Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The State of the Union

A few thoughts.

First of all, whoever wrote the "Americans are dreamers, too" line deserves a freaking medal.

For real.

This was an amazing moment. 

This was also thoughtful, magnanimous and consequential. 

No wonder (and good on him) Dennis Prager says "I was wrong".

Prager is a good man.

More highlights from Ben Shapiro at Daily Wire.


This guy says it well (watch the whole thing).

"Make the Choice to Be Happy. Now."

Great piece. 

And similarly brilliant advice from the great Jordan Peterson.

"Fix yourself." 

I have watched the Peterson video twice (so far). It's excellent.

Not to blow my own horn but I think I sound a lot like Peterson in terms of the advice I give and my general outlook. Common sense! Not so common.

(I don't charge though for advice...maybe I should.)


Never Again Apparently Does Not Mean What We Think It Should Mean

Have we reached peak Germany yet?

Answer: no. 

Making lists of Jews...where have I heard that before? 

Sweden Truly is A Third World, Disgusting Hell Hole

"The Swedish government is under fire from critics after giving an Iraqi man custody of children he conceived with a then-13-year-old girl who was raped by the man after being sent to Iraq to marry him in 2007."

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

YUGE: Trump Continues to Put the Screws to the Palestinians

Just Jewlicious. 

German Holocaust Survivor: Yeah, Germany Has Always Been Antisemitic, Nothing Much Has Changed


Welcome to Malmö!

I think the Swedes were totally chillaxed about this stuff when they thought it would be confined "just" to the Jews.

But as I always say, what starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews. 

Food Geek Out: As I Have Always Known Intuitively...

Changing the shape of the veggies changes the taste.

I make salads Israeli style, lots of difference shapes, colours and textures. When you have smaller bits, you get more flavours in one mouthful.

The shapes do make a difference: strips, cubes, squares.


Friday, January 19, 2018

"The Denigration of Men Is High on the Leftist Agenda"


Read the whole thing.

"The Culture of These Migrants Is Basically Incompatible With European Culture"

What he says:

Sweden Is Doomed and Very, Very Rapey

Up 10% it seems.

I wonder why.

It's a real mystery. 

"He Fought the Devil and Won"


"How can anyone survive three circles of hell, three rounds of endless torture, without breaking? I do not have the answer. It seems Rubin had a rare combination of pride and Jewish courage, which allowed him to persevere. Even under inhuman conditions, he refused to surrender. In a place where prison wardens and criminals had the upper hand, he dared fight against every form of anti-Semitism, whether from camp commanders or from violent prisoners lacking moral inhibitions. If he had to fight and strike, he fought and struck. He fought the devil – first in the form of Nazis, then in the form of the Soviets – and won."

"After making aliyah and moving to Israel, Rubin settled down, married, and finally enjoyed the peace he had earned. This was the time to tell his story. He married none other than Karni Jabotinsky, the granddaughter of Revisionist Zionist leader Zeev Jabotinsky, a poet of Jewish courage and pride. The symbolism is hard to miss. Perhaps this pairing was orchestrated by a phantom screenwriter."

British University Bans Jews From Attending Kook Lecture About Evil Israel

Again, just when I think the UK has hit Peak Screwed, there's another more disgusting story on the horizon. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Trump Is Killing The West's Palestinian Obsession

That is a GOOD THING. 

A very good thing.

Vile creature, this Holocaust denying Jew-hater. 

Why are allegedly civilized countries paying Palestinians to murder Jews? 

"London Student Moves in With Elderly Widow"

At first glance, this is a "feel good" story. 

But if you actually read it, you may feel extremely sad for these women, as I did.

By 27, I was married with a child. The 27 year old in this story is still a student. What the heck?

It's really sad that these women are alone in the world.

There's no children in this picture and therefore no grandchildren.

It's quite a sad situation that women that are actual strangers to each other are clinging to one another for companionship and family substitute.

Andrew Klaven: "Of Crudeness And Truth"

Really good: 

"Let’s state the obvious. Some countries are shitholes. To claim that this is racist is racist. They are not shitholes because of the color of the populace but because of bad ideas, corrupt governance, false religion, and broken culture. Further, most of the problems in these countries are generated at the top. Plenty of rank-and-file immigrants from such ruined venues ultimately make good Americans—witness those who came from 1840s potato-famine Ireland, a shithole if ever there was one! It takes caution and skill to separate the good from the bad."

