Monday, June 30, 2014

May G-d Avenge Their Murders

I first heard that the bodies of the three Israeli teens were found while I was sitting with one of my children in a local Jewish community centre.

It was shortly after I was at the Israeli consulate on another matter. I then prepared a dinner for a friend who recently gave birth, the briss was last Sunday.  It was so beautiful. The baby is extraordinarily lovely.

I have quite a few things to say, but I'm terribly numb right now. I thought the worst, and now it's the worst. Three more Jewish families in eternal mourning, hearts breaking, souls crushed.

There are many people commenting.

Certainly, the stupidest and most despicable piece so far comes from "Rabbi" Boteach. What an arrogant and disgusting man. I need to calm down before I address his ridiculous piece. Just despicable.

For now, I will say what I always say, because a few people have written to me personally to express their heartache and sympathies.

What can we do?

We continue to raise proud Jews with Jewish vaulues. We, you, must continue to support the Jewish state and the Jewish people for they are the barometer of civilization. Where Jews are slaughtered, so are others-so quickly. We must point out the hypocrites who weep not for bludgeoned Jews-and yes, that includes the mute response from some leftist Jews as well. We must stay focused on reality-that there is a festering, burgeoning mob that wants to slaughter us all, we must listen to what they say and understand what they do.

What they did to those three teens, they will do-happily-to your children and loved ones without a second thought.  It's the reason they live. There are real Nazis among us. Same spirit.

Judenhaas opens the door to cultural and societal barbarity. 

It cannot be contained. It cannot be negotiated with. It must be eliminated. 

All vessels of this particularly virulent strand of sadistic, nihilistic barbarismmust be extinguished with all of the power that we have. The human vessels of this barbarity must be put on notice, and all of our military, philosophical, economical, intellectual, artistic, scientific prowess harnessed to crush them.

Where Jews are respected, and thrive Western culture thrives. 

Where Jewish values, and Jewish reverence for human life is of paramount value-those countries and civilizations will thrive.

Never be embarrassed about that. Never apologize for that. Raise your children to be G-d fearing, life-revering souls. Never forget.

For those who wish to make donations in memory, as is Jewish tradition, I have several causes that are my own personal favourites. 

I'm too weary at the moment to hyperlink them all, but I highly recommend ALEH (support for the disabled in Israel), Shalva (also supports disabled children, started by the mother of Nachshon Waxman z"l), Keren Malki (in memory of Malka Roth z"l, murdered in the Sbarro bombing), or your local Beit Halochem, which assists soldiers who have suffered debilitating injuries and helps in all aspects of rehabilitation.

The war against the savage, barbarians can be won. And we will win.

Too much heartache to contemplate this evening.

Sometimes it is very normal, and very human to mourn children we have never met.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mark Steyn Explains Slooooowly Why We Fight

Mark Steyn has a great post up about the IRS:

Letting the IRS Get Away With It

But it's not just about the IRS.

This is about all of the fights against the creeping totalitarianism in ostensibly "free" countries. This is about the freedoms and the liberty that has already been slowly eroded in our democracies. It's about bureaucrats yielding extraordinary powers to ruin the lives of ordinary citizens-with no due process and no punishment.

Liberty is encroached upon by bureaucrats in very incremental ways, little drips and drabs until one day you find yourself asking permission to give your own children lunch or being afraid to make donations to good causes that you believe in.

So in a nutshell:

"So, when it comes to the leaking of donor lists, we're not dealing with anything "theoretically" or "potentially" "troubling". These guys act on this information, and act hard, and they are willing to destroy your life for a hundred bucks."

"This is nothing to do with whether you support or oppose same-sex marriage. This is about whether you support free speech, public advocacy, private advocacy and ultimately - one day soon - the sanctity of the ballot box, and whether you oppose a culture of partisan thuggery."

Steyn is 100% correct.

That is why no battle is really too small.

It's like conservative economic principles-if you worry about the pennies, the dollars take care of themselves.

If you worry about small, seemingly innocuous incursions into your personal liberty, the larger, more egregious ones will not be able to fester and thrive.

It's also why there is no one saviour-so don't wait for one. Everyone has to fight the small fights, doing what they can, and not what they can't. 

Doug Saunders: Nothing to See Here in Europe, Carry On

Europe is a mess.

This is really wishful thinking.

Lois Lerner's E-mails: Ruh Roh!

I hope Megan McArdle is ready for her audit....

What a Traitor and Freak: Green Beret Went Native in Afghanistan, Nutty Chick Follows Him to Dirt Huts, Hanging With Taliban and Eating Beans

There are so many lunatics in the world.

This one, oddly enough, was the son of two teachers. 

Imagine that.

Dead Broke Hillary Gets $225K For University Speaking Gig: Students Pissed

What could she possibly utter (udder?!?!?) that is worth that kind of change??


The Names of the Victims

Please read Caroline Glick's column:

The Names of the Victims

"Now we know their names."

Glick suggests several real things that the IDF and PM Netanyahu can do.

Releasing terrorists is Jews playing Russian roulette with other Jews' lives.

Fortunately it appears that at least one of the suggestions is being taken seriously. 

Note also The Silence of A President about a kidnapped citizen.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Why Does the Toronto District School Board Hate Disabled Children?

Yes, it's come to this:

Help wanted from the taxpayer-funded Toronto District Public School Board. 

Is there a single school in the entire district that might make life just a little easier for a disabled boy in a wheelchair?

Or will the TDSB choose to make his life much more difficult and miserable? 

Jacob understands everything. He is trapped in a body that has betrayed him.

Why does the TDSB hate kids with disabilities and want them to suffer, instead of thrive?


Please pass along and post and get the Toronto District School Board to respond.

Must Read: How to Control the Out of Control IRS Bureaucracy

This is a good read. 

Via Instapundit. 

This sentence really nails it:

"Bureaucrats can be smug because they lack consequences. They have no “skin in the game.”


"In America’s first 100 years, federal officials could be sued in state courts for acting beyond their authority. In his book Creating the Administrative Constitution, Yale law professor Jerry Mashaw chronicles how this helped temper bad behavior."

"Law professor Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit is among those who believe that government officials need more civil and criminal liability for their bad acts. There are some private remedies on the books, but they are too weak to be effective."

"The way to control this epidemic of government law-breaking is to allow citizen victims to sue, and legislate personally liability for bureaucrats guilty of willfully illegal conduct."

"Until government bureaucrats face the consequences of meaningful remedies, they will continue to act like America's untouchable class."

This is the case for all bureaucracies, even in "civilized" countries such as America and Canada. The bureaucrats never feel any personal pain as a consequence of their behaviour, good or bad judgement.  

This is particularly acute and egregious within the child-welfare system, but not limited to that. The tax collection agencies, and now even socialized medical bureaucracies can be included in this. 

It's epidemic, expanding, always anonymous and always unpunished. 

That's got to stop.

Judenhass From Europe

These people can seriously go f&ck themselves. 

Israel and the Jewish people will thrive despite their Jew-loathing.

Despite the platitudes, despite the hatred-Israel's economy and culture and demographics are booming.

Jews will keep living and celebrating life.

