Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Blog Break!

Lots and lots of Jewish holidays are upon us, and I'll be very busy with real life, so I'll be taking a blog break.

Please visit the usual suspects: Kathy, Arnie and Mindy.

They'll keep you up to date with all the good, the bad and the ugly.

I'll be posting again sometime during the week of October 16th.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Not all cultures are equal.

So sue me. 

Terrible: The Pope of Islam

Sorry my Catholic pals, but this guy is a leftist kook. 

The UK Is Screwed: Jews Out of Politics Edition

Ho hum...nothing to see here...

VDH: The Progressive Octopus

This is so good. Read the whole thing.

So many good nuggets, can't really pick a favourite.


"...culturally, the progressive octopus continues to recalibrate popular life according to the new orthodoxies shared by a minority of the population. Indeed, the octopus has formidable and far-reaching tentacles that reach into every crevice of modern American life. Our progressive mollusk is big, and he swims with us everywhere."

"Most Americans are quite willing to concede spheres of partisanship — but not lawlessness. Some colleges, such as Evergreen State or UC Berkeley, while public and tax-supported, are, by definition, leftist in the manner that a private Hillsdale College or Saint Thomas Aquinas are traditionalist and conservative. But whereas the latter are calm and tolerant of dissent; the former, with public monies, are hysterical and often Stalinist when confronted by opposing views. That disconnect is unsustainable."

"But what is bothering half the country is not such ideological birds-of-a-feather tribalism per se. The rub instead is the progressive attempt to undermine all shared public institutions by turning them into left-wing megaphones and in the process condoning the use of violence, obscenity, and racialism."

"So it is not quite accurate to complain of the “politicization of everything,” given that the phenomenon is largely a progressive project in which nothing is much sacred from left-wing political hectoring — our vocabulary, the very cars we drive, even the TV shows we watch."

Monday, September 25, 2017

Free Speech Is Not Free

In some cases, it even costs upwards of $600,000 

Hello America? Why Is This Scumbag Getting Priority for American Lungs?


How does a douchebag like this get to the top of the list for a transplant? 

This is putrid.

Or is this another Palestinian whopper????


Danish Fashion Agency Celebrates Diversity

Umm, ok, whatevzzzz. 

Two Daughters Pay Tribute to Their Father: The Story Behind the Roto Broil-400

This is so touching and beautiful and tragic, please read the whole thing.

May Leon Klinghoffer's memory be a blessing. 

Good for the daughters and their determination to reclaim the memory of their father.

He was not a symbol, he was a single, individual Jew, father, son, husband.

The despicable attempts of the left to hijack his memory are shameful and revolting.

As Mark Steyn so rightly just said in a recent post, in order to win the future, we have to reclaim our past. I'd add that in order to enjoy our present, we also have to reclaim and be proud of our past.

I love that these two daughters have the strength, in the face of such horror, to reclaim their own family history and reclaim the narrative.

G-d bless them and keep them.

As I say, this is a heartwarming and tragic piece of work.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Jewish New Year Blog Break!

The Jewish New Year is a three day extravaganza this year.

Thus, I'll be offline starting tomorrow (Wednesday) night-candle lighting is at 7:00 p.m EST by us.


Rosh Hashana is two glorious days and then blends right into Shabbat so I'll be completely offline for three days.

See you in the new (Jewish) year!

To all my Jewish friends, I wish you a happy, healthy and joyful New Year.

May Hashem bless and keep you all, and may He watch over all Shomrei Yisrael, all of the guardians of Israel.

To all of my non-Jewish readers, thanks for coming along for the ride!

Thank you for reading my blog, and for all your kind notes and words of encouragement throughout the year.

I write because I have to, but I try to use any skill that I've been lent by G-d, for good purposes, and to further the message of the Jews and the G-d of Israel, to get Torah wisdom and Jewish insights, to make the case for the Culture of Life, to put that all out there, to as many people as I can.

Shana Tova U'Metukah T'chateivu, may you all be inscribed in the Book of Life for a sweet and happy year.

Jew Stuff: Why Do We Eat Round Challahs on Rosh Hashana?

Good stuff. 

Life Lesson: Never Ask "Why Me?"

"Why me" is a terrible question.

Someone once relayed to me that their husband said to them "well why not us", in regards to having a severely disabled child and constantly thinking "why me".

I've reminded myself of that on many occasions. Why not me? Why not us?

Now, an even more powerful reminder of why you should never ask "why me". 

