Thursday, June 30, 2016

Too Angry and Too Sad To Write

The savage barbarians, known as "Palestinians" have struck again. 

I'm a little too angry and upset to write, and yes of course I know that THIS TIME, this is not about my immediate family, it's not "my" particular sad, "my" particular bereavement, thank G-d.

But all the Jewish people are one body and like an ancient, strong tree, and when any one young, blooming branch is savagely cut off, it hurts the whole living tree.

So I may write later, or not.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Welcome to the American Gulag

There's lots of room for everyone, comrades!

Security Is the New Shut Up

And the new surrender and capitulation.

"On Tuesday evening, Dr. Philippe Pierret, a graduate of the Sorbonne and a researcher at the Institute for Studies of Religion and Secularism, was scheduled to deliver the closing talk of the academic year at the Free University of Brussels to discuss his recent book on the history of Jews in Brussels from 1785 to 1885."

"But at the last minute, the event was called off due to the authorities’ inability to provide adequate security, reported Belgian paper La Libre."

There is no place for Jews in Europe. 

Jews:  please leave Europe while you can with your suitcases and not in coffins.

As Per Mark Steyn...

"We will be talking about transgendered bathrooms when the Mullahs nuke us."


Oh Joy, Oh Bliss: Turkish Migrant ("Dutch Man") In Amanda Todd Case Can Be Extradited to Canada

Good grief. 

I wrote about this "cyber bullying" case before. 

And for goodness sake, if we bring him here he will in all likelihood turn into the "real" victim, once the left gets through with scrubbing his ethnic and religious origins.  The left and the mainstream media will turn into their brand new Omar Khadr and they will slobber all over him.

Welcome to Trudeau's Canada

And remember to celebrate diversity. 



"The Fall of the Godless European Union"

What he says:

"The integration of Europe was conceived in one-dimensional terms with the dictatorship of unelected bureaucrats and judges, cancellation of laws passed by representative parliaments, constitutional treaties signed without any input from the people, a coin system associated with a heavy debt that nobody knows how to point to who is to bear responsibility for it."

"This élite has turned its back on Christianity, apparently unaware of the extent to which the people of Europe still depend on its moral and spiritual guidance. And the heritage of the Enlightenment is also at risk, with the spread of laws on the Continent that prevent people from expressing their religious or national affiliation. Freedom of speech is no longer protected from charges of “islamophobia” or “xenophobia”."

"Then there are the cultural-ideological causes. It is the total failure of Brussels political élite to consider the culture of Europe, founded on Judeo-Christian revelation. Europe's laws, educational institutions and traditions are incomprehensible without reference to the lessons contained in the Bible."

Want to Understand Brexit? Look at the Israeli Left.

A good piece, but it assumes that the political left is capable of political introspection. 

"Democrats who ascribe the rise of Trump to some sort of collective Republican outbreak of hatefulness may want to take notice. So may any remaining Israeli lefties seriously entertaining thoughts of political power."

"As James Bloodworth put it in his excellent analysis of the Remain camp’s failure, “the salt of the earth were treated as the scum of the earth and, unsurprisingly, they wouldn’t stand for it. The dark consequences will be felt for generations to come.”

Friday, June 24, 2016

A Sample of Brexit Literature

From "No Rape in Europe To See Here" Doug Saunders:

"Remember the Brexit as the moment when xenophobia won."

His pouty-pants piece makes me so happy, I can barely contain myself! 

There's some more intelligent, level-headed Jew prose right here though: 

"Examining Brexit through the bloody history of pan-European fascism renders leaving Europe – at least for me, – a matter of survival."

Obviously, I disagree with the author that "right wing" antisemitism is in any way, shape or form as much as an existential problem for Jews as is Muslim antisemitism, but this is still a very good article with historical context.

Dry Bones

Dry Bones. 

You know when there will be peace in the Middle East? Wake me up for the peace talks when Jews fleeing their countries do not have to exhume the bodies of their loved ones, for fear of the dead being disturbed. 

Another country: Judenrein. 

Last Jews out, shut the shul's lights.

Cool: Muslim and Christian Israeli Arabs Pledge Allegiance to the IDF

Note the IDF-issued Koran (a complicated topic that I am not going to get into now). 

