Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crack Investigators at the New York Times Find Out Who Is to Blame in Hedegaard Assasination Attempt


It's his own fault! 

Lars Hedegaard is responsible for the assassination attempt on him by a radical jihadist because he is mean!

It's his own damned fault for being an "anti-Islamic provocateur".

His opinions, you see are "a stew of anti-Muslim bile and conspiracy-laden forecasts of a coming civil war".

So he deserved it!

How do they know this? Because an Islamist front group says this:

"In what a study last year by a British group, Hope Not Hate, identified as a global movement of “Islamophobic” writers, bloggers and activists whose “anti-Muslim rhetoric poisons the political discourse, sometimes with deadly effect."

You get that?  By "deadly effect" they mean the non-deaths of Muslims at the hands of "Islamophobics". Not the actual deaths-like DEATH DEATHS of real people who dare to speak up against the jihad!

Orwell alert!

It's also his fault because:

"The response from native Danes has grown more equivocal over time, with some suggesting Mr. Hedegaard himself provoked violence with his strident views and the activities of his Danish Free Press Society, an organization that he set up in 2004 to defend free expression but that is best known for denouncing Islam."

(The last claim in that sentence is highly dubious, but facts are irrelevant of course.) 

See-he deserved it!

The multi-cultists speak. The pussified wimps of academia speak:

“I think that Hedegaard wanted this conflict,” Mikael Rothstein [ed: Jewish probably-moron], a religious history scholar at the University of Copenhagen, said during a discussion on Danish television, adding that “brutal words can be as strong as the brutal physical act of violence.” 

He sounds like Bernie Farber! Epic wimpdom.


Except they don't and they didn't!

Jihadists kill people, but that is IRRELEVANT!

A local Muslim doctor clarifies with the supreme moral relevancy comment:

"Mr. Hedegaard is an extremist, and there are definitely extremist Muslims.”

Case closed! They are the same! Exactly the same.

The New York Times sneers at this comment:

“There is no such thing as ‘moderate’ Islam, and there never has been,” Mr. Hedegaard said.

But it's not just Mr. Hedegaard who feels this way.

"Islam is Islam" says a noted expert on the subject.

Facts are irrelevant.

Moderate Islam? 

The truth be damned.

Shut your mouths.

Keep your heads low and mourn your free speech, my infidel friends.

Last free men out of Europe please shut the lights.

Scaramouche Asks:

Why did dozens of Manta Rays wash up dead on a Gaza Beach?

Of course it was the JOOOOOOOOS!

They have Seekrit Killer Mossad Sharks, too ya know.

Anyway, the industrious Palestinians made awesome Manta Ray sushi out of them.

Exit question: 


"You Will Regret This"

The Woodward story is revealing.

This additional nugget from USA Today via Insty: 

"All we can say is: We know more than a few reporters have received similar e-mails from White House officials. Yelling has also been known to happen."

Why Canada Sucks

Wimpy, spineless, p&ssie sissies trying to legislate niceness.

Kathy puts it better than me. 

Coyne's column is excellent.

Shame on the Jews in particular who remain pro-censorship.

Men Working With Young Children

Men should not be day care workers.

Men working with young, vulnerable children should rightly be viewed with some suspicion.

So sue me.

Israeli Apartheid!!! ZIONAZIS!!! JOOOOOS!

Oh wait...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Child Abuse in America in Three Words


Shame on the parents. Shame on them.

Best Video of the Day-High School Basketball Player Passes the Ball to Developmentally Disabled Player on the Other Team

I'm a mess.

Must watch. 

Just beautiful.  Thanks to Andrew Lawton for sharing.


This is this exactly the type of kindness that special needs parents dream about for their children.

What an outstanding coach, players and school.

So much love and understanding.

Truly humbling and inspiring.

American Grooming Alert: "Sex Education" for Five Year Olds in America

Hey, what could possibly go wrong? 

Don't people understand that this is called "grooming"?

The proposed policy follows the "national sexuality education standards" put together by four health organizations. 

Did you get that point?

National sexuality education standards??

Dear Lord in Heaven-is that really what you need your federal government involved with?

Sex ed for children in kindergarten.

The people who create these "curricula" are perverts.

Young children have an exquisite sense of personal modesty.

Nobody needs to "teach" them about anything to do with sex at that age.

It's perverted and reprehensible.

"Sex educators" are highly troubled individuals that need to be kept very far away from young children and impressionable minds.

Kudos to Barbara Kay for Taking on the Children's Aid Societies

Awesome job, Barbara Kay. 

I myself have blogged a lot about these power hungry disgusting agencies, with very limited success.

If you search my blog, you will find some articles about them, including a few posts that I did about the CAS's massive fundraising machine.

These agencies have way too much power, and way too many kids die under their watch. But nobody cares!

It's especially bad-epidemic incompetence and indifference in the Aboriginal care networks. Whenever a kid dies because of CAS idiocy-they shrug and the puffed up, overpaid masses scream INQUIRY INQUIRY.

More money is wasted and more kids die. Nothing changes. Well, it bloody well should change.

Most workers-as Barbara rightly points out-have no credentials as registered social workers (and even those people make me crazy-what do their credentials mean anyway if kids end up, you know...DEAD) but that means that there are never any professional, or personal liability consequences or sanctions if children end up murdered or abused while "in care".

I did a few spots on the Charles Adler show last year about the abuse of children in care, and immediately after-people sent me heartbreaking e-mails about what happened to them when they were taken from their parents by CAS workers from their parents.

One woman was taken from her loving father-only because he was a single father. She was put into foster homes and raped and abused in every single one.

The CAS network is beast that must be tamed or even better-destroyed.

Thank you Barbara for putting this story out there. I am sure you will be overwhelmed with stories from people whose lives were crushed, and whose children's lives were extinguished because of the despicable indifference and incompetence of so many involved with the CAS.

More of this excellent reporting and commentary, please.

From your pen to legislators ears. 

Celebrate Anti-Bullying Day

Either slug a bully, or read Mark Steyn from April last year.

Pink is now the colour of conformity. 


"Nothing says “celebrate diversity” like forcing everyone to dress exactly the same, like a bunch of Maoists who threw their workers’ garb in the washer but forgot to take the red flag out."

Idiotic Women Fret About American "Sexism"

Since when is "pretty lady" such a vile put down that requires a dress down from a woman?


These journalist WOMYN FOLK need to calm down. 

I notice that they don't have anything there about the sexism experienced in Muslim countries.

Like rape for example. 

Or how about vomiting or peeing on your potential rapist to ward off an attack???

I think that's a lot more sexist than an offer to have shrapnel pulled out of your bum (helpful!!) but what do I know?

