Saturday, October 31, 2015

Must Read: 5 "Can't Miss" Hillary E-mails From the Latest Friday Afternoon News Dump


With Help From His Dad, Blind Maine Boy Competes in Cross Country Runs

"Running downhill and feeling the wind, I’m in my element.”

Mark Steyn's Scary Halloween Post and the Important Things in Life


I know-that's just my pathetic attempt at scaring you because NOTHING can match what's going on in Europe for scary stuff this fall.

Do take a read of Mark Steyn's Halloween post and the groovy new song. 

Beyond Steyn's groovy tuneage, the truly scary story of him being banned from United Airline's wifi (screw you, censors) tucked neatly inside his ever-suave scribbling comes this very sweet and sentimental tribute to Mr. Marvin Steyn, Esq.

(A tribute to Marvin Hamlisch? Marvin Gaye? Busy body Zionist Jewish mother from Canada inquiring minds want to know.)

"He came into my life last year at a rather dark and depressing time for me - and after a similar period, I gather, for him, as a stray on the mean streets. But he is a friendly and loving fellow, and, as time passed, in our daily interactions he taught me a lot about what's really important in life - cream, fish, a favorite window that catches the sun, and ripping the guts out of the occasional mouse."

It's the little things that are the big things. 

Long live friendship.

The UK Is Screwed

Christian minister disciplined by prison for quoting "homophobic" passages of the Bible. 


Friday, October 30, 2015

Fighting Back Works

Mark Steyn was duly impressed with Ted Cruz's terrific pushback at the Republican debate.

Cruz really showed how it's done. That was a very impressive bit of television, which, as Steyn points out, definitely provided the moment at which the debate was divided into the adults and kids tables.

There's audio, thoughts and a transcript from Steyn here. 

I also wanted to post this really thoughtful piece from Rush Limbaugh, I read it on the subway and my jaw practically dropped because so much smart was packed into such a small transcript.

You have to read the whole thing. 

Rush calls the debate 'the shameless kill show', but you have to really read everything to get a very clear and helpful analysis of what's really going on here.  Of course, the messages are specific to the American political situation, but we can nonetheless extrapolate quite easily to the political left and right in general.


"That was a kill show last night. That show was designed to kill every one of those candidates. That debate last night was designed to take them all out. That debate last night was to grease the skids for Hillary Clinton. That was the sole purpose of that debate last night. And the smugness and the arrogance and the condescension with which those moderators went about it finally came back and bit them to the point that everybody watching that debate, everybody, even other Drive-By Media types saw what was going on."


"Yet the RNC schedules these debates, and they schedule these debates with the very enemies of the Republicans. We all know, everybody knows, they are the enemy. They're not just the media. They are the enemy, and yet the scheduling continues. And we all know why. The Republican Party, inside the Beltway, the establishment, whatever you want to call it, thinks they have to bend over backward to prove their fairness, that they are not all of these things they're alleged to be.

"So they take every option, every opportunity to try show these people, "No you don't understand. We're not racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes." There's no changing their minds. These moderators last night didn't care a whit what these candidates think of anything. You could tell that by virtue of the questions. They didn't have any interest whatsoever in what these candidates thought. The only objective they had was to take them out."

Rush makes a very important point. 

The RNC wants to lose. Losers gotta lose. 

RNC politicians with the exception perhaps of Trump, Cruz, Fiorina and Carson are very comfortable being losers. 

It's like the Republicans have their very own brand of submissive dhimmitude toward their overlords in the Democratic party/world. The Republicans are happy getting their little bit of gruel and cocktail party invitations and have veered so far to the left that they will have to be dragged kicking and screaming, and voted out wholesale to make way for new blood. 

If the Republican party was serious about winning-which I am not at all convinced that it is-they would host their own debate and throw it up on this thing called the INTERNET. They would tell the networks to shove it. 

They would get someone like Mark Levin, Mark Steyn, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Hugh Hewitt (I could go on...) or some other intelligent conservative human being to grill ("moderate") the candidates about real issues that are of real concern to non-leftist Americans

If the GOP itself had any balls whatsoever, they would tell the Mainstream Media SuperPAC to shove it and make their own "debate" and their own rules. Who needs TV? Who needs the crumbs and gruel of the Mainstream Media Democratic SuperPAC? 

The reason that the party itself goes along with this charade and kvetches about 'fairness' after is because it really doesn't want to win. It's very happy thankyouverymuch to have people in office, as Mark Steyn says, but not in power. 

And power and money are the main things that we can be completely confident that the political left and it's cultural attaches will preserve at all costs. 

If the thinking conservatives in America BUILD IT, they will come. 

This battered wife/Stockholm Syndrome relationship between faux conservatives and the political left is nauseating, yet surmountable, and that's what is so acutely maddening to observers like me. 

Actual conservatives in America, hell bent on winning, need to grow a pair and think 'out of the box' about debates and getting the message out there.  

Holocaust Education Week Program

Holocaust Education Week is the culmination of a full year of planning and once again, it is a tremendous educational program and it's meant to serve the broader community.

I'm posting the whole schedule here, and although there are dozens, if not hundreds of events going on, I would urge you to listen to a Holocaust survivor speak if you haven't already.

As you can see by the 'rest in peace' section at the end of the brochure, there are not that many survivors still with us so time is of the essence.

Canada Is Screwed: Our Army Is Going to Be Used for Bringing Syrian Refugees to Canada

As we approach Remembrance Day, I have to say this makes my blood boil: 

"The Canadian Armed Forces are scrambling to determine how many Syrian refugees could be temporarily accommodated at military bases as they draft plans to help the incoming Liberal government fulfill a campaign promise to bring 25,000 asylum seekers here by Jan. 1."

"Ottawa is considering private airplanes to bring the refugees to Canada."


And especially enraging when it is being candidly discussed that at least TWO THIRDS of these people have extreme mental health issues (regardless of any security risks, of course). 

I received a note yesterday from a mother of three adult children with disabilities, who is aging and frail, as is her husband. They are all Canadian born, parents and children. 

Our betters in government cannot find a single, residential space for her large, adult son who is physically violent at times and requires constant supervision. Yet, there's money to bring mentally disturbed, potential jihadists on private planes to this country. 

We are in for a devastating, suicidal four years. 

Human Grace: Cancer Patient Granted Last Wish By Truly Lovely Nurses

If you want to understand human grace, the goodness in humans as it is expressed in thoughtful, and righteous loving acts of kindness read this story. 

This is just a magnificent act of chessed. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Canada Is Screwed, Two Perspectives, Equally Depressing

This one just bummed the living crap out of me because it's so devastatingly accurate.

"During Trudeau’s nationally televised funeral in the fall of 2000, the older but more boyishly handsome of his sons, Justin, took full advantage of his first opportunity in the limelight to flaunt his devotion to his father’s spirit for all to admire. His flamboyant, self-important eulogy ended with a prolonged pose -- er, I mean pause -- with head pressed in grief against Dad’s casket, a moment which became the single most representative image of the funeral."

"Watching this reality TV show at the time, I distinctly remember that my wife -- the best judge of character I know -- was repulsed by a 28-year old son’s willingness to superimpose his own image upon his father’s last day in the national spotlight." 

"And I also remember thinking, “This guy is going to be Prime Minister someday, and his campaign began today.

Read the whole thing. Get your barf bag ready. 

And then there is this, the erudite grab-your-dictionary-before-you-sit-down-to-read it, David Solway on The Socialist Republic of Canada. 


"Justin and Canada are a match made in ideological heaven. People want big government, subsidies for perceived marginal groups and progressivist organizations, and lots of social programs, at the cost of individual autonomy and entrepreneurial self-reliance—thus joining a ubiquitous trend that is gradually devitalizing the western world as it moves toward growing welfarism and entitlement largesse."

