Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jews in Little Huts Holiday!!

It's Sukkot! The Feast of Tabernacles! More holidays! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

I'll be freezing my tuches off for a bit in a little, temporary hut called a Sukkah with the family.

Plus lots of other stuff going on. This week is gonna be slooooooow blogging.

Back when I can!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

Take Back the Classrooms!

Amen Brian Lilley!

I am waging a bit of a battle of my own with the classroom educrats of the York Region Catholic School Board. Here is my story. I will post progress reports as they arise.

I sent an e-mail on September 13th to Susan LaRosa, Director of the York Catholic District School Board. I also sent a follow up e-mail asking at least for an acknowledgement, but so far-nothing.

Here is my first (and likely only) experience with the York Region Catholic School Board.

This summer, one of my children took two half courses with the YRCSB.

In one of the classes, I was very disturbed to find out that the Michael Moore movie “Sicko” was being shown to the class. I could not ascertain what relevance that particular movie had to the study of Canadian civics issues-nor could my child. 

The movie was not introduced with any explanation of the director’s particular bias, leaving students to assume that it might be an objective film-which it is not. That was disturbing enough.

Within a couple of days, my child let me know that a second Michael Moore documentary was being shown in class-this time Bowling for Columbine. Again, there was no mention made of what that movie has to do with Canadian civics issues. Nor did the teacher discuss the bias of the filmmaker, or present any counterpoint literature or explanation.

I was quite outraged by this development. Showing two similarly biased documentaries, by the same director, both of which have questionable (if any) relevance to the course at hand was clearly an attempt at stealth political indoctrination.

I spoke to a supervisor, who made a site visit to speak to the teacher. The supervisor said he could understand my concern, but that those films certainly start conversations (!!!).

To be clear-I have no objection to conversation. 

I object to one-sided brainwashing

Subsequently, the teacher called me to apologize, and said that I was “right” and that he could understand how I felt as I did.  However, I am not entirely reassured.

I am following up on this experience, to find out exactly what the curriculum is in the York Region Catholic School Board for grade 10 civics courses. I looked at the Ontario curriculum and didn't see Michael Moore's name anywhere on the program.

I would like to know how watching two Michael Moore documentaries, in the space of a two-week course, fits into the academic curriculum.

I would expect that appropriate steps be taken in order to address this egregious pedagogical error in judgment (I'm being diplomatic and generous here), in order to assure that future students taking this course, whether in summer school or not, are never again subject to the same degree of vile political propaganda as my child was this summer. 


As readers may or not be aware, Ontario taxpayers fund both the public school system and the public Catholic school system. So, in other words, my taxes go toward funding two public system. 

There was a computer glitch apparently at the particular school where my child attended, and subsequently, final reports were not provided to her and her schoolmates. 

When I called the board to ask for the transcript to be mailed to me, they said that I could come pick one up. No thanks, I said-it's about an hour's drive for me. Can I get one mailed to me please? Or sent electronically. I was informed that they don't send transcripts electronically, and I would have to first send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to have the transcript mailed to me.

So, to summarize: my taxes pay for two systems (one of which I use, the other I do not), and they can't even put a stamp on an envelope to send a transcript to my house, when it was their computers (that I pay for) that screwed up-that would be a .59 cent stamp.


How do we take back the classrooms when we can't even get a response to a simple e-mail?

Bagel Heads!!

Note to Japanese:

Bagel head is only really dangerous if you put lox and some schmear on it and are around hungry Jews. 



Edgy, gay, white Italian fashion kings attempt to pay tribute to Moors, fail miserably. 


Seriously, who knew that earrings could be racist?

Dolce&Gabbana SS 2013

Media Bias?

What media bias?

Associated Press

While the aspirational Persian Hitler was welcomed to the UN, Reuters and Associated Press felt that it was more appropriate to highlight their feeling that actually the Jews=the New Nazis. 


I don't think these are "shock" photos though. Just a reveal of the the pure rot of antisemitism that sits in the hearts and souls of so many of the enlightened members of the media.

The U.K is Screwed

Granny in the gutter. 

No, I'm not kidding.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yom Kippur Blog Break

I'll be offline until Wednesday evening.

This evening is the start of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.

Jews fast and believe that our fate for the next year is inscribed in the Book of Life, by G-d during this day. The final words, the final notes are written and sealed with the sound of the shofar.

It's a very holy day, and I personally have some stuff that I need to atone for and I look forward to this day as a time to reflect and speak to G-d and pray for a good year for my family, friends and myself. It's quite a day.

Wishing all my Jewish friends an easy and meaningful fast and may we all (Jews and our non-Jewish friends and supporters) be inscribed for a happy, healthy, good New Year in the Book of Life.

G'mar Chatimah Tova!

Bernie Farber and the Roma Bonah

Nearly threw up my breakfast this morning reading a love bomb about gypsies by a veritable troika of dumb Jews.

(For more on dumb Jews, see this piece by Andrew Klaven called "Dumb Jews".)

If you can stomach it, here it is:

"The Bernie, Avrum and Nate Boner for Gypsies in the National Post". 

Kathy has a post up about it, and so does scaramouche-and the "Bamboleo" is a masterful touch.

There are Jews who will never crack open a history book and refuse to acquaint themselves with reality. They are still fighting the old Nazis-the ones buried in Europe, but they will never acknowledge the current, living spirit of the Nazis which is not living in conservative bloggers, but rather in lives right in front of their faces.

Yes, I said right in front of their faces. 

The real problem is that naive, lefty Jews rarely have their narratives challenged in public. That's too hard! People are too mean!

They are too chicken to actually debate people with opposing positions in any meaningful way. So instead of engaging intellectually, they pull out the only cards they have: bullying and trying to get people fired from their jobs, lodging complaints with governmental and regulatory bodies, or trying to get them disbarred-like they are trying to do to Ezra Levant. They just want everyone with an opposing opinion to shut up.