If you want to work around men, in male dominated professions you have to be able to take the heat and not be a cry baby.

Not every silly remark requires a response or an entire web presence.

Feminists have this stupid idea that men being polite and chivalrous is "infantilizing".

It's called MANNERS.

Lighten up, ladies.

Married Straight Couples Are Healthier Than Gay Couples-Study Says


I suspect this researcher may have to go underground for a while.

The Glories of Romanian Culture

Over 30,000 Romanians have been arrested in the UK for violence and sex crimes in the past FIVE years.

Just five years! Gah!

Bernie Farber thinks this population would be a delightful addition to Canada's cultural mosaic.

Some "bully bloggers" think this idea sucks.

Bernie thinks facts are MEAN and IRRELEVANT.

But who you gonna believe?

Liberal utopians or your own lyin' bully blogger eyes?


Kathy links! Thanks H8R Gurrrl!

Scaramouche GOES THERE. Oven buddies.

OMG!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Scaramouche is sick. I love her. 

Remember Farber: "Our ashes are mingled" comment?!?!?!

And who could forget The Ancestral Oven Door?

Welcome to Socialized Medicine

America-you ready for this?

Canadian woman waits 11 years for foot surgery. 

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ghost Cities: Mark Steyn

Another outstanding essay from Mark Steyn-Ghost Warriors. 

And you must read the whole thing, because if you don't-the terrorists will have won, etc..

Actually, it's worth reading the whole thing for the blessed relief of knowing that there are people in this world who get it. I have felt the ghosts-most pronounced in Prague and in Poland. But often I feel the ghosts when I put my kids to bed at night.

When it's cold, freezing and the snow is blowing and my kids are tucked into their warm beds after a good day at school, and we've had a nice dinner and baths, in our warm house-sometimes I have a grateful conversation with G-d. I look out the window and see the trees blowing and I often I think of how cold it is to be outside even for a moment, and I think back to my people, in Poland, in the camps, with no heat, no hope and  no way of protecting their children, G-d rest all their souls.

I am in my warm house because some got out of Poland, and escaped the ovens and the bullets. I am living proof of Jewish resilience-even in a very small way. My kids, who all speak Hebrew, who live Jewishly, who know our holidays, who can pray to the G-d of Israel freely, who travel to Israel-we are all symbols of Jewish life and hope.

Steyn has summarized previously by saying the more Islam there is a given place, the less there is of everything else-less freedom, less personal liberty and clearly fewer (or no) Jews, and less joy frankly. Less life-less L'Chaim as we Jews say.

I've always said that societies that treat their Jews badly end up in the historical toilet. I'd say "the sh&tter" but that's not very ladylike or dainty. But that's the truth. Societies that treat their Jews well, with liberty and dignity prosper. Those who bless the people of Israel will be blessed, those that curse the Jewish people will be cursed.

The Roman empire-gone. The Egyptian Pharohs-died off. The Greek empire-gone.The Inquisition-survived. Haman, Stalin, Hitler gone but the Jewish people live on. The Holocaust-significant damage, but the Jews were not extinguished. Europe made it's very best effort at that, but failed. And here I am today writing about it. How odd.

After massacring their Jews, Europe has made its deathly choice again. Europe is on Team Death-not Team Life.  Europeans, led by their elites, prefer empty cathedrals, churches turning into mosques, no-go zones and masses of "youths" rioting and Scandinavian rape capitals. Europe prefers the ghosts of Jews and belligerent Muslim masses.

So be it, I say.

But perhaps even more disturbing than the Ghost Cities identified by Mark Steyn are the earthly, but empty and ghostly souls roming amongst us with so very little hope of redemption.

Chutzpah Award of the Year...Decade?

Oscar Pistorius plans his very own, special memorial to his dead girlfriend. 

"I love my dead girlfriend."

I really don't think he has a leg to stand on in terms of a memorial.

Bill Ayers to Speak at Minnesota State University Today

Lightening rod!?!?

Education reformer??

Umm. Isn't he a domestic terrorist? 

"Ayers, 68, co-founded Weather Underground, a group that in the late 1960s and early 1970s became known for bombing government buildings in opposition to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War – including the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol and the New York City Police Department. Charges linking him to bombings were dropped in 1974 due to government misconduct, including illegal FBI wiretaps."

The fawning-it makes me barf: Listen to this man-crush gush:

“One of the reasons we asked him to come to campus is that certainly he’s one of the country’s greatest minds when it comes to teaching for democracy and trying to make not only schools and universities, but our whole society socially just,” he said.

“We’re really fortunate to have him because certainly he’s made a lifetime of contributions to students and teachers and faculty, and even on a larger scale than that.”

America the Un-Free

If you cannot grow vegetables in your front yard in America, then the terrorists have won.

By terrorists, I am referring to municipal by-law enforcers-this time in Orlando, Florida where they went FULL VEGGIE JIHAD. 

Normally, I can't stand crunchy, humourless vegetarians and vegans who drink fair-trade coffee and whine about refined sugar and their delicate constitutions, drive a Prius and knit hemp clothing and whatnot.

However-this time I am firmly on the side of the veggie-growers.

Colin Farrell on Being a Special Needs Parent

I can't believe I missed this in the fall, so I just wanted to post a short shout-out to Colin Farrell and his son James and his ex-girlfriend Kim Bordenave for going public about their son James' condition, and supporting the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST).

He said: 'When you're the parent of a child with special needs, it's important to feel that you're not alone.'

"Earlier this year, Farrell revealed how becoming a father gave him a new perspective on life. The former party boy told the September issue of Men's Health magazine how he is more concerned about healthy living these days - as he wants to live longer and see his sons grow up.

"Colin explained: 'What my first son James did was allow me to care for something in this world when I couldn’t care for myself. James saved my life."

Just a beautiful statement, from the heart. Such astonishing and refreshing candor

May the whole family be blessed with many long, happy and healthy years. 




Some cultures are just better than others. More equal, more everything.

So sue me.

Steyn on European Antisemitism

Post from philosemitic, Israel-loving Canadian ZOG operative gentile about other well known ZOG operative philosemitic gentleman about antisemitism in Europe. 

Europe is screwed.

The remaining Jews need to get out while they can, rather than suffer the indignity of being told that they are not welcome at public schools, because there are Palestinians there. 

This kind of typically European, blame the Jewish victim, "this hurts me more than it hurts you" crud will be the downfall of Europe. 


Jews not welcome in the public sphere in Europe?

Where have I heard that before?

Oh nevermind...I'm sure it's nothing.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Civilization Ends

A 13 year old is accused of stabbing a classmate over a bag of chips. 

What have we come to when the value of a human life is considered less than the value of a bag of potato chips?

