Monday, February 29, 2016

Conservative Student At Pomona College Resigns Campus Job After Faculty Harass Him And Say He Is An "Obstacle to Safe Space"

They can seriously shove their "safe spaces" up their wazoos. 

Read the whole story.

By the way, this fellow is the nephew of the great Caroline Glick.

Perhaps One of the Smartest Jews in the Israeli Government: Immigration Minister Zeev Elkin

"Israel must overhaul the Palestinian educational system when the PA inevitably falls."


It should be overhauled now, just as the Nazi and Imperial Japanese systems were in the immediate post World War 2 period.

Read the whole thing.

Sweden Is In Flames and I Can't Say I'm Too Busted Up About It

UPDATE: Old story, but everything old is new again...

Ahh, the glories of multiculturalism. 

A true Scandinavian utopia.

What Does Citizenship Mean?

Firstly-this is called taqiyah.

It means lying about whatever you like to the stupid, gullible infidels in order to advance your goals.

Secondly, what is the notion of citizenship?

What are we to make of this story?

The only logical conclusion is to question, slow down and even halt the immigration of individuals from countries where religious-based, totalitarian, theocratic world views always take precedence over allegiance to Western, Judeo-Christian based, yet secular systems of law.

It's not racist. It's suicidal and murderous to do otherwise-see Europe.

Innocent people were murdered by this savage because of liberal virtue-signalling and a disgusting and pathetic, deeply embedded dhimmi mentality.

Savage Barbarians In Moscow

Good Lord.

"A burka-clad babysitter decapitated the little girl in her care before walking through Moscow carrying the child's severed head, police say.

"The woman shouted 'Allahu Akbar' as she appeared near Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station in the northwest of the Russian capital and threatened to blow herself up."

"Burkha-clad babysitter"?

I think they spelled Muslim wrong there, but what do I know?

I mean, there are tons of "burkha-clad" Jewish, Amish, Christian and Buddhist babysitters out there as well who have a penchant for decapitation and screeching Allahu Akbar, right? Let's not jump to any conclusions about this woman and her "mental illness".

"We Used to Smoke and Drink Coffee All The Time"

"I never suspected him." 

"Where Gavriel Noach Holzberg Was Martyred, Gavriel Noach Was Born"

Mazel tov. 

Am Yisrael Chai. 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jude Law Is Disgusting Garbage

Muslims are not the new Jews, you asshole. 

They are the "neo" Nazis.

Bill Clinton and the Political Left: All About the Shut Up



Barbarians: The Islamic State is Raping 8 Year Old Girls and Nobody In The World Cares

This is the real war on women, the real war on infidels.

However, the world seems much more concerned about Jew-fruit from Israel of course.

Who does care about the Yazidis? 

Not very bloody many people or dhimmi religious and political "leaders".

They are all too busy stuffing our countries with fake rapefugees and submitting with glee and zeal.

Eurabia is Doomed: French Blasphemy Edition

"Criticize Islam and live under fear of execution."

France deserves this fate and Jews need to get out.

As Meotti points out, it's "hunting season" on critics of Islam, which makes France an ideological buddy of other similarly fanatic Islamic regimes like Iran and Saudi Arabia, that have the death penalty for blasphemy and apostasy.

The question is not really 'how long this can go on' but if there is any hope of reversing the fate of the Republic.

I'm not optimistic.

British Labour Party Shocked, Shocked to Find Its Investigation Into Antisemitism Was a Sham


As Kate at SDA says: scratch a lefty, find an antisemite.

From My Overflowing Germany "DUH" File: Merkel's Immigration Policies A Big Failure

Ya think? 

Thanks, Der Spiegel for coming out!

"The Limits of Humanity" (or of suicidal stupidity)...

"Sept. 5 seems like an eternity ago and yet we are still confronted with the same images today as we were back then. In recent days, thousands of refugees have once again been stranded along the Balkan route, and this time they are being held back by border fences. Desperate men, women and children can be seen camping out in central Athens. And this time there are images that Merkel had hoped to avoid last September: images of a Europe that is placing its bet on partition and deterrence. They are images of defeat for the German chancellor. Merkel's humanitarian approach in the refugee crisis has failed."

Sweden is Finished And I Can't Say I'm Too Busted Up About It

This is a state in its death throes.

Seriously: Gay Rape, Heterosexual Rape, Masked Men and Bloody Sheep in Restaurants. 

But whatever floats your goat, right? 

"Better Luck Next Time, Flu."


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Good News: More Ballsy Jews!

The spirit of Andrew Breitbart lives on.

Ben Shaprio is a real Maccabee.

I am so impressed.

The totalitarians can seriously kiss his ass.

"See you there, snowflakes." 

So it's bad news that this is happening in America, but good news that people are fighting back.

Yishar Koach, Ben Shaprio.

More Good News!

Jews with balls. 

And shame on you, Lorne Sossin, playing the role of Court Jew to such blatant antisemitic acts.


More Good News: Meet the Gentleman's Club of South Carolina

OK, I am literally in love with these gentlemen. 

This teacher gets the Mensch of the Year Award.

WSMV Channel 4

Great News: "Justice, Justice Thou Shalt Pursue"

A loyal reader who is very depressed by the goings on in the world today asked if I could post some good news and cheery articles.

How's this:

"The happiest day of my life." 

Friday, February 26, 2016

I'll Have My Liberties and Freedoms Supersized, Please and Thankyouverymuch.


Here's a SteynPost about the Republican debate last night for your perusal BUT, more importantly, I would highly recommend watching these (sadly, very few) minutes from the Prophet Mark Steyn PBUH's appearance in Australia.

I've said for a long time, that our liberties are stolen away from us by the political left in incremental, sometimes barely perceptible moves. So much of the allegedly free populace of Western nations has become so obviously and pathetically castrated and anesthetized by the political left that we forget that our liberties are not theirs for the taking. The only way, as Steyn rightly points out is to exersise liberty on a daily basis.

That means being free on a micro level all the time, instead of despairing about the macro picture. Now don't get me wrong, the macro picture is truly dreadful. But we all have it in our powers to live freely on a micro level, within our own circles, and our own communities. And if you don't live freely in your own sphere, with your own children, within your own life, then you are part of the problem. It means do what you can and not what you can't. And for goooodnesssssssake stop kvetching about what we "can't" do.

They can only get away with it if we let them. 

If we let them frame the terms of the debate, if we let them frame the language, if we let them tell us what we "can" and can't say, what we can and can't think, what we can and not joke about, what costumes we can wear, what jokes we can tell, what songs we can sing, if we acquiesce so willingly and so pathetically to the SHUT UP, then we can and must only blame ourselves for our loss of liberty.

Ourselves-not them.

Interestingly enough, the great Instapundit, Professor Glenn Reynolds picked up on this very theme earlier this week in his USA Today column.

I think you will find it's a very insightful and,complimentary piece to Mark Steyn's remarks.

He notes, describing the Trump wave:

"Express the “wrong” opinions in British or American politics or academia and it’s the (figurative) gulag for you; if you work at a fast-food place, the consequences are generally less steep. But when enough ordinary voters express an opinion, the elites may feel safer, too."

