Friday, September 30, 2016

Friends, Romans, Countrymen....Hineni.

It's Friday, which means major Sabbath preparations.

In addition to Sabbath preparations, the Jewish New Year and holiday season is upon us.  Sunday night is the first night of the Jewish New Year, so I will be busy and offline for a few days.

Blogging will be scant over the next few days, and then I'm taking some time off for the holidays, which will mean blogging will go down to pretty much zero.

Jewish New Year is unlike secular New Year, no wild parties festooned with alcohol. There's lots of family time, lots of prayer time, lots of prayers because of family time (!!!), thoughtful considerations of our relationship with G-d, asking for forgiveness. So it's a heavy time, but a good time.

I was reading the Torah portion of the week last and was amazed, as I am every time I read a Hebrew prayer, that I can read what my ancestors were reading thousands of years ago. It is an immediate tie to the past, keeps me fully grounded in my present and gives me a lot of strength to carry on and make a good, Jewish future.

And, as I read more stories all the time about the devastating antisemitism in Europe, the Jews once again fleeing Europe, being hunted elsewhere in the world, it makes me all the more confident in the Jewish people's ability to survive and to thrive and prosper.

While I was reading the Torah, I felt like screaming out loud: WE ARE HERE!!

We've outlasted all of you and we will continue to do so. 

So, that's basically my New Year's message: HINENI. That was G-d's message to the Jews, and that's a good lesson. 

Thus, we know:

"Even the greatest were reluctant to lead."

"Moses at the burning bush found reason after reason to show that he was not the man for the job. Isaiah and Jeremiah both felt inadequate. Summoned to lead, Jonah ran away. The challenge really is daunting. But when you feel as if you are being called to a task, if you know that the mission is necessary and important, then there is nothing you can do but say, Hineni, “Here I am.”

Things have been very  challenging lately, but Hineni. 

Wishing all the People of Israel Shabbat Shalom, and a Happy, Healthy New Year. 

Shana Tova to all of Klal Yisrael. 

May we all be inscribed for a good year. 

May Hashem grant us health and courage, wisdom and strength always. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Things Aren't Looking Great in Denmark

While terrorist accomplices are let off the hook for Bat Mitzvah party slaughters, the Danish government is prioritizing. 

The Exodus Continues


One for My "DUH" File

"I'm a feminist who's attracted to manly men." 


Peres Bombshell: "I Stopped An Israeli Attack on Iran"


This is really a bombshell. 

Holy crap. 

"If not for Shimon Peres' intervention, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was planning to bomb Iran, the former president revealed confidentially to The Jerusalem Post over two years ago.

"In a meeting at the Peres Center for Peace in Jaffa on August 24, 2014, Peres dropped the bombshell in a conversation with me and Jerusalem Post Managing Editor David Brinn."

"I have thought long and hard about whether to publish it, and reached the conclusion that he wouldn’t have told us if he didn’t want us to. I was editor-in-chief of The Jerusalem Post at the time and had established a close relationship with Peres, who had retired a month earlier as president."

"During the course of the conversation (in which just the three of us sat and chatted over coffee), Brinn asked Peres what he considered the greatest achievement of his presidency. He responded by saying that he had personally intervened to stop Netanyahu from ordering a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear sites."

The following is based on my notes:

Peres: I stopped Netanyahu from attacking Iran.

Me: Can you tell us more?

Peres: I don’t want to go into details, but I can tell you that he was ready to launch an attack and I stopped him. I told him the consequences would be catastrophic.

“Can we report this?” I asked."

When I’m dead,” Peres replied, with a wry smile."
It's not nice to speak ill of the dead, so I'll just shut up for a while.

"The Fight For Europe"

"Let me ask you this: Whether you are Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, would you stay in a country where you need armed police to guard you while you prayed?" he asked."

"Where your children need armed guards to protect them at school? Where, if you wear a sign of your faith in public, you risk being abused or attacked? Where, when your children go to university, they are insulted and intimidated because of what is happening in some other part of the world? Where, when they present their own view of the situation they are howled down and silenced?"

"Sacks' speech went viral, and the emotion in his words is touching hearts around the world. But the question is what will come of it, and what has happened, since last someone spoke and called for action at the 11th hour."

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Gotta Love Kate!

What is not to like?

She is a knockout. So stylish, so gorgeous. 

