Sunday, December 31, 2017

The UK Is Doomed: Coexistence Edition

Ho hum. Nothing to see here. 

Try To Watch This Without Getting Misty

Watch the whole thing.

Germany: "Christmas Market Attack Survivors Feel Abandoned By Merkel"

One for the "duh" files.

Ms. Merkel brought this upon Germany. 

Her sympathies lay not with the victims of jihadist terror, but elsewhere.  She most certainly feels, like most Western elites that a few rapes and murders here and there are a completely reasonable and justifiable price to pay for "our diversity" etc.

As Mark Steyn characterized it: we are the bollards. 

Therefore, many more families in Europe  and throughout the Western world will continue to be unwilling and unwitting bollards, collateral damage, blood sacrifice to Islamic jihad and the unholy fire of the pyre of multiculturalism.

We know that there will be more victims, we just don't yet know all their names.

They have not volunteered but were voluntold.

Further comment would be superfluous.

Oh Mah Gawd Is Pretty Much All I Can Say


PS: Isn't socialist medicine grand? Socialist medicine means you have no choice but to have your vagina swiped, whilst in stirrups by a stubble-faced man who "identifies" as a woman. That's where we are at, my friends. Enjoy.

The Spirit of Vichy Is Alive And Well in France

France has a new Jew Tax Department. 

Willkommen To The New Germany!

It's much like the Old Germany!

(Can we call them Neo Nazis yet?)

Meanwhile, antisemitism is sweeping Germany. 

Coincidentally, migrants are also sweeping Germany, but I'm sure one has nothing to do with the other.

And, from the Daily Mail, a profoundly gutless look at the neo Nazis of Germany without mentioning The Inconvenient Religion (of Peace) that starts with an "I" and ends with a "slam".

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Paris Morphs Into Gaza

Australia's Christmas Gets Very Bollardy

As Mark Steyn says: we are the bollards.

Things That Make Jew Haters Sad


OMG Season Two of Fauda Is Days Away!

Have you watched it yet?


Lior Raz is really quite a magnetic screen presence.

Highly, highly recommended for binge-watching.

You won't be sorry.

Monday, December 25, 2017


Baby killers!

Baby savers! 

For My "DUH" File Once Again

Men with muscles and money are attractive to women.


Here's the Hot Dudes Reading Insta for you ladies (and gays). 


Maclean's Magazine Is A Living, Breathing, Trudeau Drool Bucket

While the soy boys at Maclean's magazine cannot get enough of their man crush, the rest of the world has noticed that he's a complete embarrassment. 


The "We Are Taking Names" Revolution Begins UPDATED

Nikki Haley tells the UN to shove its jizyah where the sun don't shine. 



Hungary: We Will Protect Our Women and Refuse To Live Behind Bollards

Go, Magyars, go. 

New York Times Begins Sitting Shiva for the Wave of Mass Violence They So Desired


"Is the Tide Turning Against the Supression of Free Speech?"

Answer: no. 

The reason I say no is because I believe that there will always be small, highly publicized "victories" against the totalitarian left with respect to free speech.

But their war on us will never end. It evolves and morphs according to current conditions-just like antisemitism.

Putting the "Psycho" In Psychologist

Lefties are infantile morons. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

This is So Glorious I Have Watched It Almost Twenty Times

Dr. Kedar gives Al Jazeera and this frothing, Jew-hating Imam the ass-whooping they so richly deserve, in Arabic. It's so delicious, I can barely describe how happy it makes me.

Honestly, if you do not LOVE this, we cannot be friends.

How Singing "Silent Night" Saved American POW's During the Battle of the Bulge


What an amazing story. 

Read the whole thing, via Legal Insurrection (always good stuff there).

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau: Oblivious To Ethical Behaviour

Assessment: correct. 

Look at this abject moron try to put together a sentence. UHHHH UMMMMM LEMME REORGANIZE MY THOUGHTS...

Merry Christmas From Your Very Favourite Loud Mouthed Suburban Jewish Zionist Mother

The weather outside is frightful, but Jews taking up the slack for gentile writers and bloggers on Christmas is delightful, right????

I want to wish all of my Christian friends a very Merry Christmas, and hope the joy and light of the season brings blessings and comfort to you and yours.

I'm making some progress on my son's health issue, and getting up to speed on the nitty gritty details of the condition which is good.

