Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nazis and Palestinians Share Pathological Joy of Killing Jewish Children

So true, so true.

Read the whole thing. 

I am shivering at the raw truth of this.

As a mother, it chills me to the bone but I won't ignore it, or pretend it was otherwise.

Parents, hug your children tight.

G-d protect us from this evil and bless those who fight it.

Rex Murphy: Saint Jack's Final Press Release (So Delicious Must Read)

Some articles are so delicious that I have to read them OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

This is absolutely a work of art. 

"And now that we have much distance from the days of the letter’s writing and publication, it might be fine also to point out that the celebrated lines — now so earnestly being protected from quotation — are actually fairly vapid, and even to a degree confused. The seek to offer guidance, when in essence they are little more than earnest platitudes."
And then: 
"There is a element of the NDP that yearns to place Mr. Layton in a secular saint’s niche. The left likes its saints – from Rigoberta Menchu to Jane Jacobs – and aim to install them somewhere beyond comment and criticism, their words off limits to all save the worshipers."
"Mr. Layton was a working politician, who had a reasonable success, never made Prime Minister, and only in his last election came to a kind of triumph as leader of the Opposition. This makes him a very distinguished Canadian, a very capable campaigner, and, if you are a fervent Jack devotee, it may make him your hero. To assert, however, that Mr. Trudeau affronted Mr. Layton’s memory, that he dishonourably used his words, is pure tripe."
"By the way, should anyone like to use any of the thousand upon thousands of word Pierre Trudeau left on the public record to measure the capacities of his son, feel free likewise. We are not yet in a county where politicians become saints on passing, where their words are scripture, and where they are protected by informal blasphemy codes."

Remind Me Why We Should Have More Roma in Canada

Meet Grandma Pickpocket, otherwise known as "Golden Hands". 

And if they are so poor and stuff, how about explaining the Mercedes??!??!

"A black Mercedes slows to a halt and the driver hurries to open the door for his celebrated passenger.
The tip of a walking stick appears first, then, as it finds the pavement, lean fingers decorated with jewelled rings can be seen gripping its handle."

"After a few moments the stick is followed by its owner – a matriarchal old lady wrapped against the winter chill in a thick blue cardigan."

"She pulls herself upright as children greet her with cries of delight and a young man obligingly takes her arm."

"In this quiet residential district on the fringes of the Bulgarian city of Stara Zagora, 77-year-old Donka Panova is everyone’s favourite Roma grandmother and much revered."

"But don’t be fooled by her congenial smile and, above all, don’t get too close . . . she is also Bulgaria’s grande dame of pickpocketing and proud of her sobriquet, Golden Hands."

"Down the years Golden Hands has schooled hundreds of children, including her 30 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, in the intricacies of her criminal art – and many of her graduates are now planning to travel to Britain in the New Year when restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian migrants are lifted."

(Bernie Farber was unavailable for comment.)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Caroline Glick: Israel, The Pilgrims and the Maccabees

A wonderful, inspiring read. 

"The faith of the Pilgrims and the faith of the Maccabees was the faith of free men. It was the faith that formed the foundations of the United States. It is the faith that has enabled the Jews to survive for four thousand years. It is the faith that enabled the Jews to do the impossible and rebuild our homeland after 2,000 years of exile and unspeakable persecution."

"It is this foundational faith that made the American people feel a natural kinship with the Jewish people. And it is this foundational faith that has brought the people of Israel to love America. This bond, based on the best of both people persists today, even as Obama and his fellow appeasers push America on the path their founding fathers rejected when they came to the New World. Thanksgiving and Hanukka teach us that when we rely on our faith in God, we can surmount impossible challenges."

"Israel has the means – limited though they may be – to meet the extraordinary tests we face today, as the leaders of America have turned on us by turning on the shared heritage of faith and fortitude of our nations."

"Both the Israelis and the Americans must take heart from this week when we commemorate the heroic heritage of free men and women."

"With the providence of God, we will be the loyal children of the Maccabees, and the Pilgrims."

"And we will merit their legacy."

Why Does the Obama Administration Hate Young American Mothers With Multiple Sclerosis?

Why does President Obama want her to die and bankrupt her family? 

Breathtaking Liberal Arrogance on Free Speech Encapsulated in this Piece From Australia


Sorry. Free speech is absolute. Criminal threats should be dealt with by law enforcement. That's it.

Take a read of this article.

This paragraph summarizes the arrogance:

"At its core, this debate is about the conflict between two key human rights; freedom of speech and freedom from discrimination."
"Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of our democracy. But like most human rights, it is not absolute."

"Our laws limit our speech and expression in many areas like defamation, false advertising, censorship and threats to kill."

"The challenge is where to draw the line between protecting free speech and protecting against the serious harm that can come from some speech."

BACKGROUND HERE, please read. 

Kathy Shaidle is One Smart Cookie-Super Awesome Post

Read this. 

This is certainly one of the best little posts that Draidle has done.

She takes down the idiot liberal protest-too-much crowd in one little blog post.

This is a work of art. 


"The “right” MUST stop placating the obviously hypocritical crazies on the “left” and just start expressing what we believe in public."

"Realize this: The “left” believes much the same thing, deep down."

"They are furious and jealous when you dare to be braver than they are by admitting it aloud."

"Why do you live your life fearing the hysteria of angry, envious people whose every behavior indicates that they don’t even really disagree with you?"

Well, I don't and I won't!


Yay for us!

I refuse to be afraid and just shut up. It's NO WAY TO LIVE.

Great News: Afghanistan Decides Not to Bring Back Stoning for Adultery

Our allies, the Afghanis. 


I'm so happy that they are so progressive.


*hits head on keyboard*

Instapundit: "Is It Possible to Be Too Dumb To Marry A Kardashian?"


Best line on the interwebzzzz today!

"High Sixes All Around"

Must Read, Daniel Greenfield: Manufacturing Intolerance, or Intolerance As Identity

Why fake "hate crimes" are not going away in the near future. 

"The left’s need for victimization means that tolerance actually leads to escalating confrontations with these manufacturers of intolerance."

"The manufacturers of intolerance, whether they’re tenured academics like Ward Churchill, professional politicians like Barack Obama or angry waitresses like Dayna Morales, respond to tolerance with further provocations."

"Their goal is to elicit evidence of intolerance to sustain their political identity. The more tolerance they encounter, the more they escalate their provocations."

"Their goal is not a tolerant society. It’s not a multiracial society or a post-racial society. It is a society perpetually at war over identity politics. That conflict is what gives them power."

The Lee Rigby Murder Trial: Soldier Was Hit By Car, Then Savagely Attacked, Hacked to Death

It is wrong to call this act of terrorism "cowardly". 

On the contrary my dhimmi, infidel friends. It takes quite a bit of confidence to partake in such a brazen, cold-blooded murdered and calmly discuss your reasons, and patter about Allahu Akbar while posing for photos with blood dripping from your hands and machete.

This is the kind of brazen, murderous confidence that is a result of Great Britain no longer feeling it is great. This is the result of Great Britain no longer feeling it necessary to defend it's greatness.