"In his terrific book, Private Truths, Public Lies:The Social Consequences of Preference Falsification, Timur Kuran writes about the phenomenon he calls “preference falsification”: People tend to hide unpopular views to avoid ostracism or punishment; they stop hiding them when they feel safe."

You get it my friend? Crazy as it may seem, the "best" part about Donald Trump is that he is creating a "safe space" for sane citizens of democracies in general and in America specifically. 

That is to say: forget the wall with Mexico forget the hotels and casinos. This endeavor could be the most impressive and YUGEST thing Donald Trump ever actually built! Patriotic and civilized "safe space" for non-leftists. Imagine that. 

What does this "safe space" also create? Back to Professor Reynolds: 

"This can produce rapid change: In totalitarian societies like the old Soviet Union, the police and propaganda organizations do their best to enforce preference falsification. Such regimes have little legitimacy, but they spend a lot of effort making sure that citizens don't realize the extent to which their fellow-citizens dislike the regime. If the secret police and the censors are doing their job, 99% of the populace can hate the regime and be ready to revolt against it — but no revolt will occur because no one realizes that everyone else feels the same way."


"This works until something breaks the spell and the discontented realize that their feelings are widely shared, at which point the collapse of the regime may seem very sudden to outside observers — or even to the citizens themselves. Kuran calls this sudden change a “preference cascade,” and I wonder if that’s not what’s happening here."

Michael Marrus, a scholar of the Holocaust once said about the Holocaust and all its horror that there is a big difference between "knowing it" and "getting it". 

The GOP has known it for a while, but refuses to "get it". 

Freedom and liberty-loving individuals, who are not ashamed of the superiority of our Judeo-Christian civilization and heritage "get it". 

Mark Steyn gets it. 

Glenn Reynolds gets it.

If you "get it", you must live free or die-your spirit and soul will go first, and then your body will follow. 

There's no other way. 

Hillary Clinton "Forgets" To Mention Work on Behalf of Child Rapist in New Ad


Ben Shapiro: Maccabee!

Watch the whole thing. 

Very ballsy.

Good stuff.

America and Canada Are Being Run By Leftist Imbeciles Endangering All of Us

"He's not supposed to be doing that." 


Canada is even worse under the disgusting, putrid Trudeau administration.

"A Canadian is a Canadian" even if he or she is a blood-thirsty jihadist savage, plotting to kill you and your family and drink your blood while ululating and smoking a hookah.

PS: Can someone in the Trudeau administration refresh John McCallum's embalming fluid? He's looking a little pale and cadaverous.

"Ha Ha Ha, I'm Just Giving You A Hard Time"

"How To Deflate the Paparazzi 101 By Justice Clarence Thomas"

Who Is Watching the Watchmen?

Rotherham police "had sex" (I think they spelled rape wrong there) with underaged children and covered for their buddies and relatives. 

America Has No Borders

"A Pennsylvania high school honors student just months from graduation was actually a 23-year-old Ukrainian national using a false identity after his visa expired, police said Thursday."

"Artur Samarin, who used the alias Asher Potts, was arrested and charged Tuesday in Harrisburg, police said."

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Canada Is Screwed: Liberals Love Terrorists Edition

What reason is there to NOT strip the citizenship of a terrorist?


This is the Liberal government's version of Stockholm Syndrome, and it's worked out so very well in Sweden...

Eurabia Tries to Do Damage Control

Too late smart. 

Here's a very interesting infographic showing how a lot of European states are imposing "temporary" halts to the Muslim invasion by erecting razor wire electronic border fences.

Belgium is the latest. 



Thursday Link Dump

Here's a few links I have been hoarding in my inbox.

Still really busy and yesterday was just a clusterf&ck of a day.


And when I say "enjoy" I mean: READ 'EM AND WEEP.

Ivy League crybabies think they have a harder life than Natan Sharansky, Gulag survivor. 

Scummy, lefty BBC chock full of lying liars, covering up for communist murder Stalin. 

The great (depressing) Victor Davis Hanson on "Weimar America". 

Disgusting dhimmi media purposely downplaying Muslim women visiting Florida synagogue in what looks like dry runs. 

From Jihad Watch: What the HELL is wrong with Angela Merkel: 

"Why should Merkel be so insistent on allowing in so many of these Muslims (whether called migrants, or refugees, the distinction being that migrants move in search of a better life, while refugees are fleeing persecution and death) into Germany, far beyond the numbers taken by other European countries? She hasn’t deigned to give any justification for this policy, one that is so unpopular with the German people, and that has also antagonized and worried other European leaders such as Valls. If these Muslim migrants and refugees need to move somewhere – and it is not clear that all of them do – everyone knows that there are many fabulously rich Arab states, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, that have plenty of money, have always needed vast numbers of foreign workers, and could much more easily integrate migrants (or “refugees”) who are both fellow Arabs and fellow Muslims, than could Germany or any other European state."

"The obvious explanation for Merkel’s madness is that she subliminally sees her policy — the expression of a diseased sympathy — as a way of “making amends” (as if amends could ever be made) for the Hitlerian horror of seventy years ago, one still hauntingly present in some, though not all, German psyches

"But to make amends to the dead Jews of Europe by admitting live Muslims into Germany, when it is Muslims who today are the chief carriers of antisemitism all over Europe, from Malmo to Madrid, is madness. Has anything happened since 2010, when Merkel first admitted that Germany’s attempts to build a multicultural society had “utterly failed,” to make her rethink that original assessment? And how should we describe her permitting massive numbers of Muslims into Germany when the results of Muslim immigration so far in that country, and in Europe, are already there for all to see (e.g., in postings at Jihad Watch), if not as madness? There is no antidote, it seems, to this particular furor islamicus."

I actually don't think it's "madness", I think it's calculated leftist arrogance coupled with lefty/multiculti submission to Islam and part of the left's torrid romance with it's mirror image nihilism ideology, Islam. 

Male Sexual Nature and The Left's Culture of Denial

Great piece from Dennis Prager. 

"All previous generations of human beings of which we are aware knew that male sexual nature is predatory. Without strong moral values working to inhibit their sexual nature, men will follow their natural impulse to grab women to whom they are attracted and use them sexually -- just as males in the animal world grab the females of their species for sex."

"Why do feminists -- male and female -- and others on the cultural left still deny the unpleasant truths about male sexual nature?"

"Because to acknowledge these truths is to acknowledge that there are immense natural differences between men and women. But, if you have attended college, let alone graduate school, anytime in the past half-century, you have been taught to deny that men and women are inherently different."

Sweden is Dead And I'm Not Too Busted Up About It

Young Swedish liberals hot for incest and necrophilia because OF COURSE THEY ARE. 

"Can A Nation Die? Ask Italy."

A number of years ago, my husband and I were watching television when a commercial for some type of minivan came on. The woman and her partner were coaxing their young ones into the van. They were smiling, glowing, basking.

The only problem was they were not human children, they were dogs.

My husband started yelling at the TV about how stupid people were to think about "replacing" children with dogs and that it was the sign of a decadent, vapid society.

He was right.

And so is Meotti.

Europe is dying and indeed, the barren cradles are being filled with Islam. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"Canada's Braveheart" Gives Australia the Ultimate Free Speech Pep Talk

"I am a free speech absolutist."

Music to my ears, natch.