"For these very reasons, absurd immigration procedures like chain migration, lotteries, and unvetted entries are deeply destructive. They can lead to the sort of poor choices that create a Rotherham. Trump’s suggestions—to vet immigrants for pro-American ideas and skills that will help our country—are smart and reasonable and would clearly make the system better if implemented."

"So, when it comes to the Great Shithole Controversy of 2018, my feeling is: I do not care, not even a little. I’m sorry that it takes someone like Trump to break the spell of silence the Left is forever weaving around us."

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mark Steyn: The Wearing of a New Green

WELL WELL WELL...what have we got here???

It appears that a fabulous, suburban Jewish mother d'un certain âge has made the Prophet Mark Steyn laugh with her (admittedly truly freaking awesome) joke.

To wit:

"After that warm-up, I took questions on American conservatism and the social-media cartel; old-school mom'n'pop syncretic Islam; what Sweden will be like when everyone's shouting (per Laura Rosen Cohen's fine joke) "Abbahu Akbar!"; and what Yeats would make of gay Hindus. Along the way I took a question from Patty Villanova, who joined The Mark Steyn Club only today - and no, that's not VIP express check-in, but just (I hope) our regular service."
Read all about it/her here and listen to the whole podcast. 


The Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, LSBUH (lovely suits be upon him), STBUH (stylish ties be upon him) and FPSBUH (fabulous pocket squares be upon him), also gives a very kind shout out to that other wonderfully ballsy Toronto blogger and writer and friend of mine, the Seeeekrit Jooooo Or So the Antisemites Think: Kathy Draidlebaum. 

OK, I'm actually cracking myself up with that paragraph up there ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

a) I know that is somewhat obnoxious to talk about how much I make myself laugh.

b) I don't care. If I'm laughing, you probably are also.

c) You know you love me for it.

Remember, as always-if you enjoy my blog, that France sucks and is going down the toilet bin of history but Hermès scarves are forever!!!! 


Massive Link Dump for This Week! YUGE!

Busy, busy, busy. 

BUT, I have a bunch of hand-picked, exclusive links for you to check out.

They'll make you laugh, cry, groan, puke-whatever your pleasure.

So away we go...


Solid medical advice from the University of Toronto:

"Keep coffee out of your rectum. Consume only from above." 

Smell is the way to a woman's heart: TRUE.

Singing 'speeds up' recovery from post-partum depression (PS: so does exercise)


Egyptians really don't give a sh&t about the Palestinians or Jerusalem, and are more interested in being buddies with Israel. 


600 Texas men show up to mentor boys that may not have a Dad in their lives 


David Cameron thought President Obama was one of the biggest, narcissistic arseholes on the planet. Welcome to the club, David.

The left is finished with the "Russians stole the elections" thing, so they are moving on from "stupid" to "crazy". 

The super smart David Solway (pull out your dictionary before you get comfortable) on why education is dead. 

Kingston, Ontario apparently much more full of wankers than thought previously. 


France is a third-world, Jew-hating sh&thole. This is how the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo/kosher supermarket terror attack was marked in France. 

Germany is irredeemable: state creates propaganda videos for children, encouraging and supporting migrant adult men to engage with German teenagers and pull them along to conversion. 

Let's party like it's 1939: Three Jews arrested in Austria for waving Israeli flag (YES REALLY)

Monday, January 8, 2018

The Civilized Left of Israel: Must Watch

This is a very instructive clip that shows the explosive, chauvinistic and patronizing rage of the left.

It's also very much a textbook case in "do as I say, not as I do", wherein the earnest lefty admits to living in Modi'in-a rather posh suburb between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (and ironically Israel's first planned town over the green line), and May Golan who actually grew up in the south section of Tel Aviv.

South Tel Aviv is where Sephardic (Mizrachi) immigrants to Israel were dumped wholesale for many many years and it was always an underprivileged area. ("North" Tel Aviv, like Ramat Aviv, is the fancy, Ashkenazi, secular area.) In the past ten or so years, south Tel Aviv has been the place in which illegal migrants ("infiltrators") have set up home. Crime, rape and assault has gone up ("coincidentally" or "lalalalalalala can't hear you" according to the Israeli left and the myriad NGO's that fun the infiltrators).

