe.”

Q: And that’s worked out really well for Europe?

“I think I said this to Ezra the other day on his telly show, it’s one of the blackest jokes of history, that the Holocaust enabled the Islamization of Europe and the Islamization of Europe has enabled the destruction of what remains, post-Holocaust, of Jewish life in Europe.”

Q: And this makes you wonder if the animus towards the Jews can be characterized as anything but a completely pathological, self-destructive phenomenon? 

“Somebody said, I forget where it was, I think it was the Daily Mail the other day the story about all these Jews saying there’s no future for the Jews and they’re preparing to leave and Maureen Lipman, who we mentioned earlier, I think Maureen is among them, actually she’s now saying she’s trying to figure out where you go next, which is extraordinary to me because I think about her as British as anybody and the idea that she feels driven out of her country by the malevolence and hatred.”

“And somebody responded to that, commented in that piece, said ‘oh Britain without Jews wouldn’t be Britain’, a nobody, just some nobody just in the comment section, comment 807, says ‘yeah they always say that don’t they’. That’s what they say in Poland, that’s what they say in Germany, but in the end they somehow manage either killing them or driving them out.”

“What I find odd, but not close friends but people I’ve had an acquaintance with over the years, there was this fellow the other day, he’s the big political editor of Sky News, Adam Bolton, he’s not Peter Mansbridge, but he’s kind of just below that level and he’s asking someone, on the anniversary of Auschwitz, don’t you feel this anti semitism, is you know-all the fault of Israel.”

Q: Oh yes, he asked that of the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom!

“Or I listen to what Elvis Costello says about the reason he won’t appear in Israel any more, and what is shocking, is that they don’t hear what they’re saying and these are people who speak in public all the time. And when you speak in public you have an instinctive sort of self-protection thing. Some infelicitous thought rises in your gullet, but you’re sufficiently self-aware because you speak in public all the time that you just dial it back, dial it back and so in a way when Adam Bolton says it on television or Elvis Costello says it in a press release, that’s actually worse than some bloke just saying it in a pub, these are people who weigh their words and live by their words, and they have no idea what they’re saying and of the implications of what they are saying.”

“And I would imagine that if I were in Maureen Lipman’s shoes, you’re a fairly doctrinaire, left of centre person of the left who agrees with these people on everything else, then you’re reading The Guardian in the morning and you realize that on something that is absolutely central to who you are, that these guys have gone nuts.”

Q: Or they’ve just revealed themselves?

“Let’s put it this way, because I think this is the thing, Charles Krauthammer has a column on this, I think it’s this morning in the Washington Post and he’s talking about the new anti semitism in Europe, but he doesn’t mention who it is who's doing it because obviously, it’s not Elvis Costello and Adam Bolton who are firebombing Kosher groceries. And Charles Krauthammer doesn’t mention the actual people who are doing this, we all know they are guys called Mohammed and Ahmed and it’s always that way.”

“The Toulouse shootings, they thought it was some right-wing neo-Nazi and of course, it turned out to be the usual ones, and that’s true they’re the guys who are killing, and putting Molotov cocktails through the letter boxes of synagogues and all the rest of it but the culture that is-it’s the European establishment that is rationalizing it because they can’t confront the disaster of their own immigration policies and the implication for where they’re going, so they have to rationalize it and I would be as their Muslim populations grow and as the violence grows, the intellectual hostility not just to Israel but to Jews in general, will absolutely metastasize and that at the absolutely most respectable college dining tables at Oxford and the Sorbonne, and all the rest of it there will be absolutely minimal difference between the hatred of Jews expressed there and the hatred of Jews expressed in the streets of Les Banlieues in Paris. Because it’s the rationalization. It’s easier to say ‘oh it’s all to do with Gaza’ than to actually confront the disaster that is going to consume their countries, too.”

Q: So basically, the Sky News interview was just a portent of where the intelligentsia is going, which is pretty awful. 

“I think about Adam Bolton, and if I’d been in the Chief Rabbi’s position, I’d have socked him in the jaw.”

Q: Pulled a William Buckley? 