The result of shunning the great Judeo-Christian legacy of Great Britain is inevitably a dead, British soldier, drenched in his own noble blood, in broad daylight, with an immigrant hovering over his body proudly, mumbling about Allah's greatness without any regret and indeed great pride.

Palestinian Barbarians Seriously Injure Jewish Toddler With Rock Jihad Terrorism

Rocks kill. 

Thank G-d this little girl is going to be OK.

People who are "pro-Palestinian", this is what you disgusting vulgar, Jew-hating barbarians support.

Why Does the Obama Administration Hate Children With Cancer?

Why does it want kids with cancer to die? 

Great News: Business With Iran is "Booming"


Get it?


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Will Anyone in the Official Jewish Community of Canada Tell Bernie Farber to Shut Up?

Just like last year, when he went after Jason Kenney getting an award from Haifa University, Bernie Farber completely embarrassed himself by making a fuss about it because Kenney is a conservative.

Of course, there is no shaming the shameless so he showed up at the dinner anyway, but it didn't seem like anyone really wanted to talk to him. He was just slinking around.

But now he's at it again with his crazy man crush on the Roma.

He says Stephen Harper, the most pro-Israel Prime Minister that Canada has EVER EVER HAD, the head of the government that is pretty much Israel's only friend in the entire world, that he does not "deserve" to be honoured by the JNF-the Jewish National Fund. 

What an idiot. 

Newsflash: Most Canadians do not want more Roma refugees in Canada for legitimate reasons. One only has to look at Europe to see the damage that they have done to that continent.

Canadian immigration policy cannot and thanks to Stephen Harper, will not, be based on the abnormal Roma fetish of a few stupid, but vocal left wing morons who just happened to have been born Jewish.

Isn't there a single Jew in the "organized" Jewish community that can tell Bernie Farber to shut up and perhaps not attempt to alienate Stephen Haper with his personal lunatic activism?

It's bad enough that he has sold out the memory of the Holocaust to make a living pimping out the (often truly awful) situation of Canada's Aboriginal as a "genocide".  Up until recently, when he was a Professional Jew, the Holocaust was a singularly Jewish thing-what gives.

Pro tip: Most regular Canadians do not like to be accused of being genocidal.

You know who is genocidal? Iran. And the Palestinians.

Do these morons have any words for Iran? NOPE. Silence.

They are all about "words started the Holocaust", but clearly-words only started the Holocaust when the perpetrators are white, Christian Germans.

The Palestinians and the Iranians use some pretty choice words about the Jews and Israel, but these leftist scumbags are blind, deaf and dumb to that.

This will, of course, backfire on Bernie and his bunch of fellow liberal cultists.

The JNF dinner, I predict will be rightly SOLD OUT.

It's too rich for my blood at $400 a pop, but here is the information in case you can afford to go. 

(I would be happy to attend, schmooze and blog it if anyone feels like springing for a ticket for me. I am certainly not above 'blegging'.)

People will travel for miles to honour Stephen Harper.

All the machers who are too scared to tell Farber to shut up will gather around and want their picture with the Prime Minister.

They will oooooh and ahhhhh. 

They will applaud and make donations to build Israel.

And I will laugh a self-satisfied, conservative Zionist laugh.

Cancer Patient Who Spoke Out Against ObamaCare Suddenly Being Audited By the IRS

Must be a crazy coincidence!

Hat tip: Ed Driscoll

The Need to Be A Victim: Anyone Noticing the Rash of Fake Hate Crimes?

More likely a wave of mentally unstable people with narcissistic tendencies finding the Internet is an excellent way to get attention, money and their pathetic 15 minutes of fame.

Eminent Political Scientst Kanye West Thinks Obama Fails Because Jews Are Powerful Or Something


Always the JOOOOOOOOS!

Obama to Bibi Netanyahu: Stop Dissing My Peace Deal, You Uppity Jew Boy

I hope Bibi tells him to shove it. 

Charming Palestinian Song Contest in Honour of Yassir Arafat: We Will Continue to Hunt and Kill Jews

Let's make peace with these people!

"The memorial event was organized by the Yasser Arafat Foundation, which according to its website was "established by Presidential decree" in 2007 and receives "governmental support," even while it is run independently."

"The song features such lines as "there is no force in the world that can remove the weapon from my hand," and "as the weapon of the revolution is in my hand, so my presence will be forced (upon Israel)."

Peace in Our Time Update: Iran, US to Open Join Chambers of Commerce, Start Direct Flights Within A Month

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Thanksgiving and Chanukah Story of the Day: Holocaust Survivor Meets With Savior After Almost 70 Years

Must read. 

What a beautiful story. 

"A Long Island psychologist who narrowly escaped the Holocaust was reunited for the first time with an elderly man whose family had hid him from the Nazis."

"Leon Gersten, 79, and Czeslaw Polziec, 81, finally shook hands and embraced Wednesday after nearly 70 years — just hours before the first Hanukkah candle was lit."

"Both men struggled to fight back tears during the remarkable reunion at JFK."
"The emotional Gersten looked Polziec straight in the eye and said, “We never forgot the fact that you and your parents are the ones who saved our lives. The only reason we are alive is because of you and your family.”

"Polziec’s interpreter broke down in tears relaying that message."

"The emotional reunion was sponsored by the Manhattan-based Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, which publicizes inspiring tales of non-Jews who rescued Holocaust victims."

"Gertsen has five kids, 34 grandchildren and nine great grandkids — all lives made possible by the courage of Polziec’s family."

Finally: A Tongue Piercing I Can Get Behind

Not what you think!

Safe for work!

Egypt: "Stupid and Rude" Beyonce Not Welcome At Pyramids

Strange to find myself in agreement with the Egyptians about anything but there you go.

Lone EU Parlimentarian Disgusted With Colleagues for Celebrating Palestinian Terrorist Release

Europe sucks.

Imagine, Europe-an allegedly civilized society celebrating those who murder Jews. 

A taste of the past, present and future of the continent all in one.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

First Candle of Chanukah is Tonight! Chag Sameach!


 More good stuff at Aish and Chabad. 

Happy Thanksgiving, America!

animated thanksgiving photo: boy and girl try to break turkey wish bone - animated gif pilgrims_wishbone01.gif

Meet Pam Harris-A Heroic Mom From Illinois

Meet my friend Pam Harris. He's not just my friend, she's also one of my heroes.

Please spread the word on behalf of her son and my son as well.

She is a Warrior Mom in an age where there are so few people taking a stand, and so few people showing true courage.

Please watch and get busy.

Americans Fight Back: Supreme Court to Hear Hobby Lobby Case Against Federally Mandated Birth Control/Abortion Pills

Very gutsy and good for them.

Michelle Malkin with the details here.

Caroline Glick: The Real Goal of Obama's Foreign Policy

As always,  a very comprehensive and accurate analysis from the great Caroline Glick. 

"His goal is not to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. It isn’t even to facilitate a rapprochement between America and Iran. The goal of Obama’s foreign policy is to weaken the State of Israel."

The Toronto Gravy Train Is Back!

Ezra Levant spells it out sloooooooowly.

