Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mazel Tov Mr. Gary McHale


Great news.

Possibly the Stupidest Idea of the Day

The Department of Homeland Security suggests that scissors are a totally awesome way of protecting yourself against a possible mass murderer. 

If that is the case, I humbly suggest that all federal body guards and Secret Service agents be hereby armed with scissors as well.

(*Waves to Homeland Security people, I know there are at least 20 of you who visit regularly. I'm just a suburban Jewish mother, don't you have other stuff to read??*)

The First Article From City Journal That I've Hated

Just read this review cum interview with Elie Wiesel by Stefan Kanfer at City Journal.

The good thing about it, is that it strengthened my pessimistic view of human nature. Humans are deeply flawed-that's conservative thinking. Conservatives do not see human nature optimistically. We don't see ourselves as redeemers of other forlorn people.

It also confirmed that Judaism is an excellent guide living as best as we can within our flawed, human lives. The mitzvot are guidelines that acknowledge the not-so-great inclinations in humans and try to steer us to better behaviour.

I have a problem with all of the abuse of Anne Frank's memory, all that hooey-changey crap about how humanity is still good after all. Because Anne Frank is dead-remember. She was murdered by the Nazis.

This article shows a bit of that hopey-changey still believe all people are good crud and I find those sentiments generally stomach turning.

I didn't know that Wiesel suffered catastrophic financial ruin because he was recommended to invest with Bernie Madoff (see my comments above about how terrifically flawed human beings are).

Then there is this nugget:

"In essence, this means that as a Jew who has seen the worst that history has to offer—and who notes the genocidal acts that go on unabated in Africa and the Middle East—Wiesel still sees the glass as half-full. And as a writer who saw how the perversion of language could contribute to genocide, he still believes in the power of prose and poetry to redeem humanity despite its inhumanity. “I continue to cling to words because it is up to us to transform them into instruments of comprehension rather than contempt. It is up to us to choose whether we wish to use them to curse or to heal, to wound or to console.” The author’s choice manifests itself on every page."

Sigh. So many problems with paragraph. Perversion of language did not lead to genocide. And prose and poetry cannot redeem.

I'm glad that the Jewish nation has poetry and prose, bud I'm pretty damned relieved that the IDF has no immediate plans to launch high impact poems against Iran or the Palestinians.

Live your life with optimum joy but not naivety. 

Glory Be-I Have the Name of Mark Steyn's New Book

OK, I don't actually have it, but I have one that I would highly, highly recommend.

If I were Queen of the World, it would be called:

Politics is A Battle, But Culture Is the War

Of course-that is the last line, the leave-em-with-something-they-will-remember ending of his newest Happy Warrior Article: Who Are We?

Must read, of course-the whole enchilada because that's what this is about-the whole gantze enchilada being shoved down the throats of regular hard working, liberty-minded Americans by their elitist betters. 

What normal people think is vulgar, disgusting and crass, is the left's idea of funny, cute and very cultured. 

The battle is for culture now. If we conservatives, continue to lose every single cultural battle-we will therefore lose the entire war, and then lose Western civilization. 

(And, have a nice day, etc...)


"This is a highly legalistic society with laws against everything and most of them with stiff jail sentences attached. Yet a group of squatters has rendered the law irrelevant. Four of the September 11 terrorists obtained the picture ID they used to board the plane through the illegal-immigrant day-worker network in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven in Falls Church, Va. But 3,000 corpses wasn't enough to persuade either the citizenry or their representatives to end their indulgence of such networks."

"Indeed, it's estimated that half of the "undocumented" have come here since 9/11: That's to say, they broke into a country on Code Orange alert."

"The culture frames the issue, starting with the appropriation of language: These are "hard-working families" willing to do "the jobs Americans won't do," notwithstanding the strains they place on hospitals and schools, the contributions they make to gang crime and drunk-driving statistics . . . Once upon a time they were "illegal," then "undocumented," now just "immigrants," a word with longstanding emotional resonance in America but nevertheless one that used to mean guys who stood in line at consulates, filled in the paperwork, and paid the application fees, and whose redefinition into something entirely different has been accepted as a fait accompli."

PS: The security fence in Israel is working wonders at keeping undesired, single, young, black Muslim African refugees out of Israel. Where there is a will, there is a way. 

Jews, Leave Europe While You Can

There is no Jewish future in Europe.


Hat tip: Blazing Cat Fur.

There isn't a single country in Europe that it is safe or advisable to be a Jew.

Those that can, need to get out.

The only countries that Jews ought to even consider making their homes in are Israel, Canada, the United States and for the most part-Australia.

That's it.

Jews in any other country are risking their lives, their children's lives and their future.

They Can Pave Over Buildings, But Never Kill Ideas

This is the Obama Chicago bully style.

Pave over Reagan's childhood home and turn it into an Obama parking lot. 

Least classy administration ever. EVER.

They can symbolically dump on Reagan and his conservative ideas, his deference to liberty and individual rights but they will never kill off the ideas-try as they may.