"Many Canadians will wake up one day to learn they are living in the Socialist Republic of Canada in which many of the rights we have taken for granted will be abridged. We are already part way there."

Must Watch: Raheem Kassam Deal With Professional Race-Baiting "Diversity Consultant" on Sky News

This was just a pleasure to watch.

American TSA Airport Security Kabuki

White, 90-year old woman forced by demented, perverted TSA Obergropingfuherer to strip off her shirt and bra for Oregon Transportation Security

Ted Cruz Obliterated the Mainstream Media Last Night

This is seriously how it's done.


Conservatives have to finally learn NOT to buy in the liberal narrative.

You start by not accepting any of their premises. You push back right from the start. 

You cannot freaking win the "when did you stop beating your wife" debate. 

Good News, Too Little, Too Late

China abolishing one-child gendercide policy.

This is a man-made disaster. Evil, sinister regime. Baby killers. Communist murderers. 

News You Can Use! Are Pocket Squares the New Ties?

I actually have been noticing the proliferation of pocket squares in the city amongst suited men, and then this cute little clip comes along!

The hands on winner of this clip is the delightful gentleman who summarizes that they are completely "peacock" and totally non-functional. I am totally hip to that program. Fabulous.


OK, so let's just get it out there-pocket squares are NOT the new ties. However, they are a spiffy accessory and definitely give men a chance to peacock-out a bit.

Remember: No matching! Matchy is a serious no-no for squares.


Free Alexander Blackman!

This needs to go viral.

I mean it. 

These Royal Marines have the back of their comrades. 

Good on them.

This is the most impressive display of fighting spirit that I have seen in Britain in many, many years.

It is disgraceful, and shameful that Alexander Blackman is imprisoned for killing an enemy!


"Serving Royal Marines have defied an MoD ban and joined hundreds of veterans and supporters who gathered outside Parliament this afternoon to call for the immediate retrial of one of their former comrades who was convicted of murdering an Afghan insurgent."


"Royal Marine Sergeant Alexander Blackman, 41, received a life sentence two years ago for killing the wounded captive in Helmand province in September 2011."

"He unsuccessfully challenged the outcome in the Court Martial Appeal Court, but his minimum sentence was reduced to eight years. Supporters say Blackman believed the insurgent was dead already and has been the victim of a gross miscarriage of justice."

"The campaign for justice for Blackman was launched last month with a Daily Mail investigation revealing how evidence was ‘deliberately withheld’ from his court martial. Had the Royal Navy jury known the full facts, a lesser charge of manslaughter might have saved the Royal Marine from being convicted of murder."


At least little Archie has learned right from wrong, such a difficult task today in Britain. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Just Plain Because I Like It

Macklemore's stuff about gays is boring zzzz, but this song is crazy catchy.

We love it at my house. I love the riffing on "Downtown", I can't imagine what poor Petula would say. So funny.

In Which Mark Steyn Wrecks A Song For Me For Life

Now, the song wasn't that great to begin with but still, it's going to freak me out forever, especially the quaint "and I saw him (her) standing there" lyric.

I mean-yuck o' rama.

But the neat thing about this horrifying blog post is how Steyn has summarized the current Muslim invasion of Europe as experienced by the European elites-namely Angela Merkel.

Because while most normal Europeans would probably characterize their continent as being raped, or at the very least, ravaged, Steyn points out that Merkel and her ilk see rather their actions as more of a Jebbian "act of love".

To wit:

"...the childless Angela Merkel has adopted every young male in the Muslim world".

Oy to the Vey, Eurabia.

Please Remind Me Why These People Would Make Great Immigrants to Canada

Just caught this little bit about how even pro-refugee non-profit agencies are telling Justin Trudeau to put the breaks on his refugee plans.

Did you notice this little bit? I sure did.

Someone named Chris Friesen is the president of the Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance.

"The challenges post-arrival are significant," he said, noting a shortage of affordable housing and a lack of resources for health-care services in some places."

(DUH. How about worrying about Canadians who are already here first. I know-racist or something...)

"We've got waiting lists for language classes for six to 10 months in certain cities. We don't have trauma support programs in place to address the two-thirds of Syrians who are going to require mental health interventions."


Since when is it prudent to take in refugees, two-thirds of whom have mental health problems?!?!

American Genocide: The Butchers of Planned Parenthood Strike Again

"Aim for the brain."

"Brain harvesting is something to strive for."

Woe unto us.

This is Nazi-scale evil.

Meanwhile, Down Under-Australian Dhimmi Media Cover Up Pretty Big Story

See no Islam. 

Good grief.

Australian School Criticized for Pathetic Sharia Compliance

Apparently brains are muharam in Australia as well. 

President Obama Totally Cool With Sharia Regulations at Gitmo

Who knew American prison guards were actually sharia enforcement squads?

Like I say, it doesn't matter if President Obama is a Muslim or ever was.

All policies face Mecca. 

"Hard-Hearted Jews"

This is Phyllis Cheslert's lament: 

"I am worried about Jewish hard-heartedness towards other Jews, and perhaps, a Jewish death wish."

The simple explanation is that they are hard-core leftists, who were merely born Jewish. That is the extent of their Jewish affinity-just born Jews. 

If you see them through a leftist prism, and understand that political leftism is their system of belief, and not Judaism, then it's very easy to understand how they behave and why. She is shocked. I am not. 

This behaviour is understandable when one accepts that these individuals are die-hard leftists. Therefore there is no reason for shock.  Although it's possible to understand the "root cause" of their behaviour, it does remain inexcusable, treacherous, treasonous and revolting. 

This is the Future of Europe

Buy your body bag burkas in bulk, baby. 

The Exodus and End of French Jewry

"Does a gritty ex-cop's move to Israel signal the end of French Jewry?"

Short answer:


Longer explanation: 

"The question I most want to ask Ghozlan, 72, is whether his decision to move to Israel signals that there is no future for the Jews in France. And the answer he gives me is revelatory: “It’s not that there’s no future for the Jews in France. It’s that there is no future for the Jews in France that they want,” he says."

"He points out that the Jews of France now need to live “under protection the whole time: schools and synagogues under military protection,” and says that’s not tenable."

A child celebrating a bar mitzvah in France today has not known anything but anti-Semitism,” he says."

"And it’s the same in Belgium, in Spain and in Italy. And now with the migrants, Arab Muslims, you’ll see more Islamism and it’s going to get worse.”

"In the current grim climate, Ghozlan is certain that this year’s record figures of immigration to Israel will be topped next year and the year after."

“Young families want to get away. They’ve increasingly been putting their kids in Jewish schools for security reasons. But after Toulouse” — where a rabbi, two of his children and a third child were murdered in 2012 by an Islamist gunman — “they are too scared even to send their kids to Jewish schools. The very fact that their young children see that they are being protected by soldiers and the military is very disturbing for them.”

"Ghozlan asks rhetorically why the four Jewish victims of the Hyper Cacher attack were buried in Israel."

Why? Because families didn’t want their graves to be desecrated.”

Imagine that. Just imagine it. 

To summarize, living Jews in France are terrorized and hunted like animals with tacit government approval, and not even dead French Jews in France can hope to rest in peace in their graves. 

That means it's time to leave, with suitcases and not in coffins. 

Netherlands Drops Child Porn Charges Against Turkish Muslim Charged In Amanda Todd Case

Of course. 

Background here. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Watch A Jewish Woman From Hebron Fight Back

"I think it gives people a good feeling that we know how to fight back and do not go like sheep to the slaughter."


Fighting Back Works

As I have mentioned before, I am a free speech absolutist.

Free speech, however, does not protect criminality, or threats of violence. Threats of violence must be taken seriously and prosecuted by law enforcement.

