Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Death of Europe in One Convenient Paragraph

The Manchester bomber was a member of a radical mosque that was originally the “Albert Park Methodist Chapel”. The church opened its doors in 1883 before closing in 1962 and later being converted into a mosque.

Perhaps though, Europe deserves to die. 

Yes. It appears so. 

Mark Steyn: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Do you need a change of pace?

They say that music soothes the savage beast, so no wonder the Ayatollah Khomeni once declared a fatwa on music, saying that it was haram! 

Music is quite glorious for all living things and touches deep, limbic places in the human brain and sentimental memory places in the human soul.

So I want to share this absolutely magnificent essay from Mark Steyn about the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow. 

The essay itself was prompted by an e-mail written to Mark, referencing a Times of Israel piece written by my friend Simcha Jacobovici.

Apparently, Mark Steyn and Simcha have a mutual friend! The plot thickens!

But I digress. 

The point of my own post is simply to share this lovely essay with you, and actually also to introduce you to an arrangement of the song that I'm sure you've never heard unless you saw it here on my blog previously, but that you will never forget. It's by Kay Wilson, a fine jazz musician, licensed tour guide in Israel and a British-Israeli survivor of a barbaric Palestinian terror attack that killed her friend Kristine Luken. 

I find Kay's arrangement haunting, but life-affirming and sad at the same time. Kay and I are Facebook friends and I hope we can meet someday in person.

Anyway, I feel extremely blessed to know such fine humans as Kay and Simcha and Mark Steyn.

I'm primarily a badass history and politics geek on the internet, but I'm actually an artsy, creative type with a soft spot for music and dance. Gives me Teh Feeeeelzzzz.

Here's to beautiful music and good friends and to never forgetting, never forgiving those who murder our loved ones. Not ever. Ever.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester Ignited

When I first heard about the latest terrorist atrocity in Manchester, I said that it reminded me of the Dolphinarium bombing in Israel.

Does anyone remember the Israeli teenagers who were slaughtered at the Dolphinarium. I sure do, and I sure remember one writing in Hebrew, 'defiantly', lo nafsik lirkod, we will not stop dancing.

At the time I remember being slightly haunted and slightly bothered by that sentiment, though I couldn't really articulate why. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that with this enemy, there is actually no such thing as defiance.

In the Second World War individuals did undertake acts of defiance on a personal level, and at very great risk. They defied their Nazi tormentors, they defied orders, they defied the command to die, they had babies, they married and they became part of the resistance among other acts of defiance large and small.

But the meaning of defiance is now convoluted and has absolutely no meaning with respect to Islamic terrorism. It is not "defiant" to just go about merely living our lives. It is not an act of defiance to merely go on living (a semblance of living of course because you are living as the living dead) when they slaughter our friends and families. No "defiant" threat or promise means anything to these barbarians. The mentality is so convoluted, so nihilistic and so pro-death that our rather modest and actually pathetic Western ideas of defiance now are laughable to them, as they should be laughable to us.

Mark Steyn has some very sober and salient commentary here about the (most recent) Manchester attack. 

He mentions the concept of defiance, and I think we're on the same page. There's another element other than the No Speak Islam issue.

How about the fact that it is our murderers who are currently always the "real" victims, how about the never-ending and pathetic and sinister attempt to turn themselves into the "real" Jews and the Jews into the "real" Nazis. We have been conditioned to accept these lies wholesale, and that is part of the problem and is like a match that lights our collective funeral pyres.

Jews are the new Jews.

Sorry not sorry. If anything, it's the Islamic terrorists of today who are the intellectual, tactical and philosophical heirs of the Nazis.

I'm angry. I'm angry at all the gutless, despicable politicians who are so afraid to say Islamic terror. I'm really mad that the political left is married to Western destruction. I'm so sick of it all.

Our "leaders" need to grow a spine. We need to force them to do the right thing or get them to get the hell out of elected office. We need to use real words about real problems. We need to reject the lies. We need to tell the truth, to ourselves, to our children and we need to force others to do the same.

We need to make this evil crap impossible to implement. Look at the timing. We need to push this back:

We need to make this impossible. We need to force our employees in government to do the right thing and stop trying to murder the truth tellers instead of the actual barbarian murderers.

We need to stop Tweeting pictures like this. This picture makes me vomit. These kool-aid drinking officers have to get some self-respect. Stop the flowers and and the teddy bears and start fighting evil, dammit.

This is not a "touching" picture, it's a joke. Our enemies laugh in our faces. This is weakness, it's pathetic.

We need more of this. This is from Kay Wilson, a British-Israeli terror survivor who had a machete plunged into her body more than 20 times by a savage Palestinian, who also murdered her non-Jewish friend.

We need more of this, more pushback of the obscene attitudes of law enforcement officials who have abdicated their entire and only raison d'être in favour of drinking the multicultural, dhimmi kool-aid and pleasing their leftist political masters and the encroaching jihad.

Then we have disgusting cretins such as Doug Saunders not only peddling obfuscations about the "European" origins of these terrorists, but also digging out a former security official who has the nerve to compare the current British security forces to the communist secret police.

Sinister and pathetic.

I'll tell you some things that I don't care about. I don't care a whit about the hypothetical backlash against Muslims that never materializes. In fact, if you care about that, I don't care about you-period.

I don't care about whether it was a lone wolf or a pack of wolves. I don't care if he or she had mental health issues, liked gardening or Tim Hortons. I don't care if he or she is a revert. I don't care what skin colour they have. I don't care if they are married or not. I don't care about world class monuments going dark (shame on them all for their useless virtue signalling of surrender).

I am tired of hearing that these savages are "known to police". The security forces think somehow that makes it all better when in fact, it makes it much, much worse and makes our murderers laugh  at us all the more robustly.

When these events happen, it is not acceptable to feel bad, preen and then go back to sleep. We require constant vigilance and muscle right now-political and intellectual. Our whole civilization is going wobbly.

Last night I watched my children fall asleep and smelled their fresh pyjamas in their darkened rooms and watched until they were breathing rhythmically. I couldn't tear my eyes away or move. Paralyzed with emotion, guarding over them, praying, thinking. Why do we fight? Why must we? That's why.

My friends: 

Be extravagant in expressing your love, militant in your protection, unapologetic of your strength and fearless in your approach to guarding our superior way of life before it's too late.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

This Is Pathetic, Sad and Terrible and the Future of the West


Trump In Saudi Arabia

I heard that Trump gave a corker of a speech in the Magic Kingdom so I looked up the whole transcript.

There's lots of really nice kick-ass ISH bits, but the only small problem is that actually and HELLO SAUDI ARABIA IS THE PROBLEM (as well as Iran).

So, I'm not riding the Trump Train on this one.

The good parts are that Melania and Ivanka did not wear veils and I do love the idea of the Saudis having to respect Jews on Saudi soil-that part is awesome. Like seriously Jewlicious.

I don't like that one of the frum members of Trump's entourage reportedly had to eat crackers and fruit for Shabbat. That's just classless. They could have brought some proper food for the guy on the plane and planned for that guy (and for Jared and Ivanka et al). I mean, it's not like there's a kosher restaurant in Riyadh or a local Chabad AMIRITE????

