Friday, May 31, 2013

Stop the Violence! Head of Chicago Anti-Violence Group Arrested for Allegedly Beating His Wife

Irony is a REAL BITCH.

"The head of a publicly funded anti-violence group is now facing charges after allegedly attacking his wife inside their suburban home."


(It's a Public Health Issue, doncha know...) 

From the comments:

"It's not his fault. He was stirred to violence by an inflammatory video on the internet."


"Mistakes were made..."

Perhaps a "teachable moment"?

Britain's Islamic Future-Gatestone Report

Umm-happy Friday.


Florida "Educators": Terrorists Are Driven By "Low Self-Esteem"

What a massive load of dog squeeze!

Who wants to break it to these idiots that terrorist actually have pretty healthy self-esteem?

Like supremacist-level self esteem.

They think that they are totally AKBAR.

Completely and totally AKBAR.

More bad news:

The whitewashing of American youth on terrorism is pretty much complete.

The article notes a survey that says:

"As a whole, younger Americans and college graduates are overwhelmingly more likely to believe that Islam -- as practiced by most Muslims -- does not promote violence."

 Hit that 9/11 snooze button one more time-thanks.

Why They Fight and What Democracy Means: Clifford May

Very interesting piece today by Cliff May at NRO:

"Wars do end — but rarely because one side declares them over unless, of course, that side is prepared to accept defeat."

"Imagine President Roosevelt, circa 1943, deciding it was time to end the “wars” in Europe, Asia, and North Africa, even as German and Japanese troops continued to spread fascism. Imagine President Kennedy saying it was time to wind down the Cold War even as the Soviets were expanding the frontiers of Communism. The ideology that confronts us today is no less totalitarian, no less supremacist, and no less bellicose."

"This man-woman mating is so natural, so common, and so obvious that only an academic can question it."

Some interesting thoughts on the government being in the business of 'redefining' marriage. 

Quite true, that they can only change the words but not really affect the meaning.

"You are hoping by its force and might, by fiat, that government will change what marriage means. But government can’t change the state of marriage fundamentally. Nobody can. The best it can do is to use the word incorrectly, and require that others do, too. We’ll see later that this still won’t (and can’t) alter real marriage."

The Real War on Women-How Legalizing Prostitution in Germany Has Not Reduced Misery or Human Trafficking

A dismal look at the legal sex trade in Germany. 

This is the real war on women and girls, but you won't hear a peep about it from the left.

America Is full of Mentally Ill Anti-Gun Freaks, Especially at Public Schools

A kindergarten student was interrogated over a cap gun, until he peed in his pants, and suspended for 10 days!

This is insanity.

He could miss the entire school year, and it could be on his permanent record.

Americans have to take back their country from the mental cases running the "education" system.


LOL Hey R U HIV+ or U hv an STD?


Educators and public school education.

Your moral, intellectual and STD status via text message superiors.

What could possibly be wrong with that?

European Socialism Working Out Really Well

Nanny state cradle-to-grave socialism is really making a mark in Europe.


"My quest for the perfect butt...."

It's really hard for me to feel sympathy for people whose ass is the most important thing in their life. 

Hitting the gym would have been another possible solution for the ass obsession.

And, like breast implants-if your "partner" thinks you need fake boobs or to inject stuff into your butt, you need a new partner, and not new boobs or a "new" butt.

"We need both soldiers and Torah students to protect Israel."

Amen, and wondeful news about the first haredi IDF flight school recruit. 


Another Reason to Love America

Indian-American kid wins spelling bee in Jew York Hymietown New York by spelling "knaidel". 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dalrymple:"It is not Islam that makes young converts violent; it is the violence within them that causes them to convert to Islam."


Quite the article here. 

You must read the whole thing. 

"What these cases show is that it is not Islam that makes young converts violent; it is the violence within them that causes them to convert to Islam. The religion, in its most bloodthirsty form, supplies all their psychological needs and channels their anger into a supposedly higher purpose. It gives them moral license to act upon their rage; for, like many in our society, they do not realize that anger is not self-justifying, that one is not necessarily right because one is angry, and that in any case even justified anger does not entail a license to act violently."

"The hacking to death of Lee Rigby on a street in Woolwich tells us as much about the society that we have created, or allowed to develop, as it does about radical Islam preached by fat, middle-aged clerics."

Mark Steyn Audio! Audio Gold in Here!

Nice audio clip of Mark Steyn, PBUH.

So, there is some talk of terrorists, synagogues, feisty Rabbis defending their First Amendment rights, and some small talk about wieners and the climate getting hot or something. And some other stuff. I mentioned the wieners already, yes?

And REMEMBER Boston and vicinity people-LIVE STEYN, next week in Stoughton, MA. 

Worth the road trip, people!!!

If you like listening to Steyn on the radio, the live road show is well....multiply by about ELEVENTY GAZILLION in terms of laughs and fun and inspiration.

I should pull up some of my live blogs of previous Canadian shows.  It's fun because it's not just  talk.

You usually get a little mix of political commentary, killer jokes, everything 100% certified non-politically correct, a little indignation and even some musical numbers and some little vignette acting bits.

My sources also tell me that Steyn Central Casting Inc.,  is looking for someone to play the role of the suburban, Jewish mother, Zionist, filthy infidel whore who likes Christmas songs so if you know anyone in the Boston area who fits the bill-drop me a line. A tall order, alas, but put your kufi kufar thinking caps on, mmmmkay people???


Ahavath Torah is pronounced "Uh-huh-vut" Torah.

("Love of Torah".)

Stunning: Jason Hawkes Photographs the Manhattan Skyline

Amazingly beautiful.

I love New York. 

Judge Orders Psychological Exam for Man Charged With Molesting Peacock

Good call. 

Australia's "Generation Jihad"-Bankstown is Oz's Malmö

"The message from the young men was blunt:"

"You're not in Australia now."

"They weren't standing on a street in Iraq, Afghanistan or Lebanon. This is Bankstown."

"It is a safe suburban street surrounded by family homes but there are fears areas just like this are in danger of being turned into ghettos by young men - usually born in Australia to Lebanese parents - who are cannon fodder for hardline Muslim preachers. They are part of generation jihad."

Coming soon to America? Austalian government grabs savings from bank accounts.


Just wow.

So, you thought it could only happen in Europe, right? 

Think again.

The Australian government has been raiding ("liberating"?) "dormant" bank accounts that have sat dormant for three years or more.