The left, especially the Jewish lefties are circulating the JUST SHUT UP memo again.

The day any of us voluntarily acquiesces to the "SHUT UP" memo is the day we lose the battle.

Therefore, I would like to announce that none of us has any immediate plans to shut up.

Actually, none of us have any plans to JUST SHUT UP.


By the way, why does it take three offended, huffing Jews to create ONE measly, sniveling opinion piece on gypsies?

You know, I've heard many Holocaust survivors speak, and have seen the camps with my own eyes. I have victims of the Nazis and victims of Palestinian terrorism in my own family-but that doesn't give me any additional moral authority.

Sorry, being the son (or daughter) of a Holocaust survivor, and even being a Holocaust survivor does not give anyone the absolute moral authority card. Only G-d has absolute moral authority.

It actually makes me sick that Bernie has played that card so vigorously for his entire life, but I guess perpetual victimhood is the best thing to riff on if you are gunning for the role of Chief Human Rights Komissar of Ontario.

Without a constant stream of victims, without a never-ending feeling of being downtrodden, morose and persecuted-no cushy government job!

There is more to celebrate about the Canadian position on just about everything, than ever before. 

I have no time for faux lamentations on gypsies.

The left will not shut us up.

Not Ezra, not Steyn, not the bloggers-not any of us.

None of them, to paraphrase Kathy, are smart enough to tell any of us how to live.

We may not win every battle, but are not going to stop fighting back. 

Hey, America-Welcome to Generation "J" (Julia)

The Julias!!!

They are everywhere!!!

This just in:

More and more young adults 'flocking' to parents' homes as economy continues to go down the crapper.

Just what we need. Flocks of adults never growing up, never getting jobs and moving back in with their parents.

Obama's Shahada and the Obama Translation Machine

Oy to the Vey.

Yes, he really said this.

Full transcript here. 

Let's recap the past few days. 

Obama goes to the United Nations, skips meetings with world leaders but has time to be on The View.

He doesn't mention Islamic terror, and once again blames a dumb movie for terrorism. This after sending American police officers on some bogus issue to arrest and question to filmmaker, with cameras rolling, in the middle of the night-at the bequest of the frothing, militant, terrorist, masses.

The murdered, sodomized American Ambassador and the other murdered Americans are "bumps on the road"

Obama, in his own words is "eye candy".

And Israel's existential concerns about Iranian nuclear weapons, and Bibi Netanyahu are "noise".

What could possibly be wrong with this picture? 

Sometimes I hate The World

If there is one thing that really pisses me off, it's people who abuse the disabled.

This is so cruel, it makes me cringe. 

Not to be outdone by American human trash, here is the Toronto version: 

What kind of human excrement steals a wheelchair? 

I hope the police catch the bastard who stole this guy's wheelchair. Actually, I hope for much worse things, too.

"The Boy They Couldn't Kill"

This is the must read story of the day.

It's incredible. It starts like this:

"In June I drove to Charlotte to meet a boy who should have been dead."

Read the Life Site story, and the sidebar of the  Sports Illustrated story.

This paragraph is stunning and spectacular:

"On the surface, it's hard to imagine a set of life circumstances much worse than this. Which is why I was so astonished when I saw the boy. It's my job to put things into words, but I still can't find the right words to describe him. None of them say it strongly enough. He is the happiest person I've ever met. There's a light inside him that I've never seen anywhere else. I've talked to several other people about his effect on me, and they say it happened to them too. Wherever he goes -- to church, to physical therapy, to the Special Olympics -- he makes people feel better by his mere presence. When he looks into your eyes and says hello, the whole thing feels almost spiritual. And then, of course, you have to ask yourself: If a kid like this can be so happy, what right do I have to complain?"

"How did a brain-damaged infant become a young man of such mesmerizing power? It has something to do with the power of love."

My special needs son is the same ray of sunshine, the same comforting presence.

Thank you Sports Illustrated for publishing this incredible story and for articulating the G-dly presence that these children have, and how they enrich our lives in so many ways. 


Monday, September 24, 2012

Smart Jew Jeff Jacoby on the Just Like Carter President

This is a good piece by Jeff Jacoby which basically makes shiskabob out of the wimpy Carter grandson and his pathetic "gotcha" video about Mitt Romney and the 47%.

Jacoby reminds us of Reagan's very astute and ever timely observation that it was American weakness, and not its strength that was a provocation.

I'm sure there are many people who, before Obama was elected thought to themselves that "at least" he wasn't Jimmy Carter.

Well, he's worse actually. And one of the reasons is that when Jimmy Carter ushered in the American era of appeasement and glad-handled the Ayatollah Khomeni the Iranian religious fanatics were nuts, America lost face and the Islamic supremacist movement thereby got infused with the political equivalent of an intravenous speedball.

BUT...and it's a big but...

The Islamic, crazy, Ayatollah regime was nowhere near nuclear.

And that's a big, crazy, Mahdi, deterrence -don't-live- here difference.

Obama: Worse than Carter.

There, I said it.

Why Isn't the Romney Campaign a Little More Vocal About the Good Stuff?

This NRO post is called "Romney's Random Acts of Kindness". 

As far as I can tell, these are not random acts, but rather acts of giving done by a man with some character-unlike the current POTUS who, by all accounts has never done a charitable act for anyone in his lifetime.

He is a receiver. Always on the receiving end. All of his stories, no matter from what continent, no matter what the subject at hand, are all about Obama. About his sister, his father, his uncle, his funny name, his not funny name, his childhood, his community organizing, his chooms, his fake girlfriends. All about him.

Obama is the Post-American Zelig President. 

These anecdotes about Romney-again-not random, should be told a little louder and prouder.

It shows a great deal about the character of the man and how he helped others, and how he made helping others an example to his children, without reporters present.

More, please.

Victor Davis Hanson on the Middle East Madness

Basically: enough grovelling and man up. 

