Friday, May 30, 2014

Homeland Security in Haverford, PA. America, I Love You But Your Paramilitarized Police Are Out of Control

This is what I mean. 

To serve and protect? Or blow the living crap out of any moving target?

This is the new "SWAT 1 Crimefighting Vehicle". 

Feel safer now?


"SWAT ONE can carry up to 10 people, and has night-vision optics, a gas-injection system and a battering ram. It can withstand hits from a .50-caliber projectile, the District Attorney's Office said."

“We now have the ability to protect our police officers as they approach homes, businesses and schools while taking direct fire,” said District Attorney Jack Whelan.

“SWAT ONE can deploy officers quickly and also retrieve injured persons and move them to safety. It enhances our ability to respond to urgent situations and has an integral role in enhancing the county’s comprehensive homeland security arsenal.”

"The vehicle will be available to all 39 of Delaware County's municipalities should the need arise, the District Attorney's Office said."

Hello America?!?!

This is not a police force, it's a bloody army and the guns are being turned against you. 

American Priorities: Transgendered Medicare Patients Eligible For Mutilation Surgery.

This is what America can do ("yes, we can"). 

It can't, as Mark Steyn pointed out earlier today get the girls out of their Islamic hell hole prison (#BringBackOurBalls), it can't send troops into Benghazi ("Chris" was unavailable for comment as Hilary testified today), but it can send in special advisory people on gay issues to foreign countries, and it can't seem to do anything but kill veterans who loyally served their country, took an oath and swore to die for their country, who desperately need medical care.

It can send in SWAT teams to bomb toddlers in their cribs.

And I would add, it can't get ONE MEASLY marine out of a cruddy Mexican sh&thole jail.

This is a picture of America in decline.

A bloody, morally inverse mess.

Have I Mentioned Lately How Awesome Caroline Glick Is? Here's Glick on the Treasonous Shimon Peres-MUST READ

I swear the guy has nine traitorous lives.

She has written a phenomenal assessment about this narcissistic leftist simpleton and the damage (including blood on his hands) that he has done to Israel and the Jewish people.

The Legacy of Shimon Peres 

This is a spectacular evisceration of Peres. I would say it's delightful but the stakes are far too grave.  

I wish there was a prize I could give Glick for this one.

Read every single word. 

Best Story of the Day

Palestinian Journalist: BDS Activists Are Trouble Makers and Criminals

Very brave article.

I believe that these thugs hate Jews more than anything else on the planet.

Therefore, they do not care that Palestinians do not benefit from the BDS movement or that the PA leadership does not want to encourage the movement.

Nothing matters but the Judenhaas.

OMG America!! Disarm Your Digusting Over Zealous Militarized Police-Toddler in Coma After SWAT Team Raids UPDATE: Soldier With PTSD Killed By Swat TeamHouse and Throws Grenade into Crib

Almost too upset to comment. 

Good Lord.

When will this end? 

America, I do love you but your police are out of control, terrorizing the citizenry.

This cannot continue to happen in a democracy. 

There are too many ridiculously over-armed bureaucrats in America.

When state police kill citizens, and lob grenades into cribs, injuring toddlers into comas-that is the end of democracy.

It is the end of civilization. 

There are too many paper-pushing little chieftains with their own personal SWAT teams and armies.

This is beyond disgraceful.

Why does it take a Canadian blogger to post a British newspaper reporting on this American travesty?

That is part of the problem!

No outrage. Just apathy.

For shame.

Pray for this family and the little baby.


Soldier with PTSD killed by SWAT Team. 

Or as Instapundit put it "welcome to government health care"

Real War On Women: Hollywood Style, Everything is Rape & War!

Blonde bimbo 1:

Being a high paid celebrity movie star is rape!

RAPE RAPE RAPE I tells ya!!

Blonde bimbo 2:

Fame is like war!

WAR WAR WAR I tells ya!!

Houston, Texas Mayor Forces Girls Bathrooms to Be Opened to Men

What could possibly be wrong with that? 

The UK Is Screwed: Dogs are Haram Episode

History Geek Post: WOW!!!! Previously Unreleased, Colour Footage of D-Day and WW2


Donald Sterline: Mentally Unfit?

Does being a sleazy, racist, horny octogenarian billionaire mean that you are mentally unfit? 

I wonder who made that decision?

"Experts" no doubt.

For every lefty chuckling with glee, there will be-in the not so distant future-someone who will be deemed unfit for far lesser thought crimes.

Who is making these decisions about mental fitness?

The state? A paid hack?

This is a very dangerous development.

Imagine the assets that the government can claim from private business owners due to "mental unfitness'.

Police in California Knew of Videos, Didn't Watch Them Till After Massacre-Did Not Search House Either

Very clever investigators. 

Certainly helpful not to watch videos until after.

*hits head*

For the Guys: Female, Israeli Combat Soldiers Finish Training in Caracal Batallion

Kol Hakavod!

Brave Jewish warriors-and gorgeous young women as well!

What a winning combination.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wise Move: NYC's Disgusting 9/11 Museum Pulls "Heart Target Cheese Tray" From Gift Shop

Bad enough that there is a "gift shop".

But seriously, who is the abject moron who thought an American map cheese tray with HEARTS marking the terrorist attack spots, was a good idea.

Surely, there is someone's name on the order form?

Cheesy gift: National September 11 Memorial Museum's gift shop decided to remove from its shelves a decorative cheese platter in the shape of the United States, with heart symbols marking the spots where the hijacked planes struck on 9/11


"According to the museum's website, the proceeds from gift shop sales benefit 'developing and sustaining' the memorial, which is headed by executives who earn privately-funded six-figure salaries."

"The museum plans to operate on a $63million budget with money raised through admission fees and donations."

"The gift shop was funded with a $5million donation from Paul Napoli and Marc Bern, partners in a law firm which made $200,0000 representing 10,000 Ground Zero workers in a lawsuit."

Here are the souvenirs-just a sample: 

Black and white hoodie with image of Twin Towers and emblazoned with the words: 'In Darkness We Shine Brightest'
Price: $39

'I Love NY More Than Ever' T-shirt
Price: $22


Charm etched with Twin Towers

'Survivor Tree' jewelry, molded after leaves of a pear tree that survived the Towers' collapse
Price: $40-$68


Twin Towers tote bag
Price: $15


Twin Towers bookmark
Price: $12.95


Twin Towers glass ornament
Price: $23


9/11 Memorial Nalgene water bottle
Price: $20.95


Yellow Lab search & rescue stuffed animal dog
Price $19.95


Silk scarf with print of vintage photo showing WTC at lunchtime
Price: $95  

FDNY 343 and 9/11 Memorial Cap
Price: $20

Journal - Remember
Price: $8.95

Memorial Pool & Lights - iPhone 4/4s case
Price: $11.95


Real War on Women: 2 Indian Girls Found Hanging From Tree After Gang Rape


Ann Coulter: Don't Stigmatize Murderers

"It's hard to feel sorry for a mass murderer, but it was cruel to Elliot Rodger to allow him to refuse medication and turn himself into a monster. It was beyond cruel to his innocent victims -- as well as the other victims of psychopathic killers. But liberals are more worried about "stigmatizing" the mentally ill than the occasional mass murder."