That's why I'm watching this case very closely.

There's no reason why companies such as Twitter or Facebook should be protected from legal actions when clear and present threats are being uploaded and circulated on their networks. As private companies, they can decide who is allowed to have an account or not, but they have a responsibility to existing criminal laws regarding threats of violence against general or specific targets.

What people have to remember is that with "free" services, YOU are the product.

If you choose to use a "free" service, the actual cost is that you are the product and your information and marketability are the ways in which they make money (in addition to ads, of course). Duh. If you don't care about that, do feel free to use various "free" platforms. Nobody is forcing you to stay on these social networks or free e-mail services.

(Again, this is why conservatives do not need any more stupid web sites, as Kathy Shaidle always points out. We need web infrastructure and our own social media tools precisely to avoid the leftist monopolies currently controlling social media networks.)

Whether free or paid service, for profit or not-for-profit, no individual and no company can, or should be exempt from being sued or for being prosecuted for threatening violence or providing web space that hosts threats of violence. And no, I'm not referring to "offending" people. I don't care who is offended about what. Threats are something different, there is a criminal code for threats.

Of course, I'm no lawyer, just an interested observer, but it certainly seems to me that a case could legitimately be made that the proprietors of web real estate where threats of violence are hosted and widely disseminated, could be held criminally liable as accessories.

This will be a very interesting one to watch, even if the net result is "only" that social network companies are forced to publish and uphold much more stringent and universally-applied policies regarding threats of violence and not be allowed to rely on mealy-mouthed "community standards" policies to get out of taking responsibility for hosted content.

Certainly conservatives, and conservative bloggers and writers in particular have been financially and legally liable and punished for far more benign content hitherto.

Perhaps this lawsuit has a chance of obliterating the obvious double standard, or at least, making it much more difficult, if not impossible for leftist-controlled social media giants to get away with turning a blind eye to clear incitement of the murder of Jews in particular and consistently turning a blind eye to the ever-growing encroachment of professional/Hollywood quality terrorist propaganda, the networking and recruitment activities of anti-Western forces on social media real estate.

Meet Malka Markovic, 92, Holocaust Survivor And Long Time Mikvah Lady

What a beautiful story, 

I hope she carries on till 120.

"I always loved to work. The work makes you young. You don’t age."

"In the camps (Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen), I dished out food. They voted for me because what was left I gave to someone else, a different person each day."

"My sister and my sister-in-law were with me but they were not special. I didn’t cheat or take for myself. I told each one, “Tomorrow you’ll get, I don’t have for everyone.”

"Then, I volunteered to work at a factory in Aschersleben, Germany, [where] they made plane parts."(A subcamp of Buchenwald concentration camp was located in Aschersleben). The food was better there—potatoes, noodles. At Bergen-Belsen the breakfast was weak coffee, lunch a slice of bread, and dinner boiled beets. I volunteered (to leave Bergen-Belsen for Aschersleben) because I was sick and they shot people who got sick."

"Working saved me. It still saves me. I can’t tell you how good I feel here. Safe and good."

Making Popcorn: The Feminist Civil War Brewing Over Man With Penis Who Dresses Like A Chick

This is so delicious. 

"Feminist Stalwart versus Transgender Icon: It may sound like a warped new comic strip, but really it’s the first installment in what could be a series of very real conflicts between warring politically correct factions."

"Germaine Greer, the 76-year-old author of “The Female Eunich,” is making waves by lambasting the idea that Caitlyn Jenner may be honored by Glamour Magazine as “Woman of the Year.” 

"Jenner isn’t a woman, says Greer. He’s just attention-starved and seeking to steal the limelight from the women in the Kardashian family."

This writer really gets it. Here's what it's really about. But it's not "just" the media driving this, it's the entire political left. That's the biggest "driver". The media is just one tool in the political left's toolbox. 

She notes: 

"Greer is missing bigger drivers of the Caitlyn phenomenon."

"Our insatiable media must find new ground to break in tantalizing the public and normalizing what was once considered aberrant behavior. Cultivating a live-and-let-live attitude isn’t enough; alternative lifestyles must be celebrated as not only equal but superior to the boring, oppressive traditions that have dominated until now."

"“The Killer of My Only Child Served Only 35 Days in Jail"

Another reason why Trump is surging in the polls.

No borders-no country.

These American lives were sacrificed at the altar of illegal immigration. 

In Which I Find Myself Rooting For An Al-Qeida Affiliate

Go, A.Q, go! 

"The Victim Believed in Coexistence and Marched With Martin Luther King"

No further comment necessary. 

Rest in peace.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Rabbi Attacked in France: No, He Wasn't Drunk or Crazy

He was lucid, and screaming Allahu Akbar and none of the other "Frenchmen" around bothered to help. 

"The rabbi, still in shock a mere two days after the assault, in which his friend suffered from multiple stab wounds to the abdomen, told Actualité Juive that while he appeared to have been tipsy, “The perpetrator was not crazy.”

"The assailant knew exactly whom he was going after, the rabbi said. The location – outside of the Minhat Chalom synagogue on Shabbat morning – was not coincidental. 

“It’s because my son and I have beards and wear hats that we were attacked,” he said."

"No less disturbing to the rabbi was the reaction of witnesses to the bloody scene."

We were attacked next to a café,” he recounted.

Patrons were there, but none intervened."

I wonder if it was a croissant or shisha café.

From Our "DUH" File....

This is from German intelligence (OMG oxymoron or what?!?!):

Migrants will bring antisemitism to Germany. 


(The "neo" Nazi version of course...)

Security is the New Shut Up

Initially, I was going to focus this post on the fact that Facebook is censoring a pro-Israel article by Bernard-Henri Lévy.

Here's the original Lévy article.

It's actually a relatively tepid article, but it does pack a few punches.

So, let's talk about that first.

I suspect that the article is considered most offensive by liberals because of the clarity of its condemnation of moral relativism, its dissection of the preposterous contention that the Palestinian barbarians are moderate, hapless and desperate, and how the author points out the abject lack of world sympathy for spilled Jewish blood.

Lastly, liberals like Zuckerberg are most offended because the conclusion is so clear: that it's not "just" about the Jews, and that the barbarity will be everywhere unless it is stopped.

"Intolerable, finally, the minor mythology growing up around this story of daggers: The weapon of the poor? Really? The weapon one uses because it is within reach and one has no other?"

"When I see those blades, I think of the one used to execute Daniel Pearl; I think of the beheadings of Hervé Gourdel, James Foley and David Haines; I think that the Islamic State’s videos have clearly gained a following, and that we stand on the threshold of a form of arbarity that must be unconditionally denounced if we do not want to see its methods exported everywhere. And I mean everywhere."

Everywhere is Sweden. 

No wonder Zuckerberg is censoring the article. We already know that he is an extremist liberal schmuck, complicit with Merkel in the destruction of  Europe.  More details here.  

The other side of this story is how normal people are being asked to believe that their own governments will protect them from evil, rather than throw them into the burning pyre. We are expected to believe that we should disregard what is front of our own lying eyes and pretend that everything is fine, and there is nothing to see here or anywhere. 

And when citizens are brave enough to say "I see what I see" and demand the right to respect their own cultural traditions and to respect their own fallen heroes, they are told that for their own "security" they will have to just shut up and stay home. For their own "safety", they must capitulate to terror.

Behold the capitulation of the formerly "Great" Britain:

"Boy Scouts and Girl Guides have been banned from marching in a local Remembrance Parade this year due to “safety reasons”. Leaders of the groups said they were very disappointed, but the organisers have refused to give any further reason for the ban."

This is such disgraceful behaviour, such a tremendous betrayal of the war dead that it is almost too repulsive to be able to succinctly characterize in  words. 