IRS Audits Five Pro-Israel Groups for No Particular Reason

Banana Republic.

Mark Steyn was saying on Rush yesterday, that in a civilized country, nobody should have to fear the tax authorities. 

But as Kathy Shaidle also points out-if you want tax receipts to support your organization, you have to be prepared for government intrusion into every aspect of your operation. Is it worth it? Probably not.

Over the years, I have made many contributions to organizations and individuals that pursue goals that are in keeping with my ideological viewpoint-without getting a tax receipt.

Then, there are places that I give to that do give out receipts. My favourite current charity has no office, is run entirely by volunteers and thus has NO overhead. I would give to them even without a tax receipt.

There are lots of people that are willing to straight out GIVE money for nothing in return, to the people and organizations that are fighting like-minded causes.

When you want the government's blessing, and the power of the tax receipt, you are also at their mercy.

In Which I Agree With a Democratic Attorney

"I'd rather be a MILF than a fat loser woman walking down the street."


That is all.

Why America Should Not Be A Welfare State

One is because recipients can be, ohhhhh jihadists, like the ones in Boston.

Another reason is because there is no incentive not to waste. There is nothing logical about trying to save or be efficient because it is a bottomless pit of money.

So behold-is this the ultimate decoding of the welfare state?

Trying to shove public money, taken of course-from private citizens-into corpses?


Thank you.

Is John McCain Mentally Retarded?

Serious question. 

Apparently, he is now the Great Kreskin or something and can identify Syrian "good guys". How exactly?

Better hair? Nicer t-shirts?

Umm-they are ALL BAD GUYS.

What is so hard to understand?

Hello Stupid Dhimmi Jew-haters of Norway

Muslims circumcize, too.

But what do facts matter when you have Judenhaas on the brain?

Guantanamo Guard Converts to Islam

What could possibly go wrong?

OMG: Heartache! Hizballah Breaks Up With Hamas

Darling-it's not you, it's me.

Well, actually-that's bullshit-it is you!

Fetcheth me my weeping schmatta!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Downfall of Europe in Three Photographs

Eurabia is doomed.


The European future belongs, already, to Islam.

Victor Davis Hanson Wins the Internet Today: Western Cultural Suicide

This is essay gold. 

Gold I tells ya!!

"In Britain, as in the West in general, deportation is a fossilized concept. Unity is passé. Patriotism is long suspect. The hip metrosexual cultures of the urban West strain to find fault in their inheritance, and seem to appreciate those who do that in the most cool fashion — but always with the expectation that there will be some poor blokes who, in terms of clean water, medical care, free speech, and dependable electricity, ensure that London is not Lagos, that Stockholm is not Damascus, and that Los Angeles is not Nuevo Laredo."


"Has anyone ever heard an immigration activist, as part of his argument for amnesty, explain why so many Mexicans do not like living in Mexico and must leave their homeland, or, alternatively, why the United States is such an attractive alternative that it demands such existential risks to reach it"


 And lastly, the ultimate, narcissitic, p*ssified West's perfect Rx for suicide:

It is: "if not by beheading or by a pressure cooker full of ball bearings, at least by making the West into something that no one would find very different from his homeland."


Toronto Catholic District School Teacher Taped Boy's Mouth

What the heck?

This is not a joke.

This is disgusting.

This is what passes for educational supervision? 

For shame.

Jihad Update from Australia

From an Australian reader, these two items.

"Australians" answer the Syria jihad call. 

(Ahalahn, Jihad! Salaaam!)

And yet another beauty:

 Now-what do you think this Australian "extremist" err... "Islamist" meant when he said the following:

"Come near my family again, I'm gonna slit your throat, you pig."

 Ho hum fact:

Al-Ahmadzai was born and bred in Sydney and had completed his HSC. 

Afghanistan-Barbarian Nation With One Jew

See what happens to places with no Jews? 

Down the toilet of history.


This is a personal essay, but I found it says much more about Afghanistan than the author.

Solway: Reflections on My Muslim Ex-Friends

"The problem I had over years of friendship had to do with certain personal attributes which I value highly, namely, consistency and the ability to recognize facts."

Hubba Hubba

Home security video FAIL.

Hey Hospital Workers-Wash Your Damned Hands

Easiest, cheapest freaking way to PREVENT disease.

Wash your damned hands. 

A lot.

You doctors, also.

And nurses.


America Is Screwed

Which part of the story is the worst? 

A kindergartner getting detention (WTF) for a Leggo gun the size of a quarter (totally bonkers).

Public Service Workers-Your Moral and Pole Dancing Superiors

Female Parks employees in NY forced to pole dance for promotions.

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Public labor is a really, really hard gig.

Special needs workers in Israel open e-waste recycling plant.

This is fantastic. 

“Sometimes in this busy 21st century, we forget that people can be the most important resource.”

Russia's "Lost" Children

Waiting to be "found". 


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Suicide: Saving American Warriors From Themselves

"Neither the military nor the Department of Veterans Affairs can stop service members and veterans from committing suicide, but they must find ways to reach out to them, to make them aware of the services that are already offered and to dispel the belief that it's disgraceful or weak to need help. To the contrary, it's smart and brave to seek it."

Amen to that. 

"March of the Little Hitlers"

OK. I was feeling a little weepy a few minutes ago, but then I read that headline and I snorted out loud.

Thank G-d for the Daily Mail.

This is a fantastic little article about the parking Nazis and other anal busybodies of Great Britain. I'm dying. This nugget is just one of many fine little bits, so you must read the whole thing.

"Being a ticket inspector must be especially satisfying for this type of psycho-dictator, since the regulations governing when we are allowed into particular trains have become so abstruse that it is all but impossible to understand them."

"I work regularly in a large library, where there is a rule that readers are not allowed in while wearing outdoor coats. Very understandable, since the library holds many treasures and there have been some major robberies by people smuggling out priceless volumes in their poacher’s pouch."

"The other day, I watched an elegantly dressed Australian woman trying to enter the reading room. 
She was not in an overcoat. She was in a close-cut trouser suit, the jacket of which
was of a frock-coat design. No normal person would have believed she was infringing the library’s regulations, but — oh, with what joy was the man at the door telling her that, in his opinion, she was wearing an illegal garment!

Bonus observation about when the author knew the Iron Curtain would fall.


Read it all.

I Love You Mom and Dad


Sometimes there is emotional overload.