Can you imagine how many times Mark Steyn, "Canada's Braveheart", has said this during his Australian tour?

FOR SERIOUS AND NOT FOR JOKING, if I had a dollar for every time Steyn has articulated the only acceptable position on free speech in a democracy to his Australian peeps, I'd be a very rich, Zionist hatey-hatey, Jewish mother indeed.

There's nothing more necessary after "I am a free speech absolutist" except as Steyn says, because all alternatives are worse than the troubles they purport to solve. It's like Churchill on democracy-the worst form of government ever, except for anything else.

I watched the cheesy morning talk show and practically slapped my computer upside its head while listening to the pixie-haircut blonde try to convince Steyn about TEH FEEEEEELINGZZZZZZ and how government is the solution to TEH FEEELZZZZ.

You can watch the show here, and also listen to the much better radio interview as well. 

Good gaaaaawd that was awful, so earnest! BLECH!

I never cease to be amazed at how much trust individuals put in "government". Don't people understand that "government" is a bunch of individuals just like themselves, with no particular expertise on anything except living off taxpayer dollars and butting into/"managing" other people's lives?

The great Instapundit once said that every law, every regulation needs to be debated with the understanding that it may cost you your life. Because if a government passes a law, and and then the full, armed force of the state gets behind enforcing the law, you could end up dead quite easily.

So I agree-every "government" regulation ought to be discussed with the gravitas of "is it worth your life", or the life of your child or loved one. If not, it should not be a law.

Thanks also to Mark Steyn for bringing attention to the case of the 25 year old basketball player whose life is now going to be ruined by government and the Australian Federal Costume Regulator.

Seriously-fuck that noise.

If those Australian students had any guts, they would have another party, and every single one of them would dress up like Kanye. Every. Single. One.

The only response to these disgusting totalitarian bullies is to PUMMEL them into retreat.

If more people shared the risk (another Canadian Braveheart phrase, see what I did there???) then fewer individual lives would get destroyed. By NOT fighting back, we give the bullies permission to victimize us! They smell blood and go for the kill.

*waves to Braveheart*

More people ought to fight back, and make their jokes and wear their Kanye costumes, but nooooooo-everyone just puts their head down, and glugs down their supersized version of Machiatto Frappucino Grandeyyy Shut Uppaccino washed down with sugar or whiskey and prays that they are not the next victim of the Thought Crime mob.

We need to all be more honest about what we hate and who we hate and why. All efforts to "fight hatred" are useless, preening, social justice virtue signalling.

"Fighting hate" means nothing.

Fighting your enemies is what matters.

We needn't apologize to anyone about hate or hating because hating is a perfectly normal, perfectly healthy function of being human, and nobody in their right mind ought ever to apologize for being human.

Anyone who surrenders the regulation of their feelings and thoughts to their betters in "government" is part of the problem and I vomit in their general, pathetic, cowardly direction.

Kudos to Variety Magazine: A Beautiful BDS Fail

Good stuff. 

Real War on Women: The Savage, "Neo" Nazi Barbarians of ISIS

Can someone, perhaps any Social Justice Warrior in the Western world or feminist or Pope please find these Yazidis a safe space? 


Good: University of Oklahoma Will Return Looted Jewish-Owned Art

Every last painting, every policy, every home, every building, every menorah, every Torah.


Relinquishing the pursuit of justice and restitution is further submission and another posthumous Nazi victory.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"The Whole Universe is In Your Hands"

Just a very nice article from Chabad about a man wondering if he should, or if he must say Kaddish (the mourner's prayer) over a father that abandoned him. 

It's very good, and goes to the point made in the Ten Commandments that you are commanded to honour your parents-not love them. G-d doesn't command us to love them, but honour them. It's a very important point.

And, honouring your parents comes before 'thou shalt not murder' (and it's not "kill" it's murder-also a very important distinction, frequently and purposely mistranslated from Hebrew into other languages).

The UK Is Screwed and Britain Deserves to Die: FGM Culturally Important Edition

Hey Britain, fuck you. 

Seriously, from me and my intact clitoris. 

"Milder forms of female genital mutilation should be tolerated to stop “demonisation” of important cultural practices, a group of doctors has argued in an intervention that has ignited controversy."

"Small “nicks” to female genitals are no worse than cosmetic procedures that western women pay for or even male circumcision, according to gynaecologists writing in the Journal of Medical Ethics, a BMJ publication."

Yeah, let's just stop that Islamophobic habit of demonizing people who slice off their womenfolk's and little tiny girls' genitals. That is just so mean of us. Let's just more mildly mutilate them, that is much more tolerant of us.

Let's celebrate female genital mutilation in fact! Let's have a Take Your Daughter to the Local Clitorectomy Clinic day all over the Western world, what could possibly be wrong with that?

Let's just "nick" their vaginas, no big deal. Let's compare it to Jewish circumcision as well-that's really a great idea or compare it to getting a nose job. Nose job, labia job, clit job-what's the big difference you hatey-hatey Islamophobic Nazi?!??!

When I read these type of stories, I cannot help but ruminate on the possibility that Britain may actually well deserve to die.

Five Amazing Israeli Disability-Related Start Ups

Gotta love this stuff. 


Happy Tuesday, "Safe Spaces" Are For Pussies Edition!

Lots of stuff going on in the world and in my life on a macro level and lots of right wing, hatey hater people reaching out from all over the world which is very cool.

I never cease to be amazed at the amazingly accomplished and interesting individuals who get in touch, and am especially always amused by what seems to be, statistically, the profile of an average reader (this is not scientific, just basing it on e-mail and profile information from Twitter followers). I seem to have cornered a small but seemingly quite influential section of the white, gentile, philosemitic, heterosexual conservative, pro-Israel pro-American, pro-Western web readership from all over the place and I mean seriously, what could possibly be wrong with that?

So thanks for all your notes and the links. I try to answer every e-mail, even the vicious ones, but if you don't hear from me it's most likely because I'm really busy. That or I have filed you under my "Misc. Assholes" file (and trust me, you do not want to keep company with those folks), or my "Misc. Good Guys" file.


A couple of stories as I catch up.

This is probably the worst article I have ever read at City Journal. It is a piece of delusional crap, like total and utter dogsqueeze. 

This silly fool thinks that Jew-hatred is just not an issue in France.


This is willful blindness or naivety. I don't know which I hate more. Oh yes actually I do: willful blindness.

"The emigration of 7,000 French Jews each year, some argue, proves that being a Jew in France is unbearable. But this figure, representing about 1 percent of France’s Jewish population, is misleading, since it mixes together economic exiles (who are not only Jews) with those who, for religious reasons, wish to pursue their life in Israel, and perhaps some who fear the hostility of young Arabs."

You think? That's just the beginning. There will be a near to complete Exodus of Jews from France I can assure you.

Now an article about Twitter's new Safe Space Gulag. 

First of all, my opinion is that all "SAFE SPACES" are for pussies.

"Twitter is a private company, and it’s free to decide that it’s more important to make themselves into a “safe space” rather than a free space. But they have to face the consequences. In the process of trying to make a “safe” experience for certain kinds of users, they make it an unsafe experience for those who fall afoul of Twitter’s new guardians. Those people will leave for other forums that don’t restrict them."

