Wednesday, May 30, 2018

I. Can't. Stop. Watching. This.

I Have No Tears for Belgium

Dear Belgium,

You can have a "diverse" society with lots of murder if you really want it. 

You can also have have your pathological, sick Jew-hatred and fetish for the Palestinians if you want it. 

I'll also add that the clearly intentional echoes of Holocaust imagery in this disgusting stunt make it even more egregious and sinister. Viewing the Jews as the "new" or "real" Nazis, and the Palestinians as the "real" Jews is morally reprehensible and reveals much more about the believer than ever about the Jews.

But you cannot have those two things and a peaceful, liberal democracy.

Make your choices and then live or die by them.

"The Safest Country for European Jews"



"Prime Minister Orban has been a close friend of Israeli leader Binyamin Netanyahu for twenty years. When Orban first was elected prime minister in 1998 in the thick of an economic crisis, he asked then-Finance Minister Netanyahu for help, and Netanyahu lent him some of his staff to shape Hungary’s economic program. I asked everyone at Keren Or who spoke English what they thought of Orban. In that gathering the prime minister would have polled 100%."

"Orban, in turn, is one of Israel’s few staunch supporters overseas."


"Whatever residual anti-Semitism remains among Hungarians, it doesn’t interfere with the open embrace of Jewish life. There are no risks to Jews because there are very few Muslim migrants."

Two Tales of Donald Trump

Yes, thank you I am well aware he is not perfect.

Thanks, I'm well aware of his issues with women but that's Melania's problem, not mine.

Anybody with any knowledge of history knows that individuals of historical consequence have always been and will always be terrifically flawed humans. You can be a great leader and a complex, flawed human. Two things about the same human can be true, at the very same time. Imagine that!

This guy loves his country, and loves his children. He loves children period.

I always said he'd be better than Hillary, better for America and better for Israel and the Jews. Everything about that ==> gravy.

Moving the Embassy to Jerusalem was just gravy.

Jewy gravy! And it's something that is not "just" good for the Jews.

What's good for the Jews is good for the West.

But I digress. So, here are are two vignettes that show, not tell a story about President Trump.



Grab tissues. 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Steyn: Coming Soon, The Tajik Investigation

So, please do have a listen to Mark Steyn on Tucker and his absolutely brilliant observations about what lies in the heart of liberals.

He is referring specifically to the thuggish liberal men who have been swept up in the #MeToo movement, but his salient observations definitely cover the entire gamut of radical leftist activists and activism.

Liberals, according to Mark Steyn:

"They love humanity in general and abuse humans in particular."

Heartache: When the Federal Liberals Lose the Toronto Star on Illegal Immigration

You know you're in trouble when you lose The Star. 

But the Libranos are so obtuse and so full of themselves they will not heed this warning.


Brussels Chief Rabbi Refuses to Wear Kippah in Public Because of Antisemitism

Jews, please leave Europe with your suitcases.

Not in caskets. 

Jordan Peterson on Gender, Patriarchy and the Slide Towards Tyrany

Really good.

Have a listen.

An Iraqi Muslim and His Friendship With Israel

A very interesting piece.

Pity so many Arabs and Muslims are raised with so much antisemitism.

Read the whole thing.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Wendy Mesley At CBC Sees Jews in Her Sandwiches

I was off line for the Sabbath and a Jewish holiday and right afterward heard about a set of wildly kooky Jew-obsessed Tweets from Wendy Mesley at Canada's official state broadcaster. Seems that more than a few Jews and gentiles already took a few shots at her insane Tweets, but Ezra's clip (start at minute 56, I'm absolutely dying) takes the cake, of course.

Also, he's completely correct. Not a single Official Jew has Tweeted any kind of reply to Ms. Mesley about her wacko sniff out the Jew mission. By the way, as far as I know, it isn't illegal to be a friend of a Jew in Canada or to have rich American Jewish friends.  It's also not illegal for former office holders to have friends or personal opinions or even public opinions. But with PM Hairdo at our helm, who knows what the future hold?

As I said last week to the Official Jews:

But here's Ezra's take!

There's at least six or seven of these, but this one is a corker:

("Those Jewy Jews in their 40,000 square foot Jew houses! I bet they eat Jew-Jubes there!!")

