Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Arabic is a Little Weak But....

I think the Arabic says "Beat that uncovered slut, if you can still see her eyeballs."

New campaign in Saudi Arabai to prevent violence against Body Bags.

New puff piece to say how utterly fabulous that is!

Sharia News You Can Use!

This just in!

Breaking news on sharia.

"Many" in the Muslim world want sharia as official law of their countries. 

Who would have thought?!?!

And from the new, shiny Pew study, we learn the following:

"Suicide bombing was mostly rejected in the study by the Washington-based Pew Forum, but it won 40 percent support in the Palestinian territories, 39 percent in Afghanistan, 29 percent in Eygpt and 26 percent in Bangladesh."

You get that???

Mostly rejected EXCEPT FOR ALMOST HALF OF PALESTINIANS, and almost half of our Afghani "allies" and over a quarter of our peace partner the Egyptians. Fantastic!

 Then this:

Three-quarters of respondents said abortion is morally wrong and 80 percent or more rejected homosexuality and sex outside of marriage.

Of course there is also this reassuring little nugget:

"Views on punishments such as chopping off thieves' hands or decreeing death for apostates is more evenly divided in much of the Islamic world, although more than three-quarters of Muslims in South Asia say they are justified."

How about this:

"Majorities from 74 percent in Lebanon to 96 percent in Malaysia said wives should always obey their husbands."

These statistics should be sort of a RED FLAG to western immigration officials.

It is not racist-but completely legitimate to question the need for immigrants from nations that for the most part totally dig suicide bombings, mostly are cool with cutting off the hands of thieves, that "reject" homosexuals, think that DEATH is the appropriate punishment for apostasy, and think that wives should always obey their husbands.


*hits head on keyboard*

After America Alert

After America is when your baby's feet end up in a jar. 

If They Want to Die-Why Not Just Let Them?

"But in the short term, Mr. Obama indicated his support for the force-feeding of detainees who refused to eat."


"As of Tuesday morning, 100 of the 166 prisoners at Guantánamo were officially deemed by the military to be participating in the hunger strike, with 21 “approved” to be fed the nutritional supplement Ensure through tubes inserted through their noses."

"In a statement released earlier, a military spokesman said the deployment of additional medical personnel had been planned several weeks ago as more detainees joined the strike."

“We will not allow a detainee to starve themselves to death, and we will continue to treat each person humanely,” said Lt. Col. Samuel House, the prison spokesman."

Are there regular, non-terrorists who may not be getting medical attention because qualified doctors are going to Guantanamo to force feed disgusting terrorists by NG tubes-when they actually want to die and should be just left to die? 

Let them go have their 72 virgins and party it up in hell. 

What a disgrace. 

Beautiful: Barbara Amiel-In Praise of Magnificent Women

I read this over the weekend.

It's a really beautiful piece and you should read the whole thing.

This is my favourite part:

"Magnificent women are surprisingly abundant: Avital Sharansky campaigned governments for nine years on behalf of her imprisoned spouse; Eleanor Roosevelt was her husband’s legs; Nadezhda Mandelstam sent her unforgettable letters into the nowhere of Stalin’s prisons to her poet husband, Osip. There were unimaginably courageous women who faced torture by the Gestapo and died rather than give away Allied intelligence."

"But in less interesting times, I’d invoke a simple rule. Heroines are women who naturally self-sacrifice their own needs for others: the mother who interposes her body between that of her children and danger, the wife who donates an organ, the daughter who gives up all to care for an ailing parent. Those people who crossed Boylston Street to help the injured in Boston when, for all they knew, another bomb could go off. Just think of it. In that blood and dust and mayhem, they thought only of others."

I would add that anyone who can articulate these essential human attributes with such grace and clarity goes on my list of magnificent women as well. 

A Tale of Two American Bomber Jackets

WW II vet reunited with his bomber jacket.


"The 90-year-old veteran told him about his time in the 22nd Bombardment Group — described on their webpage as “a hell-bent-for-leather organization of men.” The unit was the predecessor of today’s 22nd Operations Group at McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas."

Modern POTUS dons bomber jacket and fakes his way through inept federal "rescue" programs.


Islamic Surgery Center Proposed for Chicago: "Boombing" Muslim Population

What could possibly be wrong with that? 

I don't know about you, but when I think Islamic clinics-I'm thinking along these lines.

No alcohol at the clinics? There are hospitals in America that serve alcohol? That's news to me.

Most unfortunate sentence: 

"His plan for the Orland Park surgical center is a sign of how the Chicago area's Muslim population is booming."


Alms For Jihad! Alms For Jihad!

Paying terrorists to kill you. 

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Behold: The Winston

Good stuff!

Can't wait for the diverse masses in the UK to start using this note!

 Sir Winston Churchill, who led Britain to victory against Nazi Germany in the Second World War, is to be the new face of the Bank of England's redesigned £5 banknote.

Remember "The Election Was Stolen" Meme?

Well, it turns out that it was stolen.

By Obama of course. 

Why doesn't anyone care about this?

Philadelphia: Broke, But Has Money to Fund Transgender Surgery for Municipal Employees

Hey-what could possibly be wrong with that? 


America is screwed.

Gotta Love American Small Business

How small?

From his car. 

This is awesome!!!!

The "A" Word That Was Never Used

Never let a little thing like infanticide, snipping of necks and spinal cords, crushing of babies, flailing little humans drowning in toilets get in the way of a love fest:

President Obama says Planned Parenthood is "remarkable".

"Their work is remarkable all right. One can truly say that no other organization does what Planned Parenthood does: the legal shredding and annihilation of countless millions of unborn human beings. But with typical abortion-industry/liberal-progressive mendacity, Obama never once used the a-word in the entire speech."

The Daily Beast Asks: Could There Be A Conservative L.A Times?

Wrong question.

Well, the L.A Times is a piece of liberal crap (still waiting for that Obama video about his Palestinian friend...) and dying-like most dinosaur media. So, yes-the official answer is-there could be a print or on-line version of a conservative newspaper.

I know, I know-a lot of you are asking "WHAT THE HELL IS A NEWSPAPER????"

And you're right, to a certain degree. Why go backward in time?

I think the real question is why would any conservative want, or need a conservative newspaper?

There are a few already and they do OK.

But I think that anyone with conservative values trying to save Western society from the ravages of the political left and its lover, Radical Islam, should be putting human efforts into other areas-for example, applying conservative principles and trying to destroy the leftist rot in the public school and higher education system, and doing a much better job of infiltrating and even dominating popular culture-and by that I mean arts, music, books, plays, theatre, films, documentaries, TV shows, news shows, late night shows-whatever.

We have not made enough effort on those fronts, and have lost entire generations.

Another stage could be a takeover of the law schools and judiciary. It's the law schools and their Marxist curricula that churn out the activist lawyers and judges.

Priorities, people!

Anti-Bullying Laws Are For P&ssies, Fat Asses, Horses and Fat Sh&t

And it goes doubles for the wimpy parents involved in any "anti-bullying" litigation. 

You're all wimps.

And that's why your kids are wimps.

The US Army: See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil on Radical Islam

See what happens to a highly successful military man when he tries to talk about radical Islam.

The results of course, are Ft. Hood and Boston-just to name a few incidents.

So, it would seem that the American army prefers to shut people up and quietly absorb the odd murderous terrorist attack by Islamic terrorists, rather than hurt the feelings of the terrorists and their sympathizers or take its collective head out of the dhimmi sands.