Wake me for the peace talks when Muslim states offer Jewish army recruits a copy of the Tanach, thanks!

"When we swore allegiance to the state, I did it with all my heart," said the excited private."

"Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming."

It's Brexit time, baby. 

The Israeli Left Implodes, Leftists Baffled!


"...the Israeli left seems unable to absorb the fact that blaming Israelis for terror attacks, accusing them of “budding fascism,” painting their leaders as back-stabbers and engines of war, and trying to scare them with talk of “military cemeteries” is also no way to make a positive impression on them. One can wait years for the left to stop striking out blindly and viciously and instead try some introspection. It doesn’t happen."

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Vaccinate Your Kids!

Good grief. 

Levin on Trump Speech: He Hit It Out of the Park


"Disturbed Man" Attacker of No Particular Name, Origin or Religion Opens Fire in German Cinema

Everything that happened in Israel to Jews, with precious little world sympathy is happening or is going to happen elsewhere in the (formerly) civilized world. 

Mark my words.

Israel was merely the testing ground.

It starts with the Jews, but never ends with the Jews. 

Meanwhile, details on this attack are scant:

"Police had not identified the man or established his motive, spokesman Bernd Hochstaedter said, adding that nothing immediately pointed to him having a militant background."


"How Anti-Semitism Became Respectable Again"

A warning from David P. Goldman: 

"Tripwires that once seemed taboo are being crossed every day."

My only quibble is that antisemitism never waned and never disappeared. 

The "old antisemitism" hasn't returned because it never went away. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hey Tim Blair, You Know What's Worse Than "Jesus Germs"?


I Hate to Say He Told You So, But He Told You So!

Quite a brave, candid and public admission from Tarek Fatah.

"Mark Steyn Was Right And I Was Wrong"

My header hearkens back of course to one of my favourite Steyn headlines/sentiments:

"I Hate to Say I Told You So. Actually, I Don't. I Love It." 

I mean seriously-does it get better than that??!?!

*waves to Mark Steyn*

But seriously, Mark Steyn and us hatey hater hater "Bully Blogger" conservatives being right about predicting the death of Europe is not something that I can truly be happy about. I'm quite sure Mark Steyn does not love being correct about this.

As for myself, I cannot say I am particularly sad about the death of Europe because on some level, Europe is reaping precisely what it has planted on its blood-soaked earth.

As Mark Steyn himself has pointed out, the continent of "Never Again" got it completely wrong. 

And it is the ultimate Jew-hating wet dream come true, the ultimate posthumous victory for Hitler that the continent of Europe has chosen to finish the Judenhas mission that Hitler himself was unable to complete. The voluntary submission of the continent to invasion by Jew-hating, gay-hating, women-hating ,Western loathing masses is simply the pièce de résistance of the work that the Nazis were unable to complete because the Western world had the will then, to fight evil to its destruction.

This is the obscene conclusion of "Never Again".

Ultimately, the earth of Europe still had many pockets of leftist, utopian, anti-Judeo Christian, Jew-hating embers, that have been allowed to burn strongly in this day and age.  The mission that Hitler was unable to accomplish-a Judenrein Europe, will be completed by the leftist, nihilist elites of Europe and their nihilist jihadist entourage.

And where the Jews go, so goes Western civilization. (Or as Mark Steyn has quipped-just plain old civilization.)

Brexit would buy a little bit of time, but it's a bandaid, and I'm not confident at all that Britain can recover from the demographic doomsday heading its way.

The flames are burning. We are witnessing Europe on its funeral pyre.

And mark my words: there is no spiritual, philosophical, moral or religious fire department big enough in all of continental Europe to put out the flames.

Fundamentally Transformed: Female Genital Mutilation Up In America!

"The origins of FGC/M are unclear. But experts say the ancient practice is not officially linked to religion in any way."

Overcoming the Fear of Success

Really wise words in here. 

Good stuff.

Coo: The Kung Fu Jew! Meet the #NinjaRabbi

I love this.

Great stuff!

VDH: "The Trump Nuclear Bomb"

This is certainly one of VDH's best essays. 

Read the whole thing.

