Friday, February 28, 2014

Gavin McInnes Is Hysterically Funny, I'm Dying Over Here

I read this one twice to make sure I caught every thing. 

I think this is one of his funniest articles ever, evah EVAH EVAH. 

Not just anyone can get away with such a title:

"Having Kids Turns You Into A Complete Fag"

That evil, seeeeeekrit Jooooo Kathy Draidle, so eeeeevil, just posted it and I'm laughing so hard that I am crying. 

She posted this one earlier today, and it's a good one also:

"Teachers R Dum". 

(My advice is home school or private school.)

Here's the spot from SunTV:

Ed Driscoll: Say, Maybe TMZ Could Open A Washington, D.C Bureau

Personally, I think that there is already a sordid love affair between Hollywood and Washington, D.C

The problem is really what gets reported and what doesn't get reported.

The dirty laundry of conservatives and Republicans will be always be aired by the mainstream media with glee, and there will be always be a State of Omertà on the disgraceful and disgusting behaviour of liberal/Democrats. 

Twitter and Facebook and YouTube have made a small dent in the liberalization of information, but the power of the left influences the distribution of news. 

The late Andrew Breitbart, z"l, was a master of course. 

But Google's owners are firmly left ideologically as are the owners of Twitter and Facebook. 

So it's actually not about using these social media vehicles for the benefit of conservatives. 

We don't need ANOTHER web site forgoooooodnesssake

It's more about creating a social media framework of our own that is not dependent on the very fickle whims and faux tolerance of left-wing media and social media censors. 

Conservatives need to "live" off of the liberal social media "grid". 

You can (and should) quote me on that.   

Mark Steyn Makes Me Watch CBC



This is a good one. Loved the free speech bit and the end, and how he explained Rush Limbaugh VERYYYYY SLOOOOOWLLLLY to Mr. Solomon.

(When Steyn said "not fringe" I kind of heard undertext of "not fringe you goofball", but that could be just me...)

Australia: Hospital With No Patients Has 200 Paid Staff

Big hospital! 

Lots to do!

Many people must make money!

Thanks to loyal reader "A" in Australia for sending me both the story and the clip.

Joe Biden: "President Obama Gave Me Every Sh*t Job In the World"


Seriously, maybe those hair plugs were plugged too far, like into his brain?

Maybe he needs a doctor, like Dr. Biden to help him?

Oh waaaaait. 

She's not a real doctor.


Where is the Real Apartheid?

Hint: not Israel. 

Thankfully, Jews suck at very few things.

One of the things we really suck at is apartheid.

We also really and truly suck at genocide.

Some cultures are good at apartheid.

And some good at diversity.

Absolutely Amazing: IDF Intelligence Unit Using Soldiers With Autism for Complex Intellegience Analysis

I am humbled by the IDF, its extraordinary innovation and this really beautiful program. 

Being Funny Means Being Smart

Not vulgar and disgusting, but SMART.

This summarizes a few things I have thought about being funny, but found hard to put into words. 

The thing is, it's great when people laugh at your jokes. It's pretty intoxicating actually, almost like a hit of a drug.

Actually, the weirdest thing is when I just say something that I think is fact, and it makes people laugh. Laugh hysterically sometimes. I'm just calling it the way I see it, but that in itself is funny to people. That's the REALLY weird and neat part. 

Anyway, this bit about connecting the dots makes a lot of sense to me.

The best writers and the funniest people connect the dots.  

I read an article one time about this guy who was an aspiring novelist or screenwriter-can't remember now. Anyway, he would clip articles that he found interesting and intriguing (as all of us wordsmiths do). He was re-reading them, and put three different stories together and weaved his plot together and had a best-seller on his hands. Three different stories, different situations, different crimes/experiences, yet he wove them together, fictionalized them as one plot and hit the jackpot. I love that.

The idea that the New Yorker captions are a measure of either intelligence or being funny is total dog squeeze, of course, but some of the observations made by this pointy-head at the University of Mexico are correct.

"Gil Greengross, a University of Mexico anthropologist, thinks the secret to being funny is being smart. In fact, he’s written that humor itself is an “intelligence indicator.


You need to be clever to see the things that are wrong in the world and to make them okay,” McGraw said.

Smart people are better-read and they know more about the world. They can connect these dots.”

"Once Again, Feminism Has Found a Way to Call the Degradation of Women Empowering."

An incredibly astute, if not horribly depressing article from Naomi Schaeffer Riley. 

"There is no way to know the details of Lauren’s background, but there is reason to think that her parents, despite her statements to the contrary, know exactly what she has been up to. She has been viewing porn since the age of 11, she says. She suddenly had an extra $4,000 a month to contribute to the tuition bill. She turned down a full scholarship to Vanderbilt in order to attend a school she couldn’t afford without letting men abuse her on camera."

(She says she found Duke more “spiritual.”)

"So where are the grown-ups in Lauren’s life? Cheering her on."

"Her parents at least tacitly approve of her activities."

"Her women’s studies professors are probably applauding as they pen articles in academic journals about her courage."

Thursday, February 27, 2014

George Will on Climate Change: Must Read

Read the whole thing. 

"In Indonesia, Kerry embraced Obama's "Shut up, he explained" approach to climate discussion:"

"The science of climate change is leaping out at us like a scene from a 3-D movie." 

"Leaping scenes?"

"The "absolutely certain" science is "something that we understand with absolute assurance of the veracity of that science." And "kids at the earliest age can understand."

"No wonder "97 percent" -- who did the poll? -- of climate scientists agree."

"When a Nazi publishing company produced "100 Authors Against Einstein," the target of this argument-by-cumulation replied: "Were I wrong, one professor would have been quite enough."

"Climate alarmism validates the progressive impulse to micromanage others' lives -- their light bulbs, showerheads, toilets, appliances, automobiles, etc."

"Although this is a nuisance, it distracts liberals from more serious mischief. And conservatives incensed about Obama's proposed $1 billion "climate resilience fund" -- enough for nearly two Solyndra-scale crony capitalism debacles -- should welcome an Obama brainstorm that costs only a single billion"

This is Perhaps the Nuttiest "Climate Change" Article Ever Written

Like ever, evah EVAH EVAH. 

Priorities! While Americans Are Dying of Cancer Because of Obama Care, DC Orders Insurers to Cover Sex Change Operations

America, I love you but this is NUTS. 

Or lack of nuts I guess.

Dear BDS Jew-Hating and Israel Loathing Jerks

Kindly stuff this in your bong and smoke it. 

"Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is scheduled to meet next week in Silicon Valley with a number of leading high-tech figures, including Jewish WhatsApp co-founder and newly-minted billionaire Jan Koum."
"In addition, Netanyahu will have meetings next Wednesday with heads of Apple, Flextronics, Linkedin, Ebay and the Sequoia Venture Capital fund. Netanyahu has made promoting Israeli high-tech and turning the country into a cyber security hub a top priority."

Sudanese Refugee in Israel Sentenced to (Only) 18 Years in Jail for Attempted Rape of 9 Year Old

Imagine going to sleep a child and waking up in darkness. 


Pity they won't do worse to him.  

Like oh, I don't know DEPORT HIM BACK TO SUDAN.

"The Tel Aviv District Court on Thursday sentenced 15-year-old Sudanese citizen Mohammed Suleima to 18 years in prison for attempting to rape a nine-year-old girl and stabbing the girl's mother in south Tel Aviv in March 2013."

"The court said that, "the children went to sleep in an innocent world and awoke in a world of darkness."

Woody Allen Marriage on the Rocks?

Perhaps she's too old for him now.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Question: How Did North End Up on the Top of Maps? Answer: DA JOOOOOOOOOOS!

Another great Zionist conspiracy!

Is there ANYTHING the JOOOOOS cannot do? 


A Final Indignity To Lee Rigby

I forced myself to read this article. 

You should read it.

This is the story of Britain's decline, it's irreversable demographic transformation.

As Mark Steyn just mentioned today, the Brits want to force Israel to give 'land for peace".

Thus, Naftali Bennett says-hey, we tried that and it doesn't work.

In fact, it is Britain that has perhaps the most aggressive policy on surrendering land to the Dar Al Islam. 

As Steyn notes: 

"Oddly enough, in Tower Hamlets, in Bradford, in Birmingham, the United Kingdom is also engaged in trading "land for peace", even if it doesn't quite understand that yet. So too are the French in Clichy-sous-Bois, and the Swedes in Malmö., and the Belgians in Antwerp, and the Austrians and the Germans and the Dutch... "

This is voluntary, dhimmi culturcide.

"Violence broke out in the Old Bailey dock this afternoon after Lee Rigby's murderers began hurling abuse at the judge and fighting with prison guards during their sentencing."

"Michael Adebolajo, 29, was given a whole-life term, while Michael Adebowale, 22, was jailed for life with a minimum of 45 years - meaning he could be back on the streets by the age of 67."

"In extraordinary scenes, the two Muslim extremists yelled 'Allahu Akbar' and 'You (Britain) and America will never be safe' during their sentencing at the court in Central London."

Far from being "extraordinary", this may well end up being the norm. 

"The British-born extremists mowed down Fusilier Rigby in a car before hacking him to death in the street in front of horrified onlookers near Woolwich Barracks in south-east London in May last year."

"They both claimed that they were ‘soldiers of Allah’ and were motivated by the plight of Muslims abroad to carry out the killing, and have shown no remorse." 

And actually, the fact that there were 'horrified onlookers' should be the most horrifying thing. 

There were those who just took pictures of the jihadi murderers in action, and then a woman as you may recall, who had a calm, conversation with the murderers whilst awaiting the (unarmed) Metropolitan constabulary of London. 

Blood dripping from their hands, a British soldier lying headless in his own blood in Her Majesty's uniform. No remorse from the murderers, no respect for the court or for the law, and yet the possibility for the jihadist murderers of a free life, once again, as "extremist" senior citizens in jolly old London town.  

Exit question: 

Why take prisoners? 

Must Watch Ezra Levant Destroy Alberta Kangaroo "Human Rights" Court, and Its Sharia Pandering


Hugh Hewitt Rips the GOP A New One ("Tone Deaf, Insulated and Suicdal")

I don't think the GOP understand the word "win" like you and I do. 

"Again and again some sect of the D.C. GOP develops a sweeping policy proposal –in secret– unveils it to great expectations and the nods of Beltway elites, and then are shocked to find their base voters are adamantly opposed.  Again and again the chief sponsors of legislation refuse to listen to anyone not already inside their circles, and every time big Beltway interests distort the desires of party regulars. Again and again, shocked D.C. elites who were expecting acclaim get hit with a tidal wave of disdain."

"Every time the chief sponsors refuse to talk to the base via talk radio, key cable shows, or social media.  Every time they refuse to answer tough questions and engage the base in conversations before they unveil the New Coke.  And every time they pull a dead rabbit out of their hats and are shocked when talk radio and cable news audiences are appalled and angry and erupt on Twitter or other forums."

Why won't they deliver what conservative voters want? 

America needs a third party.

Ted Nugent Responds to Critics: Pounds CNN On the Head, Gets Alinsky Reference in As Well!

Yeeee haw!


This is how it's done. Maybe CNN viewers will learn something.

HAHAHAHHA just kidding.

Via Small Dead Animals.

OMG: Eunuchs of New York - "Men" Getting Facial Hair Transplants in NY!!


This is apparently not a joke.

These "hipster", "men" of Brooklyn are getting facial hair transplants. 

I can't say whether I should laugh or cry.

I suppose I should be happy that men want to look more manly.

But the fact that they can't grow their own beards is killing my buzz. 

Viva la beard!

Viva la stubble!

But transplanted?


A Pakistani Jew Cautiously and Dangerously Steps Out of the Shadows


Great story. 

I actually follow him on Twitter already and we've had some chats.

Incredible story, and I must admit I was shocked to know there was any remnant of Jewry in Pakistan whatsoever.

Palestinians Achieve 100% in Women's Issues

What an achievement.

They get an A+ in "honour" murders.

PA "honour" murders up 100% in 2013.

Quote of the Day From Mark Steyn

From "Any Way You Slice It". 

"The pen is only mightier than the sword if you're free to use it."


PS: Climate Change experts: your moral, intellectual and psychiatric superiors.

"Climate change skeptics are diseased, need treatment."

Oregon University professor Kari Norgaard suggests global warming skeptics be "treated."
I am the face of Climate "Science".

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Best Two Stories on the Internet Today: The Best Restaurant In Rome, and One of the Nicest Cops in America.

OH MAH GAWD I am completely verklempt. 


Rome restaurant serves up new attitude toward Down Syndrome. 

Rome restaurant serves up new attitude toward Down syndrome

And if that didn't make you cry, then read about the American policemen who threw a birthday party for an autistic boy who thought he had no friends. 