May Golan herself is Mizrachi descent. Her parents fled Iraq and she grew up in the area. The Jewish people of south Tel Aviv are rightly not interested in being relentlessly assaulted by hoards of illegal male Muslim Africans. May's mom, like most other young, female and elderly residents of south Tel Aviv are afraid to leave their homes.

Thankfully, Netanyahu BUILT THAT FENCE along the border a few years ago, which reduced the illegal infiltration rate to....wait for it.....ZERO.

Now, the plan is to pay the illegals $3500 a pop to get the hell out of Israel, or they can have the privilege of being jailed.

Anyway, this is a great clip.

Well played, May Golan.

She is smart, beautiful and fabulous!

The Bigly-est Yugest, Guide to Speaking Trumpish

Love this. 


"Good G-d Get A Baby"

Not safe for work:


The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Just when I think I've read the most heartbreaking story of the Holocaust, another one comes along because there's no limit to the heartbreak. There can't be.

Read the whole thing. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Charlie Hebdo Massacre Anniversary in France: Better to Do Nothing At All

This minute of silence is pathetic.

Absolutely pathetic. 

Mind you, the whole of France is completely mute and silent on the issue of Islamic terror, so I guess the muteness is appropriate for the head of state as well.

It really would be better not to do anything at all rather than this silly, meaningless gesture which is bereft of truth, bereft of insight and bereft of any actual courage-the courage to mention the Islamic nature of the ghastly, barbarians in their and our midsts.

Terrible, Repressive Iran

Of course they want to keep people from reading foreign material and from being able to converse fluently in English. 

Knowledge is freedom. Speaking, reading and writing English is also a ticket to intellectual freedom.


This is Not A Small Thing

"By 2040, Muslims predicted to outnumber Jews in America." 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Suicidal, Islamophilic EU can F. Off


They can bite me. 

Utter Barbarians

Last week I finished a Holocaust memoir in which the survivor recounted having witnessed Nazi soldiers take a woman in labour and tie her legs together, and turned her labour into the very thing that would kill her and her baby.

It was one of the (many) traumatic memories that she flashed back to even into her 90s. One of her worst.

When I read this story, it reminded me once again who the real neo-Nazis are. The spirit of evil human barbarism is alive and well, and thriving. Most of the time its target are Jews, but when Jews are not easily accessible, that is to say when the "Saturday" people are not available, the Sunday people will do.

The Future of Europe in One Lede

"Mourners, pro-diversity activists clash at vigil of child murdered by asylum seeker."

Asylum Aleikum, Eurabia.

Book Recommendations

I've had a little bit of reading time lately so I wanted to recommend two books in particular.

First: The Choice.  

Wow. This is a truly amazing memoir and I highly recommend it. I don't want to spoil it. If you pick it up and found it as amazing as I did, drop me a note.

Second: The Strange Death of Europe 

I love Douglas Murray and his book is well-written, clear, factual, pithy and terrifying.

I Just Looooove the Cut of His Jib

"I don't have concerns. I create them."

Friday, January 5, 2018

Druze Firefighter Risks His Life To Save Torah Scrolls From Burning Synagogue in Israel

"When we arrived at the site, the flames were huge, there was a rain of fire. The temperature reading was very high, and the building was surrounded by smoke. We started working to put out the fire and very quickly got it under control. The team worked very professionally and very efficiently."

"As we were working, I identified a Torah scroll, and immediately jumped, grabbed it, and brought it outside. As I brought it outside, I felt like I was holding a soul, like I was saving a person, saving a baby."

"The warmth emanating from the Torah scroll touched my heart, and for a few seconds I wondered and thought to myself about what is written in the scroll."

Oregon: This Is Your Brain On Nanny State Government

Utterly insane. 

But this is what government dependency looks like.

"Sweden Has Failed Its Jews"

Yah really NO KIDDING. 

From Adolph to Mohammad In Just A Few Decades


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Canadian PM Hairdo And the Company He Keeps

Never attribute to screw up or naivety what should rightly be recognized as a conscious political position. 

"From a PR point of view, Mr. Trudeau's meeting with the family can only reinforce the notion that he's soft on terror. This is the Prime Minister who recently spoke about "reintegration" programs as a way to deal with returning jihadis. While Mr. Boyle is by no means a terrorist, he also seems to have gone out of his way to seek out the company of people that a lot of Canadians perceive as bad guys."

