Friday, June 30, 2017

"My Aunt Had A Dinner Party. Then She Took Her Guests to Kill 180 Jews."

Not fiction.

Real life Nazis in action. 

This pains me to read. I ache when I read this, but read it I must. This is why we have a state now. G-d bless and keep Israel and all those who fight for her and the Jewish people.

This is the same spirit that is active and animated today in our age, just under a different banner.

Evil humans drunk with power. Absolutely sinister humans with unquenchable blood lust and a romance with murder.

"One morning in April 2007 journalist Sacha Batthyany was approached by an elderly colleague at the Swiss daily where they both worked at the time."

"The colleague waved a newspaper clipping in front of him. It was an investigative report entitled, “The Hostess from Hell,” published by a German daily."

"Glancing at the headline, Batthyany didn’t understand why he was being shown this article, but then he looked at the picture of the hostess and recognized it immediately. It was Margit, his father’s aunt —someone to whom the family demonstrated the utmost respect and also around whom they tended to tread carefully."

"So he started to read the piece. In March 1945, it said, just before the end of World War II, Margit held a large party in the town of Rechnitz on the Austrian-Hungarian border to fete her Nazi friends. She, the daughter and heiress of European baron and tycoon Heinrich Thyssen, and her friends drank and danced the night away.

"At the height of the evening, just for fun, 12 of the guests boarded trucks or walked to a nearby field, where 180 Jewish slave laborers who had been building fortifications were assembled. They had already been forced to dig a large pit, strip, and get down on their knees. The guests took turns shooting them to death before returning to the party. The organizer of this operation was Margit’s lover Hans Joachim Oldenberg. Margit’s husband, Count Ivan Batthyany, Sacha’s grandfather’s brother, was also at the party.""

Why Is the Left So In Love With Islamic Extremism?

Via very smart British writer @MartinDaubney.

Why is the left so blinkdered to Islamic extremism? 

"Over the past decade or so not only have the actions of the ‘pro-Islamist left’ given an indication of what some of the supposedly idealistic really think of the people they should be defending - the LGBT community, women, Muslims and ex-Muslims but an unwillingness to speak out against Islamism has allowed racist groups like the English Defence League to pose as vocal defenders of secularism.

In a disastrous irony, the pro-Islamist left has ended up in the same place as the white far-right. The perception of Muslims as synonymous with Islamism - criticism of Islamism is characterised as criticism of Muslims - is precisely the view taken by groups such as the EDL.

The mystery is why the left has welcomed into its ranks individuals who by any definition sit on the ultra-right.

The answer, I suspect, lies in the fact that many Islamists exhibit a pathological anti-Americanism that is quite attractive to a certain type of degenerated progressive."

Some Fancy Names for Left Wing Antisemitism

This is really good stuff. 

Read the whole thing.

"This resurgence of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism has been growing in Europe for more than a decade. On the right, it’s a return to age-old hatreds in an age of globalization and dislocation. On the left, it’s a fashionable way to show solidarity with Muslim immigrants—without actually dealing with the serious (and increasingly lethal) problems of integrating them into modern European life."

"Like so many bad ideas, this New Anti-Semitism jumped the pond, landing first in universities and spreading from there. On campus, the vanguard has been Muslim activists from the Middle East and North Africa, especially Palestinians, with little regard for free speech if it conflicts with their political aims."

Germany Is Once Again A Threat To The West and World Peace


BBC Moral Relativism

This is a disgusting piece from the vomit-inducing BBC. 


NPR Interview With Douglas Murray on "The Strange Death Of Europe"

You can listen and/or read the transcript. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"It's a Form of Mind Control"

This is your must read for the evening. 

Kudos to the Globe & Mail for publishing it (although I note, no comments allowed) and kudos to Deborah Soh. In this political climate, it takes a considerable amount of bravery to write and publish such a piece.

The whole piece is excellent. It will likely be completely ignored by those who need it the most.

She says:

"Academia is a place where ideas should be free to roam. Good ideas will stand the test of debate and scrutiny, and those that don’t are better off forgotten."

"Of course, speech should never advocate inciting harm against others, but we are reaching a point where controversial ideas are being thrown out or shut down merely because they make people feel “unsafe.” Words are not inherently harmful, yet on campuses they are considered tantamount to physical violence, and therefore, deserving of the same."

"The most concerning thing I’ve found in discussions with those in favour of censoring “dangerous” ideas is that they frequently don’t know what they are arguing against – they’ve either refused to read the speaker’s work or are opposed to it based on misinformation."


"Despite this, censorship continues to impose constraints on academics in serious ways, because there has been increasing pressure for scientific research to toe the party line. Emotional grievances are being prioritized over logic and facts. For example, in my field of sexology, even if academic researchers have tenure, they will avoid particular areas of study completely (such as the topics of gender dysphoria in children or biological sex differences in the brain) because they know their professional – and personal – reputations will be at stake if their findings aren’t socially palatable."

"Many of my colleagues have been bullied into silence, terrified of becoming the newest casualty in this unpredictable war. I can’t count the number of people who have told me that they walk on eggshells, keeping a low profile, avoiding social media and interview requests, out of fear of inadvertently inciting the mob. It has become a form of mind control."