"That’s a loss for Twitter. In trying to lure new users with promises of “safety,” the company risks destroying the sense of free-wheeling openness that attracted many of its existing users. Twitter has had a lot of trouble monetizing its user base, which is why the company’s stock is in trouble, but before it can make money from it users, it has to have users, and lots of them. Ask your friends on MySpace what happens when a social network stops being the place where everyone wants to hang out."

The pansification of Twitter (and it's complete train wreck of a fiscal position-related, no doubt) is further evidence of Kathy Shaidle's point that conservatives need their own social media infrastructure, and not-as both of us keep trying to point out, another f&cking conservative web site or news aggregator. 

Mark Steyn touches upon that, and many other points here, and do listen to the whole radio spot, it's fab.

Steyn says that safe spaces are where cultures go to die. True. 

He "must" share the stage with liberals. That makes the space saaaaaafe!

Alas, they picked the wrong Jew to tangle with, and Ben Shaprio is hitting back hard and hitting back hard: "See you there, snowflakes."

THAT is exactly the way to deal with the Safe Space S.S 

Here in Canada, as usual: "Safety" is the new shut up. 

No similar demands made, of course, of the pro-abortion students. 

More links to come, snowflakes. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Mark Steyn, Polemicist, PBUH on Speaking and Living Freely

Very good interview here with Mark Steyn from Down Under, who touches on Rapefugees, liberty, freedom of speech and many other depressing Topics Du Jour.

One chilling throwaway line from Steyn was a warning that what happened in Cologne, Germany on New Year's Eve was basically a You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet moment, and that every day could turn into a Cologne-style New Year's Eve day if we, in the West don't smarten up.

PS: I'd like to see a Canadian polemicist doing a Canadian folk dance to this song ^^^.

PPS: Am I the last woman on the planet to find out the way to Mark Steyn's heart?

In the interview, Mr. Steyn admits to have taken a shine to a young Bosnian refugee woman without many teeth, cheeks sunken in and hair falling out.  I can't believe I am the last to know about the magic prescription!

I am devastated. 




*sobs into keyboard*

*laments missed opportunities to go on rat-based war diet*

*composes self*


How Dumb and/or Naive Is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

This dumb:

Some Cultures Are More Equal Than Others

That's what most people don't want to think about or admit.

But I will say it.

Some "cultures" are irredeemable, just like Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

They are both democracies now, but their previous iterations were irredeemable and the ideology had to be literally wiped off the face of the earth. Not all of the individuals living on the soil, but the ideology.

We don't have the will now, and we don't have the American leadership (or British, or Canadian) to obliterate evil ideology from our midst.

Via scaramouche, an example of the main "culture" that is irredeemable. 

They are not the same as us, they are attached to irredeemable blood lust nihilism. 

Like this Palestinian savage, raised on a steady diet of Jew-hate, murders a mother in front of her children and then, with blood on his hands, goes home to watch a movie with his family. 

This cannot be accommodated or cajoled into change.

"According to Middle East expert Dr. Mordechai Kedar, "The concept of life and death that we know from our culture is different in Islamic society, and even more so in Palestinian society. It's a different culture."

"At their funerals, martyrs are always carried on stretchers with their faces uncovered, and that is in keeping with the verse [from the Quran]: 'And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision' [3:169]," Kedar said.

"The martyrs are not considered to be dead. If you watch carefully, you will see that many people approach the body with tissue in their hands. They wipe the tissue on the martyr's forehead and cheeks and then wipe it on their own faces and foreheads."

I wonder if the lone voices of dissent will be snuffed out or will ever prevail.

How the Feminist "War on Men and Boys" Paved the Way For Radical Islam

This is a very thoughtful essay from Fjordman, and I agree that feminism, and political leftism in general, is largely to blame for this mess.

It also explains why large numbers of formerly godless Western women gravitate toward Islam.

Read the whole thing.

"Several of my readers asked what Scandinavian men are doing about this. What happened to those Vikings, anyway? Did they drink too much mead in Valhalla? Despite the romantic mystique surrounding them today, the Vikings were for the most part savage barbarians. However, I doubt they would have looked the other way while their daughters were harassed by Muslims. In some ways, this makes present-day Scandinavians worse barbarians than the Vikings ever were."

"One of the reasons for this lack of response is a deliberate and pervasive censorship in the mainstream media, to conceal the full scale of the problem from the general public. However, I suspect that the most important reason has to do with the extreme anti-masculine strand of feminism that has permeated Scandinavia for decades. The male protective instinct doesn’t take action because Scandinavian women have worked tirelessly to eradicate it, together with everything else that smacks of traditional masculinity. Because of this, feminism has greatly weakened Scandinavia, and perhaps Western civilization as whole."

Human beings need to believe. They need to believe in something. When Western humans stop believing in the G-d of Israel and turn to the cult of mother earth, they oftentimes will still feel unsatisfied. Islam fills the vacuum. The left and Islam get along because they are both totalitarian and nihilistic, but Islam has all the patience in the world for leftists to grow tired of the spiritual emptiness of leftism and then gravitate toward Islam or at least, submit to it in dhimmi deference. 

Related: "Jihadi brides suckers for bad-boy sex appeal, says Muslim comic." 

Heartache: Toronto Star Breaking Up With Justin Trudeau?

This is starting to look like a trend-an editorial in the Globe, and now several articles in the Toronto Star about how awful and inexperienced this government is (duh).

But coming from A-list Toronto Star columnist and Quebecer Chantal Hébert, it's really quite damning.

Read the whole thing.

I'm sure Trudeau's extensive community of arrogant, petty, fart-catchers are not very happy with this one. 

"There comes a time in the life of a government when it declines to fish or cut bait at its own peril. There is mounting evidence that Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has reached the point where it is living dangerously."

"While the prime minister dithers, the national conversation deteriorates."

Make Every Day "Never Wear A Hijab Day" - UPDATED

Blue Con picked up the story of the dhimmi, idiot mayor of Ottawa promoting Wear a Hijab Day.

More about it here. 

The torrid love affair between the political left and Islam makes brains turn into mush. It makes for vast mental pretzels for the left. How can one possibly, as a liberal, justify the covering up of women and shoving them into body bags?

And by the way, why is the only brown woman in a wheelchair? Isn't that racist? Or disablist?

And what is her sexual orientation?

Because if she's not a brown, disabled lesbian WITH A PEANUT ALLERGY AND GLUTEN-FREE then I am gonna feel totally triggered. 

And do any of these women have a clitoris? Are any named Delores?

And are any of the women pictured actual "cutters"? Enquiring vaginas in the Ottawa area want to know!


This is so shameful and so disgusting, but alas, you can't shame the shameless.



More from Gatestone here. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Michel Houellebecq: Israel Is More Moral Than The Palestinians

I find it very interesting that he talks about how he moved from "neutral" to pro-Israel. 

The left has so much in common with Islam, it's a torrid, nihilistic love affair. 

Free Robert Stacy McCain!

Twitter, Version 1984 claims another victim. 


More from McCain himself here. 

Savage Barbarians

Animals do not do this.

Certain humans do. 

I guess the "Hey Rapefugees, Here's How To Treat Western Women" session didn't go that well.