French Jews Too Scared to Put Their Children in Public Schools

This is just one symptom of the problem. 

Good thing the Exodus has begun.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fight Club! Gavin McInnes Shows How to Fight Your Baby


Totally hilarious, except for being scratched in the eyeball. That hurts.

You have no idea how strong and exhausting babies are until you have one.

Babies-little cute babies can DECIMATE two new parents single-handedly. And I mean WIPE THEM OUT.

So this is really cute.

Astonishing: Balls Spotted Amongst Imperial American Court Eunuch Media

Is this crazy tawk or is the mealy-mouthed, fawning media FINALLY showing some balls? 

Must Read: Where the Jews Are

This is an excellent essay by Ron Lipsman at The American Thinker:

"Where the Jews Are"

"The statute of limitations on the Holocaust-spurred ban of Jew-hatred has expired, and anti-Semitism has roared back.  It is not far-fetched to be worried about the physical safety of the world's (estimated) 14 million Jews."

"In confronting that worry, one must take into account two huge changes in the profile of the world's Jews from what existed three quarters of a century ago.  The first is the existence of the State of Israel and its IDF.  The second is embodied in the title of this essay."

"Israel might not be a superpower, but in its 65-year existence, it has proven conclusively that it is a force to be reckoned with in several ways.  First, it has built a powerful, modern military force (the IDF, or Israel Defense Forces), which has proven itself in numerous combat situations both imaginative and ruthless.  Not since the time of the Maccabees has any substantial segment of world Jewry enjoyed the protection of such a powerful force.  Next, Israel has shown a clear willingness to deploy the IDF if it feels seriously threatened.  Third, the civilian leadership of the country harbor no illusions about the intent of the world's anti-Semites, and they are never reluctant to defend the country using force as well as guile.  Finally, Israel has indicated repeatedly that it considers its forces (military and intelligence) at the service of world Jewry and will not hesitate to protect, to the best of its capability, Jewish communities around the globe."

"So in summary, while anti-Semites may be stepping up their attacks on the Jewish people, the latter have far better defenses than they had in the mid-twentieth century."


This is the  best thing I have read all day. 

All true and fully inspiring. 

Must Read-Thomas Sowell: On Barbarism and Baby Mammas

Must read!

Beware, he warns, of slick talking politicians.

I think it is pretty funky that he pretty much just compared Barack Obama's oratory style to that of Hitler because he cannot be accused of racism.


"One of the best peace speeches I ever read was one delivered back in the 1930s — by Adolf Hitler. He knew that peace speeches would keep the Western democracies from matching his military buildup with their own, or attacking him to prevent his buildup from continuing. Peace speeches by Iran today serve the same purpose of buying time — until they can create a nuclear bomb."

Bonus diss of moron Republicans:

"No one seems as certain that they know what the Republicans need to do to win presidential elections as those Republicans who have lost presidential elections, such as Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Bob Dole. Moreover, people take them seriously, and seem not to notice that what the losers advocate is the opposite of what won Ronald Reagan two landslide election victories. "

The whole thing is beautiful. Read it all.

On Iran: New BFF's Saudia Arabia and Israel Know Best

"Two American allies who know the region well are convinced that Iran’s nuclear program is fundamentally military in nature, that the Iranians are taking American-led negotiators to the cleaners, and that Iran’s aim is to buy the time necessary to achieve its military objective."

"Alas, it is not just an intimate understanding of their region that has given Israel and Saudi Arabia good grounds to deplore any agreement that, at this very late date, makes concessions to Iran for anything less than elimination of its nuclear weapons-making capabilities. It is also the confused and feckless conduct of Obama administration foreign policy in the Middle East."

Basically, the Saudis hate the Jews and hate the Israelis but they are not suicidal.

They do not wish to be nuked by Iran. They loathe the Shia Iranians even more than than they hate the Jews right now. And Israel has nukes and Saudi Arabia doesn't. You see where I'm going with this...

Therefore: very strange bed fellows and dangerous times.



France: The Exodus of the Jews Begins

Of course there has been a trickle over the past decade or so, but now it's a real wave.

Downsizing: Hollywood Starlets Deflating Their Boobies




Monday, November 25, 2013

David Mamet on Hugh Hewitt: Obama is a Tyrant

Yes indeed. 

OH MAH GAWD: Movember Declared "Sexist, Racist and Transphobic" By McGill University Student


I'm pretty happy NOT to see moustaches on anyone other than MEN.

Do you understand a single, freaking word of this:

"Haddad’s complaints about Movember are many. To begin with, he says, the concept discriminates against transgender people by linking masculinity “to secondary male characteristics, including having a prostate” and the ability to grow facial hair."
“To be completely clear, you don’t have to be a man to have a prostate, and you don’t have to have a prostate to be a man,” Haddad proclaims."
"The English and cultural studies major argues that Movember “implies an archaic view of gender that implies that only a male/female gender binary exists, and that you aren’t really a man if you don’t necessarily identify with that binary.”
"He asks: “How are people who do not identify with that binary and have a prostate supposed to partake in this cause?”
"Haddad claims Movember is also racist because black males are “twice as likely to develop” prostate cancer than white males yet most people celebrating Movember are white. Somehow, this is apparently racist."
P.S: Start practising this "Would you like fries with that?"
You're welcome! 

UK Union Boss: I Was Born in A Council House and I'll Die in Council House

This, of course despite getting a very generous salary of £145,000 in salary and expenses.

Can you say leftist entitlement culture? I knew you could. 

Bibi Netanyahu to Obama: Hey, You Know What? You're a Dumbass, Jew-Hating Appeasement Weasel Who Is Ruining America

I wish, I wish.

But it was pretty close to that actually. 

Steyn: Knockouts High and Low

Didn't get a chance yet to post Mark Steyn's "Knockouts High and Low" but it's a very good essay (as always) that looks at the current assaults ('knockouts') on innocent individuals in America for the 'fun' of predators and the decline of real men of virtue and virtuous behaviour.

He notes: 

"There’s no economic motive. The 78-year-old in New York was laden with bags from department stores, but none were touched. You slug an elderly widow not for the 50 bucks in her purse but for the satisfaction of seeing her hit the pavement."


"Restraint is an unfashionable concept these day, but it is the indispensable feature of civilized society. To paraphrase my compatriot George Jonas, punching a spinster’s lights out isn’t wrong because it’s illegal, it’s illegal because it’s wrong. But, in a world without restraints, what’s to stop you? If a certain percentage of your population feels no moral revulsion at randomly pulverizing fellow citizens for sport, a million laws will avail you naught: The societal safety lock is off."

Meanwhile, your moral and intellectual superiors at the New York Times want to really get to the bottom of the "game".

Likewise local police chiefs, who wonder if this is all just a matter of "urban myth".

We’re trying to determine whether or not this is a real phenomenon,” Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said on Friday."

“I mean, yes, something like this can happen. But we would like to have people come forward and give us any information they have.”

So, don't believe your lying eyes, or the You Tube videos that the thugs themselves post proudly.

It may or may not even be real, according to Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly. 

