Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Daniel Greenfield: The Palestine Hoax

Well said. 

What he says:

"Palestinian identity has no meaning or context without hating Jews."

"The Palestinian Museum is as empty as the souls of a populace that has wholly given itself over to a cult of death. Nothing can be put in there except hatred of Jews."

When I see someone draped in a keffiyeh, I understand that this is the en vogue, socially acceptable swastika. It means something to the wearer, it signals something and I understand perfectly what it means. 

Do you? 

Compare and Contrast American Presidents

In the lead up to Memorial Day this year, President Obama went to Japan to apologize for winning World War 2.

President Reagan had other thoughts on Memorial Day back in 1986.

"They stood for something and we owe them something." 

Pat Condell: The Moment of Truth

He has a pair of the biggest stones in Eurabia.

Sweden Is Doomed

"It is not a secret that democracy can be used to abolish democracy."

Sweden is an Islamic hellhole. Totally and completely Dar Al Islam.

Please, Do Tell Me About How Awful IDF Soldiers Are, I'm All Ears

Especially this guy. 

Israeli soldier plays with Palestinian toddler at Tel Hashomer Hospital, as part volunteer program.

Rapefugees Welcome

Germany continues to be a very, very rapey place. 

Will anyone discuss the "common denominator" with Cologne?

Husband of the Year


"The Jewish Community Is Expected to Disappear From Here"

Guess where? 

And they should leave, now, with their suitcases and not in coffins.

Jewish Words of Wisdom

"To be satisfied is one of the greatest blessings that can ever be bestowed upon human beings. But this blessing has little to do with the amount of food or belongings that people eat or own. A minimum amount of possessions is plenty."

"The Torah teaches us that when the people of Israel live in accordance with the requirements of the Torah, mankind will be blessed with a mental state in which matters of possession and food will take on a completely different dimension. This attitude is not something that human beings can develop on their own, but will come about only as a result of their approach toward God’s response and the divine. When people will achieve high moral and spiritual attitudes, they will view the world in a very different light. They will live in what Eric Fromm calls the “being and becoming mode.” One acquires one’s essence and happiness through spiritual growth. (See Erich Fromm, To Have or to Be, London: Abacus Books, 1976) What is of real importance is not what man “has” but what he “is.” And in that moment of realization, satisfaction is no longer the result of possessing more but of being more."


"Joy is concomitant with productive activity. It is not a peak experience that ends suddenly, but rather a plateau that is the product of one’s essential human faculties. It is not the ecstatic fire of the moment but the glow that accompanies “being.” It is only with this type of true joy that one is able to be satisfied with the minimum while experiencing it as the maximum."

Monday, May 30, 2016

Stay Classy, Bob Rae

Blowing the "elder statesman" image in one gagtastically immature gesture.

Even a leftist idiot, yet seasoned politician such as Mr. Rae should know by now that the cameras and the mics are always on.

Why Trump?

Because of perfectly reasonable questions, such as this. 

Memorial Day Justice: Brought Home and Laid to Rest After 72 Years

Rest in peace, brave warrior. 

France: Jews in Worst Position Since 1945

Assessment: Vraiment. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Be This Guy

Love him: 92 years old and still making music.

"My busiest year yet." 

Connecticut: 12 Year Old Jewish Boy Attacked By "Inner City" Classmate, Screaming "Kill the Jew"

"Branford Seven reported that the perpetrator of the attack in question has a history of physically and verbally assaulting other children. He is a student at Walsh Intermediate under the “Open Choice” program, which buses inner-city kids to suburban public schools. Though the school has labeled the attack a bullying incident, Avizov and other parents, the report said, want the Board of Education to define it as a hate crime."

The First Crime Was the Rape

The second was the cover-up.

Rotherham and the Rape Jihad in the heart of Israel's secular, leftist metropolis. 

"The first crime was the rape, as told here fromArutz Sheva’s news service. The second crime was the attempted cover-up by police to protect the sensitive feelings of Arabs and Israeli leftists, since those were Arabs who were being charged with gang-raping a 20-year-old mentally ill Israeli woman in Tel Aviv."

From My "There Is No Fun in Islam" File: Saudi Catwa Edition

The latest catwa out of Saudi Arabia.

What a pussy. 

Submission: They Could Have #BroughtBackOurGirls But The Dhimmis Didn't

An interesting nugget from the gag-inducing, social media narcissism of the West as Christian schoolgirls in Nigeria were kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam:

Via Gatestone: 

"US and UK: Despite all the widespread attention and international condemnation given to the kidnapping by Boko Haram of nearly 300 (mostly Christian) Nigerian girls — recall First Lady Michelle Obama holding a sign saying "bring back our girls" — the US and British governments knew exactly where many of the girls were, but failed to launch a rescue mission. According to Dr. Andrew Pocock, the former British high commissioner to Nigeria: "A couple of months after the kidnapping, fly-bys and an American eye in the sky spotted a group of up to 80 girls in a particular spot in the Sambisa forest, around a very large tree, called locally the Tree of Life, along with evidence of vehicular movement and a large encampment." He said the girls were there for at least four weeks but authorities were "powerless" to act."

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Great David Solway's Melancholy Calculation

Must read for the day:

"Nothing is too big to fail, including civilizations, and ours is no exception."

Obama is a Sick, Nasty, Anti-American Man And the Pope Is an Islamophilic Communist

He makes me too sick to write about but check out some thoughts from Mark Levin (audio), about his abdication of world leadership (that was the plan, not an accident), and his disgusting, grovelling visit to Japan. 

With "leaders" like these, who needs enemies? 

Book Recommendation: "Catch The Jew"

I highly, highly recommend you all pick up this book "Catch the Jew".  I loved every page. The style is unique and the content is engaging, intelligent, funny and tragic.

