Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Little Bit of Magic to End the Day

This is so beautiful, it made me all misty.

Oh Please Let This Be True...

CAIR may have violated the law by demanding Dr. Ben Carson withdraw from the Republican leadership race.

Inspiring: From Drug Addict to Iron Man

What a great story. 

Loved this bit:

“How hard you can go is in your head,” he says, between breaths."

You can create your own limits.”

I also like this:

“My 100-per-cent motivation is to inspire people and give them hope that they don’t have to live like that,". 

That is the beautiful thing about the human experience. We have choices. Always. 

We don't "have to" live "like that". 

The other thing I want to point out is that he started on a "soft" drug-marijuana, in Grade 8,  and things went downhill very quickly after that. 

My own experience is that pot heads are among the most angry and belligerent individuals as soon as they come off their buzz. They are not "mellow" or happy unless they are under the influence. It's a dangerous gateway drug.

Awesome: Barbara Kay's Top Ten Reasons to Ban the Niqab

Gotta love that Babs.

Read the whole thing. 

About that New "American" Army Patch...

What do you think? 

The Invasion of Europe


Too Delicious, Or Am I Crazy?

I've written a lot about the TSA's security kabuki and been disgusted over and over again by their harassment of disabled, and other assorted, completely innocuous elderly, infirm and other everyday travellers instead of you, know profiling people who actually might be terrorists.

And now, in a delicious taste of victim hierarchy social justice, the transgendered may be the ones to undo the TSA. Muslims are generally at the top of the victim pyramid, but "trans" is a very close second and may be punching over its weight now because trans is the new pet of the left.

Imagine if the undoing of the whole useless, fumbling TSA bureaucracy came tumbling down not because of dropping the ball on jihadist terrorists but because a TSA security "expert" became suspicious of a pole where there should be a hole or vice versa. 

Is this funny or what? Or is it pathetic? Both?

Or am I the only one with a deranged sense of humour? It can't just be me! 

Meet the New Boss

Very different from the old boss. 

"Carly Fiorina Was Right"

American genocide. 

There's no other way to describe it.

Lights Out, Eurabia

"Germany prints its constitution in Arabic."

This is the ultimate posthumous victory for the Nazis.

Both the old ones and the new ones. 

Hitler and Arafat must be laughing hysterically from hell.

In Praise of Beards

Prince Harry (gotta love Prince Harry) is crowned best beard. 

(Not like Oprah's Stedman kind of 'beard' because of Gayle, or the Michelle Obama because of Reggie Love kind of 'beard', silly...REAL beards.)

I for one, am a great fan of trimmed beards and stubble. Not hipster long beard but can't change a flat tire kind of beards.

I cannot stand when men are so close-shaven and oiled that they end up looking like pre-pubescent lads and/or gheyyyyyyyy (insert obligatory 'not that there's anything wrong with that' blah blah blah here).

Why are all the men's clothing ads filled with waif-men who are hairless and oily and shiny?! UGH. Blech.

For real and not for joking: men should not be shiny and hairless. Special exemptions made for backs, though.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Link Dump!

Lots of links, not a lot of time....

Obama on Iran, always the idiot liberal professor dreamer. 

Asshole with his whopper after whopper.

A mistake! And you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor!

How wrong can this guy be? So wrong, so frequently-almost batting 100% wrong, but alas-never in doubt.

Shame on the American army. Shame. 

Slovakia to Muslim invaders: no thanks.

German people not totally loving the invasion as much as Merkel. 

Totally loving Ben Carson's groove. 

Clinton charm revealed: “Pets Killed. Tires slashed. Windshields smashed in and bullets left in the front seat of cars. Late night phone calls: We know where you’re children go to school.."

Must Watch: Mark Steyn on Free Speech and the Death of the West At the Danish Parliament

Mark Steyn ain't Charlie, baby.

This is a must watch on free speech.

By the way,  in case you hadn't heard, Charlie is dead.

"Patrick Pelloux, 52, a celebrity doctor and long-time Charlie Hebdo columnist, announced at the weekend that he would leave the magazine by the end of the year."

Something has come to an end. Something is finished,” he told a student radio station."

We are survivors, but we are not survivors. Part of us ended with the killings.”

As we see in Europe, something has come to an end indeed. 

And what is starting can only be characterized as the beginning of an end. 

"Something has come to an end. Something is finished." 

The end of Europe, the invasion of Europe. 

It's being trampled underfoot and bred out of existence. 

And instead of seeing the Islamic invasion as an Islamic invasion with it's own intra-Muslim wars, those who see it for what it is will be called hysterical, or "right wing" fanatics. 

The conquest of Europe without firing a single shot. 

"Something has come to an end. Something is finished." 

"Something has come to an end. Something is finished." 

Demographics are destiny. 

Too late for a wall. 

"Something has come to an end. Something is finished." 

Woe unto us. 

I'm Baaaaaaaaack

It was the glorious Sukkot holiday and I had zero time to blog.

Was busy cooking, baking, building and decorating our Sukkah.

All was lovely.

Here's a picture of our Sukkah as I get caught up. I have tons of links to share, and have lots to catch up on.

Feast your eyes on my Sukkah as I get the ball rolling...

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Desecration of Ground Zero

At the time the plans were bubbling up, I wrote a lot about about the plans for a Ground Zero Victory Mosque and how a mosque at that site seemed to me the ultimate desecration  of the site, and there could not be a more supine and dhimmified response to the jihadist murders of September 11.

I still believe that a mosque at that site would be a terrible mistake, and an additional posthumous victory to global, jihadist nihilism.

However, the disgraceful conduct of the so-called "religious leaders" at Ground Zero today makes me reconsider my previous assessment of the ultimate desecration.

I think that Pope Francis has now defiled Ground Zero in a painfully shameless and evil and unprecedented way, and that all of the other disgusting hypocrites on that stage should also hang their heads in shame.

They are clearly not "religious" nor "leaders". However, it's not possible to shame the shameless so I doubt we will see anything but puffed up self-satisfaction from this cast of disgraceful characters.

The full transcript of the Pope's remarks are here.

This Pope, while Christians are being slaughtered in the oldest Christian communities of the Middle East, banters on about the weather. While at the sacred ground where more than 3,000 innocent individuals were ruthlessly murdered by Muslim terrorists, there is no mention of Islam anywhere in his remarks. 

Sadly, the Church has a perfect record of not recognizing evil in itself, within Nazis or amongst Muslims. It seems that is a designation reserved strictly for uppity Jews, especially Israelis, no matter how innocuous or self-preserving the act.

Given the nature of the Obama administration, it is not at all surprising that the Pope felt comfortable making his general, bland, aimless remarks. After all, he was among friends. Obama, too always has a moment to lecture and hector the Jews. 

President Obama is a deeply evil man, who loathes America, the Jews and Judeo-Christian civilization.

Therefore, it matters not "if" he is a Muslim, secretly or by nature of his father's religious beliefs when every single policy decision he makes benefits the most radical terrorists on the planet and the enemies of Western freedom. 

Dignitaries may have felt they had to hold their tongues, but family members of the victims should not have let the Pope get away with evil.

All the lies need to be called lies no matter who scripts them or acts in them. 

Those who do not speak up against the lies are complicit.

Those who silence the voices of truth, the voices of dissent, are complicit.