This is absolutely nutty stuff and there's only a few explanations for it. Either she was given express marching orders to post this find-the-Jew stuff, or she thinks she got a scoop, or she is one of those Annex liberals whose best friends are Jews, etc. so she is so full of herself, and actually so intolerant that she can't actually see, as Ezra points out, her kook Tweets are not particularly distinguishable from other noteworthy wackjob, garden variety antisemites on the political extreme of the right.

She's obsessed with Stephen Harper and his love of DA JOOOOOOOOOZ! DA JUICE!!!!! HARPER LOVES DA JUICE!! HE GETTING BEEEG ZOG CHEQUES FROM DA JUICE!!!!! AIYEEEEE!!!!!!!

By the way, it's CAPITAL, not CAPITOL (see Schneer Tweet below). Also, could they have picked a less flattering, less Satanic looking photo of Mr. Schneer? Nah, don't bother answering. I think we all know the answer.

I think we all know how CBC feels about Israel and DA JOOOOOOOOOOZ. I mean it's not every day that a Canadian journalist gets accused by none other than the erudite, moderate, diplomatic and intelligent Michael Oren that he hopes Hamas sends her a thank you note because of the excellent work she is doing on their behalf. 

Sheila Gunn Reid has been doing a good job at humiliating Mesley on Twitter, but to be fair, Mesley did that really well on her very own.

VDH: How Democracies End

An excellent summary of the American Swamp from Victor Davis Hanson.

"...the threat to our civil liberties is coming from supposedly sanctimonious and allegedly judicious career FBI, Justice Department, and intelligence agency officials, progressive and self-described idealistic former members of the Obama national security team, and anti-Trump fervent campaign operatives, all of whom felt that they could break the law—including but not limited to illegally monitoring American citizens, and seeking to warp federal courts and even the presidential election because such unsavory and anti-constitutional means were felt necessary and justified to prevent and then subvert the presidency of Donald J. Trump."

"It is willful blindness for progressives and NeverTrump Republicans to overlook what has happened only to damn what has not happened. The dangers in America are not from transparent right-wing authoritarians (who are easily spotted in their clumsiness), but from mellifluous self-styled constitutionalists, whose facades and professions of legality mask their rank efforts to use any anti-constitutional means necessary to achieve their supposedly noble egalitarian ends."

"This is the way democracies end—not with a loud boisterous bang, but with insidious and self-righteous whimpers."

Monday, May 21, 2018

OMG Just Please Go Away


The Wokest Royal Wedding EVARRRRRR

I remember feeling a little uneasy when Markle allegedly convinced Prince Harry not to go on some traditional hunt. Looks like my gut feeling was right.

Although I was off line for Shabbat, and subsequently the Shavuot holiday, I've caught up.

And these two articles pretty much capture what I was thinking.

First this. 

Then this. 

Can We Ever Actually Hit Peak Germany?

I don't think so.

Every time I think I see the most German thing ever, and by that I mean SERIOUSLY GERMANY, there's another wacky Germany idea.

Thus, behold: Germany will now train asylum seekers to be, wait for it.....


What could possibly go wrong?

The End Is Nigh

The end, that is, for Jews in Europe.

Where Hitler failed, migration will succeed.

"Toulouse Deputy Mayor Aviv Zonabend, the only Jewish member of the Toulouse city council, said that approximately 600 Jewish families had left Toulouse and immigrated to Israel during the past five years due to rising anti-Semitism. "Anti-Semitism in Europe, in France, in Toulouse is no longer just by the far-right, but from political Islam," he said.

"The future of the Jewish people in Europe is hopeless."

Friday, May 18, 2018

Happy Shavuot!

Tonight it's Shabbat, and Shabbat leads directly into the evening of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot. 

I love Shavuot. 

I'll be offline for a few days, see y'all next week!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Please: Enough With the Scolding, Conservative "Don't Believe Hamas" Articles

There have been a lot of "conservative" articles over the past few days, written by Israelis, various Jewish authors, gentile friends of Jews and friends of Israel trying to shame people into not buying into the Pallywood production narrative.  My friends-the people you are trying to reach are not buying what you are selling!