There are so many astute observations in this book, and so many great moments, I can't even pick a favourite.

You can get it through Amazon here, and there is a great interview with Tuvia Tenenbom here on the Yishai Fleischer show. 

This is Hysterical: "All Hail Queen Milo"

Via SOOOOOPER seeeeeeeekrit, undercover JOOOO and ZOG agent, Kathy Draidlebaum.

I'm dying.

What we can learn from this: ultimately, it will take a well-dressed conservative British refugee from Eurabia to school Americans about Free Speech.

Lord knows Mark Steyn has been trying his damndest, but maybe it's Teh Ghey thingy that is tipping the balance?!??!


Bernie Sanders Refuses to Answer Questions About Glorious Socialism of Venezuela

He's more focused on the campaign, peasants!!

At 96, Dr. Heimlich Finally Gets to Do the Heimlich Manoeuvre.

"G-d put me in this seat next to you."

I Hope All The Jews Who Voted For Justin Trudeau Are Really Happy With Themselves

This is just the beginning. 

Great job, dumb Liberal Jews.

History Geek Out! Greek Archaeologist Claims to Have Found Grave of Aristotle.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

As I Always Say: Security Is the New Shut Up

Now and forever.

And even when you are forced by to hire and pay for your own security because you are not a shrieking leftist, security is the new shut up.

Why so much hate for gays?

Gay conservative lives matter!

Look at this guy's impressive credentials and title!

Imagine my surprise.

Balls Spotted in Switzerland?!??!


Steyn: Land of the Middle-Aged Son

Japan was once the land of the rising sun.

Now it's the land of the invisible son, and daughter. Ditto for most of Western civilization with the exception of Israel (yay-go Jews, go).

Western decadence combined with secular, godless and purposeless living and a trend toward leftist political policies (i.e dependency) has led to an unprecedented number of truly miserable young people.

By 28, I had finished university, moved to another country by myself, been married for five years and had my first child and I'm damned proud of that.

Listen to Mark Steyn's interview from earlier this morning on the John Oakley show. 

Steyn mentions the Italian 'big babies' phenomenon, so here is a related follow up story that I posted earlier this year. 

"An Italian court has ordered a middle-aged father to keep supporting his 28-year-old son through university, after he turned to the law to try and force his offspring to get a job. Italians are notorious for staying at home with their parents into their twenties, thirties and even forties, often until they marry."

"The Modena case is just one of 8,000 similar disputes that end up in court each year, with adult children demanding an allowance from their parents."

"The problem of adult children taking their parents to court for money is so acute that the Italian Association of Matrimonial Lawyers has called for an age limit to be set by the Supreme Court in Rome, beyond which children could not sue their parents."

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

America, My Beloved-Why Do You Make it So Damned Hard to Love You?


Make no mistake about it-there will be prayers in this space, and there will be a de facto victory mosque on this burned, bloody ground. 

Gutsiest and Most Inspired Story of the Day: "You Led Them To Their Death"

Via Blazingcatfur: 

The parents of two sibling victims of the jihad in France are refusing to pay taxes to the feckless, Islamophilic government that used their tax dollars to import the murderers and continues to pay for the upkeep of the savage jihadists in their country.

Fernandez: The Men Who Would Be King

An outstanding essay from Richard Ferdandez at PJ Media.

A must read. 

"At first glance the admission that the administration lied to the public seems a slam-dunk case for malevolence. But there's more to it than that. There is a perception that political imbecility is a lesser offense than malice. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the anti-Nazi activist, while in prison waiting to be executed, reflected that "stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of the good than malice" because evil left behind in its conscious perpetrators "a sense of unease."

"Against true imbecility even reasoning was useless since you couldn't even appeal to your enemy's self interest because they were too dumb to see it. "Against stupidity we are defenseless," he wrote, because imbeciles never feel a qualm. Against the stupid "neither protests nor the use of force accomplish anything ... reasons fall on deaf ears; facts that contradict ... simply do not need to be believed ... and when facts are irrefutable they are just pushed aside as inconsequential, as incidental. In all this, the stupid person, in contrast to the malicious one, is utterly self-satisfied and, being easily irritated, becomes dangerous by going on the attack."

Trump Goes There: Raises Vince Foster Death As Possible Murder, Not Suicide

This is basically the nut graf (I know it's a sentence-duh)/blueprint showing how Trump owns the media:

"In his characteristic manner for raising, and denying he is raising a subject, Trump introduced Foster to the vocabulary of the 2016 presidential race." 

Great lede also ("Panties are wadding up as Donald Trump “goes there” by raising a topic that is variously called a conspiracy theory, sleazy, or just plain insane: suspicions about the death of Vince Foster, the highest-ranking government official to die under mysterious circumstances since the death of John F. Kennedy.)

No, The Left Will Never, Ever, Ever Just Leave You Alone

They will never, ever, ever leave you to your own devices.

The political left is ever thirsty for power, and wants to consume your young.

There is no such thing as "live and let live". For the political left there is only live as they say and demand.

That's why we must always be vigilant and always push back-twice and thrice as hard.

Behold: "Left Targets Christian Schools In It's Relentless Potty Crusade" 

More on this in an excellent essay from James Lewis at The American Thinker:

"Keep the Feds Out of Your Children's Bathroom". 

Irony, The Cruelest Mistress...

Jewish leftist's books banned in Arab countries. 

What a Jewlicious story of unrequited passion.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Why Does Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Hate NDP Boobies?

Left wing breasts matter!

Remember: it's not abusive if liberals do it.

This is the hypocrisy of liberals in general, and "feminist" men particularly.

As long as "feminist" men vote for abortion and spout pap about it being "2015", they can treat women like garbage and get away with it. Pigs.