That is a terrible way to live, and it is disgraceful for any free born citizen in a democracy to feel as though they must live in cowardice and fear. 

We all need to push back. Keeping your head down will not work. It only buys you time. 

Stop paying protection money to these disgusting bullies. 

Push back twice and thrice as hard. 

Very Disappointing: Ayaan Hirsi Ali Warns The World About Geert Wilders

Oh well. 

This sucks.

Helpful: Palestinian Tutorial on How to Beat Your Wife

Who says the Palestinians haven't contributed wonderful things to society?

Such a charming culture.

(More charming culture here.)

Behold: A comprehensive Palestinian tutorial on how to beat your wife. Seems a bit harsh but nobody's perfect, right?

Amazing: Dad's Brain Injury Leads To Daughter's Brain Rehab Start-Up


This Is Infuriating

Government mandated perversion instruction, government mandated indoctrination that goes against religious beliefs. 

Did the Jews REALLY think this was never going to happen to them? That "they" would "leave us alone", that "they" were capable or at all interested in 'live and let live"?

This is appalling indoctrination and should be fought tooth and nail.

Don't think this won't happen in North America.

It would shock me if it didn't start happening in Ontario.

Of course professional Jews are completely hitting the snooze button on this one.

Dina Hurwitz on Pain, Humour, Suffering and Strength

This really resonated with me for a lot of reasons. 

I urge you to read the whole thing.

Especially this:

"Not an angel, she describes her journey through the grieving steps of anger at G‑d. “G‑d, if you think this is going to make us stronger, or better, or teach us something I guarantee You that it won’t work. Soon You will realize nothing good will come from this, and You will give up on this grand plan.” After many ups and downs, and much inner work, she eventually had the realization that there might actually be some good in the midst of this tremendous challenge. “Occasionally, I feel slightly wiser. I can see so much good and can use this to comfort so many others."

And this: 

The pain we feel is directly related to the love we feel. If we are lucky, then the pain is excruciating. That means the love was so very powerful and special, and this is a gift we do not all get. So don’t hide from it, it is not a bad thing, it is a reflection of the love we have, and that is a blessing.”

And this is my life in a nutshell: 

“People who are the caretakers for a loved one, usually women, give their everything for months or years on end, often begin to fall apart and learn the hard way how important it is to take care of themselves as well. I am not very good at it, but I am learning. Make sure to eat at least two meals a day, preferably healthy. Vitamins are essential. Seven cups of coffee and two bars of chocolate are not helpful, no matter what. Walking in a place with more trees than people sets my heart at ease. Talking to a good friend who loves me, even when there is nothing left to love, is even more important than the vitamins (but take the vitamins anyway). Buying new lipstick or shoes can be very helpful as well, but sometimes, the thought that buying something will somehow change my circumstances is laughable or cryable. Reading a good book, coloring with my kids, watching the waves at the ocean—all good. Each person takes care of themselves their own way, but it has to be done.”

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Must Watch! Two Dapper Dudes Discuss Doom!

So, I love these guys.

I have the YUGEST crush on Douglas Murray, and Mark Steyn is just super peachy keen as well!

So do watch them have an amazing conversation about the impending collapse of Europe by suicide. 

A jolly good time will not be had by all, but at least it's fun listening to them with their fancy accents discuss how doomed we are, and they are both very well dressed! And those are the main things, right?

Remember, whatever you are "not supposed to talk about" is exactly what you should be talking about.

Whatever the SHUT UP is demanding is exactly what you need to be discussing.

Listen to these brave, smart men have a serious adult conversation about the issues of the day.

More Good Links

Murder by Social Media:

Please read the whole thing.


French terror cell members sentenced.


I’m not crazy about “BHL” but this is an interesting interview.

Food for thought: 


New traditions at the White House. 

Jews Make People Feel "Unsafe"

So much for "we're not anti-Jewish, we're just anti-Zionist'".

This Will Not End Well

This was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday:

And here is Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau today:

This is not going to end well. The "can't we all just get along" (Theo Van Gough reference is intentional) is just a temporary illusion.

The political left has a romance right now with the LGBT and the Muslim community, but never the twain shall meet, and the political left will soon be scorned-at the expense of the entire West.

The UK Is Screwed

This is a disgrace. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The UK Is Screwed

This is disgusting. 

And the police were bragging about this appalling and revolting act on Twitter. 

What Lord Black Says!

I love this guy: 

"An economic boycott of Israel is an evil and stupid enterprise, and those otherwise respectable people who promote it, such as the United Church of Canada and Kaplan, should be ashamed of themselves, and eventually will be."

(Dunno, you can't shame the shameless...)

Curiouser and Curiouser...

This is insanely interesting. 

Dude of the Day: Sir Tim Rice

Apparently there is some wacky stuff in the water in New Zealand.

But Sir Tim Rice will have none of it. 

"Put the Jews back in, or else..."

That's the basic idea, and I LOVE IT.

So great.

Must Listen! The James Delingpole Podcast With Sir Roger Scruton.

If you didn't listen already, listen now. 