Lovely couple, stunning choices, lovely hair, make-up, cute kids, adoring husband.

The red dress is incredible, and the little Maple Leaf motifs that pop up on the brooch and the hats are simply fabulous.

Check out all the photos. Fantastic.


Meanwhile in Denmark, the Rot Goes Deep

She's thinking there MIGHT not be a Jewish future in Europe.

Good call. 

But sorry to break it to these folks, but hate is not conquered with love.

You can only conquer haters, not the hate.

Don't waste any time on trying to win over the haters.

There is no fighting "antisemitism".

There is only fighting antisemites.

"We Were Gathered Here and Sent Along the Path to Death"

Kiev's last survivor of the Babi Yar massacre has died. 

Rest in peace.

Shame on These Rabbis

On every single one. 

Rest in Peace, Shimon Peres

The last of Israel's founding fathers has returned to his Maker. 

He wasn't my political cup of tea, but may his memory be a blessing.

I wonder how much Bill Clinton is charging to go to the funeral.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ahh The Glories of Socialism

Venezuelan children fainting from hunger while at school. 

Bernie Sanders unavailable for comment at press time ever.

Modern Maccabee Holocaust Survivor Dies at 91

May his memory be a blessing and an inspiration to the Jewish people. 

The Cold, Inhumanity of Hillary Clinton

This is the first-hand experience of Israeli terror victims and their families in meeting Hillary Clinton. 

After making the delegation from Israel wait an hour and a half in a dark room without water, she was there (reluctantly it would seem) in body-but clearly not in spirit.

"She looked as us seeing the group in the room, we could see she is not really there with us, we felt she was impatient and just looking to finish it and go. We felt really uncomfortable... Even before we could speak she said, you probably want a photo, come let's go out, leading us to the stairs. There she asked us to stand on the stairs and one of her aides took the photo."

"We still wanted to talk to her, people came ready to tell her their story, she didn’t intend to hear, it looked she didn’t want to hear."

"With inhuman coldness she went out amongst us all and disappeared in one of the corridors leaving us shocked and disappointed."

Monday, September 26, 2016

Better Late Than Never: Indiana WW2 Veteran Gets Purple Heart After 72 Years

Better late than never.


Read the whole thing.

Can Someone Remind Me Why Australia Needs a Grand Mufti?



Anyhoo, this one put the irony meter OFF THE CHARTS. 


The Australian Grand Mufti has just used an interpreter to tell Australians they are wrong, stupid, disgusting, ugly infidel sons of monkeys and pigs to think that Muslims are not integrating Down Under.

Because nothing says integration better than speaking Arabic to lecture your fellow countrymen after 19 years in your adoptive country!

Nothing to See in Austria

Don't know about you, but when I see "Austria" and "curfew" I get a little nervous. 

Haida Bibi!

Netanyahu promises to rid south Tel Aviv of illegal African infiltrators.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"Hillary Hates You"

A must read from the very funny and very smart Kurt Schlichter.


"We failed to submit to her libfascist ideology. We failed to buy our way into worthiness with cash. We failed to choose to be Hillary dhimmis. We failed to win the victory over ourselves and learn to love Big Mother."

"She hates us. We are deplorable. We are irredeemable. And so neither she nor her loyal minions have any self-imposed moral limits on what they may do to us to ensure that we are utterly crushed. Take away our rights? Strip away our livelihoods? Prevent our participation in our own governance? It’s open season on us, all because she hates us."

Europe 2016, Deja Vu All Over Again

“Get back in the oven. Do you understand me? Just get back in the oven.”

"Security" Is the New SHUT UP!

Why does the University of Miami hate gay men? 

“I Wanted to Re-Create My Grandmother’s Dining Room"

Blessed art thou, Lord our G-d, who brings forth bread from the earth.

A really, simple, honest, beautiful blessing.

Read about a Jewish baking renaissance here. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Serious About Power and Serious About the Shut Up-UPDATED!

It was extremely kind of Mark Steyn, PBUH, to accede to my pathetic, prodding, estrogen-laden, fangirl demand extremely polite, reasoned, ladylike and reasonable request for him to re-appear after somehow surviving a whole summer without him. 


But before I get into the substance of Steyn's recent remarks both on Rush and on Bill O'Reilly's show, let's briefly discuss the more important matters and they are, as you may have guessed, sartorial DUH!!!!!