The Philadelphia Burkha Crisis


Just carry on with Body Bag Denial Syndrome (BBDS)...

Absolutely nothing to see here. Like really nothing!

Daniel Pipes: 

"...the Philadelphia region has witnessed 14 robberies (or attempted robberies) of financial institutions in the past six years in which the thieves relied on an Islamic full-body cover."

Walking body bags have no place whatsoever in a democratic society. 


So sue me.   


"Islam is not a country. Islam is not a continent.”  (Hat tip: Blazing Cat Fur/Vlad)

A Texas mom became outraged after she discovered a Facebook photo of her child wearing Islamic garb. 

What happened to 'don't mess with Texas'? 


Hey America-Here's a good question!

"Should the Senate confirm as treasury secretary a man who was paid $1.1 million by Citigroup after it was bailed out and whose employment contract gave him favorable stock option treatment if he left his job for a high federal government post but not for another governmental or nonprofit job?"

The thugocracy reigns.  It's the Chicago way!

Father Dearest-Bedouin Edition

"The man is suspected of an act of "honour killing" allegedly throwing his daughter down the well over what the family deemed an "undesirable romantic involvement."

Nothing to see here-carry on...

Louis Farakhan Reaching Out to Gang Members to Protect Nation of Islam Members

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

When Social Workers Attack

The result is inevitably despicable and reprehensible.

The best thing to do with social workers and all the "helpy" professions is keep them as far the hell away from you and your loved ones as is humanly possible.

If they focus on you-make them go away. That's the ONLY way to deal with them.

This story out of the UK is pathetic: 

"He said he nursed her at their home on Anglesey for six years until she became too ill, when he agreed that she should move into a care home in Cambridgeshire 250 miles away because it was near her sister and their daughter Mishelle, 53."

"But during the last three years of caring for her at home he started a relationship with another woman which he describes as his own 'respite' to help him cope. He says this caused a family disagreement and a row with a social worker who was in charge of his wife's care."

Chutpah Alert!

Man sues parents because he feeeeeeeeels unloved. 

Good grief.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Let Me Be Clear

The preferred phrase of President Obama and what it actually says about him: 

"The ubiquitous injunction “Let’s be clear”, followed by a list of five bogus bullet-points, is a much more common refuge than the Latinate diction and Byzantine sentence structure that Orwell deplored. We live in a self-consciously plain-spoken political era. But Orwell’s advice, ironically, has not elevated the substance of debate; it has merely helped the political class to avoid the subject more skilfully."

Lars Hedegaard Speaks

Listen, watch, read and spread the word. 

This guy has got stones of steel.

Love it.

Excellent: The Guns of Chicago, The Safe Sidewalks of New York

Worth a read. 

Heather MacDonald is an excellent writer and her articles on urban affairs are really outstanding.

Unfortunately, she is mostly preaching to the converted. Her foes will just scream racism. Facts are mean, apparently.

Is there anything this fool will not meddle with?

An utter fool. 

Meddling in the micro, with no clue how to manage the big picture.

Post Purim!

Well, we've had another Jew holiday to celebrate.

It's Purim, which means I have been busy at parties, making little packages of gifts to exchange with friends, dressing up, having festive meals, making cookies shaped like the hate of the villain of the Purim story and just generally not having a single second to myself.

So, read about Purim for a few moments, as I  get caught up and try to find some of the links I have been reading in my few moments to myself over the past week or so.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The War on Free Speech in America

Via Instapundit: 

An excellent column by Michael Ledeen: 

"Shut up, or I'll kill you."

"It’s worth reminding ourselves that free speech around the world is still a rarity, and seems to be becoming even rarer. Lots of countries have the death penalty and other violent punishments for “insulting the state” or “the leader.” In religious states, such talk is branded blasphemy; in all too many secular states, unrestrained criticism of favored groups falls under the arbitrary classification of “hate speech” and is suppressed."

"Citizens and subjects of such places are not at all like Americans; they learn habits of mind and mouth that are quite different from ours. They learn to be silent about any subject that could arouse the displeasure of the thought police, and they learn to speak in code, using words to mean things very different from their dictionary meanings. If they are unhappy with their lot or see ways things could be improved, they don’t dare reveal their true feelings openly and explicitly."

"That means they can’t think their way to new ideas, because creativity requires trial and error; it needs open criticism, it relishes the destruction of bad ideas."

VDH: The Gilded Class Warriors

Hypocrisy: thy name is "liberal". 

"Today’s leftists like the high life as much as their demonized conservative rivals do. The more they damn the bad “millionaires and billionaires,” apparently the less guilt they feel about living it up in Palm Beach or Aspen — paying no taxes, offshoring their profits, or wearing Rolex watches."

Baby Rump!

Gotta love the NY Post and their headline writers.

Good one. 

Actually, there is a (rude) expression in Hebrew that covers that-"herayon batachat"-literally, pregnancy in the tuches.

Reminds me of this:

Bum Implants Gone Wrong

Heartache! Stephen Harper's Badass Jason Kenney Goofs It?

The first thing politicians need to learn is: DON'T WEAR THE FUNNY HAT.

You don't know what the funny hat means. 

But another lesson should be don't pose for photos at the Iranian funded mosque. 

I am a huuuuuge fan of Kenney. So I am puzzled .

Having a blond moment about this one.


The Good Life

Who am I?

Who leads this charmed life?

Who might have just spent two leisurely hours Thursday evening at a luxury hotel full of journalists, relaxed in a red fez and sandals, sipping mango juice on a patio overlooking the Mediterranean?

Hint: Not Chris. 


Journalist Problem: What to Get for the Dictator That Has Everything?

"Happy Birthday, Robert Mugabe!"




"All Because I Bought Pizza For A Stranger"

Love this!!

And I live it, too!

Inspiration from Israel

"There is nothing that can stop the human spirit."


Dear Catholic Friends

Why do German catholic leaders feel that babies conceived in rape can be murdered?

Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue

Every last article. Every wedding band. Every gold tooth.

Every last book and manuscript back to the Jews.

Not a single painting, property, book, house, business, article of Judaica or otherwise is left in the hands of non-rightful owners.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

America the Beautiful

"Every cent of his tips goes to the children."

What a tremendous story. What a tremendous American.

The only thing that I don't agree with is the idea that he is giving "back".

He doesn't owe anyone anything.

He is just giving.

Giving for the pure joy of giving in order to help sick children.

Not "back".

May Albert Lexie live many long, healthy years-bless his soul.

The Media and the Message

The mainstream media's power is that if they find the message distasteful, they prevent the message from being presented. 

This is known as the 'shoot the messenger' school of journalism. 

Here's an example from Boston about the public being kept in the dark about the terrorist threat around them, and also assault on free speech in America. 