These pathetic attempts to kill the Jewish state's economy will backfire and merely expose the rot of antisemitism that is embedded deep within the blood-soaked earth of Europe.


Hillary Clinton on Obama: "No Hand on the F&cking Tiller"-In Alleged Booze Fueled Rant

Stay classy, Cankles!

Very Cool and Makes Sense: New Research Shows How Running Programs Help Kids With Autism

This is great. 

There is no reason why kids with disabilities should not have the healthiest lives possible.

Too many times, kids with disabilities and their parents become really inactive and overweight and take solace in food.

This is a fantastic article. Very inspiring and I hope we see more of these types of initatives in the future.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Don't Remember the Yom Kippur and Lent Versions of This Article

Just sayin....

Celebrate Pakistani Culture in America

You know you want to!

Marrying your cousin is a good thing in this culture.

Marrying the wrong cousin is a death sentence. Imagine that?!?

This cultural export is now all over the world. It is one thing that Pakistan has successfully exported to most Western nations. How lovely.

With the honour/shame, tribal, control-women's-sexuality culture comes the other natural result, which is a surge in the births of severely disabled children. These disabilities are PREVENTABLE and not spontaneous, and are a direct result of consanguinity. 

However, tribal bonds and family honour are more important, disabled children be damned. And it's the infidel taxpayer that has to pick up the tab for care so no big deal, right?

"The daughter of a Brooklyn cabbie wept uncontrollably as she faced her father in a federal courtroom where he is on trial for conspiring to murder her lover’s relatives in Pakistan because she had spurned an arranged marriage."

"Amina Ajmal, 23, took the witness stand to testify against her father, Mohammad Ajmal Choudhry, who faces life in prison if he’s convicted of orchestrating the so-called “honor killings” half a world away."

From the NY Times: 

"A Brooklyn woman said she was held captive for three years in Pakistan by relatives who threatened to kill her if she did not marry a Pakistani man. After the marriage, she escaped with the help of the American Embassy last month and came to a secret location in the United States, away from her father, who had ordered the union, she said"

Via FrontPage

Ed Driscoll: The Palace Guard MSM Drops the Mask

This is good stuff. 

I must say, I thought that it said that the media was involved with some heavy petting with former president Clinton but it was "feted'.

("The media have long voted overwhelmingly Democrat in presidential elections; as Walter Cronkite once said at a Radio & TV Correspondents Dinner in the mid-1990s, in-between feting the Clintons on his yacht in Martha’s Vineyard...")


Same thing, right??!?!

"When Peace Becomes Immoral"

Well said. 

This is an outstanding personal essay and I urge you to read every single word. 

"Begging for appeasement is pitiful."

"The devastating side-effects are a synthesis of self-contempt and an increased repulsion in the captors. I know what it is to beg. I have done it."

"With a machete at my throat I pleaded for my life that day in the forest."

"Those moments of begging deluded me into a false sense of security and offered me a distorted reality that the sons of evil would change their mind. They didn’t. Thirty minutes later, Kristine Luken Z”L was laying slaughtered among the cyclamens."
"I therefore cannot, do not and will not beg because I do not believe in it."

United Airlines Pilot Refuses to Fly to Israel?

This is a weird story.

Report: Hillary Clinton is a Weiner Silencer

I only report the news.

Major Breakthrough on Cystic Fibrosis

Very interesting research, and hopefully will help people with this horrible disease.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hysterical: Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog Mocks World Cup Fans

Scotland is Chock Full of Crazy People and Nanny Bastards Who Are Out of Control

Hey, I have a great idea!

Let's expand the federal bureaucracy and jobs-for-life in Scotland AND terrorize parents at the same time!!!

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Margaret Wente: Uncle Sam Is Shaking Me Down

The IRS really is a tyrannical extension of the Obama administration cloaked as a non-partisan, revenue-collecting, national agency.

France Might Want to Think About The French Intifadah...

Instead of this. 

And then go f&ck itself.

Mark Steyn: Vampires on the Centre Court

Funny stuff with Steyn this morning on the Oakley show. 

The best nugget was his description of David Suzuki, the know-nothing environmental poseur supreme as "garlanded and baubled" by all his suck-up, suck-off comrades-in-green. I nearly died!

Listen to the whole thing.

OMG! Cutest Thing Ever-"I Got the Howlin' Achin' Two Year Old Blues"

How cute is this? 

Update From Oz: Apparently Aboriginal Culture is Islam

First zero, then this? 

Weird stuff from the BBC. 

Amazing: First Colour Photographs of the "New World"

Really cool. 

Check them out.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Establishment's Conspiracy to Silence Conservatives Can Destroy America (and the West obviously)

This is a great column from Kurt Schlichter via Instapundit.

Read the whole thing.

Must Read: Forced Marriage-The Survivor's Tales

This is a harrowing read from The Telegraph. 

Forced versus "arranged" is an important distinction of course. Forced means no choice. In arranged marriages, both the man and woman (theoretically) have a choice to decline the match.

I would like to point out how clearly this piece demonstrates culture and religion trump geography and host culture. Meaning, the girls who were sentenced to arranged and abusive marriages grew up in Western countries, yet their entire existence was in a religious/culture bubble. That's probably the most frightening part of this article from a philosophical perspective. It shows the failure of multiculturalism, reveals the cowardice of the West as people are unwilling to admit that our culture simply is superior.

The other part of these stories that is horrifying is how culture and religion trump a mother's and father's love for child.

Honor before child. That is barbaric and primitive.

A mother referring to her daughter as "damaged goods" made my hair stand on edge.

"The first time I saw this man was at the ceremony,” she continues."

“On our wedding night he raped me. When I told my mother this the next day she said, 'It’s the husband’s prerogative if he wants to have sex.’”

"Married life worsened for Khan after she returned to Britain and her husband was granted indefinite leave to join her."

“He became controlling and violent,” she says.

“I had to dress in a hijab, behave like a good Pakistani housewife, even though I was tired from going out to work every day.”

"One day, after Khan had fled another violent row at her marital home, her parents gave her an ultimatum."

“My mum told me to make my marriage work or to get divorced and marry an older man. She said, and I remember this clearly, 'You’re damaged goods now. No one else will want you.’”

"That night Khan tried to commit suicide."

 “I slashed my wrists across, the way they show it on TV dramas, and I just sat there, crying.”

Hi Liberals: Is It OK For Michelle Obama to Say "Gypped"?

Asking for a friend....

America: You Are Not Free If A 9 Year Old Boy Cannot Lend Books Out From His Front Lawn, For Free

This is the second case of a child, this time a 9-year old, being at the vanguard of individual freedom, liberty and fighting back against the meddling, encroaching bureaucracy of "civilized" nations such as America.

(Remember the Cupcake Crusader I mentioned a little while back...)

"Spencer Collins told Fox4KC he had the idea to create a “free little library” after his mother, an elementary school teacher, saw the idea in another state. The idea is to share books and a love of reading among neighbors by placing books in a clear box, and encouraging others to take a book from it or leave a book in it."

“Reading is one of my favorite things to do. We built it on Mother’s Day as a present for my mom because she really wanted one,” Spencer said."