"The problem with "why me?" is that your focus is on me, the ultimate false deity. To this G‑d says, "See it is I" who put you here. He tailor-made your scenario. Find your mission and strengths specifically from your situation. You don't have to be challenged with suffering to learn this lesson; you need only be alive, because "I kill and I bring to life." It is G‑d that chooses you to be alive."

"Recognizing this is the beginning of meaning in your life. And if you are suffering, know that "I strike and I heal." Again this is from G‑d. There is purpose in your struggle that can only be realized through your struggle. Find a way to turn your pain into positive, your struggle into strength."

Germany Deserves to Die

Cannot feel any sympathy for Germany, only for the children who are being sacrificed.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Housecleaning At The Wailing Wall For Rosh Hashana

Hey people, it's almost the Jewish New Year.

This year, Jews will be particularly stressed about the upcoming festivities one, because they are "early" i.e in September this year and not October.

Remember: Jewish holidays are either "early" or "late" but never on time.


This year it's a three day marathon for us Hebrews.

Wednesday night is the start of Rosh Hashana, which lasts for two days (and always, Jewish holidays go from night to night), and then just as Rosh Hashana ends on Friday night, the Sabbath begins. So basically if you go grocery shopping in the next day or so and there are Jews where you live, you may see us running around frantically grabbing all the necessary food items for this festive, lengthy celebration.

I'll write more about Rosh Hashana if I have time.

Yesterday I was already in prep mode and have my apple cake  (this is my standby crowd pleaser and the best "pareve" dessert I make) and a chocolate chip loaf cake frozen and ready to go.

Apples and honey are particularly symbolically important as are other blessings and items. 

(Yes I'm Ashkenazi but in Jewish marriages, one follows the cultural traditions of the husband-therefore we go by Sephardi...)

There's lots more work to be done, but we'll get there.

Anyway, I loved this story. 

Housekeeping at the Kotel before Rosh Hashana.

Here's what I like about it. I like that people's prayers are treated so respectfully. What other nation would treat people's little notes to G-d with such respect? This is such a beautiful, humble and gracious way of treating the intimate wishes and prayers of people from all over the world no matter what their background or religion or creed. I like that the Chief Rabbi himself is cleaning them out.

Well played, Jews! Well played. 

And for those of you who scoff at the idea of writing "notes to G-d" well, in a few words: don't be such a smarmy smart ass.

Even if you don't believe in G-d, there is something very beneficial and very clarifying about writing down your deepest wishes and fears and hopes. And very humbling as well. It's not the same as merely having the thought.

So scoff not and have some respect.

Don't be a jerk. Talk to G-d.

You're welcome.

So I Don't Really Care About Denmark

Just a reminder.

Denmark is a festering pit of Jew-hate.

Looks like their spiritual bankruptcy, jihadophilia and soul-corrupting antimitism is once again yielding tangible and bloody results.

A Most Incredible Spy: The Story of 4"11 Jewish WW2 Spy, Marthe Cohn, Now 97 Years Old


An amazing story of courage, purpose and memory.

Never forget.

Never forgive.

I personally don't agree with the filmmaker who sees "hope" in her story, that one person can change the world, etc..That's the absolute wrong takeaway in my view. Yes, one person can change the world, but no-there's nothing hopeful about this story.

I see in this woman a warning tale.

For me, it is more like a particularly Jewish story and warning but at the same time, universal for our world today.

Societies That Sacrifice Their Children Are Not Long For This World


Barbarians and historical antecedents for this utter depravity. 

The Great Douglas Murray: Europe Is In Big, Big, Big Trouble

So, he doesn't say "Eurabia Is Doomed" like I do, but comes pretty close: 

"It is now seven years since Chancellor Merkel told her country in a speech in Potsdam that “multiculturalism has utterly failed.” 

"It had been a mistake, she admitted, to think that the guest workers invited into the country since WWII would leave. They did not leave. They stayed. Since then, thanks to growing immigration from the developing world, parallel societies have formed in Germany. All of which was a damning, unprecedented admission by the chancellor."

"But then in 2015 she did something even more unprecedented and with far more damning consequences. Having admitted that mass immigration into her country had been a disaster when it had been at a relative low point, she opened up her country’s borders to bring in a historically unprecedented number of migrants."

What Dr. Gorka Says

The permanent, ruling bureaucracy is a danger to democracy.

It leans left, is only interested in self-preservation and is not inclined to shift its work to fit the political vision of the Commander In Chief unless there is a left-leaning Commander In Chief.