Or actually, come to think of it-it probably did, because rape is OK is exactly the message that these savages are getting from European governments and their rotten, fetid, disgusting elite "leaders".

Trump YUGE, Jeb! OUT

Hold on to your hats, America!!!!

It's gonna be a craaaaazy ride. 

Punching Back Works!

The only pressure that works is sunlight and cancelling cheques. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

"There Is Only Speech And All Speech Should Be Free." UPDATED-MARK STEYN LINKS

I am also a free speech absolutist in case you hadn't noticed.

No "but" for me.

I stand with Mark Steyn. 

I stand with Douglas Murray, I stand with Brendan O'Neil.

The very idea of "hate speech" is "as ridiculous and abominable as thought crime", as Brendan says. It's tyranny indeed. We must not even accept the premise that such a beast exists!

Douglas Murray also has a wonderful quote in here-that young people, university students in particular don't know anything! They know zero facts. You cannot have a conversation about anything if there are no facts involved.

He says "they don't know any of the facts, but they've got all of the feelings". Exactly. Brilliant.

Watch the whole thing when you have time.

There really is a rising class of Alpha Gay Males in Europe. 

They (and Jews of course) have the most to lose if the political left continues its torrid romance with nihilistic, jihadist Islam.

For some CRAZY reason, this video only has a few hundred views.

It's got TONS of amazing stuff in it, so please share.

And this bears repeating:

We should not even accept the political left's premise that there is such a thing as "hate speech".

There is no such thing. 

As O'Neil puts it:

There is only speech and all speech should be free.

I would modify slightly:

There is only speech and all speech must be free. 

PS: The left always eats it's own.

Look at what the "tolerant" left in the UK is doing to Peter Tatchell and Stephen Fry. But the thing about Stephen Fry is that everyone is so terribly butch on offensive humour till it comes to Islam.


Via BCF: The left eats its own. 


The great prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, links. 


Disgusting, Supine Dhimmi Media of Sweden Covering For "Child" Jihadist Murderer

The old "mental illness" strategy.

They never mention what mental illness it is. 

Any guesses?

"Denmark Institutes New Medal of Courage in Honour of Dead Jew"

Boy do they love their dead Jews.

Uppity live ones, not so much.

Jews should tell Denmark to go fuck itself and shove this award up their behinds. 

Yeah, that's right, fuck Denmark. 

American Hero Soldiers Are Treated Like Garbage

Only in Obama's America would an American soldier be punished, dragged through the muck publicly and in the media and only in Obama's disgusting America could there be any question about the righteousness of stopping a child rapist in the shit-hole known as Afghanistan. 


And shame on Americans who tolerate this garbage. 

That's all I can say about this right now, if I think too much more about it, I'll stroke out.

Charles Marltland is an American hero. He should be promoted, not pulverized and shamed.

Meanwhile, the CIA is involved with really serious stuff.

America is run by disgusting Marxist lunatics and the nihilistic left in cahoots with radical Islam.

The radical left just doesn't get that the party is almost over.

There won't be much recruitment of transgendered officers once Islam takes over.

I vomit in their general direction.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Muslim Women Conduct Dry Run at Several Florida Synagogues?


There should be armed guards at all shuls and all Jewish schools, period.

OK I Can Get Back Together With Ted Nugent

This is hysterical. 

I love this.

See, if you make some kind of a goof up, the best way to "atone" is to do something BIG and funny, sincere and self-deprecating.

Seriously, you have to love this.

So Much For Widows and Orphans

So, I don't even want widows and orphans if they do evil shit.

Here's an "orphan" in Eurabia.

"Teen locked up for gay man 'snake' murder, then to be deported."

(I will believe that when I see it...)

Gay snake murder? That's not something you see every day. a little further. OOOH North African migrant "child", lying to police, abusive to homosexual victim. Right.

Let's bring more of these wonderful people to North America:

"Police tight-lipped about murder suicide in London, Ontario." 

Gee, I wonder why. Maybe it interrupts the peaceful refugee narrative?

Ho hum: 

"A man killed a woman, then killed himself in what police now confirm was a “domestic-related” murder suicide before the long weekend."

"Police have refused to confirm who died, or how, citing family members’ wish for privacy."

“This is a domestic-related incident. A male killed a female, and then took his own life,” Insp. Kevin Heslop said Tuesday. “We’ve got the family here, and they are grieving. Obviously, this is the worst imaginable scenario. They don’t want the names to be made public.”


"Abdulrahim has a reputation as friendly and hard-working. Originally from Syria, he arrived in Canada many years ago and opened the business four years ago, neighbours said."

"While those who spoke to the Free Press didn’t know his wife’s name, some said they’d seen her occasionally working at the shop and that she did not appear to speak English."
Not the first Muslim murder-suicide in London by the way. 


Faaaaaaabulous interview. 

Listen to the whole thing. 

And speaking of censorship...

And speaking of crazy transgendered bathroom "rules'...

This is what happens when batsh&t crazy lefty perverts get to make policy:

This goes into my MASSIVE DUH FILE. 


OH MAH GAWD, the Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, makes an extremely important and never before published point about the American military: it is now in the class of an aggreived "victim group" in America.

Sorry can we just PAUSE here?!?!

That is a truly brilliant and terrifically upsetting point. 

This is exactly right, and I hope he elaborates upon this point.

The American military has been castrated by the Obama administration, but the damage is more than fiscal, and it's more than "just" a blow to the hardware and to the numbers of troops. It's a physiological shift. It has, in fact, as Steyn points out, been happening slowly since the last American victory in 1945, but the Obama administration has sped up the process almost to the point of destruction.

I have often read stories about how utterly appalling American veterans are treated by the government institutions that are supposed to care for them (I know they don't, ok-let's make that clear, it's just a job for most of the employees). They are completely abandoned because for the most part, the bureaucrats care only about sustaining their bureaucracy.

Individual Americans care about their troops, thank individual service men and women for their service, buy them meals, beers, etc..but the broader, systematic approach to the troops is to treat them like pathetic, emasculated victims, in need of pity and a few crumbs of bread and service.

Without military pride, there can be no military strength.

Using the American military as yet another leftist social justice experiment and yes-positioning US troops as victims has completely demoralized what was once the most powerful army in the world and destabilized the entire world as well.

Woe unto any future (Republican) President who does not attend to rebuilding the American military capacity in every facet: hardware, attitudinal and morale.

Heartache! The Globe and Mail Breaks Up With Justin Trudeau and Warns About Liberal Hubris

What the heck is happening here?


You know, this is starting to look like a pattern. The Toronto Star is warning the Wynne Liberals not to be so arrogant, and the Globe and Mail is warning PM Justin Trudeau that their government arrogance will inevitably be their downfall!

This is so great, I can't believe it's in the Globe.

Do you think any of the Liberals even know what 'hubris' means? That's a pretty big word for these numbskulls.

I'm enjoying these paragraphs so much that I am posting them here.

Read the whole thing. 

"The Trudeau government’s new policy in Iran and Syria, for instance, has nothing to do with “what Canada is all about.” It is, rather, the direct outcome of the Liberal Party’s need to differentiate itself from the Conservatives during the election campaign. It is Canada’s new policy because the Liberals are the government and they get to set policy; it is not inherently Canadian any more than the previous policy was un-Canadian. Policy is good, bad or indifferent. It doesn’t have a national identity."