This is humanity:

"Pearson's Facebook post continued to spread, getting shared more and more until it reached the eyes of Pamela Ryan, girlfriend of Cambridge Police Officer Steven Bikofsky."

"My girlfriend is sensitive to children with special needs," Bikofsky explained.

"She showed me this post and she said, 'Oh my God, this poor woman. She's asking for people to send her son birthday cards.'"

Cambridge, MA Police Officer Steven Bikofsky with Logan

"As for Bikofsky, he said the bond between he and Logan definitely doesn't end here."

"In a year, there'll be a card for him in the mail," he said.

"He won't be forgotten. It's already on my calendar. We're taking him on as one of us."

Love This: Bluegrass Version of Rocket Man!

This is amaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!

Has Michael Mann Overplayed His Hand?

So this morning, the evil, seeekrit Joooooooo Kathy Draidle sent me this link EVEN BEFORE I HAD MY COFFEE!

Now that is the sublime dedication of us SteynFrau™x ELEVENTY GAZILLION.

You can read Mark Steyn's Mann About the House update here. 

So, I've been thinking a bit about this latest development and wondering to myself if Mann has finally overplayed his hand?

In other words-has The Hand That Holds The Hockey Stick finally dropped the puck?

There are a lot of Australians who want to see Bolt sue Mann.

(Read the comments in the Bolt piece if you don't believe me.) 

This does not surprise me, because Australians seem to have some sense left in their heads.

Seems that Australians said, enough is enough about this climate nonsense, and their government policy makers had to respond in kind.

Now, it's possible that Professor Mann is acting alone or possible that he has the backing of other individuals and organizations.

So just bear with me for a moment as I think this through.

I think there are several really huge issues at stake here.

One is of course, free speech, which is the cornerstone of freedom for a civilized society.

Mark Steyn has clearly articulated the case for free speech (as if there could possibly be a case "against" free speech...) throughout the years and continues to do an outstanding job at this thankless task up to the present day.

However, pause also to consider how much of the world's economy (and our hard-earned tax dollars), whether in research granting, academic infrastructure, non-profit infrastucture, industry, regulatory bodies, law firm busy work and therefore policy-making and governance is currently focused on the climate change industry.

And it is an industry. 

It is a figure that is too enormous to calculate!

(It is quite possibly more than President Obama spent blew through on "stimulus"! Imagine that?!?!)

How can one even estimate the dollars involved?

Climate everything is a stupendous tool for the left to control populations through macro and micro regulation of lives, industry, behaviour, and the way our tax dollars are spent-it determines how power is distributed.

From the light bulbs in your home, to the amount of water your toilet is "allowed" to flush, from the seeds that are "allowed" to be planted, to the curriculum in your children's schools, there is no facet of human life that is exempt from "climate" extrapolations.

This is the most ingenious, blanket tool of the totalitarian left possibly ever.

Marxism was the blueprint and theory, climate everything and anything is the application and reality. 

Riddle me this: how much of your personal freedom and liberty has been impinged upon, directly or indirectly, by a climate diktat of some sort?

Have you ever calculated the cost?

Thought about it?

How much human liberty is quashed daily because of the amorphous hydra of climate this that or the other?

Therefore, Mann versus Steyn is a big fight, but it's not just about free speech.

The stakes are high, in the trillions of dollars and in the political sphere as well.

There is an astonishing element of element of personal liberty on the line as well.

And for that reason, the fight will be prolonged, expensive and vicious-but ultimately I pray, victorious for Steyn and his supporters worldwide. 

UPDATE via Instapundit:

"Something is Rotten in the State of Science."


Publishers remove 120 computer generated (no doubt "peer reviewed", "evidence-based") scientific papers.

Outstanding: The Silent, Unrecognized Victims of Totalitarian Feminism.


This piece articulates a lot of common sense about women, sex and babies.

This quote is a keeper:

A sage, former Ivy League professor notes that “the deepest reason the Sexual Revolution has turned into a totalitarian movement is because what it is trying to do is literally impossible: it is impossible to separate sex and babies.”

Very insightful piece.

Here's another good nugget:

"One of the lies of the Sexual Revolution, she added, was that “we were told we could have it all, and it didn’t matter how long you postpone your fertility.”

“We were told a lie,” Morse said.

Doctors say your fertility peaks in your 20s, and the feminists told them to shut up.”

"It’s gotten so bad that, nowadays, infertility is almost part of a woman’s career path, she said.
Morse cited as an example her daughter’s recent experience in an upper-level UC Berkeley demography class, taught by a woman professor who liked to make snide comments about Catholics’ and Mormons’ big families. Then one day the professor let it slip that every female professor she knew had infertility problems, and told the class’ females to expect them, too."

This is the deal women were offered by the Sexual Revolution, and it’s a bum deal,” Morse said."

You can participate  in college and (career) as long as you agree to chemically neuter yourself during your child-birthing years and go through dangerous fertility experiments during your 30s.”

"Feminism and the Sexual Revolution takes the world as it is and makes the woman’s body adapt to it, and “that’s an inhumane policy,” Morse said.

“I say, why not make the world adapt to the woman’s body?

Greenfield: The Welfare State Not Just Running Out of Money, Running Out of People

This is a good piece from Daniel Greenfield. 

He's quite right-there will not be enough people to support the welfare state.

The thesis is very Steynian of course.

Related-just finished reading David ("Spengler") Goldman's book How Civilizations Die: (And Why Islam is Dying, Too) .

A friend urged me to read it because he found it made him very optimistic! I kind of rolled my eyes, but then I when I read through it, I realized why.

The only civilizations that are reproducing at an above replacement rate are religious Christians and Jews in Israel (both religious and 'traditional'). Everyone else seems to be going the way of the dodo bird.

Definitely worth reading. I recommend it.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Must Read: Stephen Blackwood-My Mother's Cancer and ObamaCare

As I have been saying for some time-this legislative monstrosity will cause many, many Americans to die, completely unecessarily. 

How many Americans will have to be the sacrificial lambs for this obscene, ideologically-driven mess of a law? 

Breitbart London Starts Off With a Bang: 12 Reasons Why Everyone Hates Piers Morgan

Funny stuff! 

Canadian Friends of Simon Weisenthal Centre Is Chock Full of Epic, Decadent Morons

Scaramouche has the scoop here.

This Steynpost Just Made Me Snort Out My Coffee (Not Very Ladylike To Be Sure...)

An update from Mark Steyn about "The Compliance of Science".

It has lots of good stuff, but the last three paragraphs made me laugh out loud. 

And I know it's very serious stuff, it's just that the way Steyn phrases things makes me crack up.