Blogging will still be unpredictable but I figure SOMEONE has to get the news out there while you all are eating turkey and drinking egg nog (I have no idea if this is a real thing of if you guys are just pulling my leg about this libation because I have never tried it, so I think you are making it up).

I had to make my own "Christmas" cookies and they were fabulous.

Stay tuned here, links will be forthcoming...

Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday Link Dump

Hello friends and foes.

Real life has thrown me a little bit of a curve ball recently so I unfortunately have little time to write and blog. There's a rather significant issue that I am facing with one of my kids and it will require quite a bit of research and some other investigations and consultations as my better half and I try to plot the best course of action.

I'll put up links when I am able, but blogging will mostly likely not be a daily thing for a while.

Wishing you Happy Chanukah (what's left of it), a Merry Christmas and a very festive holiday season.

For your consideration:


Sweden gets even more rapey than before, police throw white flag up. 

Piss on Sweden. 

Jewish children in Sweden need to be protected by bulletproof glass. You'll find the word "Islamist" in this article but not, you know: Muslims.

French Jewry is finished. Please leave with suitcases and not in caskets. 

Jews and Israel: 

Jewish leaders are keeping my brother the prisoner of terrorists. Very important piece.

Mr. Potato head is Jewish! Who knew?!?!? Is there nothing the Jews cannot do?

Linda Sarsour revealed and for real: this could not have happened to a "nicer" person. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. 

Crazy people: 

Rosen's rule of selfies: there is a direct correlation between number of selfies and crazy factor of person (usually women). The more selfies, the more kooky. And now, science proves it. 

The great Barbara Kay takes on Big Trans. I love Barb. Behold: Disagreeing with Big Trans is the new blasphemy. 


Obama was such a disgusting scumbag, continued...

"How Obama let Hizballah off the hook", the whole sordid story from Politico here. 

The New Mandarins of the Deep State

Guilty until proven innocent: the new American model of "justice" 

New York Times suddenly discovers death and destruction in Venezuela. Bernie Sanders and Sean Penn unavailable for comment at press time. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday Link Dump!

It's CHANUKAH, people.

Thus, I am very busy yada yada yada.

Here's a bunch of links that I have saved up, all worth your time.


The Great Douglas Murray on Trump: The Courage to Act 

NPR puzzled by this "bible" thingy. 

How Divorce Ruins Everything (No Matter How "Civilized" Everyone Says It Was)

Snowflake Culture Will Be the Death of Us Because These People Have Wrecked Everything in the World Including Beautiful Songs and Sentiments About Christmas  (honestly, these people need to calm the f&ck down)


The Great Bruce Bawer: Firebombing Jewish Children in Sweden 

Sweden is an utterly vile, Jew-hating place. Shame on the Swedes. They have chosen to voluntarily intifadah-ize their entire country. Live by the Jew-hatred, die by the Jew-hatred, you Hamassholes.

Burning Jewish buildings on Chanukah! PERFECT and GLORIOUS! That "glitter" is a firebomb.

More from Mark Steyn and Tucker Carlson: 


Evergreen College is a hot bed of totalitarian crud, says these two professors. 


British bad ass, rest in peace!


Eurabia is doomed. 

"Lighting Up The World Through Inclusion"

So nice. 

Israel finally putting the Yidische Kopf into special needs and inclusion. Heartwarming and delightful.

Curiouser and Curiouser....

Bahrain checking out Israel? Hmmm. 

Happy Chanukah!

History geek out from Israel, just in time for the holiday! 

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Real "Neo" Nazis

The Nazi spirit is alive and well in Eurabia.

Well Played, Misha Nonoo!

Meet Meghan and Harry's Jewish matchmaker!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Steyn: Problematic Positionality

So, for your viewing pleasure, here is Mark Steyn on the disgusting show trial of Lindsay Shepard at Wilfrid Laurier University.

There have been other developments since the story broke, and it appears that there may not even have been any formal complaint in writing.

The possibility of there being nothing in writing (and perhaps, no actual complaint at all) makes this whole thing stink even worse.

Watch the whole thing! A delight.

Mark Steyn is a real gentleman.

Friday Link Dump!

I've been extremely busy with real life stuff over the past few days.

Yesterday was particularly exhausting and soul-sucking, but this morning things were brighter.

So I have a whole bunch of links that I have been saving up.