It's Almost Chanukah! Get Ready!

So, I've already recommended this great weekly newsletter to you. It's written by Chabad here in Toronto and what I like about it is that it always has a very interesting personal essay in it, and then some Torah tid bits along with some of the writings of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe, z'l who was a very interesting, learned great man.

The thing about it is that there are lessons in there and historical and philosophical nuggets not just for Jews, and this week is certainly no exception.

The personal essay is by a Jewish woman who escaped from Iran in 1986, it is really a tremendous story-do read it.

Then there is a nice little explanation of what a Macabee is-meaning what the Hebrew letters M/C/B/E stand for and here it is:

"Judah the Maccabee (Yehuda HaMaccabi) was one of the five sons of Mattathias the Priest (Mattisiyahu the Kohen) from the city of Modiin in Israel. Judah was called "Maccabee," a word composed of the initial letters of the four Hebrew words "Mi Kamocha Ba'eilim Ado-shem - Who is like You, O G-d." On his deathbed, Mattathias enjoined his sons to follow the advice of their oldest brother, Shimon in general matters and Judah in waging war. Judah was considered one of the greatest warriors in Jewish history."

I found this outstanding acapella version of "Mi Kamocha"-who is like you oh Lord? This is gorgeous.

And then, I think most of you know the story of Chanukah, and the victory of light over darkness, but I actually hadn't really thought about the fact that all other Jewish holidays are celebrated with lighting candles before it gets dark. You cannot light Shabbat or other holiday candles when it is already dark.

So this explanation is really helpful, impressive and lovely:

"The special Mitzvah [commandment]pertaining to Chanukah is, of course, the kindling of the Chanukah Lights, which must be lit after sunset - unlike the Shabbos candles which must be lit before sunset; and unlike also the lights of the Menorah that were kindles in the Beis Hamikdosh [Holy Temple] even earlier in the day."

"The meaningful message which this emphasis on kindling the Chanukah Lights after sunset conveys is:"

"When a person finds himself in a situation of "after sunset," when the light of day has given way to gloom and darkness - as was the case in those ancient days under the oppressive Greek rule - one must not despair, G-d forbid, but on the contrary, it is necessary to fortify oneself with complete trust in G-d, the Essence of Goodness, and take heart in the firm belief that the darkness is only temporary, and it will soon be superseded by a bright light, which will be seen and felt all the more strongly through the supremacy of light over darkness, and by the intensity of the contrast."

"And this is the meaning of lighting the Chanukah Lights, and in a manner that calls for lighting an additional candle each successive day of Chanukah - to plainly see for oneself, and to demonstrate to others passing by in the street, that light dispels darkness; and that even a little light dispels a great deal of darkness, how much more so a light that steadily grows in intensity."

"And if physical light has such quality and power, how much more so eternal spiritual light."

The Militarization of America: Local Police Forces to Get 18 Ton Armor Protected Military Vehicles From Iraq


"It's armored. It's heavy. It's intimidating. And it's free," said Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, among five county sheriff's departments and three other police agencies in New York that have taken delivery of an MRAP."

But other than the incredible potential of you know, civilians being abused by local police forces, there are a few small problems with the "armored, heavy, intimidating and free" tanks (which is pretty much what they are).

"They are too big to travel on some bridges and roads and have a tendency to be tippy on uneven ground. And then there's some cost of retrofitting them for civilian use and fueling the 36,000-pound behemoths that get about 5 miles to the gallon."

Hey! Other than that, no problem. 

Even universities in America want them: 

"Ohio State University campus police got one, saying they would use it in large-scale emergencies and to provide a police presence on football game days. Others went to police in High Springs, Fla., and the sheriff's office in Dallas County, Texas."

Ward Miles-First Year, Watch a Little Preemie Grow Stronger and Go Home

Ward Miles - First Year from BenjaminScot on Vimeo.

Al Sharpton Surprises All, Condemns "Knockout" Assaults on Jews

I'm pretty shocked, actually. 

Insane thuggery?

Not a bad statement for someone who usually show such indifference to black perpetrators of violence.

Israeli Hatzalah Volunteers Help Quadreplegic Man Climb Massada: "It Helped Me Reconnect With Life"

This is absolutely amazing. 

"I saw the sky, the sea, the desert. This trip felt like I was reconnecting with life."

My Idiot People: Israeli Leftist Hit By Palestinian Rock, Blames Occcucpppayshun

This is the definition of NUTS.

This is a Jewish brain on leftism. 

This is what happens when someone is born Jewish, but converts to Leftism.

"The rock that hit me yesterday was not directed at me, personally. Most likely, it was hurled because I am an Israeli – the occupier. It’s also possible that it’s because I am a Jew, irrespective of the occupation. We will never know. But the wonderful people who visited me today are living under occupation. My occupation. I deserve no special dispensation for my 'good behavior.'"

"They owe me no apologies. As long as the occupation exists, events like this will happen and no one is exempt from them. I don’t romanticize the [expletive] that cracked my head open. But I don’t find it particularly important if he is or is not apprehended. (OK – I do fear that he might have just been practicing on me, and that more deadly violence can be expected of him in the future). But this ends not when Palestinians behave better, or when our Shin Bet becomes more efficient. It ends when occupation ends. Until then, I remain a symbol of that occupation, and not without reason. And no good deeds, as it were, will redeem me or protect me."

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lord Conrad Black: The Salvation of Rob Ford

This is a wonderful column. 

I read it yesterday in the Post and made a mental note to post it.

Lord Black is a class act.

One thing that I have noticed is the degree to which a lot of people are enjoying someone else's suffering. That part of the whole mess is very disturbing.

"...the Greater Toronto Area is picking up a number of federal constituencies upon the next expansion of the House of Commons to 338 legislators, and that Toronto’s contiguous built-up area, almost from Niagara Falls to Oshawa, will have nearly 70 of them. About half of those are largely inhabited by people who are not scandalized by obesity, occasional cocaine use, occasional drunkenness, or the odd whirl at the wheel of a car when a breathalyzer, if applied, could be problematical. They are, however, scandalized by rank hypocrisy from mouthy journalists and gimcrack municipal politicians, and by the confected and inflated sanctimony of prigs and twits."

"Mayor Ford’s detractors should realize that instead of hounding him from office, they have probably, by their bestial self-righteous excess and implicit mockery of a large echelon of the population that identifies with the mayor, made him more popular than ever. They have mocked human foibles a great many voters share, without shame, if not proudly. And they have made Rob Ford the most famous Canadian in the world. I found on my recent trip that Australians and Britons found Rob Ford a refreshing change from their general impression of Canadians as monochromatic aspirant Dudley Do-Rights. The law of unintended consequences asserts itself again, and it will be interesting to see whom it strikes."

The Littlest Band of Brothers From Boston Stand Up For Their Disabled Friend


Best little group of guys!!!

So sweet. Made me cry.

This is the only kind of "anti-bullying" program that works OTHER than kicking the living shit out of a bully.

Strength in numbers, strength in friendship and no idiotic government social engineering program necessary.

John Bolton: America's Abject Surrender to Iran

I would say 'for shame' but you can't shame the shameless. 