Those who go along with the New Rules of Totalitarianism, that "security is the new shut up", the new supine Mark of Submission, are complicit.

Simply put: hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, and name no evil is no way to fight evil.

And that's the world we are living in.

Woe unto us.

Sweden Goes Full Dhimmi

This is quite remarkable, but not altogether surprising.

How submissive has Sweden become to their "migrant" rapist, criminal and child-abusing overlords?

This submissive:

Swede's homes may be confiscated to house invasion force. 

So very hard to feel sorry for Sweden.

So I don't. 

Gavin McInnes: Islamophobiaphobia

"When you’re at war with radical Islam, Islamophobia is healthy and Islamophobiaphobia is deadly."

Robert Stacy McCain: Europian Invasion Update

"In the millions..."

In Which I Must Reluctantly Give Props To Kanye West

Because CARSON. 

(Full interview here. See if you can make heads or tails of it...)

Remains of American WW2 Veteran Finally Being Brought Home For Proper Burial

Rest in peace, brave man. 

History Geek Out! Ten Year Old Russian Tourist in Israel Finds 3,000 Year Old Seal


So cool.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Oregon Bar Owner Goes Up Against the Transhad, Loses.


Levin: Media Should Get The Backlash, Not Dr. Ben Carson

Levin is awesome. 

Smart, and a real constitutional expert (and a constitutional absolutist at that).

If more conservatives would just start by calling out these liberals dressed up as journalists, even just once in a while, we would all be better off.

Listen to the whole thing! 

Steyn: The Emporer's Moral Narcissism

This is an excellent and very upsetting blog post from Mark Steyn. 

Part of me looks at Germany at says-looks good on you. 

You know Germany, you know Ms. Merkel, you murdered your Jews and then imported vast numbers of hostile and belligerent Muslims to "take their place", so say goodbye to your country.

Germany, like the rest of Europe, does not deserve a single Jew.

Steyn says:

"Watching European news broadcasts right now is like an insane demotic inversion of the Emperor's new clothes. "To a fool these thousands of fit young Muslim men appear well dressed and well fed. But a wise man such as Your Majesty can easily see that they are desperate starving refugees in rags." 

"And so as the trains pull in to German railway stations to disgorge men who meet no known definition of "refugees" they are greeted on the platform by volunteers offering food and second-hand clothes. The cameras do their best to alight on a telegenic moppet or a covered woman, but, even when they do, you notice that they're surrounded by a sea of confident vigorous males - who, according to the UN, make up 75 per cent of the "refugees"."

"That would be an unusual demographic distortion in most emergency situations. If 75 per cent of the Titanic's survivors had been men who'd left their women and children back on the ship, there might have been a few disapproving comments. But not here. And why complain that the Syrian refugees aren't really "refugees"? After all, they're not Syrian either. Only one in five of the arriving migrants are Syrians fleeing the implosion of their country.'

Steyn mentions this point about Angela Merkel in particular, and German demographics in general: 

"It's a good thing Germany has plenty of - oh, what's the word? - lebensraum. Angela Merkel, a childless woman, has been obsessed with her country's deathbed demography since taking office: Germany's fertility rate has fallen from 2.9 births per woman in 1965 to 1.3 today, and, even with immigration, they're already in net population decline."

Is Merkel completely unaware that she is not actually boosting Germany's health and demographic bottom line, but helping her Fatherland commit national suicide? 

Or is her behaviour a sinister, supine, crusty communist's belated deference to Islam and the leftist-Islamic alliance of our time? 

It's hard to say. 

A German academic says the following: 

"Germany's economic strength, a demographic decline and the need for labor all contribute to the welcoming of migrants including refugees.

How productive will these masses of Muslim immigrants be? 

Merkel is also selling this massive, Obama-style whopper to the German public: 

"Indeed, one reason the refugee influx is fine with German voters is that Merkel insists the country will still balance its budget without new debt, and that taxes won't need to be raised to deal with the refugee crisis."

She is ignoring the perfectly legitimate concerns from her fellow citizens about the Islamization of Europe. She basically sneers at the suggestion that there is any problem with her strategy of flooding the country with Muslim migrants. 

An Israeli psychiatrist once said that Germany will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz. 

That's what I was reminded of when I read this paragraph in the Bloomberg article: 

"Asked to explain the new [Ed. note: i.e positive] attitude, German academics often mention the country's history."

"German citizens know that the regulations of the Geneva Refugee Convention stem from the historical experience with Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust," says Petra Bendel of the Central Institute for Regional Research at Erlangen, in Bavaria. "

"Also, after World War II, many Germans were refugees themselves." It may seem hard to believe that history lessons trumped by xenophobia in the 1990s have finally sunk in, but that's the consensus."

Perhaps Merkel and other ordinary Germans have "finally" found a way to absolve themselves of Holocaust guilt, simply by quietly committing suicide by invasion. The Europeans patting themselves on the back for their good hearts will soon find themselves looking hunting for beer, but becoming hunted themselves, sacrificing their daughters to rapists  and to the child abusers over and over again, bracing for a rape epidemic! Deferring to the "psychologically ill"-now whatever could that illness be called? 

Perhaps this is Merkel's final solution for Germany, the final absolution of Holocaust guilt: a Germany that is no longer Germany. 

As Mark Steyn says: 

"If everyone goes to Germany, there will be no Germany to go to. But Angela Merkel has given a generation of young men from the Mahgreb to the Hindu Kush their battle cry. And the lesson of this month is that no one will stop them."

"Oh, don't get me wrong. There are real refugees in Europe, and there will be more: Ask a Jew in Toulouse, a gay in Amsterdam, an uncovered woman in Rosengard..."

Rich Lowry of NRO Goes Full Butch on Trump?

This is bizarre.

The establishment GOP is really terrified of Trump.


RIP Yogi Berra

One of a kind indeed.

Rest in peace.

Higher Education: Your Moral, Intellectual and Diversity Superiors

Good grief. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

See You Thursday.

Tonight is Erev Yom Kippur, and tomorrow is Yom Kippur. 

Wishing all my family and friends an easy and meaningful fast.

See you on Thursday.

G'mar Chatima Tova.

France Sucks and Deserves Being Invaded

Eurabia is doomed.

Behold: France proceeds with blasphemy trial against Marine Le Pen. 

The Republic has its very own, native sharia enforcers.

Therefore, it deserves its fate. 

This is Camp of Sainticide. 

(Pity about Paris. I did love Paris.)

How to Apologize: "A Good Apology Means Laying Yourself Bare"

A very fitting article as Erev Yom Kippur approaches. 

Well done.

A gem from Tablet, as usual.

"Dress For Who You Aren't"

Or better yet, who you wish to become. I think that's my main takeaway from this thoughtful book review. 

"Fear & Clothing is ferociously good, particularly because, glinting among the non-advice, there are tidbits such as this: Throughout her travels, Wilson buys uncharacteristic clothing objects (a gold leather jacket, a shirt in coral silk so bright it practically vibrates) explicitly to test them as personality stretchers. In passing she applies them to the situation and to “fashion determinism” – her theory of the way fashion choices help achieve “minor ego death” and can assuage social misfitism. It’s the counter-intuitive tack to the usual “buy what suits you” piffle."

To change your presentation is to force the evolution of your character,” Wilson writes. “To reshape your insides and give your future self a jump-start, buy new boots you think are too exciting for you, and make your personality grow into them.”