Read the story here

The Boston Globe versus Free Speech:

"The ultimate victims here are the people of New England, who are kept ignorant of the potential dangers in their community. Welcome to the New Journalism -- serving private ideology against the public interest."


Adam Carolla Wins the Internet Today

Man scarves and douchebaggery. 

The link-the missing link has been uncovered.

Carolla is a frikkin genius.

Must Read: Lars Hedegaard: The Assasin at the Door

Read every single word. 

This paragraph jumped out at me:

"Despite intensive efforts—the Copenhagen police have set a special 20-man task force to deal with the case—no arrest has been made and consequently no motive can be established."

Can you imagine? No motive can be established!?!?!

Well, err...I'm not very bright, but maybe I can save the Copenhagen police force some money on its investigation. I have an idea of what the motive might be! Ummm...OK here goes.....


Hedegaard also makes this observation-something that us right-wingers are quite used to saying amongst ourselves. Usually people on the left ignore this truth until they are targeted. Then the coin drops, and they realize the ONLY people who will defend them and their right to speak, and breathe (i.e: remain alive) are those horrible right-wing haters that they had so vociferously demonized in the past. 

He notes:

"...nowadays the defenders of such positions are routinely labeled as right-wing or as belonging to the "extreme right." Meanwhile, what used to be the left is cozying up to holy men who want adulterous women to be stoned, homosexuals to be hanged, apostates from Islam to be killed, and 1,200-year-old laws emanating from somewhere in the Arabian desert to replace our free constitutions."


The only people who are talking about this latest jihadist assault on free speech are bloggers, SUN TV, Mark Steyn, Bruce Bawer and Andrew Bostom.

Kudos to the Wall Street Journal for putting this front and centre as the the p&ssified mainstream media continues to ignore it. They hope that if they just stick to the fuzzy, hug-a-jihadi narrative, the problem will just go away.

Well, it's not going away-and it will show up at your doorstep, too.


Your moral, intellectual and sexual superiors. 

"Sex educators."


I actually think most normal human beings can figure out the sex thing for themselves. Plus, there these things called "friends" and "books" and even this totally weird thing called "the internet".

But what do I know?

Paris: The Beirut of Western Europe

I think Beirut is probably in better shape than Paris actually.

France is broke and diseased with terminal antisemitism. 

Read Meotti's take.

Depressing, for those of us who do still have a thing for French, for France and Paris-but it's all true.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Disdain for the Disabled

People have asked me, on more than one occasion, if I knew there was something wrong why didn't I "do something about it".

By that, they mean-why didn't I kill my baby.

Now, a study from the UK shows that parents (the header in the link says "women" but I think that's unfair, it's both parents that deal with this situation, not just women) who decide to keep their disabled babies are treated with scorn and disgust. 

I'm not surprised.

I like the title of that book "Defiant Birth".

That's kind of like my son.

Defying the odds. Like-I'm here, deal with it!

And so we do. With love. Unconditional love. 


Your moral, intellectual and kinetic superiors.

Teachers ditch student desks for yoga balls. 

From the comments:

a) Why can't the hippies just leave things alone?
b) How long till a fidget falls off a yoga ball and cracks his or her skull?

Sudden Jihad In California?

Nothing to see here?

The Death of Detroit

"Detroit is on life support, in political paralysis, and needs outside help."
Says local Detroit newspaper.

Heartache: MAC Cosmetics Signs Deal With Rhianna

MAC is my favourite make up brand.

I am so disappointed that they have signed Rhianna. 

This is a woman who is staying with a man who punched the crap out of her.

What kind of colours are going to be in the collection?

Beat Me Black and Blue?

Bloody Fat Red Lip?

Purple Under My Eye Because He Punched Me?

Shame on MAC.


"When I look at him running around the playground and playing on the climbing wall, I praise God."

 The family's blog is here.

New Hampshire Logo Changes

Ski Free or Die?

France Sucks

"It's the French way!"

Sultan Knish Puts it Better Than Me

"Useless leftist idiot to give useless medal to slightly less useless leftist idiot."

Higher Education Madness

Ivy League Professors:

Your moral, intellectual and performance art superiors.

"A Columbia physics professor shockingly stripped down to his underwear before a bizarre performance featuring footage from Sept. 11, Usama bin Laden and a mutilated stuffed animal."

"Professor Emlyn Hughes skipped his regularly scheduled lecture on quantum physics on Monday and instead greeted students to the tune of Lil Wayne’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” as he removed his clothes before changing into a black T-shirt and pants, the Columbia Spectator reports."

What could possibly be wrong with that???


 Behold: the gender neutral bathrooms. 

The University of Regina has opened 10 gender neutral washrooms.

Now I always thought that bathrooms were for taking a leak, or a dump. 

That wasn't very dainty. I'll try again. The powder room is for number 1s and 2s! It may also have change tables for tiny humans in diapers in order to change their number 1s and 2s!

The powder room can also be used by groups of girls to talk about everything about their respective dates and touch up make-up.  Duh-that's why girls go to the bathroom in groups

But apparently, they have to be "safe" spaces. You got that? 

Do normal people ever feel "unsafe" in a bathroom? 

I have felt grossed out by certain bathrooms, but emotional safety is not really what I am after in a bathroom. 

The only thing I worry about in terms of "safety" is my kids in a bathroom with perverts.      

Can someone translate this into English for me???

"Gender-neutral bathrooms are helping to open up discussions that were previously unknown, not thought about, especially when it comes to the troubles that binaries in gender create."

I think it means another educational opportunity for a lot of folks here at the university who hadn’t thought of some of the inherent problems perpetuated by a gender binary,” Keiser said. “When we talk of a gender-neutral washroom, we’re not just talking of a toilet, we’re talking about an entire series of inaccurate notions of what gender should be.”

Remember: We're not just talking of a toilet!

Are "binaries" like hemorrhoids or something?  Nasty stuff!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How College Essays Make Kids Stupid and Selfish

And boring.

Totally boring. 

Educators: your moral and intellectual superiors!


I'll take a Major in Navel Gazing for $400, please Alex.

And I totally guess the Facebook status question was the fake question, but I actually wouldn't have been surprised if it turned out to have been a real one.

The TSA Is Disgusting and Abuses Handicapped Children


Wake the hell up!

A three year old child in a wheelchair isn't your f&cking security problem you despicable, politically correct semi-literate TSA morons. 

Any American who isn't DOING something about this is part of the problem.

Can you even bear to watch this? Absolutely disgusting.

The TSA is an American and international embarrassment.

Via: Legal Insurrection. 

SHAME on the TSA and it's pathetic, incompetent leaders.