"However, the family soon received a letter from local officials telling them they must take down their library or face a fine. The letter said the library violated an ordinance that forbids structures on the front lawns of single-family homes."

The busybodies are just following orders!

"Leawood director of community development Richard Coleman said the city isn’t targeting Spencer’s library, but is enforcing a law."

So a 9 year old crusader is going to fight city hall on behalf of all the people who just shuffle around, and let themselves be bullied all the time by busybodies and shrug and say WHATEVERRRRRRR.

I want them to change the law. That’s my main thought. I just don’t like it. I think it’s unfair because it’s really good to the community,” Spencer said."

"The family took down the library Wednesday afternoon so it is no longer in violation of an ordinance and does not face a fine.  Spencer says he plans to address city council at its next meeting."

Monday, June 23, 2014

VDH: The Decline of Western Civilization


"We worry so much about poor Mr. Bergdahl, hardly at all about those lost or maimed trying to find him, or those who were similarly injured or killed trying to arrest the five Taliban killers we freed for Bergdahl, and nothing at all for the thousands that the five have killed or the myriads whom they may well kill again. Thinking of all of them wins us no psychological recompense in the way our cheap sympathy for Bergdahl does."

"Ditto poor Lois Lerner, whom some on the left have portrayed as a victim. Not a word about the hundreds of lives made wretched by her imperious witch-hunts and audits."

"Not a word about the legal immigrants who cannot enter the U.S., given the illegal aliens who cut in front of their line. We hear so much about the 90,000 children who were sent into the U.S., but nothing about the callousness of their parents, the conniving of their home governments, a deceitful Mexico that facilitated their transit, the Obama administration that vies for their political allegiance, or lots of killers and criminals who will enter the U.S. while the Border Patrol is distracted and busy as a social welfare agency."

"A sign of a sick society is its cheap empathy and caring for the present, and its utter indifference to the past and future."

Take No Prisoners

Jews need to understand these three little words: 




Terrible: Brandon Garabrant, the Young Marine Who Tried to Wear His Uniform to His High School Graduation is Killed in Action

A young man of valour. 

Rest in peace and shame on his school.

American Priorities: UPDATED WITH STEYN!

Ambassador Chris Stevens was unavailable for comment. 


This just in!

Mark Steyn on Border Guards Then and Now

"If you had asked me, in that cafe in Rutba 11 years ago, as I was enjoying what passed for the "mixed grill" with mein host, what utter defeat would look like in a single image, it would be the scene that now greets you in the western desert: An Iraqi border post staffed by hardcore jihadists from an al-Qaeda spin-off. The details are choice - the black flag of al-Qaeda flies from buildings built by American taxpayers, they drive vehicles paid for by American taxpayers, they shoot aircraft out of the sky with Stinger missiles donated by American taxpayers - and thousands of their footsoldiers are nominally Britons, Frenchmen, Aussies, Canucks, Americans and other western citizens for whom the open road in Iraq, decapitating as they go, is the greatest adventure of their lives. But, as I said, these are details. The central image - the al-Qaeda man at the border post - is in itself an image of complete and utter defeat."

As noted above, America is too busy worrying about sexually diverse diplomats to actually, you know-pay attention to world affairs. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

About the Three Jewish Teenagers Kidnapped By Neo-Nazi Jihadis Barbarians....

I am not posting a lot about this because I don't think social media does fat load of any good to "help" in a case like this.

So, I'm going to say what I usually say-if you pray, then pray.

There is also a request for Jewish women to light three extra Sabbath candles tonight. I don't believe it would hurt for other people to light a candle and pray as well, that can only help.

The main thing is to live your life and raise your children to follow the G-d of Israel and understand the superiority of Western, Judeo-Christian values and cultures and the Seven Noahide laws.

You also have to remember that a lot of times, terrible things happen especially when dealing with barbarian humans who take pleasure in shedding blood and have no fear of death themselves, and not just that-bear children in order to have them kill themselves and others in the service of their deity. Mothers are supposed to protect their children and this nihilistic blood pursuit turns human history upside down. Animals protect their young, mourn their dead so we cannot and should not call these inhumane humans 'animals'. That is not the case, it is not accurate.

What else can you do?

Defend freedom on a micro level EVERY day. The micro takes care of the macro.

If you are afraid of telling a joke, or speaking freely, or talking about your beliefs in public then you cannot consider yourself a real warrior for our superior civilization. So don't be that person. Do what you can, not what you can't but realize that every action has a consequence and a reaction.

Pray that G-d guides the hands of the IDF and that they find these boys alive and well, raise your children well, never surrender, don't be afraid, do good deeds and don't buy into utopian fantasies of "peace" in some distant unicorn future for unsolvable problems. Do not think that an enemy such as this can be pacified or negotiated with. Learn the lessons of history, look the barbarity straight in the face and be willing to recognize it and fight it.

This is just a short list of achievable victories, and in my view at least, are all real things we can do while we wait for the IDF to achieve miracles.

Audio: Listen to Hilary Clinton Talk About Defending a Child Rapist, And Having A Good Chuckle About It


Holy Crap: Department of Homeland Security Solicited Vendor to Handle 65,000 Unaccompanied Minors-IN JANUARY

Transforming America. 

Utterly corrupt, thug administration. 

Document here.

Original story broken by Conservative Treehouse.

Open Season on Jews in France


And as a result-Jews leaving France in record numbers. 

Where the Holocaust failed, the French Intifada may succeed.

Why Does Obama Hate American Babies With Heart Problems and Want Them to Die?

Serious question. 

Mark Steyn On Hilary Clinton




Mark Steyn DISCUSSING Hilary Clinton. 

In this discussion on the Hugh Hewitt show, he rightly describes Hilary Clinton's antipathy and philosophical opposition to both the first and second amendments.

Also some apt observations about Iraq, but the comments about the thought-police instincts of leftists like Clinton are to be taken 100% at face value. Very revealing. 

American Man in America Told American Flag is a "Threat to Muslims"

For real and not for joking.

Real War on Women: Epidemic Rise in Female Genital Mutilation in Sweden

Nothing to see here. 

OJ Simpson Makes People Transgendered?!?!


UPDATE: Thanks to Kathy Draidle for linking. I said there are so many angles to think about in this story. 

Most of all, how happy would you have been to fly with someone who was, quite literally thinking of cutting their dick off?

What She Says: We Are A Land of Suckers

Great essay, smart Jew. 

"This week, like most children in Israel, they are more than aware of the situation of the three kidnapped teenagers and are praying for their safe return. So, I thought I would see what they thought about the fact that Abu Mazen’s wife was treated in a private hospital in Israel this week… and that the brother-in-law and the grandchild of the head of the terrorist organization, Hamas, yes, those who are responsible for kidnapping Eyal, Gilad and Naftali, were also treated in Israeli hospitals in the recent past. My eight-year old son didn’t have to think long before he had the answer, “Mum, I think we are ‘friers’.”


Al Gore Blames Jihadi Civil War in Syria on Global Warming

Pucker up!
And what could possibly be wrong with that? 

By the way, when did Al Gore morph into Mrs. Doubtfire?