Another American Fraud

But hey-what difference does it make? 

Hey America-Here's a Great Idea

Why not throw a food stamps party!

All the cool kids are doing it. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hey-I Have An Idea! Infidels-Open Your Wallets!

Let's get everyone who is not responsible for family "honour" murders to 'fix' the problem and have the joy of paying for a solution through their taxes!

Yes, in this column, we are advised that all Canadians must come together to prevent family honour murders, which-in a strange coincidence-usually emanate exclusively from a couple of layers of the "broad strata" of Canadian immigrants: Muslims (from different countries) and South Asians (mostly Sikhs).

So-hear ye, hear ye, all ye infidel Canadians. It is actually YOU, my infidel friends that are responsible for fixing this mess!

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Let's take your hard earned taxes and use it to try to "re-educate" people coming from illiberal, non-democratic countries and try to teach them that it's not OK here in Canada to kill your sisters and daughters because they have "shamed" you.

Sounds like a really terrific lesson plan. 

I have a better idea.  

Let's actually NOT do that. 

Perhaps we should consider limiting the number of immigrants from areas where there are strong traditions of family "honour" murders.

Why should a single Canadian dollar be wasted on "treatment" of this barbaric practice?

Prevention is worth a lot of "cure".

Do we really want immigrants here that need to be convinced that killing their children is not a good idea? 

Family "honour" murder is not a Canadian problem. It's an import from non-democratic countries, most of which are government by sharia or other misogynistic systems and attitudes toward women. There is no Canadian tradition of "honour" murder, and therefore it goes without saying that there is no Canadian "solution" to the problem.

The only solution is-let's choose not to make it our problem.

And anyway-as the Shafia murders proved, it doesn't matter how much money you throw at a problem like this, or how many layers of government bureaucracy and "helpy" people you put into the mix-these murders will happen-social workers, teachers and police be damned.

Yes, You Can Run Out of Money

Lights went out in Paris, and now buses come to a halt in Italy's third-largest city. 

I'm sure it's no big deal, just a blip. Carry on....

That is to say: PRINT MORE MONEY, STAT!!!!!!

Israel to Iran

I'm putting this through my Israeli to English translator and it's coming out....

Hey, Iran-you're totally full of shit!

So, to confirm...the latest Iranian space effort was an EPIC fail.

Ahmedinejad came back to earth after all.

Will Oxford University Do the Right Thing?

Probably not.

Let's see if they allow a lying liar and Jew-hater of the first order, to continue with her execrable fraud.

America the Great

This is inspiring. 

G-d bless Brendan Marrocco and the entire team of doctors and nurses that performed this operation.

I'm Gonna Hurl

Nanny Bloomberg compliments Joe Biden's balls. 


After America: Welcome to Detroit

Detroit is bankrupt.

The hundreds of millions, the billions of dollars pumped into the city from welfare, to fat union salaries, to auto manufacturer "bailouts", from food stamps to subsidized housing-nothing can save this city from itself. 

Read this whole article. It contains very little hard news about the city-this is all stuff we have heard before.

Apparently, nobody in the city really understood that actually-you can run out of money. It does happen.

But this part of the article struck me as a perfect example of the feckless, Nero mentality of the American left. It has a lede that neatly summarizes the complete state of denial and the complete obtuseness of the governing elites of America.

"At the Detroit Auto Show earlier this month, luxury was in the air. Pricey new Bentleys and Maseratis glittered - including a Maserati 2014 Quattroporte with a $132,000 price tag; U.S. Cabinet Secretaries and dignitaries rubbed shoulders; and many of the well-heeled attendees ponied up for a $300-a-ticket black-tie charity ball."
"But in a city that is slowly dying, the glitz didn't extend much beyond the Cobo Center exhibition hall."

American High School Students Read Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic

Hey-what could POSSIBLY be wrong with that?

America is screwed. 

It needs a complete purge of the leftist and Marxist, Allinsky morons that are entrenched in the public education system.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Abuse of the Disabled

Otherwise known as one of the many reasons why I am in favour of the death penalty.

They locked her in a cage and went to a movie. 

Words fail me.

Obama (Finally) Croaks Out An Unenthusiastic Mazel Tov to Bibi

After letting out a well-time stink bomb through the American media (liberal, Jewish) in advance of the Israeli election (not heaven forbid trying to meddle in the process or anything like that) President Obama-a week after the elections-has now managed to cough up a tiny little congratulatory message to Bibi.

"Mazel tov, my frenemy!" 

You know, if even CBS News-one of the official Media Court Eunuchs of the White House thinks it's a little pissy to wait a week-you have a media situation on your hands.

The Wussification of Canadians

Yesterday was an EXTREME WEATHER DAY in the Greater Toronto Area.

School buses were cancelled, but most schools were open. I was driving on the roads and the roads would have actually been alright if the snow trucks and salters had actually been on the roads before the morning rush hour. I saw one truck at the most on my drive to the subway.