For months, I had been trying to get an appointment with a specialist for a new issue with my disabled child-the specifics are not important and I try to protect his privacy.

After months of phone calls and some e-mails and some faxes I finally got the appointment and I was told to prepare for long waits in this particular clinic. I was prepared and had no problem with that, as I wanted to get some information, a plan, etc.

The big appointment finally came and I had already mentally prepared myself for the worst. For the worst possible prognosis, the worst possible treatment options for this particular issue.

The waiting room was sort of like the third world in the middle of a first world city. A little run down, a few too many bookings, at least a half a dozen languages being spoken and a few dozen shades of worried parents.

And then, I spotted a little boy, he couldn't have been more than about three or four, having a little nap on his Mom. His motorized wheelchair with head support was just to their side. She was holding him without a single indication that she might be at all uncomfortable on the bench like chair. And her mother was beside her, alternating between light conversation and trying to keep her daughter comfortable.

Eventually the little guy woke up, and the grandmother took him from the mother, and put him on her lap, and supported his body to look up at her because he had low tone. And she was smiling, and making peek a boo faces, and surprise faces at that little guy.

And I wish I could have gone up to them to tell them how much love I felt radiating from them. I wish I had gone up to them and said what a gift they had, to have each other, and how a grandparent's love for  a grandchild and the worry also about their own child caring for a disabled child was so palpable, it was  like a thick cloud of love in the room, kind of shutting out the hum of conversation and the florescent hospital lighting.

But I had my own son to to watch over, and nobody to keep an eye on him in order to make my way across the crowded waiting room. But I glanced a few more times.

And then, my mother called me-she was at the big shopping mall near the hospital.  Was I finished? Did I want some company, even just to get a bathroom break, or a coffee?

So I said sure, the more the merrier. And she walked over, and kept me company. And there we were-the three generations just like I was watching from across the room.

And as it turned out-thank G-d, my worst worries were unfounded and although the condition is what it is-it's not the worst that it could be. The doctor was very smart, to the point and we shall just wait and watch for now.

So I drove my Mom to the subway, and after my Mom got out the car, I called my Dad and filled him in also.

But it wasn't till I got home that I sort of decompensated a bit, just thinking about how many nights my parents were on call, at the hospital, with the other kids, watching over. And I thought about the grandmother at the waiting room and the bottomless, the endless supply of love and worry and support that goes from a grandparent to a child and then to a grandchild.

So I'm going to sleep a little verklempt but tomorrow is another day.

Make sure you all tell your parents how much you love them because it can never be said enough and never be heard enough.

Eyes Wide Shut on Islam

I've been meaning to post a few pieces about the latest incident of jihad in Europe.

Partly, I've been avoiding it because it's so damned depressing and partly life gets very busy sometimes and I've got a few doozies on my plate right now. I try to remember that I'm very lucky to have a lot to deal with. Some people only deal with their own narcisism and their own heads all the time and that's a very lonely, unfulfilled life.

Anyway, I was reading Mark Steyn's piece "To the Slaughter" just before the Sabbath last week.

Of course, Steyn always hits his stride when he talks about the precarious nature of the chances of Western survival and the pernicious nature of our "leaders" who are blind to the jihad.

It is certainly an odd time that we live in-democracy is such a young, young concept in the history of human civilization. We have so little precedent to guide us-perhaps that is one reason why our own confidence in our civilization shakes as much as it does. So many people have also turned away from G-d and turned only into themselves and their wants and desires.

Instead of living, people "live" on line, in a strange virtual space they create in their minds.

They take incessant photos of themselves, the "selfie", to present an image of themselves to the outside world, instead of being in the real world.

Western civilization can quite easily be lost by the legions of "selfies", unwilling and unperturbed by threats, slumbering along on social media, in pubs and clubs, updating their status from "bored" to "deathly bored", and updating their current state of mind from "moderately self-centred" to "malignant narcissists" or "completely useless sloth". 

While we have few immediate existential crises in our midst, the focus therefore becomes on the inconsequential and the absurd. In an ironic twist, this assists the destructive, existential threats to blind us and hurt us even more.

However, it is immanently clear to folks like Mark Steyn (PBUH x like ELEVENTY gazillion, million bazillion).

As such, he notes:

"In London as in Boston, the politico-media class immediately lapsed into the pneumatic multiculti Tourette’s that seems to be a chronic side effect of excess diversity-celebrating: No Islam to see here, nothing to do with Islam, all these body parts in the street are a deplorable misinterpretation of Islam."

"The BBC’s Nick Robinson accidentally described the men as being “of Muslim appearance,” but quickly walked it back lest impressionable types get the idea that there’s anything “of Muslim appearance” about a guy waving a machete and saying “Allahu Akbar.” A man is on TV dripping blood in front of a dead British soldier and swearing “by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you,” yet it’s the BBC reporter who’s apologizing for “causing offence.” 


"Not a lot of Muslims want to go to the trouble of chopping your head off, but when so many Western leaders have so little rattling around up there, they don’t have to."

They don't have to. What a sad commentary on our resolve. 

We are blind to the blood on the hands. 

Blind to the burning cars. 

It is perhaps not Islamic fundamentalists alone that are on life support. 

It is our civilizational will to live that is breathing shallow breaths assisted by artificial devices and tricks.

The pathetic creatures who wait for "governments" to save them, and to successfully clean up FIVE WORDS on a memorial are beaten to the task by charity.

The enemy is everywhere, if only we open our eyes.

Europe is burning of course, but one ought not to be smug at all in North America.

Everything that happened in Israel is happening in Europe, and in turn-every act against the West happening in Europe will happen here. 

Thus: Every step taken to preserve our way of life is important.

Every set of eyes that are open are important.

So: Don't be silenced or afraid. 

Don't be the reason our enemies have to make so little effort to destroy us.

Be the one who fights back.

French Jews Need to Leave France While They Can

There are already plenty of French Jews who have seen the writing on the wall.

When I was in Israel last, I heard stories of families who have moved to Israel, with the husbands commuting to France from Israel to mind their businesses. The moms are with the kids in Netanya, Ashdod, Jerusalem, etc.. and the fathers spend the work week in France.

This article from Tablet magazine talks about the current situation for Jews in France. 

Hint: BAD.

"Growing fear", I think is a bit of an understatement.

Islam is getting bigger and stronger in France and therefore, Jews certainly are justified in having a "growing fear".

