Sunday, October 29, 2017

OMG This is So Great

A razor designed to shave other people!!

I'm freaking out.

I just watched the commercial and I'm totally verklempt.

I filled in the form for my son but now I'm not sure they will send to Canada.

Anyone of my American readers/friends want to receive one of these on my behalf and then mail to me?

If so, drop me a line (

If any of my American readers want to get samples for those they take care of, there's a sign up page.

This is so incredibly impressive and so smart and beautiful. I can't believe nobody else thought of this till now.

This hit me precisely at home as I do my disabled son's personal hygiene routines.

Try to watch this commercial without crying.

Imagine My Surprise!

Obama campaign paid almost $1 million to Fusion GPS. 



"My Life Is Worth Living"


This is a glorious speech and hopefully will make your day, as it did mine.

Shame on all the leftist eugenists, inspired by Nazis, who wish to murder such humans in utero.


Security Is the New Shut Up: The Republican Student Pushback

This is amazing! 

Good stuff.

The only way to get "security" stopped from being used as the ultimate Shut Up Bayonet on campuses is to push back, twice as hard.

Good Advice: How to Get Back Into Making Conversation And Being More Social

I like David Eddie's stuff.

This is a good one for all you introverts out there.

(I can't really relate as you might imagine...)

Canada Is Screwed

Exhibit 1. 

Exhibit 2: "The new normal."





Thursday, October 26, 2017

OH MAH GAWD I LOVE THIS: "Culturally Appropriate This, You Social Justice Jerks"


Just so good.

"I don’t care what the SJWs say, think, or do. When they demand that I conform to their dictates, I’ve got a counter-offer.

"How about I do exactly what I want and you stand there and suck it up?"

"See, these idiots have no power if we just laugh at them and say “No.” That’s all it takes to stop all this stupidity cold. What are they going to do? Force us to conform? Unlikely – most of them couldn’t even do a push-up, especially the ones that identify as male. No, they seek to impose a Dictatorship of the Scoldatariat, clinging to power not through bayonets but by constant braying and badgering."

"It’s so simple to resist them – we just have to start giggling and saying, “Yeah, no, I’m not going to do that. Take your literally shaking self on a long walk off a short pier.”


I was listening to "The Science Advice Goddess" Amy Alkon on Joe Rogan's pod cast.

The video of the long-form interview is below. YES YOU'RE WELCOME. Watch the whole thing.

Definitely confirmed for me that she is a nutty, crazy (in a good way) funny smart Jew lady. To the max. Like COMPLETELY. OMG.

The whole thing was great, but she had two bits that were just GOLD.

1) She was talking about the hate mail that she gets ("Dear Bitch/Whore/C&nt"). She said she finds it hilarious and feels like saying to people, you know, we can probably drop the "Dear" part and just get straight to the bitch/whore/c&nt part. The 'dear' thing seems unnecessary, right?


2) They were talking about the 'social justice warriors' and how they are basically a cohort of not so smart, coddled, over-protected jerkoffs. And this-this is the most excellent point-that they have "unearned and undeserved authority" over your life.



So that's why you have to tell those with unearned authority to piss off. 

Yes, I know it's hard sometimes DUH.

Remember that phrase.

Live it.

Dear Pope, Please Stick To This Topic, You're Good At It and Suck at Other Stuff

Signed, a Jewish mother.

You're welcome. 

Former NPR CEO: Hey, Conservatives Aren't Actually Stooopid, Awful Deplorables After All

Who woulda thunk?

Read the whole thing.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Are American Young People Too Stupid and Fully Brainwashed to Survive?


He tried to warn you. 

And today:

Wisconsin Students say Lincoln was racist because he owned slaves, want statue torn down. 

How the State of California Tried to Destroy Jewish Inventor Gilbert Hyatt

This is a terrifying tale that I just happened upon. 

It's one of those stories where I say to myself 'how on earth is this not being covered anywhere else'.

As he says 'the power to tax is the power to destroy'.

This is absolutely harrowing. A twenty-five year battle!!!!

TWENTY FIVE YEARS!!!?!?!??!?!?!!!!

Think also about how much money has been wasted!

Over $10 million dollars by Mr. Hyatt on his legal fees!