This is apparently NOT Al Gore

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Like the Cut of Tory MP Tim Uppal's Jib!

THIS GUY!!!!!!!

"Jerusalem’s Temple Mount – considered holy by Jews, Muslims and Christians – should be open to all, says Tim Uppal, Canada’s minister of state for multiculturalism."

And of course a quote from the usual Official Jew:

"Frank Dimant, head of B’nai Brith Canada, said Mr. Uppal’s visit demonstrated Canada’s support for religious freedom."

“Just as in Israel itself there is religious freedom for all groups, so the Temple Mount must be a reflection of the religious freedoms that exist throughout Israel,” he said.

The more the world learns of the restrictions that the Muslims have put on other faiths like the Jews, like the Christians, and especially on the holiest Jewish site, I think it will wake up the spirit of people to say this is not justifiable.”

Unfortunately, it is WE THE JEWS who made this happen-please see Moshe Dayan and the surrendering of the Temple Mount to the Muslim Waqf.

It is the Israeli police that actually enforce the religious apartheid fatwa at the Temple Mount, and implement the sharia directives of the Waqf.

In other words, Jews were the ones to empower the restrictions on Jews at the Temple Mount. 

My idiot people.

Teacher Giving Sex Offenders High School Equivalency Exam Raped When Left Alone

And in other news, water is wet. 

Now, one can argue the merits of being a female person choosing a career teaching violent sex offenders, but that career is a personal choice. The merits are debatable.

(I would say: THUMBS DOWN, BAD IDEA)

What is not debatable apparently, is that nobody at the prison needs to be investigated or disciplined because they followed all the "accepted corrections practices nationwide".

Well-that's certainly good to know.

I had no idea that it was completely acceptable and regular throughout the nation that female teachers are left alone with violent sex offenders and raped.

Hey, glad we cleared that up!

From the Department of Corrections: 

"Department of Corrections spokesman Doug Nick said classrooms at prisons across the state are having cameras installed. But he said no administrative investigation was launched because there was no need, and no one was disciplined. He said all prisons are dangerous places and staff are trained accordingly."

"This is an assault that reflects the fact that inmates in our system often act out violently, and it is the inmate suspect who is responsible for this despicable act," he said."

"Nick also said that not having a guard in classrooms or nearby "follows accepted corrections practices nationwide."

Caroline Glick: Ignoring the Elephant


"Three Jewish boys were abducted by Palestinian terrorists while trying to catch a ride home from school Thursday night. And as far as the foreign press is concerned, it’s their own damned fault."

Big Stones: Hilary Clinton Asked to Inscribe Book to Ambassador "Chris" Stevens

This guy has got some stones. 

"Jason Mattera caught up with Hillary Clinton at one of the DC stops on her book tour this week, and asked the former Secretary of State if she would mind signing a copy of Hard Choices… but with a twist. “If you could make it out to Christopher Stevens,” Mattera queried. 
“I think you knew him.”

"Hillary, surprised by the request, replied, “Yeah, I’m not gonna make it out to Chris Stevens.” 
"Mattera followed-up with, “What difference does it make?” a reference to Clinton’s infamous 2013 Senate testimony before the Foreign Relations Committee."

American Impotence In One Simple Media Tweet

Pad Condell: Why I Support Israel

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Slate Magazine Notices American Girls Being Sent For "Vacation Cutting" By Their Parents

First of all, can we please NOT call it "female circumsicion"?

Is that possible?

It's female genital mutilation. And I notice the word "Islam" kind of missing from this ridiculous piece.

"Vacation cutting".


Nothing says loving parent more than sending little girls abroad to get their genitals hacked away, am I right???

And it is really, really hard to take this writer seriously when she writes about FGM without mentioning Islam, by calling it "female circumcision" and by conflating it with ritual circumcision for men.

But perhaps one of the most idiotic parts of this imbecilic piece is this sentence:

"There is no easy, clear cut solution to this problem."

No clear cut, just barbaric "cuts" and cutting.

The solution is eliminating the "cutting".

"What a Lovely Song That Is, What a Beautiful Song"

I probably should have said what I was thinking.

A lot of times, I blurt things out because they are funny and on my mind and I know that other people wanted to say what I was thinking but they just couldn't get the words out.

But there she was, telling her daughter how beautiful her song was, and I didn't say a thing. I think I was frozen in the moment. Frozen in the moment of recognition, and perhaps worried about how my words might be taken.

"I have a disabled child as well," is what I wanted to say.

But the words simply didn't come out.

I've heard them before, and seen them as well at my gym. The mother must be in her early 80s, her daughter easily in her 50s. The daughter is of very, small stature and sort of frail. Her head is sort of small and she has a sort of grimace about her. She can't speak, but she sometimes makes noises that I hear from my corner of the locker room.

I've seen the mother dutifully bring her to swim at the pool on other occasions, seen that she brings her daughter's wheelchair right to the shower room and helps her shower. At an age where most parents require the assistance of their children, such a natural progression of events would never be possible for this mother.

So they showered together, the daughter standing under the warm water holding a chair for support, the mother hovering around.

And then the daughter began to "sing".

To others, quite frankly, it may not have sounded like singing.

It may have sounded like guttural nonsense.

It was sort of a deep sound for a small female, it droned a bit.

"What a lovely song that is, what a beautiful song," said the mother to her daughter.

Encouraged, the daughter continued to "sing".

I felt very privileged to hear the music.

I heard the lovely song, the beautiful song as well.  

If you really listen, you will hear it, too.

Blessed are those who choose to hear (and not shut out) the music that originates in some of the most unlikely individuals, and who encourage song. 

Reader Survey!

Hey folks, just for fun-take my survey.

It's a new project I am thinking about. You know-busy people always have time, etc...

You can always e-mail me with additional comments or thoughts. I hope this works, it's a technical experiment for me.

In the words of the immortal Richard Dawson of Family Feud....

SURVEY SAYS...........

Kenya Al-Shabaab Attack Suspect: A White Man Speaking Fluent, British English


"A white man speaking "fluent British English" led suspected al-Shabaab commandos who ransacked towns in northern Kenya leaving 60 people dead, witnesses have said."

Remember to celebrate multiculturalism in Britain, etc...

Another Reason To Like The Duchess of Cambridge!

Her grandmother was a codebreaker!

How super cool is that?


Bowing to Public Pressure, Met Cancels Opera About Savage Murder of A Jew in a Wheelchair By Palestinians

Yah, that's really "art" you know??

What do we mere hicks know about high culture and stuff.

They are convinced it's not antisemitic stuff, doncha know?!?!

But, they are concerned about antisemitism! 

And some of their best friends are Jews!

My Idiot People: Force Feeding Prisoners Edition

Seriously, why force feed? 

Well Said: Liberal "Sex Education" and Rational Opposition

As far as I am concerned, "sex education" is grooming and I'm hardly a prude.

This is a good essay. 

Do read the whole thing.

"Sexual education is always described as teaching kids about their bodies, diseases, protection and healthy sexuality, but as we can see liberals define those terms differently than an average person might."