Now, perhaps I am getting old and cranky but is it my imagination or do people not know that it snows in Canada in the winter?

Hello everyone in Canada, especially in the P&ssified Greater Toronto Area.

Are you listening?

Here is a memo from me to you about winter.

We have snow in the winter! 

And when it snows, if you are driving, you have to slow down.

You should have winter tires on your car.

Four wheel drive is a good thing!

I don't understand what the panic is about EXTREME WEATHER here in Toronto.

This is a city that is clearly full of way too many wimps. And these wimps are in positions of semi-power where they have the power to control the economy by declaring EXTREME WEATHER alerts, cancelling school buses and basically discouraging children from attending school even if the schools are open and thereby making it difficult for parents to get to work and you know-work, so that our taxes can be used to pay their salaries among other things.

I was trying to think if we had any EXTREME WEATHER when I was a child, in grade school and throughout high school. I only can remember one instance in particular when school was closed and that was because there was an actual veritable white out blizzard with gusting winds, blowing drifts and the snow was accumulating to heights of about a metre or thereabouts. There was also a massive ice storm some time in the late 1990s that shut things down for a while, but I think Montreal was more affected than Toronto.

But other than that one time that I can remember-and the big ice storm, we went to school every day and parents were expected to be at work. Teachers were also expected to be at work. Everyone doubled their travel time, or tripled it if necessary. We might not have walked home for lunch on those EXTREME WEATHER days but we were definitely at school. Those were the days when kids-like me and my siblings-could walk to and from school alone.

In fact, we also were shoved out the door for morning recess, lunch time play time and afternoon recess. There was no way in hell that you could stay inside during recess or lunch. The teachers actually stood by the doors and insisted that we play outside. Insisted is a nice way of putting it. You had a better chance-a waayy, waaaaaay better chance of hell freezing over than being allowed to stay indoors at recess.

Even if it was freezing, below freezing or if there was EXTREMELY EXTREME WEATHER we were expected to go outside and burn off some steam. That was when kids played outside more instead of staring aimlessly at little screens for hundreds of hours a week like little pint-sized zombies, unlike now when their helicopter parents (driving massive SUV's for the very demanding mountain roads of the GTA) demand that they wear helmets at recess, forbid peanut butter sandwiches and take them to their psychiatrists after school and then arrange "play dates" (WTF is with that phrase anyway, can't kids just 'play').

In the junior high years, the teachers were not even sympathetic to the girls who feigned feminine problems relating to that time of the month to get out of going outside.

"Cramps!! I can't go outside I have cramps," they would screech hopelessly as they were shoved out the door into the EXTREME WEATHER.

So, I have no patience for the EXTREME WIMPS and LOSERS who cannot deal with 3 centimetres of snow or a little bit of freezing rain. Give me a break.

Everyone needs to be at work or school regardless of the weather.

Kids should be shoved outside to play, bundled up in snowsuits, etc.

People need to toughen up, just ever so slightly.

This is Canada, and it's precipitation forchrisssssake and not thermonuclear war.


You're welcome!

Oh Merde!

Houston, nous avons une PROBLEME!!!


Nous sommes TOTALLY BROKE. 

Nous sommes in le fiscal shitter!



Modern Barbarians

Remind me please, why anyone in a democracy should give ONE SINGLE CRAP about these godforsaken, disgusting barbarians?

As far as I'm concerned, let them all kill and behead each other.

Our soldiers are "fighting" for these barbarians to continue to have their depraved lives. It's sickening and a sham and it should cease immediately.

There is no honour in preserving this lifestyle, this "culture" and it is not likely to change-ever.

Some cultures simply cannot be redeemed.

Not ever.

Egyptian Democracy!

It's a beautiful thing.

Dang-those Egyptians are smart.

They figured out that there really was no Holocaust. The Jews were all just moved to America!


Monday, January 28, 2013

Oy to the Vey

Ayaan Hirsi Ali talks about "Why Middle East Muslims are taught to hate Jews."

"As a child growing up in a Muslim family, I constantly heard my mother, other relatives, and neighbors wish for the death of Jews, who were considered our darkest enemy. Our religious tutors and the preachers in our mosques set aside extra time to pray for the destruction of Jews."


"All over the Middle East, hatred for Jews and Zionists can be found in textbooks for children as young as 3, complete with illustrations of Jews with monster-like qualities. Mainstream educational television programs are consistently anti-Semitic. In songs, books, newspaper articles, and blogs, Jews are variously compared to pigs, donkeys, rats, and cockroaches, and also to vampires and a host of other imaginary creatures.

(Ed note: There is, ahem-how shall I put this...lots of this stuff in the Koran, but I don't see it mentioned here in the article. If "clergy" are inciting this kind of Judenhaas, where are they getting it from?)

When America Was Grand

A look back to 100 years ago when the Grand Central Terminal was a splendid reflection of American greatness in design, architecture, style, engineering and vision. 

Is there any project in the last few decades that measures up to this-even remotely? I don't think so.

By the way, is the new World Trade Centre finished yet? 