Truly engaging conversation. I may have to listen to it again.

Thursday Links!

Please lefty Jews: tell me about how antisemitic this administration is.

That was the FIRST thing he did. That is real Hope & Change, my friends.


No jail time for Imam who married off a 14 year old child in Australia.

Middle East:

Egyptian TV commenter, brave soul

Now I don’t know if he includes the Joooooz in the innocent victims group but he’s so hot, I’ll forgive him this time.

OK now make sure to read this whole, entire thing because Daniel Greenfield has a real gift. 
“Defending Israel And Fighting Antisemitism”
It is just magnificent.

Made me smile and cry and get all broken up. Don't miss a single word. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Link Dump For Your Reading Pleasure

Things have been quite busy lately. And even though 'busy people always have time', I'm afraid I'm quite exhausted by day's end.

I don't mean to kvetch, but I really don't have a lot of time to write as of late.

I am, as always, saving up vast swaths of links for your perusal, I just don't always have time to throw them up on the blog.

But here's a few that you need to read:


Very cool story: JRR Tolkiens Jewish Great Grandson

What an amazing boy. American Jewish teen raises money to send Holocaust survivor to Israel to meet last living relative.

Must read: the political left and it’s “anger privilege”. Read the whole thing.


Woman raped nine times by three asylum seekers who filmed the attack (in Germany).

I love this guy. The amazing Douglas Murray: Europe determined to commit suicide by diversity/migration.


Celebrate Female Genital Mutilation with summer “vacation cutting”. I used to go to summer camp. This is a different kind of summer experience.

Sarah Hoyt: On being persona non-grata. (Really good and I resemble her remarks.)

I've also been listening to a tremendous podcast by James Delingpole, and I will post that later if I remember. It's a fabulous interview with Roger Scruton and you will not want to miss it. If you don't want to wait till I post it you can just totter over to iTunes and download it yourself. It's simply called the Delingpole podcast. I am just mesmerized by this one. The one with Tommy Robinson was also really good. 

(Very interesting that Mr. Delingpole started out-like Mark Steyn-writing about the arts and music. There's so much good stuff in this particular episode that I am sad I'm almost done. Great stuff.) 



Monday, June 19, 2017

Linda Sarsour's Politics of Hate and Her Jewish Enablers

"The strategy is a familiar one. In left-wing milieus across the Western world, Jews are simultaneously told that the (often violent) bigotry directed against them is but a figment of their hysterical, oversensitive imaginations. The most recent attempt to exterminate them en masse, in the form of the Holocaust, was not a uniquely insidious event, as Jews were merely one among many victim groups. And today, because they are “white,” Jews cannot be victims of the “systemic” oppression endured by women, Muslims, ethnic minorities, queer people et cetera and ad infinitum. Paradoxically, the existence and nature of Jewish historical suffering is fully acknowledged only when it can be used to further other causes and concerns (“the African Holocaust,” “Syria’s Anne Frank,” etc.). As for when Jews mention actual Jewish suffering in defense of other Jews, they are painted as extremists who exploit the Shoah. Yet the people making these accusations are always willing to retail Jewish pain and victimhood whenever it suits them—namely, when the victims in question aren’t Jews."

Give Them Your Children, And They Will Control the Future

OK this is a pretty clever header and I bet Mark Steyn would be impressed by it (the header, not the story, the story is barftacular).

Deutschland ├╝ber Allah?

Show Some Respect!

Apparently, in Australia, one is supposed to be sensitive to the customs of newcomers. 

Apparently, in Canada we are drinking the kool-aid as well. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

"In Israel, Life Goes On"

A funeral and a wedding.

Read the whole thing.

Evergreen College and the Death Of Free Speech in America

As per Mark Steyn, who says "the left doesn't want to win the debate, the left wants to shut down the debate".

These students have got the message: "you've lost that one".

The lunatics are running the asylum. Cowards.

Evergreen should be shut down.

This is pathetic and disgusting.

Never enter the "so, when did you stop beating your wife" argument.

Celebrate Diversity, Etc...

I got nuthin. 

Can You Imagine What We Don't Know...

If we know this and it's public: 

This could be a game changer for the Middle East.

Could be YUGE. 

"Saudi Arabia and Israel are in talks to establish open economic ties that may even pave the way for future normalization between the two countries, the London-based Sunday Times newspaper has reported."

"Citing American and Arab sources, the paper said the process would begin with small steps, such as permitting Israeli businesses to operate in the Persian Gulf and allowing Israeli national airline El Al fly over Saudi airspace."

"Such progress would bolster the alliance between Iran's two most implacable enemies and change the dynamics of the many conflicts destabilizing the Middle East," the report said."

"The possibility of closer ties with Israel would partly explain why Saudi Arabia and its allies have imposed a sweeping blockade on Qatar, in an effort to force the Gulf state to drop its support for Hamas, the Islamist Palestinian militants who control Gaza."

Please, Lefty Jews....

Tell me again how antisemitic the Trump administration and family are.


"My Father Was Absolutely Transformed By That Act"

A nice story for Father's Day.