Free Speech Just Died A Little More in America Courtesy of UCLA

What a disgusting, embarrassing development.

Free speech just died a little more today in America. 

Behold: UCLA to hire actual thought police.

Yes, you read that right.

"Thought police" is no longer a joke (albeit a terrible one).

It's a reality in America.

"UCLA is in the process of hiring two “discrimination officers” to handle racial discrimination complaints – a move expected to make it easier to probe grievances over racism – something alleged to be systemic among faculty at the public university."

Re-education gulag is also going to become compulsory for our young ones:

"In addition to the diversity officials, UCLA is looking to mandate a diversity class as part of the general education requirement for students."

Huffington Post Lists "Elders of Zion" as An Actual Secret Society

Hey, what could possibly be wrong with that?

Veteran Montel Williams Goes After Obama For His West Point "Speech"

This is worth a read.

“I’m angry because, you know, we made a promise. When I stood with my hand up proudly, I said, ‘I do solemnly swear and affirm to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and I will bear true faith.’ I went through my oath,” Williams said."

I told the world I’m willing to put my life on the line and die for you,” he continued."

Now, our guys went over. They left body parts. Some of them never made it back. Some of them are here now and their souls are still there. And we have the audacity to turn our back on them right this second?"

That is an astonishingly heartbreaking phrase.

"...our guys went over. They left body parts. Some of them never made it back. Some of them are here now and their souls are still there. And we have the audacity to turn our back on them right this second?"

I am really humbled by his words. So profound, and such love and respect embedded into his words. Haunting and troubling and needs to repeated very loudly.

Soon, the Thought Police will come after Mr. Williams:

"At the end of the segment, the former Marine hit back at those who have criticized him for daring to talk with Glenn Beck about the VA scandal."

“I have people tweeting me saying, ‘How dare you even talk to Glenn Beck about this?” Williams noted.

Well guess what, Neil? I put out my op-ed piece, Glenn Beck was the only person who picked it up. I couldn’t get traction in The New York Times, Washington Post. They don’t want to hear me, I guess.”

West Point grads were not impressed.

Even CNN notes that the reception that Obama received was "icy".

Climate Change Cultists Are Mental: Butterfly Colours Edition


Leave the poor butterflies alone!!!!


Researchers are warning us!!! OMG!!!




Random Funny.

CNN Journalists, Your Moral, Intellectual and Constitutional Superiors

CNN journalist unaware that Michelle Obama does not make the laws in America.

Bereaved Israeli Brother: "We're Still Happy"

Read the whole thing: 

He adds: the more you kill us, the more we will settle the land.”

I endorse this message. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

An Update on Harris Vs. Quinn From City Journal

A very well-written article about what is at stake. 

Pam is one of my heroes.

Read all about her in this fine piece.

"Pam Harris, the case’s lead plaintiff, cares for her adult son."

"She and other home-care workers brought a class action against the state, disputing their status as Illinois state government employees and challenging the compelled union payments. They argued that, even if they were government workers, the rules in the public sector should be different from those in the private sector, where compulsory dues and fees have been allowed since the New Deal."

"Moreover, they claimed, since the SEIU in its bargaining role was influencing government action, the union is really a political organization engaged in lobbying. Compelling government workers to support such organizations violates their First Amendment rights, absent a “compelling state interest” in the outcome. The legal standard applied by the Supreme Court in private-sector cases—“labor peace”—is inapplicable when, as in Harris, the unionized employees don’t interact in a shared workplace"

"The Harris plaintiffs lost in district court and in the Seventh Circuit, but the Supreme Court agreed to hear their appeal."

Barack Obama: Everything in This Whole, Entire World, Living Or Dead Is About ME ME ME ME ME ALL THE TIME

I couldn't care less about this woman, but I was waiting to see how long it would take for the Narcissist-In-Chief to make it about him.

Thankfully, Razor delivers.

FBI Security Priority: Searching for the Dastardly and Elusive "Backdoor Butt Job" Culprits

The three little words that nobody should ever, EVER EVER EVAH EVAH IN THEIR RIGHT FREAKING MIND EVER SAY OR CONSIDER:

"Backdoor Butt Job". 

I mean seriously-is there not a survival of the fittest/Darwin element to this story?

("The quest for a perfect body is putting women in Tucson, Ariz., in danger.")

Well, only really stupid, shallow and vain ones with extra money and too much focus on their own selves.

Maybe women should stop voluntarily injecting chemicals into their arses and paying money for that!?!?

Is that too much to ask of First World women?
Apparently so. 

Mark Steyn on Peculiar, Primitive Penises and How the Absence of Modern Courtship Rituals Contributes to Human Decline

This piece by Mark Steyn discusses the Incredibly Strange Case of the Disappearing, Snipped Penises of Burkina Faso. 

You have to read the whole thing, I laughed out loud.

Especially when he points to this little related penis-melting gem from America Alone (p. 139):

"One victim, a fabric merchant, told his story to the London Arabic newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi: a man from West Africa came into the shop and "shook the store owner's hand powerfully until the owner felt his penis melt into his body." I know the feeling. The same thing happened to me after shaking hands with Senator Clinton."


Of course, a melting penis is really no laughing matter.

For all the laughs, there is a SERIOUS PENIS MORAL TO THE STORY:

"Whatever it is, it's the perfect tale of Islamic victimhood: the foreigners have made us impotent! It doesn't matter that the foreigners didn't do anything except shake hands. It doesn't matter whether you are, in fact, impotent. You feel impotent, just as (so we're told constantly) millions of Muslims from Algerian Islamists to the Bali bombers on the other side of the world feel "humiliated" by the Palestinian situation. Whether there is a rational basis for their sense of humiliation or impotence is irrelevant."

"But here's the telling detail: the vanishing-penis hysteria was spread by cell phones and text messaging."

"Think about that: you can own a cell phone, yet still believe that shaking hands with an infidel will cause you to lose your penis. That's a state-of-the-art primitive."

Did you catch that phrase???

It's a keeper-"state-of-the-art primitive".

Is it normal that I'm sort of in love with that phrase?

(Don't answer-or I'll melt your...OH NEVERMIND...)

But really, the phrase really does describe the fundamentalist jihadists who come to our shores and have all the toys and fixings of modern life, yet want to be governed by sharia. It just doesn't work that way. Democracies must decide if they want to be democracies or state-of-the-art primitive societies like those in the Middle East and Africa.

Then, a very good interview from Steyn with John Oakley. These are always good ones because a) Mark Steyn is very smart b) Oakley is very smart and a very good interviewer and lastly because he lets Steyn talk. Seriously-ask the good questions and let the guest speak are the basics that so many radio people seem to forget.

I thought the observations about the dearth of courtship rituals were bang on. So many young people with all their "social" media are the most anti-social humans in human history. They have not learned the niceties of human contact, how to make breezy conversation, to interview politely, to chat up a stranger-never mind to flirt.

Steyn points out that despite the (vulgar, disgusting, primitive) hyper-sexualization of all elements of life, young men (and young women) haven't got the first clue about actually building healthy relationships. It's a mess!

Do listen to the whole thing.

Caption Contest: Obama Speaking to West Point Grads


"What the hell is this idiot babbling about?"