And while it's somewhat amusing to post, or Tweet footage of "dead" Palestinians coming to life, or "disabled" ones miraculously shedding their crutches, Hamas terrorists admitting their murderous aims, none of that will do a single bit of good to either "shame" the mainstream media and their drooling, terror-loving sycophants or change any minds.

The mainstream media and its predominately politically leftist readership will not be "shamed". And the idea that they are "buying" into the Hamas propaganda is really simplistic and frankly, stupid. It's the wrong way of looking at this.

The media "Israelis are murderous Nazis" screeching tools are infatuated by Palestine and by Palestinian terrorism, by the killing of Jews and by the demand that the number of Jews that are murdered be "proportionate", at the very least, to the number of Palestinians killed by Israel.

The phrase "disproportionate", or "disproportionate" force really just means that that individual feels that more Jews should be murdered, in order to even out the score. That is actually what they mean and that is actually what they want. It is unsatisfactory to them that there are not a sufficient number of Jews slaughtered. But wouldn't it be prudent to ask, what would be sufficient? How many Jews ought to be murdered to satisfy these wishes for proportionality?

Well that's hard to say, but it does seem like the more the better, doesn't it?

So they are not "buying" into the Hamas whoppers.

The right way to look at this is that they are happy collaborators. Yes, collaborators. Pallywood would go out of business if none of the studios (i.e mainstream media) bought the Pallywood scripts. There would be no box office hits, and they would be downgraded to the film category of Sh&tty Nazi B Roll and have no other outlet than Electronic Intifada or Turkish state media.

The media and their left-wing cheerleaders are complicit in this macabre fetishization of Jewish death. You can see how happy they are as they grill Israeli spokesmen and women, they are actually happy to have the opportunity to accuse Jews of being bloodthirsty, "disproportionate" murderers.

They love these blood-thirsty terrorists who put a measly $100 price on the the lives of their own flesh and blood! 

Ahh the relief!

Finally, there is an "acceptable" expression of virulent, disgusting, blood libellous Jew-hatred that they can indulge in! It is not only satisfying to their corrupt, wicked souls but also profitable! They make money and all kinds of posh, enlightened equally virtuous friends doing this! How glorious!

Where overt antisemitism is no longer particularly in vogue among the chi chi media set-after all, some of their best friends are their Jewish accountants, lawyers, democratically elected representatives and movie producers-its those uppity Israeli Jews, those fighting Jews-well, they are a safe, soft target for this bilious rage. The antisemitic bile in their heart and soul and bones seethes out of their mouths like the hot, slow creeping lava and spirit-destroying, nihilistic crushing garbage that it is. These people are demanding a blood sacrifice from the Jews and they are very, very disappointed when they don't get it.

So, while it is gratifying to know that there are indeed many individuals, journalists, thought leaders and politicians of courage, and particularly the American administration led by President Turmp, the "stop believing Hamas" pieces are actually counter productive and unhelpful. They do not make a difference. It is preaching to the converted. Perhaps it makes us feel better for a few fleeting moments that there are people 'on our side' but the reality is that our side is going to have to do much, much more than churn out the same, tired piece over and over.

The problem is not that people are buying into the Hamas lies.

The problem is that for them, Hamas and its Jew-slaughtering raison d'etre, is the truth, the way and the road.

That is what we are seeing here-this is a real, true glimpse into the modern incarnation of pure antisemitism. It's right in front of our faces. It's unabashed, it's a burning and passionate fire completely untroubled by facts, uninterested in history and certainly completely unimpressed by the desire of the Jews not to cooperate in the "disproportionate' slaughter project of the leftist-Islamic alliance. These pathetic evil humans are really very bothered indeed by the Jews' stubborn refusal to be murdered. How dare they?

The reason that so many well-intentioned friends of the Jews, and Jews themselves are so animated at this moment in their pure, impassioned and righteous defence of Israel and the Jews (and there are many truly well-written and spirited such pieces) is because, I believe, that all understand that what we seeing in front of our very eyes.

What we are seeing, and what we probably never thought we would see after the Holocaust, is the actual living, insatiable, bloodthirsty spirit of the Inquisition, of the pogroms, of the Nazis, of The Mufti and all his Palestinian jihadi descendants, and all the current leftist Friends of Terrorists, Inc. who are animating the current war against the Jews. Make no mistake about it, that's what it is. It chills us to the bone. We are looking into the abyss. We are angry and vociferous because we know what this is about.