So-as distasteful as it may be to once again for Jews to have to pack up and leave their "home" country-distasteful is certainly better than dead. And economically slightly more challenged in Israel is better than dead as well.

(Still, Israel's economy is booming-and France's sucks dog balls, so there's that...)

Hey America, Get Ready For Socialized Medicine

80 year old patient says he was told to clean his own toilet.

I believe it.

Dear Dutch "Comedians"

Go f&ck yourselves.

Yet Another Obama Cheerleader Finds Math Hard

First that broad from the IRS admitted she wasn't very good at math.

Seems to be epidemic among Democratic females or something.

Or-just a little inadvertant error.

Don't all of us, like Penny Pritzker, occassionally under-estimate our taxes by $80 million once in a while?

Hiliary Clinton and Her Disdain for Bereaved American Parents

Sean Smith's mother can't get any answers from Ms. Clinton.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Dude! 89 year old British Veteran Vows not to Move from War Memorial Until "Islam" Graffiti is Cleaned Up

Biggest stones in the United Kingdom!!!

G-d bless Douglas Radcliffe.

You, sir-are an inspiration!


Jewish Warriors: Haredi Battalion "Netzach Yehuda" Gets Sworn Into the IDF-AWESOME

Loving this. 

Kol Hakavod.

Really a wonderful thing. Very moving.

If there is a haredi draft, G-d willing, it will be a transformational change in Israel-for the good.

There is no reason why these Jews should not serve. And not everyone needs to be a soldier. What about being a guard at a school, or a government institution? A bodyguard? What about teaching? Intelligence work?

There are many, many roles for haredi individuals to play in the security of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Torah scholarship strengthens the Jewish people, but must be a partner to actual, physical service in the IDF and the reserves.

Nothing to See Here: Pressure Cooker Discovered in Dearborn Hotel Bathroom

What-don't you put a pressure cooker in YOUR hotel bathroom???


World War Two Vet Skydives to Help His Ill Great Grandson


Saw this and had to try to spread the word. 

I've just sent a Tweet asking MSN News to please publicize the banking information.

One million dollars is a very reachable, noble goal.

G-d bless this grandfather and all his family, and his little great-grandchild.

What an outstanding man.

Australian "Art"-Taking a Dump On Stage

I guess I'm just a low-life philistine because I don't think that taking a sh*t on stage is high culture. 

(Hat tip: Iowahawk)

US Treasury Secretary Borrows from Peter to Pay Paul

I'm sure this is really NOTHING to worry about. 

"Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said late Monday he will begin tapping into two government employee retirement funds to buy more time before the U.S. Treasury is faced with the prospect of defaulting on the national debt."

Hello, America?

Eventually, you cannot "borrow" anything more.

You will go over the cliff.

There is no more money on the planet left for you to borrow.

Your Secretary of the Treasury is borrowing more money to pay for more borrowing. 

We all clear on that?

Words and Deeds Matter

Yesterday was one of those days where you think you're living a dream. Birthday parties, kids swimming in a backyard pool, happy smiles, playing soccer in the backyard, friends around, family phone calls, no immediate crises.

I try to enjoy those moments and imprint them on my brain because there are other moments that are more chaotic and stressful.

But a small, poignant reminder to me of how words, and seemingly throw away remarks matter hit me again yesterday.

I had to pick up a birthday present and was at a local mall. The big bookstore had something I thought would be great and they even had a free gift-wrapping service for kids books! Bonus!

The woman who wrapped the book must have been close to 70 or so and was taking great pains to cut the paper nicely and fold the edges tightly. My husband was starting to get a little impatient, but I reminded him we were not in a rush.

After she finished, I said thank you-you did a lovely job and I could not have done it better myself.

She paused, looked up at me and said 'why thank you-that means a lot, because just last week, I had an irate customer yell at me and tell me that she could have done a much better job herself'.

I told her that her work was lovely, and that she needn't pay any attention to the angry woman who was so rude, and that it was more a reflection on that person's simmering inner anger than anything to do with the wrapping.

Two customers, two wrapped books-two different approaches.

She said that it had really rattled her confidence to be so publicly reprimanded, and that my having told her that she did, in fact, do a lovely job, made her day.

A few words, spoken properly make a difference.

It doesn't cost anything to be decent.

The damage wrought, and the human cost of rudeness to others is quite incalculable.

The Problem is "Islamphilia" Not "Islamophobia"

Says Ex-Muslim:

"Our problem is not “Islamophobia”, but Islamophilia."

"It is this uncritical, uninformed, absolute defense of Islam by Western elites after 9/11 that I refer to as Islamgate. It’s a scandal for the ages that few involved would ever admit to being part of."

Read the whole thing. 

Friendly Reminder: Societies that Abuse Jews Go Down the Toilet Bowl of History

Friendly reminder, from this Jew, via this Christian. 

You're welcome!

Sharia Creep in Tennessee

Just what regular Americans need on Memorial Day.

A nice fat dose of super-sized sharia creep. 

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Via Patrick Poole on Twitter.

Administration of Chicago Thugs

The Eric Holder DOJ went judge shopping recently.

Can you say "Banana Republic"?

I thought you could.

From the Magnificent Tim Blair: Message Unheard

Oh Mah Gawd this is a good one.

Kind of what I've been saying-that when the Islamic terrorists say "we want to slit your throats and drink your blood while ululating over your dead infidel carcas"-that's actually really, truly and totally what they mean.

On that note-from the incredibly smart and funny Tim Blair:

Message Unheard

"You can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for your average Muslim terrorist. They go to all the trouble of blowing up children in Boston, killing US Army personnel in Texas, detonating bars in Bali, flying jets into New York skyscrapers and now basically removing a soldier’s head in a London street, all in the holy name of Islam"

"But where’s the credit?"

"Where’s the respect?" 

Read the whole thing.

Via Instapundit. 

Why I Believe in the Death Penalty

Exhibit 1.

John Kerry Has the Back of Most Undeserving People on Earth

Jizyah from hard working Americans to terrorists via dhimmi politicians.

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Steve Sailer: Israel Shows Benefits of Having a Pro-Majority Government

Very interesting article. Great observations. 

First They Came For Fox News

"Turns out it’s a fairly swift sojourn from a president pushing to “delegitimize” a news organization to threatening criminal prosecution for journalistic activity by a Fox News reporter, James Rosen, to spying on Associated Press reporters."