"That, in the end, is a how-to – by example, teach, not preach, that fashion is permission."

CTV Interview Proves Justin Trudeau Is A Complete Idiot

Nice try, Gerald Butts et al.


This an epic failure. It's painful to watch. 

Online Anonymity Is For Wimps

I completely agree with Gavin, Kathy, and Mark Steyn.

Having written professionally for a number of years, I also blogged anonymously.

I was scared that I would be harassed at work (or worse) for having "controversial" opinions. So, I published a lot of articles in "mainstream" publications under my own name, and saved my more raucous, obnoxious, super-Jewy stuff for my anonymous blog.

Then, some evil, anonymous and cowardly twerp, sitting at a computer somewhere in the world made a comment on my blog that was mildly threatening. An 'I know who you are' kind of thing, kind of threatening to 'expose' me. It freaked me out, despite the fact that I was becoming less and less comfortable with anonymity.

Shortly after that, Andrew Breitbart died suddenly of a heart attack. I remember the exact moment when I read about his death and decided right then and there that I was not going to be scared anymore of putting my own name to everything I write. Within a week or so, I had closed the anonymous blog, and started a brand new one with my own name on the masthead, front and centre.

That was also my way of telling that anonymous troll to shove it up his (or her-who knows) ass.

As Gavin, Kathy and Mark say-if you don't put your name on it, you have no skin in the game. 

I have been passed over for many opportunities because my views are not mainstream. I've been eased out of jobs, rejected for others, and even asked off-record questions at interviews about my ability to "get along" with 'people of diverse backgrounds'.

But the bottom line for me is that it's all worth it.

At the end of the day, I could not live with myself if my children thought that I was a coward.

I could not live with myself if I did not pass on the lesson to them that it is critical to stand up for what you believe in, put your name to it and be counted. For me, this is a critical, existential issue as a mother, as a Jew and as a citizen of a democracy.

The people that I have met, either on line, or in person, as a result of being myself, and sharing my ideas are individuals of the finest character and quality-they get it. Without putting my name to my thoughts, I would not be privileged to walk in their company-I wouldn't deserve it.

I include in this group Kathy, Arnie, scaramouche, Kate, Ezra, and of course, the great Mark Steyn, PBUH, ULULULU.

It is worth all the risk to be associated with my fellow travellers and to know that I fought back-that I did what I could. I can tell my children with complete confidence that just as I fought, they can and must, too. That is my personal example. I'm walking the walk.

My fellow warriors and I certainly don't agree on everything, and we come from very different background, but we all share a fundamental commitment to freedom and an absolute commitment to freedom of speech. And that's really what separates the wheat from the chaff.

And in fact, putting my name to everything has changed nothing. 

This is why it is all the more infuriating for the multitudes of anonymous warriors to pontificate incessantly, or to criticize those of us who have skin in the game.

That takes a lot of chutzpah. And chutzpah, cowardice and a generally morose inclination are probably the only thing that these cowardly imbeciles possess in surplus.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Why Does President Obama Hate Children With Cancer?


Shame on America, Shame on President Obama

This is why I don't care if President Obama is a Muslim or not.

The fact is that every single one of his policy decisions, including the disgusting and disgraceful directive to IGNORE CHILD RAPISTS in Afghanistan, benefits radical Islam.

Every. Single. One.

American soldiers were told to ignore the cries of young children in deference to tribal, Islamic, pedophile barbarians. 



This exquisite dhimmi deference is now, in its infancy stages as "migrants" invade Europe, and to be sure, will be making its way with even stronger force and determination towards us in North America.

David Burge Nails It

Yes, they are defending pedophilia.

Awesome: Lord Conrad Black Evicerates Hysterical, Totalitarian Lefty Naomi Klein And Company

This is really a work of art. 

I laughed out loud several times.

And the Talmud line was a killer.


"The bone-crushing defeat of international communism — the metamorphosis of China into a pure-capitalist/command-economy hybrid and of the Russian core of the old Soviet Union into a gangster state run by avaricious and cynical friends of the regime — has forced the traditional Marxists of the West to engage in frenetic networking and consensus-building. They have made their big move toward the environment zealots."

"From the butterfly collectors and bird-watchers through all the shadings of the environmental movement to the anti-carbon militants, a joint command structure seems to have been rallied by Klein’s fervent improvisation that the evils of carbon-sourced energy will drive a revulsion against capitalism, and the left, guided by her essentially Marxist roadmap, will snatch victory from the obese stomach of the bovine capitalist monster."

"It is a plucky effort: the Marxist army that was practically annihilated and the Global Warming Force that has been very roughly handled, linking arms with aboriginal groups and the Luddite remnants of organized labour, carry Klein’s book about like a Talmudic scroll, and incant the dawn of their new day. It is the predictable hodge-podge of anti-materialism, Marxist materialism, localism, social deconstruction and primitivism, all hitched to the one engine that could be imagined capable of implementing what amounts to the Manifestants’ mad belief in the pastoralized, post-materialist perfection of man: the omnipotent state."

I must say I am shocked that Roy McMurtry has signed onto this.

I had the occasion to meet him several times when I was younger and my mother volunteered for his riding association. He was always a thoughtful conservative, and a mensch and I find it rather unfathomable that he is a part of this climate schtick racket now.





* cough *

And it's funny, Trump is following the Steyn Rules for Media.

He says it wasn't people from Sweden that blew up the World Trade Centre, but you know what? Times have changed.

Nowadays, that could well be the case.

Mark Steyn's Blueprint For Conservatives Handling Liberal Media

The short form is "Get Lost, You Palace-Guard Creeps".

But this blog post is basically a blueprint on how to deal with the radical liberals in the mainstream media, the court eunuchs, the "palace guard", the left-wing fart-catchers.

This is a Steyn policy paper on media.

The mainstream media is the PR wing of the Democratic party in America. (Ditto for the mainstream media and the Liberal party in Canada.)

You must read the whole thing. 

Donald Trump and Carly are the only ones following any of the SteynRules. 

And getting back to the truly important things:

I for one, quite liked Mark Steyn's tie, and thought the orange pocket square was a touch that not demonstrated considerable panache, but was also a very smart choice for a redhead, SO THERE. 


Don't ever say I don't keep you abreast of the truly important issues in the world.

Friday, September 18, 2015

"Here Mommy, I Have a Present For You"

When I was little, me and my siblings used to make wishes on what I guess were dandelion seeds, floating about in the air.

We used to catch them, make a wish and release them. We couldn't tell anyone what our wish was because if we did, it of course would not come true.

We used to call them "wishers". We would race for the "wishers" whenever we saw them floating about. It's one of those quirky childhood things that I passed along to my kids almost inadvertently.

Over the holiday earlier this week, I took my son out for a walk in the sunshine to see who of his neighbourhood friends were available to play. Truth be told, what I really wanted was a nap. But alas, my better half was already sound asleep on the couch (how do men do that??!?), and I just couldn't say no. So, no nap for me. No rest for the wicked.

Thus, off we went in the blazing heat in search of friends and I admit to feeling just a touch put out.

We went down the street, and turned into the little path that leads to many of the friends' houses. He rode ahead of me on his neat little scooter and then stopped. I couldn't see what he was doing.

Then he walked the scooter back a few steps, stretched his closed hand out to me and said "here, Mommy, I have a present for you".