Attention Mark Steyn: Very nice suit, lovely colour combination with the shirt, tie and ever-dapper pocket square and looking quite well-rested!!!!! 

Right. So where were we? Hmmm...RIGHT RIGHT matters of substance. Politics, war, jihad, whatevzzzzzzz.....

*composes self*

Mark makes the point here that the left is not serious about conversation. It's serious about ending your conversations. It is serious about power, and it is very serious about shutting and not winning the debate, about stopping discussion about contentious (and indeed, even mundane) issues. 

The left is very serious about you shutting up. It's all about the shut up. 

So when Mark talks about what can be done about the current situation, I would say that one of the most important things to do is to NOT shut up. If everyone self-censors all the time, there is an over- abundance of Shut Up in our world. And when legions of allegedly free people are bullied into the Shut Up Zone, the left gleefully encroaches on even more territory, and expropriates your brain and your family, and your income and your children for its own use. You want to be more free? Are you serious about liberty? Frustrated? For a start, stop taking the political left's Shut Up Mandate so seriously, even in incremental ways. 

Watch the Steyn clip and then I will dump some links, some Jewish soul food for thought on you at the end of this post. 

And now some additional links and Jew-Zionist-Mom thoughts from yours truly, all of which support the Seriously You Plebes Shut Up position and show how screwed we are. 

The West is not serious about fighting the current evils that we face. America is being led by imbecilic, evil-compliant leftists.  "War of narratives" my fine, Zionist tuchus.

Serious about the Shut Up, debate is the new "sparking controversy". 

Free speech for the Jew-haters, but everyone else, please refer to the manual for Shut Up 101. 

Thus we see denial in real time. 

And the entire weight of states is being used to prosecute individuals for jokes, and for thought crimes. This reinforces the general Shut Up Mandate.

The Jews are doing it right. 

And America, don't be smug. In the end, the 'safe spaces' on campus are safe for everyone but Jews.

And remember, it starts with the Jews but never ends with the Jews. 

Never surrender.

Never shut up.


Remember, "security" is the new SHUT UP!

Things Are Totally Awesome in Eurabia And North America

German culture has really evolved over the past year. 

Britain is also having some fun times. 

Ontario is sucking pretty badly also. 

"Who Was the Woman in Gold?"

We've known her name for quite a while, but here's a nice piece from the BBC about the relationship between Gustav Klimt and Adele Bloch-Bauer. 

The subtext of this article, of course is the very galling and sad secondary story of the Holocaust.

Beyond the murders, the abject theft of Jewish property (everything of value including art, insurance policies, bank deposits, jewelry, etc..) by so many individuals and governments, the block-headed antisemitic refusal to restitute Jewish property, and how the Jews of European high society so naively thought they were actually really 'Austrian' or 'French' or whatever [insert European nationality here].

In the end, they were just Jews. 

Acts of Complete, Whole and Pure Kindness

This is human grace. 

Welcome to 1939 In Europe

What the Holocaust did not complete, the new demographics of Europe will: 

Seventy percent of Jews will not attend High Holiday services because they are concerned about their personal security.

That's a remarkable number.

It means that Jewish life in Europe is actually dead, just as dead as the Jews who are buried in that very same blood-soaked earth. Jewish "renewal" and "revitalization" in Europe was a dangerous and naive fantasy.

Bags should be packed, assets liquidated and flights ordered.

Unfortunately, the leftist elites of the Western world have ensured that there are very few safe havens left on planet earth for Jews.

And that means, in turn, that there will be no safe havens for others as well because it only ever starts with the Jews. 

Don't say you weren't warned.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Merkel Malaise

She has regrets!

How nice.

"She voiced regret over mistakes that contributed to last summer's migrant crisis in Germany. More than a million migrants reached Germany - a record.

"If I could, I would turn back time for many, many years, to prepare better," she told reporters."
Notice though her only regret is not planning the invasion better. 

The "Virtuous" New Nazis

Read the whole thing. 

Is the Clinton Campaign Stealing From Its Poorest Donors?

You decide. 

America Is Screwed


I Miss Oriana

Oriana Fallaci and the suicide of the West: 

Read the whole thing.

Things That Make Jew-Haters Sad

This is said about Tel Aviv, but the same can be said for Israel and indeed-the entire Jewish people:

"Tel Aviv is a stylish, completely contemporary Mediterranean metropolis. But the real seductive power of Tel Aviv is not necessarily in its cafes and restaurants, but in its people, who love the good life."

