Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Awesome: Travel in Egypt, Hey Go F&CK Yourself

This is a great blog post (hat tip: Jawa).

"My brain explosion in Luxor that resulted in my (somewhat) out of character response was not an act of ignorance to the country and culture I was in."

"It was vented from the culmination of weeks of having to endure incidents of sexual harassment and discrimination towards someone who had become a close friend of mine as well as the continual attempts at fiscal exploitation of us both for the simple fact that we were foreigners."

With added bonus "head bumps" quip!

 Just a reminder of what really goes on in Egypt.

Arab Spring and all.

"It's all about domination, it's not about sex. The more the woman is covered up, the bigger the challenge because it seems as if she's putting more and more layers to be protected. This excites the men who feel like they have to dominate women in order to feel worthy."