In his hand was a perfect "wisher".

I was overcome with emotion and was so grateful at that moment for such a wonderful kid, that all my petty, jealous nap angst, and all my (albeit minor) feelings of holiday irritation just melted away.

It changed my entire mood. He wanted me to have the wish.

These are the only kind of presents that matter. The present isn't the thing itself, but the gift of having a child at all, and then a child that can present something so pure, but in such a nonchalant way, without having any idea of how wonderful the gesture is. It's one of the things about parenthood that is very hard, or just impossible to explain to those without children. It's the feeling of having an absolutely full heart, a feeling of gratitude so deep that makes you so happy you feel yourself about to cry.

One walk.

One wisher.

One beautiful child and a forever memory.

Must Read Rush Limbaugh: The Media Declares Trumpania Over

This is a wonderfully insightful piece from Rush Limbaugh, who describes exactly what the leftist/mainstream media strategy is for crushing candidates who may actually, you know, want to WIN FOR A CHANGE.

It's brilliant. 

Limbaugh is a very clever man, and he is at his best when analyzing the motives of the left and how the political left strategically and stealthily implements its will through it's media wing. With regard to the elitists and their power-hungry club, it is not just made of leftists. It is also now largely comprised of sucky faux-conservatives who have gotten used to the good life (read: government).

Read every word. 

"Trump represents a threat to everybody in the establishment and to the political order of things. Folks, it's a club. We talk about the establishment and we give it names, the inside-the-Beltway elites, the ruling class or the establishment or whatever, but it's a club, and admission into this club has nothing to do with merit. There's no meritocracy involved in this."

"It's like any other club of elites. There are other determining factors. And Trump is never gonna be in it because he does not in any way subscribe to the way of life these people themselves live. It starts with where you go to school and how you're educated and where you work and for whom you work. And of course, what your attitudes are. None of this is ever spelled out. There are no bylaws in this club. There's no manual that says this is what you have to be."

"The way you know who gets in and who doesn't is how they react to people they don't want in the club. And you see it manifested as Trump. See, this is the thing, too. They know, they're fully aware, everybody in this club knows that in terms of numbers, they're a minority. They are the ruling class. They are the powerful elite, but they know that they are a really small number of people."

"And so how do they survive? How does a small number of people like this survive, being so outnumbered?"

"The way you do that is very simple: You get control of government and you simply legislate away liberty. You legislate away freedom. Little by little. And you do it under the guise of making everybody safe, or you do it under the guise of protecting the planet, or you do it under the guise of protecting the environment or protecting children or what have you."

"But little by little you limit the liberty and freedom of people you know who obey the law, for the most part."

"And that's how you ensure that even though you are massively outnumbered, you are never, ever anything other than but the boss and in power. And a lot of people want in this club. You can see who they don't want in it by how they treat people who try to get in it one way or the other."

Real War on Women

The "migrant" rape epidemic of Germany.

Appalling cowardice and dhimmitude on display in Germany.

I guess they want to compete with Malmo, Sweden for the title of Rape Capital of the World.

Elites sacrificing their own children is never a very good sign of the health and future of a civilization...

Mark Steyn: Winners and Losers

Mark Steyn has been doing some great media spots this week, and this interview is another good one. 

The best pull quote is Steyn's observation about Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump, and why they are surging ahead. Steyn says it's precisely because they are real and natural, and not following "the rules".

"They said to hell with the rules because "the rules" don't do anything for conservatives."


I like it so much I'm gonna say it again here:

"To hell with "the rules" because "the rules" don't do anything for conservatives." 

That is a damned fine war cry.


It's gold.


(In the spirit of Solid Gold, here's a random "Solid Gold" disco song for your viewing and listening pleasure...if you don't remember this show then OMG WHAT'S YER PROBLEM, LOOOOOOOZER??? Also noteworthy: these dancers certainly give Steyn's Jewfro a run for his money...Just sayin'. You're welcome!)

Adios, Ann Coulter - UPDATED

I was a huge fan of Ann Coulter's until yesterday.

Her Twitter comments after the debate were crude and disgusting. 

I have read and enjoyed all of her books, couldn't have cared less if she thought that Jews needed to be "perfected" by Christianity, enjoyed her columns immensely, and especially loved her mastery of using Lexus Nexus as a literary tool to clobber lefties.  But I have to say, I was really bummed out when I saw the "f-cking Jews" comment.

I'm one of those "f-cking Jews" who is conservative, a believer, a supporter of Israel and the Jewish people and one of those "f-cking Jews" who loves America as well. And never in a million years would I ever refer to "f-cking Christians" because that is a base, disgusting turn of phrase. And I'm sure Coulter would never refer to "f-cking blacks" or Asians, or gays or Mexicans or anything else. And of course Jesus was a "f-cking Jew", but of course, she knows that as well.

Part of what is so disgusting is the load of orgasmic, Jew-haters who are support her vile, allegedly 'anti-pandering' sentiments. Just look at the revolting company she has now keeps. I suspect that this will have an affect on her career. It is terribly disappointing that someone so smart has veered so sickeningly close to Pat Buchanan and James Baker territory.

And it's also disturbing that as a result of this episode, I find myself siding with someone like squishy, liberal Obama-bot Jeffrey Goldberg who Tweeted back to her that there are approximately 6 million "f-cking Jews" in America. Well played, Mr. Goldberg.

As for myself, when I hear Republican politicians in America, or Conservative politicians in Canada talking about "Israel", I understand it on two levels.

First, it means support at the nation-state level, supporting the right of the Jews to live in their ancestral homeland, Israel.

The other level is the broader philosophical and existential level, which means supporting the Judeo-Christian way of life, our laws, our moral history and philosophy and our traditions, our moral compass.

That is what is meant by "Israel". 

That's what Israel represents. It's not just about the Jews. It never is.

The debate comments were thus not a matter of "pandering" to a random 1%, to garner GOP mainstream support or donors or to curry favour with evangelicals or anything of the sort. To suggest that comments about supporting Israel come at the expense of detailing policy plans for America, or that it's about pandering to Jews is frankly antisemitic. And this is certainly not a term I throw around lightly.

Understanding the centrality of Israel and Judeo-Christian values in American life, and saying it out loud and unapologetically, is what will inspire America's recovery from President Obama's insipid socialist decline.

Coulter is a master of the English language and of provocation, so I'm not buying the 'clarification' Tweet that followed. There's nothing to misunderstand here. I get her "Annsplanation", but it just doesn't pass the sniff test.  

I just feel sick about this.

This episode certainly does not diminish my assessment of her intelligence, or wit, but it has demonstrated Coulter's profoundly vulgar, ugly and antisemitic side ,and some extremely bad judgement.

As I say, this has been terribly disappointing for me, but ultimately those who harbour even a small whiff of antipathy toward Jews in their soul cannot ever be truly happy, joyful or fulfilled. It's a soul-rotter.

So, adios, or I guess I should say "shalom", Ann Coulter from a former, "f-cking Jewish" fan.

Scaramouche also has a few links here. 

Some more thoughts from Lee Smith at Tablet magazine, who decries the general degradation of political discourse in America. 

(I actually do think the "Jew-tracker" in the NY Times was antisemitic.)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Extremely Well Played: Kevin Williamson on the Rocks That Just Pelted Some Jew

This is excellent. 

Artfully done, really a classic.