Imagine that. 

Al Qeida "Rehab" Includes Spa, Conjugal Visits In Fraudy Arabia

Hubba hubba.

Nice rehab if you can get it!

Memorial Day Reflections from A Jewish Chaplain in the US Army

Really beautiful. 

"A quartet of female soldiers sang “Amazing Grace,” and I chanted El Male Rachamim, after which an honor guard fired memorial volleys and a bugler played taps to conclude the ceremony.
"But then something happened that was truly as magical as it was spontaneous."
"As the crowd dispersed, a soldier walking among the rows of white lanterns removed his chem-light and placed it inside one of the paper bags, which now glowed with color. Another soldier followed and another and another. The whiteness of death and loss literally started to dissolve in a rainbow of memory and hope
“Like the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud on the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness all around,” described the Prophet Ezekiel, in the haftorah portion for Shavuot. “Such was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord.”

Woolwich Suspect was Held on Terror Charges in Kenya

Good grief.

A major intelligence clusterf&ck with this horrendous murder.

Known, photographed and pictured in a crowd calling for the beheading of British soldiers. 

Kind of reminds me of the Ft. Hood Jihadist and his Power Point presentation. 

They tell us EXACTLY what they are going to do-and we (the West) stick our fingers in our ear and sing LALALALALLALA DIVERSITY CAN'T HEAR YOU.

America's Oldest Veteran to Spend a Quiet Day At His Texas Home

G-d bless you, sir and all of the soldiers who died protecting liberty and freedom.

Eurabia is Doomed

Thus says my favourite living Italian. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

British Dhimmi Foreign Minister More Troubled By Jewish Apartments Than Oh-Beheadings in London

Jews in apartments in Israel are the main problem in this world.

It's because of Jewish real estate that nobody likes Israel, you see.

William Hague-moron.

Lefties of Toronto Weep and Seethe

This just in:

Rob Ford denies crack cocaine allegations. 

Business to resume as usual at City Hall.

Funny how the video has just disappeared.

Very weird timing!

A Report From Oz: Australian Courts "Compromise" With Sharia

This from an Australian reader.

I've told you for a while that Australia has a, ahem...Lebanese "issue".

Well, here's a doozy of a story from Australia.

An accused Lebanese rioter (see: You Tube video rage) would not stand in court for the judge (she was a heathen, female, kufar, infidel slut after all!!!) so she "compromised" with him. 

She left the room and then came back in so that sharia would reign supreme in the courtroom.


What a bloody mess.

It would have been more appropriate to use the police officers outside to force him to stand.

Alas, men are just freaking castratti nowadays-all over the world.

As Mark Steyn put it-they SELF CASTRATE forgoodnessssake. 

The Egyptian chick in the video I just posted, the women who confronted the Islamic terrorist in London, the women who comforted the terror victim in his last moments on Earth.

Men have been under attack for decades, men must decide to be men again and women will follow their lead. 

Awesome! Egyptian Female Journalist Calls Out Cleric on Payola and Headscarf

Arab Spring!


This lady has bigger stones than the ones in the pyramids.

An Inconvenient Truth, From NASA! Carbon Dioxide Actually Cools the Atmosphere


So much for "climate change".

Can we finally call it WEATHER again?

"Contrarian Advice to Rob Ford: Don't Say Another Word."

Interesting approach from David Eddie at the Globe and Mail.

His advice column is readable and sensible-lots of good common sense. Unlike that ghastly woman from Slate, or the shmaltzy trite in the Toronto Star.

I hope Ford reads this one. 

"The one thing the public cannot forgive is having their intelligence insulted by a too-obvious nose-stretcher. Anything else – hey, we’re all human. But I think it’s naive to think pulling a “Ralph Klein” will help Rob Ford. Either what’s alleged to be on that tape is true, or it isn’t. If it is – well, what’s alleged is no mere indiscretion, or even an understandable battle with the bottle."

"If Rob Ford were to come forward to say that what’s on the tape is real, I can’t imagine how that day would be anything other than the last day of his mayoralty, and no amount of references to rehab or “one day at a time” would change that."

"And if the video is a fabrication – well, he’s already said it’s “ridiculous.” What more is there to say? Rob Ford’s best bet – in terms of hanging onto office as long as he can – is to adopt the old-school approach and say absolutely nothing until he absolutely has to. It’s a long shot, but at this point it seems like about the only shot he’s got."

Palestinian Journalist Asks: Why Doesn't the EU Condemn Palestinian Torture?

Because the Jew-hate trumps all!

Let's, For A Moment Focus on the Real Victims of the London Beheadings: Muslim's Hurt Feelings


Unfortunately not satire.

"Sweden is the Best Islamic State"

Says "Swedish" Imam.

Nice little summary of multicultural Sweden right here.

*Night five of Car-B-Que Season in Sweden, BTW*

Takes One Depraved, Disgusting Freak to Know One

Psychology professor charged with child porn.

Beware of all "helpy people".

They have issues.

Serious issues. 

Israel's Sense of Purpose: Pete Hegseth

Very nice piece here about the relationship and similarities between BEEEEG SATAN and LEEETLE SATAN. 

The whole thing is great, and very insightful.

I liked this part:

"As an observer, I react to the realities of Israeli life with both envy and relief"

"Nobody wants to live under the threat of constant attack from enemies right next door, under ceaseless and often unfair international scrutiny, defending his homeland by day and living with the memories of mass genocide at night. You talk to any Israeli today, and he wants peace — to be sure, a just peace. But at the same time, I find myself envious of the gravity and substance of the Israelis’ task. The historic nature of Israel’s struggle for self-determination, freedom, and prosperity underscores the gravity of their circumstances and fortifies my commitment to America’s responsibility as their ally."

What Would We Do Without Research? Women With Tatoos Seen as "Easy"

French professor (some research gig) says that tatoos indicate a certain sexual availability ie: "easy". 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ummm "Canadian" Sisters on the Front Lines in Somalia




This is a step forward for women? 

This is a good thing for Canada?

Maybe Police Officers Didn't Get to Woolwich Terror Because They Too Busy Warning an 86 Year Old Granny Not to Make a Cheese Wheel

Apparently, it took cops 20 minutes to get to the terror attacks in Woolwich.

Pat Condell quipped yesterday on Twitter that it was probably because they were busy at a Diversity Training Session.