Read the whole thing.

The Dream, As Nightmare-UPDATED

It's the way he looks at me that I remember so clearly.

He is clearly puzzled.

He just cannot fathom why I thought he could not speak.

"Mommy, why did you think I can't speak? I'm talking to you right now! Look at me, we're talking."

And I say to myself, why did I ever think that?

Here we are talking, having a conversation.

Here I am loving your little voice, loving the absolute amazement in your voice, as you laugh, wondering why I ever doubted you could speak.

We have a good laugh, my son and I and he smiles.

It's the sunshine smile that melts hearts.

It is warm out and I feel so happy, and again I think to myself, what was I thinking?

I remember feeling so much relief because we are talking and I was somehow wrong.

How could I have thought that?

I spend a few more minutes marveling at the boy talking to me, scolding myself for having said to anyone my son can't speak, for even having thought such a thing.

Why did I say that, how could I have done such a thing?

And then I wake up, the sound of his voice still in my ears, hearing him say "Mommy, why did you think I can't speak?"

And I wipe away a few tears, and take a deep breath and try to go back to sleep.

This is my recurring dream as nightmare.

Some days it feels that we are a few syllables on the way to real speech, not signs or a computer-generated voice.

But I can't stop the dream from invading my sleep and can't tell whether it is a portent of the future or a message for me to release it.

Perhaps if I release my own dream for his voice the dream as nightmare will stop, but I'm not willing, or at all able at this point to let go.


Some thoughts on dreams from Chabad. 

Jonah Goldberg: Diversity = No Diversity of Opinion

Or as Kate would say:

What's the opposite of diversity?


Amazing: Israeli Breast Cancer Suvivor Creates Prosthetic Nipples "Pink Perfect" To Help Survivors Feel Whole Again


What an amazing innovation.

Spread the word.

As Per Ronald Reagan: The Best Social Program is a Job

New Arizona parks program helps homeless American veterans become park rangers. 

Very nice.

Why on earth Americans tolerate the status quo of so many vets becoming homeless (for whatever reason, mental illness, physical illness or addiction...) is another question.

Samantha Powers-Jews Being Slaughtered For Being Jewish = "Cycle of Violence"

I must have missed the part where the Jews in the "cycle" beheaded innocent Muslim journalists.

This is clearly the position of the Obama administration. Disgusting. What a vile, despicable woman. 

"What Do I Need to Do To Become 'Islamophobe' of the Year"?

Pretty funny stuff. 

Somewhere in the backwoods of New Hampshire, Mark Steyn is, no doubt, weeping infidel tears into his kuffar coffee....

History Geek Post: Joseph's Tomb, Then and Now

Nice photos from Israel National News, and a reminder that Jews are murdered in Jewish holy places by Palestinians. 

Some shared ancestry-all that blah blah about being sons of Abraham I guess means very little after all, if you can slaughter Jews at shared holy places.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why Does President Obama Hate American Women With Cancer And Want Them To Die?

Serious question. 

Celebrate Roma Culture in the UK: Buy A Girl for Only £500

Let's DEFINITELY have more of this in Canada.

Very pleasant cultural traditions! 

The New York Times Bureau of the White House Says Stimulus Was a Smashing Success!

Editorial propaganda packaged as "news".

By the way, never mind where are the jobs-WHERE IS THE STUFF???

Almost a trillion dollars and not a trace of it can be witnessed anywhere except in the hopey changey ghost-towns of America, as record numbers of food stamps are distributed and government dependency grows in the heartland like a cancer.

Wow! Israeli App For Cardiac Patients, Maps Their History and Cardiac Care Facilities WIth GPS

Pretty neat. 

Rice: Of Course We Lied About Benghazi, But What Difference Does It Make

"No regrets." 

D'Souza: Alinsky Paybacks at Work With Obama


Thug President.


What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Sixteen year old British, blonde kufar infidel girl to marry barman she met in Turkey, with parents' blessing. 

What could possibly go wrong?

"You Must Respect Us Or We Will Kill You": South Africa

Here's a first hand picture of an attack in South Africa where there were survivors. 

The nihilism of South African black gangs reminds me of the Palestinians. Life is meaningless.

The author of this piece though stupidly, and Stockholm Syndrome-y asks "what have we done to deserve this"?

Wrong question obviously.

The only question is "why do you stay"?

Friday, February 21, 2014

OH MAH GAWD Magnificent: Support Mark Steyn's Legal Offense Fund!

These are the best two sentences of the entire day!

Of the year!

I'm giddy!

Of course you must read the whole piece and click on every link but these two little sentences just JUMPED OFF THE SCREEN FOR ME!!

And when I say JUMPED OFF THE SCREEN, I mean-coin drops, *thunk*, duh! Of course!!!!!


"So now you know why I haven't set up a formal "legal defense fund". Because I've decided to go on legal offense."



Is it wrong that I am sort of in love with these two sentences?

Alright maybe not in love, but perhaps just a crush.

OK not really a crush but more like that kind of rah-rah jump up and down, 'yay team' kind of thing that makes you smile from ear to ear, except that I really don't root for any sports teams, so it's sort of hard to imagine myself saying 'yay team', etc.... But YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!

Do you feel the same way?

Perhaps having an adolescent-style crush on sentences renders me sort of strange, but I'm OK with that. I can live with that and I've been called much worse.

(A Jewish reader from America recently accused me of being "shrill" because I think Abe Foxman is a dangerous, despicable mute about jihad. I took it as a compliment and told him such.)

This all boils down to one thing: stand up to bullies-because that is the only way to live. 

You know what?

Twenty million bucks would do quite a lot to support free speech.

One could certainly get a lot of free speech mileage for that!

The left has lots of wealthy scumbags doing pro-bono legal work for them and many, many high profile millionaires and billionaires giving money to left-wing organizations to keep power in the hands of the left and redistribute hard-earned money to their cronies and pork projects.

I think it is an absolutely magnificent goal to build a delicious and robust fund to defend individuals from litigious, soft and full-on totalitarians who wish to censor, control and limit free speech.

Take some time and read the details here. 

This is very Breitbart of Mark Steyn and I mean that as one of the highest human comparison compliments that I can muster.

We humans are so flawed and so passive sometimes.

We want "someone" to do "something" and so few people say, hey THAT SOMEONE IS ME.

It is so delightful to see the feisty spirit of fighters spirit alive and kicking.

Would that more people said "no-it doesn't HAVE TO BE THAT WAY" and consign themselves to silent frustration, or whispered and hushed commiserating in the privacy of one's own peer group. 