Didn't think so.

All Hail the Mighty Pun!


I like puns. 

I am in good company:

"The Roman orators Cicero and Quintilian believed that "paronomasia", the Greek term for punning, was a sign of intellectual suppleness and rhetorical skill....The humour theorist Charles Gruner has argued that puns are a product of humans' adaptive tendency towards competitiveness. We may groan at puns as an acknowledgement that we have been outplayed by a speaker who has asserted his or her superiority over us."

So there. 

The Collectivist Mind Game: Demonizing the Opposition

This is the second of a series of articles written by someone who has had a personal experience with socialism and communism.

Read the whole thing-this part was especially astute.

"Today's American intellectuals are retracing the steps of their Soviet predecessors in the early days of the socialist dictatorship.  Having had hopes to see the workers' paradise in their lifetime, many came to regret their misguided enthusiasm, as they themselves fell victim to the popular illusions they helped to induce, when a mere slip of a tongue, a drunken remark, or an accusation by someone in the new generation of socialist intellectuals who wanted to take their job, wife, or apartment, led them to be lumped with any of the large assortment of the thoroughly demonized and dehumanized "enemies of the people."

"There is only one way to redistribute wealth: human sacrifice, with optional variations of manipulative mind games to ease the pain and maintain control over the population.  All those who claimed they can do it differently were doomed, sooner or later, to retrace the same path."

If My Aunt Had Balls

She'd be my uncle!

WTF is it with Obama and the many sons he never actually had????

So Sue Me

I am generally not a proponent of male teachers with very young children-particularly in day cares. 

Most of the male day care workers that I have encountered have soft voices, but I have never really felt comfortable around them. And it's not because of whatever their sexual orientation is. I couldn't care less if they sleep with men or women or both.

I think that there is something odd about men who gravitate to being day care workers-so sue me.

I do not have the same feeling about men who are teachers in junior high school or high school or university and college. Older children, teens and young adults are more capable of articulating problems with authority figures.

There is just something odd about many men who place themselves in almost completely female dominated careers. 

Here's How Holocaust Memorial Day Was Noted In Britain


Japan Cracks Down on the "Comfortably Poor"

Wow-that is an astonishingly good phrase-"comfortably poor". 

That is definitely a problem in all democracies.

How do you help the people who truly cannot help themselves-the infirm, the disabled, the elderly with no resources, etc.. yet make sure that you are not draining all the resources of the country by supporting the "Comfortably Poor" class?

There are many, many people for whom 'comfortably poor' is a pretty damned high standard of living.

The state takes away all incentive for independence by feeding their entitlement complex and making it next to impossible that they will live productive lives. Why should they?

The UK Is Screwed

When a democracy puts the lives of terrorists above the lives of its own citizens, that society is in irreversible decline. 

This is preposterous.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

"It's the Culture, Stupid!"


This is a really brave, insightful column. Brave of  someone from a lefty Catholic school like Notre Dame to write it!

It's called "Post-Mortem" and it has a lot of interesting food for thought.

"We have been trying to fight this battle every four years at the voting booth. It is long past time we admit that that is not where the battle really is. We abdicated control of the culture – starting back in the 1960s. And now our largest primary social institutions – education, the media, Hollywood (entertainment) have become really nothing more than an assembly line for cranking out reliable little Leftists."

"Furthermore, we have allowed the government to undermine the institutions that instill good character – marriage, the family, communities, schools, our churches. So, here we are, at least two full generations later – we are reaping what we have sown. It took nearly fifty years to get here; it will take another fifty years to get back. But it starts with the determination to reclaim education, the media, and the entertainment business. If we fail to do that, we can kiss every election goodbye from here on out. And much more."


China is an Evil Empire

The American March for Life got zero coverage in the mainstream media.

Surprise! NOT.

Here is another perspective on the lives extinguished through abortion.

The West's Deafening Silence on China's Force Abortions

Breaking News!

Rich people may not like getting completely soaked. 

Smart Jew Barry Rubin Explains to Hilary Clinton Why It Makes a Difference

He speaks slooooooowly and clearly.

Here's why it makes a difference. 

Read the whole thing.

The Nazi Extermination of the Disabled

I have mixed feelings about modern works of art being created about the Holocaust. The risk is so great that it becomes maudlin and cheapens the memory of the victims.

However, I think that addressing the fact that the Nazis started to perfect their extermination techniques by killing their own disabled children is actually an important fact to discuss-especially now that there are so many modern advocates (leftists) who prefer to either kill disabled children in utero, or provide fancy named murder programs for them if they make it out of the womb.

So, there is a new opera premiering in Vienna about this topic. I believe that it is something that not a lot of people know about, so this artistic foray into the topic is probably a good idea-as I said, if it's not cheap and maudlin.

The Problem With Socialism

Is running out of other people's money.

That is to say-PRINT MORE MONEY!!! STAT!!!!

Britain's National Sickness Is....


Here's Melanie Phillips describing the diagnosis, based on recent comments by a British Member of Parliament. 