"The key piece that is missing, however, is personal responsibility. Where is the individual in all of this? Are we purely driven by various sexual impulses that can only be expressed through mindless action? Assuming every single theory on sexual development by liberal psychology is true, why are we bound to it? Liberalism seems to define itself by its lack of control over its environment.  In order to survive one must be surrounded by warnings, labels, education, protections and emotional support. There is simply no concept that a person can choose differently."

Gil Troy: Israel Must Be Mad Enough to Induce Fear, Yet Crazy Enough to Seek Peace

So, a friend of mine posted this article last night on Facebook. 

It's by Prof. Gil Troy from McGill University, he is a very ardent Zionist and a professor of history.

I thought I would post it here to see what you think about it.

He wasn't very happy about my comments. I'd be interested in hearing what you think about it.

Am I too pessimistic?

Or, as Prof. Troy says-just plain "wrong". Would not be the first or last time I was wrong about something. But, in this case I think I'm right.

I loooooove being right .

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Must Read: Liberal Privilege and the Lies of the Left


This guy for public office!


"Liberals do not seem to recognize the special treatment they receive. They actually believe they are nicer and smarter than others as a result of having been allowed to get away with this conceit."

"Liberals, because they are liberal, assume they are more compassionate than anyone who disagrees with them. From elementary school on, they are praised for their concerns about the welfare of others — even though this kindness is only manifested in verbal declarations."

"If liberals decide to enter politics, the effusive praise is ladled on with a bucket. They quickly learn being liberal means they never have to say they are sorry. Whatever mistakes they make will be blamed on their opponents. That they have good intentions is sufficient to merit adulation, no matter what the outcomes."

"Liberals can destroy the economy, but hey, no one could have done better. They can undermine the national security, but at least they were showing the appropriate humility. They can drive their country into bankruptcy, but this only confirms their compassion."

"If one is a liberal, any nasty thing one might say about an opponent is passed over in silence. The cruelest invective is regarded as appropriate, given the sins of the target. Even vulgarity is excused because it emphasizes the understandable passion of the speaker."

Via The College Fix. 

New American Mantra "Sometimes Stuff Just Happens".

This pretty much sums up the Obama administration and all of its thoroughly corrupt federal institutions. 

From "In G-d We Trust" to "sometimes stuff just happens" is a remarkable change of mission for America.

Another additional phrase to the 'what difference does it make' lexicon of Democrat-speak.

This administration reeks of such contempt for the average citizen that I'm surprised people aren't being admitted to hospital for sniffing too much bullsh&t on an every day basis, or for being fed a steady, contemptuous diet of lies and dogsqueeze from their betters in government.

It's pretty bad but you know what, America-this is what you voted for.

UPDATED GEOGRAPHY! Bringing New Meaning to the Phrase "Rear Ender"

Austrian sunbather causes car crashes after hanging naked out of her window to sun bathe.

A nude woman sunbathing in the Austrian capital Vienna caused snarl ups on a major road when she positioned her naked body out of a window to get the maximum out of the sun's rays

Thanks to Barry for catching my typo!

America is Screwed, Demonstrated in One Fell Tweet

Best Story of the Day: Meet the Surfing Therapy Dog Named Ricochet

This is so amazing. 

What a dog, what a magnanimous owner and what a wonderful, wonderful story.

Love it. 

"Right there, as clear as day, Ricochet was telling me she wanted to surf tandem with Patrick. It was something I never would have thought of on my own, but I was willing to try if the others were game."

“Patrick, she wants to surf with you,” I said, not knowing where the words came from. How could I let a dog stand on a board with a boy who was quadriplegic?"

Vancouver Public School Board is Full of Crazy Evil People

Private school or home school.

This is child abuse.

Most Unfortunate Headline Ever? British Telegraph: Hillary's Face is Her Biggest Challenge UPDATED


"The human face of Hillary Clinton could be her biggest challenge." 

Can't argue with that.


Hillary Clinton and the Child Rapist

"It’s one thing to agree to take on an unsavory client and to fulfill one’s professional and ethical obligations. It’s another matter to have a strange retrospective chuckle about benefiting from a turn of events that let a child rapist off the hook."

"Thatcher Was My Guiding Light"

Former Australian PM John Howard's enlightened words here.

Bottom line:

"Western governments aren’t doing enough to defend and promote Western values."

UK To Re-Open Embassy in Iran

What could possibly go wrong?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Why Do Americans Hate Their Veterans, And Enable Death By VA Hospital?

I bet some of these veterans would rather face a firing squad than deal with the "Soviet style bureaucracy" where administrators are rewarded for fudging numbers, not showing up and making them die.

It is a system in which your fellow Americans are rewarded with cash and perks when veterans die. Because they die, in fact.

It doesn't get much more sickening than that, does it? 

Death by bureaucracy is a particularly troubling, first-world, corrupt and despicable death sentence, wouldn't you say?

It is particularly horrifying for a country with such a noble history of respecting and honouring its fighters.

An Ode to Mark Steyn's Favourite Wahabi-Major Funnies!

I remember this Wahabi stuff from some time back, but it just never gets old. 

Actually, this is one of the truly great lessons that I learned from Mark Steyn himself-that you need to own-absolutely own all of the nasty things that people say about you.

It's so liberating, and if you own it, it becomes laughable and even enjoyable.  By doing so, you become immune to the criticism and are then liberated from concern about it, fear of it and can just carry on and do your own thing.

It's reducto ad Steynsurdum!

Plus, just as you can judge a person by who their friends and enemies are, so too, can you form an opinion of someone based on what is being said about them by whom. 

Steyn also quotes an artist/writer with a very pithy line, and I'm really pissed off at myself that I didn't think of it first. 

You don't support freedom of speech unless you support freedom of hate speech.

This is 100% correct. Great turn of phrase. 

Do read the whole post.

South African Cannibal Takes "Eat Your Heart Out" A Little Too Literally

Dear teenagers of the world: this is what literally means. 

Educators: Your Moral and Intellectual Superiors. Mandatory Vagina Monologues Assembly Edition

And what could possibly be wrong with that?

Special Needs Boy Kicked Out of Expensive Private School Because of PAPER TOY GUN

He rolled up a piece of paper!

Obviously, this "school" was a total waste of money and the principal's credentials should be very closely examined.

What a scam.

I'm sure the Mom can find a better, more sensible educational solution for her son.


Jews Need to Get Out of France

More from the "nothing to see here in France" category.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Humbling: How Losing My Daughter Changed My Faith

No greater pain, no greater love.

A beautiful, heartbreaking reflection. 

Barbarians: A Picture From Iraq


Courtesy of Obama. 

(I personally heard a liberal today blame Iraq on BOOOOOOOOOSH. It was astonishing. A very good lesson for my eldest on how extreme liberalism is a mental disorder.)

Disgrace: These Are the Folks Who Are Supposed to "Serve and Protect"

Apparently, this cop didn't get the memo about not urinating on disabled men, and the TPS didn't get the memo about lying about video evidence about said events.

Humans can be a rotten, rotten lot.

When they are rotten with guns and entrusted with public safety-it's a big, big problem.

American Decadence

Shame on these people.

This is an example of a society in decline. 

Camping out for a week for a stupid pair of running shoes.

Instead of, you know-working, or having a life, or having something in your life that is more important than the shoes that you put on your feet.

We Jews Are Stupid Idiots A Lot of the Time

While they bomb us, kill and kidnap our children, we provide them with medical care. 


I Get Really Pissed When People Don't Vote

Here's one reason why. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Neo-Nazis Kidnap Three Jewish Teens in Israel

The real neo-Nazis have kidnapped three Orthodox Jewish teenagers in Israel.

The Palestinians are barbarians, looking to harm and maim as many Jews as possible, trying to create as many bereaved Jewish families as possible in their lifetime.

There will be no sad-faced FLOTUS Tweet.

If Obama had a son, I guess he would certainly not look like a Jewish teenager from Israel.

This is a horror. This is the reality of Israel. This is the reality of being a Jew. It is life in hell for these boys and their families.

The Palestinians have learned, as they always do that terrorism pays. Jihad pays.

This is not a Jewish issue.

Anything and everything that happens to Jews will happen to the West in good time, in short order. 

Every single act of terror that was started in Israel and against Jews in Europe has found its way into our cushy, easy North American lives. Every single type. 

The neo-Nazi jihadists are not ashamed of it, they are proud of it.

Listen to them and what they say and take their words at face value. 

The Nazi spirit is alive and well. The Judenhaas is real.

Ignore it at your peril.

G-d help us, G-d help the IDF find them and return them safely to the loving arms of their families.

Creepy Taliban Deserter Bergdal's Dad's Story Just Got Even Creepier

Accused of stalking two beautiful, young twin sisters.

What could possibly be wrong with that?

This George Will Column is Making Progressive Heads Explode. Therefore You Must Read It.

It's pretty tame, but it's pissing so many people off. 

So, it HAD TO BE POSTED here.

"Colleges Become the Victims of Progressivism."


Jill Abramson To Teach At Harvard

Good grief.

Journalists, your moral and intellectual superiors now, seamlessly morph into your intellectual and Ivy League superiors. 

The lefty, elite suck up, you scratch my back-I'll scratch yours society continues to take care of its own. 

G-d Bless Them: IDF Soldiers Salute Holocaust Survivors Having Belated Bar Mitzvahs at the Kotel

This made me cry, on the subway. 

What a beautiful gesture. Humbling.

The UK Is Screwed: British Hamlet Over-Run With Belligerent, Littering, Free Loading Roma

Residents threatened and terrified.

This is a perfect example of the disconnect between ELITE'S FANTASY and REALITY. 

Here is the reality of normal, regular people:

"Grandmother Elizabeth Boardman, a widow and former lollipop lady, said she had lived in the village for 30 years and was shocked by the sudden change."

"She said: ‘Now I wouldn’t walk down the road on my own because there are groups of them everywhere. I’m scared to pass them, they make me feel intimidated and shaken. I try to ignore them but you get scared they are going to hit out at you."
 "Her daughter, mother-of-four, Michele Boardman, 44, who is a full time carer to a disabled son said: A Roma man threatened to kill my daughters and was holding a knife as they walked home one night"

"The police haven’t taken statements yet and the incident happened in April. They don’t care."

‘We just want to be able to provide a happy and safe environment to pass onto our children and the future generations. The kids can’t understand why they can’t go and play in the park any more. It’s just not safe for them.

AND NOW THE POLICE/ELITE FANTASY, the 'la la la nothing to see here' fake, appeasement 'solution':
 "Police are learning to speak the Roma language as part of an effort to tackle community unrest in an inner city suburb."

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Let's Make Peace With These People: Top Palestinian Negotiator Says Netanyahu "Not Worth the Bullet" To Kill Him

Peace process!

“Without a cane to his ass [Netanyahu won't act]. I don’t say shoot him. He isn’t worth the bullet … he’s ideologically corrupt, I’ve known him for 31 years.”

On Obama's Watch: Sharia Implemented in Iraq

Hopey Changey Middle Ages style.

U.S State Department Totally Chill With Rockets Shooting Into Israel From Gaza

Verbal gymnastics indeed. 

The UK Is Screwed: British Soldiers Not Told They Are Eating Halal

I love the way they stick "kosher" in there, as if kosher and Jews are the problem.


Anyway, here is the story. 

Serious Question: Is Ted Cruz The Only American Politician With Balls?

Bill and Hilary Richest Ex-First Couple

Dead broke but filthy rich!

Nothing to See Here: Russian Bombers Fly Within 50 Miles of California Coast

So, when I put this through my Russian to Reset Translator machine, I get "fuck you, American weakling".

Smart Rabbi Explains Slooooowly Why Cantor Lost

This 'he lost because he is a JOOOOOOOOOO' stuff is total and utter dogsqueeze.

It's so funny how the left has all of the sudden become so compassionate about a Jewish Republican.

I question the timing! 

The good Rabbi explains:

"Mr. Cantor, as House Majority Leader together with Speaker Boehner, did not seem to share the alarm that many of us do. In effect, an invasion is happening to America and the weapons are not bullets but the ballot box: Democrat leaders are orchestrating an influx of illegals to use the ballot box to install socialism and permanently maintain the power of the Democrat Party. Their eligibility to vote is often suspect, but legitimate challenges are shot down by invoking the tried-and-tested accusation of racism."

"Mr. Cantor lost not because people decided to “throw the bums out.”  He lost because he, in this particular primary race, became the national symbol of a Republican Party unwilling to represent our people in our need to stop a corrupt and dictatorial President and his party."

"Never in our lifetime have we witnessed such atrocious violations of the Constitution and assaults on freedom, decency, and the sacred code of American fair play than in the last couple of years wherein the IRS audited the president’s enemies, our people were killed in Benghazi and the circumstances covered up, the failure at the VA, the green light for Iran to go ahead with its bomb-making, and the willful release of five Taliban terrorists who certainly threaten our safety."

"During all this, while conservative Americans looked for leaders to vigorously and passionately stand against such tyrannies, the two men most entrusted to do so, Mr. Boehner and Mr. Cantor, did not lead, did not fight, and let us down. Not for weeks, not for months, but for years. "

Bibi Netanyahu: "We Kill Those Who Want to Kill Us"


Believe in Miracles

"An eight year old girl who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer three years ago has become the first person in the world to beat the illness."

Bbbbut...Israeli Apartheid? Zionazis?!??!!

First Druze commander of IDF Golani Brigade installed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

VA Spent Tens of Millions of Dollars on Ad Campaigns, Audits and Green Energy

"An analysis of more than $1 billion dollars in spending by the Department of Veterans Affairs on “professional services” finds several instances of questionable spending, including millions for a national ad campaign and energy programs to make VA facilities more sustainable."

Human life, if you get the right medical care. 


Random News About Jews You Can Use: Schmaltz Herring in Toronto Edition

The smoked fish in Israel is absolutely amazing, so I've been hunting for really good smoked herring here in Toronto.  Apparently, Daiter's is the place!

Cute video and so true about the fork!

Pint Sized Cupcake Crusader Wins Big in Illinois: Pushback On the Hyper-Regulation of America

The Cupcake Crusader wins the Internet today!!

This is a particularly delicious victory because Gov. Quinn is no fan of individual liberty-especially as we have seen via his thuggish support for union goons-a fight my friend Pam Harris of Chicago is fighting.

Get a load of this:

"Chloe started "Hey Cupcake!" in her parents' Troy kitchen in order to sell cupcakes at fundraisers and to friends and family, according to the governor's office. But when the Madison County Health Department got wind of the cottage industry they shut it down because Chloe didn't have the proper business license and the Stirlings' kitchen wasn't commercially certified."

"So Chloe and her mom went to Springfield, where they lobbied for a bill to make it easier for small "home kitchen operators" to sell their goods without having to jump through so many government hoops."

THIS is America. This is the spirit of America.

When the Health Department tells a 12 year old girl that she can't make and sell homemade cupcakes, it's time to tell the Health Department and all its bureaucratic enablers-right up to the Governor's office to SHOVE IT. And they did!

A very sweet victory indeed.

Read this part very carefully, it really must have truly pained Quinn to utter these words.

"Quinn thanked Chloe for standing up for small entrepreneurs."

 "Democracy is for everyone and I salute Chloe Stirling for getting involved and making a difference for a cause she believes in," he said."

"Senate Republicans released a statement applauding Quinn for signing the bill, but contending his administration fought against it until a public outcry forced them to relent."

Publicity, public outcry, saying NO, leads to "relent". Got that?

If a 12 year old cupcake entrepreneur can do it, what are you waiting for? 

Read the whole story.

Thanks to SMW for sending it in.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Yelling At Water Hurts Its Feelings


Not only is she annoying and ALWAYS 43 EVERY YEAR NO MATTER HOW MANY YEARS PASS, she is also dumber than a bag of hammers.

Behold: Yelling at water makes it sad. 

Thanks to Andrew for sending this in. 

I'm dying.


Apparently I Am the Last Woman in North America To Know: Mark Steyn is a Bantam Rooster on Viagra

Woe is me!

But seriously folks, this is a great bit and I guess it's now going to be a regular gig, every other Wednesday on the Oakley show.

As I've said before, these interviews are excellent because Oakley is quite an excellent interviewer and he lets Steyn answer questions properly. This is how good radio is done. Thoughtful question, good rapport and time to answer.

Sooooo, the bantam rooster on Viagra himself has some fun trouncing Hilary Clinton and the spousal presidential entitlement program and the flaccid state of American world power and prowess.

He makes a very frightening and astute point also about the traitor schmuck that Obama brought home, and the dangerous jihadi murderers that were released.

He notes that President Obama is the only American president ever to replenish the enemy while the war is still on. 

That's a haunting, and evil reality that bodes very poorly for America.

Listen to the whole thing.

Lilly Tomlin Risks Wrath of Solange: Says Beyonce Part of Problem of Hypersexualized Children

Very gutsy.

Telling the truth about her 'selling' her body and selling sexuality to "teeny boppers". 

Read the whole thing.

This: A Word to the Idiots Who Are Blaming Cantor's Loss on Antisemitism

Well done, Yid With Lid. 

"The book of Leviticus (25:23) says:"

“If your brother becomes impoverished and his means falter in your proximity, you shall strengthen him proselyte or resident so that he can live with you”

"Notice it says live with you, it does not say live in a government facility, because the obligation is on the individual. In rare times the community was called on to pick up the slack but it was never the community government, but it was the local Rabbi who would lead the effort. The Hebrew word for charity, tzedaka, has in it root the word tzedek which means righteous, because we are taught that giving charity one of the keys to righteousness."

"I once read that when God created the world, sparks of his holiness were spread across the earth. Every time that a person makes the choice of performing a righteous act, one of those sparks is purified and sent back to heaven, through that process we become closer to God."

"Liberal/Progressive government takes away that choice. It assumes that left to our own devices, we will do the wrong thing (or at least what they say is the wrong thing), government takes over the role of God, and steps in to control our decisions. Liberalism takes away our personal choice and gives it to the government, retarding our spiritual development and most importantly, the opportunity to get closer to our maker."

Friend Makes Call To Action for Jailed Marine, And Sister Makes Plea For Jailed Brother

So, President Obama can get a stinker traitor out of the hands of the Taliban, by-as Mark Steyn put it this morning on the Oakley show "replenishing the enemy while the war is on" (and noted that no other American president has ever done such as thing), but they cannot get one Marine out of jail in Mexico for making a simple mistake?

He made a traffic mistake. For that, he is rotting in jail. He served his country and now rots in a putrid Mexican jail for making a wrong turn.

You know, Mexico is very dependent on America and Canada, economically, and of course since probably half their population has emptied into America over the past few decades.

This shows not just the fecklessness of the Obama regime, but also it's wickedness and utter impotence.

Take a look at this clip and my American readers-please do something, a call, an e-mail, a phone call. 

(Side note-OMG this group of guys is gorgeous. Seriously, hubba hubba! But that is TOTALLY, and COMPLETELY inappropriate and cougary, and really not related to the topic at hand. Did I mention that they are gorgeous and built like brick sh&t houses? Sorry IS IT HOT IN HERE?!??!?!)

Right-back to business.

Politicians respond to public pressure. Why? Not necessarily because it's the right thing to do, but because it is in their self-interest to remain your elected leader.

Remind them that incumbents are often TOAST, as we just saw with Eric Cantor.

Please read this Corner post at NRO from Jay Nordlinger. 

"A Sister Writes In"

It's about the sister of imprisoned Jewish American Alan Gross-an aid worker who has been stuck in a Cuban jail for years.

His sister writes-why would you encourage tourism to Cuba?

You know-given how inept and disgusting President Obama is, perhaps it might be better for Stephen Harper or Jason Kenny to put in a good word with the Mexicans and the Cubans. Hell, if I were an American relative of these guys I would ask Putin to do it-even that would be more effective than expecting President Obama to lift a manicured finger do to anything for these fellow Americans.

Let's review: 

Traitor and Taliban collaborator brought home replete with wacky Allahu Akbar Rose Garden ceremony.

Marine and Jewish American aid worker rotting in jail.


The "French" Jihad: Jewish Boy Tasered in Paris

At least the leaders of the French Jewish community publicly identify the problem: 

“Anti-Semitic incidents are an almost daily occurrence in France,” BNVCA President Sammy Ghozlan told JTA."

“They are becoming more frequent and whereas the targets used to be synagogues, now there are more physical assaults on people: Young religious Jews.”
 "While far-right nationalists like Jean-Marie Le Pen “certainly produce anti-Semitic hate speech, the vast majority of physical attacks are committed by Muslims,” Ghozlan said."
Pay very close attention to what he is saying. 

The Muslims have successfully tested the waters on physical structures, foundational structures of thew Jewish community. 

Seeing that nobody paid any mind to these attacks, or cared a whit-the attacks could then seamlessly start on humans-real live Jews. 

And, as always-there is a special, intrinsic barbarity for their propensity in targeting our young. 