So today is, no doubt, a special day for free speech.

And it's largely because of a masterful two-sentence declaration of war:

"So now you know why I haven't set up a formal "legal defense fund". Because I've decided to go on legal offense." 

I suspect we will all (those of us who care about free speech) remember when Mark Steyn decided to break the rules and go on the offensive and not ask anyone's permission to be free. I know I will.

I remember reading on my phone about Andrew Breitbart's death.

I remember where I sat on the subway, what station I was at. I can see it in my mind's eye as if it were yesterday. I started crying on the subway. I couldn't believe it. Of course I didn't know him personally, but I felt as though a close friend or relative had passed. I guess I felt he was a spiritual kindred spirit, a Jewish fighter.

That's when I decided to cease blogging anonymously because I realized that he was 43 (my age today) and that I didn't want to live scared of speaking my mind.

I remember the Saturday night after the Sabbath when I read about President Obama's "deal" with Iran, the moment where an American President threw the nation of Israel under the bus.

These are just a few moments seared into my memory, like short films. 

I will remember this day as well because those sentences inspire me.

"So now you know why I haven't set up a formal "legal defense fund". Because I've decided to go on legal offense." 

Perhaps they will inspire you as well.

Aside from the obvious impact of Steyn's battle cry on the fight for free speech, it is also a so very special day for another reason: it's Super Special Unicorns and Fluffy Bunny Science Day at Reddit.

Thus, if you are so inclined,  head over to Reddit today and "Ask Michael Mann Almost Anything".

I'm sure he'd be absolutely delighted to hear from you.

Excellent Krauthammer: The Myth of "Settled Science".

An absolute delight.

Read the whole thing. 

"Climate-change proponents have made their cause a matter of fealty and faith. For folks who pretend to be brave carriers of the scientific ethic, there’s more than a tinge of religion in their jeremiads. If you whore after other gods, the Bible tells us, “the Lord’s wrath be kindled against you, and he shut up the heaven, that there be no rain, and that the land yield not her fruit” (Deuteronomy 11)."

"Sounds like California. Except that today there’s a new god, the Earth Mother. And a new set of sins — burning coal and driving a fully equipped F-150."
"But whoring is whoring, and the gods must be appeased. So if California burns, you send your high priest (in carbon -belching Air Force One, but never mind) to the bone-dry land to offer up, on behalf of the repentant congregation, a $1 billion burnt offering called a “climate resilience fund.”

"Ah, settled science in action."

Is This the Biggest P&ssy Of A Police Officer in America? 13 Year Old Boy Charged For Throwing A Snowball at a Cop's Arm

"A 13 year old boy has been charged, as a juvenile, with felony aggravated battery against a police officer Wednesday after he hit the officer in the arm with a snowball while the officer was parked in his vehicle."

I'm sorry, this is a disgusting abuse of power.

"Peace Partners" Supports Kidnapping Israeli Soldiers

Yes, let's make peace with these people!

Fighting Back Works: Appearance By Demented, Jewish BDS Supporter Cancelled


Thursday, February 20, 2014

OMG: Apparently I Am The Last Woman In North America To Hear About Mark Steyn's Upcoming Pole Dancing Gig in Ottawa!?!?

Goodbye cruel world!!

*flings self off melting ice caps, into declining/extinct polar bear waters, grasping fair-trade coffee, chanting GAIA I'm coming hoooommmmme*

(If you listen to the interview, you'll get the joke.)


Jokesies aside, he's actually going to be at the Manning Conference next weekend. 

Really good stuff in this interview.

He talks about the "abomination" known as "creeping, totalitarian multiculturalism".

Listen to the whole thing! 

And really, if you are anywhere in the general vicinity of Ottawa, Kingston, Montreal or even upstate NY, it's worth the drive to see Steyn live.

And when I say worth it, what I mean is that Steyn live is a strange and unique combination of vacillating from mild-mannered nodding in agreement, to gut-splitting laughter (almost to the point of peeing in one's pants) to feeling astonishingly angry and oddly inspired at the same time.

Everything That is Wrong With the UK In One Little Article

So much WRONG packed into so few paragraphs. 

-Roma gangs of pedophile/groomers of children for sex trafficking, including disabled girls.

-Muslim gangs of pedophile/groomers of children for sex trafficking, including disabled girls.

-Taxpayer paying for translation services for alleged criminals.

-Judge perturbed merely that they never learned English. 

WWII History Geek Bonanza! Famed Nimitz Diary to Be Revealed Online Monday the 24th With Live Chat Component

This is wayyyyyyyy cool!

"The Naval War College Library in Newport, R.I. will publicly unveil online the 4,000-page "Gray Book" collection of Fleet Adm. Chester Nimitz communications that started in the wake of the Pearl Harbor attack and ran right up until the closing days of the war. The event will be held Monday, Feb. 24 at 6:30 p.m. Eastern."

"The event, held on the anniversary of Nimitz' 129th birthday, will be streamed live on the Navy Live Blog ( It will feature a lecture discussing the Gray Book as well as a question & answer session with U.S. Naval Academy Professor of History Emeritus Craig L. Symonds, PhD, author of numerous books including "The Battle of Midway," in which he recounts the pivotal role played by Nimitz in what was the turning point of the war in the Pacific."

"Viewers of the live stream will be able to submit questions via an interactive chat."

Post ScarJo Fight: Does Oxfam Have Ties To Palestinian Terrorist Groups?

The evidence seems pretty compelling.

New Ann Coulter: "If You Like Your Life, You Can Keep It"

Read the whole thing.

There is No Jewish Future in Europe

See Rotten Denmark here.

More here.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Microaggression" is for P&ssies

For goodnesssssssake, what a pile of dog squeeze.


So there. 

Seriously, microaggress my tuchus.

Dear Conservatives: Do Not Try to "Win Over" Your Enemies

Faux conservatives have this idea that they can romance and "win over" the other side because we are so polite and nice, and right and stuff.

If you get into the snake pit, you will get a big, poisonous bite from a venomous snake. 

That is 100% for sure.

The Trump "interview" (more like hit piece camouflaged as honest interview request) is a very stern reminder and warning of that indeed.

"They" will never like you. 

Not ever. So stop trying.

Political figures on the right should be very wary of being interviewed by hostile print media.

Mark Steyn notes that he rarely does so.

Steyn basically says do it live or don't do it at all.

Conservatives don't need the lamestream media.

Playing along with them just nurtures the fantasy of their immature fart-catchers.

They will really, really, really, really like us if we talk to them!