However, a second possibility exists-they were too busy warning an 86 year old granny not to make a cheese wheel for a local festival.

Gaza "Democracy" in Action-Work with Jews and Die

The huggy, huggy boys of Hamas have sentenced a fellow Gazan to death for collaborating with a Jew.

Sue-Ann Levy: Mayor Rob Ford's family under fire

Why is it OK to harass the Mayor's family?

Why do all the wonderful, enlightened lefties in the media think it's OK?

This is a good column by Sue-Ann Levy,

I think it's disgusting to kick a man when he's down.

Ford helped a lot of kids through the football program, and spent countless hours as a volunteer in the mud-being a mentor.

This is an incredibly tacky and cruel way to end his relationship with the team.

These are pain-causing people.

I heard a term yesterday: SchadenFord.

There are plenty of ghouls enjoying the misery. And people wonder why regular people with conservative leanings don't want to run for public office.

What is happening now is very Alinsky.

Just revolting.


This is good-Jeff Goldstein on the Tactics of the Left:

Very appropriate to what is happening to Rob Ford, actually.

"It’s theater."

"To the left — and to many who claim to embrace “pragmatism” — the ends justify the means, and forcing one’s will upon the world is the perfect way to ensure those ends are met."

"Which is why when they’re caught inside a scandal, they don’t panic.  They simply work on reshaping “reality” until it serves their purposes.  It’s a kind of narrative chess."

"And the real winning move is to refuse to play it."

"Maybe one day “our” side will learn this.  Because until then, we’ll get more postmodern faculty lounge politicians, and all the illusions that serve to frame them."

Medical Miracle: Doctors Save Ohio Toddler With 3-D Printer

Absolutely amazing.

G-d bless the healers.

You Might Be A Liberal Jew If...

You have nothing to say about a white, Christian soldier being murdered, in broad daylight, by a Muslim screaming Allahu Akbar, with blood literally dripping from his hands-and you find a Tweet about it "distasteful", and icky-like poo poo and have to take a shower or something.

It is so terribly, dreadfully distasteful to have to try to ignore terrorism all the time.

Exhausting! Utterly exhausting. How exhausting?

Like "oooooh I soooooo need to take a shower exhausting"!

Like "ooooooh those yucky bully bloggers make me feel soooooooooooooooo dirty that I need some fair-trade, organic mango hemp patchouli body wash" kind of dirty?

By the way-this kind of thing has-just to remind everyone-been happening in Israel and against the Jews for a very long time.

Just in case anyone forgot, the Jews are THE canary in the coal mine for Western civilization whether you like it or not.

Anything-and everything terror that has happened in Israel is happening now in other places in Western Europe, North America and Australia (coincidentally following patters of Muslim emigration).

And every despicable terrorist act that has happened in Israel-or against Jewish targets in other parts of the world will happen elsewhere as well.

Think a murder such as the Fogel family couldn't happen elsewhere? Just a Jewish "settler' thing. Just a bunch of dead Jews-no biggie. Like my brother-in law?

Well, headlines from Britain speak otherwise.

No Common Denominator Alert

Does anyone think there is any common denominator between this:

This is the image taken at the terrorist attack yesterday in London.

And this-from Ramallah. Anyone? Anything in common? Anything?

Yoots Riot in Sweden

Apparently, "unemployment" is the culprit.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rob Ford Video "Smoking Gun"?

Check out what Blazing Cat Fur just found. 

VERY interesting.

Looking for Rob Ford lookalike for video.

Dated from January?

What are the chances?

Shame on You, U.S. Rep. John Conyers and Detroit City Councilmember JoAnn Watson and Rev. Wendell Anthony

This is what they listened to, and have thus far, not condemned:

They heard about the "Satanic Jews" and the "Synagogue of Satan" from Louis Farrakhan and did nothing.

Disgusting Judenhaas sympatico minds.

"During his speech to the congregation at The Fellowship Chapel in Detroit, Farrakhan spewed hateful anti-Semitic invective, referring to “Satanic Jews” and the “Synagogue of Satan” supposedly controlling major institutions.  He expressed his love for President Barack Obama, but added that the president “surrounded himself with Satan...members of the Jewish community." 

Steyn Sighting! Steyn Live in Stoughton, MA at a Synagogue in the Great Satan

This just in: Steyn Live!

Heads will most certainly explode: 

Philosemitic gentile, human rights activist, heterosexual Broadway expert, not Jewish but with Jewish last name-Mark Steyn will be talking jihad at a synagogue in the heart of the Great Satan!

He's "delighted to be returning to talk about jihad, welfare, the Boston bombing and the western world's suicide wish".

Wish I could be there!

Steyn live is way, way, way fun. Almost too much fun.


All I really want for Christmas...OH NEVERMIND. 

For a sample of the good stuff-listen to Steyn here on the Michael Graham show (cue up to minute 59 of the first hour).

You'll laugh, you'll cry, it's BIGGER THAN "CATS"!

(Throw away 1980s line, nevermind....)

"Not All Muslims" Murder a Man By Beheading in London

Good Lord. 

Now, I want you to read something-read the whole article.

Why Do They Slaughter? (Scroll down the IMRA link.)

I've actually cut and pasted the content here because it took me a while to find this article. I read it a while ago and I've heard Dr. Keidar speak and he is absolutely an expert. I think it is a very important background article to the 'slaughter' mentality.

While normal, civilized people have an aversion to blood-that is not the case in all cultures.

In fact, something interesting that I just learned about Jewish shechita-is that women cannot be ritual slaughterers for one reason only: Jewish women are commanded to give life, and not take a life.

Not all cultures are created equally. Some choose life, and some clearly choose death.

Why Do They Slaughter? By Dr. Mordechai Keidar 

"What is common to Daniel Perl, Nick Berg, the Jews of Hebron in 1929 and the Fogel family? They were butchered. They were not simply stabbed to death, but were killed by an act designed to decapitate them or to cause fatalbleeding by severing their carotid artery. Another common denominator: all were slaughtered by Moslems. 

An endless list of Moslem girls and women can be added to them, those who were similarly slaughtered by their brothers, fathers or other relatives for “violating the family honor”. 

A question that arises automatically is where does this Moslem tendency to this kind of slaughter come from?

The answer is simple: Slaughter is a routine, widespread practice among many Moslem families. Many children see how their fathers slaughter sheep when celebrating an important event, and the whole family is present at the sacrificial slaughter during Eid al-Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice, when the slaughter is part of the holiday ritual.