"There are 5.6 million Canadians who voted Conservative in the general election. They and their values, biases and beliefs are no less Canadian than those of the 6.9 million who voted Liberal. The same goes for the 3.5 million who voted NDP."

"The Liberal Party swears fealty to diversity and is obliged in its current role as the ruling party to represent everyone in the country. But too often the Trudeau government resorts in its messaging to the not-so-subtle implication that there is only one “Canadian” way to do things, and that it knows what it is."

"That hubris was the downfall of Canada’s so-called “natural-governing party” in the past, and probably will be again."

Cannot happen soon enough. 

I Cannot Say It Any Better Than Omri Ceren

News About Jews You Can Use: Bagels, Lox and Schmear Edition

"Why do Jews eat bagels with lox and cream cheese." 

PS: *goy alert*

If you say "Smoked Salmon" you're totally goyish. But there's still hope!

If you say "lox" but pronounce it like "locks" (like locks on a door) then you are nominally Jewish even if you are goyish.

If you say "lox" like "lucks" (like rhymes with ducks) then you are fully Jewish even if you are goyish.

Yes, it's a Sooooper Seeeekrit Code and yes, YOU'RE WELCOME.

Grab A Coffee, Let's Get Caught Up

Was unable to post at all yesterday due to a combination of technical, scheduling and real life issues.

DIDJA MISS ME?!?!??!?!


I have a TON of links that are just itching to be posted, but it's another busy day.

Here's a few items as I get caught up.

Super Smart Jew Daniel Greenfield (MUST READ): Good Islam and Bad Islam 

And now for something completely different:

No, we should not be celebrating zaftik Sports Illustrated models.

Now, I am a gal, and I don't really care about Sports Illustrated. I don't care about models either, that is to say that I have other things to worry about that narcissistic lolly-pop anorexics strutting around in their designer panties.

However, I will say that trying to convince the public that fat is attractive is a big, fat lie. "Curvy" = bullshit. "Embrace my curves" = "I will get gastric band surgery as soon as I get enough attention on line".

I'm not a guy, but if I were a guy, I'd be thinking that this chick has a very pretty face, has the sexy make-up,  and a nice rack that looks real ("curvy" chicks usually are more well endowed), but I'd be thinking "moped". Guys still don't like fat chicks. Fat is not hot. Women want to be desired.

Fat is not desirable. It doesn't matter how much baby oil, gold lame bathing suits or smoky eye make up is put on a woman, if she's fat, she's fat.

Fat women also tend to really like sparkly stuff and other attention-seeking accessories like fake nails, rhinestones, gaudy makeup, hooker heels, leopard prints and BIG hair. They are trying to distract from their largeness. It's awful. It's like the fashion equivalent of "LOOK SQUIRREL!!!".

Growing old truly sucks, but growing old tastefully, with some class, and not like a cheap whore with a hair peroxide addiction, blinding people with sparkles is definitely better.  

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Random Adorable Baby Video

Someone please get that mom a glass of red wine, STAT!!!

Eurabia is Doomed Round Up

As I always say, what starts with thew Jews never ends with the Jews. 

That is why Islamic Jew-hatred and murder in Europe is not "just" about the Jews.

It's about Europe making a conscious choice to commit suicide via submission to Islam. It's a terribly frightening thing to observe from this side of the ocean. But luckily for us, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and his nutcase administration are doing their very best to ensure that we are also overwhelmed by waves of Syrian Muslim refugees, so we here in Canada are really just a decade or so away from European "diversity".

This is an instructive, common sense video that have very few views, which goes to show how little people understand about the fact that antisemitism says more about any given society and its culture, rather than the disgusting, single mind and rotted souls of individual Jew-haters.

Other related links:

Algerians pretty pissed that a Moroccan Jew has been appointed Minister of Culture-in France. 

The correct response to this is: nuts to you, mind your own grubby business. I mean what part of 'excuse me, as a former colony and present sh&thole, you don't get a say' is so very hard to understand?

From the UK: Oxford student leader resigns over leftists' "problem with Jews" on campus. 

More on that here. 

Elsewhere in Eurabia:

Jewish star of BBC show quits show because he doesn't feel safe, as a Jew, filming in Malmö, Sweden.

Hungary (balls!!!): Muslim invaders are a "horde of evil". 

Jews on the move-what that means for civilization. 

By the way this is the first mention that I have seen of the fact that Alexandra Mezher was a religious Christian, who faithfully wore a cross to work every day with the migrant "children" who are actually in their twenties.

"The details are still sketchy, but we know that Mezher was stabbed to death by a Somali man in his late 20s who lived at the facility where she worked, despite the home being geared exclusively to children between the ages of 13 and 17. The two had an altercation in the morning -- sources say it may have been related to the fact that Mezher, who came from a Lebanese Christian family, proudly wore a cross around her neck every day. The dispute got out of hand, resulting in the man pulling a knife and stabbing her multiple times."
Meanwhile in North America, the leftist media continues to lie-they are so good at lying and supporting evil. 

And my dear North Americans, don't be so smug and think that the problems are merely across the pond.

While law enforcement officials remain baffled by the "lone wolf" attack, it turns out that Mr. Lone Woolf is actually Mr. Known Wolf-again. 

Last Balls Standing in Europe: Miloš Zeman "Islamic Migration Is Not Possible to Integrate"

Read the whole thing. 

Pat Caddell on the Clintons: The Greediest White Trash I Have Ever Seen

That's gonna leave a mark. 

(But nothing will happen to her BECAUSE CLINTON.)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Best Story of the Day: Survivor of Antisemitic Stabbing in France Becomes Elite Fighter in Israel

I love everything about this story except that his father did not live to see this day.

KOL HAKAVOD to Jonathan Weinberg. 


"Eleven years ago, Weinberg was living in Versailles with his father. "I came back from synagogue wearing a kippah and a group of eight youths jumped me, stabbed me in the stomach, beat me in the head while shouting 'Jewish son of a bitch' and other anti-Semitic slurs," Weinberg recalls."

"He was hospitalized for a month in very serious condition."

"I was unconscious and on a respirator, and it was really tough. I was in shock from what had happened," he says.Weinberg says it took him two months to recover from the attack, "and then I realized that in a situation like that of brutality against Jews for being Jews, France was no place for me."

"Eventually, after a short visit to Israel, during which Weinberg grew attached to the country, he decided to go along with his father's plan to make aliyah."

"My father planned to make aliyah, but unfortunately he died of a heart attack four years ago, at age 54 and didn't manage to see his dream through. It was a very difficult time for me, which made me want to make aliyah and fulfill my father's dream even more," Weinberg says."

Netanyahu: "We Have Discrete Relationships With Lots Of Muslim and Arab Nations"

If Israel is speaking publicly about this, it's more than discrete. 

There's LOTS going on that we don't know about.

Mark Steyn in Australia

This is a great interview from Down Under.

It is really an utter disgrace to see a decorated military man whine about gender, and all kinds of other first-world make-work grievances. Feh.

And honestly, have you ever seen a joyful lefty? They are uniformly morose and glum. BLECHHHHH. Horrible lives, horrible people, horrible souls.