We will get invited to their parties!!




You're welcome. 

The New Contras: Understanding the Left's Grip on Media

Very good read via Instapundit. 

The whole article is worth reading and at the end there is an excellent and apt prediction-that academia will be the next institution (media was first) to implode as as a result of the internet liberalizing the spread and control of news and information.

It is true though that one must always be aware and wary of lefty-friendly technology giants such as Facebook and Google still trying to control the flow of information.

Very interesting.

Best Tweet of the Day? Rob Ford Sends Condolences to Putin!

Yum! Bon Appetite and B'teyavon-French Chefs Learning From Israeli Chefs

What a great article. 

Israeli food is absolutely delicious.


And look how cute the chefs are!

I digress! 


Israeli Chefs get back to their roots: super double plus versions of gefilte fish, shakshuka and more-getting really ethnic and jiggy with it!

San Francisco University Student Posts Violent Threats Against Jews and IDF Soldiers, SF Police Mute

What exactly would it take for San Francisco police to do something about these threats?

Mohammad Hammad, the President of the SFSU General Union of Palestine Students doesn't much like Jews and talks about slitting their necks with the butcher knives he pictures himself with on Tumblr.

Read the whole thing here.
Mohammad Hammad, the San Francisco State University student and president of SFSU’s General Union of Palestine Students. Hammad had posted a picture and a message on the social media site Tumblr, which shows Hammad with a knife, beneath which is the caption, “I seriously can not get over how much I love this blade. It is the sharpest thing I own and cuts through everything like butter and just holding it makes me want to stab an Israeli soldier.”

Read more at:

I Like This Mom: Utah Mom Buys Up All "Indecent" T-Shirts At Mall

You know why I like this story?


I like her style.

She saw something, and did something.

What she did was perfectly legal.

Then she went to the papers.

And that is inspiring a national (and international) news story.

She didn't just walk by and moan and kvetch (do they "kvetch" in Utah-I don't think so, maybe just 'complain).

She was not passive!


It's like the lefties say "if you see something, do something".


There is a really excellent lesson in here.

Cool: Top Secret Rabbi Gig, Mossad Now Has a Rabbi on Call For Huge Numbers of Religious Agents

Very cool.

And a very good thing. 

Just like in the IDF, the secular kibbutzniks are being outnumbered by religious Zionists.

This is a good thing.

G-d bless all of the security forces protecting Israel and the Jewish people.

Props to David Cameron: Cutting Benefits in the UK Part of a "Moral Mission"

This is a good start.

Finally, Cameron is talking sense.

This is a really good initiative. 

Lack of work means lack of purpose.

It's not just work, it's an "occupation".

Humans must be occupied with good things.


Idle mind, playground for the Devil.

The Ridiculous "Doctor" in the House Biden and Her Goofy Husband

America, I love you, but your over-credentialed "doctors" make me crazy. 

Here is "Dr." Biden making a house call to talk about ObamaCare.

Only problem is her doctorate is in education.

(That means she is smarter than you, and knows what you should do with your life and with your kids. She knows EVERYTHING better than you.)

And then next week-for all the ladies out there, her goofy husband is going to be on the most highly estrogen-frought television show on the airwaves, The View.

Apparently BabaWawa discussed her personal Vibwator on the show yesterday ("selfie").

If that doesn't give you nightmares, what would?

Couldn't you just puke?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Satan" Character Removed From Film Because He Looked Too Much Like Obama

What do you think?

Any resemblance?

What the Hell is Going on Down Under?!?!


OK, fine I'll answer my own question.

Q: What the hell is going on in Australia?

A: Diversity! Multiculturalism! Celebrate it, baby. 

My pal scaramouche notices that Hitler is beating Mark Steyn in Australia. 

By coincidence, a lovely Australian reader just e-mailed me the following four stories from Down Under.

Father, 61 says he did nothing wrong by letting his 12 year old daughter marry a man twice her age. 

"Australian" child brides raped and beaten in epidemic child "marriage" across NSW.

Creepy Imam charged over even creepier child "wedding" (i.e religiously sanctioned kidnapping and rape).

And this one (by subscription, but the headline tells enough):

Forced underage "marriage" a common story. 


Princeton Sucks: Invites 9/11 Truther and Jew and Israel-Hater to Deliver Edward Said Memorial Lecture (Naturally)

I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone that Richard Falk is going to deliver the Dead Ed lecture.

However, it cheapens the value of a Princeton degree.

Fortunately, there are some professors taking a stand.

For Shame: Shooting at Israeli (North Tel Aviv) Residence for Developmentally Disabled

This is disgusting. 

There are not a lot of details in the English language news, but in the Hebrew press, there is more information about the very significant and relentless campaign of intimidation being waged by residents of North Tel Aviv, the Ashkenazi, secular, leftist, fancy people, you know-against the disabled. 

These are the same people, by the way, who wish for south (Sephardic, working-class) Tel Aviv to remain completely overwhelmed by African "migrants" from Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, etc...

"More Feet": American Woman Expecting Triplets Has Quintuplets!

Mazel Tov!

I love that:

"More feet!"

That's just AWESOME.

Why Mark Steyn is One of My Heroes: Hath Not A Jew Eyes?

In an age where so few people articulate the truth, Mark Steyn remains a beacon of courage and moral fortitude. 

"But the violent, murderous phase of the new Jew-hatred is already here - in the emergency ward of the Royal London Hospital; in the corpse-strewn schoolyard of Toulouse; in the synagogue in Brussels set alight by Molotov cocktails; in a pleasant Jewish home in Antwerp, where burning rags were pushed through the mail flap; at the RER train station in Auber, where a commuter was savagely assaulted by a mob taunting, "Palestine will kill the Jews"; in the suburban home where a young Frenchman was tortured to death over three weeks while his family listened via phone to his howls of agony as his captors chanted from the Koran; in the stairwell of the apartment house where a Paris disc-jockey had his throat slit, his eyes gouged out, and his face ripped off by a neighbor who crowed, "I have killed my Jew!"

"The groups who perpetrate this violence come from a minority community - larger than the Jews but not yet larger than everyone else. They are telling you what they will do when they have the numbers to do it."

And as a post script on Toulouse-this latest news. 

"Men" of no particular religion again with their anti-Jew, anti-gay sentiments. 

As Steyn says: 

"They are telling you what they will do when they have the numbers to do it."

Monday, February 17, 2014

President "Eat the Rich" Obama Spends President's Day Golfing at Personal Course of Multi-Billionaire

Makes perfect sense. 