"A prime minister with functioning political antennae would have been alert to the dangers of associating with Mr. Boyle. Mr. Trudeau was not. The same is true of his vacation with the Aga Khan, which was a bad idea even if it hadn't broken the ethics law. I can't think of any recent predecessor – of either party – who would have made such dumb mistakes. And these are easy cases. What might happen with the hard ones?"

"I Returned It Because It Was the Right Thing To Do"


Well done. 

Inside Israel's Beard Revolution

I definitely noticed this the last time I was there.

I have only two words:

Hubba hubba. 

Epic Beta Male Evening In Toronto

Unfortunately, Jeffrey "Obama Knee Pads" Golberg blocked me on Twitter a long time ago so I can't really communicate directly to him that I think he is a revolting lefty Obama-worshipper. Oh well.

Frum is also another grumpy dude.

So, this evening of lefty Jewish soy boys with Trump Derangement Syndrome looks like it's going to be a real corker.

I guess it's sweet that they have each other.

If anyone wants to know how to actually LITERALLY torture me, this evening contains quite a few of the ingredients that one could use to be successful.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

There is A Real, Veritable Mystery In France! Where is Inspector Clouseau When You Need Him?

The French are puzzled!

Motives may never be known EVER EVER EVAH EVAH!!!!!

See if you can help the French figure this out:

What's behind the famous "French" tradition of burning cars???

First of all: what is actually "French" about this "tradition".

Secondly, what's behind it? Are you people for real.

Thirdly: Muslim Yoots, duh.

I think I have saved the crack French police investigators A BIG WHACK OF EUROS.

Please send my reward ASAP.

(Hat tip on story: Fjordman)

New York Times Has No Plans To Cancel Luxury Trips to Persia....

Nut cases.



Go ahead and tell me that all culures are equal.


Leonard Cohen Archive Has Some Lovely Diamonds in the Rough

Really nice. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Not Cowardly. Brazen. Pushy. Unrepentant.

It is Orwellian and a lying lie of the left to say these (and other similar such attacks) are "cowardly". 

They are not.

They are brazen, confident and unrepentant.

This is what a confident conqueror does.

To use the word 'cowardly' is to mask the issue and befuddle the public.

Brazen attacks such as these are not cowardly-they are a systematic and confident act of war on the host society.

By the way, how sensible is it to have members of the police force that are physically unable to match the strength and body mass of even the most slight, excitable migrant?

I've actually wondered this a lot recently as I see many, many pairings of small female police officers with very large, bulky, enormous male officers. If female officers need male protection, maybe that's not the greatest plan for beat officers?

I guess it's a political hot potato but isn't it a question worth asking?

Or maybe it's a question worth ignoring because it's full of you know, REALITY.

La la la, can't hear you.

German Doctors Throw More Women and Girls Onto the Refugees Welcome Pyre

Not that I have great expectations from the German medical profession, still, this is a new level of betrayal. 

Diversity Bollards Pop Up In NYC Like Sharia Compliant Poisonous Mushrooms

Happy New Year, NYC. 

Twitter Suspends Ex-Muslim Mo Cartoonist Bosch Fawstin

OMG Twitter.

For real???

OMG Yessssssssssssss

Please let this happen.

America and other civilized nations should not be funding terrorism. 

OMG Finally: BUH BYE

Great news from Israel. 

Ben "Mind Meld" Rhodes Reveals How Obama Et Al Duped the American Public Into the Iran Deal

Read all about it. 

These Are Some of the Bravest Women On the Planet

Monday, January 1, 2018

"Mindfulness": The Multi Billion Dollar Corporate Fad That Is Basically Buddhism Without Buddha


This Pope, Unfortunately....

Is a strange, socialist kook. 

Migrants?? We should be thinking about peace and understanding for migrants?

Good grief.

We're doomed.

Classless Jerkoff Will Not Just Go Away

This guy. 

Happy New Year Germany!

Sweden is a Sharia Hell Hole

Read all about it. 

"Unprecedented" rape.

Wonder what else is unprecedented?

The invasion.

Shilling for the Shekels Would Be A Great Name for A Klezmer Band

This is kind of weird.

Must Read Rita Panahi: Iran Uprising Is A Sign We Must Oppose This Veiled Threat

What can I say except READ THE WHOLE THING. 

The pictures that Panahi posted on Twitter were amazing.

Follow her on Twitter if you don't already.

"I Found Roy Moore's Jewish Lawyer. It's Not Who You Think."

A very interesting essay.

Well done.