Despite jet lag, Steyn is in full form and perhaps most importantly-looks very dapper in blue!

Do watch the whole thing.

More bits of Steynian vegemite here. 

Great chat with Mark Steyn the other night on #Viewpoint.
Posted by Viewpoint on Monday, February 15, 2016

Hot at 55: Julianne Moore

This is how to do 55.

My goodness she is a knockout. 

If she has had any work done it's imperceptible.


Kudos: "I Train Fat Rich Guys And Get Them Laid"

Niche expertise!

From My "Duh" File: Merkel 'Isolated' As Allies Slam Door on Refugees

Seriously, DUH!

Are Europeans starting to rethink this Islamic invasion thing? Sure seems like that.

Funny that even an imbecile like John Kerry is noticing that it's an existential threat. What's up with that?

Who wouldn't want more of this?

Ezra Levant: Canada's Favourite Terrorist Still In Touch With Terrorist Pals

This is a big deal.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Beautiful: Toronto Star Warning Kathleen Wynne Could Be Toast Next Provincial Election

OMG finally some good news. 

Just the idea of the Liberals being trounced brings a smile to my face.

Here's the Star's editorial on the subject: "Troubling signal for Ontario Liberals". 

The Star advises and this, my friends IS A DOOZY coming from The Star:

"it would help if Wynne kept her partisanship in check. Her job is to serve all Ontarians, not just Liberals. The premier went further than any of her predecessors — and all her provincial peers — in endorsing and campaigning for Trudeau in last fall’s election."

But Liberals = snotty arrogance. 

This is a Tweet sent out by Prime Minister Trudeau's right hand man. Stay classy, Gerald Butts. 

What's in the Water Down in Oz?

Paging Mark Steyn!

Please have a few words with the dhimmis Down Under!


Running For Shalva

Shalva is an amazing organization in Israel that cares for kids and young adults with special needs regardless of religion and nationality. It's just wonderful.

A friend of a friend is running in Team Shalva at the Jerusalem Marathon, in memory of the late Ezra Schwartz z"l who was an American yeshiva student killed by Palestinian terrorists late last year.

If you can kick in a small contribution, it will definitely get to a very good place. I am personally acquainted with Shalva and it's the real deal.

Please click here if you can contribute in any way. 

Rabbi Sacks: The Gift of Giving

I listened to this pod cast earlier in the week and I was truly humbled by it.

You can read Rabbi Sacks' commentary on last Shabbat's Torah portion Terumah, here. 

The whole thing is lovely and I was profoundly moved by this commentary. Do read the whole thing.

"...God does not live in buildings. He lives in builders. He lives not in structures of stone, but in the human heart. What the Jewish sages and mystics pointed out was that in our parsha, God says, “Let them build me a sanctuary that I may dwell in them” (Ex. 25:8), not that I may dwell in it.”

"How do we come to sense the presence of God? It isn’t difficult to do so standing at the foot of Mount Everest or seeing the Grand Canyon. You do not have to be very religious or even religious at all, to feel awe in the presence of the sublime."

"But how do you feel the presence of God in the midst of everyday life? Not from the top of Mount Sinai, but from the plain beneath? Not when it is surrounded by thunder and lightning as it was at the great revelation, but when it is just a day among days?"

"That is the life-transforming secret of the name of the parsha, Terumah. It means “a contribution”. God said to Moses: “Tell the Israelites to take for Me a contribution. You are to receive the contribution for Me from everyone whose heart prompts them to give” (25:2). The best way of encountering God is to give."

Celebrate Sexual Diversity in the UK!

"It takes two to tango" edition. 

Danes Love Their Dead Jews

Lives ones, not so much. 


Danes enthusiastically embrace sharia-based blasphemy rules. 

Lights out, Denmark. 

The Pentagon's Vile 'Divided Loyalty' Rules for Jews

What do people expect from the most antisemitic administration in American history?

"Ever since Pollard pleaded guilty 30 years ago to spying on behalf of Israel, the military has been skeptical of American Jews with any connection to Israel. What disqualifies them is not anything they have done, but the ghost of Pollard."

"The Pollard effect also explains the silence of our elected officials. Politicians were quick to criticize a candidate’s suggestion that Muslims be profiled, but not one has said a word about actual Pentagon policy that profiles and penalizes American Jews."

"We challenged the denial of Pincus’ security clearance and won. The facts didn’t change, nor did Pentagon policy. But the military didn’t want to have to publicly defend the indefensible, and hoped to quiet the controversy by allowing a dentist to fix service members’ teeth."

"But what about others?"

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Girly Men of National Review: Nations That Draft Women Are Barbaric

Israel drafts women. 

The rest is commentary.

Hasidic Jew Stabbed in Brooklyn


Glorious: Panel of Vaunted, White Media Superiors Discuss Cadaverous Bill Clinton and His "OMG She's Gonna Lose Again" Freak Out Face

I can't stop smiling.

Any Readers In the Washington, D.C Or Oregon Areas?

If any of my readers are in the legal, paralegal or collection agency business and in the Washington, D.C or Oregon area could you kindly send me an e-mail?

My friend Kathy Shaidle is owed several thousand dollars by the owner of World Net Daily and alas, publicly shaming them has not helped recover the money she is owed.

Please see Kathy's post for more details and if you have any contacts that may be useful, my e-mail address is laurarosencohen AT

PSSST: Wanna Buy A Shul? Cheap?

Meet the "new" Europe.

Same as the "old" Europe.

Synagogues on fire sale, as Jews are themselves once again fired upon on the blood-soaked earth of Eurabia, this time by the invited, imported guests, the "neo" Nazis of the Muslim world.

It's never a good sign when books are burned, houses of worship are torched and synagogues razed. 

It's never a good plan to blame the victims. 

Those who burn books will burn people. 

Listen very carefully to your "leaders". 

Who are you going to believe, the barren woman in the barren continent, or your own lying eyes? 

Because it's not "just" about the Jews, it never is,  it's a matter of survival. 

What starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews. 

Et voila, a testimonial from Calais, Islamic Republic of France.

Don't say you weren't warned.

This Is Going To Leave a Mark: Camille Paglia Tears Clinton and Steinem A New One

"Sexism has nothing to do with it," is about the kindest, most charitable phrase in this entire essay.

It's a truth bomb and it's going to leave a mark.

"What genuine principles does Hillary have left, after a public career so light on concrete achievement and so heavy with lies and greed? Yes, she’s been handed job after job, but primarily due to her very unfeminist association with a man. As a senator, she initiated nothing of substance, and as Secretary of State, she stumbled into one disastrous fiasco after another, escalating the destabilization of North Africa and the Mideast."

"When and how did Hillary allegedly become a feminist icon, as so many young women evidently think? Her public prominence has always been based not on any accomplishment of her own but on her marriage to a charismatic politician, now in his dotage. Her speech at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995 listed the limitations and atrocities suffered by Third World women and children, but her call to “move beyond rhetoric” has lacked a discernible follow-through. Moreover, in a central passage of that speech, every sentence about Hillary’s encounters with needy women began with “I”, unsettlingly prefiguring her over-use of “I” in her current campaign, in contrast to Bernie Sanders’ ego-transcending focus on sparking a populist movement of political reform."