"For seven years, Barack Obama has not deigned to explain to the American people why he abhors terms like radical Islam, Islamic terrorism, and Islamist, unlike European leaders and most Americans. Obama certainly in the past has had no problem with using far more sweeping and generic categories — for example, dressing down millions of Pennsylvanians as know-nothing clingers, or Christians in general for their purported centuries of “high-horse” sins. His administration has stereotyped and provoked plenty of groups, from supposedly parasitic entrepreneurs who did not build their own businesses to a nation of supposedly cowardly non-minorities."

"In one area alone, Obama and his administration have created a vacuous and dangerous vocabulary of euphemisms — violent extremism, man-caused disasters, overseas contingency operations, a largely “secular” Muslim Brotherhood, and so on. Such nomenclature only confuses Americans about the dangers that they face from radical Islam while emboldening Islamists, who can suspect that if we are afraid to call them what they are, then we may also be defensive about their bogus grievances against the West."


"So we always return to the central truth of 2016: Trump is a symptom, not a catalyst. He was created by the hyperpartisan unconstitutional overreach of Barack Obama, and by the appeasement of much of the Republican establishment, who wished to be liked and admired for their restraint and Beltway moderation rather than feared for their insistence on adherence to the Constitution and the protection of the individual from an always growing and encroaching government."

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Misc. Link Dump

VDH (or as Kathy calls him, 'Dr. Eeyore', LOL):

America In Free Fall (depressing)

The Impact of Islamic Fundamentalism on Free Speech

Why Liberals Support Muslims Who Hate Everything They Stand For

GREAT NEWS: First "Islamophobia" Summit to Be Held in Eurapia. 

How Much of Our Culture Are We Surrendering to Islam? 

Prince William on a regular airplane, dealing with his own baggage, unlike the Imperial American Aristocracy.

Members of German Nudist Club Must Cover Up So As Not to Offend Refugees 

And lastly, and most execrable: 

Official Dhimmi and Court Jew Jeffrey Goldberg wimpsplains Obama on Islam.

"Selling A House to A Jew Is A Betrayal of Allah"

Let's make peace with these people. 

The penalty for selling a Jew real estate is death.

Isn't it charming when The Toronto Star seems to align with that concept? 

You have to wonder about people who get very fussed, you know, REALLY BOTHERED about Jews building, buying, selling or renovating homes in Israel.

What is their real motivation?

Why does it bother them so very much?

Why do they get their panties in SUCH a terrible wad over this?

Please Join the Bone Marrow Registry

I'm on the list, are you?

It's SO easy to get on the list, you just need to do a little saliva swab-that's it!

You might be a match for this little guy. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Left's Intolerance For Dissent

"The Israeli left has nothing left to sell." 

So true:

"The Israeli Left has no more goods to sell. Having been defeated ideologically, the Left has now turned to a campaign of personal vitriol. A former defense minister is calling on citizens to take to the streets in protest against the government and the media is trying to amplify this message. However, in two or three days, the tumult will die down and no one will remember any of it."

President Obama Goes Full Communist Russia: Erases the Islam and ISIS References From Orlando Terrorist Transcripts

This reminds me of something!

Hmmm...let's see. 

Ah yes!

The UK Is Screwed: Higher Education Update

Now this is a headline that most certainly makes Churchill and Thatcher roll in their graves: 

"Jewish students among minorities 'bludgeoned into acceptance of Islamo-Marxist political orthodoxy' at London U's School of Oriental and African Studies."


This is going to get much, much worse and personally-I don't think the United Kingdom can recover.

Demographics are, alas, destiny.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Britain's Elites Ignore The Masses (At Their Peril)

By "elites' she means political leftists, of course.

"Somehow, over the last half-century, Western elites managed to convince themselves that nationalism was not real. Perhaps it had been real in the past, like cholera and telegraph machines, but now that we were smarter and more modern, it would be forgotten in the due course of time as better ideas supplanted it."

"That now seems hopelessly naive."

"People do care more about people who are like them -- who speak their language, eat their food, share their customs and values. And when elites try to ignore those sentiments -- or banish them by declaring that they are simply racist -- this doesn’t make the sentiments go away."

Playing Us For Suckers

Good grief.

Let them out, and let them stay out. 

