Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sue-Ann Levy: Mayor Rob Ford's family under fire

Why is it OK to harass the Mayor's family?

Why do all the wonderful, enlightened lefties in the media think it's OK?

This is a good column by Sue-Ann Levy,

I think it's disgusting to kick a man when he's down.

Ford helped a lot of kids through the football program, and spent countless hours as a volunteer in the mud-being a mentor.

This is an incredibly tacky and cruel way to end his relationship with the team.

These are pain-causing people.

I heard a term yesterday: SchadenFord.

There are plenty of ghouls enjoying the misery. And people wonder why regular people with conservative leanings don't want to run for public office.

What is happening now is very Alinsky.

Just revolting.


This is good-Jeff Goldstein on the Tactics of the Left:

Very appropriate to what is happening to Rob Ford, actually.

"It’s theater."

"To the left — and to many who claim to embrace “pragmatism” — the ends justify the means, and forcing one’s will upon the world is the perfect way to ensure those ends are met."

"Which is why when they’re caught inside a scandal, they don’t panic.  They simply work on reshaping “reality” until it serves their purposes.  It’s a kind of narrative chess."

"And the real winning move is to refuse to play it."

"Maybe one day “our” side will learn this.  Because until then, we’ll get more postmodern faculty lounge politicians, and all the illusions that serve to frame them."