And then the stupid, evil state of California wasted $25 million dollars of taxpayers' money on their antisemitic, grubby, disgusting "revenue" witch hunt!

Appalling. Absolutely appalling.

He is one fantastically brave man for fighting back.

Watch the video and read the whole sordid tale.

Amazing: Punching Back Twice As Hard

This is excellent. 

Kudos to Dennis Prager for fighting back.

Google and Facebook really are monopolies with a leftist bent.

That's never good for liberty.

Robert J. Avrech: Jews With And Without Guns

Read the whole thing. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Just A "London Man", Nothing to See Here!

Does language not have any meaning any more?

What is British about this "Londoner"?

The Toronto Star Whitewashes Islamic Jew Hatred

Utterly disgusting and shameful. 

Really Good: Professor Jordan B. Peterson Interviews Dr. Camile Paglia

Do yourself a favour and listen to the whole thing, it's episode number 31. 

These two are super smart, so well-read and their arguments are well-constructed, sensible and clear.

There were many, many interesting points made during this conversation, about feminism, post-modernism, history, education and a whole host of current cultural issues.

More here:

Delightful: America's Best Jewish Baker Isn't Actually Jewish

A very cute story, via Tablet and I especially loved the ending. 

“It created a really heartfelt emotion for me that I was making things that resonated with people. I was making a good version of things that maybe they hadn’t had before, or had a long time ago. There’s a joy when you’re cooking or baking for somebody. I think food is always attached to memories.”

That is Jewish food in a nutshell. 

Several years ago, I had a rather melancholy conversation with someone whose mother was a Holocaust survivor. 

He told me how he only realized in his early adult years how poor they actually were when he was growing up. He said his mother bought bags of chicken necks because they were the cheapest part of the chicken. 

He said that he had no idea that they were considered the most undesirable part of the chicken because his mom's food was so delicious, and there was so much love it in, that it was incomprehensible to him that anyone could NOT want to eat exactly what he was eating-the necks. 

So making food is certainly an expression of love, consuming it with the people you love is also a human delight. Watching people you love enjoy the fruits of your labour is truly glorious, especially one's children. 

Who Was the "Real" Mata Hari?

Hard to say, largely because: 

"If the majority of these portrayals are crazily inaccurate, there is a certain justice in the extent to which Mata Hari’s life story has been twisted and embellished, because she did some of that twisting and embellishing herself."

“She was a creation from beginning to end, a character in a play that she continuously rescripted,” says Pat Shipman in her biography of Mata Hari, Femme Fatale. Her compulsion to spin tall tales about her background helped to make her an icon: a unique embodiment of sex, glamour, intrigue and danger. But it also led to her death in October 1917, at the age of 41."

Ahhh, the Glories of Communism

Read all about it. 

That Awkward Moment When Britain Becomes the Soviet Union

Monday, October 23, 2017

"Why Do American Jews Idealize Communism?"

Easy: because they are religious leftists, merely born Jewish. 

You're welcome!

The UK Is Screwed...

Jews leaving the UK edition. 

When Jews are murdered, attacked, "their" own country, that never bodes well for the general society.

So, if British Jews are essentially forced to leave the UK for safer pastures, you can be assured that the decline of the United Kingdom is a sure thing.

Because it's never "just" about the Jews.

Please name me a country bereft of Jews that is thriving.

Please name me a country that is Judenrein and a prosperous democracy.

I got all day, I can wait...

"Manly Men Protect Women"


This is an excellent column from Andrew Klaven. 

Really excellent.

"Being a man — a real man — is hard. Being a gentleman is hard. Men won't do it if they don't have real women — real ladies — to do it for. And wherever ladies stop being ladies and men stop being men, it isn't Equality World, believe me. It's Harvey Weinstein all the way down."

Friday, October 20, 2017

"I'm Booooooored"

This CBC article gives "10 Things to Say When Your Kids Say 'I'm Bored". 

They are all wrong.

First of all, they are wrong because they all stupidly and predictably take the onus of boredom away from the brat child and put it on the parent. Sorry, but I am not the Director of Entertainment.

Secondly, the only proper response to I'm bored is courtesy of my late Bubbie, whose standard response to "I'm bored" was always as follows:

"I'm booooooooored."

"Really? You're bored?"

"Yah. I'm boooooooooored."