Phillips: Eurabia is Doomed

Smart, ballsy, British Jew Melanie Phillips spells out "liberal" European doom in a few choice words ("terminal poison"):

"The message from this most chilling tale of our times is that in Sweden and other western ‘progressive’ circles, anyone who protests at the phenomenon of ‘honour violence’ that terrorises Muslim women and children is a racist; and if a supposed Islamic fanatic tries to murder that protester, well, that just proves what a racist the protester is."

"Stalin would have approved."

Hat tip: BlazingCatFur 

Rock On, Granny!


Rockin grannies go to Bon Jovi concert! 

Love it!

My kind of grandmothers!


My Idiot People

Idiot Jew Shimon Peres is presenting a If We Suck Up to You Enough Will You Please, Pretty Please Like Us medal to Barack Obama.

When Jews are left wing and stupid, they are REALLY STUPID. 

My husband, on hearing the news just shrugged and said that "you have to be nice to your American Uncle".

Trust me, it sounds MUCH better in Hebrew, but it's basically about Israelis sucking up to their American relatives so they bring you the Nike running shoes/iPhone/iPad or whatever when they come to Israel for a vacation.

The code name for the visit is WISHFUL THINKING "Unbreakable Alliance".



Secretary Kerry to skip Israel in first trip as Secretary of State. 

However: "From Feb. 24 to March 6, Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar."

What could possibly be wrong with that?  


Hagel: Israel is an apartheid state and Netanyahu is some kinda crazy extremist Jew boy.

Haunting: Holocaust Survivor Helga Weiss' Story

"Draw what you see."

That's all I am going to tell you about this story.

Watch the whole thing.

"Draw what you see."

I'm going to remember those words for a long time.

So poignant, and so wise of her father to instruct her to not just document the nightmare unfolding around her, but to draw and see things as they are.

A refined, loving lesson from a father to a daughter while they existed, trapped in hell on earth.

What is News, and What Isn't

Just saw this at Instapundit. 

An excellent post from the Powerline blog about how the left wing media shapes the news, just by eliminating things that would embarras them and their party and by completely exaggerating their coverage and framing of "stories" of minute importance that are meant to make conservatives, Jews, Israelis and other non-lefties look bad.

"This is how the liberal media try to shape your opinions: they tell you stories that they think make liberals look good and conservatives look bad, and they conceal from you the news that doesn’t fit their agenda."

Heartache? Left Wing Media Breaking Up With Obama?


Puppet master?!?!

Pigs fly!??!?!

Read the whole thing. 

Hubba Hubba

A romantic Valentine's Day getaway. 

If Netanyahu Does This, He is An Idiot

It's like the scorpion asking the frog for a ride across the river.

The frog is suspicious, but the scorpion smooth talks the frog, assuring the frog-why would I sting and kill you, we would both drown-that's so silly!

The frog takes the scorpion and lo and behold-he stings the frog.

And as they are both drowning, the frog says-but why-why did you do this, now we are both going to drown.

The scorpion says I know, I know-but I can't fight my nature!

Cool Israeli App!

Apparently 4 Israeli apps are competing at an app competition in Spain. 

My husband downloaded the WAZE app onto his iPhone and he loves it.

The more people who download it, the more effective it is at giving real-time traffic information. The icons are very cute and it has a very clean design. Try it out!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Must Read: Why I Stopped Celebrating Black History Month

This is a fantastic article. 

It's personal but not trite. It is wise and I hope it is circulated widely.

"Empathy and social capital are absent from too many of today's black communities nationwide. In places like Chicago's South Side — where violent teenage gangs have replaced the traditional family — empathy is seen as a weakness and social capital is seen as that warm-and-fuzzy stuff that whites and black traitors practice."

Read the whole thing-that was just one quote from a very honest article from within the community. I'm sure there are many, many more people like him in the community and I hope they stand up to the challenges facing them. 

Kudos to those Who Keep Hedegaard in the News

Should have been front page news, but alas-snore!

Lots of good links here in Andrew Bostom's summary. 

Lefty Gets a Pass on Racism

White dude calls black person crack head, coon, drug dealer. 

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Probably just taken out of context or something.

If Obama Had Another Daughter

Would she look like this? 

Disgusting: Gender Neutral Public Toilets

There are damned good reasons why men and women have separate washrooms.

The only time you should share a washroom with someone of the opposite sex is when you have to-when you are married. And even then, if you can afford even separate sinks-you should have them.

Men and women have different styles-that is one thing.

But frankly-there is nothing 'equalizing' about forcing each other to use the bathroom together. It's disgusting. 

Absolutely disgusting.

Conservatives may never "win" the culture war-but if we don't win battles like this-we're completely sunk.

The people who push this stuff upon us are dangerous morons, who are power drunk with their own greatness. But underlying this is a perverted effort to blur every last line of human decency and modesty-and this is a great danger to society, but particularly to children.


Some cultures are more equal than others. 

So sue me!

Where do all the left wing political activists for Africa stand on witchcraft?

Anything? Anything at all?


Pink Haired, Jobless Mother of Eleven Living the Good Life

Nice work if you can get it!

The UK is screwed. 

Happy Family Day!

It's "Family Day" here in Ontario.

The family is all sleeeeeeping. 

It has been a very busy few days.

Bear with me while I catch up and grab some fresh coffee and fresh links!

Morning people ROCK!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Everything Wrong With Europe in One Article

"Swedish photographer wins 2012 world photography prize for picture of Palestinians holding dead kids, killed in Israeli strikes".

I'm sure they are ululating in Malmö.


I have a soft spot for Charlie Sheen.

I felt really bad for his kids when he was going Full Tiger Blood.

But the guy clearly has a heart.

This is SUCH a nice thing to do. 

I bet he does tons of other stuff like this, quietly-so as not to disturb the bad guy veneer.

And I suspect that the "call me" comment about the cop killer was really just an off the cuff remark and not a serious expression of any sympathy for Dorner. There are plenty of morons who made their support explicit-I think that was just a verbal blurt that was not well thought out.

Good-Every Last Thing Should Be Returned

The Nazis didn't just want to exterminate the Jews for racial reasons.

They were also treasure hunters. They stripped Jews of every single thing of monetary value that they had. 

Then, European insurance companies also failed to honour life insurance policies held by forward-thinking Jews.

They are all disgusting Jew-hating scumbags.

Much art was plundered as was much Judaica.

Every last artifact and painting should be "returned".

I hope every museum that has stolen Jewish artwork weeps when the paintings are repatriated.

Every property, every article of Judaica, every painting, every business, every EVERYTHING should be pursued.

Never forget. Never forgive.

Never again.

Celebrate Diversity in the UK

The UK is screwed. 

But at least some people are making money while it's happening and that's what really counts, right?