My friends, there is no silver lining to this tale, to this dose of reality that I expect you to process.

I can only suggest that we must not look away, and that with G-d's help and guidance, with G-d as our rock, we must always summon our deepest human resolve and skills, our spirits and our talents, our resources and our bodies and souls to continue to fight these forces of evil with the best antidotes and best weapons that we posses.

Monday, May 14, 2018

What a Week!

It was a very bad week for Jew-haters and a very good week for the Jews, for America and for Western civilization. It's been a bad run for the anti-Western crowd actually, and hopefully it will continue to get worse for them.

Let's review-first of all, did you catch the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem? I was completely verklempt.

It was actually magical. To think of how many empty, vapid promises were made by so many former Presidents to move the embassy and then Trump comes along and says we're gonna do it, and he does it. I thought it was very moving and really felt like I was watching history being made. To me, it wasn't just a matter of 'promise made, promise kept' although that of course, is quite a magnificent feat for any individual let alone for the President of the United States.

To me, it was a display of the rightful brotherhood between America and Israel, or more broadly, between the Jewish-Christian world and its leadership to the world. As I see it, it's actually a covenant. A covenant between Western values and ourselves. I found the whole ceremony profoundly moving.

It was a triumph for President Trump and for Israeli PM Netanyahu, both leaders of consequence. Yes, both quite flawed, but both exhibiting incredible bravery and fortitude. President Trump on the policy battlefield of America and Netanyahu both on military battlefields and now as the leader of the Jewish people. Quite a remarkable pair they are.

It was also evident that there is tremendous personal chemistry among the VIPs who were there. There is a meeting of moral minds, a meshing of moral chemistry as well. Absolutely glorious.

It is noteworthy that not a single Democratic politician was there. And particularly vile and galling is that not a single Jewish Democrat was there except (and correct me if I'm wrong) for Joe Lieberman. The Democratic party of America has made a blood contract with the radical left and identity politics. It is not going to get worse, it's going to get much more ugly and disgusting.

Speaking of ugly and disgusting, I note Canada's absence at the Embassy festivities. 

I hope all the Jews who voted for Prime Minister Trudeau are really proud of themselves.

"Notably absent from the list are some of Israel’s allies and staunchest friends, such as Canada, Australia and Germany. Other important countries with which Israel has good ties — such as China, Russia, Argentina and India — are also boycotting the event."
Over the past week or so, we have also seen some other incredible events that again, make Jew-haters incredible sad (and yes, Virginia, there are Jewish Jew-haters) and the enemies of the West sad as well. We saw Israel's unbelievable intelligence coup in Iran. We saw the Jewish state completely and utterly humiliate Iran by stealing tons and tons of intelligence right from under their noses.

(To top it off, a video of elite IDF soldiers singing a Persian love song in their choir was posted by an enthusiastic parent, but was subsequently yanked from the internet-I believe because it was an unauthorized posting of video showing the faces of the soldiers in the unit. But talk about trolling at a Ninja Master Class Level.)

We saw President Trump reject the Iran "deal". It was glorious. And then we saw Israel unleashed on Iranian targets in Syria. The message: don't f&ck with us.

It was put thus: if it rains in Israel, it will pour in Iran. Good glory that's good stuff!

As well, the North Koreans released their American prisoners.

Contrast getting live prisoners, versus how poor Otto Warmbier RIP was brought back to America.

And just for kicks, check out how the media has treated the return of the North Korean hostages ("Trump doing it all for show, that reality TV star...") versus how the traitor Beau Bergdahl was received like a king, with his parents and the fawning media could not get enough of that deserter and his very questionable religious situation and allegiances.

I thought this was a very nice take from Don Surber, if you'd care to read it.

PS: Ivanka is a knock out. She's just lovely.

Rush Limbaugh: Why Do Europeans Love the Iran "Deal"



"This Is Your Revenge"

A Holocaust survivor celebrates his Bar Mitzvah in Poland, at the same shul where all 4,000 one-time Jewish members were murdered in the Holocaust.

Quite a glorious piece, do read the whole thing.

Mazel Tov!  

Savage Barbarians

All cultures are not equal.