"Oh. Well, I know what you can do!"


"You want to know what you can do?"


"You can go bang your head against the wall. And wait for the ringing sound!"

My kids learned this very helpful lesson very early in life as I repeated this sage wisdom at every episode of "bored" that attempted to surface in my home.

If I ever got an "I'm booooooored", all I had to do was look at them and say "OH, YOU'RE BORED" and then I would hear the chorus of NO MOMMY NO, NO as I launched cheerfully into the "I know what you can do" section of the script described above.



By the way, I'm never bored.

I don't even know what that means.

Super Smart Stuff: 5 Ways to Tune Out the Chaos

This is so great.

Read the whole thing. 

I love this site, and I love this father-daughter pair.

Great stuff.

Canada's Sharia Compliant Judiciary

Absolutely disgusting, but certainly not surprising in Trudeau's Canada. 

"Ottawa man". You know, just any random dude from Ottawa.

Only that this "Ottawa man" is a Palestinian. Such a lovely culture.

Interesting that the women's centre is 'disappointed'.

I wonder who they all voted for?

When it comes time to choose, the political left will chose sharia and throw women under the bus, along with gays and transgendered people. 

Born This Way, Or Not Who Cares, Whatevzzzz Right?

What is the definition of a nanosecond?

The time it takes for lefties to go from "what could possibly go wrong" to "how could we have possibly have known".

A few children raped here and there, whatever, right? The main thing is giving people (he/she/them/ze/xe/xer) the opportunity to fully expose express your true, real self.

America is becoming Germany with its sacrifice of children. 

What Feminism Has Wrought

The castration of men, and the destruction of women. 

The Proper Response to This....

Is shove it up yer arse. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Stick a Fork in Me...

I'm done. 

Beware of "Male Feminists"

Exhibit one. 

Exhibit two.

Pretty much confirms that the biggest chauvinist pigs I have ever personally encountered have all been self-described "male feminists" and lefties.

"Will People Now Believe Corey Feldman?"

I sure hope so. 

What He Says!

So good. 

See, this is what people need to do when confronted with totalitarian idiocy. 

Push back, using your own name. Challenge the bullies! 

It's funny because his example is "what if someone supports sharia publicly" and then gets publicly shamed, etc..because things are so, you know "Islamophobic" here in Canada. 

What is more likely to happen is that someone says they do not wish to live under sharia, and are promptly accused of being "Islamophobic" and dragged through the mud publicly, and tarred and feathered figuratively. 

HOWEVER, for the most part, this is really good and hits the right notes. 

"In almost every legal ethics class I teach, I discuss the values of diversity and equality because I personally think these values are important. But the law in a free society should never prescribe a statement of beliefs and intentions for workers. Similarly, even though I believe in those values myself, I would never be so arrogant as to demand that my students turn in an essay providing arguments why I am right. True diversity includes diversity of opinion; protecting this sacred value continues to promote equality among Canadians, and should not be lightly abandoned."

"As for me, I will not comply with this new requirement and look forward to a Law Society investigation and full hearing into my alleged unethical and unprofessional behaviour."

(In other words "go ahead, make my day".)

An Old One But A Good One: The Virtue of Hate

Good food for thought. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The UK Is Doomed!

Sharia in the UK. 

Full implementation without a shot fired.

Sweden is Doomed


For real, Sweden? 

Barack Obama: Loathsome, Disgusting, Anti-Western Creep

Read the whole thing. 


History Geek Out: Jewish Temple Edition


The UK Is Screwed

Eurabia is Doomed

This is rich. 

And this is also RIDICULOUS. 

Spengler: Why Europe's New Nationalists Love Israel


Gotta love New Europe (east).

Old Europe (west) is doomed.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Imagine My Surprise!

Cairo most dangerous (read: gropey) city for women. 

Thought it would be Malmö.

Or any city in Germany.

Not that these places have anything in common...

James Delingpole: Weinstein, Typical Liberal

So true. 

Lots of 'do as I say, not as I do" with these creeps.

And there are so many young women who will be doomed to lonely, bitter lives, ordering cat food in bulk because of decades of indoctrination. Terrible.

Israeli Study: Can You Achieve Perfection Without Practice?

This is really interesting.

There's so much we don't know about the human brain.