French Jews need to read the writing on the wall, like our ancestor Daniel the Prophet and get out of France while they still can. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

EU Commission Official to Rabbi: ""STOP f***ing writing me about your Zionist bullshit,"


"STOP f***ing writing me about your Zionist bullshit," wrote Mattia Zilli, a project officer at the EC's Research Executive Agency, in an email to Rabbi Ari Enkin of the Beit Shemesh-based United with Israel organization after receiving an online newsletter he's been subscribed to since 2011.

"In response to queries from the UWI and The Jerusalem Post, Zilli wrote that his email was written out of frustration over attempts to unsubscribe to the newsletter."

"My irritating tone in my emails was never intended against Israel, against any religion, or culture but merely against this constant receiving of emails in my professional inbox," he wrote.

"I was talking for myself and not in the name of the European Commission, the European Union or anyone else."

Via Atara Beck. 

#RealWarOnWomen in the Arab Spring

Teenager sexually assaulted and bloodied during festive Presidential inauguration in Egypt. 

TV anchor reporting incident laughs about it, explains that the (to borrow a phrase from the great Mark Steyn PBUH) "excitable young lads" of Egypt were just happy.

Nothing says happy like sexually assaulting teenagers right?!?!?

All cultures are equal! Equal and happy! Happily equal!!

What is missing from this story??

Hmm....the missing "I" word...the missing "S" word...or the "M" word? 

Now where are they?

I spy with my little right wing hatey Zionist Jew eye the words "conservative" and "patriarchal" but I don't see "Islam" or "sharia" or "Muslim". Strange, that.

"Last week, authorities issued a decree declaring sexual harassment a crime punishable by up to five years in prison. The decree amended Egypt’s current laws on abuse, which did not criminalize sexual harassment and only vaguely referred to such offences as “indecent assault.”

"Sexual harassment has been one of Egypt’s enduring social ills, embedded in the country’s patriarchal conservative culture, where women are seen as inferior to men. Movies often portray women as sex objects, leaving them vulnerable to men who feel empowered by the absence of a strong legal deterrent."


"Last year, a joint report by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, Egypt’s Demographic Center and the National Planning Institute found that more than 99 per cent of hundreds of women surveyed in seven of the country’s 27 provinces reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment, ranging from verbal harassment to rape."

"The breakdown in security in the wake of the 2011 uprising that toppled Mubarak has left Egypt’s streets even more unsafe for women."


Super Creepy Bergdahl Dad's Super Creepy You Tube Playlist and Comments

Nothing to see here...

Via BlazingCatFur

Steyn: "Going My Way" and "There is No Deal"

"First of all, I link to all kinds of things - stuff I agree with, stuff I think is absolute codswallopping balderdash, and stuff that falls somewhere in between. Every reader is free to click on the link and decide where on that spectrum he personally falls."

Yesterday was a good day, as I clearly evaded Mark Steyn's Absolute Codswallopping Balderdash list. 

"There is No "Deal": 

"Watch that Rose Garden ceremony again and ask yourself Shannon Allen's question: Which guy is the hero? Pace Susan Rice, there are three dishonorable men in that short photo-op: a deserter who broke his oath, a father who sympathizes publicly with the enemy ...and a president lying before the nation, to make them complicit in that dishonor. Mr Obama is unworthy of the men who fight on "his" behalf."

"~The Bergdahl disgrace was not helped by being juxtaposed against the D-Day observances. Speaking of heroes, here is the tale of Bernard Jordan, who was told by his carers at his nursing home in Sussex that he couldn't attend the 70th anniversary ceremonies with his fellow veterans. So he bust out of the home and hightailed it a cross the Channel, just like he did seven decades ago. If you're doing your math, yes, he was 19 years old on D-Day. He was 17 when he lied about his age to get into the Royal Navy. As Laura Rosen Cohen says:
Now think about "kids" these days, and their eternal childhood.
What a world it was, what a world we have now.

"Organic" Is Not Better For You, and "Organic" Pesticides Are Pretty Dangerous

"Organic" is bullshit. 

"People buy organic because they think it's better for the environment; it's not. It's safer; it's not. It tastes better; it doesn't. It's more nutritious; it isn't. And these are all misconceptions that have been deliberately promoted -- according to these authors -- by organic farmers and organic proponents despite the fact that scientific evidence doesn't support any of these claims."


(The science is settled?!?! Ha ha!) 

Smart, Cool: Israel Aims to Draw Haredim Into High Tech and Start Up Nation

This is good stuff. 

Once they get a taste of capitalism and the good life, and earning their keep-things will change.


The UK Is Screwed, Otherwise Known As Social Workers Gone Wild

"Secret court jails British granny for hugging granddaughter." 


When the State Takes Your Child: "Please Let Me Go Home"

Overreach of the state. 


I hope she gets home soon.

Then I hope the family sues the asses off of all the "helpy" people who turned their lives into a nightmare.

Monday, June 9, 2014

America, I Love You, But Your Over-Militarized Police Forces (Better Known As Armies) Are Out of Control

As I have said before, these are no longer police forces-they are small armies with their guns pointed right at you, my American friends.

Even the New York Times is noticing that police forces are becoming armies. 

They put it quite succinctly: 'war gear flows to police departments'.

If 'war gear' flows to a police department, that makes it an army.

Residents of towns and cities where this is happening note that police are arming themselves to fight against a non-existent level of violence. Citizens do not want small armies in their towns.

Why on earth does every small town police force in America need anti-tank vehicles, mine-resistant trucks, camouflage, night vision goggles, silencers, armoured cars?

The Times says that there is "a debate over whether the post-9/11 era had obscured the lines between soldier and police officer". This is absolutely preposterous. A soldier is sent by his country to enemy territory to fight wars, or to defend borders. A police officer is on home turf, dealing with fellow citizens.  

I thought lefties were against arms races. Is it just because there is now a lefty Democrat (socialist) in power now that an arms race against the citizenry is acceptable? Would this kind of acceptance of a domestic arms race between American cities and towns have been acceptable under a Republican administration? 

So, it's OK for these state SWAT armies to be armed to the teeth, with better armies than some small developing nations, but individuals exercising their own Second Amendment rights are the problem? Someone walk me through this-because it spells disaster to me. 

Look at the absolute hooey that is being peddled by police chiefs: 

"In the Indianapolis suburbs, officers said they needed a mine-resistant vehicle to protect against a possible attack by veterans returning from war." 

That's a pretty disturbing sentence. The thought that a small locality's biggest problem, necessitating armoured and mine resistant vehicles because of VETERANS returning from war is a despicable smear against the military and an egregious, evil and libellous spew of propaganda. It is a distraction from the real threat facing the west in general, and of course America in particular. 

See no jihad, speak no jihad, say no jihad. 

This article is absolutely horrifying and I fear things will get much, much worse and bloody before they get better. 

Must Read of the Day: "Watch What You Say, The New Liberal Power Elite Won't Tolerate Dissent."

You must, must read the whole thing. 

It is certainly one of the best essays I have read on the subject.

Concise and well-stated, drawing examples from every pillar of elite society that controls the regular folks.

Read and share.

And do something about it.

Awesome: California's Parent Trigger Law Is (Finally) Making Public Schools Better

This is good stuff. 

Thanks to Instapundit for posting it.