Read the whole thing.

American "Justice"

Trust nobody. 

"More Wisconsin E-Mails" 

"The GAB and prosecutors tried to rig Supreme Court review of a constitutional challenge to their probe. They used information they had collected through kitchen-sink subpoenas to search for information well outside their already voluminous writ. Then they targeted conservative justices while giving liberals a pass. The good news is that in July Wisconsin’s Supreme Court shut down their investigation as unconstitutional."

"Kevin Kennedy, who runs the GAB, responded to our last editorial by saying his staff merely “feel passionately about ensuring that all parties comply with campaign finance laws” and partisan emails can be explained because “staff of the G.A.B. are human.” Human enough to abuse their power to punish their political opponents."

“Personne Ne Me Soumet”

"No one subjugates me."

No further comment necessary. 

Most Classless Administration Ever

The White House is simply full of tacky, classless, disgusting thugs. 

Nick Cohen: Why I've Finally Given Up on the Left

A very interesting read, plus video. 

"I realise now what I should have known years ago. The causes I most care about — secularism, freedom of speech, universal human rights — are not their causes. Whatever they pretend, when the crunch comes, they will always put sectarian unity first, and find reasons to be elsewhere."

"So, for what it is worth, this is my resignation letter from the left. I have no idea who I should send it to or if there are forms to fill in. But I do know this: like so many before me, I can claim constructive dismissal."

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In Case You Missed It: Mark Steyn on Oakley-Trump, Niqabs, and Other Nuggets (NOW UPDATED WITH STEYN HIZZZSELF...)

I was off line for a few days and missed MUCH STEYN, and have to get caught up.

In the meantime, here's Steyn on Oakley from earlier today, plus his spot on Hannity (N.B great suit and tie, of course...)

Great stuff in this Oakley bit, especially the stuff about the niqab.

As Steyn says: Justice needs to have a face, it is a key element of our justice system.  Also, that showing your face is part of that. I could not agree more.

I also feel that this is a case where we are being totally played by the totalitarians. They want it both ways-they say it's a religious obligation, and on the other hand, say that it's totally voluntary and no woman is under duress to cover their face. So which is it, dammit? They think we are total dhimmi idiots, and this ruling proves that we are indeed.


The prophet, Mark Steyn, PBUH, etc..ULULULU links. 

American Murder Factor: "Fresh Hearts, Eyes and Gonads For Sale"

You know, my late grandmother used to go to the local fish monger and ask if the fish was fresh.

Even when they were still swimming in the tank, she would ask: ARE THEY FRESH???

Then she would take them back to the house in a bag of water (STILL FRESH), pop them in the bathtub with water (STILL FRESH) and then whack them to death, where they would eventually become gefilte fish (REST IN PEACE). We used to laugh about it, and the line ARE THEY FRESH, remains etched in my mind.

But when you're talking about baby parts, it's a whole different level of evil, this is truly an American genocide on a Mengele level of barbarism and disinterest and indifference to life.

Baby parts? Human specimens?


Yes, of course they are fresh!

Get your baby parts right here, America. 

Woe unto us. 

The Future of Europe

Don't say you weren't warned.

This is your brain on jihadist stuff films. 

Bristol Woman With Six Siblings Who Fought Nazis Supports British Serviceman Jailed for Murder-On the Battlefield

THIS WOMAN is my type: 

"A widow whose six brothers and Royal Marine husband fought in the Second World War has donated £1,000 to the Justice for Sergeant Blackman appeal."

"Delivering a stark dressing down to military chiefs for their ‘disgusting’ treatment of the ‘heroic’ marine, 90-year-old Margaret Leathers said: ‘The officers who made up the court martial team should be ashamed of themselves."

"All of my family served in the Second World War. I know that if they heard about this case, they would be horrified and disgusted."

"The former civil servant’s exceptionally generous donation joined thousand of others from Mail readers who yesterday offered support to Sergeant Alexander Blackman – the only British serviceman to have been jailed for murder on the battlefield."

This is a disgusting, appalling and shameful act. 

You can bet the new caliphate in Britain and the real ISIS caliphate are both delighted by this.

The Miracle of Life

Born just one week over the abortion limit.

One week. 

The Glories of Socialism....

Spending other people's money. 

Eurabia is Doomed: Jews in Europe Once Again, Seen As "Contagian"

"Never Again" was always bull.

It's "Again" and always has been. 

Jews need to get out of Europe with their suitcases and not in coffins.

There will be more coffins as Eurabia drowns in its self-inflicted Camp of Sainticide. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Rosh Hashana, 9/11, Iran and Loss

I wanted to write a few short words about the 9/11 anniversary, but the words that I have at my disposal never seem to accurately convey the extent or the range of my feelings.

Truth be told, I've had a simultaneously joyful and heartbreaking week, but as a religious and politically conservative Jew, I understand that this is the real substance of life-the waves, the circle of life.

I have been preparing for Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. I was truly blessed to hear one of my children practicing blowing a shofar that he made at school. Something about the primal sound of the shofar sends chills up my spine. The Jewish New Year is a deeply introspective time.

I am disgusted with America's capitulation to Iran. I am revolted by the Obama administration's romance of Islamic terrorists and its disdain for Judeo-Christian culture, for his incessant efforts to flood America with lawless illegal immigrants and terrorists, and for attempting to permanently change the fabric of America, and pave the road to a possible nuclear attack against Israel by fanatic, unashamed, genocidal Shia fanatics that loathe Americans as well as Jews. I'm only comforted by Israel's resolve to stay alive, and by the Jewish people's resolve to stay alive and thrive.

It's hard for me to commemorate 9/11 because I think that most people still don't "get it". To accept that Islamic civilization is at war with us remains too bitter a pill to swallow for most people in the Western world.

Therefore, we cannot "win".

Our main victory is living well and free, and inculcating those values in our children, so all efforts on these fronts must continue with great strength and devotion even as radical, evil political leftists, and their Islamic colleagues and overlords continue to assault us all from every direction possible, never showing mercy, never giving up their fight-and so it will remain until time immemorial.

I remain appalled by the use of passive language to describe the "loss" of life, the lives "lost" on 9/11 and in other terrorist attacks. They weren't "lost".

We should never use those terms.

Using those terms is a form of surrender.

Those individuals were murdered by Islamic terrorists.

So spare me the rainbow photos because there are no rainbows or silver linings for the individual families, nor for our civilization without fighting the fight.

I must admit to being quite heartbroken also at the real "loss" of a beautiful, grace-filled, beautiful friend, who passed away suddenly in July, due to complications from an illness, and I only found out yesterday through a mutual friend. I have made many friends over the years through blogging, and writing and even if I haven't met all of my friends and contacts in real life, I am very attached to them.  The last e-mail I received from her was in early July, telling me about a wonderful cruise that she went on with her son and husband.

Susan, who lived in California, made me laugh. She had an autistic son. She was well-read, always praying for my family, for my special needs-son, for Israel and others. She was funny and sent me joyful videos of Jewish holiday songs. She was a righteous gentile, creative and loving. I cannot believe I have to refer to her in past tense. Every time I think about her son, wondering where his mother is, but not understanding I have to wipe my eyes. My only comfort is thinking of her in G-d's loving care.

That is real loss.

I feel an aching hole in my heart.