So sue me. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

The Great Daniel Greenfield: "Trump Ends Iran's Hostage Crisis"

Honestly, this is just a work of art. 

Daniel Greenfield is one of my favourite writers.

I love his work because he is so smart, and also because he consistently puts his entire Jewish heart and soul into his work. When I read his essays, I not only feel intellectually satisfied but I feel the unbroken chain of Jews from Sinai to today. When I read his work, I feel that Jewishness in my entire being.

Kudos to Mr. Greenfield who, in my view, has a deft, prophet's touch in his writing:

"Jimmy Carter began the first Iranian hostage crisis and Reagan ended it. Obama began America’s second Iranian hostage crisis."

"President Trump just ended it."

Eurabia is Doomed! Swedanistahn Edition

When people tell you what they are, and what their plans are, just listen. 

We Are Doomed: Ontario Is Led By Imbeciles

When will this mania/hysteria end????

From My "Things So Stupid That Only A Leftist or "Expert" Could Believe"

"Please sweetie pie, can I change your sh&t filled poopy kaka diaper that smells like a dead rat mixed with barf??? Pretty please??" SAID NO PARENT EVER.

Honestly, look at this lady. She's the "expert"? 

And FOR REAL AND NOT FOR JOKING what the actual HELL is the idea that babies can 'consent' to anything???? Not sure I like where they might go with that.

I wouldn't trust this woman to choose the size of my coffee order, never mind PARENTING advice.

Good Lord.

Incredible: "My Journey to North Korea With the Secretary of State"

Wow. Absolutely incredible.

This is a must read. 

"The invitation to go along came out of the blue and was cloaked in secrecy, despite President Trump’s tweets that something big was coming and Rudolph W. Giuliani’s public assertions that a prisoner release was imminent."

"We were called in last Friday afternoon and told to get a new passport with a special permission stamped on one page authorizing a one-time-only visit to a geographically restricted country, a description that fits only North Korea, where the State Department has a travel ban for U.S. citizens. We were instructed to pack a small bag and be ready to depart on a moment’s notice, whenever it might come. And we were ordered to tell no one about it in advance."

“Are we going where I think we’re going?” I asked two officials in a room with the door closed."

"They nodded, silently."

The Proper Response to This Is...

Yeah, thanks Mayor Khan, I gotta wash my hair that night. 

How Not To Play Hard to Get

I'm dying!

Eurabia is Doomed: Child Sacrifice Edition

As I've noted before, when your society "evolves" to the point that it is cool with child rape and sacrifice, things usually don't get better...

"Omission. Commission. Submission."

Very well stated.

Eurabia is Doomed: Amsterdam Kosher Restaurant to Close Due to Repeat Antisemitic Attacks

Imagine that. 

You would think with all the revenue they earn from the Exploit the Dead Jew Anne Frank House, there would be some spare funds available for protecting the few Jews running businesses in Amsterdam. 

However, if you thought that, you would be wrong. 

"In December, a 29-year-old Syrian asylum seeker smashed the restaurant’s window while holding a PLO flag. He then broke into the restaurant as two police officers watched and took out an Israeli flag from inside the restaurant before they arrested him. He has been charged with vandalism in an indictment that does not include an aggravated element of a hate crime."

"Since the incident, the restaurant’s windows were again smashed once and are repeatedly spat on and smeared with garbage, Bar-On said. Police beef up security after each incident but leave shortly after, he said."

"Bar-On also claimed the mayor has refused to meet him on the issue. But a municipal spokesperson said that Bar-On has declined several offers by the city to have him meet lower-level officials."

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

"I Saved Them Because I'm A Superhero!"

You sure are!!!!!

Please, Euroweenies, Do This!

Boycott the party.

Who wants you there anyway? 

Roger L. Simon Goes There....

This is a good essay about the latest male feminist #MeToo thug. 

I hope Mr. Simon doesn't have any real hope that the political left will have a real spiritual reckoning because honestly, you can't shame the shameless.