Here's Caroline Glick on her recent visit to the UK for a debate-read the whole thing. It shows how Judenhaas is a disease of the upper strata of British society in particular. I'm sure that they are very happy though that they can get authentic curry though-and that's what really counts.

Glick: Why would anyone Jewish want to live in the UK?

The UK is screwed. Jews need to get out while they can.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Best Article of the Day: David Mamet-Gun Laws and the Fools of Chelm

This is a brilliant article. 

Absolutely brilliant piece on gun control in America. It articulates the real problem: the tyranny of government.

Read the whole thing. 

"Karl Marx summed up Communism as “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” This is a good, pithy saying, which, in practice, has succeeded in bringing, upon those under its sway, misery, poverty, rape, torture, slavery, and death."


"The Founding Fathers, far from being ideologues, were not even politicians. They were an assortment of businessmen, writers, teachers, planters; men, in short, who knew something of the world, which is to say, of Human Nature. Their struggle to draft a set of rules acceptable to each other was based on the assumption that we human beings, in the mass, are no damned good—that we are biddable, easily confused, and that we may easily be motivated by a Politician, which is to say, a huckster, mounting a soapbox and inflaming our passions."




Watch and Smile

Owen's Big Game!

Amazing. Hat tip: Sarah Palin.

Oh Dear!

Egyptians in Egypt breaking up with Obama?




View image on Twitter

Whoo Hooo!

Welcome to Hubba Hubba university!


The UK Is Screwed

Educators, your moral and intellectual superiors. 


Thursday, January 24, 2013

President Make Believe

Very astute: 

"The job of the president is not merely to inspire. It is first and foremost to inform -- to help people see the world as it is, not as they wish it to be -- and then to craft policies based on that understanding. Barack Obama is so confident of his rhetorical powers that he violates such self-restraint. In his speech, he casually mentioned "hard choices" but didn't say what they are; he offhandedly acknowledged that combatting climate change will be "long" but didn't say why. His make-believe assumptions sound good but will have a short shelf life."

The Delusions of Jews, Their Illusions of Utopia

What a strange January it has been.

The coldest winds I feel are not from outside, but more philosophical in nature.

As is by now well known, many Canadian bloggers,writers, chaplains and journalists have been either taken to Human Rights Commissions or sued in civil courts for "promoting hatred", or even the "crime" of linking to hatred!

Although it is hard to believe that in a country such as Canada, a country whose legal roots trace back to the magnificent Magna Carta, our liberty is under threat.

My feeling is that there is no legal remedy to protect Canadians against the litigious multi-fold menace aimed at muzzling free speech.

The only solutions are political. 

The majority Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been a leader in many democratic initiatives. Mr. Harper himself is a firm lover and supporter of freedom and liberty.

Yet, our government simply is not stepping up its moral obligation and legal ability to protect the most basic of all of our freedoms: freedom of speech.

Freedom starts with the freedom to speak our mind and to think what we want to think. The criminal code has very enlightened positions on what speech is reasonably forbidden-such as uttering death threats. That is certainly a reasonable limit on speech as it puts individual human life at risk.

But being offended cannot be a crime in a democracy.

Feeling hurt cannot be a crime in a democracy.

Telling a joke cannot be a crime in a democracy.

Discussing facts about politics, religion and sexuality cannot be criminal offenses in a democracy.

Citizens in a democracy should not have to suffer financially, professionally or mentally because someone was offended by their prose or opinions. But that is what is happening in Canada and all over the free world and a political solution is required. 

Earlier this week, likely upon hearing that a settlement was reached in the case of a certain blogger, a most disgusting Tweet wafted through the internet from the High Priest of the Jewish Left in Canada.  

Then, the government of Canada took a step forward and recognized some real freedom fighters in Canada. The High Priest of the Jewish Left in Canada seethed again.

Notably, the High Priest of the Jewish Left was not sufficiently aggrieved by the 'devaluation' in the honour to return his own medal. 

But as I say, it has been a strange month.

You know, Elie Wiesel in Night, describes a scene that I play over and over in my head when I think about the Holocaust. And I've read many, many books about the Holocaust but this scene is embedded now in my genetic make up.

If you have read Night, perhaps you will remember that Moshe the Beadle, who was deported from Sighet in 1942 comes back and tries to warn his townsfolk of the dangers of the German army. Nobody listens. Eventually, they are all in ghettos, deported, shoved into ovens, walking in death marches. But Moshe the Beadle tried to warn them. 

Other people escaped the camps and tried to warn the Jews as well.

"Rudolf Vrba...survived two years in Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland before escaping to warn the world of Nazi plans to exterminate one million Hungarian Jews in 1944. But when he and his fellow escaper Alfred Wetzler made contact with the Jewish Council at Zilina in Slovakia, offering the first detailed eye-witness accounts of what had previously been unconfirmed rumour, they were treated with caution."

"Sharp criticism was to be levelled against some leaders of Hungary's Jewish community, who failed to warn their people what being "resettled" in Poland meant."