But said more eloquently and with added bonus ACTUAL suggestions on what to do, which of course, will never be followed by the Obama administration:

"Those in the Arab street hate the West and America because they are told daily that our supposed godlessness and decadence should not make us so rich and powerful — especially when such pious believers as themselves are so poor and impotent."

"But rather than addressing the real causes of their present misery — tribalism, misogyny, statism, corruption, authoritarianism, fundamentalism, and religious intolerance — amid rich natural resources, Islamists scapegoat. Sometimes they fume at American support for Israel, at other times at an obscure video, cartoon, or rumor of a torched Koran."

"We only feed these adolescent tantrums when America wrongly apologizes for the occasional insensitivity of a few of our citizens, who enjoy free speech under the U.S. Constitution."

What can actually be done?

Here's a few good ideas:

"Start developing vast new oil and gas finds on public lands here at home. Get our financial house in order. Quietly cut back aid to hostile Middle East governments. Put travel off-limits. Restrict visas and call home ambassadors — at least until Arab governments control their own street mobs."

Elizabeth Warren-Double Plus Fakir


Elizabeth Warren: fake Indian and now.....fake lawyer!

I Love My Dead Ambassador

The Obama administration, never to ever reach the LOW of disgusting behaviour has characterized the dead, sodomized Ambassador a "bump" on the road. 

Yes, I suppose that is one way for the President of the United States to characterize the lifeless body of his diplomat. A dead bump of a body on the road. Yup.

I guess clump could be used as well. Hmm-maybe not, that's usually reserved for unwanted babies ("fetuses").

In other news, the media hits just keep coming.

Stay classy Hiliary Clinton staff!

In an e-mail exchange, a Clinton staffer tells a reporter to "f&ck off" AND "have a good life". Not that the two are mutually exclusive. One imagines it is possible to do one and not the other...


Maybe that should be on Hilary's ChrismmukaKwanza cards?

PS: Guess what has disappeared from the Official Obama Tchatchke Store?


HINT 2: 


You win a brand new set of Official Obama Barf Bags, a free round of contraceptive pills, free gas a free house and free food for life!! 

Asking the Wrong Questions

Daniel Greenfield is an excellent writer and this if I were interested in explanations of any kind about "why they hate us", then I would recommend this one and a host of other books about the "roots" of the rage.

However, we have to stop asking or caring at all "why they hate us". 

I don't care "why" "they" "hate" "us". I really don't.

I'm bloody sick of the question and sick of the "explanations".

We need to be more emphatic about that and nobody should be apologetic about saying:

"I don't care why they hate us."

The questions that I care about are:

Do we have the balls do fight our enemies?

What can I do to support this fight?

Have I taught my children to fight?

Do I keep company with other fighters or with wussy pansies who have surrendered?

Who cares why THEY, the mysterious, scary THEY hate us?

I couldn't care less. Let them fester and seethe and riot and burn.

Remember: the only response to "why do they hate us" is "I don't care" whilst simultaneously restocking one's moral, spiritual, philosophical, educational and physical ammunition reserves.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Service Dogs Rock

RIP Bingo. 

Man's best friend indeed.

Sunday Random

The very worst time during the week to try to run errands is on your lunch hour during the business day.

It's really the very, very, worst time EXCEPT FOR SUNDAY.

Today, I had to do a relatively simple task: return two pairs of pants to a department store for one of the kids because "I don't like the way they feel". Simple, yes?


The line up in the department store for a cashier was about 10 people long. And when I say 10 people, what I really mean is 10 grandmothers from every culture, colour and background imaginable. And each one had her item, her problems with the debit card, or a better, bigger more earnest explanation of why she deserved the extra 10 or 15% off.

All this, while I am waiting with a male child in the line.

You know how men hate shopping? Well, boys hate it even more. And explaining "if you want to have clothes to wear, someone needs to buy them" just doesn't cut it with kids. Funny, it doesn't work that well with the husband either.

Anyway, the granny immediately in front of me had to have been about 75 years old. She was wearing jeans, running shoes and a light jacket. Her hair was teased way high up, dyed jet black and her make-up was elaborate, bordering on clownish.

She showed me the dress that she was putting on hold until tomorrow, because "it's going to be marked down tomorrow". Now, I have no idea how she got her inside information, but I decided to just run with it.

I nodded sympathetically and said "good idea".

She said "I have to get it, even though it's for only one night and even though it's very matronly, but I'm not paying $136 bucks for it."

Now, this dress was sleeveless, and the upper part was entirely sequins-it was SPARKLY. And, it was made for relatively subtle views of decolletage. If I were to wear such a frock, I would consider it rather daring, evening wear.


Gotta love hot to trot grannies I guess.

Anyway, the moral of my Sunday afternoon is two-fold:

First: never go to department stores on Sundays, and second-never pick the self-check out line up at the library even if there are only two librarians at the 'full service' check out because the self-check always has more morons in line.

You're welcome.

The Toronto District School Board Disgusts Again

Is there anything that can be done about this massive behemoth of leftist bureaucracy gone mad?

Anything that can be done to stop the indoctrination and grooming of children?

I fear we are not at the tipping point yet.

Blazing Cat Fur dons his wading pants and ventures once again into the swamp of the TDSB web site. 

Abortion Pills Given Out At New York City High Schools

Hey-what could possibly be wrong with that?

At one of my kids' schools, I had to fax over a physician's order so that they could give children's Ibuprofen. Yes-the over the counter medication.

And in NYC, they are giving out the morning after pill without parental knowledge or permission.

This is the part that bugs me:

"Parents at the 14 schools were sent letters informing them about CATCH. Parents may bar their kids from getting pregnancy tests or contraceptives if they sign and return an opt-out statement.
If they do not, schools can confidentially give the contraception without permission."

How much due diligence do you think there was-even a check list, or a phone call asking parents if they got the form?