"Steve Ross searched for decades for the US soldier that had comforted and fed him as Dachau concentration camp was being liberated by Allied forces in 1945. As Ross carved out a new life in America, he retold the story countless times, carrying with him the American flag handkerchief the soldier left him."

"My father was absolutely transformed by that small act," said Michael Ross, a former Boston City Council president and onetime mayoral candidate. 

"It helped him regain his faith in humanity. It shows that these things we do in life have profound consequences; that how we treat each other matters."

Friday, June 16, 2017

Steyn: The Left Doesn't Want to Debate, It Wants to Shut Down the Debate


Mark Steyn is truly at the top of his game while discussing the latest political violence coming from the left.

Perhaps most importantly: he's also wearing a lovely suit and tie AS ALWAYS. Lovely colour combination and I wonder if he coordinated the striped tie situation with Tucker? Did they call each other before? I do like Tucker's preppy style as well, and GAWD I love The Face! The bemused, OMG I cannot believe what I am hearing face. Seriously. Love that.

So Tucker, you carry on with your look, it's working for you! Don't go changing...Stay away from pocket squares, that's really Steynian sartorial territory. Just sayin' and yes I know I am basically talking to myself because I highly doubt that Tucker Carlson is going to be getting style (or any other) advice from a slightly unusual, Zionist, SteynFrauian, suburban Jewish mother. One can always aspire though to great things!

*clears throat*

*channels President Trump*



Actually, these two have a really good chemistry and I like when Mark makes Tucker crack up and he lets out a real belly guffaw. I think it would be fun to have a beer with these two. OK maybe not a beer but some fine, kosher, dry red and a YUGE kosher steak at some fine, high-end kosher establishment, full of wild and crazy Jews somewhere in Manhattan. I'll have mine medium well, and my husband medium rare, thanks....


HMM. Nice suits, nice guys. Dinner, conversation, yucking it up. Hmmm...

Oh right RIGHT RIGHT OKAY OKAY OKAY: the thuggish left and its appetite and lust for violence.

Do watch both videos. Here's the first:

I really have no patience for the idea that "both sides" need to tone down the rhetoric because there's only one side that wants to shut down debate. There's only one side that is not capable of putting together a cogent argument and winning people over by logic and reason and persuasion, rather than through intimidation and violence.

There's only one side suing religious Christians because of cake-baking preferences. There's only one side forcing religious people to essentially denounce their religious convictions or else they will have their children taken away by the state. There's only one side that doesn't believe in 'live and let live'.

The political left needs to be forced, kicking and screaming back to some semblance of political civility. Kicking and screaming. And the crybabies have to be forced into behaving properly.

Here's video number two! There's The Face!!!!

The political left will not acknowledge that it is responsible for this because they don't see violence as bad. They don't think they are being violent. For them, violence from left to right is a good thing. They like it, and Mark is right, they are turned on by it.

Anyone who says that 'both sides' need to be introspective and work for "unity" is misguided and actually quite deeply sinister. A conservative that says that is not worth their salt. It's an obfuscation of reality, it's a mealy-mouthed way of throwing in the towel because you want "people" to "like" you (a highly overrated and silly goal).

This is the moral equivalent of paying protection money. And I think we all know how that ends up working out.

Stop paying protection money and stop trying to be popular!

You're welcome!

What we need to do is to force these people, these violent, lying, scumbag thugs, into the civil behaviour that is incumbent upon a citizen of a democracy. We cannot ask for this to happen. Please oh pretty please/unity/blah blah/both sides is not going to cut it, cupcakes.

We cannot wait for this to happen, we have to make it happen. Demand civility. We have to make it impossible for them to behave badly and in a lawless fashion. They are bullies.

Mark is right that there is a blood excitement on the part of the left. This is clearly something that the political left has in common with the jihad. Another factor of the torrid, nihilistic romance between the two. Til death to they part. Ours! Screw that!

Believe the jihadis, they will always tell you the truth. Do not believe the Western "leaders"who are throwing our children to the (lone) wolves.

Here are some more thoughts for you to consider as the Western world declines:

Richard Fernandez: The Western Museum of Antiquities 

A reminder of what we are up against. Barbarians. 

Fighting the destructive fantasies of the left. 

Start small.

Pick your battles.

Do the things you can, not the things you can't.

Teach your children well. And by well, I mean: Western values.

Hug all loved ones.

Shabbat Shalom.

My Buddy Andrew Lawton on Hate Crimes

"Hate crimes", says Andrew (I don't believe there is such a thing. Where are the "love crimes"? There's only crime crime.) are the exception and not the rule.

Dude-that's not good business for the grievance industry!

Anyway, read the whole thing! 

"A Wake Up Call For British Jews"

Only if they are ready to be woken. 

"The time has come to speak plainly and face reality."

"As far as British Jews are concerned these elections, which almost brought to power an outright anti-Semite and friend of terrorists, means that the red line has been crossed."

"Many in the U.K. view the country's Jews as pariahs. The anti-Israel rhetoric has reached unprecedented levels both in street demonstrations and at the universities where many Jewish students conceal their Jewish identity and in some cases, even display hostility toward Israel to curry favor. Schools, synagogues and other Jewish communal venues require armed guards and the situation will only deteriorate with time."