Great News: British University Students Are Graduating Without Ever Having Read a Book

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Great News: Cultural Diversity, Celebrate Diversity Double Hitter From Down Under

Via an Australian reader: 

"Muslim man (who threatened to slit the throat of an intelligence officer) refuses to stand in court."


Almost two Sydney women each week are converting to Islam.

Thanks to Andrew for sending these in.

Cute: "Talk Yiddish To Me" (It's Nisht Dirty, Safe for Work)

"Jason Derulo took a sweet Yiddish melody for his recent hit. Jewbellish took it back."

Hat tip: Judith.

Just Because It's a "Non-Profit" Does Not Mean People Aren't Making Money

Some people, in fact, make lots of money at the non-profit industry.

Case in point.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

André Picard of the Globe and Mail Nails It: Mental-Health Care, An Issue at the Heart of the California Tragedy

This is the only article I am going to post on the murders in America. 

It is an excellent, thoughtful piece and I urge you to read the whole thing.

"There are, sadly, many many cases like that of Mr. Rodgers – people with untreated mental illness in the grips of psychosis. More often than not they end in suicide or other self-harm; but we only hear of them when the violence affects others."

"Here is the bottom line: To help those who need help and refuse it (which is often a symptom of the illness itself) we need to restrain their freedoms."

"Can we, in a democratic society, justify incarcerating or committing to hospital people who have committed no crime? Can we force people to take medication against their will for their own good and the greater good of society?"

"These are the uncomfortable questions we have to debate if these all too common incidents are going to end."

"It is too facile to say none of this would have happened if Mr. Rodger had been committed to a psychiatric facility or compelled to take medication."

"But what we can say is that it should be a lot easier for families to make that argument."

"We should value the right of people to be well as much as their right to autonomy."

"Being sick with a severe mental illness – especially one that makes one hateful, vengeful and violent – is not a right. It is a bloody travesty."

The Gazillion Dollar President and His Toys: Meet the New Imperial Marine One Helicopters UPDATED: "Lord Obama" By VDH

No sum too much for the Gazillion Trillion Eventy Bazillion Dollar Imperial President. 

"Exactly what the VH92 will be like is highly classified, but industry opinion about the previous replacement program indicates that it will have greater range than existing Marine One helicopters, and carry up to 14 passengers and thousands of pounds of cargo. It will also be specially hardened against electromagnetic pulses, carry encrypted communications and video conferencing gear, and be able to jam radar and deploy countermeasures against anti-aircraft missiles, though the combat and communications capabilities may be scaled back to control costs."


"The initial US$1.24 billion contract is for six S-92 helicopters and two trainer simulators for the US Marine Corps as part of a development and conversion program that will see a fleet of 21 aircraft built for presidential use by 2023."

(Remember, this is the 'scaled back' version.)

Via Instapundit. 

Oooooh an excellent UPDATE:

"Lord Obama" by Victor Davis Hanson.


Why Do Americans Hate Their Veterans And Want Them to Die of Cancer?

Just asking why a veteran would have to wait 8 months to get life-saving cancer treatment, and waste time and energy fighting the bureaucracy that is supposed to help him.

Switzerland: Culture of Death Update

New in death obsessed Europe: facilitating "assisted suicide" (i.e murdering) old people because they are old. 

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Australian Mom Raises Funds for "Bully Barrier" For Her Daughter With Down Syndrome

This is a terribly upsetting article.

What is more upsetting is that the police claim they cannot do anything about the disgusting vandals who are throwing eggs and feces at their property.

Faith is a beautiful young woman, and tormenting her should have a societal cost-her tormentors should be publicly named and shamed and the vandalism must have a criminal cost.

Shame on the police for claiming there is "nothing" they can do.

I don't think a fence is the answer. Faith will need very tough skin for her whole life.

Perhaps with this publicity, the bullies will back off. 

Sudan Prepares to Execute Christian Mom, After Allowing Her to Give Birth In Prison

And the eunuchs of America, and especially the Eunuch in Chief remains silent.

Barbarians: Pakistani Woman Stoned to Death in Front of Family and High Court for Marrying for Love

Ahh, the glories of sharia.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Welcome to Socialized Medicine: Disabled Boy Denied Life Changing Operation to Stop Debilitating Pain, Boob Job Approved

Autonomy over one's body and the bodies of one's children is eliminated in socialized medical systems. 

Rest in Peace: Jewish Army Veteran Donald Levine, Creator of "GI Joe" Passes Away At 86

"Levine, who served in the Army in Korea, said he got the idea for the moveable figure as a way to honor veterans."

Steyn: Murder and Motivation

In this thoughtful essay, Mark Steyn describes the murders in America and Europe over the weekend. 

Particularly insightful is his observation about Europe for Jews. A place, as he notes where we see:

"...the constant drumbeat of BDS and "Israeli apartheid", and slavering blood-dripping Jew stereotypes from "liberal" cartoonists, and Holocaust-denying imams, and French headmasters advising Jewish parents to enroll their child under a non-Jewish name, and Danish headmasters advising Jewish parents it would be unsafe to enroll their child at all, and German police advising Jews not to walk the streets with any identifying marks of their faith... Until what's left of Jewish life in Europe is walled up behind the security barricades of their remaining schools and synagogues."

"And without the need for a single neo-Nazi to shave his head and grab his bovver boots..."

Correct, because the 'neo-Nazis' are in flowing black burkahs, kaftans and keffiyehs. 

"Hey Jason, How Do You Make a Fruit Cordial?" : NRO Readers Pile On, Vent and Express Steyn Longings


OK, I totally stole liberated that line from the comments.

(Just to refresh your memories.... and the snot-faced reply is here...)

This is a very strange offering from Jason Lee Steorts. 

If you recall, he was the editor at NRO who basically stuck it to Mark Steyn via a snooty, "up yours"  blog post directed towards TEH STEYN himself.

The bottom line was that post, coupled with a difference of opinion about their libel defense against Michael Mann, was that Steyn left NRO-he chose not to renew his contract.

It's very odd that NRO, which has some very good writers, would choose to continue to publish such rubbish.

This is another good comment: 

"The next time this Steorts person is featured as an author on NRO, I leave. You can enjoy having your fundraisers and trying desperately to get page views without my help."

Another one, this one a summary.

And the last word: 

"Sometime during your journey through life, Jason, somebody told you that you can write. That somebody was spectacularly wrong."

"If it weren't for the passive voice, you'd have no voice at all. You took ten long paragraphs to say that freedom of speech shouldn't destroy all standards of civility, a point nobody would dispute. You seem to be defending some particular standard of civility, but you never do much more than hint at what that standard might be."

"Taking this piece in combination with the ridiculous hissy fit you pitched about Mark Steyn's last contribution to NRO, it seems you're defending a peculiarly prissy, humorless standard."

War on Women: Dateline Australia

An update from an Australian reader on the story of the 61 year old father who married off his 12 year old daughter ("I did nothing wrong").


There is nothing wrong or unusual about giving your 12 year old daughter sex tips for her wedding night. 

Don't all loving fathers do the same thing?? AM I RIGHT?? Totally normal, nothing to see here.

In addition, a Syndney sheikh, mother and nurse are all facing charges of sexually mutilating a little  girl. 

Of course it is outrageous that this is the type of immigrant population that is desired in Australia-or in any democracy.

But more outrageous is the defense strategy: DHIMMI DHIMMI DHIMMI.