But I digress. So, a few good bits, definitely less submission than Obama but Saudi Arabia is a big problem AHEM 9/11 AHEM COUGH COUGH (and yes, I know the Saudis are also scared sh$tless about the nutty Iranians and that has made them cold, calculated Machiavellian "friends" with Israel.

Still, respect and suspect.

The Israel part of the trip will be interesting as well.

This Is Awesome And Yes, I Have a Weird Sense of Humour

I'm dying!


Some of Us Never Thought it Was a "Joke"

Encroachments on liberty and freedom of thought and expression are never a "joke". 

The Great Kurt Schlichter Is Amazing Once Again!

Just one fabulous column after another I can barely keep up!

Schlichter explains very slowly what is going on in America.

It's a slow coup. 

BUT: And here's the big "BUT". Trump is not helping things at all with the sloppy communications, not finding out where the leaks are coming from, and his Twitter feed is really not helping. He needs to stop making it worse. Just stop. Delegate authority, and stop the slop.

"This is a concentrated, coordinated effort by elite insiders to take down not this president – Trump’s not the point here – but to take down us, the normal American they seek to rule. Someone came to Washington who wasn’t part of the club, and that’s intolerable. So they are desperate to expel him, and by extension, us."

"Every day will be a crisis, every action he takes will be the worst thing that has ever happened, and every step towards keeping his promises a crime."

David P. Goldman agrees. 

Chemistry! One of My Absolute Favourite Topics In the World

I think I have to write a whole book about chemistry.

Not laboratory chemistry but people chemistry.

I find it absolutely riveting. I love pondering chemistry between friends, between like minds-you know when there is that click, and you feel it in your brain or your heart? What is it about someone that makes that click happen, and why is it exclusive to those two people at that time? Isn't it fascinating how someone can make sparks fly in one person and be a complete turn-off to someone else?

I could spend hours discussing this topic. I just love it.

So there are different kinds of chemistry of course, there's the male-female kind but that's just one kind, there is also the friendship  kind, where you know in a nanosecond that you are going to be friends with someone forever-no matter where you are in the world and no matter what you go through in your life.

Anyway, here's a piece here that I spotted on Instapundit, and it's more about male-female chemistry. 

I do think the sense of smell is vastly underestimated when it comes to relations, impressions and particularly with respect to memory.

"Every Day Is Going to Be A Fight"

Every single day.

Great essay from Andrew Klaven. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Daniel Greenfield: Nakbacide

This essay is outstanding. 

Every single thought is clear, articulate and contains a combination of Jewish intellectuality and rigour that is so rare nowadays.

You have to read the whole thing.

I really hope that this particular piece goes far and broad. I hope that Trump's closest policy makers read it. I hope they are reading Caroline Glick as well.

But this essay pretty much explains the entire conflict with Israel in a nutshell. Not a real estate issue, not a political issues: a religious war with no "solution".

It's so good, G-d bless Daniel Greenfield. Wishing him many long, productive and healthy years of prophetic, poetic writing. I actually laughed out loud at the end, because the ending is just perfect. It's so perfect, but I won't wreck it for you. Read the whole essay top to bottom. Read the whole essay a few times actually. It's like music.

"The ugly truth of the Nakba is that it blunted the nationalistic ambitions of Arab Muslims who, like ISIS, dreamed of replacing the Ottoman Empire with an Islamic State. Losing a war to a European world power wouldn't have hurt as much as losing a war to a despised regional minority. A people whose name is an insult in the mouth of every Muslim."

"Yahood. Lower than a dog. Yahood. Transformed into apes and pigs in the Koran. Yahood. Second class citizens in every Muslim country. Who somehow beat back seven Muslim armies and took back their lands that had been conquered by the Caliphs."

"But in Muslim culture time never passes. The words, "You Lost a War, Get Over It", have no meaning."

Andrew Lawton on Cultural Appropriation

Read my buddy Andrew Lawton on the witch hunt that has already claimed several scalps. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Mark Steyn: The Poisoning of Robert Spencer

In case you missed this post by Mark Steyn, you must read it in its entirety now. 

This is just another example of the torrid love affair between the political left and Islam. Both end ultimately in nihilism and that's one of the reasons they get along so well.

But as a commentator on Katie Hopkins Twitter feed put it recently "feminism (and intersectionality) ends at Islam's doorstep" and certainly that can be said of all of political leftism as well.

All of the left, for all its bluster, ends at Islam's doorstep where it takes off its shoes and defers to its masters.

That is why there is no leftist outcry over grooming gangs in the UK, about child rape by migrants in Europe, no outcry by western feminists about Female Genital Mutilation.

These groups also meet at Jew Hate Junction and societies that take the antisemitic road and end up at that junction never fare well. They actually don't survive  or thrive and they really don't deserve to.

He notes:

"...after two generations of social engineering, of the substitution of attitudes for education, it would require too much effort to equip yourself to argue against the difficult questions a man such as Robert Spencer raises. It's literally easier to kill him."

"Not yet in the blood-lusting exultant scimitar-raising style of the decapitators of French priests. But just through whatever you've got in your stash that might ensure he'll be flying out of Reykjavik by the handles. So for the moment there is still a continuum. But it's narrowing, and will narrow still."

I think Mark Steyn is being too kind. I think the blood lust is build right into the DNA of the political left as well. History demonstrates that very, very clearly.  

The jihadists may be the ones doing the actual slicing, but the political left does everything else to support this thuggery and nihilism. They fund it, organize it, vote it and cheer it on in every which way. 

These BFFs hate the west, they loathe Western civilization and no, they will not ever rest or ever go away. 

And it's not just the spiritual vacuum they are filling in this precious world of ours, it's our physical space as well. 

Stop feeling helpless and get mad. 

Hug all your loved ones and lead the charge. 

Shabbat Shalom. 

The Days Are Long and Busy

A few readers have checked in lately just to say hello and see if everything is OK with me, so thank you.

Everything is OK it's just hard to "feed" the blog while I work full time at a day job, do freelance where and where I can and be a mom and wife, and especially with the caregiving responsibilities for my special needs son which are quite intensive. So it's work Monday to Friday, the day starts at 5:45 a.m to get everything ready and everyone out the door by 7:30 and then a long commute each way, dinner, clean up, homework, showers and by the time I blink and it's quiet it's already about 10:00 p.m.

Weekends are Shabbat, no no writing or computer, and then Sundays mostly with my special needs kiddo which doesn't allow for that much uninterrupted writing time.

I'm not complaining, busy people always have time, but there are TONS of things I'd like to write about but I just can't squeeze much more into my days.

Perhaps that will change someday!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Not One Inch

So, I've been very busy as usual yada yada yada but I did want to make sure that this was my "top" story for the evening because it's a doozy.

It's a "Canadian" story but it's also the story of the gutlessness and decline of Western civilization so it's worth your time.

Basically, a Canadian writer had the nerve to suggest, in a publication for writers and by writers, that "cultural appropriation" is a load of hooey and that writers should be able to write whatever they want. That is what fiction is: DUH!!!!!!