The biggest chauvinists I have ever met have all been liberals.

Remember Drummer Lee Rigby

I will never forget, and never forgive.

"How to Match Your Shirt and Tie"

A soooper doooper little fashion video for you men folk. 

America the Beautiful

When I say I love America, when I think about what America means to me it's stories like this and this. 

Video and more details here. 

Doron Almog Wins the Israel Prize

I read everything that Doron Almog writes, but I couldn't listen to a recent radio show where he talked about his son through music. The songs were so poignant, so sad, that I couldn't get through them.

There are so many Israeli families who withstand tragedy after tragedy, and I don't know where they get the strength to go on. There is the Ramon family who lost their father Ilan in the shuttle explosion and then the son Asaf in an airforce accident. There is the Peretz family (along with many others) that lost two sons in battle. And these families, with holes in their hearts, go on to do great things, to inspire others, and most miraculously and counterintuitively, comfort others.

Please read the whole thing. 

"Throughout his life, Eran never spoke a single word. He never called Didi “Ima,” he never called me “Abba.” Yet even so, he was the greatest teacher of my life."

Irony Is Such a Nasty Bitch

Mamma, don't let your vegans grow up to be mountain climbers. 

Prime Minister Hairdo Has Much Further to Fall

Thus, I am making popcorn. 


Heartache! Media Darling Busted For JOOOOOOOO Hate

I'm shocked!

We're Doomed

As per the prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH:

"We'll be talking about transgendered washrooms when the mullahs nuke us."


Friday, May 20, 2016

When It's The Left's Pet Causes Versus Sharia, The Left Will Lose

The political left has a slobbering, goobering, fetishized, hot-to-trot love affair with Islam.

However, Islam is far more serious about power than even the political left.

And when there is a showdown between the left and Islam, the left will always blink. 

How About Preventing This Barbarism Instead, You Assholes

"WHO launches first guidelines for treating FGM." 

You know, I've had it UP TO HERE with 'treating' victims of this barbarity, and funding "de-radicalization" programs for Muslim immigrants, etc..

I am sick and tired of "preventing" and "fixing" all of the problems that we would never have in the West if there weren't increasingly larger numbers of radical and extremely belligerent and hostile, jihad-oriented Islamic communities setting up shop here at the express invitation of suicidal liberals.

I am tired of band-aids, and I don't want to fix these people. I don't want to fix their beliefs, their schools, their houses of worship, their gender structures, their social norms, their attitudes toward anything (like gays and JOOOOOOOOOOZZZ) and certainly not their genitals.

I am not a social worker. 

These people need to bloody well fix themselves. 

Prevention (and when I say prevention, I mean limiting the immigration of these troubled souls to the West) is worth a pound of these useless, bleeding heart, dhimmi, supine and submissive "cures".

The best we can hope for is a leader who will at the very least subscribe to a position of containment-that is to say containing the damage already wrought.

The Juvenile, Smart Ass, Idiot, Liberal, Beta Male "Feminist", Imbecilic "Leaders" of The Free World

OK, that's my title, not VDH's, but you get the idea.

"What exactly has birthed the Pajama Boy aristocracy — our overclass of pretentious, inexperienced, and smug 30-something masters of the universe?"

"Prolonged adolescence? Affluence? The disappearance of physical chores and muscular labor? The collapse of traditional liberal education and the triumph of the therapeutic mindset? Disdain for or ignorance of life outside the Boston–New York–Washington corridor? Political correctness as a sort of careerist indemnity that allows one to live a sheltered and apartheid existence? The shift in collective values and status from production, agriculture, and manufacturing to government, law, finance, and media? The reinvention of the university as a social-awareness retreat rather than a place to learn?"


We're doomed. 

Prime Minister Selfie Has A Full Blown Temper Tantrum in Parliament

Just getting caught up on the news.

What a disgrace. 

Liberals are thugs. What a disgusting bully.

What. A. Dick.

"When leaders start to believe that they don’t have to respect or tolerate the politicians on the other side, bad things happen"

"For all the talk about the need for a new civility in Parliament, there has been little in evidence since the election of the Liberals, and this week was hitting new lows before the PM decided to take it down a rung. Physically grabbing your opponents is the opposite of respect, and while it’s clear that Mr. Trudeau lost his temper, other people lose their tempers all the time in public life and don’t resort to using anything more forceful than words. It suggests that the PM’s post-partisanship may actually be less tolerant of dissent than the old partisanship."
Even the Globe & Mail is breaking up with Prime Minister Hairdo.

It's just super uber delicious that the first "feminist" Prime Minister, "because it's 2015" would be manhandling his colleagues and making female MK's feel unsafe?

And don't look at me: I didn't vote for him. 

Good Riddance to Ya'alon

Don't let the door hit your grovelling, bleeding heart, yefei nefesh tushie on the way out. 

Another One For My "DUH" File

Germany experiencing uptick in home burglaries since migrant wave Islamic invasion of Europe wave began.

Repeat after me: DUH!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Busy Week...

Will be back to full strength uppity Jew blogging tomorrow.

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Power Struggle Between the Left and Islam Is Beginning

There is a very clear love affair going on between the political left and Islam.

But the political left has met its match in Islam. 

The political right is full of pushovers. We're too polite, we don't play by their rules. So we lose most battles, and we've lost the public sphere.  We've lost the arts, culture, academia, the judiciary, and the public school system.  We are exhausted from fighting for our liberty, and we must continually expend all of our remaining strength to protect our private sphere where we can exert the most control. And that's where the left is ever more relentless.