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

So Sweet: A Promposal Between Friends

"Appearance will eventually get old, but personality is what [makes] a person beautiful."

OH MAH GAWD FUNNY: Triumph the Insult Dog Goes to Politically Correct NH College

I was absolutely dying when I watched this last night, my eyes were tearing and I was pretty much whooping.

This is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, but it's hysterical. 

"Political correctness" is like the emperor's new clothes. Everyone with half a brain knows that it's total an utter BS, but have just been mentally castrated to the point of not even wanting to make a whimper of a protest, and just fall into the leftist line.

You want to know why Trump is soaring? Partly because of this-because of a general feeling of joy that finally, one is "entitled" to say that the emperor is naked.

This is so funny. It's so vulgar, and so non-PC, I love it soooooo much. See how many times you laugh out loud.

My only question is if all of those kids are actually paid actors, or if they are actual dumbass students. It's really hard to tell.


Muslim Women: We Actually Don't Want You To Wear Hijabs, Don't Participate in 'Wear A Hijab Day'

What they say: 

"To us, the “hijab”is a symbol of an interpretation of Islam we reject that believes that women are a sexual distraction to men, who are weak, and thus must not be tempted by the sight of our hair. We don’t buy it. This ideology promotes a social attitude that absolves men of sexually harassing women and puts the onus on the victim to protect herself by covering up."

"As women who grew up in modern Muslim families with theologians, we are trying to reclaim our religion from the prongs of a strict interpretation. Like in our youth, we are witnessing attempts to make this strict ideology the one and only accepted face of Islam. We have seen what the resurgence of political Islam has done to our regions of origin and to our adoptive country."

"As Americans, we believe in freedom of religion. But we need to clarify to those in universities, the media and discussion forums that in exploring the “hijab,” they are not exploring Islam, but rather the ideology of political Islam as practiced by the mullahs, or clerics, of Iran and Saudi Arabia, the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Islamic State."

Of course they will be completely ignored by the preening, liberal, dhimmi masses because the political left is involved in a torrid, nihilistic love affair with radical Islam. 

Fagtacular "Top Street Looks" From NYC Fashion Week

Good grief. 

Out of 90 pictures, there are really very few that are even moderately attractive, and only one group shot that looks even remotely masculine.

If these are the "top street looks", all I can say is FEH. 

OK 41 is not terrible. The two guys in suits in 77, so so. Number 80 is sharp but too contrived and the group shot, number 90 has some nice items but it's also very effete.

And for real and not for joking, what's with the black guy in photo 1 wearing a talit like a cape?

Give me Paris "street looks" any day.

Not No Go Zone street looks, by the way like kefiyehs and body bags.

I mean REAL PARISIAN street looks.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"Life Is Not Perfect"

Touching, poignant, humbling. 

Read the whole thing.

"Life is not perfect."

"I grew up on a farm. I had a simple upbringing and my parents instilled in me that each day is a blessing. We don’t know how long we have."

"Before I had Jordan, I’d had a number of miscarriages. It took four-and-a-half years to get him. I was on upside-down bed rest when I was pregnant, and it was a huge struggle to have him make it. Nobody chooses this life but it was the life we were given, so we had to make the most of it."

"Life was good and every night my husband and I would turn to each other and say: 'We’re so blessed to have him.' Even now, as I’m going through the [worst] part of raising a child—having a child pass—I tell myself 'We could have only had him for 10 days, and I had him for five years.' I have so many life memories of things we did together and these are the things I cherish now."

Making A Difference In the World: Designing Fashionable, Practical Clothes For the Disabled

I love this.

What a thoughtful person and what a tremendous cause. 

This is so great. Read the whole thing.

"Of Course I Remember You"

The little things are the big things. 

Always be kind, always do the right thing.

You never know how important the "little" things are, and what an impact the "little" things can have on a fellow human's life.

Wonderful story.

Moshe Peretz is a ridiculously talented and adorable singer and clearly a mensch as well.

So Sweet, Truly Uplifting: Magic Abounds When Toronto Daycare and Seniors' Home Share A Roof

What a great story, and a lovely initiative. 

“When you’re having a difficult time or something is wrong and you see those little kids out there playing and smiling, it just makes your day.”

Bernie Sanders Lived Off Unemployment, Only Has "Earned" From Taxpayers

What a colossal, crusty commie.


Oh Dear: Ted Nugget, What's Up?

Monday, February 8, 2016

British Cracking Down on Immigration!

Ethnic food loving liberals hardest hit!

Seriously, if you ask most liberals what they love most about multiculturalism, it usually does not go beyond 'amazing ethnic restaurants'.



You know, with some curry powder, coriander and coconut milk you, too can make your very own curry. 

Even I make curry. Jewy, yummy, spicy curry!

And how pathetic is this "Conservative" MP:

"Tory MP Paul Scully, will be attending this week’s talks is undertaking a comprehensive state-of-the-industry survey."

"He said “It’s a big exercise but it is worth doing. It is unimaginable to think of Britain without a curry house on every high street.”

Hey, you know what Mr. Hot Shot MP?

Maybe you should imagine what it was like before Great Britain had a curry house on every high street. Think back to a Britain before FGM, before Islamic terrorism,  before jihadist mosques, before consanguineal Pakistani "culture", before honour murders and before sharia courts in Britain, before jihadi welfare bums, the rapes and abuse of troubled white girls and the subsequent dhimmi cover-ups, and before the self-loathing of the British elites who have turned the UK into a primitive third world hellhole.

The price of WONDERFUL ETHNIC FOOD seems cheap and wonderful at first.

But the actual cost of curry houses on every high street is really rather high, isn't it?

How much of your culture's soul, of your birthright, are you willing to sell for a bowl of lentil soup curry?

Canada, Under Justin Trudeau, Surrenders to ISIS

This is total and utter garbage. 

What ISIS wants is not a buttload full of Trudeaupian psycho marijuana-babble.

"Call us old-fashioned, but we think that we ought to avoid doing precisely what our enemies want us to do. They want us to elevate them, to give in to fear, to indulge in hatred, to eye one another with suspicion and to take leave of our faculties," he said.

No, actually, ISIS wants to kill you, you stupid, arrogant, craven infidel.

This is pure cowardice and a comfortable nod to Islamic terrorism.

This is "old-fashioned" Canadian style.

Heartache: Hillary Clinton Loses Salon

Oy to the Vey!

Crusty, Jewish commie actually beating lying, charmless, thuggish, billionaire shrew?!?!

Can't they both lose?!?!

Hmmmmm: Baharaini Princess Has Live-Saving Surgery in Israel

This is a very interesting story. 

A Baharani princess chose to have life-saving surgery in Israel, rather than in America and even spent two months convalescing in Israel's north.

For saving her life, Israeli officials have been granted a meeting with leaders of the Sunni gulf nation.


Mark Steyn: Where the Bern Is

Mark Steyn starts off talking about American politics, but the Bern is felt also quite drastically by young little girls in their nether regions. 

Seems there is an epidemic of female genital mutilation going on all over the world, but nobody has the foggiest clue what it's about. 

Maybe as a consolation prize for splicing off their genitals, the little girls can be bought off with a new Jihadbarbie.

Whoops I mean Hijabarbie.