Friday, September 21, 2012

Steyn Asks: What Part of "Death to America" Do You Not Understand?

Which word?




The words are incomprehnsible to the Obama administration.

Behold, Steyn's latest magnificent (and totally depressing) look at past week:

"Barack & Hilary at the Movies"

I hereby give this essay Two Filthy Infidel Whore Thumbs Up.

Now there's a rating system for ya! 

Stick that in yer bong, ye frothing Death To America and Death to Da Jooooooooz masses...

Steyn asks:

"Why does Secretary Clinton regard "F*** You, God" as a fun toe-tapper for all the family but "F***, You Allah" as "disgusting and reprehensible"? The obvious answer is that, if you sing the latter, you'll find a far more motivated crowd waiting for you at the stage door. So the "Leader of the Free World" and "the most powerful man in the world" (to revive two cobwebbed phrases nobody seems to apply anymore to the president of the United States) is telling the planet that the way to ensure your beliefs command his "respect" is to be willing to burn and bomb and kill. You Mormons need to get with the program."

Read the whole thing! 

(This past week has been a complete Steynopalooza-excellent stuff.)

Are You Better Off?

Well, today when I read this article, I thought it was possibly the most supine position that the American administration has taken ever  this year  this month  today.

The problem is every time I think we have hit the lowest low, there is always a more disgusting story!

We have a problem with epidemic stupidity and vanity and vapidity.

Hey, who cares about the black flag of Al Qeida flying above American diplomatic interests-the new iPhone 5 is out! 


The stupid-it's everywhere.

I gotta tell you, if there is one thing that pisses me off almost every single day it's the constant flow of stupid women who post pictures of themselves on Facebook all day and they all have the same stupid pose: arm stretched out with their stupid, bejeweled iPhones.

What is it with stupid women and the Internet?

Like this one for example: "Ooooh here's my butt!" or "Oooh I am so edgy, I have tattoos on my back!"

Seriously-what the hell is wrong with people?

I sent this one to Kathy. We try to one-up each other on this stuff all the time. (Hey Kathy, I totally won today!)

Personally, I would not brag about this butt. And anyway what is more disturbing the butt, the self-posing-arm-stretched-out-with-iPhone OR the dog watching this all go down?

But I digress!

The focus should be hey, America-are you better off? 

Answer: Hell no!

There is a choice to be made in this election-more stupid, more of a turn toward European socialism and ultimately, nihilism as the American model or a step toward the America of the founders.

We are in a dangerous world, witnessing the the Post-American Middle East.

Caroline Glick weighs in: 

"The official and unofficial Egyptian exploitation of the Internet film as a means to intimidate and attack the US into disavowing its core principles is proof that Obama’s theory of the source of Muslim rage is wrong. They do not hate America because of what the US government does. They hate America because of what America is. And it is because of this that since September 11, the rationale for Obama’s foreign policy has disintegrated."

I'm getting to my supersaturation point with this election and there are still many weeks to go.

This weekend, I may suck my thumb in a fetal position in my bedroom, chanting, and read People magazine for several hours straight just to PURGE THIS STUFF FROM MY BRAIN.

That should be a good palette cleanser. Then back to work!!

Please, my American friends: don't give up the fight!

Rob Lowe Just Keeps Getting Better

What's not to like? 

The West Must Reject the "Spark and Fire" Metaphor for the Muslim World

This is a very short, but insightful piece from City Journal. 

It echos what other commentators have said about the Lybian murders not being "spontaneous".

The Danish cartoons should have indeed been a lesson on the myth of "spark and fire", but alas-the West, and in particular, our leftist elites refuse to learn the lesson.

A sample:

"The Western reaction is also familiar, particularly in its understanding of the Middle East as a bonfire waiting to happen and criticism of Islam as the spark that ignites it."

"Descriptions of the YouTube film (a trailer, actually) that “sparked protests in many Muslim countries”—as the New Yorker put it in a typical formulation—rely on this false metaphor. It suggests that the protests are spontaneous occurrences that would not have come about without such a spark, and that the demonstrating Muslims are primitive savages governed by passion, not responsible for their own actions. The only parties with control over their actions are the filmmakers."

In my view, it is both racist and preposterous to suggest that Muslims are not capable of controlling themselves.

But that is precisely what the apologists of the left would have you believe.

The UK Is Screwed

Cop killer surrounded by heavily armed police. 

Regular constables get no weapons.

But cop killers are protected by the most heavily armed officers in the country.

The UK is screwed. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012


The great Melanie Phillips on the shocking fact that a presidential candidate has told the truth!

Awesome nugget:

"The most shocking thing of all, however, is that the mainstream US media don’t think any of these things is shocking. What they think is shocking is that Romney told the truth about them."

"They don’t think it’s shocking that Obama’s disastrous foreign policy has empowered the mortal enemies of the west and weakened both America and the free world. They think it’s a shocking gaffe that Romney has said so. How dare he!"

Memo to Self

Never, ever but EVAH EVAH say the words "Pew Research" to Mark Steyn. 

PS: All I want for Christmas is Steyn vs. Saunders in a live debate, mano a mano. In Toronto. Thank you, Santa.

Understatement Alert!

Toronto's "Africentric" high school has a "modest" start. 


Sensible, regular, Canadian tax-paying commenters rip the concept and the lefty waste of the TDSB to shreds! 

Oddly enough, the Toronto District School Board STILL cannot come up with the proper accomodation for a white kid in a wheelchair with a neurodegenerative disease (PMD) whose name is Jacob Trossman.

Down with the TDSB!


Creepiest Rendition of the American Flag EVAH???

Is this completely creepy or what?

Has an American president ever re-designed the American flag with himself as the focus ever before?

Don't these "stripes" look like blood stains made by dragging a finger? Seriously?!?
Our Stripes: Country Print

Welcome to Socialized Medicine

"Free" = $11,000 per year. 

