Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eyes Wide Shut on Islam

I've been meaning to post a few pieces about the latest incident of jihad in Europe.

Partly, I've been avoiding it because it's so damned depressing and partly life gets very busy sometimes and I've got a few doozies on my plate right now. I try to remember that I'm very lucky to have a lot to deal with. Some people only deal with their own narcisism and their own heads all the time and that's a very lonely, unfulfilled life.

Anyway, I was reading Mark Steyn's piece "To the Slaughter" just before the Sabbath last week.

Of course, Steyn always hits his stride when he talks about the precarious nature of the chances of Western survival and the pernicious nature of our "leaders" who are blind to the jihad.

It is certainly an odd time that we live in-democracy is such a young, young concept in the history of human civilization. We have so little precedent to guide us-perhaps that is one reason why our own confidence in our civilization shakes as much as it does. So many people have also turned away from G-d and turned only into themselves and their wants and desires.

Instead of living, people "live" on line, in a strange virtual space they create in their minds.

They take incessant photos of themselves, the "selfie", to present an image of themselves to the outside world, instead of being in the real world.

Western civilization can quite easily be lost by the legions of "selfies", unwilling and unperturbed by threats, slumbering along on social media, in pubs and clubs, updating their status from "bored" to "deathly bored", and updating their current state of mind from "moderately self-centred" to "malignant narcissists" or "completely useless sloth". 

While we have few immediate existential crises in our midst, the focus therefore becomes on the inconsequential and the absurd. In an ironic twist, this assists the destructive, existential threats to blind us and hurt us even more.

However, it is immanently clear to folks like Mark Steyn (PBUH x like ELEVENTY gazillion, million bazillion).

As such, he notes:

"In London as in Boston, the politico-media class immediately lapsed into the pneumatic multiculti Tourette’s that seems to be a chronic side effect of excess diversity-celebrating: No Islam to see here, nothing to do with Islam, all these body parts in the street are a deplorable misinterpretation of Islam."

"The BBC’s Nick Robinson accidentally described the men as being “of Muslim appearance,” but quickly walked it back lest impressionable types get the idea that there’s anything “of Muslim appearance” about a guy waving a machete and saying “Allahu Akbar.” A man is on TV dripping blood in front of a dead British soldier and swearing “by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you,” yet it’s the BBC reporter who’s apologizing for “causing offence.” 


"Not a lot of Muslims want to go to the trouble of chopping your head off, but when so many Western leaders have so little rattling around up there, they don’t have to."

They don't have to. What a sad commentary on our resolve. 

We are blind to the blood on the hands. 

Blind to the burning cars. 

It is perhaps not Islamic fundamentalists alone that are on life support. 

It is our civilizational will to live that is breathing shallow breaths assisted by artificial devices and tricks.

The pathetic creatures who wait for "governments" to save them, and to successfully clean up FIVE WORDS on a memorial are beaten to the task by charity.

The enemy is everywhere, if only we open our eyes.

Europe is burning of course, but one ought not to be smug at all in North America.

Everything that happened in Israel is happening in Europe, and in turn-every act against the West happening in Europe will happen here. 

Thus: Every step taken to preserve our way of life is important.

Every set of eyes that are open are important.

So: Don't be silenced or afraid. 

Don't be the reason our enemies have to make so little effort to destroy us.

Be the one who fights back.