Anyway, a bunch of (clearly overrated) Canadian writers that I never, ever heard of and thank G-d, have never socialized with and couldn't care less about got VERY OFFENDED by the concept of freedom of speech and freedom of fiction. So scalps were offered promptly to the High Priests of Political Correctness and the uppity white male Jew writer was offed. From his position at the publication of course but not before some other, slightly better known Canadian "talent" started saying that actually, we should have a cultural appropriation prize! Was it serious? Who knows. And who cares?

Others basically said PEOPLE! Calm the EFF down. 

Personally, I thought that the idea of a cultural appropriation prize was hilarious and frankly-one of the more gutsy and ballsy things that has ever happened on the Canadian literary landscape in my lifetime. Hint: "cultural appropriation" is you know, like fiction. Duh. It's making up stuff. HELLO!!!

But the Officials in Charge of Humour or Lack Thereof in Canada got OUTRAGED!!! Then even more writers that nobody ever heard about started demanding MORE HEADS because IT'S NOT FUNNY because DIVERSITY OR SOMETHING!!!!!!!!

So anyone who ponied up money for the Cultural Appropriation Prize and anyone who Tweeted about it was offed or blacklisted or both or banished because YOU WILL SHUT UP YOU EL STUPIDOS AND EL NON-SENSITIVOS!!!!!

Apologies were proffered but the gods demanded scalps! More scalps!

So, now two white male Jewish writer-editor types are on the Canadian Liberal Party NGO Phoney Baloney Jobs At CBC Cocktail Party Shit List.


So here are some of my thoughts.

Jon Kay showed some backbone and at least admits that he was feeling quite self-censored for quite some time. But I guess that political move from right (ish) to left might not have been worth it after all.

Obviously, even writing a gagtacular blowjobby ghostwrite for PM Hairdo doesn't guarantee you cocktail party entrance for life if you offend the "wrong" people.

("Why isn't Justin taking my calls?!?!?" Why did he stop following me on Insta???!?!")

Feels like high school all over again (GAH).

The truth is that this sh&t is happening all over the world. 

You do have to have a reasonable pair of stones to push back on this stuff and prepared to take your lumps for standing your ground including being bounced out of a job.

The reasons these totalitarian jerkoffs have so much power and can ruin peoples lives and livelihoods is because WE NORMAL PEOPLE are always paying protection money.


Tell them their ideas suck. Because they do.

And you know the best part: they know they suck as well. They are just pretending that they are sooooooo wise and soooooo special and sooooo anointed. All of their blathering is just masturbatory, collegial virtue signalling because all of them live exceptionally conservative lives no matter what public lip service they pay to radicalism. 

What do you think the worst is that will happen?

FACT CHECK MAH PEEPS: (the 'fact check' of course is another grotesque leftist invention, another lefty whopper just barely disguised as truth)

They will never go away, there is never 'live and let live' but at least you will be able to live with yourself.  And you may save someone else from this misery.

It is pathetic, and unbecoming of a citizen of any alleged democracy that writers have to articulate as basic idea as "unpopular ideas shouldn't be silenced, they should be debated". 


But as Mark Steyn has said many times, they don't want to debate. They don't even want to win the debate, they just want to shut it down.

They want you to supersize that steaming hot cuppa SHUTUP.

What "should" writers be "allowed" to write about?

As per Mark Steyn: EVERYTHING.

For goodnessssssake people, grow a pair.

You know, Mark Steyn has been exceptionally gracious to Jon Kay under the circumstances. 

Anyway, you should never apologize for having a brain and having thoughts and opinions.

You should never apologize for thinking as an individual, for making jokes and you should never roll over and shut up and never give an inch because it will never end well for you.

You know who is laughing their head off right now as well?


All those who subscribe to an anti-Western philosophy are killing themselves laughing right now. All of the enemies of Western civilization don't have to lift a finger, pull a trigger or waste a single bullet. Why?

Because we are going to politically correct ourselves right out of existence. 

We will go out not with a bang, not even a whimper but with a finger wag, and incessant, droning mini-fascist voices demanding that we shut up, shut up, shut up. 

So just don't.

You're welcome.

Good night.

Good Riddance to Exceptionally Disgusting Rubbish



Who Are the Missing Millions?

To every victim a name. 

I'm In Love With This Essay And I Don't Care If You Think That's Weird

I saw this first thing in the morning on Facebook and I thought I would die of smugness and glee.

I basically love every single character of this, INCLUDING THE PUNCTUATION. 

Kurt Schlichter's advice to liberals! Thank G-d liberals never read conservatives because if they actually did read this and it did compute, we'd be in deep doo doo. 

"You look nuts. I mean wacko, zonked out, “Hey, that goldfish is firing a mind control laser at my brain and making me break dance” nuts."

"But don’t stop. No, pump it up. You’re at “11,” and I say take it to “12.”

"This is great!"

"All this insanity is going to help us normals retain power, from your gyno-hat marches to the fake hate crimes to your insistence that the Russians are responsible for everything from Hillary losing the election to the rarely-discussed but well-known liberal epidemic of ED."

"Here’s a little test. It’s been about six months since Trump treated The Smartest Most Accomplished Woman In The World like a NordicTrack treats Harry Reid, and does anyone know even one person who has said, “You know, I voted for Trump, but now after Neil Gorsuch, General Mattis and H.R. McMaster, I really wish I had checked the box for Felonia von Pantsuit?”

Maybe Germany Should Give Them The Stuff They Stole From Jews

That would really be the pièce de résistance of this utter clusterf&ck that is now Germany. 

Terrifically hard to feel sorry for Germany.

OH! Right. I don't.

When Jews Are Bad, They Are Despicable

I can't really articulate how sickening it is to me that Jews have betrayed Jews in such a disgusting manner for so many years all the while spouting platitudes about the Shoah.

Completely sickening whether in Israel, North America or anywhere else in the world.

I vomit in their direction. 

As far as I'm concerned, they should turn in their Jew cards. These Jews give us all a bad name.

Disgusting and repulsive.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Why Working Class Americans Voted With Their Middle Finger

Good one. 

They are saying UP YOURS to this kind of crappola:

"To the rootless global elites, though, tradition is subordinated to transgression. What society considers edgy, elites deem worthy of their praise. It isn’t acceptable merely to accept gay life, for example — it must be celebrated. Recalling moving to San Francisco and observing a fully naked man walking down the street, Williams recalls feeling proud of herself for being tolerant of such norm-shattering. Among the elites, she says, “It’s a point of pride not to be one of those petty bourgeois who’s shocked by sexual transgression.”

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Good Stuff!


"The editor of the Writers’ Union of Canada’s magazine has resigned after complaints over an article he wrote in which he said he doesn’t believe in cultural appropriation."

"Hal Niedzviecki, editor of Write — a publication for the union’s members — published an opinion piece in the spring 2017 issue titled “Writer’s Prompt.” In the article, in an issue dedicated to indigenous writing, Niedzviecki wrote: “In my opinion, anyone, anywhere, should be encouraged to imagine other peoples, other cultures, other identities."