The truth was out there, the horrible murderous truth was out there. But it was too impossible to digest. Too horrifying to contemplate. So they looked away and unarmed Jew after Jew after Jew turned into ashes.

The High Priests of the Jewish Left look away also.

They alienate the philosemitic gentiles of our day, who are true friends of Israel and the Jewish people. They antagonize them, demonize them, all the while living in their dreamy utopia, acting out their fantasies of being morally better than the rest of us.

Well they aren't. In fact, they are complicit in evil right now. 

They won't look at the current Nazis. 

They are not concerned with real evil. 

They will file another report. They will have another multifaith gathering. Host another Matzo Balls for Mohammad gala dinner.

They will hope that if we are just a little nicer to them, if we just bake bread with them, if we just give the keys to the ancestral Jaffa home "back", if we just let Achmed have his own falafel stand, if we just destroy the "settlements", if, if, if, if-there will somehow, someday there will be no more Judenhaas.

It's easier to chase the geriatric Nazis. It's easier to be a utopian leftist, liberal who just happened to have been born Jewish than stick with the G-d of Israel and the current crop of Noahides and truly righteous gentiles among us.

In January, 1945 Auschwitz was liberated. 

In January, 2013 liberty is under threat in Canada and in much of the Western world and those who call themselves liberal are gloating, busying themselves with dreams of more regulation of speech, more re-education, more social engineering and more vicarious battles with the demons that have already been slaughtered and more victories against ghost enemies instead of live ones.

Ultimately the worst punishment for these despicable creatures is that they have to live with themselves-which is a magnificent punishment that not even our highest courts could deliver.

But the worst punishment for those of us who wish not to live like them is the chilling thought that our elected representatives will not fight for individual liberty on our behalf-using the political tools that they have at their disposal.

How cold do you like your winters?

How cold do you like your chill on free speech?

A strange January indeed.

Clifford May Wins the Internet Today

"The reports of the death of Al Qeida have been greatly exaggerated..."

Tru dat!

"American officials can kill our enemies (mostly with drones). They just can’t analyze, criticize, or challenge the beliefs that motivate them. Fighting a kinetic war is permitted, but waging a cognitive war is prohibited. If we are to avoid defeat, we need to be fighting both."

After America: Dateline-Detroit

How bad is it in Detroit?

This bad. 

As Iowahawk puts it-they can't even give these houses away. 

Hilary Clinton: What Difference Does It Make?

Are there any people with brains in the Republican party of today?

Do they have computers, or notebooks and pens to you know-record and remember stuff?

Here's something that needs to be played, and replayed and then played again.

Hilary Clinton:

What difference... does it make?

Ask "Chris"-her Ambassador. 

Oh wait-he's DEAD. Nevermind. 

What difference does it make? 

To Democrats-none whatsoever. 

And a crappy b-movie "filmmaker" still sits in jail in California. 

So far the filmmaker and "Chris's" family are the only ones being punished by America. 

Funny that.


I may have to watch the Oscars for the first time ever.

Adele plus all six Bonds? 


Great News From Israel!

The move to the right!

Excellent-the Jewish Home party (religious Zionists) gained another seat, at the expense of an Arab party.



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dr. Lastname Rocks!

Some of the very best advice on the whole dang internet is at Dr. Lastname's blog.

Here's another stupendous post: 

"Depressed people prefer to listen to their rotten emotions telling them a hundred reasons why they’ve failed, no matter how many victories they’ve achieved, and people with bad habits can find a hundred reasons for thinking they had no choice, despite the many avoidable fuck-ups they’ve fucked up."

Ever been around a downer? Have I?


It's's rather..A DOWNER. If you let it.

So screw 'em.

Correct: The Death of the Dinner Table Leads to Obesity

Can I tell you how much I love the smell of sacred cow on the grill in the morning with my coffee?

I love when people cut to the chase.

Obesity linked to class. 


The Most Deadly Weapon in America

Is the dastardly grandfather-made PAPER GUN.

Beware all ye that encounter this lethal assault weapon.

OMG Delicious!

The road to hell is paved with good ("liberal") intentions.

Nanny Bloomberg's soda ban is raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist. 


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The War Against Free Speech in Canada

Behold-the war against free speech in Canada articulated clearly and plainly for all to see. The words emanate from-where else? A Canadian university campus.

As Kate so famously, and so magnificently noted-the opposite of diversity is university.

Thus, we see a 'free speech' wall torn down on campus. 

"Not every opinion is valid."

These are the words spoken by a seventh-year human rights student and self-described "anti-homophobia campaigner".

Did you see what I just wrote?


 Does that bother anyone but me?

"In a Tuesday afternoon Twitter exchange with a CBC reporter, Mr. Smith dubbed free speech an “illusory concept” and declared that “not every opinion is valid, nor deserving of expression.”

What a disgusting display.

Some things are really so stupid that only an academic, or seventh-year human rights student could come up with them and believe them. 