Ban the Burkha

Body bags on women have no place in a civilized society. 


So sue me for saying it.

It's a costume that has been used to punish women, punish little girls, to do bank robberies and now-to effectively enable the rape of a five year old girl in America.

"The investigation has been unfolding since a woman wearing a black Muslim garment, her face covered by a veil, posed as the girl's mother and took her out of class, officials said. The victim's mother wears the traditional chador and niqab."

There is no place in a civilized society for masked faces.


Civilization Ends

Some 5th graders in America are being accused of plotting to kill a classmate. 


"There are several key issues for the judge to consider, Loginsky said. Did the youths know their plan was wrong?"

We are being asked to consider whether or not children know that murdering a classmate is wrong.

How can this not be known to children? 

Woe unto America. 


Thursday, February 14, 2013


First there was the tape of Obama and his Palestinian pals that the Los Angeles Times refused to release.

Now-the Hegel tapes. 

Probably just a coincidence! I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

If it discriminates against whites, it's not racist!

Hey-I have a great idea!

Way to celebrate Black History Month in Colorado.



A nasty break up!

No, it's not about Taylor Swift.

The Muslim Brotherhood is totally breaking up with Hamas!

They are never, ever, LIKE EVAR getting back together-well, unless they want to get back together for a casual hook-up, a little temporary marriage or something in order to kill Jews or something?! 

Nothing says "we're through" like trying to drown you. (Which is why I was REALLY worried when she was dating that Kennedy fellow...)

It's subtle, but I think the message got across.

Happy Valentine's Day

For your flirting pleasure-the Telegraph's 10 Cheesiest Chat-Up Lines from the movies. 


And from our multicultural friends in Ottawa: 


Maybe It's Just Me?

But I think Ted Kennedy had a bigger water issue than Rubio.

The UK Is Screwed

Elf N' Safety strikes again!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wow: Five Things You Didn't Know About Dr. Carson

Read this whole article. 

I knew about his poverty-stricken background from the video recorded at the prayer breakfast, and about how his mother refused to accept excuses, and pushed him to take books out of the library-amazing stuff.

But the most moving thing to me in this article is that he almost killed his friend over a radio station!

He had such a temper! He could have actually killed someone over something so stupid. I've seen that anger before-it's when you see someone-and it's mostly men (although women of course are capable of murderous rage as well) and you can see The Crazy in their brain, and through their eyes. They lose it!

At that point, they are so filled with animal rage that they kill people.

So, here's what happened to the good doctor:

"In the ninth grade came the worst incident of all. While arguing with his friend Bob over which station to listen to on a transistor radio, the 15-year-old Carson took a camping knife from his back pocket and lunged toward Bob, miraculously snapping the blade in half on the boy’s belt buckle."

“In general I was a good kid,” Carson wrote in his autobiography. “It usually took a lot to make me mad. But once I reached the boiling point, I lost all rational control. Totally without thinking, when my anger was aroused, I grabbed the nearest brick, rock, or stick to bash someone. It was as if I had no conscious will in the matter.”

"Carson was so terrified by the near-stabbing that he ran home and locked himself in the bathroom and tearfully read his Bible and prayed for God to take his temper from him. After a few hours, Carson says, a feeling of “lightness” came over him and he found himself a changed person. He never had a problem with his temper again."


In Doctor-Nation

Indoctrination, HA get it?

This is a most excellent piece from Jonah Goldberg at NRO about Dr. Jill Biden. 

"In my experience inside the Beltway, insisting on being called “Doctor” when not being addressed by students is a sign of vanity or some other insecurity (I’m of course talking about non-medical doctors). And people who insist on calling other people “Doctor” do so for similar reasons — out of an over-compensating need to show respect. That need itself exposes an obvious double standard."

Followed up with an even more delicious skewering of the over-credentialed masses by none other than Nobel Prize Winning, Top 41 Recording Star and International Human Rights Activist Mark Steyn:

Last week, Iowahawk commented on this on Twitter, saying that if you can't write a prescription, he won't be calling you "doctor".

I used to think that someone writing "Jane Smith", PhD was a reasonable compromise with puffed up ivory tower pomposity. But that was in the days when I felt that non-medical "doctor" titles implied some kind of actual learning. So many PhDs are completely and utterly dog squeeze, that it's impossible to take even the slightly more modest "Name Here, PhD" seriously. 

A PhD in say, engineering still means something. They make and build cool stuff. But a PhD in Gender Studies, Whatever Studies-fuhggetaboutit.

In Israel, it's a huuuuuge problem as well. People get puffed up PhDs in useless crap to get ahead in the civil service. That's really a "yekke" thing. The German Jews loooooooved that stuff. 

I refuse to show fake deference to these charlatans. Glad I'm not the only one.

Love This: First Ayaan, Now Fiamma

“At the end of the day you must do what you think. I am a Zionist. You must do what you are.”

Just one of the many, many delightful nuggets in this piece by Bruce Bawer at FrontPage Magazine on Fiamma Nirenstein leaving Italy for Israel. 

Mazel Tov on your Aliyah, Fiamma! 

Boo Hoo: They Eat Horsemeat, Don't They?!?!

Am I the only one who is totally bored by the horsemeat "scandal" in Europe? 

I mean seriously zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

This is what happens when people cannot make supper for themselves, and buy "prepared" food.  

The further you are removed from preparing your own food from basic, real ingredients-the more likely it is that you will end up eating chemicals, shit, horses, bugs and worse. 

Have these people ever made a salad? Or bought a piece of meat and prepared it themselves?
I had a friend who bought some street soup in Vietnam  a number of years ago. He said it was delicious, so he asked the vendor what kind of meat was in it.

"Dog," he said without missing a beat. My friend was momentarily shocked-but ate the whooooooole thing.

So, if you don't want to end up eating Fido, Rover, or Bambi you either have to hunt your own meat and/or have a butcher that you trust-and actually see the meat, the cut, etc..instead of trusting that allegedly nutritious and delicious food-type product in a box is what it says it is.

BTW: If you think that the shwarma served on the streets of NYC is beef or lamb, you're delusional as well.

Caveat emptor and Bon Appetite!


Heartache: Have You Seen This Missing Blanket?

If any of my American readers living in the Kaizer, OR area can help with this, it would be a real mitzvah!

Have you seen this blanket?

This is heartbreaking-little Nathan has RTS: Rubenstein Taybi Syndrome.

You've probably never heard of it, it's 1:350,000 and it's called a rare genetic disorder.

It's only rare until it happens to someone you love, or someone you know.

If you are reading this, you now know someone who has a child with RTS.

That's right-me. So I feel a special affinity with RTS families all around the world.