I also wanted to comment just very briefly on President Trump's moves regarding Jerusalem (recognition and also moving the embassy). I think these are truly visionary moves. I didn't think he would actually do it, but he did. And that is a good thing. In one fell swoop, he has boldly changed the strategic position of America for the better with respect to Israel and for America and put a very quick end to the coddling of Palestinians and their consistent blackmail style "negotiations".

Days of Rage??? ZZZzzzzzz so sleeeeeeeeepy.

When do they not have days of rage? More like millennia of rage since you know who started preaching in the desert and get the idea.

Jerusalem is only important to non-Jews because of the Jews! And it's important to the Palestinians and a lot of the Arab world just to stick it to the Jews.

Lastly-President Trump may well recognize that this problem does not have a "deal" that everyone will love or even hate. There is no solution to this conflict, there can only be detente.

This may be the way in which the "real estate" theory of the conflict gets flushed down the toilet. It's not about 'land' per se. It's about eliminating the Jews on that land and everywhere else. It's about the uppity Jews having the nerve to want to live. It is a religious war, not a real estate conflict.

It's a religious war with no negotiable solution. The negotiations are only about the terms of the detente.

The Palestinians simply don't want peace. There will be no "freeing" the Palestinians. 

Anyway, like I said: visionary and YUGE.

So, here's a bunch of links that should hold you through the weekend, with less of my normal snark because I am really pressed for time and Shabbat is very early nowadays.

Gender Hysteria:

In which Dr. Debra W. Soh actually makes me read Playboy for the articles!


Is the Deep State attempting a coup? 

Bake My Cake: How Equality is Baked Into the Constitution (really good actually a MUST MUST MUST READ)

American Tyranny:

The truly sinister and wicked "John Doe" witch hunt story from Wisconsin just gets worse and worse.


Dylan Farrow: Why Has the #MeToo Revolution Spared Woody Allen?

NYT: The Harvey Weinstein Complicity Machine 


The great Caroline Glick: Trump's Great and Ingenious Gifts

Melanie Philips: A Watershed Event That Shames Britain and Europe 


Prime Minister Hairdo and his Somali-born Minister totally hip to Female Genital Mutilation  (WATCH THE WHOLE THING, MICHELLE REMPEL ROCKS)

Another jerkoff Liberal minister at work insulting the intelligence and dignity of Canadians

Internet Tyranny:

Security is the New Shut Up, Australian Edition

They do this because they can unless you make them stop. 


Surprise! "Teenage" migrant murderer of German teen turns out to be 33 and from Iran, not a refugee from the Taliban from Afghanistan. 


I crack myself up!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Apparently, I Am The Last Woman in North America To Find Out I Could Have Ordered Mark Steyn For Chanukah

To my utter dismay and woe, not just woe, and not just dismay but WOE AND DISMAY, I am, by all appearances, the last woman in North America, or perhaps the world to find out that I can order Mark Steyn all wrapped up in draidle gift wrap, right to my house for Chanukah!!!!


What shall I wear? What is the fitting repast for such an auspicious occasion?

OK, not to go like Full Jew, because I do consider myself very cosmopolitan but let me try to get the details straight.. is this not the holiday where the bearded guy in the fabulous bespoke suit comes down the chimney and then has the plate of cookies and milk potato latkes and sour cream waiting for him by the fireplace while the happy children Jewish mother greets him?

Have I got this right?




Bearded guy, wearing awesome suit comes right to the house-what could possibly be wrong with that????

What's that you say?

Errr....wait a moment.


OK, well now this is terribly embarrassing.


As it happens, one cannot actually, ahem, receive Mr. Steyn himself wrapped up in any sort of festive "holiday" gift wrap at all.

What you can do, if you haven't already is get a membership, or a gift membership to The Mark Steyn Club and get all kinds of cool things and privileges.

And, by getting a membership, you will help Mark Steyn continue to fight the legal battles that are expensive, and designed to crush the spirit, career and pocketbook. The process, as he has always pointed out, is the punishment.

Please consider supporting Mark Steyn with a membership this holiday Christmas season.

Meet Justin Trudeau's Repulsive Minister for Sport & Persons with Disabilities

"Everyone has a sob story."

What a purely loathsome creature. 

These comments are utterly repugnant.

San Francisco's Shame

This is a very succinct piece from the always great Heather MacDonald.

(San Francisco feels no shame though. You can't shame the shameless.)

Read the whole thing. 

