Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Massive Wednesday Link Dump Because I'm Still Really Busy


Yes, it was a lovely New Year, thankyouverymuch for asking.

I have saved a BUNCH of links for you all, so read them all.

I'm still very busy with "real" life, so as I mentioned previously, blogging will be sporadic this week and then down to pretty much zero for the rest of the month.

Anyhoo, here is some stuff I want you to read:

From Gatestone, an article about the Sharia police in France. 

From the bulging "France Sucks" file, a quaint little essay about the language police in La Sucky Republique. 

The inconvenient truth about "child brides" sexually abused little girls in the new Europe.
"Migrant child brides"??? Are you people serious? I mean for real? There is no such thing as a "child bride" OK?!?!? Jerks.

MUST WATCH VIDEO: The Forger (seriously, watch the whole thing) 

From the horrors of history file: the "forgotten" story of Polish nuns gang-raped by Soviet troops. I'm not sure that the stories were 'forgotten', I bet those nuns and those who treated them never forgot. I think "buried" is more likely. War is hell, and war makes hellish alliances.

Europe sucks, but we know who the real victims of European antisemitism are....

Geert Wilders on locking the door. 

From the formerly "Great" Britain: EU mandarins are very much ALL ABOUT THE SHUT UP. 

A creepy, truthful, horrible essay about Palestinian murderers and the Westerners who cheer them on.

These murderers are the darlings of Europe. Sad but true. Plus ca change, of course.

From America, formerly home of the brave and the free (AMERICA YOU'RE BREAKING MY HEART): an update about the absolutely disgusting, horrific and shameful "John Doe" investigations in Wisconsin. This story actually makes me physically sick.

And, just saving the 'good' news for last so you don't get totally depressed:

SOMETHING GOOD: 12 "hot" apps from Israel. JOOOZ!!!!

And lastly, seriously if this doesn't make you smile, there is something wrong with you: 


You're welcome.

Have a good day.