American Immigration Figures Under Obama


Paul Ryan: Career Mandarin and Idiot

Total idiot. 

Report Card of Terror Attacks Under the Obama Administration

Grade: FAIL 

The UK Is Screwed: Foster Care Rapefugee "Child" Syndrome

“He could have been 15 but he could have been 23. He could have been a paedophile or a rapist.”

Analysis: CORRECT. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Great Douglas Murray: Islam & Gays, The Great Denial

"When it comes to real, as opposed to cake-based, homophobia, we aren’t looking at a Muslim-minority problem. We’re looking at a Muslim-majority problem."

And thus the real problem of this mental pretzel:

"How to even point out Islamic homophobia without being labeled an “Islamophobe”? After all, what is more “Islamophobic” than criticizing the foundational texts of Islam, the teachings of the religion’s founder, and the behavior of all Islamic societies in the world today?"

"It is akin to the problem with Islamic anti-Semitism. How does a Jew criticize Islamic anti-Semitism without being an “Islamophobe”?

"The simple answer is that it’s not possible."

"So the only options are to lie about what Islam teaches and what Muslims think (Gay Times) or pretend that universal bigotry will be defeated only when you have defeated any “bigotry” in your own heart. Which would suit the Islamist clock just fine."

Douglas Murray is so smart and so very brave.

Where We're At

I have been thinking quite a bit about the latest jihadi atrocity in Orlando, and the other ones in Israel and France. I alternate between thinking about it quite a bit, and then thinking about it not at all, and falling back on my usual strategy of focusing on the micro when the macro picture becomes too overwhelming to contemplate, and when the general lack of moral fortitude in our world becomes too upsetting to consider for more than a fleeting moment.

By the grace of G-d, the Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH was filling in for Rush Limbaugh yesterday and it was very good to hear his voice of reason.

When I first heard of the Orlando attack, it made me think of something I have often said.

There has been, up until now, a torrid romance between the political left and radical Islam.

The political left, in its utterly predictable way, has always felt that it is in the driver's seat.

The political left has been so brutal and so savage throughout history, and so focused on power, that its unlimited capacity for hubris has prevented it from seeing that in Islam, it has met its match. 

In any contest for power between the political left and Islam, Islam will win. 

The left's strategy hitherto has been to put Islam at the top of the victim hierarchy (throwing blacks under the bus) and do its utmost to protect Islam from any criticism and from identifying the Muslim religion as being at all contraindicated with living in the West in a civilized manner.

Every terrorist attack, there are those who say 'will people finally wake up', and my answer is always "no". There will be no 'finally wake up' moment for masses of leftists. There will only be a few individuals who are smart enough and courageous enough to make the move from Planet Fantasy (left) to Planet Reality. That is what we are seeing with some gays now who are moving to support Donald Trump.

So, this will not be a seminal moment in history where we see a Grand Wake Up.

However, in my view, this is turning point in political history because it is where we see that the political left has made a blood covenant with Islam, and like a conversion (or "reversion") to Islam, there is no way out-the only way out is death. 

The aftermath of Orlando, while the corpses lay in the club pending identification, while the phones on the slain bodies were still ringing, while the blood of the victims was still coagulating, while hearts may have still been beating, the political left took that blood, and with that blood, inked their irrevocable Covenant of Death with Islam.

And again what the hell is "Islamism". We never had "Nazism", cowards.

Mark Steyn has put it this way:

"You can have pluralism or Islam, but not both."

As I see it:

You can have your "diverse" Mayor of London or look at hot women on billboards. 

You cannot have both. 

The gay community may, fed decades of fat lies by the left, bought into the idea that there was "safe space" for both. 

You. Can't. Have. Both. 

The political left has made its decision: the death sentence for gays and a long, barbaric life and marriage with death for the jihad.

We can review some of what we know: the Orlando terrorist was likely gay himself (let's not get started on the sexual issues within Islam because I don't have all day), was a registered Democrat, had been interviewed a number of times by American security services and was a religious Muslim.