Quite evil but at least the judge has some balls:


How about #BringBackOurClitorises?


"The alleged circumcisions took place in Wollongong and Sydney some time between October 2010 and July 2012."

(Problem right there-it's not 'circumcision' it's mutilation. We cannot use their terminology. Fortunately, the Aussie judge uses the correct term.)

"Defence lawyers unsuccessfully tried to argue the girls were not victims of female genital mutilation because they only received a nick to their clitoris."



"Magistrate Roger Brown dismissed the submission, saying:"

Any cut or nick to the clitoris will amount to mutilation.”

Remains, Respect and 9/11: The Disgrace of New York Officials and Their Despicable, Shameful Coldness

A piece that examines the amazingly indifferent and offensive behaviour by the state against the 9/11 family members.

A poignant, upsetting essay for American Memorial Day. I urge you to read the whole thing.

Remains, respect and 9/11.

"When the National September 11 Memorial Museum at Ground Zero finally opened to the public last week, it housed almost 8,000 unidentified human remains of those who died on 9/11."

"That is contrary to the wishes of many family members, who view the museum — which charges $24 for general admission — as a commercial venue."

"As Jim Riches, who lost his firefighter son on 9/11, said:"

“None of us, whether we’ve received recovery or not, should have to walk past thousands of tourists and the 9/11 Museum store on the 1st floor, selling its WTC cups, shirts and books on our way to pray over our loved ones’ remains.”

"The objecting family members feel strongly that the remains should be in an above-ground tomb in the Memorial Plaza, akin to the tomb of the unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery. That view was reinforced this past week, when they learned that a private party was held at the museum."

“It was another awful phone call,” said Rosaleen Tallon, whose brother Sean was an FDNY member killed on 9/11, when her mother Eileen let her know about the party"

“To them (museum and city officials) the remains mean nothing. But, to us, they mean everything. We love them so much.”

Just to restate:

American state officials are partying and quite literally dancing on the graves, on the bones of their fellow citizens, who were murdered by jihadist terrorists on 9/11. The sacred, human remains are being held against the wishes of the families, in a place where money making off of the bodies is the priority. All this when there were alternatives possible.

What would you call this?

It's astonishingly callous, and so un-American that I can't even think of a word that accurately conveys my disgust.

It's pouring salt in the never-healing wounds of the broken, tattered hearts of bereaved fellow Americans. 



Bodies of 28 Veterans At Los Angeles Morgue Will Finally Receive Proper Burial 

MSNBC's Touré Feels That Holocaust Survivors Had Lots of White Privilege

It's not a joke.

What an ignorant, despicable Jew-hater. 

Notice the complete and utter left wing, mainstream media OMERTA on this.

Just imagine if a white, Christian broadcaster had said something like this.

This guy is the direct result of affirmative action hiring of individuals with very moderate intelligence, in order to make people feel good about themselves.

He kept his loathing of Jews under wrap pretty nicely until this comment. 


(Check out @Redsteeze for best responses, scroll down on this Twitchy post.) 

Massachusetts Brothers Trying to Bring America a National Moment of Silence

This is a really nice idea. 

In Israel, it's a very humbling moment of unity.

I hope Americans are amenable to this idea.

News About Jews: China and Israel, Europe

A historian friend made the following observation:

"Rising powers court Jews."

How true.

Declining powers abuse and disregard Jews on their way to the dustbin of history.

(Unless they are eunuch, liberal, court Jews who shower the leftist powers with money.  Declining powers like those kind of Jews...)

Europe, and the immigrants imported to it's blood soaked earth, is another story entirely with respect to the Jews.

More murders of Jews in Europe. Two young sisters are now orphans.

The filthy murderer was wearing a video camera to document the slaughter.

Jews are being beaten up leaving synagogue. 

And it is disgusting, by the way, how many publications used scare quotes to describe the antisemitic acts. 

But plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Ack! Gene Simmons!


The Good News and the Bad News From Mark Steyn

The bad news: 

America, under the lawless Obama administration is completely corrupt and showing indisputable signs of becoming a banana republic where there is no equality under the law. 

The good news: 

Might Mark Steyn be coming back to Canada????

"A land with selectively enforced law is a land with no law. It is, in fact, a tyranny."

"I'm often asked why I live in far northern New Hampshire. And I usually reply, well, it's only 40 minutes from the border, and you never know when you might have to leave in a hurry. I used to say it as a joke."

*WAVES to Mark Steyn*

*Books hair appointment.*

*Clears calendar. Holds all calls.*



Victor Davis Hanson on the Obama administration's "ethics problem". 

"In all of these cases, politics trumped ethics. Because Obama professed that he was on the side of the proverbial people, administrators assumed that they had a blank check to do or say what they wished without much media audit. The mystery is not whether some administration officials were incompetent or unethical or both, but whether there are any left who are not."

No Go Zones for Jews on American College Campuses: DePaul University Edition

I urge you to watch the videos at this link.

And as I have said before, antisemitism leads to lawlessness and violence and intimidation that starts with Jews never ends with Jews. 

Caroline Glick had an excellent column on this as well not long ago. 

Perhaps you would like to re-read "Brownshirts On The March".

Where are the Jewish "leaders" of Chicago? Of America?

(Don't answer that-I know, they are still huddling outside the back door of the White House trying to get into the last White House Seder or Chanukah party....)

Jewish students no longer feel safe on American college campuses.

And when I say "safe", I'm not referring to all those sucky, wimptastic,"safe space" campaigns that mean nothing but totalitarian shut your mouth.

I'm talking about actual personal safety-you know, like staying alive.  

Where are all the "safe space" campus p&ssies now?

American university administrators are culpable in this.

So are donors and especially alumni who do not speak up and reign in the campus brownshirts. 

Guess what? 

There are now official, antisemitic No Go Zones in America.

That's the quaint term (Zones Urbaines Sensibles, or Sensitive Urban Zones), coined by the French to describe local Intifadah hot spots in France.

What will it take to crush these Jew-hating, frothing thugs?

Merely the will.

My Buddy Simcha Jacobovici on the "Peace Talks" and John "Israel Apartheid" Kerry

Simcha does not suffer fools gladly.

And Israel has no reason to suffer John "Israel Apartheid" Kerry. 

"The fact is that many of the people now handling American foreign policy, and many of the big players in the international media, don’t buy into the “Zionist narrative”. And what is that narrative"

 "The “Zionist narrative”, first articulated in political terms by Theodor Herzl in his book “Old New Land” (1902), basically states that Jews are not simply a religious community, but a “people” and that they have a fundamental right to have a “Jewish State” in their ancestral homeland, the land of Israel.
That’s basically it."

(Well, that's sort of basically it. There is the jihad as well. )

"Until a leader of the Palestinians says that he accepts the Jews as a “people”, who deserve their “own state” in the former British Mandate of Palestine, [Ed. note: i.e NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVAH EVAH EVAH) there will be no peace and all negotiations are a smoke screen for war by other means."

The Sky Is Falling, Etc.

Extreme leftism is a mental disorder.

The proposed (final) solution to "overpopulation" is cannibalism.

What could possibly be wrong with that? 

Apparently, we shall soon be eating our own children.