In modern societies, the slaughter of animals for meat consumption takes place in slaughterhouses, far from the eyes of the public and children, who generally get their meat free of blood and hair and ready for cooking or eating. 

This sterile arrangement spares the public the sight of the slaughter, the blood and the accompanying cries. In the West, many of those who witnessed animal slaughter become vegetarian.

In many Islamic societies, slaughter generally occurs at home, in front of the children, and is part of the routine of life. They are immunized against the sight of slaughter, are not moved by the blood dripping from the animal’s neck and are not frightened by its snorts and struggles

In many cases, the children hold the legs of the lamb in order to immobilize it during slaughter; they sense very well its frantic reactions as the knife so painfully slices through its neck. The presence and participation of the children in the act of slaughter immunizes them emotionally against its influence; when they are older they perform the custom of sacrifice with their own hands and knives, and in front of their own children.The emotional immunity to the act of slaughter allows a Moslem to utilize it whenever he feels he must employ radical methods to rid himself of someone. 

The slaughter of sheep during the Festival of Sacrifice is accompanied by the recitation of “In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful”, and the butchering of girls who do not behave properly is conducted as a kind of execution ceremony. 

The slaughterer feels that he is doing something important and worthy, acting in a way to which he is inured since early childhood.

In western societies, slaughter seems barbaric, while members of Moslem societies view it as proper and commendable when carried out within the proper context. 

Therefore, slaughtering a Jew, a Christian or anyone seen as an enemy is not considered unusual in traditional Islamic societies. 

This is what professional jargon calls a “cultural difference”."

The article was published in the framework of the Center for the Study of Middle East and Islam (under formation), Bar Ilan University, Israel.

Translated by Nachama Kanner

Jew Hate: "Secret" Media Facebook Page Fills Up With Judenhass pretty quickly

Via Legal Insurrection.


Thank You Health Nuts For Producing Toxic Waste

I swear you cannot make this stuff up.

All the health freaks and their stupid, vile Greek yogurt.

Well, turns out it is a toxic waste gold mine.

Euthanasia Nation: The NHS is Killing Disabled People

The disabled are loathed by so many. Their lives, according to so many death cultists-are lives not worth living.

We-the parents of disabled children disagree.

This is a special needs parent's nightmare. I'm shaking.

"When your child becomes ill and you need professional help from doctors, you and your child are looked at and you can see their mind working, 'Is there any point in trying to save this child's life?' You can see that they think, 'This child has an existence and not a life'," she said.

Thanks to Legal Insurrection for posting this. 

Sharon Stone Rocks 55-Seriously Stunning

Well played, Sharon Stone. 

Boobs look fake, but face and body are in great shape. She does not have pillow face! Yay!

The peek-a-boob I think is a little bit much, but that's just me.

Michael Douglas looks quite cadaverous.


Syria: How Many Camels For Your Daughter?

The real war on women.

Syrian girls being sold to help refugee families? 

American Courts Go 'Fraidy Cat Dhimmi

Let me get this straight, there could be riots if they release the photos? 

I see-so there are no riots ever for other reasons.

Give me a break.

There should be no deference to terrorists in life-nor should there be deference to terrorists in death.

Fire Them All: Scumbag Jews Have Lived and Partied on Blood Money For Years

And yes-I do have some personal knowledge of this.

Netty Gross, of The Jerusalem Report did the very best at exposing these Jewish gangsters.

But too many Jews have enjoyed way too comfortable a life jetting around "on behalf" of dead Jews.


Most despicable Jews since World War Two if you get my meaning. 

Viva La Napa! Long Live the Nap!

I. Love. Naps. 

Peaceful Nomads: Five Relatives Held for Murder of Bedouin Sisters

Yah, right. 

The Reign of the Exquisitely and Perpetually Offended

Being offended is the new "I don't have anything better to do with my time"

Read smart Boston Jew here. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bruce Bawer: Sweden is Totally Screwed

There is some great stuff in FrontPage today.

This is from Bruce Bawer:

"Europe is slowly committing suicide, but Sweden is plainly determined to do itself in faster than the rest."

Read the rest! 

Bonus: France Sucks by Ryan Mauro

OK, I made up that header.

It's actually: France's Growing Islamist Problem

I'd say that they have an "Islam" problem.

Of course, leftist Jews have no interest in this stuff.

They have, however, noticed some right-wing zealots in Hungary or something.


Jay Carney-President Obama is Like Totally Against Prosecuting Journalists



I think this is one of the biggest whoppers told by the Obama administration this year month week today this afternoon!

Some corporate sponsor should send Jay Carney a lifetime supply of free toothpaste, mouthwash, Pepto Bismol and sterile gloves for all the sh&t sandwiches that he has been eating and dishing out on behalf of this administration.

The Top 5 Things Never to Do At the Gym Locker Room

My blog, my chance to rant about something that has been bugging me for a long time.

Ladies-you can be totally disgusting at the gym.

And when I say disgusting, I mean that I have almost thrown up a number of times because of your self-centred, obnoxious behaviour.

There are some things that one thinks are soooooooooooooooooooooo obvious that they do not need stating.

However, since a lot of you seem to have no common sense whatsoever, I will give you the Top Five Things Never to Do In the Change Room. 

1. Thou shalt not shave thy legs, armpits or any other body part in the communal shower.

Seriously! Ladies-this is totally revolting. Shave. At. Home.

2. Thou shalt not brush thy teeth in the communal shower. 

I know right-you would think that stinking up the shower room and someone hoarking out their gushy, toothpaste, goober mess into a communal shower would not need to be said. Well, if you thought that-then you would be completely WRONG.

3. Thou shalt not use a loofa in the steam room. 

Yes, I swear. There are chicks who think that scraping off their dead skin in a communal steam is just wonderful and that all the rest of us would really love to sit on their dead folicle shavings.

4. Thou shalt not sit with your knees up and towel down anywhere in the change room or sauna. 

And don't grin about it either. I really don't care what your sexual orientation is, or what your private parts look like for chrissssssake. Can a person (like me) not just have a peaceful shvitz without some idiot aiming that view at the other ladies in the room? And don't do your fucking yoga warm up in their either. Seriously! Ugh. Feh. Puke!

5. Thou shalt not hog the tiny little bit of bench space available with all your crap.

'Nuff said.

Hey ladies!