The proper response to this boorish and cowardly move would be to have the biggest commemoration in local history and to shame the "officials" who attempt to present cowardice as virtue. 

The proper response to intimidation tactics is always more of whatever "they" are attempting to silence and ban. 

We thus require more ceremonies, more speech, more debate, more freedom, more scrutiny of our elected 'betters' in government, more public public shaming of those who betray us, more public and transparent debate, more liberty and more freedom. 

More unapologetic and unrelenting flooding of our civil society with every single one of these items is the only way we ever win back any of the civilizational territory that has already been ceded to the darkness and the Culture of Death. 

"Welcome to Sweden"

OH BOY this is a doozy.

Sweden is screwed!

Kay Wilson: An ABC On the Art of Slaughter

"It takes a devilish soul to slaughter someone with bare hands, in cold blood."

"A bullet through the head at least provides the perpetrator with an “empathy barrier” behind which he may hide his consciousness. Butchers wielding meat cleavers are a species in their own right. They have no ears to hear the squeals of the slaughtered and no eyes to see the life-blood that stains their hands."

"It is incitement that enables human beings to hack others to death without so much blinking an eye." 

"The blood of the murdered and future blood of innocent victims cry out from the ground to pressure the Palestinian Authority to put a stop to it. For years, and to no effect, Israel has demanded that the PA cease its institutional hatred, from which thousands graduate in the cult of death."

Wonderful: Roger Scruton, In Defence of Free Speech

Listen to the whole thing. 

The law is supposed to protect individuals against any attempt to silence them, to protect those who give offence, and not those who are offended. 

Look how far we have descended. Terrible.

"Stirring up hatred" is undefined purposely to trap as many people as possible in its evil, Orwellian web.

Palestinian Writer Explains What The Current Wave of Violence Against Jews Is Called

It's the jihad. 

"This is, bluntly, just another wave of terrorism: targeting Jews for being Jews. The terrorists and their apologists do not distinguish between a Jew living in the city of Beersheba, and a Jew from a settlement in the West Bank. In the eyes of the Palestinian leaders and media, these Jews are all "settlers" living in "occupied territories." To many of them, and as they repeatedly tell us, all of Israel is "occupied territory."


"Most Palestinians continue to see Israel as one big settlement that needs to be uprooted and destroyed. It also shows that these Palestinians do not draw a distinction between a Jew living a West Bank settlement and a Jew living in an Israeli city inside Israel

"The Jewish victims of this wave of terrorism are all "settlers" and "colonialists" who deserved what happened to them because they are "living on stolen land." This is the message that the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and other Palestinian groups are sending to the Palestinians and the rest of the world: that "settlers" are "legitimate" targets that deserve to be slaughtered and shot dead by a people fighting for "independence and freedom."

"The appropriate term for the current wave of terrorism is "jihad" (holy war)."

"The attacks on Jews in Israel and the West Bank are part of the global jihad that has been waging for many years against Jews in particular, non-Muslims in general and even against other Muslims who might not agree with a differing version of Islam."

Cool: Polish Security Firm Offers to Send 100 Guards to Israel To Protect Civilians

This is quite a magnanimous and interesting offer. 

Israel's Leftists Now At War With Israeli Arab Female Journalist


Incredible: Scientists Connect Brain of Paralyzed Person to Ordinary Table. She Starts to Google With Ease.

With ease. 


Friday, October 23, 2015

Mark Steyn: "Hillary Clinton is Corrupt, and Vomits Up Lies"

Must-listen interview with Hugh Hewitt and Mark Steyn. 

A disgusting individual. You can hear the contempt in her voice when she answers questions, she believes she is above questioning.

Damning and disgraceful.

"Lybia was Hillary's war."

OMG Britain, Lighten Up!

And get yourself a large F*ckcoffee. 


Europe Is Israel's Enemy

That's the bad news.

The good news is that Europe is its own biggest enemy as well.

Looks good on them. 

My Idiot People

When Jews are stupid, they are also suicidal. 


Thursday, October 22, 2015

After Holocaust Remark, White House "Warns" Netanyahu Against Incitement!


The utter gall of this disgusting, Jew-hating administration just never hits a low.

Fuck you, Josh Earnest and the entire Obama administration. 

Netanyahu is the inciter?

Palestinians are murdering innocent Jews daily, having been brought up on a steady diet of antisemitism in their mother's milk and Netanyahu is the problem?

Disgraceful pigs.

Must Read: "The Death of Europe" by Daniel Greenfield

This is a work of art.

"The Mohammad Retirement Plan". 

Read the whole thing.

"Mohammed is Fritz’s retirement plan. But Mohammed has a very different type of plan."

"Fritz is counting on Mohammed to work while he relaxes. Mohammed relaxes and expects Fritz to work. Fritz is not related to him and therefore Mohammed sees no reason why he should work to support him."

"The Muslim migrants are meant to be the retirement plan for an aging Europe. They're supposed to keep its ramshackle collection of economic policies, its welfare states and social programs rolling along. But they're more like a final solution." 

Great News: Mandatory Diversity Gulag For American College Students

Yes, that's right: mandatory. 

"Starting in January, all incoming students, as well as faculty and staff, will undergo mandatory diversity and inclusion training that promises to cover all the cliché -isms, but with a particular focus on racism. Guilty or not, all freshmen must successfully pass the training to be eligible to enroll in regular classes."

"Why such lunacy? A single, drunk, white student shouted racial slurs to a group of black students. That’s one student out of thousands who literally had nothing to do with the incident.

"Chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin is the bow tie poindexter behind it all."

“Racism exists at Mizzou. It’s not everyone. It’s not necessarily even overt sometimes, but it’s there and we have to deal with it,” said Loftin."

Actually the only way to "deal with it" is telling these totalitarian busy bodies to shove their diversity gulag where the sun doesn't shine. 

If everyone refused, nobody would "have to" go. 

Even if a couple of dozen students said "to hell with this", they would back down. 

Or, even better: students should just boycott this stupid school and the  insipid, leftist, power-drunk, social engineering lunatics running it. 

Also, if enough alumni stopped writing cheques to the school, you can be pretty sure the Diversity Bureaucracy would dry up pretty quickly-just like it did when Michelle Obama left her cushy job at a Chicago hospital for the White House.

Too stupid to tell us how to live, as per Kathy Shaidle.


Wow: British Grandmother Can Smell Onset of Parkinson's Disease

This is bonkers! 

"This Stone Is The Closest We Have to the Temple"


Yay Jews!

Sweden: Two Dead, Three Hurt in Sword Attack on School


"Man" enters school with sword. Happens all the time.

Real War on Women: Syrian "Child Bride" Edition

One of the lovely things about the current wave of immigration to Muslim invasion of Europe is quaint folkloric traditions and wonderful ethnic food  an epidemic of "child brides" and rape. 

The Dutch government is hastily changing its laws to try to deal with this epidemic of child abuse, so that the the law will only recognize marriages where both partners are above the age of 18.

Good luck with everything, Europe.

The Death of A Soldier

Mark Steyn has written a beautiful essay on the anniversary of the jihadist murder of Corporal Nathan Cirillo: The Death of a Soldier. 

It's a poignant, touching essay about the murder of a soldier that makes me sad and angry as well, and I thank Mark Steyn for citing some of my thoughts about that act of war.

The anniversary of his murder has largely gone unnoticed by Canadians, who are more interested in celebrating the election of a mindless, pot-smoking airhead, who-not yet even in power-has already announced that Canada's role in fighting the barbarian jihadists of ISIS is over.

I was reminded of this horrible anniversary last night when I saw this article:

"He would have loved this."

I could barely finish reading it without crying.

Steyn brings up some of the main points that must be repeated and repeated and forced upon those who to ignore the evil in our midst.