This is socialist math I guess.

Danish Cartoonist Still Has Big Ones

"The West cannot let itself be muzzled by fear of offending Islamic sensibilities"


I actually can't believe Reuters published this defense of free speech. Puzzling. 

Furthermore the Danish Dude says: 

"Should we in future let ourselves be censored by Islamic authorities in deeply undemocratic countries? Should they be allowed to tell the German chancellor in future whom she should honor and whom not? Are we really this far along?" he asked, referring to Angela Merkel's citation of his work."

It seems to me that America has already gone this route. This week we saw the arrest of a crummy "filmmaker" at the behest of the Obama administration because of some dumb You Tube video that offended the ever-offendables.  

This guy is 77 years old and fighting the fight. 

Completely awesome!

Kathy Shaidle: The Poor Get Poorer

An excellent piece at PJ Lifestyle by my friend Kathy who is sooooooooooo smart. 

She's walked the walk.

Lots of people make repeat bad decision and indulge their every whim at every opportunity.

Tough for them.

Read Kathy's whole piece.

The comments are great so far also. I like this one a lot.

Kind of reminds me when I was moderately whining to my mother-in-law shortly after my first child that I was exhausted.

She said something to the effect of "Tired-you're tired????? You have disposable diapers and I had to wash cloth diapers by hand, you have Gerber baby food, you have a washing machine-what tired???"


Now, to be fair, I should have probably saved my post-partum whining for a more receptive and sympathetic audience: my mother.

However, I did make a mental note not to complain too much about my circumstances from someone who had escaped Iran as a teenager with her family with only the clothes on their backs and raised a family in seriously difficult times in the newly-founded State of Israel.

Lesson learned! Carry on...

My Idiot People

 Still overwhelmingly stupid, but some are learning...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Prophet Mark Steyn (PBUH) Discusses America Going Off the Cliff


Beard: CHECK

Smarts: CHECK

Dress code: FAIL, there is no way Steyn is going to give up the Saville Row suits for the flowing robes.

Other than that-I'm thinking prophet is pretty accurate. 

I was off line for the Jewish New Year for two days-boy did I miss out.

Fetcheth me my weeping schmattah!

Regretfully, I suspect that I am the last woman in North America to find out that Mark Steyn makes house calls.

Are you better off?

Again, it's a simple question, my American friends.

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

If America is so much better off, why has the number of Americans on food stamps doubled from 1.9 million in 2008 to 3.9 million in 2010?

These are Obama's 47%. 

Mitt Romney needs to completely OWN that comment, and start the conversation on government dependency.

It's not a "gaffe", and conservatives need to stop using that word.

Anything Mitt says is going to be branded a "gaffe"

It was a comment on the sad state of affairs in America today. Don't let anyone get away with calling it a "gaffe".

Mitt gets "gaffes" but according to the mainstream media (the media "court eunuchs" as per Mark Steyn), every unintelligible, mistake-laden, socialist, unemotional, uh-filled, disconnected, narcissistic comment Obama makes is like the sound of a freaking rainbow-hued, unicorn fart symphony. 

That number-47% is a true bill and a disgraceful figure.

This is not the America of the founding fathers.

It's a revolting display of the rapid movement from the America of individual responsibility and liberty to the Obama-inspired, insipid America of European socialism.

If America wants to go the pathetic way of Europe, re-electing Barack Obama is a fantastic plan to make that happen. 


"If all Obama wants to do in life is golf, take fancy vacations, crack jokes on late-night TV and offer meaningless policy proposals, he should go run a nonprofit and leave running the country to someone who'll take the job seriously."

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Islamic Rage

She says:

"The Muslim men and women (and yes, there are plenty of women) who support—whether actively or passively—the idea that blasphemers deserve to suffer punishment are not a fringe group. On the contrary, they represent the mainstream of contemporary Islam."

"Of course, there are many Muslims and ex-Muslims, in Libya, Egypt, and elsewhere, who unambiguously condemn not only the murders and riots, as well as the idea that dissenters from this mainstream should be punished. But they are marginalized and all too often indirectly held responsible for the very provocation. In the age of globalization and mass immigration, such intolerance has crossed borders and become the defining characteristic of Islam."

So, in other words-it's not about a stupid movie.

And anyway, where is the outrage about Muslim-made movies?

I'm still outraged about a film they did a few years back.

Remember it?

The movie that started with the following script.

Oh wait-it wasn't a script, and it wasn't a movie-it was a jihadi execution snuff film.

"My name is Daniel Pearl." 

"“My father is Jewish, my mother is Jewish, I am Jewish.”  

Never forget-never forgive. 

The UK is Totally Screwed

It's bad enough that in most Western countries, you are a de facto victim by waiting for something bad to happen and only then calling for "help" from the police.

But in the United Kingdom, the stupid is very, very strong. 

They have this moronic, dangerous and of course LETHAL idea that policemen and policewomen should be unarmed. Weapons are brought in for special occassions apparently.

So, constables get murdered by bad guys and people weep crocodile tears.

My question is if law enforcement officials are unarmed, why should I call them if I am in the UK, as opposed to say-my grandmother, or the pizza delivery guy?

These unnecessary deaths can be blamed squarely on the policies of the governing elites of the UK.

The blood is on their hands.

Unfortunately, the elites cannot be shamed-not even by cold-blooded murder.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Outrageous Gay Bullies

Read this over the holiday and it really pissed me off.

I've often noted that it's never enough just to politely disagree with the totalitarian progressive left.

Anything short of active cheer-leading is unacceptable.

So, here we go again. 

It's not acceptable to these folks to have a view that is different. It is not acceptable to them for people to run a private business and choose their clients as is their right. Private businesses are not government services. These facts are incomprehensible to the agitating masses.

Why might this poor woman have to use an artistic license defense to remain true to her Christian values? Because people are afraid to defend Christian values, and do not want traditional values to have any merit. Because people are scared of the tyrannical left, and of the wrath of the "human rights' brigades. 