I’d go so far as to say there should even be an award for doing so — the Appropriation Prize for best book by an author who writes about people who aren’t even remotely like her or him.”

"He went on to argue that Canadian literature remains “exhaustingly white and middle class” because writers are discouraged from writing about people and places they don’t know."

Love it. 

YUGE Whopper From The Trump Administration

Really bad if true. 

The Associated (With Nazis) Press

Good grief.

I puke in their general direction. 

"I Was There For a Reason"

You sure were.


Wow: Georgia Couple Goes From Family of Three to Family Of Ten Overnight

What a lovely story.

Good on them. 

Apparently, It is Perfectly Safe and Perfectly Secure to Host Pro-Sharia, Pro-BDS Individuals on Campus

Remember: no conservatives can speak on campus because security is the new shut up.

But campuses are a safe space for some. 

Tommy Robinson: Enemy of the State

It's long, but you should watch the whole thing.

Appalling and infuriating.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Daniel Greenfield Is One of the Best Writers in the English Speaking World

This is one smart Jew. 

I am profoundly moved by this essay. 

And this is utterly magnificent. 

I feel these words in my bones. 

I read a Torah commentary over the weekend (and I am trying to get an electronic file for you all) that said that when almost 7,000,000 Jews stand together silently at one time and place that is the kind of mystical and magical gathering of Jews in numbers that haven't been experienced since we received the Torah at Sinai. What a miracle. We are truly living in the age of miracles.

I feel so blessed to be a Jew, to be a mother. To be a Jewish mother.

Daniel Greenfield is blessed with tremendous Jewish knowledge and depth and the ability to express deep and thoughtful Jewish wisdom through such incredibly well-chosen words. His words really sing and soar.

Tremendous, simply tremendous.

Joooooooz Update

Always the hunted. 

America, don't be so smug. 

Mark Steyn: The Midnight Train

Behold: the Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH with some thoughts on the victory of Angela Merkel M. Macron in France.

The whole essay is excellent (of course) but the reality can be said in a few short words by Steyn. The "leaders" of these countries, the chippy lefty globalists :

"If you're in the first-class cabin to the executive suite at Davos, the elites you meet from elsewhere around the globe are not surly and self-segregating like the resentful "youths" of les banlieues, but urbane and charming chaps just like you - fellows for whom this really is a borderless world, in which one is wafted effortlessly from Harvard or Oxford to Goldman Sachs' Hong Kong office to a hedge fund in Dubai to a cosy sinecure at a UN agency in Vienna or Geneva... Who could possibly object to such an agreeable planet? What are all these ghastly unwashed masses on about? Can't they see all the benefits of the world we've ushered in?"

Then, the Marktastic nugget:

"...these people do not live in the world they have built for their subjects." 


That is all. 


I have a few more things to say. First of all, if you haven't noticed, Mark Steyn is doing lots of great spots on FOX News nowadays and that is a good thing! I hope this partnership will be very successful and let us also hope that the sartorial ripple effect will be felt all over the globe. Lots of nice suits and pocket squares happening, YUGE variety, YUGE!

Sorry-what were we talking about? Did it get hot in here? Just me? You sure? 


Anyway...the other exciting development is The Mark Steyn Club!

Have you joined? 

This is a fantastic and really creative way to keep Mark Steyn afloat financially and creatively while he slogs away at the various lawsuits that have been running FOR YEARS in order to punish him in every capacity: financially, professionally, mentally, emotionally and physically. 

He's doing a lot of this on all of our behalves while providing a infidelicious motherlode of fresh, original content for free and being the de facto world free speech leader. 

I personally think that Mark Steyn should revise his resume AGAIN to add philosopher and/or prophet BUT HEY FOR REAL AND NOT FOR JOKING WHAT DO I KNOW I'm just a lone Jewish mother, clacking away on a laptop somewhere in Canada pining for Mark Steyn the fjords of my youth. 

*waves again*

Bottom line: Join now and join often!

From Coal to Code: Out of Work Miners Learning Code

And making tons of money!

I love this!

Some of the Bravest Warriors For Free Speech...

Are gays. 

Why? They understand that they have been displaced off the sympathy charts by the political left.

Gays are expendable to the political left.

As my people say: mene tekel upharsin. 

Trump Troll Level: NINJA

So, this made me smile ALL DAY. 

Happy Nakba Day muthahclukahs!

There's no way this was an accident. I think it's Master Level Trolling.

But even if it wasn't by design, who cares????

Monday, May 8, 2017

Steve Bannon: Not an Antisemite, Smart, Brilliant, Etc...DUH!!!!!

This is a good article and kudos to Jeff Kwatinetz (a liberal, and a Jew) for speaking on the record. 

The only problem generally with these kinds of articles is that they are basically a spin on 'so when did you stop beating your wife'.

The truth doesn't matter to a lot of people. It's irrelevant. Facts are irrelevant.

Still-worth the read and good on Mr. Kwatinetz for speaking up.

The last paragraph is really interesting on so many levels.

"I only know his political views because we worked so many hours on this Warner deal, and on building our company, that we would talk about politics. He cares about politics, and I care about politics, and we disagree a lot, so it gave us a lot to talk about. I have Republican friends and Democrat friends, but I saw a study last week that said most people in California who voted for Hillary Clinton don’t have any friends who voted for Trump, and I believe that. Democrats think Republicans are devils and Republicans think Democrats are devils. But Steve is not a devil. He’s a great guy, and if it gets me in trouble for telling the truth, then it gets me in trouble."

I think that most conservatives are capable of having very polite, extremely sociable and amicable relationships (I don't use the word 'friendship' because I think that's a very different level of relationship) with liberals. I can't say I've seen the reverse very much at all. I also don't think that conservatives think that liberals are the devil. Generally I would say that liberals think conservatives are primitive, uptight, mean and closed-minded (plus all the trendy 'phobics'). I think conservatives are much more charitable toward liberals and forgiving on an inter-personal level even if we think that political leftism is soul-corrupting and a sinister ideology.

And it's truly refreshing to see a liberal say he's willing to take the heat, or 'get in trouble' , as he puts it, for telling the truth.

That's where we are at right now: you will get in trouble for telling the truth.

Shutting up is more important than the truth.

As for me and my house: nuts to that. 

How A Facebook Message Brought A Father and Daughter Together

This is an amazing story. 

What's not discussed at all in this story is how profoundly wrong it is to lie to someone in such a manner, and to deprive them of their own flesh and blood. I hope they have many long years to spend together from this day forward.

A Disgusting, Gratuitous and Posthumous Insult to Free Speech Down Under

I used to think Aussies were tough and sensible.

Alas, they are also going the way of the rest of the squishy, sucky, soft-totalitarian, freedom quashing, terrorist-loving sucky leftist West.

I guess nobody Down Under cares.

This makes me absolutely sick. 

There is no question in my mind anyway, that Bill Leak was hunted down like an animal by the ghastly "human rights" mutawa and that the stress of this "life" hasted his death. 

This adds insult to injury, something the political left is so good at anyway.