As Steyn also noted on Rush, there seems to be some kind of grotesque, ritualized scene after terror attacks where all agencies commend one another publicly for their cooperation with one another. To that I would add that perhaps they should give each other awards for the agency that had the very most contact with the attacker, with separate categories for e-mail, interviews, Facebook messages, and phone surveillance. The "Known Wolf" Prize for Most Publicized Contact With A Terrorist After An Atrocity.

Anyway, the above known items are established facts, and not my opinions.

The known knowns.

(Love you, Rummy!)

We also know that Hillary Clinton has amassed a rather sizeable fortune at the Clinton Foundation and that donations from sharia-based societies are not a small part of those contributions. We also know that Trump made a very fine speech yesterday about the attacks. 

We know that even Bernie was better on this than Clinton. 

Again, when these things happen, people understandably say 'what can we do'.

You can certainly start by taking Mark Steyn's advice and not live by the lies of the left.

Don't buy into the Big Lie.

That is to say, tell the truth, and don't be afraid of telling the truth. 

You fight the Big Lie and the massive evil in front of us by reinforcing and living the small truth(s).

If you live and speak the truth, the small ones, the big ones will be defeated. If you cower away from telling the small truths, then you have thrown in the towel.

Here are some other things we know, other truths:

We know that France is finished and we know that Facebook has a jihadophilia problem. 

We know that Germany never had a child-bride (pedophilia) problem on this scale before it imported masses of Muslim immigrants. 

We know that Belgium never had a Ramadan terror issue until it imported masses of Muslim immigrants. 

We know it's too late to say 'sorry'. 

We know there is a very, sick, evil man in the White House who has no duty to America and the Free World. 

We know there is no will to prevent the evil from infecting or even re-infecting our countries. 

We know that Europe is going to die. 

We know that Britain has lost its past, and thus has lost it's future, as Lord Rabbi Sacks points out: 

“The contemporary historian of ancient Greece and ancient Rome saw their civilisations begin their decline and fall, both the Greeks and the Romans attributed it to falling birth rates because nobody wanted the responsibilities of bringing up children,” he said.

"They were too focussed on enjoying the present to make the sacrifices necessary to build the future …. all the historians of civilisation have told the same story.”

"Europe is going to die because of this because Europe can only maintain its population by unprecedented levels of immigration,” said Rabbi Sacks."

“Now those could be integrated into Europe but they won’t be integrated into Europe because when a culture loses its memory it loses its identity and when a culture loses its identity there’s nothing left for people to integrate into.”

We know that Europe is going to die. It's on life support now.

We know that Israel is thriving. We know that we, the Jews will survive and thrive.

We now that America has a choice to make.

We know you must live free.

And we know that the main thing is not to be be afraid.

Starting the Day Right!

Was very busy being a very, very serious Jew on my Jew holiday over the past few days, which obviously left me no time whatsoever for blogging and other assorted mischief-making.

However, most importantly, a little bird let me know that the Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, has released a new music video which features a very zaftik fatcat named Harold, a famous female performer and some random guy named Steyn.

I have much to say about Orlando, et al, so do listen to this little ditty as I get back up to speed.

Really the arrangement is just lovely in this tune.

(I am also pained to note that the American "justice" system is carrying on with its well-documented process-as-punishment plan for Mark Steyn, and I can't say I am surprised.)

But enjoy the video nonetheless.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Shavuot Message: Success Is Not An Accident, Success is a Choice

It's the Jewish holiday of Shavuot this weekend, starting at sundown this evening.

It's a 3-day marathon (Sabbath and 2 days of Shavuot) in the Diaspora, and a 2-day holiday (Sabbath and 1 day of Shavuot) in Israel.

Shavuot is all about receiving the Torah at Sinai, about accepting the Torah, about community, and also about accepting converts into our fold. We read the Book of Ruth, which I always find profoundly moving, stay up all night learning Torah and hear the Ten Commandments read.

This is an excellent article via Aish Hatorah, with the message that I posted as the header above.

We also eat dairy foods. Our cheesecake is ready for action and copious amounts of various types of wonderful cheese and ice cream have been duly purchased.

Read more here. 

The Death of Free Speech

"Respect" is the new submission.

A Hashtag I Can Get Behind

Behold: #Stupid_CNN

Fire. Them. All.

The proper answer to this is UP YOURS.

Why Trump Will Win

"Pocahontas is at it again."