"All committed Jews should ask themselves whether, in this climate of intensifying hostility, they should consider coming to Israel or at least encourage their children to immigrate, so that they can openly take pride in their Jewish heritage without fear. The majority are likely to remain, but some of the most committed will hopefully consider making Aliyah."

"This needs to be a wake-up call."

Human Grace: Facing Darkness, Ottawa Girl Sees City of Lights Thanks to Strangers

Lovely story about a terrible situation. 

"Swedish Islamophobia Expert Joins ISIS to Fight Against Sweden and the Western World"

Who could have ever seen that coming?


Who Is Watching the Watchmen?

From the Netherlands.

Another member of the security apparatus protecting Geert Wilders is suspected of corruption and leaking information to criminals (and who knows-maybe terrorists).

There's a whole lot of information here.

Furthermore, as Geer Wilders himself notes: 

"If I can no longer blindly trust the Service that must protect me, I can no longer function. That is unacceptable", he tweeted at Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

That seems to be the plan, not an accident or incompetence. 

It's probably"unacceptable" to discuss the fact that it would behoove the security forces to consider what the chances are that a security officer of Moroccan descent would be entirely devoid of emotion with regard to protecting Geert Wilders in particular. That's a legitimate issue. 

From the "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" File....

Marxist professor makes $170,000 a year kvetching about the evils of the rich and inequality.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Societies That Sacrifice Their Children...

Are not long for this world. 

Mark Steyn: The Seduction of Violence

Mark Steyn aired this a day before the shootings in America. The left has always romanced violence.

"Something odd and deeply disturbing is going on here...."

Mark refers to Andrew Bolt, Robert Spencer and Middlebury College.

I saw this earlier today as well. 

"This is not a healthy trend." 

As Mark says: if you don't want to have the debate, you're the fascist."

Absolutely. Watch this whole clip. Interesting that he quotes Alain Finkielkraut because a lot of highly assimilated French Jewish intellectuals are very slow to come to this conclusion (see "BHL").

French Jews need to leave France. With suitcases and not in coffins. 

My idiot people sometimes take a looooooooong time to wake up.

Gawd I Love This Story

Kol Hakavod!!!

I love everything about this story. 


Is There Anything That Music Doesn't Heal?

Don't think so. 

"Music gives people a voice."

And so much joy,  pleasure and emotion.

It's holy stuff!

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Jews of Arab Lands: "I Left Iraq, But Iraq Never Left Me"

This is excellent.

Kudos to Ha'aretz and also to the Sephardi Voices project. I am really impressed.

Not a lot of people know about the forced exodus of Jews from Arab lands. That was the real "nakba".

My in-laws were forced out of Iran.

One of my best friends in Israel (hi Vera, I love you) is an Iraqi Jew. She has memories of her happy childhood, her father was a lawyer and very high ranking policy-maker and legal advisor in the government. They had a large house with a courtyard fountain, and several domestic servants.

When the pogroms against the Jews began, she remembers the police coming in and screaming at her family that they could take one suitcase of stuff with them. They were then thrown in jail. She was around four or five years old at the time. Miraculously, they made it to Israel, but were not able to take any valuables, sell their house or take any money or jewelry out of Iraq. They got out with their one suitcase each and their lives. They were lucky because the Iraqis were absolute savages toward the Jews. Their blood-lust was really rabid and they had a sadistic, murderous rage that was very Nazi in spirit and practice.

Her father never really recovered from the trauma of being catapulted into Israel and demoted socially and economically.

I know a lot of Jews from Muslim countries and the stories are all kind of different but all the same. Whether Sephardic or Ashkenazi the Jews were hunted. Hunted like animals. Now we have a state of our own. Times have changed. The former hunters cannot exterminate us as they did before. They can cause local damage to many families but they have no genocidal possibilities anymore, no matter their genocidal aspirations. The lesson of the Farhud and the Holocaust is that Jews need their own state, army and superior weaponry and firepower to match their superior brainpower.

It's also a good time to note that the countries that murdered and chased out their Jews are not exactly bastions of freedom and happiness and prosperity. They are disgusting Third World crapholes festering with jihad. The lesson unlearned by Muslim countries is currently being unlearned once again by Europe. Enjoy your post-Jewish existence.

Neither of these places deserves Jews. 

They will reap what they have sown and it's going to get much worse before anything gets better-if that's even possible (I doubt it).

The Great Kurt Schlichter: Stop Lying to Us

OMG I love this. 

How does he knock these out every week????


This this this this:

“The left would rather you lie and die than tell the truth and live.”

Thus the remedy:

“We’re Americans, and it’s time to push back twice as hard. Confront the lies, call them out. Stand firm in the face of the systemic dishonesty our elite uses to attain, retain, and exercise power.

"Cease your embarrassing fussing, you gutless dhimmis. Pick up a weapon and fight.”

Must Read: An Islamic Terrorist By Any Other Name

Really good. Read the whole thing. 

Like every single word. 

Go on...go now…like RIGHT NOW. 

One Of The Major Problems With Democracies...

Unelected, permanent (leftist) bureaucrats are running our lives.