He also, interestingly, ventures into the Jewish part of the problem:

"ONE OTHER THING: In writing about this, I would be remiss in not acknowledging something I find personally shameful because I am Jewish. Four particularly sexually disturbed liberal politicians/icons -- Spitzer, Weiner, Weinstein and Schneiderman -- are my co-religionists. (Massachusetts' Stan Rosenberg is a fifth.) Is this merely an accident? Possibly. I don't know. But I think Jewish groups, in the interest of honest self-criticism and improvement, should examine this situation. Perhaps it would provide an additional chapter to Norman Podhoretz's Why Jews Are Liberals. (Thankfully, not all of us are.)"

I think that it is certainly incumbent upon Jews to talk about the Jewish part of this. But the idea of Jewish groups talking about it will only work in one sense: Jewish groups (or individuals) teaching young Jews and old Jews alike about Jewish values in order to prevent them from becoming radical leftists, whose actual religion is leftism and not Judaism. And also in order to save them from the leftist values that are corrupting their souls and return to the Jewish values that will more likely safeguard them. 

These grubby, creepy, sick guys were certainly born Jewish. But other than being circumcised (perhaps) and born of a Jewish mother (I assume) there's not really much that's Jewish about them except their names. Oh yah, they probably like bagels. And probably can use about a half a dozen Yiddish words with a thick Jewish accent. WHATEVZ. 

Yes, Podhoretz's book is very good reading and does explain a lot of why Jews abandon Jewish religion for the Church of Liberalism and that's really what the problem is here. Judaism prescribes very specific guidelines surrounding male and female relations, the nature of the relationship between men and women and sexual relations. 

It's tempting for non-religious people to make fun of religious people for not touching any member of the opposite sex who is not their close relatives, or for religious people not allowing themselves to be in the same room alone with a member of the opposite sex. 

They think it's soooooo stupid, and sooooo silly and overplayed. But it's not. 

Think of the worst stories that you know about sexual betrayals, or marriages falling apart, or work romances, most embarrassment, or most regret. How many do you think would have happened if any of these ingredients were removed from the recipe: no being alone with someone in a room, having no physical contact with someone who is not your close relative, and how about no alcohol? 

So if "Jewish organizations" or individuals are going to talk about this, the most sensible thing to focus on is honestly how to rescue Jews from liberalism. 

Dhimmi Alert....

A Catholic University in America has created a sex-segregated Muslim prayer space.


Holocaust Survivor Testimony From Australia

If you'd like to listen, this podcast comes from Australia. 

Scroll to 2:09 and that's when the survivor segment begins.

The Left on Left War

If you have patience, the left usually eats its own alive. 

Read the whole thing!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Random Thoughts

On Trump and the "Russia Investigation" 

Short version: it's not about Russia.

I don't follow every development in this story like my American friends and readers do for obvious reasons. First of all, I don't have the time or interest in every last detail and secondly, the story is at the same time both interesting and boring. I'm also really a far cry from expert in any of the technical, legal or constitutional matters inherent in the story.

I am, however, a pretty good observer of trends. So, I'm trying to look at the big picture on this story. I'm trying to observe the overarching idea and I'll share what I see.

I think that the Trump presidency is a real challenge to the political left in many, many different ways. The left is not happy about having lost the White House, and it certainly is not happy with Netanyahu in Israel either so a lot of rage and a lot of money and effort is going to keep going into trying to take these guys down. And the left has a lot of money to spend on this quest-money gained by personal and private enterprise and then of course, our money-tax money, the bottomless pit.

What we are seeing is the political left flexing its muscles and throwing a collective tantrum.

And what are the muscles? The media, the arts, the judiciary, the left-leaning bureaucracies, and of course "public" systems like unions, teachers unions, librarians, etc. Then there's the entire educational system from JK to university-the teachers, the administrators, the government bureaucrats and the faculty members of various colleges and universities. It's pretty much an all out war. So Trump is the figure head that they are aiming at, he's the general, and he's the target but so many of the really truly minor foot soldiers are being persecuted and prosecuted as well.

The left wants to destroy you and your family.

So many individuals who have even held tiny bit parts in this Trump movie are being brutalized-totally and utterly tormented.

Mark Steyn has often said of his legal troubles that the process is the punishment. And that is certainly true.

But his pithy and truth-filled observation is applicable not just to actual legal battles, but to the entire attempt to live freely and not under the ever-encroaching tyranny of the left. The left never rests. 

