Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"March of the Little Hitlers"

OK. I was feeling a little weepy a few minutes ago, but then I read that headline and I snorted out loud.

Thank G-d for the Daily Mail.

This is a fantastic little article about the parking Nazis and other anal busybodies of Great Britain. I'm dying. This nugget is just one of many fine little bits, so you must read the whole thing.

"Being a ticket inspector must be especially satisfying for this type of psycho-dictator, since the regulations governing when we are allowed into particular trains have become so abstruse that it is all but impossible to understand them."

"I work regularly in a large library, where there is a rule that readers are not allowed in while wearing outdoor coats. Very understandable, since the library holds many treasures and there have been some major robberies by people smuggling out priceless volumes in their poacher’s pouch."

"The other day, I watched an elegantly dressed Australian woman trying to enter the reading room. 
She was not in an overcoat. She was in a close-cut trouser suit, the jacket of which
was of a frock-coat design. No normal person would have believed she was infringing the library’s regulations, but — oh, with what joy was the man at the door telling her that, in his opinion, she was wearing an illegal garment!

Bonus observation about when the author knew the Iron Curtain would fall.


Read it all.