"So in truth, an Israeli military strike is the only way to avoid Tehran’s otherwise inevitable march to nuclear weapons, and the proliferation that will surely follow. Making the case for Israel’s exercise of its legitimate right of self-defense has therefore never been more politically important. Whether they are celebrating in Tehran or in Jerusalem a year from now may well depend on how the opponents of the deal in Washington conduct themselves."

Bibi Netanyahu at Sunday Morning Israeli Cabinet Meeting: We Will Not Allow Iran to Become a Nuclear Power

There is no translation here yet, but basically he is reiterating that the accord signed in Geneva is not an historic agreement, but an historic mistake.

Here, Netanyahu also reiterates that Israel will do everything in its power to defend itself and will not allow Iran to become a nuclear power.

You know just yesterday, I was reading George Jonas' EXCELLENT column where he warned that great dangers were coming.

"The Statist Model"

"As I’ve argued over the years, governments, including free and democratic governments, are not really friendly to freedom and democracy. They abhor any rule of law that limits their powers and penchant for social engineering."
"Obama isn’t alone. All governments are prone to what I’ve called creeping Guantanamo Bay-ism: The gradual transformation of the state into a potential police-state. A Kafkaesque shift from the rule of law to the rule of administrative expediency has emerged over the years partly as a defensive response against the burgeoning totalitarian tyrannies of the 20th century, and partly as an adaptation to them. While fighting the enemy, in this case Nazi- and communist-type despotism or “offensive” statism, liberal democracies absorbed and internalized quite a few of their philosophies and methods."
"A paper tiger to enemies, a real tiger to its own subjects: this is the statist model, with its ever-expanding areas of restrictions, limitations, surveillance and extra-judicial sanctions. Every removal of a legal safeguard is justified by the need — often valid — to protect society against the depredations of criminals and terrorists, but ends up as the protection of the state from its citizens."

This is a MUST READ because Jonas really is like a prophet in some ways. He is very smart and sees things not just before others, but with prophet-like clarity.

He finishes with this. Remember, this was published on Saturday, the day of the "historic agreement".

"The tsunami is rushing along the bottom of the ocean. For now read about it in the back pages, with the rest of tomorrow’s news. It’s not yet headline material. It will be, when it makes landfall, before long."

The tsunami has made landfall.

The Obama administration has unleashed the Iranian nuclear tsunami.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

America Betrays Israel

Friday, November 22, 2013

Are We Really "Free"?

The choices now seem to me:

-Eat massive lawfare induced shit sandwich publicly OR

-Go broke fighting lawsuits.

What do you think?

The Worst Human Pain Possible

Last week, I was having a very brief e-mail conversation with a few friends about growing up without a father and how hard that was for two of the guys in the e-mail chain.

I said at that time, that parents losing children and children losing parents is the worst and most acute human pain that exists.

There is a little boy that we know who has to recite Kaddish, the Mourners Prayer over his mother, who died of cancer. There isn't a dry eye in the entire synagogue when a little voice pipes up and speaks the words that one should only have to say over an older person, for the soul of someone who has lived long years.

But life doesn't always work like that. And that's a horrible thing to have to explain to a child.

Last night I had to drop into our synagogue for a few moments and when I was there, in one part of the shul there was a woman that I know quite well by face, but never knew her name or who she was, or who she was married to or any other details. We just have a quiet, chit chat about this and that when I see her.

The table in front of her had dates and some roasted nuts, and some cookies and I said "oh"-not expecting to see anything like that.

So she said "oh yes, these are brachot (blessing) for my son".

I guess my face betrayed me, I was horrified.

Her son?

These blessings are said over food items to elevate the soul of someone who has died. What was she talking about? Her son?

She said yes, I guess you didn't know, it's the one-year anniversary of my son's death. He was 24, I guess you didn't know.

And then I realized I did know. I put two and two together. I think a little 'oh no' slipped out of my mouth.

I don't come from a religious family, certainly traditional, but not religious. My husband comes from a religious family. So, I didn't know exactly what to do with the brachot. Say a regular blessing? Say something else?

But I did know that giving charity in someone's name is also for the same purpose, to elevate the soul of the person who has died, to do a good deed in their honour.

So I said, I'll give tzedakah right now in his name. And she looked at me with sad, red eyes and said his name.

She had to say it again, because I couldn't really hear her.

In Jewish tradition, you say the name of the person, as the son or daughter of their mother. This is also how prayers for healing, for refuah shlemah, for full recoveries are made.

I fished out all the change in my change purse, and managed to say out loud that I was giving charity, tzedakah in honour of her son, and said his name as the son of her name.

But my voice was creaking and I was starting to cry. And then I said out loud, and prayed that G-d would give her strength, to be able to be strong for her children and grandchildren and for her family, and that his soul would know peace.

And then I just asked if it was OK that I give her a hug.

She said of course.

So I put my arms around her and just held her very, very tight for a few moments, and told her to try to be strong, but that it is understood how hard it is, and I told her that being a bereaved mother, is the most excruciating human pain that exists. I had to go.

I wished her a Shabbat Shalom and she wished me one back.

I went back to my car, and back to my warm house, to my family and took a few deep breaths.

Child-parent, and parent-child relationships bring the most joy and pain possible in the human experience. Loss of this kind is physical and meta-physical. You don't just lose the physical presence of the person but you feel physical pain.

That's why I think it is always important, even in times of frustration or anger, (and that's only human) to remember the privilege of having our children and having our parents around. Their "mere" healthy presence is a daily miracle for which we must be grateful and thank G-d.

Jews And Gun Control in Pre-Holocaust Germany, How the Left Began the Genocide

This is a great article and I am definitely going to get the book. 

When Jews did have weapons, they were able to do a lot of damage to the Nazis.

"The first assault on the Republic, however, came not from the right but from the communist left. Under the leadership of Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht, the German Communists attempted to overthrow the government by armed struggle. The fragile government mobilized the Freikorps, undisciplined militias composed largely of veterans. The Freikorps brutally put down the communist insurrection and murdered its leaders. The Communists had also seized the government in Bavaria and the Freikorps succeeded in vanquishing them."

"Hoping to stem further attacks on the state, the liberal Weimar Republic imposed Draconian gun control laws that made it punishable by death to carry a gun."

"Gestapo legal adviser Werner Best proposed to execute Jews who were found in possession of firearms. He had both ample precedent and experience to draw upon from the harsh gun laws and their brutal enforcement in the Weimar Republic."

"In 1938, in preparation for Kristallnacht (November 9-10, 1938), the Gestapo used the Weimar gun registration records to disarm Jews and focused on Jewish gun owners for deportation to concentration camps."


"Throughout their conquest of Europe, the Nazis encountered armed resistance by those who refused to accept defeat. Even the pitifully armed Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto put up meaningful resistance, as did the Jewish Bielski partisans in the forests of Byelorussia and Poland. Among the conquered people of Europe, where there were arms and munitions there were partisans who continued to fight."