"Israel-Haters Will Wind Up On The Ash-Heap of History."


Every Apartment, Every Work of Art, Every Insurance Policy, Everything


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sweden is Doomed

"Sex Attacks At Swedish Festivals Up 1000%"


Motive unknown!

A real mystery!

Fire. Them. All.

The geniuses in the UK: 30 counter terror staff were following the bridge jihadi. 

Plus bonus attempted infiltration of Wimbledon as a steward.


So there!

KRENK ALERT!!!! Do You Sneeze When You See the Sun?


OMG finally the answer to another one of my dumb krenks.

See more about "krenk" here:

“Krenk” is another word I listed in the title to this post. It means, “Illness, malaise, adj. sick.” It’s not a word typically heard mixed with English, so it’s hard to know how someone would use it, but here’s an example in Yiddish: “ikh bin nu krenk.” This is very similar to German, again, because “krank” means “sick” in German, and the sentence I included as an example is close to the German sentence, “Ich bin sehr krank.” (In fact, I typed in “I am so sick” into an English-Yiddish translator, and voila. Or should I say: “oysnemen!” Which apparently means “success.” That is a word that is not very closely related to English or German.)"

Krenk is actually more like a weird thing that you have. It's not really used as "illness", more like just one of those things that you have, mostly benign but sort of weird stuff. Like, I have weird ridges on my nails, that's one of my krenks. 

It's actually just a glorious word that has no exact translation into English but if you use it enough and if you have krenks (and FOR REAL AND NOT FOR JOKING who doesn't), you'll get used to it and use it right. 

OK I am cracking myself up right now. 

(Another one of my krenks...) 

Europe: Choosing Suicide


More European death watch articles for your reading "pleasure":

A reminder to the left (old article): you can have a liberal, sexually diverse society OR sharia. Pick one. You're welcome.

The Great Douglas Murray asks:

"When did British voters start rewarding antisemitism?" 

He notes:

"One of the interesting things about ‘diversity’ is that it allows almost anything to happen."

Another (unintended???) consequence of CELEBRATE DIVERSITY in Europe is that we can't talk about the oldest hate anymore. 

Paranoid leftist Jews get their panties in a wad about Holocaust denial. Wrong battle my bungle-brained bubbalehs. 

You know who is your master? 

The guys telling you to shut up. 

You know what the biggest problems are? 

The ones that Big Shut Up wants ban from discussion. 

You know who is in charge? 

The people that you're not "allowed" to joke about or to make fun of. 

In the absence of real conversation there can only be echo chambers and propaganda. 

That is a terrible way to live, but that's the road we are travelling on. 

You know when a society is in its death throes? 

When it "celebrates" the "diversity" of the slaughtered masses. Shame on this wretched, wicked woman. This is not a "proud" story, it's a disgraceful white flag and the literal equivalent of pissing on the victims' graves while fresh earth has not even settled on their coffins. Screw this shameful, sinister attitude. And screw all the "silver lining" people. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Calling It A Night

Today it was hard to shake some bad juju.

I was really upset by something that was not my personal problem. Normally, I don't let other people's issues, or other people live in my head rent free.

But for the past day, I've been unable to shake my upset about a person that I know peripherally who had a very disabled son that passed away. This particular parent never mistreated the child, but was never terribly hands-on with the child. The child was always farmed out to a caregiver that I believe loved him more than his own mother. So while the biological mother was never abusive, she seemed to have been unloving. There was always sort of an indifferent, benign but cold tolerance to having a disabled child.

I happened upon this person's Facebook profile (really by accident, I saw that we had a mutual friend) and I noticed that there wasn't a single photograph of the disabled, now deceased child. There were lots of vanity pictures, and pictures of the other children but not a single one of the deceased child, not a single one, G-d rest his soul. The parent looked really happy, radiant, and it was like the child had been erased off the face of the earth, like he had never existed.

I cannot really explain how my heart has been aching over this. As I say, I am fully aware on a rational level that this is not my friend or relative, not my problem and therefore should not be my concern. But my heart is really heavy. I did cry a few tears over this.

Then, earlier this evening, we had another iPad calamity in my household as my own special needs son dropped the iPad, glass down, right from the second floor onto the hardwood main floor. It apparently wasn't in the "right" place, so he wanted it out of the "wrong" place. I'm not upset at all about the money that it will cost to fix it. The upsetting thing is that he doesn't understand what he did, he didn't have the capacity to know not to do such a thing. I'm really struggling with that. This is my journey of grief. Waning for the most part, imperceptible at other times and then acutely painful, heavy and sad at others.

Later this same evening, while doing the dishes, I broke a glass. In Jewish tradition, when you break a glass or dish, you say "Mazel Tov", literally 'good fortune', the idea being that whew-it's just a thing and not a person that suffered. I reminded myself of this, muttered Mazel Tov under my breath and went to fix myself a cup of tea with fresh mint. I should have poured a stronger libation, but I've never been a drinker. I've always been more of a "fooder" and a schmoozer.