I was truly blessed to know her and will keep fighting on in her memory as well. My prayers are with her family. I think she knew how fond I was of her, I hope so. I actually loved her, truly. We were on-line pals and partners-in-crime for over a decade.

My friends, these are serious times on all fronts. A time for reflection, a time for blessings, for courage and resolve.

I implore you, to tell your friends and loved ones how you feel.

Make sure they know, because you really don't know if they know until they say so.

And you really don't know when is the last time you will have the privilege of expressing your love.

Shabbat Shalom to all and Shana Tova.

I will be back on line on Wednesday, September 16.

The New Pets of the Radical Left

They don't behead, or have a propensity for guns.

Safe pets. 

Shame on the Formerly Great Britain


"Visiting My Parents' Grave"

This is a really poignant essay from Tablet magazine.

It's honest and quite moving and I think it really captures the complicated emotions that are involved in family break-ups.

Do read the whole thing. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Magnificent: Why I Am A Jew

The wonderful Rabbi Sacks says it all.

Incidentally, the line "aval zeh shelanu", is Hebrew for "but this is ours" is a line from his book, wherein he describes an encounter with an Israeli Jewish skipper on a boat on the Galilee, while he and his wife were on vacation. The conversation was something about how beautiful England was, or something like that and then the skipper looks about the Sea of Galilee and the beautiful Golan Heights looking over Tiberias, and said 'ahh, but this, this is ours'.

I remember that line from the book very acutely.

This is my faith. This is also why I am a Jew. This is very moving.

Well done.

US Immigration "SNAFU" Is Despicable, Punishing the Wrong People All the Time

Basically, my blood boils about these kinds of stories. 

Under the Obama administration, America is being invaded by illegals.

But people who follow the laws are punished to the point of no return: deported, and separated even when a life is about to come to an end.

This is absolutely disgusting. 

"John Oliver's last chance to live out his days with his son in New Jersey might have been to sneak across the U.S. border, but the ailing, 89-year-old World War II Royal Air Force veteran didn't want to break the law.

"Instead, Oliver -- who lives in the Bailiwick of Jersey, the largest of England's Channel Islands -- and his son, an American citizen, went about it the honest way, filing all the tedious paperwork and paying the required fees to secure him a green card."

"All seemed to be going as it should until immigration officials determined Oliver must be barred from re-entering the U.S. for the next 10 years because he overstayed a 90-day visa issued in 2011, when his wife was dying and doctors recommended the couple remain under the care of their 61-year-old son in New Jersey."

"Our biggest mistake was being honest," his son, Robert Oliver, of Vernon, N.J., told Wednesday. "Lawyers told us we should have just kept him here illegally."
Americans are the only ones who can change this.  This man served his country, and his treatment is utterly shameful.

This is essentially what the American election is about.

Does America want another regime of lawlessness, of punishing the honest and the law-abiding, or does America want a return to law, order, and constitutional republicanism?

Read this and weep:

"When Betty Oliver suffered a stroke in June 2012, Robert Oliver and his fiancée notified immigration officials that the two had overstayed their visa and explained the circumstances.

"At no point did it even cross our mind that this man should leave the country and leave his wife," Bradley told "She [Betty] was so dependent on him. They were married for nearly 70 years."

"In November 2012, Betty Oliver died while in hospice care in New Jersey. At that point, Oliver and Bradley turned their efforts into securing a green card for John Oliver, whose health was also declining. They filed forms with the State Department, Homeland Security and its immigration enforcement arm, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS."

"The applications were denied, the couple said."

This story is so disgraceful, and so representative of the callous, bloated, indifferent bureaucrats running America that it is simply heartbreaking.

These murdering thugs get the kid glove treatment, of course.

Celebrate diversity, America!

Diversity is your strength murder. 

It is only when a very bright and incessant spotlight is shone upon these disgusting, corrupt, power hungry, sadistic, bureaucratic sociopaths, will this particular situation, and the general situation for America, change. 

Don't expect them to do the right thing. Make it frigging impossible for them to do the wrong thing. 

Netanyahu on Rabid Judenhas in the United Kingdom: "Hiding in Plain Sight"


Good on Prime Minister for calling it what it is: vile, open antisemitism. 

This is what the UK wanted, apparently.

"Never Again" my tuchus.

Court Jew Ambassador Dan Shapiro Really Totally In Love With Iran Deal

Always remember: liberal first, only Jewish in name.

Disgusting court Jew. 

More Yellow Stars for Jews in Europe

"Never again" is complete crap. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Ma'am May I Pray With You?"

What a mensch. 

Great Interview With Diana West on John Gilmore's Show

"Trump is the voodoo doll of the GOP elites." 


Listen to the whole thing.

She is so smart.

Mainstream Media, RIP?

Very cool.

I love how the internet, and apps have completely changed so very many industries.

This is awesome. 

The Waiter, The Service and the Prayer

This is wonderful.

I am totally verklempt! 

Palestinian Man Gets Death Threats For Saving Jews

The punishment for helping, saving Jews or selling them real estate is death. 

What a barbaric, horrible culture.

G-d bless this brave man, he is in need of protection and Israel should help him.

VDH: The West is Eroding From Within

"It turns out that once liberty and freedom have ensured prosperity — the underclass of today has access to better communications, transportation, and computer-driven knowledge than the 1 percent of 30 years ago — then that achievement can be consumed by “fairness” and “equality.” What the West worries about is not poverty, but disparity: No one argues that the rioters at Ferguson did not have smartphones, expensive sneakers, hot water in their homes, air conditioning, and plenty to eat — it’s just that they did not have as many or as sophisticated appurtenances as someone else. Michael Brown was not undernourished or in need of the cigars he lifted."
"Is this decline just circular, as a Chamberlain leads to a Churchill, who leads to an Attlee, and eventually back to Thatcher, or as Carter begets Reagan, who begets Obama, who loses the Congress and the nation’s support?"
"Certainly, equality and fairness are parasitical luxuries that depend first upon Western productivity, which is the harvest of personal freedom and economic liberty. Before you can have Cornel West, Sandra Fluke, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders, you first have to have grimy frackers and horizontal drillers, pajama-boy techies, the loggers of reality TV, long-haul truckers — and, yes, conniving capitalists at Goldman Sachs and showmen like Donald Trump."

Eurabia Is Doomed: Jews, Get Out.

Apparently 85% of Jews in Europe are not planning to go to synagogue for the High Holidays because they are afraid of being attacked. 

Screw Europe.

Europe does not deserve a single Jew.

So Cut It Off...

"Caitlyn" Jenner fears going to a men's prison.

In Which Mark Steyn Rips Hillary Clinton a New One

As the Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, ULULULU etc... points out, there is no doubt that she has committed a crime. There is no doubt that she is a liar.

I do love Steyn riffing on the Director of the Department of Officially Organized Spontaneity.

Hey, you know, maybe Michelle Obama will get the job because her puffy, $300K Diversity Blowhard job at a Chicago hospital somehow dried up right after she left. (ODDLY ENOUGH.)

"Book Now For Next Week's Hillary Clinton Act of Spontaneity"


But actually, one of the really important things that Steyn points out in this interview is the bigger principle about the coming elections. It's essentially about the rule of law in America. Americans will be deciding if they want to return to the rule of law, to principled constitutional republicanism, or if they are content to let America slide into more of a decrepit, corrupt banana republic where some people are more equal than others.