This is a display of decadence and of moral decay. This is an embarrassment.

As I've said before, Section 13 died but the war on free speech continues in Canada. The lawsuits continue. The jokes become muted. The thoughts are self-censored. The bullies rage on.

Perhaps most discouraging is that these seventh-year human rights students are the future teachers, lawyers and politicians of our country. They are the future re-education specialists diversity consultants and human rights commissioners.

They must be fought tooth and nail.

We must own our own thoughts, and own our liberty-liberty at the micro level is what it is about right now.

Shame on anyone who doesn't take a public stand on this.

Assaults on free speech are the beginning of the end of all free societies.

I'm Going to Barf

Seriously. I am going to hurl my lunch.

The ten words in the English language that should never, ever, EVAH EVAH EVAH be put together: 

"Erotic novel featuring Barack and Michelle Obama on sale now."

It's Da Joooooooooooos Again!

Pakistani Canadians identify 'root' cause of violence against Shias.

Those dastardly JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS. 

Running amok in Pakistan!

It would all be peace and love and unicorns in Pakistan if there were just no Zionists making trouble there.

"Religious leader Moulana Hassan Mujtaba told the audience he was warning non-Muslims around the world that they were not safe from the Zionist quest for world domination."


The Left's Campaign to Destroy Michele Bachmann

The left aimed their many guns at Sarah Palin-also a very dear friend of Israel and the Jewish people.

Now, they are aiming at Michele Bachmann, and you must read all about it in this article by Caroline Glick. 

Bachmann is pro-life, pro-Israel, pro-West, pro-marriage, pro-nuclear families. No wonder the left hates her with such a passion.

She is smart and ballsy, beautiful, charitable and a fine person.

I urge you to read this article and to stand by Michele Bachmann and other philosemitic gentiles that are being smeared by the left on a regular basis. She completely understands the threat of sharia to the United States, and has not been afraid to talk about it.

"For her efforts, Bachmann was condemned not only by the Left, but by Senator John McCain as a bigot and a McCarthyite."
"But she is none of these things. And last month, her concerns were borne out when the Egyptian magazine Rose al Youssef published an article about Muslim Brotherhood operatives in senior positions in the Obama administration. According to the article, these operatives have transformed the US “from a position hostile to Islamic groups and organizations in the world, to the largest and most important supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.” (Here is the Investigative Project on Terrorism’s translation of the article.)"

Dear European Jews: Get out While You Can

"Established in 1947 as a testament to Belgian Jewry’s post-Holocaust revival, the Athenee Maimonides Bruxelles school once accommodated 600 students in its spacious building in downtown Brussels, but now has only 150. Enrollment entered a free fall 10 years ago, as Jews left the area for the suburbs and were replaced by immigrants, many of them Muslims, who made Jewish parents believe the area was unsafe."

Read the whole thing. 

Obama's Anti-Zionism: Daniel Pipes

Your must read of the day. 

People are talking about Obama now being free to run his 'progressive' agenda, about him trying to wreck the Republican party (I think Republicans are doing an excellent job of this themselves), but Daniel Pipes cuts to the chase-and says that now Obama is free to express his explicit anti-Zionism.

And like his (alleged) hero Martin Luther King once said-when people criticize "Zionists", they mean Jews. 

A Love Letter From Obama To Pharoh

Dear Mohammed,

I'm so excited about my Second Coming. WHOOPS!! Did I offend you with that reference to Jesus? I mean ISSA? Sorry about that, akhi. 

Anyway, I feel so bad that I couldn't do another major speech over there by the pyramids-the other one was SOOOOOOOO COOOOOL, but I'm pretty busy here in America. My wife got new bangs,you know- and Beyonce sang at my thingy yesterday and it has been really crazy with all the parties and stuff.

I know you thought I was pissed at you about that Jew stuff, but really-I have to throw a few bones now and again to the Jews...they are really powerful as you know!! HA HA. Like I have to tell you that!!! You of all people!! HAHA!

So, let's try to move forward and forget about it. I hope you will forgive me! Miss you.

Here's a small token of my esteem and appreciation. 

Let's try to have lunch, or a falafel or something the next time you're in D.C, OK?????


Barack Hussein Obama

Sharia Creep

Welcome to McInfidels.

Your McChicken will cost you $700,000.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pro Tip

Don't bring a snowball to a hose fight.


And redheads are not really my thing, but I do like this photo essay of Prince Harry-masculine, patriotic, all good.

Definitely an image and example more Western men should be following.

The Haircut Jihad

A fatwa (hairtwa???) has been issued in Denmark.

All haircuts are equal. 

None are more equal than others.

Israel Has It Right

This is an Israeli teacher on a field trip with her young charges. 

This is what protects children from terrorists. Regular people with guns, and soldiers with guns. 

Someone in Utah did this and it was a big deal to the liberal media, and no biggie in Utah. 