Fantastic. Just fantastic.

Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley should be a household name in America-right now.

Do your part to make it so.

Mamma Mia! Pizza Maker "Shortage" In Italy??

Having just been in Rome for a day (not building it-hahahahahhaa), I can say that the Italian people are very cheerful and friendly and nice. And geez, Rome is CHOCK full of nuns and preists (duh). But Italy is SCREWED. Everyone in officialdom is indifferent and rude, in that shrugging-Mediterranean-face kind of way.

People on the street-awesome.

But apparently-Mamma Mia!

Roma-We Have a Problem! 

We have a problem!

Italians are now too proud to make their own damned pizza!



Maybe America should export some Mexicans to Italy to do the jobs that Italians won't do?!?!?

When Life Becomes a Mental Disorder

This is a really good one form the Globe & Mail. 

I wonder if this is this the same Patricia Pearson, from out west that used to write for the Post a looooong time ago? I really, really, liked her stuff.

Anyway, it is good examination of how every little NORMAL blip in one's life has now turned into a psychiatric disorder-which-amazingly-cannot be PROVEN by any kind of hard data whatsoever.

People are drugging themselves into oblivion for regular stuff like-bereavement, childhood (see ADHD) and other "conditions".

The fact is that life is full of joy and can also be very hard, and even very sad sometimes.

My diagnosis: BEING HUMAN

If you want to drug yourself into not feeling, you don't have much of a life.

I am horrified at how quickly people reach for pills, or a bottle to anesthetize themselves against the feelings that just make us human.

So many wasted lives-so many wasted words.

Too much introspection and not enough productivity is often the main culprit of the woe-filled life. 

Stop talking about yourself, boozing it up and getting stoned. Get off your ass and move your body and act-instead of moaning.

As Dennis Prager points out-it's actually DEEDS not words or intentions that matter.  

(This is a very Jewish concept, but should be universally applied!)

"You want to raise good children? Communicate to them that how they feel is of no concern to almost anyone in the world. But how they act is of concern to everyone they will ever meet."



Totally related-from the United Kingdom:

Parents have abdicated teaching their children right and wrong (duh).

Sunday, April 28, 2013

More Glories of the Porous American Border

America needs to think a little bit better about who gets in. 

A massacre of Jews by a Moroccan and and Algerian was only very narrowly averted in New York.

The two terrorist plotters purchased weapons and had discussed amongst themselves growing bears and disguising themselves as Jews so as not to raise suspicion among the Jews they planned to slaughter.

This is a case that made it to the news.

Imagine those that don't.

Which Will Be the First Islamic State in Europe?

Gotta tell ya, I would have always put my money on France, but Sweden is seriously giving a France a run for its infidel kufar money. 

Eurabia is doomed!

Jews leave-please!

What's Greek for Pigs Flying?

"Greece starts firing civil servants for the first time in a century."


Steyn: The Collapsing of the American Skull

Mark Steyn's essays are important, well crafted and contain the moral acuity that is so lacking in most of what passes off as opinion journalism these days.

He has just published another outstanding essay weaving together the Gosnell murders and the Boston jihad attacks.  He also points to some very important commentary made on the case by the Pundette, and if you don't read her blog, you should!

You must read the whole thing! 

None of the subject matter is funny, but what was funny-and what you can't see unless you are on Twitter is that Steyn tagged the article with Gosnell's name and also the hashtag "AllahuAkbar".

When I saw that I started laughing out loud on the subway.

You know that kind of sinister, infidel, Jew laugh-like a joyful Jew cackle....

Nicely played, Mark Steyn. 

It was a fantastic dig at the jihadi crowd-and means that anyone searching for their daily dose of AllahuAkbar was going to find Mark Steyn on Twitter.


Steyn Akbar!


"Making a Fuss Would Give Ammunition to the Pro-Life Movement"

A good piece from Damian Thomspson of the Telegraph on the serial baby killer Gosnell. 

The liberal writers who are mute on this should be called out the next time they make a peep about any other child murders by anyone.

When children are murdered in America by mentally ill people with guns-they are all over it.

When children are sucked out of their mothers' wombs, or their spines "snipped" while alive and kicking, they see no evil.

They see "choice".

The UK Is Screwed

Let me get this straight....

A drug dealing Iraqi Muslim with kids from several infidel women has the "human right", despite his criminal convictions, to stay in the UK because he had "real" relationships with women and because he has a tattoo?

Hey-what could possibly be wrong with that?

Meet Hesham Mohammed Ali-the new poster boy for human rights in Britain!

The Ultimate Jihadi Mom

"The US Killed My Son".


That's a pretty interesting way of putting it.

It's like the kids who begged for the court's mercy because they were orphans-after killing their parents.

Want to talk root causes?

This mother is a root cause.

The Insanity "Between" He and She

Nucking futz. 

Indulgent, mentally ill, sex-obsessed, narcissists with way too much time on their hands and no meaningful life.

Oh and BORING also...

So sleeeeepy and tired of these stories.


Hey Neighbour!

Umm. Not exactly the kind of neighbour I'd be borrowing a cup of sugar from, ya know?

Omar Khadr to appeal terrorism convictions. 

Hopes to be set free soon.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Voices from 9/11 Still Cry Out To Us, But Nobody Listens

Landing gear from 9/11 jet found behind Ground Zero Mosque site. 

Anyone who cannot comprehend this message is a reprehensible fool.

Australia: Women to the Back of the Room, Please

Gender Apartheid Down Under.

My Latest in the National Post: Tucked Away in Jerusalem, A Bittersweet Oasis of Peace

Here's my latest for the National Post:

"Hidden at the end of a small bumpy road, tucked away a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station, is a non-descript building, several stories high, constructed with the pale limestone known in this city as “Jerusalem stone.” Unexceptional in every external way, it nonetheless contains one of the most exceptional and bittersweet oases of coexistence in Israel, and perhaps the entire Middle East."

I hope you enjoy it. 

Moments of Grace

Dateline Brazil:

How Strangers Came Together to Improve the Lives of Special Needs Children

Read here about "Beaches for Everyone".


A Culture War in Israel Would Be A Good Thing

If Naftali Bennet and Yair Lapid can force the ultra-Orthodox masses into being productive, and doing their fair share-call it a culture war, call it whatever you want-it will be a good thing and a transformational time for Israel.

That's right-a good thing.

Christie Blatchford Has The Biggest Stones in Canada

Thanks to Kate for flagging this ("committing journalism").

There are legitimate questions that need to be asked before we are legislated into more "anti-bullying" crap.

First and foremost: 

Where were the parents during all of this? 

More power to Christie Blatchford for this excellent article. 

There are judgement issues here.

Anti-bullying is for p&ssies. 

You can quote me on that. 

It is short sighted to commit suicide over perceived internet humiliation.

Where are the parents? Where is the moral fortitude, the moral education? The parents who teach kids that even if things are tough-and they can be very tough-that suicide is a permanent "solution" to a temporary problem.

That drinking until you pass out is not a good idea. That it is a good idea to sleep in your own bed?

And who the hell uses Facebook postings as appropriate and legitimate first stages of grief/mourning?


Boston and the Infantilism of Jihad Denial

Jihad Denial Syndrome!

(JDS-I just made that up, I like it!)

I also like Douglas Murray's "Toulouse Syndrome".

Bruce Bawer's piece here is excellent (hat tip: scaramouche)

"It’s necessary to fight jihad. But it’s equally necessary to fight this weed that has grown up among us – this decadent, despicable readiness to deny the reality of jihad, to relativize it, to make excuses for it, to blame it on us, on America."