This is basically a grotesque episode of Orwellian political theatre, and another sinister display of just how taxpayer-supported bureaucrats terrorize innocent citizens. These same tormentors are pissing on Bill Leak's grave and prancing about his final resting place-and it bloody well should be his resting place- like a pack of baying, blood-thirsty hyenas.

There is a lesson in this: the left will never, ever, ever leave you alone.

There is no "live and let live" for them.

Hell, there isn't even a die and let die for them!!!

The disgusting persecutors of this man, who very likely hastened his death, should not enjoy any more opportunities to celebrate their utterly wicked ways, nor be feted for anything remotely resembling a commitment to free speech.

Sickening and pathetic.

Bruce Bawer: "What Happened in France?"

This is an excellent essay by the extremely smart and talented writer Bruce Bawer.

"How, again, to make sense of this?"

"Yes, the mainstream media have played a role, routinely whitewashing Islam, soft-pedaling the Islamic roots of jihadist terror, and staying silent about the dire reality of everyday Islamization. But no one who actually lives in western Europe has any excuse for ignorance about these matters. The truth is all around them. Even in the remotest places, however dishonest the mainstream media, the truth can be found on the Internet."

"But – and this is a fact that some of us are thoroughly incapable of identifying with, and thus almost thoroughly incapable of grasping – some people don't want to know the truth. And if they do know the truth, they want to un-know it."

"Orwell understood. He called it doublethink. You can know something and yet can will yourself not to know it. And thereby give free rein to totalitarianism."

Read the whole thing. 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

They Take Safety and Security Very Seriously

And if you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan.

If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor!

Trust these people with your children.

What could possibly go wrong? 

When An Israeli Commando Finds an M-16 In A Child's Bed

This is an asymmetrical conflict. 

I can't imagine that IDF soldiers do not receive any guidance on this fact. 

"On the one hand, it is very gratifying and satisfying to find the weapon because our mission was to locate the weapons with which the attack was carried out. On the other hand, I find this bizarre. I would not risk my family that way."

Exactly. These two cultures are not the same. 

"It was incomprehensible."

Shouldn't be! 

"I didn’t expect that there, in an innocent children’s bed, there would be an assault rifle used for murder. There’s a dividing line here. Hiding a weapon in your daughter’s bed is not something that is on the border of reason."

"Over time, we learn the methods of the other side and how they conceal weapons. This crossed another line of basic moral standards."

Answer: Why Yes, Yes It Does


Celebrate "German" Mating Rituals

Seems legit. 

Trump Should Not Legitimize Abbas

Trump meeting with Abbas is a YUGE, YUGE mistake. 

There's no reason to legitimize the Holocaust Denier in Chief of the PA.


And what if Abbas threw a Jew-haters party and nobody from the Trump admin came?

Oh, don't worry-other guests showed up. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Morning Smile

Why There Will Never Be Peace

Because one side of the conflict doesn't want peace. 

The only way to come to a detente situation (it's not solvable) is as per Winston Churchill's dictum:

Stop murdering. Start negotiating. 

"Next Time"

Ann Coulter on Republican/"Conservative" syndrome. 

I'd characterize the whole sorry lot of them as loosing losers who like to lose EVEN WHEN THEY WIN.

Yeah, I Hate It When This Happens

Nobody's perfect!

The Unholy Alliance Between George Soros and Pope Francis


That's all I've gotta say.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I'm Really, Really, Really Bored of Cowardice

Didn't have a chance to post this until now, but do read The Prophet Mark Steyn (PBUH) on the war against Free Speech in the (allegedly) civilized world.


As a free speech absolutist, I've written a lot about the subject over the past decade or thereabouts.

I also don't have much to add except that I am REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bored of the cowardice, the throngs of eunuchs, the "conservative" castratti and the thoroughly emasculated, pussified West when it comes to liberty, freedom and being ever afraid to speak up.

I'm really sick of it. Everyone tsk tsking all over the place. Oh this is terrible, oh that is terrible!

Then: What? Do something about it? Who me?? 



And I'm especially sick of "conservatives" who don't have a gaaaaddamn clue or any interest in what to do, no obligation to their voters, no honour, even when they get into power. And when I say 'they don't know what to do' I mean act and legislate according to conservative and Western principles and drag the entire screaming, stupid, dhimmi, baby, brat faced, snot-nosed, wussy, lefty masses with you by their earlobes. Why should we vote for you jerks?

Basically this:

In a nutshell!

So, I'd write more but I'm truly bored and aggravated and pissed. It's not a pretty picture.

Please people BUCK UP and do something for once.

I'm sooooooooooo bored of these posts and columns.

So tired of the gutless massses.


Misc Links For Your Reading "Pleasure"

Ideally, I'd like to write and blog full time but alas-that is not the situation right now.

It's a busy life with busy days that start very early in the morning (at least the birds and daylight is back now at 5:45 a.m) and it's GO GO GO until I fall into bed and then I'm usually just too wiped out to write.

I do try to save the links that are really interesting/sickening (as always) and will post when I can.

So here's some food for thought:


Fighting back works.


Terrorists don’t ask how you voted.


Amazing story, RIP.

Finally, I can make the career change of my dreams.


No, Sarah Halimi’s murderer is not “insane”.

“The Left’s Hatred of Jews Chills Me to the Bone”

As it well should.



Happy Independence Day, My Beloved Israel

Israel was not created because of the Holocaust.

The Holocaust happened because there was no Israel.

Now there is. 


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Before and After the Knock on the Door

This is exactly right. 

For our family, it was before and after seeing the headline on my computer in the Jerusalem Post: 29 year old resident of Beitar Ilit seriously injured in terrorist attack.

I called home and told my husband to check, someone had been injured from his brother's neighbourhood. My stomach was already turning over and over.

The phone rang in my office. My husband screamed my name in anguish and said it's him, over and over again, it's David, it's him. I started screaming in my office.

Someone drove me home. We called the airlines to get a flight. A Rabbi came over and said to pray, he could recover, but I remember my husband saying to him very calmly that he was going to Israel because his little brother was going to die.

We had just barely, barely, barely begun to recover from the traumas of my special needs son's birth, our near deaths, and life as the parents of a significantly disabled child.

I can't write too much about those first few days and hours. My heart starts racing as if it happened yesterday.

I can tell you that when he died, the Arabs in the hallway of the ICU ululated.

I can also tell you that when one of his murderers was finally killed by Israeli security forces, my mother in law was not happy.

She said to me, at least they wouldn't be able to kill anyone else.

Three "Europeans" Charged With Providing Weapons Used in Charlie Hedbo and Kosher Supermarket Slaughter in France

Just some random European dudes. 

Klaven: The Cruelty of the Academic Left

What he says. 

"The Story of Our Brothers"


"Find Someone Who Is Family. I Want to Give Them the Bugle."

Rest in peace. 

Israeli President Rivlin: "The Price of Our Liberty is Purchased in Blood"


The price of Jewish survival is that precise sacrifice.

Tonight is the start of Israel's memorial day for fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism.

So many lives to remember.

I remember with great love, and no forgiveness David Cohen and Esther and Syke Paltzur among so many others.