But most importantly, I really like Steyn's tie, shirt and pocket square combo.

I would have never thought to put pink together with a red-ish gingham-ish tie with a burgundy pocket square, but it really works!

Nicely played, Mark Steyn. 


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Balls Spotted in France?!?!

France says taking in "refugees" would be a victory for ISIS. 

Amazing: WW 2 Veteran Band of Brothers Are Still Going Strong Into Their 90s

What a glorious story.

Absolutely glorious. 

"As he walked out the door of his Kidderminster home in 1944 to serve with the RAF, Tony Clarke's emotional mother cried out: 'I hope you all come back'."

"It was somewhat of an understatement for a woman who'd seen six of her sons head off to war."

"His five older brothers had already left and were spread across the world, over three fronts of the conflict, fighting the Nazis and Japanese in Germany, Italy and Burma."

"Against all the odds, Mrs Clarke's wish came true as all six of her sons made it back unscathed - and amazingly five are still going strong well into their 90s."

"The band of brothers, who each returned with their own startling tales from the conflict, all still live in the county of Worcestershire."

"Herbert, 99, and Tom, 97, live in Bewdley, while Peter, 95, lives in Droitwich, Paul, 92, in Martin Hussingtree and Tony, 90, in their home town of Kidderminster."

Read the comments. They are very insightful, and more than a few comments suggest British Prime Minister consult these fine gentlemen about the current invasion of Europe. 

San Francisco School Decides to Abuse Children

Gender-neutral bathrooms for kindergarten. 

Most Excellent: "Zing"

I laughed out loud. 

A work of art.

The Invasion of Eurabia: Looks Good on You, Europe.

The "migrants" are a actually an invading force of mostly male, able-bodied Muslims. 

Europe will be conquered relatively easily by a rousing, cheerful chorus of "Takbir-Allahu Akbar".

Repeat after me:


Disgusting, belligerent ingrates. 

Denmark thinks that placing ads is going to dissuade the marauding invaders. What. A. Joke.

The only thing that will stop them, is not letting them in, and not giving them extensive welfare benefits upon arrival. Any country that is serious about halting the invasion has to take an Australian approach or a Kiwi approach. 

"People were drowning at sea because of the incentives that were being provided by their cockamamie humanitarian ethos. It is much more humane for people to go through an orderly migration program, to be put in a place where they are safe and where they do not have to take such tempting things."

Even the crappy, backward Muslim sh&hole countries don't want any of their brethren.

And you know what? North Americans should not be so smug. 

By the way, lots of elements of the toddler on the beach story are also very strange.

To wit:

But I can't say I feel sorry for Europe.

I mean, I am angered as I watch an invasion take place, and I can envision how bad it is going to get in Eurabia, and I think the passive culture and national suicide of Europeans is really pathetic, but THIS is the bed that Europe has made.

Europeans murdered their Jews, took everything they had, their lives, their children, their books, homes, Judaica, insurance policies, artwork, the gold from their teeth-everything of value that was ever owned by a Jew and had little regret or remorse.

The Europeans, not having learned the lessons of history, but coyly blathering on about "Never Again"  and sobbing uncontrollable crocodile tears about the dead Jews at Holocaust memorials, while simultaneously loathing you know, LIVE JEWS and Israel, they continued to torment their Jewish neighbours and simultaneously import vast swaths of Jew-hating Muslims, who would continue to chase, torment and murder their Jewish neighbours and fellow citizens from the middle east right onto the streets of Europe. 

The Jews that survived the Holocaust and went back to Europe after the war are now, once again being hunted like animals by the "neo" Nazis that were imported to the continent by the feckless European elites and their complicit, leftist citizen collaborators. 

So, screw you, Europe. 

I mean it.

Screw you. 

Evidently, this is what Europe wants.

Europe, with the exception of a couple of "new" European countries, clearly wants to become Dar Al Islam. 

They like walking on the short road. 

They like the slow, painful, rape filled, expensive, mind-controlling, repressive, totalitarian, shari-creeping suicide. Only Slovakia and Hungary are making any sense.  

The "return" of left-wing antisemitism my tuchus.

As it always was, it remains. 

So spare me the sob stories about the washed up toddler.

I'm still mourning my dead. 

So, rest not in peace Europe.

You will pay many times over for your fecklessness and soul-rotting Jew-hatred.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Elderly Holocaust Survivors in Amsterdam Attacked By Savage Moroccans Screaming "Dirty Jews"

An elderly couple, Holocaust survivors, were beaten to a pulp by Moroccan barbarians in Holland. 

The couple were beaten so badly that they are now confined to wheelchairs.

They survived the Nazi Holocaust, returned to their European homes to try to build a life and have now been savagely attacked by the real "neo" Nazi barbarians invading Europe.

It clearly was not sufficient that the Jews were hunted like animals by the Nazis. Europe needed to import more savage barbarians to finish the job that Hitler started in Europe and almost finished.

So, Fuck Europe. 

I hope the remaining Jews get out with their suitcases and all their belongings, and not in coffins, and I hope Europe enjoys being part of the new caliphate.

Enjoy the invasion, Europe. You deserve it. 

"Refugees" With Cell Phones and Selfie Sticks

Something seriously wrong with this picture. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

The Axis of Evil Owes A Great Debt of Gratitude to Obama


Well said. 

F*ck Your Rules: Why I've Decided to Have Fun All the Time

Too delicious.

Read the whole thing. 

Via Instapundit.

Ontario Schools Make Big Gay Mandatory

You will celebrate sexual diversity! 

Instapundit: Ordinary Americans Lead the Way on Racial Healing

Very good stuff, as always from Prof. Glenn Reynolds: 

"From hate to healing: That’s what’s bubbling up from the American people, even as our political leadership sows division. Which will win out? That depends on what we all do next, doesn’t it?"

"The American people have a strong spirit of egalitarianism and kindness, one that shows over and over again. But our political class sees more gain in promoting hatred and division. Who will win? If we’re lucky, our “leaders” will follow the people on this."

Supreme Ayatollah Takes To Twitter To Try And Prove Iran Is Not Retarded

Me thinks he doth protest too much...

But seriously, folks, you can't make this stuff up. 

"A Twitter account linked to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Iran was “not like some retarded countries,” and fired off a barrage of oblique antisemitic tweets on Thursday."

Apparently, he is also convinced that DA JOOOOOZ are behind the agreement with Iran. 

(Hey-I'm only reporting the news...)

Vanderbilt University Women's Centre Hosts Castration Week

University Social Justice Warriors: your moral, intellectual and castration superiors. 

Syrian Toddler Died Because His Father Wanted New Teeth (And They Were in Turkey Already, Not Syria)

Lies, bloody lies and the mainstream leftist media. 

Kathy has the roundup.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Steyn: Hillary's Long Goodbye

Nice interview here, in which Mark Steyn discusses the downfall of Hillary Clinton among other topics such as how we are all supposed to be burning alive because we are so mean to the planet and whatnot.

Give a listen! The interviewer asked thoughtful questions and gave Steyn time to answer. He was very well-informed and pleasant. Really well done.

Victor Davis Hanson Asks the Ultimate Clinton Money Question....

"What will the Clintons not do to make money?"

My guess is nothing.

Best Story of the Day: "Yeah,Just Let Me Know When You Need Me"

Five year old donates bone marrow to save her twin brother's life. 