Her conclusion is 100% accurate:

"While building a border wall is an important part of a sound immigration policy, preserving the rule of law inside the country is even more important. The advocates’ agenda is clear: they want to stop all deportations and in so doing eviscerate our sovereignty once and for all. Their ultimate aim is to transform the country culturally and demographically. Sanctuary policies are one of their most powerful weapons in that crusade."

In a nutshell, "sanctuary cities" are to America what Angela Merkel's "refugees welcome" Islamic invasion policy are to Europe: a recipe for complete and irreversible demographic transformation. 

America Reverts to Nepotistic, Idiotic, Idolatrous Tyranny

So, all I really have to say is PISS ON THIS. 

I thought America was not so hot on monarchy? On hereditary titles and royalty?

Piss on all the "son of", "brother of" and "wife of" configurations existent in the allegedly civilized world today.

As Mark Steyn often quips: how could it be that in the entire USA, in a country of over 360 million souls, that the "best" the Republicans could come up with was a "son of" and a "wife of" in the various leadership races? Give. Me. A. Break.

What is this? Syria? North Korea?

A pox all all your cruddy, nepotistic, smarmy houses. 

Especially the imbecilic House of Trudeau. 

And the Kennedys of course.

Monday, December 4, 2017

"Six Million 'Refugees' Waiting to Flood Europe"

Six million, six million-where have I heard that number before? 

Oh never mind.

What could possibly go wrong? 

The Extremely Amusing James Delingpole: Donald Trump Just Trolled the Baby Beeeeejeezzuss Out Of the UK

So, I love this article.

And if you don't listen to the Delingpole podcast you should.

I shouldn't listen to it on public transport because Mr. Delingpole has a line that he drops once in a while, thanking and flattering his "very special listener" and it really cracks me up every time.

So funny. Seriously, that line. I can't even!

Anyway, I think Delingpole has it right. 

What was that RT of President Trump all about?

President Trump, he contends:

"...was sending a message to the people he cares about: all those ordinary people out there, not just in the U.S. but in Europe and beyond, who are shocked, appalled, scared by the way their countries are slowly (or quite quickly in the case of some countries, Sweden, for example) surrendering to Islam; who feel betrayed by the pusillanimity of their political leaders and let down by the failure of most of their media to report on the rapes and the sexual grooming and the violence being committed disproportionately by Muslims, both immigrants and home-grown radicals; who feel unable to speak – except in embarrassed whispers – about their fears about being stabbed or machine-gunned or blown up or mown down by yet another jihadist simply for the crime of going about their daily, Western life; who bitterly resent being tarred as Islamophobic or xenophobic or uncaring when all they want is to be allowed to live their life in peace in a country whose traditions, laws and cultural values remain the ones they grew up with and which make their homeland worth living in."

"These are the people Trump was reaching out to with those tweets."

"As for the rest – all those politicians and media types and cry bully activist groups – they just fell into Trump’s trap."

Because "The Normals" (term coined by the great Kurt Schlichter, who is Kathy Shaidle's Jesus-DYING HAHAHA) of Britain feel like this: 

"Some of us here in Britain – many if not most of us, I suspect – are continually pinching ourselves in disbelief at what our country has become in so short a space. It seems only yesterday that we used to be able to walk over Westminster Bridge or go shopping round Borough Market or go to a pop concert without for one second having to worry about the possibility of being murdered by Islamic terrorists; that boys and girls in headscarves were never segregated in inner city schools and taught to despise Jews and other kuffar; that the correct response to mass rape was mass arrest not mass cover ups; that Britain believed in equality before the law not in separate Sharia courts for certain communities; that a supermarket worker who told his boss “I can’t serve alcohol to customers” would be told in no uncertain terms either to do his job or move on elsewhere…"

Read the whooooooooooole thing. 

President Trump: Please Help Bring Home Our Boys

It's really awful that no "major", "official" Jewish organization has taken up this cause.

Maybe President Trump will get word of this. 

He is a parent and a grandparent, so one never knows.

The Sanction of Murder Cities

Well said:

"The concept of "sanctuary," as the name implies, originates in Christianity: using the sacred precincts of the church to protect and shelter innocent people from the arbitrary power of the state. This is a classic tactic of the cultural-Marxist Left, to appropriate the terminology of faith for its secular, malevolent ends. But in this case those claiming "sanctuary" are not innocent: by definition, illegal aliens are criminals. What the Left is trying to do is nothing less than the nullification of the laws of the United States pertaining to the nation's right (which they call, of course, "racist") to define and protect its borders, and to decide who and who shall not be protected by its laws."