This day needs to be put to bed with all of its highlights and low moments. It is darkest before the dawn, but part of the darkness of disability parenting is (grudgingly) accepting the reality of the situation, and in my case, the inevitability-barring an unforeseen miracle-that my disabled child will never be independent in any way. It's a very, tough pill to swallow. That my nest will never be empty remains one of the big questions and challenges of my life, as I try to remind myself to ask not 'why me and my child' but rather 'why not me and my child' and double up my efforts to trust in G-d, and his plans and his reasons for ours really is not to wonder why.

The Morality Crisis (Of the West)

This is an outstanding interview. Kudos to both Stefan Molyneux and Dennis Prager.

Every single minute is packed with clear, intellectually rigorous thought.

Watch the whole thing. I'm going to watch it again.

Canada Is Led By An Imbecile

"Gender equality" at the top of the G7 agenda hosted by PM Hairdo. 

I'm sure President Trump will be really impressed.



The UK Can Seriously Screw Itself

If the citizens of the formerly Great Britain elect Corbyn, the UK is dead to me. 

Not that May is any kind of prize either. Mark Steyn described her today on the radio as a wily survivor, and sort of a cunning one. Yup. Wily May is a very good, Trumpian nickname for her.

Related: "UK's largest pro-Israel event cancelled."

Due to? Ready?

Wait for it......


"Security" is the new shut up.

Especially for conservatives and Jews.

But it won't stop there it just starts there. Just sayin. Just warning.

You're welcome.

"Fifty Years Ago, Israel (i.e the Jews) Saved Western Civilization

Read the whole thing. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Dude of the Day: Andrew Bolt, Thumbs Up and High Fives!!!!

"We must intimidate and humiliate the enemies of free speech, and not let them intimidate and humiliate us."


"Sympathy is for losers." 

I love this guy. Mensch and tough guy. 


(Note, he also had a 'security is the new shut up' incident. Had a speech cancelled because of 'security'.) 

"Can't They Both Lose?"

ISIS versus genocidal Jew-hating Iranian regime.

Who to root for?

Can't they both lose? 

(Next step: blaming the Jews/Mossad.)

Hello chickens? Meet roost.

I Can't Believe This Is Really A Thing

"Muslim child brides have a particularly difficult time in America." 

First of all there is no such thing as a "child bride".

There can be a child that has been abusively pushed into a sham "marriage". But there ain't no "child brides". That phrase has got to be ripped out of the lexicon.

And why should America even have a Muslim child bride problem?

Can someone explain this to me?

My Other Latest Girl Crush

Love this lady. 

My Latest Girl Crush

I'm loving this. 

And I have ZERO time for all the Jews for Jihad.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

When Young People Had No Safe Space

Europe was not a safe space then.

Never forget. 

ISIS Knife Attack in Toronto

Nothing to see here. 

ISIS logo bandana, check.

Swinging golf club, screaming I am from ISIS, I am here to kill white Christians because I am ISIS.


Where is she from? How long has she been in Canada? What language does she speak? How was she vetted if at all?

The Humour Mutawa Go After German Senior Citizens

Gimme a break! 

Must Read: Terror and the Teddy Bear Society

Chock full of insight.

An absolute must read. 

"Creative appeasement."

That's quite the understatement.

I also must think of a term for civilizational death by suicide, by invitation to one's killers.

I guess we could just say "insane", or "submission" but there has got to be a phrase that accurately depicts the grotesque, self-inflicted, violent death of the West at its own behest.

Is there a phrase in English that can accurately describe such an obscene betrayal?

Feel free to e-mail me your suggestions.

Monday, June 5, 2017

The UK and Jihad

Food for thought:

"The Saturday night Islamic terrorist car and knives attack in East London should signal the end of multiculturalism in England. But don’t hold your breath."

(I'm not.)


Poland: Importing Terrorists?

Thanks but no thanks.

Sorry not sorry. 

There's Hope For the Castrated Men of the Western World

I'm clearly in the wrong line of work.



Nothing to See Here!

They seem nice. 

The Great Douglas Murray Is Certainly One of the Smartest And Bravest Men in Europe

So smart and so dapper!

I have a huge crush on Mr. Murray, and yes, I'm well aware that he prefers men. So?

If he ever switches teams, and by switching teams I mean, converts to both Orthodox Judaism and heterosexuality I would have to say-TOTALLY CALL ME! YOLO!!!!

Alas, I don't think that's going to happen, so this is a very safe crush.

This essay is certainly one of his best. It's brave and honest, clear and forthright. So, get to it.


"Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have very little Islam and very little Islamic terror."

"By contrast, France has a great amount of Islam and a great amount of Islamic terror."

"To most people, it would seem obvious — in the words of Donatella Versace — that “more is more”."

"Because although many communities are capable of producing extremists, only Islamic communities produce Islamic extremists."

(PS: I actually think the 'more is more' quote comes from Dolly Parton, who I believe said something to the effect of 'why do people always say less is more, less is less and more is more'.)

And this line is just a ZINGER. Bravo: 

"Don’t look back in anger, just forward in blind, bovine hope."


"Let's Start Talking About Islam" (Read the Whole Thing)

That's the problem! DUH.

Nobody wants to do so. 