An Escaped Mental Patient Gets Stabby in Australia

"The man was heard shouting “Allahu Akhbar”.

When The Penalty For Selling Ice Cream is Death

There is no fun in Islam. 

Cop For A Day: A Dream Comes True in Ottawa For Teen With Down Syndrome

So sweet.

"Who's the law?"

"I'm the law!" 

"The Blood Is Still Not Dry"

Jew-hating Jews. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Terror in Tel Aviv

"They ordered dessert and then started firing."

But with Jews like this, who needs Muslims?

Apparently, the terrorists did not ask their victims how they voted before they began the slaughter.

Young French Jews Must Hide Indoors to Socialize

This is a disgusting story. 

And French Jews: if you have to hide inside to socialize, because of Muslim terrorism, it's over.

Get out of France while you can.

Some "solution".

This is denial and submission.


Welcome to Swedenistan: Have a Crappy Day!

Dispatches from the rape capital of Eurabia:

"‘Jews are a litmus test of what’s going on in a country."


Here's what's going on in Swedenistan.

Must Read: Dating Advice For "Millennial Monks" From Kurt Schlichter

"First, understand that everything the social justice warrior types have told you is a lie."

"You are not a rapist. You are not privileged. Your rights matter. Pursuing your interests instead of their sick agenda is not immoral. It will take a while to shake the effects of two decades of indoctrination, but once you do the unconscious resentment you feel toward women that arises from being bombarded by slanders and lies based on your sex will fade and you will be prepared to engage with women as equals."

Nigel Farage: Defender of Women

The political left, as we see over and over, is quite happy for your sisters, children, wives and mothers to get raped in order to serve the Cult of Multiculturalism and to destroy the west. 


"Nigel Farage is the only politician willing to stand up for British women. He is the only one willing to point out the potential dangers in mass immigration of young men from cultures with very different views of women than our own."

"This is the irony of our time. When so many feminists are in hiding or in denial about the real and present danger such uncontrolled immigration might cause, Farage, the Little Englander, is left to raise the issue and gets vilified in the process."

A very intelligent caller to the Rush Limbaugh show yesterday (Deborah) called in and spoke with Mark Steyn, PBUH, who was guest hosting. She said that every problem in America today has its roots in illegal immigration. I quite agree. 

The same goes for Europe, really. And that is why one can state emphatically: 

"Mass uncontrolled immigration of unaccompanied young men from a foreign culture is dangerous for women and children."

Meet "Generation Snowflake"

"A top British thinker has claimed young women are in the grip of a “hysteria” which has made them unable to cope with being offended."

"Claire Fox, head of a thinktank called the Institute of Ideas, has penned a coruscating critique of 'Generation Snowflake', the name given to a growing group of youngsters who “believe it’s their right to be protected from anything they might find unpalatable.”


Why Islam is Violent

"Islamic violence is nearly impossible to deny. But why is Islam violent? The usual answer is to point to Koranic verses calling for the conquest and subjugation of non-Muslims. That certainly covers the theological basis for Islamic violence. But it fails to explain why Muslims continue to practice it. Even against each other. Violence has become the defining form of Islamic exceptionalism."

"Optimists speak of reforming Islam. But such reforms had over a thousand years in which to take place."

"Islam is an ideology. Its violence is a strategy. That strategy fit the needs of Mohammed. Mohammed chose to use force to spread his ideology. He needed to recruit fighters so he preached the inferiority of non-Muslims, the obligation for Muslims to conquer non-Muslims and the right of his fighters to seize the property and wives of non-Muslims as incentive for them to join his fight. Furthermore he even promised them that if they should fall in battle, they would receive loot and women in paradise."

"The strategy was barbarous, but quite effective."

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The UK Is Screwed!

Behold: Her Majesty's Constabulary's "Official" Hijab. 

"We will do anything for diversity."

Including cultural suicide apparently.

The IDF Generals Against Netanyahu

Interesting piece. 

Caroline Glick has written about this in the past as well.

Generally, the trend in the west is for the political left always to reject not being in power and always rejecting the "will of the people" unless the will voted left.

They pout, demonstrate, and simultaneously use all democratic and publicly funded institutions that they can in their arsenal to topple freely elected non-leftist governments.