As the Great Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, Sartorial Blessings Be Upon Him, has noted in the past, it doesn't matter if there is a change in president or government if there is a permanent bureaucratic class that actually rules the country.

What He Says

Amazing: Final Surviving Crewman From Operation Magic Carpet Talks About The Rescue of Yemenite Jewry

An amazing, amazing chapter in Jewish history.

What a remarkable privilege to be a part of this. 

Imagine playing a role in the in-gathering of the exiles!


(Kudos to writer Cathryn J. Prince for a beautifully written piece. Really lovely style.)

"Before he launched his decades long investigation into the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, but well after he’d flown over 100 US Navy combat missions during World War II, Ret. Cpt. Elgen M. Long was saving lives in the skies over Yemen."

"Now 91, Long is the last surviving Alaska Airlines crewmember who participated in “On Eagle’s Wings,” part of Operation Magic Carpet, the airlift that brought 50,000 Yemenite Jews to Israel between 1948 and 1950."


“They had no luggage. Most of them didn’t even have shoes. They walked from wherever they lived to get there [the base]. They walked barefoot through the desert to get here. Some came from Sana’a, [235] miles away,” Long said.

"They stood before the plane. Their hesitation and trepidation palpable."

Many had never seen a plane before. Then their rabbi told them: ‘This is your eagle that is going to take you on your Aliyah,’” Long said, referring to the a the passage from Exodus 19:4 “I bear you on eagles’ wings and brought you unto myself.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Always Remember Her Victims: Convicted Terrorist Finally To Be Deported From America

Good riddance. 

About time.

Baruch Hashem.

Canadian You Tuber Hits the Big Time

I like this: 

"It started out as a hobby, but Thunder Bay-born Aaron Bidochka has turned his love of remote-controlled vehicles into a full-time job."

"Bidochka — who has a background in music and film production — initially got into RC vehicles, and making videos of them, as a hobby while he worked in information technology in the oil and gas industry. However, he was laid off in 2008, Bidochka told CBC."

"So, he started making videos of RC vehicles and uploading them to YouTube for fun, but around the same time, he discovered YouTube's partner program. That allows content creators like Bidochka to earn a percentage of the revenue generated by ads that run with their videos."

"Bidochka signed up, and while earnings were slow at first, he was making a thousands a month within a couple of years, and turned it into a full-time job in 2011."

"Now, his channel has more than 1.5 million subscribers, and only about 1,000 other channels have reached the one-billion-views mark, Bidochka said."

"The one message I want to leave everybody is you don't have to do a job you don't want to do anymore," he said. "These days, there are so many things you can do to make your life better, and to really reach that passion that you have inside of you."

How The War In Syria Signals the Death of Europe

Hard to argue with this. 

"The intensification of economic, social, and security problems in Europe and North America resulting from increased immigration will further augment the rise of the right and the extreme right, which in turn will exacerbate the West’s social and political tensions. Members of parliament whose only desire is to be reelected will attune their parliamentary activity – and particularly the laws they promote – to the expectations of electoral districts that are turning Muslim, sacrificing their people’s interests on the altar of their political careers. Many Europeans who are aware of their politicians’ treachery will lose hope and emigrate from countries that are in social and economic decline, and this flight will further accelerate Europe’s transformation into another Islamic region."

"Thus, without the world understanding what is happening, the arrangements Russia and Iran are now imposing on Syria will spark a chain reaction entailing a larger influx of refugees and Europe’s irreversible descent."

"The Atlantic Ocean is not wide enough to protect North America from this calamity. Thus do Iran’s ayatollahs plan to destroy the infidel, permissive, drunk, materialist West: by banishing additional millions of wretched Syrians to the lands of heresy, the nemeses of the ayatollahs. On the soil of Syria, Tehran has defeated both Europe and America."

"I Had No Idea Till That Fateful Night"-The Last Survivor of the Great Escape Celebrates His 100th Birthday

"The plan for the Great Escape took shape in the spring of 1943 when Squadron Leader Roger Bushell RAF, who had been a lawyer in his civilian life, hatched a strategy for a major breakout.

Bushell, who came to be known by the codename Big X, created an Escape Committee and inspired the camp's Allied prisoners in an attempt to get in excess of 200 out.

Some 600 men helped dig three tunnels, which were referred to as Tom, Dick and Harry, with the hope that one would succeed.

Tunnel Tom started in a darkened corner of one of the building's halls, while Dick's entrance was hidden in a washroom drain sump and Harry's was under a stove.

The plan was for the escapees to come out the other end with civilian clothes, forged papers and escape equipment.