(Or Israel/the JOOOOOOOOS.)

"These decadent characters take these positions, of course, because they’ve been marinated in multiculturalism and, in particular, have absorbed the all-important lesson that the great danger of our time is not Islam but the criticism thereof. Yet what made multiculturalism attractive to these people in the first place is that it’s tailor-made for spoiled, narcissistic grown children who don’t want to have adult enemies – that is, the kind of enemies who represent a real danger to them or that they might ever really have to fight."

"It’s taken a while for people who cherish the notion of themselves as sensitive and understanding toward “The Other,” and whose enemies of choice are, basically, parental substitutes – people who draw clear moral distinctions, who talk about the need for security, and who make unequivocal assertions about the superiority of American freedom to Islamic tyranny."

Diagnosis Dr. Biden

This is AMAZING. 

Taking down the puffed up, over-credentialed good for absolutely nothing, fragile ego "Doctors" of bullshit!


"The second lady exemplifies a bloated class of people with irrelevant, unimpressive titles."


"It’s somewhat by chance that the recipients of Ph.D.s may even presume to call themselves “doctors,” the unfortunate product of a thousand-year-old liberal-arts tradition’s being seized upon by technocratic Prussians in the age of Bismarck, transformed into a paradigm of German authoritarian efficiency, and then exported back into Western faculties, including many in which it simply does not belong."

“Ph.D.” stands for “Philosophiae Doctor,” a Latin term that (rather obviously) means “Doctor of Philosophy” in English. The “Philosophy” bit was intended loosely, in the classical sense of “love of learning”; the “Doctor” bit derives from “docere,” which simply means “to teach.” 

And furthermore: 

"Medical doctors are indisputably useful; perpetual liberal-arts students are quite the opposite."

"Until the bubble bursts there appears little that we can do about our great education fetish, but, if we can’t stop the grad students from multiplying, at least we can stop the multiplication of their honorifics."


Sex Ed For Five Year Olds In Germany-What Could Possibly Be Wrong With That?

This needs to be called "grooming". 

It is desensitizing children-against their default modesty on sexual issues-in order to groom them for abuse.

Disgusting and heinous.

Celebrate Diversity in Britain

Your cultural mosaic of the day! 

Meet Mohammed Sheikh, Hamza Ali and Suran Uddin. 

No common denominator identified.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Must Read: Academic Sympathy for the Terrorist

This is a very personal story told by Edward O'Grady III, whose father was murdered by a highly celebrated terrorist. 

The victims of terror need to be remembered and all of their stories told.

"On Oct. 20, 1981, Boudin, members of the Black Liberation Army and supporters from the Weather Underground robbed an armored car in Nanuet, Rockland County. The take was $1.6 million; the toll was a Brink’s guard and two police officers, including my father."

If you can emotionally handle it, please read this article:

Healing Through Humility-by Sherri Mandel whose son Kobi was murdered by Palestinian terrorists along with his friend Yosef as they hiked through the woods.

I barely got through it, but you must read it.

"We must be full and empty at the same time. Death, if you let it, teaches you how to do this."
"I am full and empty. I lose the love, the joy, the security of an intact life. But I learned the beauty of surrender. I gain each moment, the ability to enter the moment because I want to value each moment given to me, for me and Koby."
"Humility means that I recognize that one day even grieving will assume its proper proportion. In time, I will learn to give death its measure, and no more. Koby is more present in my life now than he has ever been. Not an hour goes by that he is not in my head and heart. Every morning I rise to his death and every evening I go to sleep with it. The trick is to forbid death to be more present than life, not to forsake my life and my other children for the memory of all that I have lost. I need to focus my love and attention on my children and husband who are here with me."

"Humility can help me do that, let go of the pain."

Hey America-Are You Better Off?

Apparently not.

One out of every five American households is on food stamps. 

My Idiot People

My idiot, idiot people.

Major league dumb Jews in CIJA funding Peace Now lecture.

I have no objection to lefty, anti-Israeli Israelis being allowed to speak in Canada. Sure-go ahead, it is a free country.

But not on the community dime!

Stupid Jews, funding our own destruction.

(UPDATE: LINK FIXED-thanks "D"!) 

Abuse of Disabled Children in Chicago Public Schools

This is why it is so critical for children who can't speak with language to still have a voice. 

Whether it is sign language, drawings, programs like ProLoQuo2Go, or augmentative communications devices-communication is critical.

This is a terrible story coming out of the Chicago Public School system.

There is a special place in hell for people who abuse children.

But it is even more barbaric to do this to children who they think cannot speak and report about it. They are even more helpless.

Want to bet that NOTHING happens to these public school teachers?

Bleeding Heart American Liberal Wants to Halt Muslim Student Visas


“The hatred for the United States runs deep,” he said during a broader discussion on the Boston Bombings."

“I think we really have to consider, given the fact that so many people hate us,” he added, “that we’re going to have to cut off Muslim students coming to this country for some period of time so that we can absorb what we’ve got, and look at what we’ve got, and decide whether some of the people here should be sent back home or to prison.”

Goodwin: Oh Terrorist, We Are SOOOO Sorry!

"Gone, thankfully, are the days when rape victims routinely were treated as if they deserved it. Perhaps the time also will come when the American people are no longer blamed after terrorists kill them."

"We are not there yet"

Actually, I don't think "we" will ever get "there". So, nobody should get their hopes up.

The best thing we can do is to continue to defend Western, Judeo-Christian values and inculcate them in our children and fight the threats-hard-with whatever weapons we have at our disposal.

We have to live well, with joy and never give up.

These are are only "revenges". 

Israel Buycott!

I have some friends who made aliyah to Israel a few years ago and are loving it.

They started a business there-handmade soaps and balms made with organic milk and honey from the Land of Milk and Honey.

It is great stuff!! I love it.

The company is called Kidron Soap and I can personally vouch for the quality. 

They have been getting some interest from evangelical groups in the US who want to support Israeli businesses.

If you are looking for a great Israeli-made gift, I urge you to consider Kidron Soaps. These are great hostess gifts, party favours, etc..

Please check them out and consider making a purchase.

You will be supporting an Israeli small business and getting a really high quality product at the same time.

Not Without My Son

Your Mohammad of the day. 

Doesn't this remind you of anyone?

"It was in 1999 when Kalliopi "Kalli" Panagos fell hard for Mohamed Atteya. Within a year, they married and moved to nearby Chambersburg. But trouble began shortly after Niko’s birth in July of 2000."

“Three months after our boy was born, he left,” Kalli Atteya told FoxNews.com."

“He moved back to Harrisburg, and he dated many, many women. I tried to save my marriage but it didn’t work. Basically, he married me for a visa.”

He said that we lack the morality and the values that their system has. And he said that Americans were so violent, he said we are a rotting society.”

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Toulouse Syndrome: Douglas Murray Wins the Internet Today

That is an utterly brilliant (and simultaneously tragic) way of putting the madness:

Toulouse Syndrome. 

You absolutely must read the whole thing (Hat Tip: Blazing Cat Fur)

"It may surprise some British readers to know that although American public debate is undoubtedly wider and more robust than in Britain, even America displays denial and deflection when it turns out that the culprits are radical Islamists."

"I think of this as ‘Toulouse syndrome.’"

