Thursday, February 15, 2018

From My Duh File: #MeToo Is Killing Seduction


Seduction is a lost art.

Seduction is using your brain as and for foreplay. 

It's penetration, but not physical. It's penetration of the other person's brain and thus their essence and spirit before any physical consummation of a physical relationship.

That's why it's so powerful. It's the brain, stupid!!!

Have I mentioned lately that this is one of my most favourite topics ever ever EVER EVER EVAHHHHHH, along with chemistry?????

More food for thought via Kate: 

Being Beautiful is Hard Work. Ugly is for lazy, yucky people.

Leftists are ugly and yucky and angry. And most of the chicks are fat.

And my latest schoolgirl crush, Prof. Peterson:

This is really, really, really good stuff.

You can watch the video or listen to the pod cast (download from iTunes).