"Gun Free" Restaurant Owner Robbed at Gunpoint


Boston Bomber's Note Reveals Motivation

Of course it has nothing to do with Islam, right? 

The Boston Bomber himself might disagree.

To wit: 

"We Muslims are one body."

Excellent: Ed Driscoll Interviews Mark Steyn!

For your listening pleasure...


Good: American Victims of Omar Khadr Launch $45 Million Civil Suit


Issa: White House Warned You Tube, But Not Ambassador

This is so sick.

Lies and corruption. 

Christopher Stevens asked for extra security and was ignored. An Ambassador was left to die while it is still not known where the President was that night and the President and Hilary Clinton lied over dead Americans' coffins.


Michelle Malkin-how America treats veterans versus illegals. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Irony, the Cruelest Mistress: University's Che Cafe Goes Belly Up

Irony is a bitch!

"A student-run cooperative building at UC San Diego called the Che Cafe Collective may shut down after 34 years of “non-profit business operations” and rock n’ roll because it doesn’t always pay its rent and can’t afford needed safety repairs."

"Student employees of the Che Cafe, which is named after the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara, claim that it is the responsibility of the university, not the cafe, to pay for upkeep."

Umm...if it's like all CHE and stuff, why are there "employees".

Shouldn't they just volunteer for the cause?

Winning! "Don't F-cking Touch My Kids."

I resemble that remark.

OMG: Misogyny in North America, Wife and Daughter Murders Via Immigration

From today's New York Post: 

"An elderly Pakistani immigrant beat his wife to death with a stick after the doomed woman made the mistake of cooking him lentils for dinner instead of the hearty meal of goat meat that he craved, according to court papers."

Sorry, why does America *need* elderly Pakistani immigrants?

"Defense attorney Julie Clark admitted Hussein beat his wife — but argued that he is guilty of only manslaughter because he didn’t intend to kill her. She said that in his home country, beating your wife is customary."

He comes from a culture where he thinks this is appropriate conduct, where he can hit his wife,”

"Clark said in her opening statements at the Brooklyn Supreme Court bench trial."

He culturally believed he had the right to hit his wife and discipline his wife.”

(Let me fix that for you *AHEM* sharia...) 

And here in Canada:

A father whacked his teenaged daughter so hard that he killed her.

Her crime? Not cleaning the floors right. 

He is getting 60 days in jail.


"A father will serve 60 days in jail for a slap that killed his teenage daughter."

"Moussa Sidime, 74, says he just wanted to correct 13-year-old Noutene for doing a bad job of washing the kitchen floor."

"Judge Richard Marleau decided Wednesday that two months in jail was sufficient, citing Sidime's remorse and clean criminal record."


There better be someone with sense in Quebec appealing this.

It was apparently "the first time" he had ever hit her. Do you believe that? 

Why is the life of Noutene Sidime worth only 60 days of inconvenience for a father who murdered her in cold blood, with his own hand as the weapon?

France: Shiny, Expensive, New Trains Too Wide Too Fit Into Train Stations


Amanda Todd Bullying Suspect Is A Turkish Muslim, Immigrant to Europe

I was just reading this rather apocalyptic, depressing article from Gatestone about Europe when I noticed a little tid bit. 

Has there been ANY mainstream Canadian media coverage of the suspected culprit in the Amanda Todd cyber bullying case?

"In the Netherlands, Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk and Rob Bertholee, the head of the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD, on April 23 presented the AIVD annual report for 2013. The report says that more than 100 Dutch citizens or residents travelled to Syria in 2013 with the intention of taking part in jihadist activities there.

"Meanwhile, police said they had arrested a 35-year-old Dutch-Turkish national named Aydin Coban in the case of a Canadian teenager who was blackmailed after exposing herself in front of a webcam. The 15-year-old girl, Amanda Todd, later committed suicide after detailing her harassment on a YouTube video watched by millions around the world. Dutch prosecutors said the man is suspected of blackmailing girls in Britain, the Netherlands and the United States. Canadian police said they would seek extradition."

This article from HuffPo Canada seems to be one of the only articles that mentions those details. 

It seems then, that the anti-bullying campaign should be primarily focused against Turkish Muslims getting their kicks grooming and engaging with teenage kufar teens on the Internet.

NOT regular teenagers.

Of course that disrupts the "anti-bullying" narrative and industry. 

You're welcome!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Steyn: Where's The Dream Act for Meriam Ibrahim?

An exceptional post from Mark Steyn. 

"I don't think it's in the interests of Americans for thug states to learn they can execute the spouses of US citizens with impunity. That will not improve the security of Americans and westerners as they move around the world. As I said the other day, the spouse of a US citizen is entitled to US citizenship herself: It's essentially non-discretionary. So Mrs Wani is in effect an American-in-waiting."

"However, the sclerotic, dysfunctional and utterly shameful US immigration bureaucracy takes years to process these routine spousal applications. And that is why Daniel Wani's wife was languishing in Khartoum: she was waiting for "permission" from the United States Bureau of Inertia to travel to New Hampshire and join her husband."

"And, while she was waiting, the Sudanese decided to kill her."

And the story just got worse.

The Dad has MS.

Confined to wheelchair.

Sudan is a bloody hell nest of barbarians.

America, I Love You But Your Police Are Out of Control ("I Just Want Him Back" Edition)

An unfortunately ongoing series here at my blog.

This, via Reason, "Another Drug Bust Gone Bad". 

Yeah, I guess an octegenarian retiree being shot to death IN BED, unarmed, by some overzealous paramilitary SWAT team with six bullets from a submachine gun is pretty, really, very "gone bad".

As for his wife, his poor wife-she says:

"I just want him back."

"On a sweltering summer morning in the California desert, deputies looking for methamphetamines and bearing automatic weapons barged into the home of Eugene Mallory, an 80-year-old retired engineer living a quiet life in the small community of Littlerock."

"Moments later, Mallory lay in his bed bleeding to death from six bullets fired from an MP5 9mm submachine gun. 

"The murky circumstances that led to the shooting are now the subject of a federal lawsuit."

"The officers found no meth on the property."

"LACSD officials declined to talk with Reason TV for this story, citing the pending lawsuit.
Pate, who's still awaiting an initial hearing in the case, knows that no amount of money or punishment will undo her husband's violent death at the hands of cops looking for drugs that weren't there.

"Every day, he'd get to tell you a joke, tell you something, tell you you're beautiful, and now he's gone," she says.

"I just want him back."


"Military style" raid at dawn leaves American grandmother angry and humiliated BUT NOT DEAD. 

"It was early Friday morning, October 18, 2013, in Mission, Texas, just a few minutes before dawn. Joel Escamilla, a supervisor at a local paper plant, was just about to step through the front door of the home he and his wife built together 17 years ago, the home in which they raised their two daughters, and go to work, as he has done every weekday for years. His wife, Gracie, 51, had not gotten out of bed yet."

"The Escamillas’ world crashed in on them shockingly, when men dressed in black poured over their six-foot fence and into their front yard. The men converged on the front door and began pounding and demanding to be let in."

“I was in bed. I heard a loud noise, you know, somebody was breaking into my house,” Gracie says."
“I came out [and stood] on my staircase, with only my underwear, no top. Afraid. I thought it was an invasion. A home invasion.”
"Joel’s first thought as he stood at the door was to get his handgun and defend his wife and daughter."

