Thursday, October 19, 2017

What He Says!

So good. 

See, this is what people need to do when confronted with totalitarian idiocy. 

Push back, using your own name. Challenge the bullies! 

It's funny because his example is "what if someone supports sharia publicly" and then gets publicly shamed, etc..because things are so, you know "Islamophobic" here in Canada. 

What is more likely to happen is that someone says they do not wish to live under sharia, and are promptly accused of being "Islamophobic" and dragged through the mud publicly, and tarred and feathered figuratively. 

HOWEVER, for the most part, this is really good and hits the right notes. 

"In almost every legal ethics class I teach, I discuss the values of diversity and equality because I personally think these values are important. But the law in a free society should never prescribe a statement of beliefs and intentions for workers. Similarly, even though I believe in those values myself, I would never be so arrogant as to demand that my students turn in an essay providing arguments why I am right. True diversity includes diversity of opinion; protecting this sacred value continues to promote equality among Canadians, and should not be lightly abandoned."

"As for me, I will not comply with this new requirement and look forward to a Law Society investigation and full hearing into my alleged unethical and unprofessional behaviour."

(In other words "go ahead, make my day".)