Why No Mainstream Coverage of Venezuela? The Left and the Media Still Love Their Communists

Great piece here from Reason. 

Steyn: A Man Alone

Just saw this little essay at Mark Steyn's place. 

Sometimes Steyn's most inspiring gems are kind of hidden on the web site in little unassuming posts.

The main point of this piece is that rare is the person who will stand up to the bullying masses, and not throw their "friend" to the wolves and cave under political and societal pressure.

The other takeaway of course, is that Mark Steyn clearly needs the support of the semen-friendly, vagina-positive and freedom-loving masses! 

(You can support the fight financially here.)

I always knew Steyn was philo-semitic but philosemenic is a rather good battle cry as well.

It's "major salutary"- to steal liberate a Steynism from the piece itself. 

I'm totally down with that!




You're not alone, Mark Steyn! 

(And anyway, didn't your Mamma tell you can go blind from that stand alone, man alone stuff?!?!?!! We need your eyes and pen and words and mind battle-ready!)

Margaret Wente: "Transgendered" Children-Have We Gone Too Far?

Well of course.


Here's the most important issue, and it's the part nobody wants to talk about so good for her for publishing these little paragraph in her excellent article:

"A child’s gender issue may merely be a symptom of other family problems

“The dirty little secret is that many of these families have big dysfunctional issues. When you get the clinicians over a beer, they’ll tell you the truth. A lot of the parents aren’t well in terms of their mental health. They think that once the child transitions, all their problems will magically go away, but that’s not really where the stress is located.”

"Clinicians won’t say these things publicly, she says, because they don’t want to sound as if they’re blaming gender problems on screwed-up families."

So, children will get sexually mutilated and drugged up, by their complicit families and physicians and the dirty little secret will swept away, right under the carpet, but at least the mentally ill will feel good about themselves, and that's what's really important, right? 

Seriously-in all the stories of the "transgendered" children have you ever heard a parent who sounds lucid and normal? I haven't. 

And almost always, the father is ABSENT. 

Here's another unintended (or perhaps intended) consequence: 

Five year old girls will get sexually assaulted, but at least the mentally ill will not feel bad about themselves as they "identify" as the other sex-and that is the main thing, right? 

Pity He Didn't Succeed: Daniel Pearl Murder Convict Attempts Suicide in Pakistan

Really unfortunate he failed in his attempt.

Here's Why Jews Are Our Own Worst Enemy: Abe Foxman Blind to the Real "Neo-Nazis" Of Europe

Blind, myopic Jews like Abe Foxman, as far as I am concerned are complicit in antisemitism and I will tell you why. 

If you read this article (hat tip: Blazing Cat Fur), you will not that this gutless Jew cannot muster the moral courage to identify the worst perpetrators of European antisemitism: Muslims.

These leftist extremist liberal Jews can only identify Judenhaas when it comes from the white, political right.

They are absolutely blind to the dangers of jihad, even though they are cognitively aware that there was no "last time" a synagogue in Europe was attacked by a white, Christian "neo-Nazi".

When Jews, and Jewish children are slaughtered in cold blood in France, they know it was a jihadist perpetrator but they are blind to it. They will not articulate the motivation behind those attacks.

When Turkey simmers with Jew hatred motivated by religion, they will still blame the European white, Christian right.

When Malmo, Sweden becomes inhabitable for Jews, they blame the white, Christian right. It is the rape capital of Europe not because of white, Christian right-wingers-but the facts are irrelevant.

Shame on you, Abraham Foxman. Shame on you.

These Jews are a danger to the Jewish people.

Their denial is so thick and so amoral that it is difficult sometimes to find the words to express my utter disgust and contempt.

By fighting the last war against the German Nazis over and over in their heads, they endanger living Jews. But they will never learn.

It's so cozy to be a professional Jew, fighting the ghosts of WW2 over and over and never facing the real threats to the Jewish people.

How fortunate for them, how convenient for their denial that there is an Israel now and an IDF to fight the real battles on behalf of the Jews.

For them, the "science' of antisemtism is "settled". Case closed!

See no jihad, hear no jihad, speak no jihad!

This disgraceful denial is, not coincidentally, coupled with abject sucking-up to, and fawning over President Obama, who is inarguably the worst and most hostile President in American history toward the Jews and Israel.

The disgusting denial gives them the ability to prance around like intoxicated Jewish fan boys on American television and at various dinners and tributes and lectures talking about the fairy tale, ghost culprits.

For shame.

These complicit moral cretins refuse to admit that the real neo-Nazis of Europe are the murderous, Jew-hating immigrant jihadists who are motivated religiously to slaughter the Jew-and do it with glee. 

The only thing I "enjoyed" in the video clip was that Mr. Foxman rightly notes that he is replaceable.

You are replaceable, Mr. Foxman, indeed.

G-d willing the Jewish world will wean off such pathetic, morally obtuse losers who are sinfully complicit in the current war against the Jews.

I pray to the G-d of Israel that He will save us from Jews like Mr. Foxman and his posse of pathetic, terrified followers who are deaf, blind and mute to the existential threat to the Jewish people of Islamic jihad on a small (yet painful, deadly and bloody) scale in Europe and on a scale the size of the Holocaust, in the form of Iranian nuclear arms.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Manuel The Garbage Man Wins the Internet Today

What a lovely human being. 

Obama's Billion Dollar "Climate Change" Slush Fund


Absolutely insane. 

Perhaps we should consider that the drought in California is actually man-made, but not because of "climate change" but rather because no dams have been built in California in so many years. 

Perhaps the Best Headline of the Day: "Nothing Says Valentine's Day Like Taxpayer Funded Monkey Erections"



Quite Excellent: Jonah Goldberg, "From Russia With Euphemisms"

Really worth reading.

Important to remember that KGB Vlad remains KGB Vlad.

"If it is conventional wisdom that the Nazi Holocaust was worse than the Soviet Terror, you would at least think earning the silver in the Devil’s Olympics would earn something more than feckless wordsmithery and smug eye-rolling from journalists and intellectuals."

"Imagine if instead of Sochi these games were in Germany, and suppose the organizers floated out the swastika while NBC talked of the “pivotal experiment” of Nazism. Imagine the controversy."

"But when the hammer and sickle float by, there’s no outrage. There is only the evil of banality."

That is an outstanding turn of phrase from Mr. Goldberg. Really well done and of course, so true. 