"The county sheriff’s own son was among the officers convicted of home invasion and other crimes. In a region where you cannot trust the police, where trusting the police can even get you into serious danger, you must trust your own instincts. But had Joel acted on that thought and retrieved his handgun, he probably would have been killed. The men who were swarming in their yard were all wearing sidearms and body armor. Police raids resulting in shooting and death have become all too common in the past few years, a fact that was racing through Joel’s mind that morning."

“It was very scary,” Joel says.

"A military veteran, Joel identifies the officers as federal. He says they were obviously armed and wearing body armor.

“My pistol wouldn’t have done anything against them,” he says.

"He let the men in. Both he and Gracie agree that the men never allowed them to read a warrant. One officer flashed a piece of paper and said that they were arresting Gracie on suspicion of Medicare/Medicaid fraud. Gracie says that the officers, who she and Joel say were from the Federal Bureau of Investigations, never read Gracie her rights."
“They did not read my rights. They just said, ‘You cannot get anything. You can’t get your purse. Your phone. Nothing at all.’”

"Gracie says she was never told to find an attorney."

"Even worse, Gracie was still in her underwear when the mostly male squad of officers entered her home. They quickly separated Joel and Gracie from each other."

Added insult to injury and NEAR DEATH BY POLICE SWATTING:

"Gracie was born in Mexico, legally immigrated to the United States as an infant, and grew up in El Paso. She became a US citizen in 2005. Her husband, Joel, was born in Chicago and served in the United States Army. They built their home themselves, to raise their daughters and enjoy the life of home ownership."

Read the whole thing. 

Wow! Boy Gets New, Prosthetic Hand For $200 With 3-D Printer in Argentina

The mom was quoted $40,000 for a prosthetic hand for her son, who was born without fingers.

She hit the internet and found some industrial designers who said they would give it a try. They scoured the internet and guess what-it works!

Amazing. This is another example of how the internet has liberated individuals.


Sarah Palin: Hilary's Brain is Off Limits, But My Son Was Fair Game

Of course! 

The rules change solely to accommodate the left.

The American Toddler Being Held in A Sudanese Jail

Maybe if he needed gender re-assignment surgery, someone in America-like the President, for example, would care.

Official: It Is Illegal to Be "Happy" In Iran: UPDATED-Happy Iranians Set Free

Arrested for dancing and singing.


Happy Iranians set free. 

By "moderate" Rouhani no less.

The UK Is Screwed: Family of Hook Handed Hate Preacher Still Living Large at Taxpayer Expense


"There was growing anger last night that Abu Hamza’s family are continuing to be bankrolled by the British public."

"As the hate preacher was convicted of 11 terror offences in the U.S., it emerged his wife and children are still being housed at an extortionate cost in one of the most upmarket areas of the country."

"It is thought the family have cost taxpayers more than £3million in benefits and social housing, as well as legal fees for Hamza and his sons."

"Hamza’s second wife Najat Mostafa, 55, with whom he has seven children, lives in a £1.25 million five-bedroom council house in Shepherd’s Bush, West London – an area popular with bankers and City lawyers."


Bogus "Research" Attempts to Normalize Pedophilia

Guard your children. 

This is what it's about.

"Sex education" is grooming as well.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

And Again, Crushing the Caregivers: Ontario Mother Threatens To Leave Disabled Daughter at Minister's Office

It is disgusting that it has to come to this. 

I suppose on some level we have to be grateful that she didn't kill herself, and/or her child.

How many more parents will have to result to threats and ministerial sit-ins before the 24/7 parental caregiver model is updated by our pathetic superiors in government?

How did they magically find a space for the daughter?

Why torture parents to this degree? For what purpose? Who benefits?

You Can't Make This Stuff Up: Syrian Jihadi Cheerleaders Update from Oz

Sydney Muslim leaders have had a secret organization with Sydney police because they are unhappy about the Foreign Incursions Act. 

Basically, the local community wishes to support the Syrian civil war and are upset that the Australian law will prohibit such activity (i.e jihad).

Thanks to Andrew for the tip.

Nigerian School Girls Could Be OK-Israeli "Intelligence" Experts on the Ground Now in Nigeria

Official word is that they are 'advising'. 


THIS!!! Finally, a Children of Holocaust Survivors Group I Can Get Behind ("No Cattle Car For Me")

In Los Angeles, a new group has started for children of Holocaust survivors.

("Second Generation")

It's a shooting and gun training club. 

“We talk about defending ourselves, but we have to do something aside from sharing email articles,” Montrose said.

"Gelbman — a strapping 6-foot-3-inch grandson of survivors who has served as a bodyguard for Britney Spears (“Never again,” he vows) and run for Congress from Texas (he lost) – began by running through safety instructions. He taught the handgun technique used by the IDF: square feet, square shoulders, both eyes open."
When the Muslims say they want to kill us and drive us into the sea, I believe them,” said David Sievers, a retired cancer surgeon and reserve sheriff’s deputy who turns out to be a crack shot.
“No cattle car for me,” Montrose quips after one good round of shooting.


American Priorities: White House to Hold Ceremony Marking Stamp Issue Honouring Child Predator: UPDATE From Florida

And what could POSSIBLY be wrong with that?

"President Obama’s White House will host a dedication ceremony for a new U.S. postage stamp commemorating Harvey Milk, the infamous homosexual activist who became the first openly gay elected official in California in 1977. However, friends and foes alike say Milk was more than an elected official – he was also a child sexual predator whose partners had a habit of killing themselves."


A reader from Sarasota, Florida lets me know that there is a 3-day, taxpayer funded HarveyMilkAPalooza every year! 

My correspondent tells me that Milk never lived in Sarasota, Florida or did anything for the city, so what's with the three-day annual exgtravaganza?

As my reader says 'would be nice if the city did something for the people who actually live here'.

If people in Sarasota are pissed about this, they should start talking to the sponsors along with the city. 

Holy Crap This Woman is Brave

Firoozeh Bazrafkan.

Read all about her.

American Federal Employees Use Donations Meant for the Poor, on Massages and Vegas, Baby.

First of all, I hate the idea that the government would be redistributing anything to the "poor".

The "poor" in America usually have cell phones, big screen TVs, air conditioning, etc...

But regardless, it is in somewhat poor taste to blow the wad in this manner.

Hey, they are entitled to it, right? 

"Global Impact occupies custom-built office space with wall-to-wall views of the Potomac River. On those walls are pictures of starving children in Africa juxtaposed against elaborate conference rooms and amenities like a gourmet kitchen. Global Impact has assets of more than $20 million, according to its latest tax return."

A 105 Year Old Hero: A British Schindler

"Not 600 and something, 669 exactly."

Read the whole thing.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Harris Versus Quinn Update: Pam Harris on Fox Discusses the Case With Tucker Carlson- UPDATED, LINK FIXED!


Thanks to Stan for letting me know.

This is a good update and I am so proud of Pam. 

I thought this clip was excellent.  Pam explains the issues clearly and with great composure-especially given how utterly outrageous the governor and unions are being.

Stealing from the disabled is just a despicable thing. It shows a soul bereft of compassion.

Please watch the whole thing and spread the word.

OMG Ha HAHAHAHAHHA! From Mark Steyn's Mailbox...