On the night of March 24 to 25 March 1944, 76 men took advantage of a moonless night to attempt get away through tunnel Harry."

Thursday, September 14, 2017

We're Doomed: "Canadian" ISIS Morality Police Barbarian Returns to Canada

So, I've studied history and I don't really recall Canada having a history of sharia morality police. 

But what do I know.

Anyway, the message here is apparently celebrate diversity and stuff and you know EVERYONE makes mistakes.

I mean, don't we all occasionally trap people in cages for flirting, give out violent lashes for cigarette smoking, and beat women for refusing to wear an Islamic veil?

And for real, who among us all has not killed people for leaving Islam, having them shot or beheaded and then crucified?!?!?

Nobody's perfect!!

I'm Shocked

Only 53%? 

Where There Is Life

There is hope. 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't this little baby be considered just a clump of tissue to be aborted in most of the "civilized" world-at 22 weeks gestation?

Woe unto us.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


What he says. 

Read the whole thing.

Witness to The Loss of Innocence

The call came through on Facetime in the living room during an otherwise unremarkable evening.

Dinner had been served and cleaned up, showers taken and the last few moments of electronic amusement and entertainment before bed were being counted down.

I overhear the sweet, familiar voice of a classmate.

"Did you hear?"

No, he says.

The story unfolds. Their former classmate. Their friend.

He wasn't feeling well, and went to the doctor. It was his throat. Something in his throat. It didn't get better. They went to the hospital. They ran tests. The tests came back.

"It's cancer, so pray for [CHILD'S NAME]. I have to go."

My heart skips a beat.

My baby looks at me and in that split second before the anguished tears I see his childhood leave us.

I hug him, I tell him we will pray for his friend's complete recovery and support the family however we can, and that we don't have all the information, and that medical miracles happen every day and those are the things we will focus upon.

My husband and I are up all night in emotional anguish. In shock. We are now waiting for our marching orders for meals, and any other support other than our prayers.

Life changes in a split second.

Every second of health, and the health of our loved ones on this earth is such a gift. We humans tend to forget this so often and take shelter in our pity parties and sometimes the pain is very real.

But if we are alive and well, we really do have it all.

We cannot know the ways of G-d. Ours really is not to reason why.

Pray for this little guy. Pray for G-d to guide the hands and minds of all his healers.

Thank G-d for every moment.

Sorry America, I Can't Remember For You

America, I do love you, but I can't, I guess I just won't remember for you, or on your behalf.

I don't get sad about this anymore because I'm still angry about it, and more and more angry with each year, with each murdered victim, with each passive phrase to describe the barbarity.

No "lives lost" or "towers fell" for me.

No "lives extinguished" or "taken from us" for me.

I won't conceded that battleground.

With every year the passivity grows and the will to remember diminishes.

No, the next attack will not be the one that Finally Makes People Wake Up. There will never be that one.

So I grow angrier and not weepier and I am even more determined to live by my principles, civilized principles of Western civilization than ever before, more steadfast in my commitment to Western civilization than ever before.

I do remember, but I can't and I won't mourn on your behalf.

As per my fellow member of the tribe, the great Daniel Greenfield: 

"We don't need more holes in the ground, more places to feel empty and alone. What we need are things to aspire to. The World Trade Center's towers were not targets of convenience, no more than the Saudi and Emirati skyscraper building spree is. Towers are symbols of achievement. They are guardians of the skyline who remind us of what we can accomplish."

"The terrorists and the memorialmakers have a common purpose-- to make us forget what we are capable of. To drown us in our own pain and grief, to make us drink of the Lethe waters of reflecting pools until we forget who we are. The terrorists and the memorials have done their best to break us. But it is not in grief that we must remember the day. Grief is for the foregone conclusion. But though thousands upon thousands are lost-- we are not yet lost. And the war is not over."

"The holes in the ground are not symbols of grief, or empty places in our hearts, they are open wounds inflicted on us by our enemies. Filling them with water will not change that, only anesthetize the pain of a fatal injury. To forget that is to sink into a mirage and die in delirium that we are recovering."

And furthermore:

"September 11 is not the day we cry, it is the day we get angry. It is the day we remember who our killers were, how many have been lost, and how little has been done to bring down the ideology responsible as completely as they brought the towers down. It is the day we remember not to forget. It is the day we remember that the war has just begun and that until it ends, there can be no comfort or solace. The fight goes on."