"The Huguenin case demonstrates how advocates of tolerance become tyrannical."


"First, a disputed behavior, such as sexual activities between people of the same sex, is declared so personal and intimate that government should have no jurisdiction over it. Then, having won recognition of what Louis Brandeis, a pioneer of the privacy right, called “the right to be let alone,” some who have benefited from this achievement assert a right not to let other people alone. It is the right to coerce anyone who disapproves of the now-protected behavior into acting as though they approve of it, or at least into not acting on their disapproval."

"So, in the name of tolerance, government declares intolerable individuals such as the Huguenins, who disapprove of a certain behavior but ask only to be let alone in their quiet disapproval."


I'm not middle aged yet. 

I thought I had hit middle age when I dropped something on the floor, went to reach for it and an involuntary OY escaped my lips.

I was like WHO SAID THAT????

But, a friend pointed out that it could be worse.

The "OY" was not followed by "A BROCH", so I'm still a spring chicken apparently.

My Favourite Living Italian

"Anti-semitism no longer shocks people."


"Green on Blue" Killings in Afghanistan

Cannot be called jihad under any circumstances.

Religious nature of murders cannot be discussed.

No mention of the infidel thingy, ixnay on the Allahu Akbar thingy also.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jewish New Year: See You Wednesday

Sundown tonight is the start of the Jewish New Year.

So Shana Tova to the entire Jewish people. Here's to a happy, healthy sweet New Year. May G-d bless and protect the entire nation of Israel, especially in these dangerous times. Special prayers to all the soldiers of Israel.

Back to business as usual either Tuesday night after sundown or Wednesday.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Steyn: An Act of War, Not a Bad Movie Review

Mark Steyn seems to feel that the Libya situation is not just the Islamic equivalent of a "two thumbs down" movie review...

How uppity of that infidel!

Here's his latest: Act of War, Not A Movie Protest

"The men who organized this attack knew the ambassador would be at the consulate in Benghazi rather than at the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli. How did that happen? They knew when he had been moved from the consulate to a "safe house," and switched their attentions accordingly. How did that happen? The United States government lost track of its ambassador for 10 hours. How did that happen? Perhaps, when they've investigated Mitt Romney's press release for another three or four weeks, the court eunuchs of the American media might like to look into some of these fascinating questions, instead of leaving the only interesting reporting on an American story to the foreign press."


"In the real America, the president is too busy to attend the security briefing on the morning after a national debacle, but he does have time to do Letterman and appear on a hip-hop radio show hosted by "The Pimp With A Limp."

"In the real State Department, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo is guarded by Marines with no ammunition, but they do enjoy the soft-power muscle of a Foreign Service officer, one Lloyd Schwartz, tweeting frenziedly into cyberspace (including a whole chain directed at my own Twitter handle, for some reason) about how America deplores insensitive people who are so insensitively insensitive that they don't respectfully respect all religions equally respectfully and sensitively, even as the raging mob is pouring through the gates."

Seriously, could the idiotic POTUS who went to Vegas not just have stayed in Vegas?

Here is Steyn audio. 

A really amazing interview-he is so very pissed, and so rightly so. From the transcript. Hey Obama:

"Why can’t you, you’re spending $4 trillion dollars a year, and you’ve got these 12 year old speechwriters you’re so proud of, why couldn’t…and you’re the king of the prompter, why couldn’t you on Air Force One, you’re the only head of state in any major country who has a plane to fly him around his own country in a 40 car motorcade."

"Why you’re on the stupid plane, why can’t you actually take the trouble to learn some words that would mean something and are appropriate to the occasion. If you think of Reagan after the Space Shuttle thing, if you think of what Mrs. Thatcher said after the Brighton bombing that killed cabinet colleagues of hers, it’s horrible, it’s disgraceful. Nobody, no novelist would attempt to do anything so crass after this man is dragged through the streets, he’s killed dragged through the streets of Libya. God knows what’s happened to him, if you believe some of the worst stories out there."

"And then the guy goes to Vegas."

Regular Americans are probably ashamed, but Obama has no shame!

Remember: For more classic Steyn, buy the paperback version of America Alone. 

The Great Caroline Glick: The Reign of Imagination

Really an outstanding analysis of the events in Libya from the past few days, and a review of the emasculation of America and the disgusting cowardice and dhimmitude of American officials with respect to the murders of their own people.

A must read.

"With President Barack Obama’s inauguration, the imaginary world inhabited by the American foreign policy elite shifted again. Obama and his advisers agree that jihadist Islam is the predominant force in the Muslim world. But in their imaginary world, jihadist Islam is a good thing for America."

"A cursory consideration of the events that took place – and are still taking place – makes clear that these were not acts of spontaneous rage about an amateur Internet movie. They were premeditated."

"The coordinated, premeditated nature of the attack was self-evident. The assailants were armed with rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns. They knew the location of the secret safe house to which the US consular officials fled. They laid ambush to a Marine force sent to rescue the 37 Americans hiding at the safe house. And yet, Clinton and Dempsey either could not fathom why the attack occurred, or blamed an irrelevant pastor in Florida."

So pathetic, so predictable.

It will still get worse before it gets better. 

SNL's Lorne Michaels: There is NOTHING Funny About Obama


There is absolutely nothing about this guy that could possibly tickle any single funny bone, in any single human body on the planet earth. 

Carry on...

The American Media Has Beclowned Itself


Another interesting point:

"A friend points out that what the news media is doing here is roughly what they did after Trayvon Martin’s killing. They rushed to judgment, got basic facts wrong, and then sensationalized it with audio experts and what not only to have to beat a path to retreat later."

Vodkapundit asks: "Maybe we should have bowed MORE???"

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Father's 9/11 Note Reaches His Family


"I can't leave him there. I cannot leave him there."