So left versus right is a bit of an unfair battle when it comes to tactics and therefore, odds. Because we don't stoop to their thuggish, lying, violent ways, we lose. Yes, we "win" in the sense that we follow a Western, moral code and therefore have better lives. We have better, more joyful lives because we are following the best blueprint known to mankind.

The left and Islam have much in common, including their abject nihilism. So for now, they are "getting along" even though they are very strange bedfellows indeed. Oh sure, they have Jew-hatred in common and a common loathing of the West and individual rights and liberty, but, the left has not figured yet out that sharia trumps all of the pet projects of the political left. 

Either that or they are sending up the white flag. They are not virtue-signalling so much as submission-signalling.

Islam is more dedicated to power than the political left.

When push comes to shove, it is the left that will fold and not Islam. 

I normally love being right, but I hate being right about this.

I'd (almost) love to be wrong about this.

If I'm wrong, we will soon see a plethora of transgendered washrooms in Western mosques.

If I'm right, we will soon see a plethora of leftists publicly, vocally and willingly "reverting".

Happy Belated Nakba Day


Yes, You Can Fight City Hall

And win. 

Palestinian Discusses Palestinian Child Sacrifice

This is what 'pro-Palestinian' means in our world: rooting for the barbarians who sacrifice their children and murder ours. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Why Do American Public School Principals Hate Disabled Teenagers?


Too angry to type. 

Principal Christy Houston should be FIRED. Out on her ass.

The school is Montgomery Central High School in Tennessee.

She is clearly a sadist. 

What a mean, horrible shrew. 

Ai Weiwei Can Kiss My Zionist Tuchus




"Anywhere I Can't Help The People of Israel-I'll Do It"

"The memory of another IDF casualty, Maj. Benaya Sarel, who was killed in Operation Protective Edge, fought in the Gaza Strip in 2014, will be carried on in a unique manner when his younger brother, David Sarel -- currently a combat soldier in the Givati Brigade -- donates bone marrow.

"David Sarel, 20, is currently enrolled in officers' training. When he enlisted in the military, he also registered with the Ezer Mizion national bone marrow donor database. Less than three weeks later, Benaya was killed in an ambush when terrorists jumped out of the entrance to a tunnel in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip."

"David was informed that he was a match on Tuesday, the eve of Israel's Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism. The procedure is expected to take place in the next few days."

"This donation is a choice to keep going. Anywhere I can help the people of Israel, I'll do it," he explained."

Playing the "Mental Illness" Card On Behalf of Terrorists

It's either "mental illness" or "lone wolf".

But lone wolf only applies to Muslims. If it's a Christian "lone wolf" then it's not a lone wolf, but rather part of a large, well-funded and organized community.

"Ideas and behaviors associated with mental illness in the West are mainstream in parts of the Muslim world which exist in a pre-rational medieval universe brimming with conspiracy theories, paranoid delusions, lack of personal responsibility, erratic emotions and an inability to apply reason to reality."

"Western psychiatric benchmarks don’t mean much in the Muslim world where witchcraft is a major problem, Jewish conspiracy theories abound and genies are responsible for psychiatric problems. Killing your daughter or just non-Muslims in general is socially approved behavior. The Muslim world has fundamentally different social norms than we do. And that means very different concepts of sanity."

"Misattributing Muslim terrorism to madness is convenient, but meaningless. It’s a way for us to avoid dealing with the difficult questions posed by Islam. And that avoidance is also a form of insanity."

Let's also not forget are misunderstanders of their very own religion: of their very own blueprint and yes-I've read the book, and it was a struggle, a real kampf if you get my meaning.

They say "we will slaughter you with glee and drink your blood", but from that we must run the text through the Jihadi-to-English Bleeding Heart Dhimmi Translation Machine and get "let's take ballroom dancing lessons together after we make shishklik and sweet mint tea together and go to the book club at the library".

Furthermore: if a dastardly Jew does something blasphemous, like wanting to actually LIVE and BREATHE and refuses to roll over and die or get murdered, if a Jew shoots back, if a Jew kills one who comes to kill him, then the Jew must be condemned, and most especially all the uppity, yucky Jews of Israel who dare have an army and lots of ammunition, tanks, fighter jets and their very own Macabee secret services. How dare those uppity Jews refuse to let a second Holocaust happen.

"Never Again" is really bullshit and it always was. It never meant "we, the world" will never let that happen again. That was luftmenschy stupid Jew-thinking. Lefty dummy imbeciles.

What it means is because there is Israel, and because there is an IDF, there will 'never again' be a second chance for the rotten, evil, current batch of jihadi, Jew-hating Nazis and all their spiritual heirs and cheerleaders (I SEE YOU) to ever have a chance to murder us Jews, on that scale ever again.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Steyn, As Played By Steyn!

So, I don't really have any hobbies except collecting interesting people all over the world and whatnot and I truly hate collectibles. I even hate people who collect stuff and I hate STUFF but whatever.

(Exception: Hèrmes scarves. Link to order here, for your convenience...I just had a birthday and it was Mother's Day, my friends...)

OK wait, I do have one hobby.


Mark Steyn has made a brief appearance on Teh Interwebzzzz today and will be on the John Oakley Show at 8:30 EST tomorrow.


(Who uses the phone now anyway? What's a phone call? I mean seriously for real and not for joking, at the sound of the beep, please HANG UP AND SEND ME A TEXT OR iMESSAGE FOR GOODNESSSSSAKE WHAT ARE YOU SOME KIND OF PRIMITIVE BARBARIAN???)

Right, where were we, Steyn/Steyn/Steyn...hmmm...sorry, IS IT GETTING HOT IN HERE OR IS IT JUST ME????

Will post Steyn audio as it becomes available.

You will also be able to find me listening to the spot tomorrow and live Tweeting my slavish, goobering, SteynFrau devotion humble reactions and fangirl measured commentary.