What a fine human being.

G-d bless them and keep them both.

"In Illinois, a five-year-old girl made the selfless decision to give her twin brother her stem cells to help him fight an aggressive form of leukemia. In 2014, Bradley Godish was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, which is the second most common form of leukemia in children. His parents asked his twin sister, Charlotte, if she would be willing to help her brother."

"Her dad, Brian Godish, told ABC News the following about her daughter’s decision: “What Charlie did for her brother and my wife and I was nothing short of amazing. For us to be fortunate enough for Bradley to have a twin sister who’s a perfect match; we were speechless. Not everyone is so lucky. We were almost at a loss for words as to how emotional it was.”

"He added, “She didn’t understand the whole medical process, but what she did understand was she wanted to help her brother. Her words were, ‘Yeah, just let me know when you need me."

"EU Official Under Investigation for Anti-Semitic Attack on Co-Worker"

Nothing to see here. 

Seems like a really charming fellow, with a possible child porn habit as well.

Why Do Americans "Love the Troops" But Hate Their Veterans So Much?

If they don't hate their veterans, then why tolerate this disgraceful behaviour and corrupted system? 




Via Rail Accused Terrorist Spits in Court, Throws Water at Court-Appointed Lawyer And Judge Apologizes to Him

We are screwed.

Shame on Judge Michael Code for apologizing to this disgusting creature. 

Hope and Change: US Army Totally Cool With Child Rape in Afghanistan

As Kathy would say, remind me why we didn't nuke them after 9/11?

"United States soldiers should tolerate all Afghan customs, even if they go against American moral values, suggested Col. Steve Johnson, referring to a decorated Green Beret who has been reprimanded by the U.S. Army for “striking” a child rapist in Afghanistan back in September 2011.

“You cannot try to impose American values and American norms onto the Afghan culture because they’re completely different… We can report and we can encourage them,” Col. Johnson told The News Tribune. “We do not have any power or the ability to use our hands to compel them to be what we see as morally better.”

"The practice of influential men using underage boys as their sexual patterns, known as “Bacha Bazi,” is an illegal but common custom in Afghanistan."


"Sgt. First Class (SFC) Charles Martland, the Green Beret, is expected to be kicked out of the Army by November 1."

Thousands of Ontario Parents Demonstrate Against Wynne Government's Radical Sexual Grooming Plan For Kids

But thousands of parents will continue to be ignored. 

Home school or private school.


"Europe Replenishes Itself With Six Million Muslims".

So, no-I am not weeping today about the European refugee crisis. This chap from Arutz 7 and I are on the same wave length.

"Bogart and Bergman will “always have Paris.” For the rest of us there is no more Paris."

"There is no more Europe, and it’s happening awfully fast."

I actually think it looks good on Europe.

Pity about Paris, I mean I really love Paris, but maybe the French don't deserve Paris anyway. You don't deserve what you are not willing to defend.

There won't be anymore lovely French wine, and fashion will be black garbage bags for chicks, one size fits all (NOTE: Hermes and Chanel-if you have a fire sale, not like the believers setting the infidel, kufar slut store on fire, but good deals, call me!), but the cheeses will be hallal, and what could possibly be wrong with that?

This pretty much sums up what I was thinking this morning, so read the whole thing: 

"Some time ago, in a particularly dark frame of mind, we wrote this for Arutz Sheva:"

“As for you masters of Europe and your treachery; one day your sly anti-Semitism will come back to haunt you. Over the centuries, you have uprooted a thousand synagogues and replaced them with ten thousand mosques. Wait, now, and see what grows from the soil of Ishmael. Your churches are next.

"That was back in 2003, and we guessed right."



Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Yes, You Can Shut Down Belligerent Big Clime Liberals

Really good stuff.

First, here's Ted Cruz showing how to shut up idiot liberals on global cooling global warming climate change weather.

He majestically points out that oddly enough, the "answer" to all of liberals' problems is massive, government control of every element of our lives.

This is an outstanding line: "when you start to see politicians who propose the exact same solution to every problem regardless of the facts or the data you start to think these are politicians who just want power over our lives".

The more I think about it, the more I love that little nugget.

It's clear, and concise and very useful.

This is really how it's done. 

Second attempt at derailing Cruz here, and it was another total FAIL.

The climate religion is just another attempt by the left to take control of all of our lives and of Western economies.

It's about control, and not the weather.

And if there's one thing the left is very serious about, it's power.

And that's really why the stakes are so high for Mark Steyn in particular and free speech and freedom in general right now.

Steyn, just to review, by way of a pretty benign 140-word blog post, inadvertently poked the Big Climate Bear and not "just" an isolated, thin-skinned academic.

Climate change is just a new name for an old problem/movement: totalitarianism. It's one of the most creative veils for totalitarianism because it can encompass so much of every day life, and there is no sector of any Western economy that can be exempt from its massive, and ever-encroaching purview.

That's why the fight is so intense. The stakes are much bigger than one author and one lawsuit. There is a very large principle at stake-freedom of speech. Without that freedom as our bedrock, our other freedoms will simply crumble in front of our eyes.

Freedom of speech is the foundation upon which we build our free, fragile, democratic, Western, Judeo-Christian houses upon.

Don't let them tear down YOUR house.

The details of the release of Steyn's new book, are here. 

And do check out Steyn's interview with John Oakley earlier this morning and with Sean Hannity last night.

America Is Screwed: Over Half Of Immigrant Families on Welfare

This is not "immigration", it's actually an invasion. 

And the invading marauders will bankrupt America unless it is stopped. 

"More than half of the nation's immigrants receive some kind of government welfare, a figure that's far higher than the native-born population's, according to a report to be released Wednesday."

"About 51% of immigrant-led households receive at least one kind of welfare benefit, including Medicaid, food stamps, school lunches and housing assistance, compared to 30% for native-led households, according to the report from the Center for Immigration Studies, a group that advocates for lower levels of immigration."

"Those numbers increase for households with children, with 76% of immigrant-led households receiving welfare, compared to 52% for the native-born." 

Donald Trump may win solely because he is willing to build a wall. Not a "fence", but a wall. 

As the European elites are once again re-discovering: 

By the way, what is a "fair" share of immigrants? 

Answer: there is no such thing. 

Life is not "fair". 


Dear Norway...

Fuck you.


"DNB Bank, the largest financial institution in Norway, has issued a credit card featuring a blatant anti-Semitic portrait. The card, featuring a long-nosed Jewish figure wearing a tallit, with gold coins in the background, caused uproar online."

"The man who ordered the offensive Visa card is an Australian citizen living in Norway. He claims that when he got the card he was surprised to find out that its design didn't match his order."


Sultan Knish: Congressional "Pro-Israel" Kabuki Theatre

"The pro-Israel politics of Republican presidents, like the rest of their conservative ideological commitments, is more talk than reality. You can get a Republican president to say nice things about Israel, small government, the value of life, religious freedom and all that, but you can't get him to do anything about it, like moving the embassy, ending the funding of terrorism or ending the pressure on Israel to comply with assorted PLO demands."

"When I encourage Jews to go Republican, it's not because it will usher in a glorious pro-Israel era. It's because being associated with a Democratic Party dancing to the fiddle of the left is deeply corrosive."

"Being around the left is damaging. It's a destructive movement that poisons everything it touches."

"Especially people."