First, one of the ways to defeat this evil is to listen to our primal instincts, to arm brave men and women and to nurture our brave to act on instinct, just like Kevin Vickers did and just like regular civilians are doing right now in Israel.

As Steyn recalls:

"In a split second, Mr Vickers understood his ceremonial role had turned suddenly real, pulled the pistol out of his drawer, and sent the western world's latest Soldier of Allah to his virgins with a single bullet. We will have need of men like Kevin Vickers in the years ahead, and many more of us will have to recover that primal survival instinct."

For those who have forgotten, the Soldier of Allah reference comes from this murderous bastard.

Steyn agrees with me that the answer to terrorism is more freedom, more push back, more uniforms, more soldiers, more fight and more resolute action. 

His bottom line: 

"If we have to have dress codes on the streets of free societies, I'd rather see more men like Corporal Cirillo in the uniform of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders ...and fewer women in head-to-toe black body bags. Instead, a soldier of the Queen cannot walk the streets in his uniform but a bride of Allah can wear her uniform to take her oath of "allegiance" to Canada."

"As I said to Alan Jones on 2GB in Sydney, I'm tired of being told that we have to change to accommodate them. They are the ones who have to change, or have change forced upon them."

Alas they will only change if and when we force them. 

But who is "we" nowadays?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Why the Left Hates Freedom

Let me count the ways...

This article has some good food for thought.

Worth a read.

They Blow Up So Fast...

This is how barbarians raise their young:

Raised Well

"I just want to shake your hand and thank you for your service and for my freedom in our beautiful country."

Leftist Media Tries To Blame Holocaust Denial on Netanyahu, Fails Miserably

This is absolutely hysterical.

The leftist media clutches their pearls because Netanyahu dared bring up the cozy relationship between the Mufti and Jerusalem and Adolph Hitler. 

They are screeching 'he got it wrong' and passing out on their fainting couches!

The most beautiful thing about this is that Prime Minister Netanyahu has succeeded in getting the entire world talking about the relationship between the two dead, Jew-loathing Nazi individuals, the meshing of their ideological minds and the relationship between German Nazism and pan-Islamic/Palestinian Nazism.

The score therefore is screeching, shrill leftists: 0

Prime Minister Netanyahu: 1


Just when you think that the Islamic-political left can't sink any further, they go further!

Jew-hating "Arab-Israeli" lawmaker who openly calls for Intifada against Israel and supports Hamas ("controversial" according to the Post), will be the guest speaker at a Holocaust celebration memorial event in Amsterdam. 

PS: Fuck you, Netherlands. 

Grateful Migrants Shower Host Countries With Lavish Praise and Warm Thanks

Actually NOT. 

"Tents have been torched at a transit camp in Slovenia, allegedly by migrants angry at how they are being treated."

"They torched the tents at the camp in Brezice to protest at the slow process of registering them and moving them to the Austrian border, witnesses said."

"They have also complained of a lack of food, water and blankets in the camp."

And So It Begins...

Canadians will not feel the real life effects of Trudeaupia Part 2 for a while.

Right now, liberals and other idiot Canadians are just basking in the afterglow. They want free stuff, ya know. Hopenchange, etc..

However, the strong and dark horses on the world stage understand very clearly that it is officially amateur hour in Canada.

To wit: 

Trudeau tells Obama Canada will discontinue air strikes against ISIS.

Simply put, if you're not against the terrorists, you're for them.


"While Canada's military capacity might be modest compared to ours, I do think it is important that Canada was involved in the bombing mission against ISIS as a matter of solidarity against barbarism. Trudeau is effectively withdrawing from the coalition which sends the message that the civilized world isn't serious about destroying ISIS."

Paul Ryan: Loser

Just another boring, career "public servant". 


Parents in Tennessee Fighting Back Against Islamic-Centric Curriculum


"The Jews of France Hide Like Marranos"

The end of the Republic is near. 

"The government has given up on all fronts, especially on education. Recently the government cancelled Latin and Greek classes, which are the basis of our language and culture. Twenty years of compromise, concessions and even surrender, as the author Michel Houellebecq writes, led us into this disaster. I do not expect things to get better, and that is why I am distressed."

"I am distressed because I love France. France is my country. I am a French writer, I appreciate the beauty of the language, I am nurtured by the French culture which has forged my being. France is also the land of the Jews. There are traces of Jewish presence in southern France beginning in 70 AD. In other words, no one is more French than the Jews."

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Swedish Politicians Participate in "Slaughter the Jews" Rally

I am so happy that Sweden is turning into an Islamic sh&thole. 

Sweden deserves to be Dar Al Islam and doesn't deserve a single Jew.

Jews: PLEASE GET OUT OF SWEDEN and let these seething Jew-haters baste in their own antisemitic juices with their jihadist playmates until they all are shoved into their new black burka body bags, have forced Female Genital Mutilation by Somali  or Egyptian"cutters" and fester and die.

Mark Steyn: The Clock Ticks On


I have been seriously fighting the blahs today with this Liberal majority situation, I had to resort to the standards-exercise and retail therapy.

I read about 3/4 of this essay and got fully depressed again and had like a TOTAL hate-on for Mark Steyn for bringing me down, bro.

I mean, how many heinous, revolting the world is capitulating to Islam stories can one put in one post before one's dear reader (PERHAPS DEAREST IN CANADA/THE FREE WORLD) goes absolutely bonkers??!?

I mean like HEARTACHE!!

I'm reading this and I am FREAKING OUT, OK, because I'm thinking must I break up with Mark Steyn (today, and just temporary, silly people) because I just cannot handle another f&cking gotta-love-niqabs anecdote delivered to us by another f&cking liberal imbecile!!????

But have no fear, Steyn redeems himself with the funniest bit about strudel that I have ever seen.

I mean, let's face it, can we talk?

Strudel is not so funny, I mean it's Nazi Pastry for chrissssssake, am I right??? 

Like when I think 'eugenic pastry', Viennese apple strudel comes to mind.

Like, this is serious Hitler f&cking dessert territory.

So I laughed. And I'm still laughing.

So the bad, current news of  my life is: "Prime Minister Trudeau", which is truly hard to say without vomiting in my mouth just a bit.

But the good news is me and Mark Steyn are still together-just in case you were wondering. I know Mark Steyn will sleep better tonight because of this.

Sorry IS IT HOT IN HERE? All this talk about Mark Steyn and dessert is making me..ANYWAY WHAT WAS I TALKING ABOUT?

Right. Read the whole thing, but seriously guys, THIS FROM STEYN: 

"Keep those migrants coming! Austria:

By September they were arriving at the southeastern border at the rate of 10,000 or 12,000 a day. These migrants are associated in the public mind with the war in Syria but, in fact, come from throughout the Muslim world—Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Most of them are on their way to Germany. The great majority are young men. By the end of this year, Austrian authorities estimate, 375,000 will have passed through the country, and a quarter of them will have stayed to apply for asylum. Austria will have added 1 percent to its population in just about three months, with virtually all the newcomers Muslims...

Citizens of all the tiny countries that lie between the Middle East and Germany were witnessing a migration far too big for Germany to handle. They knew Germany would eventually realize this, too. Once Germany lost its nerve, the huge human chain of testosterone and poverty would be stuck where it was. And if your country was smaller than Germany—Austria, for instance, is a tenth Germany's size—you could wind up in a situation where the majority of fighting-age men in your country were foreigners with a grievance.

"Whoa. Don't go there, girlfriend. It's like The New York Times says:"

VIENNA As befits the city of Sigmund Freud, Vienna has two faces — one sweet, one sinister.