"We are at war with an enemy that is bound to a religion and culture unlike ours. They do not share our values. We have never defeated any of them or their ideology. And — for the sake of political correctness and congressional cowardice — we are about to abandon some of the most essential tools of intelligence gathering we need in this war."

"No wonder we’re losing."

You also lose when you don't actually want to win. 

The Greatest Love

Heartbreaking and inspiring.

“I just want people to know that my wife loved the Lord. She loved her kids. She put anybody in front of her needs … She put my daughter above herself.”
The little baby girl's name is apparently Life. 

This Is Pretty Much How I View All "Selfies"

Yes, I'm serious. 

Plus, I believe there is a direct correlation between "number of selfies" to "batshit crazy level" among female social media users.

France Through the Looking Glass

Exhibit one. 

Exhibit two. 

Jews must leave Europe, and particularly leave France with their bags and not in coffins.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Barbie Goes Full Revert!

A number of years ago, while blogging as "Closet Conservative" I read a hijab Barbie story and I quipped at the time "Great news! That slut Barbie has finally reverted!" 

And YEAH BRAG TIME, the one and only Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, seemed to find my sentiments moderately amusing and I made it into one of his Maclean's Magazine columns.

Why yes, that does actually make me awesome by association-thanks for noticing.

I can't find it on the Interwebzzz right now but it was a really, really good one and you know, it's Mark Steyn, quoting YOURS TRULY so you know, braggy brag braggedy brag brag, etc..

In fact, Mr. Steyn included my actual, real name when the essay was published in a collection, in his book, The [Un]Documented Mark Steyn, which is obviously, super duper, amazingly cool.

In other words, you can find me in Mark Steyn's Rolodex.





Anyway, apparently hijabi Barbie has taken a much more serious turn religiously and fashion wise because she is now Fully Body Bagged Barbie. And she recites verses from the Koran because of course she does!

They call her "Hijarbie" but it's more like Burkharbie! 

Anyway, she's obviously still a floozie, because I can still see her eyeballs! Eyeballs are slutty!!!

Haram!!! HARAM!!!!! For shame!!!

Obviously, she needs the full beekeeper outfit to preserve her modesty.

What's next in this product line?

The Hijarbie Local Clitorectomy Clinic?

Germany Does Indeed Deserve to Die

So, I have no sympathy for Germany.

I only feel sympathy for the innocent children who are being raped and murdered because of Angela Merkel's truly evil invasion.

And I have no sympathy for those who sympathize with the murderers of their children, or those who turn the murderers into the "real" victims.

There's quite a few reasons for my antipathy to Germany.

But here are some recent bits of information and articles that you may wish to consider and then see if you come up with my conclusion: Germany deserves its fate.

Terrorists in Germany's Parliament? 

Munich’s New Memorial to the Slain Israeli Athletes Is Meaningless and Offensive

Media Manipulation: Be Aware and Beware

Respect and suspect these mainstream media weasels.

This is very instructive.

There's actually no reason whatsoever for non-leftists to appear on leftist media or to interview with hostile media. They will make you look bad, sound bad-there will always be an ambush.

Better to avoid them entirely.

You don't "need" any mainstream outlet to get a message out. The full Bannon interview is here and there are some good nuggets if you're interested.

Watch this whole video, though. Short and sweet.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Berkeley to Offer Counselling to Students Traumatized By Presence of Jew on Campus

Have we hit peak Berkeley yet?

Is there such a thing? 

The UK Is Screwed

Can't make this stuff up. 

Charles Murray Speaks Without Incident At Harvard


The worst thing to do is not show up.

Bullies need to be pushed back.


Jew-Hating Jews. Yes, It's A Real Thing

Leftists first.

Merely born Jewish. 

"I Quite Enjoyed Torturing Women"


"There's No Such Thing As 'Islamophobia'"

Read the whole thing. 

"With its fluid meaning, the word Islamophobia amalgamates two very different concepts: the persecution of believers, which is a crime; and the critique of religion, which is a right. A newcomer in the semantic field of anti-racism, this term has the ambition of making Islam untouchable by placing it on the same level as anti-Semitism."

"The notion of Islamophobia is meant to give the religion of the Prophet a status of exemption denied to other spiritual systems. To regularize the presence of Islam in free societies means giving the faith exactly the same status as other confessions: neither moronic demonizing nor blind idealizing. We must beware when fanaticism borrows the language of human rights and dresses up as a victim in order to impose its grip on power. There is an old saying: the devil also likes to quote scripture."