"Much of the reaction to Boston is very reminiscent of what we saw last year after the shooting of seven people in France. From the first attacks on French soldiers until after the third shootings at a Jewish school, both national and international news focussed on the possibility that the lone gunman had been a far-right extremist. This led to claims that various right wing politicians – including then President Sarkozy – bore at least some degree of responsibility for the attacks. Alleged trails of culpability were sniffed out and fingers pointed."

"However, once the gunman turned out to be a radical Muslim called Mohammed Merah, the speculation ceased."

"Nothing much to see here. Please move along."

The Ground Zero Victory Mosque Lives

This just in: 

Sharif El-Gamal recently bought a five-story building adjacent to the controversial project for $8 million, city records show. With the purchase of 43 Park Place, he now controls three properties next to each other on the same block.

Hey, what could possibly be wrong with that? 

Is Joe Biden Brain Damaged?

Knock off jihadis?

This is the strategy of the Denial Left. 

Infantilize the killers. Call them amateurs and lone wolves, pretenders, "knock-off jihadis".

It's too frightening to face the truth.

A Noble Trans Atlantic Last Voyage

This is really very touching.

The children of an Israeli nurse who died while on vacation in America fulfilled their mother's wish to be an organ donor.

Imagine how many lives she saved.

G-d rest the soul of Sima Avishar.

Facing Justice

Good news from Canada.

Finally-a little bit of backbone.

Niqab must be removed to testify.

"We Know These People Are Capable of Murder"

Deep in the Heart of Texas:

"we have decided to make this threat public so people know what happened and if anything happens to any of us..


In Which I Revolt Again, Against the Helmet Heads

When I was young, I did not walk five miles barefoot to get to the one room school house across town.

However, I did take the bus by myself, go to museums with my little brother (just the two of us), walk to school with my little brother when I was in grade 4 (he was in grade 3) and we also (gasp) ate peanut butter sandwiches for lunch-and nobody died from those sandwiches.

I did know kids and people who died, but those deaths were the result of age, disease or traffic accidents. And death sucks, and the death of young people especially sucks.

But I resent and personally revolt against the Helmet Head mentality. I think kids neat to eat a little dirt, play in the mud and have freedom from helicopter parents-in appropriate and incremental stages.

I have personally been reproached by an obese man at a public park for not making my kids wear helmets. He was just lucky my husband didn't hear him because he would have ended up getting slugged.

Yesterday, I had to take my special needs kid for a test and procedure (he's fine-thanks to all who asked).

Now, it used to be that at the children's hospital, they had a stash of cute, donated little mini-cars and red wagons to take kids from their parents in the pre-op room, toward the procedure and OR rooms. The kids could hang onto their favourite toy, take it in the little wagon or car and then be on their way. It was a less traumatizing little journey for the kids and made it easier on parents than going right into the procedure rooms.

I asked yesterday about the wagons and was told that a health and safety committee had declared the wagons and mini cars were unsafe for children, unless they were to wear helmets.

I was so irritated!

Helmets-for a 30 second ride, in a specialty hospital, pulled by a registered OR nurse, toward a room filled with medical doctors? 


One of the doctors confirmed that she felt it was also insane, considering how many kids gleefully toot around the hospital corridors on their IV poles. It is a small, tiny measure of fun and freedom in an otherwise challenging and dreary day.

But seriously-helmets for the ride from a parents arms to the OR?

And this-in a nutshell is the kind of asinine, blowhard and bureaucratic mentality that people have to fight every single day. These overprotective insane idiots are trying to take the fun out of everything and the risks are usually all in their little pea sized brains.

I am tired and so very bored of the Legions of Helmet Heads.

I am tired of legislation being forced upon us every time there is a tragedy (in many cases, the result of bad human judgement and not just bad luck).

I vow to continue to push against it every time it encroaches on my life.

Without some degree of risk (not stupidity and a wanton disregard for danger), there can be no real life.

With no guts-there is no glory.

Life, my friends, is not a dress rehearsal.

Funding Your Own Societal Suicide

This just in: 

"State officials confirmed last night that Tsarnaev, slain in a raging gun battle with police last Friday, was receiving benefits along with his wife, Katherine Russell Tsarnaev, and their 3-year-old daughter. The state’s Executive Office of Health and Human Services said those benefits ended in 2012 when the couple stopped meeting income eligibility limits. Russell Tsarnaev’s attorney has claimed Katherine — who had converted to Islam — was working up to 80 hours a week as a home health aide while Tsarnaev stayed at home."

"In addition, both of Tsarnaev’s parents received benefits, and accused brother bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan were recipients through their parents when they were younger, according to the state."

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Honestly-this is why jihadists think we are the stupidest idiots on the planet earth. They laugh at us, because they don't even have to steal our money, it is given to them without any effort or second thought.

We are the first generation in the precious, ever so short history of democracies that is determined to fund our own culturcide!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What the Bloody Hell is Wrong With the UK?

A pedophile, with HIV who has attacked children is being allowed by the United Kingdom's judiciary to work with children again!

What the hell?

Maybe these judges would consent to having them work at their children's or grandchildren's care giver???

People of the United Kingdom revolt!

Your children are at risk!

Chemical Weapons Used in Syria-World Snores

Nothing to see here of course!

Did Boston Bomber Murder 3 Jews on September 11?

Dots connecting-only now? 

Three Jews.

Throats slit.

September 11th.

The Wussification of Men x Eleventy Bazillion Gazillion Eleventy Million

This is perhaps the most ludicrous, pussification of men story I have ever, ever BUT EVAH, EVAH EVAH seen.

Like EVAH.

"Would your man wear frilly knickers?"

No heterosexual, normal man would-ever.

I'm so freaking sick and tired of the attempts to turn men into wimpy enuchs or batshit crazy chick wannabees.

Must Read for Moms: The Good Enough Life

Fantastic article.

 Very touching.

Toronto Terror Suspects Make First Court Appearance With Family Present

Broad strata alert. 

Family members of Raed Jaser

"That's As Good As It Gets"

Todd Frazier hits it out of the park for Teddy. 

Love it.

Teddy Reds Batboy

My Kind of Rabbi

Rabbi Aryeh Spiro on "Mosque Related Violence", rather than "Marathon Related Violence".

It's a good one. Read it all. 

"The response by liberals after each one of these carnages is to have yet more kumbaya sessions with imams and CAIR so that we Americans, "the guilty," can show how tolerant we are and gain their acceptance. Some liberals are even calling incidents of terrorism here the "New Normal". "

"Heaven forbid that we accept this. Let the "new normal" be a firm resolution to say "No" to this scourge and aggressively do whatever needs to be done to stop them before they kill more of us."


French Rabbi and Son Stabbed in Paris-Clearly Nothing to Worry About

"Allahu Akbar" screamed by Iranian refugee to France.

It's the new mentally ill. 

And If I Had a Son....

He'd look like Trayvon be dead.

The Common Denominator That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Clearly, there is nothing-nothing whatsoever that these people have in common.

Reminder-nothing to see here. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Higher Education

Your moral, intellectual and horticultural superiors.

Imagine my surprise:

American college that offered a course (now dropped for lack of student interest) on "Queer Gardens" had low academic standards.

The upside: a whole new crop of baristas will be hitting the pavement with those degrees, so us working folk will always get a good cup of coffee. 

Barbarians-Not Worth Dying For

Again-someone please remind me why the lives of Western soldiers are being wasted for these murderous barbarians?


OMG: FBI Screwed Up on Bomber Because They Couldn't Spell


Just unbelievable incompetance.

"Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Monday that the FBI did not know that Tamerlan Tsarnaev — the deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect — went on a six-month overseas trip in 2011 because his name was misspelled."

That Awkward Earth Day Moment

When you remember that the founder of Earth Day murdered and "composted" his girlfriend. 

Peace out!

Bless Those Who Ran Toward the Trouble, Not Away

A very touching piece from Rabbi Shai Held, writing in Tablet:

"Faced with a situation that makes us stare the depth and extent of out vulnerability in the face, most of us want to flee. Here, then, is Judaism’s message: You want to serve God? Run towards the very people and places you most want to run away from. You want to be religious? Learn to be present for other people when they are in pain. All the rest is commentary."

"This is what first responders do."

"Without calling attention to themselves or congratulating themselves, they run towards human suffering instead of running away from it. To walk in God’s ways is to walk in their ways, too—towards people in pain and not away from them."

Pope Francis to Open Files on Pope Pius?

It would be a good thing.

Stop the Presses: Boston Bombers Did Not Have Legal Weapons Permits

I can't believe this is "news". 

Like-FOR REAL??? Bad guys and terrorists don't get legal permits???

America is screwed.

The Barbarians Thrive in Hell on Earth

Someone remind me again why any Western blood is being shed to "save" these barbarians from themselves?

John Kerry: Hey, the IDF is Sort of Like the Boston Bombers

Smart power!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Public School Education in America is the Ruin of Western Civilization

The only sensible choices in this world are private schools and homeschooling.

Middle school girls forced to ask classmates for a kiss.

There is a reason why HillBuzz calls these people the Gaystapo.

Hat tip: Blazing Cat Fur

And I love this (paging Alexander of Hollywood-the t-shirt please...) 

Wear Pink, Start Bullying!

Must Read: A History of the Muslim Brotherhood's Infiltration into US Government

Read the whole thing.

"The first task was to maneuver Muslim Brothers into positions of trust with key U.S. government officials."

Includes very good detail about Huma Abedin and her illustrious family.

The left can try to smear Michelle Bachman all it wants-facts are not negotiable. 

TSA: Totally Supreme A-Holes

Apparently, flying to Russian while not a citizen-under alias-is nothing for the TSA (or other alphabet soup agencies CIA, FBI, DoHS) to be concerned about.


All of them on watch, all the time

Even if these law suits are not always victorious-efforts to clip the wings of the terrorist organizations should never, ever halt.

Not ever. 

We have to continue to make it harder for them to operate-in every sphere possible.

"It Turned Out, However, That Life on Welfare Was Not So Hard"

How do you say "Julia" in Danish?


The Co-Exist Bombers: A Steyn Marksterpiece on Boston

Mark Steyn is the greatest living political essayist in the world.

At least someone has the moral clarity and testicular fortitude to clearly articulate the painful truths learned from the recent Boston terrorist attacks.

Read "The Co-Exist Bombers".

"The politicization of mass murder found its perfect expression in one of those near-parodic pieces to which the more tortured self-loathing dweebs of the fin de civilisation West are prone. As the headline in Salon put it, “Let’s Hope the Boston Marathon Bomber Is a White American.” David Sirota is himself a white American, but he finds it less discomforting to his Princess Fluffy Bunny worldview to see his compatriots as knuckle-dragging nutjobs rather than confront all the apparent real-world contradictions of the diversity quilt."

Ponder the following statement of regular Americans in Boston, simply 'co-existing':

"Neighbours said that Mr and Mrs Russell had been "very supportive" of their daughter's decision to take up Islam, which saw her begin wearing a veil covering her hair, in line with Muslim practice.
They said Ms Russell appeared not to return to university after her conversion and the birth of her daughter, who is thought to be called Zahara."

Consider this:

The FBI had already interviewed the two brothers.

 In fact:

"This is an issue they've had in the past."

"They interviewed Carlos Bledsoe in Little Rock, Ark., before he shot up an Army recruiting station in 2009. They were also looking into Major Hasan Nadal before the Fort Hood shootings."

"However, the FBI has maintained in those incidents that they took all the steps they were asked to and were allowed to under the law."

And we are supposed to be surprised that there has been another attack on American soil?

As Steyn points out:

"The Tsarnaev brothers had spent most of their lives in the United States, and lived the diversity dream. They seem to have had a droll wit when it comes to symbolism: Last year, the younger brother took his oath of citizenship and became an American on September 11."

"And, in their final hours of freedom, they added a cruel bit of mockery to their crimes by carjacking a getaway vehicle with a “Co-exist” bumper sticker."

Friday, April 19, 2013

Glick: Israel-the Happy Little Country

Best column on the internet today. 

Love this. 

Israel is the happy little country because it is full of Jews and full of life.

The Jews have an exuberance and a love of life that will never be extinguished.

"Just around the time we began extricating ourselves from our socialist straitjacket, we were also recognizing that the peace thing wasn’t everything it was cracked up to be. And at that point we began to understand that happiness and success aren’t about what other people give you – money, treaties, a phone line after a five-year wait. Happiness and success are about what you accomplish."

"At that point, sometime between 1996 and 2000, Israelis began creating large families and embracing the free market."

"Today, with an average of three children per family, Israelis are the fecund outliers of the industrial world. And as David Goldman at PJ Media has demonstrated, there is a direct correlation between children and human happiness. This is why fruitful Israelis have the lowest suicide rate in the industrial world. When you have children, you have a future."

"And when you have a future, you work hard to secure it, and have a generally optimistic outlook."

"What could be so bad when your kid just lost his first tooth?"

"Israelis are also happy because we see that we can build the future we want for our families and our country even without another glitzy signing ceremony at the White House every six months. Our country is getting stronger and more livable every day. And we know it."

Read the whole thing! 

Just Warning You-Nothing Will Change

Please, to preserve your own sanity, resist any hope of thinking that finally-things will change in the wake of this latest act of Islamic terrorism.

Nothing will.

Sorry to be a downer, but there is too much acquiescence right now for anything to change at this moment.

No policies will change, no immigration reforms will happen.

When this is the position of the leader of the free world, one can understand how these thing can happen.

"The Baby Was Swimming, Alive in the Toilet, Trying to Get Out"

Welcome to the culture of death in America. 

This is what Roe Vs Wade has wrought.

Woe upon us.

Nanny State x Eleventy Bazillion

This is pretty freaky stuff.

Ireland is going to regulate the lives of its debt ridden citizens. 

This is the ultimate in nanny state behaviour. I bet the idea will catch on like wildfire in Europe.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

While Boston Mourns, Paris Celebrates Terrorism Against Israel and Jews

France sucks.

More from Evelyn Gordon at Commentary.

Incest Prevention?

There's an app for that!

If only they would make an Urdu version, the UK might have a chance of recovering.

"Accidental incest."


Pigs Can't Fly

Australia's airline caves to stealth sharia. (Hat tip: Andrew)

These are the "little", seemingly innocuous accommodations (even that word troubles me to no end) that are made over and over again to please the people who hate us.

"No food containing pork or pork products will be served on those flights - which now has a stopover in Dubai - because it is strictly forbidden in Islam and is considered "unholy"."

"All meals offered on the route in first, business and economy classes will also be prepared without alcohol in keeping with the Islamic religion. A note on the Qantas menus on flights in and out of Dubai states that the meals do not contain pork products or alcohol. The airline has also introduced a mezze plate offering traditional Middle Eastern fare in its upper classes and has Arabic translations after in-flight announcements."

Lights out in Oz!

Nice knowing you all, mates. 