Behind the schnitzel and strudel, Mozart and the opera, lurks the legacy of the Nazis who forced Jews to clean sidewalks with toothbrushes... Now, to the astonishment of many and the alarm of some, the burning question in Vienna's elegant cafes is, Which face will prevail in the city's bellwether elections on Oct. 11?

"So, if you're not passing out the strudel to every strapping young Muslim lad coming down the Karntnerstrasse, you're a Nazi."

"Speaking of cleaning the sidewalks with toothbrushes, I don't think that'll cut it in the small border town of Nickelsdorf, now "an orgy of garbage and feces of unparalleled dimensions".

"In the most well-ordered and maintained country on the Continent, the sh*t is hitting the fans of open borders."

"We're gonna need a lot more strudel."

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

Some Good News For A Change

"We just didn't think there was enough evidence to give her a death sentence." 

Always get a second opinion.

Wonderful story.

G-d bless the healers-this one is a Cohen, no less!

Brendan O'Neil: The Left Can't Figure Out Why The Jews Refuse to Just Be Killed, Without A Fuss

This is what it's about:

"Leftists are far more alarmed by Israel’s response to the stabbings than they are by the stabbings themselves. They’ve castigated Israel for putting more soldiers on the streets and for making it easier for citizens to buy guns (nothing freaks out the left more than a Jew with a gun). They seem to expect Israel to leave its citizens open to attack."

"Echoing Haaretz writer Rogel Alpher, who wrote a demented column expressing his surprise that a Palestinian has never grabbed “a saw or a hammer and murdered me”, some Western radicals are not only glorifying the stabbings but are condemning those who have the temerity to protect themselves from being stabbed. Why won’t Jews let themselves be killed?"

"It’s so depraved. Whatever you thought of the PLO’s guerrilla activity in the 1970s, these stabbings are clearly very different. It’s anti-Semitism. That some Westerners are trying to present it as something else — a natural outburst of despair — says more about their busted moral compasses than it does about what’s happening in the Middle East."

Righteous: A Wing And A Prayer-American WW2 Vets Who Flew and Fought For Israel

Good stuff.

Read the whole thing. 

Eurabia Is Doomed: "Germany's Jews Living in Fear Again"

So, basically-DUH.

German Jews need to get out with suitcases and not in coffins. 

"A spokesman of the Jewish forum for Democracy and against anti-Semitism, Levi Salomon, said Jew-hating Nazi ideology and the hatred of Israel had been at the heart of the ruling Baath parties in both Syria and Iraq for decades."

"He warned: "Therefore it must be assumed that the majority of Syrian refugees have absorbed anti-Semitism with their mother's milk."
Via the great Pat Condell. 

"A Conservative Is A Liberal Who Got Mugged By Reality"

Or put another way: a bleeding heart European who takes care of Arab orphans in Israel gets stabbed, only felt safe after being rescued by a Jew. 

Reality, such a difficult thing for lefties to accept, until of course-they get stabbed (sometimes not even then).

I wonder how she never saw in her heart to help any Jewish kids while in Israel...

Anyway, this is a revealing little bit:

“I entered the bus 78 in Armon Hanetziv (and) I saw two Arab men sitting in the very beginning of the bus, I thought to myself 'what were they doing on a bus at this hour, they should be at work,' they looked suspicious,” she said.

“They were laughing, exchanging maybe a joke or something, and then all of sudden they got up and started screaming 'Allahu Akbar,' and then one of them started stabbing me and he stabbed me several times, I yelled ‘Jesus help me,’” she recounted."

“I went close to the door, it was shot completely, and then it opened all of a sudden, with a lot of force, so I could go out. I got up and left the bus and started walking. I started walking up the hill there and I was bleeding terribly and I was alone,” Veldman said.

"She remembers the moment she could finally breathe. “Somebody came from the right side, in a car, with a kippah, and I knew he was Jewish. I explained the situation to him and he took me in his car, (when) I was in his car I felt safe.”

Don't Despair

So, it's Prime Minister Trudeau...UGH.

I was anticipating a Liberal minority government, but this is of course much worse.

The Canadian Media Party is delighted and the liberal gloating has begun.

There will be no earth-shaking changes to the country overnight, but Canadians (the ones with brains, that is) should expect a general deterioration in Canada's economic position, a relatively swift turn away from pro-Israel policies, more Muslim immigration, certainly a more precarious situation for Canada's Jews (never a good sign for any society) and generally less economic and personal freedom and liberty.

The good news is that nobody in the world really cares about Canada.

Clearly, the majority of (idiot) Canadians wanted the Libranos back in power. I think Douglas Murray was correct when he said that most people don't want to work hard for freedom, or fight for anything much. They just want to be comfortable, and freedom was only ever fought for and won for by a very small minority of individuals.

So, don't despair. Be that individual who still fights. It's still worth it.

Thus, my post-election advice:

In my view, the important thing in times like these is to focus on the micro. Let the Liberals expend their hot air (and your money of course) on the Big Picture Save the Planet stuff and let them really knock themselves out. Focus on the small stuff because the small stuff is really the big stuff. 

Keep raising your children well. Speak up for what you believe in. Take on the battles that you can, (not what you can't). Live well, tell jokes. Tell your family and your friends you love them. Sing. Dance. Paint. Pray. Give thanks. Give hugs.

It's always darkest before the dawn.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Barbarians Celebrate Death, Just Like They Did On 9/11

Candies and sweets, ululations galore, just small token offerings to the Death Cult. 

John Kerry Urges Jews To Agree to Be Murdered

In John Kerry and President Obama's world, it's the right thing to do. 


We're Not Going Anywhere

Some thoughts about Israel:

The very best news of the day is that the 13-year old  who was stabbed in Jerusalem, by 13 and 15 year old Palestinian terrorists, has woken up from his medically-induced coma and is speaking to his family and breathing on his own. 

A couple of nights ago, I saw a prayer request on Facebook from his mother, and his mother asked for people to pray Tehilim (psalms) specifically for him. She was asking for prayers because he was one month away from celebrating his Bar Mitzvah.

I always talk to G-d, but as soon as I saw that I stopped and focused on that little boy for a few minutes. I prayed that this little boy would be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah, that he would recover. The thought of planning for a Bar Mitzvah but then having to plan a funeral instead was so overwhelming that I stopped breathing for a few seconds.

I am so happy about this boy. Among all the terrible news, especially the fatherless soldier who was killed, who was like a father to his siblings, the 13-year old's recovery is an absolute miracle. G-d listens to all our prayers but doesn't always grant what we want, or what we humans think is best. That's just the way it is. I felt very connected to this boy's family. I am so grateful that there is good news about him. I am thankful to G-d for answering this prayer.

Another excellent report from Israel can be found here, from Anne in Israel at Legal Insurrection. 

I like her line about the one thing that the Arab's haven't learned about us Jews: that they will never drive us out, no matter how much terror they 'pour' upon us. I think it's rather that the Muslim world refuses to accept this-that we will not just submit and/or die. We are fighters and survivors.  Our very existence is an affront to their theology.

This line was also wonderful-they won't win because "we have nowhere else to go".

Well done, beautifully delivered.

It seems that while sensible, normal human beings are horrified by the carnage in Israel, the demented, barbarous Palestinian knife intifadah, there are those who are totally grooving to Obama's Intifadah.

Who are the cheerleaders? Oh-ISIS for one. 

As the very brave Palestinian journalist Bassam Tawil comments, this has moved from a localized geo-political conflict to full-blown jihad. (I think it always was jihad, of course but that's just me.)

He says:

"We have turned the conflict with Israel into a jihadi war, the goal of which is to slaughter Jews, erase their history and expel them from this part of the world. This is not an intifada."

He explains what it is slowly and clearly, so that even the thick-headed liberal elites of the Western world could understand, if only their heads weren't so full of their own preening hot air and so-smart 'good intentions'. 