Hello World: The Most Deadly Mid East Conflict is Shia Vs. Sunni

Must read: 

"The murder of Hussein occurred in Southern Iraq, near the city of Karbala. He was murdered together with several dozens of his friends and family members, with only one baby surviving to continue the dynasty. The murder, which occurred in 680 - remains the defining event for "Shi'at Ali", the "sect of Ali", which is the source of the name "Shia" or Shi'ite, the name of the stream of Islam that supports the leadership of Ali's descendants."

"This family conflict has been ongoing for almost 1400 years."

All the gory details are in the article, and it is an excellent summary of why Israel and Saudi Arabia are strange "frenemy" bed fellows right now.

Don't Call It "Knockout"-It's Just Assault

Even with the scare quotes, it's just assault. Brutal, criminal assault.

Here's my thought, and then some  thoughts from Allan West.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

What Would We Do Without Research? Science Proves Men Like Their Attractive Wives, and Like Them To Stay Attractive

From the scientific journal "DUH":

"Husbands with attractive wives in all four independent, longitudinal studies analyzed were more satisfied than their wives at the beginning of each marriage. As the marriage progressed, the husbands with the attractive wives remained more satisfied, and the attractive wives in these couples also reported being more satisfied."

Translation for women:

Don't "let yourself go".  Your husband will like you better and you will like yourself better also.

Hilarious: Ron Burgundy Covers Loverboy In Honour of Rob Ford

I'm dying.

Everybody's working for the weekend! Everybody's going off the deep end!!

You wanna piece of my heaaaaaaaart??!??!

"If You Liked The Hospital Treating Your Child With The Rare Bone Disease, You Can Piss Off."

The beauty of ObamaCare. 

"A number of the nation’s top hospitals — including the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, and children’s hospitals in Seattle, Houston and St. Louis — are cut out of most plans sold on the exchange. In most cases, the decision was about the cost of care."

"In Seattle, the region’s predominant insurer, Premera Blue Cross, decided not to include the children’s hospital as an in-network provider except in cases where the service sought cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Children’s non-unique services were too expensive given the goal of providing affordable coverage for consumers,” spokesman Eric Earl­ing said in an e-mail."

"For example, a pediatric appendectomy at Children’s costs about $23,000, he said. At another community hospital, the cost is closer to $14,100. Melzer said his hospital often bills more than community hospitals for comparable procedures because the children it treats are often gravely ill, so even a routine tonsillectomy may be more complicated."

"But as a result, families like Jeffrey Blank’s, which has relied on Seattle Children’s since his daughter, Zoe, received a diagnosis of a rare bone disorder, face difficult decisions. Under some of the new law’s health plans, the family would no longer be able to take Zoe to Children’s for her routine checkups, or it could count as an “out-of-network” visit, saddling the family with huge bills."

In the Middle of War, IDF Soldiers Bring a Whole Wedding Hall to Tears

Getting a little choked up here myself. 

Mazel tov to the bride and groom and kol hakavod to the brave brothers.

Must Read: Gavin McInnes: The Case For Vulgarity

This is AWESOME. 

"The Case for Vulgarity".

"All this talk of keeping a stiff upper lip sounds downright un-American to me."

"I’m from Canada where centuries of Scotch/Irish culture mean everyone talks like they’re drunk. If a man walks into a bar with a burn on his face, we say, “Holy fuck guy, what happened to your face?”

"It’s a British trait to pretend nothing’s unusual. Didn’t America kick out the British almost a quarter of a century ago? They didn’t do it lining up and taking fire, either. They did it by rolling up their sleeves, jumping out of trees, and fighting dirty. That’s the kind of spirit that made me immigrate here in the first place."
"The Democrats are winning the culture war because they’re fighting dirty. Let’s punch them in the fucking face."



"We Thought We Should Kill A Jew"-Turkish Jews Continue to "Defend" Community After Murders

I don't think there is much to salvage in Turkey with respect to the Jewish community. 

I think it is very naive and stupid actually to remain a Jew in a Muslim country. That includes, of course-"moderate" Morocco (see post below).

South Carolina Mom Wins Battle Against Graphic Sex Education (Grooming) Class in Middle School

This is excellent. 

Remember, "sex ed" is just grooming.

This shows that one mother-one person can make a difference. One can not get discouraged.

And this term is something that we need to remember:

"Sexual Foreplay Curriculum".


How did she get it cancelled?

By simply reading it to school board members at a meeting. 

"McLellan warns parents that, unless they stand up and say NO to this curriculum, their children will be learning how to:

• make condoms fun and pleasurable,
• use condoms as a method of foreplay,
• act sexy/sensual when putting condoms on,
• hide [a] condom on your body and ask your partner to find it,
• tease each other sexually while putting on a condom,
• have fun putting one on your partner, while pretending you are different people or in different situations,
• feel more relaxed and really enjoy yourself, and
• use condoms to make erections last longer!

"Moderate" Moroccan Parliament Moves to Outlaw Contact With Icky, Infidel, Kufar Jews

Even talking to an Israel could land you in jail. 

I am so very glad at how proud Moroccan Jews are of their wonderful relationship with the King. They brag about this all the time how wonderful it was for Jews in Morocco, and the King loves his Jews, and it's just fabulous for them still.

I'm serious-they do really brag about this stuff.

Exactly: We Jews Are Stupid Idiots For Treating Our Enemies

More pious than the Pope!

More Christian than Christians.


I was going to blog about this because it enraged me, but Hagai Segal just said it better than I could.

I'll just add that it was idiotic to treat that little Granddaughter of Hamas.

It will never win over Hamas Hearts and Minds to our side.

And no-we have no obligation to treat and be nice to the people who want to destroy us. That is called suicidal. And for a life-loving people, suicide is out of the question.

These people want to kill us and they celebrate spilling our blood. Therefore, you show no mercy to them and that includes the children. Send them to Saudi Arabia for treatment. Or Iran, or Cuba-who cares. Not a single dime of Jewish money, not a single drop of Jewish sweat and not a single ounce of Jewish brainpower or healing power should go to anyone whose mission in life is to murder Jews.

Stupid idiots.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Must Read: The American People Don't Like Tyrants, Even Smooth-Talking Harvard Educated Ones


"The president’s response to the embarrassment of the eponymous legislation he shoved down the throats of the American people is one of the most disturbing occurrences of his administration."
"Since Magna Carta in 1215, a test of legitimacy has been the extent to which the sovereign is subject to the laws of the land.  Obama is not a sovereign, exactly, but he acts as though he were above the law, that the law (like taxes) were something to be imposed on the rest of us but which he and his magic circle of apparatchiks could ignore or “delay” or partially implement at their pleasure. "
"I suspect that one of the reasons Obama’s approval rating is in free fall is because of his obvious surprise and petulance in his public encounters over the disaster of Obamacare.  He has made some grudging half apologies, but it is clear that the only thing he is sorry about is that he cannot — not yet, anyway — simply decree what happens with health care in this country. "
"He believes himself above the law and is impatient about finding a means of achieving that discretion.  For our own good, of course."
"Many observers on the Right have long known this about Obama.  Suddenly, though, it is out there for all to see. The American people don’t like tyrants, even smooth-talking, Harvard-educated ones. The great trek away from Obama and what he stands for — above all, government unlimited — has begun.  The journey will not be pretty, but I think it is all but certain to continue."

Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned, Obama Sings in the Bathroom in Washington, D.C

And that is all. 

OK So I'm Laughing My Head Off About This Even Though I Shouldn't


British police are thanking some locals for helping them resolve a (local) Blood Feud between families.

Yes, Her Majesty's Royal Constabulary is now solving blood feuds.

Locals are being praised by police!

Seriously-what could POSSIBLY be wrong with that????

OMG this line is killer. I know I shouldn't be laughing my ass off, but I can't help it.

"Who hasn't wanted some help solving a local blood feud in their neighbourhood? It is an experience we all share!"

Bibi Netanyahu Meets With World Superpower Leader

While Bibi meets with Vlad Putin, Israel has also announced that it needs allies other than the United States.

I think this is an unprecedented policy shift for Israel. And by that, I mean that I don't think that Israel-or an Israeli high ranking minister has ever articulated the idea that Israel would be better off without the United States as its "friend".

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems to me a seismic shift in policy and a realization that under President Obama-America can simply no longer be counted as an ally.

I Wanna Be A Redneck: Duck Dynasty Family is Awesome

I just love them. 

Great video, great family.

Rush Revere: Best Seller, If Book Stores "Allow" You to Buy It

As it turns out, Rush Limbaugh's new children's book is a best seller.

I thought several lines of this article were particularly telling. 

“Rush Revere” is the best-selling book in America now and was at the top of’s bestseller list several weeks before its late October release."

"This I had to see, so I stopped by my local Barnes and Noble for a look. A clerk, after two computer searches and much wandering, located the publication in the deepest corner of the store. He had never heard of the book, which is Barnes and Noble’s second-biggest seller. I told him they should offer GPS coordinates to find the thing. The clerk was a nice young man, but has no sense of humor."

"He agreed to sell it to me and I read it in an afternoon."

"I write about it a few days before Thanksgiving because it is a fine book for kids that uses a fun gimmick to describe the earliest days of our nation."

So, if you are a right wing, conservative children's authors you can be a best seller DESPITE the fact that stores try to hide your books.

So this is good and bad news, of course.


Thank you and you're welcome. 

Gypsies, Camps and Thieves-How Europe is Turning into A Roma Garbage Dump

So, remind me why we need more of these charming folks in Canada? 

Remind me why liberal Jews like to have the Roma as their new pets that make them feel so damned good about themselves?

"...the media have served up sob stories like one put out by the Associated Press last year:"

“The camps weren’t much to begin with….Rats ran rampant and fleas gnawed on young and old alike….But they were home – and they were better than the new reality for thousands of Gypsies who have been forced into hiding after France launched its latest campaign this week to drive them from their camps.”

"Rarely, it seems, do the journalists responsible for this sort of drivel ever ask the gypsies questions like: “Um, if you’re going to live in this place, why can’t you at least try to keep it sanitary?”

"No, it’s almost always either implied or stated outright that, if the gypsies live in such filth, it’s because they’re poor and oppressed; virtually never is it acknowledged that this way of life is a fundamental element of gypsy culture."

How bad has it gotten in the UK?

"How bad have things gotten in Page Hall? Here’s how bad: as the Daily Mail noted on Tuesday, “the local Pakistani community association is running ‘official’ warden patrols between 8pm and 10pm every weekday with the intention of ‘educating’ the Roma population about ‘how to behave in England.’”

"(If it weren’t so tragic, it would be funny.)"

"In Every Case, It Just Happens To Be A Jew"


"Youth" and "teens"  Blacks attacking Jews in New York.

If You Like Your Healtchare, Your Dog Can Have It

Welcome to Obamacare!


Fantastic: 13 Skills Your Grandparents Had That You Don't

Via Instapundit. 

Pathetic, and true. 

This one is hilarious:

Socializing like a human.

Netty C. Gross-Horowitz: Saul Kagan and the Claims Conference

Thank you, Netty for writing this article. 

Thank you a million times.

Netty C. Gross-Horowitz (then under the byline of just Gross) was fearless in writing about the Claims Conference and their disgusting practices.


I spoke to her many years ago, because I was at that time, working in Israel and receiving many complaints about Holocaust-era assets that Jews could not get back from the Claims Conference.

Saul Kagan was disgusting and so is the Claims Conference.

Shame on the Jews that ensure that Holocaust survivors die impoverished while they trot around the world first class. Shame on the Jews that make the Jews suffer.


"Aspiring Rapper" Focus of Mass. Investigation Into Burned Body Parts Investigation

I'm shocked!

Shocked, I tells ya!

He was probably just about to turn his life around as well!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Toronto Infidel Lunch: Thursday December 12th

(Yes it's THURSDAY the 12th, I made a typo before..)

It's baaaaaaaack. 

The Elders of the Protocols of Zion, United Official Democratic Toronto Branch Local 007 have met and voted, and the results are unanimous.


Send me an e-mail if you would like to join.

Thursday, December 13th.


Space is limited (no joke).

Secret handshake info will be sent to you by e-mail along with location and timing. 

Be there or be diverse and boring and insufferably politically correct.

"Don't say you didn't know."

The Gitmo Good Life: Art Classes, Arabic Calligraphy, Painting, Horticulture and Computer Classes


(Well, Microsoft Explorer is sort of torture...but I digress.)

And, the lessons are all CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE for terrorists.

Due to cultural and religious considerations,” seminars must be given by male instructors fluent in English as well as Arabic or Pashtu, records state."

So very sweet and considerate of you Yanks. 

Must Read: "From Four Score to 'Yes We Can': Brett Stephens On Obama

This is what is called a total and utter op-ed evisceration.

You must read the whole thing. 

Via Sohrab Ahmari.

"Abraham Lincoln spoke greatly because he read wisely and thought deeply. He turned to Shakespeare, he once said, "perhaps as frequently as any unprofessional reader." "It matters not to me whether Shakespeare be well or ill acted," he added. "With him the thought suffices."

"Maybe Mr. Obama has similar literary tastes. It doesn't show."

"An economy built to last," the refrain from his 2012 State of the Union, borrows from an ad slogan once used to sell the Ford Edsel. 

"Nation-building at home," another favorite presidential trope, was born in a Tom Friedman column. 

"We are the ones we have been waiting for" is the title of a volume of essays by Alice Walker. "The audacity of hope" is adapted from a Jeremiah Wright sermon."

"Yes We Can!" is the anthem from "Bob the Builder," a TV cartoon aimed at 3-year-olds."

Wow: "I Am The Son of A Nazi"

What an amazing story. 

The son of a Nazi converted to Judaism, served in the IDF, had Israeli kids and now practices medicine in Florida.


Visit Jewish.TV for more Jewish videos.

"It Was Like Being In Paradise, I Felt Only Love"-Gotta Love Pope Francis


I am totally into this Pope.

Alternate headline:

Nice Jewish Mother From Toronto Digs Pope 

I am humbled by this statement:

"Here I leave my pain."