Are Trampy British Women the Dumbest Broads on the Planet?

It would appear so.

Behold: Nipple Tattooing Sweeps the Nation

Thatcher buried, nipple tattooing reigns supreme in the land of the Magna Carta.

So it it just that these broads are morons, or are a majority of women?

As Gavin says: 

"Here in the real world, love is blind. So are erections. We don’t really care what you look like as long as you have a vagina and don’t dry-heave when you see us naked. If women knew how unbelievably perverted we are, they wouldn’t even brush their hair."

"Straight men are a great scapegoat because we rarely complain. Virtually every time you hear about a woman getting breast augmentation or a facelift or liposuction, her husband is saying, “I thought she looked just fine, but if it makes her happy, go nuts.”

"Go ahead and bleach your anus."

(Greatest line EVAH? BUT EVAH EVAH????)

"Have all the labiaplasty you want. Just don’t blame us when normal-looking women feel like freaks. You gals set the standards, not us."


Mark Steyn Gives Free Election Advice to Conservatives

I hope the Republicans are paying attention to Mark Steyn because he's speaking very slooooooowly and clearly. 

Conservative voters actually vote for people who represent conservative principles! Wow. Imagine that.

We actually really despise people who are merely concerned with not being hated by the left. They want so desperately to fit in, they really want to get invited to the dinner parties, they don't want to be branded as "racists" or reactionaries or worse, so they squish over to the squishy middle or just become bland lefties with moderate conservative sympathies.

PRO TIP: We hate that.

As Steyn says-the "conservative" politicans like David Cameron are, for the most part, like this:

"His calculation was that if enough conservatives can be persuaded to hate you, the urbane, cosmopolitan, metrosexual elite will accept you as one of their own and give you a better press. Which in turn will persuade enough of their followers to vote for you to compensate for however many of your reviled base decide to stay home."
The election issues have nothing to do with colour. People still care about principle and ideas.

If America is to recover at all, conservative American politicians should take a look at the Harper government's playbook and listen to Mark Steyn.

He further notes: 

"Accommodationists seem to believe that immigration amnesty and "marriage equality" are the last towels they'll ever have to throw in. But in the liberal bathhouse there'll always be a new towel-snapper along in a minute. Free contraceptives . . . Abandonment of religious liberty . . . Single-payer health care . . .
So many trains, already lining up to leave the station."


There will never, ever be and end to the demands.

Don't give in.

What is so difficult about that concept to understand?

Conservative voters will back those who don't cave in to the allure of the popular crowd. 

Captain Capitalism: Smart Fellow

Via Kate.

Awesome post.

How to legally exact your toll of revenge on the left. 

I like the whole thing, I can't decide what part I like best.

Read it all.


(And if you like that line of thinking, I highly recommend Dennis Prager's new book "Still the Best Hope", it picks up a lot of these themes and is amazing...)

A "Lost" Warsaw Ghetto Diary-Please Spread the Word

A really touching piece from Tablet about the Warsaw ghetto diary that we have never heard of. 

I'm putting the article up in the hopes that it will catch some momentum and someone may publish it.

I would sure be interested in reading the whole thing.

"About 800 pages long, penned in minuscule handwriting that is almost impossible to read with the naked eye, the diary is a remarkable account, clear-eyed and poignant, spanning roughly the time from the establishment of the ghetto to the arrival of Soviet troops in Warsaw. It contains references to everything its author had ever studied—from Mishnah and Torah to secular literature and the work of Sigmund Freud, with whom Ben-Shem learned in Vienna in the interwar period—as well as a close observation of the ways in which Jews were forced to become animals, not metaphorically, but actually."


Until the end.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Justin Trudeau "Hearts" Terrorists

 Read about it here.

Video here.

Dear B'nai B'rith Canada-Taking Credit for Other People's Work is Not A Jewish Virtue

Free unsolicited advice to B'nai B'rith!

"Dr." Frank Dimant is the head of B'nai B'rith, a self-styled Jewish human rights/antisemitism expert who has been at the helm of B'nai B'rith Canada for many years. It's sort of like a President For Life position.

Anyway, as has been well documented, B'nai B'rith is pretty much one of those organizations that gives Jews a bad name by getting absolutely hysterical over the odd snippet of swastika graffiti in bathrooms and vociferously arguing in favour of censorship and anti "hate-speech" laws-censorship of course also not being a Jewish value.

They also have a track record of claiming to be at the vanguard of reporting on antisemitism, but they seem to have Arnie of Blazing Cat Fur on their blogroll as the first read of the morning. I wish Arnie would publish screen shots of all the hits that he gets from B'nai B'rith because they are on his blog like bees to the honey pot every day, scouring it and then taking credit for his work.

And that's not right.

They also didn't (as far as I am aware) contribute a single dime to his legal expenses which is disgusting.

By the way, what is "Dr." Dimant's academic background?

Or is he a physician?

Can he write a prescription? Or is he just one of those pompous beta-male blowhards who take incredibly useless graduate programs just for the Napoleonic need to shove "Dr." before their names because of their massive insecurity complexes?

Like "Dr. Jill Biden".

Does he have an actual PhD? Or is the "Dr." sort of a Supersized Blowhard Affectation?

Here's a bio that I found that has Herr Doktor's CV. 

There isn't one posted on Linked In.

Anyway, this one doesn't indicate the level of degree awarded from McGill (MA? PhD??) and the only mention of a doctorate that I can see is the honorary doctorate from Canada Christian College.

To wit:

Dr. Frank Dimant of Ontario was educated at Yeshiva University and McGill’s Graduate School of Sociology. In May of 2004, Dr. Dimant received an honorary doctorate from Canada Christian College. He serves on several community boards in Israel and Canada, including York Region Neighbourhood Services, the Ramot Shapiro Youth Town and the World Zionist Assembly. In January 2005, he became a member of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Advisory Council. He was appointed to the Mayor’s Community Task Force on Safety and Security, as well as serving on the Toronto Police Chief’s Advisory Board. In recognition of his commitment to human rights, Dr. Dimant was inducted as Honourary Chief of First Nations Keewatin Tribal Council. He is currently the Executive Vice President of B’nai Brith Canada and the CEO of the organization’s Institute for International Affairs and the League for Human Rights. He also serves as publisher of Canada’s largest Anglo-Jewish publication, The Jewish Tribune. Dr. Dimant is a frequent lecturer, writer and media commentator on both Israeli and Middle Eastern affairs and world Jewish issues.

For such a big maven on Jewish issues, and such a big macher in the Jewish community-Jewish ethics (for example-don't steal-even ideas and blog posts) don't seem to be his major strong point.

And for someone who is so involved with Christians, it seems more than a little counter-intuitive to me to continually rip off and not properly and respectfully treat one of the best friends that Canadian Jewry has in the philo-semitic, pro-Israel gentile blogosphere and that is Arnie and his lovely missus Kathy. 


Steynian Demographic Dystopia in Japan


All you need to know about Japan being doomed in one handy, dandy phrase: 

BEHOLD: the new Land of the Rising Setting Sun, where "the elderly officially outnumbered children" for the first time in the country's history.

The Real War on Women

This is the real War on Women which feminists are silent about.

Yesterday, I heard Aruna Papp and Barbara Kay speak.

Aruna is a Christian Indian (from India, not Aboriginal) who immigrated to Canada with her abusive husband.

We heard the harrowing stories of her childhood, and just how females are treated worse than garbage in the honour-shame cultures. She is a very brave woman, and I urge you to take a look at her book: Unworthy Creature: A Punjabi Daughter's Memori of Honour; Shame and Love. 

Barbara was articulate and gracious as usual, and Aruna was inspirational. She is really irrefutable as well. She cannot be accused of racism, and she has walked the walk. If anyone is looking for a great speaker for their church, synagogue or university-she is someone to listen to.

Horrible Things Happen, Evil Never Rests

I haven't posted anything about the Boston bombings because there isn't really that much to say. My gut feeling is that the bombs (or at least what is known of them) have the hallmarks of the kinds of (Islamic jihad) bombs that have been used in Israel, with ball bearings added to make them more deadly and to ensure the maximum carnage.

I haven't posted anything because actually I'm trying not to read the news, and not to think about the parents with the permanent hole left in their hearts, as they struggle to live without their 8 year old son. It's unbearable.

A few people have sent me e-mails about the bombings.

I don't have any magical words of comfort, but I've been through enough terrorism scares and have had a family member and family friends murdered by Palestinian terrorists so perhaps that gives me some perspective.

I have also watched my own child hover between life and death-not because of terrorism, but because of his disability and medical fragility so perhaps I have a somewhat heightened sense of the precarious and precious nature of the fine line between life and death. I've also been on that line myself when giving birth, bleeding almost to death-almost dying, feeling the cold operating table on my back before everything went dark.

My feeling, honed over years, is that every day that goes by in our human lives without tragedy and without illness and horror is a miracle. Every day that goes by without massive terrorist attacks is miracle of chance, because evil never rests.

It is human nature to complain about what is lacking-but in reality-so little is lacking in our first world, rich lives that humans make up problems. First world, silly problems. They start focusing inward, inward, inward and thus have so little to give, so little to put outward. We are so comfortable we are fat and over-fed for the first time in human history. We have too much time on our hands so our minds become a fertile playground for the devil.

Bad things happen every minute, and every hour and every day, and they always will.

So every moment, and every day where something bad isn't happening to you or someone you love or care about, or work with, or live beside-you have to thank G-d for that moment. Every moment we breathe without illness or sorrow is a gift from the heavens. So this Boston bombing it is terrible, but if it's not YOUR PERSONAL TERRIBLE then you have to let go somewhat and focus on other things.

Humans are capable of much evil. G-d knows this and thus, the G-d of Israel gave us humans rules of behaviour to try to govern the evil that lurks within the hearts of men. Where the G-d of Israel has been banished, evil thrives.

We can do nothing to eradicate the evil in humans, but fight it we must. With all our strength. And that means militarily, but also psychologically-as nations, as citizens and on the micro level-as parents, friends, daughters and sons. Every moment that we can breathe, and do good things and lead moral lives, and not cave into the darkness is a victory over evil.

Terrible, sad things happen all the time to someone, somewhere.

You have to be grateful that it is not you, not this time.

And when it does happen to you or someone you love, as it may, you have to be there for them in any way you can. Make a meal, take the children out, do their laundry, do the grocery shopping, go for a walk.

You can not eradicate the pain, but you can help the living with their daily tasks-which in turns-enables these people to take care of others who need them. That's all we can do. We can say prayers of thanks for each day without sorrow. We can pray that G-d comforts the mourners.

Unfortunately, there is no "bright side" to many stories.

Boston is just one such story, and evil humans will ensure that there are more, ad infinitum.

Don't despair. Don't give in.

Live. Breathe. And most of all, be grateful for this day.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One of the Many Reasons Why I Adore Kathy Shaidle

What she said.

"Ricochet is bullshit and Peter Robinson is a f*cking moron."

Hear, hear.

As I said here: Ricochet is really silly, stupid and pompous.

Thanks Kathy for reminding me to remove it from my Facebook likes.

It is just crud.

Totally unreadable crud.

The piece I posted about in my blog was so bad it made me cringe and almost want to throw up.

Higher Education Activists

Your moral and intellectual and urinary superiors. 

These stupid morons are having a war over piss.

This is why Western civilization is going down the toilet-literally, because idiotic activists with mental problems have infested every aspect of the higher education system in North America.

If you are having a war with the general population about where girls and boys ought to pee (not where they want, but where YOU want), you have too much time on your hands and need to get a life.

These "I AM SO SCARED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM" or "WE NEED TO CREATE A SAFE SPACE" issues are for people who have mentally not progressed beyond a toddler's age and are selfish and mentally disturbed beyond redemption. Yes, that's right-it's actually human toddlers who are scared to use the potty, or toddlers who relish in describing their big number 2s.

"Safe" space worries are for pussies. 

These are not adult conversations.

Breaking Media Silence

A great column from the Instapundit himself. 

"The abortion issue, I suspect, is upsetting enough to most everyone that there's a strong tendency to shy away, even when the subjects are, in fact, front-page-worthy. But this case should be a reminder that shying away from big stories isn't what journalism is supposed to be about."

"And it's also reminder that media bias exists not only in how the press covers stories, but in the choice of stories to cover and, in particular, the choice of stories not to cover. Bear that in mind, in the future. And hope that, at a crucial moment, another column from the right person will break the silence."


(And that's what blogs and Twitter are for...)


The real war on women.

Behold: The Least Classy POTUS Ever, EVAH EVAH

No representatives of the Obama administration will be sent to the Thatcher funeral.

Typically disgusting and of course, not surprising.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Memorial Day in Israel

Jewish holidays begin at sundown and last until the following sundown, the Jewish Sabbath also starts at sundown and runs until the next sundown.

Israel's memorial day for its fallen soldiers and for those murdered in terrorist attacks within Israel and abroad also begins the same way. It starts at sundown with a ceremony, and then the following day, the entire country stops-traffic stops everywhere in the country for two minutes while sirens blare and people remember together those we have lost. It's a humbling experience.

During the day, there are documentaries about fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism on throughout the day. Somber songs are played on the radio, there are no public concerts, or festive events. People visit the graves of friends, children and relatives and remember and weep.

Then, toward the end of the day, the environment gets closer to changing. As darkness falls, Memorial Day sundown turns into the beginning of Israeli Independence Day celebrations, a uniquely Jewish and Israel meld of mourning and celebration-a seamless transition from the grave and somber to an insistence-a defiant insistence on celebration and on the living. From sorrow to exuberance. From tears and graves, to joy. It's hard to describe the depths of the mourning and the extent of the celebration.

Memorial days are painful for Jews, because it's rare that there is a Jewish family that has not been touched by genocide or terrorism and my own is no exception.

This remembrance day, like others, I remember my brother-in-law David Cohen, who was murdered in Hebron as he went to work in July 2001. I remember the unreality of reading the story first thing in the morning about a 29 year old from Beitar being critically wounded-even before my husband's family had called us to tell us what was happening. I remember collapsing in the office, being unable to drive home and trying to find the words to support my husband as I rushed to get him on the next flight to Israel, trying to get him there to at least say farewell.

I remember the unreality.

I remember them telling me how peaceful he looked-like he was sleeping. And I remember my sister in law telling me how the Arabs at Hadassah hospital ululated when he died.

On this memorial day, I also remember Esther and Syke Paltzur-my mother's friends from her first visits to Israel, who were murdered-along with a friend-in Cyprus, by Palestinian terrorists on their boat. I remember my mother getting the call, her cries-oh no-and their oldest child Tali suddenly finding herself as older sister and mother to the three other instant orphans. I remember her reassuring my parents that they were alright, that they would be alright. I remember the pictures in TIME magazine of the bodies slumped over the rails of the sailboat.