A lot of kids with RTS cannot speak, they take comfort in routine and their small pleasures.

Poor Nathan lost his blanket yesterday.

If you know anyone in that area, or who works in or near that hospital please pass the word along.

Fantastic: Why I'm Raising My Children With G-D

What an amazing piece.

A must read for parents, and a must read for people who say that they don't believe in G-d as well.

Beautifully written and from the heart-and I couldn't agree more. 

What a Loser

The New York Post, delightfully, just has "Shmuck" on it.

I think he's just pathetic.

I mean-don't people have anything better to do than to worry about what a short, has-been, underemployed, ugly, antisemitic homosexual fashion designer thinks of Jews?

I'm not going to be losing sleep over this.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Eurabia is Doomed

Here's the new normal in Europe:

German Church Becomes Mosque

Here's the haunting phrase of the day from that article.

"Do not worry, the muezzin will not shout from the minaret."

Reminds me of exactly what Mark Steyn was saying here:

"I would urge anyone to do that twilight walk from downtown Malmö to Rosengard, as the blondes thin and the bearded men multiply. That's Europe's future walking toward you, and most Europeans did not choose to live in that world."

"Do not worry, the muezzin will not shout from the minaret."

Steyn continues:

 "In Malmö, in Rotterdam, in Yorkshire and here in Brussels, their betters made the decision for them. A society that becomes more Muslim becomes less everything else – less Jewish, less gay, less feminist, less artistic, less scientific, less free. That's a simple statement of fact, but we shrink from it. "

"I saw an ad the other day for a clothing store called U.S. Arabia, and it showed happy, smiling, apparently Caucasian models in Muslim garb. And I could see how that might catch on. You're in an office where two of the ten people are Muslim, and then it's three, four, six, and suddenly it's the non-Muslim workers who are feeling the odd ones out. And the fashion magazines are running all these features about how cool it is to wear head coverings, even for non-Muslim women. So you try it, and suddenly you feel less obvious when you're walking through certain neighborhoods late in the evening. Why not meet Islam halfway? A headscarf here, halal-compliant meat there… What's the big deal? By the time, you formally convert, you'll barely notice it."

"Do not worry, the muezzin will not shout from the minaret."

So don't worry, my pretty uncovered infidel friends, my kufar companions-the minaret won't shout just yet. It will be a whisper, but by the time the volume is turned up to 11, you won't be feeling any pain. You'll be completely anesthetized and feeling very good about it.

"Do not worry, the muezzin will not shout from the minaret."

Nothing to See Here, Carry On..

There are now more Americans on food stamps than there are Spaniards in Spain. 

Nothing to worry about. Carry on....

Obama to Speak in Israel, But Not At That Yucky Jew Parliament Place

The Imperial President requires space for at least 1,000 Israelis to revel in his greatness, so the Knesset is out.


It should mean something when a solider, who survived a murderous terrorist attack as a hero to boot-where a fellow soldier screamed Allahu Akbar while gunning fellow soldiers down, it should mean something when that American soldier says she has been betrayed by the President.

It should mean something.

It should not be business as usual.

The default Obama administration setting of 'what difference does it make' is being applied to this event.

How can this be acceptable to the majority of decent American people?

Workplace violence?

The lies continue.

More people need to be outraged about this if anything is to change.

Oy to the Vey


Here are the three little words that should really scare the living beejeeeezus out of red blooded, North American males. No, you idiots. Not "I love you". It's worse! Much, much worse!!!

Plus-sized lingerie spike. 


Head for the hills!!! 

Higher Education Brats

Honestly-what is with the practically geriatric "students" that we hear about nowadays.

The seventh year human rights students, the 27 year old counseling students.

This one is a major brat.

When I was 27, I had a baby and had been married for four years. AND, I had a BA and was already a published writer.

If you want to be a "counselor"-why can't you just put up a shingle outside your house and offer "counselling" services?

Because then the government can't get its claws into you.

"Counselors" used to be friends and neighbours and relatives.

Now you need stupid credentials just to talk to people and try to slap some sense into them. You need credentials to talk to people who have nobody in their immediate circles to talk to-so they have to pay people to nod and say OOOOH THAT MUST MAKE YOU SAD or OOOOOH THAT MUST HAVE HURT YOUR FEELINGS.

I say-take their money without the counseling degree, sweetie.

I think I am in the wrong line of work.


This story from Florida. 

There has been a lot of talk about the alleged prejudice against people with "black" sounding names.

Even Google ads are being discussed as being racist.

Then you read a story like the one from Florida, which makes me think of Kathy's expression-that it's not racist if it's true.

"Antoinette Letitia Ford, 23, is charged with aggravated battery, a felony.  An arrest report lists co-defendants as:  24-year-old Javaress Reshod Barnes, 25-year-old Arshala Lee Ford, 29-year-old Quentin Herring, 18-year-old Iareian Jiquel Kennedy, 42-year-old Harry Maurice Roberts, 28-year-old Lasheena Shawndrell Thomas, and 20-year-old Jarvis Jamaal Young.  A 12-year-old boy, a 14-year-old boy, a 16-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy were also arrested. Seven of the eight adults bonded out of jail on Monday morning."

This is a terribly upsetting story. Inasmuch as America has fiscal woes, it has problems of the soul that are devastating and no amount of money or fiscal prudence can fix a basic disrespect for the sanctity of human life and a basic sense of dignity and civil behaviour. 


Thomas Sowell Rips Nanny Bloomberg a New One


"Is there any subject on which this man does not consider himself an expert?"

I'm Torn!

Geez. On the one hand, pervs should not get away with their pervy attacks.

But on the other hand, I gotta hand it to him if he is still groping at the tender age of 105 years old. 


If you find your spiritual leader is touching your breasts during "private lessons", and asking you to massage his penis,in order to check your ego or something like that-he might be a perv.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Same Dress, Different Boobies!

What a difference a rack makes!

By the way, loving all the tangerine and coral coloured dresses out there.

Watch those colours, my lady friends...

Watch the Whole Thing: Dr. Benjamin Carson-Rock Star!

It's about half an hour, but you should watch the whole thing. 

I say this on a day that I have to deal with Ontario's socialized medical system.

My son has a new diagnosis. I'm pretty worried. Our pediatrician promptly made a referral to a specialist.

I called the clinic today. They are booking for August. The booking secretary was polite and respectful as she told me that August is considered a reasonable amount of time given the particulars of my son's case.

It's February.

I'm not taking August as an answer.

But there you go.

Rationed health care.

I'm exhausted, and scared and August is just not going to cut it. 

Obama: Job of Debt Reduction is Nearly Done

This is completely NUTS. 

Liberals live in an alternative universe.

The job of debt reduction is nearly done?