"Walk through the streets of any big European or American city, and you will pass Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, and evangelical churches, Hindu temples, synagogues, mosques, pagodas, and on and on. This peaceful cohabitation of diverse expressions of the divine is a wonder of the West. The best that we can wish for Islam is not "phobia" or "philia" but a benevolent indifference in a spiritual marketplace, open to all beliefs. But it is precisely this indifference that the fundamentalists want to eradicate. It cannot be the equal of other faiths, since it believes itself superior to them all. This is the core of the problem."

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Most Disturbing Video I've Seen in a While

I actually started crying when I watched this video. 

This particular form of leftist tyranny in America makes my heart break.

This is a disgusting abuse of the citizenry and a particularly egregious attack on faith.

It's absolutely disgusting.

Who ever thought that the American republic could die and its epitaph would be "Bake. My. Cake."

The Great Pat Condell: "Europe Is Killing Itself"

Watch it before it's yanked!

He is so brave. He seriously has one of the biggest sets in Europe. See-just a regular guy, not afraid. Like I said, anonymity is useless and pathetic.

Personally, I don't feel that there is a way to reverse this disastrous invasion-even if there was the will.

The only person with the stones to deport invaders appears to be Bibi.

Watch the whole thing.

Obama Slime Ben Rhodes Is Beneath Contempt

First of all, the fact that this douche weasel is the head of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, after playing a huge role in enabling the Persian mullah mental cases to have the capability to live out their mahdi wet dreams of enacting a nuclear Holocaust against the Jews, is disgusting enough.

Now, it's time to re-write history. 

This is vomit level, brazen thuggery. 

"The Dangerous Advice Your Rabbi May Give You Before Rosh Hashana"

I liked this piece. 

Well played, Rabbi Freeman!

"There’s a lot of bad advice going around this time of year. Dangerous advice. The Internet is full of it. So is your synagogue. Maybe even your favorite rabbi."

"Look, they mean well. But they’re often completely unaware of the hazards involved. Which makes their advice an even greater threat to your mental and spiritual health."

“Days of Judgment are upon us,” they tell you. “Rosh Hashanah. Yom Kippur. It's time to take an account of all you’ve done wrong in the past year and resolve never to return to your wayward deeds.”

"Absolutely true. Absolutely crucial. And equally dangerous."

The Future of Europe in One Sentence"

"French monastery turned into asylum centre as Calais migrant numbers rise."  

Hey, Thanks For Coming Out!

"How the transgender crusade made me re-think my support for gay marriage." 

Read the whole thing.

"Over the course of the last few months, whenever I write or tweet anything, on any topic, I usually receive a caustic social media response about my position on transgenderism. These trolls post links to my tweets about the subject and screenshots, as if showing me my own recent opinion is some sort of gotcha. These individuals even send tweets to my husband and employers, perhaps in hope that they will use their power over me to get my opinion in check with The Approved Position."

"The Left has shown the totalitarian manner in which it exacts support, or at least silence, from everyday Americans. We’ve seen how lives were destroyed in the wake of the gay marriage debate, how many individuals were shouted down into submission by the side that proclaims itself to be “open-minded” and employed the slogans “No H8” and “Love Wins.” For many conservatives, including myself, the lesson has been learned."


Must Watch Joe Rogan With Gad Saad

This is an excellent interview. I really like Joe Rogan's style.

I love the long form style of interview, and really the content is extremely interesting.

I don't agree with Prof. Saad about Judaism, but I don't agree with a whole whack of Jews about Judaism so no biggie. It's a free country (for now).

Excellent content, clearly stated ideas and clear exchange of ideas.

It's long, but just put it on and enjoy the really high level conversation.

I Love These Stories

Two colour-blind British brothers see colours for the first time.

I cannot get enough of these glorious stories and videos. 

Pre-Rosh Hashana Thoughts

Make the use of the gifts that G-d gave to you. 

G-d essentially lent your talents and gifts to you.

Use them to spread His message.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The New Blood Libel

The only reason anyone wants to magically turn the Jews into Nazis is because of pathological Jew-hatred. 

It is a "comparison" that is made to insult, hurt and cause pain to Jews.

This new blood libel is designed to alieve guilt, morally preen and virtue signal-to stick it to the Jews with the insult that hurts them most and that is the most preposterous and morally invert. A real Big Lie. 

Ditto for Jerusalem as I have said before. The only reason anyone wants to 'internationalize' or strip Jews of Jerusalem is for the same reason: pathological Jew-hatred.

The Jews as Nazis motif is an attempt to fob off responsibility and is a patently obvious and pathetic "socially acceptable" form of antisemitism in the modern age.