On this memorial day, I also remember the victims that I never knew-but mourned through the stories that I heard of, or knew peripherally. I remember hearing the explosions, I remember being scared to ride buses, I remember being there a few minutes before the explosions, I remember riding on the exact bus line. Too many to mention, but their stories are my stories-their stories are our stories-the entire Jewish people's

May the memories of all the victims be a blessing, may G-d protect their souls, and comfort the mourners for whom the pain never ends.

No words. From the "Yisrael Artzenu" Facebook page.

War on Women

Child brides in Syria.

Rape victim's family honour being "redeemed" by child marriages.

The real war on women.

The New York Times is the Enemy of Western Civilization


Utterly reprehensible. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

When the Entitlement Mentality Leads to Murder

From Douglas Murray at Gatestone, the terrible story of how one British man's incessant entitlement mentality led him eventually to murder six of his own children. 

A terrible story, yet instructive of how socialism and the European welfare state has destroyed both economies/nations and individuals. It's just evil.

There can be no doubt that the human spirit is corrupted and destroyed by socialism.

Rest in Peace, Life Saver

The developer of the polio vaccine has passed away.

Rest in peace Dr. Hilary Koprowski.

That Awkward Moment

When your dozens of handlers and fart-catchers could not pry the effing smart phone out of the hands of a mostly benign, but recently pot-headed teenage star, preventing him from making strange narcissistic comment about teenaged girl murdered by the Nazis.


Yeah, I meant that.

France is Screwed: 9/11 Bomb T-shirt Mom Acquitted

I don't think it should be criminal to wear a t-shirt actually. In normal societies these kinds of people would be shunned. However, France is screwed and overrun so it is therefore not normal. 

The court ruling didn't mirror the sentiment of the community.

As the mayor says: 

"I have the feeling that the law does not reflect reality as it is seen by citizens," he said, adding that the ruling "gives the impression that everything is allowed."

Teen Wonder Women of America

Holy Crap!!!


McCarthy: The Human Abattoir of America

Seeing no evil in America. 

A horrendously accurate description of the horrors of Philadelphia.

Wasn't Philadelphia the birthplace of liberty not too many years ago?

From birthplace of liberty to city of infant slaughter in just a few generations.

Abortion is murder. If the babies weren't alive, they wouldn't need to be murdered.

Abortion means babies are delivered and killed. But the language describing these horrible murders has been sanitized by the culture of death-the left.

Thus the media blackout, the collective yawn from the left.

Imagine if just one baby had been killed by a lawfully registered gun in America.

Or one baby killed by a white, middle class Christian patriot somewhere in "flyover" country.

Just one.

Woe unto us.

Disgrace: New York Dinging Visitors to Ground Zero Memorial

Just when you think that New York couldn't be any more screwed up under Nanny Bloomberg, comes the news that people are being charged for on-line reservations to visit the memorial.

Really-it's like charging people to go to a cemetery. 


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dear America

China sort of owns you.

Loving John Baird!

At this rate, he is giving Jason Kenney a run for his money as Stephen Harper's badass.


Sorry-Canadian Citizens First

I am STILL waiting for an appointment with an orthopedic specialist for my son.

I was told they are booking for AUGUST.

I'm still working on it.

Refugees-too bad. Canadians first.

Friday, April 12, 2013


For a number of years, I have been stewing about why the Somali Muslim terrorists have been called "pirates" instead of terrorists. It has always seemed to me that the term "pirates" minimized the seriousness of the crimes-("ohh, they are just pirates").

Anyway-I am delighted to report that I learned something new about pirates yesterday.

A little bit of background!

I had the pleasure of having lunch with three distinguished members of the US Navy yesterday! Of course, they didn't know they were going to have lunch with me-but I invited myself to their table because they looked interesting and I wanted to hear about what they do. I'm not supposed to name names (you know the drill, I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you...), but one of the gentlemen was a very high ranking officer.


Did I ever learn a lot-including the fact that the reason why the Somalis are referred to as pirates is not just because they are committing crimes of piracy (i.e on the seas)-but piracy laws are much more serious in international law and they are also recognized as crimes against humanity. This is one instance where the terminology used to describe the crimes is actually not meant to trivialize or minimize (like calling rape jihad "criminal" rather than "terror"), but to facilitate more aggressive and serious punitive measures.

On another American military note, I saw a fantastic Picasso exhibit (Blue Period) at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the security guard saw me lunching with the Navy fellows and asked me about them. It turned out that he was a former Marine and I asked him where he had served and he was a Vietnam vet.

I thanked him for his service to his country and the cause of freedom and for fighting the communist barbarians. I said that it was a disgrace that vets such as him were dumped on and that so many people didn't understand that they were fighting pure evil. He sighed and said yes-we were not well treated when we came home and thank you.

I said, no-thank you, sir.

It was quite a day.

I also saw on one of Picasso's sketches that he had written in hand something about how he doubted that she loved him one night and couldn't sleep since then. I will need to look it up-I should have written it down. It was really moving. Something about it really touched me-it is so human to need love and to reciprocate love.

"Reserved Seating for Media is Empty"

As Mark Steyn said earlier this week-exactly how many dead babies does it take to make the news in America?

"Reserved Seating For Media is Empty".

America in One Handy Dandy Sentence

"A teenage lesbian with a Mexican father and an African-American mother is hoping to win the Miss Carolina crown when she competes at the contest this summer."

My Idiot People

Rape jihad is terrorism.

This obfuscation of terrorism by reducing it to 'criminal' acts is dhimmi capitulation. It happens all the time in the United States and it happens with increasing frequency in Israel as well.

It makes the terrorist threat worse, not better and emboldens the jihad.

"I Wish With All My Heart That My Daddy Would Come Home"

Morning smile.

If Barack Obama Had Another Daughter

She would look like this.

We Have Forgotten What Belongs on Page One

What you must read about the horror.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Frenchwoman By the Pool

Her bosom was ample.

Her skin was brown, tanned-not taut, she was clearly in her mid forties, perhaps even edging closer to fifty. Her bosom was large but not fake, clearly showing some of the ravages of time-perhaps from nursing, or perhaps just the merciless touch of gravity that locates us as we age.

Her bathing suit was a bikini, but not a revealing one. It was purple, and it completely complemented her olive, tanned skin colour. Her voice was low, perhaps due to the cigarettes-and as she smoked she didn't look cheap but rather alluring.

Her kids fluttered by and asked for money for ice cream and she said, in French-hued Hebrew to go ahead and buy ice cream and enjoy. She was not bothered about where they might go after-she asked not a single question about their whereabouts. She focused on her tan, straightened her ankle bracelet.

Again, all these ingredients on a younger woman could appear slutty, but on the Moroccan Jewish Frenchwoman by the pool they were mesmerizing. She was sexier than all of the younger women at the pool and I found her fascinating. I didn't speak to her, but just quietly watched. She was confidently sexual, but not in an overt way. Just the most natural way possible. Not overdone, her allure was just a matter of fact. She didn't need fancy hair, sparkly clothes, fake nails or silicone lips or breasts.

It was a remarkable thing to watch-even if only for a few poolside seconds. Were that more women could emulate her natural femininity-both men and women would be a lot happier.

I Only Report the News

Meet "not tonight, dear-I've got a headache" on steroids. 

America the Idiotic

Remember when they promised that nobody would ever, ever, evah EVAH have to do something against their conscience when it came to gay marriage?