“I think so because it was like the BBC person who was talking to one of the guys outside the Paris grocery store, never mind hostility there’s not even the sort of residual good manners in these situations.”

Q: It’s redefining “chutzpah” with an anti semitic flavour?

“What people don’t understand, I think, is when countries transform, is that you not only lose you future, you lose your past too.” I was trying to explain this to a Jewish friend of mine in London who works in the theatre and I was saying, well you know do you think ticket sales will be when London is 30% Muslim? How many of these theatres are going to be open and more to the point how what works will no longer be played?”

Q: What will be ‘haram’ for the London theater?
“Yes, so it’s not just that you won’t have an Irving Berlin, say, because we all know what the show biz scene is if like if you happen to be stuck in Riyadh on a wet weekend with nothing to do. It’s not a world that produces anything like that, and there isn’t going to be anything like that.”

“And the other side of the Adam Bolton thing is, I was in London a few days ago and I switched on the TV 10 minutes before I went out and the BBC was drooling over the Gaza version of X-Factor or something, and the subtext is obviously ‘see they’re just like us’ they’ve got their crappy pop talent show, and maybe they will be for a while like that so you will be able to watch the Gaza version, ‘Gaza Idol’ or whatever where there’s six people bellowing crappy version of Anglo-American pop songs. But actually, after a while they won’t even need that anymore and it will be a land essentially without music and without culture.”

“When you’re 30% Muslim in London, do you think it’s going to be economically viable to put a Noel Coward play in the west end, that’s what I mean, it costs you not only your future but your past as well.”

“Because the British and European intellectual class cannot confront the reality of what they have done to themselves, they have to find something else to blame it on, even if it’s just some little terrorist-squat, halfway down the world, halfway down the Mediterranean, a little nothing place, that has to be responsible for the entirety of why Western European is now seething with Jew-hatred. It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

Q: Ultimately, then, is it really about the Jews? It may seem so, that is to say, the terrorism against the Jews is about those individual Jewish families and anti semitism, but isn’t this a microcosm of the future for these places in Europe, but they just don’t realize it?

“The French, who have a sort of admirably cynical low cunning in certain matters that sometimes serves them very well, and I think in this case, it hasn’t because I think they consciously reached the conclusion during that kind of low-level French Intifadah just after 9/11 2001-2002 that as long as what was going on could be held to the Jews it was of no broader significance. And I think cynics like M. Chiraq thought of that consciously. And you can understand why, for M. Hollande 94% of Muslims voted for him, in other words that’s his base, as much as the black population is for Obama in a sense, and in a democratic polity, you go where the votes are. And that is why in a lot of marginal constituencies all across Europe that’s where the votes are. So you can’t come out with any kind of ringing defense of Jews because you don’t want that 94% of the Muslim vote to fall down to 53% of the Muslim vote. So, these guys cynically I think said, well, if we can hold it to the Jews, it’ll bad and once in awhile it’ll be embarrassing and yes, there probably isn’t much of a future for them but we can tamp it all down and keep a lid on it.”

“And what they don’t realize, which it’s like posterity’s all time greatest joke, is that in the Europe they have created-they are the Jews. Chiraq and Hollande are the new Jews and they’re headed where the Jews were.”

“I don’t think the English edition is out, or coming out until the fall or whatever, but the new Michel Houellebecq novel, that terrific line that he says to his Jewish girlfriend as she’s getting out of the country [to Israel], “There’s no Israel for me.” And that’s the genius of Houellebecq. Hes actually put the continental European situation in one line. “There is no Israel for me.”

Q: And by extension, the majority of the populace in places like France don’t realize that these leaders are like the kapos, sacrificing their own people, selling each other out. The average French citizen doesn't realize that they’re being put on the altar right now.

“And I think when they do, some of them will get angry, and people predict that, but I think we’re getting past the stage demographically where meaningful anger will be possible. Even people that are supposed to be notorious haters like Marine Le Pen, they’re running those numbers, too. Because you have to be mighty confident that you can make up the votes elsewhere, doesn’t matter who you are in European politics, you have to be mighty confident you can make up the votes elsewhere to be able to be able write off the entire Muslim population.