The Merkel Intifadah

"Allahu Akbar" is the new NO ISLAM TO SEE HERE. 

Could Everyone Please Lighten the F&ck Up?

This is funny. 

A dog giving a Hitler salute is funny.

You stupid lefties, and stupid Jewish organizations force me into defending Hitler Fido and his owner.

Do you actually understand how stupid and humourless you are????

Have you imbeciles ever heard of jihad? Anything?

It is ridiculous and obscene that the Nazi Dog video needs this warning: 


Why aren't all the official Jews and the Internet Humour Mutawa going after the actual Nazis-you know, the ones who get all stabby all over the place. Do the beheading videos get this kind of warning? How about all the actual kill-the-Jews videos? 

The more I watch this the harder I laugh. 

In fact, for me the message is how trainable animals are, and how trainable the Nazis and the ordinary Germans were. Like this dog, they followed orders, happily wagging their tails for a little praise here and there from Herr Hitler. 

Sorry, morose, irony-challenged lefties and Jewish companions, this is funny stuff. 

It is outrageous that someone has been arrested for something this silly, the world has gone mad and officialdom is just barking up the wrong tree here. 

Sig Arf! 

'Political Leftism Is More Dangerous To Jews Than Palestinian Nationalism'

An Israeli Arab woman I know said that recently, and her argument is compelling. She said the problem in Israel is not the Palestinians, and it's not the Israeli Arabs. The problem, she says, is the Israeli left. Fix the problem with the Israeli left and you fix the "Israeli-Palestinian" problem (which is actually more the Islam-Jewish problem).

Israeli leftists are a despicable and disgusting lot. 

"Israel’s political elites, like their Western counterparts, take pride only in their shame. They know that Israel is a sick society and that Jews are terrible people. And they know that this makes them superior to the rabble, the cockroaches, blacks, parasites, prostitutes and other affectionate slurs that they bestow on the rest of the country. Like many liberal elites, they take pride in their contempt for ordinary people."

"The elites think of the ordinary Israelis who just want to live in their own country without being shot, stabbed, bombed, barraged with rocks or forced to run to bomb shelters as Nazis. Meanwhile ordinary Israelis view the entitled elites who lecture them from presidential forums and prestigious columns as an undemocratic cartel abusing the privileges that they earned with their last names."

"Israel isn’t sick. But its elites are. Israel isn’t turning undemocratic or fascist. But its elites are undemocratic and totalitarian. Their accusations of fascism mask their casual willingness to censor, suppress and silence dissenting views. Like all oppressive systems at odds with the people they rule over, they are playing a totalitarian game that they are bound to lose. And they know it."

"Their bitterness and hate is an acknowledgement that their dream of running everything their way is dying. They have no path toward victory. There is nothing waiting for them except oblivion."
And they can never be shamed because you can't shame the shameless.

The truth is irrelevant to the left.

Here is the truth.

“I was a victim of the cruelty of doctors in Germany, among them [Josef] Mengele,” the notorious SS officer and physician at Auschwitz who committed gruesome medical experiments on Jews. “This winter, I was hospitalized at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem and witnessed the unwavering and humane attitude of Jewish doctors towards everyone, including a [Palestinian] terrorist who lay in the bed next to mine.”

Israeli Memorial Day

An impossibly hard day for all those whose loved ones have been killed in war, and/or murdered in terrorist attacks.

Just as Jewish holidays start at sundown and last until sundown on the following day, so too does Memorial Day start at sundown and lasts until the next day. In a particularly Jewish and particularly Israeli turn, sundown ending Memorial Day is the sundown that starts the Independence Day celebrations. It's a difficult, poignant transition.

The families can never 'get over' the loss, the whole in their hearts, they can only get through.

Sorry to joy, joy to sorrow, waves of pain in the soul like embers, sometimes kindly waning and other times burning hot and untouchable, searing, debilitating. This is the story of the Jewish people. This is the story of Israel. These are the stories of the Jews, and their loved ones.

Here is one such story. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

For My "DUH" File: Facebook Suppresses Conservative News


Ben Rhodes: The Aspiring Novelist Who Is America's Most Awesome Whopper Meister

The best thing about this story is how confident this arsehole is in talking openly to the media about how they lied. He is proud of it, this Obama-bot is completely comfortable bragging about lying ("crafting the narrative") in the national and thus, international media.

And when I say "best", of course I mean the worst.

I hope Bibi has read every single word. The Obama administration is disgustingly antisemitic, and this is just one more piece of evidence that proves that fact.

Read the whole thing. 

What. A. Douche.

Arab Discusses Real Arab Grievance Against the Jews

"The real Arab grievance against the Jews is that they exist."

(I think it's more Muslim than Arab, but maybe that's just me.)

News From Eurapia: "You Musn't Touch Me! Don't Touch Me"

Raw footage of the night that Germany decided to release its female citizens, infidel fresh meat populace into the night with hoardes of young, excitable, randy Muslim rapefugees with a few hundred police officers around for show. 

Guess who "won"?


Friday, May 6, 2016

Media Party Covering For Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and His Washington, DC Trip

There is NO way Prime Minister Selfie took 44 freeloaders guests to Washington, D.C with him for $25,000 CDN.

No possible way.

I can't wait till the rest of the bills come in. 

The Trudeau administration and all of its fart-catchers really thinks that the average Canadian is extremely stupid.

This $25,000 figure is a whopper.

Austria Gets Its Own Mutawa: "Your Hair's Too Blonde" Is the New "Your Skirt's Too Short"

Behold: The glories of multiculturalism in Eurapia. 

In sharia Eurabia, we cannot have fully-dressed adult free-born citizen females prowling around city streets, those INFIDEL SLUTS!!