For a sample of the gaseous elitist windbag analysis, read Jeffrey Goldberg's latest missive in The Atlantic. 

Goldberg, an extreme liberal Obama fan-boy, has banned me from communicating him on Twitter (hahahahaha), so I can't tell him to his face what a spectacular blow-hard court-Jew he is. 

However, I can post his drivel here so that you can make your own judgement on his latest evasion of blaming Islam's role in the current wave of terrorism in Israel. 

Lede: "Knife attacks on Jews in Jerusalem and elsewhere are not based on Palestinian frustration over settlements, but on something deeper."

Goldberg fails to mention that the Mufti of Jerusalem was a close associate of Adolph Hitler. WHOOPS. 

But still, what is that "something deeper"??? Hmmm. Whatever could it be? 

Something deeeeeeeeeeper? 


Islam, you stupid Court Jew. 

The only time Goldberg mentions Islam is to reiterate the questionable claim that the Temple Mount is Islam's third-holiest place (blah blah blah, etc....). That's it! 

He has more time in the essay to blame settlers and Jews who pray at Judaism's holiest site, and all those nasty uppity Jews that want to EXIST, while breathing in Israel! 

There is not a single reference to Islam's theological war with the Jews. 

Again, whatever could that "something deeper" be? 

It's the jihad, stupid. 

So basically, the essay is garbage. 


I'm more inclined to listen to an actual, real Palestinian describe the situation, rather than an effete, extremist liberal, American Jewish p&ssified pansy Nancy-boy. 

Let's end with Tawil, who summarizes much better than Goldberg. I'm actually shocked that Goldberg can carry on interviews nowadays, because his lips have been glued to President Obama's ass for such a long time. There must have been surgical intervention to separate those two. 

Anyway, Tawil says:

"This is not a struggle against "occupation" or a wall or a checkpoint. It is time to recognize that this is an Islamic State-inspired jihad to slaughter as many Jews as possible and wipe Israel off the face of the earth."

PAGING JEFFREY GOLDBERG, PAGING JEFFREY GOLDBERG: Please pick up the jihadist courtesy phone in the lobby! 

"When and if the Islamic State is finally eliminated or disappears, the Palestinians will emerge as the successors of one of the most brutal and murderous Islamic gangs that has surfaced in modern history."

Busy Bee Link Dump

LOTS to do.

But in the meantime, some links for your reading pleasure. Err....make that horror.

From the sad, NOT SAD ACTUALLY file: Sweden Close to Collapse. 

From the RAISED WELL file:

Louisiana high school football player leaves game (at intermission) to shake hands with WW2 veterans. 

"'I did it for my heroes," he said. 

"My soldiers."  

Eurabia Update: 

Military Imam to speak to cadets on National Day in Austria for first time ever. HO HUM NOTHING CREEPY ABOUT THAT, RIGHT? 


Hey! I have a great idea! 

Let's bring MORE Syrian "refugees" to Canada. 

Like this charming fellow (thanks "Conservative" government): 

"The family is very strong in the Islamic religion and they have very strong cultural beliefs," said defence lawyer Lincoln Atten. "The family is suffering on a daily basis. At one point, (the accused) was sleeping in a park near the home just to be close to his family."

"Police were called to the man's home after a report of a 911 hang-up call, Mitrovic told court. The man's wife, who only speaks Arabic, indicated through hand gestures that he had hit her in the eye."

"Police were searching the man's clothing when his wife kissed one of the officers on the hand, Mitrovic said. The accused then "grabbed her by the throat and violently shoved her."

"Police arrested the man and took him into custody. In an interview with an Arabic-speaking police officer, the man said "he wanted to be locked up in a mental hospital and the key thrown away as he didn't know what he would do to his wife," Mitrovic told court."


(Via Tarek Fatah.)

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Bloody Palestinian War on Reality

And their war with the Jews. 

From Our "Fighting Back Works" File

This Dad certainly has a pair of the biggest stones in all of the formerly "Great" Britain.

Words to live by:

"I cannot allow a local education authority to tell me what is right for my kids - I know what is best for my kids."

This is a DELICIOUS story.

Make sure you read the whole thing.


Jewish Blood Drips From President Obama's Hands

The Israeli psychiatrist Dr. Zvi Rex once said that the Germans will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz.

Similarly, and equally disturbing is how President Obama will never forgive the Jews for wanting to live, for living in Israel, and for being better, smarter, more joyful, more chosen, more full of life, more full of love, and more completely devoid of the Culture of Death than his beloved Islam.

As I always say, it doesn't matter in the least if President Obama is or a was a Muslim.

It doesn't matter at all because every decision he makes, every policy decision he directs is a choice against Western culture, against Judaism and Christianity and a vote for his beloved Islamic, Jew-hating, West-hating fellow travellers.

President Obama and his entire administration (most notably Hillary Clinton) already has significant American blood dripping from its hands. And while their behaviour has been reprehensible, immoral, smug, and perhaps even criminal, they were always careful to shroud their lies and treachery in a steady stream of nuanced, calm, teleprompter-ready pap.

Fast forward to the Obama Intifadah, where we now see an American President blaming the Jews for their own murders in a uniquely enthusiastic, and completely transparent way. Even the Nazis were more publicly bashful about their zeal and plans. 

Blaming the Jews for their own murders by savage jihadist terrorists is a new low, even for the most antisemitic administration in American history.

Blood on their hands. 

The Palestinians want as many dead Jews as possible. They are very clear about that.

If an American President was merely disgustingly indifferent to this goal, it would be disturbing enough.

But the veil is now off, so to speak, and Obama has no compunction about comparing Israeli Jews to the very savage jihadist terrorists who kill them, so one can only conclude that he is not benignly indifferent, but an active, sympatico proponent in the murder of Jews.

Earlier today, commentators on Fox News were asking if NBC's has an Ayman Mohyeldin problem?

That's a fair question, but the better question is: do NBC and Ayman Mohyeldin have a Jew problem? And that's the question I'm prepared to ask, straight out.

On Obama, I don't need to ask. I can say it out loud.

Obama has a Jew problem. 

CNN has a Jew problem. 

Palestinians have a Jew problem. 

The political left has a Jew problem. 

Extremist liberals have a Jew problem. 

And to be clear, the political left, with its enthusiastic Jew problem, supersedes any and all Jewish ancestry and lineage.

These people serve the political left first, and only-with its Jew problem.

They feel no obligation to, kinship with, or commitment to the survival of the Jewish people. This includes Jewish Obama voters and Jews considering voting for Justin Trudeau.

Anyone that has a Jew problem, has a Western civilization problem by extension. 

What happens in Israel happens everywhere else.

What happens to the Jews happens to everyone else.

What starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews. 

Now we Jews can also be incredibly stupid and suicidal, spoon feeding terrorist children chocolate pudding, paying for their recovery in publicly funded, first-world hospitals while their 13 year old Jewish victim lies in a medically induced coma in critical condition in the ICU in the same damned hospital.

While I do think that Obama's Intifadah is probably the best way of characterizing this current wave of murdering Jews in Israel, Mark Steyn takes a broader look at the damage Obama has wrought throughout the world and considers it the Obama Vacuum. 

Steyn's new book, as you may already be aware, is A Disgrace to the Profession. 

President Obama is a disgrace to America and the free world. 

As we know, Britain is gasping for breath. 

Germany has submitted. 

It's of no comfort to me that in the same way that Obama openly blames Jews for their own murders, Europe is also blaming itself for the violence wrought by the suicidal wave of "migrants" on its shores. 

German Interior Minister Thomas de Mazière has said the massive crime wave on Germans, especially rape, and including theft perpetrated by the Muslim invaders is mostly the fault of native Germans attacking asylum centres.