We Jews will continue to live in Jew-haters heads rent free.

We will prosper and thrive and outlast Europe again.

"Your Blood-Soaked Tax Dollars"

Read the whole thing.

"You fund terror."

"Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone."

"Every taxpayer in the US, Canada, EU, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, and myriad other nations around the globe funds terror too."

"But hopefully that doesn’t ease your mind."

"While the Palestinian Authority receives approximately $1 billion in international aid annually, it also earmarks $1.1 billion to its “Martyr’s Fund.” “Martyr” being a politically dubious term for “terrorist” in this scenario."

"Blood money. Literally. Your tax dollars at work. How would you rather see it spent?"

"Ecosexuals": Your Moral Superiors in Higher Education

Presented without comment. 

The Only Appropriate Response to This is Nuts To You

This is disgusting government nanny state overreach.

The proper response to this is 'screw you'. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Howie Carr On DACA and the "Dreamers"

A devastatingly honest look at DACA.

"I got a call Friday from a man on the Cape named Curt. He wanted to tell me his own family’s experience with a “dreamer” in Florida last January.

“He murdered my daughter outside a bar in Naples,” Curt said. “They said he was a ‘Dreamer.’ She was 24. What about my daughter’s dreams? And her daughter’s – she left a 2-year-old girl. If you’re an American murdered by one of these people, I guess you don’t get to dream.”

Remember: Democrats hate you. 

Steyn on Europe

Depressing of course, but I think he's exactly right. 

Normally, I love being right, but I hate being right about this.

As Steyn says-and do listen to the whole thing. It's just PACKED with smart. PACKED.

So, I agree with this ex-Muslim.

The terminology of the enemies of Western civilizaiton is a form of tyranny.

If you use their language, you are part of the problem.

Personally, I can figure out if a conversation with someone is worthwhile, and exactly what I am dealing with based on two sets of terminology (feel free to add yours). Do you refer to "Islam" or "Islamism", and do you refer to "Israel and the Palestinians" or "Israel and Palestine"?

Don't use their language.

Language is a war front.

If you can't talk about something-as the left wishes-then you can't solve the problem.

That's why free speech and the free exchange of ideas, the battle of persuasion is the entire GANTZE MEGILLAH.

Why We Are In This Big Mess

It is precisely because so many gutless wonders are "Marranos" that we are in this sucky situation. 

Anyone who remains anonymous is part of the problem.

Yes I understand the risks. DUH.

No, you are not as important or influential or compromised as you think.

Yes it's worth it.

So buck up and cut the anonymous crappola.

Your anonymous opinion is neither influential nor important no matter how smart you are.

The Israeli Mossad director's name is public information. 

He's public, smart and hot!

Are you more important or at risk than him?

British Lefties Shoot the Messenger

Because of course they do. 

Reason Number Eighty Bazillion Gazillion For Homeschooling Or Private Schools

Good grief.

Conservatives have surrendered public education. 


With nary a shot fired.

What Nation Is Proud Of Its Colonial Past

This is gold, via the indispensable MEMRI.

Geert Wilders: The Europe We Want

This is a very good speech. 

Read every word.

He nails it, but is anyone listening, and isn't it already too late?

"Our European civilization, based on the legacy of Jerusalem, Athens and Rome, is the best civilization on earth. It gave us democracy, freedom, equality before the law, the separation of church and state, and the notion of sovereign states to protect it all. The remedy to all the misery and terror, is clear: We have to reassert what we are. Only then will we be able to ensure a future for our children in a safe, strong and free Europe."

"The problems Europe faces today are existential. Not economics but Islamization, terrorism and mass-immigration are our main problems. Existential indeed, it determines who we are, what we are and if we will exist as free people in the future."

Monday, September 4, 2017

This is Wickedly Cool: Conservative Publisher Decides NOT To Play By Liberal Rules


Very ballsy. 

Who Is Paying to Keep Illegal Infiltrators in Israel?

Who indeed? 

"A new report released by the Im Tirtzu organization has revealed that legal efforts to maintain the illegal immigrant community in south Tel Aviv and bar government attempts to deport infiltrators are being bankrolled in large part by the United Nations."

"Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants crossed into Israel over the past decade via the southern border with Egypt. Most of the infiltrators originated in Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, and other countries in northeastern Africa."

"A Beating in Berkeley"

Woe unto America. 