The saddest five words and two numbers you may ever read are:

"84th floor
West Office
12 people trapped"

Someone should write a song about those five words and two numbers.

If you are reading this and you write music maybe you could?


Diane Von Furstenberg, inventor of the wrap dress, doesn't want any ugly, yucky, gross, booger-faced, senile, RETHUGLICANS in her midst. 

A few other details from The American Thinker. 

I, for one, am a big fan of the wrap dress.

Anyway, who needs Von Fustenberg anyway to get a wrap dress? Geez. Banana Republic has them all the time....

A couple of years ago, I asked a very good tailor in my area how much it would cost to make a wrap dress (you would be surprised how reasonable it was). She took my measurements, told me to buy two metres of fabric, which I did, and VOILA, my own personal wrap dress was made-to-measure less than a week later.

The Von RosenCohenberg wrap!??!?!

Matt Welch Asks: What' So Hard About Defending Free Speech


It's hard because the left does not want you to have it!

And it's hard because they don't actually believe in it. Nor do many other cultures and religions throughout the world.

The pretzel knot that people get into is when they are actually mentally sympatico with totalitarianism, but they choose to live in the first world.

Living in a democracy, and using the state as a vehicle lets them indulge MOST of their totalitarian impulses.

When the other side fights back, they get really pissed. They do not like the uppity, unwashed, fly-over country, gun-clinging, bible-thumping masses to have a say in the matter. 


So it's not that it's "hard" for them to defend it, it's rather that complete freedom of the individual is anathema to these folks-whether in office, or not.

They just won't admit that from their cozy first-world perches.


The BBC is chock full of cowardly dhimmis!



It's the Demographics, Stupid!

Hubba hubba!

They never had daycare perks like this when my kids were little. Whoooo hooo!

Pretty err....innovative...what's the right word? I don't know..

Err...what an interesting position to take... heh.

But it doesn't appear as though even two hours of pure boink time is enough to cure the demographic mess that ails Europe.


Good grief, this is VERY STEYNIAN:

"The nursery workers want to draw attention to the dwindling number of births and to do something about it.
In terms of birth rate, Denmark languishes at 185th out of 221 countries in the world, says the BBC's Malcolm Brabant in Copenhagen."

"If the increasingly older population continues to expand, Denmark will not be able to support pensioners and others dependent on state benefits, he says."

[Ed note: DUH!!!] 

"Ms Nyman said as well as the low birth rate, nurseries were also facing a cut in their funding from local government."

"Without money we can't look after the children well, and if there aren't enough children, there are not enough jobs for our workers."

Let's review, no babies, no support for welfare state, no children, no jobs for daycare workers.

Are they seriously just starting to figure this out now?

Europe is unbreeding itself to death, with one notable exception, note #146. 

And they have a steady stream of immigrants for population replenishment.

More on Denmark here.

The Quiet, Publicly Sanctioned Euthanasia of the UK


"Do not resuscitate." 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dear Roger L. Simon

You ask your fellow Jews, the leftist "Democratic" ones:

"How do you sleep?"

Believe me. They sleep just fine. Like babies.

They think you are nuts and an extremist.

Their religion is leftism. They just happened to have been born Jews.

PS: I love reading the comments and the articles at PJ Media, but and here it is-my major PJ Media "BUT"-OMG it is so annoying how frequently certain commentors blog-whore their stuff there. How about instituting a rule that people can put their blog/web site in the proper place and not constantly blog-whore it in the actual comments. Serious breach of netiquette in my opinion. And seriously boring. 

America the Bungling, Withering Former Super Power

Only one blog post for today because I'm feeling rather pissy and it's still very early in the morning.

As if commemorating 9/11 wasn't hard enough, the nouveau 1979 aura really pissed me off entirely and made me so angry that I had trouble falling asleep.

Sometimes the world is so topsy-turvy, sometimes the scale of appeasement so disgraceful and pathetic, the depths of grovelling so preposterous that I feel like retreating into a fetal position with a People magazine and ordering take-out for a week and listening to my old K-Tel records: "safe space."

So, before I even get to the events of yesterday, let me mention that a society that has become so decadent as to make entire renovations to student washrooms in order to accommodate the "right to pee" of transgendered individuals is corrupt and bound to fail.


How many "traumatized" individuals like this are there? Feh.

How about this story:

Muslim parents who are being charged with abusing one of their twin infant daughters to such a frightful degree that she is on life-support in hospital (the other twin girl was malnourished, the boy-ODDLY ENOUGH was unharmed) are claiming religious reasons for keeping her alive artificially.

A new definition of chutzpah! Like the children who murdered their parents who weep about how hard it is to be orphans.

Then I read that peanut butter is raaaaaaaaaaaacist. Yeah, that's right-they went there. 

I'm pissed!

Here is the transcript from the memorial in PA, a verbatim transcript of Leon Panetta's remarks.

Al Qeida, Al Shmeida. 

The magic word is missing: Islam.

Anyway, then I took a look at President Obama's statement on the murders yesterday in Libya. 

"While the United States rejects efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others, we must all unequivocally oppose the kind of senseless violence that took the lives of these public servants."

First of all: worse than Jimmy Carter.

What a p&ssy statement from the most powerful office in the entire free world.

Second: senseless violence?

Why do people always call it "senseless".

It's not senseless to these frothing masses.

It's perfectly logical and acceptable. It's not accidental, but purposeful. And why not call it murder? I cannot stand the passive language used to describe Islamic murders of these kinds-the mob blood lust. Just "violence".

It's like when people talk about the "lives lost" on 9/11. They just GOT LOST.

President Obama says that he is deeply saddened by this loss!

Something just got lost!

Hey! Who did Obama give the coveted 9/11 Interview to?

Why, to the "Pimp With the Limp" of course!

(Not a joke!) 

More weasel speak from Hilary Clinton:

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned the attack “in the strongest terms,” adding that  while the United States “deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others … there is never any justification for violent acts of this kind.”