Q: So what are the lessons for Canada and particularly for Canadian Jewry, and would you have a warning or words of advice, especially given that the Canadian Jewish community and the organized Jewish community was part and parcel of everything you went through with the Human Rights Commission and the hate speech issues?

“I find it depressing that the so-called ‘Official Jews’ in Ezra’s great phrase, continue to get this issue wrong. Just the other day the answer to this is more hate speech laws which I absolutely reject because I think the more hate speech laws you have the less likely it is that these issues can be addressed honestly.”

“I mean I prefer fellows like the guy I mentioned the other night, like Anjum Choudary, who goes on TV and says yeah, I want sharia worldwide and I want the flag of Islam over Buckingham Palace and the White House and actually St. Peter’s in Rome eventually, and so when Canadian Jewish groups think the answer is to have more powers for the human rights commissions or even the proposed terrorist legislation, I don’t think the problem can be managed like that.”

“When you look for example, the way how you would have to expand the RCMP’s budget to monitor everybody who says something ‘beastly’-that’s simply not doable, by some accounts, I think the Germans devote 60 officers to every fellow they’re tracking, and I think that is what was shown by both the fellow who killed Corporal Cirillo in Ottawa and the fellow who killed Patrice Vincent in St. Jean Sur Richelieu. They were both known to authorities, the authorities had taken the step of preventing them from leaving the country so they could only kill people in Canada.”

Q: So, just let them go and just shut the doors?

“Yes, I think you let them go, it’s a one-way ticket, they’re presumed to be guilty and not admitted back into the country. “

“And you have to have a serious conversation about immigration, which is what Jews-even sensible Jews never want to talk about. Jews are the most sentimental about immigration, and I would include great friends of mine in the American Jewish community who are as right wing as you can get, and yet they have a blind spot about sort of sentimentalist myths about immigration. And the fact is that in Canada, where Islam is essentially the greatest provider of new Canadian citizens, and we are reluctant, with the exception of Quebec, to even have any kind of conversation on the contradictions between ‘hyper’ Islam, let’s just keep it there for the moment, and what it means to be Canadian.”

“I had lunch with the two ladies in my vast entourage at the Big Smoke bar on King Street, and a fully covered woman, that is to say Saudi-style with just the slit eyes for the visor, came in and ordered a burger. And I think when you see something like that, the liberal multicultural Canadian says ‘oh yes, she’s wearing a niqab, but she ordered a burger-what could be more Canadian than that’?’

Q: Well she could have gone to Tim Horton’s! Come on!

“Well that’s right and the media-savvy ones are always very good about that when they go on TV to be asked about this, they always have their Tim Horton’s coffee with them to show they’re just regular.”

Q: Fully assimilated!

“Right. So the liberal person looks at the woman at the woman in the niqab buying a burger and says she’s buying a burger, she’s as Canadian as the next, and the more skeptical person says is it possible to be a functioning member of society when you are so self-segregating that you will not even show yourself to your supposed fellow Canadians and burger-chompers and Tim Horton’s sippers.”

“And there is a difference, people always say oh, these Mennonites they can be stand offish, and Orthodox Jews, but Islam is a religion with universalist claims, it doesn’t want to settle down in an encampment-like what’s that town, in Intercourse, PA, where the Mennonites are.

Q: It had to be named “Intercourse”, right? It couldn’t be named ‘Abstinence”?

“Right. So Islam doesn’t just want to decamp to a couple of fields. It wants everybody on the planet to submit to Islam.”

“So Canada I think, actually is faced with a serious challenge there, and the idea that somehow we cannot distinguish between whether admitting the fellows from Afghanistan who dump their women folk in the Rideau Canal in Kingston, we’re not allowed to distinguish between them and a couple of Catholics from the west coast of Ireland or a Catholic from Slovenia or whatever, that somehow if you have immigration, you can’t distinguish between sources of immigration... ultimately, that has to go.”

“We’re a generation behind where Europeans are, but the Muslim community has spent a lot of the 21st century in Canada catching up and the Jewish community, in the hands of its spokesmen like Bernie Farber, is still wedded to the old solutions, to hate crimes prosecutions for elderly Nazis and to the idea that the state can regulate all the bad stuff away, and the state cannot.”