"As white supremacists go, Joey Gibson makes for a lousy one. For starters, he’s half Japanese. “I don’t feel like I’m Caucasian at all,” he says. Not to be a stickler for the rules, but this kind of talk could get you sent to Master Race remedial school."

Obama Service Award Recipient Doing Very, Very, Very Important Research

And what would we do without research? 

Amazing: Bletchley Park Staff Who Helped Defeat Hitler Meet After 78 Years


"Some 10,000 staff – three-quarters of them women – from aristocrats to secretaries worked at the stately mansion at the height of the war, while thousands more were posted overseas."

"Scores of former workers – most well into their 90s – gathered in the sprawling grounds to remember their efforts."

And this is quite magnificent, but it's so sad to see what Britain has become.

We were all proud Brits and that’s why we signed up. Hitler was taking other countries but he jolly well wasn’t having ours."

Punching Back, Twice As Hard

Sock it to them! 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Southern Poverty Law Centre Raises Eyebrows With Offshore Accounts


A lefty non profit turns out to be chock full of scumbags doing stuff that may not be kosher. 

Imagine that. 

This is the Greatest Thing You Will See Today: Mazel Tov Shalom Shtamberg

Try to watch this without crying.

I am a mess. I can't embed the video, so click and watch, you won't be sorry.

Look at the police escort, what respect, what honour and dignity. G-d bless and keep them all.

Also: Well played!

Amazing: "A Diminuative Woman and a Spy Who Defined Courage"

What. A. Story.

Must read.

What an amazing human. 

Modesty is a form of heavenly grace.

Like Moses, who asked G-d, why me? Why me, I am a stutterer, I am not worthy-the true prophets, the true leaders, the real heroes are modest about their accomplishments. Though clearly chosen, they remain humble.


"The mystery of de Clarens’s story for me was where her bravery came from."

"Why did she do what was right when so many others were afraid to take action? She shook her head as if I was missing the point. “It wasn’t a choice. It was what you did. At the time, we all thought we would die. I don’t understand the question. How could I not do it?

"Cultural Climate Change" by Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks

This is a long, thoughtful essay that is well worth your time. 

Read the whole thing.

I personally believe it is cowardly to use the word "Islamist", so I won't and I don't.

However-lots of food for thought in here.

"Having children or raising them involves enormous sacrifice of time, money, effort and energy. Religious people understand the concept of sacrifice. We live by it. It’s part of our lives. But people in a secular, consumerist, individualist culture find it much harder to live by sacrifice. Nothing in the culture says sacrifice, and throughout history that is the reason why when a culture begins to lose its faith, its birth rate starts to decline. This is not just happening now. It has happened throughout history. It happened in Ancient Greece in the second century BCE. It happened in Ancient Rome. It happened in Renaissance Italy. The people who’ve done the research say there is no case on record in which a secular society has been able to maintain its birth rates. Within a century, every society, when it becomes secularised, starts to decline demographically. So the 21st century is going to be more religious than the 20th century even if not one person changes his or her mind from being non-religious to religious. It will happen for a simple reason: throughout the world today the more religious you are, the more children you have."

"This is a global demographic fact. This, incidentally, explains why levels of immigration to Europe, which has been the big storm hitting Europe for the last decade, are so high, higher than they’ve ever been before in history. Europe hasn’t admitted immigrants because it’s more generous than any time in the past, but because it has lower birth rates than in the past. Immigration is the only way Europe can counter its declining and ageing populations. Europe will die because it wasn’t mindful. It misread Charles Darwin, took him as the patron saint of atheists and failed to realise that actually he was the prophet of reproductive success, of having enough faith to bring a child into the world. That is how religion, or rather the loss of religion, is causing the contraction of the family."

"So in a world like today, religion can do one of three things. Number one, it can attempt to conquer society. That is the radical Islamist version. Number two, it can withdraw from society. That is the Benedict option or the ultra-Orthodox option, or the Soloveitchik option. Or number three, it can attempt to reinspire society, to do what Will Durant called giving people a new form of human hope and new courage to human effort."

"If we adopt the first option, the radical anti-Western option, we will move straight away into the dark ages. If we adopt the second option, we will survive the dark ages, but they will still be dark. But if we adopt the third option of being true to ourselves and yet engaged in the public square, we have a chance of avoiding the dark and of countering cultural climate change. By religion, I don’t mean religion as a substitute for science. I certainly don’t mean religion in opposition to a free society. Don’t forget the architects of freedom in the modern world, in Holland, in England, and in America, Spinoza, Locke, and Jefferson, they did it in the name of religion, not as a protest against but in the name of religion."