This made me laugh out loud: 

"This is the problem dealing with people who like show tunes and get sued over climate change."


Boston Herald: The IRS is Perverted

So people know about it. 

But what are they going to do about it?

Rapper Performs "Thrift Store" With Hook Nose and Beard Costume

What could possibly be wrong with that? 

Mr. "same love". I guess it's OK to 'break down' stereotypes of gay people but promote stereotypes of Jews.

Federally Funded Children's Hospital Gives 12 Year Old Girls Abortion Pill Without Parental Knowledge

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Elizabeth Renzetti: Ontario's Crisis of Developmental Services

This is a very thoughtful piece. 

As I have argued previously, we here in Ontario live in a socialized medical system.

We never deny people treatment for medical problems-even if they are self-made problems. Drug dealers with gunshot wounds get 24 care in the ICU, rehab-everything they need to recover. Every medical condition is covered, as are hospitalizations. Nobody says "why is it MY problem".

Our most vulnerable and disabled deserve absolutely nothing less. 

Where is the money? Frankly, lots gets wasted.

We need a public-private partnership to build supported housing, with clear economic and tax incentives to builders that work with reputable organizations such as L'Arche and Bloorview among others. 

Dude! The Un-Orthodox Priest Who Stands With the Jews

This guy is very brave. 


Read the whole thing.

"Jesus spoke Aramaic. He believed in the Old Testament. The only difference between Judaism and Christianity is that Christianity sees the visions of the prophets as having been realized during the lifetime of Jesus, he said. His teachings revolve simply around the question of “what is more important: the person or the [observance of] Shabbat.”

"In fact, he defined his religion as Jewish, his faith as Christian, and his citizenship as Israeli. Christians, he said, “have a bond with the Jews. We have an allegiance with the Jewish people; with the Muslims we are neighbors. There is no covenant there. None at all.”

Amazing: Haredi Soldier's Reunion With His Catholic Mom From Columbia

What a great story.

A young, Catholic fellow named Diego Tapia, from Columbia, felt that he belonged to the Jewish people after reading a few Jewish texts when he was university aged. He traveled to Israel to study in Yeshiva and began a three-year long conversion process.

His mom and sister were secretly flown to Israel for his graduation ceremony.

The Rabbi who organized it said there wasn't a dry eye in the house and that their reunion was one of the most emotionally wonderful moments of his life.

Brooklyn Beckham Has A Part Time Job

Good on his parents. 

Really liked this story.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mazel Tov: 90 Year Old WW2 Veteran Earns His College Degree


Journalists: Your Moral and Intellectual Superiors

CNN fires editor accused of extreme plagiarism. 

Plus, schadenfruedelicious extra little tidbit:

The host of CNN's "Reliable Sources" Tweeted out the news. 


CNN says it has fired an editor after finding examples of plagiarism in about 50 of her stories.
The company said it had terminated Marie-Louise Gumuchian, who reported from CNN's London bureau about Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, in an editor's note published Friday.
It said it had removed plagiarized passages from some articles, and deleted some altogether. CNN “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter tweeted a link to the note Friday morning.
- See more at:
CNN says it has fired an editor after finding examples of plagiarism in about 50 of her stories.
The company said it had terminated Marie-Louise Gumuchian, who reported from CNN's London bureau about Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, in an editor's note published Friday.
It said it had removed plagiarized passages from some articles, and deleted some altogether. CNN “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter tweeted a link to the note Friday morning.
- See more at:
CNN says it has fired an editor after finding examples of plagiarism in about 50 of her stories.
The company said it had terminated Marie-Louise Gumuchian, who reported from CNN's London bureau about Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, in an editor's note published Friday.
It said it had removed plagiarized passages from some articles, and deleted some altogether. CNN “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter tweeted a link to the note Friday morning.
- See more at:
CNN says it has fired an editor after finding examples of plagiarism in about 50 of her stories.
The company said it had terminated Marie-Louise Gumuchian, who reported from CNN's London bureau about Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, in an editor's note published Friday.
It said it had removed plagiarized passages from some articles, and deleted some altogether. CNN “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter tweeted a link to the note Friday morning.
- See more at:

Disgusting, Crass and Repugnant: Behold-the 9/11 "Gift Shop".

Making money over dead bodies, right over their ashes-right where the blood ran-is despicable.

All of the "gift shops" at such places should be boarded and shut.

There should be no 9/11 gift shop.

No Anne Frank house gift shop.

And no Yad Vashem gift shop.

News About Jews: Ukraine and France Updates

Ukrainian Jews getting smart. 

French Jews as well. 

As I have said on many other occasions, the only safe places for Jews (and each country has qualifying factors) are Canada, the United States, Australia and Israel.

McCarthy: The Internal Repression Service

A tool for suppressing free speech. 

Pretty dangerous territory for an alleged democracy.

Very Sweet-Islamic Court Permits Pregnant Woman to Give Birth Before Being Hanged

Ahh, the benevolence of sharia. 

So, where is the Twitter campaign from those outraged celebrities and the White House?

If she were a pregnant lesbian, perhaps there would be some concern.

But a black, Christian African? ZZZZZZ.


Well said. 

Related-am I the only one who has noticed that whenever there is a story about an alleged 'transgendered' child, it is always the mother blathering about the issue, and there is never a father present?

Has anyone seen a story like this where the father is the one talking about the inevitability and necessity of sexually mutilating a child with obvious mental health issues?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Funnies: Jewish Mother Admits-"My Son-He's Ruined My Life"

Thanks to Judith for the tip.

This is pretty funny. While I am a Jewish mother, I am not this type of Jewish mother but I certainly do recognize the characteristics. They are familiar to me....

Outstanding Krauthammer: The Sound and the Fury

This is really a good one. 

American Priorities: A View From Steyn and Tammy Bruce

Mark Steyn was speaking with Hugh Hewitt yesterday about the (current) VA hospital scandal. 

Apparently, President nobody-is-madder-about-this-than-me Obama is really upset about this.

I mean, like REALLY upset.

He was really mad about it when he found out about it from the newspaper reports, just like you!

He hadn't heard of any problem before then, but believe me he is so, so, for sure, totally mad about it now.

Those meanwiches at the VA hospitals! Those stinkburgers!

Seriously, #NobodyIsMadderThanHim

Do read the whole thing, or listen to the audio. This is a very salient point: 

" is disturbing to me that America's veterans are regarded by the system as charity cases. The yellow-ribbon thing seems to feed into that, as if veterans are people you should feel sorry for, like starving Third World orphans. There's something psychologically unhealthy about thinking of your warrior class like this."

Systems are evil.

Evil is psychologically unhealthy.

Across America (California I believe), Tammy Bruce had an excellent column in the Washington Times where she notes that some veterans are getting first class treatment out of the beleaguered VA system. 

She notes:

"If there’s anyone who deserves free health care, it’s our veterans, who risk their lives in theaters of war. In our volunteer military, they are the heroes who freely agree to give everything, perhaps even their lives, to protect our nation, our future and liberty around the world."

"Yet, when they return home and need us, our government employees throw them into a machine that not only doesn’t give a darn, but uses them as a pawns in a vile effort to get cash for themselves.
It’s monstrous, and not surprising. We’ve now seen this heinous disregard for the individual at every level of the federal government."