"Beyond Tolerance": The Delusional Ideology of Obama, Clinton Trudeau Et Al


"Beware of the tolerists preaching compassion and empathy for our enemies, because once you commit to empathy, that constitutes entering the other’s perceptual world; once you learn to feel what he or she feels, and unless one has a firm grasp of your own values, you may never return from your empathetic journey into the mind of the enemy."

"Ask Patty Hearst."

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Italy Welcomes Jews to 1939


Nothing to See in America

We must move the count up a bit.

It's not three anymore. 

New York City makes four. 

Little Somalia makes five. 

"Intentional events" of no particular motive are the new workplace violence. 

Rest in Peace, Greta Friedman

"A visual symbol of victory in a war that destroyed her family."

Au Revoir, France

Nothing to see here. 

Ho Hum!

Machete attack on police officer in Calgary by person of no name, ethnicity, religion or motive. 

Normally I Love Being Right

I really, really love it.

This time, I hate it.

Here's what I wrote in 2007. 

"We know what Robert Latimer did on that fateful day. What Robert Latimer did not do is also clear. He did not put his daughter into foster care. He did not make her a ward of the state. It is also not clear if he solicited any second opinions for his daughter regarding pain management for non-verbal individuals. He just bundled her up and killed her. The last face she saw in her short time on earth was the face of the man who helped create her and would be her killer, too."

"A society that condones his actions is one that has rejected the sanctity of human life. Instead of comforting the disabled, it sees them with horror and revulsion, and deserving of the death penalty. Instead of finding ways of making their challenged lives difficult, it snuffs them out."
Here's what's happening today. 

Woe unto us.

Friday, September 16, 2016

This Is the Way to Handle Belligerent Media

I watched this on Israeli TV a couple nights ago and I am SO glad it's on Arutz 7. 

This is exactly how you handle belligerent media. 

Be firm, don't let them run the show.

This is quite a masterful interview. Good stuff.

Watch the whole thing.

Make sure you watch Netanyahu's video of course. It's a masterpiece.

This is called taking control of the narrative. This is taking the lead. It's offensive and not defensive.

This is about not getting pushed around, and telling the truth. The truth is a formidable force.

Read the Legal Insurrection piece and watch all the videos.

"A Bone Is Thrown": The Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, Answers Suburban Jewish Mother's Prayers

You're welcome!!!!!!

You can thank me later (and when I say thank me, I mean Hermès, just to be clear).

And make sure to listen to Steyn on Rush today from 12-3 p.m.



Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Must Read Dennis Prager: "How Is the Godless West Working Out?"

Really, really badly. 

Murder in Toronto


“After the stabbing, I came downstairs because it looked really strange. … I heard the roommate screaming that he’s not breathing, he’s not doing well, he’s not moving,” said Sandhu. Asked what it was about, Sandhu said the topic was “religion.”

"It’s an argument he says he’s heard before in the area. “It’s always the Muslim guy saying, ‘We’re not all bad,’ and the other guy saying, ‘You’re the problem,’ and the Muslim guy saying ‘You guys are the problem.’ It’s just a stupid argument.”

"Neighbour Jason Bissainthe-Tobin said the conflict may have spilled over into politics, but heated up over the English versus Hebrew pronunciations of the name “Benjamin.”


Absolute barbarians. 

History High Priest Geek Out: This Is Way Cool

Priests = Cohens (Kohanim, plural in Hebrew). 

Just sayin.

Gone Fishing, One Last Time, Rest in Peace

This is a very sweet story, and kudos to the staff at the Carl Vinson VA Medical Center in Dublin, Georgia who made it happen.

Read the whole thing. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

I've Been Very Patient But...

Enough is enough! 

It's high time to end the suffering and help those in need.

OK, maybe not those in need, I mean who cares about those people actually, but at least those in withdrawal. This is not about you, this is about ME! ME ME ME.

I have been very patient and you know my prayer: Lord grant me patience, and I want it right now!

But for real and not for joking, this has got to end. I can't take it anymore.

I'm looking for signs of life, reported sightings, a lifeline, a something JUST THROW US A BONE!





It Has Been 15 Years Since 9/11

I get too upset to think too much about it.

So, I'll just share a couple of stories with you that represent some of what I feel.