You're welcome!!!!

Give Me A Break-Chelsea Clinton Scores Fat Cat "Job" at NYU


I wonder if it's the same type of job that Michelle Obama had, where she was so wonderful for $300K that she was never replaced when she left office?

The other legitimate question is, hey-where did the Clinton's get all their money from?

The parents, I mean. 

Haven't they spent their entire lives in public service?

Higher Education "Professionals"

Your moral, intellectual and play-doh genital superiors. 

Sowell: Wimps Versus Barbarians on Campus

Must read.

The barbarians, of course are "winning" because there are far too many wimps. 

"Without a moral framework, there is nothing left but immediate self-indulgence by some and the path of least resistance by others. Neither can sustain a free society. Disruptive activists indulge their egos in the name of idealism and others cave rather than fight."


Accused Fort Hood Shooter Collects $278,000 While Awaiting Trial

This is disgusting. 

Why is America funding its own destruction?

Surely there must be some kind of legal way to prevent this travesty?

Monday, May 20, 2013

"My rent-free house is too small," says Islamic fanatic Qatada.

Why on earth does this creep live on the British taxpayer's dime?

Dhimmi cultural suicide. Ridiculous.

If there were "good guys" in the government-wouldn't they have changed the situation already?

Or as a commenter puts it:

"Is he still here.... If 650 MPs cannot get rid of him... Let them pay for his keep... This is a scandle [sic] of stupidity... Only in the UK.... How do we breed these government non achievers,,."

When the American Government Targets Ordinary Americans

First read Mark Steyn on The Autocrat Accountants. 

Then read True Scandal. 

My question is-what recourse to regular American citizens have, when their government targets them in such an obvious way, with what seems to be complete impunity?

They are "fighting back", but as with our own Canadian "human rights trials"-the process is the punishment.

Instead of spending energy on productive things, all of one's financial, psychological and emotional resources must be dedicated to these fights.

And of course, the bureaucrats who wage the wars have no such worries because their partisan battles are subsidized by the taxpayer-by the very same individuals who are the subject of their vicious wrath.

So, what can be done?

What remedies are available? Are there any? Can anyone recover from such egregious assaults on their personal liberty and property?

Are we doomed to fight these battles over and over again, as weak-minded government officials -even the ones on "our" side sit idly by?

The Most Despicable Jews Alive Today

Yes, that's right.


Feminism in Israel Destroying Divorced Dads

Disgusting-a real epidemic in Israel and in North America as well.

The Al-Durah Myth "Exploded"

Well, it's all fine and well that the young Mr. Al-Durah may be alive and living in a villa in Dubai or something, but nobody really cares.

The myth and hagiography have been created and the damage done. There can be no reversal of the damage, unfortunately.

I do appreciate all the time that has been put into "fighting" this myth-but there really is nothing to "win". 

The Jew haters will continue to hate Jews no matter what the facts indicate.

Pathetic, but true.

There is an impressive web site here if you are interested in reading more. But I have to say-my opinion is that this is a waste of time.

From Our Bulging "There Is No Fun in Islam" File

Saudi Cleric issues Twitter fatwa. 



Helen Mirren: Acts of Loving Kindness

A lovely gesture. 

There is something truly regal about those who grant wishes to dying children.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Chicago Way

"They will ruin us."

"We could support a political candidacy, we could donate or work for one or another politician that we agreed with."
"This is America, I said."
"Are you in your good senses?" said my father. "We have lives here. We have businesses. If we get involved in politics, they will ruin us."
"And no one, not the Roosevelt Democrats or the Reagan Republicans, disagreed. The socialists, the communists, the royalists, everyone nodded their heads."
"This was Chicago. And for a business owner to get involved meant one thing: It would cost you money and somebody from government could destroy you."

British Police Neighbourhood Watch: Hey-Are You Gay or Bisexual?

I kid you not.

This is what passes for policing in the UK. 

The UK is screwed.

In Which I Propose "Liberty Creep"

This is quite an excellent essay on how silly it is for people to 'hope' that someone else will fix a problem. 

Thanks to Kathy for spotting it.

It really is true, and I always remind people when they say "someone" ought to do something about X, Y, Z-that that "someone" is actually YOU.

Now, that doesn't mean that you have to fix everything. It means that you have to try to fix the things that you can probably fix. It doesn't mean taking on the whole world. It means doing what you CAN, and not what you CAN'T.

Kathy was telling me that at the Pamela Geller lecture here in Toronto, many people asked the question:

"So what can we do???"

And Geller rightly said that everyone has to start changing things in their immediate circle, in their immediate spheres-and people grumbled.

Most people default to lazy if given a chance. They want the saviour. They wait for the Messiah.

And with problems of civilizational sustainability and cultural survival on our hands, it's understandable that people want someone else to fix things.  I understand that it is really hard to just take those small baby steps to reclaim normalcy and decency.

But if you aren't willing to make small, vocal changes in your immediate circle-and I don't care who you are, or where you work, or what you do-then you have really forfeited your "right" to complain.

It is very easy to kvetch, and much harder to act.

People talk about "stealth jihad" and "sharia creep", and these are very real phenomena. The stealth jihad is clearer to most people-it's more in your face and harder to ignore.

Sharia creep is more sinister, because it's more incremental and you are sort of lulled into thinking that the little steps aways from liberty are no big deal. You don't feel them adding up. It's a slow drip anaesthetic.

So-I would like to propose something:


What do you think of  that?

I think it's time that we reclaim-and by we-I mean Western society of course. We, who enjoy living in a democratic West, founded on Judeo-Christian values have to do what we CAN and not what we CAN'T to defend these values.

So, in the same way that there have been slow steps toward crushing our freedom and individual liberty-how about trying a reversal of fortune, in the same way?

What can you do for the LIBERTY CREEP?

Your actions need not make headline news.

But if you do take action, and publicize your actions, other people will gain confidence and realize that the sky will not fall if they, too challenge the oppressive, leftist, homogenous thought police.

If you're not interested in this endeavour then you have precious little to complain about.

It's not really money that is needed now-it's the will to change something-anything.

There are a handful of us doing stuff all the time. We're cracking the jokes, cranking out the articles, writing the letters that make bureaucrats accountable, demonstrating, organizing.

We do it all the time. And you know what?

We're still around.

And we'll be around, G-d willing for a long time. And we will never, EVER, EVER give up.

Won't you join us?