"We shouldn’t be surprised that the almost sociopathic attitude on display everyday by the Obama administration is infecting the federal system as a whole."

"Strangely, if we turn from veterans to traitors, however, we learn just how much the bureaucracy can make happen in the name of health care."

"Politico reports the Pentagon has approved convicted traitor Bradley Manning for transfer from prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., to a civilian prison so he can receive “gender treatment.”

So there's that. 

The Insanity of America the Litigious

Look-this is just NOT NORMAL.

I don't know what the details are of this case, but it is not normal to get a restraining order against your daughter's 5 year old kindergarten classmate.

What the heck constitutes "bullying" anyway?

I guarantee you if the "bullied" kid just whacked the kid upside the head, or punched the "bully" the story would be over. Yes, even five year old kids can handle themselves.

"A police report says the girl was kicked in the face and had sand and rocks thrown at her."


A POLICE REPORT????!!!!!!!?!?!??!?!

The police are already involved in a kindergarten spat? 

This is really NUTS. 

What kind of an idiot judge would grant such a request? I would say it was pathetic if it didn't belie the overly litigious psychosis of American "justice".

What kind of overzealous, crazy-ass 'law enforcement' agency has the supreme, exquisite, DECADENT privilege of investigating kindergartners? 

America, my beloved-how shall I put this?

I love you but your police, and your obsession with courts and their life-draining, savings draining, process-is-the-punishment hell is out of control.

I'd say the parent sounds a few French Fries short of a Happy Meal.

I'd keep an eye on the kids and a close eye on the parent as well.

Culture of Victimhood in America: Village People Edition

So, I actually would have thought that the complaint would be that dressing up as the Village People is too gay.

But apparently, what's offensive about dressing up like a Village Person is that it makes fun of North American Indians or something and is therefore racist. 

I really think that the Village People (are any of them still alive?) would be horrified that anyone thought their costumes were racist. They were merely supposed to be sexually enticing to other men. 

Now, in the pecking order of victimhood, Muslim generally trumps everything except for raaaaacism. Gay comes a close second and then I guess Native American is somewhere down the list.

It's so hard to keep the priorities straight gay bi two-spirited, queer, questioning, trans, in transition.

Israeli Security Officials Can't Seem to Get Timely Visas to America Under the Obama Administration

Must be a freaky deaky coincidences, that's all.

Remember the Obama mantra, reward American enemies and punish American allies and friends.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Isn't Anyone in America Offended By Barack Obama's Comments About 9/11?

The 9/11 memorial museum opened today. 

The President's remarks are so offensive and wrong-headed, it's hard to believe a sitting American President said them.

"It's an honour to join in your memories, to recall and to reflect, but above all to reaffirm the true spirit of 9/11 — love, compassion, sacrifice — and to enshrine it forever in the heart of our nation," he told an audience of victims' relatives, survivors, and rescuers at the ground zero museum's dedication ceremony."

The true spirit of 9/11 was the jihad that brought the towers down and killed more Americans on American soil in a terrorist attack than any other before it.

The true lesson of 9/11 should be eternal vigilance and a commitment to America's security-a far cry from the appeasement policies of President Obama.

He calls Ground Zero "a sacred place of healing and of hope".

It is sacred ground, but no place of healing. Nothing heals those wounds. That is a pitiful, trite platitude.

It is not a place of "hope". How wrong. How patronizing.

Just a disgrace. 

Beautiful: Couple Prays to Adopt Baby With Down Syndrome

Mesmerizing and humbling, G-d bless them and theirs.

Great News: Iraq Debates a Law That Would Allow Men to "Marry" 9 Year Old Girls

And what could possibly be wrong with that? 

Really glad Western blood and treasure was lost defending THAT "right".

"Ahlam al-Obeidi hosts a radio show about women's rights in Baghdad. She says years of war left Iraq with more women than men, and lots of poverty. Some people marry off young girls for the dowry."

"We are a society plagued by patriarchal attitudes and outdated tribal laws, which are all conducive to violence against women," she says.

(I wonder what laws she is referring to? NPR neglects to mention the "S" word...)

"Obeidi says the proposed law causes her intense pain, especially when she thinks of her granddaughters, the eldest of whom is 9 years old."

"This is not marriage," she says, "but rather the selling and buying of young women."

Sounds all Boko Haram-y to me, but what do I know? 

Victor Davis Hanson: Tweets Don't Stop Barbarians

Thank you for putting it so succinctly. 

Excellent: Kirsten Powers-Who Will The Thought Police Come For Next?

Good question. 

Answer: the left doesn't care.

"As the mob gleefully destroys people's lives, its members haven't stopped to ask themselves a basic question: What happens when they come for me? If history is any guide, that's how these things usually end."

Mazel Tov Rush Limbaugh! Children's Choice Book Awards Author of the Year!

Very classy speech.

Liberal heads exploding everywhere makes it even more delicious.

Great News! You May Drown If You Go Swimming in Medicine Hat, Alberta Because Your Female Lifeguard Can't Lift You

But at least her feelings won't have been hurt and that's the main thing, right?

Very Very Cool: A Resort In Galilee Rises Where Jesus May Have Taught

What a fabulous story, and an incredible opportunity for Israeli tourism and for Christian pilgrimage. 


Via BCF: 

Read the whole thing. Just amazing stuff.

A long time ago, when I did freelance writing in Israel, I was the first writer to do a story on the "Jesus Boats" up by Kibbutz Ginosaur in the Galilee. It was a short story that was distributed through a relatively primitive 'wire' service from Israel. It went "viral" before there was "viral". The Spanish translations especially were a huge hit.

That was in the days of PAPER and PHOTOGRAPHS as well if you can imagine. I think I still have a hard copy somewhere, which I should scan and upload sometime just for fun.

Too Unbearably Schadenfrudelicious For Words

All the tattoos that are fit to print remove??


"Ousted Jill Abrahamson reportedly has NYT tattoo on her back..."

Ooooh I Like This Idea! Scaramouche: Let's Have a Mark Steyn Hockey Stick Throw Down in Toronto


This is such a good idea. Like really! 


Mark Steyn and his Liberty Stick right here in Toronto?!?!?

What's not to like?

Scaramouche proposes a fundraising event for Mark Steyn, PBUH right here in Hogtown. 

'Never Again' Means Nothing

A very astute piece from Daniel Greenfield. 

The phrase 'Never Again' is meaningless.

The only thing it means, if you think about it, is never again to the Jews ONLY because we have Israel, the IDF and nukes.

This piece is worth a read, it synthesizes a lot of the feelings that us hatey hatey conservatives have about Holocaust "memorials" and pathetic excuses for remembrance.

Basically, the left and the moderately Jew-hating rest of the world have a fetish for dead Jews. They hate the live ones.

So, by occasionally shedding some crocodile tears about the dead ones of the past, they get a free pass to contribute their money, brains, economic, political and philosophical support to the enemies of live Jews whether in Israel or the Diaspora. 

And liberals who just were born Jewish, but their religion is liberalism and utopianism, are a big part of the problem. As Greenfield puts it:

"The leaders of liberal American Jewry have not changed. They continue handing out awards to their friends and providing cover for anti-Semitic liberal politicians. They clink their glasses and toast each other while their brothers burn. And they do it while exploiting the Holocaust."