The blood stains on Obama's hands will grow larger and darker, as many more innocents will be murdered. Obama cannot be shamed about his damned spots because he doesn't deem the murdered innocent. 

Despite this appalling and morally inverted American vacuum, despite the Obama Intifidah, many decent individuals and leaders know the truth and speak the truth. 

Many courageous warriors still fight and the Jews will outlast and outlive all of our enemies as we have done time and time again. 

Am Yisrael Chai. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Palestinian Asks and Answers "What Do Palestinian Terrorists Want?"


Dead Jews. The more the better. 

This is a very courageous Palestinian writer, penning an excellent essay that says it all. He tells the distressing, raw truth.

"Palestinian terrorists are not driven by poverty and deprivation, as many have long been arguing. Palestinian terrorists are driven by hatred for Jews because of what their leaders, media and mosques are telling them: that the Jews are the enemy and that they have no right to be in this part of the world."

"It also shows that this conflict is not about Islamic holy sites or Jerusalem, but about murdering Jews whenever possible. Murdering two Jews inside the Old City of Jerusalem or a Jewish couple in front of their four children has nothing to do with the Aqsa Mosque or "occupation." It is simply about the desire to murder as many Jews as one can. The terrorists did not draw any distinction between a Jew living in east Jerusalem, the West Bank, Tel Aviv or Afula [northern Israel]. For the terrorists and their sponsors, all Jews are "settlers" and Israel is one big settlement that needs to be eliminated."

"Our conflict with Israel is not about "occupation" or Jerusalem or holy sites or borders. Nor is it about poverty and poor living conditions or walls and fences and checkpoints. This conflict is really about Israel's very existence in this part of the world. The current wave of terrorism is just another phase in our dream to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. This is not an intifada. It is just another killing-spree aimed at terrorizing the Jews and forcing them to leave this part of the world. It already succeeded in the rest of the Middle East, and is now being done to the Christians as well."

"The terrorists and their supporters are not struggling against a checkpoint or a wall. They want to see Israel destroyed, Jews slaughtered, and the streets of Israel running with Jewish blood."

Gun's And Moses: More Jews Are Packing Heat


Sweden Opens First Male Rape Clinic

Sweden is hell on earth. 

Looks so, so, so, so good on them.

As Jews Are Murdered, Obama Administration Accuses Israel of Terrorism

Of course.

This is an antisemitic President and his Jew-hating administration. 


We Jews will outlast this vulgar, despicable antisemite.

That's a promise.

The Cult of Big Climate Claims Another Victim, French Edition

Behold: The "forced holiday" for climate "deniers" in France. 

"France's top weatherman has been taken off air after a more controversial announcement - criticising the world's top climate change experts."

"Mr Verdier claims in the book Climat Investigation (Climate Investigation) that leading climatologists and political leaders have “taken the world hostage” with misleading data."

(See Mark Steyn's new book and extensive blogging on this subject for more information on that...)

"In a promotional video, Mr Verdier said: “Every night I address five million French people to talk to you about the wind, the clouds and the sun. And yet there is something important, very important that I haven’t been able to tell you, because it’s neither the time nor the place to do so.”

"He added: “We are hostage to a planetary scandal over climate change – a war machine whose aim is to keep us in fear.

"His outspoken views led France 2 to take him off the air starting this Monday." 

"I received a letter telling me not to come. I'm in shock," he told RTL radio. 

"This is a direct extension of what I say in my book, namely that any contrary views must be eliminated."

And what made Verdier decide to challenge the consensus? 

Why did he decide to defy the Climate Ayatollahs? 

"He said he decided to write the book in June 2014 when Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister, summoned the country’s main weather presenters and urged them to mention “climate chaos” in their forecasts."

“What’s shameful is this pressure placed on us to say that if we don’t hurry, it’ll be the apocalypse,” he added, saying that “climate diplomacy” means leaders are seeking to force changes to suit their own political timetables."


"Climate change" is the the broadest framework for leftist government control in the history of mankind. 

There is no subject on earth that "climate change" can not encompass. 

"Climate change" is, in fact, the most far-ranging weapon of mass destruction in the political left's totalitarian tool box. 

It's also kind of like a religion, and as a religion, has a lot in common with Islam. There are now blasphemy sentences being handed out by government. If you question the tenants of the religion, you are punished. Very harshly. Heretics shall be burned! 

Similarly, man secular governments in Western democracies also have vast, taxpayer-supported mutawa to enforce sharia on infidels and Muslims alike. 

I reject both forms of supremacy. 


German Parents Outraged As School Officials Sends Their Children to Be Domestic Infidel Servants For "Migrants"

"Is there a new school subject called servitude?"

Outrage is good.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Magnificent: Jay Nordlinger: Why Do You Write So Much About Israel?

I read this yesterday and thought it was an absolutely beautiful essay so I had to share it with you.

I'm sure it sums up the feelings of many philosemitic gentiles, and I know some of you are reading this right here and right now.

He really uniquely captured a certain frame of mind, and I think it's lovely.

Do read the whole thing.

I've read a lot of Mr. Nordingler's posts at NRO and this is probably one of my favourite things he has ever written. I would put this essay in a class of its own, it's basically an articulate checklist about "why Israel" and "why the Jews", "why care".

Well done.

"I think Israel is a great and admirable state."

"I think Zionism is a great and admirable movement."

"The revival of Hebrew alone is one of the more astonishing developments of modern times. But put Zionism to one side for a moment (and remember that this movement began in the 19th century). Israel was established a mere three years after the Holocaust. Three years after the ovens of Auschwitz and the rest stopped belching."

"Three years after two-thirds of European Jewry were murdered. Think of that: The Jews fought for and established their state — or reestablished it, if you like (given ancient Israel) — a mere three years after being subjected to genocide."


"Some years ago, I attended a conference in Jordan on the Dead Sea. One day, at twilight, I stood on the shore and looked over at Israel. I thought of the teeming hatred against Israel, the annihilationist hatred. And I wanted to throw my arms around that country, somehow, in protection. I feel sure you understand."

Yes, I do. And so do many others.

Canadian Liberal Party Candidate Has Some Pretty Groovy Friends

Gotta love Sheila's t-shirt! A magnificent touch.

Watch the whole thing.

Is Barry Sherman available for comment?

How about Justin?

The World According to Me-Wednesday Edition

Very busy, but wanted to get these links out there.

If you want canoodling puppies ya gotta look somewhere else today.

If you want to look at pictures of macrame cup holders: ELSEWHERE.

This is my round up of depressing and disgusting news.

From our "All Cultures Are Equal" file, via Mr. Bo Snerdley: "Fathers Rape With Impunity in Guatemala."

What lovely people! Let's get more of these people in our Western communities!

"In Guatemala, most pregnancies among girls under 14 are the result of rape at the hands of fathers or other relatives, but often it is the girl who is forced to leave the family home, and few perpetrators are punished, said a leading rights campaigner."

"Nearly a quarter of all births in Guatemala are among teenage mothers - one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in Latin America."

"In the majority of cases of sexual violence against girls, some as young as 10, most are committed by family members, mainly by the girl's father or stepfather," said Mirna Montenegro, the head of Guatemala's Sexual and Reproductive Health Observatory (OSAR)."

From America: 

Fantastic! What could possibly go wrong. 

Good stuff: MUST LISTEN! 

The moral equivalence is despicable (via the great Caroline Glick).

Watch the whole clip if you can stomach it, via the Free Beacon.

Good plan from Israel: 

In the UK, the formerly "Great" Britain: 

Disgusting story from Canada: 

Owner of Muslim woman gets pissed when she wants to show her face THAT SLUT! Imagine that! 


Actually, you must. 

Live. Enjoy. Fight back. Don't let the bastards grind you down.