How dare those infidel women think they can just walk around the streets of their country WHILE FEMALE, unaccompanied by their menfolk and not get raped!!!

The nerve!


I'm dying!

I love this.

I'm watching this at least seven hundred gazillion more times today.

"I vote against you you treacherous, common purpose muppet...I vote against you, you moron, you imbecile, you gay protestor for Palestine in your little shorts, you retard, you toe-rag."

Something to offend everyone in this glorious clip. HAHAHAHAHAHA!


"The term Islamophobia is the shovel we have been given to dig our own graves."

Britain Is Finished

For many, various reasons. 

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Rebukes Yair Golan

The Israeli left cannot get enough of this guy.

And his "Jews are Nazis" remark has now gone viral, and is a wonderful piece of propaganda for Jew-haters everywhere.

Netanyahu has issued a slap on the wrist. 

I'm still heartbroken.

Must Read Yishai Fleisher "The Malady of Jewish 'Inner Nazi' Phobia

First of all, I think this guy is my brother from another mother. For real and not for joking. 

This is so good, I wish I had written it. I'm sure I've done parts of it over the years, but this essay brings it together so nicely. Regardless, I love it and I live it.


"What is the fundamental lesson of the Holocaust for Israel and the Jewish people? There is a divergence of opinion."

"Many Liberal Jews believe the main lesson of the “six million” is that we Jews should never do to others what was done to us. We know first-hand what the horrors of hatred look like, and therefore, we must distance ourselves in every possible way from behaviors which are like those of the Nazis. This way of thinking posits that every mortal person has the potential to be a Nazi and when given power, every human and even every Jew can become abusive."

"I call the folks in this camp Fear-of-Inner-Nazi Jews."

"The other perspective is very different. It posits that the main lesson of the Holocaust is that Jews, having survived the hell of the Holocaust as a people, should “never again” allow anyone to do that to us. This group I call the Never-Again Jews."

I love every single word of this essay. 




So Sweet. Welcome Home.

Ready your kleenex!

Adorable, and very kind and wise comments below from British readers.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Holocaust Memorial Day

I find most of the articles too upsetting to re-read and post, and I've read dozens and dozens over the past day and watched lots of video clips. The ones that comfort me the most though are the stories of Holocaust survivors and their IDF soldier grandchildren or the great-grandparents and their great-grandchildren. 

This video made me cry. 

But I really liked this article for a number of reasons.

"Holocaust survivor and IDF officer grandson activate country-wide siren." 

I like Holocaust articles when they discuss the defiance of the Jewish nation and spirit, the commitment to life and the rejection of the cult of death. We say "to life", "l'chaim" for a reason.

The Holocaust is not a religion.

Judaism is our religion and our way of life.

You cannot believe in the G-d of Israel and be more committed to death than life.

It just doesn't work that way.

I liked this article also: "Offspring of Wehrmacht soldiers now Jewish and serving in the IDF"  (

I don't like the bit about kids teasing him for being German-that's despicable.) This story is a real 'fuck you' to antisemites. I like it.

I must also confess that Israel has made me very proud over the past few days, but it also broke my heart a little bit today with this disgusting story that shows just how much the left has infiltrated the highest ranks of the IDF and Israeli society. 

Any Jew, in an IDF uniform who compares Jews to Nazis on Holocaust Memorial Day is a disgrace and should be dismissed from the army. This is a disgusting human that the Defence Minister is backing (of course-because he's also backing prosecuting the soldier who killed a terrorist).

The backlash has been too great not to offer a 'sorry not sorry clarification', but that is bullshit.  We are asked to consider "context".

Well in what "context" is the IDF soldier saying Jews = Nazis acceptable?

Answer: ZERO and/or BOG OFF.

A heartbreaking episode for me personally courtesy of this insidious person, this Yair Golan. Just disgusting.

A real "lesson" of the Holocaust remains that defenceless Jews cannot survive for long. 

That's really all I can say right now.

The rest is too upsetting.

Sweden Deserves to Die

Austria Gets More Rapey-Lefties Unavailable for Comment, Ever.

Ho hum. 

Niall Ferguson: "The Resurfacing of Antisemitism in Britain"

This is an excellent essay from Niall Ferguson, who has the moral fortitude to actually name the new, current axis of Jew-hating evil in the world: the political left with radical Islam. 


I also quite like the lede-very few writers nowadays would dare start an essay in this way.

I salute Professor Ferguson, this essay and his forthright, unapologetic first sentence. 

This is one to remember. This is how it's done:

"I am a philo-Semite."

"The disproportionate Jewish contribution to Western civilization — not least to science and the arts — is one of the most astonishing achievements of modern history. I am also an anti-anti-Semite. The murder and mayhem perpetrated by anti-Semites throughout history, above all in the 20th century, deserves its special place in the annals of infamy."

You must read the whole thing, but especially this, his conclusion, which is the "real" issue underlying the current wave of Jew-hate in the formerly Great Britain:

"...the real issue is Labour’s dangerous flirtation with a new and very different generation of anti-Semites. Trotskyists and Islamists make strange bedfellows, to be sure. But perhaps only slightly stranger than the anti-Marxists and German racial theorists who together created National Socialism."

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Must Watch: Egyptian-German Scholar Hamed Abdel-Samad: Our Hatred of Jews Has Poisoned Us


This guy is brave. You must watch the whole thing.

As I've always said, there is no "Israeli-Palestinian" conflict. There is a religious war between Islam and Judaism (one that the Jews do not want).

As Abdel-Samad puts it, there is a conflict because the Islamic world does not see Jews as humans, and that is the essence of the religious war. There is a theological reason this conflict can never be solved. That is the poison that he discusses.