"The severely disabled man, who is shunned in the street, and has induced horror even in his doctors, has for the first time described the encounter, saying that being caressed by Francis was like ‘being in Paradise’."

"He told Italian news magazine Panorama he was left speechless when Pope did not hesitate to touch him. "

"He said: ‘His hands were so soft. And his smile was so clear and open. But the thing that struck me most is that there has not been thinking about whether or not to hug me. I'm not contagious, but he did not know. But he just did it: he caressed me all over my face, and as he did I felt only love."

"He recollected the meeting of a fortnight ago: 'First I kissed his hand while he, with the other hand, caressed my head and wounds. Then he drew me to him in a strong embrace, kissing my face. "

"My head was against his chest his arms were wrapped around me. It lasted just over a minute, but to me it seemed like an eternity."

"Mr Riva was accompanied to the Vatican's St Peter's square by his aunt, Caterina and his younger sister Morena, who also suffers from a lesser form of the disease.

"The meeting with Francis marked a new beginning for him he said: ‘Later I turned to my aunt and told her: "Here I leave my pain"'.

Can you imagine bringing this blessing unto a suffering human being? 

Absolutely outstanding. 

"Here I leave my pain." 

Say it out loud to really feel it. 

Do you feel it? 

I'm feeling it. 

Snapshot of America on the 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address

So, President Obama is a no show. No big surprise there. The guy simply has no class whatsoever.

And I guess it would just be way too painful for him to say a nice word about a Republican, especially one who was so devout, and such an outstanding leader and who abolished slavery.

The best commentary that I have read about this incredible anniversary is by Rex Murphy-who is just an outstanding writer and thinker. He never disappoints. He's even more delightful to listen to on the radio if you ever get the chance.

Rex Murphy: A Perfect Miracle of Public Utterance 

"Its beginning phrase, “four score and seven years ago,” has become so well known that it’s almost risen to the level of folklore. These six words are a key to what Lincoln is doing with the remaining 272: He deliberately sets a formal, deliberate tone, while avoiding the obvious or colloquial (“87 years ago”), and choosing to echo a biblical phrasing (Psalms: “The days of our years are threescore years and ten”). The deliberate archaizing of the phrase also amounts to a call to attention."

"Lincoln follows this with a brilliant, condensed précis of the American idea: “Conceived in Liberty … all men are created equal.”

"The second sentence leaps from the distant founding of America to its then-terrible present moment and place. He declares the Civil War (which was to continue for another year and a half) as the “test” of whether a nation founded on such ideals “can survive.”

Meanwhile, in today's America:

Obama recites the address but omits the 'under G-d' Part. 


Apparently, President Obama has to code the ACA web site entirely on his own, from scratch, and that's why he could not make it to the Gettysburg memorial.

But you know what?


Why Does the Obama Administration Hate Black American School Children?

Meet Eric Holder's victims.

How the "Duck Dynasty" Candidate Beat the Republican Establishment in Louisiana

They got whooped. 

This is good stuff.

LOOOOOVE Duck Dynasty.

Khaled Abu Toahmeh: Why Does the Liberal, World Media Hate Palestinians?

Or, another way of putting it:

Hatred of Jews and Israel much more important to leftist, liberal media than actually giving a damn about Palestinians and their lack of personal freedom and liberty.

Dozens of Conservative Allied Groups Raided in Wisconsin

Sound familiar? 

The left refuses to "allow" anyone else to govern.

Helen Mirren Shows How It's Done

This is how a woman ages gracefully. 

She is pretty, slim, stylish-keeps the arms covered, no mini-skirts.  Age appropriate, but no fuddy-duddy.

Just gorgeous.

A knock out.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Awesome: Duck Dynasty Family Prays With Young Cancer Patient

I love the Robertsons.

I am a redneck wannabe.

This family rocks.

G-d bless them all.  Seeing them pray around the stretcher with that young girl-well, what can I say? I am a total mess.

Beautiful, beautiful Christian family.

Are You Smarter Than A Harvard Student?

If you can answer "what's the capital of Canada", then yes-yes you are!

"Conservative" Government Handing Out $500 Gift Cards to Federal Civil Servants From Taxpayer Funds


This is what passes as "conservative"?!?!

Nice work if you can get it.

"Gold necklaces, hockey tickets, camcorders, iPods, spa visits — even a gift card to the liquor store.  This is some of the half-million dollars of booty that one federal department handed out to favoured workers in the last five years."

"...internal documents show his department has been ever more generous with its so-called “Instant Awards” program, sometimes handing out goods and services worth as much as $500 each.

"The haul includes a Sears sewing machine, a notebook computer, a Tiffany ring, a Garmin GPS device, along with a wide range of cash cards for spas, restaurants, gas stations, pubs, Toys R Us, Canadian Tire, Shoppers Drug Mart, Tim Hortons and Starbucks."

"The cheapest employee rewards have been $10 gift cards for coffee shops or for a bowling alley. One worker was handed a French grammar book worth $14.65, which to some may sound more like a punishment than a reward."

"At the high end, many employees were given $500 gift cards for use at Best Buy, for example, or at the downtown Rideau Centre mall for merchandise in most of the shops. One worker in the “expenditure management sector” got a $50 gift card for use at any Liquor Control Board of Ontario retail outlet."

Sweden: Worst European Country For Jews?

A Swedish Jew as filed asylum from Sweden because Sweden is a Jew-hating country. 


"EU statutes provide that asylum be granted to persons with “well-founded reasons to fear persecution due to race; nationality; religious or political beliefs; gender; sexual orientation; or affiliation to a particular social group.” Jews in Sweden meet these criteria, and should be eligible for the same protection and support extended to non-natives."

"And so today, November 18, I am legally filing for refugee status and asylum—not in America, not in Israel, but here in Sweden, my own country."

"Absurd?  No doubt. I can only expect that my application will be summarily dismissed. But the situation is beyond absurdity, beyond op-eds and strongly worded letters of protest. The situation calls for action. I would like to think that in making this statement, I am fighting on behalf of Swedish Jewry as a whole for the right to live a religious life, to preserve our cultural identity, and to be who we are without fear of persecution—the same rights enshrined in the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and guaranteed in the Swedish constitution. Is Sweden, is Europe as a whole, truly no longer willing to enforce its own standards of justice where European Jews are concerned? " 

Must Read Douglas Murray: Human Rights Vs. Public Safety

Love Douglas Murray. So smart and bold.

Here he discusses "Human Rights Vs. Public Safety".

I blogged about that Sudanese pedophile thug a few days ago. 

"In recent years the British government – not least in the pay-offs for former Guantanamo detainees – has repeatedly attempted to stop the embarrassment of going through lengthy human rights cases by paying off terrorists before their cases could come to court. To keep state intelligence secret and avoid legal unpleasantness, there are quite a number of people in the UK who have been made jihadist millionaires. Young Mohamed claimed that the UK authorities were complicit in his torture in Somalia in 2011. And why shouldn't Mohamed have given such a claim a go? Like previous claimants, he had nothing to lose, and potentially millions to gain."

Repeat after me: