Thursday, April 28, 2016

Passover Ends...

The last days of Passover 5776 are upon us.

THUS: I'll be offline till Sunday.

See you then.

Fire Them All, Part 2

Educators: your moral and intellectual and farm implement superiors. 

Fire Them All

Lord save us from the "Helpy People". 

A Winnipeg mother is being investigated for child endangerment harassed for letting her children play in their enclosed backyard.

"A Winnipeg woman says she was reported to and investigated by Child and Family Services simply for letting her children play in her backyard. Jacqui Kendrick, a stay-at-home mom, says a CFS worker showed up unexpectedly in early April, saying they had received a complaint about her children being unsupervised. Kendrick has three children ages two, five and 10, and says they often played in her fenced-in backyard after school."

"Kendrick told CTV she’s either with them or watching them from her living room, though she says her oldest child also helps out by looking after her younger siblings. But she says because a file has been created, she’s worried that any future complaints could end up with her children being taken from her."

"She also says the grilling she underwent from the CFS worker left her in tears."

“(The worker was) asking me about if we’ve ever dealt with CFS before, what my childhood was like, how I punish my children,” Kendrick says. “She had to look to see where my kid slept. She had to see if we had enough food in the house.”

"CFS officials did not respond to requests for an interview."

Kendrick should sue their asses off. 

Eurapia Update!

"All he could say was 'sex, sex, sex'. 


It's so nuanced!

Perhaps something got lost in translation?


The Real "Tikun Olam"

Lefty Jews are not really Jewish because their religion is leftism.

They always go on and on and on about "Tikun Olam" which is 'repairing the world'.

Here's the last word on that from Professor Steven Plaut, if you didn't catch it when I posted it earlier this year. 

And that's all they care about. They never heal themselves. Oh no-they are the enlightened and benighted ones.

Anyway, here's some real Tikun Olam.

This is the real deal.


The Dhimmis Of Rutgers University Go Full Sharia Compliant


Britain's Jew Hatey Problem Getting More Interesting...

Reducto ad Hilterum. 

Gets them every time.

Buh bye, Ken. 

This is Fab!

Most excellent endorsement. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Must Read: Male in Female Bathrooms, Modesty Anyone?

So good.

So much seichel in one place.

"It’s happening with astonishing speed."

"The radical left has moved from the redefinition of marriage to the nullification of gender. If you feel that you are a woman, then justice demands that you and your penis have the right to use the women’s restroom."

"The left claims to care about the oppressed. But, in truth, the left seeks to balkanize America by creating and catering to carefully cultivated victim groups. The left then plays one group off the next in a cynical game of thrones designed to replace family with centralized government. Not content to force abnormal behavior upon society, the left demands a level of conformity that would leave Mao giddy with admiration."

"At the moment, men and women who are sexually confused are at the top of the leftist heap of victims. Next come homosexuals, Muslims, women of color, then maybe white women. White Christian men and women are actively despised. Black Conservatives are treated like heretics. Torah Jews and unborn infants are less than zero."
Read the whole thing. 

Steyn: Captain Quantum Says: "I Got Nuttin"

Great spot, YUUUUUUGE spot from Mark Steyn on the Oakley show this morning. 

My favourite parts were the spot-on analysis of our feckless, gutless, Islamophiliac Prime Minister ("I got nuttin").

Just as a reminder about Prime Minister Trudeau's sentiments on jihadist terrorists ("excluded"), here's the flashback video and look at the love emanating from Peter Manscrush toward Justin. Manscrush looks just radiant, doesn't he?

I am also really greatly, FRANKLY YUUUGELY relieved to know that all of Mark Steyn's research on climate change and otherwise is done in crayon and peer-reviewed by his dog (I hope Marvin Steyn is not jealous, but maybe he gets to edit?).  This seems to me an absolutely excellent and YUGE system of checks and balances and is certainly a more rigorous, 'evidence-based' process than the existing norms of academia.

Listen to the whole thing. 

Change the World By Virtue Signalling How Great You Are in A Third World Slum

Via Instapundit: 

The virtue signalling world of troubled, affluent souls volunteering abroad:

The developing world has become a playground for the redemption of privileged souls looking to atone for global injustices by escaping the vacuity of modernity and globalization.”

Prager: Why The Left Loathes Western Civilization

Dennis Prager is really at the top of his game when he analyzes the political left and all matters concerning morality. He is a very sensible student of human nature, and I quite enjoy all of his writings and particularly his Prager University videos, but his essays on the political left really nail the exact essence of the evil we are up against.

Read the whole thing. 

"Why is the left hostile toward Western civilization?"

"After decades of considering this question, I have concluded the answer is this: standards."

"The left hates standards — moral standards, artistic standards, cultural standards. The West is built on all three, and it has excelled in all three. Why does the left hate standards? It hates standards because when there are standards, there is judgment. And leftists don't want to be judged."

"And finally, we come to the left's loathing of the religions of Western civilization — the Judeo-Christian religions, which have clear standards of right and wrong."

"Bible-based religions affirm a morally judging God. For the left, that is anathema. For the left, the only judging allowed is leftists' judging of others. No one judges the left — neither man nor God."

"Let There Be Light"


Good Luck With This Project, Amnesty International!

This is really fun to watch. 

Two Words: Death Penalty

First, slow castration.

Then the death penalty. 

Remember: this child, according to our intellectual betters on the left, is an "urban myth".

Italian Court Orders Father to Pay For Upkeep of 28 Year Old Baby

At 28, I was married and a mom.

Just sayin. 

Please Share This With All the Jew-Hating, BDS HamasHoles That You Know

Not that it will make a difference but:

"In rare procedure doctors at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem save Gazan child from paralysis." 

Jew Hatred in the UK: "Like Lifting Up A Stone and Seeing the Insects Crawl Out"

Yes indeed. 

And British Jews should be very aware that it is a very short drive from completely acceptable parlour and verbal antisemitism, to outright physical violence.

There is no future for Jews in the formerly Great Britain.

"Our Public Grieving Over Dead Celebrities Has Reached Insufferable Levels"


I cannot stand Public Mourning Kabuki.

I hate the "make-shift" memorials, the teddy bears, the little notes and flowers-I hate it all.

Yes, you can be upset about a bad news event. But no-it's not about you, so you have to compartmentalize it, and if you are a mature adult with a real life, then you realize it's not YOUR SAD and get back to your real life.

It's someone else's sad, and it's really for them, not for YOU.  

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Future of Europe in One Sentence

"Marseille synagogue sold, will become mosque."

Read the whole thing and don't say you weren't warned.

And remember, where it is unsafe for Jews, it will be unsafe for non-Jews.

Paris is the example, but the French will not learn because they are too married to their institutionalized Islamophilia.

And needless to say, it's never "just" about the Jews and it's never confined "just" to the Jews.

France is irredeemable, it has made its choice.

That choice was to wholly and indisputably scorch the Jewish blood-soaked earth of France with the gasoline of a fresh, inextinguishable and wild strain of virulent Islamic antisemitism, directly imported, voluntarily through the Muslim invasion of the Republic.

Any Jews remaining in France need to be packing their bags in order to avoid leaving in coffins. 

The Great Meotti: Europe Veils Itself


This is a painfully true and depressing European Free Speech obituary from one of my favourite living Italians.

In Which I Must Root For A British Royal Totally And Utterly Slapping Down An Arrogant Yankee

This is so delicious. 

I love it. 

"Her majesty insisted President Obama bring no more than three choppers to her 90th birthday celebration."

"After his entourage of twelve helicopters ruined the grass in Queen Elizabeth’s Windsor Castle gardens during a 2011 visit, the Obama administration’s attempts to bring an extensive security detail were no match for the Queen’s insistence."

"The Queen called President Obama’s entourage “over the top,” and refused to yield in her scaled back security demands."

Heartache: ISIS Offers Marriage Counselling to Disuade Jihadi Brides From Leaving

As I often say: Marriage counselling is the last act in End of Marriage Kabuki Theatre.  

The only other thing that comes remotely as close to signalling the end of a marriage is the dreaded "Renewing Our Vows" extravaganza. 

My dear friend "K", once told me that when his first (now ex) wife insisted that they go to marriage counselling to save their marriage yada yada yada, he told her outright that he didn't need to pay for an angry lesbian in an ugly sweater to tell him that he is an asshole, that he already knew that he was an asshole thankyouverymuch.

I think you understand my position on "marriage therapy" now...

Anyway, apparently ISIS is really struggling with keeping the home fires burning. 

Robert Downey Jr: MENSCH

Anyone who makes the world a little brighter for seriously ill children is a righteous soul.

This is human grace.

London Gets Even More Rapey

Remember this story?

The serial sex attacker in London? You know, the kind that Doug Saunders, Jonathan Kay, Simon Schama and Louise Arbour think are a figment of Mark Steyn's imagination...

Meet Mehdi Midani of Algeria. 

He saw fresh, infidel meat on the streets of London and decided to help himself.

France Sucks and Is Dar Al Islam

Apparently, Jew-hatred and hatred of Israel is much more important to the French Republic than preventing the massacre of their own citizens. 

European Swimming Pools Get More Rapey

Instead of just, you know-halting immigration, Europeans must now pay for rigorous security at public swimming pools. 

You would think that SOME Europeans think this is not a good thing, or that it is very weird to have to implement a vast security apparatus in order to protect women and children who just want to swim. But if you thought that, you would be wrong.

"On Monday authorities in Vienna said they had come up with a ten-point plan to increase the security for young children and adults. The new measures include what are called, “first responders,” who will essentially act as security guards, reports Kuerier.

Some 40 of these “first responders” will be trained to intervene in cases where they suspect a child or adult will be, or is in the process of being, sexually assaulted. They will also be trained to de-escalate situations that may lead to violent conflict between patrons of the swimming pools."

Don't you feel safer now?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Steyn Comes Down From the Mountain, Slays Sacred Climate Cows in Manhattan!

This is a great interview (really well done by Ben Weingarten, great questions and he actually lets Steyn speak), so make sure to watch the whole thing.

And in case you thought I forgot, I didn't, because it would be appallingly remiss if I did not note the lovely suit and bonus gold tie!

Nicely played, Mark Steyn.

Very stylish choice for reddish-haired person and the perfect outfit in which to battle Big Clime.

Never mind about speaking softly and and carrying a big stick! Be like Mark Steyn! Speak firmly and wear a fabulous bespoke suit!

Shameless sartorial pandering aside, there are a few points that really struck me from the interview.

First of all, Steyn briefly mentioned the witch hunt he suffered through in Canada for his alleged "flagrantly Islamophobic" writings. The whole thing was a real nightmare (I remember it well) but when I think about the accusation of being caught "in flagrante Islamophobictico" it makes me smile from ear to ear, kind of a strange, Zionist, Jewy, heterosexual, conservative hatemongering SteynFrau smile, so I guess I'm a horrible person.


Second: Steyn's observations about the First Amendment are spot on.

How useful is the First Amendment in an insanely litigious country? If a writer can be punished for a 120 word blog post with a seven figure lawsuit, stretching close to a decade long battle without any sign of resolution, then the only answer is not bloody useful at all. And that is also of benefit to the political left, which never rests.

Third: The Battle of Competing Primitivism. This is a very compelling nugget. In the battle between lefty, utopian, moronic, environmental primitivism and nihilistic, Islamic primitivism, Islamic primitivism will always win because it is serious about the battle for power and doesn't need taxpayer dollars, and/or an official state ideology to fight. It's a religious jihadt, and an ideological war and thus Islamic primitivism needs only Western weakness and decadence to win. And there is a glut of that now unfortunately!

Both groups, however, want modern toys in their primitive worlds-neither will be giving up their iPhones, etc.. in the near future, I can assure you. So they are also hypocritical arseholes in addition to everything else.

Lastly: Steyn comments on the rave reviews garnered by the late Saddam Hussein ("he didn't write it himself, he dictated, he was a Great Dictator) for his babelicious musical ("he got two thumbs up"). Iraqis were smart enough to give two thumbs up instead of getting one head off. 

The political left, Big Climate included, believes in similar tactics and similar punishments and will never let you rest. 

There is no "opt-out' option and there won't be ever. 

Therefore, each of us has to decide what we are willing to fight for and be serious about it, or resign ourselves to living as slaves. 

Also: don't forget also to listen to Steyn Wednesday morning on the John Oakley show at 8:30 EST on AM 640.

Must Read Kurt Schlichter: "If They Can Make You Lie, Then They Have Broken You"

This is an excellent essay from Kurt Schlichter.

Don't lie. 

Tell the truth.

Don't let liberals break you by forcing you to lie.

"...objective truth is irrelevant to the left. They need you to lie because when you lie you hand them power. And if you refuse to lie, if you try and rely on the fact that the facts support a different conclusion, then you will be hounded and persecuted. But if they can make you lie, then they have broken you.

"Oh well. So we have a fight ahead of us, a fight pitting lies against truth, and comfort against our self-respect. So let’s fight."

The Victimhood Olympics Enters A New Jew-Hating Phase

"Calling out" the Holocaust.

"Holocaust envy."

Read the whole thing. 

"This perverse battle of victimhoods, this ugly oneupmanship among the “oppressed”, is especially pronounced on campuses. There, with entirely straight faces, plummy white middle-class girls will tell you they’re victims of misogyny, and privately educated gay students will claim to be part of an oppressed minority. Being a victim is all the rage, and proving you’re more victimised than everyone else is the main game."

"And this is where the “some kind of problem with Jews” comes into play. To the pseudo-oppressed identitarians who run student politics,Jews can’t possibly have a hard time because they’re mainly white and not poor, right? That means they count as oppressors rather than as victims on the infantile and mad scale of Most Damaged Groups drawn up by the posh student brats desperate to feel like victims. And as for the small matter of the Holocaust, the greatest crime in history: well, that will have to be broken down, shared out, turned into something that everyone and everything, even chickens on a factory farm, have experienced at some level."

"It’s the grotesque end result of the cult of victimhood: the chipping away at the uniqueness of the Holocaust because foot-stomping radicals from the Home Counties think its super-unfair that Jews get to have such an act of victimisation and extermination all to themselves."

The Proper Answer to This Is To Sing Louder

A couple of useless turds of "security guards" told American school children to stop singing the American national anthem at the 9/11 memorial in NYC. 

The proper answer to this is to sing louder, with more gusto and more spirit and to sing it over and over again.

The Imperial President: The Excess of Air Force One

Really quite a disgusting display of excess. 

Very Interesting and I'm Not At All Surprised: Anorexia Could Be Caused By A Bacteria

There are so many real physical illnesses that are blamed on psychological and mental issues at first and for many years.

This is important research.

Read the whole thing. 

Real War on Women: "This is What It's Like to Pee After Female Genital Mutilation"

Feminists unavailable for comment at press time ever, ever, ever EVAH EVAH.

They will never comment about FGM because it's 99.9% a Muslim thing.

FGM is a barbaric practice, it is a sinister, disgusting and evil thing done to women.  And the gutless wankers of the political left turn a blind eye to this barbarism. I vomit in their direction.

"The first time you notice your physicality has changed is your pee," says Hibo Wardere
"An open wound rubbed with salt or hot chilli - it felt like that," she recalls.

"And then you realise your wee isn't coming out the way it used to come. It's coming out as droplets, and every drop was worse than the one before. This takes four or five minutes - and in that four or five minutes you're experiencing horrific pain."

"Things that were supposed to be expanding have gone. So the hole that you have is very small and sex is very difficult. You do get pleasures - but it's once in a blue moon."

"When Hibo became pregnant for the first time in 1991, aged 22, she says she was tortured by the idea of medical staff looking at her genitals, which had been physically altered."

"I remember taking the pillow and just putting it on my face because I didn't want the humiliation, the pain," she says. "Knowing all those eyes were going to look at me, was too much."

"During the birth, she experienced flashbacks of being cut - which is a common experience of survivors. At the time, she was the first FGM survivor that staff at the hospital in Surrey had seen. Neither she, nor they, had any idea how to try to make the birth easier."

"Before they could even think of what was going to happen and how they're going to deliver this boy, my son came, They had to cut me. My son actually ripped parts of me as well because he was coming with such a force," Hibo recalls.

Ain't Multiculturalism Grand?

"This is not a scrotum dryer." 

Veni, Vidi, Vici MATZOH-CI.

We came, we saw, we conquered we ate matzohs.

With apologies to people who actually read Latin. 

The Seder at my house was lovely if I do say so myself.

I find the text of the Passover Seder (literally "order", because there is a prescribed order to telling the story) so profoundly moving. We Jews are reminded that we must think of ourselves being slaves in Egypt-not just some random people a long time ago. We must see ourselves as being right there in Egypt, and then miraculously being granted our freedom to live as Jews and live in Israel. We read every word, sing every song, and it is all quite glorious. I'm almost moved to tears by so many parts of the Seder.

The food was lovely, the company quite grand and reciting the very same, exact story that my ancestors have told for thousands of years is not just a privilege but a real testimony to the survival and resilience of the Jewish people and the Jewish nation. It is the unbroken tie to our past and to the G-d of Israel.  The house was full of food and prayer and song and love. My cup runneth over.

And now, back to work and life with matzoh.

Bear with me as I get caught up.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Passover!

It's a very Jewy time of the year.

Passover starts this evening so me and My People all around the world are very busy.

See you in a few days. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hey BDS Hamasholes: Put This In Your Bong And Smoke It


"The surgery-free operating room of tomorrow is here-today." 


Great News! American Official Who Granted Visas to 9/11 Hijackers Still Works For State Department

Fluent Arabic, Columbia grad.

Shayna Steinger approved 11 of the visas granted to the 19 9/11 hijackers and is still working on the American taxpayer's dime.

Sweden Is Dar Al Islam (And I Can't Say I'm Too Busted Up About It)

Sweden is a complete and total Islamic sh&thole. 

Some people are protesting (see video) but you can see how utterly uninterested the bureaucrats are in the citizenry's legitimate questions. 

There is no accountability.

So here we see citizens trying to do something, but nobody cares! Outrageous.

Also watch this.

Dennis Prager: Do Jews, Christians and Muslims Believe in the Same G-d?

A good one.


"...saying one believes in God tells us nothing about the God one believes in..."

Two Black Physicians Have Been Fired in Georgia Because Tolerance

Sorry black Christian doctors, you are way, way down on the victim hierarchy chart. 

Blacks are out.

Transgenders and Muslims are in.

You're welcome! 

Harvard University "Smelly Jew" Update

News About Jews You Can Use: What Different Kippas (Yarmulkas) Tell You About Jewish Men

Actually there is an even wider and more nuanced range even than what is described here, but this is a pretty good crib sheet. 

Daniel Greenfield: In the City of Decadents

So smart. 

SUCH a good essay.

Read the whole thing. 

"Civilizations go through three stages; Barbaric, Vigorous and Decadent."

"We can find all the barbaric civilizations to suit an entire faculty's worth of anthropologists in the Middle East. And then back home we can see the decadent civilization that employs their kind to bemoan the West. Vigorous civilizations are a rarer breed. They change the world. But don't last."

"America used to be vigorous when it was moving west, producing at record rates and becoming a world power. It is growing decadent. And decadent civilizations fall to barbarians."

The War on Tommy Robinson Explained

Watch the whole video.

It's really well done. 

There's definitely a class issue here, but I think that many secular Britons are political leftists or just part of the brainwashed masses who have just bought into the whole multi-cult nihilism. They are basically secular dhimmis and it's a lethally stupid combination.

Yes, Blogging Has Been Impossible Lately, Thanks For Asking!

This has been a very busy time for me and there is no sign that things will be letting up!

This week started out with a bang. Actually, with a threat (not violence, just to be clear). I can't go into further details but it was a rather time consuming and astonishingly strange matter that came quite literally out of the blue, and which has now been resolved.

All this has been going on while I have been scrubbing the guts out of my house including all bedrooms, living room and every single appliance, buying special foods, changing over our dishes, all in preparation for Passover which starts tomorrow night.  So I'm typing this with dishpan hands and I'm still a little testy about this week's adventures in blogging. That's all I can really say. 

Anyway, I have a TON of great links saved up and hope to post a bunch of stuff later.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Random, "Urban Myth" Rapefugee Gang Rape in the UK

Ho Hum!

Nothing to see here. 

Ancient Jewish History Geek Out!

Girl finds ancient Pharonic amulet at Temple Mount dig. 

This sounds like the coolest thing to do in Israel! I am going to check it out.

More info about volunteering here. 

Tim Blair: Officially Not A Racist

Tim Blair helpfully explains how the "Anti Racism" monstrosity operates in Australia.

Looks really fun.

How to Sort of Get Kate Middleton's Incredible Outfits At Less Cost

Her stylists are amazing, and she is gorgeous!

Every outfit on this trip was fabulous.


The Daily Mail has a cute little cheat sheet. 

However, remember that the Duchess is probably a size zero, so everything is going to look good on her.

I love the poppy red dress and the Tory Burch floral gown is simply spectacular. I love the nod to Indian culture and fashion, so classy!

Your Moral Superiors At Harvard

Harvard law student calls Israeli Member of Knesset Tzipi Livni a smelly Jew. 

Copenhagen Synagogue Terrorist Seems Nice

He graciously invited the female judge to suck his"“circumcised cock”, and calling her a “pig” and a “Nazi whore”.

"Lena Dunham Is A Big Pile of Pudding"

From one of my very favourite lesbians. 

This is really good stuff. Watch the whole thing. She picks up on Mark Steyn's theme about Western civilization will still be talking about transgendered washrooms while the Iranian mullahs nuke us. She refers to jihadi suicide bombers taking down Western civilization but it's the same idea.

She is super smart and talks a mile a minute. Love her.

Professor Camile Paglia:

Sweden Deserves to Die

There's are a few reasons why Sweden is an Islamic shithole.

One, turning a blind eye to Muslim antisemitism.

Two, submitting to Islam.

Then three, making the seamless transition to spokes-country for evil. 

Take That, BDS HamAssholes: Forbes Under 30 Meets Abroad For First Time, In Israel


Actor Harvey Keitel Backs Green Beret Punished for Protecting Afghan Child Against Rape

"“I am a citizen of the US, married, a father, actor and former Marine. American values are on the line here, and no person I know would not have taken the same actions SFC Martland and Capt. Daniel Quinn did to protect a child, period,” he wrote. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Israel Is Using Social Media to Prevent Terror Attacks

Via Israeli Ambassador to South Africa Arthur Lenk. 

To which I say good. 

I'm sick of ISIS being the masters of the social media universe. I am delighted that the IDF and the GSS are getting on top of the endless diet of Palestinian blood-lust social media incitement. 

This is very interesting, very smart and very inspiring.

Amazing work:

"While Israeli ministers accuse Palestinians of incitement to murder on the internet and have tried, unsuccessfully so far, to persuade companies like Facebook to remove such content from their webpages, the intelligence community sees the social media networks as its main opportunity to spot attackers in advance. With the average perpetrator aged between 15 and 25, the great majority of them are active on Facebook and Twitter, and in hindsight are found to have given some inkling of their intentions online."


“It’s a new paradigm where not only are we dealing with individuals with no organisational affiliation, but a week or even a day before, they had no idea they were going to carry out an attack,” explains an Israeli intelligence officer. “What we can do is build in-depth profiles of past perpetrators, what motivated and inspired them, and based on what they have in common locate those with similar characteristics.”

"Some of this can be found in descriptions posted by young Palestinians online in their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Typical profiles of past perpetrators include allegations that Israel is “desecrating” the al-Aqsa mosque on Temple Mount in Jerusalem, complaints about the Palestinian leadership, and declarations of how they belong to a “lost generation” or are personally enraged by a relative, friend or neighbour having been killed by Israel. This is often coupled with personal problems, such as forced marriages, debt and social exclusion. Some of the perpetrators caught alive have admitted under interrogation that they wanted to kill themselves, avoiding shame by being regarded as “martyrs”. This now termed by Israeli security people as “suicide by IDF”."

"Using specially developed algorithms to monitor the social media accounts of young Palestinians has yielded a list of potential suspects, and in some cases has allowed the IDF in recent weeks to stop attackers before they could act. Dozens of young men and women have received “warning visits” by the Shin Bet security service, in which they and their parents are told they’re under surveillance. The names are also passed on to the Palestinian Authority’s security apparatus so they can keep tabs on them."

Kudos, IDF and Shabak. This is pro-active, Yiddische kopf stuff. The Israeli Ministers who were whining to private companies, owned by leftists about on-line incitement were wasting their breath and have no concept of how things move on the internet. Good grief: SO LAME. 

There should be NO expectation of cooperation from (leftist owned) social media giants against the incitement by Palestinians to murder Jews. So, thank G-d, the IDF and General Security Services are not waiting for social media oligarch permission to come up with better, and more efficient plans. 

This is also case for why Arabic language skills should be cultured VERY early on in Israel's education system. 

Details Emerge on Terrorist Attack of Security Guard at Ma'aleh Adumim

I just want you to remember that these two men were colleagues.

They worked together, had coffee together and smoked cigarettes together.

From Arutz Sheva: 

Read the whole thing.

This is what the "pro-Palestinian" crowd roots for.

Europe: Suicide By Jihad

An excellent essay from Dr. Guy Millière at Gatestone: 

"Decades ago, Europe's leaders adopted a general policy of "openness" to the Islamic world in general, and the Arab world in particular. They decided to welcome migrants from the Muslim world by hundreds of thousands but without asking them to integrate. They made cultural relativism and multiculturalism their guiding principles. They acted as if Islam could mingle in the Western world harmoniously and without difficulty. Europe's leaders disseminated the idea that the West was guilty of oppressing Muslims and had to pay for its sins. They therefore sowed the seeds of anti-Western resentment among Muslims in Europe."

"When in the Muslim world jihadis started to kill, Europe's leaders wanted to believe that the attacks would take place in the Muslim world only. They thought that by not interfering with what European jihadis were planning, they would not risk jihadi attacks on European soil."

"When Jews were attacked, Europe's leaders decided that the problem was not jihad, but Israel. They stressed the need not to "export Middle East conflict in Europe." Hoping to please followers of radical Islam and show them Europe could understand their "grievances," they placed increasing pressure on Israel. They also increased their financial and political support for the "Palestinian cause."

"When Europeans were attacked, they did not understand why. They had done their best to please the Muslims. They had not even harassed the jihadists. They still do not know how to react."
"Many of them now say privately what they will never say in public: it is probably too late."

Douglas Murray Wins the Internet Today!

This story just made my day.

I love it. 

Behold: The Inaugural President Erdogan Offensive Poetry Competition. 

With apologies to my OOOPS our Canadian Braveheart Mark Steyn, who I'm pretty sure knows that I think he's a peach (HMMM MAYBE HE DOESN'T I WONDER IF I SHOULD BE A LITTLE MORE, YOU KNOW, DIRECT?!?!?), I must reprise my offer to my favourite alphas: if I weren't already a three "M" (married, mom with mortgage), AND if Douglas Murray wasn't gay, then I would TOTALLY have his babies.

Just sayin!


"Strangely enough, Chancellor Merkel is currently pretending that the trial of a German comedian in Germany for insulting a foreign despot is a liberal act."

"Well I’m a free-born British man, and we don’t live under the blasphemy laws of such despots. So in honour of this fact I have spent the weekend writing rude limericks about Mr Erdogan. And I would hereby like to invite all readers to join me in a grand Erdogan limerick competition. That isn’t to say that entries which come in the form of Iambic pentameters, or heroic couplets will be completely discounted. I think a work in the Homeric mode, for example, about the smallness of Erdogan’s manhood could (if suitably disgusting) stand some chance of winning. But I recommend limericks because almost everything insulting that is worth saying can usually be included within the five lines of that beautiful and delicate form."

Mr. Murray (who really does have one of the biggest set of stones in Europe) says that the rules are that the entries must be as disgusting, profane and sexually explicit and insulting as possible. Entries not fulfilling these criteria will be eliminated. 

"Please submit all entries to, under the heading ‘The President Erdogan Offensive Poetry Competition’. The winning poem will be announced by 23 June. Because we may not be able to announce it after that point."

When Your State Wants You To Be Murdered

I watched this over the weekend and have to admit that my sleep was disturbed because of it.

I'm not sure you can watch this whole thing without feeling very sick about the idea of the entire force of the (allegedly democratic) state being thrown against you, in order to shut you up and intimidate you at best, and have you murdered in prison at worst.

This is a chilling story, and unfortunately, Robinson's thesis seems entirely reasonable to me.

That does not mean I'm a Robinson cheerleader-I trust no man, I trust only in G-d. We humans can choose to lead, to be led or to bury our heads in the sand trying not to attract attention. Those who don't make the choice to lead should not whine incessantly about the many flaws and imperfections of those who to do try to lead or at least do something. If you can do it better, then you should. If you are less flawed, you try it. If you write better, argue better,  or fight better, then you should. 

So here is the story of an inarguably flawed human at the mercy of the entire apparatus of the state, until he had proper (expensive) legal representation and an exceptionally sympathetic justice hear his case.

Robinson's story and this video in particular, are terrifying.

And the leftists out there shouldn't be so smug about this happening to someone on the right. Lefties turn on each other and eat their own like there's no tomorrow.  And when (rare) liberty-loving liberals start to oppose the surrender of their country in increasing numbers, they, too, will find themselves under the scrutiny of the state. They too, will be targets. The horrific classification as "Enemy of the State", will not elude liberals. That's a promise.

And the process, as Mark Steyn always says, will be their punishment as well.

Some Did Dance After Terrorist Attacks

Belgium admits that some did dance in the streets. 

Brussels Terrorist Starred in "Successful Muslim Integration" Documentary

Read about this over the weekend. 

Lots of commentary takes the view that this is a perfect, epic failure in filmmaking and integration.

("oh yeah, GREAT integration work, Eurabia")

I would argue that from the perspective of ISIS and the proponents of the Muslim takeover of Europe, that this chap is actually the model of "integration".

Because when we in the West say "integration" and "success" we mean one thing. And we don't mean the same thing as the "migrants".

When you look at this story from the perspective of the invading culture, "integrating" seamlessly into a trusting and submissive society to have "success" at the jihad-then this fellow is actually the picture perfect, almost too good to be true rock star of jihadi "integration".

In other words-this is not a tale of irony and should not be read as such.

Eurapia Comes to Canada: Diverse Man Sexually Assaults A Woman And Two Girls in A Hotel Pool

"Calgary man". 


Sounds like someone with very deep roots in Western Canada. Like at least a few months.

"Police were called to a south Lethbridge hotel Saturday after receiving a complaint that a strange man inappropriately touched a woman and two minors in the hotel pool."

"A man was found by police and arrested without incident."

"Wijdan Yasir, a 28-year-old Calgary man, has been charged with three counts of sexual assault and two charges of sexual interference with a minor."
The usual #UrbanMyths crowd unavailable for comment at press time ever.

"Life is Good"

In memory of Aliza Flatow, H"YD. 

Please read the whole thing.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Why Does Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Government Hate Halifax School Children?

What a bloody mess.

Will Canadian children have to die or get raped before our disgusting, bleeding heart, foolish "leaders" and "educators' do something about this?

To Life, L'Chaim: We Jews Will Never Be Defeated. We Will Live Forever.

Jewish sensibilities and attitudes to life, to the sanctity of life and to the joy of life in one remarkable, gorgeous, awe-inspiring sentence: 

"Israelis dance with Polish saviors at former courtroom of Auschwitz commander."

Awesome: Google Gives $700K To Israeli Disabilities Technology Initiative

This is really amazing. 

THIS is actual "tikun olam", not the lefty Jew-hating Jew-in-name-only "tikun olam" nonsense.

This is how you make the world a better place, a more wonderful and just place than you found it.


Badass of the Week: Tibor Rubin

A reader directed me to the Badass of the Week site, and it's really great.

Then he subsequently sent me this link. 

Total Jewish badass. Love!

Read the whole thing:

"Born in Hungary in 1929, Tibor Rubin's father was a shoemaker who'd also just so happened to be a war hero in World War I who had fought on the Eastern Front and survived six years in a Russian Gulag POW camp. Despite fighting in the Austro-Hungarian Army as an ally of the German Empire, Mr. Rubin's Jewishness apparently outweighed his patriotism, and when Adolf Hitler came rolling up in 1943 with his Final Solution the entire Rubin family was sent to Auschwitz. It's quite honestly beyond the scope of a website comprised primarily of history-based dick jokes to get into what went on there, but it was bad. Tibor Rubin's father, sister, and mother did not make it out alive, and Tibor himself, only 13 when he was taken, was forced to endure 14 grueling months after being transferred to Mauthausen Concentration Camp in Austria."

"When the horrific death camp was liberated by American soldiers in 1945, 15 year-old Tibor Rubin swore from that moment on he would repay the United States for getting him out of there."

"It took Rubin 3 years to get to the states, and he immediately attempted to enlist in the United States Army. He was denied because he failed the English test. So he learned English, tried again in 1950, was accepted, went to boot camp, and was immediately shipped out to South Korea to fight and die for his new country."

"Rubin was happy to do it."

From the Murderers at Planned Parenthood: Killing Disabled Babies is a Basic Human Right

American genocide. 

For the "DUH" File: Women Like Real Men

Seriously: DUH. 

Germany Is Dar Al Islam

Former communist, barren, unmarried, spinster and barren, secular, leftist G-dless, Islamophiliac German political chick bows to Islamic blasphemy laws. 

Who could have EVER seen that coming?

And a new feature, not bug of the Islamic invasion of Germany is sharia-yeah, imagine that: first the ladies skirts were too short, then they were told to keep the rapists at arm's length, then the advertisements were too sexy, women scared to go out at night alone, blah blah blah and now the sharia progression continues-German nightclubs hardest hit. 


Meanwhile, Doug Saunders, Simon Schama, Louise Arbour and Jonathan Kay will be happy to know that excitable, young migrants are finding true love in Europe. True, young love. I mean, really young love. 

Apparently this is all perfectly fine with the parents of these pre-pubescent girls so it's all good.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Must Read Roger L. Simon: The Moral Narcissism of Bernie Sanders

An excellent essay from Roger L. Simon at PJ Media: 

"What interest me here is why Bernie Sanders -- a U.S. senator and the first Jewish presidential candidate -- would assert anything as absurd as the Israelis killed 10,000 innocent Gazan civilians. Why wouldn't he have the basic knowledge -- readily available to everyone as it is -- to know how far off his numbers were? Didn't he care?"

"Well, no. And there's a reason."

"That reason is moral narcissism, the underlying motivation behind what Andrew McCarthy so accurately calls "willful blindness." Bernie is willfully blind about Israel, even though he spent time on a kibbutz and still has relatives in the country."

"This moral narcissism that grips Bernie -- unlike the traditional narcissism of Narcissus admiring his handsome reflection -- is a narcissism of ideas and opinions. The views that make you feel good about yourself, that make others praise you and make you part of the "club," are what is most important to you and your self-image. They literally define you. Whether those views are based in fact or whether the results of those views are the least bit salutary is immaterial."

"The moral narcissist, therefore, is almost always blind to reality, indeed disinterested in it. It's the pronouncements that count and are real. Moral narcissism leads inexorably to politically correctness. It is, in fact, the mother's milk of political correctness."

"Lovable though he may appear, Bernie Sanders is a moral narcissist par excellence and a particularly dangerous one."

American Tyranny Alert!

This is not good (but not surprising alas, in Obama's America).

And this makes me very apprehensive about Mark Steyn's current legal woes with the Big Climate Mafia.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is being prosecuted for Climate Change Blasphemy and Heresy by the Obama administrations Big Clime Mutawa. 

Now, the CEI is planning to fight back, but I fear that their very sensible, freedom-oriented, liberty-defending, constitutionally-protected-right-to-free-speech position just doesn't matter to the American government. 

Their position:

"It is not and cannot become a crime to disagree with a government official."

(This is where we are at people. This is tyranny.)

"Somewhere along the line, dissent from orthodoxy has transformed from a uniquely American virtue to a crime. This subpoena is a blatant attack on CEI’s First Amendment rights of free speech and association. It threatens the rights of anyone who holds opinions different from those with the power of the federal or state governments behind them."

"What other issues are next on the taboo list? If the attorneys general succeed, we can be assured this list will vary from election to election—something for all people of good conscience to dread."

The problem is that man good people have already been prosecuted and persecuted and punished by the government precisely for their views on other issues (gay marriage cakes anyone, nunnery-provided abortion pills anyone) so that a large and silent majority of the "people of good conscience" will be cowered into submission and silence. 

The fighters are far and few between. 

Not that many "people of good conscience" have the resources, the funds, the faith and/or the strength to fight this kind of sustained campaign against these evil bastards, even when it is a fight for their own right to their own consciousness, thoughts and beliefs. Most people just put their heads down and try not to attract too much attention. 

Seriously fuck that. 

I shan't write anymore now because I don't want to depress myself. 

I have to take my regular, Dr. Laura prescription for blocking out societal, apocalyptical doom: run a few miles while listening to 70s disco, have a schvitz and flip through a few cheesy, salacious Hollywood gossip magazines. 


When Canadians Had Brains

A picture worth a thousand words, etc....

"Anti-Zionistm" Is Antisemitism: GET. OVER. IT.

A good one, but I fear-mostly preaching to the converted. 


"Those who believe Jews control the media and the banks, or that it’s OK to respectfully debate whether or not they do, make no distinction between the good, enlightened Jews who wash their hands of Israel and the bad ones, who have the temerity of adhering to their faith and their nationality like any other normal people in the world. And those Jews who believe that their liberal sophistication will somehow save them from the wrath of bigotry should strongly reconsider: Never send to know for whom the anti-Semites troll; they troll for thee."