What the heck?

More like America is almost done-financially.

Celebrate Diversity in the UK!

"Asian" culture in all it's grooming glory! 

Aabidali Mubarak Ali (39)
Rakib Iacub (20)
Hamza Imtiazali (27)
Bharat Modhwadia (25)
Wajid Usman (22)
Chandresh Mistry (37)

Whatever might these fine British lads have in common?

It's a mystery...

(Hat tip: BlazingCatFur)

America Is Screwed

Depictions of 9/11 are now an "Islamophic Hate Crime" in America. 


Does this seem real to you?

Call me crazy, but something just doesn't ring authentic about this article. 

Maybe anyone out there who is a member or veteran of a SEALs team could verify it.

Do most SEALs know of, or read Esquire magazine? Like for real? Because it's really a piece of crap and I can't imagine that naval commando types are big subscribers.

Would they honestly give a crap about Prada sunglasses?

"In training the Seal said that most of his team had presumed that they would die on the mission, writing tearful farewell letters to their children and wives. The Seal also bought a $350 pair of Prada sunglasses so he could “die with some style on”. 

Right-dangerous mission check list, tearful farewell letters to kids and wife, Prada sunglasses-check.


Do they say "bap" to illustrate gun shot sounds?

"The Seal continued: “In that second, I shot him, two times in the forehead. Bap! Bap! The second time as he’s going down. He crumpled onto the floor in front of his bed and I hit him again, Bap! same place,” the Seal said." 

This sounds like a gay pRoN flick or something not an eyewitness account.

I Only Report the News

When an asshole calls you...


Tru Dat: The Left is About Violence

Here's Andrew Klavan on the glorification of violence that is the essence of the political left. 

Contains a great plug also for Ann Coulter's book Demonic-which was fantastic.

If you haven't read Demonic, you really need to get it. Very well written, with excellent historical references. A quick and informative read.

Mark Steyn on Lars Hedegaard: Defender of Freedom


Read the whole thing.

You must. It has so many choice nuggets, it's hard to pick favourites.

Here's one:

"So, for those of you fighting these battles in Denmark, in Austria, in the Netherlands and elsewhere, victories are possible. But they're hard fought, and far too few people in the multicultural west have the stomach for them. Lars Hedegaard does."

And as most fighters have realized:

"As most of you know, Lars was charged, acquitted, re-charged, convicted, fined 5,000 kroner and forced to appeal to the Supreme Court – for the crime of expressing his opinion about Islam. He won, but he lost. He lost three years of his life. The point of these new heresy trials is that the verdict is ultimately irrelevant – the process is the punishment."

This is why the only solutions are political. The process is what is killing people spiritually, financially and eroding our democracy. There are too many gutless politicians unwilling to take on these issues. So it's left to writers and bloggers. The few politicians who do speak up are smeared and their names, families and reputations dragged through the mud-or they are "SWAT"ed.

This is also a good Steynian observation:

"There is literally nothing a prominent Muslim can say – about gays, about Jews, about women – that would render him persona non grata."

I would add to that, that there is literally nothing a vapid, Jew-hating, murderous Palestinian or other Muslim terrorist can do to a Jew (or other kufar, but mostly Jews) that will be condemned by the left. Killing babies, exploding nightclubs, dipping hands in the blood of lynched soliders, slitting the throats of Jewish journalists-NOTHING.

And a helpful reminder:

"A society that becomes more Muslim becomes less everything else – less Jewish, less gay, less feminist, less artistic, less scientific, less free. That's a simple statement of fact, but we shrink from it."

And lastly-(moderately arousing!!!)

"It's the Pansy Left (in Orwell's phrase) auditioning to be Islam's lead prison bitch (that's mine, not Orwell's)."

"In the same way that the left embarked on its long march through the institutions, so too has Islam. Its Gramscian subversion of transnational bodies, international finance, human rights institutions, the academy and the justice system is well advanced."

Read the whole thing.

Inspiring and a good reminder of why we fight.


A friendly related matter from Dearbornistan, MI. 


Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Few Kind Words

The right words, spoken at the right time can make a big difference.

Sometimes a few kind words can change someone's life. Of course, the opposite is true as well. A few ill-timed words can be devastating. I've been on both sides. I try very hard not to deliver the pain causing words. That takes a lot of restraint. It's much easier to give in to the moments of anger and frustration. It's often hard to keep your cool.

This afternoon, I was waiting to pick up my special needs son from a program.

There was another mother waiting-someone I recognized. We started chatting. I know her son's name and diagnosis, but I don't know her name and I don't know their family name. Still, I've watched her son grow up and we see each other from time to time.

We talked about schools and she asked if we were having any behavioural issues with our son. They are becoming teenagers, and developmentally disabled kids enter puberty a little earlier than most kids, and have various issues that they have to deal with.

Her eyes looked sad. They just did.

She said that she was sad because he was approaching Bar Mitzvah age, but as he was not toilet trained he would not be able to put on tefillin, and that though her son appeared relatively high functioning, that he wasn't-in many areas.

I told her to just relax. In an entire lifetime, if it takes a developmentally delayed kid a few more years to learn to go to the bathroom-what does it matter? They will get there. She said the relatives, the friends-always asking-when, when, when. And of course-we have gone through this also.I said we are planning to celebrate my son's life.

The theme is: Shehechiyanu, V'kiyemanu, V'higianu La Zman Hazeh. 

That's from the Hebrew prayer-thank you to G-d for bringing us to this day. That's what we've got: today.

I told her that anyone who questions her parenting abilities because she is "unable" to "make" her child do something should be ignored. If we could "make" these kids do things-we would.

We want their lives to be healthy, we nurture their precious souls and fragile bodies-we want their lives to have meaning and for people to treat them kindly and with respect.

We can't "make" them do anything before they are ready.

I said-did he sit up before he was ready? No? But he did it.

My son, I reminded her-only started walking when he was 18 months old. Almost two years old. Could I "make" him do that faster? No. It was when he was damned well ready.

I told her that another special needs mom recently told me: it's a marathon-not a sprint.

It's a marathon, not a sprint.

We wish, and wish again that it was a sprint. If we just finish THIS leg, then the struggle is over.

But alas-what we wish and what we've got are such disparate things.

So, we trudge along to another specialists. We add another diagnosis to the list. We worry. We try not to worry in front of the other kids. We carry on with the rest of the responsibilities.

But a few kind, well thought out words-that can make a difference. It doesn't change the difficult reality. But it can make the difference between going to bed with red eyes and salt stained cheeks, or adding a little bit more strength in the emotional and spiritual reserve fund to carry on with the marathon.

A few kind words never cost anyone anything-ever.

They help us run the marathon. Always choose words wisely.