The best we (Jews, the West) can hope for is containment and for more Muslims to arrive at the same conclusions as Mr. Abdel-Samad (although he is likely widely condemned for apostasy, if he has not declared himself as such on his own accord).

VDH: Trump, Something New Under the Political Sun

This is a very thoughtful essay. 

Read the whole thing.

"Trump supporters are tired of hearing that black lives matter, while no one mentions that all lives matter. They are sick of seeing protestors wave the flag of the country they do not wish illegal aliens to be sent back to and trash the country they under no circumstances want them to leave. They don’t like getting a letter from an IRS that employs Lois Lerner — a letter that would be ignored with impunity by those who are here illegally, or who run the Clinton Foundation. They are tired of wealthy minorities claiming they are perpetual victims of ill-treatment at the hands of people who are less well off than they. They don’t like hearing from elites that huge trade deficits have little to do with loss of jobs or that cheating by our trade partners is just a passing glitch in free trade. They cannot stand lectures from those who make more money in an hour than they do in a year about their own bad habits or slothfulness."

"They don’t know what the on-screen savants mean by a leg-tingle or a perfectly pressed pant leg or a first-class temperament or a president as god — and they don’t care to find out. They do not hate political correctness so much as one-sided political correctness, which gives a pass to some to say things that would get others fired or ruined. They don’t want to be lectured that their own plight is part of a larger, healthy creative destruction or a leaner, meaner competitiveness or an overdue restructuring — by those who are never destroyed, rendered noncompetitive, or restructured. And they don’t like to be talked down to by the experts who ran up $10 trillion in debt, ruined the health-care system, dismantled the military, and screwed up the Secret Service, the IRS, NASA, and the VA. Trump is their megaphone, not their solution. The Trump supporters have seen plenty of politicians with important agendas, but few with the zeal to push them through; at this late date, they would apparently prefer zeal without agendas to agendas without zeal."

"Trump has no loyalty to the Republican establishment or to the conservative movement. The apparent greatest attraction for his supporters is that he drives crazy those who worship Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. And if the Republican establishment implodes with the Obamism it did not stop, well, so goes collateral damage — and in the process, woe to us all."

"Trump is for a brief season our long-haired Samson, and the two pillars of the temple he is yanking down are the Republicans to his right and the Democrats to his left — and it will all land on top of us, the Philistines beneath."

Robert Lantos on the New/Old Jew-Hatred and an Inspiring Call to Action

I was privileged to attend the Canadian Friends of Haifa University Mt. Carmel dinner this past Sunday evening.

It was a lovely, tasteful evening and the honouree this year was the Canadian filmmaker Robert Lantos, a very proud Jew, and a very staunch supporter of Israel who was born in Hungary.

I was profoundly moved by his remarks, and asked permission to republish them here.

Thank you very much to Hetty Shapiro for the wonderful evening, and for sending me the document and of course, to Mr. Lantos for his incredible history of creativity, philanthropy and moral fortitude. A very impressive individual indeed.

I would urge you to read the whole thing.

I'm not sure if we can 'recapture' the affections of the progressive left, but I certainly do believe that we Jews and all allies of Jews must show strength and fight our enemies tooth and nail. I don't believe antisemitism will ever be eradicated, but we must never make it easy for our enemies to live comfortable lives, and we must never let them get away with murder, or supporting murder.

On Holocaust Memorial Day, Europe Brings Muslim Children to Its Shores

I can't help thinking about how enthusiastically Eurabians are embracing Muslim children.

It was a lot different for Jewish children during the Second World War.


London Falling

Into the abyss.

Another nail in the coffin of the formerly Great Britain.

And remember-it starts with the Jews but it never ends with the Jews. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Wins the Internet Today


""My mission is one and I always say this when I go to Yad Vashem with senators and presidents and prime ministers: I tell them that I have one mission," he added. "One Yad Vashem is enough. Once. There will never be a second time."

Whoever wrote that line is a genius. But whoever understands it and subscribes to it gets it. 

That ought to be on IDF uniforms. 

I would buy the t-shirt. 

If you want to know why Israel exists, and why the Jews need Israel, and the miracle of Israel it is that one sentence: 

"One Yad Vashem is enough. Once. There will never be a second time." 

Really, I get chills from reading that line because Netanyahu means it. 



Two Smart Essays From Two Smart Jews

First Daniel Greenfield on Big Green's Dirty Power: 

"Big Green is big business. The global renewable energy market is estimated at over $600 billion. Obama’s stimulus boondoggle alone blew around $50 billion on green energy. Annual spending is somewhere around $39 billion a year and that’s just the tip of the Big Green iceberg."

"Environmentalism isn’t a hippie with a cardboard sign. It’s multinational corporations and big banks. It’s environmental consultants padding the bill for every government project. It’s subsidies that get carved up ten different ways into highly profitable investments at taxpayer expense. It’s brand greenwashing and useless recycling programs. It’s a dime, a dollar or a hundred dollars added to every bill."

"Big Green is booming business. But it can’t succeed on its own. Without public policy based on the hoax that the planet is going to be destroyed unless Big Green gets more green cash, the scam collapses. "

(This is why Mark Steyn is being punished with a Big Clime lawsuit...)

Read the whole thing. 

"Why Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Criticism of Islam Angers Western Liberals"

Western liberals and leftists are involved in a torrid love affair with Islam.

The interview is well done.

Yet, an important question is asked in the interview, but not answered, and that is why exactly is there such a burning romance between such a clearly illiberal religion/movement and political liberals and leftists?

My own theory is that political leftism and Islam are nihilistic movements, and both are totalitarian . Both enthusiastically embrace a culture of death, and not of life, and neither makes any apology for its zero sum jostling for total and complete power. and domination of the non-believers. Both world views provide their believers with an all-encompassing, rigid, inflexible and infallible system for living that prescribe behaviour, human interaction, rules of governance and "permitted" thoughts from the largest questions of human existence, purpose and consciousness to the minutia of day to day ablutions, salutations and appellations. 