What we are seeing, and what is also directly reflected in the leftist dominated social media landscape, is the determination of the political left to de-legitimize and essentially criminalize and actually eliminate all forms of political dissent and 'diversity' of political opinion. The big wigs of the media, arts, academe, judiciary and "civil" service lead the charge, and therefore the terrorist tactics filter all the way down to regular people who are afraid to crack a joke, afraid to say they are conservative, afraid to dissent from any of the leftist political orthodoxy for fear of losing their jobs, their livelihoods and yes-their homes and all of their worldly wealth and possessions.

Social media is basically the highly successful and highly effective Manhattan Project of the political left.

The left has truly weaponized social media and nukes the living daylights of anyone it deems a challenge, "offensive", conservative, agnostic or simply truthful or contrarian.

People of the left don't have this same worry. They can freely express even the most repulsive "jokes" or insults, they can be serial woman-abusers ("male feminists") and they will get a free pass time after time after time. They can waste our money, use our money to torment us, fly about the world romancing dictators and murderers, congratulate one another in their particularly masturbatory fashion about how enlightened they are as they build higher and higher fences around themselves, armed with the power of the state on their side.

They also have the best real estate in town. It's called Safe Space.

You want to know what real "safe space" is? Real "safe space" is the space, the growing, burgeoning, space that the political left occupies in our lives and in our brains. The real "safe space" of the political left lets you be crude, vulgar and even a serial abuser, to do illegal and immoral things and to never have to pay a price. The real "safe space" of the political left is where human evil festers and thrives where human indulgence is encouraged, where the absence of G-d is well noted and celebrated and conquered by base nihilism and limitless appetite for the truly non-meaningful things in life. Their Safe Space real estate empire is ever-encroaching and has a voracious insatiable appetite. No, there will never be a time when they will say 'ok now we can live and let live'. They cannot be placated so just stop trying. There is never a limit to the moral, philosophical, practical or personal ground you will be required to cede.

This has always been the case with the left, however it is more pronounced now because of the stranglehold that the political left has on information, the control of the flow and the control of the narrative. Social media and the internet have liberated millions of minds and trillions of bytes of information, but now there is a terrifying ebb and flow as we witness how these great giants of information and information control are enslaving the minds of millions as well.

The left is very clear about all this. One of the reasons that President Trump was elected was precisely to punch back against this, without fear, his own person moral baggage notwithstanding.

The Trump presidency is a litmus test of our (that is to say non-leftist) resolve. They laughed when he said that soon, there would be demands to take down statues of George Washington, but that was quite a prophetic comment. Something about President Trump, again, with all his very human failings, understands the insatiable nature of his enemies.

Do you understand the insatiable appetite of your enemies? Are you looking at reality or living on Planet Fantasy?

How much ground are you willing to cede?

It's really not at all about Russia. It's about you, and your personal liberty and freedom.


Excellent move from President Trump. 

And this, this is simply magnificent. President Trump, in one fell swoop, has taken the wind out of the terrorists sails. Permanently. And it looks good on them and all of their Jew-hating fanboys.

And here's what's next. 

Food for Thought:

Meet the Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web.

This is an excellent piece from the very thoughtful Bari Weiss at the NY Times.

It's amazing that holding civil conversations, armed with facts makes one a renegade. Regardless-it's worth a read. One thing that these folks are is courageous. And they show that you can still say the truth and have a life, which gives me some hope.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Things That Make Jew Haters Sad

The Perils of Emphatically Declaring Brain Death

Good Lord. 

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Amazing: The "Belsen Boys" of Ascot


Read the whole thing. 

An amazing story.

Hello Boston Globe...

If he's acting so quietly how come it's all over the news? 


You're welcome.

Israel Reaches Out To Iraqis on Facebook


"Digital Embassy"-VERY cute. Very smart.

Europe Is Doomed

This is shameful. 

Sacrificing your children is a savage, disgusting thing and dooms the society wherein this takes place.

Jordan Peterson With Ben Shapiro!


Good stuff!

The Frugal Secretary Who Quietly Accumulated A Fortune, Then Donated Millions

What a wonderful story.


The Canadian Soldier Who Liberated An Entire European Town By Himself

And his name remains largely unknown!

Léo Major-let's never forget him.

Professor Quits Free Speech Task Force


At least some people still have 'nads that are bigger than jelly beans.

More here. 