“And the pathetic response of the Official Jewish groups to the outright calls for the deaths of Jews that are made on the streets of Calgary, Montreal and all kinds of other places and the Bernie Farbers of the world are entirely useless on that.”

“We need more free speech and we need a more honest dialogue and frankly, whatever its own history, the Jewish community has to have a slightly more hard-headed approach, rather than sort of sentimentalist “Ellis Island” view of mass immigration.”

Q: So the basic idea would be to divert Jewish energy away from leftist, Tikkun Olam, hate speech activism, to simply having a conversation on immigration-that would be a good start?

“It’s a basic sense of self-preservation. I think it is possible at a certain level in life for everything to seem as if it’s tickedy-boo.”

“There is a video on the internet in which Bernie Farber runs into Khurrum Awan, my head Sock Puppet, and he’s back-slapping and saying ‘hey great to see you’ and they are whooping it up a storm and you can see that at a certain level of the Canadian state that that works. Bernie Farber recognizes Khurrum Awan as a player in same the pool in which he swims, it doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish, Muslim, or Ukrainian or gay or transgendered, or whatever, you’re one of those people whose wafted up into being one of the super players in identity politics where power is mediated in the Canadian state.”

“And at a certain point in your careers you swung along to Ottawa and you get given the Order of Canada and the Queen’s Jubilee Medal and all the other stuff and you all award each other Man of the Year certificates back and forth all decade long. And if one were to excuse the appalling failure of Bernie Farber and the other Official Jews, it would be that if you exist in that bubble where you meet these bespoke honchos from the identity groups much like yourselves-it would be easy to think in that bubble because there actually is no real difference between you you’re all just super schmoozers, oiling and greasing your way through the upper mechanisms of the Canadian state . That would be about as charitable of you of how Bernie Farber a got it wrong as I could imagine, but for people on the ground level who don’t have the Jubilee Medal that Bernie Farber got there are tougher questions about survival, about if an uncovered woman can still walk through a heavily Muslim neighbourhood.”

"Then, there is this absurd story of the Jewish toupee some guy invented because that’s a less visible mark of your faith, going around with a Sean Connery toupee on your head.”

Q: Now you’re breaking my heart-he has a toupee?

“Oh, only since about 1968.”

“So where that’s the only acceptable, least life-threatening mark of your faith that you can get away with. Where you’re riding on the Paris Metro without a book that betrays your identity.”

“And beyond the Jews one of the reasons UKIP is doing well-even when they say it’s a heavily Muslim area, there are still 3 or 4 little old ladies who have been living in that house since 1928 and haven’t moved out and their neighbourhood has been utterly transformed and they have to live with the reality of the hate and hostility every day of their lives and Bernie Farber doesn’t.”

“And the betrayal, by the leaders, by the elites of their bases, is why Europe’s in the state it’s in and it if it got to that stage in Canada it would be a tragedy, because these things are going to end violently. The only thing we don’t know is the particulars of the violence-who’s going to do what to who but they will end violently and the more you tell people you can’t speak about it you can’t say anything honest about it, you can’t express your concerns you can’t express your feelings, the more people like Bernie Farber say we need Section 13 back, we need to crack down on people..”

“Bernie Farber ought to understand that better understand better than anyone. The Third Reich had an official ideology and you weren’t allowed to question it, Bernie Farber’s official ideology is Trudeaupian Multiculturalism, and he and too many other people are far too comfortable with a world in which you’re not allowed to question that. And if we’re going to get through this thing and it’s not entirely clear to me that we will, if we do get through it it’s because we return to an age of honest discourse as opposed to parroting glassy eyed, the official lies.”

“When I was saying there’s not going to be a lot of West End theater in London, that’s true for Canada, when you go past the hockey hall of fame or whatever it is at the end of Yonge Street, there’s not going to be a lot of hockey if Canada has the same transformative immigration that France has, it changes everything. And people need to understand that.”

Q: John Kerry sent James Taylor to France and sing You’ve Got a Friend, has Prime Minister Harper approached to sing in the Middle East? They say music soothes the savage beast, surely you singing James Bond songs to the Baghdadi caliphs, and singing to ISIS would bring world peace?

