Wednesday, September 18, 2013

News You Can Use: Men and Beards

I remember a few years ago being in Boystown in Chicago and my companion at the time told me that if you want to see what is upcoming in fashion for the mainstream, heterosexual community, just take a look at at what men are wearing in the local gay village.

At the time (about four years ago) the woodsman, bearded, gruffy scruffy man look was everywhere in Boystown.

Plaid shirts, washed out jeans, beat up boots, pick up trucks, etc...

And lo and behold a few short years later-beards are men's number one fashion accessory!

All hail men's facial hair! Hipsters now are all over the beard!

I think most men look very masculine with a little bit of growth on their face.

Personally, I really, really, really dislike the look of men who are shaved as smooth as a baby's bottom and shiny. GAH.  A blogger not long ago called this type of man Moisterizer.


My husband only shaves once a week, and only deviated from this routine while in the army and before our wedding.

I must say though that goatees are really, really dated. Seriously men-if you are sporting a goatee, please consider getting a style upgrade.

Your women folk will thank you.