Lindsay et all reply: NUTS TO YOU!

In Case You Missed This: Jewish Voters Send A Nice "Up Yours" To Jeremy Corbin

And not a small number of people noticed. 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dershowitz: I Don't Want to Live in A Police State

This is really good. 

Watch the whole thing.

(There's no embed code, so click into the article and watch the whole video.)

"Fear of the Left Is the Most Powerful Political Force in America Today"

An excellent essay from the great Dennis Prager. 

Full of truth.

Don't be afraid. 

"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, because you are with me."

Here's a magnificent musical rendering of the psalm from the super cool Israeli group Quarter to Africa. I think they probably also have the best hair in all of Israel. Now this is how you do a Jewfro.

(I think they are Yemenite, not sure..)

"There Is No Future For Jews in France"

Exactement, mon ami. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

When Binyamin Netanyahu Says "Never Again", I Listen and I Believe Him

Just a few thoughts before I retire to my chambers for the evening...

I've been thinking about how absolutely miraculous it is that we Jews have Israel and thank G-d that we have strong leadership in Israel in Binyamin Netanyahu. I can't think of any other politician at the moment who would be a better person for the job at this moment in time (however, I personally think Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat is cut of the same cloth though, let's see if I am right).

The intelligence coup pulled off, once again by Israel is nothing short of astonishing. Yes, they certainly could have afforded to hire a better graphic designer, but that's just me being ridiculously petty and surface and about looks and all. But really, think about it-how did they do it? We will likely have to wait decades upon decades to hear even small threads of this story. It's absolutely amazing.

The main beautiful thing for me is that I believe that Bibi understands what Never Again really means. The "lesson" of the Holocaust, once again, is that Jews need the best weapons, and the smartest, most agile, most amazing minds and bodies operating all of them in defence of the Jewish people, and as a bonus result: in defence of the free world.

It means the best pilots, the best covert and overt operations. It means the bravest service men and women, intelligence gatherers, programmers, cryptographers, and every single one of their support people throughout the world. It means that yes, Israel will screw things up sometimes but at the core of the Jewish people there is our brotherhood, our commitment to survival, to thrive, to be warriors and to fight the people who want us dead. It means paying a high price. It means burying loved ones and friends. It means the price is blood and bereavement. The "price" is unbearable. That is the price of life: of chaim, which means life in Hebrew but is actually plural.  The price of the existence of the Jew is a heavy one indeed. G-d only knows why we have this burden. To be Chosen, but to remain hunted by the most sinister humans on this earth, generation unto generation. It means being smarter, more agile, and with a better damned army than any of our enemies.

It also means that somehow, the Jews, MY JEWS, G-d bless them (and any and all of their accomplices), got all of that intelligence out of Iran, right under the antisemitic noses of the Mullah Jew-Haters in Chief and even more beautifully, Bibi has absolutely and completely squashed Obama's legacy.

They say revenge is best served cold and my G-d, this was a fucking icicle. A fucking Jewish icicle served up, ice cold to former President Barack Hussein Obama, the antisemitic jerk so revered by Jewish voters in particular for eight years straight. A Jewsicle. I love it.

Aside from the obvious joy I have at Iran's public drubbing by Israel, and aside from feeling gloriously relieved by Israel's obvious control of the situation and my confidence that the Israelis have a plan (or several), this was also a Master Class in political payback.

Just to take you back to memory lane:

Obama snubs Netanyahu 

The "mic slip". 

The "unprecedented" snub.

Jerk. Massive Jew-hating jerk. 

It's also a nice 'up yours'  to Obama Jewish Court Eunuchs like Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic.

In summary, I sleep much better knowing that Israel knows so much, that Israeli is being led by the de facto leader of the free world, in concert with President Trump (my G-d, what a glorious difference), the actual official leader of the free world.

I pray that all the leftist extremist who were merely born Jews, my idiot people, those abject dunces who voted for President Obama eventually see the light and abandon their Church of Leftism and come back to Judaism.

Could Sweden Be Any More Pathetic?

Answer: No

They lost their actual balls and their moral compass a long time ago, so surrendering their stupid meatballs I guess is no big concession. 

The Loneliest Generation

Get off your phones, people and shut your computers off.

In the era of "social media" loneliness reigns supreme.