"Islam now enjoys the same kind of moral protection from blasphemy and ridicule that Christianity once (wrongly) enjoyed. All last week, for example, I received furious emails and messages in response to two articles I wrote about the Manchester attack, telling me I was wrong to defend the use of the phrase ‘Islamist extremism’. That term has an Islamophobic bent to it, we’re told. It demeans Islam and its adherents by suggesting they have something to do with terrorism. You should just say ‘extremism’, not ‘Islamist extremism’. Don’t ever name the extremism, don’t label it, because you might hurt people’s feelings."

"This is why our political leaders so rarely use the terms Islamism, radical Islam and Islamic terrorism: because they want to avoid offending Islam and also because they don’t want to stir up what they view as the public’s bovine, hateful prejudices. This censorious privilege is not extended to any other religion."

"This censorious flattery of Islam is, in my view, a key contributor to the violence we have seen in recent years. Because when you constantly tell people that any mockery of their religion is tantamount to a crime, is vile and racist and unacceptable, you actively invite them, encourage them in fact, to become intolerant. You license their intolerance. You inflame their violent contempt for anyone who questions their dogmas. You provide a moral justification for their desire to punish those who insult their religion."

Sunday, June 4, 2017

British Police Are Sitting Ducks

As is the rest of the civilian populace.

But unarmed police has got to be one of the stupidest effing things in the Western law enforcement world.

London Terror Attacks: "Motive Unknown" (We May Never Know, Etc...)

The Unholy Alliance

A true Axis of Evil and Nihilism.

Dr. James Mitchell: "Let's Stop Pretending"

Good first step.

(Actually an even better first step would be stop saying "Islamist".)


Watch the whole thing.

Also, in case you missed it, you must watch The Mark Steyn Show where Mark interviews Dr. Mitchell. Absolutely riveting.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the tribe!

It's the pintele yid. 


Friday, June 2, 2017

Michigan Is Ruled By Lunatics

This is truly disgusting. 

You are not free if your government, your elected officials (i.e your servants) can terrorize you with the full power and the bottomless chequebook of the state, with complete impunity for your religious beliefs.

Godless, Childless Europe in One Story

Behold: Robot priests for  the German zombie population. 

Sweden Sacrifices It's Children on the Pyre of "Multiculturalism"

Child sacrifice never ends well. 

The West Yaws as Christianity is Purged From the Region Where It Began

Christians terrorized and slaughtered.

World yawns. 

Sure, Let's Make Peace With These Losers

IDF Wonder Woman is haram. 


Educators: Your Moral, Intellectual and Gyrating Drag Queen For Elementary School Kids Superiors




"I Have a Right To Live"

"And if you kill people like us, you are no better than the Nazis." 


They Need To Rot In Jail For A Long Time

This is disgusting, vulgar behaviour and there should be a very steep price paid for thuggish attacks on soldiers. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thursday Night Link Dump!

Here’s a massive link dump for you!

These are specially hand-picked ARTISAN LINKS. Yeah, that’s the ticket, artisan!

So special!

But seriously, I spent so many gazillions of billions of Jew-hours compiling this post. I mean, I mean for real and totally not for joking, might even have a small callous on my precious fingers! EGADS.

So, you must crack open all of these and that should last you all for a while. As always, I scan the internet for the good, the bad and the VOMIT COMET stuff.

This is an excellent piece by Prager (phrase ‘conservative utopians’ is brilliant, really, really good):

Read the whole thing.


These people are utter savages and barbarians.

From our good friends, the Saudis, news from Head Chopping HQ.


Anonymity is for p*ssies and Jew-haters:

Celebrate FGM in America:

OMG: Illinois ‘purges’ foster families who refuse to facilitate transgenderism on children

ISIS-Loving Air Force Vet sentenced:

Money quote from the judge:

This isn’t about whether you’re Muslim or Christian or Jewish,” US District Judge Nicholas Garaufis told Tairod Pugh before handing down his decision. “This is about whether you’re going to stand up for your country, which has done so much for you, or betray your country.

Mathematics is not queer enough:

Physics is not feminist enough.

Clinton data manager: Clinton is full of shit:


Good Trump:

Bad Trump (Lying Trump)


Toronto 18 terror leader still hot for jihad:

In Canada, child murderers are volunteers at elementary schools:

Apparently, jihad is all our fault.


If you don’t let them in, they can’t kill you at home.


The “OOH OOOH MAHMOUD” Factor strikes again:

Maybe we should just blow it up already, like Palmyra?

Celebrate multiculturalism in Germany: Drag your wife by the neck with your car edition:

More “German” culture here (really hard to feel sorry for Germany-hope they are happy that they murdered their Jews and replaced them with such a lovely and charming demographic).

Nothing to see here.

Official Big Fat Lie Swallowed Whole in Britain (it is particularly wicked and sinister to spew this kind of hogwash pretty much before rigor mortis in your very own flesh and blood relation has set in).

Imagine that: “17” year old migrants turn out to be geriatric

Good luck with this, you morons in Sweden.


What to bring back from Israel (endorsed)


Really good: The conversion from Peter Singer (disgusting human excrement) to Jesus.