Read the whole thing. 

Hirsi Ali is simply a force to be reckoned with.

I like the way she obliterates the "lone wolf" mythos.

"Whether out of political expediency or superficiality, Western politicians and commentators treat individuals like those responsible for the massacres in France, Belgium, California and across the Middle East and Africa as mere “pop-ups”—making it seem as though, as Ms. Hirsi Ali says, “a 21-year-old wakes up one day and decides to commit jihad.” She wryly refers to this as “Sudden Jihadi Syndrome.” Ms. Hirsi Ali views matters quite differently. “That’s not the way it works,” she says. “This is the product of indoctrination that goes on year after year. In North America and Europe [no less than elsewhere] they preach that jihad is obligatory. They may preach that there is a time and a place for jihad, but they preach it.”

"In mosques and at diverse sites across the Internet, instructions are delivered to punish non-believers, dissenters or even potential skeptics, and justifications for violence in the name of Islam are conveyed. These practices, Ms. Hirsi Ali says, are pervasive, unrelenting and extremely well funded by Muslim countries, wealthy donors and institutions, and it is bizarre to pretend otherwise."

“It is time to drop the euphemisms and verbal contortions,” she has written."

Must Read David French: Individual Cowardice is Killing American Culture

This is a thoughtful and excellent article from David French. 

Of course, individual cowardice is killing not only American culture, but indeed Western culture as well.

Read the whole thing. It's exceptionally depressing because it's all familiar and true.

The only "silver lining" is that inasmuch as individual cowardice is killing American/Western culture, individual bravery will redeem, reinvent and resurrect it. 




You're welcome. 

British Labour Party's Probe Into Antisemitism: No Jews Allowed

You can't make this stuff up!

German Jews Delusional AGAIN

My idiot people. 

One of the Worst IDF Stories Ever

The IDF goes to war against its own soldier. 

This is a truly shameful chapter in the history of the IDF.

A real disgrace.

What Being "Pro-Palestinian" Means

It means you think this is OK and normal, and worth supporting.

This is the line between civility and barbarism:

"He murdered Dafna Meir, a mother of six, by stabbing her to death in front of her young children, then went home, washed his hands and watched a movie."

Monday, May 2, 2016

Perhaps Denmark Does Deserve to Die

Behold: Copenhagen celebrates "martyrs" in an "art" exhibit.

Fuck you, Denmark. 

Miracles: Two Brothers Were Separated in the Holocaust, Their Families Meet After 77 Years

What do you say to someone you’ve been searching for your whole life?”

Gotta Love Prince Harry

So, I like Prince Harry.

Actually, I quite like the trio of Harry, William and Kate.

BUT: This photo makes me like Prince Harry even more.

Look at at this magnanimous, graceful gesture: a prince, getting down on his hands and knees in order to meet and greet a wounded warrior in a wheelchair at eye level.

Can you, in your wildest dreams, ever imagine President Obama making a similarly humane gesture? President Obama, the most classless American President ever, only makes it a regular habit to bow to the most disgusting, undeserving and odious of world "leaders".

Prince Harry's small gesture here is actually a very real and very grand testament to his personal humility, grace and good breeding.

This is really quite a remarkable image.

I'm shocked there hasn't been any comment about this particular image in the mainstream media.

Mazel Tov: 50 Holocaust Survivors Finally Celebrate Bar and Bat Mitzvahs In Jerusalem

Up yours, Jew haters.

We Jews will never, ever die. 


Am Yisrael Chai!


Sorry, not all cultures are created equal.

Sorry not sorry.

These Malawi murderers are savage barbarians. 

The UK Is Screwed: Leftist-Islamic Jew-Hating Alliance Edition.

"It is just when you think that things could not possibly get any worse that they always do."

Douglas Murray offers up his thoughts as well:

"Every time anyone thinks Britain's Labour party has reached a new low of anti-Semitism, entirely new depths seems to open."

"In pretending that a state, Israel, in protecting itself from a rain of rockets, stabbings and car-rammings in the best way it possibly can, is, instead, committing war-crimes, not only is there a perpetuation of one lie; there is the subtle placing of a kernel of a thought. Why, a naïf might wonder, do these double-standards exist only in regard to Israel, and not to, say, Iran, China, Sudan, North Korea or Russia? Might it be because some people just hate Jews?"

"That is the problem. It is the narrative of the "left" on Israel that is causing the resurgence of anti-Semitism. It is not coming from nowhere. It is coming from them. If the left wants to deal with it, they first have to deal with themselves."

Sunday, May 1, 2016

France Redeems Itself?

Just kidding. 

Too late for regrets, mes amis. 

Must Read Kevin D. Williamson: Why The Left Hates Jews

This is your must read of the day. 

My two favourite bits:

"The Jews can be whatever their enemies need them to be."

That is a very, very clever line and I will be quoting it in the future. Brilliant.

It is a clear and concise nugget that says it all. Kudos.

And this:

"The Arab–Israeli conflict is a bitter and ugly one. My own view of it is that the Palestinian Arabs have some legitimate grievances, and that I stopped caring about them when they started blowing up children in pizza shops."

That is the mark of a normal human being.

Those who cheer and care for the Palestinians knowing what their culture strives for and precisely what it "accomplishes" are just as barbarian as the Palestinians.

For the Ladies: "Hot Dudes and Humous" Instagram From Israel


"Not A Glorious Chapter"


Like it was OK to host mass murdering Nazis until they turned out to be pedophiles.

Looks good on ya, South America.