Conservatives must be unwilling to use the terminology of the left. 

Whenever we use their terminology we lose the battle. 

Clarity of language enables clarity of debate. 

Therefore the left wishes to obfuscate the real meaning and the real purpose of their paths. 

Don't let them win the linguistic battles-they are always important ones that inevitably shape the scope and nature of the debate and sadly, end up informing policy. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Must Read: Cities Are Playgrounds for the Elites

This is so good, so insightful. 

You know the drill: read the whole thing.

"Cities today are about as politically diverse as the former Soviet Union; they are increasingly dominated by “the civic Left,” for which pragmatism and moderation represent weakness and compromise. The emergence of Trump seems to have deepened this instinct, with mayors such as de Blasio and Garcetti, Seattle’s Ed Murray, and Minneapolis’s Betsy Hodges all playing leading roles in the progressive “resistance” against the president. Their anti-Trump posturing is mostly for show, but these mayors are pushing substantive—and increasingly radical—agendas of social engineering. Their initiatives include, in Los Angeles, imposing “road diets” on commuters to reduce car usage (while making traffic worse), as well as “green-energy” schemes that raise energy prices. Most are committed to serving as “sanctuary” cities and enacting unprecedented hikes in the minimum wage in an effort to eliminate income inequality by diktat."

"If the flight of moderate, middle-income homeowners continues, along with the growth in population of poor residents and childless hipsters, urban centers will be destined to serve as sandboxes for the progressive political class. Most urban leaders and media boosters have been slow to recognize such trends, which call for a thorough change in policy."

Please Remind Me Why Australia "Needs" Jihadi Immigrants

A wannabe jihadist gouged his wife's eye out of her head and then murdered her in front of their children. 

But, let's carry on and pretend that all cultures are equal, shall we?

What happened after the eye gauge?

After that, she was stabbed on her face, neck, arms, legs, back, hips and genitalia and bled to death. Here's what her darling husband did.

"Her butchered body, wrapped in a doona with cling wrap and electrical tape, was found dumped in grassland in Dallas a month later."

"In his police interview, when an officer said it was one of the worst cases he had come across, the man replied: “Grow a gut for it as in the Middle East it’s normal.

"Told that his family did not condone this behaviour, he said: “F--- them, f--- everyone. I’ve done nothing wrong.”

"When it was suggested he had put his children through hell, he said: “If they’ve gone through hell, they’ll grow up to be stronger.”


The Future of Germany Looks Really Bright!

"Asylum seeker sentenced after trying to pay prostitute with photocopied money." 

Asylum alleikum, baby!

"How My Sister's Non-Jewish Roomates Helped Her Celebrate Shabbat"

This is really lovely. 

Lindsay Shepherd on the Rubin Report!

Really good stuff.

Lindsay Shephard is a very intelligent, well spoken and courageous young woman. She has demonstrated tremendous poise and is a beacon of intellectual honesty and clarity.

Well done!

"Sow the Free Love Wind, Reap the Sexual Debasement Whirlwind."

This is an excellent essay.

Absolutely excellent. 

Read the whole thing. 

"The consequences of this casting aside of traditional morality and embracing the “liberation of the instincts” have by now become obvious: Children raised without fathers, the dismantling of the family, venereal plagues, high rates of divorce, the sexual precocity of teenaged minors, millions of abortions and their psychological trauma, the humiliation and dishonor that comes from being used as a thing for another’s pleasure, and all the wider social dysfunctions that have followed."

"And women have borne the brunt of these changes. No amount of pop-theorizing or feminist bluster has erased the natural differences between the sexes. And men, by nature sexually predatory, have been the biggest beneficiaries."

"And for progressive men, who are receiving the bulk of today’s charges of harassment and assault, the specious leftist theory of “liberation” that enabled sexual excess provided the perfect camouflage for their sexual predations. Likewise, the therapeutic cult of feeling––which replaced Christianity’s contrition, repentance, and penance––has given harassers and assaulters a cheap atonement merely by mouthing treacly clichés of sorrow for hurt feelings, and promises of self-improvement, especially a recommitment to the tenets of institutional feminism that they habitually had mouthed even as they preyed on women beholden to their power and influence."