"Let's Roll" and "Storm the Cockpit or Die", the Flight 93 Election. 

"There is No Future For Jews in Western Europe"

Another one for my "DUH" file. 

But this article actually disturbs me in many ways.

The Jews quoted in this article know, on a certain level, that Jewish life in Europe is as dead as the Holocaust victims. Yet, they have some fantasy of 'doing work' there, or 'finishing certain tasks' or other such excuses for not leaving. That means that they are putting something ahead of life, and risking far too much in my opinion for the comforts of the familiar.

There are other Jewish communities that have learned this lesson far too late, and others still in denial. I'm thinking particularly of Venezuela right now, and of course, South Africa.

Taking antisemites to court is just a band aid 'solution', just like banning the burkha. It's a hell of a way to waste your life and you only get one life. It's kind of Jewish virtue signalling, a very misplaced notion of 'not going down without a fight'.

So even though he stays right now "to fight", he admits, with total clarity, what it's all really about:

I’m not a prophet or a prince but there is no future for Jews in all of Western Europe. Not only because of the war in the Mediterranean basin but because anti-Semitism is part of the Koran. I don’t think there is a future for Jews in France. There will be a day when all of Israel will be gathered back in our country,” Baccouche says.

Canada is Run By Imbeciles, Continued.

Meet Canada's Minister of International Trade.

This is the Hon. Christia Freeland who EVERYONE says is SOOOOOOOOO SMART.

I've watched this about a dozen times, and the first few times I thought it might be a joke.

That's all I am going to say right now, except that this is for real.

For some reason, there are a measly 9,000 or so views on this video, so please share.

WINS THE INTERNET: "Hillary Has Been Hoist By Her Own Façade"


Wish I had thought of that. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

They Love Dead Jews

This guy is my brother from another mother: 

Now of course, they love Jews. Especially dead Jews. The ones who died in the Holocaust, they’re marvelous, they were terrific. Live Jews is something else,” Bauer said.

The Dragon Comes With A Suitcase

"The Era of Hope and Change has been one prolonged act of suicide."

"If anyone had said that Obama would manage to alienate Israel and the Philippines, lose Turkey, pay Iran a hundred billion dollars, preside over the loss of a won war in Afghanistan, lose billions of dollars in military equipment to ISIS, watch a consulate burn, restart the Cold War with Russia, cause Japan to re-arm and go the knife's edge with China, would you have believed it? If someone had told you in 2008 millions of refugees would be heading for Europe and that the UK would leave the EU after Obama went there to campaign for them to remain, would you not have laughed?"

"He promised "smart diplomacy" and the restoration of American prestige in the world."

"How did it come to this?"

So, yes, I did predict this suicide and yes, I believed it was going to be very, very bad. 

And I should add-as far as Obama and his sycophantic imbecile, evil leftist cheerleaders are concerned, he has been a success. 

The slow, suicide of the West is the goal, the exact intended result and certainly not an accident of his or any other Western "leaders") policy choices. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Merkel Admits "Open Door" Policy Was A Mistake

Well, that's helpful. 

Whopper Alert!

If you believe this, I have a beautiful bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

Leftists Want Your Children

They will never leave you alone, never let you decide.

Here is the most perfect example, if you can translate from leftist gobbledegook to English.

"Parents are not their kids' primary teachers."

"In a well-functioning social system, parents parent and teachers teach."

(Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.)


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Help Wanted: Democratic Renaissance Needed! Apply Immediately! Full Time!

Yes, indeed-I like this turn of phrase.

A democratic renaissance!

Good stuff. 

The Real, Baddest Badass, Jewish Avengers


"From the retirement home outside Tel Aviv where his grandchildren frequently visit him, the 92-year-old Maimon, who goes by the nickname Poldek, fixes a steely gaze with his piercing blue eyes. He looks back with satisfaction at carrying out his "duty" for revenge before starting anew in Israel.

"It was imperative to form this group. If I am proud of something, it is that I belonged to this group," he said. 

"Heaven forbid if, after the war, we had just gone back to the routine without thinking about paying those bastards back. It would have been awful not to respond to those animals."

Thus, question asked and answered:

"What is Zionism? Zionism is the Jews taking their fate in their own hands and not letting the others dictate our fate," she said."

"This is what they wanted to show. You cannot get away with such a terrible deed."