These type of articles are worth reading because they are phrased well and intellectually satisfying to those of us who really do understand that the "anti-Zionists" have a big Jew problem. 

The problem is that the message will never get to, or penetrate the minds of the very individuals who need it most. 

I'm Not Too Bright But....

I think this is how you say "up yours" in Russian. 

Hey Belgium?



Belgium deserves to die. 

Dear France, Good Luck With This!

How do you say "gutless band-aid solution" in French? 

My Idiot People: Dumbest Jews Ever Edition

Frankly, the Israeli physicians who treat these bastards, and the politicians and policy makers who enable them to enter Israel are definitely among the dumbest Jews living today. 

You do not get brownie points from terrorists from saving their lives or relatives.

When they walk out of the hospital, healthy due to Jewish brains and will, they will use their second leash on life to enable or to personally murder you and your loved ones and then ululate over your dead body. 

When Jews are this dumb, there are lethal consequences.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How Did We Get Into This Mess? Charlie Hedbo, Terrorism And the Culture of "You Can't Say That"

Mark Steyn always warns us to pay very, very close attention to the SHUTUPS.

Pay close attention, he warns us, to the people who are telling us that we can't say this or that.

The SHUTUPS currently control political and intellectual discourse in the West and we have to take it back from them. Let them SHUTUP for a while.

Tell the SHUTUPS to shut up for goodnesssssssake.

What are you so afraid of?

On that line of thinking, a MUST READ from Brendan O'Neill at Reason. 

"This "philosophical line," this culture of frowning upon and sometimes even punishing criticism of Islam, is deeply entrenched in Europe. In France, as Charlie Hebdo discovered in 2007 when it was taken to court under anti-racism laws for the crime of publishing Muhammad-mocking cartoons, you can actually be arrested for ripping the piss out of Islam. More informally, the idea of "Islamophobia"—which treats everything from opposition to the burqa to discomfort with the Koran as evidence of a swirling, hate-fuelled fear of Muslims—keeps criticism of Islam in check."

"The strangling of free, open commentary on Islam—and on various other ideologies—has had an impact that is as predictable as it is dire."

"The real problem in Europe today is not so much Islamophobia, though anti-Muslim sentiment certainly exists; it’s Charliephobia, if we take this term to mean the fear of letting a magazine, or anyone else for that matter, dissent from PC orthodoxy, reject relativism, and engage in robust discussion about any worldview they choose. It’s this culture of worshipping self-censorship over freedom of thought and frankness of debate that is damaging public life and brewing communal tension and in some cases violence. Indeed, I would say that the campaign against Islamophobia has done more to foster awkwardness and bitterness in 21st-century Europe than Islamophobia has."

"So yes, a mask has slipped. The Charliephobes’ mask. Their claim to be against "punching down," to care about ordinary, vulnerable people, has been exposed as utter bunkum. In truth, they’re all about protecting a global religion, an ideology, from ridicule, and in the process they’re doing more damage to freedom and social solidarity in Europe than they could ever understand."

Bernie's New Jewish Outreach Director: "F*CK YOU, BIBI!"


"The Sanders campaign’s newly hired Jewish outreach director wrote an expletive-laden Facebook post last year that condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a mass-murderer."

“Bibi Netanyahu is an arrogant, deceptive, cynical, manipulative asshole,” wrote Simone Zimmerman, a former J Street student activist, in the March 3rd 2015 post. “Fuck you, Bibi … you sanctioned the murder of over 2,000 people this summer.”

"At a later date, Zimmerman edited the post, replacing “asshole” with “politician” and “Fuck you” with “shame on you.” The Free Beacon obtained screenshots of the original and edited posts."

Mark Steyn: Simple Simon Met A Pieman

Have I mentioned lately that I adore Mark Steyn? 

Probably not...the thought JUST crossed my mind. I'm sure I've never blogged about that before!


Do listen to this spot from the John Oakley Show earlier this morning.

So much good stuff in here.

Further to Bono's comedy warrior plan, I was wondering why Bono hates African Americans and Jews so much?

Why would he wish a death sentence on Chris Rock, Sacha Baron-Cohen and Amy Schumer? What did they ever do to him?

Black people are called "abed", or "slave" in Arabic in Muslim countries.

And Jewish people don't generally end up getting to do the big kick ass monologue in Muslim countries. Or if they do, it's something like "I am a Jew..."

It's really hard to deliver that kick-ass comedy routine on Infidel's Night when your head is no longer attached to your neck.

Barbara Kay: The Scourge of Antisemitic Jews

I adore Barbara Kay. 


Her analogy to honour killings is absolutely brilliant.

"Ask a hardline BDS Jew what Israel could possibly do to meet BDS standards for a morality pure enough to call off the boycott, and still maintain its national security, and she will not be able to answer you. BDS Jews are unappeasable, because they want Israel not to be there altogether. They remind me of families from the Middle East and South Asia who feel their daughter has shamed them by her impurity, and believe the only way to redress their family’s honour is through her sacrifice. The BDS crowd’s disgust with Israel is that visceral."

"And I refuse to call their revulsion of Israel a form of self-hatred, because I think our tribe’s most visible haters — like Naomi Klein, Max Blumenthal, Ilan Pappé and Judith Butler (a hardline BDS who recently received an honorary doctorate under the aegis of a Jewish chancellor from McGill University) — are brimming over with self-love and unearned self-esteem. They think they’re the new prophets. But the old prophets only demanded that Jews live up to the demands placed on them by Judaism, not the demands placed on them by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and The New York Times."

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mark Steyn: Eight Simple Words For Explaining Eurabian Suicide

Could be a fabulous new hit show!

Could really BLOW UP prime time!

Will be DA BOMB.

Eight Simple Words For Explaining Eurabian Suicide: 

"in Europe, the less Islam, the less terrorism"

I would call that STEYNSPLAINING. 

But, just in case there are any leftist dolts reading this, here's the sloooooooooower Mark Steyn explanation for all you Louise Arbour, Doug Saunders, Simon Schama, Jon Kay, semi Trevor Phillips types out there: 

"It shouldn't be that simple, but it is: that's why Brussels and Paris get bombed, but not Warsaw and Prague. But it applies to broader questions of social cohesion, too: the less Islam, the less terrorism, and the less polygamy, the less female genital mutilation, the less Jew-hate, the less gay-bashing, and the less self-segregation into no-go emirates where the state's writ no longer runs. When you import Muslims, you are importing a certain percentage not just of "radical" "extremist" terrorists but of unexceptional run-of-the-mill misogynists, bigots and Islamic supremacists. So why keep adding to your problems?"

That's the question that the political left is unwilling to answer. 


It's because submission to totalitarian power is what the left does. That's their thing. The secular political left is about power, the worship of power and the idol-worship of the evil, murderous humans who seize and yield the most power over other humans, and control their very lives and deaths. 

Nazism was defeated, communism crushed (back when America was the leader of the free world), and now there is the current torrid love affair between the political left and Islam. The bastard love child of these two "cultures" is the nihilistic death cult and chaos that we see today thriving in Europe and seeding in North America and Australia. 

The other question that they won't ever answer is the one that Mark Steyn asked at the Munk Debate, and all the grubby, suicidal and supine leftists out there should never be left off the hook till they actually answer this: exactly which glorious parts of sharia-based cultures should we really, really, really celebrate? 

The answer of course: precisely nothing. 

And "precisely nothing" is what will be left of our freedom if we don't get serious about fighting back and living free. 

Once Again: Alpha Male Homosexuals Are the Toughest Dudes in All of Eurabia

See this is courage. 

While the political establishment of France caves and submits, the homosexuals of France understand exactly what is going on and refuse to play footsie with the sharia regime that will happily execute them at the first opportunity.