Bruce Bawer: The Gay Rights Cave-In In Sochi

"While noting that gay-rights activists had been detained by cops in Red Square during the opening ceremonies, the British left’s flagship daily seemed to make a point of mentioning this incident in passing and of treating it dismissively – as if it were a minor bit of unpleasantness that certainly shouldn’t be allowed to spoil anybody’s fun."

"As for the American gay activists, at least one explanation for their apparent withdrawal from the Russia issue suggested itself: they needed to get back to the important work of harassing bakers who won’t make gay wedding cakes and photographers who won’t take pictures of gay weddings. With such solemn responsibilities, who has the time to stay focused on Putin’s crackdown on freedom – let alone care about gays in Africa who are being terrorized by cops and pummeled to pieces by sharia-crazed mobs?"

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Saudi Prince Explains Why He Was in Contact With Israelis: "Ya, Chabibi, Those Iranians Are Batshit Shia Crazy And They Could Nuke Us!!"

Ha ha!

Just kidding.

(Can you imagine?!?! Please help, us, you dirty Zionist kufar sons of pigs and apes!!!!! AIYEEEE WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!")

Apparently the meeting was:

To "clarify perspectives". 



The OC Register on Harris Versus Quinn

It's exactly this: 

"the problem is not so much free riders as it is “forced riders.”

"It is patently absurd for an organization to claim to represent someone without her consent, and then to charge her for the privilege of the violation of her freedom of association (or, in this case, the freedom not to associate)."

"The actions of governments and public employees unions reveal that the true purpose of their forced unionization scheme is not for the benefit of the home-care workers, but rather for the benefit of the unions and union-backed politicians."

There is LOTS of money at stake and the Obama administration is very nervous about this case. Joe Biden has already nervously brought it up in public.

Pam has gotten under their skin. 

The problem is that Americans don't realize that ANYONE getting any kind of entitlement, payment, rebate, whatever from the government, could find it quite easily clawed back.

The only purpose of this cash grab is to grab the cash.

These people are NOT recognized as civil servants or public employees for pension or any other kind of benefit.

It is SOLELY to take the money and keep it in the union/Democrat/Big Labour coffers.


I Think I Like The Cut of This Fellow's Jib

Via Blazing Cat Fur. 

Hi Sam!

OMG Cute: "Thanks For the Baby Brother, But I Wanted A Puppy", Kids Notes to Parents

This is really fun stuff. 

And my kids did not do this one. Just saying. The hair is totally not me. And what is with the pink shirt and the blue pants? I would *never* do that.

The moment's mothers enjoy at home never go undetected by their children, it seems

Belgium Embraces Death: Murder of Sick and Disabled Children Now Legal


We should ALL stop calling it "euthanasia".

It's murder.

I Love This Kid: 10 Year Old Boy Claims He is a Dwarf When Busted By Police Driving To Grandma's

Could not get any better. 


"If You Like Your New York City, You Can Keep Your New York City"

Liberal lies.

Must Be A Coincidence: 100% of Established 501 Groups Audited by the IRS Are Conservative

A statistic even Stalin would envy.

Obama's Biggest Whopper Yet, Perhaps Bigger Than "If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your Plan"?

Obama "looks forward" to talks with Bibi Netanyahu. 


Maybe this time he'll, you know-actually meet with him. 

No snub this time? 

Just sayin...

New York Public School Parents Demand Names of Teachers Who Defended Their Pedophile Colleague

Name 'em and shame 'em. 

Michael Behenna Wins Parole, More "Green Crescent" Jihadist Murders in Afghanistan

Via the incredible Allen West: 

Why do we tolerate the murder of our own for the benefit of the barbarians?

Remind me why we shed any of our blood in Afghanistan?

"Insider attack."

Shame on all of us for even articulating that term.

Didn't Realize That James Delingpole Was Such A Badass! Read The Martyrdom of Mark Steyn!

What a kick ass essay!

Of course, you must read the whole thing. 

It's clear and spells out exactly what is at stake and why we should care:

"Well, the fact that I even have to explain this shows what a cowardly, snivelling, career-safe, intellectually feeble, morally compromised age we inhabit. "

(Correct! Very accurate, so pathetic!) 


"Mann may or may not have a case against Steyn on technical grounds; but in terms of the bigger argument about empiricism, free speech and the scientific method, he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Steyn gets this and — as he did in his case against the Ontario Human Rights Committee — is laying his neck on the line not solely because he’s a show-off and an awkward sod but for the greater cause of western civilisation."

"Now go to his website and read what you can do to support him."


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Palestinian Erekat Says to Netanyahu: "Say It 1-9-6-7"

The only acceptable answer back is:


Gavin McInnes Not Exactly Hot For Teamwork!

Via evil seeeeekrit Jew Kathy Draidle. 

Kathy once quipped that the scariest six words in the English language are:

"Now let's break into small groups."

I'm so glad McInnes is riffing on this, at a Ted talk no less.


Must Read on Mann Versus Steyn: The Trial of the Century

"If it is a sin to doubt, then there is no science. If it is a crime to dissent, then there is no politics."

Great stuff.

Do read the whole thing. 

Other random thoughts in case anyone cares: 

I am not happy about Steyn having to fight this thing. 
It is a bitch, and expensive, and exhausting being the Happy Warrior on behalf of so many civilized people fighting the bullies all the time.

But, I can't say that I am unhappy about his current prolific rate of blogging and media spots since his departure from NRO and the severing the lawsuit. 

Prolific Steyn on the Interwebzzz. 

What could possibly be wrong with that? 


Interesting: What Jews Can Learn From Mormons

The always doing stuff in pairs thing is interesting.

Lots of other interesting thoughts in this piece.

Excellent! Love This: How I Ditched Online Dating and Learned to Flirt.

Hello men!??!?!

Flirt more. 


Seriously, what's the worst that could happen? 

This line is really hilarious also:

"Flirtation, Jean tells us, is a fun activity for any location. But to increase your chances of success, try doing it somewhere where you’re likely to meet someone who shares the same interests. Since everyone at least pretends to like art, our tour starts in the National Portrait Gallery"

(I don't pretend to like anything. And I hate art galleries. So there.) 

Toronto Maple Leaf's Captain Dion Phaneuf: Mensch

And RIP little Jordan.

The Eunuch Boner

Whoops. Sorry.

Meant "John Boehner, the Eunuch". 

Oh Canada! Canada Charts "Comfortable" Course to Balance Budget

Hey America, this is how it's done.

Real leaders.

Leading while some chairs sit empty.

Where Is It Illegal to Be Gay?

Paging Queers Against Israeli Apartheid!

Via Pat Condell.

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid could not be reached for comment at press time.