The media is particularly sinister. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Must Read Dennis Prager: Bernie Sanders: Non-Jewish Jew and Non-American American

To which I can only add that he is a also a Jew-hating Jew. 

Whenever people ask me how Jews can still vote left, I always have the same answer: their religion is not Judaism, it's leftism.  These non-Jewish Jews (or Jew-hating Jews) have no allegiance to the G-d of Israel. They are only loyal to political leftism.

Their "church"/synagogue is Political Leftism.

That's the explanation.

If you look at them with this explanation in mind, you won't ever be puzzled by them again. Yes, you can still be infuriated, but not puzzled.

Unfortunately, Jews have a long history of naive utopianism and for clinging to false messiahs.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: In Defense of Dissidence

A very courageous woman. 

I really do get what she means when she says this: 

"America: it’s an idea. I repeat it, it’s an idea."

Video here:

Inshallah, The New York Times Will Cease Publishing Forever

The sooner the better. 

That paper is disgusting. 

What. A. Rag.

Biggest Losers in America?

"I quit my job to breastfeed my boyfriend every two hours."



Not all cultures are equal. 

So there.

Ramadan Greetings from Bibi and Vlad

Great Life Advice: Don't Follow Your Passion!

Via Prager University (of course).


Good idea. 

Greenfield: Trump's Right, They Really Do Hate Us



Lovely: "Today" Show Co-Host Kathy Lee Gifford Receives "Builder of Israel" Award

She's really neat!


I got verklempt just reading the article.

Very good move by Israel.

Mazel Tov!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Israel: Leave No Soldier Behind

This is a shameful story about the blockheaded, apathetic, bungling bureaucrats at Israel's Ministry of Defense and a heartwarming story about the generosity of the people of Israel at the same time.

Shame on Prime Minister Netanyahu for not intervening.

Bureaucratic fiats and submissive behaviour have real life consequences. 

It is totally disgraceful that this family had to make a public appeal for funding, completely disgusting. 

Eurabia's "Hidden" Polygamy

Behold, the future of Europe: 

(Coming soon to a North America near you...)

"Daham Al Hasan fled from Syria to Denmark, leaving behind his three wives and 20 children. Under the Danish rules of family unification, one of his wives and eight of his children have joined him in Denmark. But Al Hasan wants all his children with him, as well as all his wives. Lawyers estimate that the remaining wives will be able to join their children in Denmark.

"The case has caused a shock not only because of what it will cost the Danish state just in child allowance, but because Al Hassan claims that he is too ill to work or even learn Danish."

"I don't only have mental problems, but also physical problems..."

"He has admitted that his "mental illness" consists of missing the children he voluntarily left behind."

Euro Dhimmi Media Does Not Want You Talking About Eurabia's Rape Problem!


No rape to see here!

(P.S nothing to see here either.)

Great News: Arabic Fastest Growing Language in America


Hillary's Extensive Monochromatic Chairman Mao Outfits Apparently Quite Pricey

For gooodnesssssake this woman has enough money to hire a stylist.

Why is her preferred image the monochromatic, Chinese communist look? 

I mean, even if she is a lesbian, how many lesbians dig that particular look? Has her campaign done the market research?

How hard it is to throw a colourful Hermes scarf on one of those hideous outfits? Lord knows she can afford them. Even Dianne Feinstein has that trick figured out.

D-Day, 72 Years On



ISIS burns 19 Yazidi girls to death for refusing to be sex slaves.


Imagine My Surprise: Pot Heads Are Not Just Belligerent Off Buzz, Could Also Be Clinically Psychotic

In my view, pot is the most under-estimated drug in its deleterious effect on human brains. 

(Alcohol is far up the list as well.)

In Which I Must Salute NY Governor Cuomo

When you're right you're right. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Why Bernie Sanders Hates Israel

"It's the leftism, stupid."

VDH: Walls and Immigration

"Apparently, like their ancient counterparts, modern migrants on the poorer or less stable side of a border are ambiguous about what they want. They seek out the security and bounty of mostly Western systems — whether European or American — but not necessarily to surrender their own cultural identities and values."

First Islamic Smartphone FAIL

This is hysterical. 

