Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beautiful: The Joys of the Grown Up Life

This is a wonderful piece. 

I love it.

There are so many adults around who are only adult in age. They never want to grow up. I find it very sad.

They think they are having the time of their lives-drinking and clubbing forever. But that kind of lifestyle really does have a shelf life.

I thought this part was particularly poignant and wise:

"...sometimes I do what other people want me to do, because other people are important to me."

"Sometimes I invite people over whom I don’t like because they are lonely. Sometimes I make dinner for family members who have hurt me because there is a chance for reconciliation and life is so short."

"I am also, like Elizabeth, interested in everything, even some things that on the surface don’t appear very interesting. Like a child’s drawing, or an old man’s tale of youth."