Iran executes gays. 

ISIS throws gay people off buildings. 


You cannot have a culture that celebrates sexual diversity AND embraces sharia. 

At some point, you have to choose. 

Europe, for the most part, has chosen submission to sharia.

But courageous gay people in Europe seem to be choosing freedom, contrary to the wishes of the political elitist establishment dhimmis. The elites are happy to sacrifice gays, along with sacrificing their womenfolk first to the rapefugees.

Did anyone ever think they would see the day when gay, French airline workers would be noted for having the biggest stones in Europe?

Bret Stephens: Islam and the Radical West

"We’ve become lazy in our thinking about Islam and the West. Whether the Islam practiced by al Qaeda or ISIS is “radical” or merely traditional isn’t the question. It’s whether the West can recognize that the moral nihilism of today’s Jihadi Johns is the logical outgrowth of the moral relativism that is the default religion of today’s West."

The answer: NO. 

There will be no recognition of the torrid romance between Islamic nihilism and secular, leftist nihilism. 

Perhaps Eurapia Really Does Deserve to Die

I mean it. 

From My "Duh" File: "Study Finds Evidence of Brain Injury in Living NFL Veterans"

Seriously, duh!

"In the new study, the largest of its kind, 40 living former players were given sensitive brain scans, known as diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), as well as thinking and memory tests."

"No one has ever looked at this number of (living) players before," Conidi said."

"The DTI scans, which measure water flow between parts of the brain, revealed damage in 17 of the men, or 43 percent. That percentage was about three times higher than among the general population, Conidi said. Traditional MRI scans showed signs of damage in 12 ex-players, or 30 percent."

"The longer a player was in the league, the greater the likelihood the advanced scan would reveal signs of brain damage, the neurologist said, a correlation that did not show up with traditional scans. With both types of scanning, there was no relationship between the number of diagnosed concussions suffered by a player and signs of brain damage."

"That finding suggests the constant banging that players experience during games and practices, especially those playing offensive and defensive line positions, puts them more at risk than the big hits that cause concussions, Conidi told Reuters."

Monday, April 11, 2016

Free, Legal, Sanctioned Gendercide in Canada: "Sex Selective Abortions MAY Be Driving Male Baby Boom Among Indian Born Moms in Canada"


"...women who immigrated from India who already had two children gave birth to 138 boys for every 100 girls. If they already had three children, they give birth to 166 males for every 100 females. That ratio rises to 326 boys per 100 girls for Indian-born mothers with two daughters who had an abortion preceding her third birth."

"It was 409 boys for every 100 girls if the mother had more than one abortion."

"Lead author Marcelo Urquia of Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital says it’s illegal in Canada to use such technologies as in-vitro fertilization to select the sex of a fetus."

"But an ultrasound can show the baby’s sex at 14 weeks’ gestation, at which point a woman can choose to terminate the pregnancy."

"Urquia says because abortions are legal and covered by government health insurance, families with a preference for sons may be using the procedure to try to get a boy."

I. Can't. Even!

No effing way will I ever, ever, ever, EVER EVER EVER EVER do this.

NYC students hold "Hijab Race" in Union Square to help us dumb, supine infidels 'empathize' with Muslim women. 

Just never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever.


From My "Sh&T, I Wish I Had Written This" File

I seriously wish I had written this one.

Well done, Edwin Black.

Read the whole thing. 

"When in Israel, especially in Jerusalem, everything about your tourism choices is political—which hotel you select, which taxi driver you hire, which bagel you buy, which restaurant you dine at, what fascination you experience, what memories you return home with. Are you buying a half pound of za’atar in Jerusalem’s teeming Jewish market at Machena Yehuda or at the stone-ensconced spice kiosks that line the time-polished lanes of the Old City? Or do you try both?"

"Anti-Israel sentiment abounds at the café tables of the Ottoman-era American Colony Hotel in East Jerusalem, while fierce loyalty to the Jewish State is detected in every corner of the modern David Citadel Hotel. Visitors book their rooms accordingly and create their own comfort zones in the respective lobbies."

"Like everything else in the Jewish State, Israel’s tourism industry—that is, its hotels, restaurants, amusements, and visitor services—has achieved a modern miracle."

"It is easy to make a geopolitical statement. But nothing is more enduring than to make that statement in person by traveling to Israel and vowing at Ben Gurion airport that you will soon return."

Updates From Eurapia

Is it possible for Eurape to be more suicidal, disgusting and depressing?!??!


Here are some painful links.

The one from Gatestone is painful on a philosophical and intellectual level. 

There are several dozen links in the story, but the basic idea is this:

"This miscarriage of justice being orchestrated against Geert Wilders is merely one aspect of the many prosecutions being carried out under laws less about prevention and punishment of actual crimes, and more about criminalizing dissent against the demographic transformation of Europe."

That is a very fine summary of what is going on. And here is what is happening to those in Europe who dare to resist, and when I say "resist" I am referring to the most pathetic, mild and innocuous forms of "resistance"-demonstrating, using social media and wearing funny hats for goodness sake.

Thus, in Eurapia: 

"Dutchmen who tweet their opposition to the construction of "refugee" centers in their townsreceive visits from police who threaten them with charges of sedition. A Belgian who spoke out about Muslim children in the city's schools cheering the recent Brussels attacks welcomed three policemen to his door. And a London man who tweeted about his decision to confront a Muslim over her views on the Brussels attacks was arrested, had his home raided, and all his computer equipment seized. More well-known, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel was caught on an open microphone asking Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to curtail speech critical of "the wave of Syrian refugees entering Germany."

And this horrendous true observation: 

"If one tenth of this accusatory effort had been spent to pursue imams using European mosquesto preach actual violent sedition, the terrorist threat Europe now faces might now be negligible."

But as I always say, if my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle.

But wait! There's more other gruesome stuff (you can thank me later).

There's this article from Jim Goad (via Kathy Shaidle Bagel)...good there a male or female reading this who is NOT squeezing his or her legs together whilst reading?

Goad's description of the (allegedly) heterosexual who feels really bad that his rapist is getting deported is devastating:

"But he is a specimen of True Belief that is so extreme, you can’t even rape it out of him. Hauken walks the walk and talks the talk. Or, more properly, he limps the limp and lisps the lisp."

Actually that's a pretty apt summary of most of Eurapia right now. These Europeans are so brainwashed, so supine and so deferent to their new overlords that not even rape changes their minds. 

The torrid romance between Islam and the political, secular left is a toxic cocktail of death-cult nihilism affecting the human condition and brain in a way that the world has not been seen since the previous tidal waves of totalitarian, political nihilism known as communism and Nazism. 

That's why I am generally inclined toward  a combination of anger and mild 'told you so'/schadenfreude instead of sympathy when I think of Europe. 

I simply have no tears for the suicidal nations of Europe. 

European values are now submission to evil, deference to evil and collaboration with evil. 

Europe is contemptible. 

Passover is Coming: 6 Haroset Recipes to Try

I gotta say, my mother-in-law'rs is truly the best. She mashes up dates and figs and grape juice and nuts and raisins and it makes a sticky, yummy paste that makes eating matza a pleasure.

Here's some other recipes to try out if you are so inclined. 

"I Was Wrong"

Well, gosh, that's helpful!

Pamela Geller: Now what are you going to do about it? 

"In one of the most extraordinary admissions of defeat in modern times, Trevor Phillips, the former chief of Britain’s Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), has admitted that the path that Britain has been on for years is a catastrophic failure. Muslims won’t assimilate and become loyal Britons."

"It is astonishing that any member of the ruling elite would admit defeat and state what is painfully obvious to any rational human being who for the last few years has been watching the disintegration of the Western mores and law in the wake of Muslim immigration."