And yes, I am immature.

Tough. Don't like me, don't read me.

The Left Likes to Abuse Your Children

"My children were visibly frightened... concerned about their safety and left asking lots of questions for which I, like many parents, was ill-prepared to answer.”


"She wants to respect the needs of the transgender community, but only while “balancing the need to ensure women and girls are safe from those who might have malicious intent.”

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

News From the Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH!

I know a lot of you have been concerned about the whereabouts and the writeabouts (is that a word-if not, it should be, so there) of Mark Steyn and though I have no secret, sympatico, Jewlapathy means of communication to speak of, I am pleased to relay breaking news about Mr. Steyn's case that is simply hot for Mark Steyn.








Silly me!


*collects self*

What I meant of course is: forthwith is news about Mark Steyn's case that is hot off the presses!!

Mark Steyn is now attempting to get the American court system to get a move on his case!

A little bird tells me that today, the great Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, ULULULULULU, requested that the Superior Court of the District of Columbia expedite the hearing and lift the stay of discovery in the case of Michael Mann v. Steyn, et al. It has been two years since the case was referred to the Appellate Court, where it is remains in limbo.

(It's 'sh&t or get off the pot' time, but Steyn's too polite to put it that way but I'm not...)


Dan Kornstein, lawyer to Steyn: 

"Something needed to be done to jumpstart this case, a case that threatens the most fundamental First Amendment freedoms. The case was brought in mid-2012. It is now four years later and the appeals from defendants’ special motions to dismiss have not been decided, nor has discovery proceeded,” stated Dan Kornstein, Steyn's lawyer."

"The passage of time since the appeal was argued in this case a year and a half ago while a stay of proceedings was in effect at the trial level has stalled a case whose very existence chills freedom of speech. To correct this situation and get the case moving, Mark Steyn filed this request to ask the trial court to lift the stay of proceedings even while the appeal is pending. We hope the trial judge grants the request.”

"Mr. Steyn’s request is in line with case law, as cited in the amicus brief filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of the defendants, stating that SLAPP laws exist "to remedy the 'nationally recognized problem' of abusive lawsuits against speech on public issues by providing defendants 'with substantive rights to expeditiously and economically dispense of litigation' that qualified as a SLAPP – in other words, to nip such lawsuits in the bud.” Furthermore, “[T]he special motion to dismiss must generally be granted prior to discovery, D.C. Code § 16-5502(c)(1), '[t]o ensure [that] a defendant is not subject to the expensive and time consuming discovery that is often used in a SLAPP as a means to prevent or punish.’"

And if you thought that this was Steyn's personal crusade, well you would be wrong. And if you thought that he's the only one who understands the importance of this case for the future of free speech, you would be sooooper-doooper, majorly, uberly dooberly wrong:

The defense of Steyn's case, due to its First Amendment implications, is supported by: The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, Advance Publications, Inc., Alibritton Communications Company, American Society of News Editors, Association of Alternative Newsmedia, The Association of American Publishers, Inc., Dow Jones & Company, Inc., First Amendment Coalition, Freedom of the Press Foundation, Gannett Co., Inc., Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University, The McClatchy Company, MediaNews Group. Inc., d/b/a Digital First Media. The National Press Club, National Press Photographers Association. National Public Radio, Inc., NBCUniversal Media. LLC, The New York Times Company, News Corp. Newspaper Association of America. North Jersey Media Group Inc.. Online News Association, POLITICO LLC, Reuters America LLC, The Seattle Times Company, Society of Professional Journalists, Students Press Law Center, Time Inc., and The Washington Post.

You can read the relative documents here, here and here


How the Mighty Fall

"Fake but accurate." 

Who Knew Socks Could Be So Treif??

I was walking along Bloor Street in downtown Toronto yesterday and I saw the most treif sock display ever, but EVAH EVAH EVAH. 

Oy to the Vey!

Palestinian "Culture" Means Kill The Jews

Awww, Palestinian toddlers...they blow up so fast. 

The Gorilla in The Room

"America has lost more than a gorilla." 


And if I were that child's parent, I would wonder why all the Social Justice Weenies think that the gorilla is more important than their child.

Black Lives Matter, right?