May Hashem avenge their deaths and all the others.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Why I FIght, Why I Fight to Be A Jew, Why I'm A Zionist


"Don't Touch My Body"

Religious wishes must be respected.


Australia Is Screwed



A Truly Repulsive Human Being


Imagine My Surprise

“The Iran Deal Was Much Worse Than We Expected”

(Read the whole thing.)

I Really Mean This...

Fuck Britain. 

It's very interesting that Britain's finest constabulary is not generally allowed to properly protect its citizens against jihadist terrorists, by being, you know armed.

The arms come out when the Juden must go out.

This is so disgusting and so disgraceful that it's hard to find a way to properly express my utter repulsion.

And you know what? I'm glad these people hate Jews. Because we will outlive them and outlast them and out-joy them forever.

I'm very glad they are my enemies.

And While I'm At It

Fuck Germany also. 

Not like they don't have other problems to deal with right?

Better just hector those uppity JOOOOOOZ.

The End Is Nigh

You can have mass migration from non-Western countries and cultures or western freedoms and norms. 

Have I Mentioned Lately That Sweden Deserves to DIe?


Sweden deserves to die.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Full Text of Donald Trump's 2017 Holocaust Remembrance Speech

This is really meaningful, heartfelt and powerful.

I would urge you to read the whole thing. 


The One Lesson of the Holocaust 

Canada Is Being Run By Imbeciles and Pot Heads

Exhibit one. 

Exhibit two. 

Karmic Justice

Not sure if I could have dreamt up a story like this:

ISIS terrorists live by the sword, but alas, die by the pig. 

Till Death Did They Part

Oh my word.

What a love story. 

"Affliction Du Jour", Otherwise Known As Why I Love Kathy Draidlebaum

This is so good. 

I mean soooooooo good, friend. 

Free Speech is The Entire Thing

I am heartened somewhat by some of the pushback that is happening now in America regarding free speech.

There are a lot of people who seem to understand that without free speech, you can't have other freedoms. Without the freedom to say what you want you cannot really be free.

If you are always worried about what you are going to say, that you may be prosecuted for having "unacceptable" or unpopular thoughts, then you are de facto, living under tyranny no matter what system of governance you allegedly live under.

Americans are so incredibly lucky to have the First Amendment. It is truly one of the most glorious human-created policies and guarantees ever in human history, and it is worth fighting for.

There has already been way too much intellectual and philosophical freedom ceded to the political left all over the world, including in America and don't get me started on Canada.

Eternal vigilance on free speech is required and everyone living in a free society has a responsibility and an obligation to do what they can (not what they can't) to guarantee this freedom.

As I've said on previous occasions, that may be as simple as telling a joke, or not hiding your opinion. It sure as hell means not putting your head down and thinking that "they" will just leave you alone.

They won't.

Yes it does mean taking a risk, or taking several, but yes it is worth it.

Some food for thought on this theme:

Berkely has been hit with a lawsuit over the Ann Coulter lecture.

This via the great Instapundit who rightly says that when punched by these thugs, you have to punch back twice as hard. 

Kurt Schlichter (who is truly on a roll lately) has another excellent column up on Townhall, this one discussing free speech specifically: 

"Look, the left has told us what it wants – the power to force us to be silent and submit. That’s not wacky supposition; that’s not fevered imagination. They are open about their agenda, and it’s happening before our eyes. To pretend that our republic is not facing an existential threat from progressives who would use violence to silence their political opponents is to willfully ignore the evidence, just like a climate cultist ignores cold weather. And the violence has already begun: in fact, it is key to their plan for a free speech-free future. Today it’s gangs of masked thugs attacking us. Tomorrow, it’s uniformed men with guns – or at least those few spineless cowards among our security forces will ignore their oaths to defend the Constitution in exchange for a paycheck and a pension – dragging us off to jail for illegal speech. Or worse."

"We patriots face a stark choice. We could choose the easy path of submission and hope that the left will leave us be if we just give in to their demands and give up on our right to participate in our own governance. But that won’t ever work – the true joy of leftism comes from imposing the leftists’ collective will upon its designated villains, and one guess as to the identity of those designated villains."


"No, they don’t want to leave us alone – that misses the whole point of being a leftist. A leftist yearns to be the one doing the bullying and dominating. If we give in, we will spend the rest of our lives with their soft, girly hands around our necks."

"And if we are so gutless as to give up our God-given rights in exchange for “peace,” we deserve that pathetic, dishonorable fate."

Lastly, you can read Professor Glenn Reynold's take on Howard Dean's alleged constitutional illiteracy.

It's an excellent piece, but I disagree that Dean is a constitutional illiterate. 

I think he is well aware of the contents of the Constitution. I am sure he is well aware that there is no "hate speech exception" in the Constitution. So why go public with such a nonsensical contention?

I think that leftists like Dean cannot help but project their fantastical and tyrannical wet dreams onto reality. They couldn't care less that their proclamations are pure lies. 

They float out these trial balloons from time to time and see what happens and to play to their base. They know that many people are completely illiterate and will not take the time to actually read the documents themselves or do any research. They are fanning the flames of tyranny with flat out lies, and pouring intellectual gasoline on the pyre of freedom. 

After making these astonishing "ignorant" whopper statements, Dean and his ilk get the predictable and deserved whomping from conservatives and textual Constitutionalists and originalists, but they don't care because basically their purpose was to get publicity for their ideas and also "confirm" to the swarming, thug masses that there is, indeed a "hate speech" exception. 

Of course they cannot be shamed because you can't shame the shameless. 

These are very sinister folks, who want to own your souls. 

And they will if you let them. 

Haida Bibi, Haida: PM Netanyahu Cancels Meeting With German FM

This is absolutely excellent. 

It's Bibilicious. 

There is no reason to court and flatter one's enemies.

If the Germans want to commit suicide by invasion and dhimmify themselves into oblivion-go ahead. But there's no reason the Jews have to coddle them as they do it, and as they fund organizations that actively seek to destroy the Jewish state.

It's really hard to describe how pathological Germans are, and there really doesn't seem to be much hope for them.

It's excellent that essentially, PM Netanyahu has said you can have your funding of Jew-hatred, or you can have fancy pants photo opps with moi, the leader of Israel and the de facto leader of the free world (President Trump not withstanding, but it's only been about 100 days).

You can't have both! Sorry not sorry!

Rest assured, we Jews will outlive the current iteration of Germany and all of the policy-makers that so wisely decided to bring in an entirely new populace of Jew-haters, West-loathers to their shores, just in time to replace the remnants of the old Jew-haters who were starting finally to die off, yet all living their lives to the fullest on the blood-soaked earth.

I'm really delighted with this move by Netanyahu.

14 Poignant Pictures of Holocaust Survivors And Their Short Notes

I can't and shan't add to this. 

NY Teens Honoured For Pushing Back Against "Why Gas the Jews" School Assignment

I heard about this story when it happened and I'm really glad Legal Insurrection is keeping the story alive. 

This is not just a story about the Jews, it's a story about doing the right thing.

Kudos to these young people for taking a stand.

I'm really happy they were recognized.

"Cleaning the Hate"

Another amazing story.