 This cell phone photo provided by Cindy Yorgason shows a JC Penney shopper with an assault rifle over his shoulder in Riverdale, Utah, Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013.  Cindy Yorgason said she was trying to exchange an item at the store when she spotted the man and took his photo.  The man, identified as 22-year-old Joseph Kelley, says he wanted to demonstrate that the weapons aren’t dangerous when handled by law-abiding citizens.  Kelley told The Salt Lake Tribune the rifle was an unloaded AR-15, and he was also carrying a loaded Glock 19c on his hip.

The Conservative Unicorn: "Compassionate Conservativism"

When I hear the phrase "compassionate conservative" I hear "expensive".

It makes me think of conservatives who are just not confident enough in their own beliefs to just call them plan conservative (which is actually the historical LIBERAL, i.e lover of individual liberty).

So what do you think of this article, about 'reclaiming' compassion? 

I believe being conservative is the most compassionate ideology. Believing that humans are terribly flawed, and working within human reality is the best way to live. (See Thomas Sowell.)

"Above all, what conservatives can do, and what Ryan and others are now trying to do, is to recapture compassion from the liberals, de-sentimentalizing while reaffirming it. Properly understood (as Tocqueville would say), compassion is a preeminently conservative virtue. It dignifies the individual (the donor of charity as well as the recipient); it thrives in a free and sound economy where the individual can “better himself”; it nurtures a spirit of independence rather than fostering the dependency that is too often the result of misguided entitlements; and it finds expression and fulfillment in civil society more often than in government. This is not to deny the validity or utility of safety nets and entitlements in principle, only to define and limit them in practice. Nor is it to deny any role to government, only, again, to define that role more precisely and to limit it more severely."

I don't know if I would cite Paul Ryan though as an example of putting a good face on conservativism. I thought he was a great choice as a running mate for Romney but frankly, he has spent his whole life working in the government. And he had a government "day job" to fall back upon in case he didn't get the VP gig.

And that is a very Republican problem now.

They would rather quietly serve in government than actually do anything to really reform it (read: entitlements).

They like being in the halls of power, at the dinner parties etc..even if they are not in the White House.

America needs an actual conservative party.

The Republican party is not that party. 

Ban Subways!

Do it for the children!

And for the drunks!

If it saves JUST ONE LIFE, you must ban subways.

Oh Look! Bangs!

The leader of the free world weighs in on his country's most pressing issue.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Leftism is a Mental Illness

I mean it. 

Mona Charen: Obama and Israel

With friends like the US, who really needs enemies?

Peggy Noonan: Obama Kind of Sucks

Not a bad article. 

However, I really don't think the Obama administration actually, you know-CARES what anyone has to say about it. Especially when articles don't emanate from the echo chamber "court eunuch media"-as Mark Steyn likes to call them.

Just thinking about the gun violence in the US.

There should be a campaign to ban guns from all Hollywood movies.

That would be awesome.

Facebook's "Accidental Mistake"

Free speech is quashed not just by totalitarians, but by their willing, Western enablers. 

Read what happened to a Palestinian journalist when he tried to shine some light on what's really happening in the Palestinian Authority. He's a very brave guy.

Naftali Bennet-Rock Star

The Israeli right is rising.

Good stuff. 

“Love for life in Israel is everywhere."

Italian MP plans move to Israel. 

Mazel Tov!

The End Result of Socialism

Is running out of other people's money.

But in the meantime-PARTY TIME!

Whooo hoo!

The UK is screwed. 

"Benefits" really means "only suckers work".

The Biggest Terrorist Threat in America

Apparently is not the jihad.


Educators! Your moral and intellectual and counter-terrorist superiors!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

If this doesn't make you pro-life, you are a complete moron

George Jonas once wrote a column about abortion. The one thing I remember most about the article was (and I paraphrase) how he said that if it wasn't alive, it wouldn't need to be killed.

You must watch this spectacular TED talk. 

The magnificent glory of pregnancy and birth.

Pregnancy is the closest that humans get to divine powers. Women are closest to G-d in this way because they create and nurture life in their own body.

Pity the babies who are killed in their mother's womb.

The UK is Full of Randy Weirdos

Super duper most excellent strategy to get people to read more books at the local public library.

Have some pole dancing classes there.

People will be there only for the articles! Yup!

Okeeee dokeeee.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Children Being Raised in "captivity" due to crazy parents

I read a book a while ago about a guy who had that protective batshit crazy helicopter thing going on with his toddler son.

The wife, who was a little more sensible, would start yelling HELMET HELMET HELMET at him to get him to back off. (Love it!!)

This article discusses such parenting.

I'm a protective mother, but I let the kids play in the dirt and eat dirt.

I don't care if the clothes get dirty-that's what washing machines are for.

If it can't go into the washing machine-please don't buy it for my kids. Don't bring me fancy dishes. I don't want them if they can't go into the dish washer. Don't come running to me about a little fall if there is no blood or a broken bone. If someone is picking on you and they started it-you finish it so they never mess with you again.

Yes, there are bad days and sometimes life sucks for a stretch but we don't live in the frigging rice fields for chrissssssake. 

Live a little.