Thursday, February 1, 2018

British Babes With Big Boobs Verses Dour Feminist: Must Watch

I forgot to post it yesterday (saw it via Spiked), and I could not stop laughing.

So apparently, in the UK, one of the very few vestiges of normalcy in that crappy, formerly "Great" nation is that heterosexual men still like looking at hot babes with good bodies, heavy make up and nice racks.


I mean, I am shocked that they haven't gone Full Soy if you know what I mean. And these babes are totally haram, so there's quite a number of constituencies that would like to put these girls out of business or into Burkha Body Bags.

Another wonderful future collaboration project between the left and Islam in Britain...

So, feminist lady is VERY OFFENDED and insists that the babes must stop being babealicious as a career.

Really it's shocking that there's still waves of testosterone floating around the kingdom.

The next thing you know those Brits will be taking care of their teeth.

That would be a sign of the coming of the apocalypse.


Apparently, all over Britain, earnest feminists have decided that they must put all these"walk on" and "dart girls" out of their jobs BECAUSE SOCIAL JUSTICE.

But if you watch this video, it's just painfully clear that the babes are just having the best time with their careers, and the earnest, bloodless feminists are really is just dour wet blanket. And jealous much??? Uh, yeah.

Absolutely hysterical.

I think a lot of feminists, and especially the older, childless ones, devote their last remaining breaths on earth to making regular and attractive women's lives miserable, like trying to punish them for choosing traditional lives and for having children. Many of them let themselves go completely, and their only joy is destroying other women and finding excellent deals on bulk cat food.

Anyway, I love the way the babes are just smiling at this woman thinking GAWD YOU ARE SO DREADFUL LIGHTEN UP.

This video only has about 65,000 views right now but maybe that will change once I post it so do share!