"They Don't Know How To Talk. They Only Know How to Kill. They Drink Blood"

An amazing story of Gaza Muslims who became collaborators with Israel and are now converting to Judaism. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

"My Mother Pushed Me Out of the Line and Said Go To Work"

"To Nina, My Sister, Who Was Taken From Me By Animals"

"It Was A Long Time Ago, As if It Happened Yesterday"

Sephardic stories of the Shoah.

Just think: the Jews thought they were safe in Muslim countries, and then fled to "safety" in France. Now they are hunted down in France by the Muslims they escaped.

Where to now? Israel is one choice.

But there are really very few places in the world where Jews can live with any degree of safety, and that list gets shorter with every brainless, liberal government that takes power in the Western world.

Trump Should Raze the UN and Build Condos

No I'm not joking. 

Absolutely Hysterical: What Happens When Race Faker Supremo Goes to Africa

I'm dying!

Apparently "trans-black" did not play out so well in Africa. Imagine that.


"Tel Aviv Stabber Was In Israel on 'Peace Visit" With Group That Aims to Improve Ties

You just can't make this stuff up.

My idiot people. 

Free Speech Under Assault in America

Here's a clip of Ann Coulter discussing her "The Show Must Go On" position on speaking at Berzerkley.

What's interesting is that there are a few principled leftists who are coming to her defence.

I was absolutely shocked to see Bernie Sanders among them! So, I must give a shout out to that crusty old Jewish commie!

I never thought I would ever hear myself say "kudos, Bernie", but these are strange times.

I'm not surprised that Bill Maher is defending her, he is also principled on this issue in partciular and many more-like Islam for example. I don't agree with him on a lot, but I certainly appreciate his willingness to discuss issues with people he completely disagrees with, and defend the right to do so. He is also absolutely right about this kind of violent, crybaby tyranny being akin to book-burning.

It will be very interesting to see what happens on campus on April 27 especially given how much we now know about Berkeley's mayor on these issues.

Delicious: Vanity Fair Begs Chelsea Clinton to Go Away Forever

This is too delicious for words.

Read the whole thing. 

Germany Can Seriously Bite Me

It's not like they have anything else to worry about, right?

Disgusting, preening fart faces. 

Welcome To Americastahn: Female Genital Mutilation Edition

Nothing to see here, all cultures are equal and stuff. 

This Pope Sucks

Sorry, but he does.

He's a very flawed communist human making a lot of mistakes and consistently showing a lack of Judeo-Christian based leadership and lots of morally invert thinking.

Here's the latest example-great timing.

On Holocaust Memorial Day the Pope talks about concentration camps. 


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday Night Live! With Me! Lucky You!

Shabbat is over late nowadays, but fortunately for you all, I HAD A NAP.

And you know how the old saying goes: if you love someone let them go nap.

(Thanks, family!)

Therefore, I am still up at this extremely late hour and can post a bunch of links for your enjoyment depression.

Et voila: 


Remembering the Holocaust in Ladino, with this message: “Never let anyone insult you because you are a Jew.”

Endorsed: Blow Up The Memorials to Dead Jews

(I mean it-blow 'em up. I am so tired of the fetishization of dead Jews. Everyone loves dead Jews. Live ones, not so much.)


In Favor of American Nationalism (must read)

A week of terror and diversity in Europe-must read.

The New Civil War by Daniel Greenfield (SO GOOD MUST READ)

Winning the Civil War of Two Americas (ALSO SO GOOD)

The Left’s Persecution of Real Refugees From Islam and Communism


Here is my deepest sentiment for Europe: it can go screw itself and the Jews should all get out while they can. How's that? And when I say I am serious, I really mean it. 

Here's a prime example of why:

Fuck Sweden

I honestly don’t care about this disgusting Third World, Jew-hating, preening, self-destructive, terrorphilic sh&hole of a country and I spit at the disgusting, craven and sinister Europeans and any other earth-based human who is willing to sacrifice their children to the death cult.

So screw every single word of this statement and this disgusting, excremental excuse of a human as well:

“Fredrik Reinfeldts thoughts are with the dead, the injured and their relatives. In particular, he thinks of eleven year old Ebba Åkerlund - the youngest of the victims: I think everyone embraces this eleven year old girl's death. It is among the most difficult thing you can experience, to an innocent child gets killed. It shows the price for the open society…”

No it doesn't, it shows the price of unfettered immigration and a leftist-Marxist, anti-Western civilizational suicide wish/demand. 

Not all of us are buying what you are selling, Satan. 



“For leftists born into a Jewish family, anti-Semitism is not about people who hate Jews. It’s about people that the Jewish leftists hate, notably President Trump and, guilt by association, his advisers.”


Endorsed: There is No Such Thing As “Hate Speech”

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday Evening Links!

Hi all, it has been really busy (again), but I gotta get these links out to you.



And when I say "enjoy", you know that what I actually mean is that you ought to have the barf bags and/or the whiskey ready.


A very sweet, Jewish tale from Hollywood, within The Goldene Mediyneh.

The Moment When The Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, Mentions You On Fox News With Tucker Carlson



OK so I finished my grocery shopping and put everything away and decided I was FINALLY going to make chocolate babka for Shabbat. Finally I was gonna get that (f&cking) yeast dough right. FINALLY.

I was puttering with the yeast and the dough when all of the sudden my phone starts to PING PING PING PING. I take a look and see that The Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, ULULULULULU has mentioned me on Twitter, but it's just preview, and my hands are full of babka dough so I can't see the whole thing.

Then a reader friend e-mails me and I hear an e-mail ping and she says something about Steyn as well. I wash my hands and PING PING PING PING PING. I clue into what is happening!

It's the moment when Mark Steyn mentions you on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, in the middle of making Shabbos Babka!!!!!

(My daughter asked if Tucker made THE CONFUSED AND BEMUSED FACE and I said I don't know, haven't seen it yet, but now I have seen it so yes, yes he did..)

YUUUUUUUUUGE thanks to Mark Steyn for the shout out.

I've only watched this twice eighty or so times . Enjoy! Made my evening.

(The babka rocks also, just sayin...)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mark Steyn Talks About Hitting Something Clear, Hard and Swift

And I can't seem to remember the rest. 


Why must people always think the worst of me?!?!?


As It Happens, Being A Rabid, Pathological Jew-Hater Does Not Give You Immunity From Palestinian Terrorism


Is it really worth getting your Scout Badge in Jew-Hatred?

Apparently, some people really think it is.

They think that if they trot about Gaza City with their shiny I HATE JEWS button and their fashionable keffiyehs Nazi Schmattah around their preening infidel necks that they will be immune from being slaughtered.

Alas, it just doesn't work that way as this Italian fellow just found out....

Allahu Akbar is Arabic For Motive Unknown And May Never Be Known

Another point of order:

Allahu Akbar doesn't mean "God Is Great".

It means Allah Is (the) Greatest. Meaning, Allah is greatest because Allah enables the murder of these infidels. There's a big difference.

So don't spread Fake News or Fake Translations.

I Had To Cross My Legs When I Read This

OH mah gawwwwwd. 