"Muslims are the only immigrant group that comes to Western countries with a ready-made model of society and government (sharia) which they believe to be superior to what we have here, and they work to institute it."

"The question is, now that Phillips has spoken up and stated the truth, what will the UK do now?"

My predictions: 1) Nothing 2) Double and triple down on path of dhimmi deference and suicide. 

The UK Is Screwed: Sharia Enclaves Edition

So, remember that OTHER time in Europe when innocent Jews were attacked by belligerent Nazis? 

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

President Obama Suddenly Sooooo Totally Butch on Terror

"We're going to get you!" 


“The job of the terrorists, in their minds, is to induce panic … get societies to change who they are,” Obama told Chris Wallace during an interview on Fox News Sunday.

No, you idiot dhimmi Marxist. The job of the terrorists is to kill you and your loved ones.  

That's their "job", you post-American, Jew-hating, Christian-hating, Western-loathing dumbkopf terror-lover. 


I CAN'T EVEN........

You Mean People Lie on the Interwebbzzz???

"Perfect" sperm donor apparently not so perfect. 

More "Urban Myths" From Our "No Islam to See Here File"

Pakistani bombing suspects arrested at European refugee centre, having posed as....WAIT FOR IT....


BBC: How Obama Was a Gift to Comedians Around the World


They are way, way too pussified to have made any jokes about Dear Leader.


Diplomatic Glamour: The Gorgeous, Tasteful, Stylish Duchess of Cambridge

She is a KNOCK OUT.

Look at these beautiful choices.


Forget "Never Again"

I'm more the Never Forget, and Never Forgive and You'll Never Do This Again to Us Because We Have Israel and the IDF kind of gal.

"During the Second World War, it was a place of unimaginable horror, where thousands of people died under the brutal watch of the SS."

"But today the site of Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp, near Nordhausen in central Germany, was a place of quiet reconciliation, as a crowd gathered to remember the 71th anniversary of its liberation by U.S. troops."

Celebrate Diversity in the UK!

Apparently, more than half of Muslims in the UK think that gay sex should be outlawed and nearly a quarter would like to live under sharia.

Another Doug Saunders urban myth? 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Douglas Murray on the European Culture of Death

Do read the whole thing. 

"For many centuries, the default stance of the Judeo-Christian West has been to accept suffering as well as we can, because there is always hope. Today the response of parts of the post-Judeo-Christian West is to accept annihilation because the nihilists would appear to have a point."

"What fascinating discussions future generations will have over whether such societies — should they survive or not — were ever remotely sane."

How to Deal With Twitter Trolls

First of all, if you can't stand the heat, GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN.

Nobody "has to" be on  Twitter or any other form of social media.

Just shut off your damned computer. That's the ultimate way to "deal" with "cyberbullying".

However, if you can stand the heat: Channel Andrew Breitbart Z"L and Walk Toward the Fire. 

Why Does York University Hate Jews?

And why on earth do Jews keep sending their children to study there? 

And why do they keep writing cheques (save a few brave individuals)?

York University is the Ground Zero of Jew-Hate in the Greater Toronto Area.

Article by Sue-Ann Levy from the Toronto Sun with commentary and important research from my pal scaramouche.

York University's idea of "inclusion" is the inclusion of Jew-haters.


CBC FAIL: A Lesson In How To Deal With the Belligerent Leftist Media

Courtesy of Marie Le Pen.

"Teddy bear" world is a good one. So is "intellectual terrorism". Will definitely remember those nuggets.

And this: democracy does not mean silence in the face of our elected leaders. Love it. 

Europe Clearly Does Deserve To Die

Here's just one reason why. 

Martin Sherman: Islam and Terror, Attempts at Apologetics

"We, in the West, would do well to heed the clarion call from someone who has intimate firsthand knowledge of Islam -- the Somalian-born former Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who was forced to flee to the U.S. because of threats to her life over her criticism of Islam. She warned: "Islam is not a religion of peace. It's a political theory of conquest that seeks domination by any means it can. Every accommodation of Muslim demands leads to a sense of euphoria and a conviction that Allah is on their side. They see every act of appeasement as an invitation to make fresh demands."

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Steyn: The New Man And His Gender Gap

This is a Marksterpiece. 

I had a feeling something devastating was percolating and voila, here we are!

There are so many knock-out punches in here, it's very hard to identify my favourite parts. I love the whooooooooole thing.

It starts off with a moderate helpful, Steynian suggestion to Jonathan Kay that "If you're going to present yourself as a fact-checker, you could at least get off your arse and check facts" and quickly progresses to "shagged sheep" mode despite Steyn's protest to the contrary.

Steyn also has other choice words for the Toronto-based beta-male liberal "writers who purport to be experts" on the migrant issue.

And this? Painful:

Steyn: " doubt Saunders' agent is already pitching his next book. Forthcoming from Knopf Canada:

Hey, What's The Big Deal About Gang Rape?
by Doug Saunders

"Spirited!" - Jonathan Kay

Then there's the big question of "Where are all the men?". 

I also believe that a steady diet of radical feminism has conditioned many Western men into their current, uninterested and castrated zombie-like state. It's been much more important to "feminist" women that men take their wive's last names, and hyphenate their children's names than to actually think about potential damage of the breakdown of  traditional families. Thus we have legions of barren, unmarried women muttering "fish without a bicycle, fish without a bicycle" as they lament their lonely twilight years. 

The political left has had a decades-long, torrid flirtation with radical Islam and now the relationship is being consummated in Europe- but you know, rape, consummate, whatever right liberal men?!??!?!

Men today have a strip torn off publicly for opening a door for a woman, never mind preventing a rape! 

The political left has destroyed traditional roles for men and women and that has a societal cost. The cost is a vacuum that Islam is delighted to fill. 

You cannot intentionally destroy men, feed little boys a steady diet of Ritalin, tell parents that "William Wants a Doll" (Free to Be You And Me) and then expect those same, eunuchs to defend civilization and defend their own women and families from raping Muslim immigrant marauders. It just doesn't work that way. 

The left cares not a whit about the Christians of the Middle East, about the Jews being slaughtered by jihadi terrorists, nor about the rights of free speech and other pillars of Western civilization. Our hard-won, fragile, young democracies are crumbling in front of our eyes.  

Therefore, this is the Gospel According to the Prophet Mark Steyn: 

"when the chips are down, your fellow lefties won't be there for you".

But nobody but us crazy, hatey right wingers seems to know or care anything about it. 

"A source told that Norris is alive and living a new, quiet life in an undisclosed location and that the decision to completely disappear was spurred by fear for the lives of her loved ones. However, many argue she was hardly given a choice."

“People are shocked to realize a journalist inside the U.S. could be forced into hiding by radical Islam,” said author Larry Kelley, founder of the Free Molly Norris Foundation. “This issue is a really big one as far as our freedoms are concerned."

"Kelley’s foundation has raised an undisclosed sum and hopes to give it to Norris to help her get by, but hasn’t been able to get in touch with her."

"And the fatwa against Norris has not faded. She was again spotlighted three years ago in Al Qaeda’s “Inspire” magazine on its “Wanted: Dead or Alive for Crimes Against Islam” list alongside the likes of Rushdie and French cartoonist Stephane Charbonnier, known for his irreverent drawings of Muhammad."

"The fatwa against Charbonnier ended Jan. 7, 2015, when two Muslim fanatics stormed the offices of his employer, the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and killed him and 11 others. If Norris had thought about resurfacing, the attack surely gave her new pause."

I do hope she is okay,” said Mark Baumgarten, the current editor of Seattle Weekly, one of a number of publications Norris contributed to before going into hiding. “But I have no way of knowing.