“You won’t be surprised to hear I don’t get as overwhelmed with potential promotional booking for my Goldfinger CD as you might think, and the way the schedule looks, if some promoter would say hey, we booked you a big gig in Mosul I wouldn’t be sure I’d agree to it.”

“It’s the detail of Islam I find interesting, the way the big imam who clarified the Taliban’s position on music, he said it isn’t true that it’s illegal or forbidden to listen to music in Islam, it’s just forbidden to enjoy it. And on that logic, my Goldfinger album ought to be #1 in Afghanistan.”

“And it’s like the Ayatollah Khomeini's great line there are no jokes in Islam. We’re inverted things. John Kerry thinks that that James Taylor is important, and that that stupid song is important, you know ‘winter, spring summer or fall, all you’ve got to do is call,’ and I’ll send a low-level diplomat to come and see you in a couple of weeks, the idea that there is a sort of significance in this pathetic, weedy fey, hippie anthem, that’s what John Kerry is saying and the Taliban actually take those guys at their word, and it is significant to them. And they ban music and all the rest of it.”

“The whole idea, the whole Quincy Jones, healing power of music, the idea that music transcends borders and boundaries, no it’s just as political as anything else. And in fact in the world we’re headed to James Taylor will wind up getting his head chopped off along with the rest of them. It’s not going to make any difference.”

Q: Because It’s very hard to sing without your head attached to your neck?

[laughs] “It is true. And the interesting thing about that is, even like the smallest pleasures will be denied to us-like Kathy Shaidle likes punk and all that. ‘’

“I drove from Amman to just shy of Baghdad then I turned and went north up to Tikrit, Saddam's home town and in Amman, when you are within range of the Hyatt, you can still get a couple of still vaguely semi-western sounding pop stations, and as you drive further and further out through the hard core towns, there’s nothing, nothing and you tune in the radio but there’s just nothing the call to prayer and all the rest of it. “

“There is “literally no music” in that. I used to make jokes about when I drove through that desert, that you could do like in Nevada, you could put up a Vegas there and could have Wayne Newton do two shows a night or whatever but in fact it’s just like a wasteland, you tune the radio but it’s nothing but imams sounding off, and the call to prayer, and dial again and there’s another imam sounding off, and it is literally a land beyond music, and that’s where the James Taylor is completely pathetic, because it shows how stupid and parochial we are in a way that these guys well understand, we’re a bubble and they’re in a world outside the bubble and we don’t get it.”

Q: You had a great line about taking small actions every day, because if not, we’ll end up on a similar drive into the desert that you experienced, no joy, no music and no simple pleasures?

“That comes back to what Israel is, and that has been true since the British Mandate when the British officials how the Jews just got on with irrigating the desert, while the Arabs didn’t. Literally to be able to grow something and to tend it, to nurture it.

Q: Instead of killing it and sucking out the joy?

“Yeah. I think that’s the tragedy that you already sense in the way that the desert creeps south in North Africa each year you sense that psychologically the desert is creeping on us in the West, and that’s a tragedy.”

Q: Orianna Fallaci had a great metaphor about water. She said that unlike Islam, Judeo-Christian civilization is like water and creates and sustains life. It’s a life force and wherever it finds itself it will support life. I like to think that there are enough people who are like water, will fight and sustain life and to grow the flowers in the desert-because there’s too much at stake. Do you think? 

“Sometimes you can have a little pruning foist upon you, that you didn’t anticipate but you will grow again, but it’s never about the numbers, Jews know that better than anyone, there are fewer Jews than there are with anything [population-wise] and they are disproportionately represented in all the great areas of scientific and artistic and cultural fields and so it’s never about the numbers, and the numbers do not determine your future. ”

“The essence of every story that’s ever been told, it’s the guy who beats the odds and for western civilization, the odds aren’t good for civilization right now but that is the essence of every story that’s ever been told that eventually the good guy rouses himself and beat the odds, and that’s all we have to do is rouse ourselves and we can beat the odds.”

Q: Well, you’re one of the good guys. Thank you very much for this.