How To Not Make Infidel Friends and Influence People In Australia

Japan Hasn't Read Mark Steyn


The Alpha Male Gays Take on Islamic Terrorism and Barbarism

You know it's really very gutsy of these guys to be speaking out loud about this, because none of their compadres on the left wants to talk about it. 

The left wants you to take a very big, supersized cup of SHUT UP about Islam and the gay thing...and when I say the gay thing, I mean the throwing gays off buildings thing, the gunning down gay people in American nightclub thing, and the putting gays LITERALLY into concentration camps in a Muslim country thing, and the hanging gays in Iran thing. 

So good for the alpha male homosexuals who clearly have some of THE BIGGEST STONES on the planet.

Gays used to be the pets of the left, but Islam trumps everything else now and the gays with survival instincts understand this very clearly. The left is finished with gays-they are completely, 100% expendable to the political left.

Awww, They Blow Up So Fast....

Just a heads up off on the latest tales of barbarism and savagery from ISIS.

Yeah, let's make peace with these people. 

This is Not A Small Thing

It's a very, very short walk indeed from clamping down on speech to clamping down on hairdos and then on all other personal liberties.

Nobody comes between me and my hairdresser. You'll have to pry the highlights out of her and my cold, dead hands.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Passover (Again)

The last day(s) of Passover are also holy days so I'll be off line for a bit. It's been quite a week-lotsa matzah and other things going on...

It has been very busy in my real life, with cleaning and cooking and preparations etc.

At this time, I'd also like to wish my Christian readers a very Happy Easter.

I'll be blogging again later this week.

The Christian Exodus From the Middle East

The only place in the Middle East where the Christian population is growing is in Israel.

So there's that. 

Morally Reprehensible Ontario Liberals And The Culture of Death


Absolutely disgusting.

Rest in Peace, Rabbi

Just awful. 

May his memory be a blessing.

American Leftists Are the Ultimate Sucky, Wussy Puritans

What kind of "liberals" want to police your sex life, casual conversation and relationships? And set up a special Rat Fink Line and Rat Fink Reporting System to do so?

This is actually tyranny. The tyranny of the left. 

This is insanity, and WE are even more insane for tolerating this crap.

Generation Big Sucky Babies

If my kid did this, I would whop them upside the head. 

"The Future of Europe Is At Stake"

I'm not sure this situation is reversible. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Where Is the Left on This?

To their credit, I did see an LGBT organization here in Canada Tweet to PM Hairdo about this, but so far-for the left, this is no big deal, once again proving that gay is out-Muslim is at the top of the protected class hierarchy.

This is An Ad, But I Got Sucked In

Basically, the secret to being a hot woman at any age is to be French!

Kurtz: It's Now Or Never For Free Speech on Campus

In other words it's time to sh&t or get off the pot. 

It's very easy to lose liberties and rights.

It's very hard, and often impossible to get them back.

America Is Screwed: "American" FGM Edition

Someone please remind me why it's important and good to bring these types of folks and these types of quaint traditions to America. I guess I forgot. 

An Anti-Semitic Murder in A French No-Go Zone

This is a must read. 

This is the story of Jews being hunted down and moving from country to country, packing up and leaving everything for safer pastures only to be hunted down like prey by savage barbarians at every turn.

This is the tale of Europe. It's an old-new story.

Rest in eternal peace Sarah Lucy Halimi. I will never forget, nor will I forgive.

As Daniel Greenfield says, we cannot let them win.

Friday, April 14, 2017


Pakistan is truly a barbarous place. 

Don't think that mob violence against alleged blasphemers cannot and will not happen in the West.

Baby steps in this direction have already been taken all over the Western world.

Sweden Deserves to Die

The culture of death has no tolerance for the culture of life.

Therefore, in Sweden, you must kill babies or lose your job as a midwife. 

This story really represents Sweden in a nutshell.

It's quite sinister actually.

The UN Should Be Dismantled

Not just because it's a fetid cesspool of anti-Western, anti-Jewish arseholes and corrupt non-democracies (that's good enough for me of course).

It also seems to be a magnet for child abusers. 

My advice: dismantle and build some nice condos on that prime real estate, and ship all the diplomatics home.

Mrs. Assad Is Having A Very Happy Day!

Dead babies?

What dead babies? 

The P*ssification of America is Complete

Sandwiches make these snowflakes feel unsafe. 

I. Can't. Even.

Europe Deserves To Die

There may well be no hope for these stupid people. 

Daughter of NYC Cop Murdered on 9/11 Joins NYPD

Good stuff. 

When You Dig Deep Into Anti-Jewish Activity And You Find a Jew

Leftist Jews are leftists first, that is their religion.

They were merely born Jewish. 


The proper response to this is: SHOVE IT. 

It was a dumb comment, like REALLY DUMB. He apologized and everyone should move on.

I wish American leftists were only 1% as concerned about this remark as they were about their messiah Obama enabling nuclear Holocaust capability for his BFF Iran.

So the ADL can seriously stick their Holocaustianity lessons up their wazoozies.

The Tyranny of Pink

Do not dress or think pink. 

Really Dumb

How dumb is dumb?

This dumb. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

And I'm Baaaaaaaaaack!

Did ya miss me??

But never mind YOU, let's get back to me!


Oh boy did I miss venting my spleen! Do you know what it feels like to have all this snark and editorial comment building up inside of you and you have NOWHERE TO PUT IT????? GAHHHHHH!!!!

I got my beloved little computer back yesterday and serious kudos to my handy dandy repairman. It was not cheap, but it was certainly cheaper than getting a new computer so I am very grateful.


First of all, yes-Passover seder was lovely thankyouverymuch. The food was great, the table was lovely and the cut flowers fresh and pretty. The story is magnificent, and the singing was glorious and I just love Passover. I am more profoundly moved by the words and the songs every year. I really do try to live each day as if today was the day I was released from slavery. I am so happy not to be in Egypt figuratively and literally.

Here are a bunch of links that I have been saving up for you all.

I'll be posting and writing more as my schedule permits.


A Jew-hating murder in a no-go-zone in Paris. Apparently, the terrorist was screaming Allahu Akbar as he shoved a Jewish grandmother to her death, but the motive is still a mystery. 

Eurabia is Doomed, Europe Goes Full Steynian Demographic Doom O' Rama:

No babies, no life. 


The hipster guide to Israel. You're welcome.


Apparently, wife beating is a good thing. 


Don't get smug America, there is some clitoral splicing and dicing going on in Michiganistan. 

This is GOOD and should be recognized, especially by Jews. Jewish blood and the blood of friends of Jews is not cheap, dammit. So please, do tell me how Trump is antisemitic. Next on the list, the savage murderer and mastermind of the Sbarro bombing who is being sheltered in Jordan.

Three cheers for Dave Chappelle. OK, make that ELEVENTY MILLION GAZILLION BAZILLION.

Jooooooooo Stuff: 

This is schmaltzy but so good. Honestly, when I close my eyes and concentrate I can both smell and taste my Bubbie's food in my mind's eye. What a gift I had, knowing all my grandparents. What a gift my children have.

The Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto


Free on-line classes!