First, the disgusting apology to the masses of seething Muslims, then the afterthought. Violent acts-does she mean like acts of war (ie: murdering one's Ambassador)?

What a day. 

More from VDH: Storming Embassies, Killing Ambassadors, and "Smart" Diplomacy

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11-Never Forget, Never Forgive

I've seen a lot of very polite commentary today about never forgetting.

Most of the polite people forget the "never forgive" part of the equation.

I'm not sure if it's a Jewish thing, but I'm not personally inclined to "forgive" the terrorists.

In fact, I think forgiving terrorists, and other murderers is a first step on the road to forgetting. We should not let time "heal" these wounds. That is not to say that we can't try to have the best, most meaningful lives possible, but forgiveness in these cases is a selfish act, and not a healing act or any such other thing.

Selfish people left in this world can "forgive" the murderers because the dead are not alive to contest that act.

Many of the people who "forgive" have never been directly affected by this act of terror or any other.

So, they can carry on with their self-satisfied forms of forgiveness and then go order their triple 48 ounce frapuccinos, call Paul Ryan a liar, send their children to private school in the Upper West Side by limousine, and pat themselves on the back again for electing America's first black President, and wistfully compose cantatas about how stupid George W. Bush was/is, while America's economy and moral spirit crumbles, and while the West slowly burns.

Although not a masochist, I am often wont to self-torture by reading leftist crap either on line and in print. Another form of self-torture is looking at the periodic updates of the World Trade Centre site. 

Now, the definitive piece was written by Mark Steyn last year: The Hole at the Centre.

The fact that there is still construction going on at the site, twelve years on, is a symptom of the malady affecting much of the West.

There should be no construction. There should be no more construction "updates".

There should be nothing in progress at the site other than further commerce, more trade, more business-all bigger, better and stronger than before.

We must reject the attempt to mediocratize the West, and reject the common, despicable and epidemic reduction of all expectations-of individuals and our institutions and elected officials, of our children, of their teachers, of our clergy-this is a generalized phenomenon around us.

Reject the trophies-for-all mentality.

Reject the numbing of the American and Western mind. 

We must continue to strive for excellence and achievement, keep building and being proud of the American dream (literally and metaphoric for those of us living elsewhere), and continue to say: yes-our Judeo-Christian culture IS superior.

We are a more moral society than others, and I are not ashamed of that.

We live better. We live longer. Our way of life is the best way ever. We do not sacrifice our children to kill others with glee. Our joy is not murder and death. I'm not embarrassed about that.

Instead of weepy and trite poems about forgiveness and all 'getting along' my goals are more simple, and less inclined to induce vomit (I hope).

Human beings are terribly flawed. My goal is to use my Jewish heritage to raise children who understand our flaws, but use Judaism and the G-d of Israel as their moral guide, compass and their rock. My goal is to live a life unafraid of passing judgement on the morally inferior cultures and actions of others, and take my lumps as necessary.

I will live a life unmoved by the forces of death and destruction so gleefully embraced by the radical left and their Islamic companions and I will not let them inform one, single decision of my life. Not what I say, how I live, how I think, what jokes I make, where I travel, how I vote and how I use my money to support others with similar values and goals. I will fight those forces however I can and whenever I can: philosophically, financially, religiously, intellectually and psychologically.

Perhaps modest goals, but I'm aiming for the achievable, and not the fantastic or the utopian. 

Today is a sunny, fall day, exactly like it was when I pulled into the parking lot at work and heard the fellow on the radio saying a plane had crashed into the World Trade Centre in New York. At the time, I was picturing a small plane, a little private one that must have had an inexperienced pilot. I thought to myself that it was odd, but isn't that strange.

It would take a few more minutes before I realized what was going on.

I remember the silence of that day. The silence in the skies.

I remember a friend saying-do you think people will finally get it-what we're up against, and I said no.

In short, my way of remembering, my version of 'never forgive and never forget' includes Jewish and G-d centred lives for myself and my children, supporting the Judeo-Christian society we are privileged to live in  and periodically reiterating my intention of never giving up, shutting up or shutting down.

What about you? 

Arab Spring Alert!

Democracy in Egypt. It's a beautiful thing!

Hamas headquarters moving from Damascus to Cairo. 

What could possibly be wrong with that?

More-September 11th commemoration  celebrations in Egypt.

"It's probably nothing..."

Grovelling dhimmi statement from the American Embassy in Cairo (hat tip: Blazing Cat Fur)

Obama to Netanyahu: Sorry, I Have to Wash My Hair That Day

Another unprecedented snub.


How surprising.


Compare and contrast, though.

Bibi, from his Sayeret Matkal days. That's him on the right (naturally).


A Dose of Real World Intelligence (hat tip: Small Dead Animals)

"The first great lesson is that crazy people sometimes get political power.  Hitler was crazy.  He was brilliant, cunning, deeply insightful -- and a raving lunatic."

"The second great lesson is that when crazy people with political power tell you what they're going to do -- believe them.  They're not kidding. And of all the people who've learned these lessons, it's the Israelis."

"The Jewish people won't make the same mistake a second time.  They won't wait patiently for Iran to get its hands on a nuclear bomb and then annihilate another six million of them."

"I have no idea precisely how the Israelis will act against Iran, or when they'll do it.  In just the last two weeks, diplomatic relations between the White House and Israel have gone from testy to downright nasty; if news reports from Jerusalem are accurate, there was quite a blow-up at a recent meeting between our country's ambassador to Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  And the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, has lately said some things about U.S. military cooperation with Israel that suggest that relations between our armed forces and theirs are somewhere between chilly and frigid."

"My guess is that Israel would prefer to hold off on any military strike as long as possible; there's always a chance that Iran's own people will rise up and overthrow their government.